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Friday, July 12, 2013

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Firefighters race to three emergencies

Crews handle sulphur fire on waterfront plus river and canyon rescue efforts Brent Richter

SOMETIMES, when it rains, it pours.

District of North Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services had a busy afternoon Wednesday, being called to an industrial fire on the waterfront and two wilderness rescues within 17 minutes. The first call came in at 4:10 p.m. as a reported fall from a bridge on a trail in Lynn Canyon. Three District of North Vancouver trucks raced to the scene while dispatch co-ordinated with rangers in the park. As crews were hunting for the injured hiker, another call came in at 4:19 p.m., this time for swimmers in danger in Capilano Canyon. District Fire and Rescue scrambled more vehicles to a scene, along with crews from West Vancouver Fire and Rescue. In that emergency, swimmers had become stranded on the far side of the Capilano River and were unable to safely swim back because of the fast flowing current. Backed up by West Van, District of North Van firefighters carried out a swift water rescue and collected the stranded and cold swimmers in an inflatable raft. Rangers, meanwhile, located the Lynn Canyon hiker, who suffered only a minor laceration. Just eight minutes after the Capilano call, another 9-1-1 call came in, this time from KinderMorgan’sindustrialsulphuroperationontheNorthVancouverwaterfront.With North Vancouver district crews already spread thin, more West Van units and North See Waterfront page 3

North Van boy with rare disease receives treatment Anne Watson

A North Vancouver boy struggling with a rare genetic disease will finally receive the treatment he needs on Canadian soil.

Quay party

News photo Kevin Hill

MATT Giannakos jumps from the Ambleside Pier to beat the heat while Holly Snowden watches on Tuesday, July 9. The North Shore has been basking in sunny skies and warm temperatures since last week and more could be in the forecast.

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Nine-year old Trey Purcell was the only Canadian travelling to North Carolina with his parents to receive the drug therapy he needs to battle his MPS II, or Hunter Syndrome. But as of July 22, he will get his 23rd dose of the therapy at B.C. Children’s Hospital. Hunter Syndrome, primarily found in boys, is caused when sugar chains in the body are not properly broken down due to a missing enzyme. The fragmented chains progressively cause damage in the body. Symptoms do not show until at least two years of age and can include a large head (hydrocephalus), enlarged tongue and organs, See Drug page 3

Bear Bells



Entire flyer at

A2 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013



T H E LO W $ 3 0 0 ’S *



T H E LO W $ 4 0 0 ’S *

G O L D E N K E Y J U LY E V E N T S AT U R D AY J U LY 1 3 TH 1 1 A M – 1 P M







*A B S O L U T E L Y




N O P U R C H A S E N E C E S S A R Y.

G O L D E N K E Y O N J U LY 1 3 TH












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Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A3

Drug trial to continue in B.C. From page 1

and hearing loss, to name a few. For Trey’s mother Deb Purcell, moving the treatment to Vancouver was a big relief. “It’s a lot less stress logistically,” said Purcell, who together with her husband has had to take time off work for Trey’s treatment, resulting in some financial burden. Purcell, who has two other children, said the biggest issue was getting the replacement drugs in the first place. The family faced an uphill battle to get Trey’s very first treatment, which he received in February 2007. “At least now we’re getting drugs,” she said. “But this has put a huge strain on our entire family.” Trey receives an intravenous enzyme replacement therapy fourhoursaweekathome,which is administered by Purcell. The treatment stops the progressive disease in the body, said Purcell, but it can’t cross the blood brain barrier and therefore cannot halt the disease in the brain. But with the phase I/II drug trial, which Trey started in October 2011, the enzyme is administered differently. THE Purcell family, from left Ryan, Sadie (on lap), Trey, Deb and “They put it into the central of 2011. nervous system and brain,” said “We would have been en route to that instead of a Purcell. Although Trey hasn’t had any noticeable side effects kid who is telling me he wants a girlfriend and deciding with the drug, there are risks. For the treatment, Trey has what sports he wants to play in the fall,” said Purcell. The phase I/II trial was to ensure the safety of to be put under general anesthetic and receives a lumbar puncture, which is a needle that is injected into the base the drug and was only at two trial sites, one through the University of North Carolina and the other at of the spine. But for Purcell, the risk is worth it. “If he hadn’t been getting this he would have been Birmingham Children’s hospital in the UK. Since the drug has been deemed safe, a phase II/III trial will moving towards death,” said Purcell. Purcell said without the drugs, Trey would have begin in September. Trey will not be a part of the second gradually lost skills, such as language, and eventually trial, but will remain on an extension study of the phase I/II trial. would have suffered seizures and been unable to eat.

‘Gangsta’ girls warned

A teen wandering Park Royal Shopping Centre brandishing a fake firearm is lucky to be getting off with a stern warning from police.

West Vancouver Police were called to the south mall on the evening of July 5 after mall security reported a teenager with a pistol tucked into the waistband of her pants. Officers found the suspect and safely retrieved a pellet gun. Under questioning, the 13-year-old girl told police she was carrying the fake gun because she wanted to look like “a thug.” An older sibling purchased the pistol for the wannabegangster before she took to the mean streets of Canada’s wealthiest community. It turned out a close friend of the teen was also packing heat, albeit fake, which was also seized by police and destroyed. Following the incident, police issued a warning they will treat reports of anyone carrying a gun in public as a threat. Results can range from criminal charges to the possibility of police unholstering their real weapons, putting both officers and the public at risk. Police are urging parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of sporting replica guns in public. — Brent Richter

Waterfront blaze doused From page 1 Vancouver City Fire Department trucks immediately responded to extinguish the six-foot by 10-foot blaze within an hour. The cause of the fire is under investigation. No harmful sulphur dioxide gas was detected as a result of the fire, according to Kinder Morgan. Crews from all three fire departments rely on a system that uses risk assessment and statistical analysis to strategically place firefighting resources so no area is left unprotected while multiple emergencies take place. “It looks at the whole picture. It’s a program that’s been scientifically developed and it’s constantly updating statistics,” said Jim Bonneville, District of North Vancouver’s assistant fire chief.

Fire ants invade North Shore

Anne Watson

TWO more locations with fire ant infestations have been discovered on the North Shore this summer, marking a continued invasion of the aggressive insect.

built,” he said. Port Metro Vancouver is planning to complete the project in seven phases, including moving existing utilities infrastructure, digging down and then rebuilding a new series of retaining walls at two levels, and moving the existing road north to make way for more rail lines on the industrial land. Residents on the 500 and 600 blocks of East First Street, meanwhile, have lost access to the lane on the south side of their properties as

Robert Higgins, a fire ant expert and professor of biological sciences at Thompson Rivers University, says European fire ants have been found in at least two more spots in the District of North Vancouver this year, although he won’t give specific locations. Higgins said the discovery isn’t a surprise. “We were yet to really comprehensively get a sense of just how broadly distributed they are,” he said. Higgins first discovered the harmful pests on a road allowance near Deep Cove last summer. Fire ants are an aggressive invasive species that can create numerous nests in a single yard. Unlike other species of ants, fire ants will bite and sting repeatedly and in mass numbers, sometimes causing enough pain to require medical attention. The introduced species has likely been in the Lower Mainland for the past 10 or 15 years, but has gained notoriety only recently as numbers have grown. “We haven’t had very much success in controlling the ants,” said Higgins. “We’re still in the process, the relatively early days of recognizing the invasion and getting a grasp on just how extensive it is.” Residents can help prevent the spread of the ants, Higgins said, by being cautious about the plants they buy. “If they see any signs of ants associated with the soil in the pots, they should not bring it onto their property.” Higgins recommended taking a ‘no ants on plants’ type of philosophy. He said it can be difficult to identify which species of ants are invasive, but added any ant that is happy in a potted plant, could be leaning that way. “There is a high probability that it is the type of ant that can be invasive,” said Higgins. “They love that type of disturbed, marginal habitat.” The ants appear less aggressive when there are only one or two nests in a yard, Higgins said, but once the nests start multiplying and spreading, they get more aggressive.

See Traffic page 5

See No page 5

Photo Deb Purcell

Avery share a family moment in the summer Purcell said Trey has been taking the treatments in stride, including having the general anesthetic. “He handles it a lot better than a lot of other kids,” she said. “Trey puts the mask on himself.” Hunter Syndrome is extremely rare and according to the MPS Society only affects 1 in 100,000 to 1 in 150,000 males. There is no cure, but Purcell has advice for any family with a child who has been diagnosed with a rare disease. “You are your child’s best advocate,” she said. “It’s having confidence that you know what’s best for your child.”

Construction noise a neighbourhood pain Brent Richter

CONSTRUCTION on the massive Low Level Road project, as blearyeyed neighbours can tell you, is well underway. The racket from the machinery echoing off the Richardson grain terminal has been “obnoxiously loud,” at all hours, according to First Street resident Amanda Nichol. The port’s contractor has been given the OK by the City of North Vancouver to work from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. until Aug. 2, in order to move utilities across East Esplanade, drawing complaints from Alder Street and St. Patricks Avenue residents. “We’ve asked the city in the interest of the business and traffic impacts in the day to the community. The best time to do this work is in the evening. Then, it doesn’t impact the businesses and it doesn’t impact the traffic,” said Justin Pedley, the port’s director of trade areas. “However, the negative is, it does impact some of the residents, so it is a trade-off but we feel the best time to do it is between 5 p.m. and 1 a.m.” Thankfully, the worst will soon be over as that portion of the work is nearly done and crews will be moving west into the business district, Pedley added. “We’rehopefulthatthenoiseandinconvenience we’ve caused to that community will be reduced significantly over the next little while. But it’s necessary work that has to be done and it has to be done first before the rest of the road can be

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

THESE pilings will support the new retaining wall for Low Level Road. Scan with Layar for more photos.

A4 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013



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Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A5

Traffic impacts minor: PMV From page 3

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

SOME roads are temporarily construction of Low Level Road.



B&B Heavy Civil Construction works on the first tier of the new retaining wall. While the Low Level Road expansion has been a “constant headache” for the beleaguered Moodyville residents, contending with the retaining wall work and B&B have been surprisingly low stress, according to First Street resident Michael Binkley. Binkley said work crews have been keeping the lane tidy and they’re usually off the work site by 4 p.m. Pedley expects that work to be done by the end of July and nearly identical work on Alder Street is set to begin shortly. Traffic on Low Level Road and the surrounding area has experienced some minor inconvenience as contractors manoeuvre and place heavy equipment, but that has only amounted to brief lane closures, Pedley said. Port Metro Vancouver has committed to keeping Low Level Road open throughout the project, other

‘No ants on plants’ is a good rule From page 3

“They very rapidly swarm from their nests and start stinging” anyone standing or kneeling in the backyard, he said. European fire ants can have numerous colonies in one yard because they recognize it as ideal habitat, sending flying ants only a short distance away, or not at all. Higgins said that is

common in invasive species. “They monopolize these areas,” he said. “You get high nest densities, so with the European fire ant, you can get four to five nests in a single square metre.” Higgins said that although there are signs up in a city park in Richmond, there are no signs on the North Shore as the ants have only been found on private properties to date.

than for two weekends in the fall and winter when the port will shut the road down to install beams that support new overpasses, which will replace the existing at-grade crossings onto port land. The Low Level Road project won approval from City of North Vancouver council last year and has been marred by controversy as expansion of the industrial land creates conflicts with the adjacent residential neighbourhood.

Scan the photo or the page of the story as instructed. Ensure the photo or headline is entirely captured by your device. Low Level Road page 3 Bollywood Wedding page 13 Grown Ups 2 page 19 Hugo Boss yacht page 25 Family fishing day page 30 Lexus LS page 40

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A6 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

VIEWPOINT Published by North Shore News a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership, 100-126 East 15th Street, North Vancouver, B.C. V7L 2P9. Doug Foot, publisher. Canadian publications mail sales product agreement No. 40010186.

Off the tracks I

N the wake of the terrible tragedy following a train derailment and explosion in Lac Megantic, Quebec last weekend, there are so far many more questions than answers. Safety officials are just beginning to piece together exactly what happened sometime before 1 a.m. last Saturday, sending an inferno through the small Quebec community. Their findings may shed light on uncomfortable issues. The small town has suffered terrible losses, including 24 people killed and 36 missing. But it is not the only community to face the issue of dangerous goods transported by rail. Our country was built on rail and it still plays an essential role in shipping many commodities. There are few communities, including here, where potentially dangerous goods — chlorine, acids and other industrial

chemicals — aren’t shipped by rail. Residents frequently don’t even know what might be rolling past nearby. Last week’s tragedy should give us all pause. In recent days there have been questions raised about problems that had previously been identified in transport of such goods. There have been questions about who follows up to make sure rules are being followed and if the rules are stringent enough. There are questions about why stronger railcars aren’t being used, why one employee was running the train and why failsafes weren’t in place on the line. In the wake of the disaster, the federal transport minister has said we will learn from what happened and take action. A full review of how dangerous goods are transported would be a good starting point.


Citizens have voice in decisions

Dear Editor: While there are many regrettable changes to Edgemont Village to be criticized and mourned, the takeover of SuperValu by Thrifty Foods is one that we should welcome. For the rest, we have several forthcoming and important opportunities to participate in the future planning of our village. When I returned to North Vancouver after living in Victoria for nine years, one of the things I missed most was Thrifty Foods. In taking over the local SuperValu, Thrifty Foods is making it possible for current employees to stay on. I sincerely hope most will, for they are my friends too. In many ways, it’s possibly too late to staunch

the demise of the character of Edgemont Village. Once our district allowed for the construction of monolithic houses in place of the original bungalows or smaller family homes in the Edgemont area, it was sadly inevitable that the character of the rest of the village would change. It is ironic that when an area like ours becomes so popular because of its unique character, the profit seekers quickly move in. Some of the newcomers who want the megavillas also want the boutique chain stores. In these circumstances it’s difficult for the independent shops — owned and operated by local residents who have been the backbone of this community for the past 60 plus years — to survive.

Those of us who care need to communicate our concerns to our developer-friendly district council, or join the various committees and local community organizations that seek a voice in local redevelopment. All of us have a voice. We have a municipal vote. We can be informed citizens and elect representatives who share our vision. Above all, we have the prerogative as consumers. We can support and patronize our local independent merchants in Edgemont Village. Elizabeth McLenehan North Vancouver

Parks planting priority misses mark on maintenance

Dear Editor: When I see pictures of streets with vegetation growing out of the sidewalks and curbs, I think of the economic troubles of the rust belt in the USA. Ironically, I live in the highest priced area in the District of North Vancouver — Edgemont Village — and yet I get to see the same thing. The empty lot (former gas station) on Woodbine and Queens has grass and plants growing out of the light posts, and the curbs have vegetation growing knee high and rising. This location also seems to be a dumping ground for unwanted furniture.


I called the district and was informed that my concerns were not a priority. The parks department is planting annuals now and it is a splendid display, surely I must agree that this takes priority?! Well I don’t agree. Perhaps the parks department should spend money on maintaining what we have rather than spending more on new plantings! I suggested to the parks department employee that perhaps if herbicide spraying had not been banned then the resources would be available to do both. (I was employed in my university summer

years in Edmonton and was on their parks weed and mosquito department. We would start spraying at 4 a.m. until about 6 a.m.) Even though government scientists (whom we entrust with making sure the food, water and other goods we use are safe) have said the herbicides banned by district council are safe, this council decided it knows better and banned them anyway. I am not pleased my $9,300 property tax bill does not get me well maintained streets and boulevards. Ted Shandro North Vancouver

Drivers should buy offsets

Dear Editor: In response to the June 30 North Shore News article “Cars still favoured by majority of local commuters,” I have a suggestion for those of us who drive: consider purchasing carbon offsets once a year to reduce your carbon footprint. For example, if you drive 20,000 kilometres per year, that produces five tonnes of greenhouse gases. A small, $81 investment in a wind, solar or other renewable energy project will offset these emissions. I see this as an investment in my future, just like retirement savings or an RESP for my daughter. We can no longer skirt responsibility for global warming: if you drive, it is your responsibility to offset. There are many suppliers of offsets, but my research showed that the most reputable supplier is J. P. Morgan (climatecare. org). They provide an online calculator to quickly determine how many offsets you require. Mark Daly North Vancouver



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Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A7

Stay-at-home young voters skewed the polls

ONE of the country’s top polling firms has investigated how it (and so many others) got the B.C. election forecast so wrong and has concluded one factor looms larger than any other: the low turnout of young people casting ballots.

Angus Reid Public Opinion re-examined all its polling and its methodology and concluded that, more than anything else, the fact young people don’t vote in nearly as large numbers as older people skewed a series of polls (by Reid and other polling firms) that gave the false impression of what expect on election day. Forget theories about last minute vote-switching or general low turnout on voting day, pollster Angus Reid says in a five-page summary of his firm’s internal investigation. Instead he found “that almost all of the discrepancy with our poll boiled down to one issue: low turnout among young voters.”

View from the Ledge Keith Baldrey

Young voters are defined as being under the age of 35. They make up roughly 30 per cent of the population, but only about 15 per cent of those who actually come out and vote. Reid’s analysis concluded that, had he made an appropriate adjustment to better reflect the makeup of those who actually vote, his last poll would have showed a three per cent lead for the NDP (in other words, a statistical dead heat given the margin of error). He rightly notes that publishing such a finding a week before voting day may well have changed the media


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reporting on the campaign narrative, and predictions of an NDP landslide would have been replaced with a too-close-to-call theme in news coverage. Ironically, the series of polls by Reid and others (notably Ipsos-Reid) that misleadingly showed the B.C. Liberals far, far behind the NDP for the entire campaign may have helped Christy Clark’s campaign “by energizing her base to get out and vote in order to beat back, as W.A.C. Bennett famously called them in 1972, the ‘socialist hordes,’” Reid writes in his analysis. I think there is considerable truth in that conclusion. Senior NDP officials and candidates have told me they ran into a significant “fear factor” on the doorstep among many voters as the campaign wound down. “They weren’t happy with the Liberals, but they were afraid of us,” one top party official told me. “We remain vulnerable on that point and probably always will be vulnerable.” The so-called fear factor didn’t seem to exist to the

same degree among young people, who tend to support the NDP in greater numbers than older voters. But that fact became immaterial on Election Day, as those young voters simply stayed home rather than vote. Reid, who has a long track record of accurate election polling, says he will change his firm’s polling methodology in the wake of the problems exposed by the recent election. Young people will have to be “weighted” in the polling sample that is proportional to actual voters rather than the general population. Apparently, this is a problem that is unique to B.C. Other jurisdictions don’t seem to have the same level of disinterest in young people when it comes to voting. As a political journalist, I’ve relied on Reid’s polls since the mid-80s for providing both an accurate snapshot of public opinion and a context on which to base political analysis. With the notable exception of the May 14th election, he’s always been right. When he and others were

proven to be so wrong on election night, the media also wore the fallout from the error. In his analysis, Reid says he considered pulling out of polling altogether, which would have significant implications for political journalism. However, Reid has concluded that since corporations, special interest groups and political parties are still very much involved in polling (in the last U.S. election more than $100 million was spent on private polling by the various parties) it is important that non-partisan companies such as his continue their own polling.

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“A strong democracy needs accurate and independent public opinion research to help balance the discipline of power and add context to public debates,” Reid writes. People may not like public opinion polling (particularly when their findings clash with their own views) but it is an important part of our democratic process. It’s good to know that pollsters like Reid are going to make changes to ensure their findings are more accurate in the future. Now, if we can just get those young people to actually get out and vote.

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A8 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A9

One guy’s mantra for success

THAT Christ guy sure seemed to be a pretty righteous dude and one who deserves to be emulated, but sometimes as a parent I find it a little hard to decide What Would Jesus Do when the question is something like ‘Should I let my toddler taste my beer?’

Laugh All You Want

Following the WWJD guidebook seems a bit tricky considering it was written two millennia ago, years before parents were forced to decide when to let their kids use the iPhone. Though I’m not deeply religious, I do try to loosely follow the kindness, inclusiveness and tolerance Jesus stuff. But particularly since my kids were born, I’ve added a new layer that is my ultimate day-to-day mantra: WWMWWMTD? Now I don’t want you thinking that I’ve always been a brainless man, making every decision based on the principal of What Would My Wife Want Me To Do. Before we had kids I would proudly and courageously make two, maybe even three solo decisions per week. Server: What can I get you? My wife: We’ll share the large garden salad. Me: Would you be able to split that up for us? And for

mine I’ll add some potatoes — French-fried style please — some cheese curds and a bit of hot gravy. Oh, and can you hold the lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, dressing and anything else that isn’t coloured brown? Thanks. My wife: Zut alors. Those of you who are well cultured will have noticed something in the above exchange: I’m a pig. No, wait, not that part. This part: my wife speaks French. That, in fact, is just one small part of the elaborate, well thought out, extremely comprehensive parenting plan she put in place for raising kids. Now that we have two beautiful boys, the plan is in full swing. She only speaks French to them so that they’ll grow up bilingual. She only feeds organic fruits and vegetables to them so that they’ll grow up healthy and

Andy Prest

pretentious. She limits them to half an hour of TV time a day maximum — usually it’s zero minutes a day — so that they’ll grow up unaware of Snooki. And speaking of orange people, she makes them wear a hat and sunglasses at all times outside so that their pasty Nordic noses will stay melanoma free. My parenting philosophy? Let’s just say it’s not so fully formed. Actually, once I got past don’t hurt anyone else too badly and try not to get yourself killed, there wasn’t much left except no barebum toots. Those are just dangerous. So basically now whenever a parenting decision arises I turn off my own brain — and let’s be honest, it was probably just thinking about boobs and baseball anyway — and flick on the WWMWWMTD switch. This very issue came up on a recent episode in Jerry Seinfeld’s web project, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Jerry was out with David Letterman and the two of them, both now dads, got talking about parenting philosophy. Dave asked Jerry what he would do if his kid asked to skip baseball practice after hurting his hand while mucking around. “I support whatever position my wife takes. That’s what I’d do,” said Jerry. “Because she knows more

about parenting than you?” asked Dave. “Here’s the thing,” said Jerry. “It doesn’t matter what you do, but why have a fight with your wife?” That’s a good lesson in family values right there. Jerry, as is his wont, took it a little too far though. “I kind of look at my family now and I think, ‘Well, in 60 years everyone is dead here. So. . .” And, while glancing around for the waitress, came Dave’s great answer: “Could I have the cheque please?” I’m not quite as fatalistic as Jerry but I get where he’s coming from. One of us in my parental unit has very specific expectations, rules and goals. The other is me. So I might as well adopt those expectations and goals, even if I sometimes feel like Zut Alors doing it. “Sure honey, let’s take him to the naturopath to check out that rash. We don’t need sterile old western medicine and their ‘drugs’ that are covered by my ‘health plan’ when we can pay a pretty lady $200 for some cod poop pills that will solve the problem ‘from within.’” “Yes baby, you’re right. Even though he is eight months old we should stop the stroller every three steps and put those sunglasses back on his face. I’m sure he’ll learn his lesson any minute

New skills… mean new opportunities


APPLY TODAY FOR SEPTEMBER 2013 ' 3$$#=%@>%C 3BB>B@9%@ ):* &#%@AB( ' 1=B>%FBB <=%"9&F%@9;B )6 &#%@AB(

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See Dad’s page 11

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New Community Input Opportunity

LOW LEVEL ROAD AND PORT AREA COMMUNITY LIAISON COMMITTEE The City is establishing a Community Liaison Committee to monitor activities and issues during the realignment and construction of the new Low Level Road. The committee will include five community and business representatives in the affected area to be appointed by Council. Interested residents are asked to submit a letter to the City Clerk’s Office no later than July 17. Committee details are available at For more information about Port Metro Vancouver’s Low Level Road project, visit

Harbourside On-Street Parking Assessment Open House Thursday, July 18 from 4pm - 7pm Bodwell High School, 955 Harbourside Drive (front entrance of school) The City is investigating options to improve on-street parking management within the Harbourside area. Please join City staff to learn more about the project, view the information boards and discuss future parking options. More information at

Happy Birthday LEC!

The City’s Lonsdale Energy Corporation (LEC) is turning 10! Incorporated in July 2003, LEC’s success has exceeded all expectations. It now provides heat and hot water to properties across the City that make up 2.9 million square feet in floor space, including almost 2,500 residential suites. Learn more at 141 West 14th Street, North Vancouver BC V7M 1H9 | Tel: 604.985.7761 | Fax: 604.985.9417 |

Party at the Pier is Back!

Sunday, July 14 from 11am - 5pm at The Shipyards The Lower Lonsdale Business Association presents the 7th Annual Party at the Pier Family Festival. Voted one of the best musical festivals on the North Shore, this year’s event offers FREE family-friendly entertainment and activities. Come dressed in your finest pirate gear and you could take home a prize for the best costume! Activities include boat rides, food, live music and kids' activities. More information at

Annual Municipal Report Now Available

The City’s Annual Municipal Report (AMR) is a local government status report outlining the City’s goals and objectives, as well as successes and achievements of the previous year. The easy to read publication includes 2012 financial statements and goals for 2013. Find out what we accomplished last year and what we’re doing this year. Copies available at City Hall or read it online.

A10 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

INQUIRING REPORTER CELL phones have almost become an extension of us. We tuck them into our pockets, briefcases or purses without a second thought. Nowadays it’s next to impossible to walk down a street and not see someone chatting away on their phone or dodging street posts as they text. A recent study shows that nearly two thirds of British Columbians own a smartphone and are using it an average of about two hours a day. Most owners check their phone hourly. Eighteen per cent admitted they are addicted to their devices. But are people really hooked?

Are you addicted to your cell phone?

Matt Dyck Abbotsford

Alice Moore North Vancouver

Matthew Darby North Vancouver

“Yes. It has everything I need. It’s fantastic.”

“Most definitely. It’s easy to stay in contact with people.”

“No, I just make calls.”

Vanessa Colacone North Vancouver

Deborah Krzyczkowski North Vancouver

“No. I always have it but I hardly ever use it.”

“I wouldn’t use the word addicted, but I would say I’m very dependent on it.”

— Anne Watson

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Calvary Chapel You are invited to join us, Sunday Mornings at 10:00 Teaching through the Bible, verse to verse chapter to chapter with Pastor Ken Scheel Meeting at Silver Harbour Centre 144 E. 22nd Street, North Vancouver • 604.250.2368


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Local Beer Pints $5 Wings or spring rolls from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. $7 Salmon Season Fest Different salmon entree every night $19.95 LIVE MUSIC EVERY FRIDAY NIGHT FROM 8PM to 11PM Phone: 604.973.8000 Corner of Lonsdale and Esplanade

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Come join us for complimentary Coffee & Donuts


Paid vacation to Mayan Riviera. Mexico* *Paid vacation

2ND PRIZE Mini Ipod

Beachy keen

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

FAMILIES take advantage of warm summer evenings as they relax and play on Ambleside Beach in West Vancouver.

Dad’s brain remains uncluttered

From page 9

now.” So far it’s working. Our boys are charming little fellows who are far more polite than I’ll ever be and eat far more vegetables than I ever will. And I have an uncluttered brain that still has ample space for important things such as beer, 1990s rap lyrics, up-to-the-minute rankings of the best burger places in town, and

more beer. There is only one worry I have left: the pop quiz. “Did you give our son some of your energy bar?” Uh oh. Think brain, think. WWMWWMTD? Time to improvise. “Um, absolutely . . . not?” Did she buy it? Yes? Praise the lord.

Receive bottle of 100 Tylenol (generic) FREE, (no purchase necessary), Gift baskets and much more...

accommodation only • Free Blister Packing • Free Prescription Delivery • All third parties Accepted • Specialty Compounding for people and pets • Homeopathic and Naturopathic medications • Rental and sale of Home health care products • Easy Prescription Transfer


1405 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver


HOURS: Mon - Fri 9am-6pm Sat 11am-4pm Sun and Holidays Closed


Accepting New Patients/Walk-ins Welcome 1409 Bellevue Ave, West Vancouver 604-922-2426


Jordan Sturdy is seeking a

Constituency Assistant ( CA) Working out of the Horseshoe Bay office on a part time or full time basis and in cooperation with other offices and Victoria. The CA reports to and consults with the MLA as he/she is directly responsible to, and is employed and supervised by the MLA. The CA provides secretarial, bookkeeping, office and communication support. The ideal candidate is self starting with strong networking, interpersonal and analytical skills, possesses initiative and an ability to think strategically and creatively.

• North Shore Neighbourhood House • Harvest Project

• Loutet Farm and NSNH Edible Garden Project • – Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery • Lynn Farm Valley City Lions Club

Good Money (TM) and Make Good Money (TM) are trademarks of Vancouver City Savings Credit Union.

For a complete job description please visit Please forward CV's to

A12 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


by Kevin Hill

In the Presence of Light at the Ferry Building Gallery

Judi Walker, Libbie Bake, Leslie Sutton and featured artist Lil Chrzan

Jane and Kershaw Nanavaty In the Presence of Light, featuring works by Lil Chrzan, opened June 25 with a reception at West Vancouver’s Ferry Building Gallery. Chrzan lives and paints in Horseshoe Bay and is known for her dramatic and light-filled landscape paintings. This exhibition demonstrates her mastery of the brush as well as her critical awareness of humanity in relation to nature. The show will remain on display until Sunday. Info:

Dale and Scott Ferris with Ursula Vertone (centre)

Mary Bayes, Karen Hardie and Dave Patrick

Miles Ingram and Linda Watt

Joanne Walton and Carole Bishop

Wesley Friesen and Lily Rindahl

Roslyn Cohen and Chloe Kopman

Please direct requests for event coverage to: For more Bright Lights photos go to:

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Key Insurance Services


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Bollywood Wedding 2013

South Asian Arts in partnership with the Pacific National Exhibition present an outdoor, interactive dance and theatre event written by Raakhi Sinha and Gurpreet Sian with Camyar Chai. Directed by Kathleen Duborg, based on previous direction by Camyar Chai. Italian Gardens, PNE July 17-21, 24-28, July 17 – 2 for 1 preview. $35/$20 at —

More online at entertainment

photo Pardeep Singh

BOLLYWOOD Wedding opens July 17 in the Italian Gardens at the PNE grounds where the audience or “guests” will move from one part of the garden to another, taking in various events from the engagement to the wedding ceremony. Use Layar app to view video.


Bollywood bliss

■ Bollywood Wedding 2013, Italian Gardens at the PNE, Two sets of shows, July 17 - 21 and July 24 - 28. Nightly at 8 p.m. plus weekend matinees at 2 p.m.

Anne Watson

DANCE has almost always been a part of Suragini Ravindran’s life. It started 15 years ago in Mumbai, India, when she needed a break from the rigors of school. “Basically like every young teenager when you’re on break and you feel like you’ve just given a very, very hectic schedule of exams,” says Ravindran. “And you realize ‘Man I really have to get fit and get back into shape’ and what better way than dancing?” She says the first name that came to mind was Shiamak and she’s been with them ever since. Davar Shiamak has been called the “Guru of Contemporary Dance” in India and has schools and dance teams all over the world. Ravindran, who came to Canada in 2008 and lives in North Vancouver, has gone from a young dancer to an established choreographer. She is one of three dancers and choreographers from the Shiamak Vancouver dance team involved in Bollywood Wedding, an outdoor interactive dance and theatre event produced by South Asian Arts and taking place at this year’s Pacific National Exhibition from July 17 to July 28. “Shiamak style” as it is known, combines various



Western styles of dance with traditional Indian style. The Vancouver dance team has worked with South Asian Arts before on various events, including the Times of India Filmfare Awards that took place earlier this year in Vancouver. “We were amazed to see how excited people were to have Bollywood in Vancouver,” Ravindran says. This is the first time, however, the dance team has worked on Bollywood Wedding and it was a unique experience for them. “It’s something we’ve never done before,” says Ravindran. “We always do festivals and stage productions. This was more of a musical, it was nice to interact with the actors.” Bollywood Wedding is about the arranged engagement and marriage of two young Indians and all the comedic drama that arises on the big day. “It’s basically taking people through the process of what a Bollywood wedding has, you know the customs, and the boy’s family meets the girl’s family and in between that everything is about celebration,” says Ravindran. “Every stage of the wedding is a celebration event.” “As they say in India ‘it’s not about the bride and groom being married, but the unity of families and traditional values.’ It has a very ethnic feel to it.” The production is playing in the Italian Gardens at the PNE grounds where the audience or ‘guests’ will move from one part of the garden to another, taking in various events from the engagement to the wedding ceremony. “It’s actually very beautiful,” says Ravindran. “And it’s amazing because dancers are always used to having

a platform or a stage set up, but it’s nice because it just has nature. You can feel the softness of the grass.” The open, outdoor and ever changing space also presented the biggest challenge for the choreographers. “There was not one constant space to work in,” says Ravindran. “But that’s what makes it more dazzling and exciting for dancers is that you have to make do with the space given to you and yet not have to compromise on the choreography.” The dancers wear elaborate costumes that are specially designed by Shiamak to be used as props throughout the performance, says Ravindran. “The costumes are heavy, especially the skirts that are worn.” She says the dancers are used to wearing shoes, but in Bollywood Wedding some numbers required them to be barefoot. “We have to make sure that the dancers are going to work hard. I think everyone was OK with it.” There are 16 dancers involved in the rehearsal process, but only between eight to 12 dancers will be used in the production on a rotating basis. The choreographers have been constantly tweaking the numbers, reworking partners or groupings and making adjustments according to the mood or feel of the song, says Ravindran. “For us, sometimes we do one song and it takes us two weeks to plan it,” she said. “And sometimes we do three songs and it may just take you five or six hours.”


See Team page 28


A14 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


Model Operas fed propaganda machine

Pointed political lessons made during China’s Cultural Revolution

■ Zhang Yaxin: Model Operas, Presentation House Gallery until July 26. Yang Ban Xi, (2006) by Yang Ting Yuen and Weegee’s New York, (1948) by Weegee, Wednesday, July 17 at 7 p.m. at Pacific Cinémathèque. For more information visit

Jeremy Shepherd

FOR a decade they were as inescapable as Alcatraz, as pervasive as religion and opiates combined.

photo Zhang Yaxin, Raid on the White Tiger Regiment, 1971

ZHANG Yaxin, chief photographer of Chinese Communist Party leaders during the Cultural Revolution, devoted eight years of his life from 1969–1976 documenting government-sanctioned Model Opera productions.

Chinese model operas were the sole entertainment outlet for a nation of 800,000,000. The six operas and two ballets were intended to dramatize the values prized by Chairman Mao while instructing and inspiring the country in the ways of communism. Soldiers soared and women wielded pistols while standing aside a flag bearing the hammer and sickle, and at those moments of rigid perfection, a camera flashed. Former newspaper photographer Zhang Yaxin was assigned the task of photographing the operas, capturing the painted vistas and the stony stoicism of stern soldiers wearing makeup in Tammy Faye Bakker quantities. Yaxin’s work is currently being exhibited at Presentation House Gallery in North Vancouver, just the second Canadian gallery to show Yaxin’s photos. The pictures are strongly militaristic. Under a moonlit sky two women dance, their bodies flawless vessels from their clutched red ribbons to their pointed toes. But one woman is holding a gun. It’s that curious juxtaposition that intrigued curator Helga Pakasaar. “Every aspect of those operas was related to Mao’s ideas around class struggle, the way women are represented. They See Staged page 28

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1451 Marine Drive, North Vancouver • 604-904-7811

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A15

CALENDAR GALLERIES CityScape Community Art Space: 335 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9886844 or Gallery hours: MondaySaturday, noon to 5 p.m. Sanctuary — Re-examining the Nest: An exhibition featuring three North Vancouver artists utilizing images of the nest in contemporary paintings, sculpture and textile art will run until July 20. District Library Gallery: 1277 Lynn Valley Rd., North Vancouver. Info: The North Vancouver Community Arts Council will present an exhibition of paintings by Anne Gudrun until July 16. Ferry Building Gallery: 1414 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Admission to all shows is free. Info: 604-925-7290 or Gallery hours: Tuesday-Sunday, 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Closed Mondays. In the Presence of Light: Lil Chrzan’s oil on canvas works will be on display until July 14. DepARTures: The North Shore Artist’s Guild will hold an exhibition from July 16 to 28. Opening reception: Tuesday, July 16, 6-8 p.m. Meet the artists: Saturday, July 20, 2-3 p.m. Ron Andrews Community Space: 931 Lytton St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-987-8873 or 604-347-8922. Just Imagine: Acrylic paintings with themes of landscapes, flowers and abstracts by Catherine Janusz and metal jewelry by Helen Sperry will be on display until July 21. Seymour Art Gallery: 4360 Gallant Ave., North Vancouver. Gallery hours: 10 a.m.-5 p.m. daily. Info: 604-924-1378 or The Knot: An exhibition by Troy Gronsdahl that juxtaposes projected video with a pair of text based works and a full scale wooden reproduction of Deep Cove’s iconic lifeguard chair will run until July 27. Artist Talk: Sunday, July 7, 2 p.m. Reception: Sunday, July 7, 3-5 p.m. Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Gallery hours: Tuesday to Sunday, noon-4 p.m. Info: 604-925-7292 or Ardour: Clay works by Ekta Nadeau and

paintings by Leanne Christie will be on display until July 14. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7400 or Capilano University Textile Arts Grad Show: A group show of works by graduating students will run until July 26. CONCERTS Capilano River Regional Park: Cleveland Dam, Capilano Road, North Vancouver. Music in the Park: Bring a picnic and enjoy an afternoon of music and art. Musical performances from 2 to 4 p.m. Schedule: July 14, Lindsay Robertson; July 21, Don Strom Cates Park: 200-block Dollarton Hwy., North Vancouver. Cates Park Concert Series: A free summer concert series Saturdays from 4 to 7 p.m. Schedule: July 13, The Written Years, Laurelle & Alexander, Old Man Canyon. Civic Plaza: 14th Street and Lonsdale Avenue. Craft fair along with free musical performances 12-4 p.m. Schedule: July 13, Rio Samaya Band; July 27 & Aug. 10, Claude Champagne. Edgemont Village: Edgemont Boulevard, North Vancouver. Evenings in Edgemont: A free weekly summer See more page 28

Born to dance SO You Think You Can Dance Canada Season 2 winner Tara-Jean Popowich dropped in to teach a class at North Vancouver’s Shift Dance Academy on Monday morning as part of a special week of sessions with (finalists from SYTYCD Season 3) Nathalie Heath visiting the next day and Mackenzie Green on Wednesday. Go to shiftdance. ca for more information on the academy.

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

1447 Bellevue Ave Ambleside West Vancouver ! 604.922.1333


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Bridal party packages available

A16 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


Only LOCAL ON LONDSDALE offers the convenience of having a 42,000 sq. ft. kitchen pantry downstairs at the brand new Loblaws City Market, an endless closet at Joe Fresh retail boutique, your own on-call family doctor at the new Medical Centre and countless local shops - right at your doorstep.

RETAIL STORE OPENING EVENT AT LOCAL! Come down July 20th from 12pm-5pm. We’re giving away reusable shopping bags and hosting a neighbourhood hot dog BBQ!*

604 998 0219 · 1709 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver Open daily Noon to 5pm, closed Fridays

*Please see a sales representative for details. Information contained herein is subject to change without notice. E.&O.E.

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A17

Join us for our grand opening festivities. Throughout the day there will be live entertainment, food samples, demonstrations and plenty of giveaways. The deliciousness starts

July 19th at 8 am.

Free gift card giveaways to the first 250 customers.

1650 Lonsdale Ave (at 17th Street) North Vancouver Parking: You can park your car in our convenient underground parking*. *60 minutes FREE parking with a minimum $20 purchase (before taxes) Phone: 604-984-2226 LoblawsCityMarket FREE Wi-Fi ®/TM the trademarks and logos displayed are trademarks of Loblaws Inc. All rights reserved. © 2013Loblaws Inc.

A18 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

Support your team with a vote. Congratulations Surge North Vancouver Football Club of North Vancouver, B.C. for being named BMO® Team of the Week. Vote for this team online between August 5-19 to be named BMO Team of the Week 2013 Champion! If they have the most votes, their community will receive $125,000 towards refurbishing their local soccer field, a $5,000 donation to any Canadian charity and a trip to watch a Canadian Major League Soccer or a Canadian National Team home match. Vote at


No purchase necessary. Open to legal residents of Canada that have reached the age of majority and are a coach or representative of, or a parent or legal guardian of a player on, a Canadian youth (ages 7-12) soccer team registered with a soccer club or school board. Entrants are responsible for ensuring that permission has been obtained from the parents and/or legal guardians of all team members depicted in entry materials. Multiple entries for the same team are not permitted. Contest submission opens at 9:00 a.m. ET on April 1, 2013 and closes at 12:00 p.m. ET on July 12, 2013. All eligible entries will be posted on and visitors to the site may register to vote. Limit of one (1) vote per person per day. Voting Period is between August 5, 2013 and August 19, 2013. PRIZES: one (1) Grand Prize (ARV: $155,000 CDN, incl. $5,000 charitable donation); fifteen (15) “Goalkeeper” Prizes (ARV: $2,000 CDN each, including a $500 charitable donation); two (2) “Striker” Prizes (ARV: $2,400 CDN each); and seventy-five (75) Early Bird Prizes (for each of the first seventy-five (75) eligible entries - ARV: $400 CDN each). Voters are eligible to win one (1) of fifteen (15) TOTW Fan Prizes (The approximate value of AIR MILES reward miles prize depends on the chosen method of redemption and available reward options at the time of redemption.). Correctly answered skill-testing question required for Early Bird Prizes, “Striker” Prizes, “TOTW Fan” Prizes and the Grand Prize. Online entry, odds of winning each prize and full contest rules are available at ® Registered trademarks of Bank of Montreal.

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A19


Grown Ups 2 anything but

■ Grown Ups 2. Directed by Dennis Dugan. Starring Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, David Spade and Kevin James. Rating: 5 (out of 10)

Julie Crawford Contributing Writer

KEEPING in mind that Adam Sandler movies have to be graded on a curve, this one’s pretty good. And by that I mean that the film has no message at all and minimal plot. But at least we are spared the sight of Adam Sandler in a dress. The film is one long, star-studded fart joke. Sorry, make that one long “burpsnart” joke: filmmakers, running low on flatulence material, decided to combine the burp-sneeze-fart into one specialized movement for your repeated enjoyment. We are less than a minute into the film when we get the first joke featuring bodily fluids, when a deer rears up and pees on a terrified family. Each man has a mini-crisis, the better to fill in the holes between burpsnarts. Lenny (Sandler) and his wife (Salma Hayek) talk about adding to their family; Eric (Kevin James) prefers the company of his mother (remember Mary Tyler Moore’s Georgia Engel?) to that of his wife (Maria Bello); Marcus (David Spade) discovers he has a long-lost, pathological son (Vancouver’s Alexander Ludwig); Kurt (Chris Rock) makes his wife (Maya Rudolph) feel bad for forgetting their 20th anniversary. They live in an idyllic little town where the ultra-rich and trailer-park coexist peaceably. The boys are all employed to one degree or another but seem to have nothing better to do than hang out at Kmart all day, lamenting their lost youth. “It’s been many, many years since we did something crazy,” observes one. Crazy never quite happens, but a trip to the local watering hole sparks a turf war with frat boys headed by Taylor Lautner, showing off his impressive martial arts skills. “No one’s afraid of a black guy anymore: damn you, Obama!” says Kurt. Say what you will about Sandler, but he’s a loyal fellow. This is the eighth film directed by Dennis Dugan. He employs the same actors time and time again: Allen Covert has been in some 23 Sandler productions, Jonathan Loughran is at 17, and Peter Dante is the veteran of some 15 films; the list goes on. The film is also a virtual scrapbook of Saturday Night Live alumni: Cheri Oteri, Tim Meadows, Andy Samberg, Taran Killam, Bobby Moynihan, Paul Brittain, Jorma Taccone, Akiva Schaffer, Will Forte, Melanie Hutsell, Ellen Cleghorne, Jon Lovitz, Maya Rudolph and Colin Quinn are among the supporting cast. Not enough for you? How about some former athletes (“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Shaquille O’Neal). Still not

PARK & TILFORD 333 Brooksbank Ave., North Vancouver 604-985-3911 Monsters University 3D (G) — Fri-Wed 2, 4:25, 7:30, 10; Thur 2, 4:25, 7:30 p.m. Monsters University (G) — Fri-Wed 1:20, 6:50; Thur 1:20 p.m. Despicable Me 2 3D (G)

— Fri-Thur 2:20, 4:45, 7:10, 9:40 p.m. Despicable Me 2 (G) — FriWed 1:40, 4, 6:30, 9:00; Thur 1:40, 4, 6:30 p.m. World War Z 3D (14A) — FriThur 1:40, 4:20, 7, 9:50 p.m. World War Z (14A) — Fri-Wed 4:05, 9:30; Thur 4:05 p.m. The Heat (14A) — Fri-Wed 2:15, 4:55, 7:35, 10:15; Thur 4:55, 7:35, 10:15 p.m. Thur 1 p.m. Red 2 (PG) — Thur 7, 9:50 1 p.m. The Conjuring (PG) — Thur 10 p.m. R.I.P.D. 3D (PG) — Thur 10 VANCOUVER INTERNATIONAL FILM CENTRE 1181 Seymour St. (at Davie), Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation Directed By: Laura Archibald (USA, 2013) Documentary illuminates one of those rare creative nexus points that defined an era. Between 1961 and 1973, musicians from all over North America (and further afield) converged on Greenwich Village to sing about the radical social upheaval of the time. July 12-20.

photo supplied

DAVID Spade and Adam Sandler in Grown Ups 2. Use Layar app to view trailer and showtimes.




Take it home today and

SHOWTIMES EMPIRE ESPLANADE 6 200 West Esplanade, North Vancouver The Lone Ranger (PG) — FriThur 12, 3:15, 6:30, 9:45 p.m. This is the End (18A) — FriThur 12:35, 3:55, 6:55, 9:35 Man of Steel 3D (PG) — FriTue 12:10, 6:35 p.m. Man of Steel (PG) — Fri-Tue 3:25, 9:50; Wed-Thur 12:10, 3:25, 6:35, 9:50 p.m. White House Down (14A) — Fri-Tue 12:25, 3:40, 6:50, 10 p.m. Pacific Rim 3D (PG) — FriThur12:15, 6:45, 9:55 p.m. Pacific Rim (PG) — Fri-Thur 3:35 p.m. Grown Ups 2 (PG) — FriThur 12:45, 3:50, 7, 9:30 p.m. Turbo 3D (G) — Wed-Thur 3, 9 p.m. Turbo (G) — Wed-Thur 12:20, 6:20 p.m.

titillating enough? How about star spawn (Paulina Gretzky, Patrick Schwarzenegger, Oliver Hudson) and at least four other people with the last name Sandler? The film is rated PG 13, and there are plenty of teachable moments for children: proper food orifices, for instance (Nick Swardson putting Cheetos up his nose then eating them is bad; ditto the principal eating his belly-button lint). Little girls learn that they’d better save up for surgery: whomever designed the costumes ensured that Hayek’s breasts do most of the acting for her. I can’t tell you much about the plot, beyond that, as my notes read something like this: “Boob joke, poop joke, butt jokes, pepper-sprays himself in the eyes, poo in department store toilet, testicles.” In other words, it’s packed with moronic fun tailor-made for Sandler fans.




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A20 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


Revue takes a cruise down memory lane

■ Cruisin’ with the Boomers, July 16-27 at 7:30 p.m., The Revue Stage on Granville Island, Vancouver. Tickets: $39 (July 16 preview: $29), available at vancouvertix. com or 604-629-8849.

Christine Lyon

THE dressing room backstage contains enough fashion relics from bygone decades to stock a trendy thrift store. There’s bellbottoms, ruffle-trimmed shirts, feather boas, sunglasses with impossibly round frames and other fads popularized by classic pop-rock musicians. Over the course of one evening, North Vancouver resident Joani Bye goes through about a dozen costumes, from a figurehugging gold lamée gown à la Marilyn Monroe to Janis Joplin’s signature fringe and feathers. It’s all part of her role in Cruisin’ with the Boomers, a musical revue featuring hit songs from the 1960s and ’70s. Bye provides vocals, guitar and also does vocal arrangements for the six-member ensemble,

which invites audiences to take a cruise down memory lane. “It’s a total musical ride,” Bye says of the theatrical performance, which has 10 show dates scheduled between July 16 and 27 at the Granville Island Revue Stage. “Every boomer that goes will be able to sing along with every word.” That’s not to say only the baby boom generation will enjoy the act. Bye’s 21-yearold daughter has watched the show “and she knew every song in it.” “Kids are listening to the music that I listened to, amazingly,” Bye says. “It appeals to everybody.” Presented by Jupiter Productions, the evening’s set lineup covers many different genres and includes chart toppers by David Bowie, The Beatles, Carole King, Bob Dylan, The Doors, The Righteous Brothers, BB King, Elton John, as well as disco, Motown and Woodstock medleys. It’s music that transports Bye back to her youth. “The protest songs that were speaking to the politics of the day, I always loved those,” she says before crooning a few words from See Bye page 24

NEWS photo Mike Wakefield

JOANI Bye and Linda Kidder are performing in Cruisin’ with the Boomers at the Revue Stage on Granville Island July 16-27.




This notice is published pursuant to section 4 of the Recall and Initiative Act. Approval in principle has been granted on an application for an initiative petition. The petition will be issued to proponent Dana Larsen on Monday, September 9, 2013 and signature sheets must be submitted to the Chief Electoral Officer by Monday, December 9, 2013. The Title of the Initiative is: An initiative to amend the Police Act. Summary of Initiative: The initiative draft Bill entitled, “Sensible Policing Act” proposes to amend the Police Act to no longer use provincial police resources on the enforcement of current laws in relation to simple possession and use of cannabis by adults. The draft law would prohibit the use of provincial police resources for this purpose, would require police to report in detail to the Minister of Justice any actual use of resources for this purpose and why it was necessary, and require the Minister to publish that report. The Bill also proposes that the province would call upon the Federal Government to repeal the federal prohibition on cannabis, or give British Columbia an exemption, such that British Columbia is able to tax and regulate cannabis similar to the regulation of alcohol and tobacco. As well it proposes that British Columbia shall establish a Provincial Commission to study the means and requirements necessary for the province to establish a legal and regulated model for the production and use of cannabis by adults. Last, the Bill would make nonlawful possession and use of cannabis by minors an offence similar to possession and use of alcohol.

Initiative Advertising: Individuals or organizations who sponsor initiative advertising, other than the proponent and registered opponents, must register with the Chief Electoral Officer before they conduct or publish initiative advertising. Registration applications are available from Elections BC. Who May Sign the Petition: Registered voters as of Monday, September 9, 2013 may sign the initiative petition. Individuals may only sign the petition once, and must sign the petition sheet for the electoral district in which they are registered at the time of signing. Signed petitions are available for public inspection. For More Information: The initiative application and draft Bill are available for public inspection on the Elections BC website and at the Elections BC office at the address below. Location: Suite 100 – 1112 Fort Street, Victoria, B.C Mailing Address: PO Box 9275 Stn Prov Govt, Victoria, BC V8W 9J6 Phone: Toll-free: Fax: Email: Website:

250-387-5305 1-800-661-8683 250-387-3578

Opponent Registration: Individuals or organizations who intend to incur expenses as opponents must apply for registration with the Chief Electoral Officer by Monday, August 12, 2013. Registration applications for opponents are available from Elections BC. / 1 - 8 0 0 - 6 6 1 - 8 6 8 3


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2013 Ram 1500 Crew Cab SLT with optional equipment shown.§











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A22 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


photo supplied

CALYPSO king Drew Gonsalves brings Kobo Town to the Vancouver Folk Music Festival next weekend.


10 good reasons to check out folk fest next week ■ Kobo Town (Toronto/Trinidad: — Caribbean) Trinidadian-Canadian songwriter Drew Gonsalves explores the history of Caribbean music in his work. The superb Kobo Town band is named after the historic neighbourhood in Port-of-Spain where calypso was born and their latest release, a funky gem produced by Ivan Duran for Cumbancha Records, Jumble in the Jukebox, is on the Polaris Music Prize Long List for Best Canadian Album. ■ Loudon Wainwright III (USA — Singer/songwriter) Brilliant musical raconteur, and father of musicians Rufus and Martha Wainwright and Lucy Wainwright Roche, has released 22 albums over the past four decades. He won a Grammy in 2010 for Best Traditional Folk Album (High Wide & Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project) but everything he’s done is worth checking out. ■ Tinpan Orange (Australia — Folk pop) Fresh from a national Australian tour with Martha Wainwright, Melbourne roots-indie band Tinpan Orange return to North America for summer gigs. ■ Danny Michel with the Garifuna Collective (Toronto/Belize — TINPAN Orange’s lead singer Garifuna culture) Emily Lubitz. Singer-songwriter Danny Michel performs his original material (from Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me, produced by Ivan Duran and available internationally on Cumbancha) with members of the Garifuna Collective, some of whom previously performed at the folk fest in 2009 as part of Umalali. Michel’s record is another gem in the running for the Polaris Music Prize. Go to for interviews with Michel and the Garifuna Collective’s Desere Diego as well as an archival interview with the late Andy Palacio about Garifuna culture See Horsefly page 24

FIT&HEALTHY Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A23 Advertisement

Avoid feeling sluggish during summer’s dog days

Summer’s dog days are known for making people feel sluggish. Long spells of hot and humid weather can make summer feel like an eternity. Though there’s little people can do about the temperatures outdoors when summer arrives in full swing, there are many ways they can make summer’s dog days less draining. Consider the following tips.

provides such a boost, those who drink caffeinated products in late afternoon or in the evening might have difficulty falling asleep at night, zapping their energy the following day as a result.

Be careful with caffeine. Caffeine has both its advocates and detractors. However, no one can argue caffeine’s ability to provide a boost when needed. Those who drink caffeinated beverages in moderation can really benefit from the boost it provides. On

Caffeine can also be dehydrating, which is not healthy when hot, humid weather already takes its toll on the body. Keep this in mind and don’t overdo caffeine consumption.

Many people who workout in the mornings before work find their energy levels are higher throughout the day as a result. sluggish summer mornings when the temperatures are already hot and humid at sunrise, a cup of iced coffee can not only provide a boost of energy but some refreshment as well. When relying on caffeine for that extra pick-me-up during summer’s dog days, it’s important to carefully moderate caffeine consumption. Caffeine consumption in late afternoon or in the evening can actually have the adverse effect many people hope to get from caffeine. Because caffeine

Alter eating habits. Perhaps nothing can be more draining on a hot summer day than a big meal. Large meals on sizzling summer days rob people of energy and often lead to feelings of discomfort. But this doesn’t mean people should avoid eating as the summer temperatures heat up. Rather, altering existing eating habits can provide more energy and might even lead to some weight loss. Instead of three meals per day, eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day. Healthy snacking during the day can help boost metabolism and maintain energy levels regardless of how hot it might be outside. Eat light meals every 3 to 4 hours, and avoid foods that are heavy and lead to feelings of lethargy. Look for foods high in fiber. Fiber can do a great deal for people looking to get more

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Enter Our New energy from their daily diets. The benefits of fiber are numerous, but perhaps no benefit is more pronounced than fiber’s ability to flush toxins and wastes from the body. Such toxins and wastes make people feel very sluggish, particularly during summer’s dog days. However, those who include fiber in their daily diets will notice a substantial improvement in their energy levels. Exercise in the morning. Many people look to exercise as a means to boosting energy during the summer swoon. This is a sound and healthy

approach, but those who don’t feel they’re maximizing their workouts might want to consider working out in the mornings instead. Summer’s dog days often make people feel tired by the end of the workday, something that could lead to less effective workouts for those who exercise after work. When working out in the morning, however, the temperatures are lower (even in air conditioned fitness centers temperatures can be noticeably warmer inside if the temperature outside is especially hot) in the gym and the body is better rested and ready to make the most of a workout. In addition, many people who workout in the mornings before work find their energy levels are higher throughout the day as a result.

For more tips, scan with


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A24 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


Bye and Kidder grew up in musical families

From page 20

“Ohio” by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. “Music is pretty visceral, it brings back memories for most people.” For Bye, hearing the R&B song “O-o-h Child” will forever remind her of the day she got dumped by her junior high boyfriend. Between songs, the performers will talk about significant historical events — such as the Vietnam War — and discuss how these events influenced the musical landscape of the day. Born and raised on the North Shore, Bye is the youngest of three musical siblings. Together they formed The Bye Sisters and had a regular spot on a TV variety show in the early ’70s. Over the years, Bye has worked with a number of bands doing live performances, she’s spent time in the studio

recording commercial jingles, and she can be heard in the background on tracks by Bon Jovi, Cher, David Bowie and INXS. Her fellow Cruisin’ with the Boomers castmates include established West Coast musicians Dave Pickell (musical director, keyboards, guitar, harmonica), Oliver Conway (vocals, guitar, harmonica, sound design), Peter Padden (drums, percussion, vocals), Tim Porter (guitar, vocals) and West Vancouver’s Linda Kidder (vocals, bass, drums). Kidder also grew up in a musical family. In high school, she started playing drums in her parents’ Vancouver-based show band and has been working in the industry ever since. She has released four CDs, recorded commercial jingles and has toured with Canadian artists Gary Fjellgaard and k.d. lang. She is set to perform at Party at the Pier in North Vancouver with her musical duo Tangent this Sunday at 11 a.m.

The music that Cruisin’ with the Boomers revisits reminds Kidder of her carefree teenage years. “Hanging around the park with my friends, going out on Friday nights,” she says. “Or you lay in the living room in the dark at your girlfriend’s house listening to The Beatles. That’s what we used to do.” She expects the Granville Island shows will attract a wide demographic and are definitely “not just for boomers.” “But boomers get the biggest bang for their buck, I believe, because of all the memories that these songs bring back.” Kidder says the “fun” and “feel-good” musical revue commands a standing ovation after every performance. “And then these people that we’ve never met come out at the end and hug us when we’re standing out saying goodbye to everybody,” she says. “I think it’s just because we’ve made them happy and taken them back to a really good time in their lives.”

Congratulations! To all Teams that participated in the 2013 Girls Provincial B Cup, July 4-7, 2013 at Inter River Park. TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS: Special Olympics - Richmond FC U13 - Saanich Fusion FC U14 - Vernon United

photo supplied

U15 - West Van SC U16 - Williams Lake Storm

U17 - Lakehill Reds U18 - CCB Extreme

PHARIS & Jason Romero perform on the folk fest’s Stage 3 Sunday, July 21 at 7:10 p.m.

Horsefly duo write original material in roots tradition


From page 22 recorded a few months prior to his tragic death from a stroke.

MVP for Special Olympics, Richmond FC, BRAYDEN PAWEK, presented by Dan Howe, CEO of Special Olympics BC.

MVP for U13, Saanich Fusion FC, MADI BRAY, presented by Tony Nardi of Neptune Terminals.

MVP for U14, Vernon United, SHEYNA CAMALUSH, presented by Ros Hicks of West Van Soccer Club.

■ Pharis and Jason Romero (Horsefly, B.C. — Roots) Their new album, Long Gone Out West Blues, seamlessly mixes original compositions with covers of old-timey roots material such as “Wild Bill Jones” and “Waiting for the Evening Mail.” The organic nature of their acoustic music is built from the ground up with Pharis composing most of the tunes and Jason handcrafting the banjos and wood-bodied resophonic guitars they use to perform their sublime material. ■ Jeffery Broussard & the Creole Cowboys (Lafayette, Louisiana — Creole and Zydeco) Creole accordion player brings Louisiana’s unique folk culture, equal parts kitchen party intimacy and barroom stomp, to Jericho Beach Park.

MVP for U15, West Van Spuraways, ANNIQA KARMALI, presented by Rob Lennox VP of BC Soccer and Stephanie Carabetta of NS Medical Imaging.

MVP for U16, Williams Lake Storm, MORGAN SCHOFIELD presented by Cyndi Gerlach of NSYSA.

MVP for U17, Lakehill Reds, LINDSAY COLE, presented by Alistair Browne of the NSGSC.

Gracious Thank You to all of our volunteers and sponsors for helping to make this event a great success.

WV Soccer Club

MVP for U18, CCB Extreme, ROBYN ABE, presented by Kelly Pownall of North Shore News.

North Shore Girls Soccer Club

North Shore Medical Imaging

■ Debo Band (Boston/Ethiopia — Ethio-jazz/East African groove) Eleven-member Boston-based ensemble put together by ethnomusicologist/saxophonist Danny Mekonnen features Bruck Tesfaye on vocals. “Debo,” Mekonnen says, is an archaic Amharic word that signifies collective effort. The band builds on the Ethiojazz golden era of the ’60s and ’70s (compiled by French producer Francis Falceto for the massive Éthiopiques series on the Buda Musique label) providing a new take on the sound. ■ Black Prairie (Oregon/Avant bluegrass) Portland, Oregon supergroup featuring members of The Decemberists and other bands. An ongoing side project that went sideways bringing in klezmer, jazz, tango and East European folk influences. Their latest release, Wild Ones, is an extended EP soundtrack accompanying their friend Jon Mooallem’s book of the same name. ■ Stefano Saletti and Piccola Banda Ikona (Italy/Mediterranean folk) The band features original compositions written in Sabir, an ancient language developed by sailors for use in Mediterranean ports incorporating terms from Spanish, Italian, French and Arabic. ■ Hanggai (Beijing/Mongolian folk punk) Ancient Mongolian folk traditions turned upside down — throatsinging with a Beijing punk attitude. — John Goodman

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A25



photo supplied

BRITISH skipper Alex Thomson walks the keel of the Hugo Boss Yacht. Scan photo with Layar to watch a video of the 2011 stunt. Visit for a photo gallery of the Hugo Boss Imoca 60 racing yacht at sail in Burrard Inlet earlier this week.


Win two tickets to Thursday’s VIP preopening of Joe Fresh plus a $100 gift card to be picked up at the party (6-8 p.m. at 1620 Lonsdale). To enter, send an email with your name and “Joe Fresh” as the subject to lookcontest@nsnews. com. Draw closes July 15 at 9 a.m.

Hugo Boss sets sail in Vancouver Layne Christensen

“ARE you ready to grind?”

I’d blush in any other situation, but when it’s British skipper Alex Thomson — a major talent in international yacht racing — who’s asking, I’m happy to oblige. At the winch of a 60-foot monohull racing yacht, I’m grinding away to help Thomson and his crew pull in and let out sails as we tack and jibe our way through a sun-splashed afternoon in Burrard Inlet. The charismatic 38-year-old with tousled blond hair and a gap-toothed grin is in Vancouver this week with his eight-tonne carbon fibre yacht courtesy of fashion house Hugo Boss, his sponsor

Race yacht modern, elegant like a finely tailored suit

for the past decade. Fresh off his third-place finish in the prestigious Vendée Globe — a round-the-world single-handed yacht race held once every four years — Thomson is spending the summer on a customer engagement tour, charming media and VIPs aboard his black and white boat. It’s the first time for the race yacht on the West Coast of North America. The Imoca 60’s tour started in Rio de Janeiro in February. She will set sail Sunday for Seattle and wind her way down to San Francisco, host city for the America’s Cup.

Thomson is a yacht-racing phenom who at 25 became the youngest ever skipper to win a roundthe-world race. In 2009, he made waves when he walked the keel of his race yacht, dressed suavely in a Hugo Boss suit. Critics doubted the stunt’s authenticity and claimed his James Bond-worthy feat was a Photoshop fake. “That pissed me off,” says Thomson, chatting amiably about his daredevil streak. He made sure Take 2 of the keel walk, in 2011, was captured on video, with slight modifications: a sewn-on suit (buttons blew off hitting the water the first time) and boarding the keel by jet ski instead of Zodiac (“safer,” he says). During its visit, the Hugo Boss is moored at North Vancouver’s Mosquito Creek Marina.



Home office, children’s furniture and accessories available • Solid wood custom furniture choose your finishes

500-801 Marine Dr., North Vancouver (next to Red Robin) 604-904-3939

A26 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A27


Obakki fuses fashion and philanthropy

Clothing designs help bring water to Africa Christine Lyon

TREANA Peake first set foot on the dry, cracked earth of Penlang, South Sudan during troubled times. The landlocked village was parched, the locals were forced to roam for water, and territorial clashes frequently erupted in the process. “Then we brought them water,” says Peake, founder of the Obakki Foundation, which focuses on drilling water wells and providing education in Africa. “And when I went back to visit, it was a thriving agricultural community.” When she returned to Penlang, Peake brought along art supplies — something many rural South Sudanese had never seen before. The moment she set out a roll of paper and paints, the villagers excitedly grabbed brushes and started to express visually how access to clean water had changed their lives, Peake recalls. “After they were done, after the entire page was full and exploding with colour, they jumped up and started to do this celebration dance around it.” That moment sticks out for Peake as a reminder to stop and celebrate accomplishments. And her foundation has had plenty of reasons to celebrate. The non-profit, which is the philanthropic offshoot of Peake’s Obakki Designs fashion brand, has drilled more than 400 water wells and built 12 schools in South Sudan and Cameroon. Their current focus is building water wells for the nomadic people of the cattle camps in the far-reaching corners of South Sudan. “It’s one of the world’s last pastoralist, animist societies. It’s just a wonderful, beautiful, mysterious place,” Peake says. “All of these camps are coming together and they’re fighting to death over scarcity of resources, over a lack of water.” The foundation has launched a pilot project in one of the United Nations-identified hot zones where they are drilling wells and livestock watering stations in hopes of breaking the cycle of conflict. “All of our campaigns now are surrounding the preservation of this historical tribe because if they don’t stop fighting then the government needs to disband them,” Peake explains. To help raise money for the humanitarian

See our

*in selected areas

supplied photos

AT left, West Vancouver’s Treana Peake tests out a water well drilled by the Obakki Foundation in South Sudan and, at right, Peake’s Preserved in Time collection is inspired by the country’s traditional nomadic cattle camps. venture (each well costs $10,000), Peake designed the Preserved in Time clothing collection, inspired by colours and images of South Sudan. Many pieces feature Peake’s own photographs of the nomadic cattle camps layered on top of historical photos from the 1920s to demonstrate how little things have changed. “It’s been this traditional society forever and to them there’s no reason to change. There’s beauty in the simplicity and there’s strength in their tradition.” Peake has been involved in humanitarian work since high school and at 18 went on her very first service trip to Romania where she brought aid to orphanages. Originally from small-town Alberta, she now lives in West Vancouver with her husband, guitarist Ryan Peake of Nickelback, and their two children. The self-taught fashion designer once had a bricks-and-mortar boutique in Gastown, but now sells her Obakki apparel almost exclusively online. “People were really starting to pay attention to the fashion that I was designing and Obakki itself grew a brand name in a very short period of time,” she says. But the hype surrounding her fashion label quickly began to trump any attention her overseas projects were receiving.

flyer in today’s paper...

5 #.; -:


%$$ 966

“I started to get a bit frustrated with that just because my passion, and what drives me, really, is the philanthropic work that I’m doing.” Then came a pivotal moment when she realized she could merge her two interests and, in doing so, give fashion a greater purpose. “Why don’t I put my talents, or my craft, together with my passion and just tell these stories in a more creative way?” she thought. So, she started using her brand as a platform to raise money and awareness and established the Obakki Foundation in 2009. She says Obakki

Designs absorbs any administrative costs, from business cards to travel expenses, so that all public donations and 100 per cent net profits generated from Obakki product sales go directly to the foundation’s humanitarian projects. “We’re a small organization but we’re really effective,” Peake says. “Because we maximize our money, we’re able to have a lot of results.” To date, the foundation has raised close to $2.5 million for initiatives focused on providing education and clean water in South Sudan and Cameroon.

Escape Travel-Wear Drop by the store to see our selection of Color Me Cotton. Stylish dresses & tops from California. Also in are new selections: French Dressing Michael Tyler Robert Kitchen Jana By Lyse Spanner Simon Chang Come in and see the great combinations we have put together.

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We look forward to seeing you!

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$%; ;7%



,1& , 9)%

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Escape Travel-Wear is just 5 minutes from the Ironworker’s Bridge–take Mt. Seymour Parkway exit to Parkgate Village. We are next door to Flight Centre.

A28 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

CALENDAR From page 15 concert series Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. Schedule: July 12, Headwater; July 19, The Adam Woodall Band. Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-981-6335. Unplugged: An evening of original music by four up-and-coming singer/songwriters from the North Shore Saturday, July 20 at 8 p.m. Tickets: $10. Lonsdale Quay: 123 Carrie Cates Court, North Vancouver. Info: Concert Series Sundays: A free summer concert series Sundays from 1 to 3 p.m. Schedule: July 14, Steve Elliot as Elvis. Lynn Valley Village: Lynn Valley Road and Mountain Highway, North Vancouver. Live in Lynn Valley Village: A free weekly summer concert series Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. Schedule: July 12, The Steel Toe Boots; July 19, Mazacote. Lynn Valley United Church: 3201 Mountain Hwy., North

Vancouver. Info: Friday Night Live: A weekly series with improv actors AddLibretto playing hosts to musical guests Fridays at 7:30 p.m. Admission by suggested donation of $10. The third Friday of each month, youth are invited for dinner and the show for $15 with tickets purchased by 5 p.m. Panorama Park: Deep Cove, North Vancouver. Concerts in the Cove: A free weekly summer concert series Fridays from 7 to 9 p.m. Schedule: July 12, Three Row Barley; July 19, The Bobcats; July 26, Smith & Jones. Shipbuilders’ Square: 15 Wallace Mews, North Vancouver. Call for Artists: The City of North Vancouver has opportunities for local performers and fine artists to participate in the Concerts in the Square series on Saturdays in August. Info: info@donnellyevents. com or Party at the Pier: A free family-friendly marine-themed festival with entertainment and acivities for all to enjoy Sunday, July 14, 11 a.m.See more page 34

Team preparing for opener From page 13 The music in Bollywood is always evolving, Ravindran explains, and every year the industry comes out with music for the current generation. The music they choose also depends on the script they are given. “We’re kind of working around newer sounds that we can use which are something that people can relate to,” Ravindran says. “So even if it’s an older song that we’re going to use, we’re going to try and remix it using newer sounds that appeal to everyone.” The production has been busy with rehearsals to prepare for the July 17 opening night. The team has taken two to three weeks to prepare. Ravindran says she’s having fun and the highlight has been incorporating dance into a play. “It’s work, but I’m really enjoying what I’m doing as well.”

Staged images were distributed everywhere in China

From page 14

really are not feminine at all, they’re almost androgynous,” she says. “It’s so controlled as a series of images.” Using a Swedish-made Hasselblad camera and an unlimited supply of colour film stock, Yaxin captured the operas in their moments of thunder. However, when viewed in large prints on gallery walls, the photos reveal more than they were perhaps intended to. “I think for me it’s the very staged quality,” Pakasaar says about the appeal of the pictures. “They are like tableaus that are very articulated in their details.” Both the photos and the operas were intended to be the blunt tools of a propaganda machine, but when viewed through a modern lens, the pictures are somewhat subversive. Flying soldiers appear to be clutching wires, and the red sky of certain operas is reminiscent of the Technicolor sunset in a lush Hollywood musical that would have been decried as bourgeois in China. “A lot of the artifice that we see in what’s in the gallery would not be visible once they were tiny postcards,” Pakasaar explains.

While the operas were staged, they also went far beyond the stage. “They were really mass distributed. Everywhere on the streets there were posters, many, many postcards. Some of the images were put onto ceramic cups and different kinds of crafts. They were just everywhere, ubiquitous,” Pakasaar says. During a time when North America had Spider-Man and The Beatles, China had the operas, which adorned both comic books and record sleeves, often being blasted in public squares and factories. In her novel Red Azalea, Anchee Min recounts growing up in China at a moment in history when it was not unusual for children to have names like Guard of Red, Liberation, Revolution, Resist U.S., and Space Conqueror, so-named to mark Mao’s call for China to build a spaceship. The climate was often conflicting for Min. She won praise for memorizing the words of Mao, but she also saw her welleducated mother sent to be reformed at a shoe factory after wiping with a newspaper that included Mao’s picture. She wasn’t able to afford toilet paper at the time. In the centre of it all were the operas. “To love or not to love the operas was a serious political attitude. It meant to be or not

Canada Day Parade 2013

Thank you residents of the North Shore, our volunteers and participants for a great Canada Day parade. OUR VALUED SPONSORS

BC Celebrate Canada Committee, 6 Field Engineer Squadron/39 Combat Engineer Regiment, Payless Auto Towing, Davies Pharmacy


Royal Canadian Legion Branch 118, 123 West 15th Street, North Vancouver

604-985-1115 |

to be a revolutionary,” she writes. “I grew up with the operas. They became my cells.” The operas were generally created to do away with what Mao considered counter-revolutionary dramas featuring landlords, generals and emperors. The new operas were pointed political lessons. One aria, entitled, “I won’t quit the battle until all the beasts are killed,” included the lyrics: “My Dad is a pine tree, his will is strong. A hero of indomitable spirit, he is a true communist.” The exhibit is balanced with Presentation House Gallery’s Dr. Strangelove exhibit, which includes photos of the pie-fight scene stricken from the final film. Those photos were taken by New York tabloid photographer Arthur Fellig, better known as Weegee. “The Weegee exhibition was presenting a real puzzle for us, and this seemed to present itself as the perfect (balance) because it was also about a historical period,” Pakasaar says. The gallery is planning to host a discussion with artist Gu Xiong, who first learned his trade during brief breaks from forced labour during the Cultural Revolution. The talk is scheduled for July 20 at 1 p.m.

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A29

Get Outside Summer is for sailing Eagle Harbour family spends time together on the water When Janet and her husband moved to Eagle Harbour, they decided to buy a boat, and became members of the Eagle Harbour Yacht Club in 1988. They bought their first boat, a 26-footer, when their son Douglas was four years old and their daughter Elizabeth was two.

Janet Chung admits she was a bit nervous when she started learning how to sail. Her husband, Edward, had grown up around powerboats and as a kid he spent lots of time on the water with his dad fishing, but she was new to the sport. But with Edward showing her the ropes, Janet soon became more confident and at ease with sailing. She says the hardest part of learning to sail is learning to read the water. Sailors have to understand wind shifts and tides and how they affect the boat.

Janet says she loved their first boat, with its cosy interior, but her husband thought it was a “big slug.” It wasn’t fast enough. Edward was racing on other boats and decided to buy something built for racing.

“You really have to understand the direction of the wind and where it’s coming from, and any slight shifts of the wind you have to be prepared for that all the time because that completely changes the direction you may want to be going in,” explains Janet. For example, she notes that heading out past Whytecliff Park toward Gibsons, the winds can pick up quickly.

Their new boat was 27 feet and called Coyote Moon. In keeping with maritime tradition, they didn’t change the name of the boat as that is considered bad luck. Edward participated with the new boat in regular races, and both of the kids completed sailing lessons at the yacht club. Douglas is now 19, and has been an instructor at the club’s sailing school for four years. Elizabeth, now 17, is currently enjoying her first summer teaching at the club.

“You can be in calm water in one spot and once you head around the point all of a sudden you have to be on your toes, it can be quite strong wind,” she says. “Things can change very rapidly on the water.”

“It’s kind of the perfect summer job,” notes Janet.

Deal Yourself in This Summer from


The club also has a junior executive membership program, which has given her kids the opportunity over the years to interact with some of the senior members in organizing club functions and races. Janet says it has kept her kids busy and they have developed a great respect for the water and a love of sailing. The Chung family was involved in sailboat racing together for a number of years, but has moved away from that, and now sails for fun and to enjoy the great outdoors. Every weekend in the summer, they invite family or friends to join them on their boat

They work together as a team, and Janet says her husband’s motto is “The family that sails together stays together.” “So far that’s worked,” says Janet with a laugh. – ROSALIND DUANE,



Kids sizes avai lable!



$ 88


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o u t f i t t e r s

Extrasport Livery PFD Reg. $59

SALE $24 Amundson Impulse 11’ x 32” Reg. $1024.95


and head out to Bowen Island for some swimming, around Passage Island, or up toward Gibsons and Squamish. All four family members have their own role on the boat, although Janet says those roles were never officially assigned; they just gravitated toward them on their own.









Boardshort s

Mens, Ladies &


All im Sw wear

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Janet Chung (left), rd, her husband Edwa and and kids Elizabeth e Douglas share a lov ir of sailing (with the dog Bailey).

any other PFD, Leash and Paddle if you choose to upgrade

Surftech 9” Leash Reg. $30

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A30 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

Safe water ways Police boat making regular weekend rounds With summer in full swing, it’s a good time to consider water safety. Recently, the North Vancouver RCMP detachment began active, regular patrols of local waterways. “We’re there to make sure that people have a safe, enjoyable time and get back to their launch at night,” explains Cpl. Richard De Jong, of the North Vancouver RCMP. The police marine patrol vessel will take to the water every weekend for the rest of the summer performing safety checks as recreational boating season gets underway. “We’re also there to educate the boating community. We want them to be safe. We want them to enjoy themselves,” says De Jong.

Go Fish


Greg Hamilton shows his six-year-old daughter Olivia how to cast a fishing line, while her four-year-old brother Rayan watches, as part of B.C. Family Fishing Day presented by Metro Vancouver and the Seymour Salmonid Society June 16 at Rice Lake. The event featured licence-free fishing, exhibitions, a barbecue, and more, as part of an annual B.C. fishing weekend to encourage people to try fishing. Scan with Layar app for more photos.


Safety checks include a list of required equipment on board. Depending on the type and size of the boat, that equipment may include items such as operator proof of competency cards, fire extinguishers and lifejackets. “We strongly recommend

that young children wear them at all times. Adults can set the example by wearing them themselves,” says De Jong of life-jackets, which are mandatory to have on board. De Jong says he has seen boaters who sit on their lifejackets, and says police can’t enforce common sense. Sometimes the crew has made boaters aware of deficiencies at the marine launch before their boat is even in the water. “You’d be surprised what people try to put into the water after it sits all winter,” says De Jong. If you experience a flat tire on the road you can walk home, but on the water if there’s an emergency you don’t have a lot of choice for backup and assistance, he adds. It’s important for boaters to be prepared before they hit the water, notes De Jong. Accidents happen very quickly on the water, he says. “We want people to enjoy the water especially in the summer time and to do it safely.” – ROSALIND DUANE,

Get Jacked at the Summer of Lumberjacks! Laugh with lumberjacks. Experience eagles, owls and hawks. Meet Grizzly Bears and more. Get it all with just one ticket at Grouse Mountain. So close, a world away.


Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A31




Bed. Built-in batteryoperated pump with reverse feature. Carry bag. 76-2592-8. Reg 84.99.




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41.49-96.99 Cabana Table or Chairs. 88-1462X. Reg 50.00-130.00.

QUAKER STATE OIL $15** SYNTHETIC * CHANGE OIL CHANGE PACKAGE INCLUDES: • Up to 5L of Quaker State synthetic oil • MotoMaster oil filter

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P R O U D LY C A N A D I A N . . . L O C A L LY O W N E D & O P E R AT E D

A32 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

Jessica Whyte tests her balance under the watchful eye of Pedalhead’s Nick Pavlakis.

L MCGR ATH NEWS file photo PAU

Safe pedal steps We asked Nick Pavlakis, community and media liaison for Pedalheads, for a few bike safety tips for kids. How do parents know if their kid is ready for mountain biking or trail riding?



Outdoor BootCamp

Mountain Bike Trail Trekkers Hiking group

Volleyball Supervised Outdoor Fitness Circuit


Road biking

NEW MEMBERS WELCOME Find out more about our great value Fitness Memberships!

One of the best ways to enjoy the great outdoors is to get involved in mountain biking. For parents who are interested in getting their kids involved with riding local mountains there are three questions to ask when considering if your child is ready: Is my child a confident bike rider who can start, stop, and steer with ease? Is my child mature enough to understand the dangers involved with mountain biking? Does my child have a properly maintained mountain bike that will help give them a positive experience? If the answer to all of these is “Yes,” your child is probably ready to hit the downhill slopes. If your child is really interested in doing more advanced mountain biking trails, consider getting a full-face helmet along with some other gear like gloves, shin pads and chest protectors to help prevent injuries. How can parents help prepare their child for safe bike riding? Helmets, helmets, helmets! The first rule of biking is to always wear a helmet. It’s important to teach children about the importance of wearing a helmet to prevent head injuries. Another way to promote safe bike riding is to join your kids as much as you can. Kids who are left to their own devices will be more likely to learn unsafe bike riding habits. By teaming up for rides, you can show your kids what safe biking is all about. While you may have developed some bad habits yourself over the years, this will be a time to really think about what kind of young bikers you want to raise. The roads and trails can be dangerous, so join your kids and make sure you talk to them about the hazards they may encounter. What are some common bike safety errors or myths? In all my years working at Pedalheads Bike Camps, one myth stands out more than any other: Just wearing a helmet is good enough. Unfortunately, ill-fitting helmets are something we see all too often at our camps on the first day. Wearing a helmet is extremely important, so is how the helmet fits. A loose-fitting helmet that moves around when the child shakes their head will not provide the same level of safety as a snug-fitting helmet. To check if your child’s helmet fits right, ensure you cannot fit more than two fingers between their chin and the straps. Also check if the helmet is on straight. It should fit straight across the forehead and around the rest of the head. If your child’s helmet is tilted too far forward or backward, part of their head will be exposed to a fall. The two-finger rule works here as well: Place two fingers together horizontally above your child’s eyebrows and run the two fingers straight across the forehead. This is how much room should be between the eyebrows and the helmet. With a little extra thought towards safety, parents can rest easy knowing they kids are having fun while staying safe. Happy trail riding.

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A33

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A34 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

CALENDAR From page 28 5 p.m. Info: Silk Purse Arts Centre: 1570 Argyle Ave., West Vancouver. Info and reservations: 604-925-7292 or The Jazz Waves Festival will run through August at 7:30 p.m. with a variety of styles including jazz, blues, boggie-woogie, Latin jazz, free form and more. Schedule: July 18, James Danderfer Trio. Tickets: $25/$20. Poncho & Sal will perform Thursday, July 25 at 10:30 a.m. Tickets: $15/$12. THEATRE Granville Island Revue Stage: 1601 Johnston St., Vancouver. Info: or 604-629-8849. Crusin’ with the Boomers: Take a drive down memory lane and celebrate the classic rock-pop hits that inspired a whole generation! July 16-27 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $39/$29 preview night only. Kay Meek Centre: 1700 Mathers Ave., West Vancouver. Tickets: or 604-981-6335. Aurash — Sade: The ballad of Aurash as performed by the inmates of the half-ruined Asylum of Freedom July 12-14 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $45.

DANCE Capilano University Performing Arts Theatre: 2055 Purcell Way, North Vancouver. Tickets: 604-990-7810 or capilanou. ca/nscucentre. Huri: Choreographed and directed by Delara Tiv, an Iranian flamenco dancer based in Madrid with Nieves Hidalgo, Juan Triviño, Alvaro Antona and Manuel Montero. Tickets: $40 by calling the following phone numbers: 604-721-2176 or 604-7206033.

604-926-8838. Jazz Pianist Randy Doherty will perform every Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 8 to 11 p.m. Rusty Gull: 175 East First St., North Vancouver. Live music every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday; Mostly Marley performs every Sunday, 7 p.m. Sailor Hagar’s Brew Pub: 235 West First St., North Vancouver. Info: 604-984-3087. Live music every Friday and Saturday, 9 p.m.1 a.m.

CLUBS AND PUBS La Zuppa: 1544 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: 604-9866556. Narrows Pub: 1979 Spicer Rd., North Vancouver. Mist Ultra Bar: 105-100 Park Royal, West Vancouver. Info: 604926-2326. DJs spin classic dance music from the 80s, 90s and today. Queens Cross Pub: 2989 Lonsdale Ave., North Vancouver. Info: The Raven Pub: 1052 Deep Cove Rd., North Vancouver. Info: Adam Woodall performs acoustic music every Thursday, 7:3011:30 p.m. Red Lion Bar & Grill: 2427 Marine Drive, West Vancouver. Info:

OTHER EVENTS Ambleside Park: Argyle Avenue and 15th Street, West Vancouver. SFU Philosopher’s Cafe: Everyone is welcome to join a discussion with moderator Martin Hunt Wednesday, July 17 at 7 p.m. Topic: If you can’t get something from nothing, was there ever nothing? Info: 778-782-8000 or Meet by the concession stand. West Vancouver Memorial Library: 1950 Marine Dr., West Vancouver. Info: 604-925-7407 or Monday Movie Nights: The library will screen movies on Mondays at 6:30 p.m. Schedule: July 8, Life of Pi; July 15, Late Quartet; July 22, Hitchcock and July 29, Hyde Park on Hudson. — compiled by Debbie Caldwell. Email information for your North Shore event to


restaurant guide $ Bargain Fare ($5-8) $ $ Inexpensive ($9-12) $ $ $ Moderate ($13-15) $ $ $ $ Fine Dining ($15-25) LIVE MUSIC

AUSTRIAN Jagerhof Restaurant


Best Little Schnitzel House in Town

71 Lonsdale Ave, N. Van. 604-980-4316

BISTRO Cindy’s Café


Local favourite Cindy’s Café is now open for diner every Friday and Saturday night.Come for the good food,stay for the friendly atmosphere and enjoy our free BYOWine policy. Corkage is for strangers! Cindy’s is for neighbours.Visit for details and reserve with Patrick at 604-925-2880.

1850 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-925-2880

Larson Station West Coast Bistro & Banquets $$$ For 2 or 200! Enjoy sweeping views through the 6th fairway,to the ocean at Gleneagles Clubhouse.Larson Station West Coast Bistro,a fabulous little restaurant and banquet facility, tucked away on the Gleneagles Golf Course.LIVE MUSIC Fridays & Saturdays BRUNCH on weekends. Family friendly & casual,with flavours of the West Coast.

6190 Marine Drive, West Vancouver 778-279-8874

Truffle House & Café


The Truffle House & Café is truly a warm place to eat European cuisine with friendly service and reasonable price. Philippe & Fabienne Chaber have created a cozy and comfortable atmosphere and offer a delicious combination of French, Italian and West Coast specialties that your taste buds will love.Already well known for their brunch & lunch, the Truffle House is pleased to offer you DINNER! Join us Friday & Saturday evenings from 5-10 pm for delicious seasonal menus.

2452 Marine Drive, W. Van. 604-922-4222


The Salmon House

The Cheshire Cheese Restaurant & Bar


Excellent seafood and British dishes on the Waterfront. Friday and Saturday, Prime Rib Dinner. Sunday, Turkey Dinner.Weekends and Holidays, our acclaimed Eggs Benny. Open for lunch or dinner, 7 days a week.

2nd Floor Lonsdale Quay Market, N. Van. 604-987-3322

CHINESE Neighbourhood Noodles House


North Shore’s best variety & quality Chinese food.Serving Lunch & Dinner 7 days a week.Eat in,10% off takeout. Free delivery min.$20.00 order within 3 kms.

1352 Lonsdale Ave., N. Van. 604-988-9885

Chef Hung Taiwanese Noodle


Critically acclaimed worldwide for its delectable beef noodle, Chef Hung has won numerous Championships in Taiwan and now crowned the Best Noodle House in Vancouver! Come see what all the excitement is about.

1560 Marine Dr., W. Van. 778-279-8822 UBC Wesbrook Village: 102 - 3313 Shrum Lane, Vancouver 604-228-8765 Aberdeen Centre: 2800 - 4151 Hazelbridge Way, Richmond • 604-295-9357

FINE DINING The Observatory



An epicurean experience 3700’ above the twinkling lights of Vancouver.

Grouse Mtn, 6400 Nancy Greene Way, N. Van. 604-998-4403


Serving spectacular views and fine, indigenous west coast cuisine for over 30 years. Lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Live entertainment in Coho Lounge on weekend evenings.

2229 Folkestone Way, W. Van. Reservations: or call 604-926-3212

FRENCH Chez Michel


Classic French cuisine served in an elegant and graceful setting. For over 34 years, Chez Michel has treated guests to only the best. Traditional seafood and meat entrees, dressed in rich, tempting sauces, are specially featured alongside a superb selection of wines and a decadent dessert list. Superior service with a waterfront view helps complete your lunch or dinner experience.

1373 Marine Dr. (2nd flr) W. Van. 604-926-4913

GREEK Kypriaki Taverna


For the BEST quality and the BEST prices, come visit or call for delivery today. Open everyday @ Noon for lunch.Voted one of the top 5 Greek restaurants in the Lower Mainland.With our outstanding food, reasonable prices, friendly service and candle-lit charm you will see why so many people call it their favourite restaurant. Call for delivery/ take out tonight or come in for a relaxing Mediterranean experience.

1356 Marine Dr, N. Van. 604-985-7955


INDIAN Handi Cuisine of India


Reader’s Choice 2006 Winner offering Authentic Indian Cuisine. Open for lunch and dinner,7 days a week.Weekend buffet,ocean view, free delivery.

1340 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-925-5262 Where one spicy sauce does not fit all.Readers’Choice award winning restaurant for 5 years! Open for Lunch & Dinner.Lunch Buffet $10.95.

116 East 15th St, N. Van. 604-986-7555

PUB $$

Voted the North Shore’s favourite pub 16 years running by you. The Bear is your local, friendly, comfortable pub that is 100% smoke free.We have ample free parking, Take-Out menu, Daily drink and food specials, full sports coverage, and a large, heated veranda. Come in for a bite and a drink.


A Lower Lonsdale legend for 23 years. Home to the best in live music Wed, Fri, Sat & Sun nights. Great food selection that surpasses the norm. The best weekend breakfasts ‘til 2pm. Great selection of import draft. All Canucks PPV games on the big screens.

175 East 1st St., N. Van. 604-988-5585


Offers an excellent menu, the best craft brewed ales & lagers in Vancouver, live music, satellite sports, pool table, dart boards & heated patio with a spectacular city view.

86 Semisch Ave., N. Van. 604-984-3087


Damn good pub! We try to take everything that’s good about a pub, and leave out what’s not, then add lots more good… Start with a comfortable room around a giant fireplace, add 20 ice cold brews on tap, really damn good food, some awesome events, and pretty much the most personable group of folks you’ll ever meet… and welcome to the Village Tap House! Come in for dinner, to catch the game on our dozens of high-def flat screens, or check the events page to see what’s happening this week.

1C - 900 Main Street, Village at Park Royal, West Vancouver 604-922-8882

SEAFOOD C-Lovers Fish & Chips


The best fish & chips on the North Shore!

1177 Lynn Valley Road, N. Van 604.990.8880

The Rusty Gull

Sailor Hagar’s Neighbourhood Pub

Village Tap House

Palki Best Indian Cuisine $ $

The Black Bear Neighbhourhood Pub


Marine Dr. @ Pemberton, N. Van. 604-980-9993 & OUR NEW LOCATION: 6640 Royal Ave., Horseshoe Bay, W. Van. 604-913-0994

Montgomery’s Fish & Chips$ The fastest growing Fish & Chips on the North Shore.

International Food Court, Lonsdale Quay Market 604-929-8416

THAI Thai PudPong Restaurant


West Vancouver’s original Thai Restaurant. Serving authentic Thai cuisine. Open Monday-Friday for lunch. 7 days a week for dinner.

1474 Marine Dr., W. Van. 604-921-1069

WEST COAST The Lobby Restaurant at the Pinnacle Hotel


Inspired by BC’s natural abundance of fabulous seafood and the freshest of ingredients, dishes are prepared to reflect west coast cuisine. Open 7-days a week for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night lounge.We are located on the corner of Lonsdale & Esplanade. The Lobby Bar: We now have Live music every Friday night from 8-11pm!

138 Victory Ship Way, N. Van. 604-973-8000



Enjoy your Waterfront dining experience with our extensive menu. From eggs benny to juicy burgers during our popular brunches to our famous prime rib,hot scallop salad, clam chowder,king crab,steaks, seafood style cordon bleu.Rooms available for private parties and free parking.Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner seven days a week.View full menu

1653 Columbia St, N. Van. (2 blks South of Main & Mtn Hwy under the bridge) 604-988-0038

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A35

Your Community


Or call to place your ad at




ELIZABETH ECKERT 10 years ago you passed on and we miss you every day. Forever in our hearts. Destiny and Luke

It broke our hearts to lose you, But you did not go alone. For Part of us went with you, The day God called your home.

COLLIER, Kathleen Kay passed away peacefully on Monday July 1, 2013 at LGH surrounded by husband Greg, son David, grand daughter Samantha. Also survived by great grand children, Drayton, Jenna, Ella and Angel & neices. Kay worked as a telephone operator at BC Tel and Woodwards both in West Vancouver and was a star bowler for the Alley Cats and enjoyed her home & garden very much. She also enjoyed vacationing in Hawaii and sailing. After years of sickness she will be at rest with no pain. No service by request.

Forever in our hearts Love David (son) Catherine (daughter) and George Crawford

OBITUARIES Jennifer Nichols (Kendrick) February 14, 1965 - June 13, 2013. It is with heavy hearts we announce the peaceful passing of Jennifer at the age of 48. Jenny is survived by her husband Tom, children Kathleen, Leiha, Ben and Ashley, parents Gwen Kendrick and Bryan Kendrick, siblings Susan, Paul and Andrew and her nieces and nephews. Jenny will be forever loved and dearly missed. No service by request.

McCRAE, Dorothy Faye

Aug 12 1940 - July 9 2013 Regretfully we announce that Faye (nee Rickerby) passed away on Tuesday evening from lung cancer complications after a short hospitalization in Lions Gate. Born in Naniamo and trained as a Registered Nurse at the VGH School of Nursing. She later travelled with her husband George to remote places before settling as a long term resident of North Vancouver and Worlcombe Island. Faye worked at the North Shore News for several years in Production and Purchasing roles. In recent years she enjoyed return vacations to New Orleans and several cruises - no cooking or housekeeping!! Faye leaves behind her loving family, an extended family and many friends. An avid gardener we suggest you plant and water a flower in your garden or somewhere as a memory place for you. No service is planned but small gatherings of her circles will be held at a later date.





In loving Memory Gordon A. Crawford June 14, 1947 - July 13, 1993


Phone Hours: Mon to Fri 8 am to 5 pm Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Blair Francis Barnes of West Vancouver on July 6, 2013 at Lion’s Gate Hospital. Blair leaves behind his loving wife Mary in their 60th year of marriage, daughters Bernadette (Henri), Maureen (Joe), Laura (Jim), and Janice (Mike). Grandchildren Marc (Fawn), Darcy, Nicole (Lee), Jeremy, Heather, Aline (Mike) Carrie, Katie (Adrian) Michel (Melissa), and Stephanie; as well as 3 great-grandchildren Edward, Elyse, and Taj, and his sister Shellah. We would like to thank all that have helped us through this difficult period, and in particular thank Jackie Falcon, Dr Sasha, Dr Sugar and the Chemotherapy and Palliative Care teams at Lions Gate Hospital for their loving support. Funeral Service will be held at St. Anthony’s Catholic Parish, 2347 Inglewood Ave, West Vancouver, B.C. on Thursday July 11, 2013 at 11:00am. Interment will be held on Saturday July 20, 2013 11:15am at Nelson Cemetery in Nelson B.C. In lieu of flowers a donation to the charity of your choice or the Lions Gate Foundation (Chemotherapy unit) is appreciated.

COAN, Tyrrel (Terry)

Passed away suddenly on June 26th, 2013, at the age of 73. Survived by his loving wife Marilyn, sons Darryl and Shae, 3 grandchildren, and siblings Claude, Carole, and Alan. Terry was born in The Pas, Manitoba in 1939, but lived most of his life in North Vancouver. Terry was an incredibly soulful and talented musician, and was a founding member of the Vancouver rhythm and blues band, “The Viscounts”. In 1969, he and his partners took over a small electronics shop, and built it into an iconic North Shore business, “CGM Electronics”. Terry was a passionate collector, who enjoyed rebuilding and maintaining antique radios, musical keyboards, a ‘55 T-Bird, and more. A Celebration of Life will be held at Boal Chapel 1505 Lillooet Rd, North Van, 604-980-3451, on July 20th, 2013 at 2:00pm. In lieu of flowers, donations to North Shore Community Dialysis Unit (117 – 260 W. Esplanade North Vancouver, BC V7M 3G7) or the BC Kidney Foundation would be appreciated.

Hollyburn Funeral Home 604922-1221

ANNOUNCEMENTS CRIMINAL RECORD? Canadian Record Suspension (Criminal pardon) seals record American waiver allows legal entry. Why risk employment, business, travel, licensing, deportation, peace of mind? Free consultation: 1-800-347-2540


7:M /?!>#< "3 N?@H?,'< "' A#>=)# BP/0 C#'/=@% Q='1=#5

G='E?% 6 QDO B7 6 7P?; - +L;

C@"?/,?' C=>/=@?> C#'/@# +BMP C";;#@4,?> A@,9#I .?'F &'3"K 2PJ $8P-+7M$ 6 *E;K (MFPP




LOST PUPPIE BLACK LAB 8 weeks old black Lab name Abennie, friends on holiday, we lost it here, please help us! Around Edgemount area on Saturday around 3pm. 778−868−4070 bentleyandcartel@

PSYCHICS TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers, CALL NOW 24/7 Toll FREE 1-877-342-3032 Mobile: #4486


LOST CAT 1 yr old neutered male, blk w/ white chest & paws, blue eyes. Lost near 22nd & Jefferson Ave, WVan. Reward. 604.805.0793 LOST Prescription glasses at Kates Park on Sat June 30th 604-988-2742



NOTICE TO CREDITORS AND OTHERS RE: The Estate of Albert Henry Klan aka Albert H. Klan aka Albert Klan aka Al Klan, Deceased, formerly of #307 – 2020 Cedar Village Cres., North Vancouver, BC Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of ALBERT HENRY KLAN, Deceased, are hereby notified under section 38 of the Trustee Act that particulars of their claims should be sent to the Executor, c/o C.D. Wilson Law Corporation, 630 Terminal Avenue North, Nanaimo, B.C. V9S 4K2, on or before August 21, 2013, after which date the Executor will distribute the Estate among the parties entitled to it, having regard to the claims of which the Executor then has notice.

ERNEST SIBLEY HAYNES, also known as ERNEST HAYNES, Deceased, formerly of 3964 Westridge Avenue, West Vancouver, BC. .

Creditors and others having claims against the estate of the Deceased, who died on January 31, 2013, at West Vancouver, BC, are required to send full particulars of such claims to the undersigned Executor at #2700 -700 West Georgia St. Vancouver, BC, V7Y 1B8, on or before August 5, 2013, after which the estate’s assets will be distributed, having regard only to the claims that have been received. BMO Trust Company, Executor. Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP, Barristers + Solicitors. .

NOTICE TO CREDITORS Notice is hereby given that Creditors and others having claims against the Estate of Philip John Harrison, otherwise known as Philip J. Harrison and Phil Harrison, formerly of 190 East Braemar Road, North Vancouver, British Columbia V7N 1P9, Deceased, are hereby required to send the particulars of their claims to the Administrator c/o Fast & Company Law firm, #5080 8171 Ackroyd Road, Richmond, BC V6X 3K1 on or before August 31, 2013, after which date the estate’s assets will be distributed among the parties entitled to it, having regard only to the claims that have been received.


MUNRO, Joan Alison

STEYNS, CHELSEA A. AUG 30, 1976 - JUN 23, 2013

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our beautiful mother, wife, daughter, sister, teacher and friend, Chelsea Amber Steyns. Surrounded by family members, Chelsea’s courageous battle with brain cancer came to a peaceful end on Sunday, June 23, 2013. Chelsea was a highly valued member of the North Shore Community where she owned a dance school and inspired thousands of students throughout her nineteen−year career. She was a very special individual who drew people to her through her warm and outgoing personality. There were no bounds to her enthusiasm for life or to the positive way she embraced it. She was loved and cherished by all who knew her. Chelsea is survived by two beautiful sets of twins, Owen & Cooper and Maxine & Cash, husband Todd, mother Judith, father Gary, sister Emily (Theran), brother Dylan (Alicia) and countless friends and supporters. There will be a special tribute to Chelsea and a celebration of her life on Saturday, July 20th at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver. For details and times please go to In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to an account for Chelsea’s children (same website). As she danced in the light with joy, love lifted her. As she brushed against this world so gently, she lifted us.

Gone too Soon, Never to be Forgotten

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Alison Munro. She left this world peacefully on Monday July 8, surrounded by her family. Alison was 58 years old. Alison was a devoted and loving wife to her husband Bruce. She was the center of her family and adored her children Bryce and Jamie. Alison filled their lives with remarkable experiences and lots of love. She cherished her grandchildren Lauren and Elaina, who brought her endless joy and laughter. Alison was a long-time resident of North Vancouver and resided in Pemberton Heights for much of her life. In her professional career she operated a successful marine business in Horseshoe Bay with Bruce for over thirty years. She and Bruce retired after selling their business in 2007 and used their new time to enjoy life and to travel the world with family and friends. Alison lived every day fully and with thoughtfulness. She will be greatly missed by her family, including her husband of over 40 years Bruce, children and daughters-in-law, Bryce (Stacy) and Jamie (Karla), grandchildren Lauren and Elaina, mother Grace, brothers Doug (Marina) and Derek (Sandie), sister-in-law Jane (Mike), brothers-in-law Morley and Tim along with her aunts, uncle, cousins, nephews, niece and friends. Alison was predeceased by her father Jim and her brother Lorne. Alison will live on in our hearts and memories. In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to BC Cancer Agency in Alison’s name. A celebration of her life will be held at 2:30 p.m. on Friday, July 19 at the Pinnacle Hotel at the Pier, 138 Victory Ship Way, North Vancouver. We are grateful for the extraordinary care and compassion bestowed by Dr. Paul Sugar, Dr. George Chalmers and the nursing staff at North Shore Hospice.

BEATSON, George Grant It is with great sorrow we announce the death of George Grant Beatson on the 26th June 2013. Grant is survived by his wife Gerry, daughters Carla (Stewart), Sara (Jim) and Gail, and his granddaughters Daisy and Rita. Grant was born on the 24th of May 1929 in St Boniface, Manitoba and grew up in Norwood. He graduated from the University of Manitoba with a degree in Commerce in 1950. He then spent 2 years abroad, one working in the UK at AVRO’s and one travelling around the Continent. He married Gerry in 1954 and spent his first few professional years in sales travelling around the Prairies. He then joined Deloitte, Plender, Haskins and Sells in Winnipeg as a Management Consultant. With Deloitte’s he transferred the family to Edmonton, back to Winnipeg and finally to Vancouver in 1972. He left Deloitte’s and set up his own practice with Godfrey Chowne and later Julian Hoogstra joined the practice, with the business known as Chowne Beatson Hoogstra. Upon retirement, Grant spent many happy years with Gerry at home, in the garden, travelling and keeping in contact with many friends and extended family. He adored his family and in particular his granddaughters. A service will be held for Grant at a date yet to be confirmed.

Celebrate the lives of loved ones with your stories, photographs and tributes at

A36 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


EMPLOYMENT DOMESTIC HELP WANTED Live in Caregiver req’d to look after an Elderly Lady in West Van. Must have certificate & ref’s. Email resume to: or Fax 604-926-6802


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req’d, 2-7 yrs exp, n/s. North Shore & Van. 604-727-2700 HELP WANTED - LOCAL PEOPLE NEEDED!!! Simple & Flexible Online Work. 100% Genuine Opportunity. F/T & P/T. Internet Needed. Very Easy...No experience Required. Income is Guaranteed! HOUSECLEANERS NEEDED 3-5 days a week for local cleaning company. Must be fluent in English and have a valid driver’s license. Medical and Dental plan available. Call 604-980-2310


North & West Vancouver Mature f/t housecleaners required Mon to Fri, days. $11 to $16/hr. Valid BC driver’s licence required. Call: 604-987-4112

GENERAL EMPLOYMENT NEED EXTRA INCOME Earn extra cash to supplement your current income or pay off your bills. Now hiring delivery contractors for the Sun, Province & National Post in the West Vancouver area. Must have reliable vehicle and be avail from 2am to 6am daily. Earn up to $900/mo. Call to find the route closest to you. 778-968-4400 NEW ZEALAND, AUSTRALIA, EUROPE: Dairy, beef, sheep, hog & cropping opportunities for young adults (18-30). Apply now! AgriVenture arranges job & host, work permit, trainee wage, flights & insurance. Ph: 1-888-598-4415 NOW HIRING! EARN EXTRA CASH - Men & Women In Demand for Simple Work. P/TF/T. Can Be Done From Home. Acceptance Guaranteed - No Experience Required, All Welcome! PART TIME Gardening Helper. Experience not required, will train. $12/hr. 604-988-4412 Powell River Community Services Association is seeking an experienced POVERTY LAW ADVOCATE. For more information, please e-mail Julie Chambers, Executive Director.

OFFICE/CLERICAL ACCOUNTS PAYABLE ADMINISTRATOR A well established Outdoor Power Equipment Business in Surrey seeks a well-presented, well-organized, self-starter who is efficient in multitasking for a full time position available immediately. Duties include office operations, accounts payable, bank reconciliation’s, as well as strong intermediate computer skills in Microsoft Excel and Word. Daceasy and Epass would also definitely be an asset. Must have minimum of 5+ years of office experience in administration/accounting. Please send a cover letter with salary expectation and resume including references by email. No phone calls please.



required for property Management company in North Vancouver. Start date of July 22, 2013. Duties to include answering busy 8 line switchboard, data entry, mail and liaison with clients, trades and staff. Previous reception experience would be an asset. Hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm. Salary commensurate with experience. Please send resume to: A

OFFICE Coordinator needed for plumbing & heating company. Email:

EDUCATION FOODSAFE 1 Day Courses #1 in BC $67 604-272-7213

DOWNSIZINGGREAT STUFF Something for everyone! Sunday 8:30 - noon 3072 Bewicke Ave (off Queens Road)

yVh zxip^u aYz[ dpqUf^a Yz^ou


on Deluxe 20th Century Junque!

SUN JUL 21 • 10-3

Croation Cultural Center 3250 Commercial Drive 604-980-3159 Adm: $5 N. Van

GARAGE SALE Saturday & Sunday July 13 & 14, 10-3 702 West 20th Street golf eq, hotdog machine, cash reg, home/office furn, garden tools, books, TV. misc household items

GARAGE SALE Household items/ clothing Jul. 13 9:00 AM −2:00 PM 777 FRIAR CRESCENT (DEEP COVE) Rain or Shine

#$$ &!('*) +,)).%-$"

*AED#A 2 =-;, 82#:4" (2@A?:6A@& 3< 79>< #25A> >A!>A& =-;, B@D6:CA> D!?D:!? <@2:!:!? 2!C >9BBD@<& +%/&)%'&1+1' E2@A?:6:!?.B4A2&0E&E2 $$$&B4A2&E2

HOTTEST JOBS To advertise in Employment Classifieds call



4215 Glenhaven Crescent Kids Clothes,Toys, houshold Items, furniture

North Van

GARAGE SALE 4672 Wickenden Rd Sat July 13 & July 14 10am-4pm. Furniture, dishes & nik-naks!


mxip^u WXe` _yh ^x\[ OGJ^F[V NZJPG^R Wn^f vty]xo zd gty]no cqoYuuYdft _Tkrh r]y m^woYfxp cj^ks bxf\dlj^w V]gZVvhZvvgy

HUGE MULTI FAMILY - GARAGE SALE SAT JULY 13, 9-12 NOON 3900 INDIAN RIVER DR V7G 2G7 Toys, clothing, household goods, sports, books, games, electronics, much more!

$!,) /%(- "!*+ .+)&'*+)#

Saturday, July 13 10am-2pm 4990 Ranger Ave Lots of current paperback titles and hardcovers. Great choice. Save lots of $$$$$

Garage Sale Sat July 13th, 10-2 2548 Fromme Rd

Sporting goods, tools, kids stuff,New Stuff!! etc. etc.

Garage Sale

Sat/Sun July 13 & 14,

N. Van




!$&* +#)-$* )%,-($$"' 518" 1" *3+0$11.'


JULY, 9−4, 243 W. 19th Street, N Van. All contents of house for sale − furniture & more!

"#''!% ($ )!%!&&&&&&&&!04 $3)(3 2..+-0/ 1.( AVDZVDB [MW GKB^VBBVB ".( .%( 5%'# ,!&-. '3!'.0*

+&(*"( *!!&, '% !($"#% *-) ITTN CSRPPRH LZVFX EF][MF YVUKDV II[O KD [U^VD \HOF $"480&%3+,* 0653*( +3*("&+"4( 3*("96/*135 .2')7 %0(35 JVB^ JDV[QU[B^ PPPURVJOLOPKTMSROQTOWRUNVJ .) !3"+* /4 " +0#-

34<;5;9;7> = A?:6@8> 974B B7B27?

Take Your Pick from the

NORTH VANCOUVER, Large Moving Sale, 726 Weymouth Drive Lynn Valley: Sunday July 14, 9AM − 3PM *Large Moving Sale* Items include TV stands, Table & Chairs, Plates & Glasses, Art, Sports Equipment, Decorative Items, Bed & Mattress, Clothing, Kitchen Items, Electronics, and Much − Much More! Rain or Shine

Sat/Sun, July 13/14th 10am to 5pm

HUGE GARAGE SALE JUL 13 & 14, 9-1PM LOTS of households from JAPAN, furniture & much more & lots of FREE STUFF! Will bring out different stuff each day. 2112 Mahon Ave (at back) Rain or Shine

wb™}•–™t‹tmt…tb™q 9"7 3A@)/)C)#4 ; <7."2D4 D#5A7C+#2C )4 7#45.24)>/# !.7 C-# '#2#7A/ "50##5 A2D @/#A2/)2#44 .! :A5)/A2.1 *% 0##5)2' ."7 (A4-7..+4$ !..D ?#2"#4$ ACC7A@C).24$ A2D 'A7D#24 @/#A2 C-)4 C#A+ @.2C7)>"C#4 D)7#@C/% C. ."7 '"#4C #&5#7)#2@#1 8-)4 )4 A !A4C 5A@#D D#5A7C+#2C C-AC 7#6")7#4 C-# A>)/)C% C. +"/C),CA40 A2D (.70 )2 ?A7)#D (#AC-#7 @.2D)C).241 xs—mtŒ{—…t•–™q B :.+5/#C).2 .! -)'- 4@-../$ 4.+# @.//#'# .7 C#@-2)@A/ C7A)2)2' B =7#?)."4 #&5#7)#2@# "4)2' '#2#7A/ -A2D A2D 5.(#7 C../4 B *A4)@ 02.(/#D'# .! 5/"+>)2'$ @A75#2C7%$ #/#@C7)@A/$ -#AC)2' 4%4C#+4 .7 'A7D#2)2' ~€kŒˆk kŒh€ mp{Š Škˆ{k ‰ ipxkŠ €kŽŽkŠ Žp‡ pwˆyiŒ}wŠh‚vkzip wm s{€m fr… |jf

VANCOUVER Community College Parking Lot ONE OF A KIND GS CAR BOOT SALE Special + Unique Stuff Sun July 14, 10−3pm Proceeds to BC Childhood Cancer Parents’ Assoc.

175 tables of Bargains

EMPLOYMENT 5!12;% $& -!=4 >=!0 9!0?& /& 3?2@ 1 #!6"< @?=;!"& .& *? >62>722?A& :=7!=78#% :3()' :,'+

NORTH VAN HUGE GARAGE SALE! Saturday, Jul 13 9−1pm 254 W 27th St, Back Lane. No Early Birds Clothes, furniture, more!



kg`ma inp]ihd njj a`nm bl__ ^ flo_


10 -3ish 848 East 6th St

Household items, New Items Each Day! etc.

NORTH VAN MOVING SALE Sat July 13th, 9-3 Sat/Sun July 20/21, 9-3 Unit 12 - 3150 Sunnyhurst Cook items, art stuff, antiquies, New items, furniture!

North Van

MOVING SALE 647 E Osborne Rd Sat July 13th 10am-2pm Furniture, household items etc...


Moving Sale Sat July 13, 9-Noon 4656 Tourney Rd

Clothing, household items, bike, etc. etc.


Moving Sale Sat/Sun July 13 & 14, 9-2 618 East 22nd St

Household items, furniture, buffet table, china, crystal..

Pemberton Heights North Van ESTATE SALE SAT 10-2PM Antiques, crystal, china, Natural gas bbq, brick or brack Etc. GARGAGE SALE SUN 10-2 Furn, household items, planters & misc,.

1054 West 22nd St. TOWNHOUSE GARAGE SALE North Vancouver. Sat. July 13, 10 to 2 225 East 6th Street

1100 Block of 6th Ave. Great Northern Way, 2 Blocks West of Clark Dr W. VAN GARAGE SALE SAT. JULY 13TH, 9-2 3060 PROCTER Sporting goods, shoes, designer clothes, purses. Dishes (Italy & France). Chairs, carpet, linens, cushions & more.

WEST VAN - BRIT PROP GARAGE/MOVING SALE Sat July 13 8:30 − 2pm 1115 Chartwell Crescent Household, antiques, furniture, tools & more WEST VAN Huge Estate & Moving Sat July 13th, 8-1 3681 Mathers Ave (across fr McKechnie Park) Something for everyone! Don’t Miss Out! Great Prices! West Van

MOVING SALE Sat, July 13, 9am-1pm Wood working tools & general household items.

1528 Mathers St West Van MULTI FAMILY GARAGE & ESTATE SALE 1010 Esquilamt Ave, Sat July 13th, 9am-3pm, Household/kitchen items, antiques, clothes, jewelry, furniture, books and more.



BUILDING SUPPLIES STEEL BUILDING - DIY SUMMER SALE! - BONUS DAYS EXTRA 5% OFF. 20X22 $3,998. 25X24 $4,620. 30X34 $6,656. 32X42 $8,488. 40X54 $13,385. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422. STEEL BUILDINGS/METAL BUILDINGS UP TO 60% OFF! 30x40, 40x60, 50x80, 60x100, 80x100 sell for balance owed! Call: 1-800-457-2206

FURNITURE CAR BED Little Tyke Red Car bed with trunk toy box. $200. (604) 943−1551, email: Walnut Dining ste, hutch, 6 chrs, & table: $450 obo. 6 kitchen chairs: $200 obo. Office furniture $100 + more. 604340-3378

HEALTH PRODUCTS Restless Leg Syndrome & Leg Cramps? Fast Relief In One Hour. Sleep At Night. Proven For Over 32 Years. Mon-Fri 8-4 EST 1-800-765-8660.

FOR SALE - MISC AT LAST! An iron filter that works. IronEater! Fully patented Canada/U.S.A. Removes iron, hardness, smell, manganese. Since 1957. Visit our 29 innovative inventions; Phone 1-800-BIGIRON. Body Glove Drysuit ladies size 8, exc condt $55 604-9851800 HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colors Available. Call 1-866-652-6837, www.

MEN’S XL Bicycle 22" $300. Explorer 2, Jamis bike,gel seat, bike rack, saddle bags. 604−946−1950.

WHOLE BODY VIBRATION Fitness Machine Clearance Sale. WBV machines from $99! 819 West 1st St., North Van, V7P 1A4. (604) 985−4398. email

FREE FREE Cedar wood chunks, located at rear laneway behind blue garage 953 Drayton Street FREE FILL - Delivered for free. North & West Van. Minimum 5 yards. 604-985-4211 FREE TIMES single mattress, TV, headboards, computer screen , dbl gazed windows, rocking chair, assorted blinds & more. 604-929-1356

WANTED CASH PAID! TEAK FURN. + All RETRO & ANTIQUE items & collectibles Derek 604-442-2099 Thanks!

BUSINESS FOR SALE Meadow Lake BUSINESS FOR SALE. Self-serve car wash + r/o water vending station + computer repair business. Also 1000 sq. ft. of unused indoor space to develop. Serious enquiries only please phone 306.236.3339, 306.240.7778 or email


BENGAL KITTENS, vet check, 1st shots dewormed, $200-$400/ea Mission 1-604-266-8104


CFA Himalayan Kittens Show cattery pet $500.00 + alter, prefer home w/no cat/dog. Port Moody. Call: (604) 939−1231


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

M A K E I T A S U CC E S S ! Call 604-630-3300

GERMAN SHEPHERD X Lab pups, 8wks old, 1st shots, $300 each, 604-657-2072

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A37



GOLDEN RETRIEVER pups CKC reg, vet a, ch parents, health tested. (604)794-3786

1 BR condo by owner, prkg, storage, new ss appls, hardwood, W. 4th off Lonsdale. 624sqft, $240k 604-505-9798



Part Time Bookkeeper req’d for North Van company. Duties include GST, HST, filing, Corporate Tax return, Month end reports. Fax Resume to: 604-980-6503

FINANCIAL SERVICES If you own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit/Age/ Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161 MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1877-776-1660.

LEGAL SERVICES CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

(%)9 '/.%7 &/0")< /22 934243456 .0821757

STEVESTON VERY lg 1284 sf 2br 2ba top floor condo, mtn views $455k 604-275-7986 id5376

7 ,D 5K..$KK. L23+I34 G ,D 57.K. L23+I34 H ,D 57HK. L23+I34 N-:I&8FL- 57J). L23+I34 C6-=I?=FQ?M *"I/ > P=-?: A"-0L1 !F(- ,?Q=8:"-L @?QS I8 C&86L > BM?:L"I !?M;088; %Q88ML #/O< C0"OO":( N88Q

;,!:144:64!; 9H) R?M":- 'M"E-

000+-%)9)/.%78/0")<%-8+$/5 CULTUS LK gardener’s dream 1160sf 2br 1.5ba rancher, a/c 55+ $63K. 604-858-9301. id5400 GUILDFORD 199SF 3br, 2ba w/bment suite on huge 8640 sf lot, $489,000 604-613-1553 id5608

SMALL PEACEFUL FARM set up for horses right beside South Langley riding trail. Bright & comfortable older 2 bd home, f/p, barn, riding rings, pastures. $849,900. 604-323-4788. id 76788


1 & 2 BR’s, view, avail Now, 1 year lease, 125 West 19th, N/S, No Pets, coin w/d, 778-554-0537 1665 DUCHESS. W Van, 2 BR, 1.5 bath, Aug 1, Updated, hardwood, ht, hw, 1 yr lease, ns/np, $1550, 604-926-0594 1 BR $950, avail Aug 1st, balc, 18/Lonsdale, carpet, incl heat hw, 1 yr lease. np, ns, 604-988-4692 1 BR ChesterfIeld & 15, mnt view, balc. $880 &up, incl ht, hw, cbl, np, 1yr lse, 604-330-4555 1 BR lrg 18/Lons, incl ht & hw, drapes, balc, elevator, ns np $975, Aug1, 604-220-6817 1BR W. 20th & Lonsdale, heat, hw & prkg, np/ns, Aug. 1st. Refs req’d. 604-960-0452 2 BR avail July 1 Lynn Valley, large $1195 Parklike Setting, Outdoor Pool Playground, drapes, heat & prkg incld. 1 yrlease. no pets 1228 Emery Pl. 604-987-4922

LOANS &??A ,D:< L%AD4M $5' D E?<-C+?M

.%KK%5 J# L% @6>B333

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555P"-7O7%#(%D':PC%) 83=/999/>3=8

PERSONALS LUXURY MASSAGE 778-340-2778 1053 Marine Dr, North Van GENTLEMEN! Attractive, discreet European lady is available for company. 604-451-0175

PHOENIX MASSAGE CTR. Now Open - New High Qlty

International Girls Always Fresh! Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Punjabi,Thai,Caucasian Great Massage Now Hiring. 10am-Midnight every day.

2263 Kingsway at Nanaimo St.Van 604.294.8038 .

RECYCLING FREE UPRIGHT Grand Piano, you pick up. Bench included. Lester Philadelphia Brand. 604-987-5327

All advertising published in this newspaper is accepted on the premise that the merchandise and services offered are accurately described and willingly sold to buyers at the advertised prices. Advertisers are aware of these conditions. Advertising that does not conform to these standards or that is deceptive or misleading, is never knowingly accepted. If any reader encounters non-compliance with these standards we ask that you inform the Publisher of this newspaper and The Advertising Standards Council of B.C. OMISSION AND ERROR: The publishers do not guarantee the insertion of a particular advertisement on a specified date, or at all, although every effort will be made to meet the wishes of the advertisers. Further, the publishers do not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing of an advertisement beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by the portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred. Any corrections or changes will be made in the next available issue. The North Shore News will be responsible for only one incorrect insertion with liability limited to that portion of the advertisement affected by the error. Request for adjustments or corrections on charges must be made within 30 days of the ad’s expiration.

For best results please check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Refunds made only after 7 business days notice!

WATER VIEW LOT - PRICED BELOW ASSESSED VALUE! Walk to all Lower Gibsons has to offer! Call Shauna or visit for details 604−218−2077. $180,000

RECREATIONAL PROPERTY CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call us NOW. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248

GALIANO EXECUTIVE Home & Cabin on priv beach, completely furn’d, many extras, ready to move in. Reduced to Force $849,000! Global Realty. 604-802-8711


r^y†|^lyr]^lm }mll fvŽv i‘jxm Šj}m hg„‚{ rsh‹g€r‰„

ZnWVYhamlk S ZYimaaglk f ZYimaaglk d†”{ ¡ š”£Š €†p}¦Š ž£‹…‚p¦ ‡p¤” ¡ ‡¢” }¤”pmŠ ‰¢¢ƒ ¤‹…uu†ƒ ¦¤…£¤ ¡ ”p££†¦ ‹¢…m”¦ ¢£ ¦†”pŠ ˆp‹…m†”{ ¡ „†‚p¢ ~¢£†”¢m†£—Š ™£ ~¤¢m ›…¦ m¢…”pŠ

HƒgFoqG 2NI1*;N102N2 mx’‘‡~l‘ƒmx’lu… pppl‘ƒmx’lu…

1 BR, $910 1st floor, July 1 Heat & H/W incl, gated, free outside prkg, no pets, 1 yr lease 310 e 2nd. 604-700-7572

1 BDRM $985, quiet bldg, 17th/Lonsdale, sec prkg, reno’d, incl heat h/w, 604-990-8262 985-1658



*/5-7"8"7. '"3/2%8"#

PLEASE HELP! Foster & Adoptive homes urgently need for homeless dogs. 604-535-2188



2 BDRM, Central Lonsdale, 3rd floor, very lrg suite, newer reno’s incl’d new appl. & dishwasher, faces south, heat & h/water incl, n/pets, $1700 604-838-5020, 604-699-5264 DODWELL STRATA MGT 2 BR, south corner, top flr, $1200, balc, heat/hw inc, h/w fl, Adult bldg, ref’s. ns, np. 604-904-9507 2109 Bellevue h/w floors, incls hwater & heat, np/ns, 1 BDRM $1100 newly reno’d, Aug 1, 604-986-1294

2BDRM, LONSDALE & 19TH STREET clean quiet small bldg, sunny corner apt, 3rd floor, no pets, $1400, now, 604−904−4420 2 BDRM, 2 Bath, #1002 - 175 West 2nd St. view, 880sf, balc. ns np, Now, $1950. 604-3538689 2 BR $1130 Aug 1, 2 BR $1150 Aug 10th, cntrl Lonsdale, carpets, incls heat & hot/water, no pets, 604-986-6418 2BR $1250, incl ht/hotwater, prkg, storage, hw flrs, balc, quiet bldg, E 21st, Aug 1, no pets, 604-990-4088 2 BR Edgemont Village, carport big yard, 1 yr lease or mth, $2100. Children & sm pets ok. 604-926-2149, 778-772-8691 2 BR large, $1190, Aug 1, heat, hot water, h/w flrs, storage, ns/np,604-971-2456 2BR nr Cap U, very spac, renod, ns/np, $1300 incls ht/hw, 1 prkg, Aug 1, 604-921-4384 2 Br ste, $1100, Avail July 15, gated prkg, quiet, drapes, heat incl, no pets, 1 yr lease, 321 East 2nd. 604-987-5802 3 BR $1500 Aug 1, h/w flrs, incls ht/hw, Mile E of 2nd Narrows. NP, refs, 778-320-1554 3 BR upper lvl ste, 375 Bryden Way, garage, 1,200 sf, np, $1700+utils. Now, 604-987-1005 AMBLESIDE NEW 2 br, 1 bath, g/l, 900sf, own w/d, all appl, h/w floors, own garden, ns, n/p. $1800 incl. 604-512-5753


Studio (Aug 1); 1BR’s (Now & Aug 1); 2 BR’s (Aug 1) Mnt/Ocean views, incls heat & h/w. Tennis courts, indoor pool, saunas, exercise & games rooms. Walk to beach & shops. Small pet ok.604-922-8443

´A QUIET BLDG´ 2BR, 2 f/bath, 1200sf, grd flr, balc, North face, $1500, Aug 1. Carpets, drapes, ht, h/w, gated parking avail, no cats/dogs, 604-986-7745 CENTRAL LONSDALE Avail Aug 1 Spacious 1 BR corner ste . Features large kitchen, lots of storage, heat/hot water incl. N/s, n/p. $980 604-987-5969 Delbrook Gardens 777 W. Queens, 2 br $1595, 3 br $2100 604-990-2971, Wkends 778-227-5042 BACH/1 BR Avail July. Move-in allowance, Rent start $950, well maintained blding. To view call 604-985-4272 HI RISE, Central Lonsdale, 1 bdrm, view, $1100, Aug 1, Incl heat/hw, N/P. (604)985-3650 Luxury Over The Seawall! BACHELOR, pool, rec. room, pet ok, 2190 Bellevue Ave 604-926-6287

MOUNTAIN VILLAGE APTS 2 & 3 BR’s Apt, Avail Aug 1 Call 604-988-3828


Vista Del Mar 145 Keith Road Studios(Now); 1Br’s (Aug 1); 2BR’s (Aug 1) Beautiful views. Indoor pool. Heat & Hot water included. Small Pet OK. 604-986-3356 1 BR, 10th flr, W 13th Lonsdale, ss appls, view, prkg, locker, gym, insuite w/d, now 604-617-0905 PARKRIDGE TERRACE 110 E. Keith Rd. Great location, park like setting, sauna, indoor pool, parking available. ´Studio $965, 1 BR $1100, 2 BR $1395 No pets, 604-988-7379 PRIVATE OFFICES, Meeting Room/Boardroom, Kitchen 3 MONTHS FREE RENT Call Farhad at 604-765-0000 or email

SEASTRAND BLDG on seawall, reno’d 1BR, stunning oceanviews, incls utils, tv, prkg, lots of storage, long lease. $1690/mo, avail Aug 1, STUDIO/1BA $1,500 FULLY FURNISHED LUXURY SUITE LOWER LONSDALE waterview studio in Time highrise, all amenities included. Minutes to Seabus and Quay. Pets ok 604−202−2133

STUNNING OCEANFRONT LOCATION Shorewood Manor 2020 Bellevue Avenue Large 2 BR from $3000 Unobstructed Water Views Professionally Managed Indoor pool, No Pets, Incl Heat & Hot Water Call 604.926.2713 2 BR large, Lower Lonsdale, hardwood, $1300 incl heat, h/w. avail Aug 1. Cat ok. 604986-2095 THE PIER 9ft ceiling, air/c, 7 appl, 1 prkg, 100 E. Esplanade: 2&3 br $2,450-$3300, 162 Victory Ship Way 1 br $1,600 hotel/gym access Anson Rlty Helen 604-671-7263.

Place ads online @


WATERFRONT LUXURY The Pink Palace on the Seawall 2 Bdrm Indoor/outdoor pools. Fitness centre & billiard room, no smoking 2222 Bellevue Ave. To view: 604-926-0627 Westwind Apts 2025 Bellevue Ave, 2 br fully reno’d, mtn view, Cat OK, Senior discount 604-913-0734 WOODCROFT FULLERTON Ave, 1 br, Seymour Bldg, updated & west facing, quiet, gated & guarded. Short walk to Park Royal along Cap river. Pool, gym, u/g prkg, utils. $1200 Aug 1, 604-612-8267

SUITES FOR RENT 1 BDRM Ste, main flr of home, Handsworth area, very clean, own w/d, n/s, n/p, $995 incl utils. NOW (604)-980-2019 1 br+den, Aug 1, 750sf, view of Lions Gate Bridge, Touchstone Bldng, in lndry, strg lkr, undr grnd prk, sm pet cons’d ns $1500/mo 604-340-3337 2 Br, nr Cap Rd Park, sunny,quiet,h/w flrs, wd, $1450, ns, Avail now. 604-988-7338

2BDRM $1,450 GRAND BLVD NS. NP. Reno’d 5 apps F/P, PLUS 1/3 utilities. 604−762−5157 2BR/2BA $2,300/MTH WEST VANCOUVER Fully renovated BA, kitchen, patio. Near Sentinel and Chartwell school. Steps to Down− town and Park Royal Centre. No pets. Utilities included. Available now. 778−989−9395 2BR, fully furn, nr Cap U, w/d, lrg yd, NS, pets negot, Now, $800 +utils, 604-841-6344 GRAND BLVD area, Upstairs 2BR, lg liv.rm, f/p, 550sq’sun deck, beaut. view. $1800. Aug 1. 604 255-1952, 980-0226 On Grand Blvd, new home, 1 BDRM ste, 5 appls, hw flrs, ns/np, Aug 1, incls util/cbl, $1125, 980-4974 Raven Woods, 2br, 1ba, fp, SS app, stor np/ns, $1400, NOW, 604-657-6911, 604-69-0700 Upper Lons, 2 BR + den, 2 bath, upr floor of house, Aug 1st, $1400+ utils, ns/np, 604868-1210

HOUSES FOR RENT 4 BR on Grand Blvd, under reno, new gas range, paint, h/w flrs, new carpet, 2 full baths, dbl gar, n/s, n/p, Aug 1, $2775 + utils (604)980-4974 SEMI-WATERFRONT VIEW 4 bdrm+den home, Whyte cliff area, WV. 3f/p. NS/NP. Avail. Sept 1. $3,400 mo. Call: (604) 921-7175

Grandmanor Guesthouse furnished accom, Day/Wk/Mo. 604-988-6082 HOMAWAY INNS - Specializing in furn accom at reas rates. call 604-723-7820 or visit

SHARED ACCOMMODATION AVAIL NOW, 1 ROOM, Central Lonsdale, furnished, female only, student, $550 incl util. 778-859-9470 BRIGHT FURN room, tv, w/d, lovely quiet home, ns, healthy female, $495 incl, or less for small help. 604-987-3726

SHORT TERM ACCOMMODATIONS ´ VICTORIA PARK SHORT STAY ´ 1 & 2 BR Apts, from $1500/mo. Ideal for 1-6 mo stay. Renos, families, pet ok. 604-329-3272


LANGLEY NR town fully reno’s 2474sf home on 5ac ppty, suite $1,150.000 604-825-3966 see id5582

HOMESTAY HOST FAMILY wanted. Please contact us at 604-688-1811 or email:

OFFICE/RETAIL 150sf - 600sf Prime Office Space Avail for Lease. Excellent Rates! Jeff or Ross 604-980-3003

HOME SERVICES CARPENTRY ´ Kennedy & Sons Construction ´ 30yrs exp, Carpentry, Rott Repairs, Sundecks, 604-817-9004 R.C.K. CONSTRUCTION Alterations, Reno’s & Decks. Licensed, Insured. 604-970-8110

CERAMIC TILING A & Wes Tile top European quality Tile install custom bath-kitch 604-657-0343

all tiling, repairs, remodels, bathrooms, kitchens, patios ´´´´604-761-2421 ´´´´


ANNA CLEANING SERVICES Reasonable rates, exc refs. For free est. Cell 778-868-7714

WEST VAN, Dundarave, 4bdrm, walk to shops/seawall, $3600/m, no pets. Details @ 604-319-7674


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

MAKE IT A SUCCESS! Call 604-630-3300


Excavating - Drain Tile Old garage, carport, house, pool, repair main water line, break concrete & removal. Licensed - Insured - WCB



PLUMBING & DRAINAGE Licensed Plumber 604-729-6695


~Augering~Water & Sewer line repair & replacement ~Sumps~Drain Tile~Concrete Work~Foundation~Excavation ~Retaining Walls~Site restored Call Ron 778-227-7316 or 604-568-3791


$20/HR. Quality House Cleaning 604-983-3477

SEMI WATERFRONT, 3 BR, 2ba, Travers Ave, West Bay area, nr Radcliffe Beach, Character home, pets ok, 6 appls, nr bus/schl, Now, $3695 + utils, 604-506-2751

CONCRETE N.C.B. CONCRETE LTD. Specializing in residential concrete. Repair, removal and new installation. Patio specialists 604-988-9523 or 604-988-9495


Reliable Housecleaning service 778-836-9970 ´604-987-9970

CLEANING SERVICE. Reas rates, specializing in homes. Guar work. Refs. 604-715-4706 ENVIRO MAID - Insured and Bonded. Residential. Exc refs. Free est. $25/hr.604-685-1344 WITH ALL life throws at you, who has time to clean? Call Merry Maids. 604-980-6100

Need a Painter? Find one in the Home Services section.

ACE DRYWALL. Avail immed. Board, tape, spraytex, repairs. 16 yr exp. No job too small. Mike 604-808-2432, 604-985-4321 AFFORDABLE, reliable, quality, guaranteed. Boarding, taping, spraytex. Dave 604-984-7476 FRAMING-BOARDING-TAPING Walls don’t talk, my work speaks for itself. Free Est. 604-512-8670 VINCE’S MAGIC Drywalling & textured ceiling repairs. Complete drywall & taping. 604-307-2295

ELECTRICAL A. LIC. ELECTRICIAN #19807 Semi-retired wants small jobs only. 604-689-1747, pgr 604686-2319 ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Bonded & insured 604-842-5276 ALP ELECTRIC #89724 Low price, big/small jobs, free est Satisfaction guar 604-765-3329 DNE ELECTRIC Lic#89267 ALL Your Electrical Needs. Panel Upgrading. Resonable Free Estimate 604-999-2332 LICENSED ELECTRICIAN #37940. Excellent rates. Free estimates 604-842-5276 Your Electrician $29 service call. insured. Lic# 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs. 604-568-1899

EXCAVATING # 1 BACKHOES, BOBCATS, EXCAVATORS & DUMP TRUCKS Drainage, Paving, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank & demos, dirt removal, paver stones, Jackhammer, Water / sewer line / sumps. Slinger avail. 24 hrs. Call 341-4446 or 254-6865 EXCAVATING - DRAIN TILE Demolitions. Fully insured WCB 604-716-8528 TEEPEE CONSTRUCTION Ultra Mini Excavator Can access areas as narrow as 2’ 3’’ Concrete breaking, underpinning, trenching, stump removal, rock placement, landscaping 604-319-9155

FENCING ´Beautiful Cedar Fence´ Best Price, European Craftmanship,Erwin 778-835-5015


Quality work by professionals Repairs and construction


BEAUTIFUL North Shore Gates, Fences, Arbors.778-322-8645

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A38 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013

HOME SERVICES FENCING SERVICE MAGIC Always Affordable, since 1979, Fences/Decks Mike 604-783-9558

FLOORING Golden Hardwood & Laminate & Tiles. Prof install, refinishing, sanding & repairs. 778-858-7263

Hardwood Floor Refinishing Repairs & Staining Installation Free Estimates Century Hardwood Floors 604-376-7224

GUTTERS */ $+,# '+0. (,//.# !.#)%".!

7- :-,> 51/! '00+ 706! G VZllHj UThlkaaklCRTf gaHkTCTW i ^H]kCjh G ^RRbTW i ^RRd ^H]kCjh G BRhh gRTljRaf ^H`RYka i _jHYHTlCRT \X LHkj OkjjkTlHHc SHkd i AHHcaH VZkjc

q‹n Œ †‡‡o zxmˆ [^^f \bc_a `j]h egjijck__



Performance Garden Service - LAWNCUTS Free Est Graig 604-986-3463

kitchens, bathrooms, reno’s, ´´´´´604-761-2421´´´´

LANDSCAPING CONSTRUCTIVE LANDSCAPING ´Cedar fencing/decks ´Stonework paving stones ´Pergola’s ´30 Yrs Exp

Danny 604-250-7824

Design - Consultation Installation 604-518-5661 Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hedges, pavers, ponds & walls, returfing, demos, drainage, jackhammering. Old pools filled in, decks, concrete 604.782.4322

Y.K. Landscaping Co. Ltd. 604-518-5623 20 Years Experience Retaining Walls, Paving Stones, Rock Garden, Fences Water Sprinklers SPECIAL SUMMER CLEAN-UP (Garden)

Serafina Garden Services Maintenance, Design, Organic References Avail, 604-984-4433

MASONRY Arcadia Stonework bricks, blocks, natural, cultured & paving stones. Alex 778-895-6170 Constructive Landscaping Stonework, paving stones, Cedar decks/fences, Pergola’s. 30 yrs exp. Call Danny 604-250-7824 T-A STONEWALL. Rockwalls, paving stones, Allan blocks, etc. 987-8155 / 250-4117


snnŽpsqko jŒl‘m \ (] I 7#^

z‹ u‹ ‰‹ x {y zt {| Š ny{}


($ '%%$/+ )"-'# *'-+$.%'.! & ,0+$.'% 9a2#^2#1 3 <^XHZ#1 9]24_ 3 9]^c +aX(4^2#

)&** *%#('+#*%


5#^a]ZX +aX2]H^(

wtˆ‡‰ux‡ˆzˆt '''9!??:8.!$,-<:)-8-$"9":<

<%$#"$%#=)&( +))#'(&$'( *"!&%'!!


';,317 !1,<=51D

*1,A=-=13 &4,A=5?:A?,=DAD (1D=B7 8 ":;7A=7B 8 #;=7A17;751 >;,3 *:1;7@?0D. *;:: !54AA. 999.%;AD?,;$;73D5;0=7B.5;


*HB>%RRV! # ,RV%HV! # &VG%TFV!

\[_^`]\^_\[_ At Your Home Gutter Services. Installs, cleaning, repairs. WCB Insured 604-340-7189

HANDYPERSON 604-761-7745 ARMS & Minds Renos, Carpentry, cabinets, doors, finishing, flooring, tile, drywall, paint, deck, fence, siding, electrical, plumbing. 25 yrs exp. ABBA RENOVATION carpentry, plumbing, wiring, painting, tiling. Work guar, refs. 604-805-8463 or 986-4026 ABLE RENOVATIONS All home repairs & renos, large & small, North Shore only 604-319-2677 Agrios Home Improvement Home Maintenance & Repairs. Experienced, Reliable Service, Reasonable Rates. Call Michael 604 619-1126

CAPILANO HANDYMAN l Renovations l Demolition l Plumbing l Drywall l Carpentry l Cabinetry l Painting l Electrical l Kitchens & Bath l Flooring l Paving l Fences & Decks

Insured & WCB

Tel: 604-219-0666 Carpentry, flooring, tiles, drywall, fences, repairs. Small job ok. Francisco 604-710-9837. CARPENTRY- STRUCTURAL work, beams, framing, mouldings. Professional, precise & licensed. Call 778-233-0559 SUNRISE PAINTING Drywall repair, textured ceiling & mouldings. Cell 604-657-6465

HAULING CHEAP LOADS Fast Reliable Service 604-922-5101

KITCHEN/BATHS Bathrooms & more. 30 yrs on the North Shore. Working within your budget. 778-387-3626


!!bL ;M!L RiM &?gi+ =hC

“—`‹—ˆb wbl•r—m | fbmtrb`tb™


t{b–™bo ” ‘–™s`bo

@h:C 'h(Ci0ChC,0 - >0ghi(CK '?ee d?Cig?Y - U?:0g Sh[(CK Pg(V - UgOC0 - P?Q - J0CM dY0hC*NQ

Local Movers big/small Moving, rubbish removal, recycling, etc 604-603-3533, 604-925-3186

ŠŽ€€ {x‚`

di~ƒdvcƒ di~v“~cv““ 2013 Special Aeration, moss control $95. Lawn maintenance 604-726-9153 & 604-926-1526

All West Garden Services Lawn maintenance, p/raking, moss control, trimming, pruning, topping, general cleanups 604-716-8479 or 604-984-1988 ´CNN Landscaping´ ´Weeding ´Garden Wrk, ´Mulch ´Rubbish Removal Free Est. Nick 778-840-6573 GREAT LOOKING Landscapes. Full service landscape & garden maint. Call Dave: 604-764-7220 JB GARDEN’S Hedges, trimming & cleanups, pruning & weeding Terry 604-354-6649

Jungle George

Hedges, Lawn/Garden, Pruning, Pwr Rake & yard cleanup. 604-


LIONS GATE Landscaping Ltd. Your Maintenance & Landscape Specialist 604-788-9687 Ny Ton Gardening Trimming, Shrubs, Pruning, Yard Cleanup, 604-782-5288

Performance Garden Service

LAWNCUTS . free estimates

Graig 604-986-3463

7#)!- 8 6+%40 7#4+);: 634$;1(401,)* 501#3%"& .3%% 21;/& 96' ><;C3;A $13'*"1'3%%3

ALL HOME PAINTING & RESTORATION Comm/Res 604-290-7176 ALL-WAYS PAINTING. Quality work at an affordable price. Int/ext Visa. 604-985-0402 Excellent Pro Painting Service 20 yrs exp, ref, warranty. Reas res/comm Richard 604-618-0205 FAIRWAY PAINTING is fully insured, with free est, 20 yrs. Call for specials 604-729-1234


Int/Ext - Quality Guaranteed WCB Free Est Insured

Summer Promo 25% off until Aug.31st !


RONALDO PAINTING (1981) Master in Quality , fully insured, Free estimate. 778-881-6478 ´STAFFORD & SON´ Interior/Exterior. Top quality work. Reas. rates. BBB, 604-809-3842


2%.*1/6-$61 &3"55

, :!;,(<$ 5!0<+) 9,;00 5;.+1(#0 , 4.<#3(+3"2%<#3(+3 9,;00 8;(,0 , /3;)#,#00 7*+'#30 6 7-$,(&*<0

5.// 7450"9.682$

&&&,=)!->#3:'3>%+<11,;*( Low Budget ´ 604-652-1660 ´ North Van MOVER Local & long distance. 778-340-6678


JB’s PAINTING • Interior/Exterior • Professional • Reliable • North Shore company since 2001



Driveway, Walkway & Parking Lot Garage Apron / Speed Bump / Pot Hole / Patch Commercial & Residential

Call 604-618-2949

TERRY’S DRIVEWAY SEALING Anniversary Special Free ests North Shore Co. 604-980-7507


*33;4*/. 9*27/278 g wv‡h…eu… „ hp‡h…eu… g dhr fuvƒ‡…{f‡euv g xuu~ |…efhƒ g cyz nh†…ƒ hp|h…ehvfh

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U>SR US$ U>%&P-S

LI55ƒN LPƒ†uoSL

! '(K+ TOhY(i6 ;g[ ! ;d!"%Ce ! S0*Uh(Ci ! !. 6ge 08Q ! P0hV ;?g[ ! d?VV f S0eM ! U?:0g:he+(CK ! S0`/e

4"D12 L2"D$ †"K ~bb †‹‘w \au_Œ\Œ_nuua

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')"/%#!%(-&"/%#!% -1+&4,'4(0 %$'' *).3,'' /+1,4) # %$''. "!($)+2 #


')(,&% #,)&!)&*


6*#/&,)& . 89#/&,)& 7&// 8%#,+0#/% (- 2/0&% 89'/&,/*3/ $)*1/1 5 6*%!&/1 5 4"$ A CLEAN PAINT JOB. Quality 1 room from $137. Int-ext, WCB 22 yrs exp. Cell. 604-727-2700

i—`}b–…`hp am••`t–ˆp ~—…v`••l™p t…{vb–™p ej…b`t•`™p ’•lb wb}—t`™p ‰oo •‹™ ” Š•`bŽ !/0+8-81" 2/3#6-(3"-&87 !/1#0--81"3, 40/%8+0


$!$lf h!ei &id!#l$g!d‰ l #2/!6 ,.30

n$!% +*"&(# ,! )&#&"' &DFBG),) $)ED) " >**#)#DE)* #E-GA+ 2#)-$'E 1 !4)$ 5FB3D&'F'E)) / 0DD%#EW / .%E('-") / 6DD3 1 ,#E(D# 0'BG4-'F'E))

j sp„ƒq%…ƒ"qqq ddd$†‚g#„!€ƒ‚"ƒ#$†"

s## !eg" …"fers‚%ef„ #‚$ U.132$+ 6 lC12D"";=O oJJ.1."+=O/""J 6 0.+(A „$3E=O NC.A.+M=

di~hƒvi hcd

2 OLD GUYS 2 YOUNG TO RETIRE WE DO IT ALL! 604-986-3986 604-537-9452

Adding a 2nd income property to your home or renovating your old bathroom? We do it all and within your budget.


BAMFORD CONSTRUCTION Ltd. Quality Renovations 604-986-2871 Complete Bathroom Reno’s Kitchens, Cer.Tiling, Attics, Bsmnt Stes. Call 604-521-1567


&(!$'*&$%)#" &(!$%*&$)#*&

—k– Š—t–…b–—–{bp y•kb` w—nt–ˆp Š•™™ i•–…`•mp ‡b`—…t–ˆp u`tlp u•}p y`s–bp b…{z

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Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A39






/() "*$,!!)$

"*$,! *,$ /$.*' $)%#^,&

*+$' (#! +%% ")'&*%)$

2003 PASSAT Wagon ‘GLS’ 4-cyl 5-spd, local VW Serviced! $6880. 1yr Warr, lthr & roof rack! D10578 604-7273111 Auto Depot

1990 FORD F-150 Short-box 4x4 manual; New wheels & tires; Canopy 1-yr Warr incl ! $3880. A/Cared! #10578 Auto Depot 604-727-3111




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2002 ACURA MDX Auto, 290K km, new trans, fully loaded, sun roof, $7750, 604−250−5650

2002 F-150 Ford Super Cab 4x4 “XTR”, 1 yr warr, $6,880 #10578 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan.


STK 952500

STK CD97431

NOW $36,900



12 FORD F150 XLT

Luxury performance pkg, only 32,000kms.

Hardtop, 6spd. 604.630.3300

WAS $25,900

NOW $23,900


' LS/#)O K 74.%...=; JO):N!#O)(<# 081#OJO)>: 1)OO):J/ &82#O)W#% 1>JU 86J>8:N J8 36WO)$# J8 &8;6O#U#:N>2# #0J#:$#$ 1)OO):J/P

2009 Ford Escape XLT 4cyl & 5sp Front Wheel Drive! $11,888. Lo-kms! D10578 NVan AUTO DEPOT 604-727-3111

' M $)/N K 7...=; #0&U):W# 6O>2><#W# ' 7.. 68>:J >:N6#&J>8: ' *)O6O88! *#U>&<# 2>NJ8O/ /#68OJ 5&)O6O88!P&8;Q




#@?D?C@? ,& V+" ,&A B(--)


XOvvGXOvX P@`Y^ snC v[OOa XOvc M@i` IWhdnBY R@BV^idFlD^ XOvv P@`Y^ LinB` RninVnB bZ}h| ƒx| Zpvjp…| ZV{p{| y Tzz| Tg… k…VsT| w}| „vVg \ _V X[OO m c[OO tWn` Rnl rJq ZUZ o|tddhYz| Zihp Xpg| aomWl Mi@C _vfaAAA Mi@C _XZaAAA _X]aAAA


STK 952980

STK 952630 WAS $35,900

4x4, leather, sunroof, loaded.



XOvX KSWB`nF r@Bndn LJr

csvV| gpZZ pRsiTTp{| zsX…VVn| Ykz

Mi@C _vgaZAA

NOW $33,900



STK 952860

STK 952330 WAS $26,900

Navigation, leather, only 43,000kms.

XOvXGXOvc rWlniW M@i^hd^i q@WiFBY



STK 952950

STK 952420 WAS $39,900

AWD, leather, loaded, only 11,000kms.

csvV| Tg… k…VsT| zsX…VVn| ZZVez| VXZe UU|uddhYz|

Mi@C _XcaAAA

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab 2007 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport Leer canopy, black,V8, only 39,000kms. Stk#12475B


]pvjp…| zsX…VVn| nsZZe ZV{p{

Mi@C _vcaZAA


XOvOGXOvv M@i` Nhbnk^ JqP ToP

XOvv uFhhnB r^Bdin

Mi@C _XvaAAA

Mi@C _vvaAAA

]pvjp…| zsX…VVn

csvV| Tg… k…VsT| w}| a`

STK UT14611




STK 952700 WAS $37,900

STK Q06191

Sunroof, nav., leather, only 38,000kms.

Auto, a/c, power group, loaded, only 33,000kms.




XOvX M@i` M@bWh rNJ ^v}j~}h| Zpvjp…| zsX…VVn| ZV{p{


Mi@C _vAaZAA


XOO] G XOvv LI m M@i` ceZ q@B RniY@ pnBh Mi@C _vcaAAg

XOvX InQ`n [

‚ivj }VXrpXipX}p T}hkp

Mi@C _vAaAAA

Mi@C _vXaAAA

2010 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab Low kms, loaded, park assist. Stk# 13218A

l {… jv}j| svV| w}| Tg… giX{Vgz € ZV}hz

„sX…VVn| Ykz




STK 952830

XOvX M@i` M@bWh qFdnBFWC

^v}j~}h| nsZZe ZV{p{| h^D\ kniEFBY| VXZe Uu|xddhYz| aomto



?CC9 H8@= C3=1 L=A88=: WDA=1 IFX<DTS8A


)(!&" ' +&("#$% ' *&$,(!"

4dr, auto, one owner, only 28,000kms.

• Manufacturer’s warranty • 30-day/2500 km no-hassle exchange privilege • 150 + point inspection • 24-hour roadside assistance

Mi@C _vOaZAA

[Zsz qUWW {V} npp VX ZZ rpji}ZpzS ƒpji}Zpz XVv pf}vZe z zjVgXS


1600 MARINE DR., N.V. 604.980.8501

XOvvGXOvX KSWB`nF rnBdn M^ ToP


XOvv InQ`n X

4x4, auto, freedom hardtop, Stk# P5826

„p{X| svV| w}| a`| Tg… k…VsT


Cummins diesel, loaded, only 45,000kms. STK 952891


2009 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon


c‚`| Tg… k…VsT| svV| w}| a`|

Very clean, local. Stk#13136A

2009 Honda Civic DXG

Only 90,000kms. Stk# 13365A

XOvO IFdhWlFhHF sps


csvV| Tg… k…VsT| w}| a`| tu|xddhY| aotul

2007 Jeep Compass


Tech pkg, leather, sunroof, navigation, only 4,000kms.

NOW $35,900

XOvX uFhhnB TDdFCn Xj[

Black, only 86,000kms. Stk# P5837



2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 2011 Dodge Ram 1500 SLT Quad Cab


\i@C _vcaAAA

csvV| w}| Tg… giX{Vgz € ZV}hz| a`| Ykz

6spd manual, black, hard top. Stk#P5708B

XOvc InQ`n f LrJ

White, 4x4, local, very clean. Stk# 5822

XOvvGXOvX InQ`n c r^`nB

csvV| w}| Tg… giX{Vgz € ZV}hz| a`| Ykz

Leather, loaded.

NOW $35,917

STK 952470 WAS $35,900

XOvvGXOvX InQ`n c rk@id

4x4, loaded.

NOW $23,900

Luxury pkg, only 27,000kms.


NOW $34,900

AWD, navigation, leather, only 6,000kms.

NOW $32,900

l{…| svV| Zpvjp…| zsX…VVn

Diesel, leather, navigation.


NOW $26,900


XOvvGXOvX M@i` MF^hdn rNr

09 MERCEDES BENZ ML 320 Stk 951661 WAS $36,900



1993 VW Euro Camper Van “Weekender” raised roof, auto, alloys, 1yr warr Sale $8750. D10578 NVan Auto Depot 604-727-3111

NOW $32,900

"7L ,+-1.,VV '/!*%% ,1/-2 *,,*1+*%/

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)(!&" ' +&("#$% ' *&$,(!"

2011 LEXUS IS350c V6 NAVI, cnvrtbl lease/Buy? $43,500 Bal 6yr 110km. Warr D10578 AutoDepot 604-727-3111

STK 952640 WAS $35,900

STK 952650 WAS $28,900

$39,977 2009 TOYOTA VENZA AWD JBL & NAVI pkg! Spotless in/out! Lease or Buy? Sale $22,888. Trade-up & D10578 604-727-3111 Auto Depot

AWD, navigation, leather, loaded.

EcoBoost, CreCab, 4x4.

STK 952250

2005 FORD Escape XLT 4x4 V6; 1-yr warr, auto, 5-pass; Sale $6450. Safe/reliable! 604-727-3111 Auto Depot D#10578

604-727-3111 AUTO DEPOT

2008 LEXUS AWD IS250 Navi, 110 km, Bal of Lexus warr! Loaded; Lease/Buy! D10578 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, 1397 Welch NVan.


Search. Research. Compare.

;>.3 >2 :03 53?32/:; :03 0>?46 =<37>9?34 =<>1<6. >223<;8

2007 Toyota Yaris sedan 4cyl & 5sp front wheel & Qlty $5880 w/Warr Local NO Accid D10578

Loaded, only 47,000kms.

NOW $25,900


WAS $38,900


2006 SMART “DIESEL” auto 74MPG or 3.8L per 100kms! $6950. with 1-yr warr incl! Sale D10578 604-727-3111 Auto Depot, NVan.

STK 952570 WAS $27,900

WANTED Aluminum Boat wanted 10, 12 or 14 ft, with or without motor or trailer. Will pay $. 604-319-5720

$$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

2004 JAGUAR XJ8, fully loaded, serviced, exc cond. $11,000 obo Estate sale 604837-9578


STK 952880

Auto, leather, loaded, only 48,000kms.


2001 YUKON “XL” 7-pass 4x4, small V8, Tow & Go! lthr 1-owner! $5450. inc 1Yr Warr All options! Auto Depot, 604727-3111


ij lq €i okjtjskjm

SeP\ Ub`P WdPP] R] \\\acR]ebcRdQR`_RdP_aQR



Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

A40 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013



braking news

Re-badge has M3 lovers revved up Brendan McAleer

A biweekly roundup of automotive news, good, bad and just plain weird:

NEWS photo Paul McGrath

THE LS has been the steady flagship for Lexus since the company’s creation — a stylish redesign for 2013 marks the biggest refresh the line has ever seen. It is available at Jim Pattison Lexus in the Northshore Auto Mall.

2013 Lexus LS

New era for Lexus leader

IN 1989 Toyota decided to enter the luxury car market in a significant way.


Scan this page with the Layar app to see more photos of the Lexus LS.

They did so by creating the Lexus brand that became the standard by which all other luxury brands were measured. Their first model introduced was the LS and this classleading full-size sedan has continued being the range’s flagship ever since. I still remember driving one of the first Lexus LS models to hit the market. I was shocked at how well the car performed against some of the established sedans in the market place. The car was so quiet and refined that it felt like it was riding on air. Lexus has always been

Behind The Wheel David Chao

respected for building luxurious, safe and reliable cars. However, they were sometimes criticized for being too conservative. Recently, their new models such as the blazing LFA supercar and sharplooking GS and IS models have

changed people’s opinions somewhat. Lexus never forgot about the car that started its brand, though. All along the way, the LS maintained its technological innovation and unsurpassed luxury. However, when held up against the established market leaders from Europe, Mercedes, BMW, Audi, and Jaguar, the Lexus flagship lacked a performance element. Well, for 2013, that will end with the introduction of the new F Sport model. Design 2013 marks possibly the biggest refresh this model line has ever seen. Half of the car’s 6,000 parts have been reengineered. The basic size and weight remain the same as the

outgoing model. The most obvious change is the front fascia. Lexus’ new spindle-shaped grille gives the LS a bold new look. Other refinements include chrome accents, a lower front bumper and a bulge running up the centre of the hood. The chrome accents along the side lead to a sculpted rear end which continues Lexus’ dramatic new image. If eyes are the windows to the soul, the LS’s new headlamps project the sophistication at its heart. High-intensity discharge lights are standard but those seeking something special can opt for an all-LED setup. The Lexuslogo taillamps are especially eye

See LS page 42


COLLISION & AUTO SERVICE CENTER All Insurance Company Repairs ■ New Car Warranty Approved Services ■



SINCE 1959

174-176 Pemberton Ave.



BMW builds last M3 Coupe Folks, the sky is falling. Well, at least that’s the impression you’d get if you logged on to any BMW fan-forum or autoenthusiast website over the past week. BMW has officially announced their intention to re-badge two-door versions of their best-selling 3 Series range as the 4 Series, a move they’ve been contemplating since the mid-1990s. This brings BMW model nomenclature into line with their larger 5 Series sedan and 6 Series coupe — which is also available as a four door called the Gran Coupe . . . well, let’s not pull too hard on that loose thread. With the 4 Series configurator already online, and a M-spec test-car spotted running around Germany wearing vinyl camouflage, it’s only a matter of time before the new M4 hits the road. BMW’s hotted-up sedan will remain the M3. Naturally, the change in badge for the two-door has a few Bimmer purists steamed. Really though, with the new car reportedly more than 90 kilograms lighter and with a torquey new turbocharged straight-six, this rose by any other name will still drive as sweetly. One hopes. Toyota sells three million Priuses. Prii. Whatever. A long time ago I was driving in traffic, forgot to shoulder check properly (tsk, tsk) and wound up cutting off David Suzuki, who was driving a first See Flood page 41

Winner of the 2012 AutocheX Premier Achiever Award for Extraordinary Customer Satisfaction

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A41


Flood 1, Ferrari 0 From page 40

generation Toyota Prius. These sorts of things only happen to me — sorry Mr. Suzuki! Toyota is celebrating quite a milestone for their groundbreaking hybrid, with the three-millionth car sold. No doubt some of the recent sales success is down to the two new models that joined the original five-door hatchback, an expanded range of small, medium, or large Priuses. Whether or not you feel hybrid vehicles are either a snooze-fest, the saviours of the planet, or merely a stepping-stone on our way towards vehicle electrification, the fact is Toyota can look back on their 1997 launch of a quirky little sedan with some well-earned pride. With 3,000,000 out on the road, the Prius is no longer an experiment, it’s a feature on the automotive landscape, and rates a full chapter in any future automotive history book. Toronto flood claims dozens of vehicles Thanks to the speed of communication afforded by Twitter and Instagram, the Internet has been inundated with pictures of exotic cars up to their doorhandles in Toronto’s recent flooding. You feel bad for the owners — well, except for the guy who tried to drive his Ferrari California through two feet of water. That was just dumb. The weather back East took a turn for the worse on Monday night, with record precipitation overwhelming storm drains and causing flash flooding and power outages. Many cars were damaged, and more written off the following day when unwary owners misjudged water depths. As Toronto dries out, a little consumer advice: While flood damage is the sort of thing that should theoretically show up through any reputable vehicle history search service, that’s not always the case. Anyone purchasing a vehicle that was registered in Ontario this summer should do a little extra due diligence. New Corvette Stingray brings efficiency bragging rights By law, any review of Chevrolet’s Corvette must include the phrase, “Giant Slayer!” or “Supercar Killer!” or possibly “Eurotrash Inconveniencer!” We get it: the ‘Vette knocks high-dollar machinery on their heads for half the price. Now Chevrolet is trumpeting something hardly any Corvette buyer really thinks about — good fuel economy. Put the new Stingray in Eco mode and it’ll (supposedly) see something like 7.8 litres/100 kilometres. That’s the sort of efficiency a Mini Cooper S puts out! How does Chevy manage to get figures this low out of a car with 455 horsepower? First, that spec is only for the seven-speed manual transmission, and it’ll only happen when you’re cruising on the highway. What’s more, Eco mode deactivates half of the allaluminium V-8’s cylinders under light engine loads, meaning that you’d be driving a four-cylinder Corvette. Also, methinks real-world figures are going to be somewhat less rosy than these optimistic projections. I personally have seen the figure 50.1 l/100 km displayed on the instant fuel-economy readout of a 427 Corvette convertible, so odds are the Stingray isn’t going to replace your four-cylinder Camry as the daily commuter. But who cares, it’s great that Chevy is managing to pay attention to all possible definitions of “performance” with what is, arguably, America’s sportscar. I can’t wait until these things arrive. Pope calls for humbler cars After the Batmobile, the Popemobile is probably the most famous car in the world. While His Holiness, Pope Francis, has a new, heavily modified Mercedes ML to carry him around on official business, he reportedly drives a Ford Focus for personal use. Now the Pontiff is calling for the rest of the church to tone down their driving habits (get it, habits? Sorry.) by purchasing older, shabbier cars more appropriate to the vows of poverty. It’s all part of Francis’s push towards a humbler Catholic Church which has seen his Papal apartments exchanged for a more modest living area and the Papal throne exchanged for what looks like a folding picnic chair. Naturally, my mind immediately turned towards the knotty problem of what might be appropriate for your average parish priest to drive. I’ve got it — a Dodge Spirit!


morrey mazda





Written report which includes:

• On-board computer fault code check • Under hood inspection • Interior inspection • Exterior inspection • Underneath vehicle inspection • Road test Diagnostic into stored fault codes, if found, will be quoted for separately.




95 Plus tax



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A42 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013


LS gets sportier but comfort still the key word From page 40

catching. The visual changes are nice, but the most exciting news is the introduction of a performance edition. Available in rear-wheel and all-wheel drive, the F Sport does not receive any more horsepower upgrades but it does get more aggressive styling and unique suspension setup options. The results are startling as the F Sport can appear downright sinister. Performance The area that sees the least significant changes in the refresh is the engine compartment. Lexus’ naturally aspirated direct-injected 4.6litre eight-cylinder engine powers the majority of the line, except for the hybrid. The rear-wheel-drive models receive six more horsepower, up to 386 h.p. and 367 footpounds of torque and the allwheel drive gets 359 h.p. with 367 foot-pounds of torque. The only alternative is a hybrid powertrain which mates a 5.0litre V-8 to two electric motors

using a CVT transmission. These combine to create 438 h.p. and 385 foot-pounds of torque. Driving the new LS is also not a major departure from years past. Engine and road noise continue to be almost imperceptible. However, the revised air suspension system is a noticeable improvement as it delivers a class-leading smooth ride while remaining easily manoeuvrable. The Drive Mode Select feature allows the driver to further tailor the feel of their ride with Eco, Normal, Comfort, Sport and Sport S+ driving modes. Each selection alters the characteristics of the powertrain, suspension and steering. The new F Sport option is the version enthusiasts are most interested in. It boasts a lower, sport tuned air suspension, larger Brembo brakes and 19-inch forged alloy wheels. These additions are impressive upgrades. Under hard driving, body roll is nearly eliminated but the dampers are still smooth over most road imperfections. The steering is sharper, though feedback is still not as responsive as some of its rivals. The LS refuses to lose any of its composure under any circumstance, reminding you it’s able to balance the

performance with luxury. Generally speaking, even the F Sport is still very much tuned for refinement and comfort vs. performance but the overall feel is greatly improved over the regular model. Environment Sitting in the 16-way power adjustable driver seat, the spaciousness is noticeable as there is plenty of room for your head, arms and feet. Every surface you touch is either soft leather or smooth veneered wood. Customers have their choice of premium leather upholsteries and five wood treatments. This creates an environment that is outstanding in the luxury sedan market. Those eyeing the new F Sport will receive black leather seats and steering wheel and aluminium accents. The large Optitron analog tachometer and speedometer are clear and easy-to-read, but those aren’t the most noticeable improvements. The previous model’s touch screen navigation has been replaced with a 12.3-inch multimedia display unit. It’s set higher and deeper in the dash making it easier to read and is controlled with the Lexus Remote Touch haptic joystick. Also, Lexus’ signature analog clock is now equipped with a GPS-based time correction. This is a pretty neat


• Tires

• Brakes

• Cooling System

Change the oil, install a new oil filter and lubricate the chassis

Check front and rear brake systems

• Front End

Check shock absorbers, struts, & steering components

• Exhaust System

Visual inspection of catalytic converter, muffler, exhaust pipes, manifold & gaskets

• Electrical Systems

Check battery, lights, horn & wipers

Rotate all tires, check tread depth, & adjust tire pressure Check for leaks, check hoses, clamps, water pump, & radiator

• Belts

Check all belts & hoses

• Fluid Levels

Check all fluid levels


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feature, even though it’s likely one that won’t be used all that often. Lexus didn’t ignore those who spend time in the back seat. They will be comforted by the Ottoman Seating Package with Shiatsu massage and a ceiling-mounted, nine-inch screen with Blu-ray DVD player. With the redesigned LS, Lexus continues to offer unsurpassed occupant comfort in this price range. Features The starting price for the LS 460 is $82,950. The range topping LS 600h L starts at $131,200. The lineup includes all-wheel-drive and longwheelbase options as well as the F Sport package. Standard equipment includes a 16-way power adjustable driver seat with auto slide-away and 12way power adjustable front passenger seat, dual-zone automatic climate control, NavTraffic, NavWeather, fuel prices, sports and stocks from SiriusXM Radio, enhanced Bluetooth technology, 12.3inch split-screen multimedia center-console display, USB iPod connectivity, backup camera, brake assist, electronic brakeforce distribution, smart stop technology and park assist. Additional features, available as options or on higher trims,

include right-rear power recliner with ottoman and multifunction shiatsu massage, four-zone climate concierge, pre-collision warning system with all-speed dynamic radar cruise control, blind spot monitor with rear cross-traffic alert, and LED headlamps. Fuel efficiency numbers for all the rear-wheel-drive models with the 4.6-litre V-8 are 12.9 litres/100 kilometres city, 8.2 l/100 km highway for 10.8 l/100 km combined. The all-wheel-drive models with the same engine get 13.5 l/100 km city, 8.7 l/100 km highway and 11.5 l/100 km combined. The hybrid model, which is also AWD, sees 10.6 l/100 km city, 9.1 l/100 km highway and 9.9 l/100 km combined. Thumbs up The dramatic new look ushers in a bold new era for Lexus. Driver comfort exceeds what we’ve come to expect from the LS while the F Sport shows us what is possible with the LS. Thumbs down Not much to point out, except that the entire LS lineup is still comfort-oriented in comparison to European models and therefore lacks some character. The bottom line The LS continues to provide top-notch reliability, comfort and safety, but for the first time


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*Plus ENV. Fees and taxes – with up to 5L of Oil. Synthetic Oil Extra. Coupon expires July 31, 2013. Offer may not be combined with other coupons or promotions. Coupon must be presented for discount. Surcharge may apply.

MINIT-TUNE & BRAKE AUTO CENTRE 1353 Main Street North Vancouver

860 W. 15th Street North Vancouver



ever we’re most excited about its looks and sporting potential. Competitors BMW 7 Series The BMW 7 Series starts at $106,600, proving the LS is one of the more economical models in this market segment. The BMW, however, provides a more spirited driving experience and better fuel economy. The BMW 7 Series may please customers looking for more performance but the Lexus is still one of the smoothest in this segment. Mercedes-Benz S-Class If comfort is your main objective, you can’t do any better than the Mercedes. However, you will also pay more, as prices start at $109,900. The S-Class offers a composed ride, spacious interior and various engine options. The Mercedes flagship has been thoroughly redesigned for 2014. Jaguar XJ The offering from Jaguar boasts unmistakable styling and is comparatively priced at $89,000 for the entry level model. The XJ also provides a serious performance model with its Supersport line. If you really want to stand out from the crowd, you would be hard pressed to find a bolder car in this class than the XJ.

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A self employment opportunity

Friday, July 12, 2013 - North Shore News - A43


Carter GM Northshore’s






2013 Chevy Trax

Power windows, power locks, tilt wheel, 10 air bags, Bluetooth, power mirrors, am/fm radio with USB port, OnStar, 1.4 litre 4 cyl turbocharged & much more. MSRP $20,095










2013 GMC Terrain AWD

Power windows, power locks, air conditioning, tilt wheel, cruise control, Bluetooth, 2.4L 4 cyl engine, 6 speed automatic & much more. MSRP $28,585

Rear vision camera, air conditioning, tilt wheel, cruise control, Bluetooth, XM Radio, power windows, power locks, 6 speed automatic, 2.4 litre 4 cyl engine & much more. MSRP $32,245



8 passenger seating, air conditioning, 3.6 litre V6 engine, OnStar, Turn-ByTurn navigation, Bluetooth, rear vision camera, power windows, power locks & much more. MSRP $34,695.





2013 Chevy Equinox

2013 Chevy Traverse













2013 Chevy Silverado Ext Cab Air conditioning, tilt wheel, cruise control, Vortec 4.3 litre V6 engine, OnStar, Turn-By-Turn navigation & much more. MSRP $32,030









2013 Chevy Spark

Power windows, 1.2 litre 4 cyl engine, 15” aluminum wheels, tilt wheel, OnStar, rear spoiler & much more. NOW MSRP $13,345

James Carter

Sunil Desai

Chris Cummings

Darcy Strachan

Kerry Renaud

Denzil Owen

Louie Liu

John Proctor

Derrick Bergman


*0% for 84 months - bi-weekly payments, plus applicable fees. On approved credit. Vehicles not exactly as shown.





Northshore Auto Mall, 800 Automall Dr. North Van

A44 - North Shore News - Friday, July 12, 2013



Lease for




1.99% APR€

0 down


bi-weekly for 60 months. MSRP** $27,630 includes freight & PDI.





cash purchase incentive on any Pilot model.£

cash purchase incentive on select other models.£

4,000 #

2013 IIHS Top Safety Pick

2,500 *

2013 Top Pick

2013 Odyssey MODEL SHOWN: RL5H9DK



cash purchase incentive on any Odyssey model.£ ††

2013 Van of the Year

816 Automall Drive, North Vancouver


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North Shore News July 12 2013  

North Shore News July 12 2013