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one states, ‘For every action there is an equal and opthe process of IT enabled business transforposite reaction.’ mation. Degree of involvement of business usBut what has this to do with the implementation of ERP ers often influences the degree of success. Acsystem at organizations? The answer is ‘everything’, tive involvement of business users helps in getwhen it comes to dealing with human resources inting ‘buy in’ for the ‘ERP driven business provolved in the ERP project. Generally, people tend to recesses which are often expected to be different main in a state of inertia. When an external force (ERP from the prevailing processes in the legacy sysproject) is applied on them, the most expected and imtem. mediate reaction is resistance. To be successful in an It is important to identify the change agents ERP implementation, it is important to overcome this early in the project. Change agents are people resistance which manifests in various forms. General that know the business well, embrace change, reasons of resistance are as follows: and are well-respected in the organization. This group of people, which should represent all the 1. Lack of understanding about ERP functional areas affected by ERP, will serve as 2. Lack of process orientation champions of the project. 3. Fear of unknown They will also be in helping other employees 4. Fear of integrated IT environment in a centralized understand and learn the value of the ERP sysdatabase tem and how it affects their jobs. 5. Fear of non-performance getting exposed Communication 6. Transparency of data and information Effective and Timely communication to all the 7. Increase in accountability stakeholders is the key for the Change Manage8. Fear that importance will get reduced ment process. A document on the need for com9. Ego munication should be prepared in the beginning 10. Not understanding the strategic importance of the of the project. The more the people know ERP implementation project within the organization about why the organization is implementing Fear of loosing job ERP, how it will benefit the company, and what it means to them and their jobs, the less likely A few concrete recommendations to implement an efthat they will resist the changes when they are fective ‘change management strategy’ during the impleimplemented. Awareness about the ERP implementation of ERP system at organizations are given bementation program has to be carried out as eflow:: fectively as possible. Some of the important User Involvement modes of communication are as follows: Employee involvement is a very important aspect of successful change management program in any ERP implementation. It is important to involve people from all levels who are likely to be affected by ERP. Involvement of employees is important because: The more the involvement , the more the ownership Involvement results into increased ownership and buy-in for the ERP implementation project Overall impact is experienced in the form of Publishing of ‘Newsletter’ at regular intervals providreduced resistance ing wide publicity about the ERP implementation Also in the context of majority of the organizaproject. Such ‘Newsletters’ must contain issues retions, involvement of business users (core lated to need for change, message from top manteam), not just IT users but representatives agement about the strategic importance of the profrom key business areas is very crucial. Involveject, highlights of major process changes, responsiment of business users during the entire life cybilities of users in the context of ERP paradigm etc. cle of the ERP implementation project facilitates Feedback:

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