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Happy New Year

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

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A2 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


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Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A3

2013 Horoscope A look at the year ahead

Rose Marcus Evolutionary astrologer

BEGINNING with a new term for the U.S. president, a baby for Kate, a hockey lockout, a world economy still on the brink, the Middle East still in turmoil, and the hard sell on tar sands and oil pipelines continuing, 2013 delivers the third year of Uranus square Pluto.

On the clock through 2016, this planetary alignment leaves no stone unturned. It is one that radically reinvents individual and collective reality. Saturn in Scorpio began in October of 2012 and will continue into 2015. The influence is sobering, recessionary and task oriented. While this transit continues we will come to realize that resources are limited and dwindling, that we must make the best use of them we can. Positively, Saturn in Scorpio assists astute management and can reveal hidden advantages. It can be a strengthening, regulating and refortifying influence. When Saturn exerts its authority and agenda, it will employ whatever tough measures and added pressure is necessary in order to get the job done. For the year ahead, Saturn works well with Pluto, so we should be able to put realism, necessity and sovereignty to productive work. In actuality, we have no choice. Wiped out by Jupiter retrograde, who knows what will happened for hockey once Jupiter in Gemini resumes direct motion on Jan. 30, but know that the first quarter of the year is a mobilizing, forward thrust time for all. February’s start is ideal for address changes and new initiatives, but the preliminary window is short due to Mercury in Pisces in retrograde from Feb. 23 to March 17. Aim to avoid or work around it. There can be loss, confusion, epidemics or difficult weather. Mercury retrograde cycles also occur June 26 to July 20 (in Cancer), and Oct. 21 to Nov. 10 (in Scorpio). Jupiter advances into Cancer on June 25. This one-year transit puts a greater emphasis on home, family, real estate, nurturing, nesting and security matters. Expect food prices, household debt, national debt and sea levels to rise even more. Although more isn’t always a good thing, Jupiter will be well aligned with Saturn, Neptune and Chiron. On the plus side, there’s greater emotional unification and potential for healing, building, securing and preserving. As we have seen since our national birthday fell on an eclipse a few years back, Canada is gaining a more prominent influence in the world. Marking the intensification periods of the year, note the five eclipses of 2013, three in the spring — April 25, May 10, May 25 — and two in the fall: Oct 18, Nov 3. The exact alignments of Uranus square Pluto on May 20 and Nov 1 will add dynamic extra fuel. Overall, 2013 appears to be a productive year ahead. Our leaders have faced enough to know that they can’t afford to coast, to cheat, to sweep it under the carpet, or to fall asleep at the wheel. We must recognize this also.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) The year ahead can keep you working hard for recognition and reward, but trust it’s on the way — it is. Saturn in Scorpio through this year and next keeps you in the thick of major career, financial and relationship transformation. This is a constructive influence, but it’s not an overnight process. Rather it’s slow and fermenting — and often laborious. Along with Pluto’s hammer and nails, Saturn puts added pressure on your time-has-come moment. Uranus in Aries aims to shatter through the ceiling once and for all. Those born March 25 to April 1 will get the fullest jolt from Uranus in 2013, but of course each of us will feel the intensity of this revolutionizing and accelerating influence. Uranus can be disruptive, sudden, extreme and awakening. If it isn’t meant to be, it won’t. Don’t hang on to the bare thread. Instead, place your bet on the upgrades. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) Watch for Saturn in Scorpio to tighten the squeeze where it will get your attention best. It can reduce your options, place added restrictions on your resources or support, and hold you more accountable. Progressively, this streamlining will serve to chisel you and your life to a rock solid state where you can’t falter or fall, no matter what challenges arise. Saturn signals a time of karmic and actual contract endings, or of partnership and professional solidification. By choice or by force, your social life will continue to downsize, just as it has over the year past. You can do no better than to prioritize the material, health and relationship tasks set before you. Make the commitment, do the work, get the results. It’s the formula that works. Don’t delay on the necessary undertakings, and by late June you should find that life and love starts to hum along quite nicely.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 21) Through the end of June, Jupiter in Gemini keeps you busy with one thing after another. The growth and increase planet finishes its four month retrograde tour on Jan. 30, so use the month to get ready and set, and aim for the full throttle in the first week of February. Note your opportunity is especially short. By Feb. 18, the good momentum will disintegrate thanks to both Saturn and Mercury starting retrograde. Pause or coast until March 20 when Aries month begins and you’ll quickly regain what was lost — and then some.

Setting actual or karmic contracts into play, the May 24 lunar eclipse is particularly catapulting for birthday folk, and also for those born June 8, 9. Of course, all of us will feel its intensity to some degree. Watch for a key person to be instrumental in designing your future, whether a new arrival or someone who is already familiar to you.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22) Use the first half of February to scout, broaden, travel, broadcast or to scoop it up. By design or circumstance, April is also an ideal springboard month. A new personal life or career direction awaits you. Through June, Jupiter in Gemini keeps life motoring along a double track. It may be hard to get clear on what’s possible and what’s next. You’ll have to trust that the universe is conspiring on your behalf no matter what hand you are dealt. While Pluto in Capricorn aims to deliver the final blow to relationships and circumstances that are long past their expiry date, you’ll receive benefit from Saturn in Scorpio, a time-isripe influence that is well aligned with your sign. Make a fuller commitment to yourself, to love, to bettering your best as a parent, and professionally too. Starting in July, Jupiter in Cancer puts you on the plus side of life. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22) Saturn in Scorpio will force you to break old habits and to change to the way you live with yourself. A renovation, real estate, family or business matters can be especially burdensome. Unrequited needs become harder to live with too. Help to the rescue: Neptune and Pluto in favour to Saturn through the better portion of the year will loan you the patience to work through what you need to and to bide your time as necessary. Have you noticed a distance growing between you and another, or between you and the lifestyle you have set up for yourself? Consider it a natural progression. The first half of February and See Solar page 8

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Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A5

Thieves target parked cars Windows broken, valuables taken from more than 30 cars

James Weldon

DOZENS of North Vancouver residents woke up Friday morning to find the windows of their cars smashed and valuables missing from inside.

Thieves targeted more than 30 vehicles overnight in three distinct neighbourhoods, according to police: Upper Lonsdale, Lynn Valley and East Keith Road. In some cases, the culprits made off with high-priced items, while in others they took little more than loose change.

The North Vancouver RCMP have not yet identified any suspects, but the detachment has beefed up patrols in the areas and its property crime unit is investigating connections between the incidents. In the past, North Vancouver investigators have said strings of thefts of this type are often the work of a single individual or a group of individuals working together. Typically, the culprits will walk down a street late at night breaking into any car that contains visible cash or valuables. They will then load the loot into a stolen vehicle for transport and sale over town. Thieves are frequently motivated by a drug habit. Police are using the incident to remind the public once again to lock their cars overnight and not to leave anything of value inside — including coins. Anyone who was targeted in Friday’s thefts is asked to contact the North Vancouver RCMP at 604-985-1311.

Ski conditions? Local hills have an app

Brent Richter

IF you’re wondering what snow conditions are like at the North Shore mountains’ three ski resorts, the answer, more than likely, can be found in your pocket. Two of the three resorts can now boast having smartphone apps and the third is not far behind. Mt. Seymour recently launched its app, offering up-to-theminute information about the most frequently asked questions. “We hope that our guests use our app to ensure that they get the very best of what is available at Mt. Seymour. From snow conditions and terrain park status, to great offers on food and beverages in the Rock Chute and Grillworks with everything in between,” said Eddie Wood, Seymour manager and president. Grouse Mountain Resort, meanwhile is just weeks away from launching its app.

“I just saw the prototype earlier. We have one coming and we’re stoked about it,” said Sarah Lusk, public relations manager for Grouse. “(It has) everything from current conditions, news and events, tickets, passes, locations, hours, runs open — you name it.” If it gets approval from Apple, it should be available in the App Store sometime after Jan. 15. The first one across the smartphone finish line was Cypress Mountain, which has had its app available for more than three years. It too offers info on alpine and Nordic snow conditions, trail maps, an events calendar and what features the resort has open. To download the apps, search for the resort name on your smartphone’s app retail site.

“This budget is a testament to our staff’s ability to do more with less in an environment of continually rising costs. We have managed to table a budget that delivers highly valued programs and services that the community has come to expect,” Mayor Michael Smith said in a press release. The steady tax rate coincides with an average eight per cent increase in the municipality’s assessed property values for 2012, the release notes. Council adjusted its tax rate accordingly. When the tax property bill comes in the spring, though, it is still liable to be a little higher as several components of the total bill are outside the district’s control including school taxes, B.C. Assessment fees, Metro Vancouver’s tax rate and TransLink. Residents will also have to dig a little deeper for their water, sewer and solid waste utility fees, which are going up by $34, $49 and $35 respectively in 2013. Those fee hikes come, in part, to help fund capital and planning projects including the Eagle Lake membrane filtration system and Metro Vancouver’s updated solid waste management plan.

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A6 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership, 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Look up in 2013 T

HIS issue of the North Shore News contains our annual astrological dissection of the year

ahead. For some, the concept of predicting life by star-gazing is anathema. For others, “checking their stars” is a daily occurrence. For most, we suspect, astrology is harmless fun that might occasionally offer a life raft when events threaten to overwhelm. It is not part of, nor antithetical to, faith, but it might lead you there while questing for an understanding of forces larger than ourselves. If it makes you think. . . . Of course, the theories of astrology would not exist without the astronomy that underpins them. Mankind looked up when it stood up and has tried to make sense of where it fits into the cosmos ever since. That need to understand and connect drives our obsession for

naming, dating and ordering. While we may not have arrived at all the answers, we can at least predict a few heavenly events in 2013 that should be worth watching — clouds permitting. Jan. 21: High in the evening sky, look for the closest conjunction of the moon and Jupiter until 2026. June 23: The moon will be at its closest point to Earth and providing the largest full moon of 2013. Aug. 12: The Perseid meteor shower will show well in 2013 as the moon will go to bed early that night. Mid-November to mid-December: The newly discovered comet ISON should be visible in the morning and evening sky. Dec. 14,15: The Geminid meteor shower is flashier than the Perseids, but you will have to wait until late in the night to enjoy it.


Hydro infrastructure failing

Dear Editor: On Christmas morning we awoke to find the house in total darkness and freezing cold. A guest arrived for breakfast expecting to be served our famous eggs benny. Instead, the best we could offer was cold fruit, cereal and muffins. We had to drive down to the local gas station to find some hot coffee. We felt sorry for other families in our Seymour Heights area who needed to serve an early Christmas dinner and have the turkey in the oven by mid-morning. They would have been very disappointed that, despite the best efforts of some very dedicated BC Hydro workers, the power couldn’t be restored until lunch time. In the greater scheme of things, a five-hour power outage isn’t the end of the world. But what especially annoyed us was that this is the second time in less than five years that it’s happened on Christmas Day in our neighbourhood. On the previous occasion, the apparent cause of the power outage was melting snow that had leaked into an old underground transformer box.

On this Christmas morning, however, there was no such weather-related problem. When we took the BC Hydro workers some hot coffee at 8 a.m., we were able to see inside the aboveground transformer box that they were dealing with. Everything was dry, but bare copper wire was visible at the point where an electrical explosion had occurred. Later, we heard from a friend who works for BC Hydro, that after the Seymour Heights power outage in 2008, a report had been submitted to senior management by the repair crew, stating that much of the 40-year-old transformer equipment in our neighbourhood was long overdue for replacement. But nothing was done. Let’s hope that after this latest Christmas power outage, BC Hydro’s senior managers will stop acting like yearround Grinches and will make the money available to ensure that the Seymour Heights area of North Vancouver receives the upgraded electrical equipment that it needs. Ron Knight, North Vancouver

NV councils should partner on ‘amazing’ new rec centre

Dear Editor: Local politicians are taking several steps backwards. It simply is not logical for the District of North Vancouver to say “no” to helping with funding for the Harry Jerome Community Centre. Both municipalities should be paying for all rec facilities. We use all the facilities, not just in our own areas. City and district councils need to look into the future needs of all residents. Thousands of new homes are being approved, yet the infrastructure is falling behind.

More than one way to apply a TReO toll – but check Dear Editor: Regarding Lynda Goch’s Dec. 26 letter to the editor, Port Mann Toll Grab Grinchy: When TI Corp learned of Lynda Goch’s situation last week we immediately contacted her to apologize and correct the mistake. What happened

was an unfortunate error that appears to be an anomaly. We have complete confidence in the toll system on the Port Mann Bridge. We have more than 100,000 daily transactions, and we have many measures in place to make sure tolls are being applied correctly.


The toll system identifies vehicles either by decal, or by video capture of a licence plate. We cross reference this information with ICBC’s database. In addition, sensor loops installed in the pavement measure car length and weight. All these data collection methods

work together to make sure tolls are applied accurately but, just as people look at their cellphone bill or credit card statement, customers should review their TReO invoices and statements. People can also take a look at their crossings online. If they want to know more about how

to read their bill, they can give us a call at 604-516-(TReO)8736. We have a dedicated team of customer service representatives trained to help customers with any questions. Mike Proudfoot, CEO, Transportation Investment Corporation

This is the golden opportunity to create an amazing facility, used by thousands. Area businesses would grow. The community available is promoting fitness and health, yet we are so limited in what is available. The audacity of our current councillors to say the aquatic groups need to put money in! Maybe I’ve missed something, but how much have the seniors, lawn bowlers, Flicka and ice users put into this centre? How much have the cyclists put in to create all these bike lanes that are costing millions? It’s time that all residents, groups and users band together and fight for what we all need and deserve. Maybe a small user fee for each and every sport to be charged for now and the future to build a fund for rec users. I can hardly wait for the next election. I for one think it is time we get rid of the current council members and vote in new members that have the ability to think and plan for the future. Susan Ryan North Vancouver





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Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A7

An open letter to New Year’s enduring icon DEAR Baby New Year,

I’ve never actually written to you before. Maybe nobody has. Maybe you can’t read, being a newborn and all. And maybe you don’t have an address, since you tend to show up only in editorial cartoons and at the kind of big, drunken Dec. 31st parties that most of us, even in our worst nightmares, would never choose to attend. No worries, Baby. Humankind will always keep in touch with you, even though you are a bit of a drooling drifter. We plebes have never known much about you, and yet you’re floating out there in our consciousness — like Santa, the Easter Bunny and the fiscal cliff. We’re certainly aware that your debut is always the same night of the year, and that the other 364 nights serve as your denouement. But considering how famous you are, you don’t get much ink. I guess that’s because it’s hard to exploit you. Companies can’t sell anybody anything based on your image, which is simply one of naivety. You also don’t have much to say, so you’re not going to get invited onto the George Stroumboulopoulos show. Come to think of it, can you even speak? Wikipedia claims you’re male. As far as I know,

Going Coastal

Kate Zimmerman nobody has ever pulled down your diaper for confirmation — or details — and I’m not going to be the first to volunteer. Your limited wardrobe appears to consist of that one cloth diaper, a banner broadcasting the new year — in this case, the iffysounding 2013 — and a gleaming top hat. The latter suggests that if you’re not especially put together, at the very least you’re well connected. Who wears a top hat in this day and age other than you, Mr. Peanut and the Nestle Turtle? Posers, that’s who. But maybe it’s the posers who rule the beginning of every year and the dowdy, battered realists who see it out. I don’t mean to set a bummer mood in this, my first letter to you, Baby New Year. I’m really writing to tell you that I’ve decided

it’s a good idea to fixate on a character such as yourself, rather than on a nebulous plan like “As of 12:01 a.m. on Jan. 1, 2013, I’m making a fresh start.” Just as Santa Claus is our secular repository for all the hopes and dreams of Christmas, we need a willing receptacle for our New Year’s wishes. The way I see it, an enormous baby with a big, wobbly, top-hatted head is a bottomless tank. Get ready for the onslaught, because you’ll be to blame when our diets, planned personality changes or ambitions go south. “That damn Baby New Year didn’t take my cholesterol concerns seriously,” we’ll be able to explain to our friends over croissants oozing with triple crème cheese. They’ll nod sadly and pass us the chili fries. Just be advised that we humans are clingy — we need life rafts, whether real or imagined. As a symbol of hope for the year to come, you’re going to find that you have people sticking to you like Nutella sticks to a blanket. Deal with it. It’s true that it’s a daunting responsibility to support the aspirations of seven billion people, but what else do you have to do? It’s not like you can get into movie theatres in that get-up. Anyway, at the end of the year, who’s to say that

Winter is here and all forecasts predict more snow than normal. So now would be a good time to come in and take advantage of our full inventory, and a great sale on existing stock. Visit our service centre today and leave prepared for the winter ahead.

you won’t be thanked, and copiously, for all the plans that you helped bring to fruition? You’ll be relieved to learn that it’s a short-term gig. People do tend to lose interest in Baby New Year as you segue into Old Father Time, the role you’ll assume next Dec. 31st. Society has a short attention span, and it’s getting worse. I sure can’t remember last year’s model. There is a way that you can distinguish yourself,

however. Few Baby New Year designates have done it, and you’d be the first in memory. Instead of cackling at us in that delighted way of yours, try taking our desires and fantasies seriously, whether our resolutions are as lofty as world peace or as humble as watching Mad Men from the first episode to the latest. Put a little thought into inspiring us or giving us the emotional wherewithal to follow through on the


Why not have 35 years of experience on your side? TIM MALEDY Personal Injury Law

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hazy schemes for selfimprovement that we come up with in a rush on New Year’s Eve. Be not so much an iconic baby, and more like a real one — providing anybody near it with optimism, confidence, and resolve. Most importantly, real babies offer us all a disproportionate helping of happiness. There’s your role model, Baby New Year. Go for it.



This is the time of year to make resolutions to change our lives for the better. It’s also good to resolve to make someone else’s DARYL life better too. If PHARMACIST you know someone who is lonely or depressed, why not reach out and bring that person to your home for dinner. It will make you both feel better. Another year has gone by and I want to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2013. Thank you for all your kind comments about this column.We look forward to serving you throughout the coming year with great service by our great staff. Happy NewYear!

Davies Pharmacy 1401 St. Georges Ave., NorthVancouver 604-985-8771 •

SINCE 1973

A8 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


Solar, lunar eclipses significant, Virgo From page 3

second half of March through April will push the reboot button for you. Use it as your window of opportunity. A new home address, marital, or career status is quite possible around this time. July forward, you’ll feel better ensconced. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22) Last year, this year and next, Jupiter signals an ideal time to make a major career and lifestyle switch. Pursue formal education or train on the job. What you learn now is only a stepping stone to so much more. Saturn in Scorpio, a two-and-a-half year transit, can reduce your circle of friends, but it’s appropriate for now. Time is a precious commodity best used on the friends, relationships and activities that deliver best. Support and bonds will grow once Jupiter advances into Cancer at the end of June. Your best clients and customers will stand by you too. The start of February can find you submerged and going strong, but Feb. 23 to March 18, be forewarned that Mercury retrograde can unravel, disintegrate, dilute or pollute. Both the solar eclipse on May 9 and lunar eclipse on May 24 mark a peak time for significant transitions and undertakings. LIBRA (Sept. 22 - Oct. 22) By the time Jupiter ends retrograde on Jan. 30, you should be past a good percentage of the roadblocks and onto a more productive page. The first half of February keeps you completely immersed in work and personal and health upgrades. You can see good progress, but mid-February to

mid-March, Mercury retrograde can cause a temporary backtrack. Avoid major decisions and don’t push what isn’t coming naturally during this time. Aim for a major thrust ahead during Aries month. Through late June, Jupiter in Gemini offers an ideal time to broaden your knowledge base, to upgrade your website and expand your marketing, to scout for better professional opportunities, a new relationship or new location. July and August is an ideal time to start a new life or a new business venture. You should feel you have reached a good destination point. It’ll be time to drop anchor and to make it grow from there.

SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 22) Scorpio is a tenacious and strong-willed sign by nature. For the next two years, Saturn in Scorpio steels you even more. The time is especially ripe, and you have plenty of experience to pump up your confidence. Aim to make a name for yourself and/or nail it down once and for all. By your own handwriting or by destiny’s pen, your personal and professional agenda is well laid out. You’ll make good progress from the end of January through the middle of March, but take note of Mercury retrograde and recalibrate as necessary from Feb. 23 to March 17. April can keep you busy. The lunar eclipse on April 24 can bring a significant ending or fruition point, especially so for those born Oct. 30 to Nov. 2. The solar eclipse on May 9 can prove a fruitful launch point for love, creative projects, career and financial ambitions. Mid-July onward delivers a smooth sail. SAGITTARIUS (Nov 22 - Dec. 21) For the past several months, you have been at a major professional, personal or social crossroad. As January rolls along, you’ll come to recognize that you are so much further along than you were only a short time ago. February and March is a time to stay out of sight, and/or keep what you are working on under close wraps. Home, health

and your private life keep you especially occupied. Jan. 31 to Feb. 18, and March 20 through April are fortuitous for a new endeavour, relationship or a new address. Late May through June can put you on the move too, this regarding your public profile, relocation, a legal matter or the money chase. The second half of the year finds you in need of, or giving out more, financial and emotional support. Jupiter in Cancer puts even more concentration on building a nest or a nest egg. Cozy up for love.

CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19) It seems you are outgrowing a previously cherished ambition and/or way of life. Saturn’s tour through Scorpio aims to underscore how absolute and final that statement is. No matter how bittersweet, you are likely to be the first one to admit that you have been ready for this major lifestyle shift for quite some time. You’ll gain added stellar support from Pluto and Neptune for the better portion of the year. The combination helps you to relinquish, transcend and rebuild from a position of strength and security. The time is right and there’s no reason to hold off any longer. Through the end of June, Jupiter in Gemini keeps you negotiating, juggling and working it from both ends. This is an ideal transit for tackling study, research and paperwork; also for honing skills, ideas or strategies. July onward, you’ll find yourself on the road to even more peace, comfort and contentment. See Early page 9




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Open New Year’s 12-5pm

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A9


Early February a time for love, Aquarius

North Shore Acura’s YEAR END SALES EVENT “2013” Acura RDX Tech Only 7,600 kms

Was $44,376

From page 8

AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18) Through January, Mars in Aquarius keeps you freshly refuelled and ready for action. Get cracking on a new health regime, update your website or Facebook profile, or scope out a new agent. On the hunt for love or better financial prospects? You’ll gain even more traction through the first half of February. Venus in Aquarius bestows added attention and favour your way. The creative spurt will continue through spring. Through June, Jupiter in Gemini guides you toward the best pathways and inroads. Your ability to convey, negotiate, demonstrate, create, synchronize, link-up, learn, teach and sell is at peak. The lunar eclipse in Scorpio on April 25 can signal an eventful transition or culmination time regarding your career, real estate, family or home life. This is especially so for those born around Jan. 26. The solar eclipse on May 9 signals an especially



Model#TB4H5DKN stk#RD31481

“2012” Acura TL “Elite”

Only 6,700 kms. Save up to $9,000 lucrative launch time for those born around Jan. 20 or Feb. 8. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20) You have been exposed to plenty of home and family transition since Jupiter turned retrograde last October. The result is leading you to a new way of living with yourself and of making your way in the world too. By February’s start, you should feel you’ve gained a good handle on it all. Saturn began Scorpio last fall and will continue for the next two years. This confidence-builder placement provides you with the courage and security of knowing that you’ve become older and

wiser at just the right time. This is the “it” moment you have been waiting for. Jupiter’s advance into Cancer, starting in July, launches an optimum creative and romantic cycle. It is a fortuitous and abundancegenerating influence not only for you, but your loved ones, children included. Look to the dynamic configuration of planets at the end of July to bring all the right elements together for you. Interested to hear more or to have a personal astrology consultation? Public lecture Jan. 22, 7 p.m. at Unity of Vancouver, 5840 Oak St. Info: or visit

Was $50,935



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“2012” Acura MDX “Premium”

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828 Automall Dr, North Vancouver

604.929.6736 *Taxes, documentation, licensing fees not included.

New Years Day, Tuesday January 1st, 2013


A10 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


Christmas on the Shore

by Paul McGrath

Event chairwomen Coryn Hemsley, Monica Soprovich and Janice O’Sullivan

Carlota Lee and Lorena Angus Representatives of Family Services of the North Shore hosted their seasonal fundraiser Christmas on the Shore at The Beach House Restaurant in West Vancouver Dec. 5. More than 100 guests were in attendance, enjoying an evening of chef’s creations and live music along with views of the decorated trees of the Dundarave Festival of Lights. Proceeds from the event will support North Shore families in need through the Christmas Bureau program.

Family Services of the North Shore’s Michelle Tice, Julia Staub-French and Diana Cowden

Family Services of the North Shore board president Bohdan Bodnar and wife Dee

Bev O’Neill and Sue Bauman

Event chairwoman Joanne Houssian and MC John O’Neill

Chuck and Pam Vidalin

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

Small Business Insurance

2 -/'7"+7. .,0/,"5& 0, 69!* 2 #%3/'.. 45' (0$ 1+4,'

84+/ Business "5.+/05)' 70(' '0.$

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A11



NEWS photo Paul McGrath


SNOWSHOEING is a great calorie-burner and among the fun outdoor winter activities available locally. Stay active this holiday season to prevent winter weight gain and give yourself a running start when 2013 rolls around Tuesday.


Make tracks

THE holidays are generally a wonderful time, except when it comes to dreaded winter weight gain.

Personal Best Shaun Karp

Parties and gatherings with mountains of rich food are nearly impossible to avoid, but what about exercise? The prevalence of winter weight gain is no surprise, given how many usually health-conscious people suddenly stop exercising and

start filling up on goodies throughout December — as if forgetting the month constitutes well over eight per cent of a year! The result? Many gain five, 10, or even 15 pounds or more before they know it. You could always pass on the sweets and treats, but if moderation is not your thing, incorporating exercise into your holiday traditions is a must. With school out, you can get active with your children,

younger siblings, nieces and nephews, or grandchildren. Try skating or, making snow angels. Building snow people, tobogganing, and throwing snowballs can all be seriously fun workouts. A day of downhill skiing or snowboarding is always great for burning calories, just don’t spend too much time at the lodge. You can also try cross-country skiing or snowshoeing. Even Boxing Day shopping can burn up some stored energy,

especially if you take the stairs at the mall and not the escalators. Of course, the irony of winter weight gain is that so many have extra time off over the holidays, which could allow more time to attend the gym. Of course, everyone is busy. To burn off some extra calories in as short a time as possible, avoid performing strenuous strength-building See Be page 12




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Specialists in heating, air conditioning & gas fitting

604.925.1341 •

Kam Filsoofi, OWNER

Serving the North Shore since 1994.

A12 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


Be specific with your 2013 health related resolutions

From page 11

routines. Instead, maximize the calories burned by rotating between the treadmill, stationary bike, stair climber, rowing machine and elliptical trainer. Noticeable results should be seen with as little as 25 minutes of cardiovascular training on just three occasions per week, but be sure not to overdo it and to stay within your target heart-rate zone. Here’s my final holiday exercise tip: set your 2013 fitness goals today and begin making an action plan to achieve them. Common resolutions like eating better, exercising more or losing weight are far too vague. Be sure your plan includes realistic and, above all, specific lifestyle changes to help you hit the ground running in January. In fact, just making a fitness plan in advance may persuade you to pass on thirds of eggnog on New Year’s Eve. Happy holidays, everyone!

Lynn Valley Road & Mountain Hwy •

Shaun Karp is a certified personal trainer. For further information call 604-420-7800 or go to

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

BE sure to take a break from the cookie tray (below) to fit in some exercise this holiday season, like skiing on the three North Shore mountains with friends and family (above).

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Counselling for Men To our shoppers and our community, we extend our warmest wishes for a very happy NewYear. H O L I D AY H O U R S :

Sunday December 30: Monday December 31: Tuesday January 1: Wednesday January 2:

noon – 5pm 10 – 5pm Closed 10am – 6pm


I help men & youths with... Addiction Anxiety Depression Relationships Anger Career 604-612-3144 David Curry, R.P.C. Registered Counsellor #2280

Helping you find your own answers

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A13


Wipe out AYDEN, 6 (at left), and Olivia Boag, 4 (below), experience the ups and downs of ice skating during a recent public skate at the West Vancouver Ice Arena. To view rink programming options and schedule, visit

NEWS photos Cindy Goodman

Howtosizeyour walkingcane

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R E N T • S A L E S • S E RV I C E • S I N C E 1973

Davies Home Healthcare

1401 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver 604-985-1481 •


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A14 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


Society launches new mental health award

REPRESENTATIVES of the North Shore Schizophrenia Society recently announced the creation of the Responsiveness to Families Award to be given to a health care provider with a proven track record of working together with families of those with a mental illness.

According to a press release, the society is now accepting nominations from family members. The North Shore Schizophrenia Society has long advocated for

health notes NOTICES Zumba Fitness: Classes for people who are overweight and want to start a

the inclusion of families as an integral part of the treatment team. Family involvement produces better outcomes for people with serious mental illnesses, including higher functioning, improved family well-being, and lower rates of relapse and suicide. Health care professionals who communicate with families and work with them as members of the treatment team are helping their patient, the family, and the entire team, as well as following best practises. Families can provide essential background information and describe behaviours and recent changes, critical for optimum diagnosis and follow-up. Their knowledge and experience provides details doctors, nurses and other providers wouldn’t otherwise have.

program alongside others who are in a similar situation Mondays and Fridays, 11:30 a.m. starting Jan. 4 at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1110 Gladwin Dr., North Vancouver. Different dance styles are incorporated into a one-hour class for a fun way to get a cardio, core

and full body workout. Fee: $30 per month of unlimited use or $50 for a pack of 10. Register before Jan. 4 at 604-971-3578. Befriending Your Body: A revolutionary approach to food and your

They often provide a home and other personal support to people being released from acute psychiatric care. And yet, despite their expertise, families are often excluded. The society advocates for responsiveness to families to help permanently change the culture of some mental health services where families are not yet recognized as valuable members of the treatment team. It is representatives’ hope that the winners of this award, as champions for family involvement in their own work, will help accelerate this change in their colleagues. Deadline for applications will be Feb. 15. For nomination criteria and rules, visit

body Wednesday, Jan. 9, 7 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Admission by donation. Info: 604-987-6959 or

SPIRITUAL AND EMOTIONAL HEALTH Laughter Yoga: Saturdays from 11noon and Sundays 1-2 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145




See more page 15

Mayor Darrell Mussatto Councillor Don Bell Councillor Pam Bookham Councillor Linda Buchanan Councillor Rod Clark Councillor Guy Heywood Councillor Craig Keating Robyn G. Anderson


Grant of Easement over portions of land located on St. Andrews and East 8th owned by the Corporation of the City of North Vancouver and located adjacent to 277/279 East 8th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. TAKE NOTICE THAT pursuant to Sections 26(1), 26(3), and 35(11) of the Community Charter, the Council of The Corporation of the City of North Vancouver intends to do the following: 1) Raise title to the portions of City roadway located at East 8th Street and St. Andrews Avenue surrounding 277/279 East 8th Street containing 24.7 square meters shown as Parcel 1 in bold outline on the Reference Plan to accompany an application for the registration of title in the name of the City of North Vancouver prepared by Patrick Cameron MacDonald, BCLS of Hobbs, Winter, MacDonald and dated the 30th day of November, 2012 (the “Parcel”); and 2)

Grant to the registered owners of the land located at 277/279 East 8th Street (the “Property”), for one dollar ($1.00), an easement over the Parcel (the “Easement”). The purpose of the Easement is to allow encroachment of eaves, steps and the roof overhang for the building located on the Property, which is held by Liam Everett and Associates Ltd. The easement will terminate when the building is demolished or structurally altered. APPLICANT: THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NORTH

A sketch plan showing the location of the proposed easement is shown here. The reference plan raising title to the Parcel, over which the easement will be granted may be inspected at the City Clerk’s Department, City Hall, 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver between the hours of 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except Statutory Holidays. Those persons who consider they are affected by the granting of this easement may direct inquiries to Mr. Ian Steward, Property Valuator-Negotiator Corporate Services, at 604.983.7358 or

PROPERTY DISPOSITION Disposition of the south half of Rice Lake pursuant to the August 1, 1983 Water Agreement between the Greater Vancouver Water District and The Corporation of the City of North Vancouver. TAKE NOTICE THAT pursuant to Sections 26(1) and 26(3) of the Community Charter, The Corporation of the City of North Vancouver (the “City”) intends to: 1) Dispose of the south half of Rice Lake as shown indicated on the sketch attached here and legally described as: Parcel Identifier:015-968-308 That part of the bed of Rice Lake lying south of District Lot 856 Group 1 N.W.D. (the “Property”). The Property will be conveyed by the City to the Greater Vancouver Water District (“GVWD”) as part of a 1983 Water Agreement that specified the transfer of several City properties to the GVWD. The Property, forming the south half of Rice Lake, was included in the list of legal descriptions for conveyance in 1983 Agreement, however was not conveyed in error. This error will now be rectified. APPLICANT: THE CORPORATION OF THE CITY OF NORTH A restrictive covenant in favour of the City has been registered against the title to the Property prior to disposition, which limits use of the Property to waterworks and public park purposes. The restrictive covenant was also a requirement in the 1983 Water Agreement prior to conveyance. The City will receive consideration from the GVWD in the amount of $ 1.00 for the conveyance of the Property. A sketch plan showing the location of the proposed disposition is shown here. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding the above Property Disposition please contact Mr. Ian Steward, Property ValuatorNegotiator Corporate Services, at 604.983.7358 or North Vancouver City Hall | 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver, BC | V7M 1H9 | Tel: 604.985.7761 | Fax: 604.985.9417 |

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A15

LIVE health notes From page 14 West First St., North Vancouver. Free. Info: 604-618-9535 or Meditation in the Christian Tradition: Mondays, 7 p.m. at the St. Edmund’s Catholic Church, 545 Mahon Ave., North Vancouver, Wednesdays, 7 p.m. at St. Anthony’s Parish, 2347 Inglewood Ave., West Vancouver, and Fridays, 9:30 a.m., in a private North Vancouver home. Groups are part of the ecumenical B.C. Christian Meditation Community. Anyone interested is welcome. Free. Info:, Colleen, 604-985-1592 or wccm. org. Mindfulness Awareness Meditation: Learn Shambhala Buddhist meditation Sundays, 1-3 p.m. in the sanctuary at St. Andrew’s United Church, 1044 St. Georges Ave, North Vancouver. Admission by donation. Mindfulness Meditation in the Thich Nhat Hanh Tradition meets every Tuesday, 7-8:45 p.m. at North Shore Neighbourhood House, 225 East Second St., North Vancouver. Beginners welcome. Fee: Free, but a $2 donation towards the rent of the room is appreciated. Info: 604-987-8138. Mindfulness Meditation in Thich Nhat Hanh’s Zen Tradition meets every Tuesday, 7-9 p.m. at St. Stephen’s Anglican Church, 885 22nd St., West Vancouver. Admission by donation. Newcomers welcome. Info: 604-980-4310. Modern Buddhism Meditation Classes: Both beginners and experienced meditators will learn how to use meditation to reduce stress, every Wednesday, 7-8:30 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $10. Info: 604221-2271 or Mountaintop Unity: Free spiritual meetings with guided meditation, prayer, healing and conversation every Wednesday, 6:15 p.m., at community office No. 1, second floor, John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-787-1477 or Satsang Meditation: Release stress, feel peace, emerge anew, every other Monday, 7-9 p.m., 31-150 East Queens Rd., North Vancouver. Information and registration call 604-831-7773 or visit Therapeutic Touch: Free energy-based relaxation and healing sessions are offered on the first Thursday of the month, (except July and August) 7-9 p.m., in seminar room A at Lions Gate Hospital, 231 East 15th St., North Vancouver and the second and fourth Thursday of the month, 1-3 p.m. at 652 Kerry Pl., North Vancouver. No appointment necessary. For more information, phone 604-9806604.

SPORTS, FITNESS AND HEALTH Aikido: Martial arts classes are held Tuesday to Friday, 7-8 a.m.

and Monday-Thursday, 6-7 p.m. for beginners; MondayThursday, 7-8 p.m. and Saturdays, 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.

for Taijutsu classes; Wednesday, 7-8 p.m. and Saturdays, 10:3011:30 a.m. for weapons classes at 121 East First St., North Van-

couver. Unlimited free beginner classes are being offered to any adult that can provide confirmation that they are unemployed.

Info: 604-983-8730 or or — compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email

A16 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


Centenarian reflects on her musical life From pots to pianos, Alma Halstrom’s gifts are boundless ALMA Halstrom remembers her first day of school.

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

ALMA Halstrom’s musical prowess was one of her many talents celebrated by friends and family at a party marking her 100th birthday at Churchill House Dec. 21. The North Vancouver woman marked the milestone Dec. 26.

“The prairie grass grew so tall, you couldn’t let a kid outside. Mother knew I’d be safe at the school where there was a fenced yard. So one day, off I went in the buggy with my two brothers.” Alma was four years old. The year was 1916. At school, the teacher found a place for Alma and chalked the letter “A” onto the desk. Every day, using a handful of dried peas, the little girl traced one letter and then the next. North Vancouver’s newest centenarian Alma Holden was born on the family farm in southwestern Saskatchewan on Dec. 26, 1912. The middle child of five siblings, each born five years apart, says that “music was built in me.” Morning and evening, when their parents were milking the cows, the children went straight to the kitchen cupboards for pots and pans and the lids and spoons to beat on them. “To this day, I remember my special pot,” says Alma. “Uncle Gus decided he didn’t know how to milk. He became our

Memory Lane

Laura Anderson babysitter and our director. He trained us to march and keep a band going.” After supper and the chores were done, the family gathered around the wood heater, “and the light from the coal oil lamps flickered on the walls while the stories were at their best.” While her mother sewed and taught her daughters to mend so that the repairs looked like embroidery, Alma soaked up the stories that went back to Sweden and Norway. “I was the one that kept the family history going back into the centuries and the old country,” she says. Musical education became more formal when Alma left the farm to board and attend school at Swift Current. She took piano lessons and it seemed most of the friends she made were musical. One friend was Leonard Halstrom. “We got married in 1932, in hard-up times,” Alma remembers. “We didn’t spend a nickel because we didn’t have one.” The couple managed to rent a farm that had been repossessed by one of the big loan companies, sharing tools and labour with other farmers. They started their first rhythm band, 25 women playing kazoos and other simple instruments, accompanied by a banjo player, Leonard on the saxophone and Alma on piano. “I was a heavy, big player on the piano. I played all over that piano and that gave enough substance to

carry the band. It just came so natural,” she says. One bad day, Len injured his leg severely and that put an end to their farming life. With their two children, they moved west to Victoria, where Len had family. In all the years since, wherever Leonard and Alma lived, from Victoria to Surrey to Delta, they played music at home, in community centres, at conventions and seniors residences all over the West Coast and as east as far as the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Utah. They built up a vast repertoire and, if they didn’t happen to know a tune, Alma was always able to pick it up, even without the benefit of sheet music. “Leonard and I had an orchestra all of our life and we played together just about every day for 59 years. After he died, I couldn’t walk by the piano without saying hello for a couple of hours,” she says. Alma continued to perform with her rhythm band in Surrey and formed a quartet called The Delta Twilighters. It was only a few years ago that she had to give up playing the piano. The music that was built in Alma from the time she was a child is still there, even without a piano to express it. Perhaps it comes out in her stories, each one perfectly recalled, clear and true as a note of music, the pure expression of love. Memory Lane 2012 opened with a profile of Ernest Fitch, who left us on Nov. 30 at the age of 107, and closed with two centenarians, Harold Plumsteel and Alma Halstrom. I am grateful to them and to everyone who shared the stories and memories that connect us to a time still within living memory. Thank you. Laura Anderson works with and for seniors on the North Shore. Contact her at 778-279-2275 or email her at

what’s going on for seniors 25yrs exp

It’s worth a trip across the bridge! Wir sprechen Deutsch. NOW ACCEPTING NEW PATIENTS

“Being of service to denture wearers over the last 25 years, I have learned to bring care and compassion to my work in order to make a difference in the quality of their lives.” Friedrich H.G. Brumm, B.A., Denturist


All our Dentures and Services are TAX FREE!

NOTICES Beginner Bridge Lessons: Silver Harbour Centre will offer eight classes Wednesdays, 1-3:30 p.m. starting Jan. 9 at 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. Fee: $40. Info: 604-980-2474. SPORTS, RECREATION, GAMES, FITNESS AND HEALTH Scrabble: Informal games to test your spelling Wednesdays, 10:30 a.m.-noon at Silver Harbour Centre, 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. Free. Info: 604-980-2474 or Seniors Circuit Training: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:30-9:30 a.m. at Parkgate Community Centre, 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $4.40. Info: 604-983-6362 or Seniors Cyclists: For a schedule of rides visit Routes vary between 25-50 kilometres and are about three See more page 17

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A17

SENIORS what’s going on for seniors

a.m. at Silver Harbour Centre, 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. Fee: $26 for eight classes. Info: 604-980-2474 or

From page 16 hours long. Info: Seniors’ Tennis Association of the North Shore: Play daytime tennis Monday to Friday at reserved North Shore court times for 55+ players. Annual fee: $15. Info: Will, 604-986-3919 or Snooker: Everyone from novice to expert is welcome Mondays-Fridays, 9 a.m.-4:15 p.m. at Silver Harbour Centre, 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. Fee: $4 per month or $40 per year. Info: 604-980-2474 or

Walking Group: Thursdays at 1:30 p.m. at North Shore Volunteers for Seniors, 275 21st St., West Vancouver. Info: 604-922-1575, info@nsvs. ca or Whist: Mondays, 1-3 p.m. at Parkgate Community Centre, 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $1. Info: 604-983-6362 or

Supervised Rehab: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 11 a.m.-noon at Parkgate Community Centre, 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $4.40. Info: 604-983-6362 or

Yoga: Gentle stretches and breathing exercises to help flexibility and relax your mind Mondays, 910 a.m. at Silver Harbour Centre, 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. Fee: $48 for eight classes. Info: 604-980-2474 or

Table Games: Drop in and play bridge, scrabble, tile rummy, or other board games Tuesdays, 1-2 p.m. at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $2, coffee, tea and cookies provided. Info: 604-987-5820.

SUPPORT GROUPS Eye Deal: A support group for people with low vision meets the third Monday of the month at 10 a.m. in the atrium at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st St. Info: 604-925-7280 or

Table Tennis: Mondays and Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to noon and Fridays, 1-3 p.m. at Silver Harbour Centre, 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. Fee: $18 per season. Equipment provided. Info: 604980-2474 or

Carol sing

Walking Club: Walk local trails and pathways, then meet for coffee Mondays, 10-11:45 a.m. at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Participants should be able to walk comfortably for a minimum of one hour. Drop-in fee: $2. Info: 604-987-5820.

Table Tennis: Saturdays, 12:30-2:30 p.m. and Sundays, 11:15 to 1 p.m. at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st St. Drop-in fee: $2. Info: 604-925-7280 or

Family Caregiver Network Groups meet the first Thursday, 7-9 p.m. or second Wednesday of the month, 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. at North Shore Community Resources in Capilano Mall, 203-935 Marine Dr., North Vancouver. Discuss the challenges and positive experiences of caregiving and learn how to access health care and community services. Info: Karyn Davies at 604-982-3320 or — compiled by Debbie Caldwell

Tai Chi: Healing exercises that promote calmness, strength, flexibility and confidence Tuesdays, 9-10

Email information for your non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

NORTH Vancouver Ministries Pastor & Corps Officer Lt. Bethany Howard leads the group in Christmas carols along with the Southmount Salvation Army Band, during an afternoon holiday-themed performance at Silver Harbour Centre Dec. 11.

tell your community about your upcoming events


At the Holiday Season our thoughts turn gratefully to those who have made our progress possible. It is in this spirit that we say:

Thank You for 32 Years of Loyal Support, Best Wishes for the Holidays and a Happy & Healthy New Year!








o e Mem h T e r Captu


Celebrate special moments in your new home. Invite friends and family to share an inspired meal in the dining room, or have Chef Joseph cater your occasion in the Private Dining Room. Call today to arrange a personal tour of our professionally decorated display suites. Independent retirement living in the heart of Seymour

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A18 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


Financial timeline for the new year HERE’S your New Year’s quarterly planner to help make 2013 a lucky year for your finances.

a monthly contribution plan for 2013 starting in March so your money can grow tax-free sooner — and because it’s easier to contribute a small amount every month than a lump sum once a year. If you have an outstanding credit card balance because of holiday spending, consider a usually much cheaper line of credit or personal loan to pay off the card, provided you then don’t run it up again. ■ April-June: Pencil in

■ January-March: The RRSP is still the best way for most Canadians most of the time to save money and income tax. Try to contribute in a higher tax bracket and withdraw money in a lower bracket. After contributing for 2012 (by March 01, 2013), set up

Money Matters Mike Grenby

your tax return (especially if somebody else does your taxes) to alert you to deductions and credits you aren’t claiming to motivate you to find out if you could rearrange your affairs to get those tax breaks. If you regularly receive a large tax refund, try to have less tax withheld during the year or pay lower quarterly installments to avoid giving Ottawa that interest-free loan for up to a year or longer.




0 $ 15,444






HWY: 5.2L/100 KM CITY: 7.1L/100 KM





Limited model shown


HWY: 5.3L/100 KM CITY: 7.8L/100 KM


0% $ 18,794





SE with Tech. shown







3,500 0% $ 22,064




HWY: 5.6L/100 KM CITY: 8.7L/100 KM




Limited model shown



HWY: 6.7L/100 KM CITY: 10.1L/100 KM






0% $ 27,109 †





Limited model shown

5-year/100,000 km Comprehensive Limited Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Powertrain Warranty 5-year/100,000 km Emission Warranty

The Hyundai names, logos, product names, feature names, images and slogans are trademarks owned by Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. †Finance offers available O.A.C. from Hyundai Financial Services based on a new 2013 Elantra L 6-Speed Manual/Elantra GT GL 6-Speed Manual/Sonata GL Auto/Santa Fe 2.4L nance rate of 0%/0%/0%/0% for 24/24/48/24 months. Bi-weekly payment is $297/$362/$213/$522. No down payment required. Cost of Borrowing is $0/$0/$0/$0. Finance offers include Delivery and Destination of $1,495/$1,495/$1,565/$1,760. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Financing example: 2013 Sonata GL Auto for $22,064 (includes $3,500 price adjustment) at 0% per annum equals $213 bi-weekly for 48 months for a total obligation of $22,064. Cash price is $22,064. Cost of Borrowing is $0. Example price includes Delivery and Destination of $1,565. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Fuel consumption for 2013 Elantra Sedan L 6-Speed Manual (HWY 5.2L/100KM; City 7.1L/100KM)/2013 Elantra GT GL 6-Speed Manual (HWY 5.3L/100KM; City 7.8L/100KM)/2013 Sonata GL Auto (HWY 5.6L/100KM; City 8.7L/100KM)/2013 Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto (HWY 6.7L/100KM, City 10.1L/100KM) gures are used for comparison purposes only. † Friends & Family prices for models shown (includes $2,000/$1,805/$3,225/$1,250 in price adjustments): 2013 Elantra Limited/Elantra GT SE Tech 6-Speed Auto/Sonata Limited/Santa Fe 2.0T Limited AWD is $22,694/$26,039/$27,339/$39,009. Prices include Delivery and Destination charges of $1,495/$1,495/$1,565/$1,760. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. Friends & Family Selling Prices are calculated against the starting price less all factory to dealer price adjustments (including Friends & Family price adjustments). Friends & Family Selling Prices include Delivery and Destination. Registration, insurance, PPSA, fees, levies, charges, license fees and all applicable taxes are excluded. Delivery and destination charge includes freight, P.D.E., dealer admin fees and a full tank of gas. ‡Factory to dealer price adjustments (including Friends & Family price adjustments) are calculated against the vehicle’s starting price. Factory to Dealer Price adjustments of $2,000/$1,850/$3,500/$1,150 available on 2013 Elantra L 6-Speed Manual/Elantra GT GL 6-Speed Manual/Sonata GL Auto/Santa Fe 2.4L FWD Auto includes Friends & Family price adjustments. Factory to dealer price adjustments are applied before taxes. Offer cannot be combined or used in conjunction with any other available offers. Offer is non-transferable and cannot be assigned. No vehicle trade-in required. † ‡Offers available for a limited time, and subject to change or cancellation without notice. See dealer for complete details. Dealer may sell for less. cient full-size car. ††Hyundai’s Comprehensive Limited Warranty coverage covers most vehicle components against defects in workmanship under normal use and maintenance conditions. TM

Northshore Auto Mall • 855 Automall Drive • North Vancouver, BC • 1-866-664-8713 • D#6700

■ July-September: Use summer to review your finances and meet with your advisor(s). Set action deadlines to move quickly and efficiently to your objectives. If you have (grand)children, help them understand the basics of saving and investing. Try to teach/lead by example. ■ October-December: Start your year-end tax planning in November. Plan a rough budget so holiday spending doesn’t produce a financial hangover. ■ All year: Pay off nondeductible debt — the best

investment for most people (where else can you earn a guaranteed five to 30 per cent return after tax?). Consider a self-employed sideline (and pay family members in a lower tax bracket to work for you) to claim deductions most employees can’t. Learn about diversify investments but don’t invest past your sleeping point.

Mike Grenby is a columnist and independent personal financial advisor; he’ll answer questions in this column as space allows but cannot reply personally — email

Canadians cash in on Boxing Day

THE majority of Canadians kept Boxing Day shopping traditions going strong, with 62 per cent planning to cash in on deals, according to a recent poll by the Bank of Montreal.

The poll, conducted by Pollara, revealed that one in five Canadians (22 per cent) planned to shop for themselves, while another third (34 per cent) said they would spend on others as well. Respondents in Alberta, Atlantic Canada and Ontario planned on doing the most Boxing Day spending (76 per cent, 72 per cent and 69 per cent respectively) while Quebecers showed the least interest — just 36 per cent said they would participate. Men were more likely than woman to take advantage of Boxing Day sales (66 per cent versus 58 per cent respectively). Overall, Canadians planned to spend an average of $1,610 on the holidays this year. Su McVey, vice president, BMO Bank of Montreal, noted that while Boxing Day is a great opportunity to take advantage of deeply discounted items, not accounting for spending during this period can cause some to spend outside of their means and keep them from staying within their holiday budgets. “Boxing Day is treated by many as a shopping holiday in Canada, and is as big as Black Friday in the U.S.,” said McVey in a media release. “Given that the majority of Canadians plan to spend during this period, it’s essential that Boxing Day spending is accounted for in the overall household holiday spending budget and not treated as a financial afterthought.” McVey added that three in 10 (29 per cent) Canadians set a fixed budget for their holiday spending, while half (47 per cent) set a loose or flexible budget, and two in 10 (21 per cent) do not set a budget for holiday shopping. Boxing Day is also an important period for Canadian retailers, as it represents one of the biggest sales days on the calendar year. BMO Economics projects Canadian holiday retail sales receipts, excluding auto and gasoline sales, will be almost $60 billion. This represents an increase of between one and two per cent year-over-year, or a rise of between $600 million and $1.2 billion, during the November to December sales period. Many of the Boxing Day deals will last until the end of December. BMO offers the following tips to Canadians: ■ Have a game plan: Create a list of must-haves items and set spending limits to ensure you don’t get swept away in a postholiday shopping frenzy. ■ Stay outside the fray by looking online: Many online retailers offer discounts and free shipping during the Boxing Day period. However, as with in-store promotions, inventories can dwindle quickly. Ensure you’ve created online accounts or profiles with your favourite retailers and watch the web to avoid missing out. ■ Maximize your spending: Utilize rewards programs to get the most out of your Boxing Day purchases. Use a debit or credit card affiliated with a loyalty program to earn rewards for purchases at retailers. The survey results cited in the 2012 BMO Holiday Spending Outlook are compiled from a random sample of 1,000 Canadians 18 years of age and over between October 11 and October 16, 2012. A probability sample of this size would yield results accurate to ± 3.1 per cent, 19 times out of 20.

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Bottles crossing borders, Bub and Belly’s best

Notable Potables Tim Pawsey

Pad, which offered smaller labels and negociants the chance to get their wines to market more easily. Okanagan Crush Pad (in the hands of a powerhouse team of B.C. industry stalwarts) burst onto the scene with a range of labels that includes its own Haywire and BS (Bartier

MADE from Chardonnay and pinot noir grapes by winemaker Michael Bartier, The Bub is one of B.C.’s finest sparkling wines.

photos Tim Pawsey

STEVE Thorp and Mike Macquisten, the entrepreneurs behind Vancouver Urban Winery, began offering 35 wines on tap this summer. date, Urban Winery (which now also supplies eight taps at Village Tap House) figures they’ve eliminated some 50,000 glass bottles. With about 200 restaurant wine taps installed in 2012 in B.C. and Alberta (and 5,000

The Ferry Building Gallery presents


by the Sea

with Doris Angela Maria of

Settle in Seaside Elegant guestrooms with breathtaking waterfront views, award winning West Coast dining, 8,000 sq ft of North Shore Local Rate | from $149* per night Enjoy a local escape or treat visiting friends & family. Three Course Dinner | $33 /person | available nightly Featuring the freshest local ingredients. Wine Wednesdays | 30% off all bottles Every week enjoy any bottle on our wine list .

Thursday Evenings 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. June 28 – August 30 Do you love the music, rhythms and dance of Latin America, and can’t wait to learn? • $6 drop-in • bring your own water bottle • open to all levels and ages • lesson included • singles welcome Location: Outside the Ferry Building Gallery 1414 Argyle Avenue at Ambleside Landing West Vancouver (weather permitting)


the lobby FOOD + DRINK

*Rates are valid from July 1 - Aug 31, 2012 and subject to availability and taxes. Blackout dates apply.

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kegs in circulation), Urban Winery expects growth to continue at a rapid pace, with more than double that planned for next year. All this and a couple of well made, value priced regional wines imported in bulk and bottled under the Roaring Twenties label (Mendoza Malbec and Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc) bode well for the forward-thinking duo. ••• Belly’s Best: de Martino Cinsault Viejas Tinajas 2012 Ranked among the top finds of our Chilean visit, de Martino is a trailblazer focusing not only on specific terroirs but also revisiting

traditional practises, such as this charming Cinsault made in amphora (earthenware jars) from non-irrigated vines in the Itata Valley, 400 kilometres south of Santiago. Look for fragrant ripe red berry fruits on top followed by a light to medium bodied, intense juicy, damson palate with balanced freshness and a hint of minerality. Very food friendly; think pork tenderloin. BCLS $24.99. 91 pts. Tim Pawsey covers food and wine for numerous publications and online as the Hired Belly at Contact:, on Twitter @hiredbelly or email


Sponsors: Community Sponsor:

P H O T O C R E D I T S : D A N C E R S B Y N O E L M C D O W E L L • L I O N S G AT E B R I D G E B Y U R B A N P I C T U R E S . C O M



T 778.279.8822 1560 Marine Drive, West Vancouver T 604.228.8765 UBC Wesbrook Village: 102 - 3313 Shrum Lane, Vancouver T 604.295.9357 Aberdeen Centre: 2800 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond

The seed sown in the previous year to abolish absurd cross provincial shipping restrictions on wine finally took root when federal MP Dan Albas’ private member’s bill (which coalesced into the Twitter fueled #FreeMyGrapes movement) was ultimately passed. As a result, several provincial governments (including B.C.’s) moved quickly to make it now legal for wineries to ship and for consumers to receive Canadian wines between provinces — although Ontario and Quebec continue to drag their feet. New B.C. wineries continue to push the boundaries with promising results, often in areas considered unsuitable until a decade or so ago. Of note, Harper’s Trail (Kamloops) and Fort Berens (Lillooet) both of whom garnered favourable reviews of early estate releases — which just happen to include Riesling, among others. B.C.’s wine horizons also broadened thanks to the arrival of custom crush facilities such as Alto Wine Group and Okanagan Crush

Scholefield) as well as newly launched Rafter ‘F,’ Bella single vineyard sparkling wines, Di Bello wines and (just before Christmas) Haywire’s own first sparkler The Bub. This crisp apple and mineral toned, well textured drop (closed with a crown cap), that quickly sold out of its first batch, will no doubt find its place among B.C.’s top tier of sparkling wines. In early spring the folks at Blasted Church gave us the heads-up that their popular Hatfield’s Fuse white blend was about to get a whole lot more popular, thanks to go-getters Mike Macquisten and Steve Thorp — the young entrepreneurs behind Vancouver Urban Winery. We checked out their east side facility and were impressed, as, apparently, were others. By mid-summer, wine on tap had arrived with a vengeance, at places such as Olympic Village’s shiny new Tap and Barrel, where sommelier Dave Stansfield works closely with a score of Okanagan wineries. While many (wrongly) dismissed the idea of keg wines as being concerned primarily with bulk wines, Vancouver Urban Winery and Tap and Barrel have proved the easy to install system’s suitability for small batch wines from mid size wineries. One good taste recently: a Summerhill 2010 Syrah from Sekhoor Family Vineyards — available only at T&B (which also serves wines kegged by Okanagan Crush Pad). To

Vancouver’s Best Noodle House 2012

WHETHER you’re a winemaker, wine enthusiast or casual consumer, 2012 offered plenty to cheer about in Canada’s wine world, in which change came at an uncharacteristically rapid pace.


A20 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


Live in the present like dogs

Try to let go of negative past experiences SO there was no big “Kaboom!”

The world did not explode nor implode on Dec. 21. We are all here. Were the Mayans Canine Connection wrong, did someone interpret Joan Klucha their calendar incorrectly? Does it really matter? To me, it doesn’t matter. I find it a waste of precious time looking at the negative experiences of the past in an attempt to predict any kind of a future. In doing so you completely overlook the present. When I look back at my life, I am grateful for my experiences, especially the ones that involved working with dogs. As I have said many times before, dogs have taught me many life lessons, some of which I have shared in this space. The biggest lesson I have learned from my dogs is to let go of the past. It seems like it’s human nature to dwell on negative past experiences but even though it tends to be the way we allow our brains to work, it isn’t in our nature. Like dogs, or any creature really, we are not born with the desire to seek out negative experiences and then dwell on them. We are born innocent, hopeful and open to the highs and lows of life. By being open and innocent we allow ourselves to be programmed by our experiences one way or the other. Unfortunately we are so overrun with repetitive negativity throughout the day that we tend to lean more in the direction of the negative than the positive. Dogs are gloriously innocent and simple. They look at each day as a new day, and the only things from the past that they take into the new day are the good, joyful experiences (unless humans continually remind them of a negative past). In contrast to dogs, we are unique in

the sense that we are addicted to negative experiences and the past that holds them. When I work with a dog from a questionable past, I only seek information about their past that will help me determine my best course of action. I take that information and use it as a tool to help the dog recover from that experience, instead of making excuses as to why it is the way it is. I never say, “Oh this dog was kicked by a man and is now afraid of all men.” To me that experience is in the past, it is over and since it was a negative experience I will never bring it up again. Instead, I simply say, “True, this dog has had a rough start in life and now I am showing it a new way to view its entire life.” I don’t focus on the abuse, I focus on positively changing how the dog views its life in general, sort of like a canine life coach! There is a wonderful story credited to the Cherokee First Nations that goes like this: An Cherokee elder is teaching his grandson about life. “A fight is going on inside me,” he said to the boy. “It is a terrible fight and it is between two wolves. One is evil — he is anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, selfpity, guilt, resentment, inferiority, lies, false pride, superiority and ego.” He continued, “The other is good — he is joy, peace, love, hope, serenity, humility, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, compassion and faith. The same fight is going on inside you and inside every other person too.” The grandson thought about it for a minute and then asked his grandfather, “Which wolf will win?” The old Cherokee simply replied, “The one you feed.” As we step into this new year, take a moment and ask yourself how you want to spend the rest of your life. Do you want to spend it immersed in negativity or do you want it immersed in joy? Breaking the negative spiral takes work, starting with becoming aware of your thoughts and how they are feeding your actions. Take a tip from your dog and just let it go. Joan Klucha has been working with dogs for more than 15 years in obedience, tracking and behavioural rehabilitation. Contact her at

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

pet pause

Human’s name: Joyce Chen Pet: Toby Little Dude, a maltese Favourite treat: Bison beef jerky Favourite activity: Toby is taking an afternoon walk at Harbourside Park. He loves chasing big dogs.

If you would like to appear in Pet Pause with your pet, please send information to tpeters@ Be sure to include name, breed and the age of your pet as well as your phone number.

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ver Chamber of Commerce is hosting a display of decorated trees until Jan. 7 at Shipbuilders’ Square, 138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver. Proceeds from the event will go towards the Harvest Project and Hollyburn Family Services Youth Safe House. Info:

be closed Dec. 30 and Jan. 1. On Dec. 31 they will close at 5 p.m. Info:

Dec. 30 and 31 it will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Info:

North Vancouver City Library Holiday Hours: The library will be closed Jan. 1. On Monday, Dec. 31 it will be open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Info:

Holiday Hours at North Vancouver District Public Libraries: All branches will

West Vancouver Memorial Library Holiday Hours: The library will be closed Jan. 1.

New Year’s Eve Dance: Live music with Swayed, late night buffet, midnight champagne and party favours Monday, Dec. 31 at The Eagles Club Starlight Room, 170 West Third St., North Vancouver. Admission: $25. Tickets: 604988-9073. Info:

New Year’s Eve Skate: Welcome the new year with a futuristic skate with special effects, special lighting and activities Monday, Dec. 31, 2:30-4 p.m. and 4:30-6 p.m. at Karen Magnussen Community Centre, 2300 Kirkstone Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604987-7529. Christmas Tree Chip-Up: Ambleside Tiddlycove Lions Club will be chipping trees by

donation Jan. 1-3, from noon to 4 p.m. and Jan. 4-6, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Ambleside Park at the foot of 13th Street in West Vancouver. Proceeds will benefit the community. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email information for your nonprofit, by donation or nominal fee event to To post online, go to, scroll to Community Events and click on Add Your Event.

Dog Handlers’ Pet Food and Supplies Drive: Local dog walking companies will once again be collecting pet food and supplies throughout December for three Lower Mainland charities: Pacific Animal Foundation, Action for Animals in Distress and Dogwood Rescue, who will then distribute them to needy animals. Drop offs can be made at Village Pet Foods, 5323 Headland Dr., West Vancouver or Korna Natural Pet Supplies, 1174 Marine Dr., North Vancouver. Holiday Hi-Light Festival: Park&Tilfordwillhaveadisplay of more than 50,000 lights at the community gardens until Dec. 31 at 333 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver. Family Friday Nights will take place from 6 to 9 p.m. with Santa visits, hot chocolate, cookies and live entertainment. Bright Nights in Stanley Park: Ride the train, view more than two million lights, look at animated displays and listen to holiday classics until Jan. 1 (except Christmas day). Advance tickets are available at or 1-855985-5000. Same-day tickets available at the train from noon daily. Partial proceeds go to the B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. Canyon Lights: View hundreds of thousands of lights throughout the forest, across the bridge and Cliffwalk adventure at Capilano Suspension Bridge, 3735 Capilano Rd., North Vancouver, until Jan. 5, 4-9 p.m. (except Christmas day). There will also be a scavenger hunt for children, gingerbread cookie decorating, glass blowing demonstrations and sing-along carols with a holiday band. Admission: $65 for a family (two adults, two children), $31.95 for adults and $12 for children ages six12. Proceeds from admission will be donated to the B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund. Info: capbridge. com or 604-985-7474. Dundarave Festival of Lights: A presentation of 100 decorated trees until Jan. 5 at Dundarave Beach in West Vancouver. Donations accepted for the Lookout Emergency Aid Society’s North Shore shelter. Highlights: Info: Winter Gift Gallery: The Seymour Art Gallery will be selling a selection of holiday gifts by local artists until Jan. 5, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at 4360 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-924-1378 or Christmas by the Sea Parade of Trees: The North Vancou-


Recycling your milk containers is easy. Simply give them a quick rinse and bring them with your bottles and cans on your next Return-It Depot trip. There’s no refund because you didn’t pay a deposit when you bought the milk. Last year Return-It collected over 630,000 kg of milk containers for recycling and kept them out of landfills. Help us recycle even more.

For more information and to find a participating Return-It Depot nearest you: or call 1-800-330-9767


A22 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


North Shore Sport Top Five Stories of 2012:

1. Tennis Grand Slam man Filip Peliwo 2. Griffin Reinhart and Morgan Rielly aim for hockey fame 3. Capilano Rugby Club’s elite men turn embarrassment into elation 4. Lauren Wilkinson rows to Olympic silver 5. Jessica Smith sets stunning pace on way to Olympic Games

Honourable Mentions

■ Eugene Wong wins three straight tournaments in first season as a pro ■ Handsworth and Collingwood senior field hockey teams both win provincial championships ■ Robert Sacré picked last in 2012 NBA draft, makes opening day roster with L.A. Lakers

NEWS photo Kevin Hill

North Vancouver native Filip Peliwo lines up a shot during the Odlum Brown VanOpen at Hollyburn Country Club. Peliwo’s dream season, which included two junior Grand Slam titles and the No. 1 ranking in the world, makes him the top North Shore sports story of 2012.

A shot at history

IN the final instalment of our North Shore sports year in review we look back at the five biggest stories of the year as chosen by the North Shore News’ sports editorial board.

We start right at the top with a teen who swung all the way to

of 2012 Top 5 stories

the No. 1 ranking in the world. 1. Tennis star Filip Peliwo After North Vancouver’s

Filip Peliwo won his first national tennis title at the under-14 junior indoor Canadian championships in 2008, he revealed some very lofty goals. “My goal is to be the best in the world,” the 14-year-old Peliwo, then a member of the North Shore Winter Club’s tennis program, told the North Shore News. “But first I have to get to the top-100, then top-10,

and then the best.” At that time his father Mark said that Filip had been talking that same talk since he was an eight-year old just starting to take his tennis lessons seriously. “We asked him what his goals are, what he wants to be in tennis, and he said he wants to be the best tennis player ever,” said Mark. “We laughed, I was shocked. We knew he wanted

to go pro and be very good but it was quite a big (goal). I think that is where he’s aiming, nothing has changed. He believes.” After Peliwo’s 2012 season, it appears we all should believe. Peliwo made some noise on the junior circuit in 2011 but there was nothing that indicated he See Peliwo page 23

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A23


Peliwo ends 2012 as topranked junior From page 22

was about to take over the world. The year actually started with two impressive but heartbreaking defeats. Peliwo made the junior men’s final at the Australian Open in January before losing 6-3, 5-7, 6-4 to Australia’s Luke Saville, the No. 1-ranked junior player in the world. After the loss Peliwo seemed at peace with his run to the final. “Before the match I was thinking a little bit about how bad it would feel to lose the match after getting so far, and obviously it did feel bad but I got over it and realized that it was a good accomplishment either way.” The next Grand Slam tournament to come up was the French Open and once again Peliwo battled all the way to the final before losing 6-1, 6-4 to Belgian Kimmer Coppejans. This time he wasn’t so philosophical in defeat, getting chastised by some members of the tennis establishment for slamming his racket to the ground after losing match point and failing to crack a smile during the awards ceremony. “If I hadn’t let my anger out there would have been something seriously wrong with me,” Peliwo told the Canadian Press after the French final. “This was the most disappointing day of my life.” Things were about to get better. Much better. Less than a month later Peliwo amazingly found himself in a third straight Grand Slam junior championship match and this time, finally, he prevailed. It was a pretty decent tournament to win too — a little event known as Wimbledon. Peliwo avenged his loss in Australia with a 7-5, 6-4 win over Saville. One day later Peliwo moved up three spots in the world junior rankings, dethroning the Aussie to become the new No. 1. The win also put him alongside some other famous names to claim Wimbledon junior titles, including Ivan Lendl, Stefan Edberg and Roger Federer. “To win a Grand Slam is one of my biggest achievements and to do it at Wimbledon, the most prestigious tournament, it’s great,” Peliwo said in a media conference call after the match. “To be put together with names like Federer, to have my name in history with one of the all time greats, it’s a great feeling.”

“To win a Grand Slam is one of my biggest achievements and to do it at Wimbledon, the most prestigious tournament, it’s great.” — Filip Peliwo No.1-ranked junior tennis player In September Peliwo took his season up one more notch, jumping from stupendous to historic. On the hard courts of New York the 18 year old topped off his remarkable year by winning the U.S. Open junior boys title, knocking off British teen Liam Broady 6-2, 2-6, 7-5 in the final. The win ensured that Peliwo would end 2012 as the No. 1-ranked junior player in the world. He became the first player to reach all four junior Grand Slam finals since Australian Mark Kratzmann did it in 1984 and with his stellar results Peliwo was named the Junior Athlete of the Year at the Canadian Sport Awards. The young phenom has never lacked confidence, as evidenced by his boasts as an eight year old, but he admitted that even he didn’t see this coming. “I wasn’t sure how the year was going to go — I was hoping for maybe one good result in a Grand Slam, to maybe make a semifinal or final,” Peliwo said after the U.S. Open. “I wasn’t sure what to expect exactly because I didn’t really have any great results the year before. This really came as a surprise. . . . It’s definitely been a great year and one that I couldn’t have imagined at the beginning of the year.” 2. Rielly and Reinhart A lot must go right for a hockey-loving kid to develop the kind of talent needed to get selected in the top 5 at the annual NHL entry draft. You’ve got to have desire, opportunity, good coaching and parents who’ll wake up at ungodly hours to take you where you need to go. It’s a rare feat. So what are the odds of two kids from the same little hockey association in the same municipality — playing the same position, no less — rising to those great heights in the same year? Griffin Reinhart and Morgan Rielly probably don’t care what the

photo Neil Tingle/AELTC

NORTH Vancouver’s Filip Peliwo accepts the Wimbledon junior boys championship trophy in a centre court ceremony at the All England Club. odds are. They’re not here to do math, they’re here to block shots, clear bodies from the crease and fire slappers from the point. Friends since they met at age four in Hollyburn Country Club’s Cookie Monster hockey program, the West Vancouver duo made history this summer when they got drafted fourth and fifth overall. They’re believed to be the highest ever pair of picks in one draft year — aside from a couple of kids named Sedin — to come from the same association, in this case the Hollyburn Minor Hockey Association. Reinhart, a towering defence-first blueliner, was taken fourth overall by the New York Islanders. Moments later Brian Burke of the Toronto Maple Leafs made the smooth-skating Rielly the fifth overall pick, sending the crowd gathered at the country club in West Vancouver into full party mode. “It’s an amazing accomplishment for both kids and they both really deserve it, they’re both two great guys,” said Hollyburn chief executive officer Ed McLaughlin, who has known both players nearly their entire lives. “They’ve both worked very hard at the game for a long time.” To go back-to-back with his good friend made the already intense experience of being drafted into the NHL even better, said Rielly. “That’s cool. It’s a pretty great story how we grew up playing together and we’re high picks into junior hockey and high picks again in the pro level. It’s been a pretty cool story and I think it’s just that much cooler to have him there with me.” The story gets even cooler for Rielly and Reinhart. In midDecember both were selected to play for Team Canada at the 2013 IIHF World Junior Championships in Ufa, Russia. The tournament is on now and Canada, bolstered by a number of players who could be in the NHL right now if not for the lockout, is aiming for gold and nothing but gold. The year 2012 was a great one for Morgan Rielly and Griffin Reinhart. Depending on how the puck bounces in the next few days, 2013 could be even better. 3. Redemption for Capilano Rugby Club It’s hard to fight for a championship title if you’re not even in the league. That’s the situation the North Shore’s storied Capilano Rugby Club faced in 2011 when their elite team shockingly failed to qualify for the B.C.-wide premier league and was forced to toil away in Tier 2. Boasting a stellar history, not to mention a number of current players who have suited up at various levels for Team Canada in international play, the demotion was an embarrassment for Capilano. The club, however, didn’t quit. They changed. Captains and coaches renewed their dedication to team camaraderie and common goals. They won the Tier 2 title, earned promotion back into the premier league and then battled all the way to the championship game the very next season. What followed was likely the most explosive sports scene that took place on North Shore soil in 2012. On a scorching Klahanie Park day in mid-May — the crowd was so hot and bothered they drank the club dry of beer before halftime — Capilano was clinging to a three-point lead late in the game against James Bay when Carson Graham Grade 12 student Nathan Yanagiya, playing only because another regular was injured, charged into club history. The youngest player on the field, Yanagiya took a pass on the left side See Capilano page 24


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WEST VANCOUVER MASONIC HALL 1763 BELLEVUE AVE, WEST VANCOUVER Terms: Cash, Visa, MC, Amex, and certified cheques. 15% Buyers premium plus HST in effect. Some items in advertisement are subject to prior sales/error/omissions.. All sales are final. For more info call 6048086808. Licensed auctioneers.

A24 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012


photo Bruce Stotesbury, Times Colonist

WEST Vancouver’s Morgan Rielly just misses the net while playing for team WHL against Russia in a Subway Super Series game played in Victoria in November. Rielly and longtime friend and fellow former Hollyburn Huskie Griffin Reinhart shared enormous success in 2012.

Capilano Rugby Club turns a corner in 2012 From page 23

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

GLEN McKinnon of the Capilano Rugby Club’s elite men’s team unloads the ball in a CDI B.C. Premier League game. Capilano won the provincial title with a thrilling one-point victory over James Bay in the final.

of the pitch, chipped the ball past one defender, sprinted by to scoop up his own kick, muscled past one more James Bay defender and waltzed over the line to put the Caps up eight with little time left on the clock. The play sent the crowd into a frenzy, chants of, “He’s in high school!” echoing across the grounds. James Bay made it interesting with a late try of their own but the final whistle blew soon after,

Lonely seniors die sooner. Do something about it. Give. Volunteer. Act.


giving Capilano a 22-21 victory and their first premier league title since back-to-back Rounsefell Cup wins in 2004-05. “For him to have that composure,” Capilano head coach Tom Larisch said of Yanagiya’s heroics, “to catch the ball under pressure, chip kick it perfectly to the right location so it bounces up in the air, and then not just catch the ball but actually catch it and then send off Dan Harlow — who is a high level player, played Canada sevens and stuff — to make Dan look like he was the 15-or 16year-old and score the try . . . I think the crowd said it best with about 1,000 people chanting.” The sting of getting relegated jolted the entire club into action, said team captain Charlie Jones. “Coach Tom Larisch made a big change in the culture around the club (and) from there everything started snowballing and now we’re here,” he said. “We had a bunch of guys who weren’t committed, weren’t playing for each other. Now every time someone puts on the Capilano jersey they do it to play for everyone on the team and the club and this whole community.” 4. Olympic silver for Lauren Wilkinson Lauren Wilkinson has rowing in her blood and silver around her neck. Wilkinson grew up in Lynn Valley, the daughter of two rowers and younger sister of two brothers, Jerome and Michael, who spent hours training at the Burnaby Lake Rowing Club. At first Lauren was relegated to the shore where she spent her time running around the lake, but as soon as she was big enough she literally jumped right into the boat. It’s been tough getting her out since then. The hours and hours spent on the water and in the weight

room all paid off this summer when Lauren joined with the big guns of Canada’s women’s eight team that went on to place second in the London Olympics behind a powerhouse United States team.

“Now every time someone puts on the Capilano jersey they do it to play for everyone on the team and the club and this whole community.” — Charlie Jones Team captain Capilano Rugby Club The Canadians made a late charge in the final to try to reel in the U.S. team — the Americans were defending Olympic champs and undefeated in international competition since 2005 — but came up just short. Though gold was their ultimate goal, the Canadians were all smiles as they received their silver medals, mementos that will cap all of the grueling hours of training and pain they put in to pull themselves onto the podium. “You know that feeling you get when you first wake up in the morning and nothing feels real?” Wilkinson said after receiving her medal. “That’s what it feels like now. I know we gave what we had, and we emptied the tank. But it still hasn’t hit this was an Olympic final.” See Wilkinson page 25

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A25


Wilkinson rows to Olympic Silver in London

From page 24

Wilkinson, 22 at the time, was the youngest member of the team and one of only two Olympic rookies on the crew. With her muscles still burning from the London final she was already looking ahead to the next Olympics. “It’s an amazing group of womenthatI’vehadtheprivilege to row with, and we gave it our all, no regrets,” she said. “Fuel to the fire for 2016!” The silver medal was a highlight of an already illustrious career for the young rower. The sport took Lauren to Princeton where she graduated with a degree in ecology and evolutionary biology while leading the Tigers to an NCAA title. She also helped Canada win gold in women’s eight at the under-23 world championships and, in the process, put herself in contention for a spot on the Olympic eight, Canada’s elite crew. “She’s a prodigy, that girl,” brother Michael, who also competed in London, told the North Shore News before the Games. “I’m so proud of my sister, she’s a very hard worker.” 5. Track star Jessica Smith Time seems to be on the side of North Vancouver’s Jessica Smith. As a young middle distance runner — a sport that seems to favour more seasoned

athletes — she’s still seemingly scratching the surface of her potential yet 2012 saw the 22 year old really hit her stride. Time certainly was on her side at the Harry Jerome International Track Classic held in June in Burnaby where she clocked a personal best of 1:59.86 in the 800-metre race, beating the Olympic A standard by just four hundredths of a second while becoming just the fourth Canadian woman ever to run sub-two minutes. “I’m not really quite calmed down yet — there’s so much energy going through my body still,” Smith said when contacted by the North Shore News the day after the race. “There’s definitely been nothing quite like it in my life yet. It was a pretty special moment.” That result paved the way for Smith to qualify for the Olympic Games but she still had work to do. To get an automatic berth in the Games she needed to finish in the top 3 at the national championships held in early July in Calgary. With the huge Olympic prize hanging over her head, time was again on her side as Smith held off Canadian record holder Diane Cummins by ninehundredths of a second to place third. “With 300 (metres) to go I could feel the energy,” Smith said. “I was sitting in second or third, I could tell that girls were

photo Jean Levac/Postmedia Olympic Team

NORTH Vancouver’s Lauren Wilkinson (fourth from left) celebrates with the rest of Canada’s women’s eight rowing team after racing to a silver-medal showing at the London 2012 Olympic Games. going to come on pretty strong. . . . It was pretty much a race to the finish from 300 out. That last 150 m was definitely all-out, give it everything you’ve got. At that point I definitely was not giving up a spot.” Smith showed her potential once again when she competed in her first Olympic race. The Argyle secondary grad finished second in her opening heat, posting a time of 2:07.75 in a relatively slow race. The pace

quickened considerably in the semifinals and Smith pushed hard to qualify for the final, racing with the leaders for much of the two laps, but ran out of gas in the final sprint to the finish, ending up in seventh place with a time of 2:01.90. Though she finished a little behind her personal best in the Olympic semifinal, Smith said she was happy with the way she raced and competed. “Qualifying for the semifinal

31st Annual

was a huge accomplishment, just to qualify for the Olympics was a dream come true but to reach the semifinals was the cherry on top,” she said. “Unfortunately I couldn’t stay up there, but I definitely have no regrets.” She’ll look to build on her 2012 success in the years to come. “I definitely won’t forget it,” she said. “I’m going to take this whole process and make sure that I go over it and I don’t forget the little details

and definitely build on what I’ve done here.” The whole experience, in fact, was unforgettable. “It was unbelievable to be able to race here, an incredible experience,” she said. “I really can’t thank everyone enough for all the support — from across the country to my hometown in North Vancouver.” Smith was the only Canadian to advance to the semifinals of the women’s 800 m.

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FORRESTAL, Ursula Mary (nee Pitts) 11 Nov 1933 - 17 Nov 2012

Ursula Forrestal leaves behind rich memories of a life lived with passion, devotion, and service. Born in Stoke-on-Trent, England, Ursula attended the School of St. Mary and St. Anne at Abbot’s Bromley. She trained as a nurse but never pursued this as a career, choosing instead to see the world beyond the shores of Great Britain. She arrived by ship at Halifax in 1960, stayed with relatives in Montreal, then made her way across the country to Vancouver, where a crisis of missing luggage at the old CPR Station in Gastown facilitated the introduction of her white knight, George. By fortune a few weeks later they met again on Robson St and had their first date at a Bavarian Schnitzel house. They married in England in 1963, and moved around, living in Colorado, California, and Mexico before returning, this time to North Vancouver, where they remained for many happy years of family and working life. Ursula was in the vanguard of aerobic fitness instructors in the early 1980s: at William Griffin Recreation Centre, Ursula taught aerobics, swimming, aquacize, and then in later years, was front desk cashier. Her wonderful friends and former staffers at “the pool” were a much appreciated source of support during her illness, as were her colleagues in the North Shore Writers Association, and the many people she touched through her years of volunteer work with the Canadian Cancer Society. Her family will especially remember summer afternoons at Third Beach and Ambleside, walking the family cocker spaniel up the Capilano river trail, listening to her create music playlists (on cassette tape!) for her aerobics classes, camping on Orcas Island, her delicious “health sandwiches”, her sparkling laugh, and her picture-perfect smile. Aside from her family and friends, her garden and her volunteer work, Ursula’s passion in retirement was creative short fiction, and she dove into writing with the same vigour she brought to all her life’s pursuits. She published several pieces and was writing until she could no longer physically do so. She also produced a personal memoir that will forever be treasured by her family. Ursula left us peacefully at her daughter’s home on Bowen Island, with her daughter Amanda and son Stefan at her side. She also leaves her husband George, son-in-law Craig, and grandchildren Daniel and Sadie, and will also be missed by her brother Roger Pitts(Cecelia), brother-in-law Michael Rumney, nephew Paul Carter-Johnson (Teresa) as well as by the many dear friends and neighbours on the North Shore where Ursula lived for more than 40 years. Ursula’s family wants to thank the Vancouver Coastal Health Community Nurses of the West and North-West Teams and the caregivers from Living Well Home Care Services for their wonderful and compassionate support, especially during the final four months of palliative care for the cancer that finally ended her life. A gathering to remember Ursula will be held on Sunday, January 13, 2013 at 10:30 a.m. in the Welsh Hall of the West Vancouver Memorial Library at 1950 Marine Drive, West Vancouver.

~ “Miss me, but let me go” ~

In Memoriam






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June 6, 1966 - Dec 30, 1997 Your beautiful eyes & smiling face, Those priceless moments etched in my memory, You were my Joy, my Life for too brief a time, But you’re alive in my heart forever. Love you, Mom

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G. Richard “Dick”

After a long illness, George Richard “ D i c k ” N i c o l l s p a s s e d away peacefully on December 24, 2012 at Evergreen House in North Vancouver with his family by his side. Dick was born to Clara and Kenneth Nicolls in Welwyn, Saskatchewan on November 25, 1930 where he lived until moving with his family to Penticton, British Columbia in 1946. Dick enjoyed a happy childhood and maintained great friendships with many of his childhood friends. Following high school, Dick moved to Vancouver to attend the University of British Columbia before enrolling in Provincial Normal School. Dick spent his career in North Vancouver as a teacher and counsellor where he showed exceptional kindness and compassion for the children he taught and supported. Music and laughter were essential to Dick and he was known for his keen musical ear and his love of the saxophone. As a young man, Dick played in bands and loved to attend local dances. It was at one such event that he met his beloved wife, Joy. Dick is survived by Joy, his devoted wife of 57 years, his much loved children, Alison (Jeff) Sidow and Kenneth (Kathy) Nicolls and his dearly loved grandchildren; Michael and Rebecca Sidow, Riley Massander, and Katie and Keenan Nicolls. He is survived by his sister Patricia (Chester) Hansen and his many nieces and nephews in whom he showed great interest and love. Dick is predeceased by his elder sister, Gloria Cormier, with whom he shared a love of music, and his nephew, Paul Cormier. A funeral service will be held at 11:00 AM on Thursday, January 3, 2013 at St. Catherine’s Anglican Church at 1058 Ridgewood Drive, North Vancouver with a reception to follow in the Parish Hall. In lieu of flowers, donations to the Heart and Stroke Foundation or the Primates World Relief and Development Fund may be made in honour of Dick’s life. A special thank you to Dr. George Chalmers, The Reverend Christine Rowe, Debbie and Alexis Hall, and the staff at Evergreen House for the compassionate care they provided for Dick in his later years. Hollyburn Funeral Home 604-922-1221

MASON, Ruth Isabel

It is with extreme sadness we say goodbye to an exceptional Mother who passed peacefully in the arms of her daughter on December 19th, 2012. Mom was predeceased by her wonderful husband, Bob in 1996. They married in 1941, gave birth to a son Robert Allen in 1942 followed by a daughter, Maureen Anne in 1945. Mom’s greatest pleasure was homemaking. She nurtured and supported us, was delighted and proud of our every achievement and worried about our challenges. Our lives were full of love and happiness. Her son-in-law was dear to her and she was proud of his accomplishments. No one could make Mom laugh more and we shall always cherish the memories of sharing time together. Mom will be remembered for her selfless generosity, huge loving heart, excellent home making and baking, especially her pastry. Special occasions were celebrated with the appropriate dessert which we all loved, especially Mom! Sundays were a special meal and open to anyone who dropped by. In later years Mom resided at Cedarview Lodge where she received exceptional, compassionate and understanding care. We shall forever be grateful to each of you who assisted Mom in any way. Rest in peace Dear Mom, you will forever be loved, appreciated and missed incredibly. Mom is also survived by son Bob & family. No service by request. In lieu of flowers donations to Mom’s Care Home would be appreciated. Cedarview Lodge, 1200 Cedar Village Close, North Vancouver BC, V7J 3P3


HAWKINS, HAWKINS, Robert (Bob) (Bob) William William James James Robert 82, passed passed away away December December 82, 16th, 2012, in North Vancouver. 16th, 2012, in North Vancouver. B.C. Robert Robert valiantly valiantly fought fought lung lung B.C. and brain brain cancer cancer for for many many and months. He died peacefully months. He died peacefully surrounded by by family family members. members. surrounded Robert is is predeceased predeceased by by his his Robert loving wife wife Shirley Shirley Hawkins, Hawkins, loving brother Ronald Ronald Hawkins, Hawkins, sister sister brother Vay Oliphant, Oliphant, & & daughter-indaughter-inVay law, Matia Matia Hawkins. Hawkins. Robert Robert is is law, survived by by three three sons, sons, Scott Scott survived (Cheryl), Colin, Colin, & & Grant Grant (Josie), (Josie), (Cheryl), grandchildren, Robert, Robert, Karah, Karah, & & grandchildren, Sean & & great-grandchildren, great-grandchildren, Sean Kalebb & & Tristan, Tristan, brother brother Allan Allan Kalebb (Sonja) & & family, family, sister-in-law sister-in-law (Sonja) Kay (the (the late late Ronald) Ronald) & & family, family, & & Kay the family of the late Vay & late Bill. Memorial Celebration: Jan. 14th, 2013 at St. Agnes Church, 530-12th Street East, North Vancouver; 10:30am service, 11:30am reception. Express your condolences On-line memorial site: at:

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OIL PAINTING Signed: Wilson. $40. Lions Gate Hospital Thrift Shop 128 West 15th Street North Vancouver

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NEW Teak patio furniture. Folding chair $79, Folding table $299, Ext. table $750. 604-834-1399

Dec. 25, Dec. 26 and Jan. 1

Reduce Reuse Recycle The classifieds can help! 604.795.4417 604.630.3300





General Employment


General Employment


PART TIME & FULL TIME POSITIONS available at a busy North Shore equipment rental company. We require mechanically minded people with basic computer knowledge and above average customer service skills. Experience is not necessary. Great work environment! Please send resume to seanlehmann@ drop off at 105 Fell Avenue North Vancouver or fax: 604-987-8176

SUNSHINE CABS Dispatcher needed for Taxi office Fax resume to 604-929-8644


retail sales


accounting careers

trades/technical farm workers

health care To advertise in Employment call 604-630-3300

Earn extra cash to supplement your current income or pay off your bills. Now hiring delivery contractors for the Sun, Province & National Post in the West Vancouver area. Must have reliable vehicle and be available from 2am to 6am daily. Earn up to $900/mo. Call to find the route closest to you.


Get the training and support you need to find and keep a job in B.C.

b wrd m`ency n`mrknc`m b q`nmrseu `tqurht`sl quessxsz b irnvmyrqm f lnexsxsz b mq`cxeuxg`a m`njxc`m




2 NEW POSITIONS OPEN 1. Personal Lines CSR - energetic sales oriented with a level 1 or 2 license. Min. 1 - 2 years’ exp. 2. Junior CSR - sales oriented. Level 1 license preferred but will train right person. We offer top wages and benefits. Email:


WorkBC Employment Services Centre North Shore & North Shore Youth

310-260 West Esplanade Ave. North Vancouver Tel 604.988.3766 |

Office Personnel


required for property Management company in North Vancouver. Start date of January 15th, 2013. Duties to include answering busy 8 line switchboard, data entry, mail and liaison with clients, trades and staff. Previous reception experience would be an asset. Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send resume to:

Job Options BC is an employment program for adult jobseekers. Gain: Z Z Z Z

Work experience opportunities Paid training opportunities Career planning & job search workshops Additional support could include transport, work equipment & child care subsidy

* A program for adult job seekers ages 55+ is also available. Contact us to learn more.

Eligibility Requirements: JOB OPTIONS BC Z Z Z Z

Unemployed and a non-student, 18+ years of age A BC resident and legally entitled to work in Canada Not eligible for Employment Insurance Committed to a 10-week full-time program


Unemployed and a non-student, 55+ years of age A BC resident and legally entitled to work in Canada Not eligible for Employment Insurance Committed to a 12-week full-time program

Join us for an information session every Wednesday at 10:30am 310-260 W. Esplanade Ave., North Vancouver | tel 604 988 3766 | web

Funding provided through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Agreement. The Employment Program of British Columbia is funded by the Government of Canada and the Province of British Columbia.



A28 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012

5070 5005

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

★ CATCH UP BOOKKEEPER ★ No stress, organize & maintain. No job too small 604-986-4641

Computer/ Internet


Money to Loan Need Cash Today? Own a Vehicle?

Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks! Cash same day, local office 604-777-5046

REAL ESTATE CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call us Now. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248

6007 778-318-1430 Desktop & laptop repairs – PC & Mac Customized PC’s System upgrades SSD Installation (Solid State Drive) Networks set up Data recovery & data backup


Body Work

The Art of Asian Bodycare 604-980-8809 101-1075 Marine Dr, North Van

7010 Personals Lily’s Relaxation Centre AmazingMassage! Open: 10am-10pm NICE ORIENTAL SERVICE


1050 Marine Dr. North Van. (by McKay) parking at rear


Real Estate Services




Avail in North Vancouver ★ with DEALERS LICENSE ★ ■ all equipment included ■ Ready to operate ■ Established business

Serious Inquiries only Call OWNER 604-612-5536 for further information.


Condos/ Townhouses


Q. A.

Sometimes when I’m feeling low I feel like I need someone to talk to. Is there anywhere I can turn? The Seniors’ Crisis Line, 604-872-1234, is a free support service specifically for seniors. It’s available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The volunteers are trained to deal with issues seniors face and are there to listen to your concerns. They will also provide you with information you may need or help you find services in your community. Seniors’ One-Stop Information Line 604-983-3303 or 604-925-7474 North Shore Community Resources




Farms/Ranches Sale

HARRISON HOT SPRINGS Penthouse, 1400sf, 2bdrm, 2 decks, new appl, $239,900. Call 604-768-8879


NEWTON 723SF 1br ground level w/private entry, insuite laundry $139,900 604-984-8891 see id5546

PRICE REDUCED 1200sf 2br 2ba upr lvl tnhouse +55 complx w/chairlift $199K 604-951-7738 see id5547


5 ACRE South Langley horse property right on South Langley Regional trail. Clean, bright & updated, older 2368 sq ft, 2 bd home – Barn, stalls, x-fenced, pasture. 604-323-4788 ID: 76788


For Sale by Owner

1 BD top floor in Chilliwack granite counters, 9’ ceilings, stack w/d. elec f/p. Secure underground parking. $149,000. 604-795-7367

2BDRM+DEN/2BTH CONDO for Sale Owner must SELL. Helen 604-762-7412 $269,500.See on y/index/id/69236

PALM DESERT: 4BDRM/3BTH 73860 White Stone Lane 4 Bdrm, 3 full baths, Pool, Spa, outdoor Grill, in center of Shadow Mountain Golf Course, large yard, 8 citrus trees, great views North & South, all amenities, remodeled with all high end appliances & high quality fixtures, 2 high efficient furnaces & air conditioners, on dead end short street with little traffic & fairways on both sides of home, selling furnished. $795,000. email:


Houses - Sale


Real Estate

At WE BUY HOMES We CASH YOU OUT FAST! We Also Take Over Your Payments Until Your Home is Sold. No Fees! No Risk! Call us First! (604)- 626-9647



S. Surrey/ White Rock

PARTIAL OCEAN view, 920sf 2br+den 2ba quiet condo, kids, pets ok. $310,000 778-294-2275 see id5575


Cancer June 21-July 22: Chase money Sunday/ Monday – but avoid speculation, risk and romance. Midweek brings friends, trips, emails, paperwork and variety – be curious, there’s much to learn. A glitch might occur at work or with higher-ups around Thursday: not a big deal. Be friendly, not rebellious. Get home, nurture kids, Thursday night to Saturday. You’re in an important relationship month. About seven per cent of Cancers will meet their true love each year between 2009 and 2024. And the “meeting” is most likely to occur in late December or January. So respond to overtures and your own urges. Leo July 23-Aug. 22: The weeks ahead are a bit of a slog – work, health, dependents. Your job is changing, perhaps not with fireworks, but deeply and irrevocably. The job you performed pre-2009, and perhaps the job you do now, likely won’t exist in a decade. Realize this; go with the flow. Your charisma and energy soar Sunday/Monday – you could attract someone who would be a “workable mate.” (NOT before 7 p.m. Sunday.) Chase money midweek – buy/sell, seek new clients – but don’t buy high tech, computers. Trips, friendships, details and paperwork fill Friday (pre-dawn succeeds) and Saturday. Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Take risks, in heart and pocketbook (within reason). You’re on a winning streak. Romance, pleasure, creative surges, joys from children, sports and games fill your days – or your thoughts. But private obligations or weariness dampen romantic aspirations Sunday p.m. Your charisma, energy and sense of timing soars Tuesday to Thursday. You can attract others: sparks might flash, even blaze. Start important things. You’re now in a major marriage phase, but it has little urgency, for it lasts until 2025. Chase money, buy/sell, seek new clients, angle for a pay raise Friday/Saturday.

Houses - Sale

WALNUT GROVE $435,000. TOWNHOME, End Unit Private Greenbelt Lot 2000 Sq.Ft. 3Bed 3.5 Bath To View 604-838-5958

11 ACRE lot w/1296sf 3br 2ba Updated modular home Ryder Lake area $475K 604-316-7775 see id5640


New Westminster

528 E. Columbia St., New West Custom built 3 BR home, 4 baths, superb view. A must see. $789,000. Rick 604-727-0043



126/70 AVE 3500sf megahome 7br 6ba 2 suites rec room 7200 sf lot SOLD!!! SOLD!!! SOLD!!! see id5644

E. NEWTON 4000sf 8br 5.5ba 2 yr old 3 level home w/3 br bsmt suite $699K 778-895-8620 see id5628



CUSTOM BUILT, 2200sf, 3BR+ den, 2.5 bath, new fixtures, 7300sf lot, $659K, 604-943-9600

North Delta

Find the Key to your New Home • BUY • SELL • RENT



LARGE 2200SF 3br 2.5ba reno’d 3 lvl tnhse w/unique loft on 3rd floor, $269,900 604-799-0213 see id5578

Find your perfect home at

For Sale by Owner


Port Moody

INLET & Mtn views, reno’d 928sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry rentals ok $228,500 604-936-7547 see id4642

Tim Stephens' Astral Reflections Aries March 21 - April 19: Chase practical and prestigious goals all week. Higher-ups might test your qualifications or talents. Sunday (disappointment in the intimate zone) and Monday (sweet success early) are romantic, draw you to someone whose mind or experience pleases and enlightens you. (A person met Monday before 2 p.m. is “mate material.”) Tackle chores midweek – you’ll succeed, but be alert for electrical or computer “dangers.” Relationships – and opportunities, and opposition – fill Thursday night to Saturday. The best developments or openings arise before dawn Friday and Saturday. Taurus April 20-May 20: A gentle, understanding mood continues. This is an excellent few weeks to succeed at school, to travel afar, to perform intellectual tasks, or to deal with the media. You’re a slow-starter, so if you’re a student, get the jump on everyone else by starting your studies early. Home, family and security concerns are slated Sunday/ Monday – despite a roadblock Sunday eve, you’ll accomplish something special. Midweek’s romantic – and this month is love-blessed, so take a chance. Risk your heart. Chores arise Thursday eve to Saturday. Avoid a disagreement Friday morning. Gemini May 21-June 20: Research, lift the corners to see what’s beneath. Your subconscious rises to the surface – dreams, sexual urges, financial hunches emerge. Steep yourself in these – you could find a treasure within (insights that solve old personal riddles) or without (good investments, etc.). You might find your private or secret searches conflict with friends and social life. Short trips, communications and acquaintances fill Sunday (some barriers) and Monday (good). Tackle domestic concerns midweek: kids, food, real estate, security, retirement plans, etc. Is that love or lust late week?

Condos/ Townhouses



TRUE PSYCHICS 4 Answers CALL NOW 24/7 Toll FREE 1-877-342-3032 Mobile: #4486



Vancouver East Side

OPEN HOUSE Sat/Sun May 12 & 13th, 10am - 2pm, 2396 East 39th Ave. 50x140 lot, 1,050 sqft bungalow, asking $1.2 mllion.

West Van DUNDARAVE HOUSE 2 stories, 4 BR, 4bath, office, lrg kitchen/fam rm, 3 car heated garage, nr shops/schls, beach, 4100sf, lot 8119sf, great value, $2,388,000. 604-730-9912

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

7610 Barrymore Dr N Delta $565,000 Hot Price! Fab 3000+ sq.ft. Family Home in Royal York. DAN SKALNIK 604-377-7008 Coldwell Banker Westburn.

Need help with your Home Renovation? Find it in the Classifieds!

Dec. 30, 2012 - Jan. 5, 2013

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: For you, the New Year is always a time of leaving the old and starting the new, especially in the areas of home, family, real estate and general foundations. This is particularly so from 200924, as Pluto will not let old systems, relationships and platforms remain: change is inevitable. Sunday/ Monday give you a solid glimpse of the new – mixed Sunday, “all systems go” Monday. Be glad, be friendly and wish for your future! Retreat, rest midweek – home, security, money, all have good solutions. Your energy rises Thursday eve to Saturday. Let someone know you’re “available.” Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: Calls and messages lead you along a trail this week – to ambitious situations Sunday/Monday, to friends and celebrations midweek, and to obligations and duties Thursday eve onward. But the most important thing in all this are the calls and messages and the information they contain. What you learn now, and the contacts you make, can lead to future advantages. For example, on Sunday/Monday you might learn the boss’s favourite sport, and be able later to use this. Your income remains good, buoyant: take advantage quickly. Be gentle at home all January: channel energy into repairs. Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: Chase money all week. Buy/sell, seek more clients, angle for a pay raise, etc. You remain charming, attractive – and your “sensual quotient” is high. You might make a friend this January who now or later turns into a lover. You express yourself with superb creativity all month, and handle all details, errands and paperwork with speedy accuracy. Travel’s a pleasure. (A potential partner or opportunity remains elusive until the 30th – but February into June explodes with solid results here.) Sunday/Monday are mellow, wise – explore, learn. Be ambitious midweek.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Your energy, charisma, clout and effectiveness are high, your sense of timing “right on,” this week and the next few. Start important projects, schedule meetings, make contact, ask favours. You’ll impress potential amours – especially Sunday/Monday, when your own romantic urges surge. But in this, and in any creative or speculative venture, be aware, look far down the road: is the present “win” a win forever, or a step toward a larger, subtle dead-end? Tackle chores midweek, but take care with electricity, computers. Relationships arise Thursday onward: be calm, smile. Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: Not your favorite time of year. You’re weary, your health needs sensible care, and others might be pressing you to fulfill old obligations (e.g., tax man, bill collectors). But it’s also a superb time to catch a second breath, plan future action, and interface with civil servants and administrative types. God, spirit, charity flow in you. Paradoxically, your attitude might be more aggressive than usual – turn this into friendliness, humour. A short but significant trip looms. Sunday/ Monday bring opposition and opportunity (for loving partnership, especially, Monday). Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: Dreams can come true, especially this month, especially for you. Higher-ups favour you to Jan. 8, so propose ventures, or forge ahead with research or financial projects. All month, steer clear of belligerent people and dark alleys. You might receive money from the government, or receive a demand for same. Tackle chores Sunday/ Monday – you’ll succeed. Partnerships, marriage, co-operation, opportunities – and, possibly, enmity, opposition – fill midweek. Mysteries, sensual urges, money hunches fill Friday/Saturday. • Reading: 604-886-4808


Lots & Acreage


Out Of Town Property


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


PENDER ISLAND, level building lot (3819 Pirates Rd) 0.36 ac/ 15,681 sq ft with water sewer, hydro, cable at lot line. By owner only $109,900. 604-988-2653

PRINCETON, BC 15.78 acres Panoramic views, hydro, well, pumphouse, & septic installed. $384,900. 1-250-295-1811


LIVE ON Mayne Island 2 lots,one Turn Key house all for $380.000, 250-539-5011 mayneislandhome/

PORT ALBERNI reno’d 2000 sf 5br 2 ba with 2 br basement suite 2 laundries $210K 604-542-1995 see id5537


Out Of Town Property

Ocean Front Lux Contemp. private home on 2.73 AcresQuadra Island. 250-884-0000


Bach from 845 1 Bdrm from $1120 2 Bdrm from $1630 $

City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

RENTALS 604-980-3606

Recreation Property

1 BR Time Share Membership, 1 week per year in Hawaii, Royal Aloha Vacation Club incls 3 wks banked & transfer fee. $2500. 604-261-5488,

2 BDRM, 2 BATH + DEN Spacious, Loft-style Condo 25 mins to Downtown 1250 sq ft 10’ ceilings, reclaimed brick wall. Very cental, located in Queensborough. Stainless steel appliances, in-suite laundry, large storage room, walk-in closet / ensuite in master bedroom, hardwood floors, granite countertops. Lots of shopping, transit, other amenities nearby. Pets OK. $1,900 per month. 604 377-2016 1 BACH (Lonsdale & W 5th) avail NOW, ns/np gtd prkng, 604-983-9469 $830 inc heat, h/w

3 BR, lrg kitchen/lving room, 1300sf seasonal, Gambier Isl. Sea Ranch $325K 604-266-6191

1 BR & 2 BR, large, hw flrs, bright avail Jan 1, incl heat/hw, cntrl Londs, ns/np, 604-617-3602 1 Br, $920, Avail Now Total reno’d Heat incl. quiet. drapes. hardwood, gated or free prkg,no pets 1 yr lease. 310 E. 2 604-700-7572

SPECTACULAR ISLAND VIEWS (10) San Juan Islands, Anacortes - Biz Pt. $830,000 USD 4,100 sq.ft. on .5 acres, 5 br with in-suite bath, oversized 4 car garage 38’ long x 16’ High RV garage. Custom home ICF exterior walls, geothermal heat system. MLS# 313575 Alan Weeks 3688 Birch Way, Anacortes, ZIP 98221-8440 (425)691-9515


place ads online @

CABIN 15 mins SE of Hope BC Surrounded by mountains rivers Tall cedars, trails, clean air. 3 BR, 1.5 ba, 6appls, sleeps 12+ $250K by owner, 604-795-3663

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS 2 BR, avail Feb 1st Call 604-988-3828 PETS CONSIDERED, top flr, S. W. facing, high end, 2 br, 720 sq ft, Lower Lonsdale, 2 bath, f/p, laminate flooring, granite countertops, SS appls, $1700. Avail Jan 1st. Call Melvin 604-729-5809 TUCKTON PLACE 1520 Chesterfield. newly renod, 2 bdrm $1325 604 990-2971, wknd 778-340-7406 Two, 2 BR’s avail Now & Jan. 1, Lynn Valley, large $1195. Parklike Setting, Outdoor Pool, Playground. drapes, heat & prkg. incld. 1 yr lease. no pets 1228 Emery Pl. 604- 987- 4922


West Van Apt. Rentals

WESTWIND APTS - 2025 Bellevue Ave, W Van, 2 BR mnt view, Cat OK Senior discount. 604-913-0734

195 21st Street BELLEVUE TOWER Studio - $1250 1 BR - $1550 Balcony with an amazing view of the mountains and ocean. Fully renovated with hardwood floors, granite countertops, mirror sliding closet doors, contemporary light fixtures and vertical blinds.

Call 604-922-8815 to view.

1BR W. 20th & Lonsdale, heat, hw & prkg, no pet, ns, Feb 1st refs req’d. 604-960-0452 2 BR, family complex, rec facilities, Westview, w/d, heat, avail Now. ns np. $1400 604-921-4384

2 BR, 1 bath, 2150 Bellevue Ave, Stunning Views, $1900, avail Now, NS/NP, 604-921-4384

Any project,


or small ...

Find all the help you need in the Home Services section

LYNN VALLEY 3 BR, 1.5 bath, h/w flrs, carpet, cat/sm dog ok, now $1375, 604-925-8824

PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool, parking available. ★ BACHELOR $850 No pets, 604-988-7379


145 West Keith Road. Studios (Avail Now & Jan 1) 1 BR (Avail Now & Jan 1) 2 BR (Avail Jan 1) Beautiful views. Indoor pool. Heat & Hot Water included. Small pet ok. 604-986-3356

2 BR 1 bath, Ambleside, $1535 incls heat, basic cable & prkg, avail now, no pet, 1 yr lease 604-925-8824


1 BR (Avail Jan 1) & 2 BR (Avail Now & Jan 1), Mnt/ Ocean views, incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms. Walk to beach & shops. Small pet ok. 604-922-8443 Luxury Over The Seawall! Bach, 1 BR & 2 BR pool rec. rm, pet ok 2190 Bellevue Ave 604-926-6287


1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br avail Move-in Bonus Fitness rm out door pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall. 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. 604-922-4322

Park Royal Towers

Completely Renovated

1, 2 & 3 Bdrm. Suites All Utilities Included

North Vancouver 144 W. 14th St MARLBOROUGH TOWER

1 BR ($1300) & 2 BR ($1800), suites $1800. Available Jan 1 & Feb 1. Well maint ste with d/w. Professionally managed building close to all amenities with new fitness centre. No pets, 1 yr lease. Call 604-983-6920

Apartments & Condos


West Van Apt. Rentals

PACIFICANA 1480 Esquimalt Ave. 1 bach, ocean views, dw, n/p, n/s avail now. By appt. 604-921-7800 PACIFICANA 1480 Esquimalt Ave. 1 bdrm, dw, n/p, n/s avail Dec 1st. By appt. 604-921-7800 THE EDWARDIAN 1330 Clyde Ave. 2 Bdrm $1490, Studio $935, Jan 15th. Ocean Views, N/S, No Pets, Util. not incl. For appt. 604-926-3741

WATERFRONT LUXURY The Pink Palace on the Seawall

1BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq. ft.) 3 BR (1370 sq. ft.) Penthouse (1650 sq. ft.)

Spectacular City & Ocean Views! Huge Balconies Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Gym, Swimming Pool

604-922-3246 935 Marine Drive


Furnished Accommodation

1 BDRM & bath, $875 inc utils, shar’d ldry, ns, np, suit 1, Queensbury Keith, NOW 604-986-8443 2 BDRM , inc cable, hydo, net, $1800 mnth Ambleside close to bus 604-913-0990, 604-786-0990

QUALITY SHORT TERM 1 - 2 BR mtn/city view suites

Furnished Accommodation


Suites/Partial Houses

1BR BSMT, bright, w/d, d/w, suit 1-3 n/s, Ambleside, Cat OK, bus, $995 incl utils 778-848-2747 JAN 1ST, SHORT TERM Furn 1 or 2 BR apts, Lower Londs, 604-988-6082


Houses - Rent

DEEP COVE seaside cottage, 2 br, fp, hardwood, lrg deck , garage ns $2325. 604-929-5191 PARKGATE MALL 4 BR, 2 bath, rec room, fp, 5 appls, $1800 NP NS, avail NOW 604-988-3206

3 Bdrm

Indoor/outdoor pools. Fitness centre & billiard room, no smoking 2222 Bellevue Ave. To view: 604-926-0627

A SHORT STAY North Shore 1 & 2 bdrm + penthouse. Renos, families, pets allowed, Execs. 604-987-2691

1BDRM/ 1BTH Dundarave Village. Large 1 bdrm apt with view balcony in central Dundarave. Laundry downstairs. Available immediately. $1200/ month. No pets 604-922-0181 or email

LYNN VALLEY 2 BR, updated, cat/sm dog ok, avail now $1195 604-925-8824



3 bdrm $1525, hw flrs, incls heat, h/water, Mile E of 2nd Narrows. np, refs, Jan 31, 778-320-1554

PALM SPRINGS Vacation Home 55+ Gated Park, $119K, 1800sf, 3 BR 2.5ba. Call 604-737-7756

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A29


Office/Retail Rent

150sf - 600sf Prime Office Space Avail for Lease. Excellent Rates! Call Jeff or Ross 604-980-3003


Shared Accommodation


2 BR, 2 ba, bsmnt ste $1280 & 3 bdrm 3 bath $2740, 2 fl upper house, will rent sep or tgthr, Cap Rd/Fullerton Ave area, shrd lndy, np, Hse avail Jan 15th or Feb 1, ste avail now. 1 yr lease 604-440-5919 2 BR, 2 Bath, Dundarave West Van, large garden level, quiet & private, inste w/d, dw, f/p, no pets, ns, nr amens, avail Jan 15, $1500 incls 604-617-4796 or 922-8777

2BDRM Bright Gr Floor Suite Seymour area,new reno,$1400 incl.HDcable/intnet,util,hydro,lrg patio/parking/yrd,604-312-6529 3 BR, 2 lvl, Blvd area, 2.5 bath, gas fp, dw, 2000sf, ns/np, $2000 + utils, Jan 1, 604-728-2620


North Vancouver

2 BR, in spacious home n/s female, internet, w/d, $495, ensuite bth $595 incl. 604-329-7449


2 BDRM 7 app,grnd lvl, garden new fl and bath, $1200, Lonsdale/ 29th 604-986-0513 ns/np

Suites/Partial Houses

1 BR + den, grd level, Upper Lonsdale, own entry & patio, $1200 incl utils, avail now, ns np 604-985-1142, 604-616-2149

Townhouses Rent

2 BR large, nr Edgemont, 1.5 bth, 5 appls, deck by stream, fp, ns, no dogs, $1665/mo, 604-922-9400


Wanted To Rent

Looking for Parking Spot to rent around 15th and Lonsdale area. Please call 778-628-1118.

A30 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012



STK 950700 WAS $16,900

STK K950970 WAS $59,900

AUTOMOTIVE New Year’s Specials


YOU WORK? YOU DRIVE? Over 500 Cars Available Through our 9 Dealerships!

4x4, every option.

Auto, a/c, V6.

NOW $12,998

NOW $52,420



STK 951430 WAS $14,900

STK 951240 WAS $41,900

5spd, only 16,000kms.


NOW $11,998

NOW $36,844

2013 Hyundai Sonata GLS Grey, only 422kms, alloys, sunroof, pwr group, #DGO11779A. Was $24,995

Now $23,960

2004 Buick Century Dark Grey, local, a/c, keyless entry, immaculate. #DU039152B. Was $6,995

Now $3,590

Auto Finance

Now $10,960

2007 Hyundai Azera Limited Black, only 65,617kms, moonroof, leather. St#1179. Was $15,995

Now $13,930



2007 Saturn Aura XE 88,000 km, auto, V6, exc. cond. reliable. $8,445. 604-617-7320.

Collectibles & Classics 2011 Dodge Charger SE 1,700 kms. Very cool,mint,smells new! $24,600obo. Gord 778-300-2538



9 pass, 4x4, loaded.

4x4, Duramax diesel, rare long box, only 51,000kms. STK 951330.

STK951110 WAS $48,900

WAS $39,900

NOW $43,890

NOW $36,900



STK 951410 WAS $46,900

WAS $38,900

Nav, DVD, 4x4, loaded.

NOW $42,900

AWD, loaded Stk 9949910

Now $13,497

2010 Toyota Corolla CE Beige, only 29,000kms, local, MP3/CD. #1178. Was $ 14,995

Now $13,460


11 BUICK REGAL CXL STK 951300 WAS $28,900

2012 Mitsubishi Outlander 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid White, only 4772kms, local, AWD, alloys, Grey, local, low kms, leather, moonroof, pwr pwr group. #CU205193A. Was $25,995 group. #DH212874A. Was $22,995

Now $23,830

Now $22,530


WAS $48,800

WAS $18,995



WAS $16,900

WAS $15,900



Loaded, only 57,000kms. STK 868022

4x4, 9 pass, leather, loaded.

NOW $43,890

V6, auto, loaded. Stk 950230.

NOW $16,800

Sunroof, loaded.

NOW $12,998

1968 THUNDERBIRD 429 quadra jet, 2 dr cpe, reblt mtr, new brakes &lines & paint, $9,500 604-376-8363

NOW $26,480


NOW $12,851

“You “You could’ve could’ve had it all!”

1969 MERCEDES Benz 280S, collector plates, excellent condition, $6500. 604-723-3654

1971 CHEVY Suburban, 3 dr 350 automatic, body work all done, needs paint and interior, air cared. $4500 obo. 604-769-4799.

(Adele) (Adele)

1976 MGB Roadster. British racing green colour. 4 speed. New top and carpet. Engine work done. $6,995. 604-591-8566

Leather, sunroof, only 6,000kms. Stk 950670

V6, auto, loaded WAS $13,995

WAS $23,900

NOW $9,688

NOW $19,900



STK 8G56302. WAS $17,900

WAS $68,900

Bad Credit • No Credit • Bankruptcy Proposal • Collections


Call Greg 604-987-5231 ~ Approval Canada

• Manufacturer’s warranty • 30-day/2500 km no-hassle exchange privilege • 150 + point inspection • 24-hour roadside assistance

If you had NOT listed with Craig. No matter what you have to sell – a car, house, boat, furniture or collectible – guaranteed classified ads get the job done. Just list it and sell it for one low price.

2008 FORD Pickup Lariat, 49,000km, loaded + +, $37,500 Must Sell! 604-313-2763

1989 JAGUAR XJS coupe, V12 159 K, pristine cond $6950 obo. Priv sale, call Bob 604-986-8516


1989 PORSCHE 944 Turbo, white on burgundy, all rcrds, new exhaust, 5 spd, a/c, Ltd slip, great cond! $15,900 Call 604-943-0945



1993 PLYMOUTH Sundance 126 K, 4 dr, w/hatch, 2.2L, $2000 obo. Great 1st car 604-809-6353

Sports & Imports

1991 Volvo 740 Turbo air cared, 180K, auto, leather seats, sun roof, some new spare parts $1,400obo msg.604- 987-6573

1989 BENTLEY Eight, Immac, 68,000 kms, gorgeous charcoal/ tan, no accidents, show winner $19,900 obo 604-889-2525

1997 Lincoln Town Car Signature 268K. $5,000 Call: (604) 316-2527 Great Car

1999 BENTLEY Arnage Stunning sapphire on cream interior. Quick 4.4L twin turbo. Non smoker, No accidents. Mint. Looks new! $44,900. Call 604-889-2525

1994 PONTIAC Trans Am GT red with grey int., well maint., lady driven $4800. Serious inquires only. Ph 604-997-2583

1997 JAGUAR XK8 cpe, black, blk lther int, 84,000 ks, full load, all records, DB7 rims, sport pckg $9900 firm. 778-889-6557

1997 VOLVO 850 Stationwagon, loaded, well maint, new tires, $3900 obo, 604-984-0596

1998 HONDA Accord Ex, 4dr, loaded, 150K, exc cond, good tires, $4600 obo, 604-812-4912

2004 Jaguar X-Type Automatic 93,500 kms Excellent condition. $10,500 Call: (604) 786-0941 email:

Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

1986 PONTIAC FIREBIRD, red, v6, 2 dr, 50k, a/c, auto, exc int, 1 owner, $6500. 604-533-3191

Forget updating and monitoring ads. We do the work. You get what you need – guaranteed! Book today!


2005 Acura MDX 122,700 kms Excellent Condition, many nice luxury features. 3rd row seating makes this a very reliable and safe family vehicle $16,000 email:

1987 JAGUAR XJS Cabriolet, 1 owner, lady driven, V12, ps, pb, pw, rebuilt ac, new tires, $8900 obo, Don 604-826-7012

1986 HARLEY Davidson SLHTC, loaded with options, 34K km original, show bike, collectors plate, $13,000, 604-946-4553

$49 includes one print ad (in 3 markets), + one online ad (on 12 websites) until sold*. Craig can’t do that!

Northshore Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

Luxury Cars

1981 LINCOLN Town car, signature series, stock, collector plates, $3500 obo 604-792-6367

NOW $64,800

*some conditions apply

NOW $14,900



Nav, rear DVD, mint. Stk 951380

Duramax diesel, rare 5 speed.

1967 DODGE Cornet 500, beautifully restored, $25,500 obo, 604-946-2932, 604-916-9249

Northshore Auto Mall • 855 Automall Drive North Vancouver • 1-866-664-8713 • D#6700

Leather, sunroof, loaded

NOW $30,742

1967 AUSTIN Healey BJ8 Mk 3, completely restored. 75K mi, all org. Red Ribbon at All Brit. Field meet. $45,000. 604-987-3993

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

1997 LANDROVER Defender(s) 90, 5 spd diesel, mint, 160,000km, from desert $23,900 1-780-945-7945 604-926-7087


NOW $32,900

STK 950850 WAS $35,900

8 pass, loaded.

2011 Nissan Versa 1.8S Hatchback, Silver, only 45,045kms, pwr group. #1175. Was $14,995


2000 BUICK LeSabre, custom 4 door, good condition, $3150. Call 604-781-2342

Bad, None, or NEW CREDIT?

We Loan Our Own $$$$ Guaranteed Auto Loans Call Bryan 1-888-815-1314

2011 Accent GL 2dr hatchback, silver, local, a/c, keyless entry, security. #1183. Was $11,995


2005 KAWASAKI EX500R Ninja, 16K, stored 2 yrs, 1 lady owner, $3000 obo, 778-788-8136


2001 Toyota Celica GT Auto 138,000 kms -many extras $8,950. Call: (604) 690-6235

2004 HYUNDAI Elantra 79 K km, 5 spd, 2.0L, 4 cyl, new clutch, a/c, loaded, $5999. 604-980-0051

2004 JAGUAR X-type 102,000km, Auto, 2.5, V6, no accident $10,500. 778-862-6891

Scrap Car Removal

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

2006 ACURA 3.2 TL custom fully loaded, 300 HP 6 spd. 125,000 km on body, only 44,000 km on engine $15,500. 604-241-0357



604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H


2007 BMW 525i 88,400km Premium Pkg, loaded $21,900 obo. 604-532-9292

Sunday, December 30, 2012 - North Shore News - A31

AUTOMOTIVE Call ThE Experts 9160

Sports & Imports

Central Auto North Shores Best

All cars fully reconditioned to Central Auto standards

Sports & Imports


CASH FOR LATE MODEL MERCEDES, low miles, no accidents, No Dealers. 604-926-2785







For more information on these cars & others call Ted


2009 Mercedes C230 4Matic $26,850 2006 Mercedes Ml350 4Matic $22,850 2005 Mercedes Ml350 4Matic $16,850 2006 Mercedes Slk280 $22,850 2010 Smart, Only 48,000kms $8,850 2004 BMW X3 2.5i AWD, Only 41,200kms $14,850 2003 BMW X5 3.0i AWD, Only 98,000kms $5,850 2003 BMW X5 4.4i AWD, Only 94,000kms $15,850

Re-Opening Jan 2

2000 MAZDA MPV LX, gold, 4 cyl, 195000km, auto, airbags, pw, ps, Scratches on exterior, $2,100 604-986-7533

Happy New Year

843 West 1st St. N.Van


2003 KIA Sedona EX 2tone silver /grey, 3.5ltr,auto, pw/ps, am/fm, cd, 5dr, 7pass, cloth seats, roof rack, 171K, $3900 604-820-0486



Appliance Repairs

SERVICE & PARTS. Licenced & Insured. Washers, Dryers, Stove, Fridge, Dishwashers. 604-346-8925


CARPENTRY, ADDITIONS, decks, 32 yrs exp, licensed. Call Ken, Cell: 604-928-3270 1980 SAN JUAN, 7.7, 5 good Sails, good motor furling, good condition, $5800, 604-568-2050




With everything life throws at you, who has time to clean?

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee


*Must be mentioned at time of booking estimate to receive no HST offer



1998 NOMAD 5th Wheel 25 ft. 1 slide; Standup/walk around Bdrm $12,000 604-796-2866

2005 FOUR WINDS Class C 30’ sleeps 7, like new cond, 132,000 km, $24,888 778-748-6874

Continuous Gutters Leaf Protection Systems Fascia Covers Soffits & Siding New Construction & Renovations

• Repairs • Renovations • New construction • Textured ceilings Prompt service. Free estimates.

8080 2009 BIGFOOT 30MH28TE Top of line, immaculate, loaded, low kms, $88,650. 604-230-7546


ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Bonded & insured 604-842-5276 ALP ELECTRIC #89724 Low price, big/small jobs, free est Satisfaction guar 604-765-3329 LONSDALE ELECTRIC lic#1756 For All Your Electrical Needs 604-988-7232

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

Rates From As Low As

1.49% OAC

Ask us for details




MASTER STONEMASON, Local, Experienced, fireplaces, facing, walls, stairs. Ivan 604-649-2271 T-A STONEWALL. Rockwalls, paving stones, Allan block walls, etc. 987-8155 / 250-4117


Moving & Storage

1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From

45 We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance


A GUARANTEED LOWEST PRICE • Gutter cleaning/repairs • Power washing • Window cleaning • WCB insured • Free estimates


Cell 604-671-0084 Email:

AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476


Fully Insured/WCB


Richard Wood

A PLUS TAPING & DRYWALL High quality, reasonable rates. Free estimates. 604-715-0400



PARK ROYAL DRAINAGE Call 604-987-7663


604-726-9152 604-984-1988

1 to 3 Men

WEST SIDE DRAINAGE & SEWER 15% OFF - 604-722-1105


Lawns, General Clean-Ups, Trimming, Topping, Pruning, etc. Free Estimates.


2008 NASH 25’ 5th whl, q bed, rear kitchen, 1 slide $19,000. Ph 604-792-2201 Chilliwack

• 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

• Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard


2008 VW City Jetta, 89,000km, tiptronic, new tires, heated seats, aluminum tires, 1st owner. $12,500 obo. Call 604-921-4701

2012 AUDI A4 Quattro, Premium, 29,000km, $46,500, panorama sunroof, auto, monsoon grey, black leather interior, all season tires. Snow tires optional. 604-764-8044


Call Merry Maids.

$20/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477

Lawn & Garden


It’s one less thing to worry about.

1974 MOPAR 24’ custom cabana, 65K org miles, 440 V8, 4 kw. genset, oak cabinets, Cadilac head lights. New $1100 furnace, CD stereo, SS microwave, inverter, 3 batteries + more. $9400 obo. 778-889-3459




8075 2008 Nissan Altima 3.5 SE 117,000 km auto, V6, powerful, reliable. $11,995. 604-617-7320.


NO HST! til Jan.15 (max. 400*)


GREENWORX ★ Drainage Sewer & Water, video inspecions & jack hammer 604.782.4322

2007 TOYOTA Camry LE, 4 dr, special leather, auto, 89K, f/load, $14,800 obo, 604-808-9518





2002 Acura MDX AWD, Only 99,000kms $12,850 2003 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro, 76,000kms $12,850 2004 BMW 325i, 4dr Sedan, Only 52,000kms $13,850 2006 Toyota Camry, 77,600kms $12,850 2007 Toyota Yaris, 52,000kms $9,850 2005 Mazda 3, 5spd, 98,000kms $6,850 2003 Honda Accord Coupe, 90,000kms $9,850 1992 Lexus LS400, 131,000kms $5,850

Award-Winning Renovations ■ Rendering to Reality ■

Renovations & Custom Homes

Installed • Cleaned • Repaired

Seniors Discount


1175 W.15 St. North Van

Garbage Removal • Deliveries


Licensed & Insured

Give us an estimate and we will beat it!

Call 778.994.5403



Painting/ Wallpaper


LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956 PLUMBING BY BILL Installation, repairs Honest & reliable 604-980-0993


Renovations & Home Improvement




Maintenance & Repairs. ★ Fast Reliable Service ★ Reasonable Rates ★ Experienced

Call Michael – 604 619-1126




❑ ❑ ❑ ❑ ❑

★ 24 / 7 ★ Senior’s Discount Military Discount Same Day Hot Water Tank No Job Too Small Licensed & Insured


We accept Visa, MC, Amex #1 BARGAIN rate on plumbing & drainage. No job too small.Ken 604-987-2890 cell 604-328-7439

CHEAP LOADS Fast Reliable Service 604-922-5101


PRO GAS - North Shore Furnaces, boilers, gas fitting, heat pumps. Service & installation. 604-925-1341

10% Off with this Ad! For all your plumbing, heating & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005 ★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617

All Season Roofing

Re-Roofing & Repairs Specialists 20 year Labour Warranty available

Qualified Carpenter, 25 yrs exp, renovations, repairs, insured. WCB, good rates, references. Call James 604-788-8863


H 604-986-3986 C 604-537-9452



604-591-3500 604-722-1105 FF 15% O TODAY!



NO HST! til Jan.15 (max. 400*) $

• Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee


THE(since ROOFER 1978) 24 hr repair


604-987-ROOF (7663)


Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205


PRO GAS - North Shore Gas fireplaces. Repair & safety inspection. 604-925-1341

Cedar Shakes Shakes •• Cedar Flat Roofing Roofing •• Flat •• Asphalt Asphalt Shingles Shingles •• Roof Roof Maintenance Maintenance

We’ve got you covered

CITYWIDE GUTTERS Continuous gutter installs, leaf protection, new & renos. BBB, Ins.WCB. 604-868-1373



LARTER PLUMBING.COM Fireplace, Furnance, Boilers, Hotwater Tank, 604-984-7814

Roof Tune-Up




A LADY Painter, meticulous, prof & color consult, 20 yrs on North Shore. exc refs. 604-961-3451

WEST SIDE GUTTERS 15% OFF 604-722-1105


Licenced Plumber 604-729-6695


one mini, paving, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank & dirt removal, paver stones. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865




Oil Tank Removal

Accord & Civic Qualify Offer may change without notice.


*Must be mentioned at time of booking estimate to receive no HST offer

TANKTECH Certified Oil Tank Removal & Remediation Specialists. res/com. Free est. 604-328-1234





North West Roofing & Renovations Re-Roofing & Repair. WCB & liability insur. Jag, 778-892-1530


Rubbish Removal


We haul everything, no load too big or small, we do it all. Free est. 604-317-2500/ 929-7194 BELL MINI BINS 604-922-5101 Small or large household jobs & Mini bin service. 7 days a week Fast ★ inexpensive ★ reliable.


Tree Services

A. A. Best Pro Tree Service Trimming, pruning, tree service, stump grinding, cleanup, etc. CALL SUKH free est. 604-726-9152 or 604-984-1988


WCB & liability insured



Window Cleaning

WEST COAST Home Services Window & gutter cleaning, power washing. Guaranteed lowest price WCB insured 604-984-4147

New Year, New Look Refer to the Home Services section for all your home improvement, decorating, and design needs.










purchase or lease


$500 HO *





Cash Purchase Incentive*

0.99% +

MSRP** includes freight and PDI

Fit Sport 5AT GE8H7CE



purchase or lease

Starting from $16,075



Ridgeline Touring YK1F5CKNZ

0.99% +


Odyssey Touring RL5H9CK

$5,000 Pilot

Pilot Touring YF4H9CKN



The all-new 2013 Accord. It starts with you.





299 2.99





The completely redesigned Accord comes with industry-leading technology firsts: Lanewatch™ Blind Spot Display • Lane Departure Warning System • Rearview camera The all-new HondaLink™ with audio touch screen • Heated front and rear leather seats

MSRP** includes freight and PDI.


2013 Accord LX

Bet you never thought you’d design a car.

MSRP** includes freight and PDI

Starting from 27,630

2013 CR-V

$298 | 3.99%


Lease the 2013 CR-V for

816 Automall Drive, North Vancouver 604-984-0331

Cash Purchase Incentive# on every Pilot & Ridgeline.

#Limited time lease offer based on a new 2012 CR-V LX model RM3H3CE(S). *3.99% lease APR for 60 months O.A.C. Monthly payment, including freight and PDI, is $353.01. Downpayment of $0.00, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $21,180.60. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 120,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer. ¥ $1,000 Honda Dollars is available on all new 2012 CR-V models. Honda Dollars will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. **MSRP is $27,630 including freight and PDI of $1,640 based on a new 2012 CR-V LX 2WD model RM3H3CE(S). PPSA, license, insurance, taxes, and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. Dealer may sell for less. #Limited time lease offer based on a new 2012 Civic DX model FB2E2CEX. *1.99% lease APR for 60 months O.A.C. Monthly payment, including freight and PDI, is $196.24. Downpayment of $0.00, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $11,774.40. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 120,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer.¥ $1,000 Honda Dollars is available on all new 2012 Civic models. Honda Dollars will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. **MSRP is $16,485 including freight and PDI of $1,495 based on a new 2012 Civic DX 5MT model FB2E2CEX. PPSA, license, insurance, taxes, and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. #0.99% finance offer is based on a 24 month term on any new 2012 Fit model. Finance example based on a new 2012 Civic 4D LX 5MT model FB2E4CEX and a 36 month finance term available only through Honda Canada Finance Inc. O.A.C.: $19,235 at 0.99% per annum equals $471.48 per month for 36 months. Freight and PDI of $1,495 included. Cost of borrowing is $256.58, for a total obligation of $16,973.28. Down payment of $5,000, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at finance inception. Offer includes freight & PDI. Taxes are extra. Finance on approved credit for qualified customers only. €0.99% lease offer is based on a 24 month term on any new 2012 Fit model. Lease example based on a new 2012 Civic 4D LX 5MT model FB2E4CEX and a 36 month lease term available only through Honda Canada Finance Inc. O.A.C.: 0.99% lease APR for 36 months O.A.C. Monthly payment, including freight and PDI, is $189.00. Down payment of $3,526.07, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $10,330.07. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 72,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometres. ¥$500 Honda Dollars are available on every new 2012 Fit model. Honda Dollars will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. *$1,000 Honda cash purchase incentive is available on all new 2012 Fit models. Honda cash purchase incentive will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease or finance offers. **MSRP is $16,075 including freight and PDI of $1,495 based on a new 2012 Fit DX 5MT (G38G2CEX). PPSA, license, insurance, taxes, and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. £ **/*/#/£/€/¥/ For all offers license, insurance, applicable taxes and registration are extra. #$5,000 Honda cash purchase incentive is available on all new 2012 Pilot and Ridgeline models. Honda cash purchase incentive will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease or finance offers. *$500 Honda Dollars is available on all new 2012 Pilot/Ridgeline/Odyssey models. Honda Dollars will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes. ¥0.99% finance offer is available on all new 2012 Pilot/Ridgeline/Odyssey models, based on a 60/60/36 month term. Finance example based on a new 2012 Civic 4D LX 5MT model FB2E4CEX and a 36 month finance term available only through Honda Canada Finance Inc. O.A.C.: $19,235 at 0.99% per annum equals $471.48 per month for 36 months. Freight and PDI of $1,495 included. Cost of borrowing is $256.58, for a total obligation of $16,973.28. Down payment of $5,000, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at finance inception. Offer includes freight & PDI. Taxes are extra. Finance on approved credit for qualified customers only. €Limited time lease offer based on all new 2012 Pilot/Ridgeline/Odyssey models and a 48/48/24 month lease term available only through Honda Canada Finance Inc. O.A.C: Lease example based on a new 2012 Civic 4D LX 5MT model FB2E4CEX and a 36 month lease term available only through Honda Canada Finance Inc. O.A.C.: 0.99% lease APR for 36 months O.A.C. Monthly payment, including freight and PDI, is $189.00. Down payment of $3,526.07, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $10,330.07. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 72,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometres. #Limited time lease offer based on a new 2013 Honda CR-V LX model RM3H3DES. *3.99% lease APR for 48 months O.A.C. Monthly payment, including freight and PDI, is $298. Downpayment of $3,429.44, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $17,733.44. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 96,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer. **MSRP is $27,630 including freight and PDI of $1,640 based on a new 2013 Honda CR-V LX model RM3H3DES. PPSA, license, insurance, taxes, and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. #Limited time lease offer based on a new 2013 Honda Accord Sedan LX 6MT model CR2E3DE. *2.99% lease APR for 36 months O.A.C. Monthly payment, including freight and PDI, is $299. Downpayment of $2,505.10, first monthly payment, environmental fees and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $13,269.10. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. 72,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.12/km for excess kilometer. **MSRP is $25,630 including freight and PDI of $1,640 based on a new 2013 Honda Accord Sedan LX 6MT model CR2E3DE. PPSA, license, insurance, taxes, and other dealer charges are extra and may be required at the time of purchase. Dealer may sell for less. Dealer trade may be necessary on certain vehicles. **/*/# Offers valid from December 1st, 2012 through January 2nd, 2013 at participating Honda retailers. Offers valid only for British Columbia residents at BC Honda Dealers locations. Offers subject to change or cancellation without notice. Terms and conditions apply. Visit or see your Honda retailer for full details.

2011 Reader’s Choice Platinum Winner





Plus, re ceive







Plus, re


353 3.99%

w w w. b c h o n d a . c o m


MSRP** includes freight and PDI


2012 CR-V LX 2WD



$0 DOWN $ 196 1.99%

MSRP** includes freight and PDI


2012 Civic DX

A32 - North Shore News - Sunday, December 30, 2012

North Shore News December 30 2012  

North Shore News December 30 2012

North Shore News December 30 2012  

North Shore News December 30 2012