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Beach Grove mom spreads the word


Celebrating heritage Harris Barn to open Saturday


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Sun Devils headed back to provincial soccer tourney





Grand mosque opens in Delta

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117th Ladner Pioneer May Days May 24, 25 & 26

Wild Wild West


May Days Idol Memorial Park 47th Avenue & Delta Street Fair Hours:

Friday, May 24 ~ 3:30 - 10:00 pm Saturday, May 25 ~ 10:00 am - 10:00 pm Sunday, May 26 ~ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm for more information visit

-*;#;30 -1;9 )B007 ,#5>7C7" -1;9 *5<0 +;760 -,#;$D ';C# -4C@0 /;73! -*;76;?0 /#0;?$;!D -';!D8;<< =5B#7;:07D -';60 *;C7DC7"

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Delta Agricultural Society

Industrial Steel & Manufacturing

May Days fun all weekend

View video and photos with PHOTO BY


Dignitaries took part in a ceremony last Saturday for the opening of the Ahmadiyya Movement’s mosque on River Road, the biggest such facility in B.C. KerryLynne Findlay (left), MP for Delta-Richmond East; Andrew Bennett, ambassador of Canada’s Office of Religious Freedom; Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, spiritual leader of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at; Lal Khan Malik, national president of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at; and Mayor Lois Jackson all took part. See story on Page 3 and more photos at

The 117th edition of Ladner Pioneer May Days will have Memorial Park hopping this weekend. Ladner’s annual spring celebration kicks off Friday night and continues throughout Saturday and Sunday with a host of activities and entertainment. • See all the details, including schedule of events, on pages 15-30.

Jail sentence comes decades later

Former Tsawwassen man given 27 months for indecent assaults that took place between 1969 and 1979 BY


A former Tsawwassen resident will serve more than two years in prison for sex-related charges. Jamieson Richard (Rick) Glendinning was sentenced to 27 months in prison last Friday afternoon after pleading guilty to three counts of indecent assault involving three minors — two males and a female. The incidents took place in

Delta, Surrey and during two trips to the U.S. between 1969 and 1979. The victims ranged in age from seven to 16 years of age. There is a publication ban protecting the identities of the victims. “Many years have passed,” said judge Jim Sutherland before handing down his sentence. “Despite the passage of time it doesn’t make the offences any less serious.” In victim impact statements submitted to the court, the three

victims spoke of the far-reaching issues brought about by the abuse. “My introduction to sex was rather harsh,” wrote one. “A life once sullied is never the same again.” Another spoke about how the lifelong fallout from the assaults continues to affect his wife and children even decades later. The judge did give Glendinning, now 63, credit for turning his life around. “Years have passed and Mr.

Glendinning has led an existence and a life that has not led to further offences.” Glendinning was also charged with failing to appear in court. An arrest warrant was issued for him last spring after he failed to show. He was spotted in Australia last fall and returned to the Lower Mainland in November. He has been in custody ever since. Glendinning was apologetic when given a chance to speak before the judge passed sentence.

“I’d like to take the opportunity to apologize to [the victims] and to the court for absconding.” Glendinning, who had a decade-long affiliation with Tsawwassen Amateur Baseball Association between 1985 and 1995, was sentenced to three years in jail for the three counts of indecent assault. That was reduced to two years with 12 months credited for time served. He was also sentenced to three months for the failure to appear in court charge.

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May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A3

B.C.’s biggest mosque opens

Over 1,000 attend ceremony Saturday at Ahmadiyya Movement’s grand facility on Delta’s River Road BY


The largest mosque in B.C. officially opened in Delta last weekend. Over 1,000 people, including MPs, MLAs and municipal politicians from across the region, were on hand Saturday for the opening of the Baitur Rahman, or House of Gracious God, a grand mosque for the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam, located at 9750 River Rd. The mosque, which covers over 33,000 square feet on four acres, has a 76-foot minaret with a large dome. It’s to be a central point for prayers, meetings as well as social and religious interfaith gatherings. A gymnasium is also part of the complex. With an occupancy capacity of 1,100 people, the structure has a contemporary, modular design with clean, straight-edge lines aimed complementing the surrounding scenery. The mosque is similar, but smaller, to a stunning 48,000-square-foot facility the Ahmadiyya opened in Calgary in 2008, Canada’s largest mosque complex. The $8 million Delta mosque was paid for entirely through donations from local Ahmadiyya members. Attending Saturday’s celebration was Hadhrat

View photo gallery with PHOTO BY

At over 33,000 square feet, the Ahmadiyya Movement’s Baitur Rahman is the largest mosque in B.C. Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the spiritual and administrative leader of the Worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at. He delivered a message to the audience they had no reason to fear Ahmadiyya mosques because they were built only for the worship of God and for the sake of serving humanity. He also congratulated the Canadian government for recently opening an Office of Religious Freedom.

“In my view, the government deserves praise and congratulations for opening a designated Office of Religious Freedom. We fully support the Government of Canada in this endeavour. We will fully cooperate with them in every possible effort to establish religious freedom throughout the world,” he said. Earlier this year, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced his government

would establish a special office to monitor the safety of religious minorities around the world. Also at Saturday’s grand opening was DeltaRichmond East MP KerryLynne Findlay, the associate minister for defence, who read a message on behalf of the prime minister, congratulating the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama`at on the opening of the mosque. Delta Mayor Lois Jackson said the mosque is

important for the municipality, province and country. The faith has branches in more than 178 countries with a membership in the tens of millions. Hadhrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad in the small village of Qadian, located in the Punjab, India, established the Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam in 1889. The Ahmadiyya sect in Islam is controversial, and sometimes targeted, because it believes Ahmad was a


prophet, while most others in the Muslim world claim Mohammed was the last messenger of God. Denouncing terrorism in any form, the Ahmadiyya say they believe that God sent Ahmad, like Jesus, to end religious wars, condemn bloodshed and reinstitute morality, justice and peace. They say Ahmad’s advent has brought about an unprecedented era of Islamic revival and moderation.

Southlands information meeting set for next week Drop-in session to be held on May 30, after which time civic politicians will consider preliminary approval BY


Delta will be hosting a public information meeting on the Southlands development application next week. Things have been quiet for a while on the controversial proposal as the Century Group has worked behind the scenes to provide more information to the municipal planning department. That all changed earlier this month when the Tsawwassen-based development company issued a press release outlining a series of dates in which the public will have a chance to voice their opinion. Delta CAO George Harvie confirmed that dates for a public information meeting, preliminary consideration from Delta coun-

cil and a public hearing had tentatively been set. A date has now been finalized for the public information meeting, which is scheduled for Thursday, May 30 from 3 to 8:30 p.m. at the South Delta Recreation Centre. The drop-in format will provide an opportunity to view display boards with details about the application. Civic staff will also be on hand to answer questions. Following that meeting council will consider whether to give the application preliminary approval, although a date hasn’t been set for that vote. If approved, the proposal would go to a public hearing. The Century release had the dates of that public hearing as Sept. 10 and 11,

Display boards will provide residents with details of the Century Group’s proposal for the Southlands at a public information meeting next Thursday in Tsawwassen. but the hearing likely won’t occur until later this fall. If a municipal by-election is needed to fill Scott Hamilton’s seat, it will likely be held in early October, with the Southlands hearing

later that month. The Century Group is proposing to develop the 536-acre Southlands with housing on 20 per cent, while handing the remaining 80 per cent to Delta.


Much of that land would be used for farming, with the necessary upgrades to make it possible paid for by Century. The rezoning involves the construction of 950 units in

various forms and densities over a 15-year period. The proposal also includes a market square. Company president Sean Hodgins said Delta residents haven’t had an opportunity to formally consider the plan for the Southlands and the role it can play in producing community benefits. The last public hearing held concerning the Southlands was for another developer’s application more than 24 years ago, he noted. Meantime, Southlands the Facts is urging residents to show up at the upcoming public information meeting and ask a series of tough questions. Some of the issues the group wants raised include traffic, floodproofing and the loss of farmland.

A4 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

Councillor not certain he’ll vacate seat Hamilton now MLA in Delta North BY


Veteran civic councillor Scott Hamilton won Delta North for the Liberals in last Tuesday’s provincial election.


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Veteran civic councillor Scott Hamilton says he still has to decide whether to resign his Delta council seat following his provincial election victory in Delta North. Hamilton won Delta North back for the Liberals last Tuesday, edging NDP challenger Sylvia Bishop, who is also a Delta councillor. Guy Gentner had held the seat for the NDP, but retired after two terms. With the next municipal election not scheduled until November 2014, it appeared there was no doubt a byelection would take place, however, that might not be the case. Hamilton said he wants to see whether he could continue to hold the seat until sometime early next year, thus avoiding the need for Delta to hold a by-election. Hamilton, a four-term councillor, said he has to talk with fellow council members and also see what his Liberal caucus has to say. “It’s just so early right now. I don’t mind waiting and finding out what everyone has to say. I’d also want to see how the community feels about it,” he said. There may be some consideration for relaxing legislation for when a byelection is automatically triggered, Hamilton noted,

pointing to other civic politicians who were elected as MLAs this week. “You’ve got the mayor of Penticton, you’ve got the mayor of Pemberton, you’ve got the mayor of Langley City, you’ve got (Surrey councillor) Marvin Hunt, myself, all been elected. There are probably others. They’re (the by-elections) all costly, so it may be that Victoria has something to say how we go forward.” Hamilton stressed he wouldn’t take both salaries if he remained in both jobs, saying he’d happily giving one to charity. “That would be the ultimate in double-dipping and I wouldn’t do that,” he said. Hamilton said he’ll likely make a decision in the next week or so, adding if he were to step down, it wouldn’t be until late June or early July at the earliest. Should he stick around until next year, Hamilton said he would continue to attend meetings either in person or by phone, working hard to continue to pull his weight. The biggest issue council is currently dealing with is the proposed Southlands development. If council grants preliminary approval to the application in the coming weeks, a public hearing would be held in the fall. If Hamilton does vacate his council seat, the public hearing for the Southlands wouldn’t take place until after the by-election.

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CORRECTION NOTICE In the Friday, May 17 edition of the Optimist the ad for the Southlands Application Public Information Meeting from the Corporation of Delta had content missing. A technology glitch created this error and the Delta Optimist apologizes for any confusion or concern this may have caused.

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A5




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The late William Allister donated his entire International Collection, 19 paintings valued at nearly $160,000, to the Fraser Valley Regional Library.

Library ceremony to unveil donated Allister paintings

The Fraser Valley Regional Library is celebrating a generous art donation from the estate of acclaimed Canadian artist and Delta resident, the late William Allister. FVRL has received the entire International Collection, valued at nearly $160,000. The collection, which has never been pub-

licly exhibited, contains 19 large acrylic on canvas paintings that feature imaginative renderings and symbols highlighting the interconnection of cultures throughout history. A public unveiling of all 19 original paintings will take place at 3 p.m. on Saturday, May 25 at the Ladner Pioneer Library.

Mona Allister, wife of the late William Allister, will be in attendance. The paintings will be exhibited at the Ladner Pioneer Library until Sept. 3, after which they will be moved to their permanent locations in various FVRL libraries to fulfill Allister’s wish that his creative works be accessible to the public.

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MK Delta revises project planned next to Hwy. 91 Commercial component increased, housing reduced BY


Delta council recently got a preliminary look at a revamped development proposal for a large piece of property just outside Burns Bog. MK Delta Lands president Joanne Barnett presented the proposal to civic politicians earlier this month, saying the company envisions a future for the land that “better serves North Delta.” The company owns about 200 hectares (500 acres) at that location, but the proposed development would be contained within a 35-hectare (89-acre) parcel located along the east side of Highway 91, immediately south of 72nd Avenue. It’s next to the bog’s ecological conversancy area, but outside the designated protected zone. The updated proposal includes an increase in commercial area, but at 993, fewer residential units. The proposal would encom-

aspects, the MK Delta pass more than 1.52 milLands proposal also lion square feet, a 500,000 includes upgrades to surdecrease from the earlier rounding roadways to plan. improve traffic flow. The As well, following an company announcehas comment late “We are committed mitted to last year that Burns Bog to being a partner to contributing up to has received delivering benefits to $10 mila Ramsar designation, North Delta’s future.” lion for an signifying it is Joanne Barnett interchange a wetlands of President at 72nd international MK Delta Lands Avenue and Highway significance, 91, which MK Delta was announced by the fedLands offered to give Delta eral government in March almost 80 hectares (193 as well as $7 million to acres) on the west side of fully cover improvements the highway. to the 64th Avenue inter“This is a significant change. way we can contribute to A revised Official ecological conservation,” Barnett said in her presenta- Community Plan amendment application for the tion to council. proposal has been submitIn a newsletter earted, Barnett said, adding lier this year, Burns Bog further rezoning applicaConservation Society tions will come after a president Eliza Olson said that any development could Metro Vancouver review. “We are committed to threaten the environmenbeing a partner to delivering tally sensitive wetland. benefits to North Delta’s In addition to the comfuture,” she said. mercial and residential

TFN among a group of seven after low-cost infrastructure financing First Nations call on Victoria to level the playing field in post-treaty era BY


Seven B.C. First Nations are calling on the provincial government and political leaders to commit to providing equal access to lowcost financing for public infrastructure construction. The seven, which includes the Tsawwassen First Nation, have completed, or virtually completed, the treaty process establishing them as First Nation governments. “Our challenge is that we, as self-governing First Nations, don’t have access to low-cost public infrastructure financing for our communities),” said Clint Williams, chief of the Tla’amin First Nation, in a joint press release. “Indian Act First Nations can access the First Nations Finance Authority (FNFA), and municipalities in B.C. can access the Municipal Finance Authority (MFA). But we don’t have access to either one, and it is impeding our ability to build important services for our


The Tsawwassen First Nation requires infrastructure for several large-scale development projects now in the works. communities. “As new governments with new laws, regulations and development plans coming into place to grow our economies, we need supporting infrastructure such as water, sewer, transportation and power,” said Williams. “All we’re asking for is the same access non-Treaty First Nations and B.C. municipalities are getting.” The news release notes that for access to FNFA funding, changes would need to be made to the B.C.


Treaty First Nation Taxation Act. For access to Municipal Finance Authority funding, the provincial government would need to authorize membership in the MFA and amend any required laws and agreements. “We’re not asking for a free ride,” said Williams. “We are committed to operating as governments with all of the finance, service and tax requirements that go with that.” The issue is especially pressing for the TFN, which


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still hasn’t resolved its lack of sewer and water services for planned massive growth. Site preparation work is already underway for a pair of huge shopping centres off highway 17, while construction has begun on the first of many housing developments. Neighbouring Delta has maintained it doesn’t have the pipe capacity to service the TFN’s growth and has no intention of entering into an agreement with the First Nation, insisting it’s the responsibility of Metro Vancouver. The board of the Greater Vancouver Sewerage and Drainage District recently approved a resolution asking Delta to enter into an interim five-year sewer agreement with the TFN. Delta CAO George Harvie told Delta council last month, “It would be unwise for Delta to pursue any sewer agreement with the Tsawwassen First Nation on an interim basis. I can’t see how we could shut the pipe off. I don’t see us having that ability.”

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A7

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Delta South proves it’s different

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MURPHY’S LAW In the wake of last week’s provincial election, I’ve been toying with a question for which I’m not sure there’s a correct answer: Are Delta South voters smarter, dumber or just plain different from those in the rest of B.C.? For those living under a rock, I ask this because we re-elected Vicki Huntington, marking the second straight time Delta South, and Delta South alone, has sent an independent representative to the legislature in Victoria. I’m of the mind that all votes cast are done so in good faith so the suggestion that voting for one candidate is smarter (or dumber) than backing another doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. It’s a personal preference, like the choice between chocolate and vanilla, so there really isn’t a right answer, regardless of how strident some may be in their views when it comes to this subject. So going back to my original question, that just leaves different, which is probably a pretty apt description of what goes on around here. Following a number of unpopular Liberal decisions locally, many viewed Huntington’s 2009 win over cabinet minister Wally Oppal as a protest vote, theorizing that voters could only stay mad for so long and, therefore, the riding would return to its right-of-centre roots in the next election. It didn’t (although Huntington certainly leans to the right on most fiscal matters), which suggests Delta South voters are still not ready to forgive, but I think it also shows many have embraced a different way of being governed. An independent’s ability to speak her mind, and not be shackled by party discipline, has clearly resonated here as Huntington’s genuine concern for the welfare of her riding and its constituents has endeared her to voters. Yet nowhere else in the province seems to feel the same way when it comes to the notion of an unfettered voice in Victoria. Even in the two other ridings where independent candidates were incumbents (both John van Dongen and Bob Simpson left their parties during the last legislature) voters tossed their long-serving representatives in favour of ones with party affiliation. It’s difficult to draw any conclusion other than independence is not a concept British Columbians are willing to accept, at least not at this juncture in our political history. Politicians also recognize it’s a lonely road that’s almost impossible to successfully navigate. Yet somehow Huntington makes it work in Delta South. I guess that means we’re just a little bit different.

All it takes is an election to get people out of their cars CORRY ANDERSONFENNELL

COMMUNITY COMMENT If you’re tired of reading about last week’s provincial election, the validity of polls and what makes a strong political leader, good — so am I. But allow me to use it as a segue into this column. Locally, two good things came out of that day: Delta South voters didn’t put a Liberal in Victoria, and people actually walked somewhere. As usual, and as my frustrated husband will attest, I have only anecdotal evidence to support my latter claim. Still, I’m certain many more people than usual spent time outside that day because they decided to leave their cars at home and walk to their polling station to vote. I run in Ladner three or four times a week. My normal route is anywhere along the dike and adjacent roads between Brunswick Point to the west and Captain’s Cove Marina to the east. Except for a short stretch of River Road

near Wellington Point that certain motorists have mistaken for a speed-if-you-want zone, this is a safe and scenic route. And yet I typically don’t encounter more than six or seven people in an hour. Election day was a different story. I slalomed around droves of folks and in some cases entire families coming and going from school polling stations. Some people stopped in front of gardens to point out and admire the landscaping; couples held hands; young children on bicycles kept pace with their pedestrian parents. They were happy. They were smiling. They were chatty and engaged with each other, and with me. Grudgingly, I turned off my iPod — regrettably in the middle of Hanson signing MMMBop — to avoid greeting them with an inappropriately loud voice. Too bad every day wasn’t election day. In his book, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder, Richard Louv directly links the lack of nature in the lives of today’s wired generation to disturbing childhood trends like obesity, attention disorders and depression. Louv refers to a growing body of research that suggests exposure to nature is essential for healthy

The Optimist encourages readers to write letters to the editor. Letters are accepted on any topic, although preference is given to those on local matters. The Optimist reserves the right to edit letters and the decision to publish is at the discretion of the editor or publisher. All letters must be signed, dated and include the writer’s phone number

childhood development and for the physical, social and emotional health of children and adults. Louv isn’t a pariah: psychiatrists have long believed in the healing effects of garden settings, and some penitentiaries and psychiatric hospitals use nature and wilderness programs to treat inmates and patients. I’m in no way suggesting a simple walk around the neighbourhood is the cure to what Louv describes as “nature deficit-disorder.” But consider all the time we spend in our cars, on the computer, on one mobile device or another and in front of the television, and contrast that with the time we spend in nature. Do you like the ratio? If not, change is staggeringly easy. The cure to nature-deficit disorder is to GO OUTSIDE. Visit a park, walk a new trail, comb the beach at low tide, try bird-watching, join a walking club, take up outdoor photography or just play in the back yard with your kids/dog/ spouse/relatives. You won’t regret it, and the memories may even sustain you the next day when you’re stuck in traffic. Later, when you’re sitting in front of your computer or picking away at the keys on your smart phone while watching your favourite TV show, you can even tweet or text about it and post the photos to Facebook.

(not for publication). The Optimist will not print “name withheld” letters. Copyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarily to the publisher and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the publisher and its licensees may freely reproduce them in print, electronic or other forms.

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A9 Letters to the Editor

Maybe speed bumps will slow 53A St. drivers

Editor: With all kinds of other priorities demanding the attention of Delta’s engineering department, this may be a bit off topic, but please spare us a minute or three for the dangerous problem of speeding on 53A Street in Tsawwassen. Despite the 50 km/h limit, on a sign all but hid-

den by trees, those who travel this street with any frequency seem to be hellbent to get to Highway 17 and into town on this alternate to the more traffic-controlled 56th Street route. I have observed the speed limit sign on the east side of 53A Street at 12th Avenue, but it’s hardly enough to suggest to motorists that

this is a residential street, loaded with cats, dogs and kids. The changing demographic of 53A Street wants to be not viewers of a raceway, but citizens who hope to live their lives without residential checkered flags, injury, or God forbid, even death. Neighbours of mine have

Didn’t want to see NDP back

gest that as with the route to Boundary Bay, speed bumps might be considered for this stretch of residential roadway, along with additional signage that flashes speeds and gives motorists a strong suggestion to lift their heavy collective feet from their gas pedals. What’s the darned rush? Joyce Robinson

clocked cars that are tooling northward at 100 km/h, to hit the brakes at 16th Avenue, beetle toward 56th Street and thence to the highway. It’s all too dangerously fast, and needs to be calmed. I am not a traffic engineer, but despite any objections that might be concocted by others, I would sug-

Editor: Re: Huntington vote is like voting for the NDP, letter to the editor, May 1 I apologize to Vicki Huntington for my letter printed in this newspaper advising voters not to split the ballot and thus allow another NDP government. Fortunately that did not happen. However, NDP voters in North Delta can see exactly what I meant, but in reverse. The Greens split the ballot there and thus took away an NDP representative. I’m one of those experienced voters who remembers the terrible hardships created by the Glen Clark government. Tom Griffing

Party platforms are just too simple to deal with complex problems Editor: Since 1991 I have voted NDP, Liberal, Green and independent. I’m not fickle; I just realize that no party platform can adequately address all of the government challenges facing B.C. Crafted to rouse supporters and brand the party

for the trench warfare of a campaign, all platforms are too simple to deal with complex problems. Liberal and NDP plans in the recent campaign to alleviate poverty illustrate my point well. Liberals proposed to improve the economy to create higher employment

while the NDP intended to provide more government funded social assistance. Both are needed. There are British Columbians ready, willing and able to work if the economy improves in areas that match their skills. There are British

tives. Costs will be recovered when they are able to get off social assistance, get jobs and pay taxes. It’s a wise political leader who realizes he or she must not take the party platform too seriously. May Christy Clark be guided by wisdom. John Clement

Columbians who, through no fault of their own, are unable to enter the job market regardless of the economy due to mental disorders, physical illness and addiction. They need the treatment and support typically provided in Canada through government initia-

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A10 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013



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May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A11 Letters to the Editor

Many to thank for a great evening to mark centennial anniversary

Editor: To all of those involved in the centennial anniversary of Delta Secondary last month, my husband and I would like to thank you all so much for giving this evening to the community. Thanks to everyone from the organizers to the people who made the video and those interviewed. Thanks to the bands who performed and the dance troupe who rocked us through several decades of jiggle and

jive and to those who put together the memorabilia in the library. Thanks to the MC for the evening and principal Terry Ainge for their good humour and keeping the evening rolling along in a timely fashion. We saw generations of families, retired and present teachers alike, dignitaries and even foreign exchange students come out on a rainy night to enjoy this celebratory evening.

We enjoyed it ourselves very much and appreciate the effort that it took those who did everything, from advertising to cleaning up. My family has had five generations of students here in the Delta and I believe at least three or four have attended Delta Secondary (Delta Central in my mother’s day). All that’s left now of the old school I attended are the gates, a few trees and the track. I hope they stay

there preserved for posterity with a plaque alongside to commemorate the passing years of change and growth. The only regret I have is that I didn’t see any CDs available from the video shown in Genesis Theatre. Are there any out there that we could get? I would love to have a copy or two for family members who were unable to attend. Jim and Anita de Vos (nee Moller)

Congratulations to victors in provincial election

Editor: Congratulations to Vicki Huntington (independent, Delta South) and Scott Hamilton (Liberal, Delta North) for their victories and the victory of democracy in Delta in Tuesday’s provincial election. And congratulations to the B.C. Liberals and Premier Christy Clark for forming a majority government. Thanks to all Delta candidates for well fought campaigns: Liberal

Voters should be proud to elect such a worthy MLA

Editor: Re: Voters in Delta South fail to figure out it’s unwise to elect a voice in the wilderness, letter to the editor, May 17 As a South Delta voter, I find the comments personally insulting and offensive. Yes, Vicki Huntington has won again, this time by a significant margin, illustrating that over the past four years she has earned more respect and, above all, trust in South Delta voters. As an independent, Huntington has not only made history again but in

fact has given us educated/ informed South Delta voters something to be proud of. In a time when many politicians at all levels of government are void of any morals, principles and ethical behaviour, here in South Delta we can be proud and assured that Huntington will represent us in a manner that is quite unique from all other politicians, a manner that is based on honesty, values and respect for the well being of all taxpayers. C. Jesson


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Decision on detergent proves overwhelming Hard to make sense out of all the scents offered BARBARA GUNN




hip T H U R S D A Y sors i es n o t i Sp n TH , 2013 ortu ble! J U N E 2 0 p p a O il a v a KINGS LINKS BY THE SEA still

Laundry detergent has become complicated. It’s no longer simply soap. At one time, shopping for the stuff was fairly straightforward. I had more or less of a brand loyalty, and never bothered to eyeball the offerings on the shelf. If one was on sale, well, it would get the nod. But that was it for deliberations. No longer. The other day, my husband accompanied me to the supermarket, and decided some detergent reflection was in order. This was unusual on two counts. Firstly, the husband rarely accompanies me to the supermarket. And secondly, while I will often reflect on my day, and on my successes and failures, I never tend to reflect on soap, laundry or otherwise. “How do you pick what you pick?” he wondered. We were standing before some eight dozen types of

detergent, give or take a few. “I don’t know,” I said. “I just pick.” The offerings were all more or less within the same ballpark as far as price was concerned, but that’s where the similarity ended. There was a Fresh and Gentle detergent and a Fresh Lock detergent. There was one that was Triple Clean and one that was Triple Action and one that was 2X Ultra. There was a High Efficiency detergent, which made us wonder if the detergents that did not make that claim would be less able to get the grass stains out of the shorts or the chocolate milk out of the T-shirts. “I think high efficiency is what we want, isn’t it?” asked the husband. “Certainly,” I said. “That goes without saying. But I think I’d like a little Fresh Lock too. Whatever that is.” Then there was olfactory factor. “We could go with unscented,” I said, “but I kind of like one that has a pleasing smell.” We ogled the brands. There was the baby scent

and the apple mango scent. There was vanilla and lemon and lavender. There was something called Fresh Clean, which we decided sounded a whole lot better than Stale Clean or Not-soClean. “Apple mango?” wondered the husband. “Maybe as a condiment to go with my ham,” I said. “But too strong for laundry. How about lemon?” “Could work,” said the husband. “But what’s with this Fresh Clean? Do you think it’s OK if we opened the container to take a whiff?” I glanced at the shoppers on both ends of the aisle, and then suggested that probably wouldn’t be appropriate. We stood and stared, right to left, and left to right. It was time, I decided, to get on with the produce and the bakery and the dairy and everything else. “For heaven’s sakes,” I said, grabbing some detergent. “Let’s just get this — whatever it is — and move on.” And so we did. We headed off to buy shampoo. I’ll spare you the conversation.


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May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A13

Public Hearing - May 28, 2013 The Municipal Council of The Corporanon of Delta will hold a Public Hearing, in accordance with the Local Government Act, to consider the following proposed projects and related applicanons: Date: Time: Place:

Tuesday, May 28, 2013 7:00 p.m Council Chamber Delta Municipal Hall 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta, BC V4K 3E2 A Council meenng is scheduled to immediately follow this Public Hearing in the event Council wishes to give further consideranon to any projects at that nme. Any persons who believe that their interest in property will be agected by the proposed projects shall be given an opportunity to be heard at the Public Hearing on makers contained in the bylaws and/or proposed by the applicanons. Should you have any concerns or comments you wish to communicate to Council in advance of the Public Hearing, you can write to:


Sierra Stubbs, 8, has a potentially fatal allergy to eggs.

Mom is raising awareness of food allergies Beach Grove implements changes to ensure children are kept safe BY


One local mom continues to work hard to raise awareness around food allergies. May is Food Allergy Awareness Month and Tsawwassen mom Michele Stubbs has been spreading the word about the potential dangers. Stubbs was introduced to the daunting world of food allergies when she was feeding her daughter Sierra egg for the first time the day after her first birthday. Stubbs said Sierra had merely touched the egg white to her lips when she started to cry and rub her eyes. Within a few minutes her face was swollen and Stubbs had to call 911. Stubbs said the allergist later told her they were lucky their daughter had not actually ingested the egg or the reaction could have been much worse. With Sierra now eight and in Grade 3 at Beach Grove Elementary, Stubbs has become involved at the school to spread awareness and educate students, staff and parents about food allergies — how to recognize symptoms, what to do in case of a reaction and ways to prevent someone from having a reaction. “I feel that avoidance strategies and awareness training are very important,” she said. “It is not just good enough to know

the signs and symptoms and how to use an auto injector. The main goal is to prevent an allergic reaction.” Stubbs joined the PAC two years ago and is now the allergy awareness coordinator. Classrooms where there is a child with a food allergy now have signs and posters outlining symptoms and how to use an auto injector, like an EpiPen. There are also posters letting people know which foods could cause a reaction. Stubbs has worked hard to ensure students with food allergies are still able to fully participate in functions that involve food. For example, a bake sale would typically be something Sierra and other students with food allergies could not participate in for fear of unknowingly ingesting something that could cause a serious reaction. Stubbs has set up separate allergyfree tables where students who have a food allergy can purchase goods, just like all the other students, without having to fear an allergic reaction. “I’m just trying to find a balance,” she said. “No one wants to have a life-threatening allergy.” Stubbs said awareness is key and increasing it opens up a much bigger world for people with allergies. For more information about food allergies visit

Mayor and Council The Corporanon of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta, BC V4K 3E2 Fax: 604-946-3390 Email: Correspondence addressed to Mayor and Council will form part of the public record for this Public Hearing. To be considered, correspondence must be received by the Ofce of the Municipal Clerk no later than 4:30 p.m. on May 28, 2013. $

Project No. 1 Application for Rezoning and Development Variance Permit (File No. LU006756)

Locanon: 5037 60A Street, as shown outlined in bold on MAP NO. 1 Applicant: Simone Snll

Proposal: Applicanon for Ofcial Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Variance Permit in order to permit subdivision and development of four single family residennal lots. “The Corpora`on of Delta O_cial Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985” Amendment Bylaw No. 7207 To amend the land use designanon for the subject property in the North Delta Future Land Use Plan from SFR Single Family Residennal to ISF Inlll Single Family Residennal. “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” Amendment Bylaw No. 7208

MAP NO. 3 FILE NO. LU006798

To amend “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” by rezoning the subject property from RM1 Mulnple Family (Duplex) Residennal to RS7 Single Family (335 m2) Residennal for proposed Lots 1 and 2, and to RS8 Single Family (390 m2) for proposed Lots 3 and 4. Development Variance Permit LU006798 To vary “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” as follows: 1. Secnon 305(a) and (b) by varying the front setback averaging requirement from a range of 7.5 m to 8.8 m for proposed Lots 1 and 2, and 6.75 m to 7.25 m for proposed Lots 3 and 4 to 6.5 m for the principal structure on all lots; and 2. Secnon 915(25) by varying the special setback requirements from the centre line of 117 Street from 17.5 m to 16.5 m for proposed Lots 3 and 4. Stag Contact: Alex Cauduro – 604-952-3163 Web Locanon: May 13, 2013 Regular Council Meenng Agenda Item E.04

Telephone: 604-952-0520 Proposal: Applicanon for Rezoning and Development Variance Permit in order to permit the conversion of the subject property from a preschool to a single family residennal use.


“Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” Amendment Bylaw No. 7175

Proposal: Applicanon for Ofcial Community Plan Amendments in order to facilitate the revitalizanon of the Downtown Ladner Waterfront Area. “The Corpora`on of Delta O_cial Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985” MAP NO. 4 Amendment Bylaw No. 7058 FILE NO. P09-03 To amend Schedule A and Schedule B.3 (Ladner Area Plan) in the Ofcial Community Plan by: 1. Increasing the range of land uses permiked in the Harbour and Mixed Use (Ladner) 3 land use designanons; 2. Increasing the permiked building height on the waterside (north) of Chisholm Street from 2 to 2.5 storeys; 3. Increasing the permiked building height on the south side of Chisholm Street from 2 to 4 storeys;

To amend “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. MAP NO. 1 2750, 1977” by rezoning the subject FILE NO. LU006756 property from P1-A Childcare/Preschool Zone to RS5 Single Family (550 m2) Residennal Zone. Development Variance Permit LU006756 To vary Secnon 638B(2) of “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” by waiving the requirement for 50 percent of all required og-street parking spaces to be contained within a private garage or principal building. Stag Contact: Lisa Grant – 604-946-3334 Web Locanon: April 29, 2013 Regular Council Meenng Agenda Item E.10 $

Project No. 2 Applica`on for O_cial Community Plan Amendment, Land Use Contract Discharge and Rezoning (File No. LU006789) Locanon: 11907 92 Avenue, as shown outlined in bold on MAP NO. 2 Applicant: Woodbine Builders Ltd. Telephone: 604-375-3636 Proposal: Applicanon for Ofcial Community Plan Amendment, Land Use Contract Discharge and Rezoning in order to permit subdivision and development of two single family residennal lots. “The Corpora`on of Delta O_cial Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985” Amendment Bylaw No. 7203 To amend the land use designanon MAP NO. 2 for the subject property in the North FILE NO. LU006789 Delta Future Land Use Plan from SFR Single Family Residennal to ISF Inlll Single Family Residennal.

Land Use Contract Discharge Bylaw No. 7204 To discharge Land Use Contract SA No. 2855 in order to bring the subject property under current zoning regulanons. “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” Amendment Bylaw No. 7205 To amend “Delta Zoning Bylaw No. 2750, 1977” by rezoning the subject property to RS7 Single Family (335 m2) Residennal. Stag Contact: Nancy McLean – 604-952-3814 Web Locanon: April 29, 2013 Regular Council Meenng Agenda Item E.08 $

Project No. 3 Application for Official Community Plan Amendment, Rezoning and Development Variance Permit (File No. LU006798)

Locanon: 7681 117 Street, as shown outlined in bold on MAP NO. 3 Applicant: Sukhwinder Sandhu and Surjit Sandhu Telephone: 778-881-6874 The Corporation of Delta 4500 ClarenceTaylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2

Project No. 4 Applica`on for O_cial Community Plan Amendments (File No. P09-03) Locanon: Downtown Ladner Waterfront Area, as shown outlined in bold on MAP NO. 4 Applicant: The Corporanon of Delta Telephone: 604-946-4141

4. On the south side of Chisholm Street, allowing for the consideranon of addinonal height if a signilcant community benelt, such as a contribunon to open space improvements and public amenines in the Ladner Waterfront area, is provided; and 5. Adding new policies on sustainable building design, pedestrian waterfront access, expression of Ladner’s cultural character, Ladner Harbour sedimentanon and Chisholm streetscape, and incorporanng sketches to illustrate policies. “The Corpora`on of Delta O_cial Community Plan Bylaw No. 3950, 1985” Amendment Bylaw No. 7213 To amend the Ofcial Community Plan by adding a new Development Permit Area and guidelines for the Downtown Ladner Waterfront Area. The Ladner Village Waterfront Development Permit Area - LVW would address the general form and character of this area to ensure high quality design in keeping with the village and waterfront sehng. The guidelines also address protecnon of development from hazardous condinons, as well as the promonon of energy and water conservanon and reducnon of greenhouse gas emissions. Floodproolng guidelines include language which requires meenng or exceeding mood construcnon level policies in light of rising sea level. Stag Contact: Laura Ryan – 604-946-3395 Web Locanon: April 23, 2012 Regular Council Meenng Agenda Item E.02 April 29, 2013 Regular Council Meenng Agenda Item E.09 Addi`onal Informa`on Addinonal informanon, copies of the bylaws, suppornng stag reports, and any relevant documentanon may be inspected unnl May 28, 2013. Municipal Hall: Community Planning and Development Department Hours: 8:30 am to 4:45 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday (except statutory holidays) 8:30 am to 8:00 pm Thursday Website: Email: Phone: 604-946-3380 Please note that Council may not receive further submissions from the public or interested persons concerning any project a:er the Public Hearing has concluded.

A14 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013 Business

Tilbury businesses encourage employees to pedal to work

Bike to Work Week kicks off with the Celebration Commuter Station

Name: Scotty

Age: 31

Occupation: Customer Service and Gas Attendant What is the activity? Gentle Fit Aquafit Class Where and when does this take place? Winskill Aquatic & Fitness Centre, Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 10:30-11:30am. How often do you participate? Every Wednesday and Friday. How long have you been involved with this activity? I’ve been doing classes for 5-6 years. Why did you get involved with this activity? To keep up my fitness for track and field, and to stay busy. What do you like best about this activity? I like the people and the two instructors of the class, Ann and Jacob. Everyone is so much fun and I see them all around the community too. How does it benefit your life? I feel so good when I do an activity, it makes me a happy person. What other things do you do to keep active? Special Olympics Track and Field, Golf, Soccer, Field Hockey and I weight train. Did you know that, thanks to the buoyancy of water, you can strengthen muscles and improve cardiovascular fitness without subjecting your body to wear and tear – extra benefits that help explain why participants feel so good after an aquafit class. In addition to Gentle Fit, Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture offers a full range of aquafit classes, with something for everyone. To add some diversity to your workout, try a Tidal Toner or Power Deep Aquafit class. For full details on these and other aquatic programs, call 604-952-3000 or consult the Summer 2013 Leisure Guide – now available online at www. or for pickup at any recreation centre, seniors centre, library or health unit.

Tilbury businesses are encouraging new and experienced cyclists to take the two-wheeled option during Bike to Work Week, May 27 to June 2. The Tilbury Transportation Management Association and its sponsors will be kicking-off Bike to Work Week with a Celebration Commuter Station on Monday, May 27 from 2 to 5 p.m. on 72nd Street at Progress Way. Cyclists are encouraged to visit the station where snacks, maps, information and free bike repairs will be offered. The Delta Bike Co will be on hand providing advice and maintenance, Urban Village Catering is providing energy bars, TravelSmart will have information on ride-share and car-pooling, and employees in Tilbury can sign up for the TransLink Bus Pass Program. Prizes and incentives include cycling jackets from Delta Bike Co, accessories from TravelSmart just for Tilbury cyclists and great Bike To Work Week prizes. The Tilbury Transportation Management Association is a network of Tilbury-based businesses collaborating to improve transportation options for its employees. The association holds bi-monthly meetings to dis-

Latin/Ballroom Fusion Productions


e c n a D presents


F Latin/Ballroom

Special Appearance by Ronald Martinez!

Come and join Rose and friends


Starting May 26th Every Sunday!!!! 7 pm - 11 pm

1 hour lesson and an opportunity to dance to all genres of music!

Kin Village Centre 5430 10 Ave., Delta Cost: $10 pre register or $15 at the door To Register call: Rose 778-987-4418 or email Private lessons available: Ronald Martinez


CAPTIN employees Ray DeCenzo and Michael Dickson gear up for Bike to Work Week. cuss and find solutions for issues impacting the businesses and their employees. Through the group, Tilbury transit commuters are eligi-

ble for discounted monthly bus passes. All Tilbury businesses are invited to get involved. For more information on

the group, contact Joanne MacKinnon at or call the Earthwise Society at 604946-9828.

Important Reminder METERED UTILITY BILL DUE MAY 31, 2013 (January 1 to March 31, 2013 billing period)

Metered Utility Bills for the January 1 to March 31, 2013 billing period have been mailed. All property owners are responsible for payment of metered utilities, regardless of whether or not a metered utility bill is received. Metered utility bill payment must be received by May 31, 2013 to avoid penalty. Check with your financial institution about the dating of your payment, as transactions made on May 31 may be dated the following business day. A 10% penalty will be applied to outstanding balances after May 31, 2013. This reminder does not apply to property owners that receive a flat rate annual utility bill. For more information regarding the January 1 to March 31, 2013 Metered Utility Bill, please contact the Taxation Office (604) 946-3235 or email The Corporation of Delta 4500 ClarenceTaylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A15

g n i t a r b cele

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days May 24, 25 & 26

Wild Wild West


May Days Idol Memorial Park 47th Avenue & Delta Street Fair Hours:

Friday, May 24 ~ 3:30 - 10:00 pm Saturday, May 25 ~ 10:00 am - 10:00 pm Sunday, May 26 ~ 10:00 am - 6:00 pm for more information visit

-*;#;30 -1;9 )B007 ,#5>7C7" -1;9 *5<0 +;760 -,#;$D ';C# -4C@0 /;73! -*;76;?0 /#0;?$;!D -';!D8;<< =5B#7;:07D -';60 *;C7DC7"

-1C7C &5<$ -2C# /#B!E =;DD55C7" -*0DDC7" .55 % *579 AC30! -,;#7C@;< AC30! % &;:0! -*;33<0 /5;D! -/00# &;#307 -*C#;D0! ((( ;73 :B6E :5#0 $#00 $;:C<9 $B7

Delta Agricultural Society

Industrial Steel & Manufacturing

A16 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

Backyard BBQ-inspired Ribs

ll- of f-the-bone Slowly cooked pork back ribs for a fa Our original Thrifty Kitchens spice blends are hand-rubbed onto each rack and then glazed with our authentic sauces. These ribs are as saucy as they are delicious! Pre-marinated, prep-free and grill-ready.

Memphis Dry Rub with Phillips Ale Glaze

Featuring Phillips Brewing Company


eating experience.

Chinese 5 Spice Espresso Rub Louisiana Chili Rub with ze with Asian Sesame Glaze Buffalo Sweet & Spicy Gla esso Featuring Level Ground Trading Espr

Enjoy Ladner May Days! May 24th to 26th w w w.thr i f t y f o o ds .co m • 1207–56th Stre e t , D e lt a , B C • 6 0 4 9 4 8 9210

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A17

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days May 24, 25 & 26




Happy May Days

Schedule of Events Friday, May 24





3:00pm - 8:00pm

Men’s Fastball Tournament

RC Legion Delta Branch 61

Ball Diamond

4:00pm - 10:00pm

WCA “Loonie Toonie” Kid’s Rides

West Coast Amusements


• Billabong • Sanuk • Element • Saxx • Wolf Circus • Flojos

10-50% OFF

ALL swimwear until May 31




Saturday, May 25 Sponsor


Men’s Fastball Tournament

RC Legion Delta Branch 61

Ball Diamond


Ladner Pioneer Library Book Sale

Ladner Pioneer Library

Ladner Pioneer Library


Ladner May Days Craft Fair

Ladner May Days


11:00am-1:00pm Petting Zoo Speedpro Signs


11:00am-1:00pm Delta Cable


Mini Golf

11:00am-1:00pm May Days Idol (12 Years Old & Under) Port Metro Vancouver Delta Stage 11:00am-3:00pm Community Cupcakes Budget Foods, Cobblestone, May Days Tent Delta Bakery and Richlea Bakery

Look for us in the Parade 4831 Delta Street 604.946.5211

Proud to supp ort Ladner May Days si nce 1956!

11:00am-3:00pm Paint On Canvas May Days Tent Upstart Crow

Big Business, Small and Business, Serving the community supporting local business. Join Us! ALL BUSINESS: Thursdays 8:00 - 9:00am Royal Canadian Legion #61 Delta Street, Ladner

11:00am-5:00pm A-Star Art Parlour Air Brush Tattoos Delta Optimist Park Gazebo 11:00am-5:00pm Ab Singh

Kids’ Paddle Boats Fairgrounds



Destination Shopping featuring

@ MEMORIAL PARK Sunday, May 26th 9:30-10:30 AM SOYA Concept

Great Music - Practical Message Kids Performance - Encouraging Testimony

and more... Follow us on Facebook

Bring a neighbour & bring a lawn chair

Open Sunday 11am to 5pm Come watch the Parade

(If raining the service will be at Cedar Park Church 5300 - 44th Ave.)


5028 48th Avenue, Ladner Village


A18 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days


May 24, 25 & 26

South Delta


#104 - 4841 Delta Street, Ladner Corner of Delta & Bridge St. in the " of Ladner Village


Schedule of Events


“Shoe Love is True Love”


Saturday, May 25 Time





Delta Gymnastics Tumbling Tent

Westland Insurance



Shady Isle Pirates

ISM Industrial Steel & Manufacturing Inc.



Face Painters

Trenant Park Square

Park Gazebo


WCA Rides & Games

West Coast Amusements



Will Stelfox “Illusionist”

Mike Guichon Ltd.



Happy Watering Hole

RC Legion Delta Branch 61

Lacrosse Box

1:00pm-1:40pm “Stories on Wheels” Ladner Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary Fairgrounds

604.200.3069 •

1:00pm-3:00pm Petting Zoo Terralink Horticulture Fairgrounds 1:00pm-3:00pm Mini Golf Lawlor Goldsmith

1:30pm-3:30pm May Days Idol (13-18 Years Old) Port Metro Vancouver Delta Stage

“Juggling a career and being a mom is challenging. Jazzercise is my time for ME! It’s fun and the hour flies by. I love setting a good example of a fit lifestyle for my daughters.” — , 35


Photo no retouch t ed!

2:00pm-3:30pm Will Stelfox “Illusionist” Mike Guichon Ltd. Fairgrounds

Unlimited Jazzercise All Summer Long until August 31, 2013 $99.00 * tax included **$25.00 join fee will apply Offer expires June 15, 2013

Call or email Janice 604-813-3990 NOT Ladner & Richmond WARNING: ANN IS


The picture to the left is all her – no retouching! No tricks, no gimmicks, just straightforward honest fitness. SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE: Hero status at home and in the classroom and goal attaining nirvana.


2:30pm-3:10pm “Stories on Wheels” Ladner Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary Fairgrounds 3:00pm-5:00pm Century Group

Petting Zoo



Mini Golf

Bryan Zellweger



“Stories on Wheels”

Ladner Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary



“The Perfect Alibi”

Port Metro Vancouver

Delta Stage

From 8 – 11 a.m. Kiwanis Members will give you a warm start to your Sunday morning with their traditional Pancake Breakfast. ALL YOU CAN EAT buttery pancakes with maple syrup, blueberries and whipcream, 2 sausages & bottomless orange drinks and coffee.

The Delta Teachers’ Association

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A19

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days May 24, 25 & 26



Schedule of Events Sunday, May 26 Time





Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast

Delta Kiwanis Club

Park Gazebo


Men’s Fastball Tournament

RC Legion Delta Branch 61

Ball Diamond


Community Worship Service

Ladner May Days

Delta Stage


Ladner May Days Craft Fair

Ladner May Days



Mini Golf

Canada Safeway



Petting Zoo

Delta Agricultural Society



A-Star Art Parlour Air Brush Tattoos

Cruise Canada RV

Park Gazebo


Face Painting

Trenant Park Square

Park Gazebo

11:00am-5:00pm Sutton Realty

Kids’ Paddle Boats Fairgrounds


Ladner Dog & Cat Grooming

Heidi & Darcy have been serving Ladner for 10 years and would like to say thank you.

Happy May Days 4831B Delta Street, Ladner 604-946-8480

Free Cupcake

11:00am-5:00pm Delta Gymnastics Tumbling Tent Westland Insurance Fairgrounds


11:00am-5:00pm Gold Panning with “Yukon Dan” Double R Rentals Fairgrounds

for children at Memorial Park

11:00am-6:00pm WCA Rides & Games West Coast Amusements Fairgrounds

Saturday, May 25th 10 - 2


Proud sponsors of the Ladner Pioneer May Days 5066 - 49th Avenue, Ladner Kitchenware & Related Gifts


Think Outside the Box Local

Your Hometown

Hardware Store

Come see us for old time sales, selection & service! 4821 Delta Street, Ladner


3561 River Road West, Ladner

604-946-0388 Serving the community for over 35 years website:

A20 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days


May 24, 25 & 26

Enjoy May Days!


New Jewellery Lines! Something for Everyone!

• Lenny & Eva • Amy Louise RusHc • Rae-Kai Healing Jewelry • Waxing PoeHc

Elite Repeat Too

5015 48th Ave., Ladner • 604.940.9246





Happy Pioneer Watering Hole

RC Legion Delta Branch 61

Lacrosse Box


“Stories on Wheels”

Ladner Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary



Mini Golf

Grapes 4U Wine Store



A-Star Art Parlour Air Brush Tattoos

Fresh Slice Pizza

Park Gazebo


Pony Rides




Decorate a Gingerbread Cookie


May Days Tent


Shady Isle Pirates

ISM Industrial Steel & Manufacturing Inc.



National Anthem ~ Josephine Walker

Ladner May Days

Delta Stage


Delta Nylon Zoo/Kids’ Crafts

Delta Parks, Rec. & Culture

Delta Parks Tent


May Pole Dance ~ Ladner Girl Guides

Ladner May Days

Delta Stage


Crowning of the 2013 May Queen

Ladner May Days

Delta Stage


“Stories on Wheels”

Ladner Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary



Idol Finalists

Port Metro Vancouver

Delta Stage


A-Star Art Parlour Air Brush Tattoos

Localz Urban Café

Park Gazebo


Mini Golf

Save On Foods



“Stories on Wheels”

Ladner Legion Ladies’ Auxiliary



Nick Gee

Century Group

Delta Stage


“The Fuzz”

Century Group

Delta Stage

• Re-builds • Electrical Wiring • Plumbing All Work Guaranteed Free Estimates

SPRING/SUMMER BUSINESS HOURS: Mon. - Thurs. 8:30 - 5:00; Friday 8:30 - 4:00 Saturday 9:00 - 3:00; Closed Sundays & Holiday Weekends


PA R T S & S E R V I C E LT D. 250-6165 Highway 17, Delta, V4K 5B8 (next to Primerose Restaurant)


Sunday, May 26 Sponsor


• Trailer Brakes • Insurance Claims • Propane Re-Certification • Hitches • Awnings


Schedule of Events

For The Look! 4805 Haviland Street Ladner 604-946-7600


May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A21

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days May 24, 25 & 26




The fun continues at May Days LadnerCs annual fair returns for another edition this weekend at Memorial Park

Memorial Park is the place to be this weekend thanks to the annual Ladner Pioneer May Days festivities. Things get started with the men’s fastball tournament and “Loonie Toonie” kids’ rides on Friday while the fair really picks up steam on Saturday and Sunday with entertainment, activities, food, a craft fair and more. May Days Idol, a chance for youngsters to get on stage and show their singing talent, returns to the fair after a one-year break. The May Days Parade, a highlight of the event, takes place Sunday at noon. It heads through Ladner Village and finishes at Memorial Park. The traditional May Pole dance and crowning of the May Queen ceremony are set for Sunday afternoon. West Coast Amusements rides and games continue

includes paddle boats, a petting zoo, face painting, mini golf, kids’ crafts and gold panning with Yukon Dan.

“It’s my committee that makes it so easy.”

Jackey Zellweger

Kids can hop on a few rides this weekend during Ladner May Days at Memorial Park. through the weekend. The May Days website

notes all-day ride passes are available for $30 on



FOR 11 to 14 year olds – July 15th TO 19th Jazz, Ballet, Lyrical, Musical Theatre/Stage, Hip-Hop, (Possibly Tap)

Camps run from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m A packed lunch is required, along with a water bottle, SNACK and towel that the students can use in the studio or at the park when the weather permits us to picnic there.

Summer Programs

Zumba Fit # >@ L""B 96;U6(? R5 %;?R=U PTR5 5N??"6I 9A"(5" 5""

PT" L"&5RP" S1==;N=%?"=P5Q 9(U" !;6 ?;6" $"P(RA5 (5 PT"K &"%;?" (M(RA(&A" !;6 PTR5 (=$ (AA ;PT"6 5N??"6 96;U6(?R=U R=%AN$R=U

Drop in Teen and Adult Ballet RECITAL R5 2N=" <>5PI <<=$ (=$ <:6$ (P

(11 a.m. to 6 p.m.) Other entertainment

Enjoy our natural green. Get back to nature.

Enjoy the 117 Ladner May Days! th

Spring / Summer Pass - $800 NOW BOOKING



GT" 4"="5R5 GT"(P6" R= 0($="6D GR%B"P5 (M(RA(&A" $N6R=U ;!-R%" T;N65D H"" .;=P(%P E5 9(U" ;! L"&5RP" !;6 ;!-R%" T;N65 ;6 P; "?(RA N5D


Saturday (11 a.m. to 10 p.m.) and $25 on Sunday


Ladner May Days committee chairperson Jackey Zellweger says this has probably been the year they’ve had the least committee meetings. “We’re all fine-tuned. We’ve all been doing it for so long that we all know what we need to do,” she says. “It’s my committee that makes it so easy.” Check out or follow @ LadnerMayDays on Twitter for more on the event.

Valid NOW through September 2013 12 Round Pass valid for 9 hole games Only $180 HST INCL.

For Rates and Tee Time Bookings visit Banquet facilities with full menu available www.captainscovemarina.,ca


604.946.1839 I 6000 Admiral Blvd, Delta I

A22 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

Join us for our

May Days abc Country Restaurant | Busy Bee Cleaners | Hair Masters | Ladner Centre Medical Liquor Store | Little Caesars Pizza | Dr. Ian G.H. Lomness, Dentist Dr. Susan Lu, Optometrist | 4 Seasons Nails | Mama Panda Mark’s Hair Design & Tanning | Mt. Fuji Sushi | Quizno’s Classic Subs | Richlea Bakery Roger’s Wireless | Sam’s Smoke Shop | Save-On-Foods | T.D. Canada Trust The UPS Store | Vacuum Works | Westland Insurance Agencies


May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A23

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days



May 24, 25 & 26


The Blue Door Interiors Offers In-Home Consultations Over 30 years of custom décor experience brought to your home


The May Queen and her court travel through Ladner Village during last year’s May Days parade.

Call today to book an appointment with Jana

Parade a fair fave

Sunday’s parade is one of the highlights of Ladner May Days. Wild Wild West is the theme for this year’s procession, notes May Days committee chairperson Jackey Zellweger. “We all thought when we picked that one it’ll be a lot of fun.”

The parade, scheduled for noon, had over 70 entries as of last week. Floats roll through Ladner Village and end up at the fairgrounds at Memorial Park. A wide range of community groups and businesses traditionally have entries in the parade.

The procession will start at the corner of Chisholm and Delta streets. Like previous years entries will head down Delta Street then turn left on 48th Avenue, right onto Arthur Drive and then another right onto 47th Avenue towards Memorial Park.

Enter a World of Possibilities 5094 48th Avenue, Ladner Village 604.940.0779 |

BOGO SALE Buy One Get One



140 + HD 150+ channels CHANNELS

on selected items

New stock added each week!

Catch coverage of the Ladner May Days parade on Delta TV, Channel 4.


4817 F Delta Street 604.946.1057

778-434-3001 604-946-7676 5381 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta BC V4K 1W7

A24 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days


May 24, 25 & 26

Furry friends!

‘Your Best Mortgage Choice’






We make it easy for YOU! Call us today! Debbie Twitchell • 604-644-0511 Sasi Maché • 604-818-5363-(LEND) Shari Merritt • 778-881-4022



Service, Dedication Commitment

You can check out the animals at the petting zoo on both Saturday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. at this year’s Ladner May Days.

Ladner Pioneer May Days

* London Drugs * Safeway * Mark’s Work Warehouse

Welcome to May Days A Ladner tradition since 1896, enjoy Delta’s longest running family festival. See you at the parade – noon Sunday!


May Days wGh us!

The Source by Circuit City Dollar Joy Rembrant’s Cottage Fancy This Gift Boutique Spencer Gallery & Framing Shoe Warehouse Black Bond Books Treasure Isle Toys The Urban Rack Ricky’s All Day Grill Fat Burger Maguro Sushi Subway Freshslice Pizza Starbucks Coffee Superior Fish Market Cobs Bread Kin’s Farm Market Royal Bank Westland Insurance Trenant Park Dental Clinic Trenant Park Pet Clinic Ichiban Fine Cleaning Tip to Toe Nails & Esthetics Great Clips for Hair Marlin Travel

Cllr Jeannie Kanakos, Mayor Lois E. Jackson, Cllr Sylvia Bishop Cllrs Ian L. Paton, Scott Hamilton, Robert Campbell & Bruce McDonald

THE LONDON DRUGS & SAFEWAY MALL The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2


May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A25

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days May 24, 25 & 26




Plenty to see and do at fair May Days Idol singing contest returns along with other attractions

May Days Idol returns to the fair this weekend. “We’ve just kept it to the kids this year,” says Ladner May Days committee chairperson Jackey Zellweger. The singing contest, which debuted in 2009, appeared at the 2011 edition of May Days with an adult category. There are two categories this time around: 12 and younger and 13 to 18. The younger group performs from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday followed by the older group from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. The top three singers in each age group will get to perform Sunday after the May Queen crowning, a May Days tradition. Other entertainment on the Memorial Park will include local groups The Perfect Alibi and The Fuzz, while Ladner singer Nick Gee will also perform.

“He’s really good. He was there last year,” says Zellweger of Gee. “He loves to play at our event because this is his hometown.” Magician Will Stelfox, who has performed on CityTV as well at the VFS Awards and Zoom Media Awards, will be back at May Days with an appearance from noon to 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. The Shady Isle Pirates, an all-ages, non-profit family-friendly society, will perform both Saturday and Sunday. The group has created manned “mini-tall ships” complete with traditional working sails and has a mission to promote and preserve nautical heritage, raise money for charitable groups and experience maritime culture and arts with a hands-on live re-enactment approach.


Gold panning with Yukon Dan is just one of the activities to try at the fair.

ALL YOUR PAINTING SUPPLIES Ace Paint Sikkens Stain Clark and Kensington

Everything you need for your yard project...

Bedding Plants Vegetable Plants Tomato Plants Potting Soil Fertilizer Decking Treated Lumber Patio Blocks Paving Stones Allen Blocks

Thank you to this great community for your support

Fletcher Building Supplies 4989 Bridge Street, Ladner


Monday - Friday 7:30 - 6:00 pm | Saturday 8:30 - 5:30 pm | Sunday & Holidays 9:00 - 4:00 pm

A26 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days



May 24, 25 & 26


Grab a bite at Ladner May Days From Thai to hamburgers, thereCs a range of options This year’s Ladner May view of the fastball tournaDays will have a range of ment, the May Days website treats and eats. states. “There should be a lot If you missed breakfast of things to eat,” says May before hurrying to May Days volunteer Jennifer Days on Sunday morning, Middleton. there’s no need to fret. The One of the new offerKiwanis pancake breakfast ings this year will be Thai goes from 8 to 11 a.m. dishes from at the park the Thai on “There should be a gazebo. the Fly food looklot of things to eat.” ingThose truck. for an Jennifer Middleton adult beverThe Lions Club will be age can visit cooking up the “Happy burgers, hotdogs and French Pioneer Watering Hole” at fries. the lacrosse box from noon A fair favourite, Lemon to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Heaven, will return with Sunday. The beer garden is refreshing lemonade. sponsored by the Ladner “Everybody loves that Legion. guy,” says Middleton. There will be around 10 FILE PHOTO food vendors at this year’s Pancakes will be served up fair, she notes. Sunday morning for hungry The food fair area has fairgoers at the Kiwanis picnic tables with a great breakfast.

117th Ladner Pioneer

May Days Sale! 1 GALLON POTS of PEPPER and TOMATO PLANTS of many varieties Organically Grown



Easily grown on balconies

Cookie Decorating with the kids

Sunday from

1 - 4pm 700+ Tomato and Pepper plants in stock 10” - 12 in height


FARM MARKET 7234 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta (Entrance on 72nd St. at Red Barn)


If your home or business needs an update call us at:


or email |

#11-1835 56 Street, Delta B.C. V4L 2L8

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Houzz

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A27

Welcome to Ladner Harbour Centre

“HOME OF LADNER’S ONLY POSTAL OUTLET LOCATED IN PHARMASAVE” Your experience begins at Expedia CruiseShipCenters.

Experience our Service

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delights & catering ltd.

Happy May Days!

Unbeatable Selection

With our large inventory of blocked staterooms, you can enjoy the lowest prices, exclusive onboard credits and other special bonuses!

Carole Petersen



#128 - 4857 Elliott St., Ladner Harbour Centre


Enjoy the 117th Ladner May Days



from the staff at

Single Vision Bifocals Progressives

Ladner Branch 120-4857 Elliott Street, Ladner Harbour Centre

Proud Sponsors of the

Ladner Pioneer May Days We reserv

to limit q 4857 Elliot Street, Ladner Open Sunday - Saturday,57 8am to 6pm

$48 $78 $138

some restrictions may apply


Licensed Optician & Contact Lens Fitter


with Purchase. Some restrictions may apply

Contact Lenses & Sunglasses on Special

50 OFF



Tel: 604-952-6817

per pair

with purchase of a complete pair of frames & prescription lenses Expires July 2, 2013

#104-4857 Elliott Street, Ladner • Ladner Harbour Centre



Bridge St. Ladner Harbour Centre PHARMASAVE

Elliott St.

Gina Holvick

• Outside Seating Available Rain or Shine • Desserts • Specialty Coffees • Baked Goods • Light Lunches • Catering for all occasions

48th Ave. 48th Ave.

A28 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

117th Ladner Pioneer May Days


May 24, 25 & 26

Craft fair has (almost) everything


A May Days tradition


25 to 30 vendors will set up shop in Memorial Park Looking to do a little shopping while enjoying the Ladner May Days experience? The long-running craft fair will be back again this year at Memorial Park with a range of goods that just might catch your eye. “There’s so many things,” says May Days volunteer Jennifer Middleton, who has co-ordinated the annual showing of crafters and artisans for the past 16 years. Fair goers will be able to peruse items like homemade candy, purses, bags, jewelry, blankets and specialty dog products. Massage and Reiki services will be offered again this time around after debuting at last year’s fair,

Middleton notes. Henna, a kind of temporary body art, will be available this year. “That’s something totally different. We’ve never had that before,” she says. Another first time offering will be homemade hospital gowns “so expecting mothers can match their babies.” There will be approximately 25 to 30 vendors, who come from around the Lower Mainland, at the craft fair. About half are returning to May Days while the other half will be newcomers, Middleton explains. The craft fair runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


This year’s May Pole Dance is scheduled for Sunday afternoon.


For Better Retirement Living

of serving the community

Four Flat-Deck Trucks Available

The Top Ten Reasons to Live at Augustine House • Remain independent • Feel secure • Eliminate household upkeep & chores • Fine Dining Every Day • 24 Hr In House Support • Live healthier – more physical and • No more stairs mental stimulation • Make new friends • Stress free living • Putting Greens, Painting, Popcorn & Poker!

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Augustine House is operated by the Augustine House Society, a non-profit organization.

Gracious Living in a Country Setting

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A29

Harbourside Plaza Located in Historic Downtown Ladner

4847 to 4903 Delta Street, Ladner Anju’s Skincare & Electrolysis .............................................................. 604-781-4693 Buttercups Children’s Boutique .............................................................. 604-946-3997 Changes Hair Studio ............................... 604-940-6337 Canadian Mental Health - Delta Branch ..... 604-943-1878 Deltassist Community Services .............................................................. 604-946-9526 Delta Acupuncture & Oigong .............................................................. 778-434-3108 Delta Community Living Society .............................................................. 604-946-9508 Delta Youth Services / Boys and Girls Club / South Delta Employment Centre ........... 604-946-0324

Elite Dog Grooming ................................. 604-716-3144 Go Go Sushi ........................................... 604-940-3323 Harbourside Therapeutic Massage ........... 604-940-1119 Niagara Pizza ............................................ 604-946-1522 Quality Shoe Repair................................. 604-946-2016 Quilted Bear ........................................... 604-940-7051 Stillwater Sports...................................... 604-946-9933 The Hair Shak Salon ............................... 604-946-5156

Proud Sponsors of the Ladner May Days

• •


Fishing • Rods • Bait • Reels • Flies • Tackle • Nets

Delta Acupuncture & Qigong Clinic

“The Best Little Lure House in Ladner”

Over 30 Years Experience

Ida Han

Registered Acupuncturist (BC) Registered T.C.M. P (BC) M.D.,Associate Professor (China)

STILLWATER SPORTS 4849 Delta Street, Ladner

Tel: 778-434-3108 4861 Delta St., Delta, BC V4K 2T9


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4893 Delta Street (Harbourside Plaza)


Senior and Information Services 4891 Delta Street, Ladner 604-946-9526

S y eller Jew

Skin Care and Electrolysis Laser Clinic for all your aesthetic needs.

604.781.4693 or 778.434.3008

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most wanted

In the Community

McKee Jazzercisers pedal the Big Bike

Canadian Made Grill

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The McKee Seniors’ Recreation Centre’s Jazzercise group rode the Big Bike earlier this month through the streets of Ladner. It was one of eight groups to ride the 30-seat bike to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. The Jazzercisers raised $1,676 and the total for the day was in excess of $15,000.


Cadets from Navy League Cadet Corps NLCC Henry Roberts, which meet at Delta Secondary, practice canoeing and water safety in preparation for their spring boating program. The cadets have done various community service projects and would like to become more involved with the community, especially nautical/maritime organizations. Youth nine to 12 interested in the program can register for a free membership, good until Sept. 1. Call 604-314-6806.

LADNER TRUNK ROAD CONSTRUCTION April 15, 2013 to June 28, 2013 To meet the demand for electricity and improved reliability, BC Hydro is currently constructing a new, underground duct bank along the north-side of Ladner Trunk Road. Construction began on Monday, April 15, 2013 and is expected to be completed by Friday, June 28, 2013. The construction route is as follows: •

Ladner Trunk Road at 64th Street to 57th Street

North along 57th Street to 49B Avenue

The project schedule has been divided into three phases to minimize impacts. Phase 1: 64th Street to 61st Street •

6:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Phase 2: 61st Street to 57th Street (Night Work) •

8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m.

Phase 3: North along 57th Street to 49B Avenue •

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Construction will result in revised and counter-flow traffic patterns; normal traffic patterns will resume outside of construction hours. BC Hydro recognizes the inconvenience this construction may cause and we thank you for your patience and understanding. We will strive to complete the work as quickly and safely as possible. If you have any questions or would like more information about this project, please contact BC Hydro at 1 866 647 3334 or 3874

Navy League cadets hone skills

A32 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013 Coming Events Clubs & Groups #On Wednesday, May 22 the Ladner Single Parents Support Group wishes to invite single parents with dependant children to a free dinner at the Ladner Christian Reformed Church, 4594-54A St. Doors open at 5:10 p.m. Dinner at 5:30 p.m. For more information contact Diane at 604-9467033. #On Saturday, May 25 jewelry, watches, sunglasses and “designer Collections” are for sale at the Hospice Cottage Charity Shoppe, 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m., 152156th St. Tsawwassen. #The AGM for the Delta Youth Support Line Society will be held Monday, May 27 at 7 p.m. at the Tsawwassen Community Police Station. For further information contact Debbie Lindsey at #Canadian Mental Health Association Delta offers a Depression/Bi-Polar Support Group for individuals with depression/bi-polar or experiencing symptoms on the second and fourth Monday of every month from 7 to 9 p.m. The next

meeting takes place on Monday, May 27 in South Delta. Call CMHA Delta for info at 604-943-1878. #Canadian Mental Health Association Delta offers a Family Support Group for individuals supporting someone with a mental illness on the second and fourth Wednesday every month: 7 - 9 p.m. Next meeting takes place on Wednesday, May 29 at Delta Hospital, 5800 Mountain View Blvd., Ladner (Education Room). Call CMHA Delta for info at 604-943-1878. #Delta Nature invites you to a Birds on the Bay event on Wednesday, June 5. Join Tom Bearss and his informal birdwatchers for a 2.5-hour amble around Boundary Bay Regional Park. Enjoy the abundance of resident and wintering inhabitants, including shorebirds, waterfowl, raptors, and smaller birds. Bring binoculars if you have them. The outing will end with a beverage and snack at historic Cammidge House. Meet at Cammidge House in Boundary Bay Regional Park. Walk is from 9 a.m. - noon. No charge for event - voluntary

donation for snacks Info: 604-940-9296 or tom. #The South Delta Stroke Recovery Group meets every Tuesday at Tsawwassen United Church, 693-53rd St., from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Support group for stroke and aneurysm survivors offering caregiver support, speech therapy, music therapy, social activities, speakers, outings, and guided physical exercises. For more information call Dawn Sillett at 604-319-6775 or e-mail: dsillett@dccnet. com. #Would you like some individual help with basic computer, Internet and email questions? Register for Computer One-onOne Instruction at Ladner Pioneer Library, 468351st St. (604-946-6215) or Tsawwassen Library, 1321A 56th St., (604-9432271). The Tsawwassen Library also offers Cyber Saturdays from 9 - 10 a.m., a free drop-in hands-on class where anyone can get comfortable using the Internet.

Seniors #A Spring Luncheon will be held Friday, May 31 at 12:30 p.m. at the McKee Seniors Recreation Centre, 5155-47th Ave., Ladner. Entertainment by Fyne Tuned. Members $7; guests $8. Tickets at customer service desk. #United Way’s “Better at Home” program provides non-medical home support services to seniors. We need your help in bringing this program to your community. If you or someone you know needs this kind of support, we invite your input at a Community Meeting in South Delta on Thursday, June 6, 1 - 4 p.m. at the South Delta Baptist Church, 1988-56th St. For more information contact Deirdre Goudriaan at or 778-891-8948. Fund Raisers #IODE Boundary Bay Chapter has a garage sale fundraiser on Saturday, June 8 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 4939-1st Ave. (near English Bluff) Tsawwassen. Join us for coffee and cookies and browse through a wide assortment of anything and

everything. All proceeds go towards local charities. Special Events #Tilbury kicks off Bike to Work Week, Monday, May 27 2 to 5 p.m. with a Celebration Commuter Station at 72nd and Progress Way. Ride to work or put your bike on the bus. Be a Bike Buddy and come to the station to sign up and ride with others. Prizes and snacks. Delta Bike Co provides on-site maintenance and sample the Energy Bars from Urban Village Catering. For more information email or phone 604-946-9828. #Car boot sales hosted by the Cammidge House Volunteers at Boundary Bay Regional Park take place every second and fourth Saturday commencing June 8 at the Centennial Beach Parking lot from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. If interested in selling please bring ground sheet or display table etc. Allocated space only $10. Be ready for set up by 8 a.m. Additional information phone Tom 604-940-9296.

Arts #It’s their 30th anniversary and the Delta Music Makers Community Concert Band are celebrating with a spectacle of a concert at the Genesis Theatre in Ladner on May 25 at 2 p.m. Admission is absolutely free but, they will be accepting donations by the exit. The music in the first half has been chosen by members who voted on their favourite pieces from the past many years. The second half of the concert is “moving forward” with some brand new music. #A First Nation’s art and exhibit show will be hosted by the Royal Canadian Legion, Branch #289, 221835-56th St., Tsawwassen from June 1 to 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The Coming Events column is published every Wednesday as a community service. If you have a nonprofit event, mail, drop off, fax, or e-mail (events@ the details to the Optimist by 3 p.m. Monday. Submissions are subject to space limitations (no phone calls, please).

Join us for our

Knowledge • Care • Community

Wellness Fair May 27-June 1

at our Tsawwassen Location


Please call 604-943-8966 or come in to register Monday, May 27th

6:30 to 7:15pm: "Change the Way You Walk: Learn Why Urban Poling May Be For You!" ** Second session at Ladner location on Saturday, June 1st, 10:00 am to 10:45 am ** $5 donation to the Arthritis Society of Canada

Tuesday, May 28th

1:00 to 4:00 pm: "The Art & Science of Compounding: Personalized Medications Made Just For You!" (Drop-in) 6:30 to 7:30 pm: "Living Your Best Life with Osteoarthritis and Joint Replacement"


• INSTALLATIONS • SALES • SERVICE • REPAIRS • #135-7391 Vantage Way, Delta • Serving South Delta Since 1994

Wednesday, May 29th

1:00 to 4:00 pm: "Are You at Risk for Type 2 Diabetes?" 6:30 to 7:30 pm: "Gut Grief: Understanding Common Digestive Disorders"

Thursday, May 30th

Join us

1:00 to 4:00 pm: "Healthy Legs Day: Compression Therapy Consultations With a Specialist" 6:30 to 7:30 pm: "Get a Leg Up on Venous Disease: The Benefits of Medical Compression Therapy"

for our

In-store discounts, prizes and contests all week long!

Saturday, June 1st

Customer Appreciation Day at our Tsawwassen AND Ladner locations

Presented by:

May 24, 25 & 26, 2013




May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A33

Barn nearly booked before it opens New community amenity on Kirkland House grounds is proving popular for receptions and other gatherings BY


It’s a new multi-purpose community centre that’s already extremely popular. Even though the finishing touches are still being put on the Harris Barn in Ladner, the structure is already solidly booked. The historic barn was saved from the wrecking ball a year ago when it was disassembled and moved from a private farm to the Kirkland House site at Hawthorne Grove Park. There it was reassembled and upgraded into an attractive new facility in an agricultural setting. Colin Campbell, president of the Kirkland House Society, which has an agreement with the municipality to operate the barn, said a couple of wedding receptions and the Delta Fire Fighters Association’s 50th anniversary celebration were among the first events booked, but anyone wanting to also rent the barn on a weekend may be out of luck because the calendar is almost completely full. “The place has just

View video and photos with PHOTO BY


Kirkland House Society president Colin Campbell (left), Mayor Lois Jackson and Ken Kuntz, director of the parks, recreation and culture department, survey the Harris Barn from the second floor. exploded. There were some naysayers who said nobody would ever want to rent a barn,” Campbell laughed. The Delta Farmers’ Institute, police department, hospital foundation and local youth orchestra are among the groups holding events at the spacious new facility this year. “The city pays for capital, so the building is theirs, and we pay for operating. Our guarantee is that we will finance the outfit

through our rentals at no cost to the taxpayer, ever. So it’s a sweet deal for us and a sweet deal for the city, and an even sweeter deal for the community,” Campbell said. “We’re fully booked, a marvelous problem. The parks and rec (department) wanted us to guarantee our budget and we can absolutely do that with deposits in the bank to guarantee the first two years of operation, and we haven’t even

started,” he added. The barn has 8,000 square feet of floor area over two floors, with an occupancy capacity of 475 people. The building is fully accessible, has a kitchen, washrooms and is built to Heritage Canada standards. The barn, which has a few historical artifacts on the grounds, also has wood retrieved the former the Brackman-Ker building, which was located at Ladner Harbour, and the

Glenrose Cannery in North Delta. Parks, recreation and culture director Ken Kuntz noted the energy-efficient building is also “four season” since it’s insulated and has a heated main floor. It’s the first barn/community centre in Delta, Kuntz noted. “It’s really a community centre in the form of a barn. It is truly a public occupancy and event building. Although the main opera-

Unitech is a company with purpose. It’s the foundation of our culture and it shows in everything we do. Congratulations to the Corporation of Delta on the successful completion of the Harris Barn Project. Unitech is proud to be a part of keeping Delta’s heritage alive

One of the leading Construction Management companies in BC, Unitech was built with the purpose of partnering with our clients to create high quality environments that put people first.

Unitech Construction Management Ltd. Suite 400 - 1530, 56th Street Delta, B.C. Canada V4L 2A8

tion is done by the Kirkland House Foundation, the municipality does have the use of it for some municipal functions as well,” he explained. Kuntz said it’s an innovative way to preserve an important piece of Delta’s heritage. “The problem is, we can’t save everything. When you do save it, you have to do it in a way that it’s going to have a use for the community and a return for investment,” he said. “In this case, we spent a little more money than we originally planned to do, but in doing so we’ve created a year-round facility, one that’s obviously popular by the number of bookings. “We’ve integrated the storm systems and sewage systems into the municipalwide system, which hadn’t been contemplated before, created parking lots and, by all accounts, created a building that’s fairly affordable. If we were to build a brand new community centre, it would be more money than this.” The barn is at 4140 Arthur Dr.

A34 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

Delta saves century-old barn from destruction Built in 1900, structure has agricultural significance BY


It was a year ago Delta council agreed to a major expenditure to save a historic Ladner barn from the wrecking ball. In May 2012 civic politicians unanimously voted in favour of a staff recommendation to enter into an agreement with a property owner to acquire and relocate the Harris Barn from a farm in the 5500-block of 64th Street. The barn would be taken apart and reassembled at Hawthorne Grove Park, also known as the Kirkland House site, on Arthur Drive. The Ladner property already had the restored Kirkland House maintained by the Kirkland House Foundation. The 5,000-square-foot hay barn, constructed in 1900, was originally owned by Fred Hopcott on his farm on Tilbury Island, located next to the Fraser River. In 1940 Norman

(Normie) Harris purchased the barn and moved it to 5627 Crescent Island Rd. (now 64th Street). The barn was converted for dairy use, housing 32 milk cows, heifers and calves. Years later, it was recognized “as one of Delta’s historical agricultural assets.” The barn was considered of high heritage value, scoring 98 out of 100 in the 1998 Heritage Inventory Evaluation. The most recent owner, Fujiko Kinjo, applied to tear it down in order to construct a new home on the site, but a deal was worked out with the municipality to save it. Delta, in turn, entered into an agreement with the Kirkland House Foundation to undertake interior modifications and improvements to the relocated barn, including creating an interactive agricultural display on the lower floor and a public assembly space on the upper floor. Council awarded a contract of $362,200 to Macdonald & Lawrence

Timber Framing Ltd. to relocate the structure. Other expenses for Delta included providing the Kirkland House Foundation $75,000 toward the conversion of the barn for public uses. A letter to council at the time from the foundation’s Colin Campbell and Matt Rogers noted they could get significant donations and community volunteers, as was the case in the restoration of the Kirkland House residence. “Delta is rapidly losing its historical agricultural assets. The Harris Barn is considered in very good shape and would be a facility worth preserving,” they wrote. Council approved the expenditure of up to $600,000 for the project, funding that was drawn from reserves. The budget, however, was increased to $2.5 million to pay for further improvements to the barn as well as Hawthorne Grove Park and Kirkland House, including a muchneeded hook up to the



The Harris Barn previously stood on 64th Street, but has since been relocated to the grounds of the Kirkland House where it has been restored. municipal sewer system. That August, an old-fashioned barn-raising event took place with many community volunteers helping out. More good news came when Delta-Richmond East MP Kerry-Lynne Findlay announced $250,000 in federal funding for the project, money to help pay for a fire suppression system, enhanced lighting, a mobility lift, kitchen service area and signage, as well as upgrades to the sewage and water system, parking and landscaping. A grand opening celebration is set for May 25.

Happy to have been involved with the construction of the Harris Barn.


at the

Harris Barn Grand Opening GT" %;??N=RPK 9RP%T"$ R= (=$ T"A9"$ P; 6(R5" PT" &(6= A(5P 1NUN5PD ,;L RP'5 PR?" P; %"A"&6(P" PTR5 6"MRP(ARJ"$ TR5P;6R% %;??N=RPK (?"=RPKC


4836 Elliott Street, Ladner


Congratulations on the Harris Barn Completion Saturday May 25th, 3:00 - 8:30pm (formal ceremony at 4:00pm) Hawthorne Grove Park, 4140 Arthur Drive, Ladner, BC ____________________________________________________________ ,; ;=5RP" 9(6BR=U (M(RA(&A"D *(6BR=U (=$ 5TNPPA" &N5 5"6MR%" (M(RA(&A" (PF ! +"AP( /N=R%R9(A 3(AAI 87@@ .A(6"=%" G(KA;6 .6"5%"=P ! ."$(6 *(6B .TN6%TI 7:@@ 88 1M"=N" ! +(L5;= )(6?I :O7> 16PTN6 +6RM"

!CHILDRENS ACTIVITIES !BARN TOURS ! LIVE ENTERTAINMENT ! FOOD VENDORS ! BARN DANCE ! SILENT AND LIVE AUCTION The Harris Barn project is in partnership with the Kirkland House Foundation For more information visit

We enjoyed being part of this project Custom Machining & Manufacturing

Ladner Harbour Machine Shop Ltd. 4878 Elliott Street, Delta, B.C. V4K 2X8 Tel: 604-946-6101 • Fax: 604-946-4416

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A35

Congratulations to the Corporation of Delta on the Harris Barn project It’s a great addition to our community and the Kirkland House Foundation. FILE PHOTO

An old-fashioned community barn raising took place last summer.

Barn dance included in opening celebrations

A big community celebration is planned for Saturday, May 25 to mark the grand opening of the relocated, refurbished and historic Harris Barn. The following is the program of events: 3 - 6 p.m. — On-site entertainment, children’s activities, food vendors 4 - 4:30 p.m. — Formal ceremonies 4:30 p.m. — Barn tours 4:30 - 5:15 p.m. — Children’s entertainer Clare Brett 5:30 p.m. — Silent auction closes 6 - 8:30 p.m. — Family barn dance with Blazing Saddles band 7 p.m. — Live auction with auctioneer Ian Paton

Other than handicapped parking, there will be no parking on site. Parking is designated at: Cedar Park Church, 5300-44th Ave. Dawson Farm, 3851 Arthur Dr. Delta municipal hall, 4500 Clarence Taylor Cres. Free bus shuttles will run from Cedar Park Church and Delta municipal hall. Hay rides will be in operation from Dawson Farm. Shuttles will commence prior to the start of activities. Please note, the capacity of the barn is 475. Should numbers exceed that, admission to the barn dance will be on a firstcome first-served basis.

Best Wishes for a Happy Grand Opening of the Harris Barn on Saturday, May 25, 2013 Scott M. Kemp Architect

4427 River Road West Ladner, BC, V4K 1R9 Ph: 604-786-8150 F: 604-946-6021



604 940 4240


604 677 5442


From the barn raising to completion it’s a great community project that will be enjoyed by many over the years to come. #207-4840 Delta St., Ladner 604-946-4451

Pleased to be part of the overall success

Stainless Steel Countertops | Architectural Stainless Steel Honest, Reliable, Quality Workmanship

Jag Fabrication Ltd.

107-7225 Brown Street, Delta (Tilbury Business Park)

Tel 604.940.0135

KW Lock and Safe is a local, father and son company which is very proud to have been chosen to work on and help secure the Harris Barn for the Corporation of Delta.

We offer comprehensive mobile locksmithing solutions for commercial and residential clients. We also offer a full range of mechanical security products, from window bars to top of the line commercial safes.

KW LOCK & SAFE LTD. | since 1990

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A36 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013



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Buy Direct & Save!

Delta Sports Sports Editor: Mark Booth

Phone: 604-946-4451


May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A37

“Get your life back” on the Canada Line @ Lansdowne Station

Sun Devils heading back to provincials Senior girls soccer team finishes second at Fraser Valley Championships to secure 12th consecutive trip to B.C. tourney BY


South Delta Sun Devils are headed back to the provincial girls’ “AAA” soccer championships for a record 12th consecutive year after their most improbable journey yet. The Devils secured a spot at next week’s tournament in North Vancouver after finishing second in the Fraser Valley Championships. Seeded 12th, the locals produced three consecutive road wins before falling 3-0 to Port Coquitlam’s Terry Fox Ravens in the final. It marked the first-time in their long run of success, they did not enjoy at least one home playoff game. South Delta was edged out of first place during the final week of the season and ended up third meaning it was destined for the bottom half of the Valley draw. The league standings probably would have looked different if the Devils were at full strength the entire season. The launching of the year-old B.C. Premier Soccer League has thrown a significant wrench into the high school campaign. The BCPSL plays a spring league schedule and not all coaches in the high performance league are thrilled with the idea of their players suiting up for their high school team in season. It resulted in a guessing game some weeks on player avail-

ability for longtime South Delta coaches Stephen Burns and Brent Sweeney. At one point, five juniors were called up just to field a team. Burns is an elite level coach himself who also oversees the soccer academy at SDSS. He has established a tradition at South Delta of running top notch high school teams and is a firm believer it’s something all players should experience in their careers. “It’s definitely been our most challenging season yet,” said Burns who has been running the South Delta program for the past 16 years. “Up until now, the girls on our teams have been playing at the Gold or Metro levels and it hasn’t been an issue at all. Now it’s depending on their coach whether they can play or not.” Some players have been their all season, including Grade 9 striker Olivia Sheppard who is also a fixture on the provincial team program. The Devils have just one Grade 12 player on their roster, meaning a bright future if the roster stays intact. Their run to the Valley final began with a gritty 3-2 victory at Sardis. Twice they battled back from one goal deficits, scoring a couple of late goals to pull out the win. South Delta then upended a pair of league rivals — first taking out Elgin Park (10) and Panorama Ridge (2-1) in overtime.




South Delta Sun Devils Kiersten Sawchuk battles with a Terry Fox opponent during last week’s Fraser Valley “AAA” championship game in Port Coquitlam. The Devils are headed to the provincials for a 12th consecutive year.

Pacers knock off first place teams to capture Fraser Valley tennis title Delta Pacers tennis team successfully travelled a tough route to capture the Fraser Valley Championship last week. The Pacers’ road to victory was impressive as they had to beat the number one seeds in both the Fraser Valley North and the Fraser Valley South zones to earn the title. “The team worked very hard this year with a goal to win the Fraser Valley Championship,” said coach Gordon Brown. “I am very proud of all of them and especially thank our graduating

Tides at Tsawwassen Pacific Standard Time. Height in feet

WEDNESDAY, MAY 22 2:54 am 13.5 5:12 pm 12.5

10:08 am 10:04 pm

FRIDAY, MAY 24 3.9 9.5

4:12 am 13.8 6:53 pm 13.8

SUNDAY, MAY 26 11:31 am 1.6 11:53 pm 10.5



3:32 am 13.5 6:03 pm 13.1

4:55 am 13.8 7:42 pm 14.4

10:48 am 2.6 10:59 pm 10.2

12:14 pm 1.3

12:46 am 10.5 12:59 pm 1.0

5:40 am 13.8 8:31 pm 14.4

These predictions are supplements to and not replacements for the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, which include the only authorized tidal predictions for Canada and are provided by Canadian Hydrographic Service.


An impressive run last week earned the Delta Pacers tennis team the Fraser Valley Championship.

co-captains, Jennie Jackson and Kyle Browne, for their leadership and outstanding contributions to the team’s success. “I would also like to thank all the supporting parents in helping the team capture the championship this year.” The roster also includes: Natalie Chen, Ashley Kusumoto, Kim Tao, Luna Nanahoshi, Wendel Vistan, Matthew Jackson, Bhavan Dhaliwal, Chris Jackson, Kyle Clancy Cyrus Kohlmetz, Daniel Mecca and Brian Zhang.

A38 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013

Big 3rd period leads Pioneers past Nanaimo PHOTO



A goal from Corey Williamson was one of six unanswered in the final period as the Ladner Pioneers roared back to defeat the Nanaimo Timbermen 9-4 in their West Coast Lacrosse Association home opener. Ladner (2-0) returns to action Thursday when Port Moody Thunder visits the Ladner Leisure Centre at 8 p.m.

Delta Novice Advanced Islanders are off to an impressive start.

Islanders 2nd in Coquitlam

Waste not, want not

Bag To Earth makes products to ease the composting process and encourage participation in municipally run food waste programs


Bag to Earth Inc.

ith municipalities across the Lower Mainland – including Vancouver, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Burnaby, Richmond, Surrey and New Westminster, among others – participating in city-run food waste programs, one Canadian company has come up with a way to ease the composting process for residents. “The issue that crops up time and time again when you ask people to compost their kitchen waste in order to keep [organic material] out of the landfill is that it can, quite frankly, be a bit of a messy endeavour,” says Carson O’Neill, CEO of Bag To Earth Inc. “But the fact remains that these municipal food waste programs are a good idea. They really do work from an environmental perspective, so our aim is to make it easy and convenient – as hassle-free a process as possible – in order to encourage more participation.” He points to his firm’s Food Waste Bags, made from all-natural materials designed to disappear fully into the earth along with any

approved food scraps you toss into them. The bags, which come in two sizes, are comprised of a paper exterior lined with a patented natural fibre made from cellulose – a kind of “clear paper” that’s been in use for at least a century. “We’ve actually had consumers contact us after looking inside our bags and mistaking the lining for plastic, which, of course, it isn’t,” O’Neill states. “Cellulose is a 100% compostable material that will fully disappear back into the earth, just like the coffee grounds, eggshells, spaghetti sauce and banana peels you put into our bags. In other words, it helps to complete the organic loop.” Plastic bags, even those labelled biodegradable or compostable, he continues, have no place in an organic food waste program, as they actually “back up” the process. “Say you line the green bin that’s in your kitchen or the larger one on your curb with plastic and then you put your organics directly into that plastic for pickup,” he says. “What you end up with is a plastic bag sitting in the city’s compost site and backing it up because it’s a non-compostable material. It totally negates the purpose.” By lining your kitchen and/or outdoor bin with a Bag To Earth Food Waste Bag, however, all of the material – food waste and bag – that’s taken from your home by your municipality will return to the earth in its entirety. The question remains: why would any well-meaning resident put plastic inside a bin, when the contents of that bin are meant for compost? O’Neill says it often comes down to cleanliness. “Leftover food scraps can be slimy and stinky, and even those of us with the best intentions when it comes to the environment may be deterred from participating in a composting program due to the mess,”

“Our aim is to make it easy and convenient – as hassle-free a process as possible – in order to encourage more participation in municipal food waste composting programs”

– Carson O’Neill, CEO, Bag To Earth Inc.

Bag to Earth Inc.

By Noa Glouberman

Bag To Earth Food Waste Bags are made from all-natural materials designed to disappear fully into the earth along with any approved food scraps you toss into them, thus helping to complete the organic loop. he says. “Our Food Waste Bags, however, solve this problem by keeping your bins clean and odour free.” Not only is the cellulose liner in every Bag To Earth Food Waste Bag totally leak-proof, keeping unpleasant smells from escaping is as simple as rolling down the top of the bag and sealing it with a clip or clothespin. Additionally, each Food Waste Bag’s flat bottom means it can either be placed in your green bin or set as a standalone right on your kitchen counter. “When the bag’s full, just run it out and put it in your curbside bin,” says O’Neill. “No need to dump it out; the bag goes right in and returns to the earth completely, from the lining to the tie … right down to the print on the exterior. And, if you wish, line your outdoor bin with one of our larger-sized bags. You won’t need to hose down the interior due to food scraps getting stuck on the sides and making a mess.” Each small Bag To Earth Food Waste Bag, one of which will last a family of four about a week (just enough time to fill and place curbside for pickup), costs approximately $0.50 – that’s just $26 a year. Again, O’Neill emphasizes the fact that “nothing about our Food Waste Bags compromises the composting aspect.” In fact, Bag To Earth relies on the success of municipally run food waste programs. “We follow these programs very closely and regularly update our website with the latest information from across the country,” he says. “Consumers are more than welcome to visit to find details about their local food waste program, as well as a list of retailers in their area that carry our products.”

Delta Islanders competed against many of the top Novice Advanced lacrosse teams in the province and came away with a silver medal at the prestigous 2013 Coquitlam Adanac Tournament. The tone for the weekend was established in their opening game as the Islanders relied on stellar goaltending and strong team defence to rally back and earn a tie with top ranked and undefeated Ridge Meadows. Timely scoring and more overall strong team play then led to wins against Coquitlam, North Shore and Burnaby to secure a rematch with Ridge Meadows in the final. Delta fell behind 4-1 in the opening period only to come roaring back to take a two goal lead midway through the third. However, penalty trouble allowed Ridge Meadows to rally and pull out a 9-7 win. “We are very pleased of the boys performance. They battled hard as a team in every game through the tournament. They should be very proud of their efforts. We are excited about the future.” said head coach, Greg Rennie. The Islanders are currently ranked in the top three of Novice A1 teams in the Lower Mainland, alongside Coquitlam and Ridge Meadows. Their roster includes: Cian Currivan, Euan Aitchison, Jack Wardell, Jackson Marriott, Jacob Bailie, Lane Sharpe, Marek Gunn, Matthew Burt, Nathan MacPherson, Noah Wickett, Payden Purchas-Duch, Quinn Ridley, Silas Richmond and Tristan Sambrook. The coach staff also features Greg Sambrook and Todd Burt.


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A community service from the

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A39




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LUCAS, Stanley Richard (Stan) Feb 20, 1915 - May 14, 2013 It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our beloved Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather and best friend who passed away at 98 years young in Richmond General Hospital with his loving family by his side. Dad was predeceased by his beloved wife, Elfrieda (2006), and is survived by his loving children, Darlene & Klaus Schneider, Lynda & Bob McKim, and Kirk & Debra Lucas. Dad was devoted to his family and is survived by his ten grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren. We will all miss you, Dad!





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Saturday, May 25th 9:30am - 4:00pm Hospice Cottage Charity Shoppe 1521 - 56 St., Tsawwassen FRANKLIN, Joan (FOOTE) May 17, 2013 Joan Mary Franklin (nee: Milloy), age 82 of Delta, passed away on May 17, 2013. She was born to the late Cecil and Prudence Milloy on October 21, 1930. Joan was born and raised in Victoria, BC and attended Oak Bay High School. She earned her teaching credentials in music before attending nursing school at Vancouver General Hospital, where she graduated as a Registered Nurse. As a young adult, Joan toured Canada as a concert pianist and taught many students to love her gift of music. Joan then spent several years working in nursing at hospitals in British Columbia. In 1966 Joan settled in Tsawwassen, where she was very active with her children and volunteer work. She loved the beauty of the area and enjoyed walking the dikes of Boundary Bay and spending time with family and friends. Family was of upmost important to Joan and is survived by her four loving sons: James (Zhimei) Foote, Calvin (Vahbeed) Foote, Brent (Tara) Foote, and David (Linda) Foote as well as her eight grandchildren. Her parents and elder sister Betty Owen predecease Joan. The family wishes to thank Delta Hospice and all of those at Delta View Life Enrichment Centre who cared for her during her last years. A Celebration of Life for Joan will be held at Delta Funeral Home, 5329 Ladner Trunk Rd, Delta, BC on Friday, May 24, 2013 at 2:00PM. All friends and family are welcome. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Alzheimer Society of B.C. or to Delta View Volunteer Society.

May the Sunshine of Comfort Dispel the Clouds of Despair


FOSTER, Julia Nancy 1936 – 2013

It is with great sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved mother and grandmother who left peacefully into the arms of God at Irene Thomas Hospice on May 16, 2013. She has now joined her loving husband Brian. Julia is survived by her sons; Michael (Julie) of Chilliwack and Wayne of Delta; her daughter Angela, also of Delta; grandchildren Sean, Ethan and Amelia; sister Jean (Doug) and brother Bob. A Memorial Service will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 1:00 pm at Benediction Lutheran Church, 5575 6th Avenue, Tsawwassen, BC. In lieu of flowers, donations to the BC Cancer Society, or Delta Hospice Society, 4631 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, BC V4K 4L8, would be appreciated.

Delta Funeral Home 604-946-6040


Lost & Found

FOUND, DUNLOP Mtn bike, near South Park. May 16 Call to identify. 604-943-2651 LOST SILVER charm Bracelet May 20th at transit stop outside boys & girls club in Ladner. Sentimental vaue. Call 604-943-6118

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DRIVERSWANTED WANTEDAZ, AZ,DZ, DZ,33or or DRIVERS with airbrakes: airbrakes: Terrific Terrific career career 11 with opportunity with with outstanding outstanding opportunity growth potential potential to to learn learn how how to to growth locate rail rail defects defects using using nonnonlocate d e s t r u c t i v e t e s t i n g . P l u dextensive e s t r u c t i v epaid t e s travel, t i n g . Pmeal l u ss extensive travel, meal allowance, 4paid weeks vacation and allowance, 4 weeks vacation andbenefits pkg. Skills Needed benefits pkg. Skills Needed Ability to travel 6 months at a time. Ability A p p ltoy travel 6omonths n l i n eat a time. at Awpwpwl .ys p e r r y roani ll.icnoem u n daetr wcareers. w w . s p e Click r r y r a i lhere . c o m to u apply, nder careers. to FILL apply, keyword: Click DO NOT IN keyword: DOEOE NOT FILL IN CITY ORDriver. STATE. CITY OR STATE. EOE

General General Employment

1240 1240 Employment Flightserve Flightserve has


at isVancouver Airport This a permanent, part-time position effective June 2013. ThisHourly is a permanent, part-time rate of $10.25/hr. position effective June 2013. Essential Duties: Hourly rate of $10.25/hr.

• Provide Personalized Essential Duties: Customer Service •• Provide Personalized Assistance Boarding • Customer AssistanceService to Customers • Assistance with SpecialBoarding Needs •• Assistance Customers Assistancetowith Flight Delays

with Special Needs Citizen or You must be a Canadian Landed Immigrant • Assistance with Flight Delays

ToYou apply please your resume must be aforward Canadian Citizen or to: yvr Landed Immigrant No phone calls please.your We thank all to: To apply please forward resume applicants, however only successful yvr applicants will be contacted.



Health Care

SHARED Living Provider to adults with developmental disabilities. Please send an email to: or call (604) 582-1811 ext. 106/105


Previous custodial experience an asset. Email resume to



Some great kids aged 12 to 18 who need a stable, caring home for a few months. Are you looking for the opportunity to do meaningful, fulfilling work? PLEA Community Services is looking for qualified applicants who can provide care for youth in their home on a full-time basis or on weekends for respite. Training, support and remuneration are provided. Funding is available for modifications to better equip your home. A child at risk is waiting for an open door. Make it yours. Call 604-708-2628

Hotel Restaurant

Richmond: June 9 or July 6 Surrey: Every Saturday Also Bby • Coq • M.Ridge • Van • Lgly Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Continuing Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!




TRAIN TO BE BE AN AN Apartment/ Apartment/ TRAIN TO Condominium Manager at home! Condominium home! We have jobsManager across at Canada. Thousands of graduates working. We have jobs across Canada. 32 years of success! Government Thousands graduates working. certified. or 1-800-665-8339, 604-681-5456. 32 years of success! Government

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AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS. Licensed, 4th year & 3rd year Technicians required. Signing/ moving allowance, full company benefits, very aggressive bonus/ pay plan. Ford experience preferred, but not required. Denham Ford, Wetaskiwin, Alberta. Email resume: Attention: Dean Brackenbury;


CRIMINAL RECORD?DON’T let your past limit your career plans!Since 1989 Confidential, Fast Affordable - A+ BBB Rating employment & travel freedom. all for free info booklet 1-8-nowpardon (1-866-972-7366)

HARTLEY’S AUTOBODY in Sechelt, BC has a vacancy for a Journeyman Automotive Painter. Please fax resume with references and contact information to: 604-885-7454

Office Personnel

OVER 90% EMPLOYMENT rate for CanScribe graduates! Medical Transcriptionists are in demand and CanScribe graduates get jobs. Payments under $100 per month. 1-800-466-1535.




NOW HIRING Job Opportunity for a new restaurant in Tsawassen, BC. Thai-Isaan Cuisine and Cafe´. 1 Thai Food Chef with at least 5 years experience. 1 Food Preparation/Chefs Assistant. 1 Part Time Server (morning shift). Wage is negotiable based on experience. Please forward resume to: 1256, 56 St, Tsawwassen, BC V4L 2A4


Social Services








place ads online @ Drivers


Tow Truck Operators

Roadway Towing Ltd. has two positions available for tow truck operators. Applicants must reside in the area in order to meet our contract obligations. Applicants must have a minimum of a class 5 driver’s licence without restrictions. Most importantly chosen applicants must pass a criminal record check prior to being hired. Experience is preferred however training will be provided to the right applicant. Some mechanical skills and an understanding of automobiles is an asset. Shifts include weekends and some on call nights. Company also offers an excellent benefits package. Drivers are paid on commission so the harder you work the more you can make. Resume and drivers abstract can either be faxed or emailed.

Fax 604-940-1793 or email


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Flying J Canada Now Hiring:

Retail Cashiers, Maintenance, and Deli Team Members FLYING J FUEL STOP 1291 Cliveden Avenue Annacis Island Delta, BC V5M 6G4

Apply online at:

No phone calls please. We thank all applicants, however only successful CUSTODIANS WANTED applicants will be contacted.

Arc’teryx is looking for two Custodians to work full-time WANTED atCUSTODIANS our North Vancouver head Arc’teryx is looking for two office, near the Second Custodians to work full-time Narrows Bridge and transit. at our North Vancouver Must be able to workhead well under minimal supervision. office, near the Second PreviousBridge and custodial Narrows transit. experience Must be ableantoasset. workEmail well resume to under minimal supervision.



1270 1232 1232

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21ST CENTURY FLEA MARKET 175 tables of Bargains on Deluxe 20th Century Junque! SUN MAY 26 10-3 Croatian Cultural Center 3250 Commercial Drive, 604-980-3159 Adm: $5


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SPORTS CARDS Serious buyer will pay $$ for pre 1970 sports cards in good condition. Paul 604-514-3844

3508 3005


BABY/CHILDREN MISC Crib/ toddler bed $100, Multi-stage car seat $95, gates,booster seat. Like new. Call: (604) 946-8448

3040 Daycare Centres Creation Station Daycare Reasonably Priced, Quality, Licensed Group Care. Daily structured programs includes preschool & school-age program. Large fenced playground & indoor gym.

MALTESE X Puppies Jan 26. Brown Tri Color, White 2M 3F First Shots Dewormed Hypo Allergenic $600. Call: (604) 582-9911



PET’S STAIN, ODOUR, SCRATCH on THE FLOORS? Call FIN 778-889-7106, member BBB A+. One Stop Floors Care Solutions



TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers CALL NOW 24/7 Toll FREE 1-877-342-3032

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HORSE BOARDING available in Port Coquitlam. Westside Stables. Full/Semi/Self Board. For more information call Sandy 604-941-5434 cel 778-388-5434



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SMALL PEACEFUL farm set up for horses right beside South Langley riding trail. Bright & comfortable older 2 bd home, f/p, barn, riding rings, pastures. $849,900. Call 604-323-4788 See ID: 76788

6020-01 TOP FLR 762sf 1br condo, in-ste laundry, 45+ building Mt. Baker view $85,000. 778-822-7387 see id5553


Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead.

IMMACULATE 2446SF 4br 4ba t/h. Incredible view, huge master br $405,000, 604-466-3175 see id5226



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HAVE YOU BEEN DENIED Canada Pension Plan Disability Benefits? The Disability Claims Advocacy Clinic can help. Contact Allison Schmidt at: 1-877-793-3222


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A Great Janitorial Franchise Opportunity

*Annual starting revenue of $12,000-$120,000 *Guaranteed cleaning contracts *Professional training provided *Financing available *Ongoing support *Low down payment required Contact Coverall of BC A Respected Worldwide Leader in Franchised Office Cleaning!

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Asking $275K to $375K 2 are Sub-Penthouses ★ Bring Offers! ★ Call Shaku 604-442-9815, Sutton Group Realty

TOP FLOOR quiet side of bldg 650sf 1br+den condo nr Hosp, & Sky train $244K 778-241-4101 see id5580



STEVESTON VERY large 1284 sf 2br 2ba top fl condo amazing mtn views, $455K 604-275-7986 see id5376


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S. Surrey/ White Rock

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Sudoku puzzles are formatted as a 9x9 grid, broken into nine 3x3 boxes. To solve a Sudoku, the numbers 1 through 9 must fill each row, column and box. Each number can appear only once in each row, column and box. You can figure out the order in which the numbers will appear by using the numeric clues already provided in the boxes.


CULTUS LK gardener’s dream 1160 sf 2 br 1.5 ba rancher, a/c 55+ complex $63K 604-858-9301 see id5400


Langley/ Aldergrove

$739,900 YORKSTON South area Langley, 1 yr old, 3865 sq ft Cstm design 7 bdrm + 5 bthrm + Legal 2 Bdrm Suite. Call 778-298-8108. See ID: 76108

ALDERGROVE SXS DUPLEX 80K below assessment. $3K/mo rent $529,900 firm 604-807-6565 see id3428



FLEETWOOD RENO’D 2140sf 4br 3ba, large 7100sf lot, bsmt suite $539,000. 604-727-9240 see id5617

PARTIAL OCEAN view, 920sf 2br+den 2ba quiet condo, kids, pets ok. $309,000 778-294-2275 see id5575

For Sale by Owner

7BDRM/3BTH 5187 Marine Dr, Burnaby. For Sale by Owner, ID# 5669. Tel: 604-722-7977. Mortgage Helper. $695,000.


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GUILDFORD 1900SF 3br 2ba w/basement suite on huge 8640 sf lot, $479,000 604-613-1553 see id5608

Legal/Public Notices

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540.

suite $1,150,000 604-825-3966 see id5582

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AGASSIZ NEW 2350sf 3br 2.5 Bath, high end finishing, huge master $349,000 604-729-0186 see id5603

Borrow Up To $25,000

No Credit Checks! Cash same day, local office

LANGLEY NR town fully reno’d 2474sf home on 5ac ppty, bsmt LANGLEY NR town fully reno’d suite $1,150,000 604-825-3966 see 2474sf home on 5ac ppty,id5582 bsmt


NEWTON 723SF 1br ground level w/private entry, insuite laundry $139,900 604-984-8891 see id5546




FORT LANGLEY 2300sf 5br w/suite above 3 additional rental units $965K 604-882-6788 see id5533


SAVE A LIFE. Wonderful rescue dogs from Foreclosed Upon Pets. Spay/neutered, regular vaccinations & rabies, microchipped. $499 adoption fee, avail at your local Petcetera stores.

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Real Estate

STANDARD Wirehaired Dachshunds Puppies Born April 3 - ready to go in 4 weeks. $800. Call now! 604-8086740. JACK RUSSELL X Border Collie 7yrs, 20lb, friendly to good home. NVan $negotiable 604-839-6113

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PB RAG DOLL kittens, vet ✔ 1st shots, dewormed, health guar., $450 & up Cel # 604-477-9961

Houses - Sale



LUXURY PET HOTEL @ YVR New customer special $27/ night


restriction apply

778-895-0007 • 604-781-4231 TINA TINY TOTS DAYCARE licensed & ECE qualified, ages 1 and up, 15 years exp., next to park. East Ladner. 604 803-5020

For Sale by Owner



IMMACULATE TOP fl 963sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry, +55 building, $121,500 604-309-3947 see id5565

Preschool, Daycare, Before & After School Care (Pick-up & Drop-off to and from Ladner schools) Open all year. Open House every Wednesday, 4:30-6:30pm

Condos/ Townhouses

Pet Services


Kids R First Childcare Centre


Baby/Children/ Miscellaneous

May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A41

GUILDFORD MAGNIFICENT 4952sf 10br 6.5ba back on creek, main floor master br, $729K 604-581-5541 see: id5506

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The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013



Mobile Homes

OWN THE land, Chilliwack, 1092sf, 2bdrm rancher style mobile home, kids OK, $179,900 604-824-7803 see id5541


Okanagan/ Interior




Out Of Town Property

Peninsula Property Management

ABBEYFIELD HOUSE Seniors Residence Studio or 1 Bdrm Includes meals, hydro, cable, great companionship Margriet 604-943-2678


4895-55B St, Ladner Suites Available. Spacious suites, balconies, rent incls heat & hot water, prkg available. Refs. N/P.

EAST LADNER RESIDENCE AT THE RIVERHOUSE waterfront living with amazing views of water, Mtn Baker & farmland. Fantastic sunsets. Beautiful 2 br & 2 bath unit, 1253 sf attractively furnished, 2 wall brs that can be used for hobbies/ office, gourmet kitchen, gas f/p, large balcony, radiant heat, adjacent to marina, restaurant. Walk to transit. Located 20 minutes from airport, Island Ferries and US Border crossing furnished N/P, N/S.

Call Dawn (604) 536-0220

CALL 604-946-9455


Real Estate Investment

Peninsula Property Management

#304 – 1959 152nd Street White Rock, B.C. V4A 9E3 PHONE:



LANGLEY RENOD sxs duplex +1/2ac lot, rental income $2,200 /month $489,900 604-807-6565 see id3186


Recreation Property

CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call us NOW. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248

GALIANO EXECUTIVE Home & Cabin on priv beach, completely furn’d, many extras, ready to move in. Reduced to $849,000! Global Force Rlty. 604-802-8711

HATZIC LAKE 1 hr drive from Vanc, 2 vacant lots 1 is lakefront $65K is for both 604-302-3527 see id5588

HATZIC LAKE Swans Point, 1 hr from Vanc incl lot & 5th wheel ski, fish, $134,500. 604-209-8650 see id5491



Houses - Rent TSAW EXEC 3 bdrm crnr ste, fp, lndry, $1900 inc heat, prkg, no pet or bbq 604-943-6163 for appt TSAWWASSEN COURT 2 Br, $1100 new reno's, garden lvl, quiet, np, Incl heat/hw 604-250-5390, 778-999-6853 TSAWWASSEN VILLA 2 BR apt. Newly reno’d $1080, incld d/w, balc, prkg, h/w & heat, cat neg. avail June 1, 604-880-5391


LADNER Del Rio and Lora Court 1 bedroom suites in quiet well maintained buildings. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes heat and h/w. To view please call 604-454-4469 Evergreen Lane 1 and 2 bedroom suites available in one of our 4 well maintained bldgs. Located near shops, school and bus routes. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets and drapes. To view this suite please call 604-454-4469 Harbourside Affordable 3 bedroom suites available in the heart of Ladner Village. Rent includes 2 appl, drapes and hot water. To view please call 604-868-9453 Westport 2 bedroom suite available in well maintained bldg. Great location within walking distance of all amenities. Building has elevator, in suite storage and laundry hookups. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes and hot water. To view this suite please call 604-868-9453.

TSAWWASSEN Century Village Beautiful complex consisting of 6 bldgs with landscaped green areas. 1 & 2 bedroom suites available include drapes, wall to wall carpets, balconies, elevators and wheelchair access. Tsaw. Manor includes heat. Close to beach, parks, rec centre and schools. To make an appt to view please call 604-948-9111




604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H

Peninsula Property Management

Luxurious, furnished executive home in prestigious Marina Garden Estates backs onto 9th hole of Cove Links Golf Course. 2950 sq ft, 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths, 3 fireplaces. Beautiful home, quality craftsmanship, elegant furnishings, radiant heated hardwood floors, dream kitchen, master suite with FP, Jacuzzi tub and balcony $3495 includes utilities, cable and internet. 1 year lease. N/S, N/P. July 1

Call Dawn (604) 536-0220


Houses - Rent

TSAW/BBAY 850 sq ft house 2 bdrm, 1 bath, 4 appl, hardwood flrs with large deck/fenced yard surrounded by farmland, $1600, 1 yr lease. Call Century Group 604-948-3816


Office/Retail Rent

Commercial Space for Lease



STORAGE UNIT 2nd flr, secure Ladner bldg.. 11’ wide 16’ deep 10’ high (170 sq ft). Personal storage only. No business use. $75/m min 2 yr lse 604-734-5908


Scrap Car Removal *DELTA SCRAP VEHICLE REMOVAL $200 Min. FOR COMPLETE FULL SIZE VEHICLES Serving the Delta area for 20 yrs. Call 604- 649-1627, 946-0943


'you’ve tried the rest, now try the best.' Move ins - move outs, weekly, monthly We guarantee our work. References gladly given. Try our $60 cleaning 604-716-8631

EUROPEAN DETAILED Service cleaning. Sophia 604-805-3376


Computer Services

Delta PC Service & Consulting

makes your computer work again! Best rates on the market. Guaranteed Virus Removal.

Call 778-882-4128


Warehouse/ Commercial




Farrant Drywall


OCEAN FRONT boat access only 2 yr old 1600sf 3br 2.5ba 30min from W Van $799K 778-998-9141 see id5424



TSAW, 3 bdrm 2 bath pruv ent laundry, fp, patio, ns, no dog $1350 + util, July 1. 604-948-3272

place ads online @


1997 TOYOTA Camry LE. 4 drs, 4 cyl, auto, a/c. Well maintained. Aircared. $3700. 604-936-1270

2007 MERCEDES 280E. 4matic, parktronic, GPS, 58km, all service records, like new. asking $25,500 please call 604-940-2296



Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks 1989 19’ Bayliner Capri Blue, 2.3 litre IO Fresh water cooled, new windshield/canvas/swim grid, trailer. $8,375. 604-837-7564

1997 LANDROVER Defender(s) 90, 5 spd diesel, mint, 160,000km, from desert $23,900 1-780-945-7945 604-926-7087



1979 FORD M/H, 23 ft, cozy, bunk beds, fully equipped, low k, hi way usage, $5,500. 778-737-3890

Black with leather interior. Fully loaded, aircared, excellent condition.

Commercial Residential SANDY

946-8460 or 202-8319 GJ CONSTRUCTION

Complete drywall, smooth out your textured ceilings. 25 yrs exp Free Est. Graham 604-644-6339


after 7pm




Lawn & Garden


Factory Direct Cedar Fence Panel for Sale & Installation

Call 604-275-3158



DIRTY WINDOWS? DIRTY GUTTERS? Black Bear Window Cleaning does windows, gutters & siding. Insured & Guaranteed. Commercial & Residential. Call: 778 892-2327





604-649-0502 (cell)



PRECISION 1 Plumbing & Heating, Drain Cleaning, Lic. & Ins. hw tanks, service, renos. Rick 604-809-6822



Above The Rest. Hedging, pruning, lawn care, owned locally, Call Clayton 604-314-8273 S.B. Gardening Aerating, Pwr Raking, Real Type Lawn Mowing. 604-710-1348 or 604-946-1348

landscape landscape construction construction paving stones, concrete paving stones, fences, arbors, sheds concrete, retaining retaining walls walls, decks, decks, railings, stairs railings, stairs lawn installation

renovations renovations interior interior exterior exterior

kitchens, bathrooms kitchens, bathrooms, doors, windows, windows floors doors,

hardiboard, cedar siding

604 948 5296



10 000 DSoil li Mix i A ll • Garden • Lawn & Turf Blends • Super Natural TopSoil • Composted Black Bark • Hemlock/Fir Bark Mulch • Top Dressing Blends • Sand, Gravel & Rock • Miracle Mix Soil • Hydroseeding Contractor OPEN 6 DAYS A WEEK

5333 - 176 St. Cloverdale FREE DELIVERY



Lawn & Garden

We’re in the Big Green Trucks

Home Services


YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

Accelerate your car buying

Asking $2250 obo 604-467-8914


Suites/Partial Houses

LIGHT Industrial w/offices Ladner near Hwy 17/Hwy 99 interchange. June 1st Approx 2400 sq ft. - incl property tax. $2,500/mo. Call: (604) 946-0404




2 BR bsmt ste, Ladner, $800/mo incls utils, no laundry, no pets, no smoking, Now, 604-727-3502


Collectibles & Classics

2011 Hyundai Sonata Limited Affordable Luxury 35,600 kms. 2.4L GDI DOHC. $19,999. Email: (604) 794-3428.

Contact Tina or Sandra at Century Group 604-943-2203


Sports & Imports


Ladner: 1080 sq ft at Harbourside Plaza, Delta Street.




1963 FORD FALCON Futura, auto, 2 door hardtop, all original, collector plates, $7500 obo. Call 604-874-4397

Tsawwassen: 640 to 1580 sq ft

For a full list of our availabilities check:


Scrap Car Removal

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

4BDRM/2BTH 90 53A Street 2100 sf - split level home in upper Tsawwassen. Close to school, park, bus route. Large decks & large fenced yard . Avail June 1. No Pets $2,200/mo. email:

LADNER 3 BR upr, 2ba, 4appls, $1400. Also 2 BR bsmt ste, 4appls, $900/mo, both inste w/d, NS/NP 604-765-3642


AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673

3 BR, 2.5 bath, 2level house Ladner, np, nr school/bus $1800 June 1st. 604-946-2983

Greensview 2 bedroom suite available. Includes dishwasher and garburetor. Building is located on bus route and within walking distance of shopping centre. For more info please call 604-306-1499 Kelly Court 1 and 2 bedroom suites available in quiet bldg close to amenities. Rent includes heat and hot water. Building updates consist of putting greens, windows and patio doors. To view these suites please call 604-306-7877

Sorry No Pets or BBQs References Required

LOT & Trailer. This little gem is located 120 miles from Van, pool - C.H, hiking, fishing, history of Caretaker, maint $775/yr, $30,000 obo. Lot 33 - 30860 Trans Canada Hwy Yale BC. Ph 1-604-792-6764

Auto Finance

1 BR 820 sf, coach home Ladner $1,125 July 1, Les 604-946-1133


CRANBROOK 2060SF 4br 3ba reno’d home w/side suite on 2 lots $239,900 778-887-4530 see id5304


2 LEVEL condo overlooking Beachgrove Golf Course, 2 br, 2 full baths, new carpet & appl. 2100 sf in ‘The Classic’ Tsaw Town Centre, June 1, $1900, ns 604-943-4229

QUIET Clean 2br 3rd flr ste, Tsaw. nr amens, park like setting, carpets, Now Ref’s req, $1000. 778-316-3401 MERRITT HERITAGE style 3070 sf 4br 5ba on 9.9ac lot detached shop, view $895K 250-378-8857 see id5592



BAYSIDE LAWN & GARDEN Lawn Care Services, Hedging, Yard Clean up 604-928-5286

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May 22, 2013 The Delta Optimist A43


Moving & Storage

ABE MOVING & Delivery and Rubbish Removal $35/HR per Person • 24/7 604-999-6020


Lawn & Garden Spring Has Sprung!

ABBA MOVERS bsmt clean 1-4 ton Lic, ins’d from $35/hr, 2 men $45/hr, 24/7, 26 yrs 604-506-7576


SPECIALS ON NOW ✔ Deep Core Aerating ✔ Lawn Maintenance, etc.


Landscape PLUS

Painting/ Wallpaper

PAINT RITE BY RICH For all your Painting needs

Maintenance & Contracting

WCB 604-943-0043 Local Resident 38 years

“Give us a Call!”


Richard Ryan 604-946-4889 604-649-4930 Member: Better Business Bureau



Landscape & Property Maintenance Maintaining Your Home and Property

604.240.2194 604.943.2401

Too much to do, not enough time? ... I can help! • Lawn maintenance • Window cleaning Designs • Prunning • • Gutter •cleaning • Lawns • Fences • Decks • • Pressure washing • Stone/Masonary • • Pruning and Hedging • Rubbish removal Call Hans JOHN 604-943-4546 Insured) Tel: 604-948-0267 • 604-842-1468 604 - (WCB 842 -1468


PRECISION PAINTING • Exterior/Interior Projects • Written Warranty • Years of Experience • Fully Insured • WCB Covered Residential Specialists



Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee




Patios/Decks/ Railings

(604) 786-3325


Free quotes. WCB & Ins. Local Duradek dealer. Quality aluminum railings. Deck construction & renos.


Paving/Seal Coating

drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187




10% Off with this Ad! For all your plumbing, heating & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005


Power washing/hand

Powerconcrete washing/hand washing, & blacktop washing,rubbish concrete & blacktop sealing, removal, yard sealing, rubbishfencing, removal, yard maintenance, gutter maintenance, fencing, gutter repairs and cleaning, windows and much more. (Ladner) repairs and cleaning, windows andBob much Call formore. a free(Ladner) estimate Call Bob a free estimate Cell for 604-313-8843 Cell 604-313-8843

Power Washing




• Exterior house cleaning • Pressure Washing • Gutters

Renovations & Home Improvement Renovations &


Steve Watts 604-943-4134 778-228-5639


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Bathroom & Shower Repairs Kitchen Bathroom 20 years&experience Remodelling Free estimates



- reduce your costly commercial square footage/ reclaim your garage & yard increase your profit by storing offsite at move that huge boat or RV reduced rates renovating 24/7 Secure store those precious keepsakes POINT ROBERTS

604-946-0020 360-945-MINI (6464)

Gated Access Reasonable Rates!


604-948-9573 ALLQUEST PAINTING Cell: 604-836-8943 Quality Work You Can Trust!

Houses, Driveways, Patios, Windows Call Ian Ferguson

Phone: 604.946.9395 Cell: 604.812.7255

CRESCENT PLUMBING Heating & Drainage. Res, plugged drains, renos, hot water tanks, furnace, boiler. 24/7. 778-862-0560

For Your Household Household For All All Your Repairs and Repairs and Renovations. Renovations. Interior and Exterior Finishing, Interior and ExteriorKitchens, Finishing, Fences & Decks, Fences & Decks, Kitchens, Bathrooms & Plumbing Bathrooms & Plumbing Refs Avail. Free Estimates

8255 8255

Refs Avail. Free Estimates Rob 604-946-4796

Rob 604-946-4796




Rubbish Rubbish Removal Removal

'You Call It, 'YouHaul CallIt!' It, We


We Haul It!'



ROD’S HAUL-IT-AWAY Rubbish Removal and Recycling Rubbish Removal

Bros. Roofing Ltd.

and Recycling 778-668-4285

Bros. Roofing Ltd.


Locally Owned... 778-668-4285 ● So you pay less ●

Liability Insurance, WCB, BBB, Free Estimates

Locally Owned... ● So you pay less ●



Liability Insurance, WCB, BBB, Free Estimates

10% DISCOUNT. MG Roofing & Siding. WCB. Re-Roofing, New Roof, Gutters. 604-812-9721



10% DISCOUNT. MG Roofing & Siding. WCB. Re-Roofing, New Roof, Gutters. 604-812-9721




AL’S CERAMIC TILE. Supply & install, samples avail. Free est. 604-948-9573, cell 604-836-8943

AL’S CERAMIC TILE. Supply & install, samples avail. Free est. 604-948-9573, cell 604-836-8943


Top Soil

778 997-9582

Roofing Experts 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. BBB member

SUPERSOIL SPRING SALE: All mixes, dressings, mulches, sand, gravel, rock, etc. 604-888-8881

ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! 778 997-9582

Roofing Experts 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. BBB member

SUPERSOIL SPRING SALE: All mixes, dressings, mulches, sand, gravel, rock, etc. 604-888-8881




Reasonable Rates

Your local plumbing & heating contractor



Top Soil




Call Brian 604-250-0711


(formerly Delta Screen Shop)


I Love Ladner! ... On June 19th our I Love Ladner section will promote the best things about the great community we live in. This section will feature information about Ladner and the many events that Ladner hosts throughout the year. Plus you will get the added benefit of distribution in Steveston as 10,000 copies will be delivered to that area. All of this in brilliant full colour on electrabrite newsprint. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting feature!


A EASTWEST Roofing & Siding Reroofing, Gutter, Gutter, BBB 10% roofing, BBB Member, Member, 10% disc, disc, Seniors Seniors Disc, Disc, 604-783-6437 604-783-6437



Free Estimates

Renovations & Home Improvement

Bathroom & Shower Repairs 604-948-9573 20 years experience Cell: 604-836-8943 Free estimates



Power Washing

778.881.6096 TAKE AWAY THE PRESSURE Painting, interior/exterior Contact Ian 604-946-9395..604-812-7255


2 locations: LADNER

Quality Work You Can Trust!


Need Space? We Have It!




ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick,

Moving & Storage


Painting/ Wallpaper


“Call Me – We’re Neighbours!” For AnythingYard Related!


EARN YOUR OWN MONEY AND YOU CAN Buy a computer — and you won’t have to wait for Mom to get off Facebook before you surf, play games and chat with your friends (or even do homework).

Buy a cool ipod — and play all your own tunes, all the time (no more of Mom’s lame music).

Buy a great camera — and show off your pix to all your friends.

Be a COOL Newspaper Carrier Call us at:



Call a Representative


Fax: 604-946-5680

Booking Deadline: June 10th Distribution Date: June 19th

A self employment opportunity

A44 The Delta Optimist May 22, 2013










25 26

Boneless “New York” Strip Loin Steak



N. U S . T A FRI.-S

Cut from 100% Canadian beef. Sold in a package of 4. Only $24 each. LIMIT FOUR.






Lucerne Large Grade A Eggs





Pineapple Whole Gold

Product of Costa Rica. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT THREE.




Mountain Creek Farms Pure Beef Patties

Frozen. Sold in a 1.7 kg box for only $10.00. While supply lasts.

t to Works ou




each pattie



Bakery Counter White Bread

Or 60%, 100% Whole Wheat or Whole Grain. 570 g.

Assorted varieties. 1.89 Litre. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT FOUR Combined varieties.




Nature’s Blend Cinnamon Raisin Bagels Or assorted varieties. Package of 6.






Danseborg Havarti

Random weight.







Lucerne Ice Cream


e Deli From th





Ivory Body Wash


709 mL. Or Bar Soap 10 x 90 g. LIMIT EIGHT Combined varieties.









Sunday, June 16, 2013! Register Today! FATHERSDAYWALK.CA Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Friday, May 24 through Sunday, May 26, 2013 only. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some items may not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slig htly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. Advertised prices do not include GST. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Canada Safeway Limited. Extreme Specials are prices that are so low they are limited to a one time purchase to Safeway Club Card Members within a household. Each household can purchase the limited items one time during the effective dates. A household is defined by all Safeway Club Cards that are linked by the same address and phone number. Each household can purchase the EXTREME SPECIALS during the specified advertisement dates. For purchases over the household limits, regular pricing applies to overlimit purchases. On BUY ONE GET ONE FREE items, both items must be purchased. Lowest priced item is then free. Online and in-store prices, discounts, and offers may differ.


24 25 26 FRI


Prices in this ad good until May 26th.

Delta Optimist May 22 2013  
Delta Optimist May 22 2013  

Delta Optimist May 22 2013