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Theatre community says goodbye to Ken Morton ArtsScene Melanie Minty Columnist

to further its fortunes. He was appointed by Jim Warner, then-president of Theatre BC, as a member of the board with a special responsibility for the Vancouver zone. He was given recognition awards for his work in the Skeena zone and, later, in Vancouver. He remained a dedicated believer in strong and active community theatre, as was shown by his keen interest in Theatre BC. Well done, Ken. I hope you can hear us giving you Ken Morton your last round of applause. Fortunately, for community theatre, there are more Ken-like people still involved. Jacqollyne Keath is one of those people. She has directed and acted with so many theatre clubs, I honestly don’t know where she ever found the time to get her PhD. Now we can call her Dr. Keath, I suppose (although she really doesn’t use that title). Keath’s current project is as director of Vagabond Players. The group’s next production, The Kitchen Witches, is a lovely

comedy with cable-access cooking show divas vying for centre stage. Move over Martha Stewart! The Kitchen Witches runs from March 15 to April 14 at Bernie Legg Theatre, at Queen’s Park in New West. Call 604-521-0412 for reservations, or book online, Auditions are being held for Bard in the Valley’s third summer production. This year it is Twelfth Night.No appointment required, just arrive March 4 at Douglas Park Recreation Centre at 1 p.m. to hear an outline of the production, performance expectations and rehearsal commitments, and to complete the audition form. Everyone auditioning will be asked to do a cold read from the script, and some will be asked to read for specific roles. Do not send digital headshots or resumes, but bring a hard copy of both. This is a non-equity production. Rehearsals will begin May 2 and there are 10 performances over three weekends in August. Everyone is welcome! For more information, contact producer Diane Gendron at 604-534-4242 or diane@, or director June Ainsworth at 604882-8812 or If this is your passion, here is your opportunity.

The Surrey Board of Education Invites Public Input to its 2012/2013 Operating Budget The Surrey Board of Education invites your submissions regarding program and service priorities as the board considers its 2012/2013 operating budget.


In coming weeks, the board is meeting face-to-face with employee groups and community stakeholder associations, including parent organizations and representatives, to discuss the budget challenge and obtain input. Other community members are welcome to submit their thoughts regarding board priorities and/or potential budget reduction ideas by writing to:

No one should ever be pressured, forced or tricked into giving money — even to loved ones. If someone you trust is taking advantage of you, help is out there. Learn the signs of financial abuse to protect yourself and the people you love.

Mr. Wayne Noye, Secretary-Treasurer School District No. 36 (Surrey) 14033 – 92nd Avenue, Surrey, BC V3V 0B7 or Email:

To find out more from the Government of Canada about preventing elder abuse, visit or call 1 800 O-Canada (1-800-622-6232) TTY: 1-800-926-9105

Written submissions should be received no later than 4:00 p.m., Friday, March 2, 2012. For additional information and background, various district and financial reports are available at The board’s goals can be viewed at



ive life with passion. Immerse yourself with what you love to do. Sure, you can gripe about not having enough free time, or funds, to keep you in the lifestyle you would prefer, etc. Go ahead, I’ll give you a minute or so to vent. In the end, you do realize that there is no free time. Time costs — maybe not in dollars and cents, but it is important to use our allotted life time doing something we love doing. OK, not 24/7 — that would be a big burnout, for sure. I devote my “free” time to dance and theatre. Love it. And I am not alone. Ken Morton was one of those individuals who squeezed out a lot of theatre time. Ken recently passed away, and the entire community-theatre world will certainly miss him, one way or another. Ken was a longtime member of White Rock Players’ Club, having been an actor, director, producer, president and Theatre BC zone

rep. He had a lifelong passion for theatre. Ah yes, there is that passion thing again. Ken arrived in Canada in 1969 and immediately immersed himself in Terrace Little Theatre. Before Terrace and Canada, Ken was directly active with various community-theatre groups in Austria, Germany and England, as an actor/director and club member — a doer, rather than a watcher. While with the British Forces overseas, he was responsible for promoting theatre on several army bases outside of England. He organized workshops and fostered participation in festivals. Ken encouraged local community theatre groups to get involved with what is now Theatre BC. His participation in theatre is almost legend; he taught in addition to his many other roles. He became very active with White Rock Players after he retired, and was president of the club during the difficult time when its playhouse was closed by the city, as it did not meet code. He worked hard for the theatre to raise money needed to do necessary renovations to the theatre. At that time, the Vancouver zone was not very active and needed a shot in the arm. Ken again became zone chair and helped

Surrey Now February 23 2012  

Surrey Now February 23 2012