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2010, p. 44). It is well within the grasp of any organization to build a foundation of collaboration and trust that enables those in software development to partner with those in IT operations (Service Delivery) to the mutual benefit of everyone in the organization.

About the Author(s) Naveen Kataria (PMI – ID : 1230639) Naveen Kataria is retired from India Navy and currently working as Transition & Transformation Leader at IBM India for over 5 years complimented by M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur , PgDBA from IIFT Delhi & certification from PMI.. He has over 27 years of professional experience of providing Leadership and Excellence in Delivery. He has been instrumental in overall direction to the Transition teams & responsible for execution of diverse range of large and complex Transition projects for key outsourcing contracts Ajaibir Singh (PMI ID- 904927)

References Beck, K., et al. (2001). The Manifesto for Agile Software Development [Online]. Retrieved from http://

Ajaibir Singh is working as Delivery Portfolio Manager in IBM India and has 23 years of experience . He has served as the catalyst for successful completion of Program, Project and Technical Services initiatives in IT / ITES / Construction Industry, complimented by PMI Certifications.

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