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Theatres are all about comfort BY THERESA MCMANUS REPORTER

Landmark Cinemas may not be able to change the outcome of movies, to make them funnier or scarier, but it’s striving to create the ultimate experience for moviegoers. The Calgary-based company is opening its newest theatres May 11 in New Westminster, a 10-screen complex at the Plaza at New Westminster Station. All totalled, the theatres will have 1,850 seats – big seats that lean backwards. “Comfort,” said Neil Campbell about the seats that lean back in all 10 theatres. “It’s all about the customers. We have it in some others, but this is the first time we have done it in every seat in the whole theatre.” Campbell, who is a partner and chief operating officer for Landmark Cinemas, said seating is an important part of the movie-going experience. “These are all wider seats. They are good and wide and lots of legroom,” he said. “I’m 6-2 – I like good and wide, with lots of legroom to be put in our theatres.” Before moviegoers make it to their seats, they’ll encounter some services that haven’t been offered previously in New Westminster theatres. “The screens are very different. They wrap around at the ends so you have as much exposure on the screen as you can in a theatre this size,” said Fran Holy, the company’s director of marketing and communications. “We have ultra comfortable rocking seats. They lean back so that you can enjoy yourself – not enough so you throw your popcorn back. They lean back, they are very comfortable. I think what most people are excited about is the reserved seating.” When the theatres open,

OPEN S 6 DAY Mon.-Fri. 9am-6pm Sat. 9am-5pm


Another city politico says no to deal Betty McIntosh would have been second vote against office tower plan BY THERESA MCMANUS REPORTER

Larry Wright/THE RECORD

At the movies: Landmark Cinemas owners Neil Campbell (at left) and Brian McIntosh are thrilled to open a new theatre next to SkyTrain at the New Westminster station. people will be able to reserve seats when they purchase their tickets. Come May 17, they’ll also be able to reserve their seats when they purchase their tickets online, a service being offered at no additional cost. “With reserved seating you are not in a rush anymore. You have time to go to dinner, you have time to go to the concession,” Campbell said. “You

know when you walk in there, your seats are waiting.” Theatregoers will have several options available for purchasing tickets at the new cinemas; they can purchase them at automatic box offices, at a staffed box office or from the concession. “It’s one line,” Campbell said about purchasing tickets from the concessions. “It allows


For an inside look at the cinemas, go to www. royalcityrecord. com

the customer to do whatever they want to do.” With their tickets purchased, customers will then proceed to one of 10 theatres, all featuring stadium seating. The floating screens are curved and tilted in specific ways to provide the best picture quality possible. “It’s a lot of physics,” Campbell explained.

While New Westminster city council was voting to proceed with construction of an office tower at the city’s future civic centre, Coun. Betty McIntosh was enjoying a Hawaiian cruise. Had McIntosh been at the April 30 city council meeting, she would have voted against the city’s decision to borrow funds and use reserves to fund construction of an office tower. “I had opposed the city going alone,” she said about her stance on the decision. “I believe there could be a developer out there.” The city announced April 30 that it would proceed with construction of the office tower component of the new multi-use civic centre facility on Columbia Street. Although the Uptown Property Group had planned to build the office tower, it later withdrew from the project. The City of New Westminster will continue to explore opportunities to sell or lease the office space. McIntosh said she doesn’t want the city’s decision to develop the tower to quash interest in the project in the development community. “I think it sends a signal that the city is ready to do business on its own,” she said. “I wouldn’t want to discourage a developer.” McIntosh believes there is a great potential for Class A office space in New Westminster. “I am not that nervous or worried about it being leased out. I am not concerned about it being a positive project,” she said. “There is continuing work to find a partner. I believe we can find a

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A02 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A03

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Family thinks someone swiped Sierra Missing Maltese may have been picked up – and they want her returned BY NIKI HOPE REPORTER

A Queen’s Park family believes their two-and-half-pound toy Maltese may have been taken from their front yard on First Street. Laura Wright says her daughter Whitney’s tiny dog – named Sierra – ran out the front door on Saturday afternoon at around 2 p.m. The family’s carbon monoxide alarm was going off, and in the confusion, the small, white dog went outside. “The little Maltese probably had to piddle (and) went outside the door into the yard, and in the commotion we kind of missed the fact,” says Wright, whose home is across the street from Queen’s Park. “She’s really friendly, super friendly, so if you talk to her, she’d go running up, shaking her tail.” The family has had the dog for more than four years, and Sierra has never left the yard, Wright says. When the family realized the eight-yearold dog was missing, they put up posters. Someone texted them after seeing the posters and said they had seen an “Asian lady with a child pick up the dog.” “Then she walked up and asked a few people, ‘Is this your dog,’” says Wright. “Apparently, she didn’t have very good English, and she asked a few people is this your dog. The man that texted said he told her to phone the SPCA, but she hasn’t. She hasn’t called animal control. “It does seem really strange that she hasn’t seen one of the 200 posters we put up, checked on Craigslist or Kijiji,” Wright says. The women never knocked on the door, Wright says, adding, “Apparently she was driving. She wasn’t just walking.”

Larry Wright/THE RECORD

Missing Sierra: Laura Wright and her daughter Whitney are looking for Sierra, Laura’s Maltese dog that they think was taken from the area around their home, close to Queen’s Park. The dog went missing on Saturday, May 5. Sierra didn’t have her collar on at the time she went missing. “You know what, I feel just sick about this, we had taken her collar off to give her a bath,” Wright says. “That was maybe just a little bit before.” The dog does have a microchip implant – implants are used to help track animals

when they get lost, but the veterinarian where the family had it done is no longer open. The family describes the dog as having a scruffy face and one tooth. Her tongue is “almost always hanging out.” “I’m kind of at a loss to figure out how to get the microchip,” Wright says. Sierra belongs to Wright’s 24-year-old

daughter. “My daughter and her are like glued at the hip,” Wright says. “She hasn’t slept without her for four-and-a-half years.” Anyone who has information about Sierra’s whereabouts can call 604-5214880 or 604-374-1215. Sierra has her own Facebook page called Sierra Wright.

City MP blasts Tories for ‘habitat’ change BY JENNIFER MOREAU REPORTER

The federal Conservatives have gone ahead with a move scientists have feared: removing the term “habitat” from a key section of the Fisheries Act. New Westminster–Coquitlam MP and fisheries critic Fin Donnelly was not surprised. “They have done what we suspected. They are weakening the Fisheries Act substantially,” Donnelly said. “I think this is going to have a huge impact on major projects in the country, certainly on the Enbridge pipeline, which crosses 800 to

1,000 streams.” The move was also no surprise to retired DFO biologist Otto Langer, who received leaked information in March that the Tories were secretly planning to remove habitat protection measures for fish. The proposed wording he received was almost identical to what appeared in Bill C-38. “Basically, they’ve gutted the habitat section of the Fisheries Act, and it’s going to be extremely difficult to protect fish habitat,” Langer said. “If you don’t protect the habitat, you don’t have fish.” Langer said the government did not hold public consultations on the changes but buried them in the budget bill

instead. “It’s not the way you change legislation, you don’t sneak it on the end of another bill you need to pass to keep government functioning,” Langer said. “This government is so arrogant.” In March, more than 625 scientists, including Canada’s most senior ecologists and aquatic scientists, signed a letter urging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to back off from changing the Fisheries Act, and a society of Canadian biologists and ecologists also wrote the government, urging the Conservatives not to rewrite the laws. The changes are outlined in Bill C-38, which was introduced in the House of

Commons on April 26 and passed first reading, but with the Tories holding a majority, it is almost certain to become law. According to Bill C-38, the Jobs, Growth and Long-Term Prosperity Act, the Tories are proposing to change Section 35. 1 of the Fisheries Act, which states that no one can carry on work or undertaking that “results in the harmful alteration, disruption or destruction of fish habitat.” The new wording reads: “No person shall carry on any work, undertaking or activity that results in serious harm to fish that are part of a commercial, recreational or Aboriginal fishery, or to fish that support such a fishery.”

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Police issue warning after rash of car thefts The New Westminster police department is warning residents to be extra careful after a rash of car thefts in the Royal City over the last two weeks. The thefts have been throughout the city with no discernible patterns or highvolume locations, said a media release. Police investigators have noted a large number of the cars had small, easy to conceal items, such as GPS units and IPods in plain view. These items are like magnets for auto thieves who can quickly enter a vehicle and easily transport these items to where they will be re-sold for small amounts of cash or traded for drugs, the release noted. Police are asking the public to help prevent thefts by removing such items from their vehicle and making them less tempt-

ing targets for thieves looking to make a quick buck. ICBC also has a number of tips for preventing auto theft and theft from autos. It recommends using anti-theft devices; parking in well-lit areas; removing possessions from the car; not keeping spare car keys in the car; not leaving the garagedoor opener in sight; and waiting for parkade garage doors and gates to close before pulling away. The police forensic identification unit is analyzing a number of items seized from the recent thefts, and investigators are tracking several suspects believed to be involved. Several arrests have been made, but charges have yet to be approved, according to the release. – Niki Hope

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McIntosh: Against city going alone programs, and up to $15 million to interim partner. There is a whole list of opportuni- finance the costs related to development assistance compensation funding until ties.” The City of New Westminster negoti- the development assistance compensation ated $35 million for a civic facility as part funds are received. “I’d like to see us liquidate some of the of a development assistance compensaproperties we have so we don’t tion agreement related to gaming have to get into so much debt,” expansion in the city. The city McIntosh said about her preferlater sought proposals for a partence for funding the endeavour. ner in the project, with the goal of When council considered the finding ways to generate funds plan to proceed with consultation for the city to help offset some of the downtown office buildof the costs of operating the civic ing as part of the civic centre, centre and to help with downCoun. Chuck Puchmayr was the town economic development and only councillor to vote against revitalization efforts. the city’s decision to borrow In order to proceed with conmoney and use reserves to fund struction of the office tower, city Betty McIntosh the tower. council has agreed to borrow $59 councillor New Westminster city council million for the project as soon as possible. In addition to using $43 million believes the office tower is a critical comof casino revenues to cover the entire cost ponent of revitalization efforts. The city of the civic centre ($35 million negotiated notes it will bring in increased revenue for a civic centre and $8 million that’s been from property taxes (about $50 million reallocated from other casino projects), the over 50 years), create an activity precinct city’s plan is to borrow up to $11 million in the downtown, bring new customers from the Municipal Finance Authority for for new and existing retail in the downthe city’s costs related to the multi-use town, and create up to 250 new jobs in the civic facility and parking structure, up to downtown. $33 million related to traditional capital

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A06 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

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Harper’s blowing smoke on environment

For anyone who thought that environconclusions last week. mentalists were just scaremongerIn a nutshell, Vaughan says that the ing about what might happen if the Conservatives are pretty much blowConservatives gained a majority – well, ing smoke when it comes to plans on it might be time to reconsider that viewreducing greenhouse gas emissions. This point. should come as no surprise to Scott Vaughan, federal anyone following the governcommissioner of the environment as it trundles along gutTHE RECORD ting environmental protections ment and sustainable developday by day. Canada dropped ment, has basically called out of Kyoto, saying it would come up out Stephen Harper’s government for unsupported statements on how it will with regulations to meet lower emission meet Harper’s own climate change goals. standards. As Vaughan points out in his report, given the rate of greenhouse gas Vaughan tabled an audit outlining his


emissions in the nation, “it is unlikely that enough time is left to develop and establish greenhouse gas emission regulations that together will contribute sufficient greenhouse gas reductions.” And for those who say this is the same-old, same-old politics – remember this is not the NDP’s Thomas Mulcair or Green party’s Elizabeth May making these charges – it’s the Office of the Auditor General. And now, this week, Harper has gone ahead with radical changes to the Fisheries Act, among them removing the

term “habitat,” leaving the fish completely vulnerable to development. “Basically, they’ve gutted the habitat section of the Fisheries Act. If you don’t protect the habitat, you don’t have fish,” said Otto Langer, a former government biologist. Mind you, it may be a moot point. After all, if Harper has sold out the environment and abandoned (if he was ever truly serious) greenhouse gas reduction targets, fish habitat may be replaced by lizard habitat – or we may all end up to our necks in watery fish habitat.

Every golden age has a dark side IN MY OPINION



t truly is a golden age, a time that will be remembered fondly for decades. Historians will write of these glory days, and bards will sing of their triumphs. Possibly with the aid of Autotune. It’s the golden age of superhero movies. As a longtime comics reader (don’t ask how many boxes I have at home), I’m giddy about the release of The Avengers, after a multi-year buildup that started with the first Iron Man film. There had been other superhero movies, and the Tim Burton Batman franchise made plenty of money, the Richard Donner Superman series is still well thought of. But finally, with CGI and directors who could tell tales of spandex heroism with a straight face, we got superhero movies that were actually good. Really, those Burton Batman films? If you want to really drive a comic book nerd into a redfaced, spittle-flecked rage, ask him how much he liked the idea of Batman machine gunning people from the Batmobile. (Jeez, it’s like Burton didn’t take the idea of a millionaire playboy/ flying mammal-themed vigilante

seriously or something!) The first of the golden age of superhero movies was arguably the 2000 release of Bryan Singer’s X-Men, followed by its sequels and spin-offs, the parallel Spider-Man films that started in 2002, and Christopher Nolan’s new Batman movies. Now, a lot of these films have been so-so to awful (we’re looking at you, Fantastic Four movies!) but you have to take the bad with the good. It’s always the golden age of something, and right now we’re living in the midst of several. The golden age of the hourlong drama? Sure, it started sometime in the 1990s when HBO rose to prominence and started making The Sopranos and Oz and The Wire, and everyone else had to bring up their game to compete. With Breaking Bad and A Game of Thrones still airing, it’s far from over. How about sitcoms? Arguably, it started with I Love Lucy and has not yet ended. The style seems to shift, though. The 1970s gave us MASH and All in the Family, with political and social commentary, then the 1980s gave us cosy, politics-free shows like Cheers and The Cosby Show. Seinfeld and Arrested Development brought cynical, dark comedy, and the current crop of great shows include Community and Parks and Recreation, shows that mix heart and absurdist, rapid-fire jokes. It’s also the golden age of

Civic centre plan has problems Dear Editor:

Re: City takes on $94-million project alone, The Record, May 2. When it comes to the rationalizing risking $57 million of City of New Westminster’s taxpayers money, Mayor Wayne Wright claims there is a need for Class A office space in New West and the promotion of the civic centre holding conventions. Most of the commercial and retail development taking place in the region is in Surrey and south of the Fraser. In the north sector, Port Coquitlam is the one municipality that seems to have the land space to develop commercial and retail. Most offices that are moving out of downtown Vancouver seem to be moving to Surrey because Surrey has a lot of the amenities and the willingness to supply those amenities to both commercial and retail, plus the ◗Culture Page 7 landspace to develop it.

Everyone talks about revitalizing the downtown of New Westminster. Traditionally, downtown areas of cities are where there’s a concentration of retail, business and residents. In New Westminster, ironically the “downtown” is actually “uptown.” But once again, by moving the big retail in New West over to Queensborough Landing and also ceding it to Burnaby (Big Bend and Lougheed mall) or Coquitlam, the uptown area that is actually the downtown core of New Westminster is starting to suffer. Take a walk through Royal City Centre. The anchor tenant in the mall: Dollarama, aside from the Safeway. Across the street (kitty corner) you have London Drugs and Save On Foods. Zellers in Royal City Centre – gone. And looking at it now, potentially, that would have been a Target store, as Target competes with Wal-Mart. But my ◗Rethink Page 7


Niki Hope, Theresa McManus




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The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A07

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Rethink use of city money ◗ continued from page 6

main point is that the people have decided to make uptown the commercial hub of New West, not downtown. And people and their money speak loudly. The city spent a lot of resources and time facilitating the development of the B.C. Electric building. And who is the big tenant at the front entrance of New Westminster, the “big draw,” the first thing you see when you drive from west to east through the downtown area? The Salvation Army Thrift Store. Not a higher end retail store to draw a higher end clientele. Nope. A thrift store. Don’t get me wrong, thrift stores have their place in the retail scheme of things, but still … right at the front gate of your exciting, vibrant downtown core? On the other side of the street, you have the new development. Yet when you look at it, it’s a giant concrete monstrosity. You don’t see anything other than a Shoppers. And west to east, to access it … clearly, someone didn’t do their homework on that one. To me, it’s clear that some of the people who own the buildings downtown, the ones who don’t upkeep them, leave them boarded up (Front Street side) have shown how interested they are in revitalizing the downtown core. So: $57 million, plus the $35 million gaming grant. How much would that have done being put to work in other areas of the city? Such as the Queensborough pedestrian bridge. Or better yet, what about partnering up with the provincial government and upgrading the Queensborough Bridge? Imean,thecityhasmadeQueensborough the focal point of retail development and has forced people to cross a bridge to go shopping in New Westminster, pushing more traffic (commuter and commercial) onto the bridge. Not to mention the amount of development that’s taken place during the last couple of years in Queensborough. Yet it’s still a two-lane bridge. And constantly congested, bringing that congestion

all the way down Stewardson, sometimes as far as 12th Street. That’s just one suggestion. I’m sure lots of people would have lots of ideas about how to spend that kind of money. I don’t see anything wrong with simply adding a civic centre to the downtown core. If someone comes along and wants to partner up with the city within the next six months, prior to the “point of no return” on the issue of capping the building, then the plans are in place, owned by the city (I hope). And then the city can simply move forward with a new partner on the office space development. The city should perhaps be open to other alternatives other than just straight office space.

the young adult novel. When I was a young adult, we had Choose Your Own Adventure novels, old bluespined Hardy Boys books written in the 1930s, and Sweet Valley High, all 2.97 million volumes of it. These do not hold up well compared to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. Other genres and art forms, however, are not doing well. The last good time to be


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Project not worth the risk

603 1st Street, New Westminster $829,000

Dear Editor:

Re: City takes on $94-million project alone, The Record, May 2. Why would the City of New Westminster take on a $94-million project alone? It seems if the Uptown Group declined to participate for business reasons and no other developer has come forward, then what does the city know that developers don’t know? As a taxpayer, I am very concerned about the risk the city is taking on. With New Westminster being roughly 10 per cent of the population of Vancouver, the civic centre and office tower project would be equivalent to almost a $1-billion project for the city of Vancouver. Does anyone remember the Olympic Village? Does the city have an anchor tenant or any tenant for the office tower? Is the city planning to use the profits from the office tower to fund the civic centre? Does the city administrator’s statement that “the money is available from the Municipal Finance Authority” make it a good investment? Has the city provided taxpayers with a business plan for the project? Why would the city build an office tower, when no business partner is interested? Should ◗Office Page 8

Culture: Golden ages rise and fall ◗ continued from page 6


a big fan of innovative jazz was the early 1960s. The soap opera is not likely to see any further artistic developments if it ceases to exist, as seems likely. The western genre produced everything from The Searchers to High Noon to The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. In recent years, we’ve seen few westerns, many of them remakes. There are also areas where I simply can’t tell. If I don’t care for dubstep,

how can I know if it’s a bold new musical genre, the next bebop or punk? How do golden ages end? They end when the innovation and drive move elsewhere, and the art form dies, usually by being smothered by nostalgia. But something new will come along to take its place, sooner or later. Matthew Claxton is a reporter with the Langley Advance, a sister paper of The Record.

The New Westminster Record welcomes letters to the editor. We do, however, edit for taste, legality and length. Priority is given to letters written by residents of New Westminster and/or issues concerning New Westminster. Please include a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Send letters to: The Editor, #201A–3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4, fax them to: 604-444-3460 or e-mail to: No Attachments Please. Letters to the editor and opinion columns may be reproduced on The New Westminster Record website, The New Westminster Record is a member of the British Columbia Press Council, a self-regulatory body governing the province’s newspaper industry. The council considers complaints from the public about the conduct of member newspapers. If talking with the editor or publisher does not resolve your complaint about coverage or story treatment, you may contact the B.C. Press Council. For information, phone 888-687-2213 or go to

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A08 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Office tower is too risky

◗ continued from page 7

the city wait with an office tower until future market conditions reduce risk? If the civic centre can only be built at the current size with an office tower, then the city is relying on office tower profits to fund part of the civic centre. Can the city come clean and let us know what amount of the office tower profits would fund the civic centre as currently planned? I am certainly not keen for a small city like New Westminster to take on a project of this size with so much uncertainty and as currently structured. The civic centre location makes sense, but the scope is beyond what the city should take on. Coun. Jonathan Cote considers that there is only short-term risk. Coun. Bill Harper is prepared to go without a business partner. Mayor Wayne Wright wants to continue to search for another business partner but not have a gun to his head. Will he then also drop the project as currently planned if he can not find another business partner? In a Nov. 1, 2010 press release, Mayor Wright stated that Uptown Property Group “is well-known in New Westminster and has a good reputation as office landlords in uptown.” Then what would cause UPG as an experienced landlord in New Westminster to back out of the project? In the same press release Lisa Spitale, director of development services, stated that: “By creating an opportunity for the

construction of a new Class A office space in downtown, we are able to achieve our downtown community plan priorities as well as those of in New Westminster’s Livable City Strategy while satisfying a key city council principle of DAC funding, which is to encourage the levaraging of private sector investment.” Will that key principle go out the window if private investors don’t come to the table? My view is that Coun. Chuck Puchmayr’s decision not to support the office tower is warranted. The risk to the city is too great. Let’s rethink this, and let’s be more transparent about costs, profit and risk to the city.


Chequing Account



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John Vegt, New Westminster

Give Burnaby the bridge Dear Editor:

New Westminster has six bridges. Burnaby has none. Let’s give them the Pattullo! Southeast of the Fraser has the new Golden Ears and Port Mann bridges. Southwest of the Fraser has the SkyTrain bridge, Queensborough and the newly located Pattullo (Tree Island) bridge. Build more park-and-rides where needed, and reroute all truck traffic through Coquitlam and Burnaby. We are a small 20-square-mile city of 70,000 people, who have to contend with 40,000 vehicles per day driving through our city. Give us a break. The traffic, noise and pollution is killing us.

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The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A09

Movies: Cinemas open tonight at New Westminster station ◗ continued from page 1

Eldon Wilson, general manager of King Cinema Services, said technology has changed considerably from what was available when the theatre first hit the drawing board three years ago. “Five years ago digital was a bad dream by somebody,” he said. “It has changed so much from five years ago. Five years ago it wasn’t as good as film.” Campbell said the customer is the “big winner” when it comes to digital technology. “The picture is perfect. The sound is perfect,” he said. “It is perfect for every presentation.” The small-, mediumand large-sized theatres are designed to accommodate the life cycle of movies and other offerings that may be sought by the local community. While some of the Landmark’s theatres offer alternative content including ballet, wrestling and opera, it will experiment to see what works in New Westminster. “We are community based. What works in New West is different than what works in Nanaimo,” Holy said. “We know that and appreciate that. We are able to work with our general managers of each city we are in to bring the best to that community. They live in the communities, they are part of the communi-

ties.” When Campbell first heard about the Plaza 88 project back in 2008, he wasn’t initially keen on the concept of locating a theatre in the development. A visit to the site, and chats with developer Mike Degelder, Mayor Wayne Wright and TransLink officials changed his mind. “We got more excited about the location. You have 1,800 condos here, basically in their home,” he said. “We could have a sold-out crowd just with the people who can walk to this theatre.” Campbell said the company decided to go for it, considering the fact that New Westminster didn’t have a movie theatre and the site’s proximity to condo dwellers and SkyTrain. Plus, he said, it was “just weird” that a city with a population as big as New Westminster didn’t have its own theatre. “I think one of the things that has intrigued Neil and I in particular is this unique venue,” said Brian McIntosh, a partner in Landmark Cinemas. “It’s our first, and it’s the first in Vancouver for sure where you are actually at platform level of the SkyTrain. You can speculate all you want about what that will do for your audience – we think that is a real plus for us.” As moviegoers stand inside the theatre’s lobby,

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they can see SkyTrain cars rushing past every few minutes. Inside the theatres, however, there’s no evidence of trains of any type. “There is some additional sound concern, so we made sure there is good acoustic separation between us and the track,” McIntosh said. “The other thing is there is a railway track that way, on that side. When that train whistle goes, it’s loud out there. Not in here though.” Landmark Cinemas held a small community opening, including a ribbon cutting, on Thursday night.

It officially opens May 11 (today) at 6 p.m. Late Wednesday afternoon, crews continued to put the finishing touches on the theatre – polishing floors in the lobby, doing paint touch-ups on walls marked up when seats were moved in, stocking the concession, laying the last bits of carpet, cleaning up any bits of drywall dust, and preparing to train the theatre’s staff on one of the most critical aspects of the theatre. “The popcorn training happens tonight,” Holy told The Record Wednesday.

“There is official popcorn training – there is magic to that popcorn. It’s addictive. Each theatre group has their own way of making popcorn.” In addition to a full-time manager and two assistants, the theatre will employ a mix of 40 full- and part-time personnel. Mike Sharpe, general manager, came to New Westminster from one of Landmark’s busiest theatres in Fort McMurray. “That is the entertainment there. He is used to the volume. It’s important to have someone with that experience in a flagship like

this,” Holy said. “Mike has that experience. He also has the experience with a community that wants their movies. They want the latest and the best.” Campbell is confident that New Westminster residents will be pleased with the offerings at the city’s new theatre. “The people in New Westminster are going to be thrilled,” he said. “It’s a fun place to go, it’s a great escape. If you’re having a great day, it’s the icing on the cake. If you’re having a bad day, it’s a great place to de-stress.”

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A10 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record 051012

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A11


Tenth year for multicultural festival ◗P14 Students recycle food scraps ◗P15

Photos by Larry Wright/THE RECORD

Retro chic: An interior shot of Sheila Sullivan and Oliver Demuth’s mid-century modern living room in their Massey Heights home. The couple bought the property in 2008. The home was custom built for Helen and William Dempsey in 1956 and was the Demspey family home for 50 years.

Homeowners open doors for tour Heritage Home Tour and Tea marks its 33rd year on Sunday, May 27



he home at 812 Massey St. is a midcentury modern lover’s dream – the very definition of post-war optimism with its exposed posts and beams, vast windows and perch above the city. But when Sheila Sullivan and Oliver Demuth bought the home in 2006 it wasn’t because they were mid-century fans. “(We had) no idea, we just liked the space. Loved it. Had to have it,” Sullivan says. It was only after they purchased that they realized its historical and architectural value. The couple is opening their home as a part of New Westminster’s Heritage Home Tour and Tea on Sunday, May 27. It is one of several stops on the selfguided home tour. This is the 33rd year for the tour, which was founded by the New Westminster Heritage Preservation Society to preserve and protect heritage in

the Royal City. Sullivan says she opted to open her home because she wanted people to see how many of its original features have been maintained. “There’s a lot of similar style homes in the area that have been covered over, built over,” she says, referring to her Massey Heights neighbourhood. “I think if people could be a little more educated on what it could be, they won’t do that and maybe they will restore them.” It was through the response of others – people would actually knock on their door, asking to buy the mid-century gem – that they became aware of just how unique their home was. A real estate agent who specializes in mid-century modern properties even asked if he could list the house. Eventually, they came across a design magazine that featured mid-century homes – from that they pulled decor ideas. Conveniently, some of the pieces they already owned worked. “This coffee table has been in Oliver’s family since the ’50s,” Sullivan says, pointing to a mint-condition Danish teak coffee table in the living room. “We just ◗Homes Page 12

View front the top: Above, an exterior shot of the home at 812 Massey St., which has a view of the city. At left, a look inside the kitchen, which was renovated with highend finishing in 2006.

A12 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

Canadians are living longer and costs for the Old Age Security (OAS) are rising. On April 1, 2023 the Government of Canada plans to start raising the age of eligibility for OAS and the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) from 65 to 67.*

What does this mean for you? 54 or older as of March 31, 2012

You may still obtain OAS/GIS at age 65

53 or younger as of March 31, 2012

The age of eligibility for OAS/GIS will change gradually between 2023 and 2029

Starting in July 2013, Canadians who are eligible for, but not yet receiving OAS will have the flexibility to delay receiving it in exchange for a higher monthly amount at a later date.

Photos by Larry Wright/THE RECORD

Mid-century charm: Various shots of the Massey Street home, which has retained much of its original midcentury character, even with a variety of updates.

Homes: Tour on May 27 ◗ continued from page 11

haphazardly bought things, and they just kind of worked. “The home is peppered with large-scale paintings by Demuth’s brother, Michel Demuth, and other artists. A Fred Herzog – Vancouver’s godfather of mid-century colour photographs – book sits on the coffee table. The living room has a chrome and leather original 1970s Onda Wave design chair. The downstairs family room has Eames chairs – a coveted staple of mid-century decor. The home has rich mahogany wood panelling. Originally, the entire house had the panelling, but the previous owners replaced some of it with drywall – a move that Sullivan applauds. “Just to break it up a little bit more,” she explains. The backyard has a pool that was installed in the ’70s. Sullivan and Demuth bought the home in 2008. “We were actually going to purchase a townhome, and then he saw this house online and went

‘Oh yeah, we have to look at that,’” Sullivan says. They knew immediately they wanted to buy it. The then-owners were two men who had purchased it from Helen Dempsey in 2006. The pair renovated parts of the house including the kitchen and bathrooms but maintained its mid-century character. Helen and her husband, William Dempsey, were the original owners who had the home custom built in 1956. Those who want to see this mid-century nugget, along with a bevy of other historic homes, can purchase tour tickets for $35 at GardenWorks at Mandeville, GardenWorks at North Burnaby, Royal City Colours, Van Dop Gallery, Irving House Museum Office and Cadeaux Gifts & Home Embellishments. For more information, visit www.



Dental Mechanic since 1979

604-522-1848 442-6th St., New Westminster 5412 A Imperial St., Burnaby

The number of working-age Canadians for every senior is decreasing** 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 1990



**Source: 9th Actuarial Report on the Old Age Security Program

The number of working-age Canadians per senior is decreasing, placing additional pressure on the OAS program.

For a free brochure or more information visit or call 1 800 O-Canada (TTY 1-800-926-9105) *Subject to parliamentary approval

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A13

65_RedRoses screening this Saturday AROUND TOWN



va Markvoort’s legacy lives on as the 65_RedRoses campaign for organ donation and cystic fibrosis awareness continues. 65_RedRoses is a Canadian documentary that takes an unflinching look into the life of the New Westminster resident as she battled the fatal genetic disease, cystic

fibrosis. After undergoing a lung transplant, her body rejected her new lungs, and the 25-year-old passed away in March 2010 while waiting for a second transplant. “But her vision did not die. Canadian distributor Hello Cool World is working with the filmmakers and Eva’s family to spearhead a North American campaign, centred around,” stated a press release. Campaign highlights include a launch of the new free #4Eva Mobile App designed to put organ donation on the map, a new cut of the award-winning documentary, and

legacy screenings across Canada. “At 23, Eva needs a double lung transplant to live,” said a synopsis of the documentary. “Unable to meet in person because of the spread of infections and super bugs, Eva and two of her online friends have become each other’s virtual lifelines, providing unconditional love, support and understanding long after visiting hours are over. Now at a critical turning point in their lives, the film travels the distance the friends cannot

go themselves, capturing the compelling and often heartbreaking realities they face, just trying to take each breath.” A portion of proceeds of a May 12 screening of 65_RedRoses will benefit Cystic Fibrosis Canada, in Markvoort’s honour. The screening is taking place on Saturday, May 12 at 7 p.m. at Denman Cinemas, 1737 Comox St. in Vancouver. For more info, see

Fighting hunger

New WestminsterCoquitlam MP Fin

Donnelly is taking up the challenge of Hunger Awareness Week. To mark this year’s Hunger Awareness Week, Food Banks Canada issued a challenge to all members of Parliament to fast for one day so they can experience what it feels like to be hungry during an average day. Donnelly fasted May 9 to raise awareness about hunger in Canada. Food Banks Canada states that each month, nearly 900,000 Canadians turn to a food bank, which is essentially unchanged from 2010 and 26 per cent

higher than 2008/09 levels. “In a country as wealthy as Canada, there is no excuse for letting our most vulnerable citizens go hungry,” Donnelly said in a press release. “This issue should have every Canadian concerned, and all politicians working together to solve this problem.” Hunger Awareness Week runs from May 7 to 11. See www.hungeraware Got something to share? Send Around Town ideas to Theresa by email, tmcmanus@

Discovering Wine

As New Westminster’s first and - from what I gather - only official Wine Assistant at a private liquor store, I have the pleasure of helping people – many who are in a hurry – pick out the perfect wine. It may be for a dinner party they’re hosting, or a family affair, like Mother’s Day. They may want to play it safe – if the wine-know-it-all boss is on the guest list – or experiment with something no one has ever heard of.

Wine can be a complex business -- or not. I prefer to take some of the mystery out of the experience. I find out what people are planning to eat and their budget. And then I dash around the aisles plucking a couple of bottles off the shelf. For Mother’s Day, consider a wine like Mas Fi Cava, with its sparkling lemon gold hue, like a statue – an Oscar - in Mom’s honour. All Moms should sparkle on May 13th and a bottle of this well-priced Spanish wine would go a long way to making her feel appreciated. Plus, if you still rely on Mom for most of your meals (and you’re expected to cook May 13th), Mas Fi Cava is wonderful on its own! For wine aficionados, this wine is made in the traditional method and it is a deal at $19.00.

May is also the time for prawns, lots of them, with prawn festivals taking place across British Columbia. All t h a t f re s h seasonal seafood needs to shine and requires a light accompaniment, a helpful sidekick that won’t overtake. If you are grilling prawns, Pampas del Sur’s 2010 Chardonnay-Chenin Blanc Blend from Argentina, for $12, is excellent value.

Also this month, is the May long weekend, which means finding a wine that can stand up to steaks and hamburgers. The $17 chocolatey Shiraz out of the Long Row vineyards in Australia is no push over. Its taste is substantial. It will match your barbecued meat and them some! This Friday evening come and visit me at Moonraker’s liquor store when we feature our wine of the week. My hope is to make the wine experience at Moonrakers as easy and unintimidating as possible. Come swirl a glass with me, but our noses won’t be in the air!

Mom will love your fun photo as a special Mother’s Day gift from Royal City Centre’s Giggle Photo Booth – it’s FREE!

Julie Mezo is at Moonrakers Liquor Store, located at 517th 7th Street, New Westminster on Friday evenings from 4 to 11 pm and Sunday afternoons.

Julie Mezo

Safeway, Shoppers Drug Mart and over 40 stores with lots of free parking, 6th & 6th, New Westminster

A14 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

Multicultural festival back for 10th year BY MARELLE REID REPORTER

For new immigrants and lifelong residents alike, this year’s multicultural festival in New Westminster will be a chance to check out traditions and cuisines from around the world. The 10th annual festival, presented by the Downtown New Westminster Business Improvement Association, will be held Saturday, May 19 from noon to 6 p.m. at the River Market. Food, dances, music, ethnic dress and arts will be shared at this family-friendly event, with about 30 groups presenting a variety of cultures. “We do have a lot of new immigrants come to the festival,” said Kendra Johnston, executive director of the BIA. “It’s a great place to connect with everyone in the community.” Over the last decade the festival has grown from just a few vendors to become a well-anticipated date on the New Westminster community calendar. “I was here for the first multicultural festival, and it was just a small event,” said Johnston. “It was really only a few groups getting together and maybe a couple thousand people came, and it’s definitely grown over the years. People look forward to it every year.” Last year, despite the rain, about 15,000 people turned out for the fun, and this year about 20,000 are expected. New for this year will be an art show in the River Market building and more interactive presentations, with activities like dance lessons and a mask workshop for kids. As well, Aboriginal Tourism B.C. is con-

Photo contributed/THE RECORD

Cultural colours: Romanian entertainers take a moment to enjoy the multicultural festival in New Westminster. sidering hosting an activity, which may be on the river, Johnston said. The multicultural festival is free to the public, and there will be food and merchant vendors representing the various cultural

Our Vision: Better health. Best in health care.

groups in town, with a welcoming ceremony at 2 p.m. All activities, shows and vendors will be on the boardwalk between the Fraser River Discovery Centre and the River Market.

A film festival and children’s activities will also be offered at the Fraser River Discovery Centre. For more information, visit www.

Family ties

Christina Myers’ Blog

Connecting with our community online


Fraser Health Fraser Health Authority Board of Directors Meeting in Langley Board of Directors Meeting in Coquitlam

When: When:

Where: Where:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Wednesday, February 2, 2011 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. Public Board Meeting 2:00 - 4:00 p.m. – Public Board Meeting 4:00 – 5:00 Question AnswerSession Period 4:00 - 5:00 p.m.p.m. – Question and&Answer

Cascades Casino, Coast Hotel & Convention Centre Executive Plaza Hotel Conference Centre Cascades 1 Ballrooms B &Ballroom C 20393 Fraser Highway 405 North Road, Coquitlam, B.C. Langley, B.C.

You are invited to observe an open meeting of the Board of Directors of Fraser Health

You are invited to observe an open meeting of the Board of Directors of Fraser which will include a presentation on the Tri-Cities. Health which will include a presentation on health care services offered in Langley. The Question Session, scheduled to start at 4:00 p.m.,p.m. will will provide an an The Questionand andAnswer Answer Period, scheduled to start at 4:00 provide opportunity for the public to ask questions. opportunity for the public to ask questions.

Webcast: Webcast

For those unable to attend in person, Fraser Health is also making the meeting For those unable to attend in person, Fraser Health is also making the meeting available available via the internet. Questions will be received during the broadcast. Visit via the internet. Questions will be received during the broadcast. Visit fordetails. details. for

This is a valuable opportunity to connect directly with the Fraser Health Board and This is a valuable opportunity to connect directly with the Fraser Health Board and Executive. Everyone is welcome to participate. Executive. Everyone is welcome to participate.

For more information, contact us at: For more information, contact us at: 604-587-4600 604-587-4600


ROGER NOTTINGHAM 604-421-7275 30 Years of Successful Real Estate Expertise! QUEEN’S PARK CLASSIC! 402 SIXTH AVENUE

Circa 1915 Heritage Craftsman Style family home, lovingly restored to maintain its original character & charm, a unique design with lots of light & windows, excellent flow & floor plan, foyer with open staircase leads to 3 bedrms up, oak floors, stained glass, french doors, wood fireplace, updated shaker style period kitchen open to sunrm, diningrm, formal living rm, OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM 3 bathrms, claw tub, 9’ ceiling, full basement with fourth bedrm down, easy suite potential. Beautiful mature gardens, provide intimacy & privacy, prime corner lot 83.5x51 (4258 sq ft) + easement makes a total lot of (5800 sq ft). Open parking, walk to transit, schools, shopping & parks. Move-in & enjoy! Offered at $867,900

Call Roger Nottingham:


Photos at:

NWSS students start food scrap recycling BY THERESA MCMANUS REPORTER

The N-Dub Environment Club is trying to minimize the amount of waste that students are tossing into the garbage. The high school’s environment club recently launched a food waste recycling program. “Generally, it’s been quite a good reception,” said Isabel Sadowski, a Grade 12 student at New Westminster Secondary School. “Most people are starting to get the hang of it.” Because food scrap recycling hasn’t yet gone citywide, club members are stationing themselves by the food scrap bins at lunch hour to ensure students know the appropriate place to dispose of their lunches. In addition to food scraps, students can also recycle beverage containers and plastic products in other bins. “There’s not a lot you should put in the garbage can anymore,” Sadowski said. The school’s environment club has worked with the City of New Westminster and janitorial staff to implement the program in the cafeteria. Jennifer Lukianchuk, the city’s environmental coordinator, is proud of the students’ efforts to launch the food waste products.

“We started in the kitchen so the cafeteria workers would know what to do and how it worked,” Sadowski said. “Then we put the bins in the cafeteria. If this goes well in the cafeteria, we will probably put some bins around the school. A lot of people eat in the hallways.” The City of New Westminster currently offers food scrap recycling for single-family homes and plans to introduce a similar program for multifamily residences in the coming months. The city provided the bins for the school’s food scrap collection program. “The city picks up the food every week,” Sadowski said. “It’s already happening in the city. Many houses have these bins – I didn’t see why the school shouldn’t be doing it as well.” Members of the environment club will continue to staff the new bins for a few more weeks to ensure all students know where food scraps should now be placed. “They organized themselves and made this work,” Lukianchuk said. “It is amazing.” The food scrap recycling program is just one of the initiatives being pursued by New Westminster Secondary School’s environment club. “We have a community

Stay in the know in the Royal City

Catch up with The Record on mobile, online and print Don’t miss a single bit of New Westminster news. The Royal City Record is available anytime, from anywhere, on multiple platforms – so local readers always know what’s going on in their community. Our print edition continues to go out in the community on Wednesday and Friday each week, but check out our website at for new stories and photos daily. Those on the go can connect to the Record

from their smartphones at or download the free Record app at the App Store for iPhones (search Royal City Record). While surfing the web, don’t forget to connect on Twitter and Facebook. The Record is on Twitter at @TheRecord and on Facebook, www.facebook. com/RoyalCityRecord. Our editor, photographer and reporters are online, too – follow them on Twitter: @PatTracy, @juliemaclellan, @nikim hope, @TheresaMcManus, @AlfieLau, @janayafe, @JenniferMoreau, @ChristinaMyersA, @ThomasBerridge and @LarrySWright.

garden we are starting,” Sadowski added. “We have been planting some root vegetables.” For the past several years, the club has been involved with a beekeeping project. “We make honey, which is really good,” Sadowski said. “We also make beeswax candles. We sell them for the club. Some of the proceeds go toward World Vision as well.”

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A15

Greener school: Isabel Sadowski is with the N-Dub Environment Club, which spearheaded a move to introduce food scrap recycling at the high school.

Larry Wright/ THE RECORD

A16 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record ADVERTISING FEATURE


Seeing beyond vision loss BY TAMARA TEDESCO

On a typical day, Brenda Knechtel, 54, might take care of her flower garden, browse online travel sites or carefully write cards to friends. But how she does these things is not so typical.

It wasn’t always this way for Brenda, a Coquitlam resident. As a child, she wore glasses and often visited her eye doctor. But as an adult, she began to develop vision problems, including retinal detachment, and had to undergo 22 eye surgeries. The experience was hard.

“Losing your sight… is like grieving something,” she explains. She was soon referred to CNIB (Canadian National Institute for the Blind), a charity that provides support to Canadians who are blind or partially sighted. She began attending the CNIB Vision Odyssey Group, a course that supports

“It’s CNIB that gave me the vision to be hopeful,” she says. “They taught me that I may not be able to do things the exact way I did previously, but I can still do them.”

Brenda also took other CNIB courses that taught her safe ways to cook, sew and organize her home. Her favourite CNIB service was the one-on-one assistive technology instruction that taught her how to use a computer in spite of her vision loss.

In British Columbia, less than 10 per cent of CNIB’s funding comes from provincial government sources, and CNIB relies on charitable donations to provide services at no cost to people who are blind or partially sighted.

“I told everybody,” she recalls, “‘I’m getting back on the computer!’”

To make a donation or learn more about how you can support CNIB programs and services in B.C., visit or call the toll-free CNIB Helpline at 1-800-563-2642.

With the help of screen-reading software that reads both what is on the screen and what she’s typing, Brenda now uses her laptop just like her sighted friends and family.

vision health HE

OF T p i


Have your eyes checked regularly Many serious eye conditions can be present without symptoms. Early detection is key to ensure prompt diagnosis and treatment, so visit your Doctor of Optometry. Never ignore changes to your vision. P R O U D LY S U P P O R T E D B Y :

An avid traveller, Brenda does all of her travel planning online. An added benefit of researching her trips ahead of time is that it helps her better visualize her surroundings when sightseeing. Whether she is off travelling the globe or at home with family and friends, Brenda credits CNIB as a big reason she’s able to enjoy life just as she did before she became blind.

Learn more and take action today at


Brenda, who has been legally blind since 2005, weeds her garden by touching the different plants and their textures. She browses websites by listening to her talking computer. And she writes her cards in braille.

individuals and their families as they adjust to living with vision loss. Brenda found it incredibly helpful and encouraging to talk with others who were losing their vision, just like her.

During Vision Health Month, CNIB is challenging British Columbians to take care of their eyes so that we can eliminate avoidable sight loss.


Life rediscovered

Brenda Knechtel on her laptop computer.

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A17

What’s happening in the city this weekend? W

e’re continuing with our popular feature – our staff’s Top 5 (Or More) Things To Do This Weekend. Mother’s Day is approaching, and we have a special event you may want to treat mom to this weekend. There is also something for families, gardeners and those hoping to hone their English language skills. Get sipping chardonnay for Mother’s Day on Saturday, May 12 at the Pacific Breeze Winery. There will be six wines to try, from 2005 to present, and finger food to snack on. Tickets are $50 ($45 if you’re a wine club member), and you can sign up by calling 604-5222228. The tasting runs from 7 to 9 p.m. (We probably don’t need to remind you Mother’s Day is actually on Sunday, May 13, but the winery wanted to host something special for moms the day before.)




Get battling pests the natural way on Get fine-tuning your English skills at Saturday, May 12 at a free event titled ESL conversation circles, held at New What’s Wriggling in Your Westminster Public Library on Rhubarb? UNIBUG and the Saturday, from 10:30 to 11:30 biological control of insects. a.m. There’s also a Friday The forum is in the Laura C. women-only session from 10 Muir Performing Arts Theatre, to 11 a.m. The free, drop-in fourth floor, at Douglas program is for adults who College, 700 Royal Ave. at 1 want to meet people and pracp.m. Hosted by the college’s tise speaking English. Children Institute of Urban Ecology, are also welcome. Info: 604you’ll learn about UNIBUG 527-4660. – the User Network for Insect Get playing with the kids Biology in the Urban Garden at New Westminster Family – and how to become involved Place’s free drop-in sessions, (or more) with fighting insects the naton Friday and Saturday, from Things to do 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., for parents ural way: through planting this weekend with children five and under. flora that attract beneficial biological insects – or good bugs There are playroom activities, that eat bad bugs – to your garden. Guest including puzzles, stories, songs, play speakers are Renee Prasad and Rick Kool. dough and art. Call 604-520-3666 for



details or visit Get pampered on Sunday, May 13, at “the Goddess Within You,” a free event for women at the Elizabeth Fry drop-in centre, from 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. The sessions run every Sunday, and volunteers will provide things like massages or facials. Call 604-523-6749 for more info. Elizabeth Fry is also looking for volunteers to work in the drop-in centre. If you are a woman who wants to make a difference in the lives of marginalized women and you have two hours a week between Tuesday and Sunday, for four to six months, go to www.elizabeth for details on how to get involved. Send your Top 5 ideas to calendar@royal You can also view our online calendar listings at – compiled by Jennifer Moreau


Variety show helps Ride to Conquer Cancer BY THERESA MCMANUS REPORTER

Simon Jukes is up to his old tricks. Jukes, a professional juggler and performer, and the B.C. Ride to Conquer Cancer are presenting their second annual Va”RIDE”ity show. The fundraising show features two-time world champion of magic Shawn Farqhuar, comedy magicians Trevor Watters and Lorena (who will soon be seen on Canada’s Got Talent), the eccentric juggler Simon English, international comedy performer the Checkerboard Guy, the Incredible Underground Circus, magician Brian Cooke, the ELEVATE dance crew and MC/comedian Donovan Dresher. The family-friendly fundraiser is taking place on Saturday, May 12 from 7 to 10 p.m. at the Columbia Theatre. “It’s an incredible lineup,” said the former Queensborough resident. “I have got the current world champion of magic. He (Farqhuar) just performed on the Ellen show. He won a big competition

with Penn and Teller.” Jukes hosted last year’s variety show, but is taking to the stage as Simon English for this year’s event. He’s thrilled to once again be performing at this year’s event at the Columbia Theatre. “We are really excited to perform there,” said Jukes. “It’s historic. It has so much history behind it. As a performer, there is something about being on a stage where so many

people have stood before you, where so many New Westminster residents have used that as an entertainment hub.” Tickets are $20 and available at www.lafflines. com/reservations.html. If the event doesn’t sell out, a limited number of tickets will be available at the door for $30. Jukes is preparing to take part in his second two-day Ride to Conquer Cancer in honour of his younger

brother David, who died of cancer in October 2009 at the age of 27. While growing up in Birmingham, England, Simon developed an interest in juggling and performing at a young age, while his brother was more interested in mountain biking, golfing and playing his Xbox. Jukes will once again be riding his brother’s beloved mountain bike on the twoday bike trip through the

Pacific Northwest in June. While he cycled solo last year, he’s riding with a team for this year’s event. For more information

on the Ride to Conquer Cancer, visit www. TheresaMcManus

EYE DOCTOR AVAILABLE ON SITE Please call for an appointment



A18 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

Adventures: Above, New Westminster resident Frankie McKay with some local boys after an afternoon of ziplining in Mazatlan, Mexico. Top left: Kayla and Carly Anderson, students at John Robson School, hold a baby crocodile – and The Record – while they pose for a photo with their grandmother, Tekla Fulton. They were all on vacation in Cuba.

Hockey fans: Melanie Fontana and Tom Droppo took their Record to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Here, they’re at Blakes’ Sports Bar, where they watched the Canucks play the L.A. Kings.

Want to be featured in Paper Postcards? Take The Record along on your next trip and take a photo with a scenic backdrop or landmark. Send photos by email (highresolution, please) to postcards@



Take us on the road, or mail to The Record, 201A-3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4. Include a few details about your trip and the names of people in the photos. Happy trails!

Team Cindy Gering

Direct: 604-779-1292 Fax: 604-939-3808

TEAM CINDY GERING New Westminster Specialists

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#803 412 12TH STREET

If you’re interested in buying or selling contact Team Cindy Gering. Free, no obligation comparative market evaluation.


Top 1% in New Westminster Condo Sales*


*Based on Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Statistics for 2008, 2009, 2010 & 2011

Coronation West Realty Independently Owned & Operated

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A19

Defending city’s honour OUR PAST



n its early years, New Westminster took pride in its position on the mainland, not only as the capital but also for the services it provided. For those passing through on their way to the goldfields, seeking land on which to homestead, setting up a business or perhaps seeking a job, New Westminster was the place to start. There were always challenges to its position, and one of these occurred in early 1862 when Mr. Ballou, prominent in the stagecoach and shipping business, according to The Colonist, a Victoria newspaper, said that there was no accommodation for non-resident people in the mainland colony. The New Westminster paper, The British Columbian, took great offence to this and set out to right the perceived wrong. They said that the Ballou suggestion was

“calculated to make the impression that there is no accommodation for travellers in this Colony and warning people against leaving Victoria for at least 12 or 15 days.” The British Columbian stated further, “We take the liberty of stating for the information of those who are huddled together in Victoria, like so many herrings in a barrel, that, so far as New Westminster is concerned, this is far from correct.” It’s easy to imagine what happened next. Someone from the paper, a reporter or perhaps even the editor, donned their suit jacket, grabbed paper and pencil, and took to the street to interview those Royal City establishments involved in the hostelry trade. They subsequently informed their readers that “we have taken the trouble to ascertain from each hotel and boarding house the exact number they are prepared to accommodate in addition to those already here.” Quite apart from being able to witness, 150 years later, a bit of a squabble between the papers and the concerns of two growing colonial cities, this local survey supplies some very enlightening informa-

tion. The reported community survey included the following businesses: Hardies, Columbia, Colonial, Cameron’s Mansion House, Oro, and the New Westminster Boarding House for a total of 400 spaces available at rates of from $7.50 to $12 per week. Four hundred people could find a place to stay in New Westminster’s hotels and boarding houses in 1862! The article proceeded to offer the opinion that New Westminster hotels were equal to or better than Victoria’s, and that “gentlemen, who speak from experience, say it (New Westminster) is superior.” There was little up river in the Fraser Valley at this time in our history with amenities at places like Hope and Yale just getting started. The article from 1862 noted, however, that Port Douglas, at the head of Harrison Lake, “had plenty of provisions and good hotel accommodation.” New Westminster of 150 years ago was trying hard to become a “big city,” and their newspaper and businesses were ready and willing to defend their town from any slight to its position.




+FREE FROM ANNUAL PROPERTY TAX. * See Sales Associate for details. Developer reserves the right to make changes to specifications and pricing without notice. Price not for home shown.


PRICED FROM $263,900



A20 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

Prawn Asparagus Flatbread 9.99*

Italian cooking at its best is a true celebration of food, wine and family. That’s what Executive Chef, Chuck Currie and Executive Development Chef, Danny Markowicz had in mind when creating our new Viva Italia menu. We invite you to enjoy our new menu starting from just $9.99. On now, for a limited time.

*Offer valid until June 10th, 2012. Valid after 11am at participating White Spot Restaurants. Not to be combined with any other promotional offer. Plus taxes.

LOUGHEED & GILMORE 4129 Lougheed Hwy. (604) 299-4423


(3.5 blocks east of Metrotown Mall) (604) 434-6668

NORTH RD & LOUGHEED 4075 North Road (Lougheed Hwy)

(604) 421-4620

MARINE WAY MARKET 7519 Market Crossing (Marine & Byrne)

(604) 431-5100

NEW WESTMINSTER 610 - 6th Street (604) 522-4800

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A21


Are gardenias a good choice? BRANCHING OUT ANNE MARRISON

Question: We have moved to B.C. from Newfoundland, into a very small townhouse with a little area in front of our dining-room window. I would like to plant two gardenias and a rose bush there and some low, colourful bushes in front to outline the bed itself. Would they grow well together, and is now a good time to plant them? Can you plant cuttings from an outside rose bush? If watered regularly, would they take root and grow? – Beverly Warford, Ladner Answer: Yes, Beverley, this is a good time to plant most things. A rose bush would be quite rugged and would fit well into your garden bed, but the hardiness of gardenias may be unpredictable here. The Kleims Hardy gardenia is said to have survived down to about 10 C. The Summer Snow gardenia is said to be zone 6 hardy (Ladner is somewhat warmer than that, probably 7B). But every few years we have had a brutal winter here in B.C., where borderline-but-usually-hardy plants have perished. So they can be a gamble. A long-flowering perennial to outline your bed might include the ornamental sage Purple Rain, or the white or pink-flowered Musk Mallow (Malva moschata). Yes, Beverley, roses can be grown from cuttings, and, if watered regularly, some will grow. Chances are not all will grow, so take two or three times as many cuttings as you’ll need. August or September are the best months to do this because the rose stems have become somewhat mature by then. Question: Last year I planted hollyhocks, and the stem and leaves were covered with rust. Also, my pretty pink mallow, which had been fine the last two years, also became covered in rust. This year both plants have rust again. Should I discard them? Is rust an airborne disease or is it an infection? – Heidi, Port Coquitlam Answer: The rust releases

spores that over-winter in the ground and reinfest new growth as it comes through. But yes, the spores can also float through the air. Rust is the reason why fewer gardeners grow hollyhocks these days. But some varieties are said to be rust-resistant. The Antwerp Mixed seed variety is said to be very rust resistant. But any hollyhocks can usually escape rust for most of their first year

rust had it not been near the hollyhocks. You may be able to save the mallow. Cut back and garbage every bit of new growth, wash all the soil off the roots then wash the roots again in 10 per cent bleach solution. Replant the mallow where rust has never been a problem. Got a question about gardening? Anne Marrison welcomes questions sent to

– and early-flowering varieties are now being developed. Fiesta Time, Spring Celebrity Mix and Summer Carnival are all said to be first-year flowerers when started early from seed. Yes, you should garbage the rust-infested hollyhocks. Don’t compost them, and don’t plant hollyhocks or mallows in the rust-prone spot for several years. I don’t think the mallow would have got


DENTURE CLINIC Serving New Westminster Since 1943


Tracy Mah R.D. Dieuthat (Trudy) Mai R.D.


Connect with your community. Anytime. Anywhere. Enjoy THE ROYAL CITY RECORD news on



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any smartphone. Download the iPhone app or connect on

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Good Money™ knows it takes more than a house to make a home. Talk with a Mobile Mortgage Specialist and discover how you can save up to $1,500 in legal and appraisal fees, while adding value to your neighbourhood. Book an appointment today at * Some conditions apply. This promotion is subject to Vancity credit granting criteria. Offer may be changed, extended, or withdrawn at any time without notice. The annual percentage rate (APR) is compounded semi-annually, not in advance. APR assumes no fees or charges apply. If additional fees and/or charges apply, the total Cost of Credit and APR would increase. Legal and appraisal fees are covered up to $1,500 provided members use a solicitor from a pre-approved list for their mortgage transaction. Offer available until June 30, 2012 date. Make Good Money (TM) and Good Money (TM) are trademarks of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.

Download it today!

*Trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. App Store is a service mark of Apple Inc. Standard message and data charges apply.

A22 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

◗ Calendar of Events ◗SATURDAY, MAY 12


What’s Wriggling in Your Rhubarb?, a free forum about UNIBUG and the biological control of insects in the Laura C. Muir Performing Arts Theatre, fourth floor, Douglas College, 700 Royal Ave. 1 p.m. At this free forum, put on by the college’s Institute of Urban Ecology, you’ll learn about UNIBUG – the User Network for Insect Biology in the Urban Garden – and how to become involved with fighting insects the natural way: through planting flora that attract beneficial biological insects – or good bugs that eat bad bugs – to your garden. Guest speakers are Renee Prasad and Rick Kool.

Mom’s Playgroup, moms with small children meet for playdates and conversation. Search groups at for the group closest to you. Kiwanis Club of New Westminster, holds luncheon meetings the first and third Tuesday of every month at Boston Pizza, Columbia Square, 1005 Columbia St., at noon. Info: Marge Ashdown, 604-5218567. Western Society for Children, holds a parent support group in New Westminster, Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m., with onsite child-minding on request, for parents with children 12 and under who have diverse learning needs. To register, call Wanda Gendron at 604-515-0810. Codependents Anonymous Freedom Group, 12-step program for people who want a healthier, more functional relationship with themselves and others. Meetings are every Friday, 7:30 p.m. at Royal Columbian Hospital, Sherbrooke Centre, 260 Sherbrooke St. in the main floor lounge. Info: Sue at 604-580-8889 or CoDA Info line at 604-516-5585. Canadian Mental Health Association’s Simon Fraser Branch, run and walk club, all welcome. Info: Madeleine Hawkins at 604-516-8080 or

◗MONDAY, MAY 14 Tillicum Toastmasters meeting, to improve your public speaking ability. Check out our club and have fun, guests are welcome. 7:20 to 9:30 p.m., Unity in Action Hall, 1630 Edinburgh St. Info: http://tillicum. or call 778822-9212.

◗MONDAY, MAY 21 Tillicum Toastmasters meeting, to improve your public speaking ability. Check out our club and have fun, guests are welcome. 7:20 to 9:30 p.m., Unity in Action Hall, 1630 Edinburgh St. Info: or call 778-822-9212.


Volunteers needed, for Harmony Court Care Centre and Estate. If you are patient and enthusiastic and enjoy working with seniors, opportunities are available. Call Mary Aaaron at 604527-3322 or e-mail maaron@ TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Group B.C. 612, meets at RCH Sherbrooke Centre, Monday evenings, 6:30 to 8 p.m., dedicated to taking off pounds sensibly through basic food exchange program and moderate exercise. Call Judi at 604-525-0613 for more information. Sapperton Pensioners, meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 318 Keary St. New members welcome. Info: 604724-9722. Netherlands Association, speak Dutch with others and celebrate your heritage. Visit www. or contact Edie, or 604-536-3394. Royal City Communicators, meets the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month at the Cameron Recreation Centre, 9523 Cameron St., Burnaby, helping those who are afraid to speak in public. Information: 604-939-5088. Al-Anon and Alateen, helps those whose lives are affected by someone else’s drinking. Call 604-688-1716. Free beginners’ computer tutoring, one-on-one, for low-income

women, Tuesday or Thursday evenings from 6 to 8 p.m., Saturday from 1 to 3 p.m. and Sunday from 3 to 5 p.m., at the Elizabeth Fry Society women’s drop-in centre, lower level, 402 East Columbia St., 604-5201166, Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations (COSCO), an advocacy group devoted to improving the quality of life for seniors, invites membership and affiliation from seniors’ organizations, associations and individuals. Info: Ernie Bayer, 604-576-9734 or ecbayer@ Burnaby/New West Newcomers and Friends Club, welcomes women who are new to the area, as well as longtime residents, giving women of all ages and cultures a chance to make new friends. Meets the second Wednesday of each month. Info: Lenore, 604-294-6913. Fraserside Employment Resource Centre, offers oneto-one support with employment counsellors, connecting people to no-cost career and job search services and helping people develop a plan to reach their job or career goal. Call 604-522-9701 for appointment. Parkinson’s group meets first Tuesday of the month, Century House in Moody Park, 1 to 3 p.m. Info: Margo Prentice 604526-1997. New Westminster Family Place,

is a free family resource centre for parents with children six and under. There is a bright, action-packed playroom filled with toys, games, puzzles and crafts and staffed by early childhood educators and a family support worker. There is a parents’ room for relaxing, and parenting classes are available. Drop-in hours are 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. Monday through Saturdays and Monday and Tuesday afternoons from 1 to 3 p.m. Call 604-520-3666 for info on upcoming programs. Writers Discovery Group, meets the second Wednesday of each month, 10 a.m. to noon, on the lower floor of New Westminster Library. Info: 604-522-9147. Pregnancy Outreach Program, offering weekly support groups including lunch, vitamins, group discussions, support, educational information, resources, child care and more, offered by Burnaby Family Life at Olivet Church (New West) on Tuesdays, 11:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. Registration required, free. Call 604-659-2225. Ukrainian nights, for kindergarten and children ages six to 11, with Friday evening sessions in language, culture and faith. Everyone welcome, at Holy Eucharist Cathedral, 501 Fourth Ave. Info: 604-5269198. St. Barnabas thrift store, now newly refurbished and open Wednesday through Saturday

from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. A few more volunteers also sought. Call Sandy, 604-526-3033. Moms’ group, meets Wednesdays from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m. at Olivet Baptist Church, Seventh Street and Queens Avenue. Moms can relax, enjoy adult conversation and enjoy a craft, demo or speaker. Children up to age five have their own quality time out. Open to moms of all ages and religions. Info: Marion, 604526-9394. TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly), West End chapter meets Wednesdays at Connaught Heights Community School, 7 to 8 p.m., with weighin at 6:30 p.m. Membership is $30 per year; teens and pre-teens are free when accompanied by an adult. Info: Visit or call Jean, 604525-4971. Networking meeting, every Wednesday at 7:30 a.m. at the Waffle House. Enjoy breakfast with other business people, share leads and build your business. Guests welcome. RSVP to 778-986-9186. Book Club Café, New Westminster Public Library, fourth Saturday of each month from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Plaskett room at 716 Sixth Ave. Info: 604527-4667. Send non-profit event listings or updated information for ongoing events to

for breaking news, photo galleries, blogs and more


10375 133rd St Surrey


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133a ST

133 ST



This is not an offering for sale. In a continuing effort to meet the challenge of product improvements, we reserve the right to modify or change plans and specifications without notice. E.&O.E.

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A23


Library now on Facebook BY FAITH JONES CONTRIBUTOR

You can now follow the New Westminster Public Library on Facebook. If you “like” the library on Facebook, you can be among the first to know about new services such as our new microfilm scanners and the Express View DVD collection (available for three-day loan). Every Monday is “Movie Monday”: Library staff make suggestions, ask questions or take a poll on movies that are available at the library. The same goes for novels on “Fiction Friday.” This is a great way to find out more about hidden gems in the library’s collections. And if you don’t have a Facebook account yet, the library can help you get started. One-on-one computer tutorials are available. For 40 minutes on a Saturday or a Tuesday evening, you can receive individual help setting up an account. You can also get help with other computer skills as well. Call 604-527-4665 to make an appointment.

The library also has books about using Facebook, such as Facebook for Dummies, and for helping your kids make good choices online, such as Facebook Guide for Parents. If you have a small business, you might want to check out Facebook Marketing for Dummies or The Facebook Era. Or if you’re looking for work you might want How to Find a Job on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and Other Social Networks. If you’re curious about where Facebook came from and how it grew so big, there are books like The Accidental Billionaires and The Facebook Effect. And of course, the movie The Social Network, which is a fictionalized account of the company’s founding in a college dorm room, is available at the library. Facebook isn’t for everyone, so if you decide not to use it, make sure you pick up the library’s events calendar or look at the library’s web site regularly so you stay informed about all our community offerings. You can still say hello in person when you drop by!


Auto insurance first. Ignition second. Whether you’re planning a long distance road trip or just taking a quick jaunt across the border for groceries or gas, make sure you include a review of your auto insurance as part of your trip planning.

vehicle owners purchase a minimum of $3,000,000. You may wish to increase the limit before you leave.

Proof of insurance - keeping your documents with you. Having adequate car insurance matters and you need to keep your Understand your coverage limits documents with you. When crossing and deductibles. the border, you may be asked to Refer to your insurance documents or produce your car registration contact a BCAA Insurance Specialist and show proof of ownership. It’s to ensure you have the following important to have your coverages: documents and the , +$559;9$1( Payment INSURANCE 24-hour emergency to repair or replace claim number for your OUTLOOK your vehicle if it insurance company is damaged from should you be involved AUTO collision with another INSURANCE in a crash. vehicle, person, or an WITH object including the Keeping safe. ZLATA ground or highway. Insurance aside, your STUMP safety is first priority. , +$3#!":"1;98"( Ensure that your travel Covers loss or damage route is planned with to your vehicle by any causes such the help of a good map or global as fire, theft, vandalism, and falling positioning device and drive the or flying objects. Comprehensive posted speed limits. Know the laws insurance does not cover loss or on cell phone usage as they vary in damage caused by collision. different provinces and states. Know how much your deductible is Being prepared with the right as this is the portion you will need to coverage and information will help pay if you have a claim. you enjoy your road trip. When it It’s important to ensure you have comes to your auto insurance, visit or adequate liability protection. Basic call your nearest BCAA location before Autoplan includes $200,000 Thirdyou go and we’ll help ensure you’re Party Liability coverage for accidents prepared with the right coverage and causing personal injury or property information you need. damage, but this is not enough. Higher Zlata Stump is an Insurance Advisor limits of Excess Third-Party Liability at BCAA. She can be reached at are available and BCAA recommends

6$ 5"4!1 3$!" /455 0&'*%0.$! /59/7 $1 2/44)/$3 Auto Insurance is sold through BCAA Insurance Agency and underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance Company of Canada and the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia.

Saturday, May 12, 2012 ! 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm Gather a group of friends and enjoy sips of wine, cider, coolers and beer, as you take pleasure in savouring the tempting offerings of local restaurants. The sounds of jazz add to the unique atmosphere of Coquitlam Centre, after hours*. Take part in the Silent Auction and vote on Unwined’s Taster’s Choice.

Tickets $30 until April 15

Available at Coquitlam Centre Guest Services, Douglas College Foundation & Coquitlam Foundation

Presented by

April 16 – May 11 Tickets: $35 Event Day & At The Door Tickets: $40

You must be 19 years of age or older to attend.

Full details at *Stores will be closed during event.

In support of educational funds at Douglas College and the Coquitlam Foundation Barnet and Lougheed Hwy l 604.464.1414 l


Learning Circle Childcare Centre

F Y>4 [>F8> XY [63692T SPECIAL 3-YEAR LEASE INCLUDING PREMIUM SERVICES† c 1 2>F98 aXX@49>YB^ 8>95]B> 8B^>@6[>@ ZF]Y7>YFYB> c c 1 2>F98 XY87F9® YF5]aF7]XY c c 1 2>F98 3Z 9F@]X c


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Burnaby Carter Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac 604-291-2266


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c c c c


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Coquitlam Eagle Ridge Chevrolet Buick GMC 604-464-3941


LQNL ]]^8 7JI 8R.0C` W'M! LQNL BJbEAe0GdE @',0EC D0EC DA`! 1T+[ @'G0MC ]b$0MC'JbV 5+ >b,'b0 8CRP'f'7GR!® >f0MCGJb'M 8CRP'f'C` BJbCGJf 8`EC0e ='C* >b*RbM0K 9JffJ?0G WGJC0MC'Jb c Xb8CRG® +UZJbC*E 8APEMG'IC'Jb @'G0MC'JbE RbK BJbb0MC'JbE ='C* 7AGbUP`U7AGb YR?',RC'Jb† c :A'0C 7Ab'b, ]bC0G'JG BRP'b 70M*bJfJ,` !

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Richmond Dueck Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac 604-273-1311 !


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South Surrey Barnes Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC 604-536-7661

c LQNL ]]^8 7JI 8R.0C` W'M! c Xb8CRG® +UZJbC* 8APEMG'IC'Jb @'G0MC'JbE RbK BJbb0MC'JbEV ='C* 7AGbUP`U7AGb YR?',RC'Jb† c 8CRP'f'7GR!® >f0MCGJb'M BJbCGJf 8`EC0e RbK 7GRMC'Jb BJbCGJf c :A'0C 7Ab'b, ]bC0G'JG BRP'b 70M*bJfJ,` !


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Surrey Barnes Wheaton Chevrolet Buick GMC 604-594-2277

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8BFY ^>9> 7X <]Y@ 2X698

Vancouver Dueck Downtown Chevrolet Buick GMC 604-675-7900

On now at your BC Buick Dealers. 1-800-GM-DRIVE. Buick is a brand of General Motors of Canada. ,%(%*%$ G]+IU 0LLOc 5! 5B+ LHIKB0U+ !` 0 X\[X ZH;KQ #+I03! ?hC/<n 63KO0)+ ?hC/< 03- q0WI!UU+ ?hC/< +JH;LL+- 0U -+UKI;M+-i "I+;^B5 ;3KOH-+- ?7[nS>R<i q;K+3U+n ;3UHI03K+n I+^;U5I02!3n &&a/n 0-4;3;U5I02!3 `++U 03- 50f+U 3!5 ;3KOH-+-i @+0O+IU 0I+ `I++ 5! U+5 ;3-;);-H0O LI;K+Ui G]+I 0)0;O0MO+ 5! I+50;O KHU5!4+IU ;3 W030-0 `I!4 /LI;O [>n X\[X 5! .HOc Tn X\[Xi a++ @+0O+I `!I -+50;OUi q;4;5+- 24+ !]+IU 'B;KB 40c 3!5 M+ K!4M;3+- ';5B !5B+I !]+IUn 03- 0I+ UHMV+K5 5! KB03^+ ';5B!H5 3!2K+i G]+IU 0LLOc 5! JH0O;s+- I+50;O KHU5!4+IU ;3 5B+ ZW ZH;KQ ulW @+0O+I l0IQ+23^ /UU!K;02!3 0I+0 !3Oci @+0O+I !I-+I !I 5I0-+ 40c M+ I+JH;I+-i ulWqn /OOc WI+-;5 !I E@ ";303K;3^ a+I);K+U 40c 4!-;`cn +f5+3- !I 5+I4;305+ 5B;U !]+I ;3 'B!O+ !I ;3 L0I5 05 03c 24+ ';5B!H5 3!2K+i W!3-;2!3U 03- O;4;502!3U 0LLOci a++ WB+)I!O+5 -+0O+I `!I -+50;OUi(Z0U+- !3 0 TD 4!35B O+0U+i h05+ !` \d%[i>d%Xi>d 0-)+I2U+- !3 3+' !I -+4!3U5I05!I X\[X ZH;KQ 63KO0)+%q0WI!UU+%#+I03! +JH;LL+- 0U -+UKI;M+-i /33H0O Q;O!4+5+I O;4;5 !` X\n\\\Q4n 7\iX\ L+I +fK+UU Q;O!4+5+I G/W Mc ";303K;0q;3f W!IL!I02!3i l!35BOc L0c4+35U 40c )0Ic -+L+3-;3^ !3 -!'3 L0c4+35%5I0-+i G5B+I O+0U+ !L2!3U 0)0;O0MO+i /LLO;+U !3Oc 5! JH0O;s+- I+50;O KHU5!4+IU ;3 W030-0i "I+;^B5 b &@N ?7[nSR\<n 03- I+^;U5I02!3 ;3KOH-+-i 6f04LO+k 7[\n\\\ 05 \d%[i>d%Xi>d /&hn 5B+ 4!35BOc L0c4+35 ;U 7XCCiCA%7XARi>>%7X>\iTC `!I TD 4!35BUi W!U5 !` M!II!';3^ ;U 7\%7X>RiDX%7SRTiTAn 5!50O !MO;^02!3 ;U 7[\n\\\%7[\nX>RiDX%7[\nSRTiTAi q;K+3U+n ;3UHI03K+n I+^;U5I02!3n &&a/n 0-4;3;U5I02!3 `++Un +fK+UU '+0I 03- Q4 KB0I^+Un 03- 0LLO;K0MO+ 50f+U 3!5 ;3KOH-+-i @+0O+IU 0I+ `I++ 5! U+5 ;3-;);-H0O LI;K+Ui G]+IU )0O;- 5! .HOc Tn X\[Xi @+0O+I !I-+I !I 5I0-+ 40c M+ I+JH;I+-i G]+I 40c 3!5 M+ K!4M;3+- ';5B K+I50;3 !5B+I K!3UH4+I ;3K+32)+Ui ulWq 40c 4!-;`cn +f5+3- !I 5+I4;305+ !]+IU ;3 'B!O+ !I ;3 L0I5 05 03c 24+ ';5B!H5 3!2K+i W!3-;2!3U 03- O;4;502!3U 0LLOci a++ L0I2K;L023^ -+0O+I `!I -+50;OUi *G]+I?U< )0O;- ;3 W030-0 `I!4 /LI;O [>n X\[X 5! .HOc Tn X\[X !3 5B+ TD 4!35B O+0U+ !` 0 3+' !I -+4!3U5I05!I X\[X ZH;KQ h+^0On #+I03!n 63KO0)+ !I q0KI!UU+ ';5B `0K5!Ic ;3U50OO+- Pl h0-;!i EBI++ :T8 c+0I % D\n\\\ Q4 ?'B;KB+)+I K!4+U sIU5< j! WB0I^+ u!!-'I+3KB a+I);K+ aKB+-HO+- l0;35+303K+ 0LLO;+U 5! UKB+-HO+40;35+303K+ 0U !H5O;3+- ;3 c!HI ZH;KQ !'3+IeU 403H0Oi W!3-;2!3U 03- O;4;502!3U 0LLOci EBI++ :T8 c+0IU G3a50I ;3KOH-+U TD 4!35BU !` @;I+K2!3U b W!33+K2!3U ';5B EHI3_Mc_EHI3 j0);^02!3?EHI3_Mc_EHI3 j0);^02!3 3!5 0)0;O0MO+ ;3 K+I50;3 0I+0Um 0)0;O0M;O;5c ;4L0K5+- Mc U!4+ ^+!^I0LB;K0O%K+OOHO0I O;4;502!3U<n 0-);U!I 0UU;U5+-_I!H23^ 0)0;O0MO+m );U;5 !3U50IiK0 `!I K!)+I0^+ 40Ln 5+I4Un K!3-;2!3Un LI;)0Kc U505+4+35n 03- -+50;OU 03- UcU5+4 O;4;502!3Ui EBI++ :T8 c+0IU Pl a05+OO;5+ h0-;! 0)0;O0MO+ ;3 [\ W030-;03 LI!);3K+U 03- 5B+ SA K!32^H!HU =3;5+- a505+Ui aHMUKI;L2!3 U!O- U+L0I05+Oc 0g+I TD 4!35BUi #;U;5 f4I0-;!iK0 `!I -+50;OUi $"!I 4!I+ ;3`!I402!3 );U;5 ;;BUi!I^%I023^U !YEB+ Z+U5 ZHc a+0O ;U 0 I+^;U5+I+- 5I0-+40IQ !` W!3UH4+IU @;^+U5 W!44H3;K02!3Un qqWn HU+- H3-+I O;K+3U+i

A24 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

Vancouver Dueck on Marine Chevrolet Buick GMC Cadillac 604-324-7222

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A25


Royal City soccer to host training session on Saturday ◗P26 New line sparks Canada at world hockey champs ◗P26

SECTION COORDINATOR Tom Berridge, 604-444-3022 •

B.C. high school golf’s silver lining AA banners, including a 24-stroke victory in 2009 where Gatto also claimed Missing an opportunity the individual title with a for an unprecedented fifth 36-hole, eight-over-par 152 B.C. high school AA golf at Royalwood Golf Club in provincial title was like Chilliwack. discovering your ball in The following year, the deep rough with an impos- Knights boasted their bestsible lie. ever showing, blowing out But St. Thomas More the opposition with a best senior Lucas four-player Gatto is always combined hopeful that his score of sixnext approach over-par – 44 shot will leave “We were a little strokes better the worst disappointed than the runbehind. ner-up school Gatto, now that the teachers team from 17, was a first- and government Collingwood. year Grade Michael 8 student at couldn’t agree Belle, who is the Burnaby That would have currently on independent a golf scholarschool when been cool to ship at SFU, he shot a three- have a shot at (a led the team over-par 72 at with a twoRivershore links fifth title).” under-par 142, in Kamloops to while then help the Knights LUCAS GATTO Grade 9 teamgolf team over- Fifth-year STM golfer mate Alan come a six-shot Tolusso came deficit and win in at eventheir first-ever provincial par and Gatto was next at high school title by three three-over. strokes over Kalamalka in Last year, STM had a 2008. tougher time of it. Forced “It was pretty cool to to come back from a twowin the first one. Being on shot deficit, Gatto and that senior team, it was a company prevailed on lot of fun,” said Gatto, who Day 2 to take a fourth has accepted a golf schol- consecutive provincial arship to Simon Fraser banner by five shots over University in September. second-place Kwalikum at The nine-stroke victory Radium Hot Springs. was extra special in light Gatto finished second of the un-golf-like condi- overall with a two-day, tions the championship three-under-par 141. STM was played under teammate Kevin Vigna “It was the toughest was third at one-over. course – real windy and But this school year rainy. I can remember the would not be like the one’s par 4, 10th, I had to lay up, before. too,” Gatto said of playing When the ongoing coninto a strong headwind. tract dispute between the “Provincials mean a lot.” B.C. Teachers’ Federation STM followed up its first and the provincial govB.C. title with three more ernment spilled into the BY TOM BERRIDGE SPORTS EDITOR

’Bellies offence flops against Islanders BY TOM BERRIDGE SPORTS EDITOR

pointed that the teachers and government couldn’t agree,” said Gatto. “That would have been cool to have a shot at (a fifth title), for sure.” But all might not be lost.

The New Westminster Salmonbellies offence stalled big time in Tuesday’s 5-3 loss to the Delta Islanders in B.C. Junior Lacrosse League play. The sole bright light for the Salmonbellies was Nathan Stewart, who potted a natural hattrick in the middle frame. Stewart scored New West’s first goal with his second tally of the season on the short man. He potted his team-leading sixth marker of the year that tied the game at 16:00 of the second period. “Our offence wasn’t good at all, other than the intermediate callup Nathan Stewart, and he was the best player on the floor,” said New Westminster junior A head coach Dan Perreault. “He (Stewart) was very good, but our shooting was terrible and our turnovers were terrible.” Perreault was however pleased with the defensive end of the floor. Ross Bowman, who was solid in goal in the team’s first two wins of the year, had to leave the game midway through the opening period after a diving scoring attempt in his crease. Frankie Scigliano took over in the Salmonbellie

◗Golf Page 26

◗Lacrosse Page 26

Larry Wright/THE RECORD

Vying for five: Cariboo Heights’ Lucas Gatto has been on all of St. Thomas More’s fourtime defending B.C. AA high school golf championship teams. school year, few thought it would escalate to its present stalemate. “Being a private school, we knew we’d have a program. It was just a question mark whether the public schools would play or not,” said Gatto. But last month when

the teachers voted to withdraw from extracurricular activities, B.C. School Sports cancelled the high school golf championships for the first time due to a lack of volunteer support. The decision came as a surprise to the STM team. “We were a little disap-

Race season a juggling act for sports car driver BY TOM BERRIDGE SPORTS EDITOR

Burnaby motor sports driver Michael Valiante will have a busy season of racing. Valiante was an 11th-hour replacement for Starworks Racing at the 24-hour at Daytona at the beginning of the year. There, Valiante raced to the lead and helped hold it for six hours before a flat tire ended the team’s day. “It kept my name out there,” said Valiante. It also led to a handful of other opportunities after Valiante’s contract to race with Michael Shank Racing was not renewed

last year. The 32-year-old former openwheel racer now finds himself juggling rides in three separate sports cars series this season, including a seat with the Spirit of Daytona team in the Grand American Daytona Prototype series race this weekend in New Jersey. Valiante began the season racing for the Honda of America team in the front-wheel-drive Grand Am Continental Tire series. He also got a ride with Porsche on the JDX Racing team, where he has earned one pole and finished third at Long Beach in the American Le Mans Series to

ishes with Michael Shank Racing, date. All three contracts are single- including two podiums and four fastest laps in the DP series. season commitments. Last year, Valiante Valiante will drive started the MV a Chevrolet Corvette Motorsporst Driver sports car in the Global Development program. Barter 250 at the New “My schedule is pretJersey Motorsports Park ty full,” Valiante said, and drive in three other citing weekend conflicts races in Detroit, Midin the various series as Ohio and Montreal this one drawback. season. The two Grand Am Since 2008, Valiante series conveniently run has proved his skills in Grand Am, capturing Michael Valiante at the same track. But the three poles, four podi- “My schedule is Le Mans series creates a potential conflict with ums and two second- pretty full.” three of the remaining place finishes with Sun eight races. Trust Racing. But Valiante believes the full He also had four top-five fin-

schedule will only further help his motorsports career. “The more you can drive with other teams, you never know where it’s going to lead you and you want to take as many as you can,” he said. “It’s amazing how much I’ve had to travel this season.” Valiante will also team with SDR British teammate Richard Westbrook at the Chevrolet Grand Am 200 in Detroit on June 1 and 2 and at the EMCO Gears Classic the following weekend in Lexington, Ohio. In August, Valiante will race his final event on the Rolex Series schedule at the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal.

A26 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

New line sparks Oiler


Canada’s captain to run training sessions The Royal City Youth Soccer Association is hosting a day of training sessions with Canadian national team captain Christine Sinclair at Burnaby Lake Sports Complex-West this Saturday. All young people and their parents are invited to come down to the Burnaby Lake complex and take part in the free training sessions for local youth players on May 12 between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m. Players will get the opportunity to engage in

drills and scrimmages with Canada’s most capped international women’s soccer player, while celebrating team spirit in Canada’s colours. The Canadian women’s national team is currently involved in its residency captain in Vancouver in preparation for the Olympic Summer Games in London. The team will wind up the camp with a scrimmage at Hugh Boyd Oval in Richmond on May 17 from 4 to 6 p.m.

Golf: Two events planned ◗ continued from page 25

Two invitational tournaments are currently in the works – a confirmed eight-team event to be held in Osoyoos and a proposed 12- to 16-team tournament in Victoria to be played at Arbutus Ridge. “We are just allowing teams which are still playing to meet and compete at a high level,” said STM coach Joe Thierman. “We’re not trying to replace the provincials. It’s open zone.” Both tournaments will be 36-hole affairs and run on the same May 26 and 27 weekend, allowing AA, AAA and single A schools to compete against each other. Four schools were already confirmed at Osoyoos, but Thierman said the best fit for the Knights is the Shawnigan Lake invitational competition in Victoria. “We’re keeping our fingers crossed,” Thierman said.


No Monkeying around: Samantha Mansinho clears a ball for the Burnaby Explosion in a 1-0 win over the West Van Monkeys in under-15 girls’ field hockey.

Lacrosse: Jrs. back at home to Langley ◗ continued from page 25

goals the rest of the way, including the eventual game-winnng goal while shorthanded on Delta’s Issey Lamb second of the game midway through the third period.

New Westminster’s Premier


MANAGEMENT COMPANY Since 1989, we have consistently met the changing needs of our clients by being progressive, innovative and resourceful in our property and strata management services. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of professional service in the industry.



Conveniently located at 535 Front Street, New Westminster Call our General Manager, Lee Zenin at: (604) 521-0876 ext. 22

WOMEN’S GOLF CLUB Join B.C.’s Fastest growing women’s golf club. Everyone’s invited to attend our

SEASON OPENER MAY 26TH 2012 Westwood Plateau - Executive 12 Hole Course Register on Fraser Valley Calendar at


• Daytime & Twilight tee-times & lessons - 7 days a week • Expansion to Okanagan & Victoria - added value to membership • Wind Down Tournament - Sept. 22nd, 2012 - a sell out! • 5th Annual Maui Women’s Classic - Nov. 17th, 2012 • More fun than you can imagine

For more information call


Ask about our Rules, Etiquette & Handicap Seminars

W E A R E A M U LT I - C O U R S E G O L F C L U B .

New Westminster travels to Victoria this weekend for a Saturday matchup against the first-place Shamrocks. The junior ’Bellies are back at Queen’s Park Arena on Tuesday against the 0-2 Langley Thunder. Game time is 8 p.m.

Burnaby’s Ryan NugentHopkins scored his first goal at the International Ice Hockey Federation world championships in a 7-2 win over France on Monday. The Edmonton Oilers rookie centre opened the scoring for Canada at 1:59 of the first period after being partnered on a line with Patrick Sharpe and Jamie Benn. The new line showed a lot of hop against France, factoring in on five of the team’s goals, including the first four tallies, all of which came in the opening period in Finland. Nugent-Hopkins, the No. 1 overall pick in last year’s NHL draft, picked up an assist on the power play on Canada’s second goal of the game by Sharpe. The 18-year-old NugentHopkins also potted his second goal of the game in the third period. The win over France came after last Saturday’s 5-4 overtime loss to the United States. On Wednesday, Canada improved to 3-1 in preliminary round play with a 3-2 win over Switzerland.

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A27

Property Alert POINT GREY

As anyone who’s searched for a home knows, real estate is like a sport. And being out maneuvered by another homebuyer is to be avoided at all costs. Luckily, there’s a new website that can give you an edge. At, you can sign up for property alerts so you’ll

know the second a home comes on the market. You’ll also have school and amenity info at your fingertips so you can make a quick decision and beat others to the punch. If you’re looking for a home in the Lower Mainland, is your competitive advantage.

MLS® ,.%$ . *! % - * "# 0)+ " ,.%$ . *!% - (&) (" &$ / ' ," &$% - &"' , "%$'$" * "#%

A28 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record


Sales Centre Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 5:00pm email:

fax: 604-444-3050

urr PPla lace yone aadd onli 24/7

delivery: 604-942-3081


jobs careers advice






March 1, 1949 - April 15, 2012


Mother’s Day Sunday, May 13, 2012 Forest Lawn & Ocean View

Cemeteries and Funeral Homes are delighted to invite you to an Open House. Join us for Coffee and a Cupcake and receive a Complimentary Gift to take home. (while supplies last)

Children and mothers never truly part, bound in the beating of each other’s heart. Charlotte Gray



COLLECTORS SALE Featuring: Guns, Knives, Militaria, And more

Sun May 20th, 8:30am-1pm, 4333 Ledger Ave, Burnaby Membership Available at the Door Proud Supporter of B.C. Cancer Kids Camp



General Employment

CONCRETE RESTORATION workers needed. Exp’d in polyurethane injection & membranes, waterproofing and swingstage. Valid D.L. Call 604-876-6561



General Employment

Now Hiring


Lost & Found

PRESCRIPTION EYEGLASSES, small designer glasses. Found March 17 on Pedestrian Overpass near skytrain in New West. Call to ID. 604-544-6778

Lost & Found

LOST HEARING AIDS & BATTERIES in black pouch at Sperling Skytrain Stn. 604-420-9290 PIT BULL puppies lost in Dec. Now 7 months old. Reward. Please call 778-990-7327



Bandstra Transportation Systems is currently looking for line haul drivers. Union wages/ benefits apply. Join Bandstra, family-owned co. since 1955. Based in Richmond. Fax abstract and resume to: 604-273-8534 or email:


Free investments and retirement seminar Thursday, May 24, 2012 Confederation Seniors’ Centre, 4585 Albert St., Burnaby 7 to 9 pm Light refreshments and a door prize Interested in how to generate sustainable, tax efficient income and tax planning strategies? At this seminar you’ll learn: • Strategies for tax efficient investing • Investment options for income focused investors • Timing to start retirement income sources, such as RRIF versus CPP, Investments • Your tax free and tax preferred zones Featuring Keith Hazell, CA, CFP, Manager Retirement, Tax, Estate Planning Beatrix Handlbauer, CFP, FSCI, CIM, Investment Advisor Spiros Papachristos, CFP, CIM, CPCA, FMA, Investment Specialist Join us. Reserve your spot by calling 604.877.7063 by Friday, May 18, 2012.

Burnaby Heights Community Branch 4302 Hastings Street Vancity has entered into a strategic relationship with IA Clarington Investments Inc (IAC) with respect to the distribution of IAC mutual funds. Vancity Investment Management Ltd. (VCIM) provides sub advisory services for certain IAC mutual funds. The vision and philosophy of VCIM is to augment longterm returns for investors by rigorously incorporating environmental, social and governance criteria into in-depth financial analysis and portfolio construction. Mutual funds and certain other securities are offered through Credential Securities Inc.


General Employment

FISH PLANT WORKERS NEEDED. Exp. in fish cutting would be an asset. Apply in person at: Van Sea’s, 3777 Keith Street, Burnaby. 604-437-4070 Attention Students

• Must have reliable vehicle • Must be certified & experienced • Union Wages & Benefits Apply in person 19689 Telegraph Trail, Langley fax resume to 604-513-3661 or email:

GENERAL LABOURERS Required at Port Coquitlam manufacturing plant. ❏ Entry Level Positions (rate of $10.62/hr to start) ❏ Machine Operator Positions (rate of $13.19/hr to start) - must be reliable - some heavy lifting involved - knowledge of power tools required - shift work is required - potential room for advancement - good extended health benefit package after 6 months Apply in person Mon - Fri, 10am - 2pm #200-1605 Industrial Ave. Port Coquitlam, B.C.


Only serious applicants need apply


‘‘Call Before You Dig’’

Flex. sched, $17 baseappt., customer sales/ service, no exp necessary, conditions apply, will train. 604-549-4002

Glacier Media Group makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

Home Support

P/T FEMALE CAREGIVER Burnaby needed for physically challenged Senior Lady. Duties; Driving, Light Housekeeping and Personal Care. Criminal check a must. Sat & Sun 5pm to 10pm., Stats and holiday relief. $12/hr. Call Monica • 604-432-7169

10 am to 2 pm



ULTRA-TECH CLEANING is now accepting applications for experienced heavy duty and light day cleaners. Must have good command of english. Apply within between 12:30pm and 2:30pm, every Wednesday for application & interview, at 201-1420 Adanac St, Van. Good wages/benefits.

in the Reception Room of our Funeral Homes.


CRIMINAL RECORD? Canadian Record Suspension (Criminal pardon) seals record. American waiver allows legal entry. Why risk employment, business, travel, licensing, deportation, peace of mind? Free consultation: 1-800-347-2540

A division of LMP Partnership LMPPublication Publication Limited Limited Partnership

Call New New Westminster: Westminster: Call



SABA, Nancy Jean It is with great sadness to announce the loss of our beloved mother. Nancy will be greatly missed by her three children Leeann (Doug), Darren (Tanya), and Kelly (Jim) and her seven grandchildren. Also survived by her sister Lyn (Ron) and family. We are celebrating Nancy on May 16, 2012 at 1:00pm at 5135 Sperling Ave, Burnaby at Deer Lake United Church.


CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVE Our company’s goal is prevention of damage to under-ground facilities. We provide a safe and easy way for contractors, homeowners and the digging community to have underground lines identified before they dig. If full or part-time employment as one of our team of professional CSR’s is of interest to you, this is a request for your resume. You will possess excellent key boarding, communication and spelling skills, pay special attention to detail and enjoy dealing with the public. Only those selected for an interview will be contacted. Resumes will be retained for future consideration. Operations Manager BC ONE CALL #222 - 4259 Canada Way Burnaby, BC V5G 1H1

(Attn: CSR Position) Email:

Hotel Restaurant

THAI CUISINE COOK Permanent F/T position Resp. for cooking Thai dishes, menu planning, supervision, scheduling, training staff for Thai catering, take-out and delivery company. Salary $14.32/hour, 37.5 hours/week. Must have 3+ years Thai cooking exp. Location: East Vancouver.Thailicious Cuisine@Door Inc. Email resumes to: or mail to: Unit 806-950 Drake St. Vancouver, BC, V6Z 2B9



SCHOOL DISTRICT No. 71 Comox Valley Assistant Superintendent: Instructional Services. Effective August 1, 2012. Reporting to the Superintendent of Schools, the Assistant Superintendent is a key member of the senior management team responsible for the successful delivery of K-12 educational programs in conjunction with other senior leaders, instruction and assessment, school and district planning, and a wide range of district initiatives. Qualified applicants are invited to apply in confidence by submitting a detailed resume with supporting documentation and three professional references through by 12:00 noon PST on Tuesday May 22, 2012


Social Services

Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628

Teachers/ Instructors



Coquitlam / Port Moody Hiring F/T & P/T • 15.35/Hour ❏ECE & Infant Toddler Educ. ❏French, Mandarin & Music Email resume: Or phone: 604-779-5437



WELDER & General Mechanic AGI-Envirotank in Biggar, SK. requires journeymen welders and a general mechanic. Relocation to Biggar is required. $20-30hr DOE. Oilfield tank experience is an asset. Company offers a benefit package. Send resume to: or fax: 306-948-5263.


Burnaby and Langley Arlene’s Interiors is a growing home décor business that offers quality custom window coverings and blinds. We are recruiting for full time Staff Decorators to provide in-store sales team support and in-home decorating consultation services. Successful applicants in this customer service and sales oriented position will possess: • a background in the window covering industry • a strong sales focus • exceptional customer service skills • an interest in working in a fast-paced, creative environment • a personal vehicle and valid driver’s license. We currently have positions open in our Burnaby and Langley locations. Please send your resume indicating position and location of interest in the subject field to: before May 20,2012


Burnaby and Langley

Arlene’s Interiors is a growing home décor business that offers quality custom window coverings and blinds. We are recruiting for part time Sales Associates to provide in-store customer service support and generate sales leads. Successful applicants in this position will have: • exceptional customer service skills • be available days and weekends • have a team oriented attitude • have an understanding of the window covering industry • possess an interest in working in a fast-paced, creative environment We currently have positions open in our Burnaby and Langley locations. Please send your resume indicating position and location of interest in the subject field to: before May 20,2012

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A29


Looking for a career change?

CUSTOMER SERVICE REPRESENTATIVES (Coquitlam, Burnaby, Vancouver - Full-time)

We are seeking energetic, motivated individuals to join our team. Our staff are sales focused and have superior customer service and communication skills. If you have a strong drive to succeed, and are interested in working for a company that offers its employees the opportunity for career advancement, we would love to hear from you. Please send your cover letter and resume to:


Burnaby: May 20 or June 9 Vancouver: Every Sat, Sun & Mon Also Coq • Sry • Rcmd • P.Meadows • Lgly Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Continuing Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!

CONTACT LENS TRAINING (3 Months) Starts... May 22nd BC College of Optics (604) 581-0101


Career Services/ Job Search

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL. Sites in AB & BC. Hands on real world machine training. NO Simulators. Start any Monday. Funding options. 1-866-399-3853


Tutoring Services

CERT TEACHER avail to Tutor Grades K-5. Lougheed/Brentwood area.


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Take Your Pick from the



C'!9#&JHE :BHJ /7%<$HB6J =H7"A7DJE* )61/51< * =C</5 7 59# /+C >C! C@A?.% ;51. +9. ./?1E/83 C< 59-1<2 2?9#,9/A# D?C= 09<"E?1!A 9. 7 59# <C B?A-1C,. =A#1E98& EC=B,/A?& C? /3B1<2 A4BA?1A<EA& 9<# 59# !AA< C,/ CD /5A +C?: DC?EA DC? *' 3A9?.$(

.+))*2 ,-+*%1!)1/ 3)1)+! (+-"/ #20 $'&&

/#%D7$D AE D#"7& I#H 7 @?CC B%I#H'7DB#% !7$;7FJ, @B%7%$B%F 7%" 9#7% #!DB#%E 7>7B9769J, 8-.++-400-8151 B%I#3$7%E$HB6J,$#' ))),$7%E$HB6J,$#' GIIJHB%F C($J99J%$J B% G%9B%J 2J7H%B%F

Tim Stephens' Astral Reflections Aries March 21 - April 19: Continue to chase money – this entire week might build to a financial climax (Friday/Saturday) that favours you – there might even be a pay raise or you might sell a big item (or buy one). All’s good, so proceed. This is a smooth, easy week. Retreat, rest and contemplate Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. Your energy and charisma return this evening through Thursday – start important projects, follow through with earlier plans, seek favours, call people. Whether you’re aware of it or not, you and a VIP might soon shake hands over something. Continue the hard work. Taurus April 20-May 20: Your energy and clout are at a yearly high. Life is expanding, but also changing. Some of you are being or have been “set free” – from a job, a duty, a marriage – in order to find new settings and new adventures. This freedom might be painful, but it is very likely fortunate for you in the long run. You might not believe me in late 2012 through 2013, as another factor indicates you will be living through the consequences of all your not-so-good actions of the last 18 years. But that’s then – for now, celebrate, as luck and ease fill this week. Wish fulfillment Sunday/ Monday! Gemini May 21-June 20: This is your last week of rest and low energy. By May 20, you’ll be starting a high-energy month, which introduces an entire year of better luck, travel, marriage prospects, lucrative partnerships, even potential fame. Before then, you have to make it through the present interval of low energy – which should be a snap, as this is an easy, smooth week. Be ambitious Sunday/Monday: you could land an assignment. Midweek brings friends, a rising heart. Chase governments, institutions, charity, spirituality, therapy and research Friday/ Saturday – a civil servant likes you.

Cancer June 21-July 22: This fine, easy week starts with a beautiful, mellow and wise mood, Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. Your relationship with a Virgo or Gemini – or with a partner – flows successfully. Communication helps. Midweek brings ambition (or pressure from the boss). Again, a partner might help.Thursday eve through Saturday intensifies this week’s main note: social delights, entertainment, wish fulfillment, popularity and group affairs. All week, two broad areas seem favoured: relationships (opportunities, negotiations, love, relocation) and career (prestige, worldly standing). Go ahead! Leo July 23-Aug. 22: Chase your ambitions during this smooth, productive week (especially Friday/ Saturday, when a new project might begin). (Bosses approve of your wide viewpoint and your legal, financial and security insights these same two days.) Friends accumulate – and old friends from the past will begin appearing soon. Life’s depths, financial opportunities, sexual urges, health diagnoses, research and lifestyle changes face you Sunday to Tuesday afternoon – charge after what you want. Midweek’s mellow, wise, gently loving – however, your ideas or generosity might meet reluctance by another. Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: You can simply enjoy this mellow, smooth week and float along, or you can use the calm waters to sail ahead on your favourite projects. It’s a superb time to expend effort – you’ll be pleased, and your life strengthened, by the results. Relationships are prime Sunday to afternoon Tuesday. Exciting meetings, opportunities, relocation themes, even love, enter the picture in lucky ways. Midweek is for mysteries, depths, investments, debtreduction, and sexual urges. Be conservative. Far travel, cultural, intellectual, legal and international affairs succeed splendidly Friday/Saturday.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: This is your last week of secrecy, sexual temptations, research, large financial actions and possible health concerns. These areas appear headed for success, easy progress – at the very least, healing. You might have made a substantial commitment or investment recently, or might this week. Go ahead – this is where your good fortune lies. Sunday to Tuesday afternoon brings chores, mild health concerns. Midweek’s for exciting meetings, new horizons, new opportunities – and negotiations. Friday/Saturday bring the last four weeks to a climax: embrace everything in the first sentence! Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: Relationships open doors to new vistas and opportunities this week, especially Friday/Saturday. (Late May to mid2013 will feature financial, intimate and lifestyle “opportunities to commit” based on who/what you meet/agree upon, this week [and the last 50].) In other words, the meeting, the open doors appear now (and have, recently) but the commitment, the funding, will come late May onward. (Be cautious with commitment through August.) Romance, creative surges, even true love can arise Sunday to Tuesday. Tackle chores midweek. Friday/Saturday – the world! Be diplomatic, eager. Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: This is your last week of chores, and an easy week it is. (However, the last year has brought an increase in work duties; and this Friday/Saturday might start a new job/project that will last to mid-June.) Be home, or attend to children, family, gardening, security, retirement, nurturing and similar themes, Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. Romance calls midweek – so do pleasure, creativity and a speculative risk. Go slow. Late week, as mentioned, brings new chores. All week – and all the 13 months ahead – bring affection, generosity from others. Don’t “join” before September.

May 13 - 19, 2012 Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Romance, love, charming kids, beauty, pleasure, creative surges and speculative joys last one more week before a large work load arrives. So enjoy yourself during this easy, happy week. Short trips, errands, casual friends, communications and paperwork fill Sunday to Tuesday afternoon. Midweek’s for rest, home, family, real estate, security, retirement, gardening and similar interests. Go slow, realize someone ultimately isn’t on board. (And that someone might be you.) Friday/Saturday intensify everything listed in the first sentence of this message – in a lucky way! Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: Chase money (or spend) Sunday/Monday – luck is with you. (But don’t “push” an investment Sunday – if you can’t meet on a price/ value, just leave it.) All this week you’re concerned with home values, real estate, family, security and retirement – Sunday/Monday and Friday Saturday are great times to buy or sell a home. Friday/Saturday are perfect for finding the home you want – or for ending a futile relationship or a wasteful project. Midweek (Tuesday eve through Thursday) brings travel, errands, paperwork and casual friends. An old flame or former love prospect will soon appear. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: This is your last week of errands, communications, short travel, paperwork and daily details. These come in a whirlwind Friday/ Saturday. It’s an easy week. Your energy and charisma score high Sunday to afternoon Tuesday – start something important (except in home, real estate) or impress someone. Chase money midweek, but go slowly with purchases. (Best time, especially for technical or health products: 9:15 a.m. PDT onward, Wednesday.)Your home and family are sweet: luck either comes swiftly here, or eludes you. If the latter, walk away: better stuff awaits September onward. • Reading: 604-727-3673

A30 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record



FOREST LAWN, Imperial Garden, 1 NICHE wall# 41, $3000 604-502-0556 or 604-351-3775



JANOME 8000 Embroidery/Sewing Machine, memory cards, miracle stitcher/piping ft. Complete, all manuals. $650. 604-435-0204

COMPOST FOR SALE Composted cow manure. Great for gardens. $5 per yard Call: (604)-854-0669 Call: (604) 798-3498

Study alternative health care at one of Canada's leading Traditional Chinese Medicine training and clinical institutions. Learn from experienced, licensed practitioners from around the globe and gain practical experience at our on-site clinic and holistic healing center.

2011 LUXURY Scooter for sale Mint condition.< 80km. Loads of accessories. Was $4,000, sacrifice for $2400. (604) 990-9924

Progra ms: Spa practitioner

Traditional chinese medicine practitioner


Tui na / Anmo

For Sale Miscellaneous

ESTATE SALE fine English china, elec f/place, household items, furn, lamps, desks, older top of the line Singer Sewing machine, roll-away cot like new & more. Gd cd, obo. 604-434-2844

Help others achieve balance and wellness through natural medicine.

Doctor of traditional chinese medicine

Burial Plots




QUEEN SIZE Mattress Set Brand New. Original Plastic. Never Used. Must sell $200 Call: (604) 790-0021

Registered Massage Therapy

Call us Today



Viewing Times: Tuesday, May 15th; 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Wednesday, May 16th; 9:00 am ’Til Auction Time


Garage Sale


Garage Sale



OFFICE - BUSINESS DOWNSIZING Friday & Saturday May 11 & 12 ★ 9 to 3 ACE CARPET & FURNACE CLEANING Suite # 102 3855 Henning Drive North Burnaby (604- 293- 3770)

Assortment of Computers, Printers Furniture, Chairs, Desks, Shelving & MUCH MORE!

St Peter & St Paul Church 7772 Graham St, BBY,

May 12, 2012, 10am-2pm Bargains & Fellowship

DOWNSIZING SALE Saturday & Sunday May 12 & 13 ★ 10 to 4 839 GREENE ST, Coquitlam Something for Everyone!

Garage Sale






10am-4pm, 9500 Van Horne Way (btwn Casino & Costco) HUGE Selection of Stuff! Something for Everyone

4232 Cambridge Street, Moving Sale Saturday May 12, 9am- 1pm This isn’t a garage sale of someone’s leftover junk. I have a lot of nice stuff from places like Urban Barn, Pier One, Future well as some antique pieces: - furniture (dining room set, side tables, lamps, mirrors, TV stands etc.)

MARKETPLACE • Antiques, Collectibles, Estates & Private Collections • Gold & Sterling Silver Jewellery • Victorian & Edwardian Furnishings, Mid Century Furniture • Moorcroft Pottery, Several Royal Doulton, Hummel & Dresden Figurines • Several Dinner Sets, Oriental Porcelain, China & Jardinières • LargeSelectionofSterlingSilver&FlatwareSets • SeveralPersianCarpets & Bronzed Figures/Statues • Pine Wardrobes made by William Switzer • Mantle Clocks, Wall Clocks & Vintage Lighting • Artwork (Oil Paintings, Watercolours & Limited Edition Prints) • Contents of Several Estates. Open to the General Public – Everyone Welcome!


Preschools/ Kindergarten


LOVE’S AUCTIONEERS & APPRAISERS LTD. 2720 No. 5 Road, Richmond, B.C.


Childcare Available

Precious Minds

Montessori School • Ages 2½ - 6 Years Old • Preschool & Kindergarten • Full Montessori Curriculum


2010 Celebration of Business Excellence

Daycare, Preschool, Kindergarten, Out of School Care and Summer Program Offered. Full Montessori Curriculum: Math, English, French, Music, Art, Science, Geography, Letterland.



Childcare Society

New West.:

7231 Frances St, North Bby

New West.:

Located at the w.ft. of SFU Hill, (4blks from Barnet Hwy)

We are now accepting registration for: • Summer Program • Preschool Sept 2012 Spots are filling up fast call today

604 291-2410 778 371-7556

MAPLE TABLE $350, four chairs $235; Garden Harvest dishes, 64 pcs $175. Call: (604) 307-0404

MOVING - Excellent Furniture in Great Condition Solid 48" Oak Dining Table, leaf + 4 chairs $425; Almost new 8’ cotton sofa $275; Queen Solid Pine 4-poster bed $200; Solid Oak Media Centre $25; New bone low-flo toilet - not used $50; Double Maple Bed $25; 18 Spd Mountain Bike $40 email:


7772 Graham Avenue (Canada Way & Edmonds) #2-1001 Royal Avenue (10th St. & Royal Ave.) 76 Jamieson Court (Victoria Hill area)

604-522-6116 778-397-0191 604-544-7751

Kids on the Go

is a local guide for Kids Activities, Lessons, Education & Childcare – If this fits your business then this is the perfect advertising opportunity for you. This Feature runs the last Friday of each month in The Burnaby Now and New West. Record. To advertise call

Darla 604.444.3054 Email:

Musical Instruments

PIANO NORDHEIMER and bench, apt sized, excel cond & tuned, $550 obo. 604 435-6338


1630 Edinburgh St., New West.


NOTE: Furniture Auctions Held Every Wednesday @ 6 PM & Food / Restaurant Equipment Auctions Held Monthly


GLASS Table & 4 Chairs $310, Onyx Coffee Tble $210 Onyx Nest $225 Call: (604) 948-9862

Wanted to Buy


STAMPS wanted Collector looking to buy stamp collections. email:

view ads online@

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A31








CATS for ADOPTION Royal City Humane Society. 604-524-6447 CATS FOR ADOPTION - The Tsawwassen Animal Hospital has three senior female cats available for adoption. Please call us for more information. 604-943-9385


1BDRM/1BTH $179,900 19236 Ford Ave, Pitt Meadows Large one bedroom condo 930sq ft. Priced to Sell. Call: (250) 878-2997 or email:

Contact Sarah Dennis 778-896-0619

Ragdoll X kittens, blk with white mittens, 9wks, ready, 1st shots, dewormed, $75ea, 604-961-6825

ROTTI SHEPHERD X pups family/ farm raised - 8 wks. Ready to go to great homes $ 500. 604-794-3353




New Westminster

OPEN HOUSE Sat. 2-4pm, 1706 612 - 5th Ave. Incredible views! 1086 sf. 1.5 baths. 1 BR + den. $288,000. Brian Erhardt, R. L. Coronation West, 604-649-4382.

Real Estate Services

6005 SAVE A LIFE. Wonderful rescue dogs from Foreclosed Upon Pets. Spay/neutered, regular vaccinations & rabies, microchipped. $449 adoption fee, avail at your local Petcetera stores.

Fila Guard Dog Pups owners closest friend. Thieves worst nightmare. All shots. Ready now! 604-817-5957

ST Bernese Beautiful mix of the St Bernard and Bernese Mountain dog. Ready mid May. Call to reserve your favorite. Call: (604) 796-0116 email:

for a free Market Analysis on your home + Receive a free Report outlining 5 things to do before you sell your home! 778-896-0619

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652

Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead.

P/B STD Poodles apricot/beige & black, 10 wks, shots, vet check, tails docked, family raised, M & F $800 each. 604-607-5003

Are you looking to make a move this year?

RAGDOLL KITTENS, females, 1st shots, worming, raised underfoot, $450 +. 604-581-2772

Condos/ Townhouses

ADAM LLOYD 604.526.2888 Re/Max Advantage Realty Buy or Sell with Me and Use My Truck for Free! PUREBRED Pitbull Puppies vet checked, 1st shots, dewormed, 9wks, $650. Call: 1-(604) 989-2377


Feed & Hay

FREE HOGFUEL Call: (604) 534-7968

ED GOSS Park Georgia Realty

Serving you for 28 years Call 604-644-0141

673 Homes 62 businesses FSBO Sell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243 Langley Investors!! 4600sf Residential/ Commercial ppty $985K 882-6788 id5533 Sry Fleetwood immaculate 1785sf 3br 2.5ba tnhouse $419,900 507-8186 id5525 S Sry Nico Wynd resort own part of golf club, 1br condo $349K 536-4143 id5534

THOM CREEK Ranch - House for Sale By Owner. In Chilliwack’s premier retirement complex. 2090 sq ft finished plus 294 unfinished ready to model. In the top row with superb, unspoilable views of the City, mountains and way beyond. Excellent Clubhouse. Friendly neighbours $440,000 negotiable. No HST. 604-824-1892


Houses - Sale


OPEN SUNDAY 1 PM - 5 PM #210 - 815 - 4TH AVE. 1 BR Uptown New West Condo, $148,000. Large Bright Rooms, 650 Sq Ft, full Reno, Floors, 4 S/S Appliances, Plumbing, Roof, Electric, Pool, Meeting Room, Parking, 7 Blocks to New West Skytrain, Moody Park. Dog & Kids OK. No Agents please. Call John 778-397-0508

★ WE BUY HOMES ★ Damaged Homes! Pretty Homes! Any Condition! No Fees! No Risk! Quick Cash! Convenient! Private! (604) 626-9647


Difficulty Making Payments?

No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty? We Take Over Payments! No Fees!


Accounting/ Bookkeeping

INCOME TAX Returns: Delinquent or current. Small Business or Personal Taxes. 20 yrs exp. Start $35 per return ★ 604-420-1108 Email:



TRUE ADVICE! TRUE Clarity! TRUE PSYCHICS! 1-877-342-3032 or 1-900-528-6256 or mobile # 4486 (18+) $3.19/min.

Gadry Consultation

Spiritual Healer, Medium & Life Coach, Psychic Advice you can trust! Family issues, Happy Marriage, Reuniting loved ones, Immigration and Court matters, Business Success, Stress, Relationship, Depression. Quick Results. Natural gift! 100% GUARANTEED ★ Mr. Gadry 604-872-7952 ★


Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS WALTER HAROLD WARNER, otherwise known as WALTER H. WARNER and WALTER WARNER, Deceased NOTICE is hereby given that creditors and others having claims against the estate of the abovenoted deceased, formerly of Burnaby, B.C., are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned executor at Box 10083, Pacific Centre, 700 West Georgia Street, 18th Floor, Vancouver, B.C., V7Y 1B6, on or before the 4th day of June, 2012, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to claims that have been received. THE CANADA TRUST COMPANY, Executor


Business Services

HAVE YOU BEEN DENIED Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits? The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic can help. Contact Allison Schmidt at: 1-877-793-3222


Business Opps/ Franchises

BUSINESS FOR SALE Be your own boss publishing your own local entertainment/humor magazine. JavaJoke publications is offering an exclusive protected license in your area. We will teach you our lucrative proven system, step by step to create the wealth that you want. Call today to get your no obligation info packet. 250.785.1232

A Great Janitorial Franchise Opportunity

*Annual starting revenue of $12,000-$120,000 *Guaranteed cleaning contracts *Professional training provided *Financing available *Ongoing support *Low down payment required Contact Coverall of BC A Respected Worldwide Leader in Franchised Office Cleaning!

604.434.7744 •


Legal Services

CRIMINAL RECORD? Money-back guarantee. 100,000+ Record Removals since 1989. A+ BBB Rating. Only $45.50/month - Assures EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM. Call for FREE INFO BOOKLET - 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)



SPACIOUS 2 bed/2 Bath 925 sq. ft. $429,000.Grt open plan, gas f/p. C10-332 Lonsdale Ave. Troy Re/Max Select Prpty 604-737-8865


Vancouver East Side

FOR SALE AUTOMOTIVE Repair Shop 5 BR home from $23,500 down $2,235/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain @ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock



Serious Inquiries only Call OWNER 604-612-5536 for further information.



1 BDRM Condo in Chwk, 780sf, 55+ bldg, $88,000. (furnished) 604-219-8485 or 604-583-2510




Open House Sat 3-5 #220-711 E 6th Ave Vcr. Funky 1 Bdrm Mt Pleasant. $249,000 Completely Reno’d DAN SKALNIK 606-377-7008 Coldwell Banker Westburn 'Bringing People Together'

New Westminster

LIKE NEW 2-3 BEDROOM TOWNHOUSE OPEN SATURDAY 2-4 PM • $475,000 #2 - 50 RICHMOND ST., NEW WESTMINSTER Immaculate, freshly painted, 2-level, northeast facing, 1642 sq. ft. duplex style townhouse. 2 patios, double-car garage, lots of storage. Fabulous kitchen with eating bar, huge master bedroom with walk-in closet. VACANT. MLS# V932602

For Pictures, Videos, Floor Plans, visit

JUDY KILLEEN • 604-833-8044 Sutton Group – West Coast Realty

Call 604-998-0218 604-444-3000 to place your ad ad


Houses - Sale


OPEN HOUSE Sat May 12th 1-4pm. 30 - 45752 Stevenson Rd Chwk, $438,500 55+ Gated Complex. 604-858-8608

OPEN HOUSE Sundays 1-3PM 9420 Woodbine St, Chilliwack 45+ Rancher in Quiet Gated Community, 2 BR, 2 f/bath, all appls, 1200sf, dble garage, maint free yard, strata fee $136mo. Walk to amens. $234,900. Motivated. 1 604 625-3498

Langley/ Aldergrove

Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead.

DEVELOPMENT POTENTIAL (Maple Ridge) 5 acres, south facing view, owner occupied 2 storey home in Thornhill’s designated Urban Reserve, $1,550,000. No real estate commission. Call 604 760-3792



MISSION MULTI family 10 legal rental homes on 6.5 acres, with $92,000 net income. $1,099,000 604-838-8692


BURNABY South; CORNER 8810sq ft lot 3 BR 1200sf home. $999,000. No agents. 604-439-7554

■ all equipment included ■ Ready to operate ■ Established business

Condos/ Townhouses


9 BDRM / 8 BATH Rarely Available 6750 sqft. Luxurious mansion in South Burnaby with breathtaking view from all floors. Walking distance to Deer Lake. This beautiful house is spread over two levels and basement, which has nine bedrooms and eight bathrooms. House comprises home theatre, hot tub,steam and sauna room and much more Virtual tour : Http:// 20424/virtual.html $4,480,000. Call Vik (604) 356-4449. Sutton West Coast Realty.


Avail in North Vancouver ★ with DEALERS LICENSE ★



North Vancouver

Desirable North Vancouver Paul: 604-789-4924

ROGER BASI Interested In Selling Your Home? Lets Talk!!! Remax Award Winner 100% Club. Certified in Feng Shui Home Stager. List and Sell your home with me & r e c e i ve $5 0 0 . 0 0 t ow a rds moving costs. Cell: (604) 618-2820

Houses - Sale / 604-786-4663

6020-04 ADORABLE Havanese 10 wks old, $750. 604-940-8096

Real Estate


BC FIXER UPPERS These Homes need work!



For Sale by Owner


New Westminster

QUEENS PARK Heritage Home, 5 bdrms + family room, updated bthrms, custom kitchen + eating area, lrg living & dining, wood flrs thru out, 2 fireplaces, full bsmt, new roof & eaves, newer paint, garage & carport, lane access, 44 x 137 lot. $948,000. 410 5th St. Martin 604-220-2129


Port Moody

3BDRM/2.5BTH 3875 Bedwell Bay Road, Waterfront Access, 1/4 dock share $999,000 Call: (604) 328-8127 email:



HOUSE ON 1/2 acre lot, rented, future developement, good investment. $695K 604-324-0655 7243 199 Street, Langley Beautiful 4 BR family home with legal bsmt ste, central location, $629,000. Sutton West Coast RUPE MANN 778 240-7914

Real Estate

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A32 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record




Out Of Town Property

Vancouver East Side

OPEN HOUSE Sat/Sun May 12 & 13th, 10am - 2pm, 2396 East 39th Ave. 50x140 lot, 1,050 sqft bungalow, asking $1.2 mllion.


Mobile Homes

PRE OWNED, 2004 DW 24x44. Immaculate. Large windows, fridge, stove & security system. Asking $59,900.00. Brookswood Homes Ltd. 604 530-9566

Seniors Park, privacy lots of trees, newly renod 2 BR double wide, storage, large decks, air cond. 10 mins from major shopping. $45,900. #18- 4426- 232nd St, Langley.604-534-2997

SRY, #180 - 7790 King George Blvd. Needs updating. Beautiful, peaceful yard & hot tub! $34,900. Pad rental: $810/mo. Pets allowed. Lorraine Cauley, Royal Lepage North Star, 604-889-4874

SRY, #37 - 13650 80th Ave. Great 2 BR mobile. Motivated sellers! 2 pets ok. $85,800. Pad rental: $497/mo. Lorraine Cauley, Royal Lepage North Star, 604-889-4874


Okanagen/ Interior

Fabulous Summer Home Terrific Retirement Home Country Bed & Breakfast $537,500 USD * 2,750 sqft./ on .95 acres* * 4 Bedrooms * 3.25 Bathrooms * Oversized 2 Car Garage * Carport & Outbuilding * Drive onto Beautiful Samish Island, just North of Anacortes, Wa., to this custom Craftsman home with 25 feet of waterfront with adjacent road access. Park like setting. Two level exotic wood deck with views of Padilla Bay. Master with high ceilings, walk in closet, attached bath and solid Carerra marble surfaces. Bonus room upstairs. Extensive hardwoods, solid fir doors, walkin pantry, plenty of indoor storage, maple cabinets. For more information pls call:

Robert & Nancy Chaney, (for sale by owners) 9418 Marshall Rd, Bow, WA

1-(360)395-5525. REAL ESTATE Opportunities in USA - Commercial & Residential Retail building in Lynden WA $329,900; Profitable antique & gift business $95,000. 4 BR, 3 bath 3,524 Sq Ft home in Bellingham $350,000. Many other great buys. MacDonough Real Estate 360-733-3308


Recreation Property

BLACK MOUNTAIN RANCH, Mt Baker WA, 2007 Breckenridge Park Model dble loft trailer, 40ft, sleeps up to 12, Ranch has FREE Par 3 Golf, Horseback Riding, Indoor/Outdoor pools +. $85,000. By Owner. Tom 604-594-9342 CULTUS LAKE beautiful year round RV site grt location, low fees, all ament., $117,500. 1-604-795-9785

10 ACRES OF OKANAGAN VIEW PROPERTY FOR SALE There are several suitable building sites on the property with spectacular views of city of Penticton, and both Lakes. Power at lot line and only 10 minutes from the full service Hospital. This beautiful property is being sold by the owner at only $299,000. Contact: for further details, or call 250-493-5737.

BRAND NEW NARAMATA Townhomes - Perfect Holiday Home - Lock & Go - Steps to Beach & Winery. Alex Bloomfield 250-493-2244 (Office) 1-800-734-0457 (Toll Free) Royal Lepage Locations West


NEW WEST 2 BR apt, $800 & up, semi furn extra not incls in rent, n/s, n/p, n/d, nr Douglas College & skytrain. Immed. 604-839-8156.

WANTED We Buy Homes & Town Homes anywhere in the Lower Mainland. NO real estate commission. Please call 604 760-3792



★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Exclusive & Private Lake Shore Cottage, for all info: $329,000 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Squamish/ Whistler

COQ 1 BR apt $740 & 2 BR $970, h/water & parking included, quiet complex, no pets. 778-316-4777.

COQ Austin & Blue Mnt. Bach $620, May 1. 1 BR $700, avail now. Near transit. 778-865-6696

700 PARK CRESCENT New Westminster, 1 BEDROOM $925. Adult friendly building. visual intercom, gated parking. Near shops & bus. Includes hotwater & storage. Sorry No Pets!! Call 604-522-3391

M. RIDGE dwntwn Urbano Complex, 2 br, 2 ba, inste w/d, f/p, 2 ug prkg, nr amen, deck, n/s, n/p, Jun 1. $1150+ utils. Refs. 512-8725



545 Rochester Ave, Coq

Close to Lougheed Mall, S.F.U. & Transportation. office: 604- 936-3907

1010 6th Ave, New West 1 BR & 2 BR Available. Beautiful atrium with fountain. By shops, college & transit. Pets negotiable. Ref required.




Large Units. Near Lougheed Mall. Transportation & S.F.U.

Close to Lougheed Mall, all Transportation Connections, Schools & S.F.U.

401 Westview St, Coq

office: 604- 939-2136 cell: 604-727-5178


415 Westview St, Coq

office: 604- 939-8905 cell: 604- 916-0261 KING ALBERT COURT

552 Dansey Ave, Coq

1300 King Albert, Coq

Extra Large 2 Bedrooms. Close to Lougheed Mall & S.F.U.

Close to Transportation, Schools & S.F.U.

office: 604- 939-4903 cell: 778- 229-1358


office: 604-937-7343 cell: 778-829-3567 320-9th St, New West

Bach & 1 BR Available. All Suites Have Balconies. Undergrd Parking Available. Refs Required. Small Pet Ok.

office: 604- 524-8174 cell: 604 354-9112

Bayside Properties Services


815 - 5th Ave, New West

Bachelor & 1 BR apartments. Includes heat, h/w & cable. U/grnd prkg avail. No pets. Call 604-521-2866 or 604-619-5323

COTTONWOOD PLAZA 555 Cottonwood Ave, Coq

Large units some with 2nd bathroom or den. On bus routes, close to S.F.U. & Lougheed Mall.

102-120 Agnes St, N.West

Hi-Rise Apartment with River View & Indoor Pool. 1 BR & 2 BR Available. Rent includes heat & hot water. Remodelled Building and Common area. Gated undergrd parking available. References required.



CALL 604 715-7764 ROTARY TOWER

25 Clute St, New West Reno’d concrete high rise. 1 BR & Bach. By Royal Square Plaza, Safeway & transit. Rent incls heat, hot water, hydro, cable. 55+ bldg. Contact Ana 778-859-0798 Bayside Property 604-432-7774


22588 Royal Crescent Ave, Maple Ridge Large units. Close to Golden Ears Bridge. Great view of River

office: 604- 463-0857 cell: 604- 375-1768

SUNSET PARK 5870 Sunset Street

EXCEPTIONAL LAKEVIEW Lots from $140,000. Nice trees. No time limit to build. Owner wants to retire. Will carry financing. Also: 1 spectacular 3 acre parcel $390,000. 1-250-558-7888

2585 Portree Way, Squamish Family Home $579,000 Immac house, situated across from the school.Barb Gloor, RE/MAX Squamish, 1.604-892-4428

RENTALS 778-801-1613


1 Bdrm from $900 2 Bdrm from $1140

Summer get Away or Year Round Living. 1996-30 ft. Corsair 5th Wheel. #20 in South Valley RV Park, 7th Ave. across from Christie Park on Skaha Lake. Steps to beach. Great lot, lease $359/mth. R.V. $15,900 Call: 604.465.6559

2332 Argyle Cr. Squamish - Fall in Love with the Stunning Views! $599,900. 10,400 sq.ft. lot, 2648 sq.ft. house, 4 bdrms, 2 bath, suite potential. Barb Gloor, RE/ MAX Squamish. 1.604-892-4428

Beautifully landscaped grounds with views of Fraser river. Outdoor swimming pool and close to parks and shopping.

RENTALS 778-727-0209

NEW WEST. 1 BR & 2 BR. From $785 to $1125. Nicely upgraded building. Call 604-724-8353 NEW WEST. Bachelor, $650/mo incl heat, h/w & cable. no balcony, Near transit. Refs. 604-521-1636 PO CO 2 BR apt $780 & $800/mo. Quiet-family complex, No Pets! Avail now. Call 604-464-0034 PORT COQ, Dwnt, new 3 BR Apt, 2 full baths, 2 sec u/g prkg, in ste laundry, all new appls incls micro wave, patio, corner unit. June 1, $1400/mo. NS/NP. 604-464-5973

VANCOUVER. Modern 1 & 2 BR. Collingwood Village. Steps to Joyce Skytrain. 1-888-830-4232



115 PLACE CO-OP Located in Burnaby near Lougheed Town Centre

Accepting applications for waiting list for 1 BR’s & 2 BR’s - suits couples. Very reasonable unit fees. Adult oriented high rise. Pool, exercise room & workshop. No pets. Participation mandatory, $2000 share purchase required. Enquiries to Membership Committee

Call 604- 421-1222

NEW WESTMINSTER, 1 BR Apt, $740/mo Includes heat, h/w, cable & parking. Near Skytrain. Available June 1st. Cats okay! Deposit required.

Call 604-521-2884


(1592 S.W. Marine Dr, Vanc.) Now accepting applications for 1 BEDROOM APT $757 • Share purchase is $1600. • Sorry no subsidy available. • Close to all amenities. • Sorry no dogs allowed. To apply please email: Or mail: Box 409 - 1592 SW Marine Dr, Vancouver V6P 6M1



HOST FAMILY wanted. Please contact us at 604-688-1811 or e-mail:


Houses - Rent

BBY 4 BR 2 bath family home 15th - Canada Way. $2095. Call Quay Pacific Property Mgmt Ltd for Appointment to view at 604-570-2786 Quoting code P22

M Ridge 21437 117Ave, 4BR incls inlaw glvl ste, all appl, ns, np, Jun 1. $1700. 604-421-4052

PO CO 3191 Wellington St 3 BR main flr, 1.5 baths, cls to amens/ schools. $1450 inc heat/light. N/S, n/p. Jun 1. 1-250-464-4851 STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN ● No Qualification - Low Down ● CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 Bdrm, 1 bath, Cozy HOUSE on

49’x171’lot, Exc Investment. $888/M VANCOUVER - 1066 East 8th Ave

1Br Mt. Pleasant Condo, Quiet, Cental Area, Solid Bldg...$788/M RICHMOND - 8031 Ryan Rd, 3Br Condo, Quiet, Spacious Top Flr, Cental, Convenient Area...$888/M Call Kristen today (604)786-4663


Refreshingly Clean Meticulously Maintained

Surrey Gardens Apartments for your new one bedroom home



GATED PARKING AVAILABLE New Westminster CALL 604 723-8215

Owner Managed. Sorry, No Pets.

Call to view! 604-589-7040



Suites/Partial Houses

COQ W 2BR g/lvl ste, quiet CDS, nr L/heed mall/bus. $1000 incl hyd/cbl/gas/net. Suit 2. N/S, n/p. Jun 1. (604) 939-9109, 838-5967 N WEST sm new 1 BR ste, inc w/d /cble/utils/Y-Fi, nr s/train/amens, np/ns. $750. Jun 1. 604-777-0977



Shared Accommodation


New Westminster


Suites/Partial Houses

2 BR main flr, Nr Metrotown, 5 mins to skytrain, N/s, N/p, immed, $1,000/mo incl util. 604-805-2420 BBY 1 BR ste $750 & 2 BR $950. 1 pkng each, sm pet ok, n/s, nr Edmonds s/train. 604-777-1767

NEW WEST, Queensborough. Clean & spac. 1 BR. $625 incl hydro. No laundry. Near bus, park, shops, schools. Avail now. N/S & N/P. 604-306-3057

NEW WEST, Queensborough. Lrg 1 BR. $650 incl util & sat tv. Np. 778-578-2585, 778-829-7675 NEW WEST, Queensborough. small 2 BR, Priv ent. N/S, N/P, Nr bus & Skytrain. $725 incls hydro/ heat. Avail Now. 604-307-9350 POCO MARYHILL, Bach ste, priv ent, cable, net & utils incls, $650, n/p, no drugs. nr all ammens, Refs. June 1st. 604-941-9021

PT MOODY Old Town Center, 1 BR upper ste avail now. Newly reno’d. $750 + utls. 604-218-7660 BBY 11th Ave / 2nd St, 2BR g/lvl, everything new, granite kitch & bath. Near school, bus. NS/NP. $1000 incls utils sh’d laundry or $800 without lndry. 604-526-8798 BBY BRAND NEW 1 BR g/l ste. $750 incls utls/cbl. No w/d. Now. By bus. NS/NP. 604-524-0950


NEW WEST. 5 BR hse, top 2 lvls, fncd yrd. $2000 incls all util. Jun 1, Cat OK, N/S. 604-780-0048

604 939-0944

Miscellaneous Rentals

BBY BRENTWOOD, 1 BR bsmt, incls utils, ns/np, $650. Avail Now. 604-255-1229, 604-377-8862


1 BR $775. 2 BR $950. 3 BR from $1150. Rent incls heat, hot water & prkg. Family Living. On site daycare available. Near Cottonwood Park, Basketball Court & Skytrain. No pets.


LRG 1 BR, furnished clean quiet safe, nr skytrain, $500 incl utls Immed. Female working/student only, N/S & N/P. 778-861-8238

BBY HIGHGATE 3 BR hse, full bath, fenced back yd, pets neg, $1800. N/S. Jun 1. 604-463-0029

Move In Bonus 810 ST. ANDREWS ST.


Close to Bus & BCIT STUDIO & 1 BDRM ★ Quiet park-like setting ★ Newly Reno’d ★ Heat/hot water incl’d 604-291-8197

1 bdrm from $850

Residential neighborhood. Close to parks and public transit. Hardwood floors.



1030 - 5th Ave, New West Near Transportation & Douglas College. Well Managed Building.




BBY, Lougheed Mall. 1 BR $850. Avail June 1. Incl heat & hot water. ns/np, newly reno’d, storage, 604-779-3882

office: 604- 936-1225

GETAWAY ON GALIANO ISLAND (Lt.27 Stewart Rd). Completely furnished home & cabin on .9 acre w/private beach, deep water mourage, $999,000. 604-802-8711. View website for more info, photos & virtual tour:


BBY BRENTWOOD 2 BR bsmt, incls utils, w/d, ns/np, $1150. May 1. 604-377-0608, 604-299-5689 BBY Buffalo St. 1 BR ste Avail Immed, very clean, f/p, private kitchen & bath room, quiet area, N/S, N/P. $800/month incls utils. 604-420-1077 BBY, E. Clean 2 BR grd/lvl ste, incls w/d, new f/s. $800/mo incl util. Ns/np. Av now. 604-540-4275


Townhouses Rent

PITT MEADOWS 3 BR T/H, quiet family complex, Rent geared to income, n/p, 604-465-4851


5250 Rupert St, Vanc. 2 Bedroom Townhouse, 890sf, $1159. Share $1200. No Subsidy. Cats & dogs ok. By transit and shopping.



(Coquitlam Centre area)

2 BR & 3 BR Townhouse

2 levels, 5 appls, decorative fireplace, carport. Sorry no pets. Great Location! We also have apartments Bachelor, 1 BR & 2 BR call for availability.


BBY East , 2 BR grd lev, 1100 sq ft, radiant heat, share w/d, near school & bus. $900 + utils. Avail now. N/s, no dogs. Suits family 604-521-1008 or 604-789-6318

BBY, HIGHGATE. Bright bachelor suite. Ns/np. $550 incl hydro/ cable. Avail now. 604-522-6773 BBY N Holdom/Union 2 BR upper, 1800sf, w/d, d/w, lg deck, ns/ np. 1 person $1375 or 2 $1575. Incl utils. Jun 1. 778- 898-5159 BBY N New 1 BR glvl ste, n/s n/p, suits single person, $750 incls utils, Avail Now. 604 708-1010


TOWNHOMES Professionally managed family townhome complex on 28 acres located in beautiful Port Moody. Spacious 2 BR & 3 BR units, 5 appls, inste W/D, walk out bsmt, 1 parking. Cat friendly.

Contact 604-939-0221


Warehouse/ Commercial

AUTO REPAIR shop for rent, zoned for dealership, huge parking lot, fully fenced, cls to Highgate Mall, Bby. Call 604-729-2777.

BBY NORTH, 2 BR bsmt, $850 incls utils, n/p, n/s, Avail Now. 604-298-7781, 778-855-8871 BBY, NORTH. 2 BR bsmt, shared laundry. $850/mo incl hydro/cbl. Avail now. Ns/np. 604-299-3695 BBY S. nr Highgate, 2 BR bsmnt, super clean, nr amens, $900 incls hydro, N/s, N/p, 604-525-9821 COQ 1 BR + DEN, priv ent, own w/d, incls hydro & gas, nr mall & bus, ns/np, $950. 604-552-4246 COQ CENTRAL, 2 BR bsmt ste, sh’d W/D, walk-in closets, storage, $950 incls utls. Jun 1. NS/ NP. Nr school/bus. 604-726-6884 COQ CENTRE, 2 BR, new kitch, sh’d W/D, $850+shd utls. NS/NP. Jun 1. Nr transit. 604-218-8164

2BDRM suite $1150. Utilities +Wifi included.Near Transit/SFU/ Mall.Pets OK.Call 778-828-6731 2BDRM/1BTH 1029 Dansey Ave, Coquitlam 2 bdrm, 4 appl, no pets, avail June 1st, $750 Monthly. Call: (604) 649-8909 email: 1BDRM/1BTH 5801 Pioneer Ave. 1 bdrm, incl. hydro, no pets & no smoking, avail June 1st. $650 Monthly. (604) 649-8909 email:



ALARM 604-463-7919 Systems Ltd.



* RENOS * Bsmt refinish * Drywall * Bath Tiles * Windows * Doors * Stairs. Call Norm 604-437-1470 *STRUCTURAL CHANGES*, framing, finishing, repairs. Professional & precise, 778-233-0559

Home Services

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The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A33



A QUALITY CLEANING -7 days/ wk res/comm, senior discount low rate 778-998-9127 778-239-9609

A.S.B.A. ENTERPRISE. Comm/ Res. Free Est. $25/hour includes supplies. Insured. 604-723-0162

EZ CLEANING. Bonded/insured. $20/hour. Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby/N. West. 604-505-0108





604-240-3408 AKAL CONCRETE. Driveways, renos, sidewalks, stairs, forming, flrs, landscaping. 778-881-0961 KT CONCRETE WORKS For all your concrete needs! For free estimate 604-307-0835


Drafting/Design & Decorating

Century Hardwood Floors 604-376-7224


MY THREE SONS DRYWALL Renovations, Repairs, Texture. Call Dad 604-780-8560



#1113 LOW COST ELECTRIC Comm/Res/Panel change Heating. Lic & Bonded. 604-522-3435

Golden Hardwood & Laminate & Tiles. Prof install, refinishing, sanding & repairs. 778-858-7263

Installation • Refinishing • Repairs ART of HARDWOOD FLOORS 604-240-3344 INSTALLATION REFINISHING, Sanding. Free est, great prices. Satisfaction guar. 604-518-7508




NO HST! til MAY 31

• Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee


A1 Steve’s Gutter Cleaning & Repair from $98. Gutters vacuumed/hand clean. 604-524-0667

604-306-8599 # 1 BACKHOE, EXCAVATOR & BOBCAT

one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865


A Semi Retired Tradesman For Small Repairs & Alterations. Richard • 604-377-2480

HANDYMAN Int & Ext repairs & reno’s. Carpentry, Kitch & Bath, Plumbing. Walter 604-790-0842


Residential and Commercial • Lawn Mowing • Gardening • Power Raking • Hedge Trim • Pruning • Lawn Repairs

B&Y MOVING Experienced Movers ~ 2 Men $55 ~

Over 10 yrs. Exp. • Licenced & Insured • Professional Piano Movers


I’m a neighbour of yours... Lawn Contracts • Full Service ❏ Weed / Moss Control ❏ Hedge Trim’g / Pruning ❏ Yard & Garden Clean-up ❏ The Vegetable Patch Call Dan • 604-862-4678

GARDEN GROOMER Garden Maintenance Lawn Care

• Lawn Cutting • Power Raking • Rototiling & Pruning • Hedge Trimming • Power Washing • Open to odd jobs Free Est, Established Since 1997 Licensed Business, reasonable rates

CLIFF 604.931.0825 Many years exp ★ Free Est ★ ★ Lawn cuts ★ Garden maintainance. ★ Tree topping & trimming ★ Power raking, aeration. Call Mr. Van 604-726-9741

Park’s Landscaping

Gardening Services Lawn Maintenance Landscape Design Residential & Commercial William KIM • 28 years exp.


WILDWOOD LANDSCAPING Hedge Trimmimg & Tree Pruning & Hedge Removal Spring Clean Up Chaffer Control & Lawn Restoration. Comm/Strata/Res Aerating & Power Raking. Free Estimates. 604-893-5745 604-723-2468; Tran the Gardener. Lawns, aeration, power raking, cutting, trimming, cleanups. Very reliable.

A Gardener & A Gentleman Lawn, garden, tree svcs. Pruning, yard clean-up, rubbish. 319-5302


Reno’s & Home Improvements Kitchen & Baths, Tiling, Electrical, Carpentry +. WCB. 604-518-2948

8155 EXCAVATING & BOBCAT SERVICES • Garage Teardowns • Demolition • Driveway Widening • Concrete & Asphalt Removal • Landscape Removal • Yard Leveling & Clean Up • Digging & Trenching • Dirt Removal • Retaining Wall • 10-40 Yard Disposal Bins

Seniors Discount






Refinish, sanding, install, dustless Prof & Quality work 604-219-6944

ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR: Exp, friendly, reliable. Specializing in replacing old nob & tube wiring. Lic.#50084. 604-725-4535

YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance

Artistry of Hardwood Floors

PRESSURE WASHING, Gutter Cleaning and Repairs Call George • 778-859-7793

FCE ELECTRIC - All types of electrical work - new construction & maintenance 604-861-2647


We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac


D & W ELECTRICAL Comm/Res/Ind. All electrical. Lic & Bonded. WCB. 778-862-0098

Electrician Lic#95323, Bonded, Affordable Com/Res. No Job too small. 25 yrs exp. 604 727-2306

1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From

Free Est. 604-779-6978

(max. $400)


1 to 3 Men

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Repairs & Staining Installation Free Estimates

Moving & Storage



Flooring/ Refinishing


8125 For all your Decorating Needs No project is too small! Call: (604) 576-6401

Lawn & Garden

West Coast Cedar Installations New or repaired outdoor cedar ★ specialists since 1991 ★ 604-270-2358 or 604-788-6458

DALL’ANTONIA CONCRETE Remove Place & Finish. All Carpentry. No Job too Small. Friendly Family Run Business Serving you since 1957.


BEST RATE MOVING Experienced Movers with Affordable Rates! Starting 40/ hour Licensed & Insured


$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020 A-LOCAL MOVERS. No job too small! Furniture assembly avail. Delivery & pick-up. 604-307-8603 AMI MOVING ★ 5 ton cube. Starting at $49/hour. Local & long distances. 24/7 ★ 604-617-8620 BROTHERS MOVING & Delivery Local & Long Distance 604-720-0931 Best rates. NAHANEE MOVING.COM Family Owned. Evening moves available. Bonded, Insured. Non Smoking, Free Est. 604-782-3973

WEE HAUL Moving/Rubbish Removal Low Rates. 778-968-3001


Oil Tank Removal


● Oil Tank Removal ● Recommended ● Insured ● Reasonable Rates


TANKTECH Certified Oil Tank Removal & Remediation Specialists. res/com. Free est. 604-328-1234

Painting/ Wallpaper



Magic Star Painting 3 ROOMS $




Top Quality Quick Work Free Estimates

LAWN CUTTING from $20, power raking, trimming, yard clean up. Wesley 604 551-5547 Able Boys Landscaping Ltd. bobcat, turf, cedar fence, paving stones, ashphalt 604-377-3107

ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee



Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls, Returfing, Demos, Drainage, Jackhammering. Old Pools Filled in, irrigation. 604.782.4322

LAWNS MOWED, gardening, yard clean-up, power raking, aerating, hedges, gutters, rubbish. Seniors’ discount! 604-773-0075

★ OPERA LANDSCAPING ★ Bobcat, retaining walls, irrigation, paving, fences. 778-688-2444

Power rake/aerate/lawn mow/ clean-up/garden/hedge/trim/ prune. Qual low $. 778-241-9706


Interior/Exterior Specialist Many Years Experience Fully Insured Top Quality, Quick Work Free Estimate



Renovations & Home Improvement




• Framing • Flooring • Finishing Carpentry • Decks & Fencing •T i l i n g Senior discount

NORTH WEST ROOFING Re-Roofing & Repair. WCB & liability insur. Jag, 778-892-1530


All Work Guaranteed

Painting Contractor Residential / Commercial

• New Construction • Re-paint Interior / Exterior We Provide the High-End Quality! WCB Insured • Free Estimates Call Henry


BEST PAINTING. Repair drywall. Repaint Specialist. Interior/Ext. Free estimates. 604-724-9953 ★ QUAYSIDE PAINTING ★ 3 rooms $299.00 (604) 727-0043


Patios/Decks/ Railings

Aluminum & Glass Railings Fences & Gates PATIO COVERS

778-855-5574 778-316-2116

Book by June 15/12, get 10% off


Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187

METRO BLACKTOP CO. LTD Custom work for Driveways & new lane Aprons. Repairs/resurfacing. Call Gino 604-657-9936




All Renovations & Additions, Ins. Quality Work



Tiling • Electrical • Carpentry All jobs BIG & small. Licensed • Insured • WCB - Pacific Core -


A1 CONTRACTING. Bsmt, bath, kitchen cabinets, tiling, painting & decks. Dhillon, 604-782-1936 ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! 778 997-9582

Complete Bathroom Reno’s Suites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights, Windows, Doors. 604-521-1567 D & M RENOVATIONS, Flooring, tiling, finishing. Fully Insured. Top quality, quick work 604-724-3832

HANDYMAN, Reno’s, Carpentry, H/W Flrs, Home Repairs, etc. Rob 604-307-6715 (Bby/New West/Coq)

Free Est Lic - Ins - Bonded

10% Off with this Ad! For all your plumbing, heating & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005


Plumbing, Heating, Plugged drains. Ironman Plumbing 604-510-2155


Rubbish Removal

604-RUBBISH 782-2474

* We Remove & Recycle Anything*

Free Est’s • Large or Small Jobs


Student Works

Disposal & Recycling Trips start at


B i n s f ro m 5 - 3 0 y a rd s a v a i l .

John 778-288-8009

10% OFF with this ad w w w.student

$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020


Res - Com Professional Service FLAT RATE 7 DAYS/WK


SAVE on ROOFING Ltd Reroofing / Repair / New Roof Fully Ins. WCB. 10% disc, Work Gtd, Free Est. 778-319-5001

New • Additions • Renovations Licenced, insured and bonded 25+ years exp. 604-936-0404


Plumbing Ltd

Roofing Experts 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank

30 yrs exp.

HANDYMAN - framing, decks, tiles, hardwood, drywall, re-roof. Total additions & basements. Ken 604-500-2426 or 604-455-0740

Moon Const Building Services. Specialize in Concrete, Forming & Framing. Call Patrick 218-3064 PERFECT RAILING & AWNING LTD. Sunrooms Patio Covers. BBB Member. 778 855-5574




Yard clean up + hedge trimming. Bby/NW areas. 778-859-8760 DISPOSAL BINS: All bins are $199 + dump fees. 604-306-8599 PATRICK’S Rubbish Removal Constr/drywall/concrete. Garden/ leaf clean-up. Call 604-808-1652



Sand & Gravel

WASH OR FILL SAND $15-20/yd; Mushroom or steer manure $15/yd; Lawn & Garden or Turf Blend $24/yd.; All Gravel $20-$26/yd. Kelly 604-763-4215


NO HST! til MAY 31

Stucco/Siding/ Exterior


(max. $400)


• Exterior/Interior Projects • Written Warranty • Years of Experience • Fully Insured • WCB Covered Professional Crew of Ticketed Painters

Call Now: 780-6510

Lawn Contracts • Full Service • Specials on Power Raking Now Call Dan • 604-862-4678



Spring Specials

HON’S Garden Services •Power Raking •Cuts •Trim •Weed •Spring Cleanup ★ 604-317-5328

Fully Insured 20 years experience Call 604Free Estimates


QUALITY WORK. DONE RIGHT. A & W Landscape • Clean-ups, Disposal, Pruning, GUTTERS Seniors Disc. Al @ 604-783-3142



• Local & Long Distance • Seniors Discount

Painting/ Wallpaper


COPPERWORKS PLUMBING Will do ALL your plumbing needs. FREE Gift Card. 604-219-5555

PLUMBER • Reno’s •Rough-ins •Fixtures •H/W Tanks •Gas •Service. ★ 778-227-1119 LICENSED PLUMBER & Gasfitter. BBQs, ranges, etc. Repairs, renos. VISA ok. 604-830-6617


Power Washing

SMART CLEANING Janitorial, Pressure Washing, Window Cleaning. 604-862-9797


Renovations & Home Improvement

• Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee


Tried & True Since 1902

Call for a free estimate:


Visit us online to receive a special discount: STORMRIDER ROOF Repairs Concrete Tiles - Cedar Shakes Asphalt Shingles - Skylights & Rain Gutters 604-803-2808


A Eastcan Roofing & Siding Ltd Re-Roof, Repair. Ins. WCB. BBB. 604-562-0957 or 604-961-0324

Complete Renos & Additions, incl.: Kitchen & Bath Improvements • Roofing • Sundecks • Door & Window Replacements

A Eastwest Roofing & Siding Re-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBB Member, 10% disc, Seniors Disc, 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

Bill 604-298-1222

MY THREE SONS ROOFING Duroid, Re-Roofing and Repairs. Call Dad 604-780-8560


Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too Big or Small. 604-725-8925



My Three Sons Contracting Ceramic & Porcelain tile installations. Call Dad 604-780-8560 PTV HOME RENOVATIONS Porcelain, Slate, Granite. Bath & Kitchens. Santo 778-235-1772


Tree Services


Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585

A-1 TRI CRAFT TREE SERVICES (EST. 1986) Wildwood Tree Services, Exp Hedge Trimming and Removal & Tree Pruning. Free Est. 604-893-5745


Window Cleaning

BOB’S WINDOW Gets that Clean, Clear Shine No Drops, No Drips, No Streaks Right into the corners! Serving you for over 20 yrs. Also do Gutters 604 588-6938

A34 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record


Collectibles & Classics

1968 THUNDERBIRD 429 quadra jet, 2 dr cpe, reblt mtr, new brakes &lines & paint, $9,500 604-376-8363

1969 FORD Falcon Futura 302 auto, fully restored, immac paint & body, numerous high performance options. $13,500. Photos at Call 604-307-0201



Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

2007 HONDA Shadow VT750C, 11,150 km, like new, many extras, $5900. obo 604-531-9373

2008 CADILLAC Escalade EXT $39,888. (604) 626-4548 #30576

2010 CHRYSLER 300 Touring Auto/ Air/ loaded....$15,995 3696 1-888-812-2511

2007 PIAGGIO scooter MP3-250, silver, practically new, less than 500 km, fuel injected engine, security lock, new battery, $4300. Call Don 604-987-9166


Scrap Car Removal

2011 CHEVROLET Impala (Auto, air, Fully Loaded, V6, 30 to clear)....MSRP $29,690 Now $12,995 #4135 - 1-888-812-2511




MIKE: 3094 Westwood St, Port Coq 604 945-4999. 2925 Murray St, Port Moody 604 461-7995.



604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H

2009 Dodge Calibur Hatchback (sports model). 31, 000 km. 4 Door, 4 Cylinders. Excellent Shape, easy on gas. Asking $10,500. For more details call Mike at 604-463-4831.


Luxury Cars


1995 FERRARI F355 GTB. Meticulously cared for. Canadian car. Recent full engine out service, new clutch and release bearing, Tubi exhaust, Hyperflow cats, wheel spacers. Drives and looks perfect! A must see! $54,900. Call 778-834-6069

AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673

★ FREE TOWING ★ up to $500 CASH Today!

2001 CORVETTE Z06 black on black, absolute mint cond, 55k. Must sell! $32,000. 604-574-7629


2007 BMW 335 coupe 62km 1 ownr, mint cond, leather, auto, sunroof, Sports Package & Prem Package $32,900. 604-6167727

9130 2006 LINCOLN LS, 1 owner 26,000K, garage kept, immac, loaded, dark wine colour ext, blk leather int, $18,500 + HST. Call 604 584-4704 or 778 228-2721

2010 JEEP Commander 4wd 7 Passenger/ Loaded/ Mags...$22,995 #3631 1-888-812-2511

2011 GMC Yukon 4wd luxury/ Leather/ Loaded/ Mags...$35,995 #3791 1-888-812-2511

1995 SUBARU Legacy wagon good run cond 242,000 k, s/roof, $2350. 604-985-8495 eves pls.

Sports & Imports

2011 NISSAN Xterra 4wd (Auto, V6, Loaded, Mags, 10 Xterra to clear)...$25,995 #3895 1-888-812-2511 2011 SUBARU Outback (Luxury Crossover, Auto, Loaded)...$26,988 #3626 1-888-812-2511

1990 FORD 24’ Class C Glendale Royal Classic m/h, $8500. 88,000 org kms, well maint., Ph Art 604-858-5909

KIA MAGENTIS 2008 lx V6 auto 200 hp - 20,300 km. Only $12,500. Chwk 604-847-3297 2003 MAZDA Prote´ge´ 5, 5 spd, 140K km, new water pump, timing belt & front wheel bearings, sunroof, pwr windows, locks, cruise, nice cond. $7,700. 778-227-2010 2004 NISSAN Maxima Luxury/ Leather/ Loaded...$10,888 #0666 1-888-812-2511

NEED CHEAP AUTOBODY ? 604-341-7738

2002 BMW 325xi Wagon 153,000km, silver, new tires, excellent shape. $10,900 o.b.o. Adrian 604- 562- 6943



1988 CHEV 20 work van, 3/4 ton, Aircared, original owner, good r u n n in g o r d e r $ 2 7 5 0 o b o 604-986-2430 2005 AUDI S4. Quattro (AWD). 102,000 km. Blk leather. Incl 2 set of wheels & tires. 6 speed. Power everything! Exc cond. $19,500. Call/text Rick @ 778-847-2975. 2001 CHEVY VENTURE. Dual sliding door, fully loaded, 132k, $2750. 604-563-4352

2006 HYUNDAI TIBURON SE. 103K km. Leather, mint, sunroof, a/c, CD, alarm. 2.0 L, 4 cyl. No accid. $9600. 604-839-6253

1993 Toyota Hilux Surf SSR-X 3.0L RHD 99,645km Auto, Bluetooth Stereo, Rmt Strt, Recarro Seats. $8,500 (778) 863-8434 2003 JEEP Liberty Limited 6 Cylinder, 140,000km, service history, $5,950. 604-357-4707

Services & Repairs

Call KoolAir King


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2006 NISSAN Altima 2.5S Special Edition 94,000 km automatic, spoiler, fog lights, new tires, winter mats. $10,888. Call 604-819-9596 Chilliwack 2006 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT. 46,000 km. Grey. 4 drs, auto, p/w, p/l, leather heated seats, sunroof, mag wheels. Good condition! $16,000 obo. 604-240-9912

2002 WINDSTAR (Ford) 137 kms, good cond., $4300. 604-845-4766 after 4pm or all day wkends

1996 10’ Slumber Queen camper, north south bed for ext cab, loaded. $6500. Ph 604-858-2617 1997 PJ Construction/car hauler trailer, 20 ft, 16 ft deck, 83 in wide deck, GVWR 7000#, New 225-75- R 15 trailer tires, 2500 # / tire, 4 wheel electric brakes (breakaway switch) 7 pin connector, deep cycle battery, ball winch mount, stake pockets/ tiedown brackets, spare tire, ramps, 2 5/6 ball hitch $2500. Call 604-817-4724 1997 WILDERNESS 22ft, good cond, sleeps 5, fridge/freezer. $5,500 obo. Tony 604-464-1072

1998 NOMAD 5th Wheel 25 ft. 1 slide; Standup/walk around Bdrm $12,000 604-796-2866 2000 FORD Travelaire Mtrhome Superduty, 25ft, 125,000kms, exc cond, $16,000obo. 604-531-2109

2006 Mercedes-Benz ML500 4Matic, 149,500 kms. Excellent, loaded, Nav, DVD. $19,995 (604) 290-3975

2002 Toyota Sequoia Automatic 305,000 kms 1 owner, top condition, all records, new Michelins. $13,900 email:


Sports & Imports

1990 GMC Suburban. 4 WD, underdrive, blue, well kept. New Bluetooth. $6,000. 604-584-0324

1994 PONTIAC Trans Am GT red with grey int., well maint., lady driven $4800. Serious inquires only. Ph 604-997-2583

2001 26.6 Frontier Plainsmen with slide ’00 FORD 350 V10, 133 kms. Grt cond. $24,000 both. 604-824-2362

2010 CHEVROLET Express 2500 Cargo (Auto, air, 15 Cargo Vans to Clear)...$19,995 #3330 1-888-812-2511

2001 27 ft Ford Class C RV, tow pack, V10 pwr, island bed, ent ctre, slp 4, 82K,as new $21,000 due to illness 604-929-7575

2010 CHRYSLER Town & Country Ultimate Luxury Vans with Power Sliders...$18,888 #4215 1-888-812-2511

2002 25’ Custom Coach travel trailer, queen bed & bunks, $10,500. Call 604-984-9293

CHEVY UPLANDER 2005. V-6, auto, 7 pass., grey, A/C, power locks & windows, cruise, tilt, 93K km. Runs very well. $6,400. 604-241-2530 or 604-375-2570 2007 PT CRUISER. Hot deal! Auto, low kms, very clean. Cream exterior, grey interior. A/C. Mag wheels. Spoiler. Aircared. Rear wiper. $6,395 obo. 778-242-2018

2007 TOYOTA Yaris, 4 door hatchback, 78K, automatic. Well maintained, reliable and excellent on gas. Brand new tires, A/C, power locks and windows. $10,500. Call 778-239-7112

1992 SAAB 9000, 4 cyl, auto, loaded, runs great, affordable luxry, $2400, obo, 604-984-4490 2000 FORD Explorer 4x4, fully loaded, 150K, exc cond, white, air cared. $3,750. 604-218-8499

2005 CHRYSLER Town & Country Touring, fully loaded, pwr side door/taildoor, store & go seats. $6,500 obo. 604-710-9030

2010 DODGE Grand Caravan (Fully Loaded, Media Centre with Stow’n Go, 40 Grand caravans to Clear)...$15,995 #3530 1-888-812-2511

2008 HONDA Civic, 4 dr, silver, auto, 60,000kms, excl cond, fully loaded, $11,500. 604 518-3166

Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

1983 HONDA CM250, approx 20,000 mi, low cost transport, dependable, new tires, saddle bags $1450. 604-880-9073


1995 SEA Breeze 31 (Class A) Fully equipped, exc. cond., tow car avail $22,500 obo 604-746-5898'

1996 MAZDA Precidia MX-3, std, 181K, exc cond, air cared. $1650 obo. (Richmond) 778-881-6478

NEW CHEVROLET Silverado Crew Cabs (Auto, V8, Air, Onstar, well equiped, 200 Trucks to Clear)) MSRP $33,980 Now $21,995 - 1-888-812-2511

1997 Chevy 4x4 1500. 4.3liter vortec v6, sound system, tinted windows.$2400. 604-807-4203

2011 HYUNDAI Sonata Loaded/ Mags/ Alloys...$17,988 #3491 1-888-812-2511


2003 MERCEDES CLK 320, 105k, 2nd owner, no acc. mint, local, $14,250. 604-626-8009

2011 NISSAN Pathfinder SV 4wd 7Pass/ Loaded/ Mags...$28,888 #3776 1-888-812-2511

Avoid Costly repairs, let us tune up your original a/c system. Save lots of $$$ Guaranteed Results!

9155 2005 ASTON Martin DB9. 'James Bond style car!' Silver metallic. 23,000 km. 6.0, V12, 450 hp. New tires. 1 owner. You deserve the best! $86,980. 604-781-7614.

2009 DODGE p/u 150 hemi SLT, loaded, matching canopy, rhino lined, show room cond. 8,000 org km ’s, $25,000. 1-604-613-3727 1-604-796-9060

604-728-1965 John

2007 BMW 525I, black, loaded, leather, sunroof, very clean, 122K, $24,900. 604-999-4097 1997 TOYOTA Camry LE. 4 drs, 4 cyl, auto, a/c. Well maintained. Aircared. $3700. 604-936-1270


#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

Is your Vehicle A/C Not Working?


1995 FORD Mustang convertible, new top, Aircared, V6, auto, good cond $3200. 604-984-7574


ALEX’S TOWING FREE SCRAP CAR REMOVAL No Wheels, No Problem CASH for some complete cars OPEN 24 hrs includes holidays MIKE 604-872-0109

1998 MUSTANG SVT Cobra Convertible, 35,350 orig km, very detailed history, pristine show quality, $17,900 obo. 604-531-9373

2008 FORD F150 S/Cab 4wd Fully Loaded Truck...$18,888 #2759 1-888-812-2511

2010 NISSAN Rogue AWD Auto/ Loaded/ cd...$19,995 #3650 1-888-812-2511


1981 LINCOLN Town car, signature series, stock, collector plates, $5000 obo 604-792-6367

2002 SANTA FE, 128K kms, 4 cyl, 5 spd, air, pw, exc cond $5300 obo 604-710-8053 2007 CHEVY LS, HD Quad cab. 130k, no acc, matching canopy, tow pkg, $18,000 604-798-2275

1989 JAGUAR XJS coupe, V12 159 K, pristine cond $9,750 obo. Priv sale, call Bob 604-986-8516

1999 BENTLEY Arnage Stunning sapphire on cream interior. Quick 4.4L twin turbo. Non smoker, No accidents. Mint. Looks new! $49,900. Call 604-889-2525

Sports & Imports

2011 HYUNDAI ACCENT GL 4 dr, loaded. 25,500 km. $11,600. Exc cond. 1-604-793-5520 (5961)

No Wheels, No Problem

1995 MERCEDES E320 Cabriolet Exc cond; local, 109K, NO accid. $14,900 Rare 778-773-1398


2007 CADILLAC Escalade 4wd (Luxury, Leather, Sunroof, Mags)...$32,995 #3339 1-888-812-2511

2011 CHEVROLET Malibu (Auto,air, fully loaded, 80 to clear)....MSRP $26,200 Now $14,995 #4140 – 1-888-812-2511

1990 BENTLEY Mulsane 4 Dr Sedan, leather upholstery. Like New. ONLY 42,000 kms, $20,000 obo. Lgly. Ralph 778-988-2055

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2009 INFINITI G37 Luxury/ leather/ loaded/ mags...$25,995 #3135 1-888-812-2511

2011 CADILLAC CTS (Luxury. Leather, Panaramic Sunroof, Mags, 10 to clear)....MSRP $45,645 Now $29,995 1-888-812-2511 1987 ROLLS Royce S. Spirit Beautiful cond. 96k, all records, local Carter car, 24yrs one owner. $26,500 obo 604-644-6061.


2006 BUICK Allure CX. 94K kms. No accid., local, garage kept. Exc cond. $8,900. (1)-604-855-1335

2009 PONTIAC Vibe Very Big Selection...$11,895 #4204 1-888-812-2511 1986 CHRYSLER TC Woody Wagon, 1 owner, excellent condition. $2900. 604-534-2997


2009 Chevrolet Uplander Automatic 86,000 kms Priced to sell!! Burgundy LS ,7 pass, two sets of tires, Rear DVD , well maintained and mostly Hwy kms $9,900 Call: (604) 614-0762


1995 BMW 328I Convertible, 88,000kms, leather int, new tires/ brakes, $7,999. 604 536-4293

1993 Toyota Camry 4 dr. auto 174 km, 4 cyl. service records $2,995. (604) 602-9066.

2004 PLEASUREWAY Plateau M/H, Mercedes Benz diesel, Mi. 61,588K, Immac cond & loaded. Ph Peter 1-604-357-3918 2006 26FT Grand Surveyor queen bed, a/c, etc. Light weight. $11,900 obo. 604 596-7060

2011 COUGAR 28-6' Mint only 1 trip. Loaded c/w slide + all options ++ more $23,900 604 531-2841


12FT ALUMINUM HARBOURCRAFT BOAT, no leaks, good shape, $750. 604-584-1846 1986 RENNELL, 6 cycle mercury, 9.94 cycle Yamaha, after 1 yr not used, not perfect, $1400 obo, 604-462-1540

2002 GMC Adventurer. Great camping with snowbird option! 106,000 kms Excellent 20’ motorhome. Sleeps 4, with oven, microwave, fridge & new stereo system. Low km, little used. $20,000. (604) 833-4537

2005 HUNTER 33 Sailboat, $95,900. Moored @ Point Roberts. Call Greg 778-686-5299 Aluminum Boat Wanted, 10, 12 or 14 ft, with or without motor or trailer. Will pay $. 604-319-5720

2001 INFINITY QX4, 4 dr, 222,000 km, fully loaded, exc cond $8,900 Call 604-846-6648

2002 WINNEBAGO Sunova, fiberglass roof, 51,400 kms, kitchen slide, awning, tow bar incl, 4K gen, $42,000. 604-943-2583

BOAT FOR SALE 17’ bowrider/ 144hp io/ready to go $5,000 Call: 604-703-0133 email:

ROAD RANGER 5TH WHEEL 24 FT. Rear bath, queen bed, new tires. New cond. $11,950. Call: (604) 325-7871 or email:

The Record • Friday, May 11, 2012 • A35

SHOP 24/7


A+ Rating

2012 FUSION SE MSRP $26,299


The Ford Partner Recognition Plan, known as the

“X Plan,”

offers Ford partners significantly discounted price off MSRP.


Key West Ford is offering this

EXCLUSIVE PRICING to the public until May 31st only!


2012 F150 4X4 SUPERCREW XTR MSRP $46,649


This applies to


inventory and all prices will be clearly identified for your convenience.


GUARANTEED PEACE OF MIND that you are getting the best deal possible! 500 AIRMILES*


✓ 6 speed Auto Transmission ✓ Advance Trac Stability System ✓ Passive Anti Theft System ✓ Power Windows & Locks ✓ Sirius Satellite Radio

MSRP .........$26,299 Discounts.....$6,377

2012 F150 4x4 Supercrew XTR ✓ Tailgate Lift Assist ✓ Roll Stabiilty Control ✓ Power Signal Heated Mirrors ✓ Power Driver Seat ✓ Power Adjustable Pedal ✓ Trailer Tow Package ✓ SYNC® Voice Activated System ✓ Chrome Step Bar ✓ 18” Chrome Wheels

Stk# 123613

X-PLAN PRICE $19,922

Plus $1000 Costco discount

2012 Ford Edge SEL

MSRP .........$37,649 Discounts.....$7,081

X-PLAN PRICE $30,568





✓ 6.7 V8 Diesel ✓ 6 Way Power Seat ✓ Power Sliding Window ✓ Fog Lights ✓ SYNC® ✓ 18” Alloy Wheels ✓ LCD Driver’s Screen ✓ Chrome Side Steps ✓ Sirius Satellite Radio ✓ Trailer Tow/Brake Control

Plus $1000 Costco discount


X-PLAN PRICE $35,076

Plus $1000 Costco discount

Brand New F350 Crew Cab 4x4

Stk# 124909 Stk# 124909

✓ 18” Chrome Wheels ✓ My Ford Touch ✓ SYNC® ✓ Reverse Camera

MSRP .........$46,649 Discounts...$11,573

Stk# 126420



MSRP .........$68,489 Discounts...$15,755




Stk# 118144

X-PLAN PRICE $52,734




DEALER #7485

Plus $1000 Costco discount





1.866.549.8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminster


Some conditions apply to $500 discount & Costco Member Discount. All Prices net of all rebates & programs plus Taxes and $499 Documentation fee. **On Approved Credit. Excludes S model. Sale ends Friday, May 11th.

A36 • Friday, May 11, 2012 • The Record

HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY 100% BC Owned and Operated Prices Effective May 10 to May 16, 2012.

We reserve the right to limit quantities. We reserve the right to correct printing errors.

Meat Department

Kashi GoLean Cereal

Organic Whole Chickens

Vitasoy Organic Soy Beverages

assorted varieties



assorted varieties




Produce Department

Fair Trade Red Grapefruits from Planeta Verde

4.99lb/ 11.00kg


St. Dalfour Fruit Spreads


assorted varieties

3.99 225ml

Wasa Crispbreads

Dairyland Cream assorted varieties

assorted varieties


3/4.98 500ml






reg 13.99

Oka Regular or Light Cheese



each 225g box • reg 9.99

Mount Royal Hand Made Bagels

Earth’s Choice Spring Water


assorted varieties


Bakery Department

1.5L• +deposit+eco fee

Frontier Organic Packaged Spices

Gardein Meatless Entrees

assorted varieties

assorted various sizes


35% off regular retail price


Emerald Valley Kitchen Organic Hummus, Salsa or Bean Dip assorted varieties

370-430g • product of Canada

regular retail price

Health Care Department 14.99

assorted varieties

Weleda Baby Care Line

20% off

regular retail price

Rice Bakery


Aura Cacia Aromatherapy Foam Bath Products

Rice Mother’s Day Cakes or Cookies

assorted varieties


1.00 off

70 - 70.9g All-natural foaming bath containing 100% pure essential oils that provide true aromatherapy benefits for the mind, body and spirit.

regular retail price

300ml • product of Ontario

Seminars & Events at St. Marks Anglican Church, 1805 Seminars & Events at Choices South Surrey, 3248 King George Blvd. Larch St. Vancouver

Gluten-Free Fair



Sunday, May 27, 11:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday, May 26, 11:00am – 4:00pm Registration and pre-payment is required. Cost $18. Call 604-736-0009 or pay online at


Badger Sunscreens offer both UVA & UVB protection using Zinc Oxide in a waterless base of Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Beeswax, Jojoba & Cocoa Butter that is ultra-moisturizing and soothing.


Kettle Foods Potato Chips


Badger Natural Sunscreen

assorted sizes

! New

assorted varieties

assorted varieties

15% off

regular retail price

Sweetpea Organic Frozen Baby Food

Rocky Mountain Frozen Gourmet Pizzas

bags or bins

550g great for French toast.

220g • product of USA

340-454g product of USA

Organic Fair Trade Quinoa

2.00 off Challah Bread

3lb bag

Bulk Department

4” MOM Cake or 6” Mother’s Day Belgian Chocolate Cake

package of 6 • product of BC



assorted varieties

20 count


certified organic, Argentinian grown

Choices’ Own Family Sized Quiche

assorted varieties

assorted varieties

Fair Trade Gala Apples from Interrupcion

Deli Department

Sahale Gourmet Nut Blends

Traditional Medicinal Wellness Teas


5.99lb/ 13.21kg


5 lb bag

certified organic

value pack

assorted varieties


Fair Trade Bananas from BOS Cooperative

Spring Creek Beef Stewing Meat

Chapman’s Ice Cream

Certified Organic, Mexican Grown



Gluten-Free Fair

Look for our

Registration and pre-payment is required. Cost $18. Call 604-541-3902 or pay online at

WOW! PRICING Kitsilano




Rice Bakery

South Surrey

2627 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 604.736.0009

3493 Cambie St. Vancouver 604.875.0099

1888 W. 57th Ave. Vancouver 604.263.4600

1202 Richards St. Vancouver 604.633.2392

2595 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver 604.736.0301

3248 King George Blvd. South Surrey 604.541.3902

Choices at the Crest 8683 10th Ave. Burnaby 604.522.0936

Kelowna 1937 Harvey Ave. Kelowna 250.862.4864

Royal City Record May 11 2012  

Royal City Record May 11 2012