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WV toddler survives two-storey tumble Evan Duggan

A four-year-old girl is expected to recover after falling almost four metres onto concrete from the second storey of her West Vancouver home. The toddler was sitting on a window ledge in the 600-block of Fairmile Road Thursday evening when the bug screen she was leaning against apparently gave way, according to police. The youngster toppled out the opening and fell almost four metres to the patio. By the time West Vancouver police arrived, the toddler had already been scooped up and taken to the living room, where she was being checked by firefighters and paramedics. Miraculously, she had suffered little more than bruises and a bloodied upper lip and nose in the fall. She was alert and complaining about a sore right leg. The victim was transported See Mishap page 4

Flowing in the wind

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

DANCERS Natalie Kunz (left), Savannah Locke and Devon Yip from the Vanleena Dance Academy will be performing at Centennial Theatre during the dance academy’s annual recital May 26 and 27 at 7 p.m. and May 28 at 1 and 7:30 p.m. Vanleena, the largest dance school on the North Shore, teaches classes in ballet, jazz, tap, hip-hop, lyrical and other styles. Call 604-983-2623 for tickets.

Cap U faculty protests program cuts Tessa Holloway

CAPILANO University’s proposed budget will cut more than 1,000 seats from vital programs and deprive some of the school’s most vulnerable students of opportunities, according to the school’s faculty association. The tentative plan, which aims to save the institution about $400,000, will squeeze 400 students out of Adult Basic Education, a tuition-free program designed to help adult students upgrade their high school courses, and slash funding to programs for students with disabilities and a community centre-based adult literacy outreach

Adult Basic Education, literacy programs slashed in new budget

program, said the association. It will also cut counselor services for the whole student body, reducing hours by 20 per cent. The cuts have been approved by the school senate and administration, but not the school’s board, which will decide on the issue on Tuesday. “For us, it signals what seems to be a fundamental shift away from the community focus of the institution towards a more universityonly focus, and that wasn’t the type of university the community and the faculty envisioned when this process started,” said John Wilson,

president of the faculty association at Capilano University Coming as they do from areas of community outreach, literacy and high-school education, the cuts will mean fewer services for students most in need, he said. Many of the affected programs already have long wait lists, said Wilson. In total, the budget will see 1,100 seats lost and 728 students affected in North Vancouver and Squamish, according to the faculty association. ButuniversitypresidentKrisBulcroftsaidthechangesarenecessary in light of the school’s financial position, with costs continuing to rise every year and provincial funding failing to keep pace. “Last year, we put off some of the deferred maintenance in some See University page 4

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A2 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

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730 Marine Drive NORTH VANCOUVER


Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A3

SUNDAY FOCUS The final instalment in a three-part look at homelessness on the North Shore

The long road home

Homelessness is not always a dead end, but the way back isn’t easy Jane Seyd

LUC Gervais is one of the lucky ones. His apartment is small and a little sparse. The second-hand furniture — a bed, a desk with a computer and an easy chair — has seen better days. But for Gervais and his cat Chika, the small bachelor suite overlooking an outside courtyard and the train tracks beyond has been a place to put his life back together since he found himself homeless in December 2008. “I had the same impression as most people, that homelessness had to do with addiction, that I screwed up somewhere. I didn’t understand that it just happens to people,” said Gervais. Gervais said he was working at a group home when the home was closed, taking both his job and his accommodation with it. He spent a few months sleeping on couches until his father’s sudden death set him back still further. “I was starting to live at places that were unsafe,” where people were doing drugs and he was concerned about violence, said Gervais. He eventually found his way to the shelter below his current accommodations. There, he started to turn things around, but the move wasn’t an easy one. “I kept trying to say: ‘It’s not me; it’s not supposed to happen. I have no excuse to be here.’ ” Today, with support from the staff at the transitional housing complex, Gervais has completed a college program where he trained to become an addictions service worker. He’s moving soon, too, to an independent form of subsidized housing. It won’t be in North Vancouver. “I cannot afford the North Shore,” he said. Gervais said he’s a little sad about leaving the place that’s given him a second chance. “But it’s someone else’s turn,” he said. The apartment, upstairs from the emergency shelter run by the Lookout Emergency Aid Society, is one of only 25 such “transitional housing” apartments on the North Shore. To get one of the units, tenants have to be from the North Shore and are selected by a committee of community members. Turnover is slow. Most people who come into transitional housing take more than a year — and sometimes two or three — to get back on their feet. Some have to relearn basic skills: how to cook and budget, where to find a local recreation centre. There’s always a waiting list. “Last time, we had 18 applications for one room,” said Sam Tim, a tenant support worker with Lookout. “It’s hard to decide who comes here.” “Some people think this is housing and that’s all,” said Tim. “That’s not the point.” If you’re here, said Tim, “You’re going somewhere. This is just a stepping stone.” According to the annual report of the Lookout Emergency Aid Society that runs transitional housing, 36 people made use of the apartments in 2009/2010. More than half the residents are over age 45. Many have either a mental illness, addictions or physical disabilities. For those other 17 people — those who

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

LUC Gervais and cat Chika are back on their feet after finding a place to call their own in one of the North Shore’s few transitional housing apartments. applied for but didn’t get transitional housing — finding long-term accommodation can be an almost insurmountable challenge. Homelessness is a complex issue. For some, it can become a recurring cycle. The longer someone is homeless, becoming used to the habits of the street, the more difficult it is to break the cycle. “It’s like being in prison,” said David Foster, long-time advocate for the homeless and founder of the Harvest Project. “You come out and you don’t know any different.” “When you’ve been living on the streets, your life skills change,” said Sandra Vasquez, an outreach worker with the Canadian Mental Health Association on the North Shore. “It’s not that you’ve lost them. They’re just different.” Among the chronically homeless, hoarding and lack of hygiene and social skills can quickly become further barriers to finding a place to live. “There is no program to help them stay housed,” said Vasquez. The idea that “housing people is a solution to homelessness” isn’t accurate, she said. “People don’t become homeless just because they want to. . . . They need mental health teams. They need people helping with their life skills. We’re not doing a very good job of that.” “Who is going to rent to someone who smells and doesn’t look good?” she said. “Nobody will rent to a person who is homeless.” There is endless paperwork. Most of Vasquez’s clients are on social assistance, which provides $235 a month for support and $375 for rent. Those with “persistent multiple barriers” to employment get $50 more. Those on disability get $316 extra. But to be considered disabled, there are forms that have to be filled out — by a family doctor.

“Most people I know don’t have a family doctor,” said Vasquez. “Right now on my desk I have five (applications).” One client who has post-traumatic stress disorder has been trying to fill out an application for B.C. Housing for three months, she said. “If you sleep in a good bed and you have a good breakfast and you have what you need to make your life that day, filling out those forms, you can do it,” she said. “For them, it’s very overwhelming.” One of the ways local agencies have been trying to deal with homelessness is to prevent it early. The North Shore Youth Safe House, operating since 2008, was specifically set up to reach teens and young adults before they turn to the street. “We do have big city problems here. It’s one SeaBus away,” said Paul Butler, Youth Services Co-ordinator with Hollyburn Family Services. “We need to take care of our own kids and not lose them to the Downtown Eastside.” The six-bed safe house provides shelter and support for youth up to age 24. It’s staffed around the clock and helps between 150 and 200 young people annually. The average age of a safe house client is 16 or 17. Most of the kids are from the North Shore, and there’s a more than 85 per cent occupancy rate. Kids who turn up might be first-time runaways who are having conflicts with their parents. They might have addictions or come from families where parents are in the grip of substance abuse or mental illness. It’s also common for vulnerable teens to fall victim to predators — trading sex for a place to stay. “When a young person is on the streets and in crisis, when someone offers them money for sex it’s difficult to turn it down,” said Butler. “It’s not

just the girls. Boys will sell themselves. It’s an awful place for them to be trapped in.” When teens arrive at the shelter, “We allow them to eat as much as they want,” said Butler. Often they show up wearing two or three pairs of jeans and hoodies. When the layers are peeled back, however, “You see they’re very small and skinny,” said Butler. “They haven’t had regular meals for quite a while.” Sixty to 70 per cent of the teens have been out of school for some time. The first priority is to “steer them back home,” said Butler. “The longer they stay out of the home, the harder it is to get them back to the home.” For those who can’t go home, there’s sixmonth transitional housing available — with more scheduled to open this summer on the North Shore. So far, the program has been a success. “We’ve had 12 young people go through it,” said Butler. “Ninety-five per cent are living successfully on their own in the community. They’re either going to school or working.” Not everyone who is homeless ends up at a shelter. Peter Defehr, director of the Salvation Army for the North Shore, said he sees a lot more families who are in need of help these days. A lot of times, those people will couch surf with friends or relatives and won’t let on that they don’t have a place to live. EvenwhenonepersonshowsuptotheSalvation Army’s Food Bank, it may not reveal the extent of the problem. “They don’t necessarily bring their children to the door,” said Defehr. “There’s still an element of pride in most people.” “I have seen people with huge wealth end up homeless,” he said. “All it takes is a few bad decisions.” See Affordable page 5

A4 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

University blames static govt. funding From page 1

of the building, and you can only do that for so long,” she said. Provincial funding dedicated to the ABE program at Capilano University has hovered at about

$1.2 million for several years, out of a total provincial contribution of $5.7 million, said Bulcroft, but the ABE classes cost $1.4 million to run last year. When static funding is combined with a cap on tuition — including free tuition for

ABE courses — something has to give, she said. This doesn’t mean Capilano is turning its back on the community, she said. “It’s easy to take this as a simple view that Cap, now that we’re a university, that we will

no longer be serving the quoteunquote community. That’s not true at all,” said Bulcroft. “We will always be in the business of doing the ABE programming.” Naomi Yamamoto, North Vancouver-Lonsdale MLA and minister for advanced

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2008 and the fact the province is currently in deficit, said Yamamoto. “What I’m actually kind of proud of is education is one of the areas where we’ve protected funding, we actually haven’t seen the cuts.” But for faculty like Wilson, that’s cold comfort. He said they want to draw a line in the sand so students have access to basic programs. “We definitely want this trend to stop,” he said. A demonstration is planned for the board meeting Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. in the hallway leading to LB 321/322 at Capilano University.

Handsworth bomb threat deemed hoax A bomb scare at North Vancouver’s Handsworth secondary didn’t keep students away from class Friday morning. The scare marks the third false threat in recent months in North Vancouver schools, and the second one at Handsworth since February. The school received the anonymous threat around 7:30 a.m., triggering a search of the facility by North Vancouver RCMP accompanied by an explosive-sniffing dog. When the two-hour operation turned up nothing, students were allowed to attend classes as usual. “At this point, there is no evidence of any potential threat . . . and no need for any worry amongst the parents,” said RCMP Const. Geoff Harder. The RCMP wouldn’t release details about how the threat was received, but Harder said there could be a connection between the threat and the fact that it’s exam period.

Mishap prompts window warning From page 1 to Lions Gate Hospital for observation and was released soon after to recover at home. It appears the youngster had climbed on to the ledge when she was left unattended in the dining room, said Sgt. Paul Skelton, a spokesman for the WVPD. There were at least two adults in the house at the time. “The child was only left alone for minute or so,” said Skelton. “The window is only about three feet from the floor.” Parents need to be extra vigilant with warmer weather approaching, he said. They should be aware of open windows and shouldn’t trust bug screens. “We always talk about water safety and pool safety at this time of year,” said Skelton. “This is another [danger].”

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A5

Affordable housing would bring hope From page 3

David Foster, a long-time advocate for the homeless and founder of the Harvest Project, knows that all too well. Half a lifetime ago, he was living high on the hog in the British Properties and he figured he had it made. Some bad investments and a lifestyle fuelled by drugs and booze abruptly changed all that. Foster found himself standing in a welfare office in West Vancouver. His experience on the skids eventually led to the Harvest Project, which Foster ran for 10 years before stepping down. When he left the Harvest, things didn’t go well. By 2008 he had relapsed into drug and alcohol use. That’s how in January 2009 he came to walk through the doors of the North Shore emergency shelter — this time as a client. “It was pretty humbling,” he said. “I knew a lot of the staff. But I couldn’t put the pieces back together myself.” These days, he still lives on the North Shore and works for a wholesale company. It’s a regular life, but “I’m just a step away from where they are,” he said. Foster still has dreams about how to make things better for the North Shore’s homeless, something that would combine shelter with appropriate treatment options and support. “I know guys who have been in and out of recovery homes 20 times,” he said. “Their whole focus is on that day and their daily survival.” Foster also started a “breakfast church” at the Harvest Project once a month, aimed at sharing inspirational stories. “There has to be a messenger of hope,” he said. “Somebody who’s made it.” Lack of hope can grind anyone down, he said. It’s in short supply among the homeless. Hope is what most of those who work with the homeless would like to offer. It’s difficult on the North Shore. “There’s no really affordable housing,” said Foster. “Market rental is being torn down for condo units.” Food banks and shelters are just stopgap measures, said Defehr. But without subsidized housing and the right kinds of social programs, “It doesn’t give people optimism. “ ‘I can’t afford hope,’ is what it comes down to.” NEWS photo Paul McGrath

DAVID Foster, founder of the Harvest Project and a North Shore advocate for the homeless, sits under a bridge near the shelter where the homeless sometimes sleep. Without good supports, homelessness can become a recurring cycle.

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A6 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of Postmedia Network Inc., 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Thinking drivers


HAT better time than a perfect storm of playoff hockey and the unofficial start to summer this weekend to remind us to pay attention to B.C.’s six-month-old drinking driving laws? Sure, we’re used to reminders not to drink and drive at Christmas, when Operation Red Nose is in full swing and bosses are offering taxi tickets home from the office party. Come summer, however, most of the red noses can be found either in sports bars or packing crates of wine out to the cottage. Yet according to veteran traffic cops in North Vancouver, May is one of the busiest months of the year for nabbing drunk drivers. Perhaps that’s not surprising. After a long, cold winter and spring, we want to celebrate the start of the summer. And for a lot of us, celebrations mean alcohol.

you said it “The beatings I heard almost around the clock were savage.” North Vancouver journalist Dorothy Parvaz on the acts of torture she was forced to listen to while in the custody of Syrian authorities. Parvaz is safe at home this week after spending 19 days in captivity in Syria and Iran. (from a May 20 news story). ••• “A warm meal, a friendly face and someone who gives a damn.” What people in the North Shore emergency shelter are looking for, according to Jody Yurkowsky, site manager for the shelter, who added they try to meet people where they’re at rather than be judgmental (from a May 15 news story). ••• “It’s always one of their favourite days of the year.” Grouse mountain wildlife manager David Manky talks to media following the emergence of the mountain’s two resident Grizzly bears, Grinder and Coola, from hibernation. The two spent the day frolicking in the snow (from a May 18 news story).

So Attorney General Barry Penner’s announcementthatthenumberofdrunk driving-related deaths in the province has been halved since the new laws were put in place is especially timely. There’s also been a 75 per cent drop in the number of criminal charges laid against drunk drivers, as police make use of B.C.’s new administrative penalties. While it’s too early to tell a lot from the statistics, it seems we’ve taken a step in the right direction. The new laws aren’t without their flaws, but they appear to be effective in both altering drivers’ behaviour and in getting drunks off the road. Prior to the new laws, we had an average of 115 deaths, 3,100 injuries and 5,100 accidents each year related to drunk driving. Any downward trend in those numbers is indeed an encouraging sign.


MLA’s excuses ring hollow

Dear Editor: So, the B.C. Liberal cabinet minister responsible for the Local Government Act would like to “set the record straight” concerning the province’s non-response, after two and one-half years, to the obvious and overdue need for reforms to our local elections law (Election Reform Takes Time, North Shore News, May 8). Why? It seems clear enough to me. Minister Chong’s rationale for having done nothing to date is twaddle. It’s an insult to one’s intelligence. Serious concerns were raised in at least four communities across B.C., including West Vancouver, following the November 2008 civic elections. In the case of West Vancouver, an anonymous individual or group, operating under the name “Low Tax, Low Growth Association,” spent a very large amount of money on three campaign-style flyers, each one postal-walked throughout the community, in an effort to influence the outcome of our municipal council race. This was contrary to the Local

Government Act, but in the result, the law as it stands proved unenforceable. The integrity of our local electoral process had been seriously compromised and the law was useless. In September 2009, then-Premier Gordon Campbell, while addressing that year’s UBCM conference, made much of announcing a task force charged with making recommendations for reform. According to Mr. Campbell, this was a most serious matter. In May, 2010, the task force released its recommendations. So far, so good. However, an entire year has since gone by and the B.C. Liberals have done nothing to introduce legislation in order to correct the situation. But then, how could they have done so? The Legislature has barely met during that time. We pay our MLAs in excess of $100,000 per year in salary alone, never mind the perks. They are in the top five per cent of income tax filers in the country. We are not getting value for money. David O. Marley West Vancouver

NV biking trails not just for bikers, thank you

Dear Editor: Monica Craver’s response to the mountain bike trail building on the North Shore (Mountain Bike Trails are Not ‘Adopted’ for Others, North Shore News, May 4) compels me to voice an alternate opinion. My dog and I have hiked probably 70 per cent of all the mountain biking trails on Hollyburn, Fromme and Seymour, and I have to say that I am indebted to the dedicated trail builders to a high degree. We penetrate the forests like we never would have if not for the comfort of “signs of man” along the way. Just when I think we are completely lost, we see a ladder or


bridge built by the volunteers, and my confidence is restored. I have a GPS and I have made it a project to hike and record as many bike trails as possible. The mountain bikers may not appreciate a hiker with a dog on “their” trail, but I am constantly heartened by their acceptance and amiable demeanour whenever we interact. I have seriously considered donating cash to the NSMBA or even becoming a member, such is my gratitude for their good work. Trail-builders, I salute you. Robert Partridge North Vancouver

Chilly excursion warms hearts Dear Editor: Thank you to all the volunteers who turned out on such a cold, wet Sunday morning, May 16, for the Save Our Shores annual Waterfront Discovery Walk. Thank you also to our supporters, because without them this walk cannot happen. Although free for the participants, Save Our Shores depends on donations to help with the cost of organizing. Due to the weather, the turnout was low; however, the walk still had a very positive note. The people who turned out took their time to enjoy mother nature’s treats along the way. One little boy was so entranced with all the interesting things he saw on the beach that he insisted on returning to the Save Our Shores tent to write down all he had seen. This little boy made all the effort worthwhile, because it is for his and future generations that we are trying to protect this most precious asset, our waterfront. Maureen Bragg, President, North Vancouver Save Our Shores Society





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Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A7

In politics, as elsewhere, cads will be cads

SCOUNDRELS ruled the news last week, rising to public view like so much scum on a pond.

Bad boys, whether or not they’re as aged as the two who surfaced lately, are rarely described as “scoundrels” any more. International Monetary Fund chief Dominique StraussKahn, charged by New York City police with sexually assaulting a hotel maid, and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who admitted to fathering a child with a household staff member a decade ago, now get the fairly neutral designation “womanizer.” But how often do you see these terms trotted out: bounder, rotter, rascal, or rogue? They sound positively archaic. (Google “cads” and the first definition off the pike is “Canadian Association for Disabled Skiing.”) In a world where high profile cheaters are routinely uncovered by the tabloids, it’s uncool for us, as spectators, to do more than sniff at a deception like Schwarzenegger’s. If we’re in a generous frame of mind, we might also feel a little chilly sympathy for his wife, Maria Shriver, and their four kids. Meanwhile, Strauss-Kahn

CCaompmseuntsl e

WorldNoTobacco Day,aWorldHealth Organization(WHO) initiativeisheldevery yearonMay31. Its goalistoencourage L RY DA governments t is Pharmac aroundtheworld toworktowardstricter regulationsoftobaccoproductsaswellas drawattentiontoallthehealthproblemsthat tobaccousecancause. Itissaidthatsmokingisoneofthehardest addictionstokick. Ifstoppingsmokingisstill onyour2011listofresolutions,talktoour pharmacistsaboutthevariousmethodsto stop. We’d behappytohelp.

downright cads. A cad, for those who’ve never heard the word, is defined (by as “an ill-bred man, especially one who behaves in a dishonorable or irresponsible way toward women.” Time was, being labeled a cad was bad news for a guy — though it was never as bad as the women’s label, “tramp” — but sleaziness doesn’t seem to mean much to a man’s reputation any more. Take a look at Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky. Clinton, who was married and the U.S. president at the time of their seedy dalliance in 1995, tried to lie his way through the scandal but was forced to take his lumps. He has since catapulted back to the status of respected elder statesman. Lewinsky, who was not married or president at the time, is still regarded by many as a vulgar villainess. Rotters rule. They get their hands slapped occasionally, but they can always come back from the brink. Serial cheater Tiger Woods’ career is in steep

Going Coastal

Kate Zimmerman faces criminal proceedings, which is clearly a more serious issue than Schwarzenegger’s infidelity. DSK may be innocent of the sex assault charges; in his own country, however, the thrice-married presidential hopeful is apparently a well-known swordsman. People can chortle all they want about this stuff, and call it “womanizing” as if boys’ll be boys, but these actually aren’t boys. They’re both well over 60 and sought out positions of authority. Yet apparently they’re not just naughty fellows, they’re

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jazzed up fiction since fiction began. Moll Flanders, the 1722 novel by Daniel Dafoe, has plenty of amoral seducers tempt its ill-fated protagonist. Later that century, in Samuel Richardson’s epistolary novel Clarissa, an obsessed rogue called Robert Lovelace laboriously schemes his way into the virtuous Clarissa’s

bed. She’s so appalled, she dies. (This strategy is not recommended by the North Shore News.) We women love to read about fictional cads. They stir our blood and our ire, and show us how our ideal partners should not behave

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decline right now, but if he finally wins a tournament or two, all will be forgiven. Even Mel Gibson, whose offenses include anti-Semitism as well as verbal and physical abuse of the young woman for whom he left his longtime wife, has shown up recently on film. He may be a total heel, but director Jodi Foster says he and she “get” each other, and that’s good enough for her. There are countless examples of bounders in popular culture. They’re the classic foil for the good guys. Jon Hamm, who brilliantly portrays the 1960s skirtchaser Don Draper in the TV series Mad Men, plays an equally insensitive bootyhound in the hilarious new movie, Bridesmaids. Utterly believable, Hamm’s character is only interested in having female friends with benefits, and only for as long as those benefits last. He’s the latest version of Hugh Grant’s reprehensible Daniel Cleaver, a highlight of the film versions of Bridget Jones’s Diary, I and II. The rake, of course, has

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A8 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

WV mulls N. Shore labour bureau Body would represent NV, WV in negotiations

Sunday, May 29, 2011 Centennial Theatre en North N or Vancouver, r, BC

Tessa Holloway

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AREA councillors are floating the idea of a new organization to represent only North Shore municipalities at the bargaining table with unions, just as a report describes the existing Labour Relations Bureau as broken. The bureau has represented most Lower Mainland municipalities in negotiations since 1973, and was created to bring all the different negotiations under one roof and prevent unions from playing one municipality off of the others in contract negotiations. The last round of negotiations, however, resulted in a strikes in Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver, while wage hikes increased above the rate of inflation. Since then, four municipalities — including West Vancouver in July 2010 and Delta, Burnaby and Vancouver — have filed notice to leave the bureau, and will be able to negotiate on their own once the two-year notice period runs out. West Vancouver Coun. Michael Smith, who sits on the bureau board, described the organization as “dysfunctional” and said the region-wide approach won’t work without the major cities on board.

“It has to be united with everyone playing, and the largest municipalities are not playing,” he said, adding he feels they can improve their relationship with the unions by working with them directly. Smith also took aim at the funding formula, in which municipalities cover the bureau’s costs based on their property values, not population, meaning West Vancouver pays more than average per capita. But he said a North Shore-based organization would be a different story, and it’s something he’s open to if all councils can get together. So far, the other municipalities aren’t jumping ship from the existing bureau, however District of North Vancouver Coun. Mike Little won’t rule it out. He said he wants to see if the recommendations included in a report by lawyer James Dorsey, recently adopted by the board of the labour bureau, help to improve things, however. Dorsey’s recommendations include adding more transparency, separating from Metro Vancouver and removing the right of municipalities that opt out of the service to sit in on meetings, though Dorsey also had harsh words for the current set-up. Still, because of the two-year timeline for withdrawing, Little suggested they may give notice to leave before giving up entirely. He also suggested a North Shore-wide labour negotiation. “We have a lot more common interests, common issues than North See City page 11

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Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A9

WV suite owners get reprieve on upgrades Tessa Holloway

WEST Vancouver is giving homeowners with secondary suites a second chance to make safety improvements before they begin to lay down the law.

Council has given preliminary approval to extend the deadline to register suites under the alternative life saving standards. That allows homeowners to make more affordable changes than would be required under the provincial building code.

The new deadline is Nov. 30 of this year. After that, homeowners will be required to meet the provincial building code, which could result in major renovations. Bob Sokol, director of planning, lands and permits for West Vancouver, said the district has a backlog of applications staff want to get through before the deadline, which was previously set for May 31. “We, right now, have about five to 10 applications coming in a day, we have about 20 to 30 inquiries a day, and at this point we’ve received about 370 applications for secondary suites,” said Sokol. “There’s


SINCE 1959



just been a lot of activity and there’s been such good response that we’ve been both getting overwhelmed and we want to keep our basic levels of service high.” Inspectors look for smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher and basic safety measures, said Sokol, compared to building code requirements for a sprinkler system and extra layers of drywall. So far, 207 applications have been approved.



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Seal shooting nets arrest

A 27-year-old Vancouver man may be facing criminal charges after reportedly shooting seals with a pellet gun in Ambleside.

West Vancouver police went to the foot of 14th Street just before 7 p.m. May 12 after passersby reported someone firing on the animals from the pier. Officers tracked down the suspect, took him into custody and seized two pellet guns and a pellet rifle with a scope. The man was later released on a promise to appear in court. The WVPD will likely recommend a charge of possession of a weapon for a dangerous purpose. The man’s name has not been released. — James Weldon

NOTICE OF CONSIDERATION OF TEMPORARY USE PERMIT This will advise that Council will consider a Temporary Use Permit during the Regular Meeting of Council on MONDAY, MAY 30, 2011, 7:00 PM in the Council Chamber of the Municipal Hall, 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, B.C. as outlined below.

407 Mountain Highway Temporary Use Permit 7.11 Applicant:

Otto Lukat of Lukat Holdings Ltd.

Subject Lands:

407 Mountain Highway, legally described as Lot 5 Except Part in Explanatory Plan 5672 Block H District Lot 613 Plan 9993, and shown on the map below:


To consider a Temporary Use Permit to allow automotive repair shop and automotive body shop uses on the parcel at 407 Mountain Highway until May 31, 2013.

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Consideration of this Temporary Use Permit is held under the provisions of the Local Government Act. Copies of the supporting permit, staff report, and other relevant background material are available for review in the District of North Vancouver Clerk’s Office or Development Planning Department at the Municipal Hall from May 19, 2011 to May 30, 2011. The Municipal Hall is located at 355 West Queens Road and is open Monday through Friday, except statutory holidays, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. If you would like to review the permit and report online, go to Please direct inquiries to Ms. Casey Peters of the Development Planning Department at 604-990-2388. Mr. James Gordon Manager of Administrative Services File: 08.3060.20/075.10

District of North Vancouver 355 West Queens Road, North Vancouver, BC V7N 4N5 Main Line 604-990-2311

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A10 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

Density, housing dominate OCP meeting

60 residents weigh in on District of North Van’s planning blueprint Evan Duggan

DISTRICT of North Vancouver residents filled district hall on Monday night to voice concerns about council’s proposed new official community plan. More than 60 residents stepped up to the microphone during the public hearing that pushed on towards 11 p.m. forcing a second round of presentations on Tuesday evening. Mayor Richard Walton and council listened as residents shared their thoughts regarding the new 166-page civic planning blueprint that will guide the district’s residential, commercial, industrial and transportation infrastructure for

the next two decades. Concerns about plans for greater density in several district neighbourhoods, lack of affordable housing and the need for more community input were key issues for many speakers. More than half of the speakers expressed general support for the OCP — which predicts the district will grow by 20,000 residents by 2030 and seeks to tailor that growth. But several speakers favoured it only conditionally, calling for a referendum on the matter. Others rejected it outright. The evening began with presentations by some younger members of the community. They called on council to approve the OCP bylaw, expressing worry that the community they grew up in has become too expensive for youth. Those concerns are also echoed in the document itself, which points to the district’s lack of affordable rental housing, and community “vibrancy” as two of the causes of the region’s “lost generation” — those aged 25 to 40 who have departed the North Shore. Other youth speakers called for more accessible

transportation systems and revitalized recreation opportunities that would encourage and include residents with disabilities. At the heart of the OCP is proposed densification of several of the district’s town and neighbourhood centres. Areas including Lynn Valley, Lower Lynn, Maplewood and Lower Capilano/Marine Drive have been earmarked to absorb the majority of new developments and subsequent residents. That has some residents worried that the North Shore will lose the character that attracted them here in the first place. Jerome Irwin, the founding president of the Lower Capilano Residents Association, said the North Shore’s iconic natural identity is at risk if higher density housing pushes out single-family dwellings. “At stake is the survival of the past century’s rich human legacy, traditional heritage and character of our single family communities,” Irwin said during his address. “Will identity 2030 preserve what little is left of this fragile heritage? Or will this plan actually cause it to perish?” After his presentation Irwin said he understood the need to accommodate more people in the district, but he and many of his neighbours are concerned developers would have too much freedom to build and that higher density will squeeze those already living in the area. Irwin also feared that increased development would overwhelm transit services. “They’re talking about more densification, at least 1,500 more residents on Marine Drive, and those people are going to be taking the bus,” Irwin said. “Where are they going to get the TransLink buses to handle all this?” Joseph Bowes, a resident of Parkgate who has been vocal during the two-year OCP consultation process, told the council he supports the new plan with two “provisos” — that residents vote on the OCP in a district-wide referendum, and that the new OCP, if enacted, would not eliminate existing local area plans or reduce their mandate. Bowes also called on officials to include the advice of community associations in land-use decisions moving forward. “Too bad they were pretty much ignored this time around,” Bowes said during his presentation. “Where are their formal recommendations on the new OCP?” Other topics where contrasting views emerged during the six hours of presentations included the OCP’s expected population increase for the region, as well as the capacity of the new plan to curtail rising greenhouse gas emissions. With the OCP public consultation process wrapped up, council will now decide if any further changes need to be made before a third and final reading tentatively scheduled for May 30. Consideration of formal adoption of the OCP bylaw by council is set to happen at the end of June.

lynn valley day 2011


O U R H O M E . Y O U R C O M M U N I T Y.


Lynn Valley Community Association

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A11

Ads to pay for WV shelters District plans to install 36 new structures and turn tidy profit

Tessa Holloway

WEST Vancouver plans to pay for new bus shelters along Marine Drive with outdoor ads rather than taxes, and make a hefty sum of cash on the side.

Evildoers remain irresistible

Pattison Outdoor is required to build and maintain the shelters for 20 years, and over the life of the agreement will also pay the municipality $2 million in fees. In exchange, the company can expect a steady stream of revenue from the ads. There will sometimes be two ads per bus stop. Rob Hunt, the company’s vice president for the Pacific region, said they should be installed between Aug. 1 and Labour Day, just in time for the autumn downpours. Hunt said while some people might not appreciate the ads, it saves the district money. “It’s a very expensive public amenity that’s going to be provided to the city at no cost,” he said, adding he hopes to see local businesses advertise where they otherwise didn’t have the opportunity. “The positive certainly outweighs the other.” The final design and placement of the shelters is still being worked out, and will be included in a report to council on June 6, said Fung. Pattison Outdoor also has similar contracts with the City of North Vancouver and the District of North Vancouver. 1/ 9 HP 93 .1 59H . 9 H PF 3L KLH /9H K .1 / 7 59







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May 26-28

Van has with Pitt Meadows per se.” The City of North Vancouver remains most committed to the bureau, to the point that council passed a resolution last year recommending a rules change to force all Metro Vancouver members to also join it. Coun. Rod Clark, the city’s representative at the bureau, said the breakup of the bureau should concern taxpayers, as labour costs dominate the budgets of local government. “Because labour is 80 per cent of every dollar we spend, whatever we do on the labour front is magnified,” he said. Clark said he hoped the Dorsey report would move the organization to a more professional and less political group that could win back support from other municipalities, but he, too, said a North Shore-based bureau might be another way to go. CUPE contracts, which includes most municipal staff in most municipalities, are up for renegotiation at the end of this year, although West Vancouver has a different union representing employees on a different timeline.

From page 7 — for all the good that does many of us. Some women, evidently, remain titillated by the challenge inherent in bad boy management. Others are more old-fashioned; I’m one of them. We expect men and women equally to keep their word, be truthful, stay honest, uphold the law, and dance with the one who brung ’em, or bow out gracefully before taking another model for a spin. When somebody doesn’t meet those basic expectations, we bystanders can certainly choose to look the other way, not bothering to empathize with their victims. “It has nothing to do with me,” we can always say, relieved. It’s more satisfying, however, to mentally, and even verbally, tag the bounder. I’d try to resuscitate the word “rapscallion,” except it sounds like a delicious herb you could mash into potatoes. Alternatively, “scamp” suggests that such a man is a mere prankster, whose behaviour hasn’t shattered the lives of others, often his own children. No, “cad” the word has long been, and “cad” it ought to stay. And while we’re at it, let’s bring back duels at dawn. —

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‘Gritty tale of addiction, gang violence and redemption. Powerful’ 7PM CURTAIN

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Pattison Outdoor Advertising and the district have signed a contract that will go to council in June for 36 new customdesigned bus shelters at busy stops along Marine Drive to Dundarave and in Horseshoe Bay. It’s the first bus shelter plan for the district, which until now has had only a hodgepodge of increasingly dilapidated wooden and glass shelters built by the municipality itself. “Over the years we’ve had some very, very modest structures,” said Ray Fung, director of engineering and transportation. The new plan will mean higher quality bus shelters with a “contemporary look” said Fung, that use recycled material for benches and offer bus riders better protection from the weather.

City supports current org.

A12 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011


Bellevue Gallery art opening

by Cindy Goodman

Effat Faridi, Deniz Shokati and Ruhi Miri arrive.

Featured artist Pari Azarm Motamedi greets guests. Representatives of Bellevue Gallery hosted an opening reception for their current show May 12. Painted Literature, a collection of paintings by artist Pari Azarm Motamedi, showcases works based on the poetry of two contemporary Persian master poets, ShaďŹ i Kadkani and Sohrab Sepehri. The show will remain on display at the West Vancouver gallery until June 11. Info:

Nahid Mirkhani and Nahid Pezeshkpour view the many works on display.

Jo-Ann Gross and Pamela Liedl ďŹ&#x201A;ank Farah Ghanei.

Shabnam Vaghayenegar, Amir Motamedi and Annie Pfeifer show their support.

Sepehr Samimi and Mohsen Yazdani photograph the event.

Angus and Gillian Simpson share a laugh.

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

THE CLEAR ALTERNATIVE TO BRACES $ 99 Special! Value $350. Must book before May 31, 2011

Includes exam, x-rays, impressions, study models and consultation

2457 Bellevue Ave. West Vancouver


207-125 East 13th St. North Vancouver DR.GEOFFGILLESPIE



Attention North Shore Families: We are currently accepting new patients to our practice!

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A13




Follow @NSNLive on Twitter

NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

JOE Calendino attends a rehearsal of Let Me Up!, a play being presented at Sutherland secondary this week. The production explores his journey from gang member and addict to his current work with youth, inspiring them to make healthy choices.


True grit

■ Let Me Up!, a gritty look at the world of gang violence and addiction, May 26-28 at 7 p.m. at Sutherland secondary. Free. Tickets: Info:

Erin McPhee

WHEN Joe Calendino talks, youth listen.

A former full-patch member of the Hells Angels Motorcycle Club — Nomads chapter — he’s also overcome addiction. Working with staff at his old high school,



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604.925.1341 •

Vancouver’s Templeton secondary, the 44-year-old Surrey resident turned his life around and now shares his personal story of downward spiral, recovery and redemption in an effort to inspire and empower youth to cope positively with peer pressure. Calendino is the founder of the Yo Bro Youth Initiative, a prevention-based program focused on helping youth say “no” and make safe and healthy choices for the benefit of themselves, their families and communities. Through speaking engagements, martial arts programs, a classroom curriculum, and ongoing work with youth groups, he’s interacted with thousands of both at-risk and general population students See Former page 15

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Kam Filsoofi, OWNER Serving the North Shore since 1994

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A14 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

LIVE health notes Post Heart Attack Depression: Learn about the relationship between heart disease and depression, Wednesday, May 25, 7 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Presented by the Canadian Mental Health Association. By donation. Info: 604-987-6959 or www.northwestvancouver. Backcountry Safety for Runners: Club Fat Ass and North Shore Rescue will host an educational night on backcountry preparation, Thursday, May 26, 6:30 p.m. at Kintec Footlabs, 975 Marine Dr., North Vancouver. The event is free but a hat will be passed for donations to North Shore Rescue. Registration: backcountry-preparation.

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Breast Cancer Prevention: A

free workshop to educate and empower individuals to do all they can to prevent breast cancer, Thursday, May 26, 7-8:30 p.m. at Capilano library, 3045 Highland Blvd., North Vancouver. Registration required: 604987-4471. How Do You See It?: The North Shore Family Caregiver Support Program will present a free workshop, Friday, May 27, 2:15-4 p.m. at Body Harmony Yoga Studio, 301-972 Marine Dr., North Vancouver. Discover new ways to energize life around communication, awareness and finding balance. Registration: or 604982-3320. Diabetes Testing: The Lynn Valley Lions’ Club will provide free diabetes testing at their community booth during Lynn Valley Day, Saturday, May 28, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. at Lynn Valley Park, North Vancouver. Info: 604-987-9623.

The Eagle Harbour Community Fun Run, Sunday, May 29 at 10 a.m. Meet at Parc Verdun in the 5500 block of Marine Dr., West Vancouver for a fivekilometre walk/run. Registration: Gordon Harmon Memorial Rotary Seawalk Run: A 10-kilometre run/five-kilometre walk from the Village at Park Royal to Dundarave and back, Sunday, May 29 at 7:30 a.m. There will be a runner’s breakfast at the finish line. Fee: $37/$25. Registration: Sexy Healthy Wealthy Women: Seven female experts will share secrets to start living a sexy, healthy and wealthy life, Sunday, May 29, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. at Centennial Theatre, 2300 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Admission: $50. Tickets: www. Info: — Compiled by Debbie Caldwell

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ROAD EVENT: TRAIL EVENT: North Shore Credit Union Eagle Harbour Iron Knee/Tender Knee 5km Fun Run DATE: May 29, 2011 DATE: May 29, 2011 TRAIL EVENT: Comfortably Numb DATE: June 26, 2011 • Whistler

ROAD EVENT: Coho Festival Run DATE: September 11, 2011

TRAIL EVENT Fat Dog 100 DATE: July 23-24, 2011

ROAD EVENT: North Shore Credit Union 1/2 Marathon DATE: October 10, 2011

TRAIL EVENT North Vancouver Mud Run Ride DATE: August 27, 2011

TRAIL EVENT: Hallow’s Eve DATE: October 23, 2011

ADVENTURE EVENT: Canuck Place Adventure Challenge DATE: September 10, 2011



Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A15


Former drama teacher lends support to recovery throughout the Lower Mainland. Let Me Up!, a play inspired by his life, is being presented at North Vancouver’s Sutherland secondary this week. Students from North and West Vancouver will attend two matinees. Students, parents, teachers and other community members are invited to attend free evening performances, May 26-28 at 7 p.m. Prior to a rehearsal Tuesday at the North Shore high school, Calendino offers an emotional response when asked about the degree of change he’s experienced in such a short period of time. “Every day I wake up to the perfect day. When you really think about it, I get to walk into the schools and interact with youth in a way that could possibly. . . .” he breaks off. “When you start to change their lives I don’t think there’s any bigger reward.” Calendino’s life took a turn at age 14 when he started making bad choices. A recreational street fighter, he also smoked weed and drank on the weekends. Following completion of high school, his life seemed as if it was on track, seeing him operate a chain of cell phone stores for 10 years. “Then I started to identify with that lifestyle again,” he says. “It took one second, one moment, and I was right back there again. There went my journey.” In the years that followed, Calendino lived a gang lifestyle — he was around the Hells Angels for 10 years and was a full-patch member for three — and fell deeper into addiction. He was asked to leave the club in 2005, the result of his addiction as well as a violent incident at a Kelowna casino. His dependency worsened, mainly due to crack cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol, until finally he realized it was time to make a change. “It was rock bottom for me about four years ago. I’m going on

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year four now,” he says of his sobriety. Calendino’s success in rebuilding his life has been made possible through the support of an entire community. Among those playing an integral role is Vancouver police department Const. Kevin Torvik. Friends in high school, Calendino and Torvik were reunited as adults through Calendino’s downward spiral and troubles with the law. “He was there to arrest me . . . but when he heard my life was falling apart and so on, he took off the uniform and became that guy I went to high school with,” says Calendino.

“When Joe graduated, he gave me a picture of himself at grad with him and me together and it was a beautiful shot,” says Crescenzo, adding he remembers thinking Calendino was on the right path. The pair stayed connected for a number of years though eventually lost touch due to Calendino’s immersion in his new lifestyle. Four years ago, hearing Calendino was interested in helping kids, Crescenzo agreed to meet with him. Taking one look at him, he knew he had to do something. Calendino, once a robust and energetic teenager had dropped to a mere 147 pounds and shook uncontrollably. “I looked at him and I just thought, what if this was my son? What if this was my kid? Would I want somebody to shut the last door on him? All of a sudden I felt this incredible responsibility not as a teacher, not as a friend, but just as a human being. He kind of looked at me, with his eyes, and that was it, I was locked in,” says Crescenzo. Talking to Torvik and Templeton vice-principal Walter Mustapich, they decided to help Calendino not only get his life back on track, but help him realize his dream of helping local youth. In the early days, they received a number of inquiries from community members about their motivation. “We don’t care what he did in his past,” says Crescenzo. “We don’t care what his motorcycle club did, all we care about is where he is now and where he wants to go and can we use this vessel to help motivate and inspire young people to say ‘No’ to any kind of gang affiliation or to any kind of drugs?” Once Calendino was sober and had resumed a healthy weight,

“When you start to change their lives, I don’t think there’s any bigger reward.” — Joe Calendino founder, Yo Bro Youth Initiative Torvik suggested Calendino get in contact with staff at their alma mater, Templeton secondary, specifically his mentor Jim Crescenzo, a longtime film and theatre teacher. Crescenzo had taken a particular interest in Calendino as a student. Feeling he had potential, the educator reached out. “That was my goal, was to see if I could harness that energy into something positive,” says Crescenzo. While Crescenzo couldn’t stop Calendino from fighting, he was successful in getting him involved in the school community, encouraging him to join the theatre program as a member of the technical crew. That move inspired Calendino’s similar tough-guy peers to follow suit.


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A16 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011



Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A17


Yo Bro approach proves effective

The Hottest Yoga 30 for



From page 15

they started small, bringing him in to address students, initially members of the Boys Club, a mentorship program for at-risk males, run by Crescenzo and Mustapich. Immediately it was clear they were on to something. “When Jim or I speak to (Boys Club members) about good behavior or what constitutes being a good man, respecting women, respecting your family, giving back to your community, things like that, they expect us to say that. . . .” says Mustapich, a West Vancouver resident. “In walks Al Capone and he’s telling them to stay away from drugs and gangs and it was like the alpha dog had walked in. It was like boom! They all turned and they all listened.” Calendino feels his perspective is relatable. “I come in and I just look at them and go, ‘Yo bro. How you feelin’ today my man?’ and it’s a different tone, it’s a different essence and they feel like they belong,” he says. When asked about having a new gang, Calendino talks about sending young people the right message by re-defining the word. “I tell them, if we’re going to identify with that word, let’s identify with being a gang of good men,” he says. “A gang of people that are going to go out and make a difference in the community. A gang of boys that are always doing the right thing within the education system. I instill the education system to them, it’s priority No. 1.” Crescenzo and Mustapich have continued to support Calendino, both from a personal and professional standpoint, connecting him with other educators and administrators in the Lower Mainland as well as with funding resources to finance his work. Drawing on Crescenzo’s theatre experience and Mustapich’s previous career in the film industry, they’ve also helped with the creation of Let Me Up!, a play written by Peter Grasso, and serve as executive producers. The work is loosely based on Calendino’s story and offers a generalized look at gang life.

Plus HST. First timers only.

856 W 15th Street, North Vancouver •



NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

JOE Calendino (centre) weighs in during a rehearsal of Let Me Up! with writer, actor and co-director Peter Grasso (left) and co-director Michael Fera. “The story is one of family, one of addiction, one of power, one of discovery and one of, we like to say, the resurrection of a man, the rebuilding of a man,” says Mustapich. The 60-minute production, performed by professional actors, is intended to further disseminate the Yo Bro Youth Initiative’s positive message as well as act as a forum for discussion. While it’s been a lot of hard work, it’s been well-worth the effort, says Mustapich.

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A18 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011


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So what is a couple in their late 30s (renters, no children, one cat, no debt) to do with $200,000? Even if you don’t have that kind of spare cash, you probably have similar concerns when you do have money to invest. “We like the flexibility renting gives us,” said the wife. “And we also don’t want to put all our money into a home if that means not being able to afford to travel and otherwise have spending freedom.”

Money Matters Mike Grenby

Added the husband: “We like our privacy, and don’t want to deal with tenants.” The wife said she realized the stock market offered a chance to make more money than term deposits “but we don’t have the interest

or time to learn about and monitor stocks or even mutual funds.” For flexibility and safety, I suggested, divide $100,000 into five equal deposits, invested initially for one, two, three, four and five years, then renewed for five years each. Through an online broker, put the other $100,000 into short-term deposits or a money market fund. From this, put $12,500 every three months for the next year into one or more exchangetraded funds (ETFs) to track the Canadian stock market and, for example, the U.S., international and/or a regional stock market. “The low after-tax, after-inflation return on the

guaranteed funds is the price you pay for flexibility and safety,” I said. “Gradually investing in the stock market over the next year reduces your risk of loss if the market doesn’t do too well. Hopefully the market will generate a higher Why won’t the money just look after itself: ■ Couples should examine their investment choices ■ Each option has pros and cons ■ Decision needs flexibility, safety and growth potential

return in the long term, provided you can leave that money invested for up to 10 years.” The couple mentioned an interest in developing self-employed sidelines/ home-based businesses each, which I strongly encouraged for both diversity and tax deductions. They were pleased with this plan, and I reminded them: “Personal financial planning should be 60 per cent personal, 40 per cent financial.” Mike Grenby is a columnist and independent personal financial advisor; he’ll answer questions in this column as space allows but cannot reply personally email

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Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A19



A special feature of the

Summer Camps and More!

21 Girls gear up for Camp Ignite

24 Childrenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Fest makes a move

30 Jump in to the Ride & Slide Playzone Photo Claudette Carracedo

A20 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011








• LITTLE HOOPSTERS Co-Ed Entering Grades 2-4 $150 • ROOKIE CAMPS FOR GIRLS & BOYS Entering Grades 4-6 $175 • SPECIAL SUPERSTAR INTENSITY CAMPS FOR BOYS & GIRLS Entering Grades 7-9 $175 All Sessions Monday through Friday 3 1/2 hours a day Hoopsters 3 hours a day



• BOYS & GIRLS Entering Grades 5-8




• ROOKIE CAMPS FOR GIRLS & BOYS Entering Grades 4-6 $175 • SUPERSTAR FOR GIRLS & BOYS Entering Grades 7-9 $175 • JUNIOR HIGH INTENSITY FOR GIRLS Entering Grades 8-10 $175 All Sessions Monday through Friday 3 1/2 hours a day

• PEE-WEE ENTERING Grades 1-4 $175 • SUPERSTAR Entering Grades 5-8 ALL-DAY $300 Pee-Wee Sessions Monday through Friday 3 1/2 hours a day



$25 DISCOUNT ON ALL-DAY COMBO CAMPS • Lunch time Supervision • Lunch Snack provided

Delbrook July 11-15 Delbrook July 18-22 Delbrook August 15-19

Little Bookworms Pee-Wee Multi-sport

Gr 2-4 9:30am-4:30pm $290 267166

Delbrook August 15-19

Strength & Conditioning Jr High Volleyball

Strength & Conditioning B&G Gr 7-10 9:00am-4:30pm $325 267162 Superstar Boys Basketball

McDougall August 22-26

Little Hoopsters Pee-Wee Multi-sport


Gr 2-4 9:30am-5:00pm $300 267168

McDougall August 22-26

Little Bookworms Pee-Wee Multi-sport


Gr 2-4 10:00am-5:00pm $290 267170

Strength & Conditioning Superstar Volleyball


B&G Gr 7-10 9:00am-4:30pm $325 267163

B&G Gr 7-10 9:00am-4:30pm $325 267164

FUTURESMART MOTIVATIONAL SUCCESS CAMPS • LITTLE BOOKWORMS FOR BOYS & GIRLS Entering Grades 2-4 $140 All Sessions Monday through Friday 2 1/2 hours a day • GO FOR IT FOR BOYS & GIRLS Entering Grades 4-6 $180 All Sessions Monday through Friday 3 1/2 hours a day • ACHIEVE FOR BOYS & GIRLS Entering Grades 7-8 $180 All Sessions Monday through Friday 3 1/2 hours a day

• SUPERTEEN EXCEL FOR BOYS & GIRLS Entering Grades 8-10 $175 NEW • MUSIC MANIA “STARS ON STAGE” Entering Grades 4-6 & Grades 7-9 $180 All Sessions Monday through Friday 3 1/2 hours a day






604.987.PLAY | ereg: Commences: NOW

Mail registration to:



604.981.1045 | ereg:

103-1075 Marine Drive, Suite 520 North Vancouver, BC V7P 3T6

Commences: NOW

Quality North Shore Sponsors include:

Lester’s Cleaners

- Mike Lane


Dale Conrad

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A21



Girls gear up for Camp Ignite Manisha Krishnan

the place to camp

THIS summer, there’s a camp that aims to inspire girls to go for their dreams, whatever they may be. Camp Ignite is a two-day sleep-away camp for teens in grades 10-12, run by female firefighters around Metro Vancouver Aug. 5-7. It will include an introduction to firefighting, but that’s not all. “Obviously it has a firefighting theme to it, but it’s also about fitness and health and team building and confidence building. That’s really what it’s about,” says Carla Penman, camp coordinator and a firefighter at the District of North Vancouver. Female firefighters are in a unique position to be role models because there aren’t that many of them around, she explains. “We can sort of empower or inspire these girls just into knowing that they can do whatever they want, it doesn’t have to be firefighting, but that they can try for anything. There are no limitations.” The first day will be spent at the Vancouver Fire Rescue Training Centre and the second at YWCA in downtown. Activities will include hiking the Grouse Grind, getting


News Photo Paul McGrath

NORTH Vancouver District firefighters Gillian Hicks (left) and Carla Penman will be leading Camp Ignite, a summer camp for teenage girls in grades 10-12. The threeday camp will introduce the teens to aspects of a firefighter’s career. certified in CPR and learning basic firefighting skills. “They can get an idea of the equipment that we use and what we do, and the physical part of our job as well,” says Penman. Obstacle courses and relays will also be included in the camp, but the focus is on having a good time. “It’s not a boot camp. We

want them to make friendships, we want them to build their self-esteem and have fun.” Applications for Camp Ignite were sent out through the school boards and while the deadline for North Vancouver has already passed, girls in West Vancouver can still hand one in to their school counsellors until Thursday, June 2. Only one girl will be

selected per municipality. About 15 female firefighters will be participating in the camp, according to Penman. “The response was overwhelming. Fire departments jumped all over it,” she says. “Most wanted to sponsor more than one (girl) but it’s our first year, we just don’t have the room.”

Summer Camps • Gecko Camp • Basic Spiders Camp • Advanced Spider Camp

“To train and prepare children for their future roles in life, whatever those may be”

DANCE SINGING DRAMA Now enrolling for Summer Camps

BC’S BIGGEST MUSICAL THEATRE SCHOOL FOR CHILDREN 604-267-SCTS • 604-762-2491 A Canadian Family-run Business


a Free Week @ Camp! or

Enter on our website page (contest tab!)

Read what parents are saying about our camps: “Great leaders, variety of camps for all ages. Excellent value for money.” “The field trips are fun for the kids - I can’t wait to sign my kids up again for this summer!” “Reasonably priced. Convenient locations and schedules.Very well organized” “Absolutely fabulous, energetic, upbeat and fun daycamp leaders and the chance for my children to meet new friends.” “Qualified camp leaders - The kids love that everyday is different” “My kids get to meet new friends and socialize without having to go overnight.”

- July 5,6,7 - July 12,13,14 - July 19,20, 21 - Aug 9,10,11 - Aug 16, 17, 18 - Aug 23, 24, 25

“My daughter loved it and talked about it so much that both her and her brother are begging to attend this year!” * Comments taken from contest entries.

Camp Registration on Now!

y parties! We do birthdaup on and Bring in this co bs for free!” birthday child clim


#2-1485 Welch St., North Van 604 987 PLAY (7529)

A22 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kid’s Kayak Summer Camps Your kids get to spend the week paddling in beautiful Deep Cove. Water safety and kayak skills are taught in such a fun environment your kids won’t know they are learning.

5 day - 3 hour sessions commence July 4 and run all summer! Morning beginner classes: 9AM to 12 Noon (no experience necessary)

Afternoon classes for kids with experience: 1 PM to 4 PM Age Groups: 7-9, and 10 -12




Includes all paddling and safety equipment.



Photo galleries online.



Deep Cove

New camps teach outdoor skills Jeremy Shepherd

IN an era where sunsets are downloaded and hiking is something your avatar does in a video game, Janey Chang is trying to put children back into nature.

The Mt. Seymour Eco Adventure Kids Camp is set to begin its first season, scheduled to offer at least four one-week camps this summer, although camp director Chang said more dates may be added, depending on interest. The day camp is offered to children aged eight to 12 for as little as one day or as long as one week. “My passion is getting kids into nature . . . because there’s such a lack of it in daily life,” said the former canoe and backpacking guide. Chang said kids learn a variety of outdoor skills and are put into different scenarios to learn how to cope with difficult situations. The scenarios, which are all supervised, might involve being lost on the mountain. “How would you get clean drinking water?” Chang asked. “How would you signal for help?” Chang said these scenarios, which could include a simulated injury or making

photo submitted

CHILDREN aged eight to 12 learn a variety of outdoor skills at the Mt. Seymour Eco Adventure Kids Camp. the best of limited supplies, show kids how to optimize their chances for survival while building a sense of comfort in the wilderness and confidence in their skills. Campers are also shown how to navigate in the wilderness, first with a map and compass and later with a sundial or by studying the elements, according to

Chang. The director said tracking is also a part of the camp. “Getting a sense of what else lives up on Mt. Seymour,” she said. Kids learn how to recognize different animal prints as well as how to make plaster casts of tracks. “All of it is meant to be hands-on and interacting

Drink coffee for a cause

IF you rarely indulge in a doubledouble, make sure you do it on Wednesday, June 1.

That’s Camp Day at Tim Hortons Restaurants across North America — when owners donate every penny from coffee sales to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.

In 2010, Camp Day raised more than $9.7 million, according to a release. Every time someone buys a coffee at Tim Hortons on Camp Day, they will help send more than 14,000 kids — who could otherwise not afford it — on the camping adventure of a lifetime. All children who attend one of the foundation’s six camps

directly with nature,” she said. Besides helping children acclimate to the wilderness, Chang said she hopes the kids build friendships and gain a sense of team by the end of the camp. Although this would be the first official year for the camp, See Get page 23

are selected from within the communities where Tim Hortons Restaurants are located. On Camp Day, guests can expect additional fundraising activities at many of their local Tim Hortons, like indoor and outdoor games; silent auctions; face-painting; and drive-thru window washing. Some locations will invite sports and media personalities, to greet guests and pour coffee throughout the day. You can also text the word CAMP to 45678 to donate $5 to the Tim Horton Children’s Foundation.

Looking for the ultimate kids summer camp? Look no further! Book your 8 - 12 year olds into our summer camp at Mt Seymour! Mt Seymour Eco Adventure Camp is an experiential summer camp that engages kids in nature education, cultural awareness, skill development, and personal growth. The camp is held on the top of Mt Seymour, an easy 30 minute drive from downtown Vancouver. There are day and week long options to choose from, with a shuttle bus available from North Vancouver.

For more details, or to book, call 604 986 2261 ext 217, or visit

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A23

Summer Tutoring at Home $



50 O


Top Drawer Daycare Licensed, structured, active childcare Professional and Qualified staff

30 months – 5 years Program (year round)

5 years – 12 years Program

(before and after school, spring break and summer holidays • Transportation to and from school)



North Vancouver and West Vancouver


✔ Avoid Summer Learning Loss ✔ Catch Up Past Year Learning ✔ Support for Summer School and Online School ✔ Preview Next Grade *On a Package of 24 hours or more.

w w w. t u t o r s n o r t h s h o re . c o m

Educational activities, daily outings, bowling, swimming, skating, music and much more Wonderful location within Brooksbank Elementary School


2011 Capilano University Presents



CAMPS July 4 – Sept 2 BOYS BASKETBALL CAMPS NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Under the dome

MONTROYAL elementary students Keiran McRae and Brandon Sewell (front), and Annie Slater-Kinghorn and Hailey Nelson (back) show off their geodesic dome, made of 1,000 sheets of the North Shore News, during Innovation Day, held at the school by Imagination Destination on April 20.

Get kids into nature From page 22

Chang took part in the camp’s pilot program two years ago. “By the end, we had the kids leading us on the hike,” she said. The sense of accomplishment, calm and recognizing and overcoming fears is the essence of the camp, according to Chang.

“We get them away from technology and cars and the sound of the city and immerse them in a different environment,” Chang said. Chang said there will be one counsellor for every eight campers. The camp runs from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. This summer’s first camp is scheduled to begin July 11.

BB1 - July 4-8 - 9:30-12:30 - Boys entering grade 5-7 BB2 - July 4-8 - 1:30-4:30 - Boys entering grade 8-10**

$160 $160


BB3 - July 11-15 - 9:30-12:30 - Girls entering grade 5-7 $160 BB4 - July 11-15 - 1:30-4:30 - Girls entering grade 8-10** $160


BB5 - July 18-22 9:30-12:30 Boys and Girls entering grade 3-4


$200 $200


VB1 - July 25-29 - 9:30-12:30 - Girls entering grade 6-7 $160 VB2 - July 25-29 - 1:30-4:30 - Girls entering grade 9-10** $160 VB3 - August 29-Sept 2 - 9:30-12:30 Girls entering grade 8** $160 VB4 - August 29-Sept 2 - 1:30-4:30 Girls entering grade 9-10** $160


VB5 - August 15-19 - 9:30-12:30 Boys entering grade 8-9** VB6 - August 15-19 - 1:00-4:00 Boys entering grade 10-12**



Run Bikes (2-4 yr olds) Survive the Shore (5-10 yr olds) Spoke Sisters (just for girls) Extreme Riders $280 (8-15 yr olds) Ride. Play. Explore. Escape. See ALL the details

All programs and levels will have a strong focus on safety. All riders will be required to wear full face helmets and leg & arm armour. Rental equipment and before & after camp care available.


$160 $160


VB-Team - August 22-26 - 9:30-4:30 - Senior Boys Teams Call 604-990-7805 for details


SC-1 - August 22-26 - 9:30-12:30 Boys + Girls entering grade 3-4 SC-2 - August 22-26 - 1:30-4:30 Boys + Girls entering grade 5-7

SC1-Team - August 8-12 - 9:30-12:00 - U-9-U-16 - Boys and Girls Team Camps SC2-Team - August 8-12 - 1:00-3:30 - U-9-U-16 - Boys and Girls Team Camps SC3-Team - August 15-19 - 9:30-12:00 - U-9-U-16 - Boys and Girls Team Camps SC4-Team - August 15-19 - 1:00-3:30 - U-9-U-16 - Boys and Girls Team Camps * Soccer Team Camps - $130/player (min 10 players, max 14 players) * To register call 604-990-7805



BB3-Elite - August 8-12 - 9:30-12:30 Girls entering grade 8-10** BB4-Elite - August 8-12 - 1:30-4:30 Girls entering grades 11-12**


$110 $110

BA1 - August 2-5 - 9:30-12:30 Boys and Girls entering grade 5-7 BA2 - August 2-5 - 1:30-4:30 Boys and Girls entering grade 8-10

$130 $130


ST1 - July 4-8 - 11:00-12:30 - Boys entering grade 8-10** $90 ST2 - August 15-19 - 1:30-3:00 - Boys entering grade 10-12** $90 ST3 - August 15-19 - 11:00-12:30 - Boys entering grades 8-9** $90


ST4 - July 11-15 - 11:00-12:30 - Girls entering grade 8-10**$90 ST5 - July 25-29 - 11:00-12:30 - Girls entering grade 9-10 ** $90 ST6 - August 29-Sept 2 - 1:30-3:00 - Girls entering grade 8** $90 ST6 - August 29-Sept 2 - 11:00-12:30 - Girls entering grade 9-10** $90 ST7 - August 8-12 - 1:30-3:00 - Girls entering grade 8-9** $90 ST8 - August 8-12 - 11:00-12:30 - Girls entering grade 10-12** $90

BOYS AND GIRLS MULTI-SPORT CAMPS MS1 - July 18-21 - 1:30-4:30 Boys and Girls entering grade 3-4 MS2 - August 2-5 - 9:30-4:30 Boys and Girls entering grade 5-7 MS3 - August 22-26 - 9:30-12:30 Boys and Girls entering grade 5-7 MS4 - August 29-Sept 2 - 1:30-4:30 Boys and Girls entering grade 3-4

$130 $200 $130 $130

**Strength and Conditioning Camps: A great way to provide additional skill development. Offered as a combo camp to a variety of our Sports Camps or if you would prefer, they are also offered on their own. See details on our website or call 604-990-7805 for more details.

To register for Blues Sports Camps or for more info:

Visit: Call: 604-990-7805 Email:

Avoid disappointment and register today!

Capilano University Department of Athletics and Recreation 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver

A24 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

% #%$%!

!')&+"% +$*'(#




New location for children’s fest

Deana Lancaster

IT’S almost time: that week in May when we celebrate the kids in our life (or in ourselves) by heading to the children’s festival.

Middle School Matters

Inspiring Adventures for grades 4 to 9: Don’t dream about it, BE THERE

Acting, Engineering, Forensics, Creative Music, Film, Photography, Mathematics, Song Writing, Kites, Poetry, Architecture, Games, and more

Fall registration: Talk to us now and earn a 30% discount on Middle School and Summer Programs. This is what you always wanted school to be like. Enquire now, commit later. Enjoy this for yourself ... and for your kids.

MARTIN HAMM principal (604) 339-3478

When you go this year, you’ll be heading to a new location. A world-renowned festival of performing arts for young audiences, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival has been educating, entertaining and inspiring young audiences since 1978. But after 33 years at Vanier Park, this year the fest is moving to Granville Island. According to organizers, government funding has been chopped by more than $200,000 over the past 12 months, putting the organization in jeopardy. With up to 36 per cent of annual revenues coming from government sources, the cuts made it impossible to provide the technical support needed to produce the event in tents. At Granville Island there is access to theatrically equipped venues and plenty of outdoor spaces, which will help reduce production costs by 40 per cent. The festival does need to sell out its 20,000 tickets in order to help bring the remaining deficit to a manageable level. The festival is currently sitting at 50-percent sold. Among the highlights is 46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes by Australian acrobats Circa. Watch and be amazed as intrepid acrobats battle the clock, and marvel at the astounding ways they bend, fly, juggle and balance. Set to upbeat music and featuring jawdroppingly multi-skilled performers, this is fast, furious fun for the whole family. Farfalle by TPO — one of Italy’s most innovative theatre companies — is a

magnificent journey through a butterfly’s life cycle. “Told” by two graceful dancers, the luminous, brilliantly lit stage becomes a glowing garden that responds from every direction to their movements. Sun glints on your face and you hear the butterfly wings beat as audience members are invited to touch and experience this wondrous garden for themselves. Physical Music by Lelavision combines stunning musical invention with astonishing physicality. Performers Leah Mann and Ela Lamblin create sublime music through their large scale, handbuilt sound sculptures. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen

Lelavision perform on the Lunatone, an aerial apparatus where the performers hang upside down as they play slit-tube chimes, or the Longwave, a 25-foot-long, wave-shaped harp. A hit with children and adults alike, we’re thrilled to welcome this wildly original company back to the festival. All show tickets include a wristband to access the five interactive zones of the festival. Prices include HST and service charges — there is no more to pay. The Vancouver International Children’s Festival May 30-June 5 on Granville Island. Tickets can be purchased online at or call 604-873-3311.

connecting our community


photo submitted

FOR 46 Circus Acts in 45 Minutes, Australian acrobats Circa battle the clock, and bend, fly, juggle and balance.


Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A25




REGISTER NOW OR CALL 604-925-7270 FUN ACTIVITIES FOR BODIES & BRAINS From the West Vancouver Dynamic Movement Gymnasium, to the Sports Gym, to Ambleside Park, to the Robotics or Film programs there are lots of great opportunities for your kids to have a unique and exciting experience this summer on the North Shore! SWIM AND GYM Gymnastics and swimming combined! Each day campers will have a one hour and 30 minute gymnastics class followed by a one hour swimming lesson! 5.5–12 yrs LEGO DESIGN & ROBOTICS Explore mechanics, motors, and machines while building with LEGO Robotics DUNDARAVE WATERMANIA Spend a morning beachcombing at Dundarave beach. Be a pirate! Collect seashells! Practice your swimming in the afternoon at the aquatic centre. DIRECTORS CUT FEATURE FILM PRODUCTIONS Go live into the directors chair, write a script, scout shot locations, design, edit and more—simply add the popcorn and you will be ready to watch your own film production FULL DAY GYMNASTICS CAMP Swinging and springing for boys and girls entering grade one and up. Mornings will be spent working out in the gym. Gymnastics, trampoline, balance beam and uneven bars will be included. SPECIALTY MUSIC CAMPS Several unique grouporiented music camps including REAL Rock Band, Guitar, Piano, Songwriting, and StageCraft camps.

A26 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011



Lego plus imagination equals summer fun their own sprawling, plastic civilizations this summer.

Jeremy Shepherd

WITH just a little bit of Lego and a lot of imagination, children can learn to build

Lego Robotics is one of the newest summer camps offered by the West Vancouver School

Summer Day Camps Great 1/2 day riding camps for ages 8 thru adult Introductory to experienced levels Monday–Friday 9AM–Noon or 1PM–4PM Evening Classes for adults




REGISTER BY JUNE 15 A N D S AV E $ 10 0 0 ! North Shore Equestrian Centre

1301 Lillooet Road,NorthVancouver




District. For three hours a day, children Grade 1-7 can receive instruction in engineering and robotics in a one-week camp, all while playing with Lego. “It’s about teaching kids the basics of structures and machines,” said Jill Johnson, manager of business and community development for the West Vancouver School District. Far more than just playing with toys, the camps, which have beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, also include 3-D software. “They can see what they’ve created online,” Johnson said. “Basically, kids can freebuild from it,” said course teacher David Brear. Brear, a retired schoolteacher, said he considers himself more a facilitator than a teacher. “I’m just there as the catalyst,” he said. Brear said kids start with simple machines like gears and pulleys and then put those machines to use by building a tractor or a windmill. After building a machine, the kids are challenged

Vancouver’s Premier Educational Consultants

to build something more complex, like a universal joint or a merry-go-round, and to do it without instructions. Besidesthesimplemachines, kids have the opportunity to make dinosaurs, cranes, bumper cars, dentists’ chairs and alligators. “He does a lot of playdiscovery with the kids,” Johnson said. Brear said kids get to use a control lab interface and learn to program the models they made. Despite teaching the camps for the last few years, Brear isn’t immune from getting excited at the thought of children programming the machines they made.

“If you make a plane, when it’s going down it goes ‘ahhhh,’ when it goes up, it goes ‘bzzzz,’” he said, providing the aviation sound effects as one example of programming. “There’s a ton of different things you can build using the Mindstorms,” he said, referring to the Lego software that can program a device with optics, light, touch and sound. “It’s the language that moved the rovers around on Mars,” Brear said. Solar power also factors into the camp, as kids have the opportunity to build a water wheel that produces electricity and powers a light bulb.

Prepare for camp at a Twitter party DOES the thought of preparing your kids to go to camp make you break out in pre-summer hives?

Old Navy has got the answers to all of the camp questions and concerns that have you baffled, according to a release. On Wednesday, May 25, join Old Navy along with Duncan Robertson, director of Onondaga Camp in Ontario, on Twitter to get


Where Learning Never Stops

empowering the educational choices of young adults Join us this Summer for:

Final Exam Prep Sessions

US Admissions Bootcamp

Provincial Prep Sessions for Grades 10 & 12

Essay Writing Bootcamp


SAT/ACT Bootcamp

Math 12 & Calculus 12 Bootcamps

Register online TODAY

Options Solutions Educational Consultants, Ltd. 211 - 1455 Bellevue Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1C3 109 - 3195 Granville Street, Vancouver, BC V6H 3K2 Call 604 - 922 - 8456 or email For more information visit us at or find us on Facebook for a special offer.

your questions answered on everything from what to pack to how to handle homesickness. You’ll also find out what Old Navy’s top 10 camp essentials are for summer 2011. Plus, the Twitter party will see gift cards of up to $100 given away. Follow the hashtag conversation on Twitter on May 25 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. at #oldnavycamp, hosted by @oldnavycanadapr and @onondagacamp.

Summer Enrichment PROGRAMS

Over 100 enrichment programs for ages 6 – 17. Programs start July 4.

Join us this Spring for:

“They’re fascinated by what they create,” Brear said of the students. But even though Lego and engineering are often considered boys’ activities, Brear encourages girls to give the camp a try. “What I’ve discovered over the years is more boys attend, but when girls show up, they tend to excel.” Brear said the camp teaches problem solving, engineering and teamwork. “It’s really only limited by their imaginations,” Johnson said. The first of six summer camps is scheduled to begin July 4. The cost is $155.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A27



NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Student CSI SUTHERLAND secondary Grade 10 students Tiffany Konechny, left, Laurie Bridge, Chinoi Fourie and Claire Nicholso, work on “blood typing,” some of the scientific sleuthing they learned about during the Genome BC Geneskool at Capilano University from April 18-29. The goal of the workshop was to introduce students to real laboratory techniques based on the Crime Scene Investigator Kit from BioRad. Students did simple DNA profiling to narrow down suspects in a mystery.

Summer Camps at Cap U

You’re in for some Serious Fun • • • • • • •

Digital Animation Drawing & Painting Fashion & Textiles LEGO Robotics Outdoor Adventure Science Writing & Journalism ...and much, much more! Call our Serious Fun hotline:


Or visit us on the web at:

Continuing Education 2055 Purcell Way North Vancouver, BC

A28 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011



NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Fish tales ZO Ann Morten of the PaciďŹ c Streamkeepers Association talks about the life cycle of chum salmon with Tasha Leung at the annual chum salmon release in Lynn Creek at Bridgman Park. Members of the public were invited to help release 25,000 young chum in the creek.


:R@" 87D: @DV<


>@V %>R!


>@V V68%@ <:R>6@=:


D@7%T' (R: (%!V 1 74

Learn how to play in a rock band! Write, record, mix and master your own songs in our professional studio, DCM Studios! Create a 3-song demo on CD complete with a cover! Learn to sing songs with our in-house professional vocal coach and record your own CD complete with cover in our professional studio, DCM Studios!

>@V (%!V VD"=: @DV< 5.II

Intro to how to record, mix and master music using Logic Pro on large plasmas, touch screen colsoles, and lots of awesome gear in our professional studio, DCM Studios!

D:7%878 3 BDT> >=4=!R<V=T7 5HIIIL Learn to sing songs with our in-house professional vocal coach and record your own CD complete with cover in our professional studio, DCM Studios!

Write a script, scout shot locations, learn multiple angle filming techniques (free hand and tripod), act in the film, help edit the film, add voices, sound effects, music and titles! Preview the film on the last day with popcorn! Receive your copy on a DVD.

:='%87=: TR29

,I.K)0)K@R4= O0,*/M



Learn and develop your acting skills for Film & TV through on camera scene work, improvisation and various drama games and exercises! This will not only help your acting skills but increase your self confidence too! Students will prepare an audition for a professional talent agent on the last day!



Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A29





BOYS ALLOWED ALLOWED!! PLAY SOCCER ALL MORNING • In the New Indoor Bubble • Air Conditioned • Turf Field • Professional Coaches • Learn New Skills

SWIM ALL AFTERNOON • Join Your Friends at Ron Andrews Pool • Supervised Games


A winning turn

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

THESE first place and trophy winners at the Surrey Festival of Dance from RNB Dance & Theatre Arts in Lynn Valley are from left rear: Sophia Delgiglio, Keirra Webb, Jaoa De Paula, Laura Tranter and Laura Kirchner. Front row left: Kristen Butterfield, Luisa Allen and Luci Sorrenti. The dancers will be performing at Centennial Theatre June 24-25. Go to www.centennialtheatre for more info and tickets. if you see news happening call our news tips line 604 985 2131


summer Camps

Engaging and entertaining camps for kids from Junior Kindergarten - Grade 7

June 27 - July 29 / August 29 - September 1 Come camp with us, the Collingwood way! Register online at

A30 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011




Roll or ride in the Playzone Jeremy Shepherd




July 25th to 29th, 2011 A “GLEE”- Full Summertime Playbuilding Experience with Final Performance 9 -12 YEAR OLDS, 9:30 A.M. - 12:30 P.M., with PATTI ALLAN 13 - 16 YEAR OLDS, 1:00 P.M. - 4:00 P.M., with JAMES FAGAN TAIT

Limited enrollment! Book now to avoid disappointment! COST PER PARTICIPANT: $150.00 PLUS HST FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION:

(604) 990-3473

tell your community about your upcoming events


IF your child wants to visit a playground this summer but it’s so hot all you want to do is hang out in the frozen foods section of the grocery store, West Vancouver District may have a solution. The Ride & Slide Playzone, an indoor playground filled with inflatable attractions, is scheduled to be open from July 1 to Aug. 20 at the West Vancouver Arena on 22nd Street near Marine Drive. West Vancouver is also planning to debut the nearly complete playground with a free sneak-preview on June 4. “There’s not another one on the North Shore,” said Wendi Lacusta, managing supervisor with West Vancouver parks and community services. Every Thursday, Friday or Saturday, kids aged two12 will be able to roll, ride or crawl through the padded playground, which features a bouncy castle. “Parents love to just drop

Summer Day Camps


CHEERLEADING & GYMNASTICS DAY CAMPS: LEARN to stunt, tumble, jump, dance and cheer! • PLAY on our two trampolines and bouncy floor! • LAUGH & meet new friends •

Our NEW state-of-the-art facility open for public drop-in

Day Camps starting as low as $100/week! Early drop-off & late pick-up available for those working parents Please call our office to inquire!

TheNorth Shore’s only Cheer Gym!

Email to register

110-2155 Dollarton Highway (NORTHWOODSBUSINESSPARK)



photo Claudette Carracedo

JOIN in on the sneak preview of the new Ride & Slide Playzone at West VancouverA Community Centre next Saturday, June 4. The indoor fun centre opens for the summer on July 1. them in there and do their shopping,” Lacusta said. The playground also boasts Mickey’s Learning Preschool Park, and for kids who prefer shadowy martial arts clans, there’s an 18-foot ninja double-slide. “The thing that’s really exciting the kids is this race track we have,” Lacusta said. Kids can maneuver pedal cars around the mega rally racetrack, something Lacusta saw recently when a group of kids got to have the first sample of the new playground. “They walked through the front doors and their eyes became flying saucers and they couldn’t close their mouths and they just ran,” she said. The 40-foot obstacle course has also been a hit with kids,

according to Lacusta. “You climb, you slide, you’re inside a tube; it’s kind of like army boot camp for five-year-olds,” Lacusta said with a laugh. The park is open for preschoolers only from 9:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. and for children as old as 12 until 4 p.m. “It’sanindoorplayground... which makes it really safe for kids to just run, jump, and play, (and) the parents know they’re not going to get lost or get in an unsafe place,” she said. Lacusta said the Playzone would be an alternative to similar playgrounds where children often trade head colds along with turns on the tire swing.

“We have a plan in place to be disinfecting this thing regularly,” she said. Lacusta said she hopes summer camps visiting West Vancouver will take advantage of the playground, as well as families. “The senior’s centre’sW on-site here and it has a fullon café . . . so you could potentially come for the day with your children. We’re two blocks from the ocean and four blocks from the beach,” she said. Lacusta said the Ride & Slide Playzone should get plenty of use given that nineV per cent of West VancouverW residents are children below the age of 10. West Vancouver camps are scheduled to have use of thep

18th Annual 6F>F+!<) 0FPP)M

SUMMER SCHOOL A' 0L41=K =52 July 10 - 15:

drawing, painting, printmaking & mixed media for ages 8-12 with George Littlechild

July 17 - 22:

drawing, painting and sculpture for ages 13-18 with Marcus Bowcott and Judson Beaumont Outdoor studio adventures for young artists with teams of %#/%-!%0)%' .-+ +%.)"%-, .0' &.0.'.1, (0%,+ .-+!,+, /2*, $*%,+ artist visits and daily recreation activities J FPP !B :#) D)F8:!'8P ($E F->) <)::!B% A' :#) IA>:# 0FB-A87)> Outdoor School situated near Squamish, B.C. J @F>:!FP <-#APF><#!@< FB+ D8><F>!)< J <!N +FM< FB+ 37) B!%#:< S$R& !B-P8<!7) For more information please contact: Artists For Kids, T.E /)<: ,.<: 4:>)): H IA>:# 0FB-A87)>H ;9 0"6 ,9. phone: $E(GRE*G*"RT fax: $E(GRE*G*""T e-mail: !B'A?F>:!<:<(Q!+<G-AC online registration: OOOGF>:!<:<(Q!+<G-AC

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A31



kids’ stuff

free child care and workshops, meets Mondays, 9:30 a.m.1:30 p.m., at 870 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Lunch will be served. Info: 604-9851122 local 28. Shop and Stroll: A free mom and baby exercise class every Monday, 9:30 a.m. at Park Royal Shopping Centre’s north mall. Meet in front of Eddie Bauer store. Info: 604-461-7827 or www.

Circle of Dreams: A program to connect seniors with parents and children in the same community so they can spend fun time with each other. There is an information session the first Sunday of every month, 3 p.m. at Dream Designs Chakra Lounge, 1502 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. RSVP: 604-922-8325.

After-school Sports: Ages eight to 15 can drop in for fun any Monday, Wednesday or Friday, 3:30-5:30 p.m. at John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Fee: $1. Family Place: Drop-in for children under five and their caregivers, Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to noon at the West Vancouver Community Centre, 2121 Marine Drive. Drop-in: $3. Info: 604-9257141. French for Fun: Drop-in French program for children ages three to five years old every Monday from 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. at the North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St. Open Door: A support group for single mothers of preschool-age children, with

St. Andrew’s Sunshine Kids: A free program for children ages 2½ to 4½ Mondays, 3:30-4:30 p.m. at St. Andrew’s United Church, 1044 St. Georges Ave., North Vancouver. There will be singing, stories and activities to support the spiritual growth of children. Info: 604-985-0408 or or children. 525 Air Cadet Squadron: Youth ages 12-18 meet every Tuesday, 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Ecole Cedardale, 595 Burley Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-4434. Army Cadets: Tuesday evenings, 6:30 p.m., at the J.P. Fell Armoury, 1513 Forbes Ave., North Vancouver. All boys and girls 12-18 years old are welcome. No cost. Info: 604-666-6222 or www.cadets. net/pac/2573army.

Capilano Youth Orchestra welcomes new players ages five to 25. Practices are held on Tuesdays, 4:15-5:15 p.m. for junior strings, 5:30-7 p.m. for intermediate orchestra and 7:15-9:45 for senior orchestra at Gloria Dei Lutheran Church, 1110 Gladwin Dr., North Vancouver. Info: 604988-8818 or dlmusicstudio@ Circle of Care: A free drop-in program for family child-care providers, nannies and children five years old and younger, Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m. at John Braithwaite Community

Family Storytime and Crafts: Drop-in for ages four to eight years old, Tuesdays from 7 to 7:30 p.m. at the North

Navy League Cadets offer youth ages nine to 12 band, sailing, first aid, citizenship, seamanship, summer camp and friendships. Meetings are held Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m., at 1555 Forbes Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9888911 ext. 2 or www.members. Parent and Tot Gym: Dropin gym for ages one to five, Tuesdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m. at See more page 33

innovative programs designed for success

Summer Programs * * * *

Weekly Camps in July and August Writing * Cooking * Multimedia Art Interactive Math and Science Camps SSAT Prep. L&U * Tutoring

Kids Language Programs

THE ADVENTURE IS AT: Corner of Lynn Valley Rd. & 29th

THE BAMBOO BLAST IS ON: July 18th to 22nd • 9:00-4:00


$110/week • K-grade 6

THIS PANDAMANIA IS DONE BY: StoryTales: Free drop-in storytime for children ages three to five, Tuesdays, 10:3011 a.m. at Lynn Valley library, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Registration is not required. Info: or

Family Place: Drop-in for children up to five years old and their caregivers Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to noon at the Ambleside adventure playground building, Ambleside Park, West Vancouver. Drop-in: $3. Info: 604-925-7141.

Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St.

CanadaWest Academy

North Vancouver Youth Band is looking for new members at all levels. Practices are held Monday to Thursday. Info: 604-980-5823 The ‘WayCup’ Cafe: Share views and have fun. Activities for ages 15-19. Movies, games, dancing, great food and a lot more. Every Monday, 7-9 p.m., Highlands United Church, 3255 Edgemont Blvd., North Vancouver. Info: 778-389-3357 or

Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Info: North Shore Community Resources, 604-985-7138.

VALLEY CHURCH 980-0307 •

* Spanish and Japanese * Stories, Music, Arts & Crafts * 21!2-4 years * 5-9 years * 10-13 years

Bilingual Preschool

* Spanish * French * Japanese * Register now for September. * Qualified Professional Teachers * Official SSAT Test Centre * Serving the North Shore since 2000. E-Mail: 1520 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver, B.C.

6 0 4 .9 8 0 .4 6 8 1

West Vancouver Yacht Club

BabyTales: Free drop-in storytime for children ages 12-24 months, Tuesdays, 22:30 p.m. at Parkgate Branch Library, 3675 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Registration is not required. Info: alli@

Leap Into Summer Dance! Now accepting new students in all summer programs. Contact us for more information.

Summer camps for dancers age 3 to 18!

Learn To Sail!

Evening classes for children, teens, and adults! All levels welcome, beginner to advanced!


OneDance Studios

Avoid disappointment - reserve your spot today! 286 Pemberton Ave (604) 987 - 8747

• Beginner & Advanced • CYA Certi!ed Instructors • Ages 4 to Adult • Register online at

Ice Sports - North Shore


WWW.ICESPORTS.COM 2411 Mount Seymour Pkwy, NorthVan

A32 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

Classical • Jazz & Rock Guitar Acoustic or Electric

• Beginner to Advanced • Royal Conservatory Preparation and Jazz Band coaching available

Reasonable Rates

TONY CHOTEM 604-980-4336

Swim and skate in French Jeremy Shepherd

Are you the next Karate Kid?

Here at North Shore Taekwondo, your child will be empowered with life skills like confidence and focus while learning practical self defense skills. Call today for a free introductory lesson.”

NORTH VANCOUVER 2900 Lonsdale Avenue 604.986.5558





WHILE everything else ripens in the summer, hard-won French vocabularies often wither in front of TV sets and computer screens. The disappearance of those French phrases memorized between September and June is the inspiration for French immersion summer camps, according to North Vancouver recreation programmer Jaimie Brown. “It’s use it or lose it,” Brown said. Eager to help children improve their French fluency while enjoying the season, Brown is helping to plan four French immersion summer camps, each one combining vocabulary-building with

either skating or swimming. “Parents and families are really looking for combination camps,” Brown said. The day begins with an approximately two-hour French lesson, and after lunch the kids will either lace up their skates or jump in the pool. Brown stressed that the camps are open to children no matter if they speak French fluently or are just learning the basics. “We are committed to making it work no matter what their level,” Brown said. “It could be French immersion students or students who’ve just taken some introductory French.” The skating camp is open to children between six and 12, and the swimming camp is open to children between eight and 12. The one-week camps run from 11:30

a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The first camp begins on July 11. Brown said she expects there to be about 10 students for every teacher. The students are free to work on their French as they please, but the instruction for swimming and skating will be taught in English. “The actual skills will be taught mostly in English,” Brown said. “Just for safety.” “More than anything, it’s a chance to have a lot of fun with their friends and learn something while they’re at it,” she said. The swimming classes are scheduled to take place at the Ron Andrews recreation centre. The skating classes, which will be more informal, are scheduled to take place at Canlan Ice Sports North Shore. The one-week camps cost $100.

tell your community about your upcoming events email



ALL SUMMER PACKAGE 9 weeks of full-time care and programming $875 per month VACATION PACKAGE 7 weeks of full-time care with your choice of two weeks off for family time. $810 per month

Nature Animals Science Sports Survivor Health Be a Star Healthy Lifestyle Camp End of Summer fun!

SUMMER CAMPS Aug 8-12 “Once upon a time..”Half Day Camp for Girls and Boys 3-6yrs 9-1pm Camp involves crafts and creative movement based on various fairytales

Aug 15-19 Junior Summer Sampler Girls & Boys 6-12yrs 10-3pm An excellent opportunity to try various styles of dance Aug 22-26 Senior Summer School 9-3pm

For more information or to register visit

WEEKLY & DAILY REGISTRATION (where available) $295 per week and $60 per day All programs are offered out of Mt. Olivet and St. Clements sites.


808 Lytton Road, North Vancouver Located near Ron Andrews Rec Centre 604 929 6060 • FREE PARKING BALLET • JAZZ • LYRICAL • HIP HOP •TAP • IRISH • MUSICAL THEATRE • MODERN

WEBB’S Holiday Acres

CAMP D’ÉTÉ FRANCOPHONE du 4 juillet au 19 août 2011

Vivez l’expérience... Anim’atout offre aux enfants de 3 à 12 ans une ambiance stimulante, éducative, dynamique au plaisir garantie! Ouvert 8h à 18h. Places limitées. Réservez dès maintenant au (778) 340-1034 ou

Immerse your kids in a fun world of discovery in a dynamic environment through our weekly themes. Anim’atout is the place for you!


Children’s Camp ~ Aldergrove, BC

Horseback Riding Heated Swimming Pool, Arts & Crafts Games, Hayrides Dances, Songs Campfires Nature Walks Volleyball Basketball & more

Girls & Boys 6-14 years old

398 - $498 per week


(GST included)

Group bookings also available

Mondays to Fridays 8:30 am - 4:30 pm Before and After Care

7:45-8:30 and 4:30-5:45

Weekly Themed Programs

at these Loctions: Capilano Kids’ Club 604-985-0116 Lynn Valley Kids’ Club 604-985-4013 Westview Kids’ Club 604-998-0182


Visit our website:

%&#1 3"55+* 125- Licensed and staffed according to the Ministry of Health

,2(+))) ...><9 7?8@:47 > A:4@9 :5 A:<974 >$ 2>=8 ,6"7>0& -:4 =:47 #<5: ;>@@ */1++/(1+/))'3 :4 !#%#$ AAA.%6"7>0.;:=

a hike...

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A33



Lytton St., North Vancouver. Parent participation and supervision is required. Dropin fee: $1.

kids’ stuff

Preschool Storytime: Dropin for ages three to five years old, Tuesdays from 10:15 to 10:45 a.m. at the North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St.

John Braithwaite Community Centre, 145 West First St., North Vancouver. Fee: $1. Info: 604-982-8300.

St. John Ambulance Cadets: A national volunteer program for youth ages nine to 17 for first aid and leadership training, Tuesdays, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at 106-223 Mountain Hwy., North Vancouver. Info:

Parent and Tot Gym: Open gym time for children ages one to five, Tuesdays, 11:15 a.m.12:30 p.m. at Ron Andrews Community Centre, 931

Tales for Twos: Stories, puppetry and song designed to enhance vocabulary, phonological awareness and the love of books in two-year-olds,

From page 31

Tuesdays, 10:30-11 a.m. at West Vancouver Memorial Library, 1950 Marine Dr. Free. Info: or 604-925-7408.

ToddleTales: Free drop-in storytime for children ages 2436 months, Tuesdays, 10:3011 a.m. at Capilano library, 3045 Highland Blvd., North Vancouver. Registration is not required. Info: or

All Aboard for Kindergarten: A book club that offers a package of literacy materials to kindergarten children and their families at the North Vancouver City Library, 120 West 14th St. The program runs until May 31. Complete details:

Wee Wigglers Baby Dance Classes: MusiGo will offer a free introductory class to any one of their Tuesday classes at One Dance Studio, 286 Pemberton Ave., North Vancouver. Programs feature music and exercises for children as young as six months of age. Schedule and info: 604-928-2660 or www.

BCAA Child Car Seat Checks: Using the proper child car seat will protect your child’s life in a crash. Learn the proper installation and use of child car seats and find answers to any questions you have at www. or by calling 1877-247-5551. Celebrate an Eco Birthday:

LYNN VALLEY MUSIC The only fully certified High/Scope® School in Vancouver Where learning has been child’s play for over 40 years.

EXPERIENCED FRIENDLY TEACHERS AT AFFORDABLE RATES • All ages, all levels, most instruments • RCM exams • Bi-annual recitals

Now Accepting Registration for 2011/2012


Most courses run two weeks from 9am - 4pm Monday to Friday, at Hollyburn Sailing Club, 1326 Argyle Street, West Vancouver Register online at TeleReg a 604-925-7475 or at designated West Vancouver Recreation facilities.

White Sail I & II - Cost: $420

Session 1: July 4-8, July 11-15 Session 2: July 18-22, 25-29 Session 3: Aug 2 - 5, Aug 8-12 Session 4: Aug 15-19, Aug 22-26

White Sail III - Cost: $420

Session 1: July 4-8, July 11-15 Session 2: July 18-22, 25-29 Session 3: Aug 2 - 5, Aug 8-12 Session 4: Aug 15-19, Aug 22-26

• One of the best authentic Montessori Schools on the North Shore with over 30 years experience, • Program begins at 3 years of age • Extended day program • Full-day Montessori Kindergarten • French, Mandarin and Music classes offered • Afternoon preschool class available.

Tours and classroom observations available - call


1305 Taylor Way, W. Vancouver

Learn to Race - Cost: $275

Session 1: Jul 18-22 Session 2: Aug 22-26

Bronze IV - Cost: $420

Session 1: July 4-8, July 11-15 Session 2: Aug 2-5, 8-12

Bronze V

Teen Reading Club: North Vancouver City Library welcomes readers ages 1318 to the annual online club, which provides teens with opportunities to read books, post their own reviews and personal writing, participate in chats, discuss books and win prizes for the reviews they submit. Sign up at www.teenrc. ca. Info: 604-998-3480 or — compiled by Debbie Caldwell

ECE Certified Teachers • Outdoor & Indoor Play Facilities • Bright, Airy Classrooms

Your kids can learn to sail or improve their existing sailing skills this summer at Hollyburn Sailing Club. Our instructors and our courses are all Canadian Yachting Association Certified, so kids get CYA credits while having a great time. Our clubhouse and boats are conveniently located at Ambleside Park in West Vancouver. Our sailing camps are fun for kids over 10 years of age who can swim.

Bikes for Tykes: Obsession Bikes, 94 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver, challenges the community to keep their used kids bikes out of the landfill and donate them for refurbishing instead. All Bikes for Tykes fixed up by the store will be donated to North Shore kids through several community service agencies. Info: 604-985-2213 or

Red Cedar Book Club: Students in grades four to seven can participate in the book club at Lynn Valley library, 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver, by reading nominated books and tracking their reading in a log. Students are also invited to attend author readings featuring authors nominated for awards.

Gatehouse Montessori School

KIDS AND ADULTS (Jointly or Individual)

Birthday parties are available at Lynn Canyon Ecology Centre at 3663 Park Rd., North Vancouver, on weekends from 1 to 3 p.m. or weekday afternoons by request. Choose from five wild themes and learn about insects, dinosaurs, the temperate rainforest, food chains and creatures in the creek. Cost: $85. Best suited for kids aged four to nine. Info: 604-990-3754.

- Cost: $420

Session 1: July 18-22, July 25-29 Session 2: Aug 15-19, Aug 22-26

Silver Sail - Cost: $675

Session 1: Aug 2 - Aug 19


A34 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011


During the course of this next year the members of the Girl Guides of Canada – Lions Area will be showcasing their participation in

community service

1st Grouse Brownies Made Planters for Margaret Fulton Day Centre The Spirit of Adventure Rendezvous 2011 (SOAR 2011) is being held in Agassiz from July 22-30, 2011. 2000 Girl Guides from around the world will meet in Agassiz for a week of outdoor adventure. BC Girl Guides from just about every community in the province will join Guides from across Canada and several other countries (Ireland, Ivory Coast, Mexico, New Zealand, Philippines, United Kingdom and the United States) for a weeklong Girl Guide camp. We will set up a temporary community - fully functioning- serving all aspects of community life. Sharing the sisterhood with our international guests who have prepared and worked for this opportunity to challenge their skills and increase their selfesteem and knowledge. All done by and with the expertise of girls and women. - not a small feat! Lions Area has 101 members attending this amazing camp this summer. We are also sponsoring our Sister Guides from New Zealand.

Through out this past year the Brownies have been busy in the Community by: - Making Valentine’s Day Cards for Evergreen House - Food Drive for the Harvest Project - Collected Hygiene kit items for Haiti. A District Guider took the kits to Haiti when she went to help at a clinic - Garbage Clean up in the Edgemont Village area.

Guiding Branches for Girls (join any time of year) Guiding begins with the Sparks program, but girls can join at any age, without completing prior levels.

Sparks: ages 5 to 6 Brownies: ages 7 to 8 Guides: ages 9 to 11 Pathfinders: ages 12 to 14 Rangers: ages 15 to 17

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A35 PRESENTING SPONSOR

Rotary Club of West Vancouver




May is Art Month: The North Vancouver Community Arts Council and Capilano Mall will present a celebration of arts including music and dance performances and children’s art activities. All events are free. Music and dance performances will take place May 22, 1-5 p.m. and art activities take place 1-4 p.m. Info: events/may-art-month-may14-15.

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

Book bargains

LEAH (left) and Sharon Tadey gather some books that will be on sale at the annual District of North Vancouver Friends of the Library bok sale, Friday, May 27, 10 a.m.-7 p.m.; Saturday, May 28, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.; and Sunday, May 29, noon-4 p.m. at the Lynn Valley library. Books, DVDs and CDs will cost 50 cents to $2. On Sunday it will be $5/bag or $10/box. The library is located at 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver.

Global Trade and Endangered Species: The World Wildlife Fund will host a free presentation of images with Ernie Cooper, a Canadian authority on wildlife trade, Tuesday, May 24, 6:30-8:30 p.m. at CityScape Community Art Space, 335 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Cooper will provide the local to global link on threatened species. RSVP: 604-988-6844 or

Broadway Moving



Sunday, May 29, 2011 • 7:30 AM

Osaka Markets

The Gordon Harmon Memorial Rotary 10km Run will start at The Village at Park Royal, through Ambleside Park and the Centennial Seawalk to Dundarave. Return by the same route to Ambleside Park and finish at The Village at Park Royal. The Rotary 5km Walk will take place concurrently with the same start and finish at the Village of Park Royal and will follow part of the Run course. The Rotary 10km Run is sanctioned, measured and certified by B.C. Amateur Athletics Association.

Good 4 U Drinks

Freedom Fitness

REGISTRATION Go to for secure online registration.

Aqua Painting Beaver Buzz Plan X Architecture

Fax: 604-294-9924

Seekers Book Club meets on the 4th Tuesday of the month,

Mail: Rotary Club of West Vancouver P.O. Box 91341, West Vancouver, BC V7V 3N9

See more page 40

Net Proceeds to Rotary Charitable Projects


Grosvenor Electric Mira Floors


An offer 125 years in the making. Enjoy a $1,250 anniversary credit on the C 250 4MATICTM Special Edition and on the GLK 350 4MATICTM. C-CLASS SPECIAL EDITION


125 Years of Innovation: 4MATIC™ First introduced in 1986, our award winning 4th generation permanent all-wheel drive system offers optimal traction and handling control under any road conditions by



























** TOTAL PRICE OF $45,315/$46,015 INCLUDES MSRP OF $42,8001/$43,500 PLUS FREIGHT/PDI $1,995, DEALER ADMIN FEE $395, A/C LEVY FEE $100, EHF TIRES $25. TAXES EXTRA.

sending power only to the wheels with grip.

Special pricing available May 27th & 28th only at Mercedes-Benz North Shore.

Mercedes-Benz North Shore - 1375 Marine Drive, North Vancouver - (604) 984-9351


© 2011 Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc. 1Savings calculated on MSRP of the Special Edition Package options less dealer discount. Total price of a new 2011 C 250 4MATIC™ Special Edition is $45,315. *Lease and finance offers based on a new 2011 C 250 4MATIC™ Special Edition/GLK 350 4MATIC TM available only through Mercedes-Benz Financial Services on approved credit for a limited time. Monthly payment and total obligation for lease and finance offers are calculated applying the $1,250 anniversary credit. Lease example based on $408/458 per month for 48/48 months. Down payment or equivalent trade of $6,415/$5,315 plus security deposit of $500/$500 and applicable taxes due at lease inception. MSRP starting at $42,800/$43,500. Lease A.P.R. of 3.9%/3.9% applies. Total obligation is $26,505/$27,795. 18,000 km/year allowance ($0.20/$0.20km for excess kilometres applies). Finance example is based on a 60/60-month term and a finance A.P.R. of 2.4%/2.4% and an MSRP of $42,800/$43,500. Monthly payment is $646/$663 (excluding taxes) with $6,795/$6,865 down payment or equivalent trade in. Cost of borrowing is $2,268/$2,329 for a total obligation of $45,533/$46,644. **Freight/PDI of $1,995, Dealer Admin fee of $395, air-conditioning levy of $100, and a $25.00 fee covering EHF tires are now included in the down payment. Licence, insurance, registration, taxes, “green” levy taxes (if applicable) and fees levied on the manufacturer (if charged by the dealer) and PPSA are extra. Additional provincial specific fees, taxes and charges may be extra. Dealer may lease or finance for less. Offers may change without notice and cannot be combined with any other offers. See your authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer for details or call the Mercedes-Benz Customer Relations Centre at 1-800-387-0100. Offer ends May 31st, 2011.

A36 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011


Time to put the region front and centre LAST week’s Bloom BC VQA Spring Release tasting yielded a treasure trove of wine picks.

Notable Potables Tim Pawsey

It was the room’s layout, though, that had the Hired Belly excited: wineries were organized by region — even within the Okanagan. B.C. sports five Designated

Viticultural Areas (DVAs): Okanagan Valley, Gulf Islands, Vancouver Island, Fraser Valley, and Similkameen Valley. And Rhys Pender (who last year became Canada’s youngest Master of Wine) says it’s time we put “DVA” right on the label. “We’re so locked into our own market and habits that we forget to use the terminology,” says Pender. “When you add ‘DVA’ on the end to, say, Okanagan Valley, it sounds more serious. They are proper regions, so we should use it.” Pender, who has his own fledgling vineyard in the Similkameen, notes the mechanism is also in place to create sub-appellations within the DVAs. He agrees that it’s also time — especially in the Okanagan Valley, which has a variety of growing conditions,

Early Bird Specials

climatic differences and soil types — to start working towards that. Many de facto sub-appellations (such as Black Sage and Golden Mile) already show up on labels. But it takes time and often complex negotiations to formally agree on where the boundaries should be drawn. In the meantime, as the number of wineries in B.C. continues to grow, we can expect more emphasis on the different regions. This week’s wine picks are a selection from each of those five DVAs, all worth a taste. ■ Clos de Soleil Pinot Blanc 2010 VQA, Similkameen Valley DVA. One of the best examples around of underrated Pinot Blanc, grown on Similkameen’s Middle Bench: A great balance of apple, pear and citrus wrapped in vibrant

BEFORE 6PM • TUES-SAT Choice of 3 main course $17.95

1373 Marine Dr., West Van. 604.926.4913


W W W. C O B S B R E A D . C O M / F R A N C H I S I N G 5)27 2&'68 /# (11'&/0$ '+*/,/0$ 1&60*4/#/0$ (--(&,!0/,/'# /0 .(&,4 %6 0 * ( ! 3 ' & 6 , "

Park Royal & Caulfeild Village

acidity with burst of lingering green apple through the finish; $18.90 (VQAS, PWS). ■ Thornhaven Gewürztraminer 2009 VQA, Okanagan Valley DVA. Made from grapes grown in Summerland (another sub-appellation candidate) this wine sports enticing rose petal aromas with a photo Tim Pawsey softer, broad palate SUB-REGIONS in the Okanagan that evolves with have different climate and soil hints of grapefruit and spice and a touch conditions. of clove through the end. Think spicy Thai plates; Okanagan when comparing $18 (VQAS, PWS). Pinots). Strawberry and earthy ■ Neck of the Woods notes on top, followed by Zweigelt 2008 VQA, Fraser darker raspberry, red fruit and Valley DVA. Easier to drink savoury sage spice on the lightthan to pronounce (just say to medium-bodied palate, well“Ts-why-gelt”) this early structured with juicy acidity; ripener does well in cooler $22.99 (VQAS, PWS). climates. Made from 20-year■ Blue Grouse Pinot Gris old vines. Not complex but 2010, Vancouver Island plush with bright cherry notes DVA. From one of Vancouver and a slight savoury streak; Island’s oldest wineries $12.99 (VQAS, PWS). (established in 1989) and more ■ Garry Oaks Pinot Noir dependable Pinot Gris and 2008 VQA, Gulf Islands Ortega producers: grapefruit DVA. From one of the islands’ and citrus on the nose, with most consistent producers a clean, fresh stonefruit and (owner Elaine Kozak suggests tropical flavours underpinned we should look to Oregon’s by good acidity on the palate; at Willamette rather than the the winery, $23.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A37


Garden Party Friday, May 27th, 2011 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Personal look

NORTH Vancouver resident Cathie Borrie (above), author of The Long Hello — The Other Side of Alzheimer’s, will join Victoria resident Beth Kope, author of Falling Season, at Glimpses, an exploration of dementia through the words of two daughters who wrote about the experience of caregiving for their mothers, Thursday, May 26, at 7 p.m. at the Ferry Building Gallery. A free event, it’s presented by the gallery and the North Shore Community Resources Society. Info:

what’s going on for seniors NOTICES Strawberry Tea: Strawberry treats will be followed by a fashion show with designs and models from Silver Harbour Centre,

Wednesday, May 25, 1:45-3:15 p.m. at 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. There will also be entertainment by the Argyle school choir. Admission: $6.50. Info: SPORTS, RECREATION, GAMES, FITNESS AND HEALTH

Table Tennis: Saturdays, 12:302:30 p.m. and Sundays, 11:15 to 1 p.m. at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Activity Centre, 695 21st St. Drop-in fee: $2. For more information, phone 604925-7280 or visit See more page 39

“Put a little fun back in your life!” Step up to Spring at the Astoria

Please RSVP to 604.921.9181 as space is limited. Amica at West Vancouver • A Wellness & Vitality™ Residence 659 Clyde Avenue, West Vancouver, BC V7T 1C8 604.921.9181 • • Luxury Independent • Rental Retirement Living • All Inclusive • Full Service Fine Dining • Wellness & Vitality™ Programs • Amica VITALIS™ Assisted Living Suites & Services

Grandparent of the Year

CONTEST Here is your chance to have your favourite grandparent get recognized for all the wonderful things they do!

Retirement that lives like a resort.™ Independent and Assisted Living, the choice is yours Exquiste meals prepared by Red Seal chef everyday Short term & respite stays with Certified Care Aides to assist you Activities that stimulate your soul and rejuvenate your body Enriching Social Events


Drop off entries to: North Shore Credit Union

Make sure you include your contact information.



1100 Lonsdale Avenue, North Vancouver PARK ROYAL VILLAGE BRANCH:

815 Main Street, West Vancouver

Or email to: Subject: GRANDPARENT

June 1, 2011. Entrants should be in Grades K-7. Top three finalists will get their photos and entries published in the North Shore News. GRAND PRIZE:

La-z-boy Recliner (value $1,000)

Go to for more information. PRESENTED BY

June 11, 2011 Park Royal South




Book your tour today. Call 604-998-1587 or visit Great Value – Affordably Priced





! A


! ! ! ! !

Here’s how to enter: Take one of the 24-hour Sustainablity Challenges with your grandparent and then write to tell us about it in two paragraphs. • Use public transport — when you normally take the car. • Take a trip to the museum, go for a walk or enjoy a game of chess instead of watching TV. • Go grocery shopping and buy only local products to help reduce your carbon footprint.


2245 Kelly Ave., Port Coquitlam

*Call Leasing Team for details. Some conditions apply.

Produced by: Home Care Assistance and Christine Monaghan


photo submitted

Join Candace Roberts from Garden Works and learn how to enhance your balcony with a variety of options from flowers, to edibles for months to come. Each guest will receive a plant. Refreshments will be served!

A38 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011


NV senior keeps strutting her stuff “I’LL strut my stuff as long as I’ve stuff to strut,” says Lin Ardington — and strut it she does.

Lin may not, as she claims, have emerged from the womb volunteering — in heels — but on meeting this vision of glamour and panache, it’s almost believable. It’s only a moment, however, for the bling and high heels to be eclipsed by Lin’s warmth, kindness and love of life. Born in 1927 into genteel circumstances in the coastal village of Lytham in England, Lin was raised by her maternal grandmother and

Memory Lane

Laura Anderson great-grandmother. “It’s an unsolvable mystery,” she says in her soft Lancashire burr. “My parents were there but why I wasn’t

Bringing Quality HomeCare to You Full Complement of Nursing Services • HOMEMAKERS • HOME SUPPORT • NURSING CARE • 24 HOUR SUPPORT CANADIAN OWNED AND OPERATED

1305 ST. GEORGES, NORTH VANCOUVER across from Lions Gate Hospital

raised by them, I never asked and they never told.” Lin came of age during the Second World War. Her dream was to be a Tiller Girl like her mother’s three cousins or to join the Bluebell Girls, but the life of a dancer was not to be. Instead, Lin worked for the government. Lin has written, “To a girl, life was exciting, thousands of men, dancing, up in the air with test pilots, Wellington bombers being built nearby, love poems written and my letters to those shipped out.” Lin volunteered at the Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes with her mother. “It was marvelous how volunteering developed my personality. Maybe the seed (for volunteering) was planted then.” She met the love of her life, Bert Ardington, a local police constable, in 1945, and daughter Gillian’s arrival the following year made the family complete. In 1956, the Ardingtons immigrated to Canada and a See Volunteering page 39



LIN Ardington is a popular North Shore resident who devotes countless volunteer hours to various organizations and causes. NEWS photo Mike Wakefield


reputation for providing quality care to seniors on the North Shore for over 50 years. We offer subsidized and private pay intermediate, extended, respite, convalescence and palliative care beds. We are now offering private pay care suites with lovely views of the North Shore: • 24 hour nursing care • Approximately 400 sq.ft.

Welcome to Lynn Valley Care Centre N SOO ING OPEN S E IT E SU CAR ATE PRIV

• Bedroom with ensuite bathroom and wheelchair accessible shower • Living room with small kitchenette • Unfirnished except for hospital bed • All meals including tea, coffee, refreshments between meals • Daily housekeeping and laundry For more information or to arrange a tour, please call Leslie Cymet, Director of Care, at 604-982-3700.

1070 Lynn Valley Road, North Vancouver Email:

tell your community about your upcoming events email North Shore Family Caregiver Support Presents:

How to Access Home and Community Care Thursday, June 2, 2011 1:00!3:00pm at Parkgate Community Health Centre !!! 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver

Registration is not required. For more information, contact Helen at (604) 982!3313 or

Learn how to access home care nursing, home support services, adult day programs and residential care. Panel presentation by Vancouver Coastal Health Care staff and North Shore Family Caregiver Support. Q & A session to follow.

This project is funded by the Government of Canada’s Social Development Partnerships Program

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A39

SENIORS what’s going on for seniors


I’m concerned about someone challenging my will under the Wills Variation Act. How can I prevent this and protect my final wishes?

From page 37 Tai-Chi: Tuesdays, 9-10 a.m. at Silver Harbour Centre, 144 East 22nd St., North Vancouver. Fee: $26/eight classes. Info: 604-980-2474 or www.

Answer: If someone dies with a valid will in place, but the will doesn’t provide for the proper maintenance and support of the deceased’s spouse and children (including financially independent adult children), the Wills Variation Act of B.C. (WVA) gives the court the power to vary the terms of the will and impose its own distribution of the estate.

Walking Club: Walk local trails and pathways, then meet for coffee, Wednesdays, 9:45-noon. Cost: $1/$2, coffee, tea and cookies provided, at Mollie Nye House, 940 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: 604987-5820. Whist: Mondays, 1-3 p.m. at Parkgate Community Centre, 3625 Banff Court, North Vancouver. Drop-in fee: $1. Info: 604-983-6362 or kshubert@ — compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email information for your nonprofit, by donation or nominal fee event to

Ask An Advisor

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

Fitness wave

AQUAFIT instructor Jan Lockwood (centre) leads an Active with Arthritis Aquafit class in the Karen Magnussen pool as part of a free seniors day presented by the North Vancouver Recreation Commission last month. A variety of aquatic fitness classes are offered, visit or phone 604-987-7529 for more information.

Volunteering renews zest for life From page 38

new life. Their first choice was denied: Moose Jaw. According to Canadian immigration, their new home had to be in a city. They started off in Montreal, “the city where our plane landed,” moving on to Toronto and eventually to California. In 1973, they relocated again, this time to North Vancouver. During those years, Lin says she mostly “played around.” In fact, she accumulated an impressive array of paid and volunteer work, primarily community-oriented. There was always time for fashion, either as a model or by organizing Miss Teen and Miss Canada pageants. She was the activity director at a seniors residence in Niagara and in North Vancouver at Lynn Valley Lodge. She wrote for local papers, including a column for the North Shore News in the late 1970s. The North Vancouver Kiwanis Club “opened a new circle of friendship for us,” says Lin. Eventually, after owning

26 houses and three shops, Bert and Lin found their home in Kiwanis housing. It was there they faced their most difficult challenge when Bert was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Lin and Gillian cared for Bert until his death in 2002. Volunteering with seniors helped restore Lin’s zest for life. She started at Evergreen House and continues to volunteer there one day a week. “Volunteering, especially with seniors, does me good. I count my blessings,” she says. A member of the North Vancouver Kiwanis, St. John’s Anglican Church, the Red Hat Society and the North Shore Writer’s Association, she is also working on her life story. Was it that “unsolvable mystery” or the fact that all the women in her family were “only children” that convinced her of the value of recording family stories? Each year since 1939, Lin has kept a record of family activities and daily life. The entries include collecting oranges during post-war rationing while pregnant


with Gillian and being reprimanded by customs and excise for giving an elderly customer more than her weekly ration of one ounce of butter. Lin presented Gillian with a book about her life on her 60th birthday. “Even if it’s just jotted down,” she says, “it’s important that the history is passed down.” Lin’s latest projects define her and her life-long commitment to the well-being of seniors. She helped with Lionsview Seniors’ Planning Society’s Seniors Today survey, intended to help make a better tomorrow for seniors, which is currently circulating around the North Shore. On Wednesday, May 25, Lin will be “mistress of ceremonies” — in full bling and high heels of course — at the fashion show at Silver Harbour’s annual Strawberry Tea. Tickets are $6.50, call 604-980-2474 for more information.

Laura Anderson works with and for seniors on the North Shore. Contact her at 778279-2275 or email her at

When deciding what constitutes an “adequate, just and equitable” distribution, the court will consider both legal and moral obligations. Legal obligations include what a surviving spouse might have received if the marriage had broken down. Moral obligations are determined with reference to what a reasonable and judicious spouse or parent would do in the circumstances. The court will also take into account the principle of testamentary autonomy – the right of a person to decide how his or her property is distributed after death. If the will provides for a surviving spouse in a way considered “adequate, just and equitable”, the court may uphold the testamentary autonomy of the deceased spouse and not vary the will. A court will also give consideration to gifts to third parties and try to respect them to the extent it is feasible to do so. Litigation to vary wills is common in B.C., especially among blended families and where children are treated differently in terms of benefits. The costs of litigation often come out of the estate, which tends to encourage litigation. Finally, because court decisions under the WVA are often very fact-driven, it can be difficult to predict whether a claim will be successful or not. There are ways to avoid the application of the WVA. Since a Court can only vary the terms of an individual’s will, a key approach lies in ensuring that assets do not pass on death under the terms of the will and do not form part of the testator’s estate. Options include making gifts during your life, putting assets in joint names, having assets pass outside the estate through beneficiary designations, and transferring assets to a trust created during the donor’s life. Many of these techniques can also achieve other estate-planning goals such as probate tax reduction and confidentiality, but none should be undertaken without proper legal and tax advice. INFORMATION COURTESY OF CARMEN THÉRIAULT, Q.C. AND MICHAEL BLATCHFORD – BULL HOUSSER & TUPPER LLP

with BC Care Card and Premium Assistance ✔ Diabetic Care ✔ Nail Care ✔ Laser Foot Surgery ✔ Custom orthotics

✔ House calls available ✔ Mon-Sat 7AM–5PM ✔ Walk-in appointments welcome

FOOT WARTS? Laser foot surgery is available

Dr. David A. Dixon



107-1940 Lonsdale Avenue North Vancouver, BC If you’d like to leave a legacy to your community, please consider making a bequest to Lions Gate Hospital Foundation in your Will. For more information, please contact Joanne McLellan, Director, Gift Planning, 604-904-3553 or

A40 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011











5 door, keyless entry, air, am/fm/cd player, 5 spd, 17 inch alloy wheels, over 40mpg

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2dr, 6spd, cloth seats, air cond, full size spare, warranty, 4x4, am/fm/cd with aux jack, alloys

MSRP $26,470 Discount $3,482

NADM Price 22,988 $



Museum and park information guide: A volunteer is needed to provide historical, park and trail information. This is a potential opportunity to provide botanical interpretation. Position is available from May to September.


Connectivity group, navigation, dual tops, air cond, Sirius satellite, trailer tow

NADM Price 37,540

$ MSRP $40,790 Discount $3,250 PLUS GET 3% FOR UP TO 84 MONTHS


community bulletin board

Participants are either highly independent or participate together with their caregivers. Sales, marketing and communications:Eldercollege at Capilano University is looking for retired sales, marketing and communication people. Volunteer tasks include cold sales calls to businesses for event sponsorships; developing and distributing information/sales brochures about programs to increase participation; writing and distributing articles about the program to media outlets and other related work. If you are interested in these or other possible volunteer opportunities, call 604-9857138. The society is a partner agency of the United Way. Vancouver Youth Band, will be the featured speaker.

From page 35

6:30-8:30 p.m. at Utopia Gift & Book Store, 1826 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. The meeting on May 24 will discuss The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. Drop-in meetings by donation. Info: Whitney, 604-722-5402 or www.whit-

The West Vancouver Historical Society will hold their annual general meeting Wednesday, May 25, 7 p.m. at the West Vancouver Seniors’ Centre, 695 21st St. Doug Macaulay, conductor and program director of the West

— compiled by Debbie Caldwell Email information for your non-profit, by donation or nominal fee event to listings@ For our online listings, go to scroll to Community Events and click on Add Your Event. • • •

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Peace-of-Mind Inspection





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Safety inspection includes: • Inspection of front and rear brake systems, steering and suspension system, cooling system, all fluid levels, electronic battery test, exhaust system and written report on any findings • Manufacturer’s check

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Instructor/supporter: A volunteer is needed for instructing a knitting class for women with developmental disabilities at the Women’s Centre in North Vancouver. No caregiving responsibility.

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*Prices net of all rebates. See dealer for details.

New Sales Service

One-to-one visitor: Cedarview Lodge is seeking volunteers who wish to provide resident(s) with regular friendly visits.

Handy person: North Shore Neighbourhood House is looking for volunteers for 10 childcare sites that have regular “odd jobs” such as putting up bulletin boards, small repair jobs with toys, bikes etc., putting together “purchased furniture” and garden maintenance such as weeding




and watering plant beds.

604.980.8501or Toll Free 1.888.789.0222 604.980.8501



CHRYSLER JEEP DODGE Northshore • • • • • •

OP HARD T • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •


Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A41


Dawson City puts on a party Ann Britton Campbell Contributing Writer

DAWSON CITY, Yukon — It’s mudwrestling night in the beer garden at the Dawson City Music Festival.

Town or city? Dawson was incorporated as a city in 1902 when it met the criteria for “city” status under the municipal act of that time. It retained the incorporation even as the population plummeted. When a new municipal act was adopted in the 1980s, Dawson met the criteria of “town,” and was incorporated as such, although with a special provision to allow it to continue to use the word “City,” partially for historic reasons, partially to distinguish it from Dawson Creek. This led the territorial government to post the following signs at the boundaries of the town: “Welcome to the Town of the City of Dawson.” — Wikipedia

Not that you’ll find wrestling listed on the festival’s official program. But thanks to heavy rains earlier in the day, part of the beer garden’s grassy expanse has turned to mud and six especially festive festivalgoers are making the most of the opportunity. With an impromptu soundtrack provided by North Vancouver’s own Headwater (playing in the adjacent mainstage tent), the combatants grapple for 30 dirty minutes before security folks intervene. Later, during a set by Sunset Rubdown, I spy one of the cleaned up (but obviously not sobered up) wrestlers dancing on the plywood floor in front of the stage. When the set finishes, at 2 a.m., I walk with locals and tourists, young tree-planters and middle-aged bikers, urban hipsters and wannabe rockers into the still-dusk-like night. This far north (64 degrees) the sun barely sinks below the horizon in July. Such are the delights that await music lovers who fly to Whitehorse, drive six hours north to Dawson City and buy a weekend pass to one of Canada’s most perfect, tiny music festivals. photo Ann Britton Campbell/Meridian Writers’ Group Dawson City, where the Klondike Gold Rush began in THE Palace Grand Theatre, built in 1899 during the Klondike Gold Rush, is one of the venues for the Dawson City 1897 and where 1,800 hardy Music Festival. The small, perfect event is held in July, when night never really comes to this high-arctic town. souls now live, has staged this three-day festival since 1976. Held in July, it brings together mostly Canadian acts Since this is my first trip north, I take breaks from the music to cruise the Yukon performing all sorts of musical styles, from folk, blues and klezmer to hip-hop, indie River aboard the Klondike Spirit paddlewheeler and to pan for gold at Claim 33, rock, classical and country. near Bonanza Creek, where the nuggets that launched the gold rush were found. I The music venues are just as varied, and all within walking distance along the also attend Parks Canada’s Robert Service program, an engaging, 60-minute history town’s wooden sidewalks and dirt roads. The Palace Grand Theatre, opened in 1899, lesson held in front of the cabin where the 19th-century Klondike poet lived. Actor Johnny Nunan is halfway through reciting “The Cremation of Sam McGee” hosts evening performances (I check out the Acorn and Chad VanGaalen on Friday night) as well as afternoon workshops in which musicians from various groups share when the sounds of yet another band kicking it into gear comes drifting up from the main stage, about half a kilometre away. the stage. When the music festival’s on in Dawson, its presence is impossible to ignore. But The First Nations Dänojà Zho Cultural Centre and St. Paul’s Anglican Church, built in 1902, also stage workshops. In the church on Sunday I sit in a pew to listen who’d want to? to a Spanish-flavoured set, then head to the bank of the Yukon River and the outdoor If you go: For more information on the Dawson City Music Festival visit the festival website stage to hear Iskwew, a First Nations trio. In the main-event tent in Minto Park (site of the beer garden) a steady stream at For information on travel in the Yukon visit the Yukon Tourism and Culture of bands grace the stage. Mother Mother, Bend Sinister, Gadji Gadjo — I don’t website at recognize all the names, but I relish the opportunity to sample their music.


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A42 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

SPORT News Briefs

West Van FC win Men’s Masters in Aldergrove

West Van FC defeated the Peace Arch Dragons in a penalty kick shootout to win the Men’s Masters provincial title at Aldergrove Athletic Park May 15. Both teams had plenty of scoring chances throughout the match, but stellar goalkeeping from West Vancouver’s Jason Maros and Peace Arch’s Steve Lucovic kept the game scoreless through 120 minutes. Maros made several brilliant saves in the penalty kick shootout and for his efforts was chosen as the game’s Most Valuable Player. West Van FC will now go on to represent B.C. in the Western Canada Championship which is scheduled for Edmonton in October.

Capilano weightlifters bring home medals

Capilano Weightlifting Club returned from the B.C. high school weightlifting championships 2011 held May 14 at Surrey’s Lions Weightlifting Club with five gold and one bronze medal. The team included Ryan Lan (representing Rockridge), Jacob Cartwright (Carson Graham), Jack Rainer (Rockridge), Caleb Lee (Rockridge), Benjamin Johnstone (Balmoral) and Wyeth Kennedy (Argyle). This was the best medal haul yet for the young club, who are now in training for their next competition, the Sea Festival of Weightlifting, set for June at Semiahmoo WLC in Semiahmoo secondary school in White Rock. For more details on each weightlifter and a team photo visit

SPORTS TICKER NEWS photo Cindy Goodman

Stick work

U16 West Vancouver Canadians’ Leigh Sawchyn (left) and Club India’s Amber Sandhu race for the ball during a match on Ambleside turf May 8. With good weather finally arriving on the West Coast, the West Vancouver Field Hockey Club is making final preparations for the installation of its new Rutledge Field turf at Ambleside. Visit and for full details.

NEW invites you to the

1300 Block Marine Drive

Ideas Fair III: “Development Concepts” May 24th and 25th Citizens who participated in our Ideas Fairs in March and April generated more than 70 boards with their ideas and visions for the 1300 Block of Marine Drive. Please join us to review our summary of community input from Ideas Fair I and II and to discuss Development Concepts and potential Community Amenities for the 1300 Block. Your feedback will be helpful as we begin to prepare a rezoning proposal for the 1300 Block. Who:

Anyone interested in Ambleside Village


West Vancouver Community Centre Atrium 2121 Marine Drive, West Vancouver


Two Ideas Fair III dates: (please register) Tuesday May 24 (6pm to 8pm) or Wednesday May 25 (6pm to 8pm)


Please contact Julia Reimer at 604-731-9053 (x101) or to confirm registration

See all the community ideas at

Check out Capilano RFC meeting Richmond RFC in the B.C. 2011 Okanagan Springs provincial Men’s First Division Rugby Championship and Carson Graham Eagles vs. Lord Byng Grey Ghosts in Senior Girls’ Rugby at Follow updates for North Shore sports 24/7 on Twitter @ NSNewsSports. Go to for more sports news.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 - North Shore News - A43

Local police to offer perspective From page 17

“I firmly believe we’ve changed a few lives through this. For sure, we’ve changed Joe’s life,” says Mustapich. Let Me Up! premiered at Templeton in December 2010 and a number of North and West Vancouver students were in attendance. It’s since been remounted in Surrey and those involved are excited for it to make its North Shore debut. It’s being presented for free, thanks to the support of donors. Following the performances, Calendino, Torvik and representatives of the West Vancouver police department and North Vancouver RCMP will take the stage, each sharing their perspective on the issues brought to light. Linda Buchanan, North Vancouver school district trustee, attended Let Me Up!’s premiere and immediately knew she wanted to see it presented on the North Shore. “I was invited to see the play from Walter back in December and really felt that it was just a really powerful, creative way to get the message out to students and parents, and the broader community,” she says. “The great thing about it is Jimmy and Walter are both educators so there’s that educational component and I think it’s a powerful way to engage kids.” The work also addresses the necessity of a community response, important in her mind, as by profession, Buchanan is a public health nurse. “When we’re looking at these ideas, which are community issues, they’re not school issues, they’re community issues, I think it’s a great way to bring all the players in together and use that as a springboard for conversation, typically between parents and youth,” she says. After attending the Templeton premiere, Buchanan spoke to Jeremy Church, vice-principal of alternative programs for the North Vancouver school district. Both agreed it would be a good fit for the North Shore, picking up on some other prevention work the district and community partners have been doing, particularly around alcohol. “Coming from the alternative end of things, I’ve put on lots of presentations and productions about these topics because I recognize that they are topics that are relevant to our students. . . .,” says Church. “Sometimes people don’t want to talk about it because it doesn’t affect them in their community, but I think through back-channels or other ways it affects all of us: like what happens to some of us, happens to all of us.” Calendino is proud of how well-received his work has been and its positive impact on Lower Mainland youth as well as his own life. Through Torvik, he’s the current subject of a future Odd Squad Productions Society documentary. He hopes to continue to grow the Yo Bro Youth Initiative and that it can one day be modelled elsewhere. “We

have to create more opportunities for people like Joe,” he says.

No matter what the medium and no matter if he’s in a classC A R S

room, a theatre, a dojo, or on the street, Calendino remains




firm on his message to youth: “The one thing that I always hope that they take away with my messaging is that that one second, one moment in your life that takes you on a journey, to

a) death, b) incarceration or c) into a world of addiction, that they’re able to say right then and there, ‘No.’ Also, that they start to empower other people to start saying ‘No.’”

C A R T E R ’ S

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Jose Maiza

A44 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011


Keep calm, carry on in the squirrel zone

Canine Connection Joan Klucha

IT’S not just us humans that burst forth under blue skies and shining sun. The adaptable squirrel has joined us in our sun

worshipping. I’m used to squirrels making erratic appearances throughout the year, but this spring seems to have brought forth an abundance of squirrels, especially on one section of the walk I take with my dogs. This particular part of the trail is where all the “squirrel action” happens, be it seeking a mate, fighting for territory or simply being a squirrel (which means doing backflips while running backwards and hanging upside down; the crazy stuff that sends our dogs over the edge). It’s here that my dogs seem to enter another dimension — where my presence seems to be non-existent. It’s a world of Squirrel versus Dog. I could be wearing a Lady

Gaga meatsuit and my dogs would still ignore me as we enter into the “squirrel-zone.” My commands to “Come” or “Leave it” fall on ears that can only hear the chirping noise of irritated squirrels. Part of the problem is that I allow my dogs to chase squirrels in the backyard. My bird feeders are looted by squirrels every morning and my poor nuthatches and chickadees flip me the bird — hey, that’s funny! — when they arrive to an empty breakfast table. So out on the trails my dogs simply do what they are allowed to do in the yard. That ain’t kosher with me. I can appreciate a canine’s desire to chase down a squirrel

in a feeble attempt to satisfy their prey drive . . . in the safety of my back yard. Out on the trails, I expect them to be more respectful of not only me, but of the landscape. As they give chase, they are not only ignoring my leadership but trampling budding plants, some of which are rare, disrupting creatures such as salamanders, tree frogs and other delicate reptiles that live under the leaves and moss. Plus, they’re so wired that when I do get them back, they are over-reactive, which can lead to fights with other dogs as they attempt to release some of the prey drive tension accumulated from the chase. It just isn’t appropriate. The only surefire way to

break this squirrel-chasing pattern is to leash my dogs in the squirrel zone. I tend to leash them far in advance, when they are still in a neutral and calm state of mind. This allows me to keep a connection, not only physically with my dogs, but mentally as well. Leashing them when they are in their frantic squirrel state of mind would be pointless. While I walk towards the squirrel zone with my dogs, I have them in a heel. The heel command reminds them of their place, which is beside or behind the leader of the pack: me! If they begin to show the slightest degree of interest at the first sighting of a squirrel, I will give them a quick leash

Decide for yourself. Learn more at You‛ve probably heard and seen a lot about HST — some negative, some positive. Well, now you can have your say. From June 13th to July 22nd you‛ll vote whether to keep HST or go back to PST plus GST. It‛s an important decision for our province, so be sure to take the time to understand all the implications of the two tax systems. And before you decide, put each tax option to the test at

correction to remind them of their position, which is heel. I’m trying to keep their minds busy on minding their manners, rather than punishing them for chasing the squirrels (because I like them keeping the squirrels out of the backyard . . . capiche?). Once safely out of the squirrel zone, when I am sure they will not disobey and run back, I will let them off leash once again. You can apply this training sequence to correct any unwanted behavior along any section of your walk where your dog becomes agitated, be it at a dog behind a fence or a jogger approaching. It may take a bit of practice and repetition to get a response in which your dog remains calm while passing a distraction; remember, practice makes perfect.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 – North Shore News – A45

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Sales Centre Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm email:





Beyond the Sunset, No clouds will gather, No storms will threaten, No fears annoy, Oh day of gladness, Oh day unending, Beyond the Sunset, Eternal Joy. Beyond the Sunset, Oh glad reunion, With our dear loved ones who Have gone on before, In that fair Homeland, We’ll know no parting, Beyond the Sunset, Forever more!




In Memoriam

DENNIS, MAY In loving memory of my dear wife, May Dennis. Who passed away on May 21 2007, To be forever with the Lord. Sadly missed by her Loving husband Lorne. And God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, there shall be no more death, nor sorrow, nor crying, there shall be no more pain, for the former things have passed away. - Revelation 21:4



UHL - Carl March 16, 1921 to May 13, 2011 Long time resident of North Vancouver passed away peacefully on May 13, 2011 at the age of 90 years. Lovingly remembered by his wife Dorothy of 67 years; daughter Lesley (George), grandson Tyler Burchynsky and many friends and relatives in England, Saskatchewan and B.C. Predeceased by his daughter Lynne Uhl. In WWII he served with the Governor General Horse Guards in continental Europe, the central Mediterranean area and the United Kingdom where he met and married Dorothy while serving overseas. He worked in the lumber industry for many years. During retirement enjoyed travel, reading, walking, and coffee with friends at McDonalds. Thank you to Dr. Hariton for all his care and compassion. Private family gathering and no flowers as per his wishes. Nullix secundus.

In Memoriam

~ In loving memory of ~

JOSHUA MATT CARL GOOS November 27, 1977 – May 23, 2006

It has been five years now and our loss is ever present. Josh – we feel the warmth of your spirit every day and always keep you with us. Without you, there is nothing we can do but enjoy our memories of the times we had together; playing, laughing or celebrating something good. You were the good, the cherished and you were loved by all who knew you. We miss you dearly and are truly grateful for all that you gave us, and all that we have learned through you. Always holding you in our hearts, your loving family.

Celebrate the lives of loved ones with your stories, photographs & tributes on

DURNO - Shirley Carolyn, born May 23, 1927, lost her valiant struggle with pneumonia on May 12, 2011 at Peace Arch Hospital. She passed away with grace and surrounded by love. Carol’s curiosity and sense of humour will be sadly missed by family and friends. There will be no service at her request. In lieu of flowers, you are encouraged to give to a charity of your choice.

MARTIN - James May 24, 1949 – May 9, 2011 With great sadness we announce the sudden passing of James “Jim” Andrew Martin on May 9, 2011 at the age of 61. Born and raised in North Vancouver, Jim graduated with a bachelor’s degree in education from the University of British Columbia before beginning his teaching and coaching career at Delbrook secondary in 1974. Jim went on to work at North Vancouver (’74-’79) and Hamilton (’79-’82) secondary schools, but he is perhaps best known for his time at Carson Graham secondary (’82-’99), where he was a fixture in the athletics department. Besides Physical Education, he taught Industrial Education, English and Social Studies and worked in the library and counseling departments, but his true area of expertise was inspiring and nurturing kids both on and off the field. He mentored and coached for community, club and school teams in sports such as rugby, basketball, volleyball, track and field and soccer, and along with co-coach Doug Barker helped the Carson Graham Eagles win their first-ever senior boys provincial rugby championship in 1996, beginning a legacy of rugby excellence that continues at the school to this day. In 1999 Jim was appointed District Coordinator of Athletics for the North Shore Secondary Schools Athletics Association, where he oversaw myriad competitive sports programs for thousands of students at 14 schools across North and West Vancouver until his retirement in 2007. Jim played softball for the North Shore Iguanas and Big Bird Sound and rugby for the North Shore AllBlacks and the Capilano Rugby Football Club, where he was a welcoming and familiar face for decades. In his spare time, Jim enjoyed “Dads and Lads” camping trips with his boys, backyard fishing derbies in Lynn Valley, “gentlemen’s lunches” and smokers with Ray, Murray, Paul and Rob, as well as the close relationships he maintained with friends, former colleagues and students and family. Jim leaves behind beloved sons Nick, Connor and Lucas, brothers Dave (Vera) of Victoria and Dick (Donna) of Abbotsford, sister Gail (Harold) of Fort St. John and an aunt Ruby of San Francisco, cousins, nieces, nephews, stepsiblings, and countless friends. He was predeceased by his mother Hazel, father Andrew, brothers Bob (Patti) and Ernie (Pat) and sister Faye. A celebration of Jim’s life will be held at the Capilano Rugby Football Club, 305 Klahanie Court, West Vancouver, on May 26 at 4 p.m. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to the trust fund for his sons at CIBC #1800-06012183. 'Heroes get remembered, but legends never die'

BISSET - James Aug. 6th 1920-May 12th, 2011. Jim Bisset’s finally taking a day off after 90 years of hard work. He always played by the rules and was the most decent, honest guy anyone could ever meet. Just as he had an amazing work ethic, he was also able to take time to enjoy himself. A master shipwright, over the years he built a small fleet. To own a Bisset boat became a privilege. His friendship, generosity and wry sense of humour will be missed by his many friends and family. He’s got his boarding pass and is going where the fields are green, the thoroughbreds are fast, the women are beautiful, the stock market is always bullish, a man can get a decent rye & coke, and a couple of hundred board ft. of clear cedar can be bought at a good price.Jim, you were special. Thanks to all the caregivers and doctors at Mission Memorial who gave him the attention and respect he deserved. In lieu of flowers donations could be made in Jim’s memory to the Salvation Army, a cause he always supported. A memorial will be held at a later date.

fax: 604-985-3227

delivery: 604-986-1337



ATTENTION RESIDENTIAL SCHOOL SURVIVORS! If you received the CEP (Common Experience Payment), you may be eligible for further Cash Compensation. To see if you qualify, phone toll free 1-877-988-1145 now. Free service!


Lost & Found

LOST: SILVER Roots bracelet women\’s watch. In Capilano U / Interriver park area. Lost Saturday, May 14th. Tracy (604)926-2204.

FOUND: child carrier On weekend of May 16 found in Lynn Valley, child carrier - attaches to a bike. Please email to identify. email:


Personal Messages

INTERCESSIONARY PRAYER OF ST. JUDE. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be adored and glorified, loved and preserved throughout the world now and forever. Most Sacred Heart of Jesus pray for us. St. Jude worker of miracles pray for us. St. Jude, helper of the hopeless, pray for us. Amen. Say this prayer 9 times per day. By day 8, your prayer will be answered. Promise publication. Thank you St. Jude for prayers answered J.L. for T.L.

Lost & Found

CAT LOST, black & white tuxedo, male adult, short hair since May 14 from W. Van 604-328-3480 CAT: LOST Siamese, Trooper. Marine Dr & 12th St West Van. Has microchip & collar. Reward $500 Very missed. 640-376-7770 FOUND KEYS Norgate area, Thursday May 19th @ 6pm. Call to Id please. 604-812-4912



ITCHY IS STILL missing REWARD $500 Black grey tan 9 mth tabby male with orange belly & black spots. Very missed. Last Seen Apr 21st Upper Lonsdale. Thank you to all who have responded so far. 604-983-9910 LOST MENS KONA BIKE brownish frame Deep Cove on May 15th REWARD Pls call 604-721-3931



Beauticians/ Barbers

HAIR SALON chair rental. Best location Central Lonsdale $600 each chair. 2 chairs available Call 604-720-7414


General Employment

NOW HIRING Exp. Gardener Must have Plant Knowledge! Excellent Wages Paid! Career oriented F/T permanent positions available. 604-802-5272 Cadence & Cascade hiring Trilingual (Spanish/English/ Portuguese) translator. $25.00 hr/ 35 hr wk. Comp. Sec. School + min. five yrs of exp. as F/T translator working in three lang. Fluency in the three lang. is req. as he/she will be working in international context. E-Resume:


INTERESTED IN WORKING WITH CHILDREN AND ART? The Vancouver Art Gallery is looking for volunteers who would like to conduct exhibition tours to students in grades 2-12. We will provide intense training on art content and touring techniques in exchange for a commitment of 8 hours/week, September to June. If you are interested, please email or call 604 662 4700, local 2416 by June 2.

Place your birth announcement

WATERS - Frederick Hamilton March 21 1928 - May 4 2011 'O Captain, my Captain' Fred passed away peacefully on May 4th after a brief illness. Predeceased by wife Marcia and son Paul. Fred was survived by daughter Karen (Faulkner) and son-in-law Bruce Faulkner, grandchildren Cory, Chelsea (Aaron), and Lauren, many greatgrandchildren and niece Wendy Malkin and family. Born in Victoria, Fred had a love of the ocean from an early age and began sailing when he was quite young. After he finished school, he moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in drafting. He soon joined the BC Telephone Company and worked in a variety of departments until his retirement in 1983. Fred continued his love of the ocean in his pride and joy the 'Yukon Harbor' spending countless happy hours fishing and exploring the West Coast. He also loved to travel to far off destinations and exotic locales. Fred was a loving father, grand-father and friend and will be missed. At Fred’s request, there will be no service. Thank you to Dr. Norton and the caring staff at Lynn Valley Care Centre. Death is nothing at all I have only slipped away into the next room


CAPILANO AUDI is looking to fill the following permanent position:

★ F/T Lot Attendant

Position requires a valid BC drivers license & a clean drivers abstract. Work schedule of 5 days/ week. Experience an asset but not required. We provide a competitive remuneration package, comprehensive benefit plan and a friendly working environment. Please send your resume to: Capilano AUDI 813 Automall Drive North Vancouver, V7P 3R8 or email: No phone calls please.

CONSTRUCTION Worker is Needed for easy jobs such as cleaning & landscaping,Call:778-386-3720



WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS AS USUAL! 1347 Ambleside Lane, West Van or call 604-926-2120

★ FREE PRESENTATION ★ Applications of Family Systems Therapy to Collaborative Organizations Wednesay, May 25th, 6:30pm-7:30pm, Lynn Valley Library, Community Room Gervase Bushe, SFU Professor, will discuss how to to help leaders create more successful collaborative work places.

RESIDENT MANAGER COUPLE Live in positions for retired or semi-retired couples wishing to supplement their income. Must be personable with good English skills. No experience needed training provided. Fax resume with cover letter to 604-980-3839

RESIDENT OPERATIONS MANAGER Large North Shore Strata Complex requires experienced Manager to live on site. Knowledge of building operations including construction, plumbing, etc. Salary plus accommodations depending on experience. Fax resume to: 604-592-6119

VANCOUVER’S LARGEST Lawn and Property Maintenance Company pays $120-$360 DAILY for outdoor Spring/Summer work. Hiring honest, competitive, and energetic individuals to fill our various 2011 positions. Apply online @

Limited seating, please rsvp to: or 604 926 5496. Sponsored by

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A46 – North Shore News – Sunday, May 22, 2011


Find a job that’s right for you. Free Job Search Programs for Men and Women: - Professionals - Immigrant professionals - General job seekers Career Exploration: - Self-assessment and career decision-making Individual employment counselling. Computers, books, resume editing, guest speakers.

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Hotel Restaurant

113 – 255 West 1st Street North Vancouver, BC, V7M 3G8 Call 604-984-7630

FOOD SERVICE MANAGER North Shore Winter Club accepting applications for a Food Service Manager. Applicant must have minimum 2 years experience, cullinary skills required. Send resumes to: attn: Food & Beverage Manager Fax: 604-985-1519 or Email: EXPERIENCED MANAGER required for busy fast paced Pizza Restaurant. Full time, $15/hour. email:

Administrative Assistant


position available for busy North Vancouver property management company. Must have administration experience and knowledge with dictatyping, Microsoft Word and Excel programs. Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Salary commensurate with experience. Please email:

seeks part time ★ Relief Manager 3 to 4 days per week. Min 2 years exp required.

Competitive wage Please apply in person at: 6408 Bay Street, Horseshoe Bay, West Van or call 604-921-7755 or

1293 • • •

FEATURED EMPLOYMENT Are you looking for a Career with an Industry Leader? Join our Team in our Vancouver Service Centre

ARCHITECTURAL SHEET Metal Journeymen and Skilled Workers Top Wages & Benefits Email:


Join the No. 1 Volkswagen Dealership in BC! – Highest Volume Sales –

Capilano Volkswagen Inc. requires a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate to join the No. 1 Volkswagen Sales Team in BC. Must have automotive sales experience along with excellent communication skills. A current BC MVSA License, a valid BC Drivers License and a clean driver’s abstract are required. We offer an excellent remuneration and benefits package.

Now hiring full-time Class 1 drivers with LTL experience to pick-up & deliver freight locally and Dock Persons with experience loading, cross-docking and unloading freight. Drivers have a Class 1 license with air brake endorsement, 1 year driving experience, the flexibility to drive various Class 1 equipment, a clean drivers abstract, a natural customer service focus, & are willing to work evening shifts if required. Dock Persons have warehouse LTL experience, safe work record, forklift experience, and the flexibility to work various shift start times. CF offers an attractive starting wage, superior benefits and pension plans, company-paid support for professional development and Employee & Family Assistance Program.

Trades/Technical Or Call:604-433-1813


Wanted for North Shore maintenance operation. Full Time work available for the right people. Experience in hand lay-up preferred but not necessary. Valid drivers license required. Wages depending on experience. Please fax resume to 604-980-5718 or email to

APPLY ONLINE: e-mail: • Fax: 403-287-6003

Apply in confidence to: Garry Speranza, Sales Manager Fax: 604-985-0520 • Email: NO PHONE CALLS PLEASE.




Bodwell High School students need one-on-one Science and English tutors. Tutoring hours are after school weekdays and weekend at Bodwell High School. Please send resume with two references to: Ms. Ruby email: before May 31th, 2011


Ratcliff and Company is the North Shore’s oldest and largest law firm providing legal services to clients, in business and in life. The work environment offers challenging and rewarding opportunities in a professional yet informal and friendly atmosphere, where every team member counts. We are currently recruiting for a Senior Legal Administrative Assistant to join the firm’s busy Family Law practice. This opportunity is targeted to a qualified legal administrative assistant with ten or more years of progressive experience,with significant expertise in Family Law. In this senior role,you will provide support to a senior Family Law practitioner, including document management, liaising with clients, drafting summaries and correspondence, and assisting with Chambers and trial preparation. Your ability to proactively manage files, including keeping the lawyer informed on the status of files will be key to success. Given the diversity of the role, flexibility and adaptability are essential, as is the ability to make sound decisions,communicate in a timely manner,and be relied upon to maintain utmost confidentiality of information. Attention-to-detail, strong computer skills, the ability to remain composed under pressure and able to work independently are essential. This is an excellent opportunity for an individual who is strongly self-managed, communicates effectively in all mediums, and enjoys taking initiative. Working knowledge of the Supreme Court Family Rules. This is a full time position with long-term career potential, competitive salary and benefits.

Send resumes to D. Ausman e-mail: or fax: 604-988-1452



FOODSAFE 1 Day Courses #1 in BC • $62 • 604-272-7213

We provide an extremely competitive remuneration with six-figure income earning potential to top-performers and an opportunity for career growth within a highly established brand.


Tutoring Services

Please email your resume to:

15 YEARS EXP in Math & Stats tutoring with proven results. Tia 604-603-9612, 604-929-9612

No phone calls please

K-7 & ESL TUTOR. Experienced qualified teacher. 604-290-5477, evenings.

WHAT’S NEXT?? FREE Career Exploration Series on the North Shore Career Exploration May 26th 2:00pm - 4:00pm

MBTI May 27th 2:00pm - 4:00pm

If you are 15-30 years old, call t. 604 988 3766 to register YWCA One Stop Career Shop Located near the Seabus at: Suite A- 15 Chesterfield Place North Vancouver BC V7J 3K3

TUTOR DOCTOR NORTH SHORE Tutoring for All Ages and Subjects. Experienced & Qualified Tutors. 778.340.3100


Career Services/ Job Search

INTERIOR HEAVY EQUIPMENT OPERATOR SCHOOL Locations in Alberta & BC. Hands on real world training. Full sized equipment. Job placement assistance. Funding Available. 1-866-399-3853




Daycare Centres

Licensed Group Daycare 20 years experience 12 mos - 5 yrs. ★604-929-5799★ TEMPE TOTS DAYCARE Opened in 1987. All day Preschool offering swimming, music, snacks, full or part time. 2.5 yrs - 6 yrs. In Tempe Heights, Off 29th, between Lonsdale/William. Jane & Pam 604-985-3783



GE SIDE x side fridge, white, with water & ice, excellent cond $350. Kenmore dishwasher, white, builtin $100. 604-971-0151

Funded in whole or part through the Canada-British Columbia Labour Market Development Agreement


PB RAGDOLL kittens, vet ✔ 1st shots, dewormed, heath guar., $450 & up Cel # 604-477-9961


1825 Lonsdale Ave



All Like New! Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer, Stacker

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652



100 & up


Delivery/Warranty avail.

604.306.5134 2015

Art & Collectibles

SWAROVSKI collection 23 pcs, 17 orig boxes $600 + 2001 (Harlequin) mint $300 obo 604-986-1189


ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding $399+. 604-590-3727, 604-514-3474 CHOCOLATE LAB pups, vet checked, 1st shots, dewormed. Parents both registered. $500. 604-856-3132

For Sale Miscellaneous

BRIGGS-RILEY 6 suit garment bag w/multiple pockets. Never used. Originally $649, now $350. 604-926-2176



12 PIECE solid wood dining suite, 6 chairs, 2 leafs, bevelled glass hutch, marble pull out server, $2000, 604-924-0001

JASPER Beautiful 9 month old brindle Staffordshire Terrior. Great with children. In need of comfy home and experienced guidance. FUR & FEATHER RESCUE 604 719-7848

ANTIQUE QUEEN ANNE writing desk, mahogany finish, 48’’ x 22’’, $200 obo. 604-563-3608 BLACK GRANITE dining table, lazy susan, granite pedestal, side table, $2000, 604-982-0894 HIGH END new, modern leather sofa, loveseat & chair. Value $3500 sell $999. 604-418-6308 SOFA BED, double Serta mattress, like new $100 obo. 604-929-7569


LABRADOODLE PUPPIES Minis & Standards Ready Now! 250-395-4323 give us a call!

YELLOW LABS PB. Vet checked, Vaccinated, Dewormed. Ready Jun 4th. $600 Call: (604) 537-5063


5 BDRM & bath doors, bifolds doors, free you p/u, 604-980-8992 or 778-855-6434 6 PC QUEEN bdrm suite, black laquer. U PICK UP! 604-990-9477

ENGLISH BULLDOG Pups. Champion bloodlines, CKC, micro-chipped. Breeder/showing rights incl. $2,800. Email:

FREE DESK you pick up, Call 604-837-7944 TV RCA, good working cond. free you p/u, 604-924-2032


Wanted to Buy

Old Books Wanted also: Photos Postcards, Letters, Paintings. (no text books/encyclopedia) I pay cash. 604-737-0530 M E T R O VAN C O U V E R


ANTIQUE ROSEWOOD side board, apt. size, exc. cond. $1200, round pine table, early Cdn. $400. 604-685-7810

WEIGHT LIFTING equip., bench, squats, arms, etc. Lots of weight Must sell $250. 604-980-6487

• A valid BC Drivers License • A clean driver’s abstract

Senior Legal Assistant – Family Law

Capilano Audi requires a motivated, positive and enthusiastic professional to join our top-performing sales team at our new North Vancouver location. We are in particular seeking an Audi Brand Specialist to help address the needs of our ever-growing clientele. Therefore, previous sales experience and fluency in Mandarin are strong assets. Also required:

Tutoring Services

Social Services

WRITER & Advocacy Coordinator non-profit 3-4 day/wk $19/hr. northshoreschizophrenia. org/jobs.htm



Office Personnel

Hotel Restaurant

NO COST TO PARTICIPANTS Funded through the Canada – B.C. Labour Market Development Agreement.


ENGLISH Cocker Spaniel puppy 10wks, blue roan, home raised, reg’d, chipped, 1st shots, all health checks. $1,200 Call: (604) 971-2616 SHELTIE PUPS, Reg’d, shots, tattoo, leash & house trained, 2 female. $695.00. 778-773-9943 SHIH-TZU POODLE X, males, Ready to Go! Vaccinated, paper trained. $500. 778-397-1224

Renting or buying, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

5040 5005

80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/travel benefits. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar, 1-800-608-1117, Ext. 2020.

Accounting/ Bookkeeping

★CATCH-UP SPECIALIST ★ No stress, catch up, organize and maintain 604-986-4641 CGA Accounting / Tax Planning Quality, Low Fees 778-231-5201


Business Opps/ Franchises

ONLINE TRAINERS WANTED Finally, a common sense online business. Work from home over the internet.

Business Opps/ Franchises

#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744


Legal Services

#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Get started TODAY for ONLY $49.95/mo. Limited Time Offer. FASTEST GUARANTEED Pardon in Canada. FREE Consultation: 1-866-416-6772

You Want It We’ve Got It


Find Whatever You’re Looking for in the Classifieds.


✔Do you Own a Car? ✔Borrow up to $10000.00 ✔No Credit Checks! ✔Cash same day, local office



Bank On Us!

Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1-888-685-6181

Check Out Our Website:


Money to Loan


Could You Use

$20,000 $30,000

How About



If you own property Capital Direct can help.

CALL 604-430-1498


Reduce Reuse Recycle The classifieds can help! 604.795.4417 604.630.3300

HOME CARE & more

Retired RN wishes to help you thrive in your home. Offering assistance in personal care, meals, pet care including dog walking, shopping, transportation, gardening, etc.



I’m worried about my Dad living by himself. I try to help out as much as I can, but he needs more support than I can offer. He doesn’t want to move into a nursing home yet. What are my options? Home and community care may be a good option. It involves a variety of different services provided in a person’s home to help them remain there as independently as possible. Services are tailored to each person’s needs and may include case management, nursing services, nutrition services, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and/or personal care. To find out more, join the North Shore Family Caregiver Support Project for “How to Access Home and Community Care” on Thursday, June 2nd, 1:00 to 3:00pm at Parkgate Community Health Centre for a presentation followed by a Q&A session with Vancouver Coastal Health staff including a nurse, case manager, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, and dietician. Contact Helen Wait, 604-982-3313


Seniors’ One-Stop Information Line 604-983-3303 or 604-925-7474 North Shore Community Resources


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals


1 BR Lower Lonsdale, nr Seabus, balcony, $949 inc heat & h/w, n/p Jun 1st, 604-980-2286, 763-8254

1989 Marine Drive NORTH VANCOUVER

1 BR, quiet bldg, ns np, $975 incl heat & hw. onsite manager. 120 E. Keith Rd. 604-985-9852

INTERNATIONAL PLAZA Bach from 815 1 Bdrm from $1000 2 Bdrm from $1515 $

City & Mtn. Views. Includes heat & hot water. Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna & tennis courts on site. Security & video monitoring. On major bus route.

1 BR/studio. THE HILLRIDGE 170 E. Keith Rd clean, quiet, concrete Heat h/w incl. np ns 985-8405 121 W 20th 1BR, main flr. hardwood, heat & hw incl’d, 1 yr lease np, $1000, now, 604-681-2521


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals



Angel Massage Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai

full body rub • sauna & steam Sun-Thur 10-Midnight Fri/Sat 10am-1pm

604-294-8038 604-355-8038

★ CENTRAL LONSDALE ★ Spacious 1 BR corner ste. Featuring large kitchen, lots of storage, heat/hot water incl. N/s, no pets.$980 604-983-0634

195 21st Street BELLEVUE TOWER 1 BR $1450 Avail July 1 2 BR $2100. Avail July 1 Prestigious bldg next to seawall. Beautifully renovated, granite c/tops, h/w flrs, new appls, d/w new kitchen & bath rm cabinets, indoor pool. Facing NW w/ ocean views. Steps to community ctr, shops, transit & restaurants. Sorry, No Pets.

Call 604-922-8815 to view.

ATTRACTIVE mature European lady on North Shore for delightful bodysage. ANITA, 604-808-5589 LUXURY RELAXATION SPA 778-340-2778 1053 Marine Dr, North Van

1 BR, 2 yr old, 7th floor, Lower Lonsdale, $1200/mo, June 1, 604-983-3902 or 720-0902


1 BR, $880 incld heat, large, bright, hardwood flrs. faces south, June 1, top flr. 17th & Lonsdale, ns, no pets, 604-984-9367

Relaxation Massage Special Rates

1 BR $915, top flr, balc. mtn view, elevator drapes hardwood np hw heat 18/Lonsdale 604-220-6817


604-985-4969 NOW HIRING


Escort Services

GENTLEMEN! Attractive discreet European lady is available for company. 604 451-0175

Find your perfect home at

1 BR $950, large, Lonsdale & 21 hardwood, quiet bldg, np, hw, heat, prkg Jun 1, 604-990-4088 1 Br. large, $855, brick patio, avail June 1. 1 Br. large, $880, view, avail July 1 Heat incl. quiet. drapes. gated or free prkg, no pets, 1 yr lease. 310 E. 2nd, 604-904-0956 1 BR. large, $870. mountain view, now or June 1st. Gated prkg, quiet, drapes, heat incl. no pets, 1 yr lease, 321 East 2nd. 604-987-5802



INSURANCE AGENCY Small insurance agency in the Fraser Valley specializing in travel medical insurance with sales premium over $850,000 in the past year. Pls reply to box 1312758 C/O Chilliwack Times 45951 Trethewey Ave. Chilliwack, BC V2P 1K4

Houses - Sale


Real Estate

★ ALERT: WE BUY HOUSES ★ Foreclosure Help! Debt Relief! No Equity! Don’t Delay! Call us First! 604-657-9422


Difficulty Making Payments?

Alternative to Bankruptcy!

Penalty? No Equity? We Take Over Your Payment! No Fees!! / (604) 812-3718 'RENT TO OWN' ....If you have a small downpayment, less than perfect credit, then we are your link to home ownership. Call Kim 604-628-6598


Any Price, Any Location Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk! Call Kristen today (604) 786-4663


Houses - Sale



6BDRM/4BTH 4737 VICTORY ST Huge Character/Heritage Home, in sought after Metrotown Area near Crystal Mall, Large 1800+ SQFT Suite Major Revenue Potential, fully updated up to code plumbing and electrical new kitchen with S/S appliances, granite counters, GOTO: for more info, pictures, videos OPEN HOUSE MAY: 21, 22 2-4PM $1,188,000 Call: (604) 781-4995 email:


North Delta

ABSOLUTELY BEST Deal on Market! 1,100 sf rancher, 3 br, 1 bath, 8,600sq ft lot.$289,000. Ron Rudy Mac Realty 604-590-2444


Out Of Town Property


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

MAKE IT A SUCCESS! Call 604-630-3300

2 BDRM, $1225 Central Lons, h/w flrs, balc, new granite, n/p, 160 E 20th. NOW, 604-988-3227

1 BDRM, Central Lonsdale, 3rd floor,faces north, h/w flrs, heat and hot water incl, no pets,$950, Dodwell Strata Mgt. 604-838-5020 or 604-699-5264 1 BDRM, Central Lonsdale, Newly Renovated, 2nd floor, hw floors, new appliances, heat and hot water included, no pets, $1200 Dodwell Strata Mgt. 604-838-5020 or 604-699-5264

402-3701 Hastings St., Burnaby

1320 Chesterfield Ave. 908-7368, 1 BR, 7 appls, prkg, gym, pet ok, lease, Jun 1, $1250.

New Mayne Is. Craftsman! 1300 sf 4 min to beach level south exp lot $369,000 more pics; 250.539.3124


1 BR $1350 (Avail July 1), w/ balconies & spectacular views, well maintained, clean, quiet concrete highrise. Fabulous Central Lonsdale location, next to library, transit, shops & cls to schools. Sorry, no pets. Heat & hot water included. Call 604-983-6920 to view.


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

2 BR $1200. 1 BR $1000. bright, hardwood, ns, np, near seabus, quiet bldg. 604-618-8338

RENTALS 604-980-3606

6020 Homecare Available

Legal/Public Notices

NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS Notice is hereby given that creditors and others having claims against the estate of Kathleen Joyce Alford also known as Kitty Alford, late of 2444 Burr Place, North Vancouver, BC, V7H 3A5 deceased, who died on January 13, 2010 are hereby required to send particulars of their claims to the executor at 19757 – 46th Avenue, Langley, BC, V3H 3H1, before June 15th, after which date the executor will distribute the estate among the parties entitled to it having regard only to the claims which it has notice. David Alford, Executor

Money to Loan

Need Cash Today?




Sunday, May 22, 2011 – North Shore News – A47

2 bd 2 bth The Sky Small footprint but accomodating! North west exposure $1795/ 2 bd 2 bth The Pier North West exposure corner unit Hi Ceilings hwd $2395/ 2 bd 2 bth The Atrium City Skyline Water Views New, hwd, hi end appls Big Deck, Amenities of Pinnacle Hotel Included in $2795/ Royal LePage Northshore Kristin 604-671-6175 2BR, Manager Special, $995, Central Lons, patio, carpet, n/p, 160 E 20th. NOW, 604-988-3227 2 BR, Central Lonsdale, Newly Renovated, 2nd floor, corner suite, h/w floors, new appliances, heat & hotwater included. No pets, $1300. Dodwell Strata Mgmt 604-838-5020 or 604-699-5264

2 BR, Central Lonsdale, 2nd floor,corner suite, faces south, hw floors, heat and hot water included, no pets $1200. Dodwell Strata Management. 604-838-5020 or 604-699-5264

2 BR + den + nook, 2 baths, new, Pier Bldg, incl heat, air cond, prkg, storage, 5 appls, nr Seabus, Lonsdale Quay. $2200 + util, ns np, refs, July 1. 604-904-9891, cell 250-261-2586. email: 2 BR, hardwood flrs, $1160 np, ns, avail May 1, 225 East 12th 604-786-3405 2 BR Large $1125, avail now or June 1. Parklike Setting, Outdoor Pool, Playground. 920 sf, drapes, heat & prkg. incld. 1 yr lease. no pets 1228 Emery Pl., Lynn Valley. 604- 987- 4922 2 BR large 1st flr Lonsdale & E. 10th $1040incl heat/cable, ns, np refs. well kept quiet bldg. immed. suit quiet tenant(s) 604-317-7425

2 BR Lynn Valley updated, hardwood, cat ok, July 1, $1175. 604-925-8824

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A48 – North Shore News – Sunday, May 22, 2011


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

3 BR Lynn Valley 1 1/2 bath, hardwood, June 1, $1450, cat ok. 604-925-8824 850.00$/MTH - 1 bedroom. Upper Lonsdale. Incl. Heat, h/w. N/S. N/P. 1yr lease Avail may. 15 (604) 980-3889 BACH, S. facing, $900, June 1 274 W2nd. incls heat, hw, u/g prkg, locker, ns/np, 604-779-3541 Beautiful Large Suites - 2 BR from $1265, avail now. Heat, h/w, prkg. Lease 604-986-3866 ★ A QUIET BUILDING★ 1 Br June 1, top 3rd flr. faces north $940.. 2nd flr. northwest corner, $920; Carpets, drapes, heat, hw. Gated prkg avail. ★ No dogs ★1 cat ok ★ Pet Policy ★604-986-7745★

Beautiful Views

1 bdrm- $1,025-$1250 Spacious, pool, storage, heat & hw, dw, quiet,

concrete, by shops, Cat Ok

North Vancouver


Apartments & Condos


North Van Apt. Rentals

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS. 3 BR. Now. 1 & 2 BRS. June 1. 604-988-3828

GREAT LOCATION! 145 West Keith Road.

1 BR Starting at $1050 Avail Now. Ocean view. indoor pool. Concrete bldg. Heat & Hot Water incls.

PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. w Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool. ★ 2 BR. $1420 & $1440. Views, Storage. Parking avail. NO PETS. 604-988-7379


1 BR $875up.. 2 BR. 1 bath, $1175up 2 BR, 2 bath $1275. heat & h/w incl’d, close to bus and shopping. Clean & Quiet, u/g prkg. on site laundry. 1 cat ok, ns, 604-980-9219


TUCKTON PLACE 1520 Chesterfield 1 BR $940, Wkdays 990-2971 Wkends 778-340-7406

CENTRAL & LOWER Lonsdale renov’d & bright w/view, 1 br $850 up, 2 br $1150 up, 3 br penthouse $1600 up. Now 604-725-4873 1 BR, h/wood flrs, clean, 15th & Lonsdale, $840incl heat h/water

ns np May 15th also 2 br h/wd flrs, $1,080 June 1st 604-323-4467

VICTORIA PARK PLACE 615 St. Georges Ave @ E 6th St. 1 BR, bright South view, clean quiet bldg, np, ns. 604-980-9057 WOODCROFT 1 Br enclosed balcony, ns np, prkg, security, rec, $895 incl utils. 604-813-7312 WOODCROFT, big 2 br, 1 1/2 ba, 2 balconies, bright, security, rec facility, n/s, n/p. $1375 incl utils. 604-813-7312.


KENMORE MANOR 140 East 17th St. A bright 1 bdrm Available. Heat & h/w incl. N/S, No Pets. 604-980-4554

Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

LYNN VALLEY reno 3 BR 1.5 ba hardwood, cat ok July 1, $1445. 604-925-8824

MAKE IT A SUCCESS! Call 604-630-3300

EVERGREEN - 161 East 17th St. A 1 br spacious, clean well maint, np, ns. June 1st 604-990-8907


West Van Apt. Rentals

2 bd 2 bth Views! Live on Sea in Popular Dundarave! Free rent for two weeks! Pool Pkg included$2195 Royal LePage Northshore Diana 604-657-4508 2 BR, 2 bath, mtn view, well maintained bldg. Nr Seawall, shops & library, ns, 778-960-7862


2 BR south facing, renod, now avail in quiet bldg. located on Bellevue Ave. incld heat, hw, basic cable & prkg, 604-926-1691 AMBLESIDE TOWER Studio & 1 BR’s avail. Move in Bonus. Excellent views, rents incl. heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms on premises. Walk to beach & shops. No Pets. 1552 Esquimalt . 604-922-8443


1550 Duchess Ave, W. Van. Studio & 1 Br Move-in Bonus Fitness rm out door pool, nr shops, transit & Seawall. 1 yr lease, N/pets. Heat, hw incl’d. Member of Crime Free Multi-Housing Program. 604-922-4322 PACIFICANA 1480 Esquimalt Ave. 1 bdrm, ocean views, dw, n/p, n/s now or June 1st. By appt. 604-921-7800

Park Royal Towers Completely Renovated

1 & 2 Bdrm Suites 1BR (700-770 sq.ft.) 2 BR (1070 sq. ft.)

Spectacular Views, Walk to Shops & Transit Hardwood Floors Pool Rent includes all utilities.

604-922-3246 935 Marine Drive

Apartments & Condos


THE EDWARDIAN 1330 Clyde Ave. Avail June 1. 1 bdrm $1290. View. N/S No pets. For appt 604-926-3741

Duplexes - Rent

SUITS EXECUTIVE COUPLE 1800sf, 3 Bdrs, master, ensuite w/dbl jetted tub, Vancouver city & water view, walk-in closet, back yard with huge deck & huge trees, $2850/mth. Refs reqd. 406 E. 4th St. By Appt only. 604-984-2030 avail June 22. Request pictures @


Furnished Accommodation

1 BDRM, Ambleside, long term $1200/mo, short term $400/wk, ns, np. Avail now. 604-922-5158

1 BR. bright, furn. & equip’d, fp kitchen, wd, own entry, $325/wk or $950/mo ns, np, 604-984-4490 2 BR. new reno, garden apt. N Van. utils/cable incl, $1400, short or long term. 604-990-0903

A SHORT STAY Renos, family, execs, 1, 2 br p/house 604-987-2691

HOMAWAY INNS Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit QUALITY SHORT TERM 1 - 2 BR mtn/city view suites



HOST FAMILY wanted. Please contact us at 604-688-1811 or e-mail:

Tim Stephens' Astral Reflections Aries March 21 - April 19: Although many things remain to be handled in money areas, life starts to lighten up. A restless feeling enters for the next four weeks, as do short trips, errands, lots of conversations and casual meetings. These weeks bring your first opportunity in some months to make peace with someone who has been quietly but strongly opposing you. You should make peace, or come to some understanding (especially Monday, Friday/Saturday) because this person has the upper hand, and will for some time. It might even be your mate! Happiness early, weariness midweek, then energy Friday/Saturday. Taurus April 20-May 20: The weeks ahead emphasize money, earning and spending, possessions and memory work/learning. (Dante said there’s no learning if you understand but don’t remember.) Be ambitious Sunday/Monday. Despite a wee frustration Sunday morning, most factors line up for success, especially Monday. Happiness, social joys and optimism enter midweek! But retreat Friday evening to Saturday – rest, plan, contemplate. Employment or health matters could face an obstacle Friday. Patience and thinking will show the way past it. Your charisma keeps shining, right into June: continue with projects. Gemini May 21-June 20: Your energy, charisma and effectiveness climb over the four weeks ahead. Start important projects, tackle chores that intimidated you, ask favours, chase someone. Through June 3, life (and your efforts) can bring social breakthroughs, light love, freedom, or bring you a true mate, a lucky relocation or a beneficial contract! But by subtle stages, now to June 2012, you’re turning toward quiet solitude, charity, governmental links, institutional connections, and administrative tasks. These will be lucky. The hustle-bustle world won’t be. Joy has barriers Friday, none Saturday!

West Van Apt. Rentals

AMBLESIDE STUDIO, updated, bright, nr Seawall $950 incl util. 604-925-8824


THE PIER 1 Bdrm + den, prkg, city view, near seabus, N/S, $1700 FIRM 604-929-7482

2 & 3 BR. June 1, new reno’s, new cabinets, laminate & tiles, newer appls, prkg, storage, incl heat & hw, playground (Mt Seymour Prkwy). 604-924-3628

Apartments & Condos

Call 604-986-3356

604-985-2926 (Family complex )


Cancer June 21-July 22: This week and the next three are a “cross-over.” Part of your life will be tired, restricted, seeking rest, solitude and contemplation. You want to sum up and plan. Another part will be social, optimistic, seeking fun and looking forward to future events. This second part is emerging, and will, by late June, win out for a year, bringing great luck, social delights, wish fulfillment, light romance, and a love of life! But every spring needs a cold March, so we can prepare. Use these weeks ahead to plan, fulfill obligations, and clear your desk. A career might come true. Wisdom, midweek. Leo July 23-Aug. 22: Two themes occupy you over the next four weeks: career, ambition and prestige relations (e.g., with VIPs) are one. The other is wish fulfillment, light romance, social joys, optimism and “future gazing.” In the long run, now to June 2012, the ambition area will prove more powerful and more beneficial. But for the month ahead, social delights, flirting and optimism win out. (In this, though, be willing to deepen flirtation into real romance, and don’t believe all the “social promise” you see.) Be gracious: a VIP, boss or parent will be impatient into mid-late June. Opportunity, Monday! Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Although the ambitious side of your life is emphasized for the next four weeks, don’t throw everything into this area – and DON’T do anything unethical to get ahead, don’t change jobs, don’t push or dare a boss or parent, and don’t launch a business. That advice holds right into August 2012. Do, though, accept anything that comes to you. This year and a half demands strict “morality” from you: on the good side, in two weeks you start a year-long period of wisdom, understanding and gentle love. But avoid legal hassles for four weeks. Attraction, midweek! Financial caution Friday.


Houses - Rent



Houses - Rent

5 BR +den, upper Ambleside, cul de sac, nice area, ocean & city view, fully reno’d, new kitchen & appls. 3 bath, 2 fp, hardwood flrs. 2 decks, priv. back yard, June 1, $3950+utils, 778-885-8561

CAUFIELD CHARACTER ocean view, quiet priv. green cul de sac, nr beach, Lighthouse Pk, 2000sf. on 2 flrs. sunny deck, open plan on main, large master, 2nd bdrm, den/3rd bdrm, updated 2010, 1.5 bath, off St prkg, 2 mins. to bus. ns, dogs neg. 1 yr lease, avail July 1, refs. $2900+utils 604-926-3630 email:

CANYON HEIGHTS, 4 br, 2 1/2 baths 2 f/p, large yard $2500 604-925-8824

W Van, Dundarave 4 Br, 3 bath, bright clean new paint, h/wd, garage, np, $4600 604-319-7674

6565 DEEP COVE 604-929-5191 ns - 2 br, 2 levels water view $1975 - 2 br, waterfront cottage $2375 B’P’s Rancher hwd ss appls July start date? Flat lot backs on greenbelt, near trails pet ok, furnished if required or not? Deal to be had $2995/ Glenmore, side split hwd ss appls extra kitchen for elderly parent? 3 bd 3 bth Recroom, garage $3395/ Canyon Heights Rancher hwd, new appls, new kitchen /baths 3 bd 2 bth cul de sac plus fenced back & garage! Walk to Edgemont $3395/ Canyon Heights Rancher with 4th bd down, 2 baths Solarium hwd gas stove ss Walk to Mountroyal School Double carport $3495/ Bayridge! West Bay School! Bits of Ocean Views too, in quiet cul de sac! Picnic in your backyard of this 3 bd 2.5 bth with family and rec rooms Garage $3995/ Gleneagles! Garrow Bay! Ship deck flooring, high ceilings, massive beams & panoramic close up Ocean fills every window! 3 bd den workshop/storage $3995/ Dundarave 25th/Palmerston September or October start? Hwd, 4 bd 3 bth Pool, View, Studio Carport Storage Irwin Park School building? $4795/ Caulfeild Plateau! Gardener Included. Low Maintenance Lot, Detached, 3 bd den 3 bth Newer carpet, paint, appls Lots of deck, Views, Serene setting. Dble Garage $4995/ West Side/Kits Point Grey? High End Finishings 3 bd 4 bth den playroom, Lane access garage Rarely avail $7995/ As good as it gets in a rental! Posh Digs & Waterfront Home Furnished or not, terms neg... 3 bd den hot tub garage Prime Summer is here $14995/ Royal LePage Northshore 604-657-4508/ 671-6175 Diana or Kristin Mander

Office/Retail Rent

NEXT TO PARK ROYAL, West Van, 440 sqft, newly renovated Call 604-926-7542

One call does it all...

Suites/Partial Houses

1 BDRM, award winning heritage home, faux wood floor, coffee bar, French doors, alarm, suits 1, n/s, n/p, $850 incl utils 604-990-9459 1 BDRM ste, Canyon Heights, garden level, h/w flrs, 5 appl, new w/d, all utils/cable/internet incl, ns np, June 1, $1080. 604-537-4453 1 BR, Bright private entry suite in Central Lonsdale. Character home. $925 includes heat, hydro, W/D, alarm. Lease required. Single person, no dog. 604 904 9459

1 BR garden level, Grand Blvd & 17. dw, share wd, June 15, $1200 incl utils, ns, np, 604-986-4580 1 BR+ large den, 900SF luxurious newer garden suite. ns, np, June 1, $1400+utils, 604-202-9957

1 BR suite, near Capilano Mall, Thirfty’s, transit. Sorry, np ns, $1300 early June. 604-987-8227


Turn your clutter into cash with the Classifieds.

Spring Cleaning? Spring Garage Sale Special 10 LINES



*Includes a Garage Sale Kit & FREE Marketplace Ad



★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

May 22 - 28, 2011

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: Legal, cultural, love, international, higher education, far travel and publishing themes enter until late June. In addition, the next two weeks might bring (or further) a life-mate attraction or a major opportunity. But don’t lean too heavily on this entire (legal to publishing) zone, for it might promise more than it delivers. Simultaneously, through the weeks ahead, an accent grows on secrets and secret action, sexual desires, lifestyle changes, investments, commitments: these will benefit you greatly from June to June 2012! Romance frustrates Sunday day, but night’s magic! Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: The bulge of work that piled on you over the last half year (and last summer) is quickly ending. Now through June 2012 your efforts will be rewarded with opportunities. But you might briefly lose direction during the few weeks ahead. Some advice: for two weeks, continue to accept responsibility, extra work. For four weeks, be wary of committing yourself deeply, whether it’s a financial, sexual or lifestyle commitment. (E.g., moving to Alaska is a lifestyle commitment.) Wariness is warranted in these zones right into August 2012. For four weeks, don’t fight. Midweek, romance. Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: Both opportunities and opposition face you for a few weeks. A romance might turn to life-mate decisions. Relocation, agreements, contract negotiations, litigation, these arise. But be wary of all these: now through August 2011, they might contain pitfalls. If you feel you’re chasing an always-elusive or ever-receding goal, opportunity or relationship, turn your back on it, completely. If it just falls into your lap, accept. Soon work duties will expand, maybe hugely, to fill the 12 months ahead. Huge success could follow! Steady your nerves; learn to work without stress.

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: The four weeks ahead emphasize work, health and machinery concerns. Don’t give everything to this area – especially, don’t bury yourself in work to avoid other, scarier things such as romance. Romance, creative and speculative urges, pleasure, beauty, sports and games – these mildly intensify now, and will grow to huge proportions during the 12 months ahead. During the same year ahead, you’re going to meet good luck in administrative, governmental or institutional situations. Careful with money Sunday – chase it Monday. Nice friends midweek. Home irks Friday, soothes Saturday. Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: A month of romance, creativity, pleasure and beauty starts now. Kids will charm you, you’ll excel at sports and games. You’ll ride a winning streak! But many matters at home, or affecting your security, intensify now. This can bring friction as well as affection, talk and action. Use these weeks to prepare, if possible, for an extended (year-long) period of good luck in this zone, which will arrive June 4. Study real estate ads, for example, or retirement plans, or get repair/reno quotes. Your energy and charisma soar Sunday/Monday. You might attract love! Money, midweek. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: The weeks ahead feature security, your domestic situation, real estate, rest and recuperation, Mother Nature, nutrition, gardening. Do what you must, but don’t plunge wholly into these areas, and don’t begin big important projects here. You might want to end some associations and projects, and to begin others – but this would probably cause a lot of talk, and lead nowhere. Some very interesting trips and lively new friends are on the horizon, but they aren’t here yet. Rest, meditate and plan Sunday/ Monday. Your energy rises nicely midweek. Money irks Friday, succeeds Saturday. • Reading: 416-686-5014


Suites/Partial Houses

2 BDRM a spacious suite, Seymour River, redecorated, fenced yard, prkg, patio, d/w, stone f/p, ns, np, $1280. 604-913-3109 2 BDRM suite, garden level entry. New reno & appls, own w/d. large & bright. $1500 incls utils. Delbrook area. June. 604-985-8666


Townhouses Rent

3 BR Townhouse, MOVE IN ALLOWANCE (1/2 mnth move in, 1/2 mnth renewal). 5 appls, 1.5 bath, variable lse term, NP/ NS, Rent start $1650. To view call 604-986-0511




3 LINE AD 106 times with logo with logo. $1,544.72 incl tax Every issue for 6 months!



Sports & Imports


2 BR bsmt, hidden gem in Lynn Valley, walk out entry, 1000 sf, beautiful creekside private patio, very tranquil & quiet, gas fp, share wd, near bus, ns np, $1300 + 50% utils, incls cable & internet. Avail June 1, 604-988-4173


2 BR garden lvl ste, West Van nr beach & Dundarave Village, June 1st. $1250 Call 778-918-6391

2003 VW Jetta TDI, 5 spd, ac, $5450. D9921 car in Abbts. toll free 1-877-855-6522

3 BR very lrg ste, quiet, Lonsdale area, fp, ldry, prkg, ns, nr Seabus June 1st $1500. 604-728-6962

Townhouses Rent

Call 604-630-3300 to place your ad

2007 JAYCO Travel Trailer, 25 ft, like new, sleeps 6, walk around queen bed, slide, a/c, BBQ, spare + lots of extras. $17,900. George 604-576-7476 eves. Private sale

’99 SAAB Hatchback, good cond. 178000km, new brakes, 9 tires $5900 OBO 604.762.4237


17’ LONG runabout with a reliable Yamaha 40 hp engine & a galvanized trailer $3500. 604-328-6933, 604-313-2180


• 6-year / 120,000km transferable Powertrain warranty coverage, with options to upgrade to comprehensive extended warranty.

• 7 days / 1000km exchange privilege • 100 point inspection • Carproof Vehicle History Report (

1.9% OAC

816 AUTOMALL DRIVE, NORTH VANCOUVER Toll free: 1-888-602-9258 604-984-0331

Sports & Imports

1985 MERCEDES 500 SEL, 4 dr sedan, sunroof, heated seats, fully loaded, good cond. Collector plates $6000. 604-980-6487

Call Ted (anytime)



2007 BMW X3 3.0Si, Park Assist, panorama roof, alloys, only 27,500kms, Alpine White on black, immaculate. $28,850 2007 BMW 328xi, only 53K, fully loaded includig Navigation, beautiful car. $27,850

Rates From As Low As


604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 9160

2007, 18’ Pioneer Spirit in immaculate condition. Sleeps 7, full kitchen with stove, fridge, freezer. Full bath with tub & shower. $12,250 obo. Ph 604-794-7986

4- Volvo Wagons from $4850.

Central Auto The North Shore’s Best for 35 Years

Offer may change without notice.



Ask us for details


2 BR upper Capilano nr bus/ Handsworth, reno main flr, Jun 1, np, ns $1195+util 778-323-4586

Don’t Miss THIS!

Scrap Car Removal


2 BR, main flr, 1300 sf, fp, wd, nr bus/school, garage, np, ns, $1280 40%util. June 1. 604-721-4431

3 BR t/house in quiet complex, 1.5 baths, fenced patio, pool, playground, near bus & shops, $1650+utils, Dollarton & Seymour. immed. 604-929-6024



2005 VOLVO V70 Wagon Sport e d i t i o n . 1 1 2 , 0 0 0 km s , w e l l maintained, exc condition, no issues. $17,800. 604-987-4051

1397 Welch, North Van 604.727.3111

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

2 BR garden ste, Grand Blvd area, bright, quiet, shared w/d, nr bus, n/s n/p $1180 incl hydro, Refs, 604-990-9610


1999 FORD Taurus, red, good cond, 1 owner, no accidents, full papers. NEW front tires, radiator, hoses, brakes. $3500. 604-767-9305


1998 VOLVO XC70, wagon, blue, 210kms, 7 seats, rare, auto, loaded, $5500.. 604-926-5677

2 BR bsmt bright, small, Grand Blvd area, share wd, suit 1 quiet ns, np, Immed, 604-837-7944 Noma 728 W.14th St . 908-7368, 3 level, 2 BR, 2.5 baths, 2 prkg, roof deck, Jun 1. lse. $2300.

Sunday, May 22, 2011 – North Shore News – A49

Accelerate your car buying.

2008 Hyundai Santa Fe Limited, AWD, auto, a/c, leather, moonroof, factory warranty, only 27,000kms, immaculate. $25,850 2003 BMW X5 4.4, only 57,000 original kms, well serviced, exceptional condition. $21,850 2002 Ford T-Bird Convertible, hard & soft top, black on black, exceptional. $19,850 Rare Diesel 1999 Mercedes Benz E300 Turbo Diesel, only 126k, local, one owner, complete MB service history, truly exceptional. $17,850 2002 Audi A4 3.0 Quattro Station Wagon, auto, leather, full Audi service, new Michelin tires, only 110,000kms, immaculate. $13,850 1997 Ford Mustang Convertible, a/c, auto, alloys, local, one owner, only 51,000 original kms, white with white top, immaculate. $7,850 2002 Toyota Echo, 4dr, auto, a/c, only 115,000kms, very very clean. $TBA 2005 Toyota Corolla, 4cyl, auto, a/c, only 73,000kms. $7,850

843 West 1st St. N. Van








A50 – North Shore News – Sunday, May 22, 2011


Blinds & Draperies






CARPENTRY, ADDITIONS, decks, 32 yrs exp, licensed. Call Ken, Cell: 604-928-3270 DECKS BY DALE Specializing in cedar decks, new, repair & reno. 30 yrs exp. WCB 604-984-6997



With everything life throws at you, who has time to clean?

Call Merry Maids.

It’s one less thing to worry about.


$18/HR. Quality House cleaning. 604-983-3477

A PLUS TAPING & DRYWALL High quality, reasonable rates. Free estimates. 604-715-0400 ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321 ACME DRYWALL. Board, tape, mud. N. Shore 20 yr, avail immed Spraytext removal a specialty. Kent 604-984-7171, 753-1116 AFFORDABLE, Reliable, Quality Guaranteed. Boarding, Taping, Spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476

FRIENDLY FENCE 778-386-3201.

Professional quality workmanship Fences, decks, arbors, stairs...

NORTH SHORE FENCES Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction Call 604-230-3559


Flooring/ Refinishing

PATCHING, TEXTURE / smooth ceilings, plaster walls. Small jobs. 25 years exp. Call 604-671-9901

CARPET, VINYL & HARDWOOD Repair & Replace. Material sales Dwight, 778-322-6048 I’ll show you the inexpensive route

VINCE’S MAGIC Drywalling & textured ceiling repairs. Bonded 604-307-2295 / 778-340-5208

DUST-FREE REFINISHING M & L Floors. BBB member. 778-988-4231





GEMINI CLEANING for 1 time & regular cleaning service. Insured. Free est. Refs. 604-988-4634 MARY CLEANING 1 time/reg res/com. Steam shampoo auto/ home) Exc refs.778-996-6281 MAUREEN’S MAID SERVICE 1 time/reg/move outs $25/hr. 2 hr min. incl all supplies. 604-681-1337 METICULOUS CLEANING lady, excellent refs. 25 yrs exp. Mon to Fri spaces avail 604-700-0943 QUALITY CLEANING. Exc refs. Res/com. Move in/out. Carpets + pressure wash’g. 778-895-3522 TOP NOTCH HOUSECLEANING Since 1972. Our customers & staff stay with us for years. For a free, inhome consultation call 604-329-5562


Computer Services

Onsite Computer Repair FREE ESTIMATES Visa & M/card Call Chris 604-998-2273



ANY CEMENT Repairs rock walls patios, sidewalks, drainage. 30 + yrs exp. Exc Ref’s 604-354-9178

CONCRETE FORMING & framing, concrete work & retaining walls. Small/big job 604-360-2082 ECO-MIX CONCRETE for all your concrete needs.... Onsite mixing, no waste. We’ll deliver any amount. 604.961.6184 EXP’D CEMENT Finisher. I can form, place & finish any concrete job. Peter 604-988-8856 anytime



BAJ MINI EXCAVATING Sewer/storm, drains, oil tanks, paving, retain wall. 604-779-7816

DRAIN TILES & WATER LINES Without Digging a Trench 604-985-4000



Lawn & Garden

ABSOLUTE PROFICIENCY DD Haul & Delivery. Loads from $30 each. David 604-512-7471

Quality & Price Fences • Deck Repairs Serving the North Shore since 1978 Call Mike 604-783-9558



BRINGING you a brighter future! Please visit us at

A LICENSED electrician #19807 semi-retired, small jobs only. 604-689-1747 pgr 604-686-2319 ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Bonded & insured 604-842-5276 ALP ELECTRIC #89724 Low price, small job ok. Free ests Satisfaction guar 604-765-3329


NO HST! til May 31

• Gutter Installation Cleaning & Repairs • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention 25 year Warranteed Leaf & Needle Guard

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee


DNE ELECTRIC Lic #89267 ALL Your Electrical Needs. Panel Upgrading. Reasonable Free Estimate 604-999-2332 LONSDALE ELECTRIC lic#1756 Panel changes & renos 604-988-7232, 604-842-0687 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899




one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865

TEEPEE CONSTRUCTION Ultra Mini Excavator Can access areas as narrow as 2’ 3’’ Concrete breaking, underpinning, trenching, stump removal, rock placement, landscaping 604-802-1156 604.649.1213 CEL 604.984.2313 Res/comm, Excavating, Bobcat, Trucking, Water Lines, Sewer Lines, Drainage, Landscaping. Hrly/Contract. Free Estimates. Aussie Excavations. Same day quote, Retaining walls, drainage, all types jobs Tim 778-322-3002

Installed • Cleaned • Repaired

604-876-4604 NORTH SHORE GUTTERS ★ Sales & installation of 5’’ continuous gutter ★ Minor repairs ★ Cleaning


established 1963



Complete Home Maint./Repairs Certified Trained Pros. For that small job. Rates you can afford. RJR Small Projects Division Part of RJR group

604-202-6118 A-1 JOB by Arms and Minds

Renos Carpentry cabinet, drs, laminate, tiles, drywall, paint. 761-7745

ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, Refs. (604)986-4026/805-8463 ABLE RENOVATIONS All home repairs & renos, large & small, North Shore only 604 319-2677

ALL HOME REPAIRS semiretired master carpenter. Kitchen, stairs, sundecks, etc. All work guar. Karl 604-985-5144


ONE CALL DOES IT ALL! From the City to the Valley

Call Today 604-630-3300

ALL TYPES of repairs including masonry. Hard working & honest. Call Jamie at 604-805-1582 ★CARLYLE HOME REPAIR★ Bath/kitchens, tiling, wiring & decks. Ref’s. Lou 604-562-2415


Plywood Kitchen Cabinets & Refacing, Counter Tops • In business 50 years 604-879-9191

Superior Cove Tops & Cabinets

#3 - 8652 Joffre Ave, Burnaby



• Pruning, weeding etc. • Design & advice • Organic veg. garden • Professional & experienced • Reasonable rates

DESIGN INSTALL MAINTAIN Book Your 2011 Landscape Renovation Project Now! 604.924.5296


Book Your 2011 Landscape Renovation Project Now! 604.924.5296

Lawn Maintenance, General Clean-Up, Power Raking, Moss Control, Aerating. Trim, Top, Prune. All types of lawn & garden applications. Free Est.

Call Sukh:

604-726-9152 604-984-1988

A. ALL AREA Gardening Service

2011 Special “The Grass is Greener”

• New Lawn Installs • Replace Old Lawn • Lawn Drainage • Landscaping • Paving ~ Any size job ~

Nick 929-7732

Greenscape Design COMPLETE LANDSCAPING beauty • value • innovation View work on

604-808-0370 • Design & Consultation • Lawns & Hedges • Water Features • Patios & Pathways • Retaining Walls • Irrigation & Lighting


PACIFIC LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION LTD. Custom Landscape Installs Paving Stones & Walls, Drainage & Grading, Irrigation & Lighting, New Lawn Installs, Outdoor Kitchens


DHALIWAL GARDENING & Landscaping. Full yard mtce, trimming, pruning 604-889-0263 Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls, Returfing, Demos, Drainage, Jackhammering. Old Pools Filled in. 604 782-4322

Lee Gardener: Lawn maint. Free est. Spring clean-up, power raking, trim, Hedges 604-720-6578 PAVING STONES, RETAINING WALLS, FENCES, DECKS. Call Paul 604-625-7611 or James @ 604-613-8630

$95 for Aeration, Moss Control & Fertilizer We also Prune, Top and do General Garden Clean-up — Binder —

604.926.1526 604.726.9153 Call

Jungle George Local North Shore


George’s cell ★


DHALIWAL GARDENING & LANDSCAPING Full yard maintenance, trimming, pruning, new & re-landscaping Residential • Commercial


604-984-4433 Contact Cari

2011 Special incl aeration, moss control & fertilizer - all for $95 All Area Gardening 604-926-1526 /604-726-9153

604-985-7977 ★ O’GRADY’S

Lawn ★ Garden ★ Tree Care Cert★ Lic ★Insured ★ since 1988 Alive & Well Organic Gardening Maintenance, installation, ISA certified arborist. 604-215-0232. All your gardening needs. LIONS GATE Landscaping Ltd. Spring clean-up 604-788-9687 Cert. horticulturists 604-518-5661 Scott H. Design & Maintenance ★CNN prof. 10 yrs exp. Weeding ★pruning ★ all your garden needs Free est. Nick 778-840-6573 GREAT LOOKING Landscapes Full service landscape & garden maint. Call Dave: 604-764-7220 JAPANESE GARDENER Landscape & maintenance, clean-ups, trimming. Reas, free est, 25 yrs exp 604-986-8126 Pressure Wash, Trimming, Yard cleanup, Top Soil Delivery, Rubbish Removal, 604-690-4772




8175 8180

TWO BROTHERS MOVING Local & Long Distance 604-720-0931 • •

Two Men And A Truck $68 /hr. 604-566-5541 Moving, Storage, Free EST 604-628-7136. Visa, OK


Oil Tank Removal



Oil Tank Detection Oil Tank Removal Soil Remediation FREE ESTIMATES BEST PRICE GUARANTEED



6 0 4 2 9 4 6 7 0 0


Moving & Storage 1 to 3 Men

1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From


Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance Seniors Discount




Performance Garden Service

For All Your Moving Needs!

778-872-7696 778-87CROWN

Free Estimates

Call 604-630-3300 to place your ad

NORTH VAN MOVER Local & long distance. 778-340-6678

utter, Deck, & Roof Cleaning Inspection, cleaning & repair: ower washing and window washing - Roofs, gutters, windows, decks, epair estimates & quality construcpatios, and more on services.


A. A. Allwest Garden Service Lawn maint, general cleanup, power raking, moss control, etc. CALL SUKH free est. 604-716-8479604-726-9152

CROWN MOUNTAIN MOVERS For All Your Moving Needs! 778-872-7696.. 778-87CROWN

GOING AWAY FOR A FEW DAYS? Will take care of home, yard, and pets. Responsible University student. Call: 778-879-0553



1 OR 2 Men with big or small truck affordable moving, rubbish removal, Pls. Call 604-925-3186

Home Services


Ask for Jo

604.980.MOVE (6683)


We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac

Free Estimate


T-A STONEWALL. Rockwalls, paving stones, Allan block walls, etc. 987-8155 / 250-4117


• Lawn & Garden Maintenance • Aeration • Power Raking • Hedge Trimming

Moving & Storage




Keys, locks, safes, knife sharpening. Full mobile service. Lic’d, bonded, secured. Park Royal South (opposite Extra Foods)

Graig 604-986-3463

HANDYMAN - framing, decks, tiles, hardwood, drywall. Total additions & basements. Ken 778-773-6251 or 604-455-0740 PRECISION TOOLS, Handyman Service. Fix those nagging problems. Call Mike - 604-925-6381




Lawn & Garden

Garden Services

CHEAP LOADS Fast Reliable Service 604-922-5101




Ask about our Spring Specials!

Call 604-710-5253

604-630-3300 604-998-0218

HOME SERVICES Painting/ Wallpaper



Renovations & Home Improvement

Sunday, May 22, 2011 – North Shore News – A51


Colourwise ®

Professional Painting Bldg & Deck Repair & Maint 30 yrs exp. Insured & bonded Visa, Mastercard, Interac Jim 778-232-4063



Fully Insured 20 years experience Call 604Free Estimates INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SPECIALS



Professional Painting Services Interior • Exterior Commercial• Residential Consulting • Advices 604.716.9527

A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $137. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell: 604-727-2700 A LADY PAINTER, professional & color consult, 20 yrs on North Shore. exc refs. 604-961-3451 BEST PAINTING, Int/Ext, Repaint Specialist, Repair Drywall, Free Estimates. 604-724-9953 Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, refs, warranty. Reas, res/comm Richard 604-618-0205 FLYING COLORS PAINTING Drywall repairs, wall covering, WCB. Reliable, quality & clean work. Henry 604-780-3183

■ 604.980.8384


PLUMBING BY BILL Installation, repairs Honest & reliable 604-980-0993 PLUMBING • DRAIN CLEANING

JOHNSON MECHANICAL Call 24/7 • 604-925-0234 SAVE ON PLUMBING! Licenced Plumber/Gas fitter, $65/HR. Same day service. 604-987-7473 Samy


★ STAFFORD & SON ★ Interior/Exterior. Top quality work. Reasonable rates. 604-221-4900 TRITON PAINTING. Large or small jobs. Quality guar. Est 1994 Int/ ext, Res/comm Mike, 604-366-4270


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North Shore Co.


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10% Off with this Ad! For all your plumbing, heating & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005 ★ 3 Licensed Plumbers ★ 66 years of exp. 604-830-6617


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• Gutter cleaning/repairs • Window cleaning • Power washing • WCB insured • Free estimates

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PLUMBING & DRAINAGE 604-729-6695


– Best Renovated Kitchen in Canada

When your house is great except… ❏ The kitchen’s too

small ❏ You need another bedroom ❏ The carport could be a two-car garage ❏ One bathroom just isn’t enough anymore

•Power Washing • Window Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning

Serving the North Shore since 1963

FATHER & SON Power washing, Free estimate. Affordable 604-299-4791 GOTHAM CONTRACTING LTD Power washing, maintenance. Insured. WCB. 604-544-5080 POWERWASHING AT 20% off Call Tyler 778-386-3783


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Aluminum Modular Railing Perfect for Sundecks & Stairs Do it yourself or we can install 5 Colors and 4 Designs


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Interiors Kitchens Bathrooms Mike Getzlaf 604 351 9316


Save Your Dollars!

✓ RenoRite

778-317-1256•604-451-0225 Bath *Kitchen* Suites & More STRAIGHT EDGE VENTURES LTD.


- Home Inspection - Repair Estimates - Full-scale Remediation


H 604-986-3986 C 604-537-9452

BAMFORD CONSTRUCTION Ltd. Quality Renos & Repairs. 604-986-2871 •

Complete Bathroom Reno’s Suites, Kitchens,Tiling, Skylights, Windows, Doors, 604 521-1567 NORTH SHORE WINDOWS LTD Windows, doors & finishing carpentry. 604-839-0636

Trim Rite Interiors Home Reno’s 35 yrs exp. ‘‘We do it all for you’’ Lloyd 604-788-0947 North Shore



We Repair Leaky Homes & Condos • Int/Ext Water damage repair • Sundeck repair/replacement • 35yrs Exp. / North Shore Co.


NO HST! til May 31 • Roofing & Roof Repairs • Duroid, Cedar, Torch-on • Moss Control, Removal & Prevention • Gutter Installation, Cleaning & Repairs

WCB – Fully Insured 100% Money Back Guarantee



Spring Special WE PAY THE HST!*

*A discount equivalent to the HST will be given, call for details.


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Crown Roofing & Drainage Residental Div. Roofing installations & repairs. 604-327-3086

DISPOSAL BINS: Starting at $99 + dump fees. Call 604-306-8599

ROOFING REPAIRS 604-988-0279 All types, Guaranteed. 34 yrs exp. Call John (cell 604-375-0979)




Rubbish Removal

ABSOLUTE PROFICIENCY DD HAUL & DELIVERY meeting all your needs, ‘quality workmanship delivered with pride’. Loads from $30 each Please call David


604-984-9004 604-984-6560

* We Remove & Recycle Anything*


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Rubbish Removal

BELL MINI BINS 604-922-5101 Small or large household jobs & Mini bin service. 7 days a week Fast ★ inexpensive ★ reliable.




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25 Years in Business 25 Years workmanship warranty


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Dirt Fill, Concrete, Asphalt Brush, Demo, Const. Waste


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We haul everything, no load too big or small, we do it all. Free est. 604-317-2500/ 929-7195


Kitchen & Bathroom Tile Renovation Specialists Italian Artisans – Quality Work

Tonino 778-322-ETNA (3862)

Est. 1978

30 YRS EXP. Tile, marble, granite, glass blocks & renovations. Excellent refs. Cell 604-729-8079 PROFESSIONAL CERAMIC tile, marble, granite,slate installation. Call John 604.916.2305 RENEW KITCHEN & Baths. Tile, slate, marble, granite, pools. 15 yr exp. Free ests 604-773-2264


Top Soil, Sand, Gravel, Dumpsites and more.


Stucco/Siding/ Exterior



1 A STUDENT JUNK REMOVAL Best prices! Friendly service. Free est. Jamie 604-961-0466


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Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585


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15 Years Experience Tree & Stump Removal Prunning & Trimming View Work Call 604 291-7778 or 604 787-5915

★AAA★ TREE SERVICE. Tree & stump removal, pruning/trimming. Ins & cert. arborist 604-987-8500 NORTH SHORE TREE & Hedge Certified arborist. Fully Insured Call Daryl 604-988-4479

ROBIN’S 604-986-4091 Expert Tree Care - Cert. Arborist. 25 yrs exp. Fully Ins.


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Top Soil

GOTHAM CONTRACTING LTD Window & gutter cleaning, power washing. Licensed, fully insured WCB. Over 25 yrs exp Free Estimates 604-544-5080

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UNIVERSITY STUDENT has own Window Cleaning Co. Fully WCB ins. Free est. Rory 778-989-4419

TOP SOIL, SAND, GRAVEL, etc. Pick-up or Delivery 175 Harbour Ave. North Vancouver


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John Pratt: 604-763-6423 HEGAN HOME SERVICES All your needs, 25 yr exp. Int & ext licenced Home Inspector Refs 604-916-1453 Insured


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Winner of the National SAM Award

Since 1978


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6 0 4 2 9 4 6 7 0 0

Water Lines (without Digging) Sewer Lines (without Diggging) Install. Draintiles. 604-985-4000

Winner of Gold & Silver Georgie Awards

Doug Robinson 604-985-4604

BUDGET PLUMBING, No travel charge, No hidden fees. Guaranteed. Reasonable. 604-726-0474



from concept to occupancy

We Fix The “EXCEPTS…”



TEEPEE CONSTRUCTION. Forming, framing & underpinning. 35 yrs exp. 604-604-802-1156

LOCAL PLUMBER - Licensed, insured,GASFITTING, renos, Repairs. VISA 604-929-6956


Quality Renovations

Pryce Contracting Ltd. (North Shore Based) Complete home makeover, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, suites, decks/patios, doors, windows & trim. Peter 604-988-7526


LARTER PLUMBING Heating & Gas. $70 hourly. Richard Larter 604-984-7814 (Hearing impaired)

LIVINGSTONE PAINTING 20 yrs North Shore. Robert 604-366-7270 • SEA TO SKY PAINTING • Guaranteed quality craftsmanship, insured Int/ext refs. Free estimates Carter 604-790-4554

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A52 - North Shore News - Sunday, May 22, 2011

Executive Demo Sale 2010 Acura TL AWD, Tech Pkg, automatic, leather, sunroof , navigation, t100928, EXECUTIVE DEMO, SAVE $$$. WAS $50,385 NOW SPECIAL CASH PRICE

2010 Acura TSX Premium Pkg, automatic, leather, sunroof, ts01147, EXECUTIVE DEMO, SAVE $$$. WAS $39,485 NOW SPECIAL CASH PRICE

2011 Acura MDX Elite Elite Pkg, md10073, EXECUTIVE DEMO, SAVE $$$. WAS $64,585 NOW SPECIAL CASH PRICE

2010 Acura TL A-spec Pkg, automatic, leather, sunroof, navigation & more, t101706, EXECUTIVE DEMO,SAVE $$$. WAS $53,185 NOW SPECIAL CASH PRICE










2011 MDX








2010 Acura RDX Tech Pkg, rd11393, EXECUTIVE DEMO, SAVE $$$. WAS $44,385 NOW SPECIAL CASH PRICE





The value is in the standards 9 #;;65,N #JT624CFKN %6VN %)U!0 K/74/K 9 V6D,KKL PAC-1PC4M CFP/D14DD4-/ 9 *A,KF IP/L24/7 '226"5KK2 WF4@K. 8*I6'"W0Q 9 T6,KFD-/ DKPC4/7 9 (R= P2A14/A16P22-< ?5KK2D 9 >-?KF CP427PCK 9 +KPF@4K? 14FF-F MP1KFP 9 IP/LDSFKKE4/3.6O424/7AP2 $2AKC--C5 4/CKFHPMK 9 IKPCKL HF-/C P/L FKPF -ACO-PFL DKPCD 9 EKPC5KF6CF411KL G/CKF4-F 9 XN;;; 2OJ 8&&VR 37Q C-?4/7 MP,PM4C< 9 &X#6?PCC 'B:SB:YB0‡:B>#:"B'N 4/6LPD5 V6L4DM !W M5P/7KF PAL4- D<DCK1 ?4C5 R D,KP3KFD 4/M2AL4/7 DAO?--HKF 9 &/L6F-? PAC-1PC4M M241PCK M-/CF-2 D<DCK1 9 !-6-,KFPC4@K %K54M2K *CPO424C< 'DD4DC 8%*'0Q 9 )4FK >FKDDAFK B-/4C-F4/7 *<DCK1 8)>B*Q 9 '/L 1AM5 1-FK





828 Automall Dr, North Vancouver

604.929.6736 *Lease offer is available through Honda Financial Services Inc. on approved credit. 2011 MDX 6-speed automatic (model YD2H2BJN) leased at 2.5% APR nominal lease rate for 48 months / 5.4% APR effective lease rate for 48 months. Monthly payment is $745 (includes $1,895 freight & PDI), with $0 down payment. First monthly payment and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $35,760. Option to purchase at lease end for $22,656.70 plus taxes. 96,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.15/km for excess kilometres. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. Retailer may lease for less. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Lease offer is only valid for BC residents until May 31, 2011. ‡Includes a no-charge trial of 3 months, beyond which service fees apply. Available in 10 Canadian provinces and 48 contiguous U.S. states. See terms and conditions at See North Shore Acura for full details.




North Shore News - May 22, 2011  

North Shore News - May 22, 2011

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