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Change Management Strategy during ERP Implementations By Praveen Anand



nterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Project in organizations are all about business transformations and are intended to create change of one kind or another, no matter how small or large. Implementation of ERP cannot be carried out in an isolated manner in the organizations. ERP projects bring about changes within and across the various Business Units and cut across departmental boundaries. They also affect people from across the entire organization. Such changes can hamper productivity and generate resistance across the board. To ensure smooth and successful implementation, Project Management and leadership need to define and establish the overall strategic direction for the management of such change within the organization. The Project Management must ensure a smooth and successful transition from the old environment to a new environment. The strategy to manage this transition is referred to as Change Management (CM). CM is the process of realigning an organization to meet Feedback:

the changing demands of its business environment, including improving service delivery and capitalizing on business opportunities. This change is generally underpinned by improvement to the business processes and newer better suited technologies. Effective CM ensures that the inevitable changes that occur in the organization are due to changes in the Processes, Roles & Responsibilities are mitigated in an organized and positive manner. From the Project Managements perspective, CM is therefore a key element in the successful management and completion of ERP implementation projects. Effective CM along with effective communications can make the difference between failure and success. 2.0 CHANGE MANAGEMENT STRATEGY A survey of ERP implementation sites reveals that change management is one of the most important aspects of success.

Even though the best minds work together and every technical aspect is carefully scrutinized, projects can fail. WHY? Fortune 500 executives and chief inforSynergy Oct 2015, Page 24

Synergy Issue 15 - Oct 2015  

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