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Unhappy before Indian perhaps finds a strategy to capture uncontested market space (4,5)


Innovative method of project completion using iterations with leg crossed in Air India (5)


Natural liking for drawing leads to a business tool to organize data and ideas (8,7) Confused singed lean ruler discovers innovative problem solving strategy based on cognitive activities (6,8) Cyclo-genetic holy elf undergoes mutation to describe the commercial gain of a product (10,9)

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Noah Mamet transformed to find a moment of sudden discovery (3,6) Build-up revolution for Gartner’s methodology to present maturity, adoption and application of technologies (4,5) Premature publicity choosers to reach people who use a new technology as soon as it is available (5,8)

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Spear pierces poor confused scared orc to generate a performance measure in strategic planning (8,9) Sufi if on curved design is able to define spread of new ideas (9,5)

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Amphibian in convoluted gape devoured by ling yielding process to skip less efficient technologies to new ones (12) Bar applause for revolution (10) Hide at 10 North Avenue to conceal a method of idea generation (8)


Draw connection query following mental balance to obtain a technique to organize information (4,7)


Synergy Mar 2016, Page


Synergy-PMI NIC Publication 2016 Q1 Issue 16


Synergy-PMI NIC Publication 2016 Q1 Issue 16