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mitting numbers upfront discourages vendor selection just based on costing. Asking clients to enter into a discovery phase with them for 1-2 weeks to understand business problem very well, to brainstorm solutions together, and to come-up with a more clear understanding of the system which guides in providing confident estimates makes sense. This also gives the client a first taste of the company, their working model, culture and lot more. Also this is a good time to take client through this team based staffing with variable scope and fixed budget (a narrow range). Creating a good team which focusses on maximizing value is what agile organizations look for. Then our contract model should reflect this thinking too. Exploring multiple contracts incrementally with the same client is a good idea too.

1. First contract – Only discovery phase. Ex pected outcome is ordered, sized product backlog with supporting artifacts. Then, 2. Second contract – A fixed price and scope contract just for couple of sprints. This gives a peek into agile way of working, sprint model, team culture etc. This is great place to build trust provided teams does good delivery and work as thought partners with the client. Then, Third Contract – Fixed budget + variable scope, w hich w e discussed above, for rest of the project. Early client education is key. Convincing clients to go for a discovery workshop is the need and hence your sales team must have deep knowledge about agile too.

About the Author Avienaash Shiralige is having 17+ years experience in IT Product and Service Companies. He is Agile/Lean Coach, Scrum Trainer,, CoachingSrijan Technologies, and at present Heads - Srijan Goa. He is has bootstrapping business units and teams from scratch and has taken product to market ontime and on-quality . He is also involved in Agile Consulting/Coaching different teams in India, Australia, Europe and US. He has conducted various basic and advanced Agile/Scrum Trainings and Workshops for teams and management in many companies


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