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By Suneel Wa al Ajay Kumar Abstract This paper studies the scope and impact of Risk Management in IT projects. The study further included the cre‐ a on of an automa on tool to carry out health check and Risk Assessment for IT infrastructure projects. Risk management includes mul ple steps – Risk iden fica on, Qualita ve analysis, Quan ta ve analysis, Monitor‐ ing and Risk Register. The qualita ve and quan ta ve analysis leads to a risk matrix, which is a plot of Risk im‐ pact vs. Probability of the occurrence of a risk. Based on these two parameters, a risk can be classified as Low, High/ Moderate or Cri cal. The authors designed and implemented a spreadsheet based tool for a shared ser‐ vices centre to support IT infrastructure of mul ple customers globally. We have discussed the various a rib‐ utes and parameters to be considered for the Health check/ Risk assessment and then emphasized on the mo‐ dali es for calcula ng the Account Health Score/ Risk index. The paper looks at several aspects of Risk Man‐ agement and highlights the factors that were considered while designing the tool. Feedback:

Synergy May 2015, Page 24

Synergy 2015 Q1  

Q1 Issue of PMI North India Chapter's Quarterly e-Magazine @PMINIC #Synergy

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