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“Steering Project Success – What More is Possible?” 1 day Practitioner’s workshop conducted by PMI North India Chapter at Gurgaon

Chapter Event (1/4) 18th July 2015 This practitioner’s program, designed to go beyond the conventional PM Body of Knowledge and Process, brought in a unique perspective by approaching the Project Challenges from a different perspective; that is to do with the entrepreneurial thinking to steer projects to further success. The program was conducted by Mr. Madhavan S Rao. He is a PMP certified Project Manager with over 2 decades of Industry experience in providing Leadership for Delivery, Business Performance Management, Project Management Competencies and Innovation Enablers businesses. There were several pseudo projects that were done by the participants with full enthusiasm, brainstorming and parallel equating these to project challenges like – Scope Creep, Estimation, Expectation mismatch, attrition and many of the grey areas and vulnerabilities that we usually encounter in Projects. What emerged as a consensus was that – Only applying the best of Processes and ‘slogging’ is not a guarantee of achieving Project success. Much More needs to be done and much more is Possible? These additional Action points (referred to as the Process++ Action points) would be generated out of a Mindset that practices the 7 simple Mantras that were shared. Reflecting on the examples shared of applying these 7 Mantras by the Project team, would help imbibe the ‘Assurance Mindset’ as a part of one’s Thinking DNA.

The workshop was graced by Chapter President Pritam as well as the Past President Manoj, VP Programs Praveen Anand and other Chapter Board members. Key Takeaways from the workshop:                

Have an Open Mind Snowballing Try, Try, Try again - Solutions will emerge Communication with Customer Validate your Assumptions Think beyond boundaries Encourage out of the box thinking and different possible solutions to problems Opportunities are always there - It needs to be identified and expanded Importance of Perception Management Negotiate for expectations Foresee bigger picture with Clients and educate them Information seeding is good Don't take client statement on face value, ask and clarify further. Cost benefit analysis for Value add decision Innovate solutions and processes Learn from others

The key learning take-away was reinforced excellently by the day’s interactive workshop. In addition to 7 PDU’s the Chapter also provided each participant with a Publication: Steering Project Success – What More is Possible? W hich had 100 project examples of applying the Program insights.


Synergy Oct 2015, Page 32

Synergy Issue 15 - Oct 2015  

Quarterly Newsletter of PMI North India Chapter

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