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27th June 2015

Scaled Agile, Risk Management & Quality in IT Sector PMI North India Chapter & IGT co-branded Event On 27th June 2015, a half day event was organized at IGT Gurgaon by PMI North India Chapter & Inter globe technologies. The presentations were well appreciated by the participants, who attended the event. The entire event very professionally handled by PMI North India chapter. The session was conducted by PMI-NIC Volunteers & presentations were delivered by prominent speakers. The synopsis of the presentations are Session - 1 IGT Global – Introduction

Mr Akhil Agarwal, COO - IGT

We got the honor to listen to COO - Mr Akhil Agarwal, who is head of IGT’s worldwide operations across 5 continents. 20 years of management experience in Operations, Consulting, Product Development, Large System Integrations, Testing, Support, and Consultative Selling to Banking, Insurance, and Telecom companies in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia… He introduced how IGT & its products, delivering value to the world. Session - 2 Risk Management Case Study

Mr Ajay Kumar & Mr Suneel Wattal

Mr Sunil Wattal is Country SLO & Mr Ajay Kumar is Program Manager at IBM India Private Limited. It all started with 5 steps on risk management, risk management life cycle. Scenario based how to do -

Risk identification, Assessment, Monitoring, Treatment & Strategy They also discussed the sample case study which covered from

identifying attributes, scoring values, colour identification, account health check to conclusion.


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