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MASTERS OF AUDIO Ronald Prent | An immersive experience in listening to Music in Surround

(23/05/10 12:00-13:00) Mutli award winning surround sound engineer Ronald Prent shows how music still can be a source of emotional pleasure when listening to in Surround. It will take you thru a variety of old and new material which, without a doubt, will make you smile, wonder, cry and will definitely get you excited! Just allow yourself to immerse into a world of great music in a choreography for 6 speakers.

Stefan Bock | Pure Audio Blu-ray - the ultimate listening experience

(23/05/10 14:00-15:00) Owner of renowned MSM Studios Munich, will be explaining the advantages of Blu-ray over DVD and the unparalleled audio quality from such medium.

Tim Young | Mastering for surround featuring the Beatles ‘Love’ album

(23/05/10 17:00-18:00) TEC award winning engineer Tim Young presents mastering for surround sound featuring the Grammy award winning Beatles ‘Love’ 5.1 album.

David Isaac | Think Outside of the box, from inside the box with David Isaac,3 x Grammy winning producer, engineer, artist and author (24/05/10 12:00-13:00) Whether it's your home workstation or small studio, a tour bus or a hotel room on the road, how do you record or mix professionally and creatively? David Isaac is here to help you understand what you need to express yourself and your music! David Isaac is a three–time Grammy winning producer/engineer, artist, author and has worked with Marcus Miller, Eric Clapton, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Luther Vandross, Diddy, Whitney Houston, Bette Midler and more.

Graham Boswell | Digital Resolution and Sound Quality

(24/05/10 14:00-15:00) Investigate digital and analogue theory and take part in some practical demonstrations with Prism Sound’s Graham Boswell; What does 24-bit actually mean? What do we mean by “better sound”? Graham Boswell will present some practical tips for selecting and using digital audio interfaces with the objective of achieving a “better sound”.

Crispin Murray | How to f*** up a surround mix! Presentation

(24/05/10 17:00-13:00) Metropolis mastering technical development mastermind Crispin Murray explains ‘what not to do’ with a surround mix.

Jochen Veith | Low frequency issues in home- and commercial studios; problem solving approaches by world renowned acoustician (25/05/10 10:00-11:00) Every studio will have its fair share of acoustical problems. Jochen will give you some insights into how to deal with these and give you a better understanding on how to create the best listening environment.

Tony Cousins | Mastering for surround featuring Genesis complete works

(25/05/10 12:00-13:00) Grammy award nominated surround sound mastering engineer Tony Cousins discusses his work with focus on the remastered Genesis back-catalogue.

Peter Thomas | The importance of High resolution monitoring, ATL™ technology and Q&A with chief Designer Peter Thomas – PMC (25/05/10 16:30-17.30) Specialist Systems Group manager Maurice Patist discusses the importance of high resolution monitoring and Q & A with chief designer Peter Thomas.

Masters Of Audio  
Masters Of Audio  

Descriptions of PMC/Prism's special guest presentations during the AES Show 2010