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Role of Project Manager in Agile Framework By

Rajesh Kumar Sud nical, interpersonal and conceptual skills. Project manager needs to determine the optimal management of leader style to be used based on the type of project, team composition etc. Project Manager is In-charge of he Theme of this issue of SYNERGY is Agile the project (is not a technical expert) and responsible and Business Development. SYNERGY literally means to controls project processes, managing expectations interaction or cooperation of two or more to produce a and for project deliverables. Project Manager is excombined effect greater than the sum of their separate pected to let the team focus on results and not too effects. The term SYNERGY comes from the Attic Greek much worry about process. Project manager along with word synergia meaning "working together". Synergism the team is to decide what part of the process is the is the potential ability on cooperation of individual or- best fit for the project and apply the same. Project ganizations or groups to be more successful or produc- Manager is responsible for ‘tailoring’ i.e. ‘to determine tive. A project brings together many individuals (people what is appropriate for any project’ and develops the with multiple skills). To coordinate work among team Project Management Plan. Interpersonal skills (which members in a collaborative way is challenging. In a per- are more art than science) play a crucial part and confect world, what so ever methodology is adopted, be it tribute to the success or failure of a project. Key skills Waterfall or Agile, the project is not likely to fail, but it required to manage the project team include leaderis not so in practice, Project Management Methodolo- ship, influencing and effective decision making. Project gies have gaps. Manager’s interpersonal skills are an important tools. In Management is a profession that helps to achieve goals PMF role, Project Manager is to best assess the individset for the business. One can use different methodolo- ual capabilities and consume those for the benefit of gies and tools (e.g. Agile, waterfall, PRINCE2) to imple- project. PMBOK Guide may be used as a resource in ment the Project Management Framework. managing a project while considering the anagement is a PMI’s five process group’s (initiating, planprofession that overall approach and methodology to be ning, executing, monitor and control & followed for the project, the effort is helps to achieve goals known as ‘tailoring’. closing), based upon proven PMI’s Project Management Framework (PMF) model con- set for the business sisting of 10 Knowledge Areas, enhances Project Manager is also responsible for the chances of managing a project towards a successful providing an effective interface for interaction among completion. The standard is a guide rather than a spe- team members. Project Manager also provides feedback cific methodology. Before discussing the role of Project to all team members. The first process group initiating Managers in Agile Framework, it is essential to under- key deliverable are project charter and identifying stand duties, functions and responsibilities of Project stockholders. PMI (PMF) highly recommends ParticipaManagers. The role of Project Manager can be under- tion of the project manager in the development of prostood with the use and understanding of Project Man- ject charter. The Project charter provides the project agement Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) as primary manager with the authority to plan and executes the guide. project. Project Manager must define roles and responEffective Collaboration among team members is a skill. sibilities early in project and identify all stakeholders, As Per Project Management Institute (PMI) Frame- determine stakeholder’s requirements and expectations. work’s leadership requirements, it calls for a person to Discovering new stakeholder’s requirements through manage, i.e. a Project Manager. Project Manager is a the course of the project, is a costly endeavor, (cost of person assigned by the performing organization to lead changes increases as the project progresses). Project the team that is responsible for achieving project objec- Manager also communicates and manages stakeholders tives. In general, project managers have the responsi- influence. Stakeholder influence is highest at the beginbility to satisfy the needs: task needs, team needs and ning of a Project and reduces over time. individual needs. Project Managers coordinate work PMI recommends that 90% of a Project Manager’s time among the project team members and stakeholders. be spent on communicating. Project communication is Effective project managers require a balance of tech- the glue that holds the bricks of project management




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