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Job action


Left: Judith Hutchinson speaks to reporters outside the courthouse after a B.C. Supreme Court judge found Cpl. Benjamin “Monty” Robinson guilty of obstruction of justice in the 2008 crash that killed her 21-year-old son.


Above: Robinson arrives at the New Westminster courthouse for his obstruction of justice trial.

Mountie guilty of obstruction of justice RCMP launching internal investigation and seeking dismissal of Cpl. Benjamin “Monty” Robinson BY



RCMP Cpl. Benjamin “Monty” Robinson acted to mislead police when he downed two shots of vodka following the 2008 crash that killed a South Delta man, a judge ruled Friday. In her decision handed down in B.C. Supreme Court in New Westminster, Justice Janice Dillon found Robinson’s actions deliberate and convicted the Mountie of obstruction of justice. “Robinson’s act of drinking the vodka was, I conclude, wilfully designed to set up the defence that

he had learned during his police training,” the judge stated in handing down her ruling. Robinson was charged following the Oct. 25, 2008 crash that killed Orion Hutchinson. The 21-year-old died after a collision between his motorcycle and Robinson’s Jeep at about 10:15 p.m. at the corner of 6th Avenue and Gilchrist Drive in Tsawwassen. Following the crash, Robinson left the scene with his children,

leaving his driver’s licence with a bystander, and walked to his home a couple of blocks away. After settling his children into bed, he went downstairs and drank two shots of vodka before returning to the scene of the crash where he told a Delta police officer that he had drank two beers at a party earlier in the evening and then had two shots at home to calm his nerves. Robinson later testified that he had consumed five beers at


the party but neglected to correct himself after telling the officer it was only two. An addictions specialist testified during trial that in October 2008 Robinson was an alcoholic and his actions were consistent with someone suffering from alcohol dependence. Robinson testified that he drank the vodka without thinking because it gave him comfort. The judge placed little weight on the expert’s conclusions and said she did not find Robinson’s explanation credible. Dillon concluded that, based his knowledge as a veteran police

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officer, Robinson would have known that drinking the vodka after the crash and then not telling police the exact amount would potentially throw off any impaired driving investigation. “He had time to think and chose to deliberately mislead [the police], knowing in detail the effect his would have upon any investigation,” she said. Robinson will be sentenced later this spring. A date of April 4 has been scheduled to set a date for sentencing. Orion Hutchinson’s mother, See GUILTY page 3

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A2 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

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March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A3

Teacher job action to continue after break

Angered at passage of Bill 22, local teachers target extra-curricular activities while union contemplates next move BY


Teachers could be staging an illegal strike in a few weeks. That possibility was made clear last week by B.C. Teachers’ Federation president Susan Lambert following the union’s annual general meeting in Vancouver. Angered at the government’s passage of Bill 22, which bans job action during a mediated “cooling off ” period, teachers could resort to a province-wide shutdown of schools, in addition to a legal challenge against the legislation. The BCTF stated, “It is a measure of the depth of teachers’ outrage at Bill 22 that the action plan includes the possibility of a future vote on a full withdrawal of services, among other measures.” Lambert said BCTF members will decide on their course of action in province-wide vote April 17 and 18. Any strike, like the legal walkout teachers held recently prior to the passage of Bill 22, would not only be illegal but would also result in stiff fines against the union as well as individual teachers. The “bold plan of action” also includes the possibility of teachers withdrawing from extracurricular activities, something teachers in several districts including Delta have already agreed to do. Local teachers at a special meeting earlier this month voted to “strongly encourage members to withdraw from all extra-curricular/voluntary activities”. What it means for Delta students is that their out of class activities will be impacted once spring break ends April 2. Saying it was a difficult choice but one frustrated teachers felt forced to take, Delta Teachers Association Paul Steer told the Optimist the government’s entrenched position doesn’t leave room for the possibility of a negotiated settlement. “The only alternative to the entrenched position is to have some kind of authentic dialogue, so teachers support any process of dialogue that can lead to a better understanding and hopefully resolution of the impasse,” Steer said. Steer noted the budget cuts the Delta school board will inevitably have to make

this spring will be made easier with Bill 22. “One of the things Bill 22 accomplishes for the government, besides stopping the strike, it provides for basically no consultation with teachers about increasing class sizes,” he said. “They’re going to remove all statutory limits on class size, so it’s possible to put as many special needs students in any class as deemed necessary, with no recourse for teachers to even talk about it. “Teachers aren’t really happy about having to basically go to a position of last resort. We’re very much supportive of authentic dialogue and negotiated agreements, but the possibility of that has really been taken away by government, leaving teachers with no option but to taker this unprecedented step of withdrawal of extracurricular and volunteer work,” Steer said. Steer noted the education ministry doesn’t have an adequate understanding of the reality of classrooms, based on the fact the number of special needs students in the Delta district, for example, has gone up despite the overall student enrollment decline. “Teachers have this understanding and that’s what makes them very credible. When parents and others actually sit down and discuss the issues with teachers, they come away very informed as to what the realities are,” said Steer. Early identification and intervention of students with special needs is important to help them from falling behind and requiring even more resources, however, the government isn’t putting enough in that area, Steer noted. According to the Delta’s district’s latest Achievement Contract, although there is an improving trend in language arts for primary students, there’s still concern about the number of primary students who are not yet meeting expectations in reading. Currently, close to 30 per cent of Delta’s primary students fall into this category, the school board was told. “It’s sad, really, when it often takes until the end of Grade 3 before you can really get some formal identification of a particular student’s learning issues, which potentially would result in a little bit more

GUILTY from page 1 Judith Hutchinson, said outside the courthouse that she was feeling a sense of satisfaction and relief after hearing the verdict. “Nothing can change the grief and the loss that we feel... that doesn’t bring my son back, but there is definitely a feeling of satisfaction at hearing that very strongly worded word

guilty,” she said. She called for the RCMP to immediately suspend Robinson without pay, terminate him and launch an internal investigation. In a statement following the verdict, RCMP Assistant Commissioner Norm Lipinski, district commander for the Lower Mainland, said Deputy

Commissioner Craig Callens is seeking to have Robinson dismissed. Asked why Robinson won’t be fired outright, now that he’s a convicted criminal, Lipinski said he’s still entitled to due process as a police officer under the RCMP Act. “We believe in due process,” he said. “We have to go through those steps.” This is necessary, Lipinski said, “to be fair,


Delta teachers demonstrated outside schools earlier this month during legal job action over three days. The BCTF is contemplating an illegal strike after the government passed Bill 22, which bans job action. money into the system to support those needs. “Speedy support for students with needs makes them less dependant and more independent as learners as time goes on,” Steer transparent and accountable. “Everyone, including a police officer, is entitled to due process.” Lipinski noted Robinson was off duty when he committed his crime. After his arrest Robinson was suspended from duty with pay, and will continue to be paid up until he’s fired. “As far as the review for the status of pay, I’m pre-

told the Optimist. “If you ignore something at the beginning, it will go away, but in time it will come back and be worse and that much harder to make better,” Steer added.

suming it’ll probably take days, but as far as putting this package together that would go to an adjudication hearing, that could be longer and I can’t give a specific timeline on that.” As for the crime itself, Lipinski said, “I can only imagine how difficult this process has been for the family of Orion Hutchinson,” he said. “On behalf of the RCMP I wish to express our sym-

pathy and sorrow for what they’ve had to go through, and what they continue to go through.” Interestingly, Lipinski noted Robinson is still the subject on a Code of Conduct investigation while in his same statement, which he read to reporters in Surrey on Friday, Lipinski said Robinson’s behaviour “obviously does not meet our standards of conduct.”

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A4 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

SDSS students heading to slam The Society of Notaries Public of BC conducted a province-wide poll just over a year ago and found that, on average, only 51% of British Columbians aged 18+ have a current and legal Will. A properly executed Will can create certainty of our intentions for the distribution of assets and personal effects, the guardianship of minor children and pets, the responsibility for carrying out our wishes (an executor), and other vital details such as funeral arrangements. When someone dies without a Will, it can create additional grief for family and friends. Without a Will, any one of the heirs may apply to the court to administer the estate. If the other heirs do not agree with this appointment— or if no one steps up—by law the office of the BC Public Guardian and Trustee must manage the estate and charge a fee for the work. Some people face years of financial expense and time to unravel a loved one’s finances. To those left behind to handle the paperwork, a Will is priceless. In my experience, most people are relieved after they make a Will and are surprised at how easy the process is.Will-planning and the related discussions among loved ones can open important channels of communication, bring people closer, and create more certainty and peace of mind for all. If you would like to discuss preparing a Will or refer a family member or friend, please contact my office or myself directly.

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A team from South Delta Secondary will be competing at Hullabaloo, the B.C. Youth Poetry Slam Championships next month. A squad from the Tsawwassen high school finished second at the inaugural event last year and teacher/coach Trevor Spilchen likes his team’s chances at the upcoming championships. “The goal ideally is to do the best job ... to do as well as we can; to perform the poems to the best of our ability,” he said. A poetry slam is a competition where poets perform their work and are judged by selected members of the audience. The best slam poems have a real synthesis, said Spilchen. “The writing has to be really good and the performance has to be really good. I think the beauty of this art form is when those two things come together. When really good writing meets really good performance, that’s the magic.”

Maddy Van Beek performing one of her pieces with the SDSS slam poetry group. Students Maddy Van Beek, Sam Merritt, Parker Woods and Zoe Wessler are on the SDSS team, which will do individual performances as well as perform as a group. Van Beek was on last year’s team. It was her first time taking part in a slam outside of the school. “It was eye-opening, cool and awesome,” she said. The school has a club where around 10 to 15 students meet once a week at lunch.

Lee Cannon-Brown, an SDSS grad who was on last year’s team, will be one of the feature performers at next month’s event. “I’m going to at least try to do as much new material as possible, because it’s a drag doing the same old poems all the time,” he said. Cannon-Brown, 18, who’s now studying music at SFU, has competed in a few slams at Cafe Deux Soleils on Commercial Drive. “The community there is awesome, though; the people are very friendly, accepting and all-around interesting.” Venues for Hullabaloo include Cafe Deux Soleils (Home to the Vancouver Poetry Slam), the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Rio Theatre. The finals will be held at the Arts Club Theatre’s Granville Island Main Stage. Cannon-Brown will perform during the semi-finals on Friday, April 13 at the Rio Theatre. Hullabaloo runs from April 10 to 14. For more on the event visit http://

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March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A5

Delta takes a pass on HARRIS NURSERY & FLORIST hosting B.C. Games 50 Years Serving Delta • Two Locations to Serve You Better

noted, “Hosting a multiBY SANDOR GYARMATI sport competitive event the magnitude of the B.C. Games involves significant Delta can’t justify to resources which normally taxpayers holding a B.C. would support community Games event. level recreation, beginning That’s Mayor Lois with the bid submission. Jackson’s explanation why The successful hosting of council has decided to this type of event would once again take a pass at require significant comapplying to the B.C. Games mitment and contributions Society and province to from the citizens of Delta host a Games. to coordinate and run the Earlier this year, the Games.” mayor received a letter Similar reasons were by society chair Cathy cited when council opted Priestner and president not to submit a bid to host Kelly Mann, inviting Delta the 2011 Western Canada to submit a bid for either the 2016 B.C. Winter volunteers, and you do need Summer Games or a B.C. Disability Games. Games or B.C. Summer hundreds of volunteers as Council recently agreed Games. we found out when we were what’s needed for a major “Past hosting cities have hosts, there’s still a tremenspoken about the positive dous cost not only in dollars sporting event to become reality here is for a “comimpact Games have probut manpower. It’s defivided them, the increase in nitely not something I could munity champion” taking on the role and fulfilling community spirit, and the support coming out of the most of the commitment. opportunity for their resimunicipal budget given the The B.C. Games informadents to rally around proac- times we are in right now,” tion was tive opporto be cirtunity. Also culated to mentioned are “The successful hosting of this type of event various the economwould require significant commitment and commuics of the B.C. contributions from the citizens of Delta to nity groups Games; recent to see if coordinate and run the Games.” measured Staff memo there’s any spending relatinterest by ed to Games them in hosting ranges Jackson added. taking on the responsibility. from $1.8M for a B.C. Delta has been hostCoun. Jeannie Kanakos Winter Games, to $2.6M ing the popular Tour de noted she’d be interested in for the Summer event,” they Delta annual bike race, an Delta taking on a supportwrote. undertaking involving staff ing role for a B.C. Games Delta hosted the B.C. as well as volunteer coorif the new Delta Sport Summer Games in 1987. dination and time, but the Council took the lead. However, despite sucmunicipality doesn’t want This year’s B.C. Winter cessful host cities receiving the responsibility of another Games were held in Vernon. grants and Games staff to big competitive sporting The Summer Games will be support operations, Jackson event. held in Surrey this July. doesn’t believe it’s time and A staff memo to council expense Delta should take on. “My concern is the cost to the taxpayer and in as much as it would be wonderful to have the Games here in Delta, there is a major cost,” she said. “Even if you do have a lot of sweat equity and








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Having event would pose major cost, mayor says

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A6 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

Delta recognized for reducing carbon footprint Corporation, part of the initiative since 1996, achieves Milestone 4 of Partners for Climate Protection program

The Corporation of Delta was recently recognized for achieving another milestone in its aim to reduce the municipality’s carbon footprint. Delta was acknowledged earlier this month by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and ICLEI — Local Governments for Sustainability for achieving Milestone 4 of the Partners for Climate Protection program. Delta has been part of the program since 1996.

The program is made up emissions. plan; implementing the of a network of Canadian The milestones include: action plan or a set of activmunicipalities that have creating a greenhouse gas ities; and monitoring progcommitted to reducing emissions inventory and ress and reporting results. greenhouse gas emissions forecast; setting an emisDelta was recognized for and acting its achievements on climate in reducing “Our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and change. There are emissions in this community drives us to improving energy five mileefficiency, and stones that implement innovative and practical solutions the municipality member towards reducing Delta’s carbon footprint.” expects to communiciMayor Lois Jackson plete the required palities reporting for the sions reduction target; progress through that help final milestone by the sumdeveloping a local action build capacity to reduce mer.

“Our commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in this community drives us to implement innovative and practical solutions towards reducing Delta’s carbon footprint,” said Mayor Lois Jackson. “I am proud of the work council and our staff have completed to date and am excited about a number of upcoming projects that will help us reach the goals outlined in our Corporate Climate Change Initiative.”

Mayor Lois Jackson Proud of completed work

Delta police investigating assault incident on bus

Earth Week Events: April 15 - 22

punched him in the face. The suspect is described as a Caucasian male, about 18 years old wearing a red baseball hat and jeans. He exited the bus at the next stop. The injured boy was later taken to the hospital. He ended up with a chipped tooth. The incident is still under investigation. 03075445

Delta police are investigating after a teen was assaulted on a bus over the weekend. At around 9:45 p.m. Sunday, two 14-year-old boys were traveling on a bus from 12th Avenue and 56th Street in Tsawwassen when an older teen approached one of the boys, challenged him and then

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, Delta is hosting earth week events, activities and challenges. Mark your calendar and join us! ACTS OF GREEN - DEADLINE APRIL 9TH, 4:30 PM - for residents, schools and businesses! Register your "Acts of Green" with Delta. Email Climate Action and Environment at and tell us how you are reducing your environmental footprint. Prizes to be won and all Acts will be featured at the Open House! WWATERSHED


This annual event kicks off Earth Week – help us release 25,000 chum and coho fry into Watershed Creek. With crafts and other activities, this is a great event for kids and families! Come early for a free birding walk in Watershed Park – meet at Pinewood Elementary at 11:30 am. EARTH WEEK OPEN HOUSE - APRIL 19TH FROM 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM Our Open House will feature local environmental groups with information booths and displays at Delta Municipal Hall. Winners of the photo contest will be announced. The first 50 people at the open house will receive a free package of seeds. Use the seeds to start your own garden at home! CALLING ALL TEACHERS – LITTER-LESS LUNCH CLASSROOM CHALLENGE Teachers register your classroom for the week long litter-less lunch challenge and compete against other classrooms in Delta to earn bragging rights and the chance to win great prizes. Email for more information.

Stories and photos from your


The Corporation of Delta 4500 ClarenceTaylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2


~ In print and online all the time

March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A7

Get ready, big changes ahead for South Delta Former mayor Doug Husband reflects on what’s to come for the area BY


Ladner abc Country Restaurant 5124 — 48th Ave. 604-946-7880


Husband says there were around 8,600 people in Delta in the 1956 census, yet 20 years later the population had grown to over 70,000. “There was a major population explosion. Major infrastructure was built — roads, water and sewer in the three communities. George Hodgins wanted to build another West Vancouver but it didn’t quite succeed.” Part of the problem for Delta, he says, is that it’s an awkward, fragmented municipality, comprised of three separate communities. Noting Tsawwassen grew more gradually than North Delta, Husband says the no-growth attitude began to gain momentum when he was first elected to council in 1979. He says it was partly due to a complex budgeting process and competition among Ladner, Tsawwassen and North Delta, where people in one community didn’t want to pay for the growth in the others. The no-growth feelings then became more consolidated around the mid-1980s when a new wave residents arrived in South Delta, he says. “People can handle pocket development. People can handle piecemeal development, but people can’t handle big change in the community,” he says. “So what you have are streets that really don’t match up, you’ve got housing that was built at different times, you’ve got flood proofing at different elevations.” He says the lack of housing variety in Delta has been a particular concern as many residents end up moving to places like White Rock. Husband notes the TFN’s housing and massive mall developments, ironi-


of f

Right next to Ladner Village Hardware, the big Yellow Building.



4817 Delta Street, Ladner 604-946-1057

cally, will quickly transform the area, bringing new forms of housing and retail as well as associated impacts, including traffic. He says South Delta’s commercial sector will initially suffer, but changes will be made to adapt. Businesses, such as dry cleaners or bakeries, should make out fine, but it will be tough for those competing directly with Tsawwassen Commons or Tsawwassen Mills when they open, he says. Husband says the municipality does have amenities and places that can become real draws for those also visiting the TFN, but it will be up to Delta to see how it can take advantage. He believes that Delta trying to have a more positive, constructive relationship with the Tsawwassen First Nation can only be a good thing. “I still think there’s some tension there, but I think more can be done to communicate on what’s going on.” As far as the possibility of the First Nation eventually building a casino, Husband believes it would no doubt benefit their commercial development. Husband, who recently signed on as an Optimist columnist, also says that many of the changes taking place had their origins in the 1960s, when the provincial government expropriated thousands of acres of land in South Delta for future industrial development for the port. “This was the foreboding of the future. They’ve given back most of those lands to the farms, but you’re seeing the fruits of the planning with the advent of the tunnel. People will have to make choices — stay, help out or move.”

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Former mayor Doug Husband says South Delta is in for a radical transformation.

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South Delta is about to undergo a transformation so radical it will rival changes ushered in after the opening of the George Massey Tunnel. Like it or not, it’s a reality locals have no choice but to begin accepting, according to lifelong resident and former mayor Doug Husband. Reflecting on how little South Delta has changed in recent years during an interview with the Optimist, Husband offered his take on the major developments planned for the posttreaty Tsawwassen First Nation land. Combined with port expansion and the South Fraser Perimeter Road, the impacts will be just as radical as the opening of the George Massey Tunnel a half century ago, he says, adding residents better get used to the idea because the upcoming changes are well beyond the municipality’s control. “I think it’s good that people who own the land should have rights, as long as it’s done in the context of the community. That’s where it’s going to take some dialogue with the mayor and council,” Husband says regarding the many developments planned at the TFN. Husband, who was mayor during the history-making TDL public hearing for the Southlands in 1989, lost the election the following year as a result of fallout from the controversial 1,900-home proposal, even though it was rejected by Delta council. He says there’s been a “no growth” attitude in the community for a long time. While he says that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it also had consequences, including a stagnate and aging population, shrinking school enrollment and loss of many businesses that could no longer make a go of it in South Delta. “We don’t have a theatre anymore, we don’t have a Dairy Queen (in Ladner), we lost our shops. In Tsawwassen there used to be a furniture store. “Even before the tunnel, we had bigger box stores. People in Ladner, and that’s mostly what there was in those days, except for some from Sunbury and Annieville, would go to New Westminster, where they had Woodward’s and Eaton’s. But you could also buy furniture, you could buy stoves, you could buy everything in Ladner that you needed.”

A8 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012 Opinion Page Published every Wednesday & Friday by the Delta Optimist, a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership #207 - 4840 Delta Street, Delta, BC V4K 2T6 Phone 604-946-4451 Fax 604-946-5680 Publisher: Lori Chalmers lchalmers@

Biggest war chest wins?

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MURPHY’S LAW No matter how much money they’ve got to promote it, they can’t sell you what you’re not willing to buy. I’ve long subscribed to this theory when it comes to election campaigns and the oft-held contention that those with the biggest war chests are the ones that ultimately come out victorious. I readily acknowledge that it takes a certain amount of money to get your message out, but if it’s one that doesn’t resonate with voters, it doesn’t matter how many times they hear it, you won’t be successful. I raise this point because of the story we ran last week that detailed how Delta’s mayor and her running mates spent almost $100,000, more than any other individual or group, during last fall’s civic election campaign. Many people’s initial reaction is to rail against big money buying the election and to start connecting the dots between donors and Delta council decisions (which our reporter was kind enough to do in several instances). I’m sure donors (to all candidates at all levels) are looking to buy favour, but what does that money they hand over actually do for election hopefuls? Well, it allows them to put up lawn signs, take out newspaper ads and stick brochures in your mailbox, all of which are intended to convince you they’re the ones best suited for the job. But what if they’re not the best choices? Are voters so gullible they can be convinced to back them anyway due to the sheer volume of campaign propaganda? I don’t think so, but that’s essentially what you believe if you subscribe to the biggest-war-chest-wins theory. I suspect Mayor Lois Jackson and her Delta Independent Voters Association slate mates won because voters — at least the largest percentage of them — think they’re doing a good job running municipal hall. They were also all incumbents, who have a huge advantage in that critically important area of name recognition in civic politics. That’s not to say the $93,358 the DIVA folks expended last November didn’t help their cause, but it should be noted they spent $25,000 less in the 2008 election and got the same results. And the expenditures this time around produced significantly different results in Delta’s three communities, North Delta once again eating up the quartet’s message while Tsawwassen remaining lukewarm to it. It all gets back to the notion that voters aren’t going to be duped into buying something they don’t want — no matter how many times they’re offered it.

Public education component vital to rabbit management CORRY ANDERSONFENNELL

COMMUNITY COMMENT When I was six, my parents bought me a rabbit. I named him Spunky and for 10 years he was my confidante, my best friend and my go-to for show-and-tell days at school. I was inconsolable the morning he died and I added a rose to the little box we buried him in. So it’s shocking to me that anyone would abandon a family pet. It’s cruel, cowardly and criminal. A dumped bunny is a dead bunny. That’s it. Simple. Sure, Delta is investing $60,000 in relocating and managing the feral rabbits that peppered the grounds of the civic precinct. But let’s be honest; even as members of a managed colony at Ladner Harbour Park, they will not have the lives they would have had as pets because Mother Nature doesn’t do vet care

or humane euthanasia. These rabbits will live well short of their life expectancies, and their deaths at the hands of predators, accidents or disease will be brutal and horrific, as is always the case in the wild. (Kids, if you’re reading this and your mom and dad told you Bugsy would be OK after they dropped him off in the park, they’re thoughtless jerks who lied to you.) Delta doesn’t have a bunny problem; it has a people problem. That’s why the public education compo-

Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting a rabbit for Easter, choose chocolate because a rabbit is for life, not just for Easter. nent of the municipality’s feral rabbit management plan is so vitally important — and it’s something I have yet to see evidence of. I was at Ladner Harbour Park on Saturday, and while I saw lots of the presumably relocated bunnies, I didn’t see any signage explaining to visitors that these furry creatures are part of a managed feral rabbit colony, and by the way please don’t

The Optimist encourages readers to write letters to the editor. Letters are accepted on any topic, although preference is given to those on local matters. The Optimist reserves the right to edit letters and the decision to publish is at the discretion of the editor or publisher. All letters must be signed, dated and include the writer’s phone number

add to the problem because it’s callous and criminal. Maybe I just didn’t see the signs, or they’re still on order; either way, I suggest getting a few extras to post at Captain’s Cove Marina, where I counted eight former pets on the same evening I visited Ladner Harbour Park. Unless the Harbour Park colony has learned to cross a bridge or swim two kilometres, this is a new group, and it won’t stay at eight for long. Thanks to bunny biology, in seven years one unspayed rabbit and her offspring can produce 95 billion rabbits. Nope, not a typo — 95 billion. From the marina, it’s just a hop, skip and a jump to the lush executive golf greens of Cove Links, where the fur is really going to fly if the rabbits start digging holes and uprooting plants. Delta needs to get on with the education part of the plan. If the delay is the search for a slogan, I like “A Dumped Bunny is a Dead Bunny.” Save the sugar-coating for the Easter treats we’ll be munching on next week. Oh, and if you’re thinking about getting a rabbit for Easter, choose chocolate because a rabbit is for life, not just for Easter. Gee, that sounds like a slogan, too.

(not for publication). The Optimist will not print “name withheld” letters. Copyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarily to the publisher and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the publisher and its licensees may freely reproduce them in print, electronic or other forms.

March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A9 03281026

Letters to the Editor

Inequity obvious in dealing with neighbourhood noise

Editor: Re: Lose the amplifiers as well as all those noisy versions of outdoor equipment, letter to the editor, March 21 What a joy it must be to live beside such a judgmental, opinionated neighbour. “Are they blasting rock or country or some other form of phony creativity through amplifiers?” No, Greg Edwards, they are pursuing their passion, which appears to be something you don’t know much about. I have enjoyed and played music for most of my life. I play with friends, through big amplifiers, at least three or four evenings every week. It’s one of the most creative outlets one can have, and I find it to be extremely good for my mental health and agility. I am fulfilled and spent when I finish a session, and there is no other feeling like it. I constantly crave more and, at 62, I still have many years to continue to enjoy and promote the great benefits of playing music. Recently, we were subjected to almost four months of house renovators hammering, using power tools and shouting to people in vehicles on the street from the house they were working on. They started at 7 a.m. and often worked six days a week. Every week through the summer, we were awakened on numerous mornings by lawn services with their high-powered lawn mowers, trimmers and blowers. This week, our family had the pleasure of listening to four hours of tree cutting and grinding,

starting at 8 a.m., and at noise levels far beyond the “allowable” limits. These companies are all allowed to continue their excessive noise with the blessing of our bylaws department. Yet, a single phone call from a neighbour can shut down a music session. Edwards, you equate the two, yet there’s a very obvious inequity in how each is dealt with. In the case of Dave McIlroy, his neighbour had two choices: He could easily have knocked on their door and asked them to turn it down, but instead, he chose to hide and call the authorities, resulting in alienation and threats of fines for non-compliance. It amazes me that people are much more willing to passive-aggressively build walls around themselves than to try to get along with their neighbours. And the next time you hear a group of musicians playing, be thankful they’ve chosen a creative endeavour rather than kicking down your fence, stealing from your car, stealing your identity or any number of other much less desirable activities that some of our creatively devoid population are drawn to. It concerns me and I feel sorry for Edwards that he displays such total disrespect for other people’s creativity. In a world where harmony and accord are being destroyed at an alarming rate, music and other creative arts need to be encouraged and protected at all costs. Maurice Bourassa

Kudos to Huntington for taking a stand for local seniors’ concerns

So, please, try to give a more balanced view in expressing your own opinions, and don’t hide under the mantle of “and I am a senior.” Jim Campbell


and she is not representative of the views of the vast majority of seniors in Delta. When I read her remarks to a diverse group of 15 senior ladies, every one took strong exception to her portrayal. They pointed out the service is not efficient, is infrequent and leaves vulnerable citizens often feeling bewildered on cold, drafty and intimidating platforms.

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The Rotary Club of Tsawwassen extends thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped make “The Wine Room” fundraising event such a success. Auctioneer - Tyler Olsen of Ducks Unlimited Wines: PMA Canada Delf Wines Therapy Wines Renaissance Mark Anthony Christopher Stewart RES Marketing Free House Wines Riedel Glasses Auction Items: Budget Foods Beach Grove Golf Club Mud Bay Wines Cartanna International Sales Bon Chovy Fishing Charters Delta Optimist Glenmore Printing Delta Bike


Editor: Re: More pressing matters for MLA than 601 bus, letter to the editor, March 21 Hats off to MLA Vicki Huntington for her courage in taking a stand for seniors. Huntington does an admirable job serving our community, and her record of service attests to that. Your reader drips with sarcasm towards the elderly

Quality service.

Superior Ponds and Landscaping Safeway Muscle Memory Personal Training Benno Bucher Hester Creek Lucky Skate Vermont Property Group Silver City Galvanizing Ossie’s Deli Atomic Hair Delta Law Office Don and Vickie Sangster Henk Veldhuis Guenter Schreiber Garry Shearer Home Building Center Columbia Crest Wines Captain Action Sales

Roger Pryke Harris Nursery Delta Business Services Low Cost Rentals Atlantis Day Spa View Laser Seaside Inn Coast Hotels Peller Estates Delta Gymnastics Thrifty Foods Home Depot Barnes Harley Davidson Larry MacDonald Spa Vilamoura Lea Price RBC- John Upton Barrel Art Inc.

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Seal of Approval for Wagner’s Delta cleaning company receives recognition from U.S.-based institute For the second consecutive year, South Delta’s Wagner’s European Fabricare has earned the Seal of Approval for Quality Garment Cleaning and Customer Service. The cleaner, which has locations in Tsawwassen and Tilbury, passed all the rigorous cleaning and customer service evaluations. Earning the Seal of Approval signifies that Wagner’s European Fabricare has successfully removed a complex array of stains, maintains high quality cleaning standards and consistently demonstrates superior quality and customer service. The Drycleaning & Laundry Institute, a Washington, D.C.-based group, administers the international award program. To date, about 140 companies around the world have attained the Seal of Approval. “Finding a good drycleaner who will consistently treat you like a valued customer shouldn’t be a guessing game,” said Mary Salco, Drycleaning & Laundry Institute spokesperson. “By becoming a Seal of Approval cleaner, Wagner’s European Fabricare proved there is a difference between quality cleaners and their competition. Now customers know where to find a cleaner who will treat them and their garments properly — every time.” Each year, Seal of Approval cleaners must renew their status with the program by successfully completing stain removal and cleaning performance tests, in addition to meeting other requirements, including continuing education,

Our Famous

community service and offering superior customer service as evidenced by the company’s standing with the Better Business Bureau. *** The Delta Hospital Foundation is among many across the province benefiting from a recent Thrifty Foods fundraising campaign. Thrifty Foods president Jim Dores announced this week that $84,742 has been raised through the Help Out One Buck at a Time campaign. The campaign, which ran over four weeks, raised money through the sale of fourpound bags of certified organic Buck Brand Navel Oranges, as well as from donations from Thrifty Foods customers and staff, and a $20,000 donation from Buck Brand Citrus owner Lisle Babcock. “Thrifty Foods has been supporting hospitals in our communities for over 34 years and this year’s campaign raised important for local health care programs, equipment and facilities,” Dores said. “Thanks to purchases and donations made by our customers, staff and citrus partner Lisle Babcock, Thrifty Foods was able to share that success with each of our 13 hospital foundation partners on the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.” *** Local pharmacists are helping tackle an outbreak of pertussis, also known as whooping cough, having already administered vaccines to more than 6,000

patients in the Fraser Health region. The whooping cough outbreak began in Hope last December and has quickly spread throughout the Fraser Valley. Whooping cough is a highly contagious bacterial infection in the lining of the respiratory tract. It can be particularly dangerous to infants and young children. In response to the outbreak, community pharmacists in the region stepped up to administer vaccines, taking pressure off local health units and physicians. “Whooping cough vaccines are yet another way in which pharmacists are demonstrating their value as key members of the primary health care team,” said Geraldine Vance, chief executive officer of the B.C. Pharmacy Association. For more information about whooping cough, call the toll free whooping cough info line at 1-855587-3889. For a listing of participating pharmacies visit www. *** Thrifty Foods last week announced the arrival of the first traceable fresh halibut of the season at its stores across the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island. “From shore to store, Thrifty Foods is passionate about providing sustainable seafood options to British Columbians,” said president Jim Dores. “With first of the season, fresh B.C. halibut landing in our stores, we remain committed to


achieving unprecedented levels of transparency in the harvesting and processing of fish available in our seafood departments.” The grocery store chain has made fully traceable products, both fresh and frozen, available in its stores since last summer. Seafood traceability is made possible by a partnership with, an initiative of Ecotrust Canada, an organization dedicated to building a local, sustainable seafood sector in the province. Customers who purchase traceable fish are able to enter the fish traceability number, which is available on pre-packaged items in the frozen aisle or by request at the fresh seafood counter, onto the thisfish. info website. Customers will be able to see a photo of the person who caught the fish, the name of their boat, the origin of the catch, the fishing method used and when it landed on shore. *** Ladner-based tanning salon Hawaiian Beach was named Smart Tan Canada’s Member of the Month for March. The magazine highlighted how owner John Holmes got into the business and how he’s kept Hawaiian Beach successful since taking over in 1998. Holmes told Smart Tan Canada that he found success by diversifying the services offered at the salon, including spray tan, an infrared sauna and body vibration machines. He also said staying involved in the community through local events and sponsoring the Vancouver Giants helped raise the image of the salon.

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Rio 4









14111B/W +FEES & TAXES

Rio 5





First 25 test drives - FREE Vancouver Auto Show Passes

0% purchase financing available on all 2011 and 2012 Kia models on approved credit (OAC). Terms vary by model and trim. Financing and lease rates vary by vehicle and are valid on approved credit (OAC) only. Dealers may sell for less. See dealer for full details. Purchase financing offers include destination and delivery fees up to $1,650. Other taxes, registration, insurance, licensing fees and PPSA of $79.00 are excluded.(90 day payment deferral) applies to purchase financing offers on select 2011 and 2012 models on approved credit (OAC) (Sportage/ Sorento/ Sedona/ Borrego excluded). No interest will accrue during the first 60 days of the finance contract. After this period, interest starts to accrue and the purchaser will repay the principal interest monthly over the term of the contract. Other Lease and Finance terms are available. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Offer may change, may be extended without notice and are for example only. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. 2012 KIA Rio5 LX+ MT Stk#K12364 bi-weekly payments of 99.88 based on a selling price of $16,500 over a 84 month term at 2.9% the cost of borrowing is $2,806.16 OAC with $3845.11 due on delivery.2012 KIA Rio 4 LX ATStk#K12321 bi-weekly payments of $95.67 based on a selling price of $15,570 over a 84 month term at 2.9% the cost of borrowing is $1517.80 OAC with $3745.11 due on delivery. 2012 KIA Sportage LX AT FWD Stk#K12324 bi-weekly payments of 141.11 based on a selling price of $24400 over a 60/96 month term at 4.75% the cost of borrowing is $4193.91with a residual of $10249.61 OAC and $4783.11 due at delivery. 2012 KIA Sorento LX MT FWD Stk#K12376 bi-weekly payments of 124.92 based on a selling price of $21600 over a 60/84 month term at 1.49% the cost of borrowing is $3713.24 OAC with a residual of $9073.64 and $4447.11 due on delivery. 2012 Forte4 LX+ AT Stk#K12259 bi-weekly payment of $99.88 is based on a selling price of $17258.02 over a 60/84 month term @ 1.49% with a residual of $5115.69 and a cost of borrowing of $842.07 with $3967.11 due on delivery.2011 Optima LX MT Stk#K11551 bi-weekly payment of $111.88 is based on a selling price of $19300 over a 60/96 month term @ 4.75% with a residual of $8107.59 and a cost of borrowing of $3325.52 with $4171 due on delivery. All offers are not combinable and are valid on financed vehicles only. Please see dealer for complete details. All vehicles will be charged HST and are available OAC. Offers are valid on listed Stk#’s only. Offer ends January 3. 2012. Offer valid on in stock vehicles only. Lifetime free oil changes and car washes are valid with regular scheduled maintenance performed at Kia Richmond. Dealer may with hold gifts in lieu of additional discount. Forte Tech+ Galaxy tablet will reduce the loan delivery or cash purchase discount by $250. All offers are subject to change with out notice and are available on listed stock numbers only while supply lasts. Monies due on delivery include all applicable fees and taxes. Dealer trade may be required to honour all offers. Gifts will be supplied when finance deal is fully funded by applicable banking institution. Galaxy Tablet will arrive approx. 6 weeks after vehicle delivery.

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Caring for customers

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Your Tax Refund

For As Little As

Deadline draws near for DPI photo submissions

Deadline April 30th


Juried exhibition part of two-day event next month

Sign up TODAY at


Jeffrey Greenfeld, CFP



Personal Tax Return Completed

NOTICE OF PROPOSAL TO ISSUE A TEMPORARY USE PERMIT (“LOCAL GOVERNMENT ACT” SECTION 921) NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that, at a meeting of the Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta to commence at 7:00 p.m. on Monday, April 2, 2012 at the Municipal Hall, 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, B.C., the Municipal Council of The Corporation of Delta will consider a resolution to issue TEMPORARY USE PERMIT LU006211A which would extend the original Temporary Use Permit. Details of the Temporary Use Permit are as follows: OWNER:

West Coast Farms Ltd., Inc. No. 464542 4295 72 Street Delta, B.C., V4K 3N2


Daryl Goodwin West Coast Farms Ltd., Inc. No. 464542 4295 72 Street Delta, B.C., V4K 3N2


4295 72 Street, Delta (as shown outlined in bold and marked “Subject Property” on the attached map)


To permit an extension of an existing Temporary Use Permit on the northern portion of the subject property to allow the composting of food and yard waste for a period not to exceed thirty-six (36) months. This Permit would be subject to conditions in the Metro Vancouver Composting Facility Licence which allows an increase in waste quantities for the composting operation on the property.

AND FURTHER TAKE NOTICE that a copy of the proposed Permit, together with more detailed information or reports, may be inspected at the office of the Community Planning and Development Department, 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, B.C., (604-946-3380) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:45 p.m., and Thursday between 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m. MARCH 23, 2012 TO APRIL 2, 2012, exclusive of Saturdays, Sundays and statutory holidays.

The entry deadline for the juried photo exhibition portion of the second annual Delta Photo Inspirations event is on April 2. Presented by the Delta Photo Club, the event will also include a dessert reception, a selection of classes taught by professional photographers with different photo specialties, a vendor exposition and a keynote speaker. The juried photo competition is open to all Lower Mainland photographers. Each photographer may enter up to a total of four prints in a mix of these categories: portrait, open colour and open monochrome. Further entry details are available at

Interested parties have the opportunity to provide written comments regarding the proposal at this time. Comments are to be received on or before 12:00 noon, April 2, 2012. Comments should be referred to:

The two-day event will be held at Tsawwassen Alliance Church on April 20 and 21. “We are excited about our presenters and their seminars will appeal to a wide range of interests and abilities,” says DPI co-chair Rhoda Brooks

plug-ins.” She also noted Sheena Wilkie will present two classes, Photoshop for Rookies, which is for beginners, and Photoshop for Enthusiasts, for intermediate users. Rebecca Blissett, the lead music photographer for the Georgia Straight, will be this year’s keynote speaker.


Mayor and Council The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta, BC V4K 3E2 Fax: 604.946.3390 Email:

KinVillage eer ck of volunData Entry Volunt teer to help keep tra lun vo a ing ek se is KinVillage tabase. Tuesday or ormation into a da inf ut inp d ekly. an s ur teer ho urs once or twice we afternoon, 2 – 4 ho or , ing 25 rn -76 mo y 43 da 4-9 Fri rtin, 60 n contact Susan Ma For more informatio . ext 3 or e-mail sm KinVillage sistant with dementia Art Therapist As instructor working art s e’ lag Vil am Kin t Help assis mornings, from 10 and/or Wednesday ay nd Mo on nts n, reside Susan Marti information contact – 12pm. For more in@ art sm t 3 or e-mail 604-943-7625, ex KinVillage or 1-1 Volunteer Visit understanding of volunteers with an ing ek se KinVillage is o has this disease. it with someone wh vis to w ho d an a dementi es weekly for 30 visit at least 2 tim to d ke rtin, as be ll wi You n contact Susan Ma For more informatio . rg e.o lag minutes to 1 hour. in@kinvil t 3 or e-mail smart 604-943-7625, ex ite at it Deltassist’s webs r opportunities vis tee lun eb. vo lw re Vo n mo r Fo teering the m and click on Volun



A community service from the The CorporaEon of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta, BC V4K 3E2 (604) 946-4141

of the Saturday classes. “Kaj R. Svensson will guide his classes through methods and equipment for creating stunning closeups in Macro Photography. Aura McKay will demonstrate classic lighting techniques to create inspiring and modern portraits. Gary Hamburg will inspire his classes to create more dynamic images, from addressing key elements at photo capture to post production workflow and favourite software


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Getting a passport photo nothing to smile about

Sunday, March 25th - Saturday, March 31st, 2012.

Picture just something travellers have to do BARBARA GUNN


discover that all the hotels in Paris have gone on strike, and that you’ll have to sleep in a parking lot.” That might do it. For some reason, I am thinking the passport person — along with the driver’s licence people — enjoy taking ugly shots of people who do not normally look, well, ugly. “Oh,” I am thinking one might say to another. “You wouldn’t believe how ugly I got someone to look. I told him I was going to charge him $2,000 for the picture!” They will laugh about this and then continue with the discussion. “I can beat that,” another might say, wiping the tears from her eyes. “Yesterday, I really had someone frowning. I told her I was going to put his picture on a mostwanted poster and send it to the FBI!” Oh well. How they get their jollies is beyond me, I suppose. I’ll have to bite the bullet and get the passport done. It’s something we travellers just have to do, even though it’s nothing to smile about. 03304015

So, says the passport: time for an ugly, new photo. The passport, let’s just say, informed me of this recently when I happened to glance at its expiry date and noticed it was just around the corner. OK, so it didn’t tell me — exactly — that I would need to have the nasty photo shot. But that was certainly implied. The passport photo — and yes, the driver’s licence photo — are not, well, exactly flattering. Yours truly looks a bit like she’s just discovered she’s lost her job, and perhaps discovered that someone has stolen the photos of her children’s first birthday parties. She looks mean. And nasty. Kind of like she’s poised to break into the neighbour’s house, release their indoor cat and make

off with all their homemade wine. Let’s just say they’re not lovely. No wonder. It’s mandated, seems to me, by the folks behind the cameras. Last time I had a passport photo shot, the woman behind the camera seemed intent on capturing me at my worst. “No smiling,” she said. So I didn’t smile. “Still too happy,” she said. I smiled even less — if you can manage a lack of smiling without smiling. This time, I imagine, she will ask me to visit my “unhappy place” before she takes the shot. “Frown,” I am betting she’ll see say. “Imagine you’re renewing your passport because you’re taking that trip to Paris you’ve been saving for for years. Then imagine the plane’s overbooked and there just isn’t room for you.” And if I am still not looking glum enough, she will continue with the theme. “OK,” she might say, “now imagine that you get on the next plane, only to

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A14 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

Earthwise completes Feed the Bees study

Effort looked at which perennials pollinators favoured For the past year, the Earthwise Society has studied which perennials in its one-acre garden attract the most bees and pollinators. The results are in and a list of easy-to-source, easy-togrow and easy-to-maintain plants is now available to assist both green- and brown-thumbed gardeners to Feed The Bees. “The purpose of the study was to comprise a resource list for local gardeners and farmers based on observations of which perennials attracted the most pollinators,” says Earthwise Society executive director and Feed The Bees Community Campaign co-chair Patricia Fleming. “The study clearly showed bees’ preference for specific species, and even cultivars.” The Earthwise Garden is an ecological demonstration garden located in Tsawwassen with over 300 varieties of low-maintenance plantings, grown without the use of chemicals. It is a companion to the Earthwise Farm, a twoacre organic teaching farm, operated by the non-profit Earthwise Society. “We host two honeybee hives at Earthwise Farm and there is an additional hive on an adjacent property along with mason bee houses on site,” says Fleming. “The presence of so many pollinators close by presented an exceptional opportunity to study and record food preferences.”

WWF would like to thank our sponsors:


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Earthwise has finished a study titled Bee Friendly Plants for Your Garden and Farm. Observations were made weekly from mid-May until mid-September of last year, and periodically thereafter (depending on the weather). “This work is going to make it easy for individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to get on board and plant the right kind of plants to provide a continuous source of pollen and nectar throughout the growing season,” adds Delta Chamber of Commerce past chair and Feed The Bees Community Campaign cochair Ian Tait. “When you consider that one out of every three spoonfuls of food we put in our mouths is dependant on a bee or pollinator, the Feed The Bees campaign is critically important to the agricultural community; to food security; to our local, regional and national economies; and to our collective existence,” says Tait. “And everyone needs to take action ... now.” Recommended plants are reliably perennial and, if properly sited, will perform well with minimal maintenance. The list includes rec-

ommended native plants, as well as other effective pollinator plants. The non-native species recommended are non-invasive and perform well locally. The study, Bee Friendly Plants for Your Garden and Farm, can be downloaded online via the Feed The Bees website: http://www. Copies are available at the Earthwise Farm Store at 6400-3rd Ave. The store is open Wednesdays from 3 to 6 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The project was implemented as an activity of the Agriculture Environment and Wildlife Fund and Metro Vancouver’s Agriculture Awareness program. Recommended plants are available at local nurseries or may be purchased directly from Earthwise Society. Earthwise plants are grown without pesticides. The Earthwise Nursery is a social enterprise that provides revenue for educational programs and the Feed The Bees Community Campaign.

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Choosing the right transportation Many couples go with a limousine, but the decision making doesn7t end there

Every bride and groom will need his and her transportation from home to the wedding ceremony and reception. Although there are several options to get couples to and fro, many choose a limousine or another fancy rental car as the preferred mode of travel. Although transportation might be one of the more hands-off components of wedding planning, that does not make it any less important. After all, if something goes awry, you can be left stranded with no manner of getting to the wedding. It is important for you to get the best service and the right vehicle for the occasion, which requires some comparison shopping. The car service also will need some information from you. Here’s how to start. Initially, seek word-of-mouth recommendations, which can be the best way to narrow potential limo companies. Ask others which business they used for their special events — be it weddings, proms, Sweet 16 parties or other important events. If you work at a company that often relies on hired cars for business meetings

or transportation to the airport, you may already be familiar with a reliable service — and they might be familiar with you. Not all limousine services are the same. Price should not be your only method of comparison. Much like a hotel room or a meal at a restaurant, there may be different levels of service among companies. It’s important to compare apples to


apples. Figure out a package that will work for you, including size of car, duration of time and any other special features, such as a stocked bar, and then compare this package among the different limo companies you’re considering. The right vehicle also can make all the difference — and may help you narrow down your choices among companies. For instance, a business might

not have the model you want or that vehicle isn’t available the day of your wedding. Also, be sure there will be enough room and if there is trunk space for luggage for honeymoon essentials. Check whether there are certain add-ons, such as fuel surcharges or tolls that are not factored into the base price. Also, some companies include a driver tip in the cost, while others will leave that to your discretion. Here are some other things to keep in mind: • Book early. Limos, like services from other vendors, will book fast, especially during peak wedding or other seasons. • Consider a package. Most companies have put together a package for special events, like weddings. They may be the best value. • Check registration. Limo companies need to have a licence to operate and proper insurance. • Confirm the details. Be sure that the duration of the service, how many people will be transported and all costs are spelled out in a contract for everyone’s protection.

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March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A17 Bridal

Save money with a DIY affair Those thinking about tying the knot in the months to come may be discouraged by how expensive weddings can be. But with a little ingenuity and a hands-on approach, couples can have a wedding that is inexpensive and memorable at the same time. Weddingbells magazine states that the average cost for a wedding in Canada is $23,330, up from $20,129 in 2010. With such a high price tag, some couples may wonder if they can afford their dream wedding or if there are ways to cut costs. Having a backyard, DIY wedding can be the answer. A DIY wedding is one that will take much more work than simply hiring vendors and leaving the details to them. A well-planned wedding is the best start. Grab a notebook and start making lists of all the things you will need. Work in Advance Many items necessary for a wedding can be bought in advance. Some couples find that purchasing lowcost items at discount stores turns out to be less expen-

sive than renting. For example, inexpensive glasses and silverware can be bought at dollar stores or chains like Ikea. Later on these items can be kept, sold or even donated to shelters. Tablecloths don’t have to be the traditional kind. It may be less expensive to purchase pieces of fabric from a fabric store and dressing them up oneself. Candles can be stockpiled relatively easy and provide a very affordable means of ambient light. Plan out centerpiece ideas and figure out which components can be bought and stored. Then items can be assembled at leisure. Enlist the help of family and friends to get many of the tasks completed. Upon asking, many couples find there are members of the family who have skills in certain areas, which can be tapped for the wedding. There may be a gourmet chef, a disc jockey, a photographer or even someone who can officiate the vows. Having these people on board means a great reduction in costs. Readying the Venue

Because couples will be doing the work themselves, it’s best to start several days in advance of the wedding (weather permitting). Be sure the grounds are well groomed and landscaped. Ensure there are no tripping hazards and that there is a sturdy surface for placing tables or creating a dance floor. It may pay to ask an electrician or someone who dabbles in electric work to help string some lights to better illuminate the area, especially for when the sun goes down. Set up the tables and chairs to finalize placement the day before. Figure out where the ceremony will take place. A small arbor can mark the area and make a nice photo backdrop. Dress the tables with linens and settings the morning of the wedding. One splurge couples may want to make is hiring a waitstaff to help set up food service areas, serve as bartenders and clear away dishes and other messes. This way the bride and groom can mingle with guests. Other Tips and Tricks

Here are some other ways to save money on DIY weddings. • Fruit is less expensive than flowers for centerpieces. • Include postcard response cards in wedding invites. The postage is less, and you don’t have to spend money on an extra envelope. • Be sure to check with your town if you need a permit or variance for having so many cars parked by the house in the event of a backyard wedding. Otherwise you could be facing a fine. • Many different foods can be cooked in advance and frozen instead of hiring a catering service. • Consider favors that also double as table centerpieces. • Bouquets can easily be made with store-bought flowers, some floral tape and decorative ribbon. • Restrict the bar to wine and beer, and you’ll save money on expensive liquors. A DIY wedding can be a fun, memorable event that costs a couple a fraction of what it would be to have it held at an expensive location.

A do-it-yourself backyard wedding can help keep costs in line and give couples complete control over every detail, while still creating a fun and memorable event.


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The origins of the honeymoon

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The Perfect Place

as mead for a month after getting married. This may be where the “honey,” for the sweet drink, and the “moon,” for the one-month period of time, originated.

Others say “honeymoon” refers to a sarcastic quip that a marriage starts out sweet as honey, but then wanes much as the moon will each cycle.

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The Delta Town & Country Inn’s team of dedicated professionals will ensure your special day is truly a memorable occasion… Let peace of mind be our gift to you! Banquet facilities styled to suit from 10 to 200 guests

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Moments made to Remember You’ll always treasure the special moments of your big day. Share once-in-a-lifetime memories with special wedding rates that include a complimentary Suite for the Bride and Groom along with a complimentary room for each of the bride’s and groom’s parents. or call 604 233 3960

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26 010512 01252333

4 ,E8).5 4 8/=8B.B8-/D

It has become tradition for married couples to jet off on a post-wedding vacation. This honeymoon is a way for the bride and groom to enjoy quiet time together and start off their married life together on an intimate level. Although the word “honeymoon” has happy connotations today, the original meanings of the word may not be so blissful. There are varying accounts of the evolution of the word “honeymoon,” but many believe it to be a Norse tradition deriving from the word “hjunottsmanathr.” Northern European history describes women being abducted from their families and forced into marriage with a man from a neighbouring village. This husband would take his new bride into hiding and stay there for a while until it was certain the bride’s family had given up the hunt and retreated. It was also tradition for Scandinavian couples to drink a sweet, honey-infused wine known

March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A19

We specialize in sofas, loveseats, chairs, wing chairs, hide-a-beds, ottomans and sectionals We custom manufacture to your size and space

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Event organizer, Mireille Goyer, after landing in Le Touquet, France.

Tsaw. pilot organizes English Channel flight

Event marks Women of Aviation Worldwide Week

International Women’s Day and the anniversary of the issuance of the first female pilot licence worldwide, the initiative aims to foster diversity in aviation by celebrating women’s history, raising awareness of aviation’s opportunities among girls and women, and shaping the future by introducing females to aviation through industry-wide collaboration. The 2013 Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week will take place from March 4 to 10. The 2013 theme will be Women in Space. For more information about the event, visit www. WomenOfAviationWeek. org.


One-third of these aircraft flew across the English Channel and, in doing so, established a new record for most females introduced to flying over the English Channel in one day. “The annual Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week celebration aims to celebrate the achievements of the women of aviation of the present and the past by taking steps to fulfill their dream: an equal share of the skies for women,” said Goyer in a release. “Events such as this one help girls and women realize that aviation is for them too and that their presence in the field is both desired and appreciated.” The celebration of Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week began in 2011. Held annually during the week including March 8, which marks


Tsawwassen pilot Mireille Goyer was one of a group of pilots from the United States, Canada, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Switzerland who gathered at England’s Headcorn Aerodrome and France’s Le Touquet Airport earlier this month to celebrate the centennial of the first airplane flight across the English Channel with a woman pilot at the controls, American Harriet Quimby. Goyer organized the event, which was held during Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week. With an objective of raising awareness of aviation’s opportunities among the female population, more than 100 pilots and female passengers boarded ultra lights, modern and vintage airplanes, helicopters, and multi-engines aircraft to travel to the two airports.

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A20 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

Nurse develops burn prevention program Tsawwassen’s Frances MacDougall, who works at B.C. Children’s, spent several years on Too Hot for Tots! DAVE WILLIS


A Tsawwassen nurse has developed a new burn education awareness program for parents of young children. Frances MacDougall spent several years developing Too Hot for Tots! Hot liquids like coffee or tea, hot surfaces and hot tap water are the three main burn dangers for kids, she notes. “When parents told me they had no idea about these common burn hazards in their home, and that if they had known, they would have done things differently, it really was what prompted me to want to do something around this,” she said. MacDougall, has been a nurse for 26 years, 18 of those spent in the burn unit at B.C. Children’s Hospital. She now works in the recovery room where she sees kids after their grafting procedures. The program includes an educational DVD with burn prevention tips and personal stories from parents with a child who has

experienced a burn, a brochure that includes a handy temperature card, which enables parents to check the temperature of their hot water tank and resources for educators to use in public health classes for new parents. MacDougall developed three burn prevention strategies for the program. Dubbed the “three Bs” they are: Be aware of the burn hazards around your home, Be close (no more than an arm’s reach away from your child when they’re around a burn hazard) and Burn proof your home. Examples of burn proofing include putting a bolted screen in front of a gas fireplace, lowering tap water temperature and making sure kids don’t have free access to roam around the kitchen while someone is cooking. “These three strategies need to be used in combination,” she said. The program’s brochure notes that every year approximately 130 kids under the age of five will be treated at B.C. Children’s Hospital for burns. “A child’s skin is four times thinner than an adult’s,” said Dr. Cindy Verchere, director of B.C. Children’s burn unit. “Heat moves very quickly to the lower layers and can cause


B.C. Children’s Hospital has partnered with the B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund on a new burn education awareness program for parents of young children. From left to right: Terry Hughes, director, B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund; Frances MacDougall, B.C. Children’s Hospital nurse and developer of the program; and Dr. Cindy Verchere, medical director, B.C. Children’s Hospital burn unit. significant damage in a matter of seconds.” MacDougall said pictures of burn victims are used in the video, something she had to defend numerous times throughout the development process. “That, in the public health realm, is not often very supported. We don’t want to use scare tactics in general to educate parents,” she said. “But in this situation I really felt it was one of the most important things we could do to get parents to change their

e Countr n i n y Ca Pet Resort • Boarding • Grooming • Daycare

Countr inPete Resort n a y C

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Canine Country Pet Resort was built with a love and a passion for animals. We have created a safe, secure, licensed facility where you can leave your pets and have peace of mind. We are always working on making your pets experience with us better each visit. Last year was a renovation and a new air exchange system. This year a large covered play area with artificial turf that will be opening soon. We are fortunate to have added some wonderful employees that share our passion and understand how you all feel about leaving your pets when they can’t go with you. You can relax on holiday with the Peace of Mind that your pets will have a vacation too. They will make new friends, socialize and feel safe. Spring has had a slow start arriving but now is the time to make

No Sedation

Stop the burning: • Remove any hot, wet clothing unless it is stuck to your child’s skin. • At the same time, find some cold water or cold liquid to cool the skin. Seconds count. • Cool the skin and any clothing that is stuck to the skin for 10 to 15 minutes or until the skin feels cool to touch. • Cover the burn with a clean cloth. Get help when:

• The burn is on the face, hands, feet or groin. • Large blisters develop. • The burn is larger than the size of a loonie. Prevention • Use a mug with a tight fitting lid. • Never drink hot liquids when holding your child. • Keep all appliances and cords out of your child’s reach. • Keep children safely out of the way when eating, drinking or moving hot food or hot liquids. • Use the rear stove burners and turn pot handles inward. Hot Surfaces • Be within arm’s reach of your child at all times. • Place a hearth gate or screen that bolts into or around your fireplace. • Use a switch protector to prevent children from turning on the fireplace. • The safest way to avoid burns from gas fireplaces is to use them after your child has gone to bed for the night. Hot Water • Be within arm’s reach of your child at all times when they are in or around water. • A safe bath water temperature is 37 degrees C (99 degrees F). Source: B.C. Children’s Hospital

sure your dogs and cats are on a flea preventative program and all their vaccinations are up to date in preparation for your next trip away. You can check out our website at for our hours and services. Check back regularly for new exciting changes. Book early if you are looking to reserve a spot anytime during the summer or long weekends. We do book up fast. We look forward to seeing our old clients and meeting new ones too!

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behaviour. Because unless you’ve seen these injuries or experienced it yourself, there’s just no way anyone can appreciate how serious they can be.” MacDougall said the program went through a required evaluation, as well as being reviewed by parents, and the results from the study indicated the video increased parents’ knowledge and attitude about preventing burns in the home. “Probably one of the most rewarding things for

me was to hear parents say after seeing the video they will never leave their children unsupervised in the bathtub; that they’re so glad they have this knowledge and that they’ll be able to keep their children safe and prevent them from suffering one of these devastating injuries,” she said. B.C. Children’s Hospital, with financial support from the B.C. Professional Fire Fighters’ Burn Fund and B.C. Children’s Hospital Foundation, is distributing the program’s materials to public health units and educators, including St. John’s Ambulance, across B.C. The Too Hot for Tots! video and materials can be viewed on the B.C. Children’s website at www. *** First Aid for a Burn



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March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A21



1.866.549.8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminster

DEALER #7485



A22 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012 In the Community

Spring break at the South Delta Recreation Centre PHOTOS BY



These youngsters were taking part in various activities at the South Delta Recreation Centre last Thursday during spring break. Left: Lucas Marriott (front), 7, with Ben, 7, and Lily Wichers, 5, dancing to a Wii video game. Above: Neven Heer goes for a skate. Below: Abby Torok (front), 11, is making her move in a giant game of checkers with friend Kate Knoedler, 11. Delta students head back to class on April 2 but still have a few days to check out other activities like Spring Break Spectacular at the Ladner Leisure Centre or theme swims at Winskill Aquatic & Fitness Centre. For more visit Deltaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s website at

March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A23 Coming Events Clubs & Groups $The Ladner Single Parents Support Group wishes to invite single parents with dependent children to a free dinner at the Ladner Christian Reformed Church, 4594-54A St. on Wednesday, March 28. Doors open at 5:10 p.m. Dinner at 5:30 p.m. For further information please contact Tanya (778-389-0654). $Teen Pizza and Games Night returns to the Ladner Pioneer Library on Thursday, March 29, 5:30 - 8:30 p.m. If you are between 12 and 19 years old, come to the library, 4683-51st St., for a fun night of gaming and pizza. $Join Willow Swanson, blogger extraordinaire, on Thursday, March 29, 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. for Blogging for Teens at the Tsawwassen Library, 1321A-56th St., to learn the crucial steps to creating a popular blog. $School-aged children and their caregivers are invited to a hands-on program called A Day in the Life of a Wildlife Rehabilitator on Thursday, March 29. 10:30 - 11:15 a.m. at Ladner Pioneer Library, 468351st St.; and 1 - 1:45 p.m. at Tsawwassen Library, 1321A-56th St. The Wildlife Rescue Association of BC offers an interactive presentation with pictures, videos and wildlife props. $Come to the Tsawwassen Library, 1321A-56th St. on Saturday, March 31, 1 - 5 p.m. for Games and Pizza Day. Enjoy an afternoon playing popular card and board games provided by Dave Strutt of Pop Culture Collectibles and enjoy a pizza on us! For teens aged 13 to 18. $A local Volkssport club is hosting a non-competitive 5K/10K walk in Ladner on Saturday, March 31. Free for new participants. For more info, contact Verni at 604-682-8390. $Excited about starting your vegetable garden, but don’t know where to start? Whether you garden in a community plot, in your own backyard or on a balcony, these workshops will help you enjoy your time in the dirt. Where: 6400 3rd Ave, Boundary Bay, Tsawawssen. Dates: April 2 & May 6. Time: 11amnoon. Spaces are limited, RSVP required. Call 604946-9828 or e-mail info@ $The Tsawwassen Tuesday

Ladies Golf Club is welcoming new members for the 2012 season. We are currently playing out of the Delta Golf Club on Hwy. 10. Our season opens on April 3 with a breakfast meeting at the new Delta Clubhouse. For more information contact Rita Kendel at 604-535-0932 or $Please join the Delta Nats for our April meeting on Monday, April 9 at 7:30 p.m. at Cammidge House on Boundary Bay in Tsawwassen. Our speaker this month is Dr. Melinda Brugman. She will speak on “Through the Looking Glass - Walking back in time along the cliffs at Lily Point near Point Roberts”. By looking at the geology of the layers in the cliffs, she will explore the clues scientists have found to track the impact of natural history and past weather impacts. There is no cost for this presentation and we invite everyone to attend. For more information, call Joanne at 604-946-2240.

$Deltassist Family and Community Services presents at no cost to Delta residents a: “Positive Parenting Workshops” series. Beginning April 10 and going until June 12, 2012 every Tuesday evening from 6 p.m. to 7:15 p.m. at the Deltassist office in North Delta- 9097-120th St. These Workshops, geared for parents with children ages 5-12 years, have many benefits for you as a parent and as an individual. Child minding is available but you must register one week in advance. Please call 604594-3455 ext.156 for more information. $Basic Tax Preparation is offered to low-income families, couples and individuals at Ladner Pioneer Library, 4683-51st St., Delta on Thursdays until April 19 from 10 a.m. - noon. To register, please call Robbin at 604-940-1186 after 3:30 p.m. weekdays. $Tsawwassen Tennis Club invites you to join us on the courts for the Opening Breakfast 2012 on April 22, 9 a.m. - noon. $5 includes breakfast. 286 English Bluff Road. More information at www.tsawwassentennisclub. com. $International Folk

Dancing - Drop-in classes are led by volunteer Julia Erdmann every Thursday evening from 7 to 8 p.m. until May 17 on the beautiful sprung dance floor at KinVillage Centre, 543010th Ave., Tsawwassen. Beginners welcome and no partner necessary. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing. Per class cost: $3 for members, $4 for nonmembers. $AL-ANON Family Groups announces that the Monday at 7:30 p.m. and Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. meetings have relocated to 5061-12th Avenue in Tsawwassen. Seniors $South Delta Seniors’ Travel presents a Coquitlam casino trip on Friday, March 30. Buy tickets Monday to Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. at KinVillage Community Centre in Tsawwassen or Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at McKee Seniors Recreation Centre in Ladner. $6 for members. $McKee Seniors’ Recreation Centre presents: March Birthday Lunch on Friday, March 30 at 12:30 p.m. Lasagna, salad, dessert & beverage. Art show awards presentation. Members: $7. Guests: $8. Entertainment: Fyne Tuned. 5155-47th Ave. 604-946-1411. $South Delta Seniors’ Travel presents a bus trip to Vancouver on Monday, April 16. It includes a visit to the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park, hot lunch at the Culinary Arts restaurant and a Granville Island visit. It costs $60 for members and $65 for non-members. All gratuities included. Call 604-943-0225. $The Kin Jam band invites everyone to listen and/or dance to their music the second and fourth Tuesday of each week from 1:30 to 3:30 pm. At KinVillage Community Centre. Admission is free. $At KinVillage Community Centre: Bingo takes place every Wednesday starting at 1 pm and running until approx. 3 pm. Card costs vary. Drop ins and beginners are welcome to International Folk Dancing Classes Thursdays from 7-8 pm until May 17. Cost per class $3 members and $4 non-members. Drop ins and beginners are welcome to join Karen’s Zumba classes on Fridays

starting April 13th. Cost per class $7 members $8 non-Members. Cribbage players welcome on Fridays at 1 pm. Fund Raisers $Miss World Canada contestant Kiana Passmore is putting on a photos for charity fundraiser Saturday, March 31 from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. at #45-472052A Street, Delta, Stuart Thomas Hall. This is a one-time opportunity to get Professional photos done by local photographer, Jason Mills-MillsPictures Studios. Donate a minimum of $10 and receive five emailed photos. All proceeds go to Variety - The Children’s Charity. Email kpassmore@ to book a time or for more details. $Rockin’ for Reach: A benefit concert and dance for Reach Child and Youth Development Society with Incognito, Jerry Doucette and friends. Ages 19 and over. Saturday, March 31 at KinVillage Community Centre 5430-10th Ave., Tsawwassen. Doors open 7 p.m. Tickets $20 available at Videoland Tsawwassen and Ladner locations, or call 604-946-6622 ext 337 www.reachdevelopment. org.

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Arts $South Delta Artists Guild March/April show “Bloomin Art” For the home and garden enthusiasts, come and select a painting or sculpture for your home or garden. Come enjoy the spring theme. Longhouse Gallery 1710 56th St., Tsaw. The gallery is open Thursday-Sunday 11am-4pm. Check out the workshop for a variety of art classes. $Auditions will be held for Kiana’s Talent Showcase for Charity on Saturday, March 31 at #45-4720-52A Street, Delta, Stuart Thomas Hall, from 2 to 5 p.m. The showcase will be held at Tsawwassen Arts Centre on April 21 from 5:30 to 9:30. Proceeds to Variety - The Children’s Charity. RSVP an audition time slot at The Coming Events column is published every Wednesday as a community service. If you have a nonprofit event, mail, drop off, fax, or e-mail (events@ the details to the Optimist by 3 p.m. Monday. Submissions are subject to space limitations (no phone calls, please).

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A24 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

Delta Sports Sports Editor: Mark Booth

Phone: 604-946-4451


Hawks allow Pilots to fly back into series Pacific International Junior Hockey League finals will go at least six games after two straight wins by Abbotsford BY


The killer instinct the Delta Ice Hawks showed to eliminate two of the top teams in the Pacific International Junior Hockey League has gone missing, leaving the championship series completely up for grabs. After dispatching the North Delta Devils and the regular season champion Richmond Sockeyes, the common belief was the Ice Hawks had survived a much tougher conference and would have little trouble in the finals against the Abbotsford Pilots. That theory held up when Delta took the opening two games, including an impressive 4-2 game two road win where the locals completely dominated the third period. Twenty-four hours later they were back at the Ladner Leisure Centre with an opportunity to take a stranglehold on the series. Even a lackluster effort was good enough for a 2-1 lead with seven minutes remaining until the Pilots struck for a pair of goals less than a minute apart to pull out a 4-3 victory. It looked like game four Monday night would be a

different story when the Hawks jumped out to a 2-0 lead on goals by Anthony Brito and Tanner Gattinger before the game was even three minutes old. However, the Pilots fought back with a pair of their own and even Kolten Grieve’s third period go-ahead goal wasn’t enough as the Ice Hawks went on to lose 4-3 in double overtime. The series was scheduled to resume last night back in Ladner with the Ice Hawks desperately trying to swing back the momentum. Game six goes Friday in Abbotsford and a potential game seven looms Saturday in Ladner. The Ice Hawks coaching staff was extremely upset with their players’ effort in game three and game four wasn’t much better after they let their determined opponent off the hook. “Our goal was to sort of put our knee down on their throat tonight and we didn’t do it,” said head coach Dave McLellan after Saturday’s game. “There are no excuses. We just didn’t work hard enough. We lost our work ethic and when you don’t out work your oppostion you get into a jam. “We are the better team



Delta Ice Hawks Spencer Traher leaps out of the way of an incoming point shot during game three action of the Pacific International Junior Hockey League championship series against the Abbotsford Pilots on Saturday night in Ladner. The Pilots won the game 3-2. but are not playing like it. The trend with these kids is they sometimes get ahead of themselves.” The Hawks perhaps thought the Pilots might just roll over given they are heading to the Cyclone

Taylor Cup junior “B” provincial championships as the host anyways. However, the Tom Shaw Conference champions are playing like their season is on the line, having outshot Delta in both wins.

“Part of the message we told the players in (the dressing room) is you can’t give a team new life and now they know what happens,” added McLellan. “We have played well when we faced with adversity

before so maybe that is what this team needs.” Of growing concern, is two of the Ice Hawks top snipers — captain Cody Smith and John Proctor — have yet to score in the series.

All too familiar playoff script for snake bitten Canadians After dropping a 4-1 decision to open the best-of-three semi-final series, the Canadians rebounded with a 2-1 victory to force a deciding game. A late second period goal by Portland Winterhawks prospect Tyler Sandhu gave the visitors a 2-1 lead and they nursed that cushion into the dying minutes of regulation time. That’s when the Canadians ran into penalty trouble as Spencer Schoen was sent off for interference with 4:10 remaining and Trevor Lima followed him 22 seconds

Tides at Tsawwassen Pacific Standard Time. Height in feet

later for hooking. The Giants cashed in with the extended two man advantage as Adam Helewka tied the game with 1:55 left. The comeback was complete when Brandon Del Grosso beat goaltender Chris Tai at the 6:55 mark of overtime. The result marks the fourth straight year the Canadians have bowed out to the Giants in the playoffs, each time being in heartbreaking fashion. The past two seasons have also been semi-final series that went the distance.

“We really couldn’t have done anything much better than we did,” said head coach Leland Mack of the latest series. “They went six for 18 on the power play and we were two for 12. That was basically the difference between the two teams. Of our seven penalties in game three I would say five or six were the right calls. It was just the timing of them that really hurt.” The Canadians record against the Giants since head coach Leland Mack’s arrival is 9-10-2, easily the best in the league over a three season span.




3:49 am 10.5 3:55 pm 4.6

12:52 am 12.8 9:35 am 11.2

2:41 am 12.8 12:32 pm 10.8

8:26 am 12.1 11:49 pm 12.8

6:33 am 10.8 5:36 pm 4.9



4:56 am 10.8 4:41 pm 4.6

1:51 am 12.8 10:50 am 10.8

8:54 am 11.8

8:05 am 10.5 6:40 pm 5.2

8:56 am 9.8 7:47 pm 5.2

These predictions are supplements to and not replacements for the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, which include the only authorized tidal predictions for Canada and are provided by Canadian Hydrographic Service.


Providing the four-time defending B.C. Major Midget Hockey League champions their toughest challenge in the playoffs yet again is little consolation for the Greater Vancouver Canadians. The Vancouver Northwest Giants rolled to another title in B.C. Hockey’s showcase league for elite 15-to-17-year-old players after sweeping aside the Cariboo Cougars. It was the previous weekend they had their hands full against a Canadians team that was less than two minutes away from pulling off a major upset.

March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist A25

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South Delta #2 was not only recognized for its outstanding play but its conduct on and off the ice as well, earning the PCAHA Team Achievement Award.

South Delta #2 earns prestigous PCAHA Team Achievement Award the game. There were many on this team that led by example from first year 15-year-old players to third-year 17-year-olds. There are a few leaders that deserve special recognition: The group features four graduating players and two assistant captains — Cameron Jolly, Patrick Watts, Dallas Dien, Keith Prefontaine, Tanner Gillespie and Ryan Mathieson. The roster also includes: John Brewer, Blair Wilson, Brock Morgan, Kyle McLennan, Jesse Keith, Matthew Keith, Kevin Marlowe, Nolan Olson, Michael Blackwell, Trysten Anderson, Jake Holliday and Kurtis Thompson. They are proudly coached by Bill Jolly, Brent Holliday and Anthony Askin. The team manager is Theresa Watts.

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of all net proceeds will be donated to BC Children’s Hospital




The South Delta #2 Midget “C” hockey team has been recognized for its exemplary conduct by being awarded the prestigious Pacific Coast/Fraser Valley Team Achievement Award. The award is given annually to the teams adjudged to have demonstrated the attributes of sportsmanlike behaviour, fair play both on and off the ice, and cooperation with league officials. The South Delta team, which was recognized over 45 other candidates, showed great respect for the game, the officials, its competitors and each other. In other words, an award for the fewest penalty minutes during the season. It was an exciting season on the scoreboard with sparkling 23-8-1 record but as the boys also demonstrated how to play

A26 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012


South Delta Pee Wee “C” Chiefs

Chiefs win playoff banner

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There was nothing small about this Pee Wee victory as the South Delta Chiefs skated to the Fraser Valley “C” Division championship banner. This group’s work ethic and passion to succeed paid off big time. The team includes: goalies — Connor Sillett and Reilly Dewsbury and skaters — Jackson Skujins, Joshua Vaughan, Cody Johnstone, Andrew Bennett, Nolan McLeod, Ciaran Bostock, Brendan Guraliuk, Mark Yingling, Denver Fatt, Cole Carter-Howes, Will

Bancroft, Morgan Wolsey, Jacob Kovalick and Cole Labounty. Coaches Paul Skujins, Rod Vaughan, Chad McLeod, Greg Labounty and Russell Bostock could not be prouder of the boys for this great accomplishment. The team would also like to thank the many fans, family and friends who helped cheer the players onto victory and showed unwavering support during every game and even early morning practices.Great times and great memories for all.

Kwon wins MLJGT stop in Ladner


Reigning Canadian junior boys champion Kevin Kwon fired a 2-under 70 in the final round to take top honours in the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour’s seasonopening event last week at King’s Links by the Sea in Ladner. After howling winds on day one impeded scoring, the 16-year-old Kwon took

Each issue the Delta Optimist will have 6 small historical photos scattered throughout the newspaper. Collect at least 3 of the photos and e-mail the page numbers along with your contact information to or provide page numbers and mail with the entry form below. The contest runs from Friday, March 2 and concludes midnight Friday March 30, 2012. Each person can enter up to 4 times. Name:..................................................................................... Address:................................................................................. ................................................................................................ ................................................................................................ Daytime contact number: .................................................... Three page numbers of historical photos: ......./ ......./ .......

Austin Hughes (77-77). Victor Baptiste of Oliver (83-77) was third. The girls‘ competition saw 12-year-old Lily He of Pitt Meadows shoot an outstanding 3-under 70 in the final round to take top honours. Calgary’s Landon Stellingwerff won the boys 13 and under title with rounds of 86 and 79. The next MLJGT stop is at Morgan Creek in South Surrey April 7-8. For more information visit www.


You Qualify If: • You are an individual with around $25,000 income or less • You are a couple/single parent with around $35,000 income or less • You have a simple tax return

For information or to find out if you qualify, call 604 943 6148


IF you qualify, come to Tsawwassen Alliance Church, 4951 12th Avenue , on the following dates between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. • March 3, 10, 17, 24, 31 • April 14, 21, 28 03024760

Mail to: Delta Optimist 90th Anniversary Contest 207-4840 Delta St., Delta BC V4K 2T6

advantage of better conditions to capture the low gross title, along with the 14-to-16-year-old division. “I won by staying patient. There were many times this week where I made careless mistakes,” said Kwon, a six year MJT veteran. “I stayed calm and came back. The course was challenging with the wind. I had to stay composed to win this week.” In the 17-to-19-year-old division, Victoria’s Christian Nowakowski closed with a fine 69 to finish comfortably ahead of Tsawwassen’s

March 28, 2012 The Delta Optimist


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ASHTON, Arthur Oct 27, 1920 - Mar 09, 2012 Arthur Ashton, 91, passed away peacefully on March 9, 2012. The longtime Tsawwassen resident was born in Toronto on October 27, 1920. In 1940 he joined the RCAF and was posted overseas to Bomber Squadron 622 as a Bomb Aimer. After the war he attended the University of Toronto, graduating in 1949 with a BSc in Geology. Working as a geologist, he travelled extensively throughout North America. Arthur will be sadly missed by his wife of 57 years, Doreen, children Jane and Paul and grandchildren Christopher, Rossana and Kyle. Special thanks go to the wonderful staff at Parkview, Kin Village. At his request, no service will be held.

Celebrate the lives of your loved ones with stories, photographs and tributes on To remember a special loved one call

GRAHAM, Frank Harvard Oct 20, 1947 - Mar 22, 2012 Frank passed away peaceful on Thu Mar 22,2012 at the Delta Hospital. He will be greatly missed by his children, Jennifer & Zachary, his grandson Jackson and the rest of his family and friends. Frank was born & raised in Toronto and he worked as a A/C & Heating Technician. His passion was racing & was a race car driver for a short period of his life, racing at Sunset Speedway in the 80’s. He resided most of his adult life on Weston Rd and enjoyed spending his weekends up at the lake. In 2006, Frank & his daughter Jennifer, packed up and moved to Ladner, where his son Zachary lives. In 2008, Frank welcomed his only grandchild, Jackson and he loved being a Grandfather. Special thanks to the staff at the Delta Hospital. In Lieu of flowers, donations to the Delta Hospital Foundation would be greatly appreciated. At Frank’s request, no service will be held.

MASSON, Margaret (nee Siegel) 1929 - 2012

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our mother and grandmother. After a brief stay at Delta Hospital, our mother passed away peacefully with her family at her side. She suffered many different illnesses over the years, but she is now finally at peace. Marge was born January 10, 1929 in Lanigan, Saskatchewan to August and Augusta Siegel, who are deceased. She was number 10 of 15 siblings, 11 of which are now also deceased. Marge moved to Vancouver in 1950 where she met the love of her life, Gerry. They were married in 1954. They moved to Tsawwassen in 1967 where Marge resided until her death. She was predeceased by her husband Gerry in 1978. Marge was an avid golfer and bowler and spent many good times playing bridge in different clubs with friends. She loved her music and loved a good joke. She is survived by her daughters, Diane Haklander and Lorrie (John) Demosten and granddaughters, Amber, Ashley and Lauren. She is also survived by her sister Vi Anderson of Edmonton, Alberta, Don Siegel (Ruth) also of Edmonton, and Dorrie (Bruce) Coates of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, as well as other extended in-laws and numerous nieces and nephews. Our thanks to Dr. Krawchuk for her kindness and care over the years as our mother’s family Doctor. There will be a Memorial Service on Saturday, March 31, 2012 at 1:00 pm at Delta Funeral Home, 5329 Ladner Trunk Road, Delta, BC with a reception to follow. In Memory of Marge, as an expression of sympathy, a donation may be made to the Canadian Cancer Society, 565 10th Avenue, Vancouver, BC, 604-872-4400, or

Delta Funeral Home 604-946-6040

April 23, 1942 March 25, 2012 Passed away peacefully at Delta Hospital. Flora is survived by her daughter Linnea (Dave), son Len (Kelly), grandsons Thomas, Jared and many other friends and family. She will be greatly missed by all who knew her. In lieu of flowers, a donation to Delta Hospital Foundation would be appreciated. Delta Funeral Home (604) 946-6040

HUNT, Virginia-Lee (nee Hunt as well)

May 30, 1937 - March 15, 2012 Virginia-Lee Hunt (also known as Mom, Grama, Gramo, Bud, Nancy, Ginny, Virgie and Mo) lost her long battle with lymphoma on March 15th in Blaine, Washington at the age of 74. This amazing woman of many names was born in Calgary, lived around the world and spent the last 20 years of her life overlooking the ocean in Point Roberts, Washington. Married to Dwayne Hunt, her husband of 55 years, she lived life to the fullest travelling and spending time with family. Virginia will be lovingly missed by Dwayne, her daughter Kari (Grist), her son Robert, son in law Mark (Grist) and her daughter in law Christi (Hunt). She was extra, extra special to her grandchildren Madison and Jesse Grist and Hannah Hunt. A service and celebration of her life will be held March 31st, 2pm at the Trinity Lutheran Church, 1880 APA Road, Point Roberts, Washington. In lieu of flowers her family requests donations to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Mizpah

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Jean F. Miller 1923 - 2012

DENNIS, Shirley

It is with much love and sadness the family of Shirley Dennis announce her passing March 19, 2012. Beloved wife, mother and grandmother, Shirley leaves behind her loving husband, Neil of 66 years, children, Leonard, Heather (Clay), grandchildren, Kristopher, Ashleigh and Katie. In addition she is survived by her sister, Betty, sister in laws, Rene, Jessie, Florence, Lola, Helen and brother in law Bill plus numerous nieces and nephews. Shirley was born in Winnipeg in 1923. She was raised and attended school in Delta, BC, where she married her high school sweetheart Neil Dennis in 1946. Neil and Shirley made their home in Tsawwassen where they opened Dennis Drugs in the late 50’s. In 1976 they moved to Bakersfield, California returning to retire in White Rock five years later. Shirley was a wonderful homemaker with many interests. She enjoyed entertaining friends and family, traveling and loved to collect, share and make recipes. She was wholly dedicated to her family and nothing made her happier than spending time with her children and grandchildren. The family would like to sincerely thank Diane Rizzo for her love and friendship she showed Shirley over the past two years. We would also like to extend our appreciation to Dr. L. Dian, Dr. T. Martin and the staff at Weatherby 2. The family will hold a Celebration of Life in Shirley’s honor on April 18, 2012 from 12:00 - 2:30 pm at the Hazelmere Golf and Country Club, 18150 - 8th. Avenue, Surrey, B.C. In lieu of flowers, please make donations to the Peace Arch Hospital – Weatherby Pavilion. 538-7525

The family of Jean Miller is very sad to announce her passing on March 8th, 2012, after a short illness. Known for her grace, generosity, lovely smile and caring manner, Jean will be greatly missed by her family and friends. A service was held last weekend in West Vancouver.



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Coming Events

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Jewelry, Watch & Designer Collections Saturday, March 31st 9:30am to 4:00pm Hospice Cottage Thrift Store 1521 - 56 St. Tsawwassen


Lost & Found

$500 REWARD LOST WHITE GOLD, bracelet rubies & diamonds, near Thrifty’s on Sat Mar 3rd. 604-374-0192 LOST CAT: Pearl: a small, pale orange, spayed female from 44A Ave, Ladner March 9th. She has a small black spot on her bottom lip, only visible when she meows. She has medium length fur and is 10-12 lbs. Contact 604-946-8456.

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has an opening for a full time JUNIOR ACCOUNTING CLERK/ADMIN ASSISTANT at its Delta terminal. Responsibilities: Support accounting team, GL entries, A/R, A/P, reconciliations, data entry, filing and other general office duties. Past accounting experience with excellent communication, interpersonal, and administrative skills a must. Competitive salary and benefit package offered.

Please submit resume to jobs. careers. advice.


Beauticians/ Barbers

ESTHETICIANS/ HAIRSTYLISTS WANTED Zazou Salon and Spa is searching for the following roles: Estheticians, threaders, hairstylists and apprentices. Email to:


Career Services/ Job Search

EARN EXTRA CASH! - P/T, F/T Immediate Openings For Men & Women. Easy Computer Work, Others Positions Are Available. Can Be Done From Home. No Experience Needed.

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The Now newspaper has an immediate opening for a general assignment reporter to drive coverage of news, features and multimedia in Surrey, North Delta and White Rock. Excellent reporting, photography and multimedia skills are required. The successful candidate will possess high-level writing skills and have demonstrable strengths in accurate, clean reporting and compelling photography. You will understand the power of social media and how to use it to break news, drive traffic to online stories and to engage and interact with the community. You will have a proven ability to dig out, initiate and develop multi-platform stories, and in particular, be able to get ahead of trends in order to break news. You should have a wide-ranging interest in and knowledge of the issues of the communities we cover and should approach the job with creativity and curiosity.


• Writing daily news and feature stories, for print and web, in a timely fashion • Envisioning and producing multimedia packages and digital extras, leveraging social media to break news and reach readers • Taking an active role in initiating story ideas and generating feature stories, with a focus on hyper-local content • Developing and mining sources to produce exclusive content • Actively contributing to daily story meetings, providing original ideas for stories and multimedia features


• Reporting experience at a newspaper • Superior organizational skills • Ability to meet tight deadlines • Ability to generate and execute story ideas • Ability to work constructively as part of a newsroom team • Fluency in social media • Must have a car and valid driver’s license Interested applicants are invited to submit an application, with resume and clippings, to Now editor Beau Simpson by 5 p.m., April 5.

Email: Mail: Suite 201 - 7889 132nd Street Surrey, B.C. V3W 4N2 Our thanks to everyone who applies. Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012


Customer Service

CUSTOMER SERVICE Representative Internet yarn retailer located in Ladner has an opening for a part -time (22.5-30 hours per week) customer service representative. The successful applicant must be able to demonstrate topnotch writing skills and a sound knowledge of knitting. Familiarity with internet and email conventions, close attention to detail, and a commitment to excellence, are necessary. The successful applicant must also be able to work on a schedule that will include weekdays and weekends. Preference will be given to applicants with customer service experience and knowledge of MS Office, particularly MS Access. Please email cover letter and resume to:



CLASS ONE DRIVER VITRUM INDUSTRIES, one of the largest glass fabricators in the Pacific Northwest is looking for an experienced Class One Driver. Duties Include: Deliveries; and Knuckle Crane Operation. Education: Valid class one drivers license; Experience operating knuckle crane. Requirements: Winter driving experience; Able to do out of town trips (all expenses paid by employer); Minimum three years driving experience. Compensation: Competitive wages and benefit package available. To Apply: Please email or fax ONLY your resume: By Email:

By Fax: 604-882-3516, Attention Michael DO NOT phone about this position.

ROLL-OFF Truck Driver Port Guichon Farms is looking for a full time driver, for local hourly work. $20 per hour. Class 3 with air, and exp required. Resume and abstract to Greg: Fax: 604-946-1498 or Email: DRIVERS WANTED AZ, DZ, 3 or 1: - Terrific career opportunity with outstanding growth potential to learn how to locate rail defects using non-destructive testing. No Exp. Needed!! Plus extensive paid travel, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation and benefits pkg. Skills Needed - Ability to travel 3 months at a time, valid license, High School Diploma or GED. Apply online at: under careers. Click here to apply, keyword: Driver. DO NOT FILL IN CITY OR STATE. EOE



Compassionate woman needed to provide personal care assistance to quadraplegic woman. MUST live in the Ladner Tsawassen area. Please leave message at 604-940-3901.



with Class 2 Drivers Licence Competitive wages & training provided. Start immediately. Please send resume & driver’s abstract to: THIRDWAVE BUS SERVICES Fax: 604-247-1222 Email:


Farm Workers


5501 Grove Avenue, Delta Farm Labourer for Wun Hing Farm Ltd. 50 hours weekly, $10.25/hr. Job includes: hand harvesting and weeding from June 15 to November 30, 2012. Must be able to lift 25 kg. Contact Chun 604-946-6579


General Employment

Become a Registered Personal Trainer. See our ad under Education. Hilltop 604-930-8377

ly N


City of Yellowknife Building Inspector II

The City of Yellowknife has a vacancy for a Building Inspector II. For more information on this position, including salary and benefits, please refer to our web page at: www.yellowknife. ca. Submit resumes by April 5, 2012, quoting #220-139U to: Human Resources Division, City of Yellowknife, P.O. Box 580, YK, NT, X1A 2N4, Fax: (867) 669-3471, or Email: DRAFTSMEN AGI-ENVIROTANK in Biggar, SK. requires draftsmen. Relocation to Biggar required. $25-40hr DOE. Experience in oilfield tank assembly and autodesk inventor is an asset. Send resume to: or fax: 306-948-5263 GARDEN AND odd jobs, help required once per week, approx 4 hrs. Must be midweek, pay depends on exp. 604-946-8083



WELDERS AGI-Envirotank in Biggar, SK. requires journeymen welders. Relocation to Biggar required. $30hr DOE. Oilfield tank assembly experience would be an asset. Company offers a comprehensive benefit package. Send resume to: or fax: 306-948-5263.

TRUTH IN ''EMPLOYMENT'' ADVERTISING Glacier Media Group makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

Home Support

HOMECARE PERSON required for elderly women, room and board + $1600 per month commensurate with qualifications, forward resume by email to: or Please reply to box D10 C/O Delta Optimist, #207-4840 Delta St, Delta BC, V4K 2T6

Office Personnel

Part Time Reception/Front Desk Person for Optometrist office in Tsawwassen. Saturdays included. Computer familiarity required. Send resume to 'Reception position' at or to 214-1077 56 St. V4L 2A2



PRO-LINE CONSTRUCTION is a leading supplier of Construction materials. We are looking for a qualified full time Hiab operator for our Surrey Branch. We offer a competative hourly wage, benefits as well as a RRSP plan. Please fax resume Attn: Andy Mrak to 604-596-4559 or apply in person to 13385 Comber Way, Surrey PRO-LINE CONSTRUCTION is a leading supplier of Construction Materials. We are looking for an INSIDE SALES person for our Surrey Branch. Must have construction material & office experience, good comminucation and computer skills. We offer a competative wage, Benefit package as well as a RRSP plan.. E-mail resume attn: Andy Mrak to:

For Sale Miscellaneous

16 FT CANOE $45, ALSO 12ft Trampoline $45. Call 604-943-3931




2 LAZYBOY chairs $150 each, burgundy, good condition. 604-943-7015

WHEELCHAIR, 'TILT', suits 180lb, gel cushion, $2200. Silver plate tea/coffee set, 5 pce $100, all obo. Call 604-943-1036 SAWMILLS FROM only $3997 MAKE MONEY & SAVE MONEY with your own bandmill - Cut lumber any dimension. In stock ready to ship. FREE Info & DVD: 400OT 1-800-566-6899 Ext:400OT. STEEL BUILDINGS FOR ALL USES! Spring Deals! Make an offer on sell-off models at factory and save thousands NOW! Call for FREE Brochure 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170. STEEL OF A DEAL - BUILDING SALE! 20X24 $4798. 25X30 $5998. 30X42 $8458. 32X58 $12,960. 40X60 $15,915. 47X80 $20,645. One end wall included. Pioneer Steel 1-800-668-5422. STEREO HI FI 25-30 yrs old, records included $200. dishes, silverware & glassware $50. Salad maker $25. 604-946-5819

Career Services/ Job Search

EMPLOYERS SEEK out CanScribe grads. Contact us today. 1.800.466.1535 TRAIN TO BE AN Apartment/ Condominium Manager at home! We have jobs across Canada. Thousands of graduates working. 31 years of success! Government certified. or 1-800-665-8339, 604-681-5456.

Looking for a New Career Direction? Discover a World of Possibilities in the Classifieds! Call

604.630.3300 to Advertise




Richmond: Apr 7 or 29 Surrey: Every Saturday! Also Bby • Coq • P.Meadows • Van • Lgly Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Continuing Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!


APPLY NOW: Pennywise Scholarship For Women to attend Journalism certificate course at Langara College in Vancouver. Deadline May 30, 2012. More information:

Hilltop Academy 604-930-8377

Job Placement Assistance

All advertising published in this newspaper is accepted on the premise that the merchandise and services offered are accurately described and willingly sold to buyers at the advertised prices. Advertisers are aware of these conditions. Advertising that does not conform to these standards or that is deceptive or misleading, is never knowingly accepted. If any reader encounters non-compliance with these standards we ask that you inform the Publisher of this newspaper and The Advertising Standards Council of B.C. OMISSION AND ERROR: The publishers do not guarantee the insertion of a particular advertisement on a specified date, or at all, although every effort will be made to meet the wishes of the advertisers. Further, the publishers do not accept liability for any loss or damage caused by an error or inaccuracy in the printing of an advertisement beyond the amount paid for the space actually occupied by the portion of the advertisement in which the error occurred. Any corrections or changes will be made in the next available issue. The Delta Optimist will be responsible for only one incorrect insertion with liability limited to that portion of the advertisement affected by the error. Request for adjustments or corrections on charges must be made within 30 days of the ad’s expiration.

For best results please check your ad for accuracy the first day it appears. Refunds made only after 7 business days notice!


Queen size mattress & frame, Simons Beauty Rest $300, desk/ sofa tbl $150, 604-362-7435


Quality Walk-in Safety Tubs High Gloss Acrylic-$3,895.00 www.bcseniorsafetyservices .com Call 604-940-8814 Professional Installation


CITY OF YELLOWKNIFE Building Inspector II. The City of Yellowknife has a vacancy for a Building Inspector II. For more information on this position, including salary and benefits, please refer to our web page at: Submit resumes by April 5, 2012, quoting #220-139U to: Human Resources Division, City of Yellowknife, P.O. Box 580, YK, NT, X1A 2N4 Fax: (867) 669-3471 or Email:



Garage Sale


BEAUTIFUL MAHOGANY dropleaf dining table with four chairs, in excellent condition. Especially well designed for where you don’t have a lot of space. $700. Call John at 604-209-6562 Chocolate Brown Chest of Drawers, 5 drawers $55. Small Maple Double Pedestal Desk-w/7 drawers $45. Both are solid wood and in good condition. Offers. Phone for details 604.940.1656

ONE twin bed and two mattresses, almost new. One twin bed with headboard and two mattresses, in excellent condition. $250. 604-943-1246

Saturday & Sunday Mar 31, and April 1, 8:30am-1pm 5503 Wallace Ave Lots of stuff includes lamps, tables, bdrm ste, dining room ste, sofa’s, chairs, etc. Everything must go!!


MOVING SALE! 6 antique carved oak dining room chairs, some need upholst. $3000. Small square pedestal type coffee/end table, marble top, $100. Many other items, large and small call for details. 604-943-1458


COMPLETE WINE making set, free, must p/up includes 100 empty bottles. Call 604 -943-6989

Childcare Available

CHILDCARE Available (SAHM) Looking to take on another child. Clean, loving home, lots of toys. Kathy 604-940-9178


Daycare Centres

Creation Station Daycare Reasonably Priced, Quality, Licensed Group Care. Daily structured programs includes preschool & school-age program. Large fenced playground & indoor gym.



Free Loveseat & matching chair, blue fabric, good condition, must pickup, 604-948-1326


DOWNSIZING 1 navy blue leather couch $400, matching navy lthr loveseat $250, navy lthr recliner $150, 1 curio style glass/oak end table $200, 2 antique clocks, 604-943-4644 aft 6pm



required for well established Glass Shop in Delta. Fulltime, Mon-Fri. 8am-4:30pm, wages negotiable, good benefits. Drivers license a must. Call 604-946-9711


General Employment



Call Today to Place Your Ad in

BENGAL KITTENS, vet ✔ 1st shots dewormed, sweet natured, $700 Mission 1-604-814-1235


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• BC’s New Employment Centres • CV or resume • Dressing for an interview

CAREERS IN: • • • •


Find your copy of NEXT at libraries, employment centres, SkyTrain stations and post secondary and secondary schools.

Become a Registered Personal Trainer • Earn up to $70/hr.

Next Issue: April 7 Employers seek out CanScribe grads. Contact us today. 1.800.466.1535


Advertising Deadline: March 29

Contact Kim De Wildt • 604-998-1205 •

March 14, 2012 The Delta Optimist







6 YR old fem doberman black and tan, spayed, healthy, good with kids & people. Grt watchdog. $250. 604-820-8484 604-626-5617

ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding, $399+. 604-590-3727 or 604-514-3474


YELLOW LAB p/b puppy. No papers. 1 male, 4 mo. Dewormed, 1st shot. $400. 778-373-1234

Fila/Mastiff Guard Dog Pups owners closest friend. Thieves worst nightmare. All shots. Ready now! 604-817-5957


LAB PUPPIES yellow, males & females, view reg’d parents $550, vet checked,. Ph 604-701-1587

Accounting/ Bookkeeping REG/BELGIAN SHEPHERD Malinois pups, top European working bloodlines. Avail end April vet checked, vac. 1-250-333-8862


25 years Experience Business, Non-profit Associations Housing & Personal taxes, payroll Call Gilles: 604-789-7327




CALL 604.630.3300 TODAY!

SAVE A LIFE. Wonderful rescue dogs from Foreclosed Upon Pets. Spay/neutered, regular vaccinations & rabies, microchipped. $449 adoption fee, avail at your local Petcetera stores. SHIH TZU puppies, male & female, $500. Ph 1-604-861-1477 or 1-604-793-3870 - Chilliwack

AUCTION CALENDAR GIANT AUCTION Food & Restaurant Equipment Tools • Racking • Bath & Spa Fixtures


Viewing Times: Friday, March 30th; 9:00 am - 4:30 pm Saturday, March 31st; 9:00 am ’Til Auction Time

NEW & USED EQUIPMENT: Middleyby Marshall Pizza Ovens Lincoln Impinger Pizza Ovens Doyon 2 Deck Oven & Doyon 2 Rack Proofer Counter Top Sheeters (Doyon/Anets) New & Used Refrigeration Sinks Work Tables Walk-In Coolers & Freezers Dishwashers Stoves Ranges Grills Several Dough (Pizza) Mixers ( 8 to 80 qt.) Pizza & Sandwich Prep Tables Vac. Packer Holding Cabinets Combi & Convection Ovens Meat Band Saw Small Wares Glass Ware Pots & Pans Capp & Coffee Machines Meat Slicers Deep Fryers Coffin Coolers Kettles & Skillets Canopies Many New & Used Rest. Tables & Chairs Bar Stools Canopies Air Exchange Units Jetted Bathtub w/ TV Bracket Steam/Twin Shower Vanity & Sink Pallet Racking Generator Chem Pump Welder Plus Much More . . .

• • •

CRIMINAL RECORD? Don’t let it block employment, travel, education, professional, certification, adoption property rental opportunities. For peace of mind & a free consultation call 1-800-347-2540. DIAL-A-LAW: ACCESS free information on BC law. 604-687-4680; 1.800.565.5297; (audio available).


Legal Services

LAWYER REFERRAL SERVICE: need a lawyer? Learn more by calling 604-687-3221; 1.800.663.1919.


Money to Loan

SMALL BUSINESS GRANTS start or grow your small business. Free to apply. Qualify for up to 100K.

Reduce Reuse Recycle The classifieds can help! 604.795.4417 604.630.3300


HERBAL MAGIC - With Herbal Magic lose up to 20 pounds in just 8 weeks and keep it off. Results Guaranteed! Start today, Call 1-800-821-8679 HERBAL MAGIC - With Herbal Magic lose up to 20 pounds in just 8 weeks and keep it off. Results Guaranteed! Start today call 1-800-854-5176.





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Financial Services

2720 No. 5 Road, Richmond, B.C.




Avoid Bankruptcy, Stops Creditor Calls. Much lower Payments at 0% Interest. We work for You, not Your Creditors.

Call 1-866-690-3328

DROWNING IN DEBTS? Helping Canadians 25 years. Lower payments by 30%, or cut debts 70% thru Settlements. AVOID BANKRUPTCY! Free consultation. or Toll Free 1 877-556-3500 IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS can lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161. MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Business Opps/ Franchises

A Great Janitorial Franchise Opportunity

*Annual starting revenue of $12,000-$120,000 *Guaranteed cleaning contracts *Professional training provided *Financing available *Ongoing support *Low down payment required Contact Coverall of BC A Respected Worldwide Leader in Franchised Office Cleaning!

604.434.7744 •

ATTENTION BUSINESS OWNERS. Fully automated Payday Loan Kiosks now available. Minimum investment $14,995.00 Visit or call toll free at 1-855-279-9442. GET FREE VENDING MACHINES - Create Your Own Cash Income Up To $100,000+ Per Year. Minimum Investment $1,895.00. For More Details CALL NOW. 1-866-668-6629 Website WWW.TCVEND.COM

NOTE: Furniture Auctions Held Every Wednesday @ 6 PM & Restaurant / Food Equipment Auctions Held Monthly

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CUT YOUR Debt by up to 70% DEBT Forgiveness Program


Legal Services

1-877-342-3032 or 1-900-528-6256 or mobile # 3563 (18+) $3.19/


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Health Products & Services


GET PAID TO LOSE WEIGHT. $5,000 For Your Success Story. Personal Image TV Show. Call to Qualify: 416-730-5684 ext 2243.

BEAGLES, 1 male 11mos, 1 female 14mos. tricolor, healthy, happy, $350ea. Call 604-701-1587


• • • •


CKC REG lab retriver pups black & yellow. Field champion stock. Shots, dew claws removed, wormed. $1,000. 604-454-8643

PB RAGDOLL kittens, vet ✔ 1st shots, dewormed, health guar., $450 & up Cel # 604-477-9961





Legal Services

CRIMINAL RECORD? Money-back Guarantee 100,000+ Record removals since 1989. Confidential, Fast Affordable - A & BBB Rating. Assures employment and travel freedom. Call for Free Info booklet. 1-8-NOW-PARDON (1-866-972-7366)


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The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

REAL ESTATE RENTALS Real Estate Services



Houses - Sale

6020-36 ED GOSS Park Georgia Realty

SELLING /BUYING Serving you for 28 years Call 604-644-0141


Condos/ Townhouses


New Westminster

BY OWNER, 2200sf, 3 BR + den, 2.5 bath, 7300sf lot, facing south, $669,000 604-943-9600


N. WEST: 2 BR, sunny west exp, W/D, rentals/pets ok. $219,900. HIRA • Sutton• 604-318-9474


North Vancouver

S. Surrey/ White Rock

3BDRM/1BTH 13231 Amble Greene Place Open House Sat Mar 24 & 31 $899,000. Located Ocean Park area. Large yard. 778-989-6397 New World Realty

6025 1 BR. Uptown New West Condo, Best Price on MLS, $155,000 Bright, Price reduced $8,800. Going to Calgary, 650 Sq. Ft. Full Reno, Pool, Prkg, 7 Blocks to New West Skytrain, big rooms, Dog OK. Call Cindy Gering at 604-779-1292 Royal Lepage


Industrial/ Commercial

Commercial Property Kingsway BBY, 5% return, good investment. Price $1,595K. 604-324-0655


Mobile Homes

LANGLEY Park Like Setting newly renod, air conditoning, seniors 2 BR double wide, ample decks/storage, 5 mins from shops and hospital. Electrical certified. #18-4426 232nd Street $48,000. 604-534-2997


Out Of Town Property

BY OWNER brand new 2 br, 2 bath, fp, Central Lonsdale Polygon’s Anderson Walk. View, immed occupancy. 980sf $669,000 604-988-6820

For Sale by Owner


673 Homes 62 businesses FSBO Sell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243 Surrey Centre ground level 1500sf 2br 2ba 45+ tnhse $254,900 868-7716 id5516 Surrey E Newton nr new, 4200sf 6br 5.5ba w/suite, $719K 778-846-8047 id5517


Houses - Sale


Real Estate

★ WE BUY HOMES ★ Damaged Homes! Pretty Homes! Any Condition! No Fees! No Risk! Quick Cash! Convenient! Private! ( 604) 657-9422


Any Price, Any Location Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk!

604-435-5555 / 604-786-4663

Fabulous Summer Home Terrific Retirement Home Country Bed & Breakfast $537,500 USD * 2,750 sqft./ on .95 acres* * 4 Bedrooms * 3.25 Bathrooms * Oversized 2 Car Garage * Carport & Outbuilding * Drive onto Beautiful Samish Island, just North of Anacortes, Wa., to this custom Craftsman home with 25 feet of waterfront with adjacent road access. Park like setting. Two level exotic wood deck with views of Padilla Bay. Master with high ceilings, walk in closet, attached bath and solid Carerra marble surfaces. Bonus room upstairs. Extensive hardwoods, solid fir doors, walkin pantry, plenty of indoor storage, maple cabinets. For more information pls call:




Recreation Property

★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Exclusive & Private Lake Shore Cottage, for all info: $329,000 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

Sunshine Coast

HOUSE ON 1/2 acre lot, rented, future developement, good investment. $695K 604-324-0655



Suites/Partial Houses

1 BDRM, large, Tsaw. Avail April 1st, inste w/d, 5 appl, ns np, $850 incl utilities. 604-943-3567 2 BDRM, legal ste, West Ladner, incl heat, fncd yd, light, N/S, no pets, $975. April 1. 604-613-2663

TSAW EXEC 3 br, 2nd flr crnr,3 ba, all ammens, incl ldry, fp, heat, np, no bbq, $1900 604-943-6163

2 BR + storage, 1200sf, ground level entry, yard, gas fp, hi ceiling, wd, np ns, $1120+utils, cable/net incld, NOW, Tsaw. 604-229-2125

TSAWWASSEN COURT 2 Br $925 new reno, grd flr, quiet, Incl heat/hw. 604-250-5390

3 BR upper lvl, 5 appl, Ladner main lvl entry, storage, carport, ns, np, $1200 604-940-9572


Houses - Rent

5BDRM/2BTH. 5719 Grove Ave Delta Split level home, inlaw suite possibile. $1800. Call: (604)761-1419 SRY, S. Big 6 room house. 3 baths. 20 min. to beach. Near bus #351. 1 hour service to downtown Vncr. $1,950/mo. 604-733-6184 STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN ● No Qualification - Low Down ● LANGLEY - 4 - 20159 68th Ave, TOWNHOUSE, 3bd, bright, quiet, family end unit, garage..$1,488/M CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 bdrm, 1 bath, cozy HOUSE on 49’x171’lot, Exc investment. $888/M

Call Kristen today (604)786-4663

TWSA, stunning 4 BR, 3bath family home, like new, hw/tile flrs, delux kitch, granite counter, high end appls, lrg deck for entertaining, lrg back yrd, 2 lvls, 2 master’s with enste, 1 on each level, perfect for a family with teenager or relative, quiet safe street, walk to schools, high end rental $3400/mo + util, NS, min yr lease, long term preferred. Pets considered. Apr 1, 604-818-7106


2BDRM/1BTH NEWLY RENOVATED 1000 sqft Suite W.Ladner updated bright & spacious, priv entry/ lrg S bkyrd. Incl; W/D,FP,storage,free wifi & satellite TV. NS,NP. Share util. $75/mo. One Car Prkg. Avail May 1. Req Ref/Dep. $985/mo Call: (604) 312-1145 DELTA, 2 BR glvl ste, bright, avail Apr 1, w/d, 900 sf, f/p, nr bus, $950 incls utils, 604 946-3125 LADNER 1 BR bsmt, great location, f/yard, inste w/d, ns/np, April 1, $600+ utils, 604-946-6739 LADNER 1 BR glvl ste, brand new, ns/np, nr bus, NOW, $650 incls util, w/d, 778-960-1917


Wanted To Rent

Dreaming of a New Home?

★ TSAWWASSEN Office/Commercial space 786 -1658 sq ft.

Check the Real estate section.

To advertise call 604-630-3300



TSAWWASSEN Shawnigan 1 bedroom suites available with in-suite storage. Building is located on bus route and within walking distance of shopping centre. For more info please call 604-306-1499 Kelly Court / Kerry Court / Tsawwassen Terrace

Need a New Place? Find one in the Classifieds To advertise call 604-630-3300

WANT A VEHICLE BUT STRESSED ABOUT YOUR CREDIT? Christmas in March, $500 cash back. We fund your future not your past. All credit situations accepted. 1-888-593-6095.


1984 PONTIAC TRANS AM, 19,577 kms. 1 owner, new paint No accid. $1700obo 604-395-2778



Domestic 3094 Westwood St, Port Coq 604 945-4999. 2925 Murray St, Port Moody 604 461-7995.


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

1992 JEEP YJ, new rear end & soft top, no rust, 4 cyl std, runs well. $3100 Call 778-847-1512

2002 CHEV Trailblazer Ltd, 7 pass full load,new trans, new snows, $7,700 778-847-1512 1995 FERRARI F355 GTB. Meticulously cared for. Canadian car. Recent full engine out service, new clutch and release bearing, Tubi exhaust, Hyperflow cats, wheel spacers. Drives and looks perfect! A must see! $54,900. Call 778-834-6069


1990 OLDS Ciera 6 cyl auto, very clean, 115,000 km, a/c, $2,500 obo 604-465-5103


Luxury Cars

Collectibles & Classics

1994 FORD Thunderbird, mint 145,000 k loaded, 2nd owner, maroon, $3 700 obo 604-392-3996

1997 PORSCHE 911 C2S Wide body. Silver on black. Last of the air cooled, hand built 911’s. Tiptronic. Mint cond. Many extras! 117K km. $36,999. 604-630-2500

2002 GMC Avalanche, Special Edition, 4x4, 5.3 Vortec, 130K, Alarm, Keyless Entry, Dual Climate Control, A/C, Sunroof, Heated Mirrors, Rear Defrost, Heated Leather Seats, compass, New Tires, Tow Pkg, Backseats fold into bed, Immaculate Condition, Private Sale, $11,700 or fair offer, Please call 604-308-3167

2001 Acura CL

• Black on black leather interior • Power everything (seats, mirrors, windows, sunroof) • Heated front seats • 6 disc CD player with bose sound system • Automatic transmission with triptronic shifting • Comes with winter, and all season tires; both in great shape • Air conditioning • 109,000 km • HID headlights • Dual exhaust

Asking $7,500 Please call 604.316.4342 2001 CHEVROLET Cavalier, ONLY 70,000 Orig. KM, 4 Door, Auto A/C, AM/FM Radio, White Ext., Grey Int. Very Clean in / out perfect commuter vehicle $3500 obo contact 778-227-1041. can email photo’s if interested. 2002 PONITAC Grand Am CE, 120K, exc cd, new trans. Must see/drive. $3,200. 604-582-5815 2005 CAVALIER 59,000k’s, 2 dr, 5 spd, stnd, 1 owner, a/c, tilt, am/ fm CD $3100. Ph 604-823-4422

Evergreen Lane

2006 LINCOLN LS, 1 owner 26,000K, garage kept, immac, loaded, dark wine colour ext, blk leather int, $18,500 + HST. Call 604 584-4704 or 778 228-2721

Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes

1973 TRIUMPH 750 Bonneville, runs great, Mikuni carbs, K&N filters, $3950. well maint. extra partS, 604-792-6404 (lve mess.)


Scrap Car Removal

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200

2005 WHITE Mazda P/U truck, V6, auto, new brakes & tires, 186,000kms good condition $6150 Tel: 778-578-5988

2007 DODGE Ram 3500 Diesel $31,900 (604) 835-7655 # 8291


Sports & Imports

1994 PONTIAC Trans Am GT red with grey int., well maint., lady driven $4800. Serious inquires only. Ph 604-997-2583

AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673 ALEX’S TOWING FREE SCRAP CAR REMOVAL No Wheels, No Problem CASH for some complete cars OPEN 24 hrs includes holidays MIKE 604-872-0109


2005 AUDI S4. Quattro (AWD). 102,000 km. Blk leather. Incl 2 set of wheels & tires. 6 speed. Power everything! Exc cond. $19,500. Call/text Rick @ 778-847-2975.



604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H


*Scrap Car Towing* Will pay at least $150 4 your car/truck more if...604-306-0356 2008 CHEVROLET Impala 93K $9,100 (604) 835-7655 # 8291


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2007 PT CRUISER. Hot deal! Auto, low kms, very clean. Cream exterior, grey interior. A/C. Mag wheels. Spoiler. Aircared. Rear wiper. $6,995 obo. 778-242-2018 2008 PONTIAC WAVE, auto, 4 dr sedan, high kms, runs great, white, $4500 firm. 604-538-9257

1988 TOYOTA P/U, ext, 5 sp, V6, 4x4, $1675. 1992 TOYOTA P/U, ext, 5 sp, raised, V6, 4x4, $2350, D9921 in Abbts. toll free 1-877-855-6522


Affordable 1 & 3 bedroom suites available in the heart of Ladner Village. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes and hot water. Shops and bus stop nearby. To view or for more info please call 604-868-9453 Sorry No Pets or BBQs References Required


FULL SIZE VEHICLES Serving the Delta area for 20 yrs. Call 604- 649-1627, 946-0943


Bachelor, 1 and 2 bedroom suites available in one of our 4 well maintained bldgs. Located near shops, school and bus routes. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets and drapes. To view these suites please call 604-454-4469

2004 GMC Envoy XUV, 96,500km silver, 1 owner, V6 4.2L $16,999 A/cared 2013. 604.318.9890


Del Rio and Lora Court

1 and 2 bedroom suites available in a quiet well maintained buildings. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes, heat and h/w. To make an appt to view please call 604-946-4633

2005 ASTON Martin DB9. 'James Bond style car!' Silver metallic. 23,000 km. 6.0, V12, 450 hp. New tires. 1 owner. You deserve the best! $87,980. 604-781-7614. 2007 BMW 525I, black, loaded, leather, sunroof, very clean, 122K, $26,500. 604-999-4097

1 bedroom suites available in quiet well maintained buildings, close to all amenities. Rents include heat and hot water. Parking is included at Tsawwassen Terrace. Kelly/Kerry Court building updates consist of putting greens, windows and patio doors. For more information or to view these suites please call 604-306-7877

Century Village and Tsawwassen Manor

MUST SELL!!! $217,000. 200ft ocean front. Hardy Island, 10 acres, sheltered bay, deep moorage, drilled well, septic approved, 5 min ot BC Ferry term, prop/fuel delivery, cell/internet, reasonable offers only. Call Rick 604-582-6907 or 604-230-8117

NEED A VEHICLE? EASY FINANCE!! Low Payments! $99 Delivers 24 Hour Approval. We Deliver! 3,000 Vehicles to choose. Call Now! Marty 1-888-414-8042. Big Discounts!

Fully loaded 2001 Acura CL in great condition inside and out, and runs really well.

Space for Lease


Auto Miscellaneous

COUPLE WITH small dog would like to rent a cottage or small house, 2 bdrm 2 bath, Tsaw or Ladner area 250-263-7747

Office/Retail Rent

Contact Tina or Sandra at Century Group 604-943-2203


LADNER NEWLY reno’d 1 bdrm ste, $800 incl utils, ns np, avail Immediately 778-227-8306

Beautiful complex consisting of 6 bldgs. with landscaped green areas. 1 & 2 bedroom suites, include drapes, wall to wall carpets, balconies, elevators, and wheel chair access. Tsaw. Manor includes heat. Close to beach, parks, recreation centre & school. To make an appt to view please call 604-948-9111

Langley/ Aldergrove


LGE 2 Bdrm Suite - Tsaw $1400 Incl util wifi d/w, ldry, NS, Pet OK. (778) 840-1255


9418 Marshall Rd, Bow, WA 3 BR home from $18,500 down $1,710/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain @ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock

7243 199 Street, Langley Beautiful 4 BR family home with legal bsmt ste, central location, $629,000. Sutton West Coast RUPE MANN 778 240-7914

Apartments & Condos

Robert & Nancy Chaney, (for sale by owners)





2008 CHRYSLER 300 Touring $12,500. (604) 835-7655 Clearwaybc,ca # 8291

1992 DODGE Dakota pick-up, extra cab, auto, a/c, V6, aircared, runs good $1100obo. 604-984-7574

2008 VW Passat Wagon, 2.0T, silver, loaded, auto, low kms, wrty, no accid, non smoker, alarm, immac, $20,800 obo, 604-980-7675

March 14, 2012 The Delta Optimist

HOME SERVICES Computer Services




YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

Delta PC Service & Consulting

makes your computer work again! Best rates on the market. Guaranteed Virus Removal.




DRYWALL. Low prices, good clean work. Fast & reliable. Residential & commercial. Mike 604-789-5268 *Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925

EXCAVATING & BOBCAT SERVICES • Garage Teardowns • Demolition • Driveway Widening • Concrete & Asphalt Removal • Landscape Removal • Yard Leveling & Clean Up • Digging & Trenching • Dirt Removal • Retaining Wall • 10-40 Yard Disposal Bins






Professional Electrical Services Panel Upgrades Surge Protection Renos – Hot Tubs Safety Checks Lic. #26765 • South Delta based


one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865



# 1167 LIC. $25 service charge. Bonded. BBB, lrg & sm jobs, expert trouble shooter. 617-1774

AARONS GUTTERS CLEANING & Repair. 2 storey home from $95. WCB BBB 24yr exp 604 655-7858

Sports & Imports


Sports & Imports


604-649-0502 (cell)


ADVANTAGE HEATING Furnaces/Boilers Repair/Replace 24hr Service,Financing Available 604-940-0008 Visa/MC/Amex




over 25 years experience call Lance:




12’ BOAT, fibreglass, deep hull. 15' transom, 2 oars, 2 life jackets, 4 HP Johnson outboard motor, new plastic tank & hose. Safe and solid. No leaks. Moving - must sell! $800 obo. 604-527-7727 Aluminum Boat Wanted, 10, 12 or 14 ft, with or without motor or trailer. Will pay $. 604-319-5720

rhero aise the supe LE DEAL! Pr Tights . es lin 3 UNBELIEVAB in e of this vehicl capabilities 4-630-3300. tional. Call 60 op pe ca d an




1 photo auto ad, 3 lines in 12 community papers. 1 online auto ad, 5 photos, many lines. It runs till you cancel, for up to one year.

We can sell your stuff. Give us a call. 604.630-3300



Lawn & Garden

landscape construction

paving stones, concrete fences, arbors, sheds retaining walls decks, railings, stairs lawn installation

renovations interior exterior kitchens, bathrooms doors, windows hardiboard, cedar siding

604 948 5296

Spring Services

Same Day Service, Fully Insured


• Lawn Maintenance • Fertilizing • Yard Clean-ups • Aeration • Pruning/Hedges • Power Raking • Rubbish Removal • Odd jobs •Yearly Maintenance Programs •

310-JIMS (5467) BOOK A JOB AT

(WCB Insured) Tel: 604-948-0267 • 604-842-1468

MR GARDENING SERVICES Pruning - Planting - Beds Call Michael 604-943-6951



• Exterior house cleaning • Pressure Washing • Gutters

Painting/ Wallpaper

Houses, Siding, Driveways, Patios, Painting, Interior/Exterior

Seniors Discount

Phone: 604.946.9395 Cell: 604.812.7255

PAINTING Low rates 100% guaranteed Free estimate







PAUL WEATHERBY Property Maintenance • • • • • • •

Lawn Care & Maintenance Pruning and Hedging Full Yard Cleanups Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Rubbish Removal Fencing & Repairs

✔ Deep Core Aerating $49.95 WOW ✔ Lawn Maintenance ✔ Lime, Fertilize etc.

“1 Call is All”

Landscape PLUS

Maintenance & Contracting

WCB 604-943-0043 Local Resident 38 years

1979 MCI M/H, 40’, new engine, ready to travel of live aboard, pics avail. $59,900. 604-856-2455

Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee



PAINT RITE BY RICH For all your Painting needs!

Richard Ryan

604-946-4889 604-649-4930

Member: Better Business Bureau

604 •240 •2194 604 •943 •2401

For anything Yard Related!

Interior & Exterior ~ FREE ESTIMATES ~


Best In Class Painting Low rates, refs avail. 100% guaranteed Mark 778-323-1045 CONFIDENT PAINTING LTD Int/Ext Specialist 20 yr exp. Reas rates, quality. Licensed, Ins, WCB

Jean-Guy 604-626-1975

TAKE AWAY THE PRESSURE Painting, interior/exterior Contact Ian 604-946-9395..604-812-7255

“Give us a Call!”


2001 27 ft Ford Motorhome 450 super duty, V10 pwr, island bed, ent ctre, slp 4, as new $21,000 due to illness 604-929-7575

The Most Thorough Lawn Service Ever…


Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick,

Lawn Mowing Aeration & Power Raking Lime & Moss Control Hedging, Yard Cleanup & More

drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187



Call us today (604) 229-2797 or visit 2007 SALEM 27 RLSS travel trailer, lge slide, sep bdrm, like new, n/s. $18,500. 604-613-4370 More pics:

★DAN’S YARD WORK★ Lawn Maint - Hedge Trimming Yard Cleanup ★ 604-417-2011

10% Off with this Ad! For all your plumbing, heating & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005

2008 SPORTSMEN 28’ 5th wheel, all equip’d, spotless. $19,900 obo. 604-230-2728

Gardening & Landscaping, Maint, Press. Wash. Call Ibro 604 318-5636 Emil 604 710-1726

PRECISION 1 Plumbing & Heating, Lic. & Ins. hw tanks, service, renos. Rick 604-809-6822

JJ ROOFING, Repair specialist, Reroof, New Roof. Seniors disc. WCB, BBB, fully insured. 604-726-6345

SAVE on ROOFING Ltd Reroofing / Repair / New Roof Fully Ins. WCB. 10% disc, Work Gtd, Free Est. 778-319-5001



Rubbish Removal


Over 25 years serving South Delta

Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Bathroom & Shower Repairs 20 years experience Free estimates

604-948-9573 Cell: 604-836-8943

• Rubbish Removal • Reno Clean-Up • Yard Trimmings • Gutter Cleaning

604-649-9600 DISPOSAL BINS: All bins are $199 + dump fees. 604-306-8599


LARRY’S CLEANUP: Rubbish, cleanups, yard waste, gutters... est 25 yrs. 604-649-9600

• Complete renovation services • Design & project management • Renovations & new homes

ROD’S HAUL IT AWAY 778-668-4285

over 25 years experience

604 240 9340

RDM ENTERPRISES For All Your Household Repairs and Renovations. Interior and Exterior Finishing, Fences & Decks, Kitchens, Bathrooms & Plumbing Refs Avail. Free Estimates

Stucco/Siding/ Exterior



THE TILE GUY Tiles, Pavers & Stone

ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! 778 997-9582

over 25 yrs exp


GENESIS Landscaping & Renovations -10% off all labour special Local res. 778-899-3407



Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too Big or Small. 604-725-8925

Rob 604-946-4796


1996 ITASCA Class A M/H 28ft, new awning, exc cond. 100,000 kms. $16,000 obo. 604-574-3141

Renovations & Home Improvement

ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! A Eastwest Roofing & Siding Re-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBB Member, 10% disc, Seniors Disc, 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

BAYside YARDworks Pressure Washing & Gutters Lawn & Garden. Ryan 604-218-4795

BEST IN CLASS Interior & Exterior



Don’t wait. Call Ian Ferguson


SERVICE EXCELLENCE -Need Help? Paint, tile, renos, Call Ed 604.946.2191 or 604.219.4789

Visit us online to receive a special discount:


WEE HAUL Moving/Rubbish Removal Low Rates. 778-968-3001

QUALITY RENOS. Stairs & decks. Free ests. Call Grant 604-836-3440, 604-940-6894

Tried & True Since 1902

Pressure Washing

$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020

Renovations & Home Improvement

Call for a free estimate:

Experienced Movers ~ 2 Men $55 ~

Over 10 yrs. Exp. • Licenced & Insured • Professional Piano Movers



Steve Watts 604-943-4134 778-228-5639

Moving & Storage


Power Washing


Mark 778-323-1045

CHEVY UPLANDER 2005. V-6, auto, 7 pass., grey, A/C, power locks & windows, cruise, tilt, 93K km. Runs very well. $6,400. 604-241-2530 or 604-375-2570



• Lawn maintenance • Window cleaning Designs • Prunning • • Gutter •cleaning • Lawns • Fences • Decks • • Pressure washing • Stone/Masonary • • Pruning and Hedging • Rubbish Call Hans JOHNremoval 604-943-4546

604 240 9340

2002 DODGE Caravan SE, 3.3L, 105,844km, white, a/c, f/load, exc cond, $4250, 604-988-1253

2001 Volkswagen Golf GLS 4door Automatic 205,000 kms,1 lady owner, mint, pwr wnds/ sunroof, heat seats, roof/bike rack $4,999. Call (604) 983-6967

Lawn & Garden

Too much to do, not enough time? ... I can help!


1995 GMC Safari van, AWD, well maintained, aircared, loaded, 272K kms $1995. 604-832-3283

1996 TOYOTA Corolla 257,000 kms, Reliable, recently serviced; 4 good snow tires on own rims; selling because I inherited a newer car, $2,700. Call: (604) 984-9827


HANDYMAN SERVICES Electrical, Gutters, Fencing, Plumbing, Carpentry, Flooring Renovations, Sheds, Contracting & more Affordable, friendly, fast, reliable, local, guaranteed Call Phil 604-307-6840




Call 778-882-4128




AL’S CERAMIC TILE. Supply & install, samples avail. Free est. 604-948-9573, cell 604-836-8943

Moving & Storage

Need Space? We Have It!




- reduce your costly commercial square footage/ reclaim your garage & yard increase your profit by storing offsite at move that huge boat or RV reduced rates renovating 24/7 Secure store those precious keepsakes

2 locations: LADNER


604-946-0020 360-945-MINI (6464)

Gated Access Reasonable Rates!

Need a Handyman?

Find one in the Home Services section.


A32 The Delta Optimist March 28, 2012

Experience the best for your Sports or Reality TV 1999


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Delta Optimist March 28 2012  

Delta Optimist March 28 2012