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September 2016 No. 6, Volume 29

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Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Message from BOG To submit a candidate, send an e-mail to Nominations@pmi-oc. org and include the following information:

2016 Board of Governors Amir Khamseh President

1. Name of the Nominee.

Gregory Scott Past President

2. Nominee contact information 3. Reason for suggesting this candidate.

Michael Weir VP of Administrations

4. Your name and contact information

Ragu Kuppannan VP of Communications Kaustubh Deshpande VP of Finance David Bartholomew VP of Operations Cindy Pham VP of Strategic Planning

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Milestones September 2016

Attention PMI Orange County Members! Call for Nominations : 2016 Governor Elections for 2017-2019 Terms Nominations are open for elections for the PMIOC Board of Governors. There are three (3) openings for the terms commencing on April 1, 2017 to serve for two years. Members of PMIOC may submit the name of any member in good standing in PMI and PMIOC for consideration by the Nominations Committee. You may also self nominate following the same process. Please refer to the Chapter Bylaws, Article V on the PMIOC Website, and chapter documents section for the description of the Governors’ responsibilities.

The Nominating Committee will receive nominations from the membership, screen the nominees for suitability for the office and present a slate of candidates for election. There is a vetting process based on established procedures that include a review of the nominee’s experience, participation in the Chapter and a questionnaire completed by the nominee. The intent is to present a slate of more than 3 candidates for the membership’s consideration. We look forward to being contacted by persons interested in serving the Chapter in this very rewarding way. Please send an email to nominations@pmi-oc. org to express your interest or to submit a nomination. If you wish to self nominate, download the Nomination Questionnaire PMIOC BOG Candidate Questionnaire document and submit to:

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

2016 Election

SCHEDULE Nominations Open

Sep 15 – Oct 15

Nominations Closed

Oct 25

Committee vetting, prepare slate, advise BOG

Sep 15 – Oct 30

Election Manager, election Preparation

Sep 15 – Oct 30

Election Voting Period

Nov 18 – Dec 3

Results Announced

Dec Dinner Meeting

Learn more from Milestones Article “A Call to Service”

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Milestones September 2016

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SeminarsWorld® London 14 - 15 November 2016 London, England SeminarsWorld

SeminarsWorld® Las Vegas 12 - 15 December 2016 Las Vegas, Nevada, USA SeminarsWorld

SeminarsWorld® Chicago 10 - 13 October 2016 Chicago, Illinois, USA SeminarsWorld

SeminarsWorld Cincinnati 07 - 10 November 2016 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA SeminarsWorld

SeminarsWorld Events Professional development isn’t a one-time thing; it should be a continuous part of your project management career. Make it a priority to assess and improve your skill set, and you’ll increase your value to your organization and enhance your future career prospects. Deepen your knowledge on specific project management topics through PMI SeminarsWorld®. These face-to-face seminars, held in various cities throughout the year, vary from one to four days in length. Skilled instructors bring the value of their real-world project experiences. And with the small class sizes, you get plenty of group interaction and individualized learning. SeminarsWorld is open to both PMI members and nonmembers, although members receive significant discounts on registration. Group discounts also are available.

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Milestones September 2016

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Volunteer Opportunities Administration & Technology ­Administration • Board of Governors (BOG) Deputy • Elections Chair • Compliance / Contracts Chair

Business Analysis & Process Management • Director of Business Analysis & Process Management • Business Process Analyst ( 2 pos.)

Knowledge Management • Trainer (2 positions) • Data Analyst (2 positions)

IT • Director of Information Tech • Google Apps Support Engineer

Volunteer • Chapter Event Volunteer Coordinator • PlanPlus Administrator • Volunteer Status Manager • Onboarding Coordinator • Volunteer Registration Coordinator

Communications Outreach • Outreach Relationship Manager • Chair, Corporate Outreach • Chair, Non-Profit Outreach • Career Opportunity Coordinator

Social Media • Social Media Chair • Social Media Specialist • Event Specialist (2 positions)

Marketing • Post Card Coordinator

• eComm Coordinator • Branding and Standards

Milestones • Writer (2 positions) • Photography Chair (2 positions) • Photographer (2 positions) • Copy Editor • Assistant Copy Editor

Strategy, Membership & Volunteers Strategic Partnership • Business Analyst • Business Logistic Manager (2 positions)

Strategic Planning • Chapter Maturity Assessment Coordinator • Project Analyst

PMO • PMO Project Manager (2 positions) • Reporting Analyst

Membership • Deputy Membership Director • Ambassador (2 positions) • Networking Chair

Finance Events Finances • Auxiliary Event Registration Officers (2 positions)

Speakers • Speaker Coordinator (3 positions)

Career Enhancement

• Career Workshop Speaker Coordinator (2 positions) • Career Workshop Sponsor Coordinator • Communication & Events Coordinator

Operations Dinner/Breakfast Program • Breakfast Coordinator • Dinner Chair • Presentation Specialist

Education • SCRUM/AGILE Coordinator • PMP/CAPM Workshop Chair • Partner Relationship Manager • Student Relationship Manager • Marketing & Communications Manager • Marketing Team Representative • Website Adminstrator (IT Representative) • Instructor Relationship Manager • Materials Coordinator • Finance Representative

Community Forums • Community of Forums Volunteer (2 positions) • Community of Forums Data Science Chair • Community of Forums Project Manager • Community of Forums Registration Coordinator

Annual Conference • Annual Conference Sponsor Chair

• Career Workshop Events Coordinator

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Milestones September 2016

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September PMI-OC Conference New Members

Mrs. Ashwini Nadig Francisco Navarro Azzam Abdullah Vance Ngo Maggie Attashian Mrs. Vazi Okhandiar Khalid Ayadi Jian Peng Esteban Badenas John Perla Brooks Ballentine, Pmp Pezhman Rahimi Irene Barker David Ramthun Roshan Bijlani Pavneet K. Randhawa Carla Bray Steven Joseph Reyes Lucinda Broussard Fabiola Rios Pamela Chang Marion Rutledge Peter Chang Muthamizh Chidambaram Alessandra Sahonero Zakaria Sayed Jane Choe Stephen J Sekeres Kristin R Clarke Deepak Sharma Amanda Colby Kirsten Sihilling Margaret Cortes Sorana Sorm Leanora Denise Cross Lewis Thompson Scott Demint Edward R. Tischofer Jane Dempsey Albert Ursulo Ricardo Dominguez Christopher Vallandigham Marlene Dupras Anoop Kumar Valluva Douglas Estrada Allyson Vincent Zeenat Fadwani, Pmp Alex D. Vo Eiling Fernandez Patricia Wallace Amul Gadhia, Pmp Dr. Daryl V Watkins Jeannie Garcia Elizabeth Whitehead Israel Garcia Reginald B. Wright Stephanie Griffin Royce Yun John Hayes Marvin Iglehart New PMPs Wilson Jacob Kaessiah Abaniel Sandra L Jacobs Mark Carroll Daniel Ji Ricardo Fagalde Robert Joyce Jonathan Freeman Amarender Reddy Laura Guziel Kethireddy Michael Kessler Mina Khairzada Arif Kusuma Meena La Pointe Pei Ling Lee Laura Livant Whitney Lopez Mark Lowe Shanmuga Suntharan Manickam, Pmp Bruce Mccullough Raymond D Mehler Janet Michaels Ryoichi Mitsumasu

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Milestones September 2016

September PMI-OC Conference

The September PMI-OC Conference proved to be yet another successful event for the Orange County Chapter. This year, under the leadership of Amy Bui, Director of Annual Conference, and her capable team, the conference attracted over 300 participants. A post conference survey had participation rate Contributed by Mai Tran PMP of over 50% of attendees and reflects how much the attendees enjoyed and benefited from their attendance.

Conference Keynote Speaker Mick Ebeling, CEO of ‘Not Impossible’

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC


Conference Organizer Interview

Conference Organizer - Amy Bui Now that the incredibly successful Conference is over, it is time to appreciate the people who made it happen. Milestones was able to interview a relaxed and happy Amy, who agreed to share with us her experience organizing the conference for PMI Orange County chapter. Amy acknowledged she had to work really long hours to design and promote this event .For over 13 months, she and her team organized the conference activities which, in addition to 2 keynote speakers, included four separate tracks, twelve seminars, two workshops and one roundtable. To promote networking, there was also a monopoly game to encourage people to ‘get out of their comfort zone’ and meet others. This game was apparently loved by the attendees, as shown by the testimonials from the post-conference survey. The conference success exceeded expectation, with more than three hundred attendees, over twelve sponsors and twenty five speakers. The chapter’s Board of Governors was present to welcome and mingle with attendees, and a multitude of chapter volunteers worked tirelessly throughout the day to ensure things happened efficiently as planned. In this stimulating atmosphere, the chapter Membership and Volunteer tables also gained many new members and volunteers.

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

The Keynote speech by Mick Ebeling, CEO of ‘Not Impossible’, proved to be a hugely inspirational start for the day. Also popular was the Monopoly networking game and the Round table session. The meals catered by the Sheraton hotel were similarly deemed ‘awesome’, both breakfast and lunch, such that there were already requests to hold next year conference at the same venue! But by far, the best compliment received by Amy was from a participant who said that this was a professional conference that was ‘actually fun’ to attend. Geographically, conference attendees came from a large area, covering San Diego to the Central Valley, and even one all the way from Cairo (Egypt). This was most remarkable for an event that was only one day long and was testament for the exceptional professional value that it presented. As for lessons learned, a few of minor issues were encountered. Parking was full early and some people had to park far away, not realizing that valet parking was available. Feedback received by Amy also indicated that people wanted more time for breaks and coffee, both to network and to relax between sessions. Finally, badge scanning was taking time away from break periods, and there should have been more scanners available. These issues have been noted and would be addressed for next year. Amy and her team have done a tremendous job in promoting project management and the Orange County chapter through this successful 2016 conference. This is the kind of achievement that shows the value of volunteering, dedication and being a members in a PMI local chapter. Thank you Amy and team, and we look forward to a repeat success at next year’s event.

Milestones September 2016

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Advanced Topic Seminar

Advanced Topic Seminar

Scoping Out Your Project Risk: Balancing Risk & Reward

The September 2016 Advanced Topics Seminar (ATS) “Scoping Out Your Project Risk: Balancing Risk & Reward” was presented by Professor Virginia Suveiu, Esq. She counsels on legal risk management, regulatory compliance and public policy, as well as teaching at UCI Extension Program and Concordia University, on Legal Risk Management and Contract Management. She also publishes widely with the National Contract Management Association.

pay attention and follow the presentation. As versatile project managers, the class finally resorts to emailing the presentation deck to participants and everyone follows the ATS on their tablets or smart phone!

ATS The ATS starts out with technical problems where the projector keeps flashing rapidly between slides, making it very difficult to

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Milestones August 2016

Virginia starts out familiarizing the class with current trends in risk management and the main legal issues. Legal compliance has become an important aspect of business, not just for large companies but also for smaller organizations. As project managers, we would be impacted by these new legal expectations and need to be more mindful of the new legal and ethical requirements while

managing projects. For example, procuring products/services from small vendors may imply the need to ensure that the vendors are in compliance with a host of legal requirements (ADA, Equal Opportunity, Drug Screening, National Security Clearance etc.) “As appropriate, a large organization should encourage small organizations (especially those that have, or seek to have, a business relationship with the large organization) to Implement effective compliance and ethics programs.” -U.S. Sentencing Commission As compliance requirements

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Continued become more mature, there will be demands for a new breed of specialized professionals to oversee its successful adherence, even creating the need for ‘Compliance Project Managers’. Whether a company would need such professionals would depend on the ‘Risk Appetite’ or ‘Risk Tolerance’ of its culture and management style. Risk can no longer be a just a consideration of probability and

unexpected perturbations.” One can take note on how one Healthcare company ‘operates within a low overall risk range’. It has little risk appetite for safety and compliance objectives and insists that “reducing to reasonably practicable levels the risks originating from various medical systems, products, equipment and our work environment, and meeting our

legal obligations will take priority over other business objectives.” This attitude is not surprising, given the approach that the government will use to ensure compliance. The Yates memo “requires the Department of Justice (DOJ) to fully leverage its resources to identify culpable individuals at all levels in corporate cases”, and that can impact project managers! The DOJ, under this directive, would focus resources to pursue individuals first, rather than corporation they work for. And while punishment for corporation can only be civil penalty, for individuals, both civil and critical liabilities are possible. For project managers, this means that particular attention should be paid when entering into contracts. There should be a clear understanding of what is in the Statement of Work (SOW) versus Scope. Scope is what being sought

consequences of the risk happening. According to Virginia, given the current climate, a new definition is now appropriate. In the ISO 31000 standard, Risk is about the effect of uncertainty on an organization’s ability to meet its objectives. A New Definition of Risk “The risk management activity consists of trying to anticipate and looking out for deviations from the plan, and implementing corrective actions so that the organization’s objectives are reached despite the

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Milestones August 2016

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ATS while a statement involves performance obligations & duties. The SOW defines the scope and states how/when it is to be delivered. The contract should clearly clarify what constitutes success or failure in terms that is understandable, including to a judge, should the need arises. Possible project legal issues should be anticipated and managed at the project level where possible. It is too late by the time it escalates to Corporate Legal Department, which is usually already fully engrossed in large proceedings, and this situation would generate delays for the project while it is getting resolved. Takeaways from the ATS: - Legal compliance is an emerging area that needs attention. - Project managers will be impacted by this trend, especially for federal and other governmental projects. - Project Management discipline will spread into non-traditional areas such as legal compliance, finance, contracting etc. - Project Managers’ understanding of possible legal issues will help circumvent problems before they happen.

A Passion for Learning by Mai Tran, PMP

My life has continually been filled with diverse passions which essentially served to enrich the different stages of personal growth. As a child, I loved reading because books would transport me to worlds I could barely imagine. As a teenager, I developed an ache for ballroom dancing, probably for its alluring image of a romantic couple in perfect harmony. As a student, I found my exhilaration in downhill skiing on snow covered mountains, far away from those long nights cramming for exams. These days, I fall for sophisticated travelling to exotic countries, enthralled by the fascinating cultures and languages. Each of these passions, in due course, recedes and is replaced by a newfound substitute as I grow and learn. And yes, ‘learning’ is the only enduring passion that remains constant in my life. Whenever I am not learning something, it feels like the universe is on

Contributed by Mai Tran, PMP

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Milestones September 2016

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

A Passion for Learning hold, waiting for me to conquer the next Everest ! And so I carry on, hoping to learn and grow each day. And along the learning path, I found Project Management, probably the most ‘learning’ thing I have done in my life. One learns so much when managing a project, which is probably why I love being a project manager. On technical projects, essential technical knowledge is needed to ensure that no detail was overlooked in delivering the expected results. In enterprise-wide software projects, one has to learn to survive departmental power struggles, in order to convince personnel from different professions to deliver project success, even when their own ‘silo’ may not benefit. On corporate strategic projects, there is even more learning on navigating corporate politics while meeting the project owner’s strategic objectives. By the time that a successful project manager chalked up a decade or so of experience, I believe they would have learned the necessary skills needed to navigate projects and even life itself: effective leadership, succinct communication, delicate persuasion, supportive coaching, decision making, conflict management, risk mitigation,

cooperative negotiation, financial control, credible transparency etc. No matter what type of project one is responsible for, having those skills should help see it through. Having said that, I do believe that there is further learning on each and every project, as no two projects are exactly alike. If one has a passion for continued learning, a Project Management career could be prove to be a rewarding profession.

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Milestones September 2016

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Page 12 Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Milestones September 2016 Page 12

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Milestones September 2016

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC 13

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Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Milestones September 2016 Page 14

Upcoming Events PMI Orange County MILESTONES September 2016 MILESTONES is published monthly for the members of Orange County Chapter of the Project Management Institute. Advertising is welcome. However, its publication does not constitute endorsement by the chapter or the Project Management Insitute. Graphic Designer Taehwan Kevin Kim Copyright 2016 PMI-OC, Inc.

Oct 19 PMI-OC Networking Event 5:30pm - 8:30pm

Nov 5 Advanced Topic Seminar Vish Nath

7851 Edinger Ave

“Value Based, Customer Centric Project Management”

Huntington Beach, CA 92647

8:00am - 12pm

(714) 372-3157

At Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA

Click for info

Smith #15 Building, Rm 101

California Pizza Kitchen

Click for info

Oct 25 Breakfast Club Meeting David Bartholomew ““The Diamond Principle: The CEO’s Common –– Sense, Time — Tested 21stCentury Guide to Making Can’t- Miss Decisions and Getting Things Done” 7:30 - 9am At Citrus Café 1481 Edinger Avenue Tustin, CA 92780 Click for info

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Nov 16 PMIOC Member Orientation 6pm - 8:30pm At Brandman University 16355 Laguna Canyon Road, Room 111 Irvine, CA 92618 Click for Info

Dec 3 Advanced Topic Seminar Peter Sairafian “PMO and EPMO (E/PMO) Governance” 8am - 12pm At Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA Click for info

Dec 30 PMIOC Conference The Night Out Sponsorship 8am - 12pm At Vanguard University, Costa Mesa, CA Click for info

Project Management Institute Orange County Chapter, Inc. P. O. Box 15743, Irvine, CA 92623-5743

Learning, Serving, and Leading with PMI-OC

Milestones September 2016

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