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Project Managers when shift to an Agile environment, there is likely to be no or very less negative impact on such project managers, because they already support empowered teams and consequently in this transition they should feel in their natural environment. In Agile environment Project Managers favoring Y theory will feel comfortable in equally good role as Product Owner or Scrum Master. Going Agile, it is very important to identify product owner who should understand the project’s big picture, know how sprints fit together and act as the go between ‘delivery teams’ and ‘management’. If all members of the team comprehend the overall goals, adopting should be easy. The Project Managers who align more strongly with ‘Theory X’ may have tough times and limited choices for future viz. either to understand theory Y and change himself accordingly or to search for the location at PMO or to find work in an alternative organization which is presently not going Agile. But, it is difficult to run from one organization to other, moreover, Agile Coaches in the organization may identify Project Managers supporting ‘Theory X’ and bring to the knowledge of organization management. There are still several organizations not going Agile, but in the near future the number of these will likely decrease. Organizations before switching to Agile shall consider and evaluate major issues and be sure that all key players are on-board. If Agile not working, revert to old methodology and work process.

About the Author: Rajesh Kumar Sud, Freelancer, Member of Project Management Institute, Pennsylvania. 35+ years of Professional Experience in various aspects of Training, Quality Control, Construction and Consultancy of Infrastructure Projects (SME – Soils, Bridges, Foundations) and broad experience in Project Management. Holds a Masters in Engineering (1979) and Graduate in Engineering with Honor’s (1975) from REC (Now NIT) Kurukshetra, Haryana, India. Past work experiences include RITES Limited, India and U P State Bridge Corporation, India.

Waterfall methodology is associated with planning, understanding and defining work. The project goals are equally important in Agile. No methodology can make a Project Manager redundant unless executed by perfect people. Working with human minds is very complex. It is better to use leadership than authority whenever possible. A process is a set of guidelines. When there is a process, it is to be executed by group there will be deviations. To manage all this and to control changes beyond certain limits the organizations has to take help of Project Managers & Management Profession.


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