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CONTENTS Moses H . Johnson CSA & Texas Ranger


1914-15 Texas Gazetteer & Directory


Moses H Johnson CSA, Private, Co. B, Young County Texas State Troops Buried in Elmwood Cemetery

Moses H Johnson Birth Jan 14,1846 in ,,Texas or Indiana, Death Apr 20,1884 in Montague Co.Texas.

Sarah Elizabeth Freeman Birth May 10,1844 in ,,Missouri or Indiana, Death Jan 29,1927 in Montague Co.Texas. Parents of Sarah

Joshua Freeman Birth Sep 28,1814 in ,Orange Co.North Carolina Death Feb 13,1862 in .Howard Co,Indiana,

Mary Warwick Birth 1815 in ,,New Jersey, Death in New Harp.Montague Co.TX,



Moses H Johnson


Birth Year:

abt 1847



Home in

Navarro, Navarro, Texas

1850: Gender: Family Number; Household Members;

Male 3 Name Jas A Johnson Nancy Johnson Rebecca Johnson S P Johnson Elisabeth Johnson

Elijah Johnson Moses H Johnson R F Johnson James A Johnson


Age in 1860;

Moses Johnson


Birth Year;

abt 1847



Home m

Young, Texas

i860: Gender: Post Office:

Male Fort Belknap

Age 34 24 12 10 8 6 3 3 1

Value of real estate:

View Irnac|_e

Household Name Members; J A,Johnson Nancy Johnson Parker Johnson Ell/ah Johnson Moses Johnson Rubin Johnson Sarah Ann Johnson Martha Johnson Nancy Johnson Margaret Johnson Lusvnda Johnson



Moses Johnson


Estimated Birth Year:

abt 1847

Enlistment Date:

Jun 1864

Enlistment Place:

Young County

Record Type:

Civil War Index- Abstracts of Muster Rolls

N&me & Hank: Johnson, Moses, Fvt. Goniffi. Of f •, Neuhaus, Charles, 1st Lt, Grp-ar?: Co.B, Young C o , , Pr.No.2, 1st Eront. Dist., Maj.Wm.Quayle comnidg. , TST Enlist: J"e. T 64 in Young Co.

Age 17

;J 6 S '-



Age in 1870:

F 45; En. Off. Lt.Neuliaus; Mus.Off. Maj.Quayle; 1 rifle & 1 pistol; under Act D.15-63; 2 MB dtd.F.2-64 & Je. 27-64 & 1 PR dtd.F.S to Je.1-64. Name only on ^MR dtd.Je. 27-64.

Moses H Johnson 22

Birth Year:




Home in 1870:

Precinct 1, Montague, Texas

Age 48 34 20 16 13 13 9 8 5 2 2/12

Race: Gender: Post Office: Value of real estate: Household Members:

Name: Birth Place: Enlistment Date: Record Type:

White Male Montague View Image

Name Moses H Johnson Sarah_E Johnson Samuel P Johnson John W Johnson

Age 22 26 4 1

Moses Johnson Montague

20 Apr 1872 Ranger Rolls - Statehood

Namo Hank: Com. Do c

dohnsori. private u 6 hn tv i11 i ng ha m u * iviinut e -"-en, i^on tag ne uo. 20, 187£ .

Dae d i S C h ; & l i g ; £JQ{ 1872 Age D o B c r ip : Place blrthi/iOntague uoanty Occup: 8 days of service Remarks: I n f o r m . Souro»Danger Blister £



M. H.Johnson 34

Birth Year:





Precinct 2, Wise, Texas

"ft ^' C5 £§ =

J.OOU. Race: Gender: Relation to Head of House: Marital Status: Spouse's Name: Father's Birthplace:

White Male Self (Head)

Married Sarah E. Johnson Mississippi

Mother's Birthplace: Neighbors: Occupation:

Household Members:

Name: State Filed: Widow: Roll Number:

Mississippi View others on page Farmer

Name M. II. Johnson Sarah F. Johnson S. P.Johnson A.J. Sarah Johnson J. W. Johnson Mary F. Johnson Moses H Johnson Texas Sarah E Johnson T288 245

Moses H Johnson

Age 34 35 13 8 12 6

Birth: Death:

Jan. 14, 1846 Apr. 20, 1884

Moses H. Johnson was honored with the unveiling of a Texas Ranger Memorial Cross at his grave in Eimwood Cemetery this past weekend. The dedication ceremony was conducted by family members and representatives of the Former Texas Ranger Association and the Former Texas Rangers Foundation, which furnishes the crosses. The Texas Historical Foundation provides grant funds for the crosses. Moses H. Johnson is the father of Moses Johnson, who created the Johnson Poultry Ranch in Bowie. Vicki Lovette Jones, great great granddaughter of the senior Johnson, brought the weicome and made introductions. Deanna Johnson Woods, great granddaughter presented the family history summarized below. Moses H. Johnson was born Jan. 14, 1846 in Texas, possibly Navarro County. He was the son of James Allen Johnson and the former martha Jane Parker. He was the twin of Reuben R, and one of seven children born of this union. Moses H. was named for his paternal grandfather, Moses E. Johnson. The family lived in Mississippi for a few years, before moving to Arkansas, then on to Texas. They moved to Dresden in Navarro County near Corisicana. His father was the first sheriff of Corsicana, Texas, while his mother died in child birth in 1849. Eight children were born of this union.

Cemetery Photo Added by: Eric

Moses was probably about seven when they moved to Fort Belknap and grew to manhood at this location. In June 1864, he enlisted in the Confederate Army under the command of Lt. Charles Neuhaus, Company B. Young County. Moses met a pretty, red headed woman from New Harp, Texas, named Sarah Elizabeth Freeman. They married at O'Neal Station in Montague County on Oct. 28, 1864. The couple had six children, two which died in childhood. They lived near New Harp, where Moses made a living as a stockman and farmer. Their life on the frontier was very hard and again they had to deal with Indian raids. In 1867, the Indians kidnapped his nephew, Dick Freeman and in the spring of 1870, the Indians stole his fine race horse, Old Yellow Boy. Moses Johnson's twin brother, Reuben, 20, was massacred by the Indians at the Elm Creek Indian Raid #2 on July 17, 1867 at Fort Belknap, along with two other young men. On April 20, 1872, Moses enlisted as a private in company U, Minute Men of Montague County, under the command of John Willingham of the Texas Rangers. He was discharged Aug. 20, 1872 with a total of only eight days of active service. The last Indian raid in Montague County proved to be in August of 1872. Moses moved his family from New Harp to Victoria (Queen's Peak), then to the railhead at the new community of Bowie. Here he assisted on the first

grade of the Fort Worth and Denver Railroad. He died April 20, 1884 at the age of 38. Family stories indicate he died of pneumonia. Retired Texas Ranger Phil Ryan gave remarks on behalf of the Texas Rangers, Company C. "Eight days of service back then was probably worth 10 years now," Ryan said. Richard Gardner, great grandson, unveiled the Texas Ranger Cross, while Claire Lovette McWilliams, great great granddaughter laid the wreath. Gary Johnson, great grandson, read the Texas Ranger prayer. Zachary McCaig closed the ceremony playing "Amazing Grace" on the fiddle and then taps on the trumpet overlooking the grave site. Family links: Spouse: Sarah E Freeman Johnson (1844 - 1927)

Children: Moses Johnson (1881 - I960)* ^Calculated relationship

Burial: Elmwood Cemetery Bowie Montague County Texas, USA Plot: D Created by: Jeff Gragq Record added: May 26, 2010 Find A Grave Memorial* 52881522

Texas State Gazetteer and Business Directory 1914-15 Montague County Towns I have the 1884-85; 1890-91 and 11914-15 Gazetters and Directories at the old jail for all of Texas if you are looking for something in these time frames has all kinds of information


Post Offices in County in 1914-15


Hun it,i-


KrtiitlaiHl. Hardy. Illinois Hnid. Montague <<*h) Noona. Saint Jo. Spanish Fort. Stotwburp. Sunset. Tag*. HI:I,< I H : H X I I . M : .

i ' f » | i u ] ; i i i ( i 2 i 20«. On th<- il,. K. A: r. K\.. in M « > n t : i ^ U f t-itunty. Jo nine* f r o m M f i t r . t u t H * . Hi*'



r:iili'o:u| iijiiiu. is lli-Ir!i«-r. r » i r i s t i ; i « » anil M« iht*<Uxt Am. T»-l. ( XV. I" J, < \,

liiis Baptist, 't ion.

t*r»lltn.- J P. ph

li:jhiv. S N. ri-stowra Kt'.iM- II A. ^* n o r a j s


ll \ II, option ^in. Sony .;* fr, earth' l»r» • <h*r. Seay V i r g i l , cuttle l*i*t-t <l*-r. Stalling^* XV U, r r. « - x p arid tvl a«:t.

t* UI AV

P"*-* S'

s r m t p *r •sin.jui tun: sj.oiur '(

*|-^» A\

;t -|<l ->A\j * u . \ s , i -v .\{

A-'AUlj,- s 'I '>»*•*

A\ *".> <wuA\jijt«if .\ |d.»^ \+

ui.\ it i am:

, « « A \ "•> ^ .5- A\X ' 1*1.1 *M w.»tn*Uv> •«a-»,>o.i.n '(s|oi|.»tx IV s -'« l* >*IX AV U*»J>M « JO M a IX y il'

ifi 'v A\ V\i ^IM 's-»iio|* -v in i*-».^j *(ttoni({JEir|| A HM ' w - > - - P ' » I l *> < » A \ u<i^|*j4i;H y s-».-po 51 Ofl^-i'i 's » J t j ->.»!. \ "*••'. I MU" M V \ 1 I 'I

«IA\ P«V°H -V "UIA\ "A\

\y "a -v ".\ 'M -"'n «o -«s«



Population 175. On the M. K. & T. Ry. in Montague county, 14 mil*-s from Montague, the county seat. Has Baptist, Church of Christ and Methodist Episcopal churches, and a bank. Kxp., Am. Telephone connection. J. M. Fleming, postmaster. Burrows J A & Co, R-enl store. City Hotel, \ A Thomas propr. Dean & Haralson, hardware. FI.KMI.\<; 11KOS, Dry (ioodn, ancl Hardware. Howard J C & Son, cotton pin. t*an$rford J C & IJro, dru^s. Lathftm J F, grocer am! restaurant. J 15 & Hro. grocers. L.*e \ X. blacksmith. Lyon-Oray I,umJ>»-r Co. Miller <; S, eenl store. Thomas H A. p'tfblic weigher. Ziegler \ K. r r and exp a«:t.


In Montague county. S mile* from St. Jo. Its brink inp aiitl s h i p p i n g ;»olnt, \vheuce mail is supplied ty rural <ie\. Alien & Son. %vatronmakers. Bo^be J D. (ji-ncTMl stor-. \Vil5on H N, Kcneral store. Wilson L S, general store.


^"m. In Mont:*uui.' oounty. 14 milrsi fi-om Montague. ih»- jiiftici;il s» ,»t, and 14 from Si Jo. tin- *i>;tial h. i Jo, f a r e 75 c*-als. lY)i*|'h<»n* John It. JN-t»vt»s, postiiiu.**^ r,

Freeman J P. tri-n.-rnl ?=t.»r* K K I> N"u l IIarv»-l J K. i r t r ^ r a i stw. Kelly l> T, ir«-ii»i'?»i x t < n < ,\f- 'lit y K J f . dniivs, trr*H-* r aivl lumUva Moore A F. hold *ni<i ^- -itt-ral --tort*. Neumann C A. Ulack>mith. I*c-rty l- t'> I'Uysiriait. ttr;\ \OI.US


< \nman -J. ir^iii-

Tillman U*»brrt. Tucker K J ^ Si.n, ut*ii*-r;il

BOtVIK. Population 4.000. la located at the crossing of* the C. li. I. A < » . and the Ft, W. & l>. C. Rys. in MontaffU* county, 18 miles west of MontattUv, the county seat, and 59 north of F«i t Worth. I la* 1» churches, 3 ward schools, a hijch school, a business rolli-^»-, \vat*-r work*, fir*- departm»-nt. n n t u r a l «;us f o r niRnufncturiii;; and (loincHtH- puri'o.scs, a li\ chamh-r nf rorniiJt'i**-*- v x l t h 2*1** active membt-rs, 3 hanks, 2 i>f k \vs|>ap**;'s. 2 xvhul.-^aK houst-s, :i cotton Kin*, nn '*il null, cotton cHin»pr**j*s .u»d iuini«-r r »ns j>p**ctal ar,d ^c-u^rul stoit-a. How to Is Ku-ated in the western *'«l^t' of tin f a m o u s "OroKK Timbers" section of Xorth Texa?. just where ihv tin*b»-rs iiH-vt tli*- jH'iiri" and is th«'r**fore the central m a r k e t and distributing ;>oii;t f*»r th«- f r ' i l t ai;«l truck i n d n s t i y on th» **a^t and thf wonderful cotton, curn ;»nd small crain si-ction of th** prair»- ^-ouiitrv on th»- u-»-i«t T«-l., \V. T". JO.xp.. Ad:«ins and t*. tv J*»hn S. Wi-Us, postmaster.

Adams W«i IK meats.

Allen Andrew J, grocer. Ay res Wm H. <iry ^oods.

Ilnk'-r John «*. contractor. IN-n ton Tho;nas H, insurance. FUack Thomas II. restaurant.

*nou^ti i: n. a«i t- n i AC o it K. v s R\ and \ r Tt-i Co. F'.ol»*s Hotel. !**•!> M<-yer pro;>r. iUud*- (weekly), Edmiston Trinttne Co publr.x.

i-; tiiA>iui:u OF <-ow>iem-i-:, o

IIOU IK C'OM.MKHflAL < < > 1 , I > K < ; K , Htiicar A It ays Pros and Alntfr. J r o w i e Cutloii < » i l & <Hn <*o. C H ftoedeker pre.s, J- < * fiihhon s»-o and trvas. o Cross TSinhi'ts f wv"S;ly ). l>ixvid

y JLiKht *V Power **o «J li i»j>t-ra Jlous.-, < ; < - < > r ^ « ' l i j r r y i»roi»r. t!rou*n fJros (.it, soph ,M iirown. Jerry \ W h i t m a n h dr> K*>otls. Jirou'o l?hiir!«»K s, notion*. l;rown L Tj & i*i>n (I'lurs? and Clurtr jr), cirttgrs. nruc*' <J;.*«>ri;** A, bro^m mnfr. l i i K k n c r \ rt & Ot> * Win H H-ickn^r. \Vm A Ay*Ts. A K Thomas), Ins and loans. Hurclt Claud, restaurant.

Bowie Burcess James, undertaker. {turns Hotel. Mrs i> H Hume propr. Chancellor waiter J. lawyer. Chandler Kmrna F Mrs. restaurant. Chapman Jomes. notions. Chilton & Giles (George i» Chilton, Isaac Giles), harness. City National lUnk (capital $30.0*0), C

H Boedeker pres, A O



prt-s, \Vm A Ay res cashr. Clapp «c Brunk (Carol Ctapp. John H Brunk), jrroc«irs. Clifton Newton A, ajrt Adams and U S

Exp Cos.

Ciisbee ttenton L. livery. Coffieid c W h i t , insurance. Cosby CharU-s T, jrrocer, Crim II C & Co ( H e n r y C CrimV. Ins. Cummins John \V. jrrocvr. Cummins & Crim iJani<?si A Cutnmina t Kt-uhen Crim), real estate. Curtis & Reynolds (F \ Curtis. E JL HeyntilrtH). cotton ijin. Daube 3 & Co (Samuel TXiube). dry g:oods. I>avies Davt<l, publr Bowie Cross Timbers. Denson XVTm H. Jeweler. Uoanp Fred K, laundry. Uolukin>> ^ Arledue * James Dobkins, Wrn Oowna Charles i;. livery and v*»t surjy. Uuncan & Brandon (J K Duncan, Jam^s A Brandon). Krwcers. Ed mis ton I'rintinc Co (Abn»*r J and Edgar Kdminston). publrs Bowie Blade, Farmers' Union \\arehou«*e As»n, Jam*-s L> Wright mnirr. Hour and feed. First National I tank (capital $3^,000), T C Phillips pros. Z T Lo\e vicepres» A E Thomas onshr. Fowler John t\. Garlinicton Grocery. Co (George \V, J Summers and Harry C Garllngton), who! RroctTS.

OarUmcton John \V. pen! store. UarlinfTton J \ & ^on (Jdhn W and Jamea C), grocers. UiN-s Jsaac C, hardware imd grocer. •*'ltl* J V, contractor.


'ilvens Willis T T. notions. odilard Herman, dry «oodr and mllH ntr.


OoltU-n & Cw uU-ortr*' 1! and Aubrey I Gulden), tinners ;md plumbers. 5 *;n*-n Frank <", n«t Ft W* & f> H H. Art-am* Uxp ami \\ IT Itl Co. * ff'M'Son I>avid II. Kroc«-r, Haluun & Kriedly n;fror*i* \ ilaltom.



Fi ii*<Ily).



muafc. Hamilton ^ \VauforO (John M Hamilton. Lawrence A \v.tufor«i). dry irut,«1p, H A Y S K O U A H A. t'rr* and >Iu«r ilowir

Commercial Collt^**. <»f«»r^t- F. fr«'nm*»ry. John U, yt-nl store. Kinioit \V, r* -staurant. tnablnil \Vrn C, tUntist. Irons J R Oror*»ry Co (John B Irons), who! groc*-rs. Jackson John \V. bus line, Jennings J A, J»lacU?*mith. Jones J T & Son (John T and Wm A), Kelloy K»'Ut->- & Uro t \ V m and Kim* r>, sr Latham Homtr B, 'lawyer. Uaxvson John T. physician. Leo Kzra A. conr»M'tlun«*r. Lunday Wm J, f.hy.-ioian Lyon & Matthews ('»>. John II Matthews Unbert C t'ady ?«*c and treas, McCiurkin Hdward I{. rnn^r 8 \ Tel & Tel <To. tfeDanie! Robert \V, hardware. McXahh A- \Vindt-r i Wall* r AlcXnbb, LusCf r H \Vlmlcr), coiion iriri. McXatt J <* & Son < J u U n C und Charles C), r«**taurant. Mri-rick A: ilrtnfirum (S Prirc* M^rrl<-k. Krn«"si H Man^um), hardware and jyrocrrii. Xfurican C.^harh-s H, Uour and fi-oil. National U,n»U of Howie ^capital *5 John K Hutu lues. .? K WaUhall

pr*-s. F .1 ^tf*.^?' cavhr. \"«>rth T<-xa? «;:•* <V». L <r OHt.son N'orthwestern Compft-ss Co, \Vm O Layton supt

Bowie Henry, bak**r. Pbilpott \Vm A & Co I X V m A J'hilpoU, \X'm J Brock), r*'fll t-stat*. Potter Walter K, p h y s i c i a n . [Raines E d w a r d <". furniture. fJtodden K i t t l e Mrs. photographer. Hose Myron 1., dentistKtldy Jul»*s J-.


Sanders Thomas M. ^vain and food. Scarborough \X"m .1. r*#tnurant. M C H A W K l I A H B X V A K t ; CO, < P Berry Pres, S \ Heard Vlc*-Pre*. H A V/nu S**c, XX" B Harrison Treav \Vliolesfile and Retail Hardware. ImpJenionts, Vehicles. Saddlery an«l Tlnwir-?. Schneider Alfred C, hardware and Implement!*. Shoemaker Glnrtys Mrs, deniisr. Slaughter G O <fe Co (Ooorsre i> Slaughter), druirs. Sloan Knoch. blnoksmUh. Smith J A * Co (J A S m i t h ) , meats. Smith L E & Co ( K a r l L ^mlth. Clifford F HafiHCard), tailors. Southwestern Tel ^ Tel Co. Edward H McClurktn nmpr Speere John, l a w y e r , StfttllnRs I k S & Co (Percy S Stallin^s). tailors. Stephens Hotel, \Trn C Stephens propr. Slillwell J e r r y M, harness. Swartx John. t»hotr>KT»|ih* r. Trimble \Vm S. ser-ls and f«'<*d. XVainscott A Blair ( J o h n H Wrilnscott, John H Blair), ^rocvrs*. \\'af»le»-Painter Co Uiatnesrllle). Charles o Hosa mnnr. lumtjo-r. Watklns Kdivard M, tailor, Watson Olin \\', jimcer and mt-ats. U*at>on &- Hendr(«-k t Benjamin K XX'atson. Jani**s \ H c - n ^ l r i e k K f u r n i t u r e . \\>o*r Bennett K. blacksmith. Weil & \\>lls iFtoWrt \V>11. A r t h u r B \\VHs), dry pf»ods. H Finley. lawyer. AX'm A, ioe m u f r mil coal. AVid H. harnvss. U'etsei Jesse T, maehlntut and 'r*rao. Whaley T K & Co i V U e o d u r e K XVhaley), cotton buyers. W i l h l t e B K & Sons < B K, B F jr. and J o h n Fi, dry tfo«u|s. XX'Uhite Benjamin K. trro<*.>r and feed. \VII.MAMS ultuis l,, src Ro««-tr ( hamht»r of Comnrwrc** Wilson A l t i t f r t 11.

Wilson John I*, XV"t»i ley Thomas l \V"r>rl*'y \\*alt P r i n t i n g <_'«. W a l t e r \Vor Ye.-ikley George W. physician. Y o u n ^ dc B u r ^ f s a (rfanai--l Younc, Jumes A Bur(r*"ss>, ( u r n i t u r v Younger Jost-phus, physician.

FRtriTl, \ \ I K

7'<'pulation 60. (n .\loiua**ui* county, o»i Ft. Worth & Ih-Hvrr It. U. 14 mik-s front Montague, the county »cat, 5 miles *<'Uth of Howie, tin- bunking u»wu, ami 63 miles north of Ft. Worth. K.tu., Adams*. K. M. l>«a«iman, postmaster. I>;t.<iman Frank Mf grocer and postniftster. Ke»*vr John \V, r r and *-vr


A rural po^tottlc^ in M»»nt;»irm» c o u n t } . 10'- rnllt'v souiii of f f a i t k t Jo, U.*- ii-«ir^^i banking and .^htppin^ ftoint. iJall. d a i l y . Jackson Uro^, «c-nl

Population HM'. in M o n t ; i * « u < - eoiiru,\J' miles notthcafrl of Momamic. t h « - ju- • Idlcial K t - f t t ami Ki f i u n i ^ n u i t Jo, UH- • j u t - ar*-st hnnkins and £iiiuc iiaily (o c^.xint Ji» f a r e 75 cents {f:\p,. Am. T*-l*'|»h«nP ooiiii^ct ion. A. A" FJtnnru;, puttin.isi. r, I >o \ cl F M. tr o r11 M or< •. 1 V A: « O, <.^uerol Storr.

K, t>hystciaii. Pre-atton lii.x, M.u>K*initU.

Newport is in Clay county but traded in Montague County

Population Z(nt. In » J l a y Bounty. 35 rnHes southwest of H»-nri*-tta. the c o u n t y scat and 1 4 from Kowi*-. t h < - n'«-st Fhlpplnp: point, l l n s ;t Itiink. l > a U y mall stage to I>o\vi»-, f;ir" .*i.»>o. Tr-l»-phone connection. Win. A. I ' i - ' K - UH. jivstn;AJ*tfr. Barker K &• S<-»n, drutrs. Bransford W >t. ^n»'-**r. Chirm!?* Ac Ilransford. i;ciu'ial stori 1 . Cuslis rtln Co. KJUST < ; r A U A \ T \K H A N K Ual $10.«0'J), <; li i;oi:ilt!k«-r 1'r^. \ !tran*ford Vic»- 1 ( ) «-s, o !* Caahr.

Haneoek J M. b!3csmith.

McMohivn J V. t i n n e t - ;nul hn McMohan M K, r»-sti and r«>nf*'ft:on*T.

iis I' H. Oc Wilson, dry K'»ods and Shreve K T. h l k s m l t h . WalUtr D^lla Mrs. j^rorer. Williams A A. confectioner.


:IIMJ. Tin- judicial s*-;it of Montagu? i'uumy. ;* truths s o u t h of X«»roaa. its n»-ar**!*t shippUit; p o i n t . Hu> !!a|itiM. I'Athoitr, ObristUin and M**Uu»i ) i * t - K f > i s < * i « f < u l tfliur»-b»-jt. ;i l » a n k ;iu*! ;t \v»»rkly p.t-ws;*nprT. t i n - Montagu I- I'.ni* rfan* T.'i t i n t s ami $1 rt*tffu*ctSv<*!y.


Cmvlf* t*oiti»n * Ml A: < ! i n <*• t*Ui/.«-tis Stat»- Huiik »i*ni»t I rf Arl^ilu 1 *- pr» s. !i p K t i t r t ' t f y jr ca>hr. t'lark J F. *lr««:s. OM»K


I*. r«*xliiiti>lrr»

i*»v»*y \ i:. i)ru^>. H n y x \ T. :»rlni«T. H i l l i\- a:nl *iit«U'rtak*-r 1* V, jjrmvr. uo C o t i n f y A b s t r a * t <'•». M o M t a ^ n c Ktii«T(irisf. \\ T Hays i » u l i l r Itaiiu-.s O, «n»« i-r. T i r i s w « r i h t* fi. TtimhU*.Ht.n »v Tits*>ii. I i v < ry t'lbi^ Prank. o*;ufr ;inO r»-j»ir an J H. ilry


Rosston is in Cooke County HOSSTON.

2T»*X I n t " « » < » k o o o u t i t y . '2' miles* from Galn^HVllJt*, t i n - r o u n t j - ?<i-.ii usual b a n k i n g ;in<t shipjunK j / n i n t . T**ie phonr 1 connection. \V. T, Mv-<*lur«*, Most master. Berry 1- If * II M. c a i t l e brffdt-r* Dill J 1C. uvnenil stor.-, Harper J It. physii:ian and <lruir«. .lohn^on W M. p h > s*i<'ian. MeC'I-I U K \, (..-iM-rHl Sti»rr «nil J«n

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Montague County Genealogical Society New Membership / Renewal Membership 2013 Dues for membership are $20.00 for individual or for couples. Membership is from 01 January through 31 December 2014 Members will receive all 4 quarterlies, "Montague Milestones," for the membership year. Mail with your check or money order to:

Montague County Genealogical Society 17702 Crenshaw RD., Ringgold, TX 76261-5112

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Back copies of" Montague Milestones" are available

Montague County Genealogical Society 17702 Crenshaw Road Ringgold, TX 76261-5112

Please Renew for 2014 ! Notice Dues Now $20

Milestones 4th quarter 2013  
Milestones 4th quarter 2013