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Cross-Cutting Knowledge and Skills: Communication Skills Since the project manager is the link between the project and the rest of the organization and stakeholders, it is essential for the project manager to possess skills in communication. The project manager’s ability to communicate effectively to both the project team and project stakeholders ensures that all parties are receiving the information they need to support the project. On the Cross-Cutting Knowledge and Skills list, there are several areas that deal in communication. The following are skills from the list that relate to this area: •

Brainstorming techniques


Oral and written communication techniques, channels, and applications

Presentation tools and techniques

Targeting communication to intended audiences

Many of these skills can be learned and developed with practice. Professional & Social Responsibility Professional & Social Responsibility Overview A PROJECT MANAGER’S PROFESSIONAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY involves: •

ensuring personal integrity and professionalism by following legal requirements, ethical standards, and social norms

contributing to the project management knowledge base through lessons learned, best practices, research, etc., in an effort to improve the project management quality, and to enhance colleagues’ abilities and the project management profession

increasing and applying enhanced personal professional knowledge to improve project management services

promoting team and stakeholders interaction within a professional, cooperative, and respectful environment, to encourage effective collaboration

Professional & Social Responsibility Overview

The PMP® Code Of Professional Conduct General responsibilities of the project manager to the profession with regard to the PMP Code of Professional Conduct include: •

complying with all organizational rules and policies

providing and complying with laws and ethical representations of the profession

recognizing and respecting others' intellectual property

supporting and disseminating the PMP Code.

PMI Registered Education Providers providing PMP PDU Training will include these concepts. CANDIDATE/CERTIFICANT PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: •

A responsibility to provide accurate, truthful advertising and representations concerning qualifications, experience, and performance of services

A responsibility to comply with laws, regulations and ethical standards governing professional practice in the state or province, and/or country, when interacting with PMI and when providing project management services

A responsibility to act in an honest and ethical manner when interacting with PMI and when providing project management services

A responsibility to maintain and respect the confidentiality of the contents of the PMP Examination


A responsibility to provide accurate and truthful representations to the public in advertising, public statements, and in the preparation of estimates concerning costs, services, and expected results

professional judgments

Online PDUs required as part of the PDU for PMI requirement will typically include content for professional and social responsibility.

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