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2011 exports a record for Neptune Jane Seyd

POTASH exports from North Vancouver’s Neptune Terminals continued a skyrocketing climb last year, pushing the overall volume of commodities shipped from the North Vancouver terminal into a record year.

One by one

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

ONE of a pair of bald eagles takes another twig to its nesting site in the Lower Lonsdale area. Bald eagles mate for life. A typical nest is five feet in diameter, but nests used year after year can be almost twice that size and weigh more than 1,500 kilograms.

Neptune handled just under 13 million metric tonnes last year — the most ever shipped through the terminal, according to Neptune president Jim Belsheim. About half of that was potash. Fuelled by a jump in global food prices, exports of potash — a mineral mined in Saskatchewan and used in fertilizers — have gone sky high in the past two years, more than tripling since 2009. In 2011, a record 7.2 million metric tonnes of potash was shipped through Neptune, See Coal page 5

What to do with the kids on Monday James Weldon

FOR working parents scrambling to find childcare, next week’s promised teachers’ strike poses a serious challenge, but for North Shore businesses and municipal governments, the walkout presents an opportunity.

In the wake of the BCTF’s announcement Thursday that its members would stay away from school Monday through Wednesday, parents throughout the community have casting about to find an alternative for their kids. Ski hills, rec centres, even golf courses have stepped in to fill the void. Of the North Shore’s three ski resorts, Grouse Mountain was first out of the gate, with the announcement of special ski and snowboard and educational camps that will run 8:30 a.m to 3:30 p.m. for the


North Shore businesses offer programs during teachers’ strike

three-day strike period. The programs, which will feature skiing lessons and other activities for school-age kids, run to $235 for a full three-day package including rental and lift ticket. “We were monitoring the news closely to find out what would happen,” said spokeswoman Ainslie Fincham. “Many of us here in the office have young kids, and (the strike’s) a real issue for all of us, so it was top of mind. Because we have programs and facilitators and facilities in place, it was sort of a natural fit to expand on them to support kids and parents in need.” The camps, which together can take about 400 students, were already filling up Friday, said Fincham. Cypress Mountain followed close behind with a three-day Snow

Camp aimed at kids aged seven to 14. The full three-day package, including ticket, rental, camp and lunch will run parents $279. “I’ve got an eight-year-old at home, and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with him come Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, so this is a great option to keep him busy when they should be at school,” said Joffrey Koeman, director of sales and marketing for the resort. The resort’s North Vancouver neighbour, Mount Seymour, announced a similar package Friday, with a three-day kids camp for $199 — including lift tickets, equipment rentals, lunch and shuttle — and a three-day snowshoeing and tubing camp for $149. At the same time, the North Shore’s municipalities were also scrambling to throw open their doors. The North Vancouver Recreation Commission launched all-day camps at five community centres for the three-day strike period, with prices starting at $41.60 a day, and West Van’s rec commission will be running programs at See Schools page 5


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A2 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A3

SUNDAY FOCUS Illegal suites

Death traps or affordable housing? Benjamin Alldritt

EVERY morning, hundreds of North Shore residents, possibly thousands, raise their heads from their pillows in illegal homes. Some of these residences are firetraps. Some violate the local zoning bylaws. But most are the only homes their tenants can afford on the North Shore. Exactly how to balance the need for affordable housing against fire safety and the rule of law is something that has vexed local government for decades. Richard White, deputy city manager for the City of North Vancouver, says the issue dates all the way back to the Second World War, when homeowners were encouraged to rent out part of their houses to support the burgeoning workforce at the shipyards. A few dozen of these wartime suites still exist. They are technically legal, despite being a half-century out of step with the building code. In the years following the war, the pendulum swung the other way, with houses that tended to be smaller and generally didn’t have basements readily converted into suites. What’s more, owners were starting to be more concerned about the character of their singlefamily home neighbourhoods. That’s when the city first stepped in to prohibit new secondary suites. “I think it was a pride-of-ownership thing,” said White. “People thought ‘We don’t live in an apartment district, we live in a singlefamily area.’ The typical response was from a neighbour who didn’t want ‘renters’ next door, even though the whole house could be rented at any time.” As the years went by, houses grew larger again and were sometimes purchased as an investment rather than as a home for the owner. “That would annoy the neighbours because then the landlord isn’t there to keep an eye on things,” White said. Early in White’s career with the city, in the late 1970s, planning staff hired a few students to spend the summer surveying exactly how many suites there were. “Some people refused to let them in but for the most part we had co-operation. We probably went into 80 per cent of the houses, and we found several hundred more suites than we had expected,” White recalled. In a 2009 housing study, Metro Vancouver estimated there are slightly more than 7,000 secondary suites on the North Shore, and White guessed two-thirds of those are likely “out of compliance” in one way or another. Based on the survey results, the city struck a citizens’ committee to decide how to address the suite question. After a few false starts — such as allowing suites only for family members — the city ultimately legalized secondary suites in single-family houses. The province also updated the building code, relaxing some of the requirements for fire separation between the two units. What also came to light during the survey was the growing number of suites in duplexes. “Typically a duplex can have two suites, and that’s starting to sound like an apartment building. There are some very large duplexes in the city,” said White, “and some of them may have had four or more suites.” The city banned these outright, although many still exist. Once a contentious issue, basement suites in single-family homes have “more or less disappeared as an issue since then,” White said. “That change has been very productive for the city and it’s created more affordable housing for the city, for sure, which is a side benefit that was buried in the issue initially.” The District of North Vancouver has a similar set of bylaws, allowing secondary suites only in a single-family home in which the owner lives. The suite cannot be more than 40 per cent of the building. West Vancouver has only recently allowed suites, but owners face hundreds of dollars in fees to have their suite inspected and legally registered, a policy that has likely deterred many from coming forward. The duplex question remains problematic in the city. Two cases that have come before council in the past year have been on city hall’s radar, incredibly, for decades. Despite complaints from neighbours, White said actually enforcing the bylaw is a tricky proposition. “It’s not like a conventional infraction, where there’s an action and a ticket and then you go to the courts. You’re dealing with

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

NOBODY really knows how many North Shore residents have found an affordable home by renting an uninspected illegal suite, but the figure may run into the thousands. the owner’s rights to the property, and a tenant or tenants’ rights as well. The city has an affordable housing policy that encourages us to increase the amount of affordable housing. Our city is a great example of that pendulum swinging back and forth between wanting compliance and a willingness to accept. I know of places where there have been complaints, the suites have been removed, and then they get reinstalled. Do you go every year and check?” In one duplex on the 300-block of East 14th Street, city inspectors discovered two illegal suites and ordered them removed. The owner complied, only to reinstall the kitchen appliances after the inspectors left. When the neighbours complained again and staff returned, the owner applied to have his building rezoned. Council denied his application, but the owner took the case to court and won. That rezoning is now going forward. In another case, in Ottawa Gardens, neighbours got into a dispute with the tenants in an illegal fourplex. That case was also headed to court until Coun. Rod Clark abruptly changed his mind and helped vote down a staff request for a court order. “It was just in advance of the election,” Clark said. “Believe me, I considered what the political impact would be to me, but changing my mind needed to be done. I reconsidered the implications to the people in the suites.” Clark’s change of heart was motivated, he said, by conversations he had with two senior citizens, both widowed and both living in illegal suites in duplexes. “They called me up and said Rod, there are literally thousands, or at least hundreds of these things that operate under the radar and there’s no problem. The city policy of just acting on complaints is a

bad one. How can it be that you allow them in single-family homes but not in duplexes? “And I thought about it for a good long time. There is a problem with low-cost housing in the City of North Vancouver, and this is a way to provide it. I don’t get many complaints about suites in duplexes, but everyone knows they’re there. The whole situation is a mess. In that kind of milieu, I cannot go for turning people out who are paying a reasonable rent and have contributed to the community for many years. I can’t see them turned out into the street over a technicality, in my mind.” Clark, who lives in a legal suite himself and has also been a landlord in years past, said he struggled to overcome his irritation with owners who openly defy the city’s bylaws. “I did it in spite of them,” he said. “I did it because people are crying for affordable housing. Before then, I was blinded and enraged by the arrogance and the thumb on the nose that those two people were giving council and the community in general.” But the veteran councillor admits that legalizing duplex suites may be “the thin end of the wedge.” “If we allow them in duplexes, you know the next place they’ll want them? In apartment buildings. So I don’t know where it’s going. But there’s so much pressure on our housing stock. “There is a balance, and I don’t pretend to know what that balance is. If we get a complaint that someone is living in a crawlspace and the access isn’t good and there are no fire alarms, yeah, we have to take action because it’s a life safety issue. I would never override the fire department. But I don’t know where that line is, to be honest.”

A4 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

community report



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Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A5

Coal capacity to increase

From page 1

a 30 per cent increase over the year before. The biggest markets for potash are Brazil, China and Indonesia. Last year the company completed an expansion of its potash-handling facility to improve speed and efficiency and allow faster loading of ships. The project has increased Neptune’s annual potashhandling capacity to 11 million tonnes and boosted its workforce. There are now about 300 people working at Neptune — compared to about 250 before. Belsheim said those ranks could swell again to about 400 once the terminal completes the upgrade of its coal-handling facility, currently underway. Neptune is in the midst of investing $63.5 million worth of new equipment for its coal-handling facility that will increase

“I’m very optimistic,” he said. “Everything we know points to strong markets for both our primary products.” Belsheim said that has direct spinoff benefits for the economy in North Vancouver. In a typical year past, Neptune might spend $3 million buying from local businesses. “This year we will be $20 million or higher,” he said. According to 2011 statistics recently released by Port Metro Vancouver, other significant volumes shipped through port terminals last year included 5.8 million tonnes of wheat, 5.8 million tonnes of canola and 4.6 million tonnes of lumber. China, Korea and Japan were the biggest export markets. Canada imported 2.9 million tonnes of household goods and 1.8 million tonnes of construction materials through the port last year, most of that from China.

the terminal’s coal-handling capacity to 12.5 million tonnes annually from its present eight million tonnes. The biggest component of that upgrade is a new $20-million stacker-reclaimer — the piece of equipment that actually moves the coal — currently being built at Ramsay Machine Works near Victoria. “We made the decision to have it built in British Columbia,” said Belsheim. “We believe we’ll get a higher quality machine. “It’ll be installed faster and easier.” A total of 20.9 tonnes of metallurgical coal and 11.7 million tonnes of thermal coal was shipped last year through all of the port’s terminals. Neptune only handles metallurgical coal, which goes to steel mills in Asia. Most of that comes from mines in southeastern British Columbia. Belsheim said he expects the recordsetting pace to continue this year.

Schools open but with skeleton staff From page 1

the West Vancouver and Gleneagles community centres starting at $45 a day. “Our programmers are wonderful; they put everything together yesterday,” said recreation commission marketing assistant Sharon King. “Everything was dropped and they got all the staff together (to organize it).” King said she anticipated the programs would be about half-full by the end of Friday. Even Northlands Golf Course is getting in on the act. In tweets and Facebook posts Thursday, the District of North Vancouver municipal course offered marooned high school students a special $25 rate for all-day play with lunch included. “We just threw it out (Thursday); it was just kind of on a whim,” said Northlands marketing manager Curtis Johnston. “It’s wait and see if there’s any interest.” Day cares also extended hours to accommodate the anticipated rush. Bee Haven Childcare, which operates three facilities in North Vancouver, offered to take existing clients’ kids for the entire day at no additional charge, inviting parents to drop off youngsters at 8:30 a.m. and pick them up at 3:30 p.m. for no money above their usual fees — except possibly for admission to excursion destinations. “The teachers strike hurts everybody,” said Bee Haven owner Louise Warner. “(Often) both parents work for a reason. To add costs through something that’s not their fault, we feel is a bit unfair.” By Friday, about two-thirds of the daycare’s families had taken it up on the offer, said Warner, leaving the company with about a dozen vacancies for outside kids. Parents who were not already

clients would likely be charged, though, said Warner. With a ban on picketing imposed by the Labour Relations Board, schools will be open during the job action with a skeleton staff of administrators and other non-BCTF workers. No instruction will be offered, however, and both school districts were actively encouraging parents to keep their kids at home. “From our past experience, it would be very unusual for a child to show up during a teachers’ strike,” said West Vancouver school district spokeswoman Andrea Wilson. Beyond next week, the walkout is expected to resume for one school day in every five or until the provincial government’s Bill 22 is past into law. Debate on the legislation is expected to continue into next week. It’s not clear when a voter will take place. Contacts: Cypress Mountain Snow School: 604.926.5612; Mount Seymour sales office: 604-986-2261 ext. 404; Grouse Mountain Resorts: 604-980-9311; West Vancouver registration: 604-9212107; Northlands Golf Course: 604 924-2950; Bee Haven enrollment line: 604-908-2262; North Vancouver Recreation Commission:

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A Feb. 22 story, CapU Pushes for Waterfront Campus, suggested that the university had reached agreement to run training programs out of the former Plymouth elementary building. In fact, no decision has been made by the North Vancouver Board of Education on what to do with the Plymouth site.

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A6 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership, 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Robbing democracy W

E Canadians like to believe we’re a different bunch than our neighbours south of the

border. We don’t shoot each other as often, we don’t fly into a blind rage at the thought of a national health-care program, and we don’t engage in the same kind of scorched earth political campaigning frequently seen in the United States. Regrettably, that last part isn’t really true any more. In the past few years, our political culture has taken a nasty turn. Politicians and their staffers seem increasingly willing to vault over ethical and even legal boundaries in their quest for electoral victory. If we let this become the new normal, it will discredit our democracy and damage our very identity as Canadians. Elections Canada has a tremendous opportunity to right our crooked ship

you said it “I had to walk up to the bus driver with my teeth in my hands and dripping blood and ask him to call the cops.” North Vancouver’s Steven Andrews recalls the aftermath of a brutal beating he suffered on a crowded Lynn Valley bus in 2010. No one has ever faced charges for the attack and Andrews hasn’t been able to file a civil suit (from a Feb. 26 news story). ••• “Are you going to call the sergeant-at-arms to get me out of here?” City of North Vancouver Coun. Rod Clark challenges Mayor Darrell Mussatto to eject him from council chambers during a heated debate over plans to spend $7,500 in public money on yarnbombing, a woolen form of public art (from a Feb. 29 news story). ••• “It’s anti-bullying day, and we’re being bullied.” West Vancouver Teachers Association president Rob Millard says the province doesn’t play well with others after Education Minister George Abbott announced plans to legislate an end to the teachers’ long-running job action. Teachers plan to walk out Monday (from a March 2 news story).

of state. Complaints made by tens of thousands of citizens alleging fraudulent “robocalls” that sent them to the wrong polling station during last year’s federal election must be investigated. Vicious online attacks against public figures should have consequences beyond the odd staffer losing his or her job. It has to be made clear that as a nation, we won’t tolerate being governed from the gutter. Chasing up all those allegations is no small task. It will take time and cost money. But the federal government must provide Elections Canada with the resources it needs to get the facts, clear the air, and hold any guilty parties responsible. Our voter turnout numbers are already abysmal. Let’s not give our fellow Canadians another reason to stay home.


Planners making CityShaping assumptions

Dear Editor: I’m one of a growing number of City of North Vancouver residents who are concerned about the current process for renewing our official community plan via the CityShaping program. This is a critically important endeavour which will affect the livability of our community for years to come. We need a blueprint for the future — one that serves the hopes and needs of the people who live here. Getting this right requires an open, transparent and honest public input process that reflects the true desires of residents. But based on the initial launch of CityShaping, we are concerned that this will not be the case. Instead, we are seeing the start of a process that is being steered toward a predetermined outcome that may not actually reflect what city residents want for their community.

We believe the key issue is: What level of population growth and density are residents willing to accept? Everything hinges on this. Yet the CityShaping process starts with the assumption of ever-higher population growth and ever-increasing density, with no provision for an open discussion about what rate of growth city residents wish to see. The CityShaping kickoff event at the Pinnacle Hotel on Feb. 16 featured a series of speakers all singing the praises of rapid growth and densification. Now residents are invited to participate by filling out online “workbooks” in which we’re directed to choose from a predetermined menu of the planners’ favoured options. Any alternative options we might prefer are confined to typing into the “Other” box, which guarantees that one of the planner-preferred options will always be “what the majority wants.” Higher population densities are bound to have

impacts on quality of life. These include smaller living spaces, less direct access to outdoors, more traffic congestion, loss of job-producing industries, increased demand for services, and the steady erosion of single-family neighbourhoods. Yet there appears to be no way for residents to discuss the limits of growth. Do we want to become the North Shore version of Vancouver’s West End? It’s possible the majority would be fine with this prospect. But we are not being given the choice. To turn around the movie cliché: If you don’t build it, they won’t come. We don’t need to feel helpless to slow the tide of urban densification. We can, as a community, choose the rate of growth we are capable of handling. That should be the first item discussed in deciding the future shape of our community. Fred Dawkins North Vancouver

The arrogance of view entitlement is astonishing

Dear Editor: Regarding your Feb. 22 story RCMP Investigate Park Tree Cutting: Like most North Vancouver residents, I read this story with some horror. The depth of arrogance required to perform this vandalism (or pay someone else to do the dirty work) is astonishing. I suspect that we’ll be watching for “For Sale” signs at neighbouring houses. As an arborist, I am a bit perplexed by the article’s


description of the damages. Surely the District of North Vancouver is having an independent arborist conduct an appraisal of the value of the trees, plus the costs of clean up, with the intention of pursuing these total costs in court once the perpetrator is found? In terms of finding this person or persons, I can only hope that my colleagues in the arboriculture industry are quietly asking around to see who might have committed this destruction, if indeed members

of the industry aided in the illegal cutting. What this event does highlight is the value of “the view” in real estate. It would seem obvious that buying a home next to a natural area would entail living next to growing conifers. The sense of entitlement, in this case, has obviously gone way too far. Catherine MacDonald North Vancouver





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Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A7

Your friendly neighbourhood dog burglar

VACATIONERS, beware! If you’re one of those extremely fortunate families who go away during March break, be reminded that this is when thieves may strike.

It’s open season on breakins. That’s according to a news release I just got that’s full of startlingly paranoid tips, which include “Don’t use your home address on your luggage tags” for fear of tipping off criminals to your absence. That likely means our cab drivers and airport bag-checkers are suspect. I picture some service industry professional covertly texting my address to his masked buddy in North Vancouver after seeing my family set off on some (imaginary) trip. “Check this house out,” he might type, adding the pertinent link to MapQuest. “But there won’t be much left inside — the owners appear to have taken everything with them.” I guess all kinds of bad guys are roaming our streets unchecked. Unfortunately for your peace of mind, I include myself in their number. I do a lot of wandering with our rambunctious dog, and she has no aversion to nefarious activities of any sort.

Going Coastal

Kate Zimmerman “This is all grist for your mill,” I tell the pup as we troll local cul de sacs for random detritus on garbage day. “You might as well taste everything life has to offer so you can make informed choices. I don’t eat a lot of Skittles packaging myself, but why should my prejudices curtail your taste sensations?” Because we drift aimlessly about Lynn Valley like noxious spring pollen, I have mixed feelings about how much home security is advisable while you’re away. Who knows, I may feel like breaking into your place myself. You should welcome this opportunity. While the average thief is looking for money and valuables, and may perform acts of vandalism out of malice or boredom, I’m your dream burglar. It’s true

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that I’ll leave my dog tied up outside to upend your potted plants and eat your welcome mat, but I myself will just pry open a window and quietly squeeze in. I mean you no harm. I just want an immaculate house to sit in for a while, not unlike CBC storyteller Stuart McLean’s fictional character Morley, whose task of feeding a neighbour’s fish turned into a case of house envy on a recent episode of The Vinyl Cafe. Like her, I crave the comfort of a place where every inch of living space isn’t covered with chewed bits of wood, drool-drenched dog toys, skateboards, snow-boots, books, trade show gadgets and barbecue equipment. So here’s what I’ll do. I’ll break into your place. I’ll take off my shoes, out of respect (something I don’t do in my own house, which explains the low self-esteem that drives me to live outside the law). I won’t look in your bedrooms, so you can relax about that. I’m just going to walk into your kitchen, which you will have left neat and tidy because you’ve gone away. I’ll sigh at the sight of such immaculate, uncluttered counter-tops. How do you do it? I’ll applaud your colour scheme (probably — no guarantees) and stroke your appliances. I’ll fondle your



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unstained mugs. I’ll comb your calendar, see what you’ve got planned for March. You’ll probably have written on there when you’re coming back, which will be handy information. If there’s anything exciting marked down, I’ll make a note of it, in case I want to attend that performance or event; I may be a burglar, but I’m not completely uncouth. Likewise, I’ll correct any spelling errors on the calendar, no charge. I’ll open the fridge door, just for the hell of it. I know what you’re like — you can’t depart for a week or two without turfing your perishables, in case

you suddenly decide to stay wherever it is you went and your place has to be rented or sold as is. I’ll inspect your array of condiments, which, I promise you, will be fewer and far less freaky than mine, and shake my head admiringly. “Only one kind of mustard? Unbelievable!” I’ll mutter. Then I’ll look in your freezer and predict the likelihood of your ever coming back. If you’ve just got Costco appetizers in there and you went to Hawaii, you won’t be in any hurry, but if you have homemade spaghetti sauce, your own pies and your destination was Comox, you

clearly intend to return as scheduled. I may turn on your TV, watch a little daytime. I’ll flip through your Chatelaine, looking at the recipes you’ve dog-eared to see if I approve. I won’t be able to spend more than 15 minutes because my dog will soon start battering your door with her giant, muddy paws and she might attract the fuzz. I’ll inch out the way I inched in, leaving only a bent window-frame in my wake. I like to know what’s going on in the homes of my neighbours. Is that a crime? Incidentally, bon voyage.

A8 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

Generic drugs to cost less But independent pharmacists

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Generic drugs currently cost about 40 per cent of their brand name counterparts in British Columbia. By April 2, generic drugs will be available at 35 per cent of the price of major label drugs. The province is also planning to introduce legislation this spring to slash the price of generic drugs to 25 per cent of name brand drugs by April 1, 2013. Mosi Shareei, who has been running North West Pharmacy on Marine Drive in North Vancouver for the past 10 years, said the government’s policy may make it difficult for small businesses to compete. “With this new policy, large corporations will survive, the small corporations will disappear,” he said. “The benefits of large corporations will be protected through their own wholesalers.” “This is about protecting the investment in the health care system,” said Ryan Jabs, media relations officer with the B.C. Ministry of Health. At the moment, Shareei said North West Pharmacy is not as profitable as it used to be. “Our income has been reduced, but on the other side the


AL ISAAC along with son COLIN are now operating a lawn care business and continue to serve our North Shore community. AL has served the community for 35 years as former owner of West Van Shell Service and Colin has over 10 years experience in lawn care business.

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government added to the number of the generic medications.” The decision to dissolve the generic pricing agreement with the B.C. Pharmacy Association came as a complete surprise, according to BCPhA media liaison Kate Hunter, who said she heard the news less than an hour before the government made the announcement. “We’re certainly disappointed,” Hunter said. “Our priority now is really to try and understand what government is proposing, understand what the legislation means . . . and then to see if we can continue working with government.” The provincial government signed a three-year contract with BCPhA in 2010, but after the government failed to see any substantial savings, Jabs said the province decided to reopen negotiations last October. “We couldn’t get them down any further,” Jabs said, discussing a challenging negotiation process. Negotiations with the province were ongoing, according to Hunter. “We’d been in negotiations with government since October of last year but to be perfectly honest with you, that dialogue was continuing, it was very constructive, and so we were not expecting the announcement that happened this morning. We were continuing to stay at the table to maintain the discussions with government, and that was literally right through to the announcement being made,” Hunter said. If the provincial government succeeds in dropping the price on generic drugs, the savings will be substantial, according to Jabs. “We can save at least that $170 million and more,” he said, referring to the period between April 2012 and April 2013. “So we’ll recoup what we didn’t see over the last couple years.” The money saved by the government will be reinvested in PharmaCare, as well as funding pharmacy services such as remote pharmacies, according to a release from the Ministry of Health.




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Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A9

North Shore Rescue WEST VANCOUVER saves another boarder SPRING/SUMMER Jeremy Shepherd

A stranded snowboarder was saved from the elements last week after he veered out of bounds and ended up surrounded by cliffs in a drainage area off Hollyburn Mountain. “We thought he was probably drowned in the waterfall,” said Tim Jones of North Shore Rescue. “This particular chap, he didn’t want to pay for a lift ticket, so he snow-shoed up Hollyburn and snowboarded.” The Vancouver man boarded out of bounds Feb. 22 and dropped into Nicky Creek, an area where Jones said he had never performed a rescue. After receiving a call from the West Vancouver Police Department, Jones said they traced his footprints to an area just above a waterfall. “That’s where his tracks ended so it was very ominous for us,” said Jones. “Once you get in these gully systems off our North Shore mountains, you usually end up in a waterfall. . . . You’re trapped.” Many skiers and snowboarders panic when they find themselves in a gully, staring at a waterfall and surrounded by cliffs, Jones said. They often try to climb the cliffs and wind up falling into the waterfall. “You can always spot a body in the waterfall

by being on scene, you can’t spot it from the air,” he continued. “We thought we had a body.” The rescue was further complicated by a sudden storm that pelted the rescuers with 60 kilometre-an-hour winds. “The squall was really creating havoc for us,” said Jones. The rescue helicopter was almost forced on its side due to the force of the winds. Tracking behind the storm, Jones said the plan was to drop four rescuers on the scene with enough supplies to last for 24 hours. Because the team had not received any cellphone contact from the snowboarder, Jones said he thought the man was too deep into the watershed to get a signal. After dropping the team in the area, Jones said they made voice contact with the man within 15 minutes. The snowboarder had been in the trees, according to Jones. “He was going nowhere. There was no way he could’ve climbed out of there on his own.” North Shore Rescue has saved lost skiers and snowboarders four times in the past month, something Jones attributes to the cohesive communication within the volunteer organization, as well as to sheer luck. “These last four rescues. . . they are very fortunate, we are very fortunate, that we didn’t have not only one but multiple deaths.” Editor’s note: There have been two more rescues by North Shore Rescue since this story was written.




Skybox series cargo boxes. Offer exp. 12/31/09 *


* When you purchase any Yakima cargo box before March 22, 2012

Registration opens at 6 a.m. for West Vancouver residents and everyone welcome at 8 a.m. This means that you only have three more days to research the activities, classes, lectures and trips you want to participate in for the next six months.


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Don’t worry if you haven’t picked up your Leisure Guide yet; we have nearly doubled the number of copies available in our facilities and across the North Shore to make sure we have a copy for you. Visit our website for a detailed list of our more than 25 pick-up locations.

A10 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012







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Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A11

Municipal affairs District of North Vancouver Regular council meeting, Monday, March 5, 7 p.m. Reports: ■ Financial plan public input. ■ Longboarding strategy. Special meeting of council, Tuesday, March 6, 5 p.m. ■ Financial plan deliberations. Council workshop, Tuesday March 6, 6 p.m. ■ Inflow and infiltration ■ Metro Vancouver Lions Gate Secondary Wastewater Treatment Plant.

City of North Vancouver Regular council meeting, Monday, March 5, 6 p.m. Delegations: ■ Philippine Arts & Culture Exposition Society. ■ Lower Lonsdale Business Association. ■ Presentation House Gallery. Reports: ■ Resident parking policy 300block East 14th Street. Motion and notices of motion: ■ Lack of employee parking at Lions Gate Hospital.

■ Moratorium on enforcement of secondary suite policy. ■ Community public art grant. ■ Council attendance at out of town conventions. ■ Surplus school district lands and properties. CityShaping workshop, Saturday, March 10, 1 p.m. 123 West 15th St. District of West Vancouver Regular council meeting, Monday, March 5, 7 p.m. ■ Proposed agreements for

purchase and sale: 1300-block of Marine Drive. ■ Updated data from council remuneration task force. ■ Five-year financial plan. North Vancouver School District 44 Finance and Facilities Standing Committee Meeting, Tuesday, March 6, 7 p.m. West Vancouver School District 45 Public board meeting, Tuesday, March 6, 7 p.m.

WVPD alarm response catches break-in suspect WEST Vancouver police arrested an alleged robber late on Monday after responding to a home alarm in the 3000-block of Spencer Drive.

“When they arrived on scene they confirmed it was a break and enter,” said WVPD Const. Lisa Schmidtke. After spotting a broken window in the home on Spencer Drive, police set up a roadblock and stopped a North Shore taxi leaving the area. The taxi’s passenger was allegedly in possession of stolen property that had been identified by the homeowners, as well as tools that could be used to break into a home, according

to police. Cesar Lopez, a 29-year-old male with no fixed address, is set to face charges of breaking and entering in North Vancouver provincial court on March 7. Police credited the arrest to the homeowner’s diligence in setting the alarm. “Responding to things like home alarms does help us proactively prevent crime,” Schmidtke said. “West Vancouver is a very safe community and it is safe due to . . . property owners being actively involved in keeping their own property safe.” — Jeremy Shepherd



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Building a brighter future in a stronger BC. These are challenging times in the global economy. But with BC’s enviable record of strong fiscal management, we can continue to make investments that matter to British Columbians while maintaining low taxes and controlled spending. This is exactly what Budget 2012 delivers. T PSD>.H<.B ,9SB%S* ,A> (.HW:( DH>.L 5%:( #EJ+ F%WW%AS %S HBB%:%ASHW ,9SB%S* FR CGE-IE+ T #-J& F%WW%AS H R.H> %S FWAD! ,9SB%S* ,A> <D(AAW B%<:>%D:<L ?W9< H /KR.H> #E)+ V%WW%AS O.H>S%S* PV?>A8.V.S: 49SB :A <9??A>: :.HD(.>< H%B%S* <:9B.S:< 5%:( <?.D%HW S..B< T =WVA<: #/ F%WW%AS %S S.5 DH?%:HW <?.SB%S* %S (A<?%:HW<L <D(AAW<L ?A<:K<.DASBH>R %S<:%:9:%AS<L >AHB<L HSB A:(.> %S,>H<:>9D:9>.

Budget 2012 also supports families and individuals. T 4HV%W%.< 5%WW F. HFW. :A DWH%V 9? :A #+GG ' ?.> D(%WBL ?.> D>.B%:L ?.> R.H> ' ,A> HSR .W%*%FW. <?A>:< A> H>:< ?>A*>HV T 0? :A #ELGGG H R.H> %S :H3 D>.B%:< ,A> <.S%A>< A> ,HV%WR V.VF.>< <(H>%S* H (AV.L :A (.W? DA8.> :(. DA<: A, >.SA8H:%AS< :(H: HWWA5 <.S%A>< :A <:HR %SB.?.SB.S: WAS*.> T = S.5 4%><:K1%V. N.5 QAV. ;9R.>U< ;AS9<L VH!%S* @><:K:%V. F9R.>< 5(A ?9>D(H<. S.5WR F9%W: (AV.< .W%*%FW. ,A> H ?.><ASHW %SDAV. :H3 D>.B%: A, 9? :A #EGLGGG T 67.D:%8. =?>%W EL CGECL :(. D9>>.S: Q21 >.FH:. :(>.<(AWB ,A> S.5 (AV. ?9>D(H<.< %SD>.H<.< :A #$+GLGGGJ M9>D(H<.>< 5%WW F. .W%*%FW. ,A> H ?>A8%SD%HW Q21 >.FH:. A, 9? :A #-CL+GG Budget 2012 keeps BC’s economy strong in the midst of uncertainty in the global economy.


British Columbia. Canada Starts Here.

2012/13 Expenditure Budget Totaling $43.87B 41%




Health 41% #E&J"&;

Social Services 9% #/J";

Education 27% #EEJ&);

All Other 23% #EGJC-;

For more details on Budget 2012, visit or

A12 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012


by Paul McGrath

Chartwell’s Multicultural Night and Feast of Nations

Jenny Chen

Cathy Palmer and Julie Car Representatives of the Chartwell school community presented their popular Multicultural Night and Feast of Nations at the West Vancouver elementary school Thursday. The many guests in attendance wore their national dress, sampled food from around the world and enjoyed a variety of other activities.

Heiner, Barbara and Heiko Weirich

Shabnam Taheri and Elham Rezaei

Erika, Aranis, Ashika and Ashok Das, consul general of India

Claire Haston and Pascale Arundeo

Sophia Holson and Corinne and Colette Beauvais

Roan, Tobin and Alexander Priatel

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

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Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A13




NEWS photo Paul McGrath

RUN4ACAUSE’S Sarah Jamieson is running six kilometres a day for 439 days in support of poverty-stricken women and girls. She plans to run 101 km on May 20 and invites community members to join her for all or a portion as part of the 2012 Walk In Her Shoes campaign.


Erin McPhee

Stepping stone

SARAH Jamieson just can’t help herself.

The 33-year-old North Vancouver movement and performance coach has an unquenchable desire to give back. Also, she continues to challenge herself, raising the bar and pushing herself further and further. Ten years ago, Jamieson set a 12-year goal to raise $1 million by her 35th birthday. Linking much of her philanthropic efforts with running, she called the quest RUN4ACAUSE and has since supported a variety of organizations. “We can really make large impacts with small amounts of money or small amounts

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Kam Filsoofi, OWNER

of effort,” she says. “And that’s been my goal with RUN4ACAUSE, is really using the power behind your talent, and mine just happens to be running, and so using that as a vehicle to raise awareness and raise support for organizations that are doing great work.” With two years to go, Jamieson has raised just shy of $800,000. One of the organizations she’s a strong supporter of is Care Canada, an international humanitarian organization fighting global poverty. Working in more than 80 countries, Care works in the areas of health, education, food security, clean water, economic opportunity, climate change and emergency response assistance.


See Campaign page 14

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A14 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012


Campaign marks women’s day From page 13

One of Care’s annual campaigns is Walk In Her Shoes, timed with International Women’s Day, marked March 8. In light of the fact that women in poor communities around the world are required to walk for hours every day to perform basic tasks to keep their family alive, participants are encouraged to likewise walk and raise funds that will help Care in its mission to empower poverty-stricken women and girls. For the last three years, Jamieson has organized Vancouver-area Walk In Her Shoes events and has continued to ramp up her support for the campaign. “The goal of Walk In Her Shoes is to challenge

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Canadians to walk six kilometres or 8,000 steps in someone else’s shoes,” she says. The first year, she organized a six-km walk and a film screening. Last year, in celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day, she endeavoured to run 100 km in one day and invited community members to join her for whatever leg they saw fit. She was honoured with a national top fundraiser award, having raised $4,500, which was partially matched by the Canadian International Development Agency. This year’s Walk In Her Shoes event is set for May 20. Jamieson plans to run 101 km and walkers/runners of all ages and fitness levels are invited to join her for all or a portion of the distance. “My goal now is each consecutive year to bring it up one kilometre and to hopefully get more people on board to do it as a relay,” she says. The route, divided into a number of districts, starts at 6 a.m. at North Vancouver’s North Shore Athletics and travels through Deep Cove, Edgemont Village, West Vancouver and Dundarave, Stanley Park, Kitsilano, UBC, and the Downtown Eastside, and ends around 9 p.m. at the Terry Fox memorial in Vancouver. “Terry Fox was my first inspiration for running when I was in Grade 4 so it means a lot to me to be able to finish the 101 km there as well to go through the Downtown Eastside and celebrate the missing women and to get the Downtown Eastside women networked out as well,” says Jamieson. She hopes to raise $20,000 and attract 100 participants. Those interested are encouraged to register through Care’s website, www., and join Jamieson’s team, “PB” & JAMS: RUN4ACAUSE — PB is an acronym for personal best — then choose which leg/legs they’d like to run and conduct fundraising. Jamieson plans to spend the next three months promoting the event, getting participants geared up for whatever distance they’re interested in completing and encouraging their fundraising efforts. She plans to hold film screening nights, and is available to speak to interested groups or schools who want to learn more about the campaign and Canada’s role in international development. She’s also looking to obtain additional corporate sponsors. Jamieson isn’t stopping there. In an impressive show of further commitment to the cause, last year on International Women’s Day she committed to running six km a day for 365 days. She’s missed a mere three days due to a case of food poisoning. Rather than complete the year March 8, in honour of the 2012 Walk In Her Shoes campaign, she’s decided to continue, finishing on May 20, totalling 439 days. “We tend to look at International Women’s Day as a celebration of how far we’ve come, but what I would like to do is focus on how far we still have to go,” she says. So far, Jamieson has tracked 3,170 km. Jamieson is also busy with TEDxKids@BC and is helping organize upcoming events April 5 at Science World and another in October. “If I can empower youth and empower kids to look beyond the scope of what they see in their own community or even look to help their own community, it’s well worth it,” she says. Jamieson credits two pivotal moments in her life with having inspired her interest in philanthropy and community activism. “The first one was in 2006 when I went to Sudan and really saw what poverty, conflict and famine can do to a country, but also, how much hope and opportunity there is,” she says. Jamieson was amazed by the street children she met and how


?%B :% ;B% .1%1":1%= =9AAB@= =#'B "B>@BB #A <B1@:%> 2#== ;<1; $1% 0B 1;;@:09;B" ;# '1%& $19=B= 1%" $#%":;:#%= #A ;<B ':""2B #@ :%%B@ B1@+ 3# !@#'#;B 1)1@B%B== #A 0B;;B@ <B1@:%> $1@B 1%" ;<B "B;B$;:#% #A <B1@:%> 2#==.2B1@ .<#:$B 4B1@:%> .2:%:$= .#''9%:;& ?9;@B1$< !@#>@1' := #AAB@:%> A@BB /9":#'B;@:$ 4B1@:%> 7$@BB%:%>+ 3<B=B 1@B A922 /9":#'B;@:$ 1==B=='B%;= #A <B1@:%> 2B8B2= 1%" =!BB$< ":=$@:':%1;:#%

=6:22=+ 3<B @B=92; ):22 "B;B@':%B :A ;<B@B := 1 <B1@:%> 2#==- ;<B ;&!B #A 2#== 1%" ;<B 2B8B2 #A :'!1:@'B%;+ 3<B ;B=; ):22 0B B(!21:%B" :% "B;1:2 1%" 1 2:=; #A #!;:#%= 1%" =9>>B=;:#%= A#@ ;<B '#=; BAAB$;:8B $#@@B$;:#%= ):22 0B !@#8:"B"+ 7<#92" 1 !#;B%;:12 'B":$12 $#'!2:$1;:#% 0B A#9%"+ 3<B @B=92;= ):22 0B A#@)1@"B" ;# &#9@ ,@ ):;< 1 @B!#@; #A *%":%>= B(!21:%:%> ;<B $#%$B@%+

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Tip a wee dram JAN Jones (left), Crystal Coverdale and Soheila Aghai invite the public to Tip a Wee Dram, a whisky tasting evening sponsored by Edgemont Fine Wines, Spirits & Ales in support of Team Hope’s participation in the Ride to Conquer Cancer benefitting B.C. Cancer Foundation. The fundraiser will be held March 15 at 6:30 p.m. at Vancouver’s Croation Cultural Centre. For tickets ($50), visit passionate they were about their life and what they desired to be when they grew up — doctors and teachers. They weren’t getting three meals a day and were homeless, yet had such hope for the future. Also, her mother, who struggled with bipolar disorder and alcohol addiction, passed away from suicide in 2008. “We really do have a moral responsibility to make this world a better place,” she says. “There should be no dichotomy or separation of what we coin ‘give’ versus ‘take.’ The natural cycle of life means a mutual respect for all, therefore ‘be the change’ is merely putting our moral responsibility into action. It’s a way of life — inclusion,” she adds. For more information, visit or the “PB” & JAMS: RUN4ACAUSE Facebook event page. For more information, contact Jamieson at

Bathing made CAPSULE comments easier Enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a warm bath again!

At the push of a button,the Aquatec Bath Lift lowers you safely and comfortably into the tub and raises you backup again.Easy to operate, Aquatec Bath Lifts are ideal for either personal/caregiver use at home or institutional use.

I' K;4 747:)-6 ? #)?9!<% O;77B 7;=) -;==;< 7K=:6;=7 ?9)P 5 21$6 #A =!BB$< $21@:;& 5 ":A*$92;& ):;< 01$6>@#9%" %#:=B

&")*- &'!%,) $)*-%#( &"%#%,+ $-%") -"# .*-*!"."-&

5 ":A*$92;:B= <B1@:%> #% ;<B !<#%B 5 ':==:%> 6B& )#@"= :% 1 =B%;B%$B 5 1=6:%> !B#!2B ;# @B!B1;

'*// &,%*3 &, (,,0 *- *++,1-&."-&2 .R>* H;<7+?O) 83)<4) F;96# 0?<-;43)9 $>(@QRR@R>.* *.. A &"& .$6# 169))6 /)76 0?<-;43)9 $>(@Q,,@$...


Unique safety features Therapeutic benefits of bathing ■ Therapist recommended ■ Ideal for travel and homecare applications ■ Adult or pediatric use. ■ Durable, portable, made in Germany ■

There are several types and models of Bath Lifts, but most are usually CHRIS FRIESEN ASSISTIVE TECHNOLOGY CONSULTANT designed for one person only and are powered either by a rechargeable battery or by water pressure. Generally, the user can transfer on to the lift while it is in the up position, swing their legs across the tub ledge, and lower themselves down into the soothing water waiting below. Portable bath lifts, the result of new technology, allow the user to bathe while on vacation or visiting family or friends.They are an excellent way to maintain a healthy and safe bathing routine.

R E N T • S A L E S • S E RV I C E • S I N C E 1973

Davies Home Healthcare

1401 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver 604-985-1481 •

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A15


Raindance Run: Runners of all abilities are invited to a run hosted by Mountain Equipment Co-op Sunday, March 4 at 10 a.m. Runners can choose a five-kilometre circuit through the Capilano-Highlands or 10kilometres on the Mosquito Creek trail. The runs start and finish at Handsworth secondary, 1044 Edgewood Rd., North Vancouver. Fee: $10. Registration:

Drs. McRoberts, Bowden and Associates New patients welcome

WE’RE MOVING! EFFECTIVE FEBRUARY 28TH “OPTOMEYES - West Vancouver is pleased to announce the renovation and relocation of their Eye Clinic.” It will be a larger facility with an advanced glaucoma and macular degeneration testing room. Optomeyes will have a larger eyeglass dispensary with a cutting edge eyeglass fabrication lab.

Second Annual Vancouver Bike Show: Western Canada’s largest cycling showcase will take place March 4, 10 a.m.-5 p.m. at Vancouver Convention Centre West, 1055 Canada Place, Vancouver. All the latest technology will be showcased from leading manufacturers and retailers in mountain and road bikes, commuters, electric, touring, BMX and more. There will also be gear, accessories, cycling fashions and biking events. Admission: $12/$10. Tickets: or at the door. Relay Information: The Easter Seals 24 Hour Relay is a community fundraising event taking place June 16-17 that challenges groups to relay for 24 hours to help send kids with disabilities to Easter Seals Camps. Find out what the event is all about and how to get involved at an information session Monday, March 5, 6:30 p.m. at the North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St. RSVP: or 604-873-1865. Info: Chi Kung for Inner Peace and Well-being: Learn ways to balance, strengthen and circulate your energy Wednesday, March 7, 7 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association. Admission by donation. Info: 604-9876959 or Zumba Fitness: Free classes will be offered every Friday from March 9 to 30 at 10 a.m. at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1110 Gladwin Dr., North Vancouver.

210-1555 Marine Dr West Vancouver 604 922 0413 •

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Summit seekers GOTTFRIED Grosser leads a group of racers near the start of the Snowshoe Grind Mountain Run, held Feb. 25 at Grouse Mountain. More than 80 participants tackled the 5.1-kilometre course. The top male and female finishers were Shaun Stephens-Whale (34:09) and Frances Crowley (43:10), respectively. To view more photos from this event, visit A variety of dance styles are incorporated into a one-hour cardio, core and full body workout. For more information, phone 604-971-3578.

— compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email information for your nonprofit, by donation or nominal fee event to

The Hottest Yoga 30 for


ONE WEEK UNLIMITED YOGA Plus HST. First timers only.

856 W 15th Street, North Vancouver •

604 904-YOGA



TRADESHOW Pinnacle Hotel

Wed., April 18th 12pm - 5:30pm

free admission EVENT SPONSOR

Serenity Now Sale 20 classes for $200

TheNorthShore’s LeadingHathaYogastudiospecializingindrop-inclasses forbeginners,inanon-intimidatingenvironment.Established2002.

301-972 marine drive, north vancouver (across from capilano mall) 604.929.YOGA (9642) •

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A16 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A17


Eldercollege and Suzuki Elders partner for series REPRESENTATIVES of the Suzuki Elders are gearing up to present a series of six weekly lectures on environmental issues to participants of Eldercollege at Capilano University, March 6 to April 10.

According to a written statement, the series, Issues & Ideas: Transitions — Back to the Future, will examine the challenges to our future wellbeing imposed by population growth, energy and resource use, climate change, and environmental and social alterations. Presenters with wideranging experience will delve into energy use, environmental sciences, medicine, communications, innovative technologies, economics, planning and education, interspersed with some musical storytelling and an interactive forum involving session attendees. The free sessions will be held Tuesdays from 10 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. at Capilano University, Library 322. Sessions include: Approaching The Limits, March 6; Energy In Transition: The

Hydrogenization Imperative, March 13; Technological Solutions — What Works, What Doesn’t, March 20; Rethinking our Relationship with Earth, March 27; Telling a Better Story, April 3; and,

Make an appointment to attend our

Diabetes & Your Nutrition Clinic

How Will We Get There From Here?, April 10 . To register, contact Hugh Millar at 604-924-1323 or Info: ce/eldercollege.

Bring Home Quality Care This 45-minute consultation with a London Drugs Certified Diabetes Educator will focus on providing nutritional information for people living with diabetes. The consultation will also include: A body composition analysis Advice on blood glucose monitoring, and diabetes management

'&*/-+0%1 40/,& " 2 ()0! . #3! %'4% 2#5<167" - /'3)(+')4//&

Full Complement of Nursing Services

'&*/-+0%1 40/,& ($ 2 ()0! . #3!






+,0 *6!8 9#$67 .#!:; - /'3)(%/)(/&/

1305 St. Georges, North Vancouver across from Lions Gate Hospital TEL: 604-985-6881 A N D


Please Note: A fee will apply. A blood sample may be required. Participants must be over the age of 16 years.

Hawaiian nights without leaving your home

Once you would have called it a resort. Now you call it home. At Amica, some of the best moments of your life lie ahead in a vibrant retirement community that surprises and delights at every turn. Here, you'll be pampered in an environment dedicated to wellness; inspiring an active lifestyle and individual happiness which is further enhanced by staff and amenities worthy of a 5-star resort. Amica: a wellspring for successful people whose goal is simply more.

Retirement that lives like a resort.


Make a move to enjoy the carefree lifestyle of Resort Retirement Living. Avenir communities offer both independent suites and optional assisted living services along with unmatched affordability and flexibility. Amenities abound, including first class service, meals prepared by award winning Red Seal Chefs, enriching social activities, wellness programs and much more. Our luxury communities and spacious deluxe suites are unrivaled anywhere in the retirement industry. Come discover what so many have already found, the perfect fit for their retirement living.

Call today to book your personal tour and complimentary lunch.


Live the retirement lifestyle you’ve worked your whole life to achieve!

All-inclusive lifestyle with three communities to serve you

Amica at West Vancouver A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence

659 Clyde Avenue West Vancouver, BC V7T 1C8

604.921.9181 •

2525 King George Blvd, S. Surrey 604.535.9194

2088 152nd Street, White Rock 604.538.2033

2245 Kelly Ave., Port Coquitlam 604.944.2341

A18 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

Celebrate the Body, Mind and Spirit at The Summerhill Tuesday, March 6

Wednesday, March 7

Thursday, March 8

10:00 Balance and Fall Prevention with Susan Rankin, BScPT & MHSc, and Cheryl Leia, BScPT



Chair Massages by Spa Utopia Academy


Zumba Gold â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Zesty music and easy to follow fitness moves designed for the older adult


Presentation by athletes from the BC Seniors Games


Nognx Brain Basics â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Learn about advances in Neuroscience and the five pillars of brain health Memory Games for Body, Balance and Brain

135 West 15th Street (off Lonsdale) North Vancouver 604.980.6525

BC Seniors Games Daily Door Prizes. To register, call 604.980.6525. Tours available.

Part of Pacific Arbour Retirement Communities

Where Good Things Come Together.

Move In This Summer


th a ran e o su et s es, outloo s and on thl rates, ou have the o ortun t to select our re erred su te toda I a ne the sunsets v e ed ro our nature su teson the th floor, or select one o the e r e a n n ar den su teson the nd and rd floor th alcon es s t us toda at our resentat on entre at ar ate lla e ho entre to v e our one edroo and den d s la su te


Independent Living in the Heart of Seymour 118 - 1151 Mt Seymour Road Parkgate Village Shopping Centre (close to Bean Around the World) Parkgate Village Shopping Centre

Cedar Springs Presentation Centre

604.986.3633 |

(close to Bean Around the World)

604.408.5811 |

Occupancy Summer 2012

A Natural Fit

women IN business

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A19

Get Dressed Delivers West Coast Style Erica Hughes owner of two Get Dressed Based on a simple concept- delivering superior stores on the North Shore has always had a products and service- today Get Dressed is passion for clothing. From the time her mother a premium fashion destination for discerning worked in fashion at Eatons, to guiding her shoppers. Knowing the lines they carry in detail customers with clothing choices today, this is the key. passion continues to drive “Buying within those lines Erica’s success. “With their is what distinguishes a great dedication to their “I always loved fashion and store from an average one. even in high school was up I buy every line personally customers and on the latest fashion trends. and the results speak for community, Get Mom always said you don’t themselves.” Dressed is a North have to have a lot of money Erica is also passionate about Shore original.” to look your best,” says Erica. her community. Raising her own family in “We raise funds and donate Deep Cove, Erica wanted to do something to North Shore schools and projects. Last year outside the home and in 2002, the Get at Seymour Golf and Country Club we raised Dressed concept was born. over $5,000 for the Lions Gate Paediatric ward.” “Get Dressed was established as a specialty With their dedication to their customers and women’s boutique clothing store delivering community, Get Dressed is a North Shore a West Coast ‘casual but current’ style. Since original. then, our reputation has spread well beyond the North Shore as a destination shop providing fabulous clothes and exceptional service.” ERICA HUGHES

North Shore Nort h re wo ho women omenn lead addding dinng the th way Female entrepreneurs are continuing to make their mark, and their trademark. A recent study commissioned by the National Women’s Business Council shows the percentage of trademarks granted to women has more than doubled in the past several decades.The study also found the number of patents awarded to women has significantly grown over the past several decades. A spokesperson for the organization says the topic of intellectual property is often considered an indicator of entrepreneurial activity. Female entrepreneurs, it seems, are still blazing trails in the areas of advertising and business, clothing, education and entertainment, and scientific and technological services and design. These were the top five industries that had the highest female participation in trademark activity, noted the report.

Westview Shopping Centre 742-2601 Westview Drive, NV 604.924.2633 Parkgate Shopping Centre 174-3650 Mt. Seymour Pkwy, NV 604.924.2600

The top categories for female-owned patents were chemistry, bio-affecting drugs, semiconductor device manufacturing and furnishings.

It takes ingenuity, intelligence and courage to pursue new ideas. Whether they pursue small business or big business opportunities, it is clear that women will continue to lead areas of business innovation. Every March 8, people the world over recognize what was originally known as International WorkingWomen’s Day. In recent years, March 8 has come to be known instead as InternationalWomen’s Day. This day to celebrate all women celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2011.

Let’s make March 8, 2012, the beginning of another 100 wonderful years of women in the workforce as leaders, innovators and entrepreneurs.

If there’s one truism that applies to Dr. Shehla, it’s that she’s a hard woman to pin down. Whether it’s operating two successful North Shore skin care clinics, practicing family medicine or climbing mountains for charity pursuits, she’s constantly running the risk of spreading herself too thin — but she wouldn’t have it any other way. “Sometimes I feel like I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, but the saving grace is that I’m thoroughly enjoying it,” she says, and laughs.

treats patients with chronic skin conditions such as acne, eczema or psoriasis and rosacea, services that are covered by the B.C. Medical Services Plan with the referral of a doctor.

“I’m where I am today because I have an incredible team”.

It’s been only eight months since Ebrahim opened the doors of Ambleside Dermedics Health Centre in WestVancouver, building on the success of her sister clinic,Afterglow Medical Aesthetics and Skin Care in NorthVancouver.

But whereas Afterglow’s focus is and remains solely cosmetic aesthetics — laser and light therapies, Botox and fillers — the Ambleside location also offers a host of wellness programs and general dermatology services as well. Having recently completed her diploma in Dermatology,Ambleside Dermedics

“Sometimes dermatological wait times are so long, so it’s been a very good addition to my practice. I feel like I’m able to provide effective health care to my community in a timely and positive way,” says Ebrahim.

On the cosmetic side of the coin,Ambleside Dermedics is one of the only practices in the Lower Mainland to offer Selphyl treatments — or what has been commonly referred to as the “Vampire” face lift in mainstream media. The procedure involves running the patient’s own blood through a centrifuge to separate platelets and growth factors from the red blood cells and then injecting those platelets back into the patient to help stimulate the body’s natural collagen production process. Ambleside Dermedics is also the only clinic on the North Shore to

offer Ultherapy — a novel ultrasound procedure that lifts and tightens the neck, jaw line and brow without any invasive surgery. Ebrahim attributes her success in business to equal parts ambition, passion and plain, old-fashioned elbow grease, but she is also quick to dole out credit to the quality staff she surrounds herself with at both her North Shore clinics. “I’m where I am today because I have an incredible team.We are like a big happy family and my success has come because they believe in my vision and help me achieve it,” says Ebrahim. She also realizes that the example she’s setting is a doubly important one — not only can she stand as an inspiration for other women, but also immigrants in the bargain. As a result, she’s quick to give thanks — and give back. One of her mandates at both North Shore clinics is to donate a portion of all her profits to Opportunity International, a charity organization that helps women in underprivileged countries to establish their own businesses through micro finance loans. DR. SHEHLA EBRAHIM MD, CCFP, DPD.


(Diploma In Dermatology)

Suite 22 - 285 17th Street,WestVancouver 604.925.DERM (3376) www.amblesidedermedics .com

Ebrahim is also currently training for an August climb on the slopes of K2 as part of a humanitarian effort to raise money for a girls school in Northern Pakistan. Previously, she participated in charity climbing treks to Everest base camp and the summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro. “I feel so fortunate and grateful that Canada has given me this opportunity to become who I am today,” she says.“If I was living in a third-world country none of this would have been possible. It’s a tremendous gift.”

A20 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

women IN business

Teaching Dance, Making Memories Sonia Ellis, Royal Academy of Dance instructor and Seymour Dance Studio owner, has been teaching since 1991. Sonia provides a family-friendly, positive environment as she believes that everyone should have the opportunity to dance. Sonia is an award winning choreographer in many styles including ballet, jazz, and lyrical. Her students have had a 100% success rate in Royal Academy of Dance examinations. Sonia employs instructors who have the same passion for dance.Whether your child wants to just have fun or get into competitive classes, there is something for all interests. SONIA ELLIS

808 Lytton Road, NorthVancouver Located near Ron Andrews Rec Centre 604.929.6060

North Shore Nort hho women omenn leaaadi ading dingg the way

Offering More Than Just Numbers

I make downsizing... easy

Loren, Nancke & Company, CGA’s are a team of 24 that excel in providing accounting and income tax services to individuals and businesses. They deliver strategic accounting solutions by thinking outside the box and help clients understand complex tax issues in plain language.As every client requires a different mix of solutions, the team takes the time to get to know each client to fully understand what is needed and how to best meet those needs without compromising effective tax planning.

As a North Shore Realtor, I am fully trained and have a wealth of experience working with clients over 55. I have all the resources available to handle any situation you may face including what to do with 30 years worth of stuff in your basement, how to handle unwanted furniture, communicating with your family and dealing with banks and lawyers. I take the time to listen and gather information to help assess your needs, your timing and your options. Use my QR code to view testimonials and my recent video! I also make sure that your next home is the perfect place for you. When you work with me, I make it easy. Call me today for your complimentary seniors consultation.



102–1999 Marine Drive, NorthVancouver 604.904.3807

CREST REALTY C 604.803.4280 T 604.988.8000

On your side when ICBC is not

Traditional representation is court-based Unlike many law firms, we never act for with little attention to the real needs ICBC. I act with your best interest in I am an experienced personal injury of each client. I look at your needs in mind without conflicting loyalties. lawyer providing legal services to order to match you with the health persons who have been injured in a I believe in personal service. It is never care professional that is best suited for motor vehicle accident. too late to make an appointment with your situation.The number one priority me. I return your calls and give you I take pride in fully informing my clients for you should be to speed healing and personal feedback. If you are too injured of the benefits available recovery – that way, we to make the trip to one of our offices, to them after an accident. all win.While I will not “I take pride in I will come to the hospital or to your I strive to maximize their hesitate to fight for you, home. fully informing physical and financial my overriding concern recovery. my clients of the is with law as a healing Our mission at Lawyers West LLP is to profession. provide you with total client support. benefits available I provide free consultations No matter what happens in your case, by phone or in person to to them after an PERSONAL SERVICE we want you to know that you have a assist you. I am only paid accident.” Have you ever been strong and capable team on your side fees when you are paid. injured in an accident who cares about you.With our help, Personal service and a before? Did you retain a you can transform your legal problems holistic approach to helping my clients is lawyer to represent you in your injury into opportunities for personal growth my trademark. case? Were you able to talk and positive change.You HOLISTIC APPROACH to your lawyer when you can move on with your needed to? Were you kept life, sleep better and heal Injured clients often need more than “I act with your in the loop? Were you able from your injuries. just legal representation.They need crisis best interest in counseling, therapy, treatment, assistance to consult with your lawyer We are only a phone more than once or twice? If mind without in home care and a host of other call away… services. Many people require a different not, you may have retained conflicting a lawyer in a “factory firm” kind of advocate, one who will fight for loyalties.” where numbers are more them on a number of fronts, not just in important than people. the courtroom. ABOUT ME

Harbourside Corporate Centre 405-850 Harbourside Dr, NorthVancouver | 778.383.1937 |


Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A21

A family tradition of healing Feng Li comes by her love ofTraditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) honestly. It was her grandfather, a Chinese doctor who specialized in dermatology, and her grandmother, an obstetrician, who inspired Li to pursue a career in the ancient art ofTraditional Chinese Medicine.

Last year Li took over the Natural Healing and Acupuncture Centre, which has been a fixture at the Park andTilford Shopping Centre in NorthVancouver for more than 20 years.

Before taking over that operation, she was the driving force and namesake behind Feng Li Acupuncture and Acupuncture and Natural TCM can serve Healing in White Rock, a business she launched as viable health 17 years ago and still solutions for a continues to practice out host of common of today. She currently medical ailments splits her time between both locations.

Li graduated from Nanjing Medical University in her native China in 1988 and practiced as a physician there before immigrating to Canada in 1994. She has been practicingTraditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture here in the Lower Mainland ever since.

Li says one of the things she appreciates most about practicing medicine in Canada is the freedom she is able to enjoy here. It’s something she never takes for granted. “I’m very thankful and appreciative for the opportunities I have here. I really enjoy working here in Canada. It’s very friendly,” she says.

Li, a registered member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of B.C., is a firm believer in providing timely, friendly, calming and one-on-one care to all of her patients. Much likeTCM itself, Li believes in treating the entire mind, spirit and body — not just the physical symptoms of any given condition. It’s a holistic mindset that can be used to improve the health and wellbeing of patients of all ages.

Acupuncture andTCM can serve as viable health solutions for a host of common medical ailments such as skin conditions like acne, rosacea and eczema, allergies and asthma, fatigue and insomnia, migraines and arthritis.As well, Li and her staff are skilled in employing integrated Western andTCM therapies to help patients deal effectively with stress, anxiety and depression, promote smoking cessation and weight loss as well as facial rejuvenation through cosmetic acupuncture.

Li works side by side at the North Vancouver location with Dr. Katelyn Chen, who graduated as a doctor ofTCM from ShanghaiTraditional Medical School in 1995 and specializes in treating women’s health and hormonal issues, digestive problems and skin conditions.

The Natural Healing and Acupuncture Centre also offersTui Na (Chinese Massage) and Qi Gong (life energy balance) therapies as well as a wide variety of herbal and nutritional supplements. “We can help all of our clients to get happier and healthier here,” says Li. “There are many things that we treat which relate to emotional health, and we also try to help our patients make positive lifestyle choices as well.”

The Natural Healing and Acupuncture Centre Park andTilford Shopping Centre 755-333 Brooksbank Ave.nue, NorthVancouver Open Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm

FENG LI Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

Holly Back celebrates her career & community connections Holly Back is a bona fide example of what women can achieve when they employ hard work, perseverance and a little gumption. After leaving her teaching job at a local high school in 1998, Back took a deep breath, rolled up her sleeves and embarked on a whole new career, launching what turned out to be a wildly successful salon and hairdressing school.

“At one time I was a single mom with two kids and a full-time job,” she says. “There’s nothing as difficult as that. My life now is fantastic.” It is easy to give back to my family and my community they have given me so much. She realizes that she has forged a unique platform from which she can also serve to inspire other women.

“I try to teach other “Making Today, Holly’s Salons women, be proud of who and Schools can boast of you are and what you do,” a difference thousands of repeat clients she says. for women.” and a wall full of business Back says that Canadian excellence awards.As well her women are in a truly unique boutique style school is proud position by virtue of living to say they have graduated in such a progressive part of the world hundreds of students which many of where they are free to pursue personal them have become top stylists within the and business success. It’s a lesson she’s hairdressing industry. quick to impart to her students. Back has also made charity work a Back says,” We have a very multicultural large part of her daily routine and also staff representing at least 10 countries. encourages her staff and students alike to Our backroom conversations are very donate their time and efforts to a host of interesting with a multitude of subjects” worthwhile fundraisers. Back says “Giving back to your community needs to be a Back is very much an advocate for part of your everyday life”. women, and especially women in business.

Holly’s Salons & Schools

She has done several public speaking engagements on this very subject. Back says Holly’s Salon’s and School’s is not her first nor her last challenge at business. Her entrepreneurial spirit has a few more projects in the works. She has done several interior design and renovations using her creative mind of colour and design, who knows where this might take her next. She has also done a term in local politics as school trustee and is still very much interested in the politics of our community. But for right now, she remains committed to the continued success of her salon and school, and to the staff she’s come to regard as family. And while Back has been featured in newspapers and magazines like Chatelaine’s, she’s about to make the leap to the small screen — on March 8 she and her husband Dennis and sons Jordan and Mitch will be featured in an episode of the Food Network Canada’s Family Cook Off program.

140 East 14th Street, NorthVancouver 604.904.9141


A22 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

Dollarton’s Women in Business exceptional customer service…with flare Shawna Conrad, a North Vancouver resident and owner of the Bone and Biscuit Co. is new to Dollarton Village and is thrilled to be a part of this fantastic community. Shawna offers a common sense approach to feeding a natural dry or raw diet and believes wholeheartedly that the cornerstone to good health is nutrition. The store carries a selection of raw foods as well as their very own bakery! Many products are made locally. Grooming services coming soon.

As a resident of Deep Cove,Perienne Sadler opened Cove Fine Foods in 2011 to bring quality food made from fresh,whole ingredients to our community.Whether it is dine in,take out,or catering,Cove Fine Foods is dedicated to making the best quality breakfast,lunch, and dinner,7 days aweek,for our beautiful community. A vast selection of marinated natural meats,daily lunch and dinner specials,and a large selection of Terra Breads baked fresh daily,Cove Fine Foods is a one stop shop! Connect with Cove Fine Foods on the web,Facebook (Cove Fine Foods) or Twitter (@CoveFineFoods) for daily specials,offers,and menu’s.

Bone and Biscuit Company | 604.988.PAWS

Cove Fine Foods | 778.340.1919 Cathy Marlatt’s Cove Health Vitamins is successfully completing its’ 4th year of courteous and friendly service. After raising her two daughters in the community, Cathy was able to fulfill her dream of opening a health business. With the valuable help of friends and local contractors, this store was built. That was the hard part. The easy part was building a loyal and consistent client base. For two years in a row, customers voted Cove Health Vitamins the best on the North Shore! It has been Cathy’s honour to serve the customers of this community.

Dr. Nasim Mitha graduated from UBC and lives near her practice, which has been aesthetically designed for patient comfort. She enjoys practicing in the Deep Cove community, and the friendly atmosphere of businesses in Dollarton Village. Dr. Mitha understands the special requirements of family dentistry, and has a special interest in orthodontics, particularly for children. Clinical excellence and patient satisfaction are her practice hallmarks. She takes pride in her team, which is ever-ready to greet you with a smile.

Cove Health | 604.929.1979

Dollarton Dental | 604.929.1626

Mention manicures, pedicures, facials, make-up or any of the finishing touches in between and the North Shore’s own Fruition Day Spa is sure to be part of the conversation. With a 11 year history of serving her community and numerous NSN nominations, awards and local recognition Laura Gobbo, owner, has established and fostered a real sense of community among her clients. Connect with the Fruition Day Spa community on Twitter (@fruitiondayspa) or on Facebook (Fruition Day Spa North Van) for the latest news and exclusive offers.

A physiotherapist for 25 years, Paige Larson is founder and owner of North Shore Sports Medicine Clinics. Her team of physiotherapists, massage therapists, acupuncturists, and Pilates instructors share her goal of providing patients with the finest, award-winning care. That dedication has led to thousands of satisfied patients, as well as expansion, as their Winter Club clinic recently moved to the larger, more easily accessible location of 340 Brooksbank, across from Park and Tilford mall. North Shore Sports Medicine | 604.929.8444

Fruition Day Spa | 604.904.8808

Meet Lindsay Witham a RBC Mobile Mortgage Specialist for the North Shore area. I am very passionate about the Dollarton/ Deep Cove neighborhood as I have lived and worked here for 17 years and volunteer at my children’s school Dorothy Lynas. I truly believe this neighbourhood is one of the hidden treasures of the globe. My flexibility of being a RBC Mobile Mortgage Specialist makes it easy to do business with me, anytime 24/7. Call me today to review your mortgage options. Spending a few minutes with me now can save you thousands of dollars later….. Lindsay Witham • RBC Mobile Mortgage Specialist | 604.838.1059

Dollarton Village by the sea

489 Dollarton Highway, North Vancouver

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A23


Fresh Tap means fresh wines

WHEN it comes to offering wines by the glass, Vancouver has long been at the cutting edge.

In fact, few other cities can boast the selection available here; it’s turned us into a pretty choosy bunch. Put it down to tougher drinking driving laws (or maybe our uber-discerning palates) but most of us are more likely to order a glass of wine to go with a specific dish rather a bottle for the entire meal. However, sometimes ordering by the glass can be a crapshoot. After all, who knows how long that bottle of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc might have been open and sitting there? One night? Two? Fact is you don’t. And in some cases the server doesn’t either. If Mike Macquisten and Steve Thorp — the young entrepreneurs behind Vancouver Urban Winery — get their way, we’ll be drinking a whole lot more

Notable Potables Tim Pawsey

wine from kegs, and in the pretty near future. You can already check out their Fresh Tap keg wines at Vancouver’s Edible Canada at the Market, which has two Nichol Vineyard Naramata wines (Nichol’s Gewurz is a slam dunk with a couple of dishes). Fairmont Hotel Vancouver will shortly be offering Blasted Church Hatfield’s Fuse for banquets, and possibly more. Not only do the drops (which come from a 19.5-litre stainless keg) taste perfect

but the wine tastes exactly it did when the winemaker last set eyes on it. It has to pass a thorough check by the company’s staff winemaker before being kegged from the bulk shipment. Macquisten and Thorp rightly figured if beer can be sold on tap, then why not wine? They went looking for clues in Europe (where wine’s been sold on tap for years) and south of the border, where it’s just beginning to catch on in cities such as San Francisco, Denver and Las Vegas, not to mention New York. Aside from keeping the

wine far fresher than in bottle (because the kegs are nitrogen filled), there are also plenty of other advantages ranging from lower product cost to less freight, breakage and, of course, spoilage. What will be really interesting will be to see who passes the savings onto the customer — and who doesn’t. In the meantime Fresh Tap also has its own brand of imported regional wines, named “Nice Catch.” First out of the gate is a very drinkable Kiwi Sauv Blanc, with a Mendoza Malbec (Argentina) expected soon.

The pair are also planning a retail store — and the spacious, character building is already in demand as a function room. (55 Dunlevy Ave., 604-566-9463) While Fresh Tap’s a no-brainer for Casual Fine Dining chains, for whom high volume, keg budget wines are an obvious choice, Macquisten and Thorp are also setting their sights a lot higher. They’re in negotiation with at least one premium producer and there may be more. However, with our thirst for affordable wines, there’s no question that most of the keg product will be at the lower end. The arrival of well made, economical bulk regional wines from overseas also has broad implications for

highly contentious Cellared in Canada products, which will finally get some much needed competition. So next time you’re dining out, if someone asks if you’d like a glass of keg wine, don’t be a snob: give it a try! You might just be surprised; and you’ll be drinking a far more sustainable product than its bottled cousin. ••• Belly’s Budget Best ■ Fiano del Salento Pietrariccia Surani IGT 2009. Here’s an early budget scoop from wine fest that’s perfect for spring sipping and straight-ahead seafood. Crisp, clean, floral, citrus and mineral toned Fiano, from Italia’s “heel.” Just look for ‘Surani” — BCLS $15.99.

the lobby FOOD + DRINK

Settle in Seaside to Sip + Savour CELEBRATE AFFORDABLE INDULGENCE Enjoy a special selection from our hand picked wine list and share a fresh perspective on West Coast dining. Wine Wednesdays Every week enjoy all bottles on our wine list

Three Course Dinner Featuring the freshest local ingredients. Available nightly.

30% off

$32 per person




Celebrate March with $10 Spaghetti

Five great spaghetti dishes for $10 each

Thanks to the amazing generosity of our guests and staff in January we raised $42,000 to fight cancer! Total raised since 2008: $151,000

Available for DINNER Sunday-Thursday & LUNCH Monday-Friday

Call for reservations today

2222 Marine Drive, West Vancouver • 604 922-8333 •

A24 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012


MARY-LISA Guns stops in front of the Saigon Opera House while visiting Vietnam.

ANTONIO and Stefano Benzan stop to check out the News with El Capitan, a well-known vertical rock formation in Yosemite National Park, looming in the background. A group of Argyle, Carson and Handsworth secondary students get together in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa during a trip to Italy.

ERIK, Markus, Amanda and Ed Nieweler show the view from their hotel room deck looking out onto Sant Miguel Bay in Ibiza, Spain.

JANINE and Ann Thur explore the Aletsch Glacier, the largest glacier in the Swiss Alps.

MARIA, Sophie, Denis and Charlotte Power take a winding cliffside walkway in Manarola, a perched village in Cinque Terre, Italy.

BARBARA Barbour, Gail Kalmar, Judi Sorensen and Christine Taylor share a cooking class in Vaison-laRomaine, Provence, France.

ED Kry visits the famous Cristo Redentor statue on the top of Corcovado mountain in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

BILL Murray takes the North Shore News to Stonehenge during a retirement tour of Britain.

Going on a trip? Take the North Shore News with you and weâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll try to publish your high-resolution photo in our News Around the World feature (there is no guarantee photos will be published). Due to the amount of photos received for News Around the World, it may take several weeks for your photo to appear in the paper. Take a photo of yourself (keep close to the camera, but with the background still in view) in a location outside the province holding a copy of the News, with a scenic background that distinguishes the location. Send it to us with the ďŹ rst and last name of everyone featured in the photo, along with your phone number and a description of where the photo was taken. Send your submission to Rosalind Duane by email only to

JOANNE Waddington takes the paper to the top of Diamond Head mountain in Waikiki, Hawaii.

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A25



The Way of St. James: The Camino Trail (Spanish: El Camino de Santiago) is the pilgrimage route to the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in northwestern Spain, where tradition has it that the remains of the apostle Saint James are buried. The route to Santiago de Compostela was a Roman trade route, nicknamed the Milky Way by travellers, as it followed the Milky Way to the Atlantic Ocean. — Wikipedia

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NORTH Shore residents Joyce and Evan Llewellyn hiked the 1,600 kilometre Camino Trail through France and Spain to Santiago de Compostela and documented their epic journey: (Top photo left) three markers point the way of St. James; (top photo right) Spanish statue of St. James; (lower photo left) Evan Llewellyn hiking on a trail in Spain; (lower photo right) a view of the Pyrenees.


The road to Santiago

Joyce Thierry Llewellyn Contributing Writer

THERE are three questions hikers and pilgrims ask each other when walking the 1,600 kilometre Santiago de Compostela, or Camino, pilgrimage trail. Where are you from? How far have you walked? How are your feet? A fourth question, “Why?” usually only comes after you’ve shared a bottle (or two) of wine at a crowded table, the exhaustion of the day almost forgotten in the well-being of a full stomach and the camaraderie around you. The Camino is a 1,000-year-old pilgrimage trail with different starting points all over Europe. The end result is the same though — the Cathedral in Santiago, Spain, where the bones of the apostle Saint James are supposedly buried. Along the way, you’ll get many opportunities to ask yourself, “Why?” My husband, Evan, and I found it took hiking up hills in the rain on slippery stone paths, trudging along ancient Roman roads in 38 C temperatures, or trying to find our beds in a

room of 50 snoring new friends to even begin to comprehend why anyone would do such a physically demanding holiday. We began our Camino in the medieval French town of Le Puy-en-Velay, one of the original starting points. Our plan was to walk 20 to 25 kilometres a day, which would get us across France, over the Pyrenee Mountains, and into Santiago, near the west coast of Spain, in 10 weeks, each of us carrying a small backpack filled with the bare minimum of clothes and toiletries. Before leaving Le Puy, we attended the 7 a.m. pilgrim’s Mass and blessing in the Cathedral of Notre Dame. One of the priests officiating took off his cassock at the end of the service, revealing jeans and a white shirt and promptly announced he too was walking the Camino. We heard he was taking his “petite Canadienne” with him. It turns out in France a “little Canadian” refers to a pup tent. (We also discovered the rolling cattle grids used to stop cows from crossing from one field into another are called “passage Canadien.”) Did I train? A bit, but I just assumed the first week would be a tough slog. It See Hikers page 26

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Hikers tackle the route for many reasons

From page 25

actually took nine days of throbbing legs and aching feet before my body got into the Camino rhythm. What I hadn’t realized was that my feet would be sore at the end of every day of our trip. When we live an urban life, our feet aren’t in shape to take pounding, climbing, sliding, and stumbling up — and down — mountains, through rocky stream beds, and on long stretches of stone or asphalt roads for six to eight hours a day, week after week, for two and a half months. The people we met along the way fit into one of two categories. “Hikers” were on the trail for a variety of secular reasons. Two Irish couples were celebrating both retirement and a 60th birthday. Romanian judge Dana needed a break from her very stressful job. A young man from Austria had just finished his compulsory military training and wanted a cheap holiday before attending university. “Pilgrims,” on the other hand, walked with religious intent, hoping to have a spiritual experience, or find relief from grief, or to give thanks for no longer being ill. In France, we spent an average of 10 to 13 euros a night for a bed in a small hostel with clean sheets along with a three to five course dinner and breakfast. Spain was cheaper at five to nine euros a night but that was only for the bunk bed in a room that might hold 60 or more people — there was no food, rarely clean sheets, and, occasionally, no toilet paper. I started keeping track of the “Best” and “Worst” daily moments in my journal after experiencing both at the same time on Day 10. We walked 28 kilometres that day. Late in the afternoon we found ourselves at the bottom of yet another hill, with Brigitte’s hostel located at the top in the tiny village of Saint Roch. I was exhausted. My feet ached and burned. I stumbled up the steep road, cursing France and demanding to know why Evan ever had such a stupid idea as this trip in the first place. Brigitte, with wild frizzy hair and gypsy clothes, took one look at me, gently patted my hand, and led me inside. She gave me a brandy snifter full of warm Anise tea along with a chipped plate filled with a huge slab of homemade chocolate cake. (Using a brandy snifter for tea was the kind of thing that happened in Brigitte’s leaking, welcoming old house.) She had walked the Camino several years ago in an emotional turmoil after her husband left her for another woman. She felt so at peace by the time she reached Santiago she decided she would dedicate her

hostel, the newly renovated Refugio can hold more than 200 pilgrims when necessary. Days later, we entered Pamplona as the city was preparing for the seven-day festival of San Fermin — the running of the bulls. Along with happy, drunken crowds, the busy streets were made even more claustrophobic by wooden barricades erected to direct the bulls into the town’s bullring. We moved from bar to bar, never eating the same tapas twice and drinking chilled white wine that cost a little more than a dollar a glass. In Granon, we experienced the typical best of the Camino. In this tiny village, Father Luis never turns anyone away. Although his church floor and attic has space for 35 pilgrims, many more turned up when we were there. Evan and I were part of the overflow and given mats then directed into the winter chapel. Father Luis and his helpers tripled the Sangria recipe and literally put more potatoes in the stew. Sixty-one of us crammed into the main room on chairs, benches, and upturned boxes for a delicious communal meal. That was one of many moments that helped me realize why people walk the Camino two, three, and more times. The next big challenge was the Meseta, an eight-day desert hike between Burgos and Leon. Day after day you put one foot in front of the other across flat, dusty, arid land. Guide books describe this section as having driven people mad and the scary stories resulted in some hikers taking the bus to avoid it. Evan and I found it hot, dry, and treeless but all I can say is that anyone who complained about it has never been to Saskatchewan in July. We finally arrived in Santiago 70 days and 1,600 kilometres later. Evan and I were in a daze. This was it? It was over? Now what? Unlike the medieval pilgrims, we didn’t have to turn around and head back the way we had come, but we both felt the need to end our journey with some sort of ritual. After attending the pilgrim’s mass in the Santiago Cathedral, I took a bus to Cape Finesterre on the coast. Purist Evan insisted on walking those extra 100 kilometres. It was only when my tired and painful bare feet sank into Finesterre’s sandy beach and were covered by a cold Atlantic Ocean wave that I felt our walk was over. We’re still trying to sort out our experiences. The Camino was a challenge for us as a couple and for our bodies, but we returned having lost weight and with our feet, knees, and marriage intact. If any of you have considered the possibility of walking this ancient pilgrimage trail, I’d say “Do it!” Don’t worry about “why.” You’ll find that answer along the way.

life to helping other pilgrims. She returned home, sold most of her things, bought a house in this village, and outfitted one room with five beds for pilgrims’ use only. Everything was by donation and communally shared. Our meal consisted of a soup made from dandelions and thistles that she yanked out of her garden, along with the most delicious vegetarian galette I’ve ever eaten. And more chocolate cake. Every day brought new experiences. We arrived in Espeyrac soaking wet after walking hours in the rain only to discover the community gite (hostel) no longer served meals. The grocer had recently died and the only store in town was closed so we set out what food we had: a piece of farmer’s cheese, part of a very tough sausage, a chunk of three-day old baguette, and a sliver of dark chocolate. On the Camino, you acquire an appreciation for food. Bits and pieces can become a gourmet meal when you’re hungry. Day after day we walked through golden wheat fields, between long rows of grapevines, or alongside thousands of yellow sunflowers visible as far as the eye could see. Some paths lead us on misty wooded trails that had sunk below ground level, worn down by millions of feet over 1,000 years. The down side is that day after day of walking many of the hours in silence gives your brain lots of time to chatter, to dig up moments of unfairness or joy, and to re-experience intense memories. There is nothing like climbing mountain trails in thunderstorms and trudging on deserts in sweltering heat to have each day consist of a roller-coaster of joy, despair, tears, awe, pain, and laughter. On our fourth week, we turned a corner on a high country road and saw the Pyrenee Mountains in the distance for the first time. It was an emotional moment; we were now almost half way to Santiago. The next big town was St. Jean Pied-de-Port, located at the base of the Pyrenees. It is also the beginning for many pilgrims and hikers. I had been worried about the Pyrenees and was relieved to find that although it was physically challenging, the fact we had already hiked 760 kilometres meant we were in good shape and could enjoy striding through wild grass-covered mountain meadows and looking down into the valleys below. We passed herds of free-ranging horses, flocks of sheep, a goat in labour, and eagles flying parallel to us. Arriving in Roncesvalles, Spain, on the other side of the mountain range, was a shock: a different language, different food, and instead of a 10-person

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THIS WEEK IN WHISTLER Special Advertising Feature

Whistler Sabbatical Project winner becomes daydream believer This winter, The Whistler Sabbatical Project, set out to find people who were willing to unplug from their lives for a month to experience an all-expenses-paid, trip-of-a-lifetime to Whistler.








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Thousands said yes. One won. For London, England’s Luke Dillon, the idea of skiing the world-renowned slopes of Whistler and enjoying the ultimate bucket list of local experiences is no longer a daydream. Dillon, a 23-year-old recent university graduate working in the events industry, is the grand prizewinner of the Whistler Sabbatical Project. “My desire to ski is hard to suppress,” Dillon wrote in his contest essay. “But I’m not long out of uni (university), living and working in London, so it’s currently filed under ‘daydreams’.” Dillon visits Whistler this season to enjoy an all-expensespaid, month-long stay - including air and ground transportation, accommodation, lift tickets and equipment, a salary and he gets to take part in up to 15 unique Whistler experiences. “A month is so much longer than I have ever had to ski before,” Dillon said. “It will be amazing to get that time and learn off the people I ski with and the people I meet.” “This is brilliant,” Dillon said, still a bit a-flutter with the news. “I’m really all… excited!” It isn’t only Dillon who has received great news. All runners up for The Whistler Sabbatical Project automatically qualify for the Fan Choice Award. The finalist with the most fan votes will

Biathlon: Indulge your inner sniper It’s minus 18˚Celsius and I have to be careful handling the gun — any moisture on my finger and it will freeze to the metal trigger.

Five grapefruit-sized targets sit 50 snow-flurried metres away. Channeling my inner sniper; I exhale, squeeze the trigger and… Bang! A solid miss. That would mean skiing a penalty lap in a real biathlon, but up here at the Whistler Olympic Park (WOP) things are a bit more lenient. “Take your time,” said Steven Murray, coach, rifle safety instructor and giver of moral support. Murray also helps facilitate WOP’s public programs, which offer anyone a chance to don some skate skis and try their luck skiing and shooting on the same range that saw Olympic glory and drama at the 2010 Winter Games. Biathlon (derived from Greek, meaning “two tests,”) originated in the Scandinavian military—they’d endurance-train on cross-country skis and then practice their marksmanship. Not an easy task. Using the .22 calibre, Russian-made regulation biathlon rifle, I shoot two of five targets on my first round while Allie, a

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win the Fan Choice Award, and voters will receive one entry toward the Voters’ prize each time a vote is cast. The Fan Choice Award winner and the Voter prize winner will each receive roundtrip coach air transportation; ground transfer from Vancouver International Airport to Whistler, five nights’ accommodation, two three-day lift passes for Whistler Blackcomb, one three-hour snowmobile tour for two, one Earn Your Turns tour for two and one $200 gift certificate from the Escape Route retail store in Whistler. The winner of the Voters’ prize will be randomly selected from all votes received, so the more votes cast, the more chances there are to win. (One vote per day). Voting takes place from February 20 – March 12, 2012. Votes are collected by going to and clicking on the Fan Choice Award banner. You will need to click “Likes” and log into Facebook to be able to vote. Once in, select the Fan Choice Award and follow the voting steps from there.


local fitness instructor trying the sport because “skate skiing is supposed to be a great butt workout”, hits all five targets in a row. Then we race. Real biathletes will ski up to 20km and shoot at four sets of targets. We manage to chicken-foot a few ungraceful laps around the penalty loop to ward off the freezing cold before taking to the guns again. The snow-rimmed evergreen beauty of the Callaghan Valley blurs out of focus as I fight to steady my breathing and draw a perfectly concentric vision of target and sight. The Olympic rings stand vanguard over everything, a reminder of the glory and dreams won in this very spot. I shoot five-for-five. So does Allie, but about 15 seconds faster. She wins, but we both get a nice butt workout. This weekend, March 2-4, the Stride and Glide Sports BC Biathlon Championships are being held at WOP. If you have ever wondered about this seemingly strange sport, and would like to find out how it is done right, check out the event details at By Feet Banks

Festivals & Events March Family Month March 1 – 31, 2012 BC Cup Biathlon Championships March 3 – 4, 2012 Skating at Whistler Olympic Plaza Daily until March 29 Fire and Ice Show Every Sunday at 6:30 PM until April 17

7#$0$@F 7#$0=14 *((=!!='*4$=@ $@ /%$74"&: (:&&#7$'& I H.63L82 I C-D8




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A28 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012


NORTH Shore Black Bear Society’s Malcolm Fitz-Earle, Christine Miller and Tony Webb, are flanked by George Jasper (left), and Nick Kiss (right), of WCS Recycling, who presented the bear society with a cheque for $966. The money was raised when residents returned recyclables not accepted by the Blue Box program and donated money Dec. 31, 2011.

YOLANDE Martinello, Artists for Kids director, receives a cheque for $4,500 from North Vancouver Community Players Aladdin director Peter Zednik, as show producer Shirley Helgason (left) and members of the cast look on. The group donated proceeds from its annual Christmas pantomime. Another $1,000 also went to the Salvation Army.

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

MEMBERS of the Windsor secondary Interact Club celebrate reaching their goal of raising $5,000, which will go toward a clean water project for a community in India.

JOHN Ward (left) of Rotary Club of North Vancouver, presents a cheque for $5,000 to North Vancouver Salvation Army Capt. Glynden Cross. The money was donated to support the New Hope Chef Training Program.

THE 11th annual Treasure Chest of Hope, held recently by Soroptimist International of North and West Vancouver, raised $35,300 for various North Shore Soroptimist projects. On hand for the cheque presentation were Byron Giraud, of North Shore Schizophrenia Society, Janet Westcott, of North Shore Youth Safe House, Gillian Santo, with North Shore Schizophrenia Society, Liz Watt, Veronica Loat and Karen Bews, with Soptimist International of North and West Vancouver, and Nanette Taylor, with Hollyburn Family Services.

KIN Wah Leung (right), president of Kin’s Farm Market, and Tom Li, Haney Place Maple Ridge store manager, present a cheque for $3567 to Jocelyn Kwok, Canadian Cancer Society’s coordinator of annual giving. The money was raised through the market’s annual calendar campaign.

TONY Ambrosio, London Drugs Lonsdale location store manager, presents a $750 donation for the HOpe Centre, to Judy Savage, Lions Gate Hospital Foundation president.

BLACK Bear Neighbourhood Pub owner Ron Slinger (left), presents a cheque to North Shore Disability Resource Centre executive directors John Neumann (sitting) and Liz Barnett (second from right) with Sue McMordie and Keith Browne. The donation of $10,000 was raised by the pub after it donated 50 cents from the sale of quesadillas at the pub. In addition, Granville Island Brewing matched the December pub contribution.

WENDY Carter, of the Telus Vancouver Community Board (second from left), presents a cheque for $20,000 for Jessie’s Legacy eating disorder counselling program to Family Services of the North Shore’s Shelley Hine, Sue Bauman, Mimi Hudson and Julia Staub-French.

NORTH Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA Naomi Yamamoto (right), presents a cheque for $75,000 to Family Services of the North Shore’s Julia Staub-French (left) and Sue Bauman. The money was donated to benefit the North Shore Christmas Bureau and family counselling services.The money was received from the B.C. Gaming Commission.

Kudos to those who volunteer their time, money and effort to benefit the many service and charitable organizations on the North MEMBERS of the West Vancouver Fit Fellas club present a cheque for the HOpe Centre to Judy Savage, Lions Gate Hospital Foundation president. The group raised $21,000 at their annual Christmas party.

Shore. In this space we celebrate the generosity of North Shore residents. If you have a cheque presentation photo or information for Kudos, please contact Neetu Shokar at

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A29

Author Talk: Principal of Edmonds Community School David Starr will talk about his book From Bombs to Books: Refugee Children, Their Families and an Exceptional Canadian School Thursday, March 8, 7-8:45 p.m. at Lynn Valley library, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Registration required: 604-984-0286, ext. 8144.

The North Shore Registered Music Teachers will present the 41st annual North Shore Music Festival and workshops until March 10 at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1110 Gladwin Dr., North Vancouver. Free classes will take place until March 5 at various times. Phone Alice at 604-987-1067 for a schedule. There will be three concerts, March 7-9 at 7 p.m. Admission: $10/$5. 604-929-1592.

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Fair play INSTRUCTOR Susan Hunt is surrounded by members of the North Shore Neighbourhood House theatre and drama program, as they rehearse for their upcoming production of All’s Fair in Love and War, a collection of skits, songs and monologues. The show is on March 5, 7 p.m. at 225 East Second Ave., North Vancouver. Admission is by donation.

Parks Master Plan: A full draft of District of West Vancouver’s parks master plan will be available for public input during an open house Tuesday, March 6, 5-8 p.m. at West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Dr. Info: Feeling the Heat — The Challenge of Climate Change: Ian Gartshore, of Shore Energy Solution Ltd., will speak on global warming Wednesday, March 7, 7 p.m. at West Vancouver Presbyterian Church, 2893 Marine Gartshore’s power point presentation will focus on solutions at a local level. All are invited to this free public event.

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Computer Class — Internet Basics in Farsi: A free demonstration-style class Thursday, March 8, 3-4:30 p.m. at North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St. Learn what’s available on the web and how to find it. Registration not required. Info: 604-998-3450 or Cultivating More Passion in Your Life: Psychologist Patrick Myers will present a free public lecture Thursday, March 8, 7-8 p.m. in the Cedar Room at the West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Dr. Info and reservations: 604-9252225. Deep Cove Bookworms: A book club that meets the second Thursday of the month, 7-9 p.m. in a private home will hold its next meeting March 8. New members welcome. Next book: The Apprenticeship of Duddy Kravitz. Info and location: or 604980-4011. Spring Skate: Come for a free skate on a synthetic outdoor ice rink March 9-18, noon to 6 p.m. at Park Royal, south mall, in the upper level parking area just behind Osaka Supermarket. Skate rentals and sharpening available

by donation. There will also be various special activities. Visit for details. Supporting Safer Communities: A free forum about crime prevention through programs that promote responsible community living Friday, March 9, 1:30-4:30 p.m. at Capilano University Centre for the Performing Arts, 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Registration required: or 604-984-4901. For more information visit www.capilanou. ca/ce/csc-forum. Spring and Norouz Festival: The Canadian Iranian Founda-

tion will hold this annual event Sunday, March 11, 10 a.m.-6 p.m. at Mickey McDougall Community Centre, St. Andrews Avenue and East 23rd Street, North Vancouver. There will be performers, a children’s playground, face painting, Cinemazoo, arts and crafts and food. Admission: $1, which will go to the Food Bank of the North Shore. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email information for your nonprofit, by donation or nominal fee event to To post to our online listings, go to scroll to Community Events and click on Add Your Event.

Development Information Open House Early Public Input Opportunity - Rezoning Application Proposed 4 Storey Mixed Use Development 730 Marine Drive, North Vancouver Adera Equities Inc. has applied to amend the Zoning Bylaw to permit a four-storey mixed use building with 60 strata units above retail space at grade. The proposed density is 2.0 times the lot area. 75 stalls of below grade residential parking plus 24 stalls of enclosed commercial parking stalls would be accessed from West 14th Street. Adera Equities Inc. and Rositch Hemphill Architects, invites interested members of the Public to attend the Development Information Open House as an early opportunity to review the proposal and offer comments. DATE: Wednesday, March 7, 2012 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM (Presentation 7:00 PM) PLACE: Westview Elementary School, Library 641 West 17th Street, North Vancouver APPLICANT CONTACT Bob Heaslip, Adera Equities Inc. Suite 2200 – 1055 Dunsmuir St. Four Bentall Centre, PO Box 49214 Vancouver, BC V7X 1K8 604.637.4318

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A30 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

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Abandoned. She had 6 kittens and was an excellent mom to her kittens. She also nursed 4 orphaned kittens. Billie Jean is now ready for a home of her own. Only cat in a home with no kids.

Tiny in most things except personality. She is very independent, doesn’t like to be coddled but still likes to keep in touch by getting on your lap if you’re on the couch. Best in a home with no small children.



VOKRA 604-731-2913

VOKRA 604-731-2913

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Ebony & Raven

8 year old NM English Redtick Coonhound. He is good with children and other dogs. Gets along well with cats. Doesn’t like crates, excellent jogging companion.

N/M. 3 yr. old Catahoula mix, a stray, timid/shy at first, so older children only. Friendly and affectionate once he knows someone. Knows several commands and is relatively well mannered on the leash.

Sweet cat who is mellow and loves to hang out close to you. When she wants some affection, she’ll reach out and give you a gentle pat. She has a bad hip with a metal plate in it.

Raven is a playful little boy who has a long soft black coat with golden eyes. His sister Ebony is graceful and very sweet. They are to be adopted together.



VOKRA 604-731-2913

VOKRA 604-731-2913



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Needs a home asap. 5 yr. old GermanShorthaired Pointer. She would not, however, do well in a home with small dogs or cats. High energy dog, needs a yard with 6ft secure fencing.

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201 Bewicke Avenue, North Van Across from Oasis Car Wash



Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A31


Dog discipline, not abuse, is required DISCIPLINE seems to be a four-letter word in some avenues of dog training.

To some people, the idea of disciplining a dog conjures up images of a dog being hit, inappropriate use of a choke collar or other abusive or punitive methods to train a dog. In true dog training (or to use a cliché — dog whispering), discipline really means to diligently applying a systematic routine, to produce a specific character or pattern of behavior. Without adequate routine (discipline) that consists of boundaries and limitations of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour for a dog, the animal quickly learns that there is no need for managing his or her own behaviour — as there are no consequences — and the result is a dog that

Canine Connection Joan Klucha

has no respect for leadership. In essence you get a bunch of Stanley-Cup-rioting dogs! Respect is not gained through physical force but rather through calm yet assertive leadership while consistently applying the rules of canine social order. A dog becomes “connected” to its owner due

to its respect of the owner being leader of the pack, a pack of two — the owner/ handler and the dog. Once a dog connects with its owner the change in its demeanor — for the better — is immediate and long-lasting. As a pack leader your goal is to strive to have the same relationship your dog had with its natural mother. Good canine mothers are leaders to their litter of pups. The pups looked up to her for protection and discipline. The pups trusted her for everything. When a good canine mother disciplined her pups she would pin her ears, give a low growl, snap as a warning to the pups and if none of that got the response the mother was looking for she might nip or lightly bite the pup to get her point across. The reward for the pups following the mothers

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BC HYDRO VEGETATION MAINTENANCE - PADMOUNTED TRANSFORMERS To assure continued safety and system reliability, BC Hydro is removing vegetation around all BC Hydro padmounted transformers to clearance standards. Vegetation management work in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and on Bowen Island will continue until March 31, 2012. BC Hydro requires the area around its electrical equipment to remain clear for the following reasons: O O

for the safety of our employees operating the equipment, to prevent overheating of the equipment, and


to facilitate emergency repairs or replacement of the equipment.

The clearances around the transformers are: O

2.5m from any and all doors


0.9m from all other sides

Prior to BC Hydro removing the vegetation, customers may prune or maintain vegetation around transformers on their property to these clearances. If not,


vegetation removal will be completed by BC Hydro crews. For more information about safely planting near BC Hydro equipment and clearance standards, visit

For 50 years, BC Hydro has been providing clean, reliable electricity to you. Today we are planning for the next 50 years by investing in new projects, upgrading existing facilities and working with you to conserve energy through Power Smart.

request was affection, or the pup being allowed to remain in the mother’s personal space, or share some of the mother’s food. The important thing was that the mother never went to the last resort first. There was an escalation of her disciplinary behaviour, starting with the least threatening first. As a dog owner you want to replicate that as much as possible. If you start off with the strongest form of discipline first you create fear in a dog and lose their respect. That is the inappropriate form of discipline, usually using intimidation tactics involving painful corrections for the smallest of infractions. When most humans react harshly to their dog out of frustration or anger it is

usually done impulsively with no intent to harm the dog but rather release the pent up negative energy. Unfortunately, it does nothing to gain respect from the dog, or any species for that matter. So keeping a calm yet assertive mindset at all times is imperative. Intimidation-based training is simply a product of the ego and an unhealthy method of intentionally using pain as a means of gaining control. Conversely if your dog intimidates you, you will struggle in vain to gain its respect, usually resulting in forms of bribery to implore the dog to abide your request. The result of this briberybased coercion is a dog that assumes that its daily routine has no boundaries and you are simply around to fulfill

your duty as his hired hand. In other words your purpose to your dog at that point is to feed him, groom him, walk him then leave him alone. A good human-dog connection will result in a dog that wants to be with you and please you by living within its trained boundaries without questioning them or testing them. Discipline is not a fourletter word, when done with a trainer who understands the proper use of canine-based or maternal-based discipline. Your dog understands and expects you to be the disciplinarian in your dog/ human relationship, because you are supposed to be the leader. It is a necessary part of raising a dog in our human society that requires dogs to be more human-like than dog-like.

Family sized peace-of-mind. Parents of older students taking Spring break is almost upon us, marking not only the arrival of a spring break vacations on their new season but also the beginning own should also be mindful of of the spring and summer travel their child’s travel insurance period. That is why now is a coverage and insist it be part of good time to assess your travel their travel checklist. Considering insurance needs for the coming the relatively low cost of travel months. If you’re planning family medical insurance coverage – getaways or even quick shopping in some cases it could cost less trips across the border, you’ll want per day than a fast food lunch – to ensure you have adequate travel it’s a lot cheaper than paying for emergency care. If for insurance coverage any reason your child for your entire family. INSURANCE lands in the hospital, No matter their age, it’s reassuring to know it’s important that each OUTLOOK that some policies, family member has including BCAA coverage in their own TRAVEL INSURANCE Travel Insurance, may name. Many insurers, WITH provide coverage including BCAA, offer EDWARD for you to travel to family plans which MACADAM your child’s bedside could mean reduced in the event on an rates and less worry emergency. for you. Here are some things to consider when A common misconception determining which coverage is amongst vacationers is to regard best for you and your family. travel insurance as being mostly If you’ve invested in pre- for those with existing health paid travel arrangements, such concerns. But it’s important as airfare, hotel deposits or to remember that anyone, amusement park or tour passes, even children, could require you may want to include trip hospitalization as the unexpected cancellation and trip interruption can happen to anyone at any time. insurance as part of your policy. Take some time to chat to a This coverage could reimburse BCAA Advisor and ensure you are non-refundable travel costs properly protected and you’ll travel should you need to unexpectedly with peace-of-mind no matter cancel your trip, or return home where you or your family goes. early due to an emergency while you’re away or even one back Edward MacAdam is an Insurance Advisor at BCAA. He can be reached at at home.

Call 310-2345 or click on


A32 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

THREE TO SEE THIS WEEK BASKETBALL Senior girls AAA provincial championships March 7-10 Capilano Sportsplex HOCKEY PIJHL playoff game 6 if necessary RICHMOND @ NV WOLFPACK March 7, 7:30 p.m. Harry Jerome arena BASEBALL BCPBL preseason WHITE ROCK @ NS TWINS March 8, 6:30 p.m. Parkgate Park


North Shore shines at B.C. Games NORTH Shore athletes played a huge part in helping Zone 5 Vancouver-Squamish to the second highest medal total and the highest gold total at the B.C. Winter Games held Feb. 23-26 in Vernon.

wasn’t used to playing with that pain yet because I hadn’t practiced at all up until then. The first game I just remember being in tears after the game because it was so painful. . . . By the fourth game I was completely dead, I had no power off the left side of my body.” Handsworth was trying for their third straight B.C. title but with a young team they ended up eighth. As the season faded away Patterson’s pain continued and her hospital tours began: three bone scans, an MRI, a CAT scan and still no answers. By summer the injury was still there and doctors, hoping to avoid surgery, tried three cortisone shots, two in the front of her ankle and one in the back. “They’re really painful,” Patterson remembered. “The one in the back they had to go through the bone to get to it and they didn’t freeze it properly when they did it — that was quite painful.” That shots didn’t work either, so next came surgery number 1. “They did a scope and they found a bone chip and an impingement and a whole bunch of

Alpine skier Frances MacDonald lead the way with two individual golds and one bronze while cross-country skier Katie Weaver scored individual gold and silver medals while also grabbing gold in a relay. Badminton player Alexandra Towhill also took home two golds, winning in doubles female as well as mixed team competition. Here is a list of the medal winners from North Vancouver and West Vancouver as posted on the games website www. Gold ■ Kayla Oxland: figure skating juvenile women. ■ Alexander Ponomarev: karate individual kumite boys 55 kg+ ■ Frances MacDonald: alpine skiing slalom female ■ Frances MacDonald: ski cross female ■ Katie Fleckenstein: alpine skiing giant slalom female ■ Cameron Fitzmaurice: cross-country skiing individual sprint 400-m midget boys ■ Katie Weaver: crosscountry skiing individual sprint 400-m juvenile girls ■ Katie Weaver: crosscountry skiing 4x2 km mixed relay ■ Brendan Wise: karate team kata male ■ Alexandra Towill:

See Back page 33

See Zone page 33

photo Blair Shier

ALLISON Patterson (left) greets her Handsworth teammates before her first start back in the Lower Mainland championships after nearly a year sidelined with an ankle injury. She’ll play in provincials this week.

Royals star finally rolling Andy Prest

IT was a little more than one year ago that Allison Patterson of the Handsworth senior girls basketball team did what players all over the world do all the time — she rolled her ankle.

Then a six-foot-three Grade 11 forward, Patterson was an all-star calibre player averaging a double-double of 14 points and 11 rebounds for the Royals when she hurt her left ankle in the opening round of the Lower Mainland championships. “It looked innocent enough,” Handsworth head coach Scott Palmer told the North Shore News this week as he recalled the play. “She got caught, came down on somebody’s foot and just went over on her ankle. There were tears on the court but I guess either I didn’t want to believe it was as serious as it was or I just didn’t think (it was a serious injury).” Patterson, however, knew something

Alli Patterson’s ankle sprain a year-long ordeal

was wrong. “As I went down I heard kind of like a crack and I was just like, oh no,” she said. “I knew it was more than just a regular ankle roll. Not good.” Coach and player didn’t know then but it was, in fact, an injury that would haunt Patterson for a year, nearly killing her entire Grade 12 season. X-Rays came back negative, however, and so two weeks later Patterson was on the floor as the Royals battled in the 2011 provincial championships held at Capilano University. “I was still in a lot of pain but I wanted to play and help my team out as much as I could so we ended up taping it like a cast and putting an ankle brace on it and I ended up playing through the four games,” said Patterson. “It was very hard. The first game was the hardest because I


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Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A33


Back just in time for Capilano-hosted provincials

From page 32

other doctor terms, so they removed that,” said Patterson. This was August now, and Patterson was hopeful that she would be back on the court for the start of basketball season. But pain came back in the back of her ankle, and another surgery was scheduled. Then came the staph infection. With surgery number 2 postponed, Patterson battled the antibiotic resistant infection that spread into her blood and sapped her of her strength for more than six weeks. When she finally beat that it was time for more surgery, this time a more invasive procedure than the first to remove a piece of bone from her heel. It was now December. “I couldn’t walk,” Patterson said. “I went out on Boxing Day to the mall on crutches.” In early February Patterson was finally ready to try out her ankle in a game. Minutes in, she tweaked it again, putting her back on the shelf to heal her wonky ankle and frazzled confidence. The weight of waiting on the sidelines was a burden. “It was really, really tough,” she said. “I found that sitting at practices at first was the hardest part.” It was tough for her coach too. “When does she get a break?” said Palmer. “I know the big guy upstairs has different cards for all of us — it’s time to deal her a bit of a good card for a change. How much longer can I lose at blackjack here? I kept saying to her,

‘the cards are going to turn sooner or later.’” The cards finally did turn, nearly a year after Patterson rolled her ankle. Back in the same tournament in the same gym — StevestonLondon secondary in Richmond — Patterson started in the Lower Mainland championship semifinal Feb. 23, playing about eight minutes in a 65-57 win over New West. “I can’t even explain how happy I was,” said Patterson. “I was just so excited. It’s been such a long time. Everyone knows what I’ve gone through so they were all really supportive and they were cheering as I was going on.” Two days later Patterson played about 17 minutes in the tournament final, an 81-65 loss to York House. “I’ve been around this for a while and I just hate it when Grade 12s are hurt in their Grade 12 year — it’s their last high school year and you can’t get it back,” said Palmer. “To never play in your Grade 12 year, it’s just not fair. I was really happy to see her back.” Through it all Patterson has maintained a commitment to play at SFU next season, a testament to the skill and determination she has already shown as well as coach Bruce Langford’s loyalty to her as a person and player. The provincial AAA championships will be held March 7-10 at Capilano University and Patterson will be there, helping her team go for gold. The Royals have had a good season without her, winning the North Shore league and earning a No. 4 ranking heading into the

B.C. Championships, but Palmer said he’ll do his best to take advantage of Patterson’s strong defence and rebounding without changing the team’s look too much. “The worst thing I think she can do is put too much pressure on herself,” he said. “The kids, some of them have played with Alli for three seasons now so they know what she can do. My challenge is just making sure we don’t disrupt the chemistry, how we score and how we do it with the (starting) five but also get her some minutes so she can help us. . . . We know she can rebound, we know she can score and I think if she can give us something in the 15-20 minutes a game — that’s huge.” Whatever happens, Patterson’s story already has a happy ending. “Basketball has always been something that I’ve been so passionate about,” she said. “I’ve never really been a quitter. You know when you read those inspiring stories about how people push through stuff — I don’t just want to give up and waste away opportunities. I think that’s what kept me going.”

Come see


Zone 5 wins most gold medals






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■ Isabel Rose Gallant and Alesi Marina Davies: karate team kata female Bronze ■ Frances MacDonald: alpine skiing giant slalom female ■ Kyle Alexander: ski cross male ■ Isabel Rose Gallant: karate individual kata female ■ Dot Forder: cross-country skiing individual sprint 400-m midget girls ■ Morgan Won and Maxim Langlais: curling male ■ Brendan Wise: karate team kumite male


badminton doubles female ■ Alexandra Towill and Alec Cumming: badminton team mixed Silver ■ Anna Gosney: alpine skiing giant slalom female ■ Katie Weaver: cross-country skiing individual start 5 km juvenile girls ■ Daniel Pyk: judo under-55 kg male ■ Ella Renzoni: alpine skiing slalom female ■ Ella Renzoni: ski cross female ■ Cameron Fitzmaurice:

cross-country skiing individual start 3.5 km midget boys ■ Dot Forder: cross-country skiing individual start 3.5 km midget girls ■ Alexandria Angus, Emily Hirst, Kerryanne Callahan and Angela Walker: team gymnastics female ■ Marielle Caruth, Montana Conrad, Emma Currie, Mika Embury, Danielle Hardy, Jenna Hewitt-Kenda, Annie Mossman, Rachel Raffard, Leona Sim, Natalie Stanwood, Tianna Tanaka, Cassandra Wakefield, Kiana Watson, Danielle Wierenga: hockey female

and his Tri-City Americans take on the Vancouver Giants Wednesday!


From page 32

There’s a good story here for anyone facing tough times, said Palmer. “You can’t quit on yourself, things are going to get better,” he said. “It’s been interesting to watch this young 16/17-year-old. I don’t think she dealt well with it early on. You go through that, ‘Why is it my turn all the time. When do I get a break?’ It’s turned her into a much more mentally tough person. She deals with it really well now and I think it will be a good thing for her for the rest of her life. It’s going to take a lot of adversity to beat up Alli Patterson now.” ••• The AAA girls provincial tournament will run March 7-10 at the Capilano University Sportsplex and both Handsworth and Argyle from the North Shore will take part. The two squads will play in the feature evening games on Wednesday with Handsworth taking on Maple Ridge at 7 p.m. and Argyle facing Oak Bay at 8:45 p.m. The championship round will be played Saturday, March 10, with the bronze medal game at 2 p.m. and the gold medal contest at 4 p.m.


Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

A34 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

604-630-3300 ur Place yone ad onli 24/7

Sales Centre Phone Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm Sales Centre Office Hours: Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 5:00pm Email:

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NORTH SHORE HOSPICE SOCIETY Your gift in memory or honour of a loved one will support palliative care programs and patients on the North Shore. To donate on-line go to Or mail cheques to: PO Box 54019 1562 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver, V1M 3L5

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KIRBY - Richard Russell (Ross) In Deep Remembrance of my Dear Husband who passed away on March 5, 2002. 10 years ago my world crashed in. My heart still aches in sadness, as I speak your name. Love and Remembrance outlasts all As You are always in my heart Forever loved. Forever missed Your Loving Wife

In Memoriam

In Loving Memory of Doris Olive Elson March 5, 1996

May the winds of love blow softly And whisper so you can hear That we still love and miss you And wish that you were here.

‘Forever in our hearts’ Donalda, Barry, Janis and families


Memorial Gifts

BECKER - Michael April 26, 1957 - Feb. 14, 2012 Michael passed away peacefully at home surrounded by his family after a brief but courageous fight with cancer. A degree at UBC, then Journalism at Langara College led Michael to a career focusing on the betterment of his community. He was always happy concentrating his talents on helping others. Michael spent 15 years at the North Shore News, first as a Reporter and eventually as Editor. He then moved into Media Relations for BCIT, before spending the past 7 years at The United Way of the Lower Mainland where he became Marketing and Communications Director. Outside of work Michael was passionate about music, photography, kayaking, and exploring the outdoors. He was open to and interested in all new experiences and anybody with a story to tell. Michael’s quick wit and kind manner were apparent to everyone. He is survived by his wife Tracy, daughters Maya and Kiera, son Evan, brothers Oliver and Adam, mother Doris Becker, father Helmut (Ingrid) Becker, and faithful dog Henry. Michael faced the challenge of the final 7 weeks of his life with courage, positivity and selflessness. He will be missed enormously by the countless people whose lives he touched. A Celebration of Michael’s Life will be held at 1pm on Sunday, March 11 at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, 3811 Point Grey Road, Vancouver. The family is very grateful to Dr. Paul Sugar. In lieu of flowers, donations to The United Way of the Lower Mainland.

BOLUS, Aaron

May 7, 1987 – Feb. 24, 2012

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved son, Aaron. Aaron leaves to mourn his mother and father, Lily and Richard, grandparents Nick and Mary Ostrowski and Christine Bolus. He was predeceased by his grandfather, John Bolus. Aaron will be lovingly remembered by his aunt, Jane Boyd, and uncles, Joseph, George and John Ostrowski, his cousins, Luke Ostrowski and Lara, Alexa and Jenna Ostrowski, and his many close friends. Aaron was part of the first generation of Mulgrave School students where he enjoyed public speaking and subsequently at Collingwood School where he gained a love of photography. Aaron started his post-secondary studies at the University of Victoria. He then attended Capilano University studying political science while writing and acting as treasurer for the Capilano Courier newspaper. With a passion for travel, Aaron visited all regions of the South Pacific with his parents and explored Europe on his own. While his time was too short, Aaron filled his life with love and compassion beyond his years. In lieu of flowers, an endowment fund in Aaron’s name has been established at Capilano University. The Aaron Bolus Arts Award will exemplify Aaron’s love of both fine and applied arts as well as his commitment to helping others. Donations may be made to the Capilano University Foundation at 604-990-7937. A celebration of Aaron’s life will be held March 8th at 2:00pm at First Memorial Boal Chapel, 1505 Lillooet Road, North Vancouver.

TOBER, Wanda Greta Nov 01, 1932 - Feb 22, 2012 Wanda passed away peacefully at her home in North Vancouver with her family at her side. Predeceased by loving Mama and Papa Emilie (1997) and Michael (1977), and husband John (2006). Wanda will be deeply missed by siblings AnnaMarie Lylyk and Eduard Lemke, and family Ralph & Gina, Max; John & Lori; Karin, Tanya, Desiree; Otto. Please join us for a Celebration of Life on Sunday March 11 at 11:00am at the Scandinavian Centre (6540 Thomas St., Bby). The family is grateful to Drs. Bugeja and Seliske, hospital staff, friends at Churchill House, and the home care nurses and palliative team who cared for Wanda. In lieu of flowers please consider a gift to North Shore Home Support care of LGH Foundation.

ATKINSON, Mary Ruth July 21, 1926 - Feb 21, 2012 Predeceased by loving husband Arthur, son John Scott, & sister Jean Harris. Survived by daughter Marilyn, son Richard, & daughter-in-law Mary-Sue, Ruth will be fondly remembered as "Ga" aptly named by her grandchildren Heather, Scott, & Brooke. A quiet memorial service was held March 2nd at West Vanc. St. Davids United Church. In lieu of flowers the family asks for donations to St. Davids United Church Mission/Outreach Fund supporting First United in Vanc. Downtown Eastside

Lions Gate Hospital Foundation expresses gratitude to those who made a donation in the month of February, 2012 in memory of the following individuals:

Ann Andrews Inga Bachmann Danielle Bay Suzanne Carr Robert Carter Heather Christensen Gary Crook Sylvia Curtis Dorothy Ghetler Winnifred Hamilton June Honeyman Gerald Karran James Kilgour Jeremy Lees Shirley Leonard Julie Lingaard Aileen McLellan

Thank You!

Leslie Nickolichuk Vittoria Parente Bob Pennyway Marjory Potter Hector Provost Annie Reinertson Marilyn Shanks Joyce Snowball Gordon Sutherland Wanda Tober Ena Tuck Elaine Tyler Pieter Vannierop Luisa Virzi Kathleen Watmough Jenny Won Joseph Zant

By honouring the life of a loved one or friend with a gift to Lions Gate Hospital Foundation, you are helping make our hospital a centre of excellence in health care. Donations may be made by calling 604-984-5785, or online at

TUSKO - Elisabeth Ida

Elisabeth was born Feb 22, 1921 in Paks, Hungary. She passed away peacefully in her 91st year surrounded by her loving family. Elisabeth immigrated to Canada with the love of her life Dr. Ferenc Tusko following the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. She is now reunited with him in Heaven after losing him too soon in 1965. As the matriarch of our family, she stood as an indestructible pillar. She had high standards and expected you to do your best at all times. She was loving, welcoming and always had a feast prepared for her friends. She freely expressed her point of view, kept you on your toes and was there whenever you needed her. The world is a little less bright without her, but all the more bright for having her in it. Her love will forever live within our hearts and memories. She was survived by daughter Agnes (Joska), son Csaba; Grandchildren: Peter (Marie), Zsuzsi (Jan), Krista (Anthony), Kari (Istvan), Csaba Jr. and Stephen; Greatgrandchildren: Christopher, Gregory, Andrew and Matthew. Nyugodja´l Be´ke´ben! Anyu.


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Born June 30, 1918 at Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, slipped away peacefully at 93, on February 21, 2012. To all who knew her, she was a dear soul, kind, generous, gracious, and brave. Grace is predeceased by her husband Donald Archibald Raworth and survived by her loving family: Susan (Randy), John (Jan), Linda, David (Rebecca), 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren. A memorial service and reception will be held at St. Francis-inthe-Wood Anglican Church, 4773 S. Piccadilly, West Vancouver on Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 2 pm. Flowers gratefully declined in favour of donations to Parkinson Society British Columbia. Walkey & Company Funeral Directors 604-738-0006


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HAGHIGHAT-KASHANI (MASHKOUR), Eghbal It is with a heavy heart that we announce the passing of our beloved mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother on Feb. 16, 2012. A gentle, kind-hearted, loving, and generous soul, she was born in Iran in 1923 and moved to Vancouver in 1990. She devoted her life to her children and charitable causes. She loved life and lived every day to the fullest. Pre-deceased by her husband of 54 years in 1997, she is survived by her two daughters Dokhi Bateni (Ali Bateni), Simin Mashkour (Mohammad Bateni), grandchildren Amir (Nazanin), Bita (Amin), Setareh Bateni, and great-grandchildren Ava and Daniel Aminbakhsh, Ayden Bateni and many nieces and nephews. She was much loved and will be sorely missed. A celebration of her life will be held Sunday, March 4th at 3 pm, Hollyburn Country Club, W. Van.


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WOOLSTONE, George Thomas Aug. 30, 1930 - Feb. 24, 2012 George was a ’Vancouver Original.’ Born in Lions Gate Hospital and lived on his beloved North Shore all his life. His wife Heather, daughters Cheryl (Tom) and Carolynn (Guillermo), grandchildren Alexander, Anika, Talya and Mateo feel a huge void in their lives. Sister Joan (Walt) also mourn his loss. George had a long career in the oil industry and enjoyed a long retirement. Celebration of Life will be held Friday, March 9 at 2pm at Mount Seymour United Church 1200 Parkgate Avenue, North Vancouver. Due to George’s keen interest in education donations can be made to Fraser Academy School for Children with Learning Differences, 2294 West 10th Avenue, Vancouver or charity of your choice.

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Nath a Brown John ne

at Rid n and the r. O'Hare, special Hann ge M wond their eadows H erful nurs ah, o help a es nd su spital for all pport .

The families of 1947 – September 19, 2007 19, er mb Septe

Megan White & Daniel Hunt er Are please d to announce their engageme nt which took place Ma y 20, 2007 while in Hawa ii.

Congratulations Megan & Danie l

Wedding to tak e place March 9, 200 8







& raDndapa)d Moranm G dma & (G

Love, All our usan, Rick, S Brian Kate &

Naomi Robinson

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We are so proud of you!


Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A35


General Employment

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Health Care

FULL TIME MOA REQUIRED for well established Physiotherapy Clinic in West Van. Successful candidate must be dependable, selfmotivated, and able to multitask. Excellent telephone manner & computer skills essential. Knowledge of Smart Series billing an asset. No weekends. Please fax resume to 604-924-3891


Office Personnel

OFFICE MANAGER required for busy North Shore small business. Training provided. More details


Social Services

North Shore Multicultural Society hiring K-7 teacher for short-term Literacy Program. Please see our website: for full job posting.



SERVICE ADVISOR ESTIMATOR Large North Van. Auto Collision facililty requires a service advisor/estimator. ICBC express certificate an asset. E-mail resume to No phone calls accepted


★ A QUIET BLDG ★ 1 BR (Top) 3rd flr, 725 sf, north face, Now/Apr1. 1 BR 2nd flr NE crner, 700 sf, April 1, both $940. Carpets, drapes, heat, h/w, gated prkg avail No Dogs 604-986-7745

RECEPTIONIST Vancouver Pile Driving Ltd is locally owned and one of the largest marine construction companies in Canada and has resided in North Vancouver for more than 50 years. We are accepting applications for a full-time Receptionist (Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm). We are seeking a hardworking, competent, reliable and pleasant team player with a positive and professional attitude. Multitasking, communication and computer skills are essential with the ability to learn and develop. The duties include greeting guests, answering and directing calls on a multiline switchboard, arranging couriers, distributing mail, ordering office supplies, and other administrative support as required. Interested candidates are invited to submit their resumes by email (subject line: ‘Receptionist Position’) to, along with why you feel you would be a perfect fit to our team.

Aries March 21 - April 19: Continue to rest, lie low. Contemplate: how have you come here, and where are you going? It’s a little too early to make plans, as many factors, and your own certainty, will “show up missing” over the next few weeks – significant revisions will arise in April. Complete projects and duties now, rather than starting anything new. What seems a dull Sunday might transform, this night or Tuesday, into romance or a pleasure foray. Your money luck improves over the next four weeks. Tackle growing chores midweek. Relationships have a strong message for you Thursday night onward. Taurus April 20-May 20: You’ve felt a bit put-upon, that luck wasn’t on your side, these last few weeks. That changes, Monday onward. Your gracefulness and subtle magnetism return; your popularity surges upward, puzzlement will dissolve. Still, don’t start new projects or new romances before April. You often judge yourself by your possessions. That will cause you much wondering and bemusement in May/June – but these months of indecision will be only part of a longer phase of good money/possessions luck, from April to July, which in turn kicks off a hugely lucky year of money, lasting to mid-2013.) Gemini May 21-June 20: The accent continues on ambition, reputation, mingling with “big shots” – considering your poor luck of the last few years, take a defensive rather than daring stance here. Strictly avoid starting ambitious new projects before April 4. (A slowdown starts soon, technically March 12. This will bring back a former hope, or “light lover” – but that’s next week onward.) You’ve been more gregarious the last few weeks: now, through March, socializing mingles with “quiet joys.” BTW, those years of bad luck end in June; bad karma ends in late August. Then a year of splendid fortune begins.

Cancer June21-July22:Yourmellow,understanding mood continues. Relationships are changing (20082023). This month is an excellent time to figure out why – why they’ve changed, what you can do, the meaning of it all. Your vision and thoughts are broader and more acute than usual. You’ll be surprised/ gratified by the nuggets of affection and optimism you uncover. (That’s partly because, now to April 3, your popularity rises.) Chase money – carefully – Sunday eve to Tuesday. Travel, talk, messages fill midweek: say heartfelt, loving things. Settle into home Friday/ Saturday. Finish, don’t start, projects. Leo July 23-Aug. 22: The mysteries continue. But you’ll solve a lot of them Sunday eve to Tuesday, when your energy and alertness return. (Passivity promotes mystery; action solves it.) And Tuesday night to Thursday, when money luck (combined with action) can reveal the forces and currents underlying many aspects of your life, and reveal a profitable, satisfying road ahead. Take action! But stop Thursday; sit back, relax, have a coffee and communicate Friday/ Saturday. All week, start nothing that will demand further (supportive) efforts after this week. E.g., buy stocks, don’t start a business. Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Relationships dominate all month, but this week the aces fall in your lap. Take advantage of your position, luck and strength, especially Wednesday – but keep in mind the need to please another, to co-operate and work as a team. Strictly avoid starting any new projects before April 4; finish instead. (A period of slowdowns, mistakes and indecision technically begin March 12.) You’re hopeful Sunday morning, but to little avail. Retreat this p.m. through Tuesday eve: meditate, finish chores, rest. Your energy and charisma surge midweek. Examine money (buy nothing) Friday/Saturday.



FOODSAFE 1 Day Courses #1 in BC • $62 • 604-272-7213


Music/Theatre/ Dance

IN HOME OR STUDIO LESSONS Piano, Theory & other instruments. Allegro Music School 604-327-7765


Tutoring Services

15 YEARS EXP in Math & Stats tutoring with proven results. Tia 604-603-9612, 604-929-9612 CERTIFIED MATH TEACHER. Senior math, calculus, IB, AP, SAT programs. K-12. 604-929-6262 TUTOR DOCTOR NORTH SHORE Tutoring for All Ages and Subjects. Experienced & Qualified Tutors. 778.340.3100

Work Wanted


Tim Stephens' Astral Reflections



A CLEAN DRY SPLIT Maple, birch, alder. Guar lowest prices. David 604-926-0014 24H TOP KNOT FIREWOOD est 1981 Dry Alder, Birch & Maple. Pick up or delivered. Rod 604-985-7193



DOWNSIZING FURNITURE Give-a-Way Prices or best offer: Custom made, multicolored Couches: $500 for both (orig.2300), 2 Blue Lazy Boy sofa beds with twin mattresses: $250 each (orig.1200), Green stain wood 7’ bureau:$200 (orig.1000) And more! Call 604-723-5942 or GLASS DINING room table & chairs, miscellaneous furnIture. 604-925-8433 HIGH QUALITY household furn, some antiques, glasswares, white plastic outdoor chairs, glass Risto tables etc. Ron, 604-990-4126 NEW LEATHER sectional L shape, 44 sony tv, dining set, queen bdrm ste, electronics, persion rugs, tables, patio bench 604-789-9008 SOFA & Loveseat for sale! Reclining La-Z-Boy. Navy Blue. $1000. Good cond 604-986-7460 SOFA & loveseat, matching arm chair $500. Good condition 604-988-5943




1825 Lonsdale Ave



Audio/Video/ Computers

ASUS LAPTOP 15 inches, intel, 500gb, 3 gb ram, new, ms office installed, $450obo 604-984-7622


For Sale Miscellaneous

5 PIECE A. Malcom bdrm ste $1100. Qu sz deluxe Restonic & frame $150. 27’’ Apolo custom sport ladies cruiser bike $200. Just Rite 3 bike rack $50. 7 piece white patio set $150. Panasonic WMA MP3 CD player receiver $150. 604-929-0776 KITCHEN CABINETS 14 full size, 6 half size, 2 drwrs, modern light oak, $1400 604-617-0820

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: Tackle chores. Protect health; eat and dress sensibly. Though March is always a month of drudgery for you, it will be lightened this time by a relationship. A friend could be all talk, or physically intimate – the former is a lot safer. (You aren’t really in a good mating phase before June, not in an excellent one until September – before this, sex is great, but not a basis for life-mating.) Your popularity and optimism rise Sunday eve to Tuesday – be happy! But retreat to rest, contemplate and exercise charity midweek. Your energy and charisma rise Friday on. Start nothing new, big. Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: You’re on a wee winning streak – take risks, be adventurous. But don’t start any large projects (ones that will demand your participation later in March). Sunday morning’s mellow but not successful – leave love for the moment. Be ambitious Sunday eve to Tuesday pre-dawn – the path is smooth. An ally will either fight you or promote you. Wishes come true Tuesday night to Thursday: optimism, social delights and entertainment arrive. A love interest could climax, become an affair. But retreat, rest and contemplate Friday/Saturday. Plan nothing big, start nothing big this week. Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: The accent lies on home, family, property, security, retirement, gardening, nutrition, stomach and soul. Diving into any of these will give you a feeling of satisfaction – but finish rather than begin projects, in these or any zones. A romantic glance, a friendly but rushed conversation, could spark an affectionate interlude, but any relationship begun now will inherit indecision. (And an old flame might return later in March, complicating everything.) These are just a “stirring” – soon, April onward (into 2013) a serious sweet bond will arise. Good career luck midweek.



SINGLE BED, w/posture boards and 3 drawers under, mattress optional, very clean and sturdy. Free for pick up. 604-985-5095


Wanted to Buy

ALWAYS BUYING Vinyl Records! Call 604-724-6545 * DANISH * style teak furn & items. Ok if refinishing & repair needed. 604-773-5218 Thank You very much. Cash Paid !


All types wanted, estates, collections, single items, military. We handle all paperwork and transportation. Licensed North Shore dealer. 604-960-0045 Old Books Wanted also: Photos Postcards, Letters, Paintings. (no text books/encyclopedia) I pay cash. 604-737-0530

March 4 - 10, 2012 Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Travel, communicate, perform errands, do paperwork – do these quickly, now, as a major slow-down hits this area next week, which will leave you “out of the loop,” planning-wise and data-wise, to April 4. (Speaking of planning, make none now; wait until April, after the situation has changed.) Life’s depths, sexual urges and financial actions fill Sunday eve to Tuesday. A mellow, wise mood flows Tuesday night to Thursday: dive into culture, international affairs, intellectual pursuits, and love. Luck accompanies you Sunday eve to Thursday, so act. A romantic mood creeps in. Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: Chase money – but don’t start any large projects (especially in monetary, friendship or communication zones) before April 4. Your home becomes a more affectionate place in March. You’ll be talking, mailing, travelling all month, too, but make your major contacts now, not later. Schedule meetings for April, not March. Relationships bless you Sunday eve to Tuesday: a property question might arise. Delve into intimacy, big finance, research or health problems Tuesday night to Thursday – you might make a major, lucky investment. Wisdom, but not much luck, Friday/Saturday. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: Your energy, charisma and clout ride a peak wave – but the results of your actions might not be what you want, if you begin projects now (or anytime before April 4). Finish things, instead. You might meet a splendid friend soon (around March 13, but it could occur anytime March 5 onward). Tackle chores, protect your health, Sunday eve to Tuesday. Tuesday night to Thursday brings great relationships, exciting meetings and new opportunities (but remember my advice about new projects). (You’ll see these people again mid-next week.) Take care with money, intimacy Friday/Saturday.

A36 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

3508 3040

Daycare Centres




★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652



YORKIE PUPS 9 wks, male & female 1st shots, reg/tinnies. $700. Ph 604-792-6277

Cares! ALL PUREBRED DOGS Grooming School in Maple Ridge looking for purebred dogs for specific breed trims, stripping, carding, and exposure. Overseen by CPG Certified Master Groomer, Please call 604-GROOMER, cockers, poodles, bichons, terrriers, porties, cats. Discount with students. Call: (604) 476-6637

The North Shore News has partnered with the BC SPCA to encourage responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals. Before purchasing a new puppy, ensure the seller has provided excellent care and treatment of the animal and the breeding parents. For a complete guide to finding a reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit

Body Work


ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding, $399+. 604-590-3727 or 604-514-3474 BLUE NOSE X American Pitbull, 3 female, 1st shots & deworming, 8 wks old, $750. 778-688-7289



1-877-342-3032 or 1-900-528-6256 or mobile # 3563 (18+) $3.19/

Large Selection $50/hour

1050 Marine Dr. North Van.



Best Massage, Best Service 604-569-1858 (in/out) Downtown Vancouver BEST MASSAGE IN DOWNTOWN


Condos/ Townhouses


Ladner/ South Delta


Fila/Mastiff Guard Dog Pups owners closest friend. Thieves worst nightmare. All shots. Ready now! 604-817-5957


Accounting/ Bookkeeping

MOJGAN VENUS, CGA Full Accounting Services Financial Statements Personal, Business Tax Non-Resident Tax Payroll, HST, GST and WCB Business Setup & Consulting Call 604-202-9558 225-1425 Marine Dr, W Van


Accounting/ Bookkeeping


From $35 Personal & Corporate Tax E-file, SR&ED, & Year-end 110-445 Mountain Hwy., N. Van




CALL 604.630.3300 TODAY!

Legal/Public Notices

1 IN PARDONS Remove Your Criminal Record! Get started TODAY for ONLY $49.95/mo. Limited Time Offer. FASTEST, GUARANTEED Pardon In Canada. FREE Consultation: 1-866-416-6772


Accounting/ Bookkeeping


Legal Services

CRIMINAL RECORD? Money-back Guarantee 100,000+ Record removals since 1989. Confidential, Fast Affordable - A & BBB Rating. Assures employment and travel freedom. Call for Free Info booklet. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)



Own a home? Need Money? Get Mortgage Money Fast!

• Fast, Accurate, Friendly • Year-Round Service • Accounting & Bookkeeping • Instant Tax Refund • US Tax & Corporate Tax • Monday-Saturday – 9am-7pm Office Locations:

North Vancouver: 137 West 3rd, North Vancouver V7M 1E7 604-990-7707 •

Call: 1-866-290-2222


Apartments & Condos

MIRA ON THE PARK 2 bdrm/2 full baths plus den, 2 underground parking stalls, N/S No Pets. $2,550 Monthly Call: (778) 340-1550 email: 2BDRM/1BTH Pemberton & Marine Newly renovated bright & sunny 2 bedroom apartment. Insuite laundry. Private entrance. Electricity extra. No Pets $1,475 Monthly. Call: (604) 926-4473

2BDRM,,2BTH #409, 119 West 22nd Street, North Vancouver. Brand new prestigious Polygon condo with balcony views to the west/north. 1 parking stall & storage locker. Cable & Internet included. Available March 15th or April 1st for 6 months or 1 year. No Pets $1,900 Monthly. Call: (604) 250-2650


North Van Apt. Rentals



City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

BIG Savings...

When You Place Your Ad in the Classifieds!

Real Estate


Go to and Click on classifieds


Houses - Sale



FULLY RENO’D 3 BR Rancher on quiet cds. Mins from Highway 1 access, Guildford Mall, Schls & transit. 8979 sq. ft. Lot. Listed $428,000 Jin Bagry @ 604-644-0495 Re/max City Realty


Other Areas BC



MISSION MULTI family 10 legal rental homes on 6.5 acres, with $92,000 net income. $1,050,000 604-838-8692


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

1 BR, S. Facing, $920/mo, Available April 1 Gated prkg, quiet, drapes, heat incl. no pets. 1 yr lease, walk to seabus 170 W 4th. 604-987-0558

1 BR $900, top floor, reno’d, lower Lonsdale, heat hw prkg incld, April 1st, np, 604-984-2148

1 BR $975 incl heat/hw prkg, hw flrs, Lonsdale & 21, quiet bldg, np, avail Apr 1, 604-990-4088

1 bdrm, 3rd flr corner unit, spacious $925 incl heat & h/w, Apr 1st, ns, np, 604-983-9469

NEW - Open House on BOWEN ISLAND, Sunday! 911 Elrond’s Ct., Bowen, Sunday 1-3 pm MLS #V929464-$1,295,000 Peter Courtney, Prudential Sussex Realty 604-202-6544


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

Mobile Homes

LANGLEY. Great 2 BR mobile, $48,900. Pad rental: $460/mo. No age restriction & 1 small pet ok. Lorraine Cauley, Royal Lepage North Star, 604-889-4874

Recreation Property


★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Exclusive & Private Lake Shore Cottage, for all info: $329,000 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

2 BR, 16th flr, new reno, Woodcroft, pool/gym, mtn view, prkg, $1550 March 1st. 604-261-4246

1 BR, large W. 20th & Lonsdale, heat, hw & prkg, no pet, n/s,avail Apr. 1st, refs req’d. 604-960-0452

2 BR Large $1175, April 1. Parklike Setting, Outdoor Pool, Playground. drapes, heat & prkg. incld. 1 yr lease. no pets 1228 Emery Pl. 604- 987- 4922

1 BR’S, MOVE IN ALLOWANCE, Quiet & clean building. Rent starts $1,050/mo. Incls heat & hot water. N/S, N/P. 1 year lease. Cable & prkg extra. 604-985-4272


North Van Apt. Rentals

GREAT LOCATION! 145 West Keith Road.

2 BR, hardwood, top flr corner, view, large patio, cat ok, Lonsdale & 19, $1250, ns, 604-986-4927


Apartments & Condos

2 BR, large, $1160. avail April 1, New flooring, nr Hospital & Safeway, no pets, prkg, heat incl. 1 yr lease 150 E. 11th. 604-987-4922

1 BR large, Lower Lonsdale, hardwood, $1050 incl heat, h/w. avail Now. Cat ok. 604-986-2095

1 BR’s large, quiet well maintained bldg, hardwood, heat & hot water incl’d, lower Lonsdale, np, ns, avail Now. $950 & $1100, 604-987-3650


1 BR, large bright, balcony, 15th/ Lonsdale, $895 incl ht & h/w ns np

1 BR bright large, top flr, Central Lonsdale, hardwood, quiet well kept bldg. ns, np, avail Mar 1. $916 incl heat/hw 604-904-7545

1 BR nr Quay, 14th flr, mtn view, balcony, incls u/g prkg & locker, ns, Apr 1. $1040. 604-983-9874

Check the Real estate section.

To advertise call 604-630-3300

1 BR ste’s, $970-$1050, some reno’s, newer bath, , Large & clean, 130 W 5th, heat hw, n/p, n/s, refs, lease, 604-987-2761

2 br a corner suite, 2nd flr of very quiet 3 story walk up, E. 15th St. large private balcony, southern exposure, new windows, dw, new carpet, venetian blinds, free laundry fac. no smoking & np, Immed, $1200/mo. 604-830-0857 msg.

RENTALS 778-802-1627


Dreaming of a New Home?

1 BR $925 balc, hardwood, heat, hot water, NS NP, central adult bldg. refs Mar 1 604-904-9507

Bach from 845 1 Bdrm from $1105 2 Bdrm from $1630




Quick, Easy, Confidential No credit or income required 1st, 2nd, 3rd mortgages

Call 604-365-4244

Houses - Sale

Real Estate

★ BOOKKEEPING ★ No stress, catch up, organize and maintain 604-986-4641



Houses - Sale

Quick Closing! (778) 707-9647



★ WE BUY HOMES ★ Damaged Homes! Pretty Homes! Any Condition! No Fees! No Risk! Quick Cash! Convenient! Private! ( 604) 626-9647


CHOCOLATE Lab Puppies Born Jan 2/12. They are ready to go now. Both parents on site to view. Pups come with a written one year any genetic health gaurantee. They have had 1st shots, are vet checked and de-wormed. Asking $750 Call: (778) 891-4556 or email:

(by McKay) parking at rear

LUXURY MASSAGE 778-340-2778 1053 Marine Dr, North Van


We Buy Older Houses! Quick Cash!

YORKIE Chihuahua Adorable pups available for March 17th! 3 males/2 females, long & short hair. Family raised. $600. email:


New Arrival!

2BDRM/2BTH "SAHALEE" "Views" $669,000 1642 sq.ft. Re/Max Select Properties Call: 604-868-2217



Lily’s Relaxation Centre AmazingMassage! Open: 10am-10pm

Dogs AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLES We are taking deposits for our April litter. 25-33lbs, 15-19 inches at the shoulder full grown. Non shedding, calm, perfect size if you live in a condo. Colors range from cream to red. for more information. $2,500 Call: (250) 494-3107 or email: cherryblossomlabradoodles@

Body Work

DISCRETE mature European lady on North Shore for sensual massage. ANITA, 604-808-5589

STANDARD POODLE puppies, 1 cream M, 1 brown M, ckc reg, Chwk. 604-823-2467 or 604-302-1761 BERNESE Mountain Dog Puppies. Vet checked and ready for new homes. Langley. $1,200 Call: (778) 241-5504



GORGEOUS PB ROTTI puppies, family raised, vet checked, 1st shots, Chwk 604-794-3505

DAYCARE AVAIL 0-12 yrs old, 5 days, 7am-6pm. Little Einstein Daycare, N Van 604-618-7592 TEMPE TOTS DAYCARE Opened in 1987. All day Preschool offering swimming, music, french. Full or part time. 2.5 yrs - 6 yrs. In Tempe Heights, Off 29th, between Lonsdale/William. Jane & Pam 604-985-3783


2 BR, upper Lonsdale, incl heat/ hw $1150, nr bus/shop, availNow, No dogs, N/S, 778-996-1263 BACHELOR: 365 East 2nd St: Newly renovated basement unit in quiet building, new kitchen & bathroom w bathtub. $750 incl heat & h/w. March 15th/April 1st ph 604 726 4884 CENTRAL LONSDALE ‘The Piermont’, LUXURY, 2br, 2 bath, view, 2 balc, SE corner, TOP FLOOR, w/d, gas f/p & stove, no pets, n/s, secure 2 parking, $1700, 604-929-6775

Avail Immediately 604-323-4467

Bachelor $895 & 2 BR $1400 Avail Now. Ocean view. Indoor pool. Concrete bldg. Heat & Hot Water incls.

Call 604-986-3356 MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS. 2 BR & 3 BR Suites Avail April 1st, 604-988-3828

MOVE IN ALLOWANCE!! 1 BR in Park like setting! Avail immediately! starting from $1,025 mountain or ocean view. 1 cat ok. Storage, heat & h/water included. Near all amenities. Seasonal pool.


North Van Apts for Rent 2 bd 2 bth Mt Terrace $1095/ Opportunity for right fit! Pet ok Deep Cove, Seymour Parkgate 2 bd 2 bth The Balmoral $1495/ Over 55 yrs North facing deck Seniors complex Lynn Valley

2 bd 2 bth Roche Pt $1795/ Seymour golf course Views Walk to Parkgate Shops, Bus! All appls secured pkg! Pictures on Royal LePage Northshore Email:

Ads continued on next page

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A37 y, ,


Apartments & Condos


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals



West Van Apt. Rentals

Apartments & Condos



West Van Apt. Rentals

HOST FAMILY wanted. Please contact us at 604-688-1811 or e-mail:

Luxury Over The Seawall! Bach, pool rec. rm, pet ok 2190 Bellevue Ave 604-926-6287

North Vancouver 144 W. 14th St MARLBOROUGH TOWER

1 BR on the 21st floor avail April 1st for $1,350/month, 700sq.ft. plus balcony. Amazing views. Well maintained suite with dishwasher. Professionally managed building close to all amenities with new fitness centre. No pets, 1 year lease.

Call 604-983-6920

1 BR, partial water view, central Ambleside, small concrete bldg, bright, balcony, top corner, ns, np, avail now 604-612-4427

6515 AMBLESIDE OCEANVIEW, 2 BR + den, remodeld, granite, SS appls, heat/hwater/cbl, $3800, 450sf deck, cat ok. 604-922-1043


PARKGATE AREA, 1,239 sqft, 1 BR + den, 1.5 bath, grd flr with garden patio, u/g prkg, locker, own laundry, gas frpl. Walk to all amen, bus stop, trails. NP NS. Quiet adult bldg. Credit check, 3 Refs. Unfurn $1450, Partial furn $1700. Apr 1. 604-929-0776

PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool, parking avail. Newly reno’d ★1 BR + DEN $1185 Water & city view No pets, 604-988-7379

Upper Lonsdale 2 BR $1215/mo, ns np, Mar 1st, 604-987-8807 WOODCROFT - Whitecliff Bldg, 16th flr, 2 BDRM, North facing, mtn view, rec ctre, pool. Mar 1st . n/s n/p 604-988-6227, 318-0800


WHITEHALL APT’S 1640 Esquimalt 1 bdrm $1,000, 604-990-2971 or weekends 778-238-4798.

West Van Apt. Rentals

WESTWIND APTS 2025 Bellevue Ave, W Van, 2 BR Reno’d fantastic ocean view, $1,850, Cat OK, Senior discount. 604-913-0734 DUCHESS 590 - 17th St 1 Br d/w, n/p, n/s. Avail April 1st. By appt. 604-922-8741

1 BR avail. Excellent views, rents incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms on premises. Walk to beach & shops. No Pets. 1552 Esquimalt. 604-922-8443

Duplexes - Rent

ENJOY OCEAN & CITY VIEWS Forever, unbeatable location, 3 big bdrms, oversized living rm/ dining rm & balcony, ns, np, West Keith Rd, N Van Mar 1st, $1,900 604-971-2723 or 604-719-8263


Furnished Accommodation




More North & West Van rentals... Full House? Two kitchens, 6 bd, 7 bth suit extended family now! Huge View, carpet throughout, dble garage, Whitby Estates. 6000’ Immed occupancy $4,995/ The Brady Bunch? 6 bd 4 bth, den, recroom and play rooms. Hardwood on main new carpet down. View, Lots of pkg $5,195/

Houses - Rent

2 BR + den charming cottage in lower Altamont, W Van. fp, faces south, lovely garden, gorgeous oc ean v i ew, ns , A pri l 1, $2850+utils 604-926-6960

Check our web page for more listings

3 BR Central Lonsdale, rec rm carport, 4 appls, drapes, wall to wall, np ns Prof $1595. 813-7312

1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br avail Move-in Bonus Fitness rm out door pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall. 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. 604-922-4322

1 BR, self contained fully furn, lower Lonsdale, incl phone, utils cable/net fp, prkg, now, $500/wk or $1500/mo 604-986-6253

A SHORT STAY North Shore & Kitsilano 1 & 2 br + p/house. Renos, families, execs 604-987-2691

Park Royal Towers

AMBLESIDE, 3/4 br, 2bath 2 f/p, ocean view, decks, garage, ns, np. Mar 1. $3100 778-231-1048

1365 Crestwell Rd, downtown view, 4 br, 3 ba, 2800sf, gar, deck, lease, n/p, n/s, $3900. Apr 1, Eric (R. P. Realty) 604-723-7368

Completely Renovated

1 & 3 Bdrm. Suites

HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit

1 BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 3 BR (1370 sq.ft.)

Spectacular City & Ocean Views! Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Swimming Pool Rent includes all utilities.





shared accommodation

1 BACH above grd ste bright, clean Central, w/d, heat/hyd incl, ns, cat ok, $775. 604-983-8525

To advertise in Rentals call 604-630-3300



Suites/Partial Houses





AVAIL NOW! Lower Lonsdale storage space, 600sf, electricity $350, 604-983-9493





office/retail suites & partial houses

SECURE GARAGE 'WANTED' for auto storage prefer Grand Blvd area. 604-986-2908

935 Marine Drive

4th PERSON to share nice 4 br house nr LGH, suit working person $525 inc ns np 604-990-4257


QUALITY SHORT TERM 1 - 2 BR mtn/city view suites

North Vancouver

Suites/Partial Houses

LARGE 2 br airy & bright, $1,400 incl util ns, np, nr Princess Park, L. Valley Apr 1st. 604-986-8082

1 BR central Lonsdale, ground level, own wd, fp, storage, yrd, ns, np, $950, Mar 1, 604-369-7780 1 BR + den bsmt, BRAND NEW family room, w/d, d/w, patio, alrm, hydro & cable, ns np, Central Lonsdale $1350. 604-985-6607

2BDRM Newly Reno’d bright suite ideal for couple or young family, w/d shared, inc utilities! Cats OK $1,250 Monthly Call: (604) 868-3687

1 BR newer, central Lonsdale, gas fp, suit 1 ns, np $990 incl utils hardwood Apr 1, 604-329-1128

2 BDRM, 1 BTH 1825 Palmerston, West Van. 2 bdrm, garden level suite with view,very bright,insuite laundry, dishwasher,hardwood floor. Small Pets OK $1,800/m, utility included. Call: (604) 617-0807.

1 BR ste Lynn Valley appl incl w/d, i/net, nr all ammens, avail Now. $1200/mth +25% utils.ns np Contact George 604-619-5634

2 BDRM ste in Ambleside, cozy, in charming new home, 5appl, n/s n/p, near beach. $1780incl heat/ cable, Avail NOW. 778-888-9669

Shared Accommodation


1 BR bsmt ste, Bright Large, upper Lynn Valley, NS/NP, w/d, avail Mar 1, $950, 604-980-7698

From $995 to $4995 ’Office to showroom’ in hi traffic count Main and Mt. Hwy. Easy on and off bridge to hwy and transit loop NV 950’ to 3000’ 12 parking ac high ceiling. Drive thru! $15’ plus nnn and utilities... 604-657-4508 Royal LePage

1 BR IN spacious home for n/s female. Furn or unfurn, internet, w/d, $495 incl. 604-329-7449

EDGEMONT VILLAGE 3 bdrm, den, 2 baths, 1800sf, large landscaped private fenced yard, near shopping centre, schools, bus. $2300, April. 1, 604-685-1900 604-922-3060

Suites/Partial Houses

1 BR, upper Lonsdale garden suite, fp, wd, np, suit ONE mature ns adult, $850 incld heat, hw & cable, fully reno’d, 604-980-0494



1500 sqft, 1516 Marine Drive West Van, 2nd floor, 2 parking, Avail Now. $2000/mo includes triple net & No HST! 716-2256


DEEP COVE 604-929-5191, ns 1 br, fp, big lot, wood shed $1575 1 br fp garage, semi w/front $1875 3 br, fp, hardwood, carport $2175

Furn Rm, Avail April-June short term, $850 ns/np, Grand Blvd, 604-988-6082

Office/Retail Rent


4 BR house Canyon Heights, 2.5 baths, ns $2500 + utils, avail now. 604-926-5273, 403-606-5211

1 BR, grnd floor, Ambleside, $1300/mo, ns, np. Avail Mar 1st 604-922-5158


Houses - Rent


Townhouses Rent

2 BR, 1 ½ bath townhouse. $1172 + util. Avail Immed. NS 1 pet ok. E-Mail for appl.

2 BDRM suite, furnished, ns, np. incl utils, cable, nr bus, $400/wk, $1500/mo. NOW, 604-721-7062

2 BR & 3 BR avail. 5 appls., 1 bath, variable lease term. NP/NS. Rent starts at $1450. Move-in allowance. Call, 604-986-0511

2 BR, bright, above grd, fp, wd, patio, new reno. Close to bus, 2nd Narrows, Cap U, ns, sm pets ok $1175. 778-999-4397


2 BR lower ste, Calverhall, 1100 sf, incl cbl, util, w/d, d/w, m/w, gas fp ns np single renter pref’d $1200, Mar 1st. 778-986-9211

Wanted To Rent

SECURE GARAGE 'WANTED' for auto storage prefer Grand Blvd area. 604-986-2908 SEMI RETIRED carpenter, looking for bachelor or 1 BR suite in North or West Van 604-928-3270

2 BR+DEN, large sundeck, gas fp, garden lvl, nr ammen, shrd wd, ns np, cat ok, $1700 incls utils avail Mar 1st, 604-985-3209


3 BR upr ste, bright, upper Lynn Valley, NS/NP, w/d, avail Mar 1, $1900, 604-980-7698

place ads online@

DEEP COVE cottage nr water 600 sf, priv yrd & entry, suit 1 quiet ns, $900 incl hydro 604-929-4513 DOGS WELCOME!! 2 BR, 1 bath, upper suite in N. Van, own entry, own w/d, d/w, f/p, large deck, fenced yard, prkg for 2 cars, nr all amen & 2nd Narrows, $2000 incl utils, avail now 778-688-8365

C A R T E R ’ S







Diesel, 4x4, long box



• Manufacturer’s warranty • 30-day/2500 km no-hassle exchange privilege • 150 + point inspection • 24-hour roadside assistance

AWD, very well equipped. 3 to Choose, From OPTIMUM



$31,998 949700








Air, pwr group, low kms





Loaded, best in class









AWD, pwr group, low kms

Loaded, roof, buckets, 20” wheels





4x4, loaded, canopy, very clean

Platinum Edition, nice

OPTIMUM 949570

4x4, crew, pwr group



Air, auto, pwr group

4x4, low kms, off road pkg













Leather, loaded, nice 949890

James Carter

4x4, crew cab, tonneau


Sunil Desai


Ken Weiler

Neal Pallot

Jamie Hudson

Air, auto, roof, alloys, pwr group


Kerry Renaud


Carlo Defazio

Louie Liu


John Proctor


Jose Maiza

1-888-831-6240 Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

Northshore Y O U R


Denzil Owen


DL# 10743

AWD, fuly equipped, nav






A38 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

AUTOMOTIVE Auto Miscellaneous




FREE CASH BACK WITH $0 DOWN at Auto Credit Fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599 DLN 30309. Free Delivery.

Collectibles & Classics


2001 Acura CL

Fully loaded 2001 Acura CL in great condition inside and out, and runs really well.

1969 FORD Falcon Futura 302 CU in-automatic, fully restored, immac paint & body, numerous high performance options. Pictures at 69falcon $13,500. 604-307-0201

• Black on black leather interior • Power everything (seats, mirrors, windows, sunroof) • Heated front seats • 6 disc CD player with bose sound system • Automatic transmission with triptronic shifting • Comes with winter, and all season tires; both in great shape • Air conditioning • 109,000 km • HID headlights • Dual exhaust

Accelerate your car buying

2008 Honda Odyssey EXL

Leather, rear DVD, pwr doors, liftgate, winter tires, 54,000kms, BCAA inspected, stk#12077A

Internet Sale Price $26,988

Scrap Car Removal

2010 Dodge Journey RT

All Wheel Drive, leather, navigation, remote start, black, 11,800kms, St#11257A

Internet Sale Price $27,988

2010 Chrysler 300C

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

1994 TOYOTA 4 Runner, Aircared to 2014, CD, new battery, runs well/reg maintained. By Owner $3500. 604-230-4430


Sports & Imports


1998 JEEP Grand Cherokee $3900 #98-3337 604.466.6007 MJ #30332

2008 VW Passat Wagon, 2.0T, silver, loaded, auto, low kms, wrty, no accid, non smoker, alarm, immac, $20,800 obo, 604-980-7675

Central Auto North Shores Best





#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200


2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd. Silver Metallic. Like new. Flawless. Sunroof, leather, heated seats. $7500 obo. 604-418-0449


Sports & Imports

2001 HYUNDAI Elantra, 4 dr, new trans/brakes, ac, radio, runs good, aesthetic body wrk needed, $3500 obo, 604-852-4802, 604-309-8927, Abbotsford


K’s, 2.OT, Quattro, Auto, Moon Roof, Xenon Lights, Alloys, Silver/Black Leatherette, Truly Exceptional.

ONLY $27,850 2002 BMW X5, Only 36,000 Orig K’s, 3.0L, AWD, PW, Locks, Park Assist, 17” Alloys, Moon Roof, Running Boards, Polar White/Black Leatherette, 1 owner, Immaculate. $20,850


Trans, Sport Suspension, Ski Bag, Heated Seats, 17” Alloys, Local North Shore, Dealer Serviced, Only 92,000 Orig K’s Atlas Gray/Black Leatherette, Truly Exceptional. $17,850

1989 CHEV 2500 X-Cab. S.B., 224kms, aircared May/2012, no rust, needs work, good beater truck, $1400obo. 604-202-2262 1992 DODGE Dakota pick-up, extra cab, auto, a/c, V6, aircared, runs good $1100obo. 604-984-7574

2007 Audi A4, Only 10,900 Orig

2004 Audi 3.0L Avant Quattro S/W, Auto (Tiptronic),

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2007 PT CRUISER. Hot deal! Auto, low kms, very clean. Cream exterior, grey interior. A/C. Mag wheels. Spoiler. Aircared. Rear wiper. $7,299 obo. 778-242-2018

Sports & Imports

AWD, leather, nav, sunroof, ex-demo, 10,000kms, Stk#10189

2004 VW Beetle Cabriolet,

43,500 Orig K’s, 5 Speed, PW, Locks, 16” Alloys, New Michelins, Mellow Yellow/Black Leatherette, VW Serviced, Immaculate. Only $16,850

2006 Mercedes-Benz C230 SDN, Only 42,300 K’s, 2.3L V6, Auto, PS, Moon Roof, Alloys, 1 Owner, M.Benz Serviced, Granite Gray/Alpaca Gray Leatherette, Immaculate.


For more information call

Internet Sale Price $35,988


Serving the North Shore for over 36 years

843 West 1st St. N.Van 2008 BMW 335i Cabriolet

45,000kms, blue on tan leather, local, 300hp twin turbo, BCAA inspected, stk#12073A

Internet Sale Price $37,988


2009 VW Jetta Wagon

5spd, silver, local, BCAA inpsected, Stk#11219A

Internet Sale Price $17,988

1600 MARINE DR., N.V. 604.980.8501

• 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

Rates From As Low As




Ask us for details

CRV, Accord & Civic Qualify Offer may change without notice.

816 AUTOMALL DRIVE, NORTH VANCOUVER Toll free: 1-888-602-9258 604-984-0331






1 photo auto ad, 3 lines in 12 community papers. 1 online auto ad, 5 photos, many lines. It runs till you cancel, for up to one year.

We can sell your stuff. Give us a call. 604.630.3300





With everything life throws at you, who has time to clean?

Call Merry Maids.

2002 Ford Focus ZX5 2005 Toyota Corolla CE Value priced! ! Great commuter , Auto , low km’s , inspected, and save on Fuel. Stk#M8078a $5,000 ready for you! Stk#M8375A $8,000

2009 Pontiac G5 Auto , local , super price! Stk# M8317A $10,000

2008 Toyota Yaris Auto, a/c, priced like a 2007. Only at Morrey Mazda! $10,000

morrey mazda



Bringing You a BRIGHT Future! Please visit us at 778-229-9480

A LICENSED electrician #19807 semi-retired, small jobs only. 604-689-1747 pgr 604-686-2319 ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Bonded & insured 604-842-5276


ALP ELECTRIC #89724 Low price, small job ok. Free ests Satisfaction guar 604-765-3329

$20/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477

AYRE ELECTRIC licensed & bonded low rates fast service. Scott 604-785-8899 #106016


DNE ELECTRIC Lic #89267 ALL Your Electrical Needs. Panel Upgrading. Reasonable Free Estimate 604-999-2332

It’s one less thing to worry about.

13 yrs exp. 604-537-4749

EUROPEAN CLEANING Service. 15 yrs experience, excellent refs. Call Ivana 604-987-9290 PROFESSIONAL HOUSE CLEANING SERVICES 12 yrs Exp. wkly, bi-wkly, move in/out. refs avail. Patti 778-228-7576 TOP NOTCH HOUSECLEANING Since 1972. Our customers & staff stay with us for years. For a free, inhome consultation call 604-329-5562


Computer Services


•Having Hardware or Operating System Issues? •20+ Years Experience, Windows and Mac •Up-to-date on all New Hardware •$105/hour




EXP’D CEMENT Finisher. I can form, place & finish any concrete job. Peter 604-988-8856 anytime


LONSDALE ELECTRIC lic#1756 Panel changes & renos 604-988-7232, 604-842-0687 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899




one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865 604.649.1213 CEL 604.984.2313 Res/comm, Excavating, Bobcat, Trucking, Water Lines, Sewer Lines, Drainage, Landscaping. Hrly/Contract. Free Estimates. ALLGONE EXCAVATING Free est, great rates & service 604-990-GONE (4663)




2009 MADZA 5, mini van, black, 7 pass’ger, MINT cond, 45,000k kms, great on gas. No accid. No smoker. $16,000. 604-617-5348 CHEVY UPLANDER 2005. V-6, auto, 7 pass., grey, A/C, power locks & windows, cruise, tilt, 93K km. Runs very well. $6,400. 604-241-2530 or 604-375-2570


Demolition & Excavation

Call for Free estimate



A PLUS TAPING & DRYWALL High quality, reasonable rates. Free estimates. 604-715-0400

Search. Research. Compare.




30’ Converted Albion River Gillnet Elisha Is a thirty four foot excommercial fishing vessel lovingly reconfigured to a pleasure craft. For full details visit $18,500 Call: (604) 551-2163 or email:

Mini Excavator • Rock Breakers • Back Hoe • Dump trucks • WE SUPPLY Gravel, Sand, Top Soil, Back fill & Drain Tile 604-715-9199


ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321

2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd 2004 Mitsubishi Endevour Very low km’s! Leather, only 67,000km, 4x4 , Rare! Auto, pwr pkg, a/c, alloys , local, great deal! stk#M8188a $14,000 only 91,000 km! stk#M8422a $11,000


CARPENTRY, ADDITIONS, decks, 32 yrs exp, licensed. Call Ken, Cell: 604-928-3270

Fast response Drainage Specialists

Pre-Owned Specials rhero aise the supe LE DEAL! Pr es. Tights lin 3 UNBELIEVAB in e cl of this vehi capabilities 4-630-3300. tional. Call 60 and cape op


QUALITY CARPENTRY Renos & baths. Insured, local references. Call Dave at 604-724-4342

2010 TOYOTA Corolla CE, auto, 4 dr, 5800 kms, fully loaded, 778-859-0985, 604-987-0437


On Each Pre-Owned Vehicle

Internet Sale Price $31,988


To advertise call


8,000kms, sunroof, rear video, pwr doors, mags, stk#P5703

2008 Mercedes-Benz C350 4Matic Automatic 48,000 kms Palladium silver, fully loaded, navigation, panoramic roof, keyless go, sport pkg, premium pkg, new tires, all wheel drive, AMG mags. Not veh shown in photo. $32,000 Call: (604) 618-6171



2011 Chrysler Town & Country


Luxury Cars

Asking $7,500 Please call 604.316.4342

604-630-3300 9125



Hofstetter Contracting Cedar Fencing, Gate, Arbor, Install or Repair, Swiss Craftmanship, ERWIN 778-835-5015

NORTH SHORE FENCES Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction Call 604-230-3559

AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476


*Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925

PRO GAS - North Shore Gas fireplaces. Repair & safety inspection. 604-925-1341





Flooring/ Refinishing

THE ART OF HARDWOOD FLOORS Installations Refinishing & Repairs

• Electrical Contractor • Residential/Commercial • Advanced Lighting Control Contact us for all your electrical and maintenance needs Visit Our Website:


Dust Free • Free Estimates Affordable Rates!

Call: 604-240-3344 CARPET, VINYL & HARDWOOD Repair & Replace. Material sales Dwight, 778-322-6048 I’ll show you the inexpensive route

Ads continued on next page

Sunday, March 4, 2012 - North Shore News - A39



New Builds – From the ground up Renovations – Kitchens, bathrooms and additions Estate Sales – From landscaping to move in condition

Window and Door Specialists • Sales and Installations Owned and Operated on the North Shore

Looking to do some

Home Improvements?


Authorized Innotech window & door installer. No job too big or small. •



Refer to the Home Services Section for all your needs.

To place your ad in “Call the Experts” call our Sales Experts at 604-630-3300




NO HST! til MARCH 31

• Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee




CHULA VISTA LANDSCAPING General Carpentry & More Concrete forms • Stone work Retaining walls • Reno’s Decks • Tiles Fences • Power washing 604-710-9837

SPACE BOOKING Garden Services For: KATSURA LANDSCAPING Certified Horticulturists Rep: NWright Design • Planting • Maintenance Fall Clean-ups. Call Scott. Ad#: 1351247 604-518-5661


Lawn & Garden





Maintenance & Repairs. ★ Fast Reliable Service ★ Reasonable Rates ★ Experienced


SIGN UP TODAY FOR &eDE-ICING SpriREMOVAL ng Servic s & receive 10% off initial bill FREE QUOTES

604-986-0003 Office 604-561-9100 Colin 604-218-7644 Al

A-1 JOB by Arms & Minds Renos Carpentry cabinets, doors, finishing, flooring, drywall, painting 761-7745

HANDYMAN SERVICE - Fix those nagging problems inside & out. Call Mike - 604-925-6381

#3 - 8652 Joffre Ave, Burnaby

604-984-4433 Contact Cari

All your garden needs. LIONS GATE Landscaping Ltd. Yard clean-up 604-788-9687

BEN’S Garden & Landscape Services. For your Res/comm Landscaping, garden maint. fencing needs. Pls call 778-688-7876 or 604-584-7876. Free estimates GREAT LOOKING Landscapes Full service landscape & garden maint. Call Dave: 604-764-7220 JAPANESE GARDENER Landscape & maintenance, clean-ups, trimming. Reas, free est, 25 yrs exp 604-986-8126 JIM’S MOWING 604-310-JIMS (5467)

Oil Tank Removal

TANKTECH Certified Oil Tank Removal & Remediation Specialists. res/com. Free est. 604-328-1234


Painting/ Wallpaper

3 Rooms For $299

For walls only includes 2 coats of top quality paint. No payment until job done. Over 20 years exp. For free est. contact Deal Directly with Painter Call Larry at 604-961-4391 A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $78. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700 A LADY Painter, meticulous, prof & color consult, 20 yrs on North Shore. exc refs. 604-961-3451 ALL-WAYS PAINTING Apartments - Houses - Work Place Call Now 604-985-0402 Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205 HIGH QUALITY custom painting Best prices. Excellent refs. Free ests. Gregory 778-892-0165 QUICK RESPONSE Painting & Pressure Washing. 25 yrs exp. 604-551-4267 or 604-987-8159 TRITON PAINTING. Large or small jobs. Quality guar. Est 1994 Int/ ext, Res/comm Mike, 604-366-4270



20 15 yrs of Service on the North Shore! • Gutters Cleaned • Power Washing Roof Restoration • Small Roof Repairs • Skylights Window Cleaning • Awnings Awnings Cleaned Cleaned Free Estimates Quality Service Quality&Service

Doug Robinson 604-985-4604


Renovations & Home Improvement


Call for your free estimate now

DISPOSAL BINS: All bins are $199 + dump fees. 604-306-8599

Save $500 Ask Us How A+



All Season Roofing

Re-Roofing & Repairs Specialists 20 year Labour Warranty available


H 604-986-3986 C 604-537-9452

BAMFORD CONSTRUCTION Ltd. Quality Renos & Repairs. 604-986-2871

ROOFING REPAIRS 604-988-0279 All types, Guaranteed. 34 yrs exp. Call John (cell 604-375-0979)

Complete Bathroom Reno’s Suites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights, Windows, Doors. 604-521-1567


M&T Projects Kitchens & baths, renovations, additions, decks, WCB & Liability 604-537-3632



Rubbish Removal



Moving & Storage

#1 BARGAIN rate on plumbing & drainage. No job too small.Ken 604-987-2890 cell 604-328-7439 ★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617 $60/HR. Specializing in Plumbing, Gas, Hot Water Tanks. 24/7. CJ’s Plumbing 604-440-6016


1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From


Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance

GLOBAL PLUMBING Lic. Plumber/Gas fitter, $68/hr,

Licenced Plumber 604-729-6695



Lawn Maintenance, General Clean-Up, Tree Service, Trimming, Pruning. Free Est. Moving, Storage, Free EST 604-628-7136. Visa, OK

Seniors Discount


Oil Tank Removal

ALLGONE OIL TANK REMOVAL Free est, great rates & service 604-990-GONE (4663)

LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956




NO HST! til MARCH 31 • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee



SAVE ON PLUMBING! Licenced Plumber/Gas fitter, $65/HR. Same

day service. 604-987-7473 Samy


Dirt Fill, Concrete, Asphalt Brush, Demo, Const. Waste

SINGLE AXLE DELIVERIES Top Soil, Sand, Gravel, Dumpsites and more.

■ . 604 980.8384


HAMZA DEMOLITION LTD • Hand demolition • Concrete & soil removal • Drywall removal • Stucco & plywood removal • Disposal bin delivery • Paving stone installation



We haul everything, no load too big or small, we do it all. Free est. 604-317-2500/ 929-7195 ACKER’S RUBBISH REMOVAL Quick. 7 days. Fast & reliable. Spencer 604-924-1511

Award-Winning Renovations ■ Rendering to Reality ■

Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too 604-725-8925 Big or Small.


Tiling Tile & Stone

Kitchen & Bathroom Tile Renovation Specialists

Italian Artisans – Quality Work

Tonino 778-322-ETNA (3862) Est. 1978


❏ ❏ ❏ ❏


John 604.916.2305 20 yrs exp

NORTH SHORE TILING CO. 25 yrs exp. All work guaranteed. Call Dennis 604-760-1101


Top Soil

Headwater Management TOP SOIL, SAND, GRAVEL, etc. Pick-up or Delivery 175 Harbour Ave. North Vancouver


Renovations & Home Improvement

PLUMBING BY BILL Installation, repairs Honest & reliable 604-980-0993

STUDENT WORKS Disposal & Recycling. Trips start at $49. John 778-288-8009

Crown Roofing & Drainage Residental Div. Roofing installations & repairs. 1-877-602-7346 CURTIS JOHN ROOFING (since 1978) Roof tune-up from $149. 24 hr repair. 604-985-1913

HEISE CONSTRUCTION & Renos. Kitchens, baths, etc North Shore based Mike 604-728-1458 Making living spaces more livable

Rubbish Removal

“We Keep you Dry”

Don’t get caught by the rain!

SN TOTAL HOME RENO Bathrooms, kitchens, bsmts, decks, etc Free est 604-318-4054

LARTER PLUMBING.COM Heating & Gas Ltd. Richard Larter 604-984-7814

Find one in the Home Services section.



BELL MINI BINS 604-922-5101 Small or large household jobs & Mini bin service. 7 days a week Fast ★ inexpensive ★ reliable.


Call for Free estimate ~ Same Day Service

24/7. 604-987-7473, 604-721-6075.

Need a Painter?

• Window cleaning • Power washing • Gutter cleaning/repairs • WCB insured • Free estimates




604-726-9152 604-984-1988



Qualified Carpenter, 25 yrs exp, renovations, repairs, insured. WCB, good rates, references. Call James 604-788-8863


45 We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac LANDSCAPING LTD.

Power Washing


1 to 3 Men

Cut & Trim from $25


NORTH SHORE WINDOWS LTD Windows, doors & finishing carpentry. 604-839-0636



Superior Cove Tops & Cabinets

• Spring Clean-Up • Pruning, weeding etc. • Design & advice • Professional & experienced • References Available


CHEAP LOADS Fast Reliable Service 604-922-5101

Plywood Kitchen Cabinets & Refacing, Counter Tops • In business 50 years 604-879-9191


Garden Services

MASTER STONEMASON, Local, Experienced, fireplaces, facing, walls, stairs. Ivan 604-649-2271



604-726-9153 604-926-1526

HOMEPRO Renovation & Handyman All jobs big & small. 100% Guaranteed. (604) 722-8857




Retaining walls, facing, cultured stone.

HOME REPAIRS Maintenance Structural repairs! WBC/INS Call 604-925-0661 or 604-861-8145

PRO GAS - North Shore Furnaces, boilers, gas fitting, heat pumps. Service & installation. 604-925-1341

• New Lawns • Maintenance • Pruning • Trimming • Topping • General Clean up


ABLE RENOVATIONS All home repairs & renos, large & small, North Shore only 604 319-2677


A.All Area Gardening Service

TOP SOIL, sand, gravel, etc. Pick-up or Delivery. Headwater Management, 175 Harbour Ave, North Van 604-985-6667

Call Michael – 604 619-1126


Lawn & Garden

Allwest Garden Service Lawn maint, moss control, aerating, free est. 604-716-8479 or 604-984-1988

Installed • Cleaned • Repaired WEST COAST Home Services Gutter & window cleaning, power washing. Guaranteed lowest price WCB insured 604-984-4147



8315 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Tree Services


15 Years Experience Tree & Stump Removal Prunning & Trimming View Work Fully Insured Call 604 291-7778 or 604 787-5915

★AAA★ TREE SERVICE. Tree & stump removal, pruning/trimming. Ins & cert. arborist 604-987-8500 A.ALL AREA TREE SERVICE Topping, pruning & stump grinding. 604-726-9153 & 604-926-1526


Window Cleaning

B. BRIGHTER 604-727-0900

A40 - North Shore News - Sunday, March 4, 2012

Discover the difference... the North Shore’s Ultimate Health Store.


New Roots Wild Oregano Oil C93

Designed to provide the most active, co-enzyme forms of B vitamins in the most scientifically discerning ratios available, eliminating inefficient conversions and counter-productive excesses and maximizing absorption.

High potency (93% Carvacrol) to protect against colds, flu, bacteria, viruses, and parasites

$ Save 5



180 caps

NutraSea Fish Oil 500ml

• Higher purity of this wild species reduces the bitter taste common to oregano oil. $ • Laboratory tested for purity Save 4 and potency


$ 95 15 ml

coated caps


Hoodia Gordonii Extract 20:1

$ Save 6



30 tabs

Lung Bronchial & Sinus Health

How can Hoodia suppress appetite? It is believed that Hoodia imitates the effect of glucose on nerve cells in the brain. It is also believed that, Hoodia fools BUY 1 + E the brain into thinking it is full GET 1 FRE when it is not.

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid, which means that it cannot be manufactured by the body. It must be obtained through the diet or by supplementation. Lysine is one of the most well known amino acids and is an essential component of proteins. Commonly used for cold sores. $ 10




90 tabs

old label only

• Antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial function • Reduces the length and severity of a cold or flu • Enhances immune system function • Strong antioxidant $3




90 caps

while quantities last



$ Save 5

2 x 90 caps

Contains abundant amounts of gamma linolenic acid (GLA), an omega-6 essential fatty acid, vital to health. Promotes healthy skin $ Save 6



240 gels (60 caps FREE)

Allergy season got you? One of the best ways to address it is with the combination of Quercetin and Bromelain. Known for their anti-inflammatory properties, this combination allows for $ the relief of inflamed nasal Save 2 passages due to allergies.



120 caplets

First Cleanse is a 15 day, two part herbal cleanse formulated specifically for the ‘first time’ or ‘sensitive’ cleanser. It is designed to gently stimulate the cleansing and detoxification process of the body’s 7 channels of elimination: the liver, lungs, colon, kidneys, blood, skin, and lymphatic system. First Cleanse is strong enough to be $ effective, yet gentle enough that it will not Save 5 cause ‘cleansing reactions’.


250 Caps



120 gel caps

Get lean and stay lean with LEAN WHEY™! This high quality, easily digested protein powder promotes fat loss and increases lean muscle mass.A proprietary blend of pure, micro ultra-filtered, low- temperature process high quality whey proteins, LEAN WHEY™ is sugar-free and super low calorie.All natural. No artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours. Mixes instantly and tastes great. No $ Bovine Growth Hormone.Available in choice of flavours

Save 10

Ideal for seniors pH Balanced, Buffered Creatine Energy Drink Powder Have the Energy You Want. When You Want it! Quickly and safely boosts energy for people of all ages and fitness levels. ZipFuel is a highly absorbable Creatine instant energy drink with natural buffering agents that reduce $ Save 2 acidity. Deliciously refreshing natural Orange Fizz flavour.



Ester C Supreme 600mg Citrus Free, non-acidic Ester C enhanced with polysaccharides & bioflavonoids. BONUS 25% more


95 29 908 g




150 caps

Supreme Multi Expecting - High Potency



300 g Powder

Formulated to be a premium supplement for the specific needs of expectant mothers with a maximum amount of Folic Acid, to guard against neural tube defects in the foetus. It also has high potency B vitamins, to help with pregnancyrelated nausea and stress in the $3 expectant mother.


Price Match Guarantee 1637 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver 604-985-1185


First Cleanse


Ultra Prim 1000 mg

(Evening Primrose Oil)

30 ml Drops

1050mg Capsules Source of expeller pressed and hexane free Essential Fatty Acids High concentration of 240mg of GLA

LEAN WHEY™ Protein Powder

Olive Leaf Extract


Borage Oil


This formulation can help those with chronic respiratory problems breathe easier. It is a useful adjunct for anyone with asthma, bronchial congestion, & sinus problems. It’s also ideal for occasional hayfever, or to deal with air pollution, $ such as car exhaust & second hand Save 7 smoke. It can even help with a cold.

$ Save 5


An anti-inflammatory, natural pain control aid plus an excellent alternative to NSAIDS, you can trust Tristar Serrapeptase to help dissolve any dead or non-living tissue.These advanced enteric coated capsules are a great natural $ supplement. Save 10 120 enteric

o with uinpst co on

1 DAILY TO EASE HOT FLASHES 100% Organic Red Sage • New-Extra strength one-a-day formula • Reduces the frequency and severity of hot flashes and sweats • Promotes a good night’s rest • Clinically tested • Natural, safe and effective

• Increase bone mass and density • Healthy joint cartilage • Beautiful skin • Fewer wrinkles • Stronger nails • Thick, strong, healthy hair

TriStar Serrapeptase

100,000iu 120 Capsules

Ultra pure, great tasting, sustainably sourced Omega 3, beneficial for cardiovascular health, brain function, skin health, inflammation, optimal fat metabolism, immune system. Pure chek third party tested for quality and purity.Also available with added $ Vitamin D Save 3re

• Excellent for eye health • Source of omega-6 fatty acid • Helps alleviate PMS symptoms

BioSil™ ch-OSA

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120 veg caps

North Shore News - March 4, 2012  

North Shore News - March 4, 2012

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