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Drunk drivers get a break Jane Seyd

DRUNK drivers who were nabbed by police in the early days of the province’s tough new drunk driving laws won’t have to install special interlock devices on their cars or pay for driver education programs.

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Happy new year

MEMBERS of the Korean Traditional Arts Society perform their drumming song “Samulnori” at West Vancouver secondary’s Asian New Year Celebration for 2013, the Year of the Snake. The annual event presented by the school’s multicultural club featured both traditional and modern performances by school students at the Kay Meek Theatre.

B.C.’s Justice Minister Shirley Bond said most drivers issued those administrative penalties in the early days of the program won’t be asked to follow through on them. About 440 people who already paid for a driver education program will get refunds. The move comes after the superintendent of motor vehicles reviewed the driving records of 1,137 people province-wide, who were handed roadside driving bans and told to sign up for the programs shortly before the courts struck down the original law as unconstitutional. In November 2011, B.C. Supreme Court Justice Jon Sigurdson ruled B.C.’s See Some page 5

No referendum on recovery house Christine Lyon

THE people have spoken, but not loud enough to stop the construction of an addictions recovery centre in the District of North Vancouver. In 45 days, opponents of the controversial project garnered signatures from just 176 electors, a far cry from the 6,045 names required to force a referendum on the issue. On Dec. 12, district council voted to use its alternative approval process for the North Shore Support Recovery House, a two-storey

Only 176 DNV electors sign petition opposing Lloyd Ave. rehab facility

nine-bed, women-only drug and alcohol addictions recovery centre proposed for the north end of Lloyd Avenue. Under the alternative process, 10 per cent of eligible voters in the district would have had to submit elector response forms by Jan. 28 in order to stop council from moving ahead with a bylaw allowing the project to break ground. At Monday night’s district council meeting, Coun. Mike Little

said he received an email earlier in the day from someone who had not heard about the alternative approval process until after the submission deadline had passed. District staff assured Little that notice of the alternative process followed the requirements of the Community Charter, and was advertised via newspaper, social media and the District Dialogue online newspage. Coun. Doug MacKay-Dunn noted that the response period had been extend by 15 days due to Christmas, giving people more opportunity to express their points of view. See Information page 5

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A2 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A3


NEWS photos Mike Wakefield

THE North Shore Hospice sits tucked out of sight in a lane between East 13th Street and East 14th Street. It’s a tranquil oasis a short walk but far removed from Lions Gate Hospital. Many North Shore residents are unaware of its existence or the role it plays. Current patient Judy Smith says she was one such resident.


A step before heaven

Martin Millerchip

birthing coach, except that instead of coming, you’re going out. And that was really helpful. Once people got their heads around ‘She’s transitioning, and that’s how it is,’ it became: How can this be as nice as it can be? “We discovered they had these amazing computers and the ability to Skype. I have a sister in Ontario, she’s got relatives in Europe and everyone was visiting with her. It was amazing. “Then we went to YouTube and pulled up German folk songs from her childhood, and even when all her organs were shutting down and she wasn’t really moving she was tapping her fingers with the music and you could see her mouth trying to sing along. We could tell that meant a lot to her.” “So, when I go, when I transition, I would hope for an experience equal to what my Mom had here.”

WHEN Chris Klar’s mother, Helga, died in the North Shore Hospice last month, a nurse put a small butterfly on her room’s doorhandle and then came in and opened the window a little bit, saying, “Just in case her soul wants to go out.” “It was very comforting,” says Klar. Her mother was admitted to Lions Gate Hospital on Christmas Day, and shortly afterwards was diagnosed with terminal cancer. She also had osteoporosis so badly that the 79-year-old woman was breaking bones while in bed. She was moved to the hospice on East 14th Street four days later. Klar’s mother was a Ladner resident who just happened to be visiting for Christmas when she was admitted to hospital. “So this is where her final resting place was, which is kind of cool because we have the mountains here and she was from Germany. I have to say, I feel really lucky it all came apart here (in North Vancouver) and that I could just come and spend days and days with her,” says Klar. “In the hospital, it’s noisy and all sorts of things are going on, you have a curtain between you and the other person, and the nurses maybe talk too loud. It really takes the family to be involved to ensure the patient is comfortable, I think. “We come here and she has this beautiful room. It was private. The nurses were patient and more like visitors. She wasn’t hooked up to all of the tubes and stuff, so that was more comfortable, and she was in this special $30,000 air bed. She probably had six or seven broken bones at this point — ribs, spine — and this bed would manoeuvre her so that she stayed comfortable. The lighting is nice, the garden beautiful.” Klar says the effort the hospice staff make to include the whole family is remarkable. “There was no restriction on the number of people we could bring. We must have had 20 people — grandchildren, her brother from the States and his family — and they’d never say ‘Could you be quiet?’ They’d say, ‘There’s a private room for you, if you like.’” Klar says the hospice doesn’t just allow family members to sleep over with residents, they go out of their way to make them comfortable. The hospice rooms are designed with pullout couches, there’s a separate shower for guests, personal laundry facilities, an adult TV lounge as well as one for kids with electronic games, books and toys. There is even a “spa” with a hydro-therapy tub where residents and clients of the Monday Palliative Day Program can get their hair and nails done or have a foot massage. People process grief in different ways and Klar acknowledges that her brother presented as really “angry and demanding: ‘What are you doing about this?’ and ‘Look at her, she’s not eating!’ and they would very gently explain the process for the

CHRIS Klar’s mother died in the hospice in January. Klar says the hospice staff are amazing, inclusive and empathetic with patients and their families. 12th time. “When she was shutting down, they would explain the process without getting medical about how it was going to go. They had a great way of measuring time for you because everybody wants to know ‘How long?’ What they said was: ‘If you see a change in a week, then it’s probably weeks. If you see a change every day, then you’re probably talking days.’ “That’s a neat way of measuring it when you have to talk to people who need to come in.” The hospice offers pastoral care for those who want it. Klar says her mother hadn’t practised her Lutheran faith much in the last 20 years of her life but enjoyed the company of the chaplain who visited. “He is just a beautiful man who would bring in light and come as often as she wanted. He was the person who knew how to be in this situation.” “It turned out to be, from a tragic circumstance, more of a journey. “One of the nurses said she saw her role as being similar to a

••• Judy Smith was born and raised in Vancouver but has called North Vancouver home for 30 years. Despite the fact that she is a longtime resident, she says she had no idea the hospice was here. She is proud of the fact that she was one of the first people hired by Thrifty’s to get its North Vancouver store open in 2010. She was working right up to the time she was diagnosed with cancer in her throat a few weeks ago. The news was shocking and final. There was no point to an operation, chemotherapy or radiation. Essentially, she went to Vancouver General on Jan. 2 for a consultation and never left hospital. Smith says she told her daughter who lives in New Westminster right away, but took a week to get her own thoughts in order before she shared the news with her siblings, an older brother and sister and a younger brother who all live in the Metro area. She was transferred to Lions Gate Hospital and from there to the hospice two weeks ago. “It’s been sudden and fast-paced. I didn’t really have time to think. I think I’m still in a little bit of shock. I haven’t cried. I’m not sad. Perhaps you would say I’m numb.” She says the hospice has been invaluable in helping her to plan funeral arrangements and “putting my ducks in place.” “The hospice is the step before heaven. It has nothing to do with Lions Gate Hospital and I would encourage anybody and everybody to volunteer or donate. “I can’t say how wonderful the staff are here They are so kind and have so much empathy and sympathy. There is no better place to be than this hospice before you go, before you move to the next world, wherever that is.” Smith says she’s OK with dying, but wishes it came with a date. “I feel like I’m living on the edge, and there is no procrastinating here. I’m quite an organized person, so right now my priority is to try and get every thing in order. There’s always a temptation to say, ‘I’ll do it tomorrow.’ But maybe there isn’t a tomorrow, See When page 8

A4 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Temporary Vehicle Overpass Closure at Park Royal as of February 12, 2013 Improvements will be made to the existing vehicle overpass, which connects Park Royal North and South. These improvements are part of our new approved Village retail expansion and will allow traffic to have a smoother and safer transition as it moves between Park Royal North and South. These improvements will require a temporary closure of the overpass through the remainder of the month of February and early March 2013. Traffic will be re-routed, with signage and flaggers on-site, while this temporary closure takes place. The public will still have access to both sides of Park Royal via the new Marine Drive intersection and Taylor Way. Construction is scheduled to begin on Tuesday, February 12. On behalf of Park Royal and its over 280 stores and services, we thank you for your patience and understanding during this work. For further information and updates, please visit





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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A5

Information meeting coming

Look for the Layar “cloud” symbol in photo captions. Ensure the entire photo is captured by your device when scanning. Asian New Year page 1 Concrete toboggan page 14

From page 1

“Also, those individuals that were very much against the project did have their own blog and their Facebook page . . . so the message did get out, both through our blog system and through those other interested parties,” he said. The bylaw that council is now free to adopt would remove the required portion of land from an original bylaw holding the land for park COUN. Alan Nixon purposes. Rezoning would also promises ample public be required to add the recovery consultation. home as a permitted use within the “community park” zoning on that site. Council will not approve the bylaw until it can be adopted concurrently with the associated rezoning bylaw. It is anticipated both bylaws will be ready for adoption in early May. Next up in the process is a public information meeting, tentatively scheduled for Feb. 26. The issue will also be brought to the Edgemont Community Association AGM on March 21. Coun. Alan Nixon said there will still be “ample opportunities for the public to make their views known to us.” If the project goes ahead, the district would lease a portion of land at 2670 Lloyd Ave. to Turning Point Recovery Society, a Vancouver non-profit group that would run the North Shore centre. At previous council meetings, some residents had objected to handing public land over to a private interest. There was also concern over the potential loss of park land. No residents stood up to speak for or against the project at Monday night’s meeting.

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harshest administrative penalties for drunk drivers violated the Charter of Rights and Freedoms because they allowed police to impose criminal-style penalties without giving drivers a chance to appeal. After the law was struck down, a number of North Shore drivers — including a commercial truck driver and West Vancouver real estate agent — challenged the penalties they’d been handed.

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NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Dix mixer

Mortons Neuroma or bursitis

NDP leader Adrian Dix speaks at a North Vancouver Chamber of Commerce reception Thursday evening.

The government subsequently revamped the drunk driving laws, adding more leeway for appeal. Under the revised laws, drivers who fail a roadside test can ask for a second test on a second screening device. The lowest reading is the one recorded. Police must also provide statements about the reliability of the roadside devices. Bond said none of the drunk drivers are getting off the hook on the rest of their penalty, which included a three-month driving ban and various fines and impoundment costs.

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Some early penalties violated charter rights

From page 1

Ping Pong page 33 Chris Ronaske Page 39

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A6 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership, 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Not so neighbourly E

XPECT excavators and cranes where there used to be demolished homes and vacant lots along Mountain Highway in the Seylynn neighbourhood. District of North Vancouver council granted the first of several building permits there this week for Seylynn Village. Whatever the name — and Seylynn Towers would be more accurate — it will be one of the larger housing developments in recent North Shore history. The district is making much ado of implementing its new official community plan, which envisions more walkable neighbourhoods. There’s no doubt this is a pocket of the district that can do with some fresh thinking and it provides a nearly perfect blank canvas for the 790 singles, couples and families who will call this “village” home at full build-out. If density is to

go somewhere in the district, this spot has great potential. But the neighbourhood is hardly walkable. The nearest things in walking distance are a noisy highway interchange and an industrial area. Almost all who move in will likely drive to get to shopping and commercial amenities. With the amount of extra height and density, which even supporters on council were leery about, we are looking at an explosion of residential development while commercial and community development plays catchup. Now that construction looms, it’s incumbent on the district to unveil the planning for the rest of what will make this truly a neighbourhood, and get it started quickly. It should have been done before we got to this point.


You said it “At what point are we going to draw the line and say: ‘Andrew Saxton needs to step up. Our local MLAs need to step up.’” District of North Vancouver Coun. Roger Bassam blasts senior governments for leaving the task of creating affordable housing to municipalities (from a Feb. 3 news story). ••• “It can still function. It may not function as best as everyone wants it to, but it does function.” City of North Vancouver Mayor Darrell Mussatto discusses council’s decision to delay discussion of redeveloping the Harry Jerome Recreation Centre until January 2014 (from a Feb. 6 news story). ••• “We all know it’s about the money, otherwise they wouldn’t do it. It doesn’t make sense care-wise or ethically.” Coastal Mountain B.C. Nurses Union chairwoman Kath-Ann Terrett expresses concern about the quality of care at Inglewood Care Centre following the termination of 11 registered nurses (from a Feb. 8 news story).

WV drives customers away

Dear Editor: On Jan. 9, I received a West Vancouver parking ticket for “failing to remove vehicle from the limited zone.” The sign, where I was parked on the 1400-block Marine Drive says clearly: Parking 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. — 2 Hours. That day, after I dropped off my grandchildren at their school, I stopped at Amadeo to have a quick cup of coffee and read the paper. I left and drove home after 15 minutes. At 11:30 a.m., I parked again on the same block to have lunch at the Thai restaurant. One hour and fifteen minutes later, I went back to my car to find a parking ticket of $35. I appealed the ticket. A few days later, I received a call from a “screening officer.” She told me about the new bylaw. Any further appeal, she said, would not be successful. According to her, I clearly had violated the new bylaw. Whether I had ever heard of it or not, did not matter. What the signs indicated didn’t matter either, she said. She asked me: “Are you going to pay it?” I agreed, since I seemed to have no other choice. She gave me two days to pay, or the fine would increase. Overnight, I changed my mind. But when I spoke to the same screening officer, she said I could not appeal because I had

agreed to pay. Nothing could be done about it now because she had destroyed the photo after I had agreed to pay. Do you believe she got rid of the evidence before the ticket was paid? This is what I learned from her: West Vancouver created this new bylaw to save the small businesses. Some people, she said, are moving their cars farther along the block to avoid tickets. Now, with the new camera equipment and the new bylaw, the municipality is finally able to stop that practice. Really? What I’ve seen is people who used to move their cars along the 1400-block are now simply moving their cars to the 1500-block, and people who moved their car along the 1500-block are now parking at the 1400-block. Do we have fewer cars parked now? No! We locals have always supported the small businesses. Now, we must decide, do we want to risk a ticket in order to buy our fresh produce, flowers, or fish from small businesses, or should we park in front of the new Fresh St. Market, where parking is no problem? There, even if we forget an item, there’s no problem parking a second time. All we get is a smile! Someone please tell me, how does that help the small businesses? Regina Baumann, West Vancouver

No free services for municipal taxpayers

Dear Editor: Tiddly Covians like writer Trevor Lautens, while living in the wealthiest enclave in Canada, decry tax increases (I believe there has not been a property tax increase in West Vancouver for six or seven years) then complain when there are service cuts.


There is a word for this that starts with an “h.” If Lautens wants deluxe refuse removal, all he needs to do is move to the District of North Vancouver, but he’ll have to pay through the nose for the service. Larry LeBel North Vancouver

Cab driver’s offer made my day Dear Editor: A North Shore taxi driver picked me up on Saturday to drop me off at a party. He heard me empty out the contents of my purse and then call a hotel I had been at the day before to locate my lost credit card. (The hotel had it.) At the end of the trip he turned around and offered me cash for the trip home in a cab! He did not know I had another card I could use. This thoughtful, generous act from this gentleman driver amazed me and everyone I have mentioned this to. When I think of how badly treated cabbies are sometimes I am heartened to see that they are not all tainted by that experience. Thank you North Shore Taxi driver — you made my day. Dee Dhaliwal North Vancouver





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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A7

No longer ‘determined to prove a villain’

EXPERTS from the University of Leicester have identified a skeleton found underneath a parking lot as that of King Richard Plantagenet, depicted as a scheming child-killer by William Shakespeare in The Tragedy of Richard the Third (circa 1592).

In related news, the anxious skeleton of William Shakespeare has been found behind the dumpster at a Highgate Tesco. “I totally don’t want that guy coming after me,” said the playwright’s bones. “This calls for a rewrite.” Richard Unearthed A New Play by the Late William Shakespeare ACT 1. SCENE 1. Enter RICHARD THE THIRD’S SKELETON, solo. Rich.: Now is the winter of my dis’nterment, From underneath this foul Leicester car park With all the insults level’d at my name Rais’d alongside my cold and rotten bones. They call’d me murderer, and, worse, ‘deform’d,’ ‘Rudely stamp’d,’ ‘cheated of feature,’ so plain That rank mongrels were

Going Coastal

Kate Zimmerman wont to bark at me And ripe nymphs hurl themselves off battlements. Henry Tudor made sure my reign was brief. I was the last king to die for England My bravery and goodness fully lost To history. Thanks, Shakespeare’s poison pen! RICHARD’S SKELETON sobs like a pre-schooler denied a stick of gum. Enter WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE’S SKELETON, bowing clumsily. Shak.: Your grace, have you need of damage control? Rich.: (sniffling) You! Have you not tormented me enough? Without your ‘tragedy’ the world might know I did good works. I danced full out at balls And was gentle on my delicate whites.

I was the ultimate Plantagenet! Shak.: (cringes) My Lord, t’was just my need for villainy! A ‘tragedy’ was requested — and you fit. Rich.: Lucky for you these couplets do not rhyme. Otherwise, I would call you a piece of— Shak.: (hastily) How’d you like a gig on Oprah, my lord? A two- or three-hour special Thursday night? You’d get a chance to lay out all your claims Put the lie to centuries of untruths. Rich.: Hmmm. . . . Shak.: (wheedling) You’d crush Lance Armstrong’s ratings in hour one! Rich.: (considering) Could we tell her ‘The Tower’s out of bounds? Not to mention the princes and their fates?’ Shak.: (reconsidering) P’raps you’d be better off on Jay Leno. His questions are as soft as a sponge cake. Rich.: (worried) Is this bold new world best not attempted? What think you, o most Bardly bag of bones? Shak.: My lord, this world is one made just for you A place where fame and brashness rule the roost Virtue and modesty no longer count Shady vulgarians get the last laugh.



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(as an aside) ‘Winning!’ ’Tis why I choose to switch careers, my lord. Why waste my gift on poetry and plays When P.R will so deftly pay my bills? My first client: the outcast, Richard Three. Rich.: So you propose to manage me, sirrah? To make a new persona from my dust? You’ll throw out all my sins like so much trash And delete my reputed lust for pow’r? Shak.: (bridling) Do you think me unequal to the task?

I’m only the most famous in my field A symbol of the power of the pen I’ve turn’d a teen love story into gold! I’m quoted round the world in ev’ry hour But by all means, choose Edelman New York. SHAKESPEARE’S SKELETON exits in a snit. Rich.: (musing) Shakespeare has never been my biggest fan Why would he suddenly give me the eye? Mayhaps he thinks I am his catapult To riches and a night with

Beyonce! Yet I do need public relations help Unless I crave cremation in a trice. Lance Armstrong still lives large in Hawaii — I could do worse than a mea culpa. But Leno? How sad. Better Letterman. He’ll skirt the little princes’ vaunted deaths And joke ‘You’re not THAT ugly, ha ha ha.’ I’d much prefer that to Oprah’s grim stare.

See Oprah’s page 11

P U B L I C N OT I C E Liquor-Primary Licence Application The Capilano Rugby Football Club has applied to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch (LCLB) for a Liquor-Primary Licence. The District of West Vancouver gives notice that it is seeking public opinion on the application. Public consultation is required as part of the application process regulated by LCLB. The District is collecting the views of residents in order to consider whether to support or to oppose the application. Applicant: Capilano Rugby Football Club (Society) Proposed Site: 305 Klahanie Court, West Vancouver Establishment Name: Capilano Rugby Football Club Total Person Capacity/Occupant Load Request: Club Room (indoor): 123 President Room/Lounge (indoor): 27 Deck 1/Patio 1 (outdoor): 31 Deck 2/Patio 2 (outdoor): 25 Total Occupant Load: up to 206 Proposed Hours of Operation: 11 a.m. to 1 a.m. – Monday to Saturday 11 a.m. to midnight – Sunday Terms and Conditions Requested: That minors with a guardian be allowed in the Club Room and Deck 1 until 9 p.m. Persons who believe they are affected by the liquor licence application are requested to provide written submissions in the form of a letter addressed to Council with the subject “Capilano Rugby Football Club” and mail or hand deliver to West Vancouver Municipal Hall at 750 17th Street, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3T3 or via email to between February 8 and March 8, 2013. Submissions received will be provided, in their entirety to Council, and will form part of the public record. More Information: Enquiries regarding the liquor licence application may be directed to Bylaw and Licensing Services at 604-925-7152 on regular business days between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

SINCE 1973

:D*F #BI 2K<#+ DEK 2K<D >!K$C9<, 4K FKD DEK FD9&"9I" J#I F9JK 9&" KJJK$DC?K <9FKI E9CI IK(#?9<. HBI $KIDCJCK" <9FKI DK$E&C$C9&F $#(!<KDK #?KI 8-- E#BIF #J F!K$C9<C%K" DI9C&C&G D# K&FBIK F9JK0 $#&FCFDK&D IKFB<DF. 4E' DIBFD '#BI F=C& D# 9&'#&K K<FK5

WINNER, EXCELLENCE IN LASER HAIR REMOVAL CATEGORY 3HJJKI K)!CIKF AK7IB9I' 8/DE0 8-;6 9&" "#KF &#D 9!!<' D# 9&' !E'FC$C9& FKI?C$KF #I C&@K$D97<KF. 1#D ?9<C" +CDE 9&' #DEKI #JJKI. >#(K IKFDIC$DC#&F (9' 9!!<'. >KK C& FD#IK J#I "KD9C<F.

A8 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013

When to stop fighting an important decision From page 3

so I’m living every day to the fullest right now.” ••• David Lane’s 76-year-old mother, Carol, fought colon cancer successfully four years ago, but a year ago began to feel tired. A checkup revealed breast cancer had spread to her bones and liver. She did quite well for a while living in her central Lonsdale home with a mixture of public heath care and private nursing. She came to terms with the terminal nature of her illness and continued on with palliative care that allowed her to extend her life in a relatively normal way. Lane says setting up their mother for living at home was

sometimes a strain on the extended family. It was a process of learning what they didn’t know, accounting for it and then dealing with unplanned crises. “It was a disaster in the beginning.” In the end, her four children ended up taking weekly shifts as the point-person caregiver, creating an online calendar for appointments related to their mother’s health care, and establishing a central phone number that medical personnel could call that would be forwarded to whichever family member was on call. Lane says it was a difficult process for his mother to determine when to stop palliative care and go into the hospice, “when to stop fighting and accept a downhill progression.


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“That’s an important decision for the patient, because if they wait too long before they come in the hospice, they are barely here and they don’t get the benefits. In here, (Mom) can release all the burdens of her everyday life. She doesn’t have any financial worries, she doesn’t have any health-care worries. She can release herself from worldly stresses and say goodbye to people. If you wait too long, you don’t get that chance. “I can’t say enough about the staff here. They’ve never said ‘no’ to anything; it’s always about what they can do. Mom’s got her own paintings hanging in her room and her own chair. That’s the big difference between here and hospital care. They’ve allowed her to move her life in here while taking the burden of caregiving away from her and her family. “It feels weird to say this, but I think Mom feels it too: she’s dying in a way that allows her to say goodbye. There are so many people that don’t get that chance. “I had no idea about palliative care before Mom got sick. We just feel so privileged. I cannot imagine that people in rural areas of B.C. would have access to this type of care and if I could advocate for anything, I hope that everyone would fight for this. ••• Dr. Peter Edmunds says a lot of modelling was done to determine the number of beds needed in the hospice to handle optimal stays for patients in the region. The number turned out to be 13. The hospice was built with 15 beds because the money — thanks to fundraising by the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation — was there to build them, but currently only 10 of the beds are funded. Edmunds is the medical director of palliative care for Vancouver Coastal Health’s Coastal region. The 52-year-old doctor runs a family practice in North Vancouver and is also part of a team that delivers palliative care to both referred patients and those without their own family doctor. He works six days a week and acknowledges that his day off is often spent at Lions Gate Hospital or the North Shore Hospice where his two sons, aged seven and 10, are familiar visitors. He describes his medical directorship as his “middle-of-the-night” job. Born in Cape Town, South Africa, Edmunds says he wanted to be a doctor from an early age: his mother puts it at seven. He attended the University of Stellenbosch, graduating in 1985, but found despite his early calling he wasn’t absolutely loving medicine. He also didn’t want to serve in the South African army and left South Africa to avoid military call-up, arriving in Canada in 1986 and eventually settling in Elkford, B.C., in 1988. For three years he worked as the town’s only doctor. Following a desire to do surgery, Edmunds became a surgical assistant at B.C. Children’s Hospital for a year while he applied for other jobs. But when push came to shove and he was offered a position in surgery in Halifax, N.S., Edmunds declined, liking Vancouver too much to make the move. Eventually he bought his North Vancouver practice in 1993. “I liked the autonomy of it,” he says simply. Now, he says, it’s more about the privilege of being allowed into peoples’ lives. “Most people need you to hang in there with them, that’s the key, I think. “I started getting interested in palliative care as part of my family practice, and then we had this group (of doctors) who took on patients who had palliative care needs but didn’t have doctors. I thought that’s what everyone did, but people and doctors have different levels of comfort with it. “I started picking up more and more patients as the numbers in our group dropped, and more and more family doctors left the hospital (gave up their admitting privileges). By 2009, Edmunds was already doing some of the scheduling and accounting for the remaining four doctors who were delivering palliative care to “orphan” patients. When the medical lead in the group left, VCH asked Edmunds to become director. They provide care for about 80 deaths a year — each. In contrast, a regular family doctor might handle care for four deaths a year (although they may have other unexpected deaths). “That was the first time I started thinking about everyone in that group, instead of just my patients. That was an eye-opening experience. See Earlier page 9

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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A9

Earlier is better with palliative care From page 8

“It’s very easy to do palliative care and think you’re doing a good job because when you bring palliative care around a patient or family that needs it, the simple interventions are very beneficial to them. But I realized that we needed to look at not who we looked after, but who we weren’t looking after.” Statistics show that terminal North Shore patients in the last year of their lives spend an average of 21 days in hospital or hospice care. That means they spend 344 days of their last year at home or in a residential care facility and that’s where palliative care needs to be delivered. “If we are not looking after our patients there, we are letting them slip through the cracks. So it’s about attaching to these patients and sticking with them and providing planning for them.” It took Edmunds and his team about a year to build a comprehensive picture of how people spend the last year of their lives on the North Shore, Bowen Island and the Sunshine Coast as far as Powell River. He says it was eye-opening how poor the care provided to the dying can be and how many were “slipping through the cracks” of a well-intentioned massive healthcare system. “We know that people with congestive heart, airway and early cancer problems need help with their nausea, their vomiting, their constipation, their fatigue, their insomnia, their anxiety. Those are the symptoms that ruin peoples’ lives. Even if you are early in your treatment, palliative care can help in getting some of that stuff out of the way. There’s some very good studies now that show early-intervention palliative care actually prolongs life, not just improves quality of life. “We realized we had to start identifying the patients and bringing palliative care to them

instead of waiting for them to come to us.” Building on British standards, Edmunds and his team came up with what turned out to be quite a simple list of criteria to determine if patients were in the last year of their lives: If a patient with any cancer that has spread, any congestive heart disease or any chronic obstructive airway disease is admitted to hospital twice within a year for acute care, the chances of that patient living a year are three in 10. Among patients with frailty and/or dementia who are spending the majority of their day in bed, needing assistance for most tasks, nine out of 10 are dead within a year. A handful of other deaths are also easy to predict: deterioration of Parkinsons and ALS, kidney failure or dialysis patients who choose to stop treatment. “So we said if you refer patients that meet these criteria, we will help you.” In 2009, Edmund’s group delivered palliative care to 450 patients on the program. In 2011, that number jumped to 750. “It’s been a huge advantage,” he says. Of about 1,300 people on the North Shore who die every year, 1,100 have advanced illness and “we know where they are,” says Edmunds. The real key, he says, is connecting to patients early enough so they can make good choices and doctors can start to open up conversations. If that happens, he says, “then you can get patients making choices that really improve their end-oflife stage — like their hospice experience or their ability to die at home as most patients say they want to. “If you take away pain and other symptoms, you take away fear and anxiety, family strife, if you help people through that, you allow them

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A10 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013

‘Come to the hospice, it’s not a sad place’ From page 9

space to find quality — whatever that is for them. “If you don’t get palliative care set up early enough, you end up with patients in crisis at the very end of their lives and their families in crisis. You can’t really help people as much if you get there late. You can help with controlling symptoms, of course, but if you get there sooner you can help families write some amazing final chapters. “I tell people: ‘You come to the hospice; it’s not a sad place. Almost always there are people laughing, pets running around, children — for people who get there with some preparation, it’s a wonderful experience.” Since its opening in 2010, the hospice has looked after approximately 360 patients. Edmunds believes hospice care has been a positive experience for every single one of those patients, but wishes that some of them might have got there a little earlier for the “optiMom” experience. “When you see the hospice at its best is when you see a mother having a birthday party with her children. “My children are very comfortable in the hospice. It’s normal for them. They just accept that’s where you care for people who are dying. I wish more people could see it the way they do. That’s why we have open house days and try and bring the public into the hospice. It helps to break down barriers. “The day program does that as well, but more than that it offers amazing support to patients embarking on the last part of their lives. I didn’t really understand that until I spent some time there: it’s OK for the elephant to be in the room. The patients are in a place where we can only empathize with them. The only people who can be in that place with them are other people who are dying.” Edmunds is quick to emphasize that this is a positive experience, not a sad one. He went to visit one of his patients a few hours ago and discovered most of the day-program participants in her room sharing cupcakes in celebration of a patient’s birthday. He tells the story of his children finding a bumblebee unable to fly the summer before last. “It was obviously on its last legs, but they went off and found a box and came back with the bee in the box with a bowl of sugar water and some flower petals. And I thought, ‘Oh dear, they don’t understand death at all,’ and I said, ‘Kids, this bee is going to die.’ “And they said, ‘We know. He’s hospiced.’” For more information on the North Shore Hospice go to

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

DR. Peter Edmunds and Dr. Jennifer Walker meet with Judy Smith in her room at the North Shore Hospice. All of the hospice rooms have full-length windows so patients can see outside while in bed.

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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A11

Rugby club wants permanent liquor licence

Capilano community neighbours offer early support to club Brent Richter

THE Capilano Rugby Football Club is applying to the province for a permanent liquor licence to replace the jumbled, ad-hoc system of temporary licences the club currently uses for its bar and special events. The application went to the District of West Vancouver council Feb. 4. A public process now follows in which residents can offer input to be considered by the provincial Liquor Control and Licensing Branch when deciding whether to grant the licence. The club has been trying to get a liquor primary licence for years, but it was not until it completed more than $900,000 in renovations at its Klahanie Park clubhouse that the province was prepared to look at the application, said Ken Robinson, the rugby club president. “Because we’ve finished the place now, we are having more events, such as the odd wedding reception and birthdays and there is a limitation on the number of special occasion licences that you’re allowed to get,” he said. “So it would be a lot simpler for us and cheaper and less hassle for everybody if we were just licensed and didn’t have to go through this process every time we open the bar.”

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with them as neighbourhood community partners,” said Doug Curran, a member of the executive on the Capilano Gateway Association. Association members are also impressed with the club’s charity work and don’t anticipate that making the licence permanent is going to result in any detriment to the neighbourhood, Curran added. “Within reason, we were prepared to support their application. “The idea that they would have to be going down and applying every time they wanted to open their bars is ridiculous,” he said. “Let’s be reasonable here, right?” The property is owned by the District of West Vancouver and leased to the Capilano Rugby and Football Club.

Beyond serving as a place for club members to nurse their scrum wounds, the club also uses its bar to host a number of community fundraisers. “In order to be able to host some of these community events — cancer fundraisers, food bank drives, the Christmas gift drive — we have to apply for a licence if we’re serving,” he said. “I hope the community will realize that this is a community facility available to all, including our mini-program and that we’re hoping we’ll get support.” Neighbours of the club plan to be involved in the process, but so far it looks pretty innocuous, according to one of the local neighbourhood associations. “In years past, there had been a lot of opposition from one person to the club but we’ve gone in and made connections


W Keith Rd


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A12 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


by Paul McGrath

WV Seniors’ Activity Centre’s monthly dance night

Joan Gideon and Wilma Kuble

Joan Townsend and June Hann The West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre was bustling Jan. 31 at the popular monthly dance night. Held on the last Thursday of the month from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., the events feature a live band and G7 kept those in attendance’s toes tapping last week. Door prizes and trivia games were also part of the evening’s entertainment. This month, Bob York and the Nu-Yorkers will take the stage Feb. 28. Info: 604-925-7280 or

Terry and Patricia Mee

Bob Clark and Brian Hann

Robert Warring and Joane Wales

Bill and June Chow

Gladys and Robert Lee

George Knizek and Juanita Cambosano

Robert Bolwell and Lynn Ardington

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:






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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A13



THE WELLNESS SHOW North Vancouver naturopathic doctor Jonn Matsen is among this year’s presenters. page 16 HEALTH NOTES page 16 NON-SMOKING WEEK North Shore organizations and individuals join forces to help smokers butt out. page 17

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

DENISE Bowring and her twin sons Joshua (left) and Matthew make music together in their North Vancouver home. The boys, 8, were diagnosed with Fragile X syndrome and autism at age two. They are non-verbal though communicate using sign language and talking boards. The Bowrings are among the B.C. families who’ve received support from Variety — The Children’s Charity and will be tuning into next weekend’s fundraising Variety Show of Hearts Telethon, Feb. 16-17.


Erin McPhee

Show of hearts

MATTHEW and Joshua Bowring are passionate about music and will dance to just about anything — except when their mother, Denise, adds her voice to the mix. “They don’t like their mother singing,” laughs the North Vancouver mother of three. “They do the sign, ‘No!’ I thought you were supposed to sound like an angel once you became a mother? It didn’t work.”

Denise’s boys, students at Seymour Heights elementary, will have a lot of opportunity to get their groove on next weekend when the 47th annual Variety Show of Hearts Telethon airs Feb. 16-17. The broadcast supports Variety — The Children’s Charity, which raises funds and distributes grants throughout the province to children with special needs and their families, as well as organizations serving them. The telethon will air on Global B.C. and will feature performances by internationally renowned entertainers, interspersed with stories of B.C. families with children with special needs, like the Bowrings, who are among those who’ve See Laptop page 15

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A14 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Slippery slope


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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A15


Laptop and iPad aid twins’ communication

From page 13

been helped by the charity. Denise and her husband Mike’s first child, Julea, now 12, does not have any health issues. Following the birth of their twins, they realized something was awry when Matthew and Joshua weren’t reaching certain expected milestones. Following extensive referrals and testing, the boys received their official diagnosis at age two. Matthew and Joshua have Fragile X syndrome, a genetic condition involving changes in part of the X chromosome, and autism. They’re non-verbal, though communicate through sign language, hand drawings and the use of PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System), in conjunction with software program Boardmaker. Now eight years old, they’re at a toddler level in terms of their mental and physical abilities. “When you visually see them with another eight year old there’s a difference, clearly,” says Denise. The boys require constant care to manage their behaviour, which is becoming increasingly challenging to manage, due to their growing size. Maintaining their attention, and preventing them from flopping, screaming and resisting, are common challenges faced by the Bowrings, and their caregivers and therapists. Change is also difficult for them to accept, especially in terms of individuals they’re working with, impossible to avoid due to illness, maternity leave, holiday time, staff turnover, etc. That said, the boys lead happy, active lives and enjoy school, swimming, cartoons, drawing, crafts, painting, going for sleep overs, as well as time with their family. “They’re very busy,” says Denise. Improving their communication is a major focus to prevent them from experiencing frustration. Activities are therefore focused on helping them express themselves and forge connections with others. “They’re very visual, computers are wonderful to them,” says Denise. Variety recently contributed to Matthew and Joshua’s positive development by giving them an iPad and a laptop, important learning tools. The iPad’s portability is helpful in terms of the pictures the family uses to communicate. “The boys’ sign language is only so much right now and the pictures enable them to tell me what they want or to tell them what I want them to do so it’s a big communication piece for us,” says Denise. Certain apps aid them in their fine motor skills development (finger swiping, and letter and number tracing), and with counting, reading and spelling. “It’s some of the same programs that the school has,” she says. The laptop, which Denise and Mike use to access Boardmaker, also provides a means of connection between family members, seeing them bond over certain shows and videos. “It gives us a fun time to communicate,” says Denise. “We talk about what’s on the screen and ‘What’s Sportacus doing, or Dora doing? And where’s Swiper?’ Downtime, but together and

still chit-chatting.” The Bowrings are incredibly grateful for their strong community of support, seeing members go above and beyond to help the boys. However, navigating the public, private and nonprofit sectors to ensure the twins get the best treatment, day care and access to a variety of essential therapies (speech, occupational, behavioural, etc.) is a complicated web of service delivery and it’s common for them to continually encounter roadblocks. While much of what the twins need is covered under provincial health and medical plans, some additional therapy that would prove beneficial, is not covered, leaving the family struggling with a mounting financial burden that is exacerbated as Denise has had to reduce her weekly work hours to manage their appointments and other needs. “There’s a lot of positive there too. Anybody who’s on their team, they’re there, they’re doing what they can with the resources that they have,” she says. The support of organizations like Variety is much appreciated and is filling an important need for the Bowrings as well as families across the province, therefore Denise encourages community members to support the telethon. “We need more help. The children need more help,” she says. Last year’s telethon raised approximately $7 million for children with special needs and more than 1.5 million people tuned in. The 47th annual Variety Show of Hearts Telethon will air on Global BC starting Saturday, Feb. 16 at 7 p.m. and continue through to Sunday, Feb. 17 at 6 p.m. Concerts airing over the course of the weekend include: a live performance by Chantal Kreviazuk; Adele: Live at the Royal Albert Hall; a Rihanna concert in Manchester; Paul McCartney: Chaos and Creation at Abbey

photos supplied

POP superstars Justin Bieber and Rihanna are among the talent featured on next weekend’s Variety Show of Hearts Telethon airing on Global BC Feb. 16-17. Road; a VH1 Divas tribute to Whitney Houston; Justin Bieber in London; Michael Bublé at Madison Square Garden; and the winner of Variety’s Got Talent. To make a donation, phone 310-KIDS or visit

Restore your Youthful Beauty with Long Lasting Results










PLASTIC & COSMETIC SURGERY Leslie D. Kerluke MD Inc. 201–126 E. 15th Street, North Vancouver • • 604-983-9985

A16 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Local doctor to speak

NORTH Vancouver naturopathic doctor Jonn Matsen will be among the featured presenters at next weekend’s 21st annual Wellness Show.

According to a press release, the trade show, dedicated to helping attendees live a more balanced and holistic lifestyle, is presented by New Rave Productions and will take place Feb. 15-17 at the Vancouver Convention Centre’s east building. More than 300 exhibitors will be featured, showcasing everything from healthy snacks

Naturopathic doctor Jonn Matsen to natural and vegan beauty supplies. Visitors can also take

health notes

Family Day At The Three North Shore Mountains: Cypress Mountain, Grouse Mountain, and Mt. Seymour are each offering a host of family-focused programming over Family Day weekend, Feb. 8-11. From discounted rates to live entertainment, contests and food specials, each resort has organized a full lineup of events. For full details and schedule, visit each of the mountain’s websites: cypressmountain. com/family-weekend;; and Nordic Pole Walking: The North Shore chapter of Osteoporosis Canada will host a demonstration and explanation on the benefits of pole walking Monday, Feb. 11, 2 p.m. in the Tamarack Room at

in any of the more than 100 workshops, demonstrations and talks by guest speakers. Matsen, who’s based at the Northshore Naturopathic Clinic, will give his presentation Friday, Feb. 15 at 6:30 p.m. In Eating Alive: Prevention Thru Good Digestion and Curing the Incurable, he’ll discuss how chronic disease can originate from stress and poor digestion, which can turn food into toxins instead of nutrients. Show tickets prices range from $6-$16 and are free for children five and under. Three day passes are also available for $30. Info: thewellnessshow. com.

Delbrook Community Centre, 600 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604-985 5430. Race and Marathon Presentation: Hear the experiences of four “run of the mill” runners who recently completed the Himalayan 100 Mile Stage Race and Mount Everest Challenge Marathon Feb. 15, 7-9 p.m. at Distance Runwear, 4800 Main St., Vancouver. A $5 donation is requested at the door to support North Shore Search and Rescue. RSVP: himalayan100presentation@gmail. com. Info: 778-241-5610. Responsiveness to Families Award: The North Shore Schizophrenia Society is now accepting nominations from family members for this newly created award. The award will be given to a health care provider with a proven track record of work-

♥ Love is Blinds ♥ ON SALE E♥

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

Expert opinion

DR. Michael Hartle presents an Advanced Strength and Speed Strategies Workshop with the assistance of Sheila Hamilton at her studio, It’s Time! Fitness Results, in North Vancouver Jan. 27. Hartle, a chiropractic physician and rehabilitation, strength and conditioning expert, was visiting from his home base of Fort Wayne, Ind. ing together with families of those with a mental illness. Deadline for applications will be Friday, Feb. 15. Nomination criteria and rules: Finding Your Anchor: An empowering women’s circle led by counsellor Rita Yawney Saturday, Feb. 16, 2:30-4:30 p.m. at the Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. The essence of this group is to transcend anxiety and stress through the use of guided imagery and music to embrace and share your story. Bring a mat,

blanket/pillow and dress comfortable. Fee: $50. Registration: or 604-9280883. Local Volkssport Club will host a non-competitive five/10-kilometre walk in the Horseshoe Bay area Sunday, Feb. 17 at 10 a.m. Free for new participants. Info: Verni, 604-682-8390. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email information for your non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to


until Feb 28, 2013

Energy Saving Cellular Shades NOW ON SALE








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100% Canadian Owned BRAND





A SHADE BETTER Est. 1984 604.984.4101 #110-949 W. 3rd St., North Van. (behind Capilano Mall)

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Blinds Drapery Automation Repairs Parts Cleaning





North Van Suzuki 604-983-2088 1695 Marine Drive, North Vancouver

CONSUMERS SHOULD READ THE FOLLOWING: *All o!ers and Selling Price include Delivery & Destination ($1,650 for Kizashi/$1,450 for SX4/$1,650 for Grand Vitara models), Dealer Administration Fee ($399), PPSA up to $72 (when #nancing), applicable taxes, license, registration, insurance and down payment. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown. These o!ers cannot be combined with any other o!ers and are subject to change without notice. Dealers may sell for less. See participating dealers for details. Vehicle images shown may include optional upgrades. O!er available on select models. Limited time #nance o!ers available O.A.C. **Special bi"weekly purchase #nance o!ers are available on a new 2013 Kizashi S iAWD Model 6B234C3 (Selling Price $30,044), 2013 SX4 Crossover JA iAWD with manual transmission Model H3NB2G3 (Selling Price $22,744), 2013 Grand Vitara Urban 4WD with automatic transmission Model L2NB5U3 (Selling Price $29,744). A 60 month term amortized over an 84 month period. The bi"weekly 60 month term amortized over an 84 month period payment interest rates are based on 2013 Kizashi S iAWD @ 0.9% purchase #nancing, bi"weekly payments are $170 with $0 down payment. Cost of borrowing is $885 for a total obligation of $30,929. Estimated remaining principal balance of $8,777 plus applicable taxes is due at the end of 60"month period. 2013 SX4 Crossover JA iAWD @ 0%, 2013 Grand Vitara Urban 4WD @ 0%, purchase #nancing over 72 months, bi"weekly payments are $146/$189 with $0 down payment. Cost of borrowing is $0/$0 for a total obligation of $22,844/$29,544. Pricing is calculated on units painted white in colour, other paint colours will cost extra. †Advanced Audio System with Navigation not available on SX4 sedan JE, JA, SX4 hatchback JA, or Kizashi S (S3LB1G3, S3LB113, S3LB613, H3NB1G3, H3NB6G3, H3NB613 or 6B234C3), advanced audio system with navigation standard on all other 2013 models. O!er valid until February January 28, 31, 2013.

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A17

LIVE Free Introductory Lecture for Women Why Learn TM?

9 8. 2E?%CB 2474%$G @# 2>B& 7?;GB 9 <G7?G;GB 4%(?G@& 4%" B@EGBB 9 <GFEGBAGB '?%"+ 2#"&+ 4%" G'#@?#%B 9 5B G4B& @# 7G4E%*B?'!7G @# !E4$@?$G

Free Free Introductory Introductory Lecture Lecture for for Women (Or By Appointment) Women and =E?"4&+ D$@#2GE 63@A+ ,!' Families by .GG@?%C <##' D4: -4& 0?2E4E& Appointment 6113 .#%@GEG& /;G)

Please Call or Email to Book an Appointment Ph: 604-904-1144 Email:

Transcendental Meditation for Women on Vancouver’s North Shore

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NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

ABOVE, London Drugs West Vancouver patient care pharmacist Neda Shariat talks with a customer. Below, Olympic gold medalist Ashleigh McIvor, who’s the face of a Vancouver Coastal Health anti-smoking campaign, flies high.

,!"%# &"('+#)$*%$)

Groups unite to help smokers quit

NATIONAL NonSmoking Week was marked Jan. 20-26 and a number of local businesses and organizations showed their commitment to the cause.

The following is a rundown of initiatives focused on helping people break their habits in the interest of leading healthier lives. ■ Grouse Mountain was among 10 anti-tobacco champions recently honoured with an award from the B.C. Lung Association and Heart and Stroke Foundation, B.C. and Yukon. The resort received the nod due to its decision to go smoke-free in 2009. ■ Those looking to quit smoking are encouraged to take advantage of B.C.’s Smoking Cessation Program. According to a press release, the program aims to help British Columbians stop smoking by assisting with the cost of smoking cessation aids. Once in each calendar year, B.C. residents enrolled with the Medical Services Plan can receive coverage for a single continuous course, lasting up to 12 weeks, of either a prescribed smoking cessation drug through the PharmaCare program or a free supply of nicotine replacement gum or patches. While a prescription for a smoking cessation drug can be obtained by visiting a physician for another reason, the nicotine replacement therapies can be accessed by calling HealthLink BC at 8-1-1, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Those who register with the program are able to receive further web, text and telephone support from QuitNow Services, which

is operated by the B.C. Lung Association. Info: or ■ London Drugs offers yearround Smoking Cessation Clinics, which assist smokers with an action plan for choosing the right tools to quit and provides a personalized approach based on a particular patient’s needs. Appointments can be made anytime with a London Drugs patient care pharmacist at your nearest pharmacy. ■ Olympic gold medalist Ashleigh McIvor and Vancouver Coastal Health have teamed up to encourage people to stomp out smoking while skiing and snowboarding on local moun-

tains. McIvor, a Whistler native, is featured in the new VCH tobacco-free awareness campaign

targeting youth, that includes a website,, and chairlift ads on Mount Seymour.

Open 7 Days a Week 9:00 am to 7:00 pm 2 hours of FREE parking

photos supplied

GROUSE Mountain’s Charmaine Carswell (left) and Michael Cameron accept a 2013 Champion for Tobacco-Free Living Award on behalf of the resort from Veda Peters, a tobacco educator with the B.C. Lung Association.

HAVE YOUR SAY! comment on our major news stories at

A18 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013

THE FOLLOWING is a selection of volunteer opportunities from various community organizations, made available through Volunteer North Shore, a service of North Shore Community Resources Society. Resource Centre Volunteer:

Aid clients in accessing information related to their health and social needs and support the development of client and peer led programming within the AIDS Vancouver Centre space. Visit for info. Income Tax Clinic Volunteers: Volunteers are needed for the income tax clinic in March and April to help clients complete their own

returns. Training provided by the Canada Revenue Agency. Program Assistant: Alzheimer Society of BC is looking for a volunteer to help with a social program for people experiencing earlystage memory loss. Volunteer will work under the direction of fitness instructor, assist participants during the fitness part of the program and also assist with the setup and

cleanup of refreshments. Street Team Leader: The purpose of this role is to lead the Canadian Cancer Society Daffodil Street Team Campaign in your community with the support of the Street Team project manager.

what’s going on

If you are interested in these or other possible volunteer opportunities, call 604-9857138.. TELUS STORE OR AUTHORIZED DEALER

Info: Diana, 604-922-3414.

Vancouver Bentall Centre Mall Oakridge Centre Mall Pacific Centre Terasen Centre 220 1st Ave. East 551 Robson St.

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625 Howe St. 1092 Kingsway 1095 West Pender St. 1707 Robson St. 1855 Burrard St. 2338 Cambie St. 2372 West 4th Ave. 2748 Rupert St. 2749 Main St. 3121 West Broadway

Abbotsford Fraserway Place Sevenoaks Shopping Centre 2140 Sumas Way 2142 Clearbrook Rd. 2602 Mt. Lehman Rd.

North Shore Cric Crac Storytelling Evenings presented by the Vancouver Society of Storytelling take place the first Sunday of every month, 7-9 p.m. at the Silk Purse Arts Centre, 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Each month features a different theme. Fee: $7/$5. Polynesian Dance Classes: Beginner classes for adults and children, Sundays and Mondays at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-982-8311.

32915 South Fraser Way

Aldergrove 26310 Fraser Hwy.

Burnaby Brentwood Mall Crystal Square Lougheed Mall Metropolis at Metrotown 3855 Henning Dr. 4501 North Rd. 4711 Kingsway

Chilliwack Cottonwood Mall Eagle Landing Shopping Centre 7544 Vedder Rd. 45300 Luckakuck Way

Coquitlam Coquitlam Centre 1071 Austin Ave. 2988 Glen Dr. 3000 Lougheed Hwy. 3278 Westwood St.

Delta Scottsdale Centre 1517 56th St. 4841 Delta St. 4912 62nd St. 7235 120th St.

Langley Willowbrook Mall 8840 210th St. 19638 Fraser Hwy. 19700 Langley Bypass 20159 88th Ave. 20202 66th Ave.

Maple Ridge Haney Place Mall 22661 Lougheed Hwy.

Mission Junction Shopping Centre

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32670 Lougheed Hwy.

New Westminster Royal City Centre

North Vancouver Capilano Mall

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Richmond Admiralty Centre Mall Lansdowne Mall Richmond Centre

Surrey Central City Mall Cloverdale Crossing Grandview Corners Guildford Town Centre Semiahmoo Shopping Centre

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Bingo: Every Monday at 6:15 p.m., North Vancouver Legion, 123 West 15th St., North Vancouver. Info: 604988-3712. Canadian Federation of University Women — West Vancouver Branch: The CFUW is an organization committed to promoting education, improving women’s status and human rights as well as offering fellowship and professional contacts. Meetings are every third Monday, 7 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 885 22nd St., West Vancouver. New members welcome. Info: 604-925-8445 or Contract Bridge: Every Monday and Thursday, 12:303 p.m. in the Cedarview Room at Delbrook Community Centre, 600 West Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $1. Info: 604-987-7529. Drop-in Crib: Play crib every Monday (unless it’s a holiday), 7:30 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion #118, 123 West 15th St., North Vancouver. Fee: $5. Info: 604-985-1115. English Conversation Corner: Drop in to the Lynn Valley library, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver and practise and improve your English language skills Mondays, 7:30-8:45 p.m. Info:, 604-984-0286, ext. 8144 or 604-644-9621. Espiritu Vocal Ensemble, a high profile community choir that performs a wide variety of music, is looking for motivated singers. Rehearsals take place Mondays, 7-9 p.m. at West Vancouver United Church, 2062 Esquimalt Ave. Singers should have basic music reading skills. Call 604-922-2513 to set up an audition time. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A19

PUBLIC HEARING 2151 Front Street and 2011 Old Dollarton Road Mixed Commercial/Residential Project What:

Public Hearing on proposed District of North Vancouver Rezoning Bylaw 1287 (Bylaw 7962)


7:00 pm, Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Council Chamber of District Hall, 355 West Queens Road

Site Map NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Shrove supper MAX Dancs (left), Michael Eakin and Elizabeth Eakin invite everyone to the St. Andrew’s United Church Shrove Tuesday community pancake supper at the church located at 1044 St. Georges Ave. on Tuesday, Feb. 12 from 6-7:30 p.m. Admission is by donation. and lessons Monday, Feb. 11. The mountain will also be hosting Family Snow Day. There will be a variety of activities including free tobogganing. Info:

Celebrate Chinese New Year at Lonsdale Quay Market Sunday, Feb. 10, 2:30 p.m. at 123 Carrie Cates Court. North Vancouver. Lion Dancers will perform and circulate the market to scare away evil spirits and summon good luck and fortune. Info: Used Book Sale: The North Shore Unitarian Church will hold a sale of books, CDs and DVDs Sunday, Feb. 10 from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at 370 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Partial proceeds will go to Cottage Farm, a healing farming community for people with mental illness. Family Day Festivities: Mount Seymour in North Vancouver will celebrate B.C.’s first Family Day with discounts on lift tickets

Emerging Designs for Capwest Site and Fullerton Avenue Streetscape Improvements: The community is invited to view and discuss draft plans Tuesday, Feb. 12, 7 p.m. at Capilano Rugby Club, 305 Klahanie Court, West Vancouver. Info: capgatewayassoc@ or 604-904-2409. How Children Sleep and Dream: Sleep researcher Jennifer Garden from Capilano University will provide useful information for families at a seminar Tuesday, Feb. 12, 7-8:45 p.m. at

the West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. Learn the importance of sleep and tips to help children sleep better. Shrove Tuesday: A community pancake supper to celebrate before 40 days of Lent begin on Ash Wednesday, will take place Tuesday, Feb. 12, 6-7:30 p.m. at St. Andrew’s United Church, 1044 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver. Donations gratefully accepted. Info: 604-985-0408. One-on-One E-Reader Training: Sign up for 30 minutes of personalized e-reader help Wednesday, Feb. 13, 1:30-4 p.m. at Capilano library, 3045 Highland Blvd., North Vancouver. Registration required: 604-987-4471, ext. 8175. Info:







or Chicken 2.27 kg

Troll Caught in BC waters

1.99/100 G

9.98 EACH


What is it?

The proposed bylaw creates a new Comprehensive Development Zone 68 (CD68) and rezones the properties at 2011 Old Dollarton Road and 2151 Front Street to CD68 in order to permit a mixed commercial/residential project.

What changes?

The proposed CD68 Zone establishes permitted and accessory land uses and creates land use, building development and parking regulations for the project. The project consists of a four storey, mixed use building with at-grade commercial floor space and eight rental apartments of which four are live/work units and two additional single storey commercial buildings, one of which, located at Dollarton Highway and Old Dollarton Road, is proposed as a restaurant. The site plan also illustrates siting areas for two additional commercial buildings, one north of the proposed restaurant and a second, adjacent to Dollarton Highway.

When can I speak?

Please join us on February 19 when Council will be receiving input from the public on this proposal. You can speak in person by signing up at the Hearing or by providing a written submission to the Municipal Clerk at the address below or before the conclusion of the Hearing.

Need more info?

The bylaw, Council resolution, staff report, and other relevant background material are available for review by the public at the Municipal Clerk’s Office or online at Office hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm.

Who can I speak to? Doug Allan, Community Planner, at 604-990-2357 or District of North Vancouver 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4N5 Main Line 604-990-2311

Follow us on •



*If adjustments required additional costs may be applicable. Customers will be advised if adjustments are required and quoted accordingly.



50% OFF



*If adjustments required additional costs may be applicable. Customers will be advised if adjustments are required and quoted accordingly.


60% OFF




1600 MARINE DR., NORTH VANCOUVER • • • • • • •

A20 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Dogs lacking social skills can change with leadership Canine Connection Joan Klucha

LAST week I wrote about how it was possible to be friends with your dog and still provide them with the essential tools of leadership. You don’t have to call yourself the pack leader to set the boundaries and limitations required to have a healthy relationship and a well-behaved dog. If you are clear with your boundaries of behaviour, being friends with your dog is the same as being a leader or boss. But can the same thing be said about socialization and

leadership? Can you have a well-socialized dog that receives no leadership? And, visa-versa, can you provide leadership to a dog with no socialization and have a well-behaved dog? First, let’s review what leadership is. Leadership is a term used to describe the hierarchal position of a dog owner in a canine/human relationship when the dog owner is acting as the alpha dog, or boss. This leader provides the dog with behavioural boundaries that the dog must comply with. Since dogs are pack animals, this leadership satisfies their instinct to have an alpha or pack leader and they willingly oblige to the leader’s fair request. The consistency of the leader’s application of the boundaries determines whether a dog behaves itself or not. In other words, the dog learns to live within the consistent guidelines set out by the alpha and is a well-behaved, happy dog as a result. When it comes to dogs, socialization refers to the lifelong process of providing the animal with the skills and habits necessary for participating in

social gatherings within its social network. In other words, it means regularly exposing the dog to other dogs (and people) in social situations, in order for it to remain friendly and tolerant of other dogs (and people). Dogs enjoy each other’s company but, at times, their start in life isn’t that great and they don’t get the time to learn how to interact with other dogs. Dogs need to be exposed to, and guided through, proper behaviour when interacting with other dogs in order for them to be social. When a dog is left to its own devices with little knowledge of canine social interactions, it more often than not ends up in conflict with other dogs. It takes on a “lone-wolf” attitude and lives in a state of flight or fight. It rarely learns to tolerate dogs enough to learn from them and be social with them. Yet, when provided with knowledgeable leadership, the unsocialized dog can be systematically exposed and introduced to other dogs while slowly learning proper social behaviour. In a short time, that unsocial dog could become a

party animal! When a social dog with little or no leadership is left to interact with other dogs, it often becomes the bully of the park. These leadershiplacking yet social dogs with no boundaries believe that they themselves are the pack leader (since they have that role at home) and try to force their presumed position on other dogs. They can often be found mounting other dogs obsessively, and picking fights with little or no provocation. Yet, as soon as the bully is confronted by a confident, social dog, the bully dog backs down until it can find another victim to express its insecurity. What creates confidence? Leadership – plain and simple. Leadership-lacking social dogs are insecure dogs. The only way to give that dog confidence and maintain its social behaviour is to be a leader and set boundaries. So, a dog lacking socialization can become social when provided proper leadership, yet a social dog becomes insecure without leadership. Choose leadership. Both you and your dog will be happier as a result.

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

pet pause

Joan Klucha has been working with dogs for over 15 years in obedience, tracking and behavioural rehabilitation. Contact her at

# " ! ' % $ ';##.(:4AC7"0 &"( ?. 4=20 .! 8 D ! B : " 7 C .A.#9DE

;$$ !?,+)8:3 7?,(?$3 6(*1/%1?/3 9/8?5=$8*+3 !$?::1$1**13 9?,)=,3 @8#1 21=8/3 7/?0* ?:5 "()$*):- !?>/)=,.

!.?C7" 74DC47!

;$$ ,*8=& ):=$(5):=(* $?=1, ' */)#, 4$$

2#;&.#9 &;7.=!

;$$ ,*8=& 80 /1?5< *8 +?:- 5/?41/)1, 4$$ B& /1-. 4/)=1 D4

4$$ -1+, 3-)>1

%BC=D 8;DD ' 8.22C7" ;$$ ,*8=& ):=$(5):4&- 8/ >< *+1 #1*/1 4$$

<*( 6*( <*( &#C5.! C7 .$$.5D ;D DE. &;#@ #49;= !D4#. 47=9 /1-. 4/)=1

If you would like to appear in Pet Pause with your pet, email




Mayor Darrell Mussatto Councillor Don Bell Councillor Pam Bookham Councillor Linda Buchanan Councillor Rod Clark Councillor Guy Heywood Councillor Craig Keating Robyn G. Anderson

2013 HERITAGE REGISTER PUBLIC MEETING NOTICE is hereby given that a Public Meeting will be held on MONDAY, FEBRUARY 18, 2013 AT 7:00 P.M. in the Council Chamber, City Hall, 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC, to receive representation in connection with the adoption of a new 2013 Heritage Register.

;== $;8#C5!


Humans’ names: Sisters Ashley (left) and Alicia Ying Pet: Ninja, a 2½ year old medium-haired domestic cat the sisters got as a kitten from the West Vancouver SPCA. Pet tale: Ninja is toilet trained and loves to play with bobby pins.

/1-. 4/)=1

The City of North Vancouver is updating its Heritage Register. The Heritage Register is a listing of buildings that are deemed to have significant architectural, historical and cultural heritage merit. The inclusion of a property on the Heritage Register signifies that the property has been identified as having heritage significance. It does not mean that it is legally protected. A building is only legally protected from demolition or alteration if the property has been formally “Designated” by bylaw with a separate Public Hearing or has had a legal agreement such as a covenant signed with the consent of the owner. As part of this update, the City has moved to having two categories in the new Register which will be referenced as Category “A” and “B”. Category “A” buildings are considered to have a higher level of heritage significance and, as part of this policy, will continue to be monitored more closely by the City. All persons who believe they may be affected by the new 2013 Heritage Register will be afforded an opportunity to be heard in person and/or by written submission. Written or electronic (email) submissions should be sent to the City Clerk at or by mail to City Clerk, City Hall, 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC, V7M 1H9. Electronic submissions must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. on Monday, February 18, 2013. The proposed 2013 Heritage Register and relevant background material may be inspected at the office of the City Clerk between 8:30 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday to Friday, except Statutory Holidays, from February 6, 2013. If you wish to view the material online please go to publichearings. Please direct inquiries to Jocelyne Piercey, Planning Technician 2, at 604-990-4236 or North Vancouver City Hall | 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC | V7M 1H9 Tel: 604.985.7761 | Fax: 604.985.9417 |


Heart Health

Making better choices

Weight Loss

Kerry and Scott Harding and their sons Fraser, 8, and Kailen, 6, get ready for their annual Heart Day Walk on Sunday, Feb. 17, to benefit the Children’s Heart Network. The event starts at 10:30 a.m. at Cates Park in North Vancouver and loops through Little Cates Park, rain or shine. RSVP to

your wise guide to healthy living on the north shore


Keeping fit

A22 -

- Sunday, February 10, 2013




Wake-up call


Unit 220 Caulfeild Village Shopping Centre 5317 Headland Drive, West Vancouver

URGENT CARE & OUT OF HOURS CARE New Patients Welcome • No Appointment Necessary

Lifestyle changes inspired

Mon. - Fri. 8am - 6pm Sat. 9am - 5:00pm 604-922-1544


It’s a date that sticks in Peter Gibson’s mind: March 4, 1995. After his regular gym workout, Gibson returned home, watched a bit of TV, and had some dinner. His back was hurting and he thought he pulled a muscle at the gym, so he decided to take a bath. After dipping his foot into the tub, he suddenly felt very nauseous.

by heart attack


He passed out and hit the floor.


Somehow, his wife managed to drag him downstairs to their car and wrestle him into a seat. She drove him to Lions Gate Hospital and likely saved his life.

333 Seymour Blvd., North Vancouver URGENT CARE & OUT OF HOURS CARE Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 9:00pm Sat. 9:00am - 5:00pm Sun. 10:00am - 4:00pm Phone: 604-904-7712 New patients welcome • No Appointment Necessary



“I thank her for that all the time, by the way,” says Gibson. At 43, Gibson, a North Vancouver resident, had had a heart attack.

It was a surprise to the active young man who thought he was “too athletic, too healthy,” to have a heart attack. He admits he was “living in a bit of denial.”


Gibson’s father had died at a relatively young age from diabetes and heart disease, and Gibson says he may have inherited a genetic vulnerability to heart disease, but he strongly believes that his lifestyle at the time was the biggest contributing factor.

Shylo Nursing and Home Healthcare has been recognized as the leader in Home Health Care and Home Nursing services on the North Shore and Lower Mainland since 1980. We are a well-established and reputable Home Health Care agency; our Caregiver and Nursing services are available to private clients in the community, as well as clients in Acute Care hospitals and Assisted Living or Long Term Care facilities.

“After the heart attack I made some very, very hard choices about how I was going to live the rest of my life.” Gibson changed his diet, reduced stress in his life and quit smoking. “If I have one disappointment in my life, that is it. I wish I’d never, ever smoked,’ he says.

SERVICES: Medication Management Shopping & Meal Preparation Brain Injury, Stroke & Quad Care ALS, Parkinson’s & Dementia Care Hospice & Palliative Care

To learn more about Home Care, or review what Health Care services you might be eligible for, please contact us to discuss your health care options.

North Shore 604-985-6881

Vancouver 604-736-6281

Peter Gibson enjoys the morning with his walking partner, Dakota. Gibson and his dog walk eight-10 kilometres a day.




STAFF: Home Support Workers Registered Nurses Homemakers Companions Escorts (with vehicles)

A self-described meat-and-potatoes-guy at the time of his heart attack, Gibson says he switched to more fish, more vegetables and more fruit, healthy food he didn’t eat regularly before that. Now 61, Gibson is retired and still feels lucky to wake up every day. see Lifestyle on page 26 VancouverSeniorHealth.BlogSpot.Com

PARK ROYAL ✙ VILLAGE MEDICAL CENTRE Come and see us for all your health needs and education

Stay Active!

Despite Pain, Injury or Disability

Lifemoves® Kinesiologists are healthcare professionals. We provide guided strength and conditioning programs to support active and independent lifestyles. “My training sessions keep me working, playing hockey and running the North Shore trails by managing past injuries and preventing new ones.” Registered Massage Therapist

Call 604.283.1858 to Get Moving for Life™ a: 101-788 Copping Street, North Vancouver

West Vancouver

URGENT CARE & OUT OF HOURS CARE New Patients Welcome • No Appointment Necessary Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Sat. 9:00 am - 5:00 pm Phone:


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Counselling for Men I help men & youths with... Addiction Anxiety Depression Relationships Anger Career

Dr. Peter Brawn



David Curry, R.P.C. Registered Counsellor #2280

Helping you find your own answers

North Vancouver - Nanaimo


FIT&HEALTHY Goodheath forthe Sunday, February 10, 2013 -

- A23



Wild Pacific Salmon Oil

whole family

• Supports heart & circulation • Benefits the eyes and cardiovascular system • Reduces joint pain and inflammation • Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels

If people who live in the Deep Cove area seem a little healthier these days, there’s a good reason for it.

Five years ago, Cathy Marlatt opened Cove Health Vitamins and Supplements and has been helping her clients improve and maintain their health ever since.

“At Cove Health Vitamins and Supplements, our staff are mature and knowledgeable” It begins with a caring attitude. “When Cove Health opened in the Dollarton Shopping Centre, a family member asked me if I found it challenging to assist sick people all the time. My response was an easy one,” said Cathy. “Although some clients are very sick, it is my very great privilege to lend assistance during their struggle. Sometimes this support is in words of comfort and a hug and not always through a bottle of vitamins sold.” The expertise she offers is shared by the members of her team. “At Cove Health Vitamins and Supplements, our staff are mature and knowledgeable.” Getting to know their clients allows the team at Cove Health to take a‘big picture’perspective on what they need.


604.929.1979 399 North Dollarton Hwy Dollarton Village Shopping Centre

“The majority of our customers are looking to maintain their good health and are seeking greater vitality as they age. Many have realized that a strong immune system is the way to get there. We refer to local naturopaths, physiotherapists, medical doctors and pharmacists when appropriate. We use a team approach to benefit the health and safety of our clientele.” Cathy’s dedication to her clients has made Cove Health a valuable community health resource. “One of my special family groups is led by busy local realtor, mom and grandmother, Dale McGauran. It is crucial to Dale to stay healthy and age gracefully. She encourages her daughter Karli to keep up with a strong health regime, and we see Karli’s effort working on the immune response of her young children. Cove Health serves the needs of 3 generations.” Dale is a firm believer in the importance of Cove Health. “I have been a customer of Cathy’s since she opened Cove Health. I have always been pro-active with my health and wellness, and when I found

PMS or Menopause? Take advantage of our Wise Woman Health Package featuring hormone testing, naturopathic medicine consultation, and treatment solutions based on a natural, restorative approach. • Naturopathic Medicine • Far Infrared Sauna • Registered Massage Therapy • And More! • Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture

Dale McGauran and Cathy Marlatt Cathy, I was ecstatic. She is very knowledgeable about all areas of wellness and supplements and loves to share this wealth of knowledge with her customers. Even if you drop in to say hi, she is always ready to provide consultation. I have introduced my children to Cathy and I know they love to get help from her, especially for my grandchildren – they trust her. Relationships and referrals are very important in business and I can honestly say I would not hesitate to recommend Cove Health.” As an active member of the community, Dale

also appreciates Cathy’s commitment to health outside the walls of her shop. “I love that Cathy supports ‘Inspire Health’, an integrated cancer care centre. Their skilled medical doctors have extensive training in nutrition, stress reduction and emotional counseling”. If you’re concerned about your health and looking for a new way to maintain and improve your wellness, drop by Cove Health in the Dollarton Village Shopping Centre or check them out online at

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A24 -

- Sunday, February 10, 2013

Doctor’s story inspires

“Being an example is probably one of the most important therapeutic tools that a physician can have,” Zentner says. In turn, hearing about her patients’ progress keeps her motivated to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Christine Lyon talks to author and doctor Ali Zentner about weight loss

When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off, Dr. Ali Zentner leads by example.

Separation & Divorce Counselling Collaborative Divorce Coaching Treatment for Disordered Eating Abby Petterson, MA,

Registered Clinical Counsellor Collaborative Divorce Coach/Child Specialist office:

604-913-0287 • cell: 604-780-6164


Suite 102 - 585 16th Street, West Vancouver

Knowing what she knows, Zentner felt there was a hole in the weight loss section of the bookstore. Many diets imply a beginning, middle and end, and convey a “do this, don’t do that” mentality, she says. It’s a philosophy she disagrees with.

Eleven-and-a-half years ago, while completing her medical residency at the University of Calgary, she weighed in at 322 pounds. A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle had triggered prediabetes and borderline high blood pressure.

“I wanted a book that didn’t advocate so much a diet, but advocated a real plan of how to make a lifestyle change,” she says.

She knew she had to make some lifestyle changes.

So, she wrote one.

Over the last decade, Zentner, now 40, has shed 175 pounds and is the healthiest she has ever been. She runs marathons, bikes to work and only eats out about once a week.

In her new book, The Weight-loss Prescription, published in January by Penguin Books, Zentner identifies six basic “eating personalities” and suggests strategies to overcome common vices.

The doctor of internal medicine, specializing in cardiac risk management and obesity at Continuum Medical Care in West Vancouver, has appeared on the CBC show Village on a Diet. She wants her own weight loss success to inspire her patients trying to get healthy.

How to Make the Most of Your Visit with Your Family Doctor

The “emotional eater” uses food as a crutch or a reward; the “calorie drinker” consumes most of their daily calories through fancy coffee, fruit juice and sugary beverages; the “fast food junkie” eats take-out and restaurant meals too often; the “all-or-nothing dieter” vacillates between food restriction “I wanted a and overindulgence; the “portion distorter” may or may not eat book that didn’t healthy, but eats too much; and advocate so the “sitting duck” is physically much a diet, but inactive.

advocated a real plan of how to make a lifestyle change.”

Presented by

Dr. Jonathan Hislop North Shore Family Physician

Zentner says many people, including her former overweight self, fall into more than one category.

Although she says obesity is a disease influenced by genetics and physiology, she believes people have the power to change demotivating behaviour. For example, those who

FREE public education talk brought to you by North Shore Division of Family Practice RSVP:

see Patients on page 27

Ali Zentner, a doctor of internal medicine specializing in cardiac risk management and obesity, stays active to stay healthy.


Tuesday, February 19th • 7pm North Van Capilano Library - Potlatch Room 3045 Highland Blvd., North Vancouver


Acupuncture can successfully treat: Learn To Dance & Get Fit at the Same Time Many people- especially those with growing families- lead busy lives and it can often be difficult to find time for things that allow us to stay fit and energized and kindle our inner joy. Most of us have to choose one or the other. For Jane Stevens- owner of North Vancouver’s new iDance Studio at #219- 1305 Welch Street- dancing was as natural as breathing. “I started dancing at the age of 3,” said Jane. “My mom says I started dancing before I could walk.” Channeling her natural ability and passion was the next step. “As a child, I practically lived at my dance studio - and took all styles of dance, my favorite being jazz. Before long, I grew up and got a “real job” as a legal secretary. I missed dance and found that, as an adult, it was hard to get back into it. After becoming a BCRPA-certified group fitness leader and teaching classes, my sister and I came up with the idea of a dance-based fitness studio designed specifically for busy adults with little or no dance experience.” The new iDance studio is an opportunity for Jane to share her love of dance- and fitness- with others. “We offer our very own Dancer’s Body Boot Camp. Participants usually start with that class, as it’s our dancebased fitness class. You start with a warm up and some across the floor combos and we keep the heart rate up with intervals of cardio. This is a no-choreography class so the focus is on strengthening, lengthening and toning. It’s a great way to dance your derriere off- literally- and get that dancer’s body.” As well as getting fit, you’ll learn a variety of dance styles. “We offer everything from ballet, jazz and hip hop to Bollywood, pussycat dolls burlesque and Zumba. I teach the Dancer’s Body Boot Camp - and we’ll be adding some new classes, like Ballet Boot Camp and Yoga Dance.” It’s a concept that’s open to everyone- from beginners to experienced dancers.

• Acne, Rosacea, Eczema & Psoriasis • Allergies, Sinus & Asthma • Car Accidents & Sport Injuries • Depression, Anxiety & Stress • Arthritis

B.C. Registered Acupuncturist and Herbal Practitioner with over 25 years experience.

• Infertility • Facial Acupuncture for Skin Rejuvenation & Reducing Visible Lines • Hot Flashes, Menopause/ Menstrual Symptoms

• Sleep Disorders & Chronic Fatigue • High Blood Pressure & Cholesterol • Smoking, • Soft Tissue Injuries • Weight Loss

Extended Health Care Coverage, MSP, ICBC, WCB, DVA & RCMP


Salus® Epresat® Multivitamin Liquid

Salus® Kindervital®

Multivitamin for children

“We want to make dance available to everyone - I hope that people reading this will feel inspired to try something new at a non-intimidating and friendly dance studio.” If you have a busy life and the idea of learning to dance and getting fit at the same time appeals to you, give the team at iDance a call at 604-987-1679 or check them out online at


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Next50! Sunday, February 10, 2013 -

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fit & healthy

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What are the newest tips for staying healthy? Can you get fit & have fun too? We’ll help you get all the information you need to find the perfect fitness programs, classes & healthy options to fit your lifestyle. Check it out Sunday, February 24.

Dependable Cleaning from the Professionals you can Trust!

Call today for a free, no obligation, in-home estimate:

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation, in-home estimate:


- A25

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If you are wearing dentures, this is what eating cereal with nuts can feel like.

Call us to join our complimentary Implant Information Night Feb 27, Wednesday 6pm or Feb 28, Thursday 6pm Please reserve your seat by calling: 604-439-8885 Information Night Location: Chrysalis Dental Centre #402 4603 Kingsway, Burnaby

- Sunday, February 10, 2013

continued from page 22

Lifestyle a major factor “The Heart and Stroke Foundation will tell you one of the first symptoms of a heart attack is a thing called death because 52 per cent of people who have a heart attack die,” he says.

Last year, the foundation’s media slogan urged Canadians to “Make death wait.” It’s a message Gibson was drawn to. “It struck me hard because I believe it. Every day I try to make death wait because there are so many good things to do in our lives,” he says. “I made a pledge that I would change my life, and I did. And I’m happy to be on this side of the ground.”

looked at me, a stunned look, and said, “What are you talking about?” And I said, “Have I passed on?” and she said, “Well, I’ll tell you what, Mr. Gibson, I’m not an angel so you’re OK,” he recalls with a laugh. Heart disease is a lifestyle disease for the most part, notes Gibson. He gets frustrated when he sees people who could make better lifestyle choices but don’t, and says it’s time for everyone to find out more about heart disease and make better choices. ROSALIND DUANE

Adopting a healthy and active lifestyle early is important to heart health.

This month, the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada released its 2013 Report on Canadians’ Heart Health. The report suggests baby boomers should act now to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke. The following is some information from the report: ■ A huge majority of boomers reported not eating enough vegetables and fruit (85 per cent), more than 40 per cent are not getting enough physical activity each week, one in five (21 per cent) smoke, and one in 10 (11 per cent) are heavy drinkers. ■ While the large majority of boomers said they feel stressed at least sometimes, almost 30 per cent say they are often or always stressed. ■ More than a quarter of Canadian baby boomers don’t feel concerned about how healthy they will be later in life. And three-quarters (74 per cent) don’t know that they can reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke by up to 80 per cent with lifestyle modifications.

About three years ago, Gibson’s journey with heart disease took another turn.

■ Physical inactivity results in nearly four years of quality life lost.

He received open-heart surgery to clear blockages in his arteries, and his surgeon told him he came through the surgery so well because he was so healthy going in.

■ Eating a poor diet equals nearly three years of quality life lost. ■ Excessive stress can cost nearly two years or more of quality life. ■ Quitting smoking can add two and a half more years of quality life.

“When I woke up from the surgery I was looking around and there were all white walls and white ceilings and white nursing uniforms, and I thought I must have passed through and gone to the other side. I said to the nurse, “What side am I on?” And she

■ Excessive drinking costs Canadians two years of quality life. ■ About 1.3 million Canadians are currently living with the effects of heart disease, and 315,000 are living with the effects of stroke. SOURCE: HEART AND STROKE FOUNDATION OF CANADA (HEARTANDSTROKE.COM)





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Health report






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1005-333 Brooksbank Ave, North Vancouver Park and Tilford Shopping Centre

D E N T I S T RY I N T H E 2 1 S T C E N T U RY N E U R O M U S C U L A R D E N T I S T RY


TELL YOUR DENTIST! Are you getting tired of taking medication for a headache that disrupts your personal life?

Malocclusion (a bad bite) can lead to excessive muscle tension which in turn can cause migraines or common headaches, neck or shoulder pain, pain in the jaw or its muscles, or pain behind eyes. Extensive training at the world renowned Las Vegas Institute of Advanced Dental Studies facilitates the diagnosis as to the cause of your problem.



For a consultation call: (604) 988-0377

“Yes, the best keeps changing.” DR. DECLAN P. LAWLOR

Family Dental in the Village 2-3260 Edgemont Blvd.



Mon.-Fri. • 9 am - 9 pm Sat. & Holidays • 9 am - 3 pm Sundays • 9 am - 5 pm


Open 7 Days A Week Mon - Fri 8 am - 7 pm Sat & Sun 9 am - 6 pm





1256 Marine Drive, North Vancouver West side of Save-On-Foods


A26 -

Sunday, February 10, 2013 -

PB is not all bad

Although peanut butter often gets a bad rap, a publication from Harvard Medical School notes it may be good for you.


Many peanut butters contain saturated fat and sodium, but the story notes the presence of saturated fat doesn’t automatically mean a food is unhealthy. It’s the whole package of nutrients, not just one or two, that determines how “good” a particular food is for health, says Dr. Walter C. Willett in the Harvard Heart Letter.

Two tablespoons of peanut butter has 3.3 grams of saturated fat and 12.3 grams of unsaturated fat. That’s similar to olive oil in terms of the ratio of unsaturated to saturated fat. Peanut butter also provides some fiber, vitamins and minerals (including potassium). The following are some peanut butter recipes provided by Adams brand natural peanut butter. Sesame PB Date Bites 1 cup pitted dates ½ cup creamy peanut butter ½ cup finely chopped peanuts 2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds Purée dates in food processor. Add peanut butter and mix until well combined. Remove from food processor and knead in peanuts. Shape into balls and roll in toasted seeds. Refrigerate overnight. No-Bake Fruit and Nut Balls ½ cup creamy peanut butter 2 tbsp maple syrup 1 cup chopped mixed salted nuts ½ cup oats ¼ cup vanilla protein powder ¼ cup each: dried cranberries, dried blueberries, dried cherries Combine all ingredients. Shape into balls and refrigerate three hours to overnight.

On-The-Go Coco-PB Bars 1 cup creamy peanut butter 1⁄3 cup agave syrup 1 cup oats 1 cup toasted coconut ½ cup dried blueberries ¼ cup raisins ½ tsp cinnamon Combine all ingredients. Press into foillined eight-inch square pan. Refrigerate overnight. Cut into bars.

continued from page 24

Patients inspiring can’t walk long distances due to arthritis might try swimming as an alternative form of exercise. Learning from mistakes is also an important part of the weight loss process, Zentner says. That’s especially applicable this time of year when many people’s New Year’s weight loss resolutions begin to wane.

Dark Chocolate Cherry and Nut Bars 1 cup creamy peanut butter 1 cup oats ¼ cup honey ½ cup dried cherries ½ cup chopped toasted almonds ½ cup chopped dark chocolate ½ cup summer fruit fruit spread

“We all fall off track, it’s very much a reality, and most importantly we all make mistakes,” Zentner says. “If we allow for a sense of forgiveness within those errors then easily, and very seamlessly, that learning can happen.”

Microwave peanut butter 80-90 seconds or until warm. Stir in oats, honey, cherries and almonds. Let cool slightly then mix in chopped chocolate allowing the pieces to melt slightly together. Press half of the mixture into an eight-inch foil-lined pan. Using a spoon, spread fruit spread over top of mixture until covered. Spread remaining mixture on top, pressing to smooth. Refrigerate three hours to overnight. Cut into bars.


- A27

Fortunately, Zentner has her patients to keep her on track. Every Tuesday and Thursday, even on the coldest and rainiest of nights after a full day of work, you can find her walking the seawall with a group of them. “When you literally walk with your patients, they’re far more motivated and inspired.” While she may not be overweight anymore, obesity is something Zentner knows she must cope with the rest of her life. “It’s like any chronic illness, whether it’s diabetes or high blood pressure or heart disease. You don’t get cured, but you do get managed.”

The Healing Power of Salt

Unit 560 Park Royal Shopping Centre North, West Vancouver Salt Therapy is a 100% natural, safe, drug free, noninvasive and affordable treatment for all ages.

URGENT CARE & OUT OF HOURS CARE New Patients Welcome • No Appointment Necessary

Visit our man-made salt room which reproduces the unique micro-climate found in natural salt caves. Experience the benefits.

Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30 am - 9:00 pm Sat. & Sun. 9:00 am - 9:00 pm Phone:

Salt Therapy for Body & Spirit – a natural remedy for allergies, skin and respiratory illnesses.



SnowFit Snowshoe Series A Valentine’s Day snowshoe tour to enjoy with your special someone. February 14th, 7pm

45 minutes $ 25 +Tax

Call for appointments drop in welcome as space available

Tel 604-971-5220

Mon - Fri 10am - 8pm • Sat 11am - 6pm

940 West 16th Street, North Vancouver

CAPSULE Therapy comments for your legs Medical compression stockings have changed in the last 20 years.

■ Sheer ■ Durable ■ Reinforced heel and toe ■ Soft waistband and seams R E CO M M E N D E D F O R:

Tour Includes:

February 9 to March 30, 2013 Tuesdays at 7:00pm Saturdays at 9:00am 604-986-2261 ext 206 | |

Pregnancy Swelling Long distance travel Prevention and treatment of mild venous symptoms Mild edema Slight varicosities Heaviness and fatigue in the legs Standing or sitting for long hours at work Fashionable everyday compression wear


Graduated compression therapy assists the calf muscle pump to increase venous return, thereby increasing blood flow back to the heart and reducing edema in the legs. People whose careers are stressful to the lower extremities find compression therapy a great way to help disorders (varicose veins, mild edema, fatigue). Please contact your family doctor for a clinical diagnosis. A prescription is required for most medical grade compression stockings.

R E N T • S A L E S • S E RV I C E • S I N C E 1973

Davies Home Healthcare

1401 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver 604-985-1481 •

A28 -

- Sunday, February 10, 2013

last a lifetime For over six years, Dr. Rahmany and the staff at Skyline Dental Centre have been committed to providing you with compassionate, professional dental care of the highest standards in a comfortable and relaxed environment. To ensure that your smile lasts a lifetime, here are five reasons to see your dentist.

1 2 3 4 5



One of the best reasons to take care of your mouth is that people with periodontal or gum disease are almost twice as likely to suffer from coronary artery disease according to recent studies. Oral bacteria can enter the bloodstream, attaching to fatty plaques in the heart’s blood vessels, causing clots to form. Inflammation in the gums contributes to swelling in the arteries. Regular dental cleanings will likely reduce your risk of heart disease and strokes.

Gum disease is an infection in the gum tissues and bone that keep your teeth in place and is one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss. If diagnosed early, it can be treated and reversed. Studies show that 85% of people with persistent bad breath have a dental problem that is to blame. Good oral hygiene is essential in preventing bad breath. If treatment is not received, a more serious and advanced stage of gum disease may follow, leading to tooth loss. Regular dental cleanings and checkups are key factors in preventing this from happening.


Dr. Rahmany and the hygienists at Skyline Dental Centre will be able to detect any early signs of problems with your teeth and gums. Early detection of cavities, broken fillings and gum disease are easily treatable. If these problems go untreated, root canals, gum surgery and removal of teeth could become the only treatment options available. Your hygienist will help to ensure that you are maintaining your oral health and will put you back on the right path if you fall off track with your oral care.



According to Health Canada, about 4000 new cases will be diagnosed in Canada this year, and about 1500 people will die from oral cancer this year. When you have your dental cleaning, we use special equipment geared towards screening for oral cancer, which is highly curable if diagnosed early.

Your hygienist will remove most coffee, tobacco and tea stains, and will polish your teeth to a beautiful shine

With our new SpaDent Whitening system, we also provide state-of-theart technology to improve the shade of your teeth in just 20 minutes, WITH NO SENSITIVITY! Ask us about our new SpaDent system. Call us at Skyline Dental Centre for a free consultation today! Y Scan to see more with


y a D s ’ e n i t n e l a V y p Hap Love story: Connections North Vancouver

How did you meet? Deanne: Bobby and I met during the very first official season of the Vancouver Whitecaps in 1974. My father (Denny Veitch) was an original owner and the GM. My sister and I were team hostesses so we attended a team event, which is where I met Bobby and my sister met her future husband (Daryl Samson). Tell us about your first date: Our very first date was to the Spaghetti Factory for lunch. Bobby was a true gentleman. It was memorable as it was the first time we had been completely on our own. It was on that date that we discovered we had this great chemistry and a strong connection. However, we were young and had to go our separate ways after that summer. We tried to keep in touch but soccer, travel, school, and other relationships kept us apart. I moved back to Vancouver after a break-up, and on my first night back in town my friends took me to a nightclub downtown where Bobby and I reconnected. That special chemistry and connection we discovered five years before was stronger than ever. We started dating, quickly fell in love and have been together ever since. That was 34 years ago. How did he propose? We dined regularly at a Chinese restaurant near our home in North Vancouver. We were both looking at our menus and out of nowhere Bobby said, “I think it’s time to go speak with

Love story: Unconditional Romance is still alive

page 30 page 31

your dad.” I lowered my menu and said, “About what?” Bobby replied with a spontaneous, “I want to ask him for your hand in marriage.” I said, “Are you asking me to marry you?” With a beautiful grin on his face he said, “Yes,” and asked me to marry him and I said, “Yes.” He then announced it to the owner of the restaurant who announced it to the entire room and brought over champagne. There was no plan; it was very spontaneous, which made it so special and a moment in time we both cherish. Where and when was your wedding? On Nov. 28, 1981, in North Vancouver, at Highlands United Church. How do you like to spend time together? We have date night once a week and enjoy a casual dinner with a great bottle of Pinot Noir. We also like walks and hikes with our dogs in our spare time. But most of all we love our home and just like to hang out there together. What do you like most about each other? Deanne: What I like most about my husband (besides his good looks, charm and charismatic personality) is how he looks at me and makes me feel. No matter where we are, when he looks at me, he always makes me feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the room. I love that about him. Bobby: Aside from the fact that Deanne looks as good

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Deanne and Bob Lenarduzzi

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A29

See Couple page 31

a stunning bouquet of a dozen roses oses with babys breath and greens $59.99 per dozen

wrapped in cello or boxed

Beautiful large mixed bouquets starting at $19.99 1457 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver • 604.925.8333 Tuesday to Saturday 10:00am - 5:00pm or by appointment

460 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver BC • 604.985.1914

A30 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013

y a D s ’ e n i t n e l a V y p p a H

Love story: Unconditional Dave and Christina Kitchen

hotel because I wanted her to have a diamond for the Diamond Ball.

Occupations: Dave is owner and coach at CrossFit North Vancouver. Christina is an office manager at California Cult Classics in North Vancouver.

Where and when was your wedding? Sept. 19, 2009, at St. Francis in the Wood in West Vancouver, with reception at Mt. Seymour Golf and Country Club.

North Vancouver

How did you meet? We met over a cup of coffee at Starbucks. Tell us about your first date: I picked up Christina from her work and we took a nice drive to Horseshoe Bay. We had coffee and tea, and went for a walk around the village. How did you propose? Five months after meeting her, I proposed to Christina at the Canadian Cancer Society’s annual Diamond Ball, at the Fairmont Vancouver Hotel. The proposal was before the event at our suite in the

How do you like to spend time together? We enjoy working out, dinners at local restaurants, walking in the Cove, hosting friends for dinner, and most of all spending time with our 17-month-old daughter, Grace. What is your secret for lasting love? Good communication and laugh off the little challenges life throws at you. Love unconditionally, it’s the only way. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? We plan to relax at home with filet mignon and a great cabernet from Christina’s work.

photo Kate Webster

Twice the Love

Buy any Zerona package and receive an equal number of treatments.

FREE, for you or your favorite valentine

Fast, safe body slimming - no pain, no downtime, no surgery.

Lonsdale Quay Market, 200-123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver

Must purchase before February 16, 2013


Foundation Wellness

Call for a FREE consultation • 604.988.7080 •

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Buy 1 Get 4 Sugar Waffle Cones FREE Enjoy any 1L or pre-packed Ice Cream and get 4 Sugar Waffle Cones


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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A31

y a D s ’ e n i t n e l a HappyV

Despite poll results, romance is still alive Martha Stewart’s heartshaped pancakes look great on her website, but not so great as a charred ruin on your breakfast dish after you failed to follow the directions properly. Proposing to your beloved atop the CN Tower sounds great until your connecting flight through LockJaw, Sask., is diverted back to Vancouver because of an early season tropical storm moving up from the Florida Everglades. In an attempt to highlight the ups and downs of

Valentine’s Day planning, the North Shore News sent out a Tweet calling for readers to submit their best and/or worst Valentine’s Day stories. No one answered the call. Luckily, the newsroom is full of interesting people, and a quick poll of newsroom staff revealed some interesting anecdotes and views about Valentine’s Day (submitted under the promise of anonymity). “My views are probably not the kind of views you’re looking for,”notedonemarriedreporter, who suggested Valentine’s Day gifts have “gone the way of the stocking stuffer” by getting too big. “Flat screen TVs?” she asked incredulously. “What happened to chocolate?”

Couple are best friends

From page 29

now as when we first met, it would have to be her incredible loyalty and belief. During our 31 years of marriage and my involvement in the ups and downs of professional soccer, there were times that I probably should have considered another profession. Throughout all this, Deanne never wavered and never questioned my willingness to pursue my passion. This same loyalty and belief also applies to our two children, Ryan and Sunny, who she encourages in the same way. What is your secret for lasting love? We are best friends who have always been able to stay interested and interesting to one another. We do not take each other for granted. Family is our first priority but we have always made time for just us. We have two rules: Never go to bed angry and never break a trust. What are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Dinner at our favourite restaurant and a quiet evening at home.


• $1 donation from every Brazilian wax • $5 donation from every vajazzle Join us to help support the Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation with your next appointment.

North Vancouver West Vancouver 223 Mountain Hwy 636 Clyde Ave (Main & Mountain)

(Off Taylor Way)



Another married staff member launched into a long list of all the cleaning, coffee-making, cooking and other chores he does around the house, insisting that thanks to his effort, “Every day is Valentine’s Day.” His co-worker at the next desk suggested I ask his wife (who works in another department at the paper) because “she’s good at remembering that stuff.” The lack of romance seemed to get worse as the poll moved throughthenewsroom.Saidone young reporter: “When I was about 22, I was in a video store on Feb. 14, not realizing what the date was. I was very pleased to be taking home a new video game: Metal Gear Solid 3. ‘No

Lynn Valley Road & Mountain Hwy •

NOT everyone has the money or the wherewithal to pull off a “perfect” Valentine’s Day celebration.

Valentine’s date, eh?’ the young woman at the checkout said. ‘Nope,’ I responded. That was one of my fondest Valentine’s Day memories. I still love that game.” Fortunately, there were some brighter lights in the desk pod closest to the fridge. One reporter said there were “many flowers and mix tapes” in her past, but, sadly, MP3s have ruined the mix tape forever. She was happy to report, however, that last year her boyfriend still got flowers for her and made a dinner “that wasn’t chili,” and even required him to “read a recipe.” She was impressed. From the proofer: “Valentine’s Day always fills me with fear, almost certainly

the residue of my artistically deficient elementary school career, in which each Feb. 14 meant another failed attempt to build a mailbox out of red and white construction paper. I scorned the day for years until I finally met a woman who wanted to spend Valentine’s Day eating salted caramels and watching horror movies. For her, and only for her, I would build one last construction paper mailbox. Because she cares about me, she never asks.” And the sports editor: “Last year I took my wife and son to Boston Pizza to get one of their heart-shaped pizzas. Classy, right? Of course my do-gooder wife would only eat a wholewheat crust and the restaurant

couldn’t do whole wheat in the heart pans. This is reason No. 43,126 why white bread is still better than whole wheat no matter what the health fanatics tell you. Anyway, we ended up having to get a regular old circle pizza. It was delicious despite its whole-wheat crust. What I learned that day is that regardless of the shape or grain, Valentine’s Day pizza is always best when shared with the ones we love. Also, shame on you, whole wheat, for not bending into the shape of a heart. Your holier-than-thou attitude almost ruined a beloved holiday.” And, so it seems, all is not lost. — Rosalind Duane

For more giggles view this ad with

LYNN VALLEY CENTRE IS ALL HEART Give your sweetheart a FREE Valentine picture taken in our fun Giggle Booth with lots of complimentary props to show you’re one of a kind.

February 14th: 12pm – 5pm in the mall Capture our love - enter to win a big heart shaped box of Purdy’s chocolates and a dozen long stemmed roses.


A32 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Key financial strategies remain unchanged JUST over 40 years ago, on Jan. 27, 1973:

Money Matters Mike Grenby

owners went on a few sickening rollercoaster rides. Real estate values generally went up. We had a global financial crisis, and the after-effects are still far from over. RESPs and TFSAs came, RHOSPs came and went, RRSPs, RRIFs and DRIPs remain alive and well. I’ve appreciated all your interest and support as readers – your questions and often “how it all turned out” follow-up emails. And I’m grateful to the paper’s editor

Canada Savings Bonds rate started at seven per cent, rose to an amazing 19.5 per cent in 1981 and now is around and below one per cent.) n I wrote my first money column. During those 40 years, consumers learned to shop and even bargain for financial products as they discovered not all savings rates, loan costs, insurance premiums and so on were the same. Stock and mutual fund

n U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War ended with the signing of the Paris Peace Accords. n If you had started investing $100 a month compounding monthly at six per cent, your $48,000 would have grown to about $200,000 today; at eight per cent to $350,000; and at 10 per cent to $630,000. (During that period, the









for publishing my column. Interestingly, through all those years, the basics of money management have remained constant: n Balance spending and enjoying now with saving/ investing to have enough to spend and enjoy in the future. n Paying off non-deductible debt is still one of the best – safest, simplest – investments most Canadians can make. n Unless you can demonstrate a better alternative, contributing to an RRSP remains a sound retirement planning strategy for most people – saving tax now and deferring tax on

investment growth. n Insure against losses you couldn’t cope with financially. n Money matters continue to be sensitive topics in relationships – and resolving financial and related conflicts remains as important as ever. n Preservation of capital is the first rule of investing. Understand what you invest in, and don’t invest past your sleeping point.

Mike Grenby is a columnist and independent personal financial advisor; he’ll answer questions in this column as space allows but cannot reply personally. Email


HWY: 5.2L/100 KM CITY: 7.1L/100 KM










0 17,444 AND






Limited model shown

HWY: 5.3L/100 KM CITY: 7.8L/100 KM


107 0 OWN IT FOR





0 19,544 AND




SE with Tech. shown







HWY: 7.7L/100 KM CITY: 10.4L/100 KM


124 0.99 OWN IT FOR



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166 1.99 OWN IT FOR






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HWY: 5.6L/100 KM CITY: 8.7L/100 KM



Limited model shown

146 0.99






5-year/100,000 km Comprehensive Limited Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Powertrain Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Emission Warranty

%† $

0 25,564 AND





supplied photo

BUCKLAND and Taylor Ltd. were recognized for rehabilitating the Hagwilget Suspension Bridge.

North Vancouver firm wins engineer award A North Vancouver company received top honours at the ninth annual Deputy Minister’s Consulting Engineers Awards.

Buckland and Taylor Ltd. took home the award for Design and Contract Preparation – Structures for its work on the Hagwilget Suspension Bridge Rehabilitation project near New Hazelton. More than $5 million has been invested over the past three years to rehabilitate the historic, single-lane steel-suspension bridge located on the Hazelton High Level Road, two kilometres north of Highway 16. Suspended 80 metres above the Bulkley River, the bridge is constructed of steel and cable, with a tower at either end and cement abutments at the approaches. Opened in 1932, the bridge’s heritage value was a key component of the rehabilitation project. Buckland and Taylor was awarded an $875,000 design contract in March 2011 to replace corroded steelwork components, inspect the main suspension cables and provide a coating condition assessment. Rehabilitation work occurred in 2012.


TM The Hyundai names, logos, product names, feature names, images and slogans are trademarks owned by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. †Finance offers available O.A.C. from Hyundai Financial Services based on a new 2013 Elantra L 6-Speed Manual/Elantra GT GL 6-Speed Manual/Tucson L 5-Speed Manual/Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto/Sonata GL Auto with an annual finance rate of 0%/0%/0.99%/1.99%/0.99% for 84 months. Bi-weekly payments are $96/$107/$124/$166/$146. No down payment required. Cost of Borrowing is $0/$0/$772/$2,038/$907. Finance offers include Delivery and Destination of $1,495/$1,495/$1,760/$1,760/$1,565. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Financing example: 2013 Elantra L 6-Speed Manual for $17,444 at 0% per annum equals $96 bi-weekly for 84 months for a total obligation of $17,444. Cash price is $17,444. Cost of Borrowing is $0. Example price includes Delivery and Destination of $1,495. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. ? Fuel consumption for 2013 Elantra Sedan L 6-Speed Manual (HWY 5.2L/100KM; City 7.1L/100KM)/2013 Elantra GT GL 6-Speed Manual (HWY 5.3L/100KM; City 7.8L/100KM)/2013 Tucson L 5-Speed Manual (HWY 7.7L/100KM, City 10.4L/100KM)/2013 Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto (HWY 6.7L/100KM, City 10.1L/100KM) /2013 Sonata GL Auto (HWY 5.6L/100KM; City 8.7L/100KM) are based on Manufacturer Testing. Actual fuel efficiency may vary based on driving conditions and the addition of certain vehicle accessories. Fuel economy figures are used for comparison purposes only. ? Price of models shown 2013 Elantra Limited/Elantra GT SE Tech 6-Speed Auto/Tucson Limited AWD/Santa Fe 2.0T Limited AWD/Sonata Limited is $24,794/$27,844/$34,109/$40,259/$30,564. Prices include Delivery and Destination charges of $1,495/$1,495/$1,760/$1,760/$1,565. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. *Price adjustments are calculated against the vehicle’s starting price. Price adjustments of up to $1,100 available on 2013 Elantra GT GL 6 speed Manual. Price adjustments applied before taxes. Offer cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other available offers. Offer is non-transferable and cannot be assigned. No vehicle trade-in required. †*? Offers available for a limited time, and subject to change or cancellation without notice. See dealer for complete details. Dealer may sell for less. Inventory is limited, dealer order may be required. ◊Based on Natural Resource Canada’s 2012 ecoEnergy award for most fuel efficient full-size car. ††Hyundai’s Comprehensive Limited Warranty coverage covers most vehicle components against defects in workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions.

Northshore Auto Mall • 855 Automall Drive • North Vancouver, BC • 1-866-664-8713 • D#6700

I love you more.

Chocolate-covered fresh strawberries Available Feb. 13 & 14 only. Limited quantities. Order soon!

119 East 2ND Street, North Vancouver 604-984-3390

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A33

SENIORS what’s going on for seniors Search for Vancouver’s Outstanding Senior Volunteer: To raise awareness and commend outstanding senior volunteers, the Vancouver Home Instead Senior Care is sponsoring the 2013 Salute to Senior Service award program and requests the public’s help in identifying deserving seniors. Nomination info: Deadline for submissions is March 31. Seniors Gathering: A free drop-in program for an informal get together and chat from 10 to 11:30 a.m. on the second Tuesday of every month at the North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St. TV personality and author Mike McCardell will be at the Feb. 12 meeting to talk about his latest book Unlikely Love Stories. Info: 604-998-3460 or Silver Harbour Shorts Joins Movies at the Meek: Films created entirely by members of the digital storytelling group at Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre will be featured during the Movies at the Meek series at Kay Meek Centre, 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. On Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 7:30 p.m. Queen of Spades and See more page 35

photo supplied

LES D’Arcy, 89, is one of the stars of the documentary film Ping Pong, screening in the Lower Mainland for the first time at Kay Meek Centre Tuesday. The film focuses on the 80+ table tennis championships held in Mongolia and the fascinating competitors who vie for the title.

Doc profiles cut-throat sport

WITH a combined age of 703 years, the elderly competitors of Ping Pong are nothing if not ferocious athletes, possessed of a roaring desire for life and victory.

According to a press release, DOXA Documentary Film Festival’s Motion Pictures Film Series and Kay Meek Centre are presenting the Vancouver premiere of the “hilarious and heartbreaking film” by Hugh and Anson Hartford Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 7:30 p.m. at Kay Meek Centre. Ping Pong focuses on the 80+ table tennis championships held in Mongolia, which attracts players from around the globe. The competition is no joke, it’s fight to the finish

The film follows eight men and women, including: Les, 89, a seven-time champion who credits his weight lifting regimen with keeping him in the game; Terry, 81, who was given less than a week to live and rises from his deathbed to wield a mean paddle; and Inga, 89, who battles dementia with the same determination that she uses to take down her opponents. Mortality may haunt the edges of their stories, but this is ultimately a film about life, its struggles and triumphs. As the participants talk about their lives and their sport, Ping Pong treats its subjects with warmth, respect, and occasionally wicked glee. The human spirit, bumptious, bittersweet and playful in the best sense of the word is well in evidence in this “delightful” film, according to presenters. Admission: $12. Info: or


We make life more manageable, assisting with appointments, social visits, and escorted driving services.

Shylo 604-985-6881







Connecting with your Creativity

Be inspired and energized 25yrs exp

It’s worth a trip across the bridge! Wir sprechen Deutsch. NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS

“Being of service to denture wearers over the last 25 years, I have learned to bring care and compassion to my work in order to make a difference in the quality of their lives.” Friedrich H.G. Brumm, B.A., Denturist


All our Dentures and Services are TAX FREE!

Thursday evenings: 6.30 - 8.30 pm at West Vancouver Community Health Centre, main floor 2121 Marine Drive. February 14th Painting: Have fun exploring colour and texture using acrylic paints. February 21st Music: Experience ways to relax and energize using different forms of music. February 28th Movement: Explore how movement and rhythm can bring renewed awareness, energy and vitality into your life. For those providing practical or emotional support to an adult.

For information and registration, please contact Karyn at


A34 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Program offers seniors culturally specific support ACCORDING to the traditional Chinese calendar, a new year begins today.

Memory Lane

Laura Anderson seniors on the North Shore, began last fall at John Braithwaite Community Centre with a series of focus groups followed by training in communication and facilitation, cultural awareness and the aging process. The women (no men at this point) who joined the program call themselves Chinese Ambassadors. With the Chinese Ambassadors program underway, North Shore Neighbourhood House will move on to create similar programs for Korean and Filipino seniors. Opportunities to learn

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

LORI Wall leads a meeting of those involved in the North Shore Seniors Peer Support Volunteer Program’s Seniors Inspiring Seniors initiative, offered in participation with local Chinese, Korean and Filipino communities. English and to bridge the cultural divide, readily available to their children and grandchildren through work, education and social activities, are rare for new Canadian seniors. Typically, Chinese families

Amica at West Vancouver Open House

on family ties and tradition, the annual spring festival, for example, that heralds the Lunar New Year. Caught up in busy lives, working and raising a family, adult children may not recognize their parents’ need for a social

network (an issue shared by all cultures in today’s world). A small group of Chinesespeaking seniors, the Chinese Seniors at Silver Harbour, is working to change that. See more page 35

Red Hot Happy Hour!

Saturday, October 13th and Sunday, October 14th, 2012 10:00 am to 4:00 pm daily Visit, tour and learn about our fully independent retirement lifestyle, as well as our VITALIS™ Assisted Living Services.

Friday, February 15th, 4:30 pm – 5:30 pm Join us at Revera – Hollyburn House to celebrate Valentine’s Day featuring musical entertainment by Jennifer Lauren. Meet our staff and mingle with our residents as you experience what retirement living is all about.

Enjoy refreshments after your tour and enter our draw for 12-1415

a chance to win a prize courtesy of Amica at West Vancouver. Amica at West Vancouver A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence 659 Clyde Avenue West Vancouver, BC V7T 1C8 604.921.9181 •

retain their cultural traditions in a Western world. Both parents will be working, with grandparents responsible for the children’s after school care. This arrangement works back in the homeland where community cohesion is based

Call Nicole at 604-922-7616 to RSVP by February 13th!

Tours of our residence also available.

Hollyburn House Revera: Canadian owned for 50 years with more than 250 locations.

2095 Marine Dr West Vancouver 604-922-7616

11553 02.13

During this year of the snake, focus and attention to detail will bring steady progress and ultimately, success to our endeavours. This is auspicious for North Shore Neighbourhood House’s latest community outreach project, Seniors Inspiring Seniors. For some seniors, aging can bring social isolation, a significant contributor to poor health. For new Canadian seniors, language and cultural differences raise the barrier of isolation that much higher. Seniors Inspiring Seniors will reach across that barrier with a program based on the North Shore Seniors Peer Support model, in which volunteers help seniors manage their own health and meet the daily challenges that aging brings. The pilot program, directed towards Chinese-speaking

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A35


Peer volunteers to help local residents access services From page 34 When the funding cycle for their Seniors Bridging program completed two years ago, the seniors wanted to continue meeting. On Wednesday mornings, they make their way to Silver Harbour Seniors’ Activity Centre where, in a space hosted by the centre, they practise English and learn about services and resources available on the North Shore. Rosanna Ng of the North Shore Multicultural Society helps out by organizing their exposure to exotic activities like line dancing and lawn bowling. Mainly however, those Wednesday mornings are a time to share stories and experiences, a time for the seniors to support and inspire one another as they face the challenges of aging in a new world. Starting Wednesday, Feb. 13, the Chinese Ambassadors will link up with the Chinese seniors group when they move to Silver Harbour, the first of several planned satellite locations for the program. Like her fellow Chinese ambassadors, Irene Chu is looking forward to the move. Irene has lived in Canada for almost 20 years, emigrating in 1995 from Hong Kong where she worked as a secretary in a law firm. Irene and her husband, plus their two daughters, made their home in Toronto, Ont., for three years before relocating permanently to North Vancouver. One daughter still lives here, the other has returned to Hong Kong. Irene understands the difficulties of maintaining family ties over long distances and the challenges of building a life in a new country. She is also experiencing the Western condition of being an empty nester. With this personal experience, and her fluency in English, Manda-

rin and Cantonese, Irene believes she can make a contribution to the program as an interpreter and as a participant. It took courage for Irene to take the first step to join the program but the invitation from her friend and fellow participant, Mary Lo, gave her confidence. Ready for the next step in the progression of the Chinese Ambassador program, Irene says, “We hope that more seniors will participate and will also contribute their knowledge and experience.” As the year of the snake commences, I wish the Chinese Ambassadors success in their endeavours. For more information about the Chinese Ambassadors program, call program co-ordinator Lori Wall at 604-982-8333 or email her at For information about the Chinese seniors program, call Silver Harbour at 604-980-2474 or email Laura Anderson works with and for seniors on the North Shore. Contact her at 778-279-2275 or email her at

what’s going on for seniors From page 33 Mama’s Boy will be shown with the feature Ping Pong. Admission: $12. Tickets: Chez Lou: Celebrate Valentine’s

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

High note

NICOLAS Krusek of Vancouver Opera’s education department engages community members in a discussion of The Magic Flute, at West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre Feb. 4 through Capilano University’s Eldercollege. The opera is being presented in Vancouver at Queen Elizabeth Theatre, March 9-17.

with a delicious dinner that includes a glass of wine Wednesday, Feb. 13, 5:30-8 p.m. at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st St. Fee: $30. Info: 604-925-7280. The Academy of Aging: A series of free seminars to educate and equip seniors to approach their retirement years with confidence will be put on by Community Integration Services Society with the assistance of

the Government of Canada’s New Horizons for Seniors program from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Schedule: Feb. 15, Navigating the Health Care System; and Feb. 22, Avoiding Identity Theft. Info: 604-986-1511. Heritage Cream Tea: A cream tea with music, a trivia contest and displays of Mollie’s memorabilia Sat-

urday, Feb. 16, 2:30 p.m. at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Tickets: $7. Info: 604-987-5820 or Sunday Movies: The Descendants will be screened Feb. 17, 1 p.m. at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st St. Fee: $2. Info: 604-925-7280 or westvancouver. ca/seniors. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell

InStrideTM – Keep in step with your body! &eing $t means staying physica''y active. "hat#s why our !nStride $tness program gives you options to move at your own pace. Choose an activity regimen that suits your needs and recogni%es your abi'ities– whether it#s an aerobics c'ass, a body stretching session or a strength-training routine. Independent retirement living in the heart of Seymour

a t e G

! n o e mo v

3633 Mt Seymour Parkway, North Vancouver


A36 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Casual fine dining drives wine culture Notable Potables

Tim Pawsey

VANCOUVER has no shortage of what’s known in the trade as CFDs (Casual Fine Dining) restaurants, such as Earls, which make up a major sector of our dining scene. Not quite so obvious is how they’ve been instrumental in driving our wine culture over the last couple of decades, particularly in the realm of wines by the glass and the enthusiastic support of B.C. wines early in the game. Earls also prides itself on its long-term winery relationships, a point borne out by the decision to award Earls Rascal house wine to the Okanagan’s respected CedarCreek, which has had wines on the list for more than a few years, in fact ever since sI can remember. I had a chance to taste these wines recently and was suitably impressed, even if I might give the edge to the quite floral, tropical and gently citrus The Rascal Next Door White ($7.50, 6 ozs., $10.50 , 9 ozs., or $28 a bottle), a very food-friendly drop that’s a slam dunk with Earls’ celebrated Jeera Chicken, wahoo (fish) taco, and plenty of other plates. The Rascal Next Door Red 2011, a medium-bodied red (mainly Merlot, Cab. Sauv. and Pinot Noir), sports red berry, cherry and some savoury notes, and is equally food-friendly and a fair match with the likes of

beef carpaccio and deviled egg. (same pricing). Earls is a favourite latenight haunt for industry types, thanks in part to the reserve wine list, which often has some pretty spectacular deals tucked away, such as CedarCreek’s superb, deep-plummy and damson-toned, soft-tannin Platinum Merlot 2008 (a slam dunk with Earls’ impressive, 16 oz. bone-in, signature wet-rub rib-eye) that goes for a paltry $50, and gets poured into a “proper” glass! All of these wines add up to excellent value at their respective levels, which, really, is what it’s all about. ••• Valentine’s: It’s all about drinking pink Well, it doesn’t have to be. But here’s a trio of dutifully pink drinks with a difference that will definitely add a seductive little something to the festivities. ■ Alliance Loire Rosé d’Anjou Les Legeriens 2011 (Loire) Here’s a passionate drop if ever there was one. Made mainly with Gamay and

VA L E N T I N E ’ S D AY Dinner for Two $45.95

SHARE ONE APPETIZER Calamari,Stuffed Prawns, Mushroom Caps or Potato Skins TWO ENTREES Prime Rib, Baked Salmon, Stuffed Sole, Sailor’s Stuffed Chicken, Seafood Pasta SHARE ONE DESSERT Homemade Baked Apple Crumble, Chocolate Sensation Cake, Sticky Toffee Pudding RESERVE YOUR TABLE TODAY! Taxes & Gratuities Additional...

BREAKFAST S • LUNCH U C • DINNER 1653 Columbia Street (at Lynnwood Marina), North Vancouver • FREE PARKING 604 988 0038 •

something else; bright rose to orange colours in the glass with strawberry notes on top that follow through on the intensely fruity palate for a mouth-filling, long-lasting drop. Good with grilled chicken or just for gazing ($14.99 and up at private stores, 89 pts) ■ Haywire, The Bub in Pink It definitely is pink (from Pinot Noir with Chardonnay), a really pretty pale almost candy-floss looking pink that promises with hints of cherry and green apple on the nose and delivers just that in a nononsense palate, buoyed by a bevy of bodacious bubbles, that begs to be quaffed and easily is ($24.95, 89 pts.) ■ Crofts Pink Port N/V I’m sure some old port lovers would be turning in their graves if they saw what the world has come to, but this fun take on a classic is just that. Who knew? Fortified rosé indeed. Bright red berries in the glass that do taste pretty porty and might have you craving a little chocolate to

photos Tim Pawsey

EARLS restaurants wine buyer George Piper (left) checks in with Cedar Creek owner Gordon Fitzpatrick. Earls is a favourite late-night haunt for industry types partly because of its reserve wine list. Alliance Loire Rose d’Anjou Les Legeriens, seen in the photo at left, offers a passionate drop of strawberry notes and a fruity palate, perfect for Valentine’s Day. go along, if you want to sip it neat or over ice. Or, you could top it up with soda and add a splash of bitters with a slice of orange, for a more “adult” drink in the hot tub. And what you don’t finish on Valentine’s Day you’ll have plenty of fun with at the next party (BCLS $19.99). Tim Pawsey covers wine for numerous publications and online as the Hired Belly at Contact: on Twitter @hiredbelly or email

food calendar

Penny Drive: Tim Horton Children’s Foundation is asking Canadians to give their remainingpenniesafondfarewell by donating them to support kids in need across Canada with the gift of camp. Pennies can be dropped into collection boxes at Tim Hortons until Feb. 24. Locations: Info:

Chocolate Tasting: Chocolate master Pierre Gruget will host a grand cru style tasting Wednesday, Feb. 13, 7-9 p.m. at Gleneagles Community Centre, 6262 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. There will be samples and a hot chocolate martini. Fee: $30. Registration: 604-921-2100 or webreg.westvancouver. net (#891819). Adventures in Cooking: Ambrosia Adventures will host a class on Everything Bacon Friday, Feb. 22 from 6:45 to 9:30 p.m. at Y Franks store, 503 15th St., West Vancouver. Chef Karen Barnaby has put together an evening in honor of this other food group. Fee: $74.50. Info: or 604-218-2084. Adventures in Cooking: Ambrosia Adventures will host a class with Top Chef Canada finalist Trevor Bird, owner of Fable restaurant Monday, Feb. 25 from 6:45 to 9:30 p.m. at Y Franks store, 503 15th St., West Vancouver. Bird will share his recipes and stories. Fee: $74.50. Info: or 604-218-2084. Japanese Cooking Class: Kimiko, an independent Japanese cooking instructor, will teach a class on how to make miso soup, shiraae and gyoza Thursday, Feb. 28, 11-a.m.-1 p.m. at St. Catherine’s Anglican Church, 1058 Ridgewood Dr., North Vancouver. Fee: $55 per person. Info and registration: kimiko@ or 604-727-5331. Family Services of the North Shore Fundraiser: Boston Pizza will donate 10 per cent of each bill collected to Family Services of the North Shore. Boston Pizza is located at 1078 Marine Dr. and 88 Chesterfield Ave. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A37

Whistler Creekside welcomes little rippers Layne Christensen

SCHOOL’S out Monday for British Columbia’s first Family Day but at Whistler, kids will be playing in the school yard. The School Yard skills area in Whistler Mountain’s family zone is the mountain’s newest kid-friendly feature. Opened Feb. 2, it features a mini slalom course and low tables, boxes and jumps for the mountain’s littlest rippers to safely show their stuff. The new skills area is part of a push this season to boost family programming on the mountain. There’s a new Family Certified icon displayed on ski runs, in stores, at and on menu boards to indicate kid-friendly areas, products and services. Colourful new signs have also been added to on-mountain areas to better mark kid- and beginnerfriendly terrain. How family-friendly is Ski Magazine’s No. 1 ranked North American ski resort? My husband and I, and our two little shredders, ages seven and nine, found out on a recent visit. Our adventure begins just after checking in to Legends lodge in Creekside, just a few clicks of the ski boots from the 2010 Games alpine skiing

venue. The original heart of Whistler and the site of the first gondola, Creekside is quieter than the village. Legends is ski-in, ski-out with a laid-back vibe, full kitchens in all suites and complimentary day use of the pool, hot tubs and secured parking. (This is a bonus for us, as we’ll be skiing after check-out) Our two-bedroom suite is an immediate hit with kids, with plenty of room to spread out. We drop our bags, grab our snow gear and load into the car for a planned visit to the tube park. Located at Base 2 on Blackcomb Mountain, the Coca-Cola Tube Park features 300 metres of sliding fun with eight lanes from green to blue to black and a conveyor lift that whisks tubers to the top. Visitors can pre-book tickets online at a discount or buy them at the tube park entrance. We hit a snag when I visit guest relations in Whistler Village and am told the tube park is closed due to ice. Or is it? As we learn from Creekside guest relations the next morning, the park occasionally closes in extreme conditions, but was open on this particular night. For our troubles, we receive apologies and beverage vouchers. No matter. The kids are happy to return to our room for Harry Potter and pizza and make it an early night. The next morning, it’s an easy three-minute walk from Legends to Creekside Whistler Kids where we drop

the kids for a group lesson. The snow school at Whistler Blackcomb has more than 1,100 professional ski and snowboard instructors, more than any other snow school in Canada. With the kids in their lesson, my husband and I get in a few runs of our own before meeting up with Donna Kerr, general manager of Whistler Kids, for lunch at the Chic Pea cabin, at the bottom of beginner-friendly Upper Whisky Jack. She’s brought our kids with her and with rosy cheeks they pass a few minutes hand-feeding crumbs to the whisky jacks while our burgers sizzle on the outdoor grill. Kerr tours us down the easy green Lower Whiskey Jack and in through Enchanted Forest, a flowy run through the trees that is wider this season. Then it’s over to The School Yard, where even I brave a trick or two, up the Garbanzo Express and down an easy blue, Orange Peel, to the popular Tree Fort. With its slides and climbing platforms, this newly spruced up attraction is a popular rest stop for snow school groups. “If parents look at Flaik, they’ll see it flashing here for a while,” says Kerr, referring to the GPS tracking tag that each child wears during their lesson. (The Flaik number is recorded on your skier’s progress card so you can track their day on the mountain when they’re done.) There’s a glitch with our Flaik numbers, which Whistler Blackcomb’s operations

photo Toshi Kawano/Whistler Blackcomb

WHISTLER Blackcomb is offering half-price lift tickets to B.C. residents on Family Day. Families can also take advantage of snow school discounts on Discover Whistler Days in February, March and April. manager for Flaik Jen TiilikkaBirdsall quickly sorts out by phone after our day of skiing. While we’re chatting, Tiilikka-Birdsall, a former ski instructor, shares her tips for a family-friendly day on the mountain. “Come early. Plan ahead. And eat a good breakfast,” she advises. “If you’re rushing around last minute, it can be a little bit upsetting for your little ones and that doesn’t set them up for the best day.”


FEBRUARY 8-17/2013

••• Heading to Whistler for Family Day? Whistler Blackcomb is offering halfprice lift tickets to B.C. residents on Monday, Feb. 11. The Whistler Museum is offering entry by donation on Feb. 11 while the Meadows Park Sports Centre has family drop-in rates at half the regular price. Visit the Whistler Insider blog,, for more events and discounts. Planning a late-season or

spring ski trip to Whistler? Visit for details about Discover Whistler Days. These are special value periods where the snow school offers discounts on select group lessons. From Feb. 25 to March 8 and April 8-21 you can save 30 per cent on lessons, including three- and five-day adventure camps and the two-day weekend program for kids as well as the five- and two-day Ride Tribe programs for teens.

A38 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013

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photo FIS/Marc Landry


NORTH Vancouver resident Chris Robanske raises his arms in triumph after claiming his first ever World Cup snowboard cross gold medal. He was the first Canadian male to score a World Cup win since fellow North Vancouverite Drew Neilson back in 2007.

Canada gets back on board ONE of these days North Vancouver’s Chris Robanske will score a big snowboard cross victory without first suffering through a painful injury.

North Van’s Robanske wins team’s first World Cup gold since 2007

Robanske earned his first career World Cup gold medal last weekend at Ontario’s Blue Mountain, becoming the first Canadian man to win a World Cup race since fellow North Vancouverite Drew Neilson won back-to-back races in Lake Placid, N.Y. in March 2007. “The feeling of crossing the finish line and winning your first World Cup is something that I’ll never forget,” Robanske said after returning to the North Shore last week. “You kind of get rushed with emotion — I’ve put a lot into this. It’s been 13 years of competitive snowboarding so there’s been a lot leading up to it.” There was a lot leading up to the win in just the preceding 24 hours. Robanske put up the fastest time in the first qualifying run the day before the race but pushed it too hard in his second qualifying attempt and couldn’t handle his speed. “I just couldn’t quite hold on and I kind of overshot this roller,” he said. “There was a quick decision: do I try

and hold on and probably go into the fence or do I just kind of slide out and put it down?” He put it down, slamming his knee into an icy berm in the process. By the next morning he couldn’t straighten his leg or bend his bruised knee past a 45degree angle but he headed to the mountain and hoped for the best during the elimination rounds. Robanske fought all the way to the final and made a bold pass midway through the course, holding off three more experienced riders to take the win and was mobbed by his teammates at the bottom of the run. Robanske was thrilled with the result, particularly considering the state of his knee. “I literally just packed up my bags and headed up to the hill saying, ‘OK, let’s try and snowboard and see what happens,’” he said with a laugh. “Sometimes your greatest success is when you don’t have any expectations and you just let it happen.”

Andy Prest

It wasn’t the first time Robanske chased an injury away with some joy. At the X-Games in 2011 he suffered a nasty crash that left him with compression fractures in his T7 and T11 vertebrae — a broken back, basically. “I overshot the finish jump, which was a 90-foot jump. I think I went 110 or 120 and landed right on my tailbone and compressed my spine.” He returned to his board by the next season and scored his first World Cup podium in his first race back in December 2011. Seemingly ready to roll, Robanske was again sidelined by a crash just a month later when he broke his ankle and underwent surgery to repair it. Once again, however, he announced his return with a podium finish, winning bronze in Telluride two months ago. Last Saturday’s win was his second podium in three races this season and further validation of a move to North Vancouver he made last spring. The 23-year-old grew up in Calgary, Alta., but moved to the North Shore to dedicate himself to the Canadian snowboarding team’s training program, which is run out of North Van’s Level 10 Fitness. He’s also benefitted from new proximity to a couple of local snowboarding stars. Olympic champ Maëlle Ricker is a workout fiend and friend at Level 10 and Neilson, now retired from the sport, is still kicking See Robanske page 40

A40 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Robanske finds new home on the North Shore

From page 39

around the local snowboard scene. “He actually helped me furnish my place over the summer,” said Robanske. “I had nothing. I moved here with literally nothing — just clothes, that’s it. . . . I’ve really enjoyed my time so far here on the North Shore. It’s my favourite place in the world, to be honest.” There’s one more important reason Robanske made his way to the North Shore — he’s dating West Vancouver’s Micayla Gatto, a professional mountain bike downhill racer. Robanske may participate in a crazy, crash-filled, high-speed sport but he’s got nothing on Gatto, he said. “She took me up to Whistler one day last summer to go do some free riding and I ate it so hard behind her — I was just trying to keep up,” he said with a laugh, adding that Level 10 trainer Anthony Findlay and the rest of the snowboard team’s staff were not impressed. “They were legitimately mad at me. They’re putting in all this time and effort and I’m here going biking with Micayla and getting injured. . . . Maybe downhill mountain biking is not the thing to do before the Olympics.” The Games are now the main concern of everyone on the Canadian team. They’re headed to Sochi, Russia tomorrow for a test event that will mark the one-year countdown to the 2014 Olympics. Robanske was a forerunner at the Vancouver Games, testing out the course and warming up the crowd. “I was essentially the test dummy,” he said. “I got to ride down into the crowd. It was such an experience, I’ll never forget it. It was nice having that opportunity because now I’ll go to Russia and I won’t feel so overwhelmed. I know what to expect and I know how it all works.” With Robanske mostly healthy and riding well, he vowed there wouldn’t be another six-year drought for the Canadian men. “I think this is just the first of many wins for all of our team on the men’s side,” he said. “Everyone is riding so well and it’s about time that we’re finally producing the results.”

photo Brandon Dyksterhouse

NORTH Vancouver’s Ford Swette (centre) celebrates his gold medal win at a Nor-Am Cup giant slalom race held Feb. 1 in Vail, Colo. It was the 20-year-old’s first victory and second podium finish in a Nor-Am race.


Swette skis to Nor-Am gold

NORTH Vancouver’s Ford Swette scored his first ever gold and second podium finish on the Nor-Am Cup ski circuit when he took home first place in giant slalom at a race in Vail, Colo., Feb. 1.

The 20-year-old, a member of the B.C. Ski Team, finished his two GS runs in a combined time of 2:08.60, beating Canadian national team racer Sasha Zaitsoff by 0.19 seconds. Kieffer Christianson of the United States finished in third. “I feel very strong right now and this win is just another positive step forward,” Swette said in a B.C. Alpine release, adding that he was happy to score a good result after missing a


recent training trip the team took to Europe. “It’s been an interesting week and I’m so happy right now,” he said. “Since I didn’t train with the rest of the team in Italy last month, I had something to prove to myself when I got here for the Nor-Am races. I was nervous that maybe I had fallen behind while everyone else was getting amazing training in Europe. My confidence has been restored and I now believe that the break was actually a benefit to me and gave me time to focus on what I need to do to be successful.” This was Swette’s second Nor-Am podium finish of the season — he scored GS silver at a race held at Panorama, Dec. 14. The Nor-Am Cup circuit is one step below the FIS World Cup. — Andy Prest

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Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A41

A42 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


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In Loving Memory of Veronica Pistilli Nov 22, 1944 - Feb 09, 2012 In our hearts your memory lingers, Sweetly tender, fond and true; There is not a day, dear mother, That we do not think of you Forever in the hearts of your loving family



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GAUTSCHI, Phyllis Wilma (nee Gray) Dec. 3, 1914 - Jan. 24, 2013 Phyllis was born in New Westminster to John (JB) and Wilhelmina Gray. She spent her childhood in Trail and Nelson, BC. Phyllis was predeceased by her parents, her husband of 59 years, Edouard Henri (Ed) (1999) and by her two brothers, John Balfour (Jack) (1942) and Robert Hampton (1945) of Nelson. Through Ed’s business transfers with Cominco, Phyllis and Ed lived in Trail, Calgary, Montreal, and since 1970 in West Vancouver. Phyllis is survived by her daughters Jane Underwood and husband David of Oakville, Anne George of Prince George, and Marcia Rioux and partner, Ezra Zubrow of Toronto. She is also survived by four granddaughters Kristen and Kathryn Underwood and Marcia and Mary George and their partners Scott Nowlan, Jay Friedman and Nic Clarke, and by seven great grandchildren Joshua, Erica, Madeline, Henri, George, Nyah and Niobe. Phyllis will also be missed by many friends on the North Shore. Funeral service will be held on February 16, 2013 at 12 noon at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 885 - 22nd Street, West Vancouver. A lunch reception will follow 1:30 - 4:30 pm. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Red Cross, Parkinson’s Society, or West Van Seniors Volunteer Centre 275 - 21st Street, West Vancouver, BC V7V 4A5 would be appreciated.


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CLARK, William (Bill) Harcourt 1926 -2013 William (Bill) Clark, a longtime resident of West Vancouver, and more recently of Harrison Hot Springs, died peacefully January 27, 2013. Bill was a successful real estate agent as well as an Ordained Pastor in the Congregational Church of Canada, serving at Bowen Island Community Church. Bill cheerfully served with the Gideons, Campus Crusade, Young Life,The Canadian Bible Society, MissionFest Vancouver, and as a Chaplain to a local Chapter of the Royal Canadian Legion. Bill was predeceased by his wife Mary in 2009. He is survived by various nephews, nieces and cousins throughout Canada and in the U.K. A Memorial Service is being conducted at 1:00 p.m., Wednesday, February 20, 2013 at Harrison Gospel Chapel, 514 Lilloet Avenue, Harrison Hot Springs, BC. In lieu of flowers or gifts, a donation to Camp Homewood, Pacific Coast Children’s Mission, Box 40, Heriot Bay, B.C. V0P 1H0, is requested.

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KOWALUK, Victoria nee Lastiwka Gordon Leslie Owen Dec 12, 1929 - Feb 10, 2007 Miss your smile and humour Audrey, Beryll and Jacqui


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Being part of this community for three generations gives us a unique responsibility. You’re not just a family we serve, you’re our neighbour. Knowing you this well means providing you with excellent service comes naturally.

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November 2, 1935 – January 30, 2013

Grammy’s Breakfasts Were The Best. It is with immense sadness that we announce the passing of “Vicki” our beloved Mom, Sister, Grammy and Friend. Vicki was predeceased in death by Walt her husband of 53 years and by her sister Polly Reed.

Vicki was blessed with an ever-present grace, which she combined with the quiet strength of her Ukrainian heritage. After a rewarding nursing career in Edmonton, Vicki (and Walt) moved to the North Shore to be closer to her daughter Kim and son Todd. Vicki enjoyed her home and gardens overlooking the water and was never happier than when expressing her considerable artistic talent by painting or sewing or in finding new ways to delight in her family or many friends. Grandsons Gage and Luke especially liked sneaking next door to Grammy’s house to be smothered with love and attention and hopefully Grammy’s “world best” perogies. The family especially remembers countless gatherings which provided an endless supply of laughs-now memories to sustain us through. Vicki will be greatly missed and forever remembered by daughter Kimberly Allard (Tony), son Todd (Emi), grandsons Gage and Luke Allard, sister Katrina “Kaye” Hoffman (Klaus) and Christine Bigler (Michael), sister-in-law Irene Artibise, brother-in-law Tony Kowaluk (Corrine) and Peter Reed, and many nieces, nephews and wonderful friends. There will be a cremation and a private celebration of life. In lieu of flowers please donate to the B.C. Cancer Research Society. Hollyburn Funeral Home 604-922-1221

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HENRIKSEN, Tage (Ted) Sept. 1928 - Feb. 2, 2013

Our Father and friend, Ted Henriksen, passed from this world at the age of 84. He leaves behind his sister, Bitten Dalby, three children, Kate Henriksen Ayers, Shelley Hoffman and Gary Henriksen (Colleen). His grandchildren, Lisa Drake Lacheur, Brandon Ayers, Shelby Ayers and Darien Olafson. He also leaves behind many other relations in Denmark. He was a kind and understanding father and we will all miss his advice and support. We are happy that he and Christina will now be together for eternity but sad that we will not be seeing him for a long time. God bless Papa, we’ll miss you.

WHYTE - Helen Mary 1941-2013


Mary Sailer passed away peacefully on February 2, 2013 at the age of 82. Mary will be lovingly remembered by her daughters Karen and Laurie, her son Bill and Grandson Jesse. Mary worked at the North Vancouver District Hall for 35 years and was well liked and respected. Mary was an extremely optimistic and positive woman with a free spirit. To know Mary was to love Mary, she touched the lives of many with her compassion and caring nature, she will be forever in our hearts. Funeral will be held at First Memorial Boal Chapel, 1505 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver, BC, on Wednesday, February 13, 2013 at 2:00

Helen passed away peacefully on January 29th, 2013. Lovingly remembered by husband Graham, daughter Sara (Peter) and grandchildren Jeffrey, Kayleigh, Alexander and Maksim. Special thanks to District Nurse Julie Dunne and her colleagues, also to “the angels” in palliative care LGH and Dr. Samborski. A Celebration of Life to be held at the Holiday Inn, North Vancouver Friday, Feb 15th 2-5pm “Rest in Peace, my dear Love”



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HINDLEY, Ken 1928-2013

Passed away peacefully on January 26th at the age of 84. Survived by wife Merle of 58 years and daughter Barbara. He was loved by all who knew him. Born in Magrath, Alberta, he moved to Vancouver in 1953 and was a long time employee of Chevron Canada. We give heart felt appreciation to all the staff at North Shore Hospice for their care and support. Donations made to North Shore Hospice appreciated.

SMITH - K. A. Sheila Feb. 28, 1919 - Jan. 27, 2013

Sheila passed away peacefully at Lynn Valley Care Centre, predeceased by husband, Oscar in 1990. She is survived by daughter Bernice (Garry), son Tony and many friends. Sheila enjoyed many years of playing tennis and bridge and volunteering at Lions Gate Hospital. The family is very grateful for the loving care she received at the Care Centre. Celebration of Life is to be held at the Boal Chapel, 1505 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver, B.C. on Thursday, February 14th at 2 pm. Donations to the Auxiliary to Lions Gate Hospital would be greatly appreciated.

One call does it all...

PASSEGGER, Gotthard (John) Ignaz Nov 14, 1929 - Feb 06, 2013 Born in Obrigheim, Germany, Gotthard leaves behind with happy memories his wife of 34 years Cora; his loving children: Charles, Suzanne and Shirley, six grandchildren and many friends. John was a very active and long-time member of the Lynn Valley Masonic Lodge, Scottish Rite, Vancouver Austrian Club and a volunteer Cancer Car driver. His passions included fishing, tennis, golfing and socializing with everyone he met. A Prayer service will be held Thursday, February 14th at 7:00 pm, the Funeral Service is on Friday, February 15th, 2013 at 11:00 am with reception to follow. All ceremonies will be held at Saint Edmund’s Catholic Church, 545 Mahon Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Lions Gate Hospital Foundation would be greatly appreciated.


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requires the following:


SHEPHERD/DOBERMAN X pups, 12weeks, family raised, $400. vet checked. 604-467-4890


Monday to Friday 8am to 4pm


TONY CHOTEM 604-980-4336

~ Opened in 1987 ~


F/T Heavy Duty Serviceman for local tire company, valid BC DL. Entry level position, experience an asset. Good benefit package. Please fax resume & Driver’s Abstract to: 604-986-7399

Earn extra cash to supplement your current income or pay off your bills. Now hiring delivery contractors for the Sun, Province & National Post in the West Vancouver area. Must have reliable vehicle and be available from 2am to 6am daily. Earn up to $900/mo. Call to find the route closest to you.



Reasonable Rates



– Children’s Directory –

A CLEAN DRY SPLIT Maple, birch, alder. Guar lowest prices. David 604-926-0014 24H

2035 Antiques

For Sale Miscellaneous

STAIR CLIMBER Immaculate chair. 12’8" Control + Remote $2000. (Paid $4000) Up to 300lbs. 604-980-8800

15 YEARS EXP in Math & Stats tutoring with proven results. Tia 604-603-9612, 604-929-9612




FOODSAFE 1 Day Courses #1 in BC • $62 • 604-272-7213


Art & Collectibles

Monday, Feb 11 3pm-6pm 136 East 5thStreet Buzzer #112 Womens clothes, shoes, accessories, household & miscellaneous items. Everything must go!!


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

MAKE IT A SUCCESS! Call 604-630-3300



Display AdsSunday, Wed., Feb. Feb. 6th10 3:50 pm th Display Ads Wed., 3:50 pm 11:30 am Liner Ads Friday, Feb. Feb. 68th Liner Ads

Friday, Feb. 8th

11:30 am

Wednesday, Feb. 13 Wednesday, Feb. th 13

Display Ads Display Ads Liner Ads Liner Ads

Fri., Feb. 8th Fri., Feb. 8th Tues., Feb. 12th

Tues., Feb. 12

12:50 pm 12:50 pm 11:30 am 11:30 am

Our Feb. 11 11thth Our office office will will be be closed closed Monday, Monday, Feb.



Is looking for professional sales people to compliment our growing team. Previous experience is an asset but not necessary. We offer a competitive pay plan with bonuses along with a strong benefits plan. This is an opportunity to excel and thrive in a fun and team oriented atmosphere. If you would like to kick start your career with an award winning group and have advancement opportunity then please Email your resume to: Attn. Sales Manager


P/T OPPORTUNITY for Legal Secretary or Exec secretary; flex hrs; downtown Vancouver location near seabus terminal.

WORK WITH US WORK WITH US & GROW A CAREER & GROW A CAREER Glacier Media Group is growing. Check our job board regularly for the latest openings. Glacier Media Group is growing. Check our job board regularly for the latest openings.

JOB OPTIONS BC - NORTH VANCOUVER <;S ':4F;=5 *( F5 0= O@:A;!@O=4 :8;J80@ M;8 0Q3A4 D;S5OOCO85+

BAFJFSFAF4! $O93F8O@O=45) JOB OPTIONS BC ? 3=O@:A;!OQ 0=Q 0 =;=V543QO=4& 1IK ? 0 *( 8O5FQO=4 0=Q AOJ0AA! O=4F4AOQ 4; #;8C F= (0=0Q0 ? =;4 OAFJFSAO M;8 B@:A;!@O=4 >=5380=RO ? R;@@F44OQ 4; 0 1EV#OOC M3AAV4F@O :8;J80@

Gain ? ? ? ?


#;8C O":O8FO=RO ;::;843=F4FO5 :0FQ 480F=F=J ;::;843=F4FO5 R08OO8 :A0==F=J 2 D;S 5O08RH #;8C5H;:5 0QQF4F;=0A 53::;84 R;3AQ F=RA3QO 480=5:;84& O93F:@O=4 2 RHFAQ R08O 53S5FQ!

? 3=O@:A;!OQ 0=Q 0 =;=V543QO=4& PPK ? 0 *( 8O5FQO=4 0=Q AOJ0AA! O=4F4AOQ 4; #;8C F= (0=0Q0 ? =;4 OAFJFSAO M;8 B@:A;!@O=4 >=5380=RO ? R;@@F44OQ 4; 0 1/V#OOC M3AAV4F@O :8;J80@

Contact YWCA Employment Services for more information .1EV/NE T+ B5:A0=0QO ,%O+& 6;84H U0=R;3%O8 7 4OA NE- GII .LNN 7 #OS !#R0D;S5OOCO8+;8J Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement.

A44 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


Accounting/ Bookkeeping

★ CATCH UP BOOKKEEPER ★ No stress, organize & maintain. No job too small 778-885-8500


Money to Loan Need Cash Today? Own a Vehicle?

Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks! Cash same day, local office

7005 7010

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let your past limit your career plans! Since 1989 Confidential, Fast Affordable - A+ BBB Rating EMPLOYMENT & TRAVEL FREEDOM Call for FREE INFO BOOKLET 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366) Econo Moving & Storage will be holding a public auction on February 23, 2013 at 11am. The following accounts are in delinquency and will be sold to recover monies owing under the ’Warehouse Lien Act’ Tony Parker, David Foster, Deidre Mackay-Carrigan Mario Pinto, Michael Wilson, Garrett Folk, John Ouimette, Andrew Godly, Mike Hodges, Bussleton Construction, Susan Salo


place ads online @


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals



LUXURY MASSAGE 778-340-2778 1053 Marine Dr, North Van

LEGALS Legal/Public Notices


Body Work

The Art of Asian Bodycare 7days, 10am-8pm, 604-980-8809 101-1075 Marine Dr, North Van 604-777-5046



Bach from $845 1 Bdrm from $1105 2 Bdrm from $1425 City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

RENTALS 604-980-3606

Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Notice is hereby given that creditors and others having claims against the following estate: Lorne Clayton Wilson, deceased, formerly of 211-2151 Gordon Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7V 1W1 are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned executor c/o Lonsdale Law, 304-1200 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver, BC V7M 3H6, on or before the 15th day of March, 2013, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received. - Robert J. Wilson, Executor

Colour A Ask fo vailable r detail s Colour A Ask fo vailable r details




CALL CALL 604.630.3300 604.630.3300 TODAY! TODAY! MINIMUM AD SIZE IS 1 COL X 1" – UNTIL APRIL 15, 2013

2 BR available March 1, $1180. nr Hospital & Safeway, 1 year lease, no pets, prkg, heat incl. 150 E. 11th. 604-987-4922

1 BR, $950/mo, Available March 1 Gated prkg, south facing, quiet, drapes, heat incl. no pets. 1 yr lease, walk to seabus 170 W 4th. 604-987-0558

1 BDRM Apt, 689sf, 175 E. 5th St. sec u/g prkg, priv balc, short walk to bus, above ground 1st floor, n/p, Now, $810/m, 604-984-2030 1 BDRM reno’d, soaker tub, h/hw inc, hardwood fl, np/ns ref’s Feb 1 $900 604-904-9507


Apartments & Condos


2 BR $1125, Mar 1, central Lonsdale, incls heat & hot water, no pets, 604-986-6418 2 BR $1200 h/wood, St. Georges & 12th, 1 yr lse, prkg, np, ns, avail Now, incls ht/hw. 604-988-4692 2 BR central Lonsdale, 850sf, suits quiet ns, np, $1395 incls ht/ hw, Mar 1st, 604-320-9238 2 BR, family complex, rec facilities, Westview, w/d, heat, avail Now. ns np. $1400 604-921-4384 2 BR, ground floor corner ste, f/p, $1175, Now/Feb 15 Gated prkg, quiet, drapes, heat incl. no pets, 1 yr lease, 321 East 2nd. 604-987-5802

2BR $1030, March 1 Heat incl’d, quiet, gated prkg. n/p, walk to seabus. 1 year lease 163 West 5th. 604-980-7501

3 BR, large, $1650, Central Lonsdale, new reno, 1.5 baths, h/water heat incl, 1 prkg, inste stor, main flr, patio, sm quiet bldg, nr amen, 604-988-4030

2 BDRM: 365 East 2nd St., h/w, d/w with large storage area in unit. Nice unit in quiet building. $1150 including heat and h/w available March 1st. Ph 604-726-4884.

3BDRM/1BTH BRIGHT 3 BR basement suite w/ separate garage in newer home near Seymour River. Suite is 1400 sqft, dishwasher, large pantry, washer/dryer. Mstr bedroom is HUGE w/ 2 closets, other BR have 1 closet; all w/ windows. Incl. gas heating, electricity, water. Close to Superstore, trails and Hwy 1. Avail. Mar 1. One year lease. No dogs. Cats OK $1,950 Monthly. email:

2 BR, 1 ba, views to S.E., 1 yr old bldg nr Victoria Park, 844 sq ft, 1 secure prkg, storage $1700 March 1st. 604-816-3865

DELBROOK GARDENS 777 W.Queens, 2 bdrm townhome, $1595 604-990-2971, weekends 778 227-5042

1BR W. 20th & Lonsdale, heat, hw & prkg, no pet, ns, Mar 1st refs req’d. 604-960-0452


North Van Apt. Rentals

LYNN VALLEY 2 BR, updated, cat/sm dog ok, avail now $1175 604-925-8824


Apartments & Condos


West Van Apt. Rentals

WESTWIND APTS 2025 Bellevue Ave, W Van, 2 BR mnt view, 2 bdrm ocean view pnthse, rare, reno’d Cat OK Senior discount. 604-913-0734


MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS 2 & 3 BR Avail March 1 Call 604-988-3828 1 BR (Fully Upgraded) in quiet well kept bldg. Ist Floor with private balcony. Secure underground parking available. Ns Np, Available March 1. 1240 St. Georges $1025/m. 604-312-5767


145 West Keith Road. 1 BR (Avail Now & Mar 1) 2 BR (Avail Now) Beautiful views. Indoor pool. Heat & Hot Water included. Small pet ok.

PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool, parking available. ★ Large 2 BR $1375 No pets, 604-988-7379

326 W. 1st St south facing1bdrm $875 Nr seabus, secure prkg, no pets. Avail NOW. 604-983-6916

1 BR $919, top floor, reno’d, lower Lonsdale, heat hw prkg incld, March 1st, np, 604-984-2148 1BR - Just Listed!! 124 W 20th St. LARGE TOP FLR unit w/balc in desirable Lonsdale area, cls to shops & transport. On-site laundry, prkg, storage, all conveniences, h/w flrs. 604-328-4104

Apartments & Condos

Recently reno’d 800sf, available in quiet waterfront building, exceptional ocean view, No pets, non-smoking. 2180 Argyle Ave. West Vanc. 604-913-1849 for viewing appointment

1 BR, partial water view, central Ambleside, small concrete bldg, bright, balcony, top corner, $1150 ns, np, Mar 1. 604-612-4427 1769 MARINE Dr, 1 bdrm, prime location cls to all ammen. fp, hardwood floors, dw, big deck, N facing $1500mnth 604-926-1010

Cancer June 21-July 22: A mystery continues, but you’re close to solving it (and probably will, Monday). If you want to make a significant investment, this is your last chance for a few weeks – but do so AFTER Sunday – a day that holds little good for anybody. Don’t let a sexual attraction flower into an approach or relationship Sunday. Monday/Tuesday bring wisdom, a mellow mood, gentle love, perhaps travel, school or legal developments. Be ambitious Tuesday night through Thursday: you’ll impress higher-ups, but more importantly you can succeed with a financial effort. Joy, popularity come Friday onward. Leo July 23-Aug. 22: The accent remains on relationships, co-operation and challenges, opposition and opportunities. Be diplomatic and eager to join others. Be cautious Sunday – the wrong relationships arise. Seize a financial opportunity, or a doorway to intimacy, early Monday morning. Tuesday night through Thursday brings understanding, love, far travel, educational programs, intellectual prowess, international contacts, possibly legal affairs. Chase opportunities in these areas – but sidestep opposition. Your ambitions, career get a boost Friday/Saturday – it might come from past family efforts. Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: It’s your last week of “overwork” for a while, Virgo. Soon, fresh, exciting horizons will ascend – new people, too. Sunday to Tuesday gives you a taste – but not a bite – of those future horizons – don’t act, though – wait. The best idea, pre-noon Monday, is to seek old openings, used items, or to connect with an old flame. Mysteries and valuable commitments arise Tuesday night through Thursday. Commitment can be to a lifestyle, a financial action, or to someone, with “intimacy attached.” Love, wisdom, education, far travel or legal matters come Friday/Saturday – all’s good!

TOP FLOOR VIEW CONDO, 155 W 1st St, enjoy stunning views from very large 2 br & 2 bath, 1150 sf. Lower Lonsdale top flr condo. Granite counter & SS appls, np ns, $2500. 1 prkg + storage. nr all amens, Tim 604-925-3171

1775 Bellevue Avenue HOLLYBURN PLAZA

2 BR suites Available Now. Starting at $1900. Beautifully renovated units with ocean or mountain views, 900sq.ft., hardwood floors & DW. Prestigious building steps from all amenities & Ambleside Beach. Sorry, No Pets. Call 604-922-4724 to view.

★ WOODCROFT: 1 & 2 BR ★ MOUNTAIN TERRACE: 3 BR 1 year lease, NS/NP COLLIERS - 604-926-2012

2 BDRM Recently reno’d, available in quiet waterfront building, spectacular ocean view, No pets, non-smoking. 2180 Argyle Ave. West Vanc. 604-913-1849 for viewing appointment

WOODCROFT 1 BR new carpet, paint. incl all utils, prkg, security, gym + pool $925 778-865-7455

2 BR, 1 bath, 2150 Bellevue Ave, Stunning Views, $1900, avail Now, NS/NP, 604-921-4384

To Advertise Call




★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Apartments & Condos


West Van Apt. Rentals


Studio (Avail Mar 1), 1 BR’s (Avail Now & Mar 1) & 2 BR (Avail Now & Mar 1), Mnt/Ocean views, incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms. Walk to beach & shops. Small pet ok. 604-922-8443


1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br avail Fitness facility, Key less entry, Move-In Bonus, outdoor pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall. 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free MultiHousing Program 604-922-4322 DUCHESS 590 - 17th St 1 Br d/w, np/ns. Avail March 1st. $1095 utilities not included By appt. 604-922-8741 Luxury Over The Seawall! Bach, pool, rec. room, pet ok 2190 Bellevue Ave 604-926-6287 PACIFICANA 1480 Esquimalt Ave. 1 bdrm, dw, n/p, n/s avail Mar 1st. By appt. 604-921-7800


3 BR $1450 Mar 1, 3 BR $1500 Apr 1, hardwood flrs, incls heat, hotwater, Mile E of 2nd Narrows. No Pets, refs, 778-320-1554

Tim Stephens' Astral Reflections Aries March 21 - April 19: Social joys, optimism, entertainment, wish fulfillment and flirtations fill this week. But draw back from all this Sunday afternoon to Tuesday eve. Love holds many future disappointments for couples that form/begin Sunday. Things you do to improve systems, meetings you attend, charitable, spiritual and governmental involvements, all somehow aid your standing with higher-ups Monday/Tuesday. Your energy and charisma soar Tuesday night through Thursday. Start important projects, ask favours. (Start self-employment ventures before 1:30 p.m. PST Wednesday.) Chase money Friday onward. Taurus April 20-May 20: The accent remains on ambition, career, testing situations, reputation, prestige and status relations. Your hopes rise Sunday p.m. to Tuesday, but wait until Monday to form plans, start a relationship, flirt, or begin any project – this day features new beginnings and old successes. Retreat, lie low and rest Tuesday night through Thursday. Contemplate and plan. You might encounter a subtle but deep disagreement, or a significant “order” Wednesday. Your energy and charisma surge upward Friday/Saturday. If someone opposes you, a quiet talk might solve it. You have to admit, to gain. Gemini May 21-June 20: This is your last week of pondering and understanding, of feeling one with society, of travel and intellectual activities, and of gentle love. Not that these things end, but sooon another influence will enter, to bring a whole new set of priorities and goals. You get a hint of that new ambitious influence Sunday afternoon to Tuesday eve – though this is just that, a hint – the ground is not solid enough yet to commit or start a new project, especially Sunday. Tuesday night through Thursday brings social joys, friends, wish fulfillment, flirtations. Retreat, rest Friday/Saturday.

North Van Apt. Rentals


2 BR 1 bath, Ambleside, $1535 incls heat, basic cable & prkg, avail now, no pet, 1 yr lease 604-925-8824

Park Royal Towers

Completely Renovated

1, 2 & 3 Bdrm. Suites All Utilities Included

1BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq. ft.) 3 BR (1370 sq. ft.) Penthouse (1650 sq. ft.)

Spectacular City & Ocean Views! Huge Balconies Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Gym, Swimming Pool

604-922-3246 935 Marine Drive


Duplexes - Rent

3 BDRM, 2 bath, 1800sf, new kitchen / bath upgrades. H/w fl. Near seabus. nr seaBus, N/p, n/s. Call Chad, $1695 604-328-5545 3 BR, 2bath, Blueridge, 1600sf, n/p, Mar 1, new renos, new SS appls/flrs/kitch, 20min to dtown, $2200+utils, 604-722-1105

February 10 - 16, 2013

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: This is your last strongly romantic week, Libra. A sweet affection will remain until month’s end, but the strength, the surge, will be over. If you’re single/seeking, act now – especially Tuesday night through Thursday, when your “mating prospects” are high. (You might confront the fear – and it’s correct – that mating will change your cosy home world. But is that such a bad thing? It certainly is a great excuse for stagnating.) Earlier, tackle routine chores – carefully Sunday, confidently Monday. Friday/Saturday bring depths, sex, financial commitment – or not. Embrace the new. Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: This is your last week of “domestic overload,” Scorpio. Soon, a period of pleasure and creativity will begin. Meanwhile, though Sunday to Tuesday do bring a wee streak of pleasure, romance and creativity, it is unsubstantial – enjoy the feelings, rather than trying to build anything on them. Tackle chores midweek – don’t be distracted by unreliable directions or information midday Wednesday. Exciting meetings, opportunities, fresh horizons confront you Friday/Saturday. One of these seems linked to your employment or a co-worker. Be mildly wary, but don’t reject a good person. Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: This is your last week of waiting, talking and feeling restless, Sage. Soon, you’ll face significant trends in domestic and security, property and shelter areas. Sunday to Tuesday give hints of this upcoming phase, but they aren’t the sort of hints you should run with or build on. Just watch and think. DON’T start a new romance or any project Sunday. Speaking of romance, it comes barrelling in Tuesday night through Thursday – if not romance, then you will experience a streak of creativity, pleasure, beauty or “winning.” Tackle chores Friday/Saturday – you’ll succeed.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Continue to deal with money, earnings, buying/selling, and possessions. Your $ luck remains high. If you ask for a pay raise Friday you might get a “no” – but that’s okay. You might meet someone interesting Sunday, but do not begin a friendship or more loving relationship. This link would “crush love.” If you want to get those errands done, start early Monday morn. Tuesday eve through Thursday bring domestic duties, security, home comforts. This is a splendid time to deal with leases, premises, business foundations – and family. Your romantic instincts awaken Friday/Saturday. Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: Your effectiveness, charisma, energy and clout remain high. Your most charming self radiates, attracts admirers or lovers. Start significant projects, especially in money areas (early morning Monday) travel and communications (Wednesday eve to Thursday eve) and home or domestic zones (Friday/Saturday). One warning: make sure these projects can be completed, or can take one solid step forward, before the middle of next week. (A slow-down’s coming.) Your money affairs run swiftly – too swiftly, if you’re spending! Love, romance and children’s affairs go luckily forward, to June. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: Although your energy and attractiveness rise Sunday to Tuesday, you still have a week of resting, thinking and planning before you move into solid forward gear. Soon, the world will be yours to play with – but not yet. Avoid any love-based commitment Sunday. A hidden flaw would wreck its future. Chase money Tuesday eve through Thursday. Buy items, especially high tech or tools, after 2 p.m. Wednesday, not before. A short trip, errand, visit, call or email leads to successful and happy “contact forming” Friday/Saturday. Property/ family issues, held back lately, will resolve soon. • Reading: 604-886-4808

Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A45


Furnished Accommodation

A SHORT STAY North Shore 1 & 2 bdrm + penthouse. Renos, families, pets allowed, Execs. 604-987-2691

HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit QUALITY SHORT TERM 1 - 2 BR mtn/city view suites



GARAGE - secure lane access 600 sq ft Queensbury area. $700 Monthly. Call 604 985-5333


Houses - Rent


Houses - Rent

4 BDRM, 2 bath, 180' VIEW, quiet St, Dundarave, Feb 1/Mar 1, $2850/month. 604-926-9394

4BDRM/2BTH SEYMOUR Parkway House is possible redevelopment. 6 month lease guaranteed, possibly longer. Near Capilano University and shopping. Available now. Pets OK $2,300 Monthly. Contact

5BR, 2.5 ba, 2 lvl, City/Mnt views, Ballantree Rd, W Van, 3385sf, newly reno, hw flrs, 2 fp, Mar 1, ns/np, $4090/mo, 604-469-1148 AMBLESIDE WV, 3 bdrm + den, 3 ba, quiet, water view, hardwood flrs, 2 car garage, pet ok, n/s pref. $2850+util. immed 604-317-1553

3BDRM/1.5BTH BEAUTIFUL Trout Lake Area Two floors in a stunning 3 bedroom character home. Main floor is open concept with commercial grade kitchen opening to deck. Lovely back yard. One block to spectacular Trout Lake and Trout Lake Community Centre. Easy access to trendy Commercial Drive area. Short walk to ALRT. Lovely family home. Looking for responsible long term tenants. Utilities extra. Avail. March 15. No Pets $2,800 Monthly.778-995-2251 email:

EXEC. EDGEMONT VILLAGE Newer- Luxurious, 3300sq ft, 3 large bdrms, 3.5 baths, large patio, & lawn, no maintenance. 2 car main level garage, state of Art appls. 15 mins to downtown, Avail immed, ns/np, $4600+ utils. 604-512-8830 Lg 2BR, Stevens Dr, W Van, family room, Mnt views, short or long term lease, new appls $1700 incls utils, Now, 604-339-1888

Condos/ Townhouses



Shared Accommodation

2 BR Deep Cove large bsmt ste, nice clean, np, ns, $1200 share wd & util. Mar 1st 604-593-0234

North Vancouver

2 BR nr Grand Blvd, mtn view, hardwood flrs, big yard, cable & internet, ns $1275. 778-999-9087


1 BR, in spacious home n/s female, internet, w/d, $495 incl, furn or unfurn 604-329-7449 1 ROOM avail Central Lonsdale, furnished, female only, student, $550 incl utils. 604-982-0256 4th PERSON to share 4 br house nr LGH, suit wrkg person, immed, $525 incl ns/np 604-990-4257

Suites/Partial Houses

1 BR bsmt suite, 1000sf, patio, view, incl utils. own w/d, $1000, Tempe area, n/s, 604-988-2276 1 BR furn or unfurn, large spacious, nr WV Rec Centre, Avail Now, small pet ok, ns, $1300/mo incl utils/wd, 604-926-7075 1 BR grnd lvl ste, newly reno’d, brand new kitchen, 5 appls, own laundry, Cap Rd, quiet area, nr schools, bus, Grouse Mtn, $1100 incl utils, ns np 604-986-8648


Houses - Sale

3 BR, 2 lvl, Blvd area, 2.5 bath, gas fp, dw, 2000sf, ns/np, $1995 + utils, NOW, 604-728-2620

3BDRM/ 1BATH SPACIOUS North Shore Suite 1500sq ft, 3 BR bsmt suite, high qual. Central loc; nr to Edgmnt, Cap Mall, shops & trails. d/w, hi-spd int, cable. Spacious open plan living area, sep entry, off rd prkgx2, share laundry, good storage. Ideal for family or couple, dogs ok. n/s. Avail end Feb. Dogs OK $1,850 Monthly. 604-671-4299 BACH G/L STE, bright, clean Central, w/d, heat/hyd/wifi incl, n/s, cat ok, $775. 604-983-8525

LUXURIOUS MAIN FLOOR S/C SUITE. Now avail. Lynn Canyon area. H/wood & marble flrs. Superior new appls, kitchen/bathroom + b/tub. Wood stove for added ambiance. Laundry, dbl glazed windows/blinds for privacy. Incl. utils, cable, internet. $1150 mth. Ann 604-980-7137


LIVING ROOM Find it in the Real Estate Section. To advertise call



Houses - Sale


5BDRM/3BTH MULTI-GENERATIONAL VIEW HOME - GIBSONS 3 bed, 2 bath up, 2 bed, 1 bath in-law suite downstairs. MLS# V986234 Great value! $518,888 Karen Judd Prudential Sussex Realty 1-604-740-4395


Lots & Acreage

Real Estate

At WE BUY HOMES We CASH YOU OUT FAST! We Also Take Over Your Payments Until Your Home is Sold. No Fees! No Risk! Call us First! (604)- 626-9647

Lots & Acreage

PRINCETON, BC 15.78 acres Panoramic views, hydro, well, pumphouse, & septic installed. $384,900. 604-798-1258

Recreation Property

Vancouver East Side

Other Areas BC

PENDER ISLAND, level building lot (3819 Pirates Rd) 0.36 ac/ 15,681 sq ft with water sewer, hydro, cable at lot line. By owner only $109,900. 604-988-2653

1967 AUSTIN Healey BJ8 Mk 3, completely restored. 75K mi, all org. Red Ribbon at All Brit. Field meet. $45,000. 604-987-3993

1987 PONTIAC FIERO auto, collectors plates, 4 cyl, new brakes, garage kept 169km $3100 604-987-0926

1969 MERCEDES Benz 280S, collector plates, excellent condition, $5900. 604-723-3654

1989 JAGUAR XJS coupe, V12 159 K, pristine cond $6950 obo. Priv sale, call Bob 604-986-8516

1981 LINCOLN Town car, signature series, stock, collector plates, $3500 obo 604-792-6367

1989 PORSCHE 944 Turbo, white on burgundy, all rcrds, new exhaust, 5 spd, a/c, Ltd slip, great cond! $15,900 Call 604-943-0945

1985 BUICK Le Sabre Ltd collector edition, collector plates, 71,000 kms, all orginal, mint cond $5000. 604-671-7853

OPEN HOUSE Sat/Sun May 12 & 13th, 10am - 2pm, 2396 East 39th Ave. 50x140 lot, 1,050 sqft bungalow, asking $1.2 mllion.

6020-52 PALM DESERT: 4BDRM/3BTH 73860 White Stone Lane 4 Bdrm, 3 full baths, Pool, Spa, outdoor Grill, in center of Shadow Mountain Golf Course, large yard, 8 citrus trees, great views North & South, all amenities, remodeled with all high end appliances & high quality fixtures, 2 high efficient furnaces & air conditioners, on dead end short street with little traffic & fairways on both sides of home, selling furnished. $795,000. email:




Luxury Cars

1987 JAGUAR XJS Cabriolet, 1 owner, lady driven, V12, ps, pb, pw, rebuilt ac, new tires, $8900 obo, Don 604-826-7012

2001 JAGUAR XJR, fully serviced, new tires/brakes, exc cond, $13,500, low kms local car. 604-644-4440

BRITISH PROPERTIES, nr Sentinel school, city/ocean view, new 2 bdrm, garage, south facing, 5 appl, np $1990/m. 604-626-2424


CUSTOM BUILT, 2200sf, 3BR+ den, 2.5 bath, new fixtures, 7300sf lot, $659K, 604-943-9600

6020-38 5 ACRE South Langley horse property right on South Langley Regional trail. Clean, bright & updated, older 2368 sq ft, 2 bd home – Barn, stalls, x-fenced, pasture. 604-323-4788 ID: 76788

Collectibles & Classics

2000 BUICK LeSabre, custom 4 door, good condition, $2100 obo. Call 604-781-2342

6020-36 2BDRM+DEN/2BTH CONDO for Sale. Next to Willowbrook Mall, Langley. 961sqft $255,500. Helen 604-762-7412 Price reduced! Sale by Owner.


2 BR 26/Lonsdale, incl heat & hw, drapes,storage, prkg, ns np $900, March 1, 604-220-6817

Call or visit us online today to discover the latest listings in your favorite neighbourhoods!

For Sale by Owner

Collectibles & Classics

PRIME LOCATION next to Park Royal, 400-800 square feet. Exc rates. Call 604-926-7542

604-630-3300 •



1993 PLYMOUTH Sundance 126 K, 4 dr, w/hatch, 2.2L, $2000 obo. Great 1st car 604-809-6353



Suites/Partial Houses

Furn Short Term, 2 BR, 2 lvls, Coachse $1700/mo, Grand Blvd, ns, 604-988-6082


HARRISON HOT SPRINGS Penthouse, 1400sf, 2bdrm, 2 decks, new appl, $239,900. Call 604-768-8879


2 BDRM ste, new reno, Lynn Valley, own w/d, ns np, $1400 incl utils. Avail Now, 604-986-0599


Office/Retail Rent

150sf - 600sf Prime Office Space Avail for Lease. Excellent Rates! Call Jeff or Ross 604-980-3003


1 BR House, Central Lons, newer paint/carp, 2 appls, carport, lrg yd, ns, np, $1245/mo, 778-865-7455 3 Bdrm, Nr Horseshoe Bay & Whytecliff Park, 1900sf, updated, unique nature beach area, 20min to dowtown Van $2650, N/S, avail now! 604-897-6919



3 BR, lrg kitchen/lving room, 1300sf seasonal, Gambier Isl. Sea Ranch $325K 604-266-6191

CABIN 15 mins SE of Hope BC Surrounded by mountains rivers Tall cedars, trails, clean air. 3 BR, 1.5 ba, 6appls, sleeps 12+ $239K by owner, 604-795-3663

LOT & Trailer. This little gem is located 120 miles from Van, pool - C.H, hiking, fishing, history of Caretaker, maint $775/yr, reduced winter price $30,000. Lot 33 - 30860 Trans Canada Hwy Yale BC. Ph 1-604-792-6764

Find your perfect home at

1991 Pontiac Grand Prix 4 DR Fully loaded,kept inside,in family from new $2495. 604-899-6119

2006 BMW 325 130,000 kms, $18,750. manual transmission, with sport package, steering wheel, sport seats and sport suspension. 604-219-6234 email:

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A46 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013


AUTOMOTIVE cont. from previous page



STK 951380 WAS $67,900

WAS $24,900

Nav, DVD, AWD, only 21,000kms.

NOW $63,848

Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

Leather, sunroof, only 59,000kms.

1986 HARLEY Davidson SLHTC, loaded with options, 34K km original, show bike, collectors plate, $13,000, 604-946-4553


STK 951350

STK 951190 WAS $38,900

AWD, fully loaded, only 12,000kms.

WAS $46,900

NOW $43,654


NOW $35,988

Leather, auto, loaded, only 8,000kms. STK 951660

STK 942470 WAS $11,900

WAS $39,900

NOW $8,998

Now $35,900

2005 KAWASAKI EX500R Ninja, 16K, stored 2 yrs, 1 lady owner, $3000 obo, 778-788-8136




STK R85571 WAS $10,000

Stk 951710 WAS $24,900

NOW $8,998

V6, Loaded.

NOW $20,800



STK 951750 WAS $19,900

WAS $47,900

4x4, 5.3l V8.

NOW $16,900

1995 HONDA Civic LX, aircared, runs great, set of 4 snows & 4 all seasons on rims, Asking $2200. Call 778-960-4673

Nav sync, leather, 12,000kms. STK 951680

Now $44,900

FREE SCRAP CAR REMOVAL No Wheels, No Problem CASH FOR ALL complete cars OPEN 24 hrs incl holidays MIKE 604-872-0109


97 FORD F150 4X4


1997 Honda Civic CX Only 22,000 kms!!, 1 owner, time -warp car. $5,900. 778-318-5262



Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

1997 JAGUAR XK8 cpe, black, blk lther int, 84,000 ks, full load, all records, DB7 rims, sport pckg $9900 firm. 778-889-6557

1997 VOLVO 850 Stationwagon, loaded, well maint, new tires, $3900 obo, 604-984-0596

AWD, loaded. STK CD12471

Auto, super clean.

NOW $28,988

NOW $6,998



Stk 951650 WAS $44,900

STK 951240 WAS $42,900

4x4, leather, loaded.

Convertible, fully loaded, winter price.

NOW $40,900

1997 LANDROVER Defender(s) 90, 5 spd diesel, mint, 160,000km, from desert $23,900 1-780-945-7945 604-926-7087

1998 HONDA Accord Ex, low kms, new tmg belt, brakes, water pump, $4200 obo, 604-812-4912


WAS $25,900

Stk 951700 WAS $47,900

Leather, Nav, mint.

NOW $43,900



STK 62061

Stk 951490 WAS $27,900

V6, auto, loaded, only 42,000kms. WAS $15,900



2006 Mitsubishi Montero Limited MINT condition black 105K, $14,900. 778-989-0564

2003 HONDA Accord V6, f/load, 199K, all records, 1 driver, no accid, $7500, 604-926-3671


NOW $29,480

All cars fully reconditioned to Central Auto standards 2007 Lexus ES350, leather, moonroof, extra clean $19,850 2008 Honda CRV, auto, sunroof, leather, 69,000 original kms. $17,850 2005 Acura RSX Premium, 84,000 original kms $11 ,850 2008 Honda Civic LX, 5spd, 63,000 original kms $10 ,850 2005 Acura RSX Premium, 84,000 original kms $11 ,850 2010 Mercedes Benz Smart, 49,000 original kms, factory warranty. $7,850

604.984.7714 or visit:

WWW. CENTRALAUTONS.COM 2007 Mercedes Benz C230, 73,000 original kms, sport pkg, immaculate. $16,850 2006 Mercedes Benz ML 350 4Matic, only 75,000 original kms, exceptionally clean. $21,350 2006 Toyota Camry LE, 77,000 original kms, immaculate. $12,850 2005 Mercedes Benz ML 350 4Matic, 103,000 original kms, spotless. $15,350 2005 VW Touareg, 117,000 original kms, VW serviced, very clean. $15,850 2005 Lexus ES 330, 1 owner, 78,000 original kms, Lexus serviced, immaculate. $15,850 2003 Honda Accord SE Sedan, 1 owner, 92,000 original kms. $9,850 1992 Lexus LS 400, 1 owner, 131,000 original kms. $5,850

2008 TOYOTA Camry Hybrid, f/loaded, 2yrs wrty, silver, 63K, $17,900 obo, 604-929-7002

4x4, hardtop, a/c, pwr group, alloys, Stk# P5781


2009 NISSAN Altima 2 dr, 2.5L, auto, 16,400 km, gray, leather, loaded, $21,500. 604-728-8583

Stk 951770 WAS $29,900

NOW $25,900

• Manufacturer’s warranty • 30-day/2500 km no-hassle exchange privilege • 150 + point inspection • 24-hour roadside assistance


1-877-212-0735 Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

Auto, loaded, Nav, 7 pass, only 32,000kms, Stk# 13025A


2008 Jeep Liberty Sport

4x4, only 74,000kms, grey, auto, pwr group, Stk# P5793



2004 GMC Safari EXT, 151,368km, custom stereo, pwer steering/windows, cruz, abs, ac, airbags, rear whl drive with traction control, new winter tires, $6995 obo, 604-988-5645



1974 MOPAR 24’ custom cabana, 65K org miles, 440 V8, 4 kw. genset, oak cabinets, Cadilac head lights. New $1100 furnace, CD stereo, SS microwave, inverter, 3 batteries + more. $8500 obo. 778-889-3459


2007 Jeep Compass

4x4, 55,000 kms, mags, A/C, pwr group, khaki, Stk# P5722A


2005 FOUR WINDS Class C 30’ sleeps 7, like new cond, 132,000 km, $24,888 778-748-6874

Accelerate your car buying


1600 MARINE DR., N.V. 604.980.8501

Call Merry Maids.

It’s one less thing to worry about.


Orchid Cleaning Ltd. Move out/in • Construction Office • Home Restaurant • Club Starting from $18 hour

778-829-9546 Bonded & Insured




GREENWORX ★ Drainage Sewer & Water, video inspecions & jack hammer 604.782.4322



• Repairs • Renovations • New construction • Textured ceilings Prompt service. Free estimates.

Richard Wood

Cell 604-671-0084 Email: ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321 AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476 *Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925



A LICENSED electrician #19807 semi-retired, small jobs only. 604-689-1747 pgr 604-686-2319 ALP ELECTRIC #89724 Low price, big/small jobs, free est Satisfaction guar 604-765-3329

SOME OF THE BENEFITS THE HONDA PRE-OWNED PROGRAM OFFERS: • 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

2005 Nissan Titan



With everything life throws at you, who has time to clean?


2002 NISSAN Maxima SE, only 151,000 km, leather heated seats, sunroof, 4 drs, $6000 OBO, Call 604-785-9314


V8, alloys, canopy, local, side steps, Stk# 12435A

LIME Home Services, North Shore, Carpet & Furniture Cleaning, Environmentally Friendly, 778-340-1901


Silver, only 62,420kms, Stk# P5794


Carpet Cleaning

Drainage renewal systems, foundation crack repairs, etc. Free Estimates Competitive Rates

2008 VW EOS 2.0T

2007 Chrysler PT Cruiser


$20/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477


Loaded, local, alloys, only 68,000kms, Stk# P5746



2006 ACURA 3.2 TL custom fully loaded, 300 HP, 6 spd. 125,000 km on body, only 44,000 km on engine $9500. 604-241-0357

2011 Dodge Grand Caravan

SERVICE & PARTS. Licenced & Insured. Washers, Dryers, Stove, Fridge, Dishwashers. 604-346-8925

2009 Nissan Versa SL $9995 1.8L 6 spd low kms, fuel efficient mint condition. Fully loaded with sports package 778-881-3471.

4x4, dual tops, auto, only 19,500 kms, pwr group, red rock, Stk# P5795


Appliance Repairs

CARPENTRY, ADDITIONS, decks, 32 yrs exp, licensed. Call Ken, Cell: 604-928-3270

843 West 1st St. N.Van

2005 MAZDA 3 GS auto 88500km, well maint, aircrd, no accidents $8000obo 604-970-0401



2012 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited 2010 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited

V8, auto, a/c.

4x4, loaded. Stk 951730

North Shores Best

8pass, leather, mint.

NOW $23,900

NOW $12,998

Central Auto

Sports & Imports

NOW $36,844


NOW $22,900


1998 NOMAD 5th Wheel 25 ft. 1 slide; Standup/walk around Bdrm $10,000 604-796-2866

2002 MERCEDES C320, quick Sale $9900 1 lady owner no accidents, f/load, 604-649-4542

4x4, only 51,000kms. STK 951670

Sports & Imports

Financing & Leasing Available


604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC


For more information on these cars & others call Ted


WAS $8,995

1995 VOLVO 850 turbo, 155,000 km, leather seats, mag wheels with low profile tires, wife’s car, well maintained $3700. 604-922-5986

Scrap Car Removal

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200 A/C, auto

Sports & Imports

AWD, Nav, DVD, loaded.


V6, auto, loaded.

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2008 FORD Pickup Lariat, 49,000km, loaded + +, $33,000 Must Sell! 604-313-2763


NOW $22,900






DNE ELECTRIC Lic #89267 ALL Your Electrical Needs. Panel Upgrading. Reasonable Free Estimate 604-999-2332 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899




By hand, Paving, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank & dirt removal, paver stones, Jackhammer, Water / sewer line / sumps. Slinger avail. 24 hrs Call 341-4446 or 254-6865




Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction 604-230-3559



CHEAP LOADS Fast Reliable Service 604-922-5101


Flooring/ Refinishing

RENOVATIONS Award-Winning Renovations ■ Rendering to Reality ■

Licensed • Insured Bonded

Installation Service Repair Cleaning Inspection

Furnace Boiler Fireplace Hot Water Tank Air Ducts Dryer Vents

Actual Plumbing & Heating, 24/7, Seniors/Military Disc. Lic. & Insured BBB, 604-908-1469

Century Hardwood Floors

PRO GAS - North Shore Furnaces, boilers, gas fitting, heat pumps. Service & installation. 604-925-1341



North Shore

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Repairs & Staining Installation Free Estimates

Call ThE Experts



PRO GAS - North Shore Gas fireplaces. Repair & safety inspection. 604-925-1341



Sunday, February 10, 2013 - North Shore News - A47


Call Alex for more info

■ . 604 980.8384


RENOVATIONS & CUSTOM HOMES Renovations & Custom Homes




Y.K. Landscaping Co. Ltd. Installation • Refinishing • Repairs ART of HARDWOOD FLOORS 604-240-3344




20 Years Experience Retaining Walls, Paving Stones, Rock Garden, Fences Water Sprinklers SPECIAL WINTER CLEAN-UP (Garden)



Lawn & Garden

20% OFF til Mar.15(max. 400*) $

• Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee


*Must be mentioned at time of booking estimate to receive 20% off ACCREDITED BUSINESS

A GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE • Gutter cleaning/repairs • Power washing • Window cleaning • WCB insured • Free estimates



Gutters, Windows, Pressure Washing, roof cleaning, etc. Free Est. Chris 604-377 -6104



Floors, Mouldings, Stairs, Renovations, Tiles, Drywall, Fences, Decks, Railings & Concrete Forms ★ Small jobs ok ★ Excellent references avail Francisco 604-710-9837



Labour / Odd jobs Home & Garden Indoor / Outdoor Clean up, removal, etc. North Shore Odd Job Services Michael 778-868-5079

A-1 JOB by Arms & Minds Renos Carpentry cabinets, doors, finishing, floors, drywall, paint Mark 604-761-7745

ALL ASPECTS Home Improvement and Renos. Int/ Ext/ Yard. Big or small one call does it all. 604-929-8177


Al Isaac & son Colin

Aeration, fertilization and yard clean-ups. Get Ready for Spring! 604.986.0003 Office 604.561.9100 Colin 604.218.7644 Al


GARDEN SERVICES LTD. Lawns, General Clean-Ups, Trimming, Topping, Pruning, etc. Free Estimates.

604-726-9152 604-984-1988

A.All Area Gardening Service Lawn Maintenance • Aerating Moss Control • Power Raking Trim • Prune • Top • Gen. Clean-up

604-726-9153 604-926-1526

Installed • Cleaned • Repaired

To place your ad in “Call the Experts" call 604-630-3300


Garden Services

• Winter Cleanup • Pruning, weeding etc. • Design & advice • Professional & experienced • References Available

604-984-4433 Contact Cari

2013 Special Aeration, moss control $95. Lawn maintenance 604-726-9153 & 604-926-1526 JAMES DOYLE (Landscaping & Gardening) 35 years on the North Shore. Call James 604-983-0470 TOP SOIL, sand, gravel, etc. Pick-up or Delivery. Headwater Management, 175 Harbour Ave, North Van 604-985-6667


Glenex Home Services

● Renovations ● Plumbing ● Electrical

Serving North Shore Since 1985

604-351-5952 ★Free Estimates Gladly Given★

Moving & Storage




GLOBAL PLUMBING Licenced Plumber & Gas Fitter

• $68/hr • 24/7 • Insured

604.987.7473 #1 BARGAIN rate on plumbing & drainage. No job too small.Ken 604-987-2890 cell 604-328-7439


T-A STONEWALL. Rockwalls, paving stones, Allan block walls, etc. 987-8155 / 250-4117

Home Services

Labourer Available rain or shine North Shore Odd Job Services Michael 778-868-5079


Renovations & Home Improvement

✓ RenoRite 604 451 0225

Bath Kitchen Suites & More 2 OLD GUYS 2 YOUNG TO RETIRE WE DO IT ALL!


ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, Refs. (604)805-8463/ 986-4026

1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From

★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617

BAMFORD CONSTRUCTION Ltd. Quality Renovations. 604-986-2871

Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance


Building Contractor/Carpenter ★ Form ★ Frame ★ Finish Quality Wrk, Dave 604-240-2687


We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac



Seniors Discount

Licenced Plumber 604-729-6695

LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956

604-537-4140 MOVING & STORAGE

1175 W.15 St. North Van

Garbage Removal • Deliveries


Licensed & Insured

Give us an estimate and we will beat it!

Call 778.994.5403


Oil Tank Removal

TANKTECH Certified Oil Tank Removal & Remediation Specialists. res/com. Free est. 604-328-1234


Painting/ Wallpaper

PLUMBING BY BILL Installation, repairs Honest & reliable 604-980-0993 SAVE ON PLUMBING Licensed Plumber/Gas fitter, $68/HR. Same day service. Insured, BBB member 604-987-7473, 604-721-6075 Samy


Power Washing

PRESSURE WASHING, Yard clean-up, & Garbage removal. 604-785-9770


Renovations & Home Improvement

27 Years of Service on the North Shore! 100% Customer Guarantee! Fully Licenced & Insured Always Exceeding Expectations, Always!!!


A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $137. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700 A LADY Painter, meticulous, prof & color consult, 20 yrs on North Shore. exc refs. 604-961-3451 Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205

Renovations • Additions Kitchens • Bathrooms Sundecks • Fences

Call Brian Cell 604-916-1086, 604-988-1086

On Site

Interior Exterior

Kitchen Bathroom Mike Getzlaf 604 351 9316



Call Brian Gale 604-985-9214


AFFORDABLE QUALITY ROOFING LTD. Trusted since 1986! A+ Rating - BBB Residential/Commercial 25 Years workmanship warranty Call for FREE ESTIMATE & WINTER PROMOTION


604-984-9004 604-984-6560

THE(since ROOFER 1978) North Shore Based FREE consult 604.366.7975

Qualified Carpenter, 25 yrs exp, renovations, repairs, insured. WCB, good rates, references. Call James 604-788-8863 SN TOTAL HOME RENO Bathrooms, kitchens, bsmts, decks, etc Free est 604-318-4054



Roof Tune-Up from

20% OFF til Mar.15 (max. 400*) $

• Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs





We haul everything, no load too big or small, we do it all. Free est. 604-317-2500/ 929-7194 BELL MINI BINS 604-922-5101 Small or large household jobs & Mini bin service. 7 days a week Fast ★ inexpensive ★ reliable.



All Season Roofing

Re-Roofing & Repairs Specialists

604-591-3500 WEST SIDE ROOFING

604-722-1105 FF 15% O TODAY!


A-1 Contracting & Roofing ReRoofing & Repair. WCB. 25% Discount. Jag, 778-892-1530


10% Discount. WCB. Re-Roofing, New Roof, Gutters. 604-812-9721

Stucco/Siding/ Exterior



Top Soil

Headwater Management

24 hr repair

WCB & liability insured

Rubbish Removal

1 A STUDENT JUNK REMOVAL Best prices! Friendly service. Free est. Jamie 604-961-0466


WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee *Must be mentioned at time of booking estimate to receive 20% off


All types - Reroofs & Repairs Insured/WCB 778-288-8357


20 year Labour Warranty available



AFFORDABLE QUALITY ROOFING All types. BBB, insured, references. 604-984-6560

Save Your Dollars

10% Off with this Ad! For all your plumbing, heating & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005

1 to 3 Men


H 604-986-3986 C 604-537-9452


MASTER STONEMASON, Local, Experienced, fireplaces, facing, walls, stairs. Ivan 604-649-2271


Home Services

TOP SOIL, SAND, GRAVEL, etc. Pick-up or Delivery 175 Harbour Ave. North Vancouver



Tree Services

A. A. Best Pro Tree Service Trimming, pruning, tree service, stump grinding, cleanup, etc. CALL SUKH free est. 604-726-9152 or 604-984-1988


Window Cleaning

WEST COAST Home Services Window & gutter cleaning, power washing. Guaranteed lowest price WCB insured 604-984-4147

One call does it all!

To advertise:


A48 - North Shore News - Sunday, February 10, 2013



my e v o l I






12364 12372 12249 12329 12373 12287 12214


50,140 $ 50,140 $ 51,895 $ 56,740 $ 53,440 SOLD $ 55,045 SOLD $ 39,695


45,459 $ 45,459 $ 47,057 $ 51,422 $ 48,420 $ 49,750 $ 35,575




4,681 4,681 $ 4,838 $ 5,308 $ 5,020 $ 5,295 $ 4,390








Bi-Wee kly $ 0 DOWN






0 DO

stk# 12308


Auto, Freedom Hardtop, Sirius Satelite Radio and More

MSRP 38,530 $

stk# 12382

2012 DODGE RAM 1500 SLT CREW CAB 4X4 Loaded, 5.7L Hemi, Premium Cloth Bucket Seats, Technology Group,Remote Start, Media Centre, Loaded



ly Bi-Week $ DOWN

MSRP $49,055


stk# 12178

2013 CHRYSLER 200 LX SEDAN 24H Pkg, U-Connect, Bluetooth, 17” Alloys & More

MSRP $22,985





All terms 96 months at 4.49%, $0 down, O.A.C. *$595 documentation fee applies to all sale prices. Offers available on approved credit. Prices net of all rebates. See dealer for details. Vehicles may not be exactly as shown.

e Dealership Dodg p e e 5 Years rJ rysle or Over 2 h C d f o You hore r Neighbourho orth S N e h Servicing T



DL#7686 • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

North Shore News February 10 2013  

North Shore News February 10 2013

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