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Regional count

Homeless teen numbers alarming Preliminary figures released Tuesday indicate the number of people living on the street locally is rising.

Caring Place advocates Cathy Cornelissen, Mike Schroeder, and Connie McGonigal all work with Maple Ridge’s homeless every day. They endeavour to get as many people off the streets and healthy, as possible. But the memory walls in their offices remind them – and visiting clients – that not everyone can be saved. Cornelissen, who was on the local streets and using crystal meth herself eight short years ago, said she offers unconditional love and support to everyone who comes through her door.

by Roxanne Hooper

There’s a wall riddled with dozens of names and pictures of Maple Ridge’s homeless who have died since the Caring Place shelter first opened its doors eight years ago. But for every one of the local men and women who have been lost, there are literally hundreds who have turned their lives around and are off the streets today thanks to assistance from the Salvation Army’s Caring Place shelter. Client advocate Cathy Cornelissen was one of the first, and for the past seven years now she’s been reaching out to help others on the local streets. Tears welling up in her eyes, she showed off her memory wall Wednesday, following the release of a preliminary 2011 Metro Vancouver Homeless Count, which shows numbers of indigent people currently living on the streets is rising locally. Caring Place executive director Kathie Chiu said the numbers constantly go up and down, depending on the time of the year, the economy, and many other societal factors. But admittedly, she said, she’s noticed a slight decrease in the numbers of people coming in to the downtown Haney shelter since 2008. “We kind of knew this,” she said, looking over the draft report that says Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows have seen an 18per-cent drop in adult homeless going into shelters during the past three years. When the shelter was first being proposed for Maple Ridge, the local community was banding around homeless figures in the 200 ball park. But these counts, Chiu said, give a more true, and realistic picture of the local numbers. This count, while only a snapshot taken one day in mid-March, shows the overall number “in shelters” homeless in Maple Ridge are down, from 50 during the last count in 2008 to 41 now. But those who are not in shelters has apparently risen locally, from 40 in 2008, to 61 this time around. While the 53 per cent jump might be alarming to some, especially given the existence of a local homeless shelter, Chiu said that’s not the figure worrying her. The adult numbers, admittedly, show a jump overall from 90 in 2008 to 102 this year. But that can be attributed to several

Roxanne Hooper/TIMES

things. One big factor was the closure of alcohol or drug use for many of the at-risk several “flop houses” earlier this year that local teens and young adults is unrealistic. forced some occupants onto the streets. Besides, she said, society isn’t comfortLikewise, the Caring Place advocates able with funding a facility for kids who are also seeing an increase in drifters from are living risky lifestyles. Most would just other places in the country who are comrather not know about them. ing through (most notably from Calgary Chiu claims to have been preaching for and Nova Scotia) hunting for jobs. years that the way to target and reduce But it’s not these figures future homelessness is to that concern Chiu and her provide increased educa“Homelessness and team. It’s the numbers of tion and support to families the seeds that are youth (25 or younger) who in crisis – and in turn their are homeless in this comkids – as well as youth planted and grow munity that’s alarming. coming out of foster care. into homelessness The count shows numThat’s where these chilbers have jumped from dren in the latest count are later in life begin in seven in 2008 to 29. coming from, she said, and the families…” “When you see it like these newest figures fuel Kathie Chiu this, it really shouts at her worst fears that it’s you,” Chiu said. only going to get worse. “Over the last three years, we’ve seen a “Homelessness and the seeds that are steady increase,” of teens coming into the planted and grow into homelessness later shelter for meals and aid, she said. Caring in life begin in the families and their chilPlace can serve up a hot meal, but as an dren,” she said, somewhat disheartened adult only shelter, they’re prohibited from by the new findings. providing beds and other support to kids. It’s not the parents’ fault, she insisted. There is a shelter in town that’s proBut the families are where the money and vides for some homeless youth, but she attention has to be focused if there’s any noted the zero-tolerance policy of no hope of “stemming the tides of homeless-

ness in the future.” Youth homelessness has been a topic of discussion by many service providers and politicians across the country for years, but Chiu said society has to move past the talking stage and act quickly, or pay a giant price. “If we were sticking around, that would probably have been my next project,” said Chiu, who is credited with creating the local adult facility that provides a 25-bed year-round shelter, a cold-wet weather shelter, and 15 long-term beds. “We’ve seen a lot of successes,” added Chiu, who – along with her husband Ed – will be leaving early next month for another larger Salvation Army care centre in London, Ont. Over the years, she said proudly, the majority of people who have turned to the Caring Place are no longer homeless. Admittedly, a number of them have died, some are in jail, and a few have moved elsewhere. But Chiu boasted, a majority have gone through rehabilitation and are living “stable lives” in the community, staying clean and sober and not on the streets.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26 , 2011



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Provincial politics

HST cut, help for families proposed

What’s OnLine

Rave suspect in court Dennis John Allen Warrington, a 19year-old from Langley – who also has strong ties to Maple Ridge – is charged with producing and distributing child pornography. He appeared in court on May 24, and will appear again one week later, on May 31, for an application for warrant. He is charged in connection to the alleged sexual assault of a teenage girl last September at a rave in Pitt Meadows. The other adult man connected to the rave appeared in court on March 17, and will be back early next year for his trial. Colton Ashton McMorris, 18, of Maple Ridge, is charged with sexual assault. His trial is set to begin in Port Coquitlam on Feb. 27, 2012, and is scheduled for three weeks. • More online at, click on “News”

The local anti-HST group still opposing the sales tax. by Maria Rantanen

The harmonized sales tax will be reduced, cheques sent to families and seniors, and the provincial corporate tax rate will go up – if British Columbians vote to keep the HST in the

upcoming referendum, the provincial government announced on Wednesday. All families with children under the age of 18 will receive “transition funding” of $175 per child by the end of this year. Seniors whose income is under $40,000 will also receive $175. This will be one-time transition funding to tide families over till the HST is cut next year. The HST will be reduced to 11 per cent in July 2012, and to 10

per cent in 2014. “This new plan really benefits low-income families,” said Maple Ridge-Mission MLA Marc Dalton. The corporate income tax will rise from 12 per cent from its current 10 per cent to coincide with the federal corporate tax cut of two per cent. Local anti-HST organizer Corisa Bell said her group will still campaign against the tax. “The announcement doesn’t

Shaw phones down A massive Shaw outage left unknown numbers of customers without telephone service last Friday morning. Shaw phone service was down in Metro Vancouver, including Maple Ridge, and Victoria. As of noon, customers in the Metro Vancouver area and Victoria were reporting their service had been down for anywhere from two to four hours. Frustrated users were turning to Twitter to share information. • More online at, click on “News”

Flyers • Jim’s Pizza • Easy Home • JYSK*

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- with files from Postmedia Network Inc.

• More online at, click on “News”

Tory Stafford leads the breakfast program at Hammond Elementary. Here she’s chatting with hungry participants Edward Jones, Savannah Barber, Faith Sutton, and Sydney Webster the morning they received a $1,000 cheque from Breakfast Television.

Pitt teen beaten One local teen is still recovering in hospital from wounds sustained during an attack from two people he knew in the early morning hours of Monday, May 23. A 19-year-old man and a young offender allegedly beat the teenager with an undisclosed weapons during some kind of disagreement, Ridge Meadows RCMP are reporting. Mounties were called to a residential complex on Ford Road in Pitt Meadows just before 1:30 a.m., where they discovered the beaten victim, but no sign of the suspects. The young man was then taken to hospital by members of the B.C. Ambulance Service. • More online at, click on “News”

change anything because we didn’t ask them to lower [the HST], we asked them to cancel it,” Bell said. The government estimates with a 10 per cent HST rate, B.C. families will pay $120 less tax than under the PST, compared to an increase of $350 a year that was estimated by the Independent Panel on the HST.

Maria Rantanen/TIMES


Hammond school receives money for breakfast Breakfast Television donated $1,000 to Hammond Elementary’s breakfast club.

by Maria Rantanen

A full belly helps kids focus at school and learn better. Hammond Elementary tries to promote healthy bodies, active minds, and happy hearts, said the school’s principal Leslie Langford. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Langford added, but the school’s breakfast club, which runs five days a week, is about more than just filling

hungry bellies. “It’s more about the culture we build with the kids,” she said. “If you’re having a bad morning, you’re feeling a lot better [after breakfast club].” Hammond Elementary received a cheque on Wednesday morning for $1,000 from Breakfast Television to support their breakfast program as part of the television show’s Be There for Schools program. The school’s parent advisory council applied for the $1,000 grant, and it will be added to the funds already provided by the Ministry of Education program. The PAC also contributed $500. PAC chair Dean Hajum said the program

allows students to concentrate on school and not their empty stomachs. “A good nutritious meal will go a long way,” he said. Getting the extra $1,000 means the school can provide more nutritional food for the children, Langford said. On average, about 20 students show up to have breakfast at the school. “We support families who need help stretching a dollar,” said Tory Flavin, a child care worker at Hammond who runs the program. Flavin said the connections kids make in the breakfast program across grades continues on the playground.

* Full delivery to area homes; others partial delivery

Joining Made Easy:

<9 "9<78 =9><B <9 7</9$"7<); (on a 2 year membership) Expires May 31st


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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Police blotter

Couple carjacked near Blacksheep Ridge Meadows RCMP are looking for two men who stole a car on Tuesday afternoon. by Amy Judd

A man and a woman were forced from their car by two men in the middle of the afternoon this week. Although they are badly shaken, they were not seriously injured. Ridge Meadows RCMP were called to the 12900 block of 232 Street (near the Blacksheep Pub) at about 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, where the couple said they were carjacked. The suspect who drove off is described as being possibly native

or East Indian, and is in his 20s. He was wearing a black-hooded sweatshirt, and a black hat, and had some facial hair, looking somewhat like a goatee. His partner is a Caucasian man in his 20s, with a large muscular build, and is described as being quite tall. He has short brown hair, and was wearing a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Police are continuing to investigate, looking for the car, which is a black 2000 Mazda Protege, fourdoor sedan, with a British Columbia licence plate 238 SGV.

Counterfeit ring busted

A man and a woman were arrested last week in Pitt Meadows for an alleged counterfeiting and identity

theft operation. Ridge Meadows RCMP say a number of local citizens have been the victim of a counterfeit ring that was busted last Friday morning. One suspect was already on probation for similar offences dating back to 2008. “This is a very significant arrest,” said RCMP Supt. Dave Walsh. “Identity theft, and the related offences of producing counterfeit currency, and mail theft is a real problem in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia.” Police found and seized a number of items, including blank cheques, stolen mail, and various pieces of identification.

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)'+. .$ ,$"-&.%(# ,'!./' *(%%

• More police news online:, click on “News”

($;4'+. & *1/ ' *#

) % " $ % " *! ( % &





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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011


()00> *)$!4/$+! ),. *#",$. '-$.% %;)5.3 &," # '27,)5 %.)5:

#"'$ 1;7?,,F7 '3+C0-;0/ %42:6-<4B &.:<-;0A 5

)D6B,"-,. * =97M

;F"KK +C9"K98K,

=+ (+:<3+C ) ? ,,F7 ? DE>)



55 0 %,24-"F

‘Old gym’ demolished ‘Problematic’ building plagued District of Maple Ridge for years, but no more. by Maria Rantanen

A neglected building on 224th Street was demolished last week after council decided in April it had to go. The decision by Maple Ridge council was unanimous that it had to be demolished, said Maple Ridge Mayor Ernie

Daykin, with a “let’s get it done” attitude. He noted the building had been “problematic” for more than five years. In November 2008, an unauthorized marijuana growing operation was removed from the basement of the structure. In June 2010 and again in March, the fire department and building, plumbing/ gas, and electrical inspectors reviewed the building and recommended action be taken to remove the building, which was deemed unsafe.

+! ),. (,&


) 9. @+:: #69 *** ,G.H "C<7+ !<8 (<44+C

<89++ ()00> *)$!4/$- 1=696189++<<

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),)46 '+:! $+#! %511 &9#!+/8 *(



Port Haney

*)) ;.5 %2- ';)/ (--51 $+9.;51 '+/-51 ';;)-53 8 !+<- 6 ;5 4-);= &;,70 $+9.;5 "0;5- #-0:+)3

;9FD.69A H9A E*F$

Chris Iverson photo

The ‘Old Gym’ building, as it’s often referred to, on 224th Street in Port Haney was torn down last week.

E J"F., 4( &4M, B"F$ =4K9. L7, :46M9 G'@IK


")/ 1/%$ .!,'*!$/ +.((& /#/& ,!0/-

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+(( $"#!( '#! )("*&%$

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2X 3PQ @0Q

C](8]" #"=]3 M BO) I)>6)- )-Q)I 34 >66 &3GJ I8-)I 3&&)J >4 )DHJ> 6)F)6 3& 2J3H):H834 >Q>84IH >::8-)4H>6 I2866I >4- )F)JC ->C E)>J >4H)>J O)6284Q H3 2J3H):H C3GJ &633J84Q 84F)IH5)4H &3J C)>JI H3 :35)0 ,'> D(0:Y= M BO8I /G>68HC 6>584>H) 8I 5>-) H3 E8HOIH>4- O)>FC J)I8-)4H8>6 >4- Q)4)J>6 :355)J:8>6 E)>J >4- H)>J0 ,'> J>H)- &633JI >J) >22J3D85>H)6C 1FR 53J) -GJ>;6) HO>4 HO) ,'/ J>H)- 2J3-G:HI0

D](8:30:$ %]$W43 M BJG) H3 4>HGJ) E33- QJ>84 -):3JI >J) IGJ) H3 )4O>4:) HO) ;)>GHC 3& >4C J335 84 C3GJ O35)0 BO) 6>JQ) I)6):H834 3& >F>86>;6) 2>HH)J4I E866 I>H8I&C )F)4 HO) 53IH -8I:)J484Q IO322)JI0

!4]] +4:00]Y #30:7(0]3 ; G4W@]33:WY(8 ZY30(88(0:WY3



#V ']40:@:]" M @O8IH6)J PJ)58G5 6>584>H) 8I :)JH8&8)- H3 )D:))- HO) 84-GIHJC IH>4->J- &3J 63E )58II834I 3& -I'KI0 @) >J) 2J3G- H3 I>C 3GJ 5>4G&>:HGJ84Q 2>JH4)JI IO>J) 3GJ :34:)J4 &3J HO) )4F8J345)4H0

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

ZK'OA%#C !D##< AK%#DO,)[

"F+7=97 #9B+@":9D */19DB=/5: >4-+F:5H 'W7U(4] (0





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.<G? 77 &46H $57=45B+ IH>JH84Q &J35

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!4]] +4:00]Y #30:7(0]3 ; G4W@]33:WY(8 ZY30(88(0:WY3

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

!4]] +4:00]Y #30:7(0]3 ; G4W@]33:WY(8 ZY30(88(0:WY3


Thursday, May 26, 2011

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!4]] +4:00]Y #30:7(0]3 ; G4W@]33:WY(8 ZY30(88(0:WY3


Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Pitt Meadows

Fees may hurt new service A new seaplane centre opened Wednesday, but some are saying the Vancouver fees are too high.

location is not an option, according to Vancouver City Councillor Geoff Meggs. “They’ve had a long time to resolve the issue,” said Meggs of the two sides in the dispute. “If they want to stay where they are, I think council was by Frank Luba pretty clear we didn’t Postmedia Network Inc. see that happening,” Whistler Air, he said. “If they don’t which started serwant to move to the vices between Pitt new location, then Meadows and downthey would need town Victoria and a second location, Vancouver Tuesday, which they would May 24, is facing have to get approval challenges with fees for – not just from the Gerry Kahrmann/Postmedia Network Inc. to use the new float city, but from the Port plane facility at the [of Vancouver] and A Harbour Air float plane taxis past the Vancouver Convention empty docks of the new Harbour Flight Centre other people.” Centre. That approval hasn’t located at the end of the new convention So far the facility has centre in Vancouver, May 23. been granted and operjust two clients, Tofino ators like Mike Quinn, Air and Seair, and time president of Whistler is running out for companies that don’t Air, are unsure what the future holds for want to use the new Vancouver Harbour their business. Flight Centre. “I hope they give us some breathing The remaining seaplane companies, room to come to some sort of resolution,” including Whistler Air, which are part said Quinn, who is vice-chair of the seaof the Vancouver Commercial Seaplane plane association. Operators Association, are balking at payWhile Quinn is still taking bookings for ing what they consider to be excessive Whistler to Vancouver flights, he’s busy fees to use the new centre. with the service he is putting into Pitt Graham Clarke, chairman of the new Meadows that began Tuesday. centre, said Monday the cost has been cut He remains optimistic about a solution. to $9.50 from $12 per person per flight “There’s still ongoing discussions at the by reducing the expenditure on the new highest level in the province – the provinfacility from $22 million to $18.5 million. cial government,” said Quinn. Now that the centre is open, however, Harbour Air is the major player in the the current, temporary facility in Coal business and carries most of the 300,000 Harbour is supposed to close at the end or so passengers that currently fly in and of the month. out of Vancouver harbour annually. • This story first appeared online at Staying at the current, temporary

We represent accident victims in BC & Alberta, NOT Insurance Companies - FREE initial consultation



48 50 years years combined experience combined experience

All personal injuries... however caused Slip & Fall Fatalities

Our family will give you specialized attention.


Suffer a personal injury while visiting Alberta: We also handle Alberta claims!



Toll Free: 1•800•663•8996 Fax: 604•476•2135

#650, 22470 Dewdney Trunk Road Maple Ridge, B.C. V2X 5Z6

T5J ?&&:9/ A3&-;>9M ,!()%%+ *-#&'" ,!()%%+ *$&/).&'"

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( O6$ 32@,)1


Open Fall 2011 Independent living with spacious, comfortable common areas, and five suite types { Prices start at $1,950/MO }

( OU$ K4..S

F0F8. %2AA6> =,2+- @633 ")2+,H> D*"9.@"- ; (*5: * 7''$

)*7% /+!'%) %$$%'?!;% $+!&*4 5*4 =@ . ?">+)&*4 <>3% =0 =:,, )15% !?%5) )>(<%'? ?1 ?*6%) *3& /7>) &%/A0 +%'4'7!3# $%% 8"%+% *//7!'*(7%A 8% +%)%+;% ?"% +!#"? ?1 7!5!? ->*3?!?!%)A )15% !?%5) 5*4 31? (% %6*'?74 *) !77>)?+*?%& 2 (>4 13% /9# *? 1>+ +%#>7*+ +%?*!7 /+!'% *3& #%? 13% /9# 1$ %->*7 1+ 7%))%+ ;*7>% $+%%A



Open 10am–6pm, Closed Sunday & Monday 88522"3.+- $'14)1! ()//%6'*&&1 7 0:3 29:#2:,9 A Bria Community by Century Group


Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Tax cut just a smokescreen Isn’t there a law against bribery? Apparently not when it’s a political exercise aimed at covering up blunders. British Columbia’s provincial government has announced that the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) will be cut by two percentage points, from the current 12 per cent down to 10 per cent, by July 1, 2014… IF B.C. voters agree not to discard the controversial – and highly unpopular – tax in the upcoming mail-in referendum… IF the current government is still in power by the time July 1, 2014, rolls around… And IF the government doesn’t decide that it can’t afford to cut its tax base and must postpone the reduction until better economic times. Let’s face it, we’re having an HST (many would call it an “anti-HST”) referendum next month precisely because most of the folks still making the decisions in Victoria can’t be trusted to be honest with us about their intentions. It’s plain our government was less than honest with us about the HST at the outset. Plans to implement the tax were hidden from public view, when they weren’t masked by outright lies. That dishonesty is why Christy Clark is now premier of B.C., instead of Gordon Campbell. And that dishonesty is the chief underpinning for opposition to the HST. Knocking two percentage points off the tax is unlikely to take the bad taste out of the mouths of B.C. residents who were forced to eat it in the first place. What happens if the HST is killed? For instance, how do we repay the federal government’s $1.6 billion bribe to implement the HST? And if the HST is cut to 10 per cent, what is the real remaining cost to taxpayers? Unfortunately, the current government’s attempt at bribery will only put up a smokescreen around the issue of whether or not the HST should be abandoned in the June 24 referendum (actually more like a mail-in survey). It will serve to remind voters of the dishonesty that brought us the tax in the first place, instead of helping us focus on the real pros and cons of keeping or discarding the HST. – B.G.

This Week’s Question ■ Your View This week’s question, results so far… Did you get away for the long weekend? YES NO

25% 75%



What a perplexing long weekend Forget the rain, summer is finalthen sell all your possessions to ly here. prepare for the Rapture – the ride I realize that the solstice is in to heaven for the chosen few. June, but once we hit the Victoria The rest of us will remain here Day long weekend, we’re into it. on earth and perish under a barI got my first sunburn on Friday, rage of natural disasters including lying on a bench in the Peace earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, Park, a sure sign (come Saturday, and the Harper majority. however, I was grateful I wasn’t 4) Pick me, pick me: Why seated in front of a fire pit in in the all-new-bigger-than-ever Golden Ears Park with my gumHarper government has Randall by Tim Tyler boots on, playing cards under an Kamp not acquired a seat in umbrella). cabinet? Stephen says that it is Owning neither a cottage nor a “important not to rush rookies motorhome, a camper nor a tent into cabinet” and there’s our trailer, and wishing to avoid the nut bars out on man Randy with all that experience sitting on the roads, preferring not to wait in line to cross the bench. Even Maxime Bernier, who left secret the border, or catch a ferry, or to see if there are documents at his girlfriend’s place (along with any campsites left, I chose to stay home on the a half-eaten pizza and a video rental – The Spy long weekend, wait for the end of the world, and Who Loved Me) was returned to cabinet. To add ponder the burning issues of the day: insult to injury, some of the losers in the election 1) Car-nage: I’d like to know why, when one were awarded senate seats. of those aforementioned nut bars kills an inno5) Wherefore Victoria: how many people drinkcent citizen with their car, are they not tossed ing beer, eating hotdogs, and seated around the into jail for 10 or 15 years and never allowed to fire know who Queen Victoria was? Besides a drive again? Instead, these automotive murderers handful of monarchists in her eponymous city get little more than a slap on the wrist and are on the island. Let’s call it as it is: a day off. It’s back out on the road in months after time served like a professional development day for teachers at home. Maybe Harper’s omnibus criminal law – except we might more rightly call it an amateur package will address this discrepancy and stop undevelopment day for regular folks. wasting time pursuing pot growers and other 6) Two minutes for titillation: Why is it the harmless miscreants (what, I can’t pee in the TV Networks – CBC in this case – can’t or won’t parking lot?). show a woman’s breasts on TV – in game two of 2) New Amsterdam: Why aren’t we legalizing the Canucks-Sharks series – but they will show marijuana? Why aren’t we freeing up police to us one guy beating the crap out of another? What crack down on real criminals such as those who does this say about our Victorian sensibilities and make a profit from growing and selling dangerattitudes around sex and violence and coarse lanous drugs. Pot is in a category with tobacco and guage: don’t drop the ‘F’ bomb on TV, but show alcohol, and would be a good source of revenue Arnold or Sylvester blasting the bejesus out of for the government, which could sell it in its someone with an submachine gun. liquor stores, not to mention its use as a medicine I don’t get it. I saw the boobs on YouTube and to treat such ailments as arthritis, MS, glaucoma, it wasn’t such a big deal. Well they were a big and boredom. deal and they were pierced, but I don’t think 3) Apocalypse Never: How stupid do you showing it would’ve cost them viewers. More a have to be to believe some 80-year-old fart from case of exposing (!) the effects of drinking. California when he says that the world is going to • More next week: including, why did Haley get end on May 21, give him millions of dollars, and voted off American Idol?

Yours Truly


Animal welfare

Donations encouraged by one appreciative pet owner Dear Editor,

Our family wants to personally thank Dr. Michael Orser and his wonderful staff for saving our black Lab, Paxton, from near death. It was the Easter long weekend and Paxton severely cut his paw/leg on a broken mason jar. Paxton and I were en route to the emergency facility in Langley, but I knew Paxton wouldn’t make that drive with the blood loss he was experiencing. Not being a regular customer of Alouette Animal Hospital, I was hesitant to call. But, I made the call and they told me to bring A cut to Paxton’s leg was so severe he was not expected to make it, but his Paxton in immediately. family credits staff at Alouette Animal Hospital for saving him. We arrived and the staff After IV, surgery to repair a severed came out and got Paxton tendon, pain medication, and general out of the car and into their facility, terrific care, Paxton came home the next where he collapsed on the floor in the morning. hallway. We can not thank Dr. Orser and his The staff were so knowledgeable, staff enough for the absolutely wonderful efficient, friendly, helpful, caring, and care and attention that not only Paxton understandable. I knew immediately that received, but me too! Paxton was in good hands. After reading the articles about Elmo in the TIMES, and seeing the success Reaction of Elmo living life on three legs, it just reinforces how Alouette Animal Hospital truly care about people and their pets. I encourage all pet lovers to donate to The Jackson Fund at Alouette Animal Hospital [a fund designed to help financially disadvantaged pet owners cover emergency vet costs]. Dear Editor,

Grateful for the polio message

With reference to Bob Groeneveld’s column [We’re all in this world together, May 10, Opinion, TIMES], thank you for drawing attention to the need to eradicate diseases like polio from the planet. While we in our culture take no notice of polio any longer, this debilitating disease continues to ravage millions in Third World nations. The most ominous aspect of this is – as you point out – some legislators and dictators in far-off lands continue to believe that vaccines may be a Western-world conspiracy against their nation, culture or race. They deny their children the right to protection. While we may think this is of no interest to us, consider the potential of refugees and immigration from these countries to Canada. Consider the implications of “the bug” in our community. It must also be pointed out that many of our citizens live with Post Polio Sequela, the late-in-life effects of having endured polio in their childhood. To that end, if your readers had polio in younger years, or know of parents or friends who had polio and are having undiagnosed medical issues presently, there is support and information available to them through the Post Polio Awareness and Support Society (PPASS), with local chapters in all regions of British Columbia. For contacts in the region concerning post polio information, email sonrise@, or if schools would like to be involved in better understanding polio, they can contact

Bob Brett, PPASS coordinator

Lisa Matheson, on behalf of Paxton and the Matheson family

Thursday, May 26, 2011



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'8]&Y .8] 'TNV&[X O]].[V9

'D<&:(DP 9:<>:& D7 T>77;&D(92OSC-S-D @ '>70 !D<< @ '94:->< ,A&:(DO D:( K>:47&O) D:( -<>-= 9: 7?& <>:= >: 7?& 79T P>A?7 -9P:&PS 856/< 'I0./94 "++69.?> 49K+ I.49.+E F>O>7 94P 2&CO>7& D7 T>77;&D(92OSC-S-D D:( -<>-= 9: '94:->< K&&7>:A F>(&9O 4:(&P 7?& I4>-= U>:=O O>(&CDPS

More malls not the real answer

O+VF .8+VY1 .T .8] K[.. O]+aTJ1 %+F ET&[].F LTXNV.]]21 J8T 8+L] (]]V JT2Y[V9 8+2a =T2 WTV.81 .T (2[V9 TN2 +V7 VN+X &TWWNV[.F &]X](2+.[TV .T X[=] =T2 .8] 0:.8 F]+2>

`T. + VTV7R2T<. &TWWNV[.F ]L]V.4 E]Va .8] [V=T .T '[.F C+XY1 +. [V=T)R[..W]+aTJ16(&6&+6 (97+ 6I 8IA7 8++7

*>=& 79 E9P= E&&= &:-94PDA&O D:( TP9;97&O 7?& 4O& 9Z 7?& C>-0-<& DO 7PD:OT9P7D7>9: 79 29P=S Y7QO A99( Z9P 094P ?&D<7?) A99( Z9P 7?& &:3>P9:;&:7) D:( A99( Z9P 94P -9;;4:>70" %4P>:A *>=& 79 E9P= E&&=) 094Q<< O&& *>=& 79 E9P= O7D7>9:O D7 3DP>94O E&O7 '9DO7 #1TP&OO L JDP= D:( H>(& O7D7>9:OS *>=& O?9TO DP& D<O9 TDP7>->TD7>:A C0 TP93>(>:A ZP&& C>=& ;&-?D:>-O D:( TP>/&OS H&A>O7&P 79 TDP7>->TD7& >: *>=& 79 E9P= E&&= D:( C& -94:7&(" F>O>7 C>=&7929P=;&7P93D:S-DS



=59. (5AA+4> 2 'I1DI>6+A> %>( 094 ;>OO 947 9: 9P(&P>:A D PD>: CDPP&< 9P -9;T9O7&P D7 D O4CO>(>/&( -9O7 7?P94A? 7?& '>70R E& DP& -4PP&:7<0 D--&T7>:A :D;&O 9Z P&O>(&:7O 2?9 294<( <>=& 79 TDP7>->TD7& >: 7?& :&17 9P(&PS '9:7D-7 '4O79;&P G&P3>-& D7 '>70 !D<< 79 ?D3& 094P :D;& T<D-&( 9: 7?& <>O7" 'D<< M.VSVMXSXVXVS

@966 "+5-IJ> &5F ) #0.+ B ? ,XX a+F +&.[L[.[]1 +Va =+W[XF =NV6B[1[. R[..W]+aTJ16(&6&+ =T2 WT2] [V=T2W+.[TV6 @966 "+5-IJ> %5A1+A> "5A7+6 ) #0.+ G, ? C8] !+2W]231 O+2Y]. [1 (+&Y" VTJ +. ER[2[. E5N+2]> 'TW] (F TV MR]V[V9 %+F =2TWSD 7 P6 ']X](2+.[TV &+Y]" WN1[&" &8[Xa2]V31 +&.[L[.[]1 +Va =TTa> !2]18XF R[&Y]a L]9].+(X]1 +Va =2N[." R2]R+2]a =TTa" &2+=.1 +Va +2.[1+V16B[1[. 8+V]F=+2W]21W+2Y].6T296 *9ADIA6 &5F ) #0.+ 3; 7 ,. .8[1 =2]] ]L]V. =T2 +XX +9]1" L[1[.T21 J[XX 8+L] .8] TRRT2.NV[.F .T 1]] +[2RT2. TR]2+.[TV1 +Va R+2.[&[R+.] [V +V +22+F T= +aa[.[TV+X a[1RX+F1 +Va +&.[L[.[]16 !2TW SD+W .T :RW6 B[1[. R[..W]+aTJ1+[2RT2.6&TW6 'I0.6AF $5A-+.:I0A 3CGG ) #0.+ 3; ?'TW] ]HRXT2] 1TW] T= .8] (]+N.[=NX 9+2a]V1 [V TN2 &TWWNV[.F6C[&Y].1 +2] _S;6DD ]+&8 +Va [V&XNa] + (]L]2+9] +Va + 9TTa[] +. .8] a]1[9V+.]a K[&V[& `+2a]V6 'TV.+&. `+FX] /D:7:/07PU;/ T2 O+29+2]. /D:7:/07S@@;6 !+H6 "I.6< ? J+.&8 =T2 a].+[X1 TV .8]1] +Va T.8]2 ]L]V.1$ (.1, 3 ! './/"9 '"9"-%#" &"#-"7#%,7 (.1, ):6)5 *%9# +- 08" *94$27 %0 '<4940 ';.%9" -TN &+V <Va + &TRF T= '[.FC+XY1 TV TN2 J](1[.] +. R[..W]+aTJ16(&6&+6A+V. .T 2]&][L] '[.F C+XY1 ]X]&.2TV[&+XXF4 B[1[. .8] J](1[.] .T 1N(1&2[(]6


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2-0#'% 90((3*,*/

Dear Editor,

Sharon Russell, Maple Ridge

0;;6 PDSS

$3+3.&0#3 4,## 6305):% "08 7!*3 1


I agree with Ms. Cherryl Katnich [Say ‘no’ to malls, April 19 Letters, TIMES] that yes, the addition of a shopping mall would create jobs. However, I believe that a large percentage of those jobs would be part-time that pay minimum wage – andf would not have medical/dental benefits, pension, or life insurance. While being constructed, it would more than likely provide full-time work for tradespeople. It would be beneficial for students and young adults entering the workforce. However, I am very concerned about the long-term effects. They create large amounts of garbage from cardboard boxes, solid waste from food courts, and plastic bags. Ms. Katnich also failed to mention that some of our local businesses could close. My letter from April 19 also stated that malls contribute to light pollution. As well, there would be a large rise in electrical consumption. So has this group gone from “Residents for Smart Shopping” to “Residents for Smart Shopping and Job Creation?” That’s quite a resume.




Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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M,+ /@_ /FSS

#,KC,DC^* D,A^K!D IK ,OO IBE -^K% Z^CD? \.X7[ ( M7Y[ 7VN72[ V[L ( [J7527V: "X7[V25 2T "TW[ 7V ( 2)52[ 29[ !/,5:*5'%0 ]7>>[6[V"[?

TIMES’ files

Organizers are hoping for a hot day again this year.

Pitt Meadows Day

Mounties bring tank to parade

Plans are in full swing for the biggest party of the year on June 4. by Amy Judd

Many returning favourites with a few new surprises thrown in are on the boards for Pitt Meadows Day, set to kick off at 7 a.m. in early June. “We have been told that the RCMP are bringing their armoured personnel carrier and a horse,” said spokesperson Richard Keltie. Groups and volunteers are already working hard to ensure the day will be as successful as those that came before. One of the highlights of the day is always the parade, and Keltie said about 10,000 people turn out to watch all the entries and floats pass by. Last year, more than 70 floats were

involved, with about 1,000 people. Usually about 18,000 people from all over the Lower Mainland attend the full day of festivities. “Returning favourites will include the Katzie in their canoe, clowns from Pitt Meadows fire department, pipe bands, and dance academies,” said Keltie, adding that his favourite parts of the day are the parade and salmon barbecue. Of course, this day could not happen without many volunteers donating their time, and more are still needed. Anyone interested can contact Lianne Shaw at The events kick off at 7 a.m. on Saturday, June 4, with the Pitt Meadows Lions Club pancake breakfast, followed by the parade at 11 a.m. (running from Blakely and Hammond Roads, west on Hammond Road and north on Harris Road), and much more the rest of the day.

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• Stay tuned to The TIMES for more on Pitt Meadows Day.

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Joe Robinsmith and his son Colton both write poetry.

Maria Rantanen/TIMES


Country inspires poetry

A Ridge poet asked his 16-year-old son to contribute to his first book. by Maria Rantanen

Local poet, writer, and full-time electrician. Joe Robinsmith’s computer hard drive crashed eight years ago, and he lost 22 chapters of a novel he was writing. “I was so devastated, I stopped writing for two years,” he said. His son, Colton, who’s 16, writes his poetry on his phone – that also crashed recently in the middle of a poem. Despite the technological setbacks, father and son have kept writing and Joe’s poetry book Heartsongs from a Cowboy’s Soul includes poems by both. Joe has included his poetry from the last six years, inspired by love, life, and relationships. But the backdrop to his poetry is a childhood spent in B.C. cowboy country. Joe spent his formative years on a farm without a lot of modern amenities – his parents wanted to “get back to the land.” He learned to work hard on the land. But he was also given a lot of freedom to explore the countryside. Sometimes wild horses would come through and his father would rope one and throw him onto the back of the horse and let him ride. He also spent a lot of

time riding his dirt bike with friends on forestry roads and through the mountains. “There were a lot of good times,” he said. Joe’s family moved back to the Lower Mainland when he was a teen and he settled with his own family in Maple Ridge in 1992. The next year, Joe ran for council as he wanted to get involved in the community. When he lost, he got some advice that has stayed with him. “Candace Gordon pulled me aside after [the election] and said if you want to get involved, volunteer,” Joe said. Joe did volunteer on various local boards, and now, through his writing, he’d like to do something locally to help young people get writing. When he was putting his book together, he asked his son Colton to contribute. Joe said when he read Colton’s poetry, he was blown away by what his “quiet and deep” son had written. “His poetry really gets inside your head and makes you think,” Joe said. Joe is working on a collaborative poetry book with 22 poets from around the world whom he’s met through his blogging and other online forums. Joe Robinsmith will be signing copies of his Book Heartsongs from a Cowboy’s Soul at Black Bond Books in Haney Place Mall on May 28, from 12 to 1 p.m.


The City of Pitt Meadows Public Works Department will be flushing water mains throughout the municipality for approximately twelve weeks beginning March 21, 2011. During this time there may be a temporary drop in water pressure or a noticeable discolouration in tap water. To correct problems with milky water, open the cold tap slightly to bleed air from the water lines. If you experience problems with dirty water, turn on an outside tap and let it run until the water clears. The City thanks residents for their patience during this routine maintenance of the water mains. If there are any questions or concerns please call 604-465-2434. Public Works Department 11333 Harris Road Pitt Meadows, BC, V3Y 2M5



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


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show, she couldn’t tell anyone, which she said was one of the hardest parts. “You’re allowed to tell your employer because you need the time off in October,” she said, “and your doctor. That’s it.” The wait was worth it however, as by Amy Judd Swain not only received the chance to compete for $50,000, but received an Former Meadowridge teacher Wendy all-expenses paid trip to Argentina for a Swain never really thought of herself as week, where the show is filmed, and a a hero. But when she was chosen to be $500 honorarium. part of the episode called Everyday Heroes “It was the best time of my life,” said on the show Wipeout, she cried. Swain, who was able to be a tourist when “It was really she wasn’t covered nice,” she said. in mud on the “Such a complicourse. ment.” This opportunSwain joined 19 ity couldn’t have other ‘everyday come at a betheroes’ such as ter time for the paramedics, police teacher as she had officers, and fire reached a point fighters from all where she felt frusacross Canada trated about her to compete for career, and needed $50,000 on the a pick-me-up. show known for She got more contestants bounthan she bargained cing helplessly for. on top of big red “It feels like a balls, and falling dream,” she said. down in thick “Did this actually mud 50 times. happen and how “These are could this happen 19 other people to me?” that will be my Swain wore friends forever,” a blouse signed said Swain of the by her former bonding experiMeadowridge and ence. Mission students It all started to bring her luck last year when and inspiration, Swain applied for even though it got the Canadian vera little dirty on the sion of Wipeout, course. after watching the “Crawling American version around through the on TV and thinkmud,” she said, ing it looked like about the hardest Wendy Swain was chosen out of thousands of applicants so much fun. part of the course, to be part of this season of Wipeout Canada. “I completed “it’s so thick. It this huge survey, takes every ounce questionnaire online,” she said, and after of energy to get through it.” She also fell filming an audition video, she was invited off the punching wall twice, and said to the interview round in Richmond. audiences do not realize just how high She was one of 45,000 Canadians who the big red balls are contestants have to had applied for this opportunity, and jump across. “It’s so much higher than knew she had to stand out. you can see on TV,” she laughed. “I’m an adrenaline junkie,” she said. Swain couldn’t reveal how well she did “I think you have to be a teacher,” she on the show, but her episode airs this laughed. “It’s a little bit crazy.” Sunday, May 29 on TVTropolis. Swain used to teach at Meadowridge She encourages everyone who has ever School and in Mission, before moving to thought of doing something like this, to Vancouver in 2009 to pursue other teachjust go for it. ing opportunities. “It’s so incredible, it will change your After she was chosen to be part of the life,” she said.

5-7 $#+

A former Maple Ridge resident received the chance of a lifetime to compete on a famous reality show.

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Local hero tackles Wipeout

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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times Travellers



• Email a photo of you holding The TIMES to: timestravellers@mrtimes.

Barry, Lindsay, Matthew, and Katherine Charron, along with Scott Hayes, and Allison and Graham Welters – all of Maple Ridge – recently visited Grand Wailea in Maui, Hawaii recently. The brought a copy of The TIMES on their trip.



2 J:E

!$,+)-( 5%2- '#1 &#.. 3 "0%,02 4-*%+)-/

Sharon Lapka recently returned from a trip to the Akumal Beach Resort in the Mayan Riviera area of Mexico. The native parrots were intrigued by a copy of The TIMES.

$="@@ !?E):5EE5E F5A5)<5 &$# ):1?B AF5;)BE. #+"B =5":E B+53 ;7:,B 5:; ?1 1"3):- B"65E 7: B+5 -77;E ":; E5F<)A5E B+53 !?3 B7 F?: B+5)F !?E):5EE.

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HH//7 %)F-L)D =1GLP ?-3 8 %#KM<#?; 'O,?!#> A,; ,@@K;

A team of students fro field trip to the He m Samuel Robertson Technical Scho ol ron Island Research Station on the Trop enjoyed an international recently. The scien ce/biology student ic of Capricorn in Au s brought along a co stralia on their visit to this py of fa turtles and a marine cility that is a world-renowned mating The TIMES newspaper biology facility. ground for green se a

*.(. +"E B+5 @795EB &$# F"B5 ): (":";"> ="C):7?F 1F7<):A5 ": "BBF"AB)<5 1@"A5 B7 27F5)-: ):<5EB7FE ":; 27F 56)EB):- !?E):5EE B7 561":;.

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69th brated his ikiki le ce y tl n gan rece t the Wa Russ Gala ith his wife Joan a Head d w n o y birthda awaii. The Diam p, while H ro d in ck ch a Bea s the b a s e rv of their y se volcano showed off a cop ES. the couple newspaper, The TIM hometown

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(7:E?=5FE +"<5 B7 1"3 B+5 &$# 7: B+5 5:; 1F7;?AB. *?B E):A5 !?E):5EE5E :7 @7:-5F 1"3 5=!5;;5; B"65E ;?F):- B+5 =":?2"AB?F):1F7A5EE> B+5)F E"<):-E A": !5 1"EE5; 7:B7 B+5 A7:E?=5F.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

times Travellers

260th Street & Fraser Highway, Langley • 604-856-5063

• Email a photo of you holding The TIMES to:

The Lower Mainland’s ONLY drive-in movie theatre!




9:30 pm

11:55 pm



I AM NUMBER FOUR (PG) Fri & Sat 2:15 am


Theresa Moudatsos and Shelley Reilly, both of Maple Ridge, took a copy of The TIMES along on a trip to the fish market in Old Mazatlan, Mexico.

Have your garage sale here! Info: 604-856-5165

DgQKKN WPa`IPg` SKB f> T=JNc FPeRc E HP`` Tc=eK]a TIMES’ own ad consultant Tammy Kolisnyk and hubby Zul recently visited Kuleana Resort in Maui. Tammy posed with a copy of her newspaper – not for work purposes – but for a TIMES Traveller photo.

VNcMcL`=I\ CI=gO =Le UPcNe Tcc` '.!74, -B/ ";.,7!5: &;<4 9 '.!74, DBE (.C7!5: &;<4 32 %!0?4 $C7+4 #4=6<7!.5 #=)66?

!*$&'#( *%)$"

lly, Athena, and joined with Mike, Bi ading out on t et ck Be n ga Lo d ra an re he Brynn, Steve, Kand Juan, Puerto Rico for one week befo a copy of their n ok Sa to in ey d Th ar ly. yw nt Ha ce Brad Caribbean re h ut So e th in ise a one-week cru ng on the trip. hometown paper alo

Christine M Maple Rid aki and Fanny Che g u Peru, tak e, recently visited ng, both of ing a cop M achu Picch yo The TIME S, along f their hometown u, for the jo paper urney.

%<5!A5 @5 !I!C5 9D!9 ,!C?B7) @H<!IA IB<< @5 A9CB=9<H 5721C=58 B7 9D5 0B=B7B9H 12 &!,<5 $B8)5 #5=178!CH #=D11< 83CB7) 9DBA H5!CEA *<5:579!CH "C!=? !78 (B5<8 &559 17 '375 4 !78 .FG *!., 8C?? @4 >6847 C1 0!.A47 C??4+!??5G %<5!A5 =!C,11< 1C @5 ,C5,!C58 91 ,!C? A505C!< @<1=?A !I!HG %5!? 9C!/= 9B:5A IB<< @5 2C1: >;+- 91 4;6F !:G >>>>d YIK]L Z^cL_c T=JNc FPeRcG YX A>? [Sb b@fBfb<Bf>@@









604.552.5466 604.294.0445 604.467.0714

204-1530 Kingsway Ave Port Coquitlam, BC

3572 E. Hastings St. Vancouver, BC

22380 Lougheed Hwy Maple Ridge, BC



Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011

9)=1063 &/=:*6 BY THE


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Thursdayy, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011

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!68$ ,&&"&8' #6.42 )(",!&(+ F9, . >C, ),%&(+ ' *$%&(+ E09, . >C, 2*!& &8'2 :68'*+ 7 -/5


00 '"%B< 8*:!(D )(* -"$& ##################################### <133; FF @%%/ #;'"%-2=%% )(* ,#!- ########################### <13)33; F3 )2<2)* )%-'%: )(* "#-+ ######################################<33; 07 "D88%- "6 *?& )(* ,"&% ############################# <=>)33; 0E #8' +!%--* )(* ,##, ######################################### <-)33;

(.+2 6% 0#& ,&&" 0A +!:B%-*&2 '-%? *?& )(* ,&%, ################# <13)33; E0 '"%B< +!:B%-*&2 )(* '"&! ########################## <13)33; 07 )2<2)* *B*:25 )(* ,-!% ############################# <13)33; 01 <*8*"* 5!5@* 82)2-<':% )(* ,##& ###### <9)33; 04 $2-& %+'*/% )(* +&-$ ###################################### <3)33;



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Greek cooking

Real garlic, lemons top taste


f my cooking classas that offered by a fresh es, Greek are the lemon. most popular by far, Fresh lemon gives you stemming from my own the added bonus of reappassion for the flavours of ing the aromatic and Greece. colourful zest from the Almost everyone I talk outer peel to utilize as an to loves Greek food and additional ingredient or has frequented Greek resbeautiful garnish. taurants. “Cheap and convenient” Olive oil, garlic, lemon is not synonymous with juice, and oregano may be “flavour,” and if you want by Chef Dez common denominators in your Greek food – or any many Greek recipes, but food – to taste better, you Chef Dez is a food columnist and culinary instructor in the Fraser Valley. there’s a bit more to makneed to go to the source Visit him at ing good Greek food. of the ingredient you are Send questions to or Garlic should never adding for optimal results. P.O. Box 2674, Abbotsford, B.C. V2T 6R4 come from a jar. I see people in stores buying large jars of peeled, chopped garlic in brine. “It’s cheap and convenient,” they’ll 2 long English cucumbers, diced large say. 6-8 Roma tomatoes, diced large Just because something is cheap and 1 large yellow pepper, diced large convenient doesn’t mean we should use 1 large orange pepper, diced large it. Soak any fresh cut vegetable (or fruit) 1 medium to large red onion, diced large in a jar full of brine, and the flavour 1 cup Kalamata olives leaches into the brine. People who add such garlic to a dish Dressing aren’t cooking with garlic. You’re cooking 1 cup olive oil with a residual that was once garlic, and 1/4 cup fresh lemon juice now most of the natural flavour has gone 3 tbsp red wine vinegar into the brine – which you’re going to 2 tbsp dried oregano leaves dump down the drain in a year, once you 2 garlic cloves, crushed have gotten through that humongous jar. 2 tbsp sugar Many people also willingly pass Salt and coarsely ground pepper to season through the produce section, walking by Crumbled feta cheese to garnish the lemons on their way to the juice aisle 1. In a large bowl, toss the vegetables to grab a bottle of lemon juice… again and olives together. for the same reason: “cheap and conven2. In a separate bowl, mix the dressing ient.” ingredients well and pour over the salad. There are no bottles hanging from the Toss to coat. trees in lemon orchards in Florida or 3. Garnish with crumbled feta cheese Italy. A reconstituted juice from concenand season to taste with salt and pepper. trate will not give you the same flavour

On Cooking

Greek Salad

FREE GUESS SUNGLASSES with purchase of prescription eyewear Some restrictions apply.

Expires May 31, 2011

Call to book your eye exams today!

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West Gate Centre (across from Save-On-Foods)


Mon-Fri 10-6 • Sat 10-5 • Sun closed

#2-33231 First Ave Mission


Mon-Fri 9:30-6 • Sat 9:30-5:30

N,DCP',A= R,A G+D# '89@I- ;7 :@Q-M "I ;H @9< *@9@<"@9 D"2-

7 "9 H *@9@<"@9 )@:"O"-M >@93I @))82< I8 -928O I$-"2 Q"<M "9 M682I @9< 2->2-@I"89

A8F >@9 $-O64 B"M"I /8F2 O8>@O *@9@<"@9 D"2- MI82- 89 !F:6MI@2I '@/ @9< 0- 0"OO <89@I- ;G! I8 *@9@<"@9 D"2- !F:6MI@2I1 )82 -E-2/ ;7 <89@I"89 /8F :@Q- FM"9& @9/ @>>-6I@?O- )82: 8) 6@/:-9I4 7..5 8) /8F2 <89@I"89 MI@/M "9 /8F2 >8::F9"I/4

D$@9QM I8 I$- &-9-28M"I/ 8) I$"M >8::F9"I/= 7+L Q"<M 0-2- $-O6-< "9 G.7. @9< K.+ Q"<M $@E- ?--9 $-O6-< M"9>- "9>-6I"89 "9 G..(4 %82 :82- "9)82:@I"89 89 I$- !F:6MI@2I 628&2@:= E"M"I >@9@<"@9I"2-4>@JSF:6MI@2I


! :B 9@< CA $ +$80+@+ A4 :B +0,,0A)6 ;0,, #7 =A)$C7= A) 5A@1 #72$,4 4A1 7>715 :? =A)$C7= $C $ ($)$=0$) %017 -CA173 %20- =A)$C0A) 0- 4@)=7= #5 ($)$=0$) %017 (A1<A1$C0A)! &0+0C7=! ($)$=0$) %017 *--A"0$C7 '7$,71-! $)= -7,7"C ($)$=0$) %017 >7)=A1 <$1C)71-3 / %1$=7+$1. A4 ($)$=0$) %017 (A1<A1$C0A)! &0+0C7=

Maple Ridge an ‘anomaly’ in homeless figures

…continued from page A1

The increase in homeless people in Maple Ridge is an “anomaly,” said Alice Sundberg, co-chair of the Greater Vancouver Regional Steering Committee on homelessness, compared to regional numbers which show fewer people on the streets and more homeless people in shelters where they can access services


J==>3 7W"YO^>2 ?T`<<E =3>7:90 (W^ (73 0(I6


and are monitored by shelter staff. In their in-depth analysis, the steering committee will look more closely at Maple Ridge where the numbers are going up, Sundberg said, adding she would like to find out why the number of people going to shelters is down. The final report, expected some time at the end of summer, will



HO3"9(2> !7W(W"> (2 YUK (2








.ETT %&#% D# !-%

(%2/ =%) 2-+ 8 '-+

R?/<`EEE 8 ?<E`EEEQ

>A1!1TEEZX 36 @7# ]-)" EEA0!1TEEZX 04 @7# '[C)"

include information from the survey done during the homeless count. This will include information like where homeless people are from, what their source of income is, their gender, health, and marital status. Sundberg said the overall regional numbers show that “we might actually be getting a handle on this homelessness issue.”

&4./ 4))+., 94.+ @+A?1<+, >?BA




C ,HF HBF'],D#

[W"YO^>2 ?<EE N(WO=("0O3>3 F>$(0> \\ (W^ ?T`<<E =3>7:90 (W^ (73 0(I6


%#*$:('! -2888 *"!=*" %#*'#=%7'

>AE!1TEEZX 1G @7# ]-)@@ ,AE!1TEEZX 3E @7# '[C)@@

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![L,L'[L_ !JF BH CJ

JW XU20 .ETT #2"(S> XU^>Y2 R>I"YO^7W: [; X(WO(YQ




J==>3 7W"YO^>2 ?T`<<E =3>7:90 (W^ (73 0(I6


.=32.).. %/6+ '71>6 (<9,10/"-


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(%2/."=.'!*22 $-%! %':=:@B #

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.ETT 2(4"+2 .$!),36 1-(' 0&2* 200,4,2/' (&%6 44

.ETT %2'*7% +PC !-%


%#*$:('! -2888 *"!=*" %#*'#=%7'

;A4!1TEEZX 13 @7# ]-)44 4A6!1TEEZX 1, @7# '[C)44


JL D#P#'C L#- .ETT NJ%#PD6

EGGG #Y7:7$Y> 'U20"U X>X$>32 3>">7M> (W (^^707UW(Y


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$-%! %':=:@B *2 #::& *2

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times Thursday, May 26, 2011 A21

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011


M%%' , <%#!*Q% QC,M !FKI >97I %-I/R

The Ridge-Meadows RCMP is looking for the following people. If you see any of them, do not attempt to apprehend them. Please contact the RCMP immediately by calling 604-463-6251 or CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-8477. The warrants attached to these individuals were still outstanding as of 10 a.m. Thursday. Remember: all of the listed people are presumed innocent until proven guilty in court.

Born: May 9, 1988 Wanted in connection with File #2011-4044 Wanted for assaulting a peace officer.

,4/ O-6& 8 ,4/ O1(&5 8 *-JLLL >JD)6LLL ?=<

BARRETT, Wade Daniel

>=/= 0,;,:! 0)3 "*.'"(*':

Born: March 6, 1981 Wanted in connection with File #2010-13163 Wanted for failing to obey conditions of probation order.

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Born: Dec. 1, 1988 Wanted in connection with File #2010-17773 Wanted for possession of counterfeit currency.

*,QQ C@ ,BBQ: CMQ!M% MC;" ,M?;%@ >#%?% P A=%?>!CM? + :C=K@% B@%8,BB@C<%'R

REES, Maxina Elizabeth

Born: March 30, 1965 Wanted in connection with File #2011-1991 Wanted for impaired driving.

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SCHULZE, Frank John

PRESTON, Steven Lawrence



Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sports Reach The TIMES: Phone: 604-463-2281 Fax: 604-463-9943 Email:

On Deck

First place finish Maple Ridge Secondary’s Grade 8 badminton team competed in the Fraser Valley Championships. The MRSS Grade 8 team won three of the five individual titles at the Fraser Valleys, and placed first overall with 75 points. Coach Norm Sun said the Maple Ridge badminton team had a very successful year, especially from Chantelle Stewart in Grade 8, Alison Lim, at the junior level, and Laura Tacon, in the senior’s level. Each of the girls won the girls singles title in the Maple Ridge District, Upper Fraser Valleys, and the Fraser Valley championships. • More online:, click on “Sports”

Two sport gold A couple of Maple Ridge boys helped their water polo team, the Pacific Storm PSSK, win the national championship. Giordano Marconato and Shawn Muller came home with gold medals around their necks after defeating five teams over the long weekend in Surrey. • More online:, click on “Sports”

Run for hospice The scenic Vistas Run takes place this Sunday, May 29, in east Maple Ridge starting at 9 a.m. All proceeds for the Vistas Run go to support the Ridge Meadows Hospice Society, and participants have the option of a 5-km walk or run, or a 10-km run. Kids also have the option of taking part in the 1-km run. • More online:, click on “Sports”

Send in your scores to



Westview pupil goes to cowboy camp

A local resident received the chance of a lifetime to advance his skiing career in late April. by Amy Judd

Ryan Patience still seems to be in shock that he was picked as one of 12 skiers to train with members of the Canadian ski team last month. The 16-year-old Westview student, who is a member of the Vancouver ski team, attended Mike and Manny’s Cowboy Camp in Whistler, an experience he said he will remember forever. “It’s for ski racers who have the finances to do ski racing, but don’t have enough to do all the camps,” Patience said. This year the fourth annual cowboy camp was held April 25 to 30, and all 12 participants were put up in a house in Whistler, and learn from some of the best skiers in the country. “Manny’s [Osborne-Paradis] mom cooked us breakfast and lunch,” said Patience, describing the homey and relaxing atmosphere. The camp was started by Alpine ski team members Mike Janyk and Osborne-Paradis, and is supported by other team members. For instance, this year fellow team member Robbie Dickson came out for the camp. It started in 2006 as a bursary program by Osborne-Paradis called the Get-Up-And-Go Award, sponsoring two skiers. The next year he was joined by Janyk and together they sponsored four skiers. After a lot of support they were able to expand the program to hold a camp every year in an effort to help aspiring skiers realize their dreams without additional costs. There is no fee to attend the camp, and once accepted, all the skiers have to do is get to Whistler with their equipment. Patience was one of the lucky ones chosen, and he was able to work on his downhill racing skills, such as slalom, Super G (super giant slalom), and giant slalom. “I like Super G,” said Patience. “I just find it kind of fun.”

Robert Kwong photos/

Ryan Patience worked on his line for much of the Cowboy Camp at Whistler, saying he was so excited to spend a week with some members of the Canadian national ski team.

He was able to not only interact with other aspiring skiers during the week, but worked with Janyk, Osborne-Paradis, and Dickson on his line (meaning the way that he skis a course). “Where we’re turning above and below the gate,” he explained. “I got my line better, which improved everything.” Patience has been skiing for

about 14 years, but he knows he has a lot of training to do if he wants to make it to the level of his idols. He’d like to make the national team one day, “but it’s really hard,” he said. Patience wouldn’t trade the experiences of skiing for anything else, despite the cost and the high-level of competition his sport

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brings. In fact, his week at cowboy camp just spurred him on to do more and try harder. “Robbie Dickson, Mike and Manny, they’re so nice. They’re not stuck up about being good.” Patience will now continue to hone his skills on the downhill courses and remember all that he learned during his intense week of training.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011


Canucks in the finals

by Amy Judd

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Some local hockey fans must have been jumping for joy Tuesday night.

For the third time in the teamâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s history, the Vancouver Canucks are going to the Stanley Cup finals, after a goal in second-overtime by defenceman Kevin Bieksa on May 24. There are some very dedicated fans right here in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows, Tyson Phare, above, is such a crazy those who will Canuck fan he even won a contest no doubt be recognizing his devotion. cheering the Canuck fan, he won a conCanucks all test at his school Albion the way to the Elementary. end. Six-year-old Emma Butler Sharla said she loves the Canucks so Takimoto from much, she wants the Sedin Pitt Meadows, twins to come to her next has not only Sharla Takimoto, right, and her friend Kayla birthday party so she can play decked out her Currie, left, got into the spirit of a game with hockey with them. car and desk sparkly blue wigs. The Vancouver Canucks will at work with now face either the Boston everything Bruins or Tampa Bay Lightning in the Canucks, but said she would paint her final round to decide who wins the covhouse blue and green if she could. eted Stanley Cup. Tyson Phare, nine, is such a crazy

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011






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pmt Tax Inc

Fuel Sippers!

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pmt Tax Inc

pmt Tax Inc

*Payments are bi-weekly. A=96 months @ 6.97% variable. B=84 months @6.97 % variable. C=72 months @ 6.97% variable. D=60 months @ 5.91% variable E=48 months @ 5.91 % variable. 11 Jetta TDi TI8802 TP37440. 06 Jetta TDi (UC711167) TI3522 TP25,585 04 Jetta Wagon TDi (UC165223) TI2515 TP22313. 06 Jetta TDi (UC786846) TI3538 TP25697. 06 Jetta TDi (UC661624) TI3333 TP24209 **In 2009

DL 30900

An AutoCanada Dealership


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A28 Thursday, May 26, 2011

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times


WHAT’S ON Post events to and email them to

May 26

• The first annual general meeting of the North Fraser chapter of CARP, a seniors advocacy association, runs from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Coquitlam Royal Canadian Legion, 1025 Ridgeway Ave. Info: or 778-284-1189.

May 27

• Hominum Fraser Valley Chapter is holding its monthly meeting. Hominum is an informal discussion and support group to help gay, bisexual, and questioning men. Info and meeting location: Art at 604-462-9813, or Don at 604-329-9860.

May 27

• Albion Elementary’s free Women’s Fair will be held from 6:30 and 8:30 p.m. This year will see 25+ local artisans and vendors, a coffee shop area for tastings from local food vendors, and lots of door prizes.

May 28

• Newcomers to Canada are invited to the Diversity Health Fair between 12 and 4 p.m. at Thomas Haney Secondary School, 23000 116th Ave. There will be a range of health and wellness exhibitors.

May 28

• “I-love-to-dance” dance takes place in the ballroom of the seniors centre, 12150 224th St. Tickets are $20. A salsa lesson takes place from 7 to 8 p.m. Info: Ray at 604836-7295.

May 28

• 583 Coronation Squadron, Royal Canadian Air Cadets is having its 57th annual ceremonial review at the Golden Ears Winter Club from 12:30 to 3:30 p.m. For information on the cadet youth program, call 604-462-9388.

May 28

• The Ridge Meadows Seniors Society is hosting a Spring Fling Pub Night from 7 to 10 p.m. in the seniors centre lounge at 12150 224th St. Tickets are $3.

Thursday, May 26, 2011


May 28

• The Maple Ridge Museum and Community Archives join together with the Haney Farmers’ Market from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. to bring heritage in education to the community. The market is at Memorial Peace Park.

May 28

• The Maple Ridge Antiques Road Show will be visiting the Maple Ridge Library from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Folks are encouraged to scour their attics and basements and bring treasures to the library to have them evaluated by certified appraisers. Info: 604-467-7417.

May 28

• The third Free Children’s Clothing Exchange will be held at the HIVE Neighbourhood Centre at Eric Langton Elementary between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.

May 28

• Rhododendron Day at Whonnock Lake Garden will run from 1 to 4 p.m. with a mini-workshop about rhododendrons. Info: Scot Henney at 604-464-7979.

May 28

• St. Patrick’s School will hold a clothing and toy swap meet from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tables for rent. Info: Tisha at or at 604-880-1744.

May 29

• The Bank of Montreal is having a garage sale/hot dog sale from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the parking lot of the bank at 22410 Lougheed Hwy. with proceeds going to the Ridge Meadows Hospital.

May 29

• The Alouette Field Naturalists travel to the Othello Tunnels east of Hope. Meet at 9 a.m. on 228th Street between Lougheed and Dewdney to carpool. Info: Duanne at 604-463-8743.

May 29

• A Greatstrides Walk will be held in Pitt Meadows to honour children who have cystic fibrosis at 10 a.m. at the south end of Harris Road. Info:


NOW THAT’S SMART. IMMEDIATE SAVINGS Starting in July, BC Hydro will begin upgrading homes and businesses with new smart meters. Moving to a more efficient, modernized grid will create immediate savings for our customers. a `iZj \fR]Z fmZm]\ ie place, BC Hydro can pinpoint outages and restore power faster. a nZ Wigg Pm lR\Zm] ReN mR\im] Z_ _^me ReN Og_\m accounts when you move. a nf^]_Xiek Zjm mlKOimeOM _l Zjm k]iN fmRe\ less wasted electricity. a bjmM Wigg fRhm M_Y] O_ffYeiZM \Rlm] PM ]mNYOiek ^YPgiO ReN W_]hm] mV^_\Y]m Z_ theft-related safety hazards, such as house fires, live wires and premature transformer failures. *average daily electricity usage

KEEPING RATES LOWER cfR]Z fmZm]\ N_ e_Z RNN O_\Z Z_ OY\Z_fm]\H ne lROZJ R\ ^R]Z _l R f_Nm]eiLmN k]iNJ \fR]Z fmZm]\ Wigg ]mNYOm ]RZm ^]m\\Y]m\ PM _Xm] [dG figgi_e _Xm] Zjm emVZ Zj]mm MmR]\ Rg_emH Ugg _l Zj_\m \RXiek\ Wigg Pm ^R\\mN _e Z_ OY\Z_fm]\ ReN lRfigim\J hmm^iek P_Zj OY]]meZ ReN lYZY]m ]RZm\ g_Wm] ZjRe ZjmM _Zjm]Wi\m W_YgN Pm WiZj_YZ the program and among the lowest in North America.

KEEPING YOUR INFORMATION SECURE cifigR] Z_ _egiem PRehiek \M\Zmf\J Zjm NRZR l]_f Zjm fmZm]\ i\ \mOY]m ReN M_Y] ^]iXROM i\ ^]_ZmOZmNH



– Can’t communicate

✔ bW_IWRM O_ffYeiORZi_e\ PmZWmme M_Y] fmZm] ReN TS oMN]_

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– No tamper detection capability

✔ Automated meter tamper alarms to help detect power theft

May 29

• Double Bubble Trouble takes place at the Pitt Meadows Museum between 2 and 4 p.m. A complete listing is available online at, click “Community”




Thursday, May 26, 2011

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LI NOW VE ! KORMAN, Ludwig Georg February 5, 1958 - May 22, 2011. Lud was born February 5, 1958 in Calgary Alta, the youngest son of Anton & Rosa Korman. He passed away on May 22, 2011 at Ridge Meadows Hospital after a hard fought battle with cancer. Lud is predeceased by his older sister Amalie (Fritz) Lacherbauer. He is survived by his loving wife Linda, stepchildren Vanessa (Graham) Ritchie, Heather Milligan, and Leo Milligan as well as sixteen grandchildren, his two brothers Rudy (Nellie) Gegenfurtner and Anton (Margaret) Korman and three more sisters Rose (Walter) Grutzmacher, Lori (Lee) Ahlstrom, Katharina (Scherchl) Schwarzmeier as well as many nieces and nephews. Lud was a gentle loving soul loved by everyone he met, He is now pain free and at peace with Jesus in heaven. You are all welcome to attend a celebration of Lud’s life on Saturday May 28, 1:00 pm at Burnett Fellowship 20639 123rd Ave Maple Ridge BC. Many thanks to the nurses and doctors at Vancouver General Hospital, Maple Ridge Hospital and Eagle Ridge Rehab Centre. Those who wish to make a donation in his name, please contact the Neurofibromatosis Association ( the Canadian Cancer Society.

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Correctional Officers Join our skilled team of women in a professional and dynamic work environment Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General—The Alouette Correctional Centre for Women houses sentenced and remanded female offenders. The centre’s rural setting offers staff plenty of active outdoor work and other unique features not often found in a correctional environment. Make a difference close to home at our centre, located in Maple Ridge. Enjoy extensive training, growth and development opportunities. While maintaining security, safety and good order, you will focus on engaging our inmates in a way that provides them the most opportunity for change in a productive, supportive and respectful environment. A competitive salary and benefits package, a second-to-none pension plan and an employer that helps you balance work/life commitments await you. We’re committed to being your employer of choice. For more information and to apply by May 31, 2011, please visit corrections.

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• Must have reliable vehicle • Must be certified & experienced • Union Wages & Benefits Apply in person 19689 Telegraph Trail, Langley fax resume to 604-513-3661 or email:

General Employment

Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628

To advertise call


FEATURED EMPLOYMENT CLASS 1 CITY P&D DRIVER & DOCK Are you looking for a Career with an Industry Leader? Join our Team in our Vancouver Service Centre

Now hiring full-time Class 1 drivers with LTL experience to pick-up & deliver freight locally and Dock Persons with experience loading, cross-docking and unloading freight. Drivers have a Class 1 license with air brake endorsement, 1 year driving experience, the flexibility to drive various Class 1 equipment, a clean drivers abstract, a natural customer service focus, & are willing to work evening shifts if required. Dock Persons have warehouse LTL experience, safe work record, forklift experience, and the flexibility to work various shift start times. CF offers an attractive starting wage, superior benefits and pension plans, company-paid support for professional development and Employee & Family Assistance Program. APPLY ONLINE: e-mail: • Fax: 403-287-6003


Thursday, May 26, 2011

General Employment

Take on the Embroidery position with Marks Work Wearhouse Part-time or Full-time available. Sewing experience is an asset. Training is available. Contact Jeremy Bekar @ (604) 916-8226 AND send resume to


ARCHITECTURAL SHEET Metal Journeymen and Skilled Workers Top Wages & Benefits Email: Or Call:604-433-1813

VANCOUVER’S LARGEST Lawn and Property Maintenance Company pays $120-$360 DAILY for outdoor Spring/Summer work. Hiring honest, competitive, and energetic individuals to fill our various 2011 positions. Apply online @



Hotel Restaurant

EXPERIENCED COOK required Part Time for Seniors Housing facility. Must be Food Handler certified and willing to undergo criminal record check. Hours are 10am to 6pm, every Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 6pm every Stat. Holiday and available to fill in weekday shifts for vacations, etc. Starting wage $13.00 per hour Please send / deliver resume by Monday, June 13. Email: Mail: 12101 224th St. Maple Ridge V2X 6B7 by hand - Tues. to Sat. Noon to 4pm


''EMPLOYMENT'' Postmedia Community Publishing makes every ADVERTISING effort to ensure you are Postmedia responding to Community a reputable Publishing makes every a n d to l e gensure i t i m a tyou e j are ob effort opportunity. If you suspect responding to a reputable that a n d anl ead g i tto i m which a t e jyou ob h a v e r e sIfp oyou n d suspect ed is opportunity. misleading, here are some that an ad to which you h ianvt es rt o e s pr eo m n de emdb e irs. misleading, are some Legitimate here employers do h i n t s t o r e m e mpart b e of r. not ask for money as Legitimate employers the application process; do do not ask for moneydoasnot part of not send money; give the do any application credit card process; information; not send money; do not give or call a card 900 information; number in any credit order to an or call toa respond 900 number in employment ad. order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salaryopportunity based andads do are not Job salary and do not require based an investment. require an investment. If you have responded to an If haveyou responded to be an adyou which believe to ad which you believe be misleading please callto the misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday Monday to to 604-682-2711, Friday, 9am 9am -- 3pm or email email Friday, 3pm or and they they will will investigate. investigate. and

Find a

NewCareer Discover a World of Possibilities in the Classifieds!

Call 604.630.3300 to advertise




If you answered yes to this question, then come and join our team as a



Working in a coordinating role with Account Executives, agencies, newspapers and clients to ensure the accurate processing and execution of print and online advertising orders. Assist Account Executives with research gathering and presentations for new revenue opportunities. Closely monitor print & digital campaigns and work with Account Executives to ensure contract terms are met and recommend solutions when necessary. Resolve customer service and billing issues promptly. Create and maintain schedules for ad campaigns including promotions and integrated opportunities. Obtain superior knowledge of the booking system (Dart Sales Manager) and achieve the highest capabilities on the system Assist in providing screenshots of launched campaigns Perform other duties as required.

Solid experience in a Customer Service Representative role. Excellent organizational skills with the ability to work in fast pace environment. Solid communication skills and the ability to work well within a team environment. Intermediate skills in MS Power Point, Word, and Excel. Detail oriented with the ability to work independently. Interactive Advertising skills are an asset.

If this sounds like the perfect fit, please submit you resume and cover letter in confidence to /

Start your career as a




Maple Ridge: June 4 or July 9 Coquitlam: June 11 or July 2 Also Bby • Van • Rcmd • Sry • Lgly Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Hospitality Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!




Applicants may be eligible for funding

Upgrade your skills.

We can help. Call today!

Find education training in the Classifieds.


Your Career Starts Here




ANTIQUE SOLID oak dining room suite made by Victoriaville Furniture - over 100 years old. All carved and shaped pedestals and fronts. 52' round table with 3 leaves; 6 chairs; buffet with mirror and side table. Taking offers. Pictures available by email. Call 604-855-7033 or 604-807-8441.




100 & up


For Sale Miscellaneous


HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colors Available. Call 1-866-652-6837

Plants & Trees

CEDAR HEDGING $1.00/foot& up. Dug in ready, installation & delivery avail 604-795-1999. Now is the best time for planting!

One Call Does It All

IKEA DESK storage combo $110. Warhammer game $100. Call 604-987-5557




Saturday May 28th, 9am Start!!!



Teak Patio Furniture Auction & Frontier Supply Liquidation 12:00 Noon @ 9202 Glover Rd. Fort Langley, BC

All Like New!


June 25th, 9am Start!!!




Industrial, Construction, Forklifts, Farm & Turf Equip., Fleet Trucks & Trailers, Lumber, Boats, Tools


Located in Langley just minutes for Vancouver We Welcome Industrial Smalls 6780 Glover Rd., Langley, BC • Phone: 604-534-0901



Delivery/Warranty avail.


Maple Ridge

Postmedia Community Publishing, a division of Postmedia Network Inc. has an immediate full-time opening for an Account Specialist co-ordinator position in their Vancouver office. The incumbent will be responsible for the following:

The Right Time is Right NOW!


Fridge, Stove, Washer, Dryer, Stacker



Sat, May 28 8am to 3:00 pm 20434 - 116th Ave & Neighbours

Antiques, camp, fish & dog stuff, tools, household, collectibles, tables & tables. Maple Ridge

STREET GARAGE SALE Sat, May 28th 8am-3pm Miller Street & River Road West


Garage Sale

GARAGE Sale Sunday May 29, 9am-1pm 24010 Hill Ave, Maple Ridge Quality household items, kitchen appliances, stylish decor and small furniture pieces


view ads online @

Garage Sale

Pitt Meadows

Meadow Highlands Mobile Home Co-op Sat. May 28th 9am - 3pm 11892 Ponderosa off Hammond Rd. Too many items to list. Something for everyone.

Turn your clutter into cash with the Classifieds.

Maple Ridge

STRATA GARAGE SALE Brandi Wynd Complex Sat, May 28th, 9am - 3pm 22308 124 Ave

Maple Ridge

★★ GARAGE SALE ★★ Sat. May 28, 9am to 3pm 12088 - 208th Street, Books, golf clubs, racket ball, kids stuff, car accessories & household items.

GARAGE Sale 10 am to 4pm May 28/29 Huge garage sale, includes Golf clubs, some furniture, kitchen items and much more 29530 Berg Ave, Mission, BC Off Dewdney Trunk to Carr and up Carr to Berg

Spring Cleaning? Spring Garage Sale Special 10 LINES



*Includes a Garage Sale Kit & FREE Marketplace Ad




Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

3508 3507


2 BENGAL CATS females, 9 yrs old, looking for a new home. Owner has to move & no cats allowed. Mary 604-986-7990




Fila/Mastiff Guard Dog Pups owners closest friend. Thieves worst nightmare. All shots. Ready now! 604-817-5957

GOLDENDOODLE PUPS, low shed, relaxed personality, health guarantee. 604-864-7203

Cut Your Debt by up to 70% DEBT Forgiveness Program

ENGLISH BULLDOG Pups. Champion bloodlines, CKC, micro-chipped. Breeder/showing rights incl. $2,800. Email:



YELLOW LABS PB. Vet checked, Vaccinated, Dewormed. Ready Jun 4th. $600 Call: (604) 537-5063


DAYCARE PRESCHOOL 2 locations 10989 Advent Rd. 10957 Barnston View Rd. 604-460-8558

HANDSOME Male Jack Russell 9 months Needs a yard. Great with kids, dogs and cats. Neutered/all shots, $750 Call: (778) 881-0410 SHELTIE PUPS, Reg’d, shots, tattoo, leash & house trained, 2 female. $695.00. 778-773-9943 SHIH-TZU POODLE X, males, Ready to Go! Vaccinated, paper trained. $500. 778-397-1224

TOY POODLE, 4 mo. beautiful choc. female pb, 4 lbs, sweet & playful, $650, 604-794-3287


604-630-3300 to place your ad!

Eco Friendly Preschool

Enrolling now for Sept. 2011 programs • Preschool • Out of School care • Preschool enhanced daycare (3 locations) Offering theme-based programs • Music & Movement • Beginners French • Kids Yoga • Webcams • Highly Qualified ECE teachers

Preschool: 22336 Dewdney Trunk, Maple Ridge • 604-467-7250 Preschool Enhanced Daycare: 11485 - 227th St., Maple Ridge • 604-467-7529

Business for Sale

MAINTENANCE Co. Est 24 yrs, lrg client base, vehicle & equip. Sac $40,000 obo. 604-975-9832 Email:


Call 1-866-690-3328


Business Opps/ Franchises

#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744 WEALTH CREATION EXPERTS looking for self-motivated sales oriented enthusiastic individuals to develop leadership team in the BC area. You will be working with high profile executives who have earned multi-millions. We offer free business planning, training and leadership development. If you are looking to start at the top this is it. Contact Sandra 604-477-2259 or email us

Money to Loan

Could You Use


How About



Triple Five Trucking KILN DRIED Hemlock, Fir, Spruce Sawdust & Shavings


• Federally Regulated – Audited Annually • RRSP, RIFF, RESP, LIRA, etc. Eligible • Backed by the hard asset of Real Estate To find out more visit: or contact Jarome Lochkrin at 778-388-9820 or *Historical performance does not guarantee future returns.


Legal Services

#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Get started TODAY for ONLY $49.95/mo. Limited Time Offer. FASTEST GUARANTEED Pardon in Canada. FREE Consultation: 1-866-416-6772


Real Estate Services

Renee Dubois

Mobile Mortgage Specialist TD Canada Trust. 778-686-5107


Independent Lenders Since 1969

Introducing the new


Tim Stephens' Astral Reflections Cancer June 21-July 22: The weeks ahead emphasize quietude, contemplation, solitude, lowered energy, particularly this Wednesday/ Thursday. Despite this, however, your social and optimistic side remains strong – especially Sunday to Tuesday. Your psychic and spiritual side emerges – so, hopefully, does your charitable side. This is a good time to contemplate your plans for the future, especially Sunday to Tuesday. June 4 begins 12 months of increased socializing, especially in your work environment. You might not feel the full effect of this until your birthday onward. Your energy bounces back Friday. Leo July 23-Aug. 22: The emphasis lies on wish fulfillment, social delights, light, friendly romance, optimism, the joy of living! Be ambitious Sunday to Tuesday. Soon (Saturday) you begin 12 months of super career luck. You’ll find bosses, parents and VIPs are more open to your ideas, willing to give you a boost up the ladder. Your creative, romantic and pleasure-loving side can help promote you and your ambitions. Midweek’s for social joys, entertainment and romance. Issue invitations. But retreat Friday/ Saturday – conditions are unstable Friday. Humour a “pushy” higher-up – until late June. Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: The weeks ahead bring pressure to perform and opportunities to enhance your status or prestige. Your career, relations with higher-ups and ambitions will occupy you. Until June 21, you might invest in a foreign country or international fund, etc. For this same three weeks, avoid legal hassles. Pay attention to Sunday through Tuesday – days when your mind will naturally drift toward the “larger questions,” toward international events, higher learning, compassion for all, and gentle love. This entire zone will be very luckily brought into prominence this June to next (2012).

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★


Money to Loan

Need Cash Today?

✔Do you Own a Car? ✔Borrow up to $10000.00 ✔No Credit Checks! ✔Cash same day, local office


Condos/ Townhouses


Real Estate

1BDRM/1BTH N VAN - LYTTON ST & MT SEYMOUR PKWY 3rd flr corner suite. sep office/den .pets ok $198,000 Call: (604) 721-0872

2BDRM/1.5BTH Citadel Parade BB Amazing OPPORTUNITY to own this one of a kind home at SPECTRUM;$638,000

If you own real estate we can lend you money

It’s that Simple

Legal Services



INSURANCE AGENCY Small insurance agency in the Fraser Valley specializing in travel medical insurance with sales premium over $850,000 in the past year. Pls reply to box 1312758 C/O Chilliwack Times 45951 Trethewey Ave. Chilliwack, BC V2P 1K4

Where Home Owners Go To Borrow Money




534-5544 290-8405




CALL 604-430-1498

SPECIAL • Cedar Shavings

To advertise call


If you own property Capital Direct can help.

Feed & Hay


Aries March 21 - April 19: Letters, emails, reports, short literature, calls, visits, short trips, errands, paperwork – these fill your life, especially midweek. The week is busy but not terribly important. Money themes continue, mostly good ones. Money might really rush toward you now to June 21 – but beware, you could spend it just as swiftly, or spend even more than comes. Bank it, be tight-fisted! Saturday (June 4) begins a year of grand money luck, especially in earnings and selling items. (Early hints of this Sunday/Monday, when all’s well in dollar-land.) Focus on home, children Friday/Saturday. Taurus April 20-May 20: The weeks ahead feature money, earnings and spending, possessions, memory, rote learning, and sensuality. All these, by June 4 onward will “tweak” or more deeply, give birth to, significant and beneficial “heavy money” situations. Heavy money = investments, mortgages, financial partnerships, dealings with other people’s money, inheritance: generally any money that is big, shared and intended to grow. (E.g., a car will not grow in value, but land often does.) Your charm and magnetism soar Sunday/Monday: impress someone! Money, midweek – beware a false idea. Speak humbly Friday. Gemini May 21-June 20: Congratulate yourself – you’re on top, winning! Your energy and charisma are climbing (and will increase more next week). Impress someone, seek attention, start significant projects, tackle formerly daunting tasks. Rest and plan and deal with government or head office Sunday-Tuesday.Then plunge into brave action Tuesday eve to Thursday. You might need to choose between your personal drives and a career/reputation situation. Either choice is OK: base it on your stage of life. Be cautious with money Friday: spend Saturday. Saturday begins 12 months of relative quietude: be patient.

Avoid Bankruptcy, Stops Creditor Calls. Much lower Payments at 0% Interest. We work for You, not Your Creditors.

$20,000 $30,000

Preschools/ Kindergarten

KinderHeart Montessori

BC REPTILE Club Show & Sale Sat June 11 • 10 am to 5 pm and Sun June 12 • 10 am to 4pm Abbotsford Exhibition Park 32470 Haida Drive, Cadet Building Abbotsford B.C Admission : Adults $4 , Kids $2 , Children under 5 Free ; Family Pass $10.00 (2 adults up to 3 kids) For more info visit us at 1-604-392-5715

ENGLISH Cocker Spaniel puppy 10wks, blue roan, home raised, reg’d, chipped, 1st shots, all health checks. $1,200 Call: (604) 971-2616

PB RAGDOLL kittens, vet ✔ 1st shots, dewormed, heath guar., $450 & up Cel # 604-477-9961

LABRADOODLE PUPPIES Minis & Standards Ready Now! 250-395-4323 give us a call!

Financial Services


Pets - Other

CHOCOLATE LAB pups, vet checked, 1st shots, dewormed. Parents both registered. $500. 604-856-3132

CATS. Fixed - male and female rescued cats. Free to good, n/s indoor homes only. 604-513-9310





SRY CENTRAL. 2 BR, 2 Bath, Sunroom, Ground lev t/h. Good complex. No rentals. 1 pet. 45+ yrs. $239,900. ★ 604-930-5501


Houses - Sale


Real Estate

★ ALERT: WE BUY HOUSES ★ Foreclosure Help! Debt Relief! No Equity! Don’t Delay! Call us First! 604-657-9422

May 29 - June 4, 2011

Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: A mellow, understanding mood flows over you this week and the next two (especially this midweek). Study abstract subjects, religion, philosophy – any higher learning – or to write, travel afar or handle legal matters. You might meet love. Sunday to Tuesday contains mysteries – look beneath surface appearances. Your sexual and financial instincts awaken. It’s a superb time to go for a health diagnostic, change your lifestyle, or make a commitment. All these things (from mysteries to sex to finances) face huge luck from June 4 to mid-2012. Your life is about to change! Caution Friday. Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: Late May and June draw you into life’s depths. Mysteries, secrets, large financial manoeuvres, investments, sexual urges, lifestyle commitments draw you, especially midweek. Study this area for a clue to fortunate action, projects in the year-long phase between June 2012 and July 2013. Until then, though, play this area lightly. (Actually, if you’re planning that far ahead, mark July/August of 2012 as “highly questionable.”) Your true luck, for the immediate 12 months ahead, begins this Saturday: you’ll find it in relationships of every stripe. You might relocate, or marry! Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: The emphasis lies on relationships, relocation, agreements, contracts, negotiation, opportunities, competition, challenge, opposition, litigation, especially midweek. You’ll receive the positive side of these if you’re diplomatic, eager to please and a team-player. The negative needs no explanation. But one note: in general, it’s better not to vigorously pursue either side, now to August 2012. A Gemini might play a key role. You’ll accomplish a lot of work Sunday/Monday. Work will expand strongly now to mid-2012. Learn to relax! Invest or offer intimacy Saturday, NOT Friday!

Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: Lots of work faces you, especially midweek, when a new chore could begin. Better plunge in these few weeks, as a major romantic, pleasure-oriented or “happy venture” phase begins very soon, and will last for 12 months. You’ll want to be relatively free of restricting duties by then. (In late June, a powerful relationship influence starts, bringing romantic urges to a tempting climax.) In fact, this romantic phase has already started, in minor ways. Sunday to Tuesday contain some tantalizing urges! Careful with relationships Friday. One affair might end, another start – soon. Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: The weeks ahead feature romance, creativity, pleasure, vacation, sports and games and successful risks. Something might start in a very small way in these areas midweek – something that can grow in future. But a lot of emphasis remains in your area of home, domesticity, security and children (especially early week). You have to avoid friction or sharp words here (or anywhere near a cafe or kitchen – watch cuts and burns, too) through June 20. On June 4, a year of luck begins in these areas: home, children, real estate, retirement, new beginnings. A new home? Caution Friday. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: The emphasis lies on your home, security, children, nourishment, on Mother Nature, retirement, endings and beginnings. A minor new phase or project might begin in these areas midweek. Usually this phase (late May to late June) creates a restful, sluggish mood designed to give you a mid-year rejuvenation. But this time a lot of errands, trips, visits, calls and paperwork keep you busy. June 4 starts a year in which your career will involve a lot of running around and communicating. Romance disappoints Friday, flows smoothly Saturday. One met before Friday isn’t compatible. • Reading: 416-686-5014

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times




2232 McAllister Port Coquitlam 3 BR Apartment Available July 1

* Newly reno’d, quiet secure bldg, walk to all amenities. * Near WC Express. * Rent incls heat, hot water, fridge, stove, priv balcony & window coverings * Laundry & Storage ea floor * No pets ✔ Wheel Chair Access

604 - 941 - 7721



Thursday, May 26, 2011



office: 604- 936-3907


401 Westview St, Coq Large Units. Near Lougheed Mall. Transportation & S.F.U.

office: 604- 939-2136 cell: 604- 805-9490




JUNIPER COURT 415 Westview St, Coq

22588 Royal Crescent Ave, Maple Ridge

Extra Large 2 Bedrooms. Close to Lougheed Mall & S.F.U.

Close to Lougheed Mall, all Transportation Connections, Schools & S.F.U.

Large units. Close to Golden Ears Bridge. Great view of River

office: 604- 939-4903 cell: 778- 229-1358

office: 604- 939-8905 cell: 604- 916-0261

552 Dansey Ave, Coq

CALYPSO COURT 1030 - 5th Ave, New West Near Transportation & Douglas College. Well Managed Building.

KING ALBERT COURT 1300 King Albert, Coq Close to Transportation, Schools & S.F.U.

office: 604- 524-8174 cell: 604- 813-8789

office: 604-937-7343 cell: 778-829-3567


MAPLE RIDGE, like new, top flr, 1 bdrm & den, all appls, own w/d, close to amens, gym, storage locker on same level, $1000 incl utils, ns np, Aug 1. 604-580-8191

545 Rochester Ave, Coq

Close to Lougheed Mall, S.F.U. & Transportation.


555 Cottonwood Ave, Coq

Large units some with 2nd bathroom or den. On bus routes, close to S.F.U. & Lougheed Mall.

office: 604- 936-1225 JUNE 1, New 1 BR in upgraded building, No pets, $735/mo + 50% Hydro. 621 Colburne St., New West. Call 604-454-454.

NEW WESTMINSTER, One Bedroom, $745/mo Includes heat, h/w, cable & parking. New carpets. Near Skytrain. Great view! Available June 15th. Cats okay! Deposit required.

office: 604- 463-0857 cell: 604- 375-1768



115 PLACE CO-OP Located in Burnaby near Lougheed Town Centre

Accepting applications for waiting list for 2 BR’s - suits Couples. Very reasonable unit fees. Adult oriented high rise. Pool, exercise room and workshop. No Pets. Participation mandatory and $2000 share purchase required. Enquiries to Membership Committee

Call 604 421-1222


Houses - Sale


Real Estate


AVAILABLE NOW or June 1, 6 BR house, 2653 James St. Abbotsford. Can also be used as an office. 4 appls. No pets. $1350/mo. Call 604-583-6844. M. RIDGE, 3 bdrm, 2 bath, 1600sf Rancher, 1/4 acre, garage, large & clean, family home $1600/mo. July 1, NS NP. Call 604-467-2747 'RENT TO OWN' ....If you have a small downpayment, less than perfect credit, then we are your link to home ownership. Call Kim 604-628-6598


Mobile Homes Service Work Available 604-393-3087 Mobile Homes Used S/W & D/W Quality Manufacturered Homes 1-800-339-5133

Sell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $94,900 597-8361 id4714 Sry Bear Creek Park beauty 1440sf rancher, gated 45+ $275,900 597-0616 id5234

POCO RETAIL 1236sf, $3200, 2569 Shaughnessy St. Air cond, exc loc acreoss from City Hall. Jun 1. Bill Evans 604-836-2494

Renting or buying, we’ve got what you’re looking for.


Difficulty Making Payments?

Penalty? No Equity? We Take Over Your Payment! No Fees!! / (604) 812-3718 'RENT TO OWN' ....If you have a small downpayment, less than perfect credit, then we are your link to home ownership. Call Kim 604-628-6598


Any Price, Any Location Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk! Call Kristen today (604) 786-4663 6 BR home from $18,000 down $1,850/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain @ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock



6BDRM/4BTH 4737 VICTORY ST Huge Character/Heritage Home, in sought after Metrotown Area near Crystal Mall, Large 1800+ SQFT Suite Major Revenue Potential, fully updated up to code plumbing and electrical new kitchen with S/S appliances, granite counters, GOTO: for more info, pictures, videos OPEN HOUSE MAY: 21, 22 2-4PM $1,188,000 Call: (604) 781-4995 email:


North Delta

ABSOLUTELY BEST Deal on Market! 1,100 sf rancher, 3 br, 1 bath, 8,600sq ft lot.$289,000. Ron Rudy Mac Realty 604-590-2444



Repossessed mobile homes to be moved, 1974-2008, Chuck at 604-830-1960.

Selling Your Manufactured Home to be Moved? – Consign with us –

Quality Manufactured Homes

1.800.339.5133 Our Park Model Division will Consign too!


Okanagen/ Interior

EXCEPTIONAL LAKEVIEW Lots from $150,000. 1 panoramic 3 - acre parcel. Owner Financing, 250-558-7888


Out Of Town Property

BIG BEAUTIFUL AZ LAND $99/mo, $0 down - 0 Interest. Golf Course, Nat’l Parks. 1 hour from Tucson Int’l Airport. Guaranteed Financing! NO CREDIT CHECK! Pre-recorded msg 1-800-631-8164 code 4040

Parts & Accessories


1999 FORD Taurus, red, good cond, 1 owner, no accidents, full papers. NEW front tires, radiator, hoses, brakes. $3500. 604-767-9305 2000 CHRYSLER Neon XL, 4 dr, silver, 183K, ac, cd tape, mag wheels, anti theft, 1 owner, $2100obo, 604-476-2547

Is your Vehicle A/C Not Working?

Avoid Costly repairs, let us tune up your original a/c system. Save lots of $$$ Guaranteed Results!

Call KoolAir King




Scrap Car Removal

Wiper Motors ............$1295 Window Motors ........$1295 Windshields ............. $2495 Engines.................. $13995 Transmissions...........$4995 Fwd Axles (447-1) ....$1695 Batteries ...................$2495 Any Steel Wheel ......... $795

Hours: 8:30am-5pm 7 Days A Week

AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673 FREE SCRAP car & truck removal. Top $$ paid for all. No wheels - no problem. 604-761-7175


BBY, N. 1 BR, f/bath, W/D, hrdwd floors, Cat ok. $900 for 1 person, incl utils. June 1. 778-898-5159

BBY, NORTH. 2 BR. F/bath, d/w, sh’d w/d, f/p. Ns/np. $975/mo incl util. Quiet area. 604-298-0634. COQ 1 BR bsmt, new paint, priv ent, fncd yd, $650 incls utils, w/d, Avail Now, no pets. 604-941-4166 COQ WW PLAT Newly Reno’d Bright 3 BR w/o bsmt, n/p, n/s, $1150 incls utils, 604-512-9023

POCO. 2 BR, f/ba, f/p, priv w/d. Great view! Ns/Np. $950/mo incl utls. Avail now. 604-944-1479

POCO. 2 BR, g/l. Priv w/d & entry. Big fenced yard. Ns/np. $900/mo incl hydro. June 1. 604-941-3068 POCO 2 BR ste, Avail Jun 1, $1000 incls utils, 650 sqft, cats ok, shared w/d. 604-468-1261


POCO 2 BR T/H $785/mo. Quietfamily complex, No Pets! Avail Now. Call 604-464-0034

6615 COQ WW Plateau, Deluxe, 1600+sf, 3 BR gr lev ste, 2 f/baths, sauna, all appls, granite foyier, hrdwd flrs, storage, alarm. $1500 incls utls. N/S. Pet negot. Avail Jun15/Jul1. 604-970-2888



Townhouses Rent

Wanted To Rent

Middle aged couple with small dog looking for a 2 bdrm house in M. Ridge or P. Meadows or Poco, ns, willing to pay up to $1250/mo with refs. 604-467-9639



2007, 18’ Pioneer Spirit in immaculate condition. Sleeps 7, full kitchen with stove, fridge, freezer. Full bath with tub & shower. $12,250 obo. Ph 604-794-7986

Scrap Car Removal

We pay up to $300 cash


Find it online:



2007 JAYCO JFLIGHT 29 BHS, fully loaded, sleeps 8, tv & hitch incls, $17,900. 604-888-6394

8.3 CUMMINS Diesel pusher, 36ft, 80,000 mi, loaded, w/d, rear camera. $27,900. 604-539-0506


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2011 HIDEOUT 19FL, sleeps 6, a/c. Sale $14,995. #HT11191 604-856-5722.

NEW HIDEOUT 23RKS w/sld, slps 6. Sale $18,995. #HT10233. 604-856-5722

Tired of Paying Too Much at the Pump?

2004 GMC 2500 HD, Duramax Allison, blue, short box, 14,000 k, 5th wheel, rolltop cover, truck cover, $30,500 obo. 604-939-0207


Sports & Imports

2000 SUZUKI Esteem, Stnd, 4 dr sdn, aircared, AC, 196k kms. Gd cond. $3100 obo. 604-996-2058

2005 VOLVO V70 Wagon Sport edition. 112,000kms, well maintained, exc condition, no issues. $17,800. 604-987-4051



29 FT 5th WHEEL, recently refurbished, incls upholstery, awning, appls, new bed, wood flr, $4700 obo. 604-464-2702

604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC


Toll-Free: 1-866-843-8955

2011 HIDEOUT 21FQ w/sld, slps 4 #HT11211. Sale $17,995. 604-856-5722


Aarrow Recycling


BBY, GOV’T Road. Very large 2 BR suite, full bath, shared w/d. $1300/mo + util. Ns/np. Near BCIT, SFU, Brentwood Mall & Bby Lake. Immed. 778-991-7058


• Auto • Trucks • Equipment Removal

To advertise call

Suites/Partial Houses

STEVE TOWING SERVICES Scrap Car Removal. We Pay $$ for all cars. Call 778-316-7960

2001 DODGE Ram 2500, diesel, 365k kms, auto, AC, 4x4, exc cond. $19,500obo. 604-996-2085


New Mayne Is. Craftsman! 1300 sf 4 min to beach level south exp lot $369,000 more pics; 250.539.3124


NEW WEST. 1 BR. Shared w/d. ns/np. $725 incl hydro. Avail Now. 604-325-0453, 604-761-0453

May 28 - June 3, 2011

2006 Red Ford Mustang GT Convertible Mint Automatic 74,000 kms Absolutely spotless. Loaded with accessories. 604 649-5701

From Classic to Modern

Suites/Partial Houses

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200


NEW SRI homes single, dbl & modular on display, Abby. 830-1960 NEW SRI single wides in Ruskin and Langley parks from $ 89,900 Chuck 604-830-1960

Office/Retail Rent

Call 604-521-2884

Mobile Homes


At Last! Own your own Home! RENT TO OWN! Stop Renting! Poor Credit Okay! Call Karyn 604-800-3631


Houses - Rent



2009 BIGFOOT Camper 25C 9.4 long box. Mint, spotless, used twice, Must sell! Call for more info and pics avail on request. Coq. area. 604-937-7363

Find a fuel-efficient vehicle at:


Thursday, May 26, 2011






Blinds & Draperies


Flooring/ Refinishing



Refinish, sanding, install, dustless Prof & Quality work 604-219-6944

L & J Finishing Carpentry For all your woodworking needs Custom millwork, kitchens & baths, custom furniture, flooring, crown mouldings, baseboards. Over 25 years experience. Call Luigi 604-790-2540



LET US turn your house into a home 4 info call Sally 604-825 -3908 or Liane 778-889-1357


Garden Soil Mix Lawn & Turf Blends Super Natural Topsoil Composted Black Bark Mulch 100% #1 100FirFirBark BarkMulch Mulch Miracle Mix Soil Top Dressing Blends Sand & Gravel, Rock Hydroseeding Contractor Small Orders Too Volume Discounts

Artistry of Hardwood Floors





Contract # 102055 200 Amp Service Upgrades Spring Special $1800 Free est. Ins. 25 yrs exp. For All Your Reno Needs!


YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

To view or pick up 5333 176 St., Surrey



LANDSCAPE INSTALLATION, tree services, hedge trimming, spring lawn care. 778-885-6488


MILANO Painting 604-551-6510 Int/Ext. Good Prices. Free Est. Written Guar. Prof & Insured.



A MOVING EXPERIENCE WITH L & D ENTERPRISES !!! Fast & Dependable Special Rates Seniors Disc. Call 604-464-5872 COAST MOUNTAIN MOVERS 2 men $65; 3 men $85/hr. Lic/Ins. 778-318-7141

Paving/Seal Coating


ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187



JUNK REMOVAL Household junk, appls, garage & yard clean up. 604-783-2395





Tree Services

Free Estimates $ BEST RATES $ 604.722.3600 Dangerous tree removal, pruning, topping, hedge trimming & stump grinding. Fully insured & WCB

Jerry 604-618-8585 Andrew 604-618-8585


A Eastcan Roofing & Siding Ltd Re-Roof, Repair. Ins. WCB. BBB. 604-562-0957 or 604-961-0324 Trimax Roofing Ltd. Re & new roof, repairs, WCB, Ins. % given to local SPCA. 604-856-4999

$69/HR Lic’d/Ins. Exp & friendly Clogged drains, plumbing, small jobs OK! Call 24/7! 604-805-2488


Seniors Discount

Free Est’s • Large or Small Jobs

All Types of Roofing & Repairs

Free Est.

Quality Work You Can Trust!




Give us a Call We're Tough to Beat

Rubbish Removal

* We Remove & Recycle Anything*

B-Cheema Roofing

• Waterproofing • Aluminum Awnings • Custom Aluminum Railings • Deck Renovations

3 Rooms $250

Licenced & Insured Local & Long Distance

Patios/Decks/ Railings







Drywall Decks Tile


Call 604-518-0974

Over 20 years of quality service

Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee

1, 3, 5, 7 or 10 Ton $ From

Bathrooms Kitchens Laminate

25% Off with this ad

Can-Pro Paint and Drywall

Renovations & Home Improvement

Haney Home Improvement

• Free Estimates • Seniors Disc. • High Quality, Low Cost • WCB




Find one in the Home Services section.

A Name You Can Trust

Painting/ Wallpaper

1 to 3 Men




We accept Visa, Mastercard & Interac

Need a Gardener?


Painting/ Wallpaper


Free Estimates

Moving & Storage

Lawn Care Pressure Washing Rubbish Removal Seniors’ Discount

(604) 813-5282

HOMEFIX ELECTRICAL DIVISION - Contract # 102055 200 Amp Service Upgrades Spring Special $1800. Free est. Ins. 25 yrs exp. 604-725-5371


Lawn & Garden

The Whole Nine Yards



INTERIOR/EXTERIOR PAINTING, pressure washing, roof washing, res/strata/comm. or 604-319-1993

Moving & Storage Moving, Storage, Free EST 604-628-7136. Visa, OK


Call Ryan: 604-329-7792


SECURED YARD Maple Ridge parking for RV, boats, cars & 40ft container $200/mo 604-710-4250


• All Bobcat & Mini-X Services • Small Hauls Available • Fast Reliable Service


Lawn & Garden

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Power Washing

ANDY’S TREE SERVICE & stump grinding. Removal, hedges pruning. Insured 778-899-4162

Need a Painter? Find one in the Home Services Section

• Pressure Washing • Residential/Commercial • Over 25 years experience

Call Geoff Dann at:


#1 PAY-LESS PRO PAINTING 31 yrs exp. Spring Special Ext/Int. Call 24 hrs, 7 days 604-891-9967


Free Estimate

1-877-888-WASH (9274)

#+<?771 $<C<1 '1<>63=<A

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1II: %E%[# %,JE-, A&-



+ 'V0Z '\Z@ :&:@ A8V/>M


1II= L##D (B,F[H#B



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1IIS %E%[# LE+BF#$ AB-



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1II= !EB% #'EFEHWF# ),F



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%HR 2I412

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1II5 %E%[# B,G P;II AH-


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1IIS -E$E-, 'EBEHH, H# A#%,F

'(-((( +B=24;

+ ,03QU\38X BQQ<@ ,VVQK6@ (983>

1II4 -E$E-, AW#FF, &H# GWFW ),F

'&-*** ,BPS==



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-5030--3444/ 934--30-B394-5

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Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

Thursday, May 26, 2011


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D 2H1HJ>; 7,9;6H24 3E G-:> I:>>:,6G *(B &0CA?>> '.4) "-?7;6->-/ '.5H;;-/ #:/- 7, %->.:,G

-"/ 0&'$.



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&?+ C? '3. )07! #"C )04! #>+ <504 88!-- 7,;6H>- )H> /-6:71;C





Thursday, May 26, 2011

Maple Ridge & Pitt Meadows Times

-/7 214 /7-,2 61/ !"" .5370 /#% 2>*5/ &%/*"A2 K.6 XV52 $VX>V62+&Y@ 7:+795 +W] ;VY> T+W25_ @N@6Q !9]]@W 526@2$: =&6@5 6.W N@629$+YYH +2 2:@ L+952 5V 2:@ L+952&+W] +YL+H5 =25 T@6>@$2YHQ IY.5_ L@ +]]@] T6@X9.X 526@2$: 2:6V.;:V.2 2:@ T+W25 >V6 .Y29X+2@ XVN@X@W2 L92:V.2 5+$69=$9W; 2:@ YVV7 V6 >@@YQ (<K, 0KDE:0 )3: )G)JE)FE: JB 0,<3K09 $3:)K 1<3 K,: .<E1 C<I30:9

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>8 =28 52IG9 0I <8 = 15I"1I2 I7 0+8 610 ,""G=& @I0=2C %G;( @=;84

(-+ * &-'! /"'!%/ */ >*5!624 )%&$! *#"(&' S<F?<4R



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,(!& $(&)+((# *"'*&#%

,+51 '$&(### 2. 312*5/ ) '%# 4,1 " 6-!0 G,*% ',-" \.YH 1U 52_ /FUU

''*'' "-&53002 $%#4 86,/0 71250


7356$/! 4*7 6 417

.*, 4*76017

.+5 2-*76817


Maple Ridge Times - May 26, 2011  

Maple Ridge Times - May 26, 2011

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