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Mother’s heart


Weekly pickup could be trashed Delta considering collecting garbage at curbside every other week in bid to increase landfill diversion rate BY


Delta residents could have their garbage picked up only every other week if a new municipal solid waste reduction plan is approved. The plan, which is still in the works, is to be presented to Delta council in the coming weeks. It has a series of waste reduction targets, keeping in line with Metro Vancouver’s goal to increase the diversion rate of garbage going to the Vancouver Landfill from the current level of 55 per cent to 70

per cent by 2015. The Delta plan could include reducing trash pickup for residents, despite the fact the municipality doesn’t have to pay to have its garbage sent to the Ladner landfill operated by the City of Vancouver. Delta’s environmental advisory committee has expressed support to reduce garbage pickup to every second week as well as the addition of weekly organic waste pickup. The committee was told the current waste disposal contract with Remple expiries in early

2013 and the new garbage contract will provide an opportunity to adjust the frequency of garbage collection and organics.

Coun. Bruce McDonald, who chairs the committee, told the Optimist if garbage pickup moves to every other week, it “will not be an instant thing, but transitioned.” Saying communication is key

to making changes, engineering director Steven Lan agreed, noting an appropriate phasing strategy would have to be considered. “Various municipalities are looking at various approaches, but certainly the end goal is to reach that 70 per cent diversion,” he said. As far as a food waste disposal, the municipality still has to make arrangements to collect uncooked and cooked food scraps. The municipality participated in a pilot project in conjunction with the regional district, but a deal hasn’t been signed to expand the

service Delta-wide. “We want to come forward to council with some options on how we reach that 70 per cent target. A big part of it is how are we going to deal with that food waste,” Lan said. “One of the things, in order to achieve our diversion rates, is to encourage the continued use of backyard composters. That’s very effective too. Those are some of the things that will be in our report.” At the environmental advisory See GARBAGE page 3

Delta close to finding new home for shelter Highway construction not good for animals BY


It looks like dogs, cats and other animals waiting for adoption at the Delta Community Animal Shelter will soon reside in a much better facility. The municipality is in negotiations to acquire property to build a new shelter. An announcement is expected soon. “We’re not in a position where we closed the deal yet but we’re getting very close on a piece of land that will be suitable for the animal shelter,” parks and recreation director Ken Kuntz told the Optimist. “The land that we’re looking at is central to the community and, if we’re successful, it will be a very good opportunity for us to look at the next step, and that’s to pursue building,” he said. Finding a new shelter has been one of the top priorities for Delta council as construction continues



The current home of the Delta Community Animal Shelter is just a stone’s throw from where the South Fraser Perimeter Road is being constructed. on the South Fraser Perimeter Road, a highway that will run right beside the current shelter on 80th Street in the Tilbury industrial area. The animals will not have a peaceful environment once the highway opens for vehicular traffic within a stone’s throw of their kennels. Mayor Lois Jackson recently told one concerned resident the municipality has set aside dollars in this year’s budget for the

construction of a shelter as soon as the land is secured. A dollar figure hasn’t been disclosed as of yet. During a presentation to council last year, shelter manager Sarah Lowe was asked what it’s like for the dogs and cats at the facility while construction is taking place on the highway next door. She said the animals are in a “stressful situation.” The facility has undergone several improvements since the

municipality took over animal control services, including the addition of a trailer where adoptable cats are housed. As far as finding a new location, the municipality made inquiries with property owners in the Tilbury area, gauging if there’s interest in selling land, chief administrative officer George Harvie said last year. There has been talk over the last few years about finding a new shelter location, however, as the

highway gets closer to completion the need has become more critical. As far as what will happen to the current site once a new shelter is built, Kuntz said Metro Vancouver would be approached to see whether the district is interested in using the land. “We are looking ahead and there are some opportunities for that site that would be supportive of the Burns Bog conservation movement,” Kuntz noted.

A2 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

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May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A3

Mothers open hearts & souls Little House Society series allows women to share painful stories of their children’s substance addictions BY


The small group of women gathered in a room in a Tsawwassen church has experienced a pain known by only a few, a pain rarely talked about. The women are all mothers of addicts. The group came together for six Saturdays in April and May for The Heart of a Mother, a series of workshops aimed at women concerned about a child or grandchild’s substance use. They came seeking help and guidance to better deal with their child’s addiction and the effect it has on the family. Hosted by the Little House Society and guided by Kathleen Landry, who has more than 15 years of counselling experience, and Janine Nowacka, who has worked as an addictions counsellor for six years, the sessions tried to answer questions covering substance abuse and addiction, why it happens and what parents should or shouldn’t do. Susan* has been going to AlAnon meetings for three years in an attempt to deal with her 21-year-old son’s addiction. She said she heard about The Heart of a Mother from another Al-Anon member, but felt at first the sessions might be too much. That same week, she received a call from her son. It was 5 a.m. and he was crying and pleading with her to come and pick him up. “He was obviously not sober,” she said. But she went to pick him up anyway. “I realized that that was a mistake,” she said. “You want to help him... you do things out of love that don’t help them at all.” That experience pushed her to sign up for the sessions. “It’s made me feel not so alone,” she said. Susan said her son was “always a challenging child.” By the time he got to high school he had dis-

covered marijuana and alcohol; by 19, he was in the “cocaine lifestyle” in Ladner. “Because there is one,” she said. “In this community, there are far more drugs than we’re aware of.” Things hit a breaking point when Susan discovered her son was stealing money out of her savings account to pay for drugs. She confronted him and at that point he went into treatment. The stories the women tell are different but there is a common thread of pain, addiction and an intense love for their child as they journey with them through addiction. Marie knew her son, 20, was having difficulties but initially chalked it up to teenaged angst. “High school was a nightmare for him,” she said, adding the typical male “strong and silent” reaction kicked in. She said she knew he had started experimenting with drugs and alcohol, but it wasn’t until that experimenting led to an assault conviction the true nature of his problems was revealed. As part of his sentence, Marie’s son had to be home between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. every night. “Because he was at home a lot, that’s when we really saw how bad it was.” Marie said her son was doing (and taking) whatever he could to self-medicate. He had two overdose scares that landed him in the emergency room. With his mental state deteriorating, he agreed to go into treatment. Marie said he is now nearing the end of his treatment and will be coming home soon. She said The Heart of a Mother sessions have helped her learn to make changes to how she, and her family, does things. “Whatever we were doing as a family before wasn’t working,” she said. “I will not react how I did in the past.” Jane had no idea her 19-yearold son had been addicted to

GARBAGE from page 1 committee meeting, it was also suggested people need motivation to do their own composting, so financial incentives could be a driving force. Meanwhile, Delta recently agreed to a one-year contract that will see municipal

green waste go to an East Ladner turf and composting business. Enviro-Smart Organics Ltd., a subsidiary of West Coast Instant Lawns, will receive Delta’s yard waste, some source separated food waste and agricultural solid

Little House Society recently hosted a series of workshops, The Heart of a Mother, for mothers dealing with a child’s substance use. Oxycontin (a prescription pain killer that he was prescribed after a knee injury at 17) for two years until he tried to detox himself. She said he was repeatedly sick with vomiting and diarrhea, and was in a depressed mental state. “We thought it was a severe depression,” she said. “He was so adept at hiding it from us. He lived with us, he was involved with our life.” Jane said she’s learned a lot about how secretive teens and their friends can be. She said she’s talked to some of her son’s friends who have said they thought he would be able to work things out on his own. Her son, now 20, entered treat-

waste, material that had been going to a Richmond facility. Last November, Delta supported West Coast Instant Lawns’ application to Metro Vancouver for a compositing facility licence after the company earlier presented Delta with a proposal that would see the 72nd Street facility process

ment. He has since relapsed and the family is now dealing with that. Jane said her son has suffered from depression from a young age and had been self-medicating throughout high school. She said the sessions helped in the simple fact of being able to share her story and experiences with other mothers. “It’s like a nightmare. It’s a nightmare for families.” “We can’t share our stories with everyone out there,” said Linda, whose 30-year-old son is dealing with alcoholism. “In these rooms there’s no judgment.” The mothers spoke of being able to share their stories and dis-

municipal green waste. As well, the deal would provide residents free dumping of green waste, while the company would also provide Delta a reduced price for topsoil purchases. Metro Vancouver’s proposed solid waste plan, meanwhile, is still waiting for approval from the provincial government.

cuss their despair freely. Linda described her son as a gifted athlete. His athleticism afforded him many opportunities, including attending private school. She knew he drank but was proud of the fact he never did drugs. “I was in denial for a lot of years,” she said. “Parents can rationalize it — kids will be kids... It took me a long time to get it.” She said she finally got it the night she saw her son spend the night in the emergency room drinking hand sanitizer. “I got it,” she said. “And it hurts and I feel shame.” Linda said she wants people to know addiction is not a choice. “Addicts don’t want to be addicts. It’s a disease. My son wants to be well.” Little House Society president Jim Stimson said while the society is currently fundraising to build a new house, the organization saw a great need in the community for a program like The Heart of a Mother. For 27 years, the Little House Society oversaw a house on 12th Avenue in Tsawwassen that was used as a meeting place for addictions and related recovery groups. In 2009, the house was destroyed by arson and the group is now raising $250,000 to rebuild it. The board and members decided to not only rebuild the house as a multi-purpose facility to be used by recovery and other community groups, but extend its mandate to look for ways to provide knowledge and support to the community regarding substance abuse issues. The society has already received a significant amount of donations, both cash and in-kind, but is still about $95,000 from its goal. For more information, or to make a donation, call Jim Stimson at 778-887-1828. * The names of the women have been changed.

The plan has an array of waste reduction initiatives, such as region-wide composting. The most controversial element, which has grabbed most of the headlines, has been a wasteto-energy scheme. The region currently has an incinerator in Burnaby that processes some of the Lower Mainland’s garbage,

but, if approved, one or more additional waste-toenergy plants would be built, either within or outside the region The plants would recover energy from waste that cannot yet be recycled. The Vancouver Landfill would take only materials that can’t be recycled or shipped to an incinerator.


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A4 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

Cummins is among 87 fined for fish protest

2$00/' !'*-'10 3/-)&%'1%)*. 2%1'%& "1# (,%+ L+< *<$JB !B0&/> P<?0<BJ(MQ A ,G$JG0< NG""<0 %<(/G0< 'G(=< (/ QME MQ$(Q<3 NJB0J(Q- #BC 8OJ+ J+< MQ$(Q< -G(=< E($$ $(Q& JM *<$JB1/ MQ$(Q< 70M-0B" 0<-(/J0BJ(MQ /C/J<"> 70MF(=(Q<B/C =(0<?J B??<//3

2002 case finally concludes in Surrey court this week BY


Optimist contributor

!0(QJ<= ?M7(</ M; J+< -G(=< B0< BFB($B@$< BJ "GQ(?(7B$ +B$$ BQ= *<$JB 0<?0<BJ(MQ ?<QJ0</ BQ= $(@0B0(</3 L+< =(/?MQJ(QGBJ(MQ M; =MM0 JM =MM0 =(/J0(@GJ(MQ M; J+< -G(=< (/ <D7<?J<= JM 0<=G?< 7B7<0 EB/J< @C BJ $<B/J :.43 *<$JB1/ ?G/JM"<0 /<0F(?< /JB;; B0< BFB($B@$< (Q 7<0/MQ M0 @C 7+MQ< JM 0<-(/J<0 (Q=(F(=GB$/ E+M =MQ1J +BF< B??<// JM B ?M"7GJ<0 M0 E+M +BF< 2G</J(MQ/ B@MGJ 70M-0B"/3 !$<B/< ?B$$ 6K.95 O:H)I...3



)%' +"-."-(,#"$ "& *'!,( 24-- (0";6.96$"/0,; (;6:96.7 '607" *( #2% 5&3 111)9,;+)8607")!9)9"

Former Delta-Richmond East MP John Cummins was among 87 commercial fishermen Monday fined $200 or more each for dropping their nets in protest against an aboriginal-only fishery on the Fraser River back in August 2002. Judge Michael Hicks presided over the mass sentencing Monday in Surrey Provincial Court after all appeals were exhausted. The accused — three women among them — were fined $200 each as first offenders, and $300 if they had a prior conviction for participating in similar


*')&+$(!, (1/9 *280+%6$1/,3 '/,8 /9 % &<,:8;54. -::/6/<, 6< -,2 )%;:8,7

protests. Cummins, who recently retired from federal politics as a Tory MP after almost 18 years to lead the B.C. Conservative Party, was one of the fishermen hit with a $300 fine. “These people that are charged today, in my view, are some of the finest Canadians that you’re going to find anywhere and I’m really proud to be part of that group, to be standing in that courtroom and face the music with them,” Cummins said outside court. “It’s government policy, it’s not legislation that allows for this. I still think that it’s wrong and it can be changed and it should be changed.” Prime Minister Stephen Harper has subsequently launched a judicial inquiry of the race-based fishing policy. The inquiry is still underway with recommendations expected to be released in October. Nine years ago, Cummins’ boat was among roughly 200 vessels

involved in three separate protests on the Fraser, from Steveston Harbour to Barnston Island, after the Department of Fisheries and Oceans opened a commercial fishery on the Lower Fraser for members of the Musqueam and Tsawwassen bands to the exclusion of other Canadians. Those who fished in protest were charged, all told, with 132 counts under the Fisheries Act. Phil Eidsvik, who ran unsuccessfully as a Tory MP candidate in NewtonNorth Delta during the 2005 election, was not among those convicted but served as their representative in court Monday. “The purpose of the protest was to bring in a constitutional challenge,” he said. “These are respectable, hard-working Canadians who just wanted to be treated fairly.” Gary Sonnenberg, a 47year-old gillnetter, was one of those in court. Would he do it again? “Effin rights,” Sonnenberg replied.

'-3 $0,.'"." 1)34"# 5230"'+( VC *RFFHVG# GF@ @VB! *',ABV%AR EVGT %RF@'DC






An ambulance was towed from the Highway 17-Ladner Trunk Road intersection following a collision last Friday morning.


Ambulance involved in crash

*"'+, 5,.'"+.3)( !&)('+./ %+'- 12,%3)(



Traffic at Ladner Trunk Road and Highway 17 was tied up briefly last Friday morning after a collision involving a car, an ambulance and a semi-truck. Delta police spokesperson Sgt. Sharlene Brooks said the ambulance, which was transporting a patient, was travelling west on Ladner Trunk Road with its lights and sirens activated. The car, which was driv-

D&?(0 IQ <Q" EQIL ?6( !?6<:6< *?L9&IL U288 QU +Q8Q2MU28 >Q1&ML IQ 8?LI ?88 L&?LQ6W !2<& L&8&+I:Q6 QU L:/&L ?6( ?MM?6<&7&6IL IQ L2:I ?60 LI08& QU <?M(&6W

819 7-3&5 01(!1 "*%

21+#& $,9 4'.) 6,.+%&/ "'1.% $#+/

ing in the northbound HOV lane on Highway 17, failed to stop in time and entered the intersection. Brooks said the driver took evasive action, but clipped the ambulance and then struck a semi-truck. Brooks said the patient in the ambulance did not sustain any injuries in the crash. The ambulance attendants and the driver of the car were all taken to hospital for assessment. There were no major injuries.

B&8&O;Q6&) J.=N5=4N5KP3 - 111NL2660L:(&62ML&M:&LN+Q7


$/"+" '%(,! ',%)(&# *"0.-


$:064) ":!174*21 5*" 7 ;8"< 40!1 5*" 7-8" 9-2$ 426&&2 + $#%$.*, 3/< 24*..*44&! ('


Thursday only one dog was there. Goldsby said he started looking around for Sugar but the puppy was nowhere to be found. He said all the doors in the house were still locked and nothing else was missing. The back gate, however, SUBMITTED PHOTO was open. Sugar was taken last Thursday. Goldsby said he snout and forehead, paw called the police and and belly. notified the SPCA. Anyone with informaSugar is a blue nose pit tion about Sugar can call bull. The dog weighs about 40 pounds with grey-brown Clinton Goldsby at 604803-7308. fur, blue eyes with a white


A Ladner man is hoping someone will come forward to help bring his puppy home. Clinton Goldsby said he came home from lunch Thursday afternoon when he discovered five-monthold Sugar was missing. Goldsby said nothing appeared out of the ordinary until he walked upstairs. He said usually his dog and puppy, which are always kept in the house when no one is home, are there to greet him, but on

Derik Lord denied parole for a sixth time BY

mastermind behind the murders of his mother and grandmother, and David Muir have admitted to their roles in the slayings. Huenemann, who was sentenced to life without a chance for parole for 25 years, remains in prison in Quebec, while Muir has been released. Last week, Lord was denied day and full parole for the sixth time.

Tsawwassen in 1990. He was found guilty of first-degree murder in 1992 and sentenced to life in prison without a chance for parole for 10 years in the deaths of Doris Leatherbarrow and Sharon Huenemann. As a young offender at the time of his conviction, 10 years was the maximum sentence the judge could hand down. Darren Huenemann, the


One of the men convicted in the grisly murder of two Tsawwassen women more than 20 years ago has once again been denied parole. Derik Lord, who is now 38, was one of three teens convicted in the slayings of his friend’s grandmother and mother in a murderfor-hire inheritance plot in


&$(!' )"%# 022 26


+()* ' ,$!"!%

'" 11 ";0 'B:C63

!+ /1 ";0 !69,6 )3D??63


#+ E4 ";0 )3D??63



IMPATIENS IN BLOOM 4 inch pots Reg. $1.99



Sale and multiple pricing not included.














$#&'% 1"5 ;.67 <== "021;7->68: 567.-!-)3 (6"+675 "!7;55 *")"8" / 87;9 -) ")8 566 ,;07 +;!"+ 86"+67 2;8",4

+-$& "..0)%% 5%'//%3 !41,/'

#!$#&"%& ########

&#+2*+&2+#(( 888&/':5*-%%-(!.*$&3')

One Day Only Saturday, May 21, 2011

Reg. $2.99



*8'62 ;'1 ,)6&62: 6; 62 #!#&9 32964 (32# 7-% 5-.. '2$ (34/ 7.% 5-.. "0) '44 ,01#) 9004;+

2#6921 29407"9


14 79 ALL

+()* ' $&!"!%

*/" 5,1 %1#&7'!: /.*%% %51 851& 315',(. #7%518*.#57 51 *


4 HOURS ONLY 8 am Noon


042 26


+()* ' -.!"!%

ONE DAY ONLY ~ Thursday, May 19th, 2011

(Sale and multiple pricing not included. Cash, Visa, M/C, Interac, Amex only.)

Reg. $19.99

!#8#.&' .#8& 57!:

;42 26


10% OFF

+()* ' ,#!"!%

7+ 8.A ";0 &*;D= +;C

$1&*. /*+#7$/



!5)&/. 31#(& &+&1

0-2 26


49 Years Serving Delta • Two Locations to Serve You Better


7(<$ >(-% @2-< 31#(&' .5 /&!!


/2 1 PRICE 5456 - 12TH AVE., TSAWWASSEN 604-943-2984



TOMATO PLANTS Roma, Cherry, Early Girl & Many More!


$ 99 EA.

6508 LADNER TRUNK RD, LADNER 604-946-5986


5-month-old puppy stolen from inside Ladner home

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A5

A6 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011


For more local green stories that affect you and your community

Go to

Southpointe Academy students in Tsawwassen filled knapsacks for homeless youth as part of a five-school project last month. The students filled the knapsacks with everyday items such as toothbrushes and socks.

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knapsacks for homeless

Youths lend helping hand in region-wide initiative Students of Southpointe Academy participated in the Knapsacks for Street Youth Campaign last month to help hundreds of homeless youth in Vancouver. The Tsawwassen school took part in the community service project along with four other Lower Mainland schools (York House, West Point Grey Academy, St. Johnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s and Earl Marriott). A private donor provided


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An information meeting to discuss the HOME QUEST program, a partnership between the Delta school district and parents seeking an alternative to traditional classroom-based instruction, will be held on Tuesday, May 31. The Delta HOME

QUEST distributed learning program offers the opportunity for parents to teach their child at home while receiving the support of free field trips, weekly classes, group outings a resource lending library and access to funds for supplies, resources, lessons and

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campaign and its importance, how the knapsacks help the youth survive on the streets and get back on their feet. They also talked about the Directions Youth Centre in Vancouver. Almost 250 knapsacks were filled across the Lower Mainland this year, which will make a huge difference in the lives of homeless youth in Vancouver.

Alternative to classroom instruction

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knapsacks and the high schools filled them with everyday items such as toothbrushes, gloves, socks, coffee, batteries, notepads, pens and more. These items are simple necessities, yet many youths on the streets of Vancouver do not have them. Two guest speakers came to Southpointe Academy to talk to the students in grades 6 to 12 about the

sports. By enrolling in HOME QUEST, parents and students gain access to the school districtâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s educational resources and provincial curriculum materials, while maintaining a flexible learning environment within the guidelines of a distributed learning program. The partnership features liaison with certified teachers in North Delta, a network group of homeschooling families and hands-on learning experiences in science, fine arts, physical education and more. The information meeting for parents will discuss how the program is structured and how its resources and opportunities can support alternative educational experiences. According to Ministry of Education policy, students can register in any school in B.C. if space is available, so the program is available to students from both within and outside of Delta. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. at Pinewood Elementary in North Delta. For more information, call 604-597-8353 or e-mail

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A7

Storyteller gets serious with financial seminar

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Ladner’s Laura Thomas talks to families about money

going to feel encouraged to talk about money, even words they may not know like derivative, ETF, passive income or capital gains. The kids will pick up some of the language and get a kick out of watching their parents learn something new too.” When asked if toddler and preschoolers are invited to attend the seminar, Thomas said, Laura Thomas leads a financial lit“I’m not a financial advisor, I’m a storytell- eracy seminar for families tomorrow er. So, for me, financial night at Delta Secondary. tunities for children that are literacy is really about both fun and educational, two things: vocabulary and will form the foundation for confidence. We are going developing individuals who to be playful with the topic will be better prepared for so kids under five will feel making personal financial right at home.” decisions in the future.” Ron McNeill, program Families are asked to regdirector for Delta Youth Activities, hopes this family ister in advance by emailing seminar will generate interFor more information est in Thomas’ new Money about Thomas’ Money & and Me financial literacy Me summer camps visit summer camps for ages or nine to 13. contact Delta Continuing “A 10-hour course like Education at 604-940-5550. this, which provides oppor-



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Ladner writer and storyteller Laura Thomas has lately turned her literary talents to helping children and families build their financial literacy skills. Backed by the Delta Continuing Education’s Youth Activities Department, Thomas will be leading a one-hour family financial literacy seminar tomorrow evening called Talking to Kids About Money. The seminar will take place at the Delta Secondary library from 7 to 8 pm. Admission is free with a donation for the South Delta Food Bank and parents are asked to bring all their kids along, regardless of age. Thomas will tell a story or two and then have families working together on some fun and interactive language-building exercises that will get everyone excited about talking about money. “This is going to be like an hour-long ice-breaker,” said Thomas. “Parents are


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A8 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

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MURPHY’S LAW I’ve taken on a lot of roles at this newspaper over the years, including that of mascot, but I added a new one to my list last week. On a cold and rainy day that could have easily been mistaken for February, I delivered my first Optimist, a perfectly placed copy, safe from the elements, in an Arthur Drive mailbox. No, times aren’t that hard in the Murphy household, but thanks for jumping to that conclusion. Rather, this route belongs to my son, whose interest in video gaming and golfing is outstripping his ability to pay for such leisurely pursuits, so he’s been conscripted for this rite of youth by the Bank of Mom and Dad. I learned a few things on our first day last Wednesday, including the fact the cart will hold a certain number of papers while standing upright, but will dump the top few as soon as its angled for action. I found this out the hard way on Arthur Drive, first losing the plastic bag that was keeping the papers dry and then, to my horror, the papers themselves. To those who received a slightly soggy copy, you have my apologies, but in my defence, it’s not easy sprinting along the road between driveways during gaps in traffic. On that note, I would be most grateful if someone could please tell me where I can sign the petition calling for a sidewalk on the east side of Arthur Drive. Once the cart became a little more manageable and we found unimpeded stretches of pavement, we got in a groove. In other words, I stuck to the sidewalk, simply pointing to the houses while my son did the legwork of actually getting the papers to the door. It is, after all, his route, so this parental supervision thing only goes so far and will only continue for so long. As we neared the end of the route, relieved it was almost over and proud we had made it through without any more glitches, we ran into a friendly construction worker who told us some guy had already been by earlier in the day. The comment threw me for a loop, so I double-checked the map, which, as far as I could determine, showed us we were on the correct street. We didn’t find papers in any of the mailboxes, so I looked back at him and asked, “So you’re saying someone’s already been by here to deliver papers today?” “Oh, no, sorry, I thought you were collecting bottles,” he responded rather sheepishly. I’ve been called a lot of things during my time with the Optimist, but I have to say that’s the first time I’ve been given that label.

Don’t sacrifice character while revitalizing Ladner waterfront SYLVIA BISHOP

COMMUNITY COMMENT Just over a month ago, 200 residents turned out in force to attend a public meeting. No, I am not talking about the truncated public hearing on the Southlands but on the proposed revitalization of the Ladner Waterfront. This is a very impressive number of citizens to give up an evening to listen to presentations and ask questions. In its report to Delta council presented this week, planning staff summarized the short, medium and long range plans for the development of the Ladner waterfront. The report also includes comments and concerns raised by those who were at the meeting. Some of the ideas are inspired. Access to the waterfront by way of walkways is mentioned. Water sports use such as canoeing, kayaking, small boat launches and temporary visitor moorage receives a nod.

Also mentioned is an idea to link Ladner Harbour Park on the north side by way of pedestrian bridge. Ladner is a working harbour and the report seeks to find a balance with commercial, tourism and recreational uses. The planning principles and concepts are seductive, but it seems the holy trinity of height, density and transportation remains foremost on people’s minds. The plan proposes building heights of up to four storeys in an effort to attract redevelopment. I agree with those who said Ladner Village would lose a lot of its character with this increased height. Currently, 2.5 storeys is the maximum. While no residential development is to occur on the waterside of Chisholm Street, mixed-use development such as restaurants, shops and boutiques is planned. If building heights are allowed to four storeys on the south side of Chisholm Street, we face density issues. In the past we have seen council sympathetic to developers who return to council seeking amendments to their original plan. In order to keep units below a certain price point, they argue smaller scale units must be built, increasing density. Tsawwassen Springs is an example. Can we believe the development approved

The Optimist encourages readers to write letters to the editor. Letters are accepted on any topic, although preference is given to those on local matters. The Optimist reserves the right to edit letters and the decision to publish is at the discretion of the editor or publisher. All letters must be signed, dated and include the writer’s phone number

at the outset is the one we are going to end up with? With increased density comes the need for increased parking. Where is everyone going to park, resident and visitor alike? Are we contemplating a parking garage? Ground floor parking with apartments above? And how will traffic be managed? Respondents highlighted the need for traffic control and management, citing key intersections in Ladner as already problematic on busy days. Residents who travel Ladner Trunk Road already know how backed up traffic can get. People want to know what plan exists to manage increased traffic volume. The village of Ladner is already a success story. It has survived fires and storms. It has much to offer by way of livability, shopping and restaurants. Dedicated volunteers continue to build special events that attract thousands of people from everywhere. Think of the Ladner Village Market and classic car show and quilt walk. Can we improve the Ladner waterfront? Sure we can. But we are all called upon to watch and participate in the process to ensure Ladner’s heritage character is retained.

(not for publication). The Optimist will not print “name withheld” letters. Copyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarily to the publisher and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the publisher and its licensees may freely reproduce them in print, electronic or other forms.

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A9 Letters to the Editor

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Mayor in tune with shift in public sentiment regarding Southlands groups with opposing points of view, a deadlock that became obvious during the public hearing regarding the proposal to put the Southlands into the ALR. Although prior to the hearing the balance of community opinion seemed opposed to any development on the Southlands, opinions changed when people were confronted with the options. The so called “threats ...

about greenhouses and pig farms” are very real possibilities should the land go into the ALR as the value of the land could then only be realized through some sort of highly productive farm enterprise (otherwise known as industrial farming). By contrast, allowing some carefully planned, ecologically sensitive and attractive development such as envisioned by the Southlands Community

Planning Team would enable the balance (at least two-thirds) of the land to be farmed in a manner suitable to an urban landscape. The sensibility of this plan, based upon sound planning and economics, escape Philip and Carey. I am encouraged the mayor had the insight to sense a shift in public opinion and bring the opposing parties together. Helen Kettle

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Cummins believes Liberals should lower HST rate

Editor: Re: Cummins sings new tune when it comes to HST, letter to the editor, May 13 Chris Delaney writes many exaggerations and half-truths, which is disappointing. I voted for the HST Implementation Act

and support the principle of harmonization. What I do not support is a Liberal government that tells the people there will be no HST, and then introduces exactly that as soon as the election is over. The fact is that harmoni-

zation is good for business, providing tax credits and creating jobs. But because it applies to 17 per cent more items then before, I strongly believe that a lower rate is appropriate. This has always been my position. There is no need for

2HF =<K'# *<#,I!,;: >< A9?'M #?:<##

Delaney’s unnecessary personal attacks. It is important to focus on the issues important to families such as jobs, education and the economy. John Cummins Leader Designate B.C. Conservative Party

@>?%,8 6 !<K%,8 9?:KA J =@ 6 $!F (?;:.K16 2,@ '1<.C )@G .++ ! *>/!9+!;6 .> %K1:B '16>-/ H?6B 6B/ IK>:B!;/ .+ !1C /16>-/ .+ /AK!7 .> E>/!6/> J!7K/D #.6 6. =/ :.4=?1/5 H?6B !1C .6B/> :.KI.18 I>.4.6?.1 .> ;I/:?!7 +/!6K>/D "!7?5 K16?7 &K1/ 38 0@,, !6 %!51/> 7.:!6?.1 .17CD

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;9?%,8 6 :M9<;%,8 ,!:#< J =@ $!F (?;:.K16 2,@ '1<.C )@G .++ ! (?11/> '16>-/ H?6B 6B/ IK>:B!;/ .+ !1C /16>-/ .+ /AK!7 .> E>/!6/> J!7K/D #.6 6. =/ :.4=?1/5 H?6B !1C .6B/> :.KI.18 I>.4.6?.1 .> ;I/:?!7 +/!6K>/D "!7?5 K16?7 &K1/ )8 0@,, !6 %!51/> 7.:!6?.1 .17CD


Editor: Re: Vision not shared by majority, letter to the editor, May 11 Linda Philip and Sue Carey express their disagreement with the recent Mayor’s Summit on the Southlands, describing it as “ill advised and inappropriate.” I would like to point out the summit was undertaken as a means to resolve an apparent deadlock between

Technology not making food any healthier show greens grown in greenhouses lack the antioxidants that those grown outside receive from the sun. Also, a depressing but motivating read of The End of Food by Thomas Pawlick reveals a USDA comparison

of tomatoes grown 50 years ago and those grown today. Results showed today’s tomatoes are higher in carbohydrates but lower in nutrients. We obviously need a few more questions answered. Wilma Haig

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Editor: Re: I’ll still be eating well tomorrow, Murphy’s Law, May 11 You may not be eating as well as you think. Carolyn Herriot, author of A Year on The Garden Path, has reported that USDA tests





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A10 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A11 2(%$ *2

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Safety comes before dog’s needs Editor: Re: No need to fear dogs but be wary of actions of their ignorant and inconsiderate owners, letter to the editor, May 13 A woman wrote saying her and her grandchild went for a walk on the dike and twice were attacked by aggressive dogs. I have an aggressive dog. I never walk her near people and dogs. If I see a dog

coming, she is leashed. This is how people who don’t know better label a certain breed a bad dog. You should come out to the Boundary Bay Airport at night. That’s where we go. If I see you coming, I will leash and muzzle my dog. I happen to know your safety comes before the needs of my dog. Lorna Muise

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C"J>:9 @>9G" $H636S

!,>B ?>N'# "1. %1>NU F:9>) E:MM P:8 VKQ0 4Q >U4N B$K. UK?=K?54 T?1$5&$K *7QQ6N T$?1$ 42K5J -2K=25&. K$& :5 !?77

!,>B ?>N'# "1O A;" *">GJ:UG9 OBG4"N->O F:9>) , =K?)$U27 J<K2- ; VKQ0J 4Q SU4N #/4K$6$7. UK?=K?54 KQJ$ O:58 -7QQ6J

C"J>:9 @>9G" $I636S

!,>B ?>N'# "0. ?:7J"N *9558:7< R>M>8:7" C"J>:9 @>9G" $I636S

!,>B ?>N'# "1. %1>NU ,9-"NJ> B4NG)" , OK$44. )Q5$ J<?O$& $1$K=K$$5

C"J>:9 @>9G" $H636S

!,>B ?>N'# "1. R>4>7"M" B751->99 *:= -2J<$J 92J4 -2KJ4:5= :54Q -7QQ6

C"J>:9 @>9G" $Q6366

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B?K:$4:$J 4Q )<QQJ$ UKQ6N CJ$ UQK $&=:5= QK <$&=:5=N %0?KU =KQ0J P3;P"L + D?77 =KQ0J 3;IU4N

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


at renewal time that I’ve accumulated several “free” accidents in recognition of my claim free history. What would ICBC do if I were caught speeding? Reduce the number of free accidents? Delete them entirely? Raise my premium? All the preceding? Safe driving recognition is nice but if I had the choice I’d pick the 50 per cent lower premiums I was paying in Ottawa. Did I mention my monthly insurance premium was automatically deducted from my bank account at no charge? Curt Brown

8-,64( / '5&* 76,,

@$77Q0 -7QQ6J :5 0:54$K 5Q 6?44$K <Q0 )Q7&

Speeders no greater risk

Editor: ICBC recently withdrew its proposal to increase premiums for drivers convicted of speeding because they are at greater risk of collision. This insurance premium scam was refuted decades ago following the study of decades of data from the most populous U.S. states. Simply put, statistics showed speeders were not the ones having accidents. This makes sense because they probably spend more time looking out for authorities instead of just motoring along on autopilot. In my case, I’m told

!,>B =P>;* =,C#

'QJ4J 7$JJ 4<?5 ? U$5)$ ; T?J4J UQK$1$KN G7?54 Q57. OQ4 VFHAR J<K2-J( 5Q 7QJJ$J ?5& 5Q J$4 -?)8JN ; 8$$O =KQ0:5=N

+ #8"N>9& '"&>N S UJ3 + D/N>8:& '"&>N K UJ3 + #0)"9M> '"&>N L UJ3 G7?54 3 U4N ?O?K4 UQK ?5 :5J4?54 <$&=$N

C"J>:9 @>9G" $IQ36S


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!>## #B?<+ ?@<= ( *,=D#<= A<:7$ 4<$. 7?J4 !N""7 = !59&

B4N">&:7< RG7:4"NM !?J4 EOK$?&:5=( *:= J<K2-J

C"J>:9 @>9G" $Q636S

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C"J>:9 @>9G" $H366

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*/I474: */H9 >U4( 4?77 -$?24:U27 -2J<

C"J>:9 @>9G" $K6366

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C)HF -SS6S4$ <9/IH& !I7 8 =)F ( =/4 3)5 8 OM5

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%33% $)&1#) ")-!.2 860+.) 1,%-( &./- '0%- *++ $)! "#'<$M2$J QK )?J< W 5Q )?K& U?):7:4:$J


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!" .#& $0''+ 0% -0(/. )/(,,(//&" *"" 0)', "'+22' ! )#.-/.&-1#11

C,=< -##D8#A%

C"J>:9 @>9G" $H636S

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$40,000 was raised for prizes through the hard work of the parents. Students also raised funds to bring down the cost of their dinner/dance. To the Kerris (Marentette and Cuthbert) and your team of parent volunteers, a huge thanks as none of this could have happened without you. Teachers, thank you for playing a key role in these grads’ lives. Parents, you have done a great job, be proud of your grads. Students, you were all amazing. Your participation and attitude were amazing. You had fun, stayed out of trouble and acknowledged the parents that were privileged to be part of this evening. Volunteers, none of this could have happened without you. To the mother of a Grade 11 student that weeded underneath the bike rack, in between the tires from the bikes at the school, you are amazing. It was a thrill to be part of this day. Thank you to all. J. & E. Enns

2(%$ *2

2(%$ *2

Editor: Thanks to the dry grad committee, parents, students, teachers and volunteers of Delta Secondary for an incredible grad weekend. Beginning with a beautiful day, Friday’s Grad Walk once again provided a fashion spectacular. From there it was off to the Hyatt for a formal dinner/dance joined by parents for the first dance and a program including a slide show, followed by the dry grad all-nighter at the Ladner Community Centre. This event has been such a huge success for years and keeps the grads off the street and in a safe environment. Prizes are given out throughout the evening, with the best ones saved for last to encourage the kids to stay to the end. Over 95 per cent of the grad class participates. The prizes are amazing, everything from laptops and iPads to $500 cash and more. There are poker tables, black jack, dancing, music, interactive games and more. A total of over

2(%$ *2

2(%$ *2

Grad weekend not possible without lot of hard work

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2(%$ *2

Letters to the Editor

2(%$ *2

A12 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

A@9 @?#A


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BB Sharkey’s Seafood Bar and Grille manager Andrea Frustaci (left) and head chef Brent Fahl on the patio.

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Sharkey’s stays true to its roots While things are always changing at Sharkey’s

Seafood Bar and Grille, one thing remains the same —

Kickboxing & MMA


"%#$ !'%'&

Now in Tsawwassen


"B!I/6 %0;KB!0=/

',B !; 6,G !;

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77% OFF!

1L Fusion5 sauté pan with cover. $149.00.

it’s a place where locals and visitors alike can enjoy a good meal in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. “We’re constantly changing,” said manager Andrea Frustaci, whose family has owned the restaurant since 1992. “But we’ve always stayed true to who we are.” He said the family set out to create a family-friendly space that offers quality food and the freshest seafood possible at a good value.

72% OFF!

1.5L saucepan with cover. $109.00.

$34 99

74% OFF!

24cm au gratin. Open. $116.00.


62% OFF!


67% OFF!

1.25L Vienna teapot with strainer. BONUS ... *Free package of King Cole Tea with every teapot purchase! $129.99.

30cm/12” EcoPan stir fry with enviro-friendly PFOA and PTFE free ceramic non-stick surface. $149.99.


56% OFF!

8L stock pot with steamer. $159.99.


67% OFF!

30cm/12” DuraPro non-stick sauté pan w/lid. $149.99.


61% OFF!

20pc Brudenell flatware set. $89.99.


$34 99

MAY 18th to 22nd ONLY AT: DELTA

Nordel Home Hardware Nordel Shopping Centre 11188-84 Ave (604) 594-4133

71% OFF!

LADNER Our 10pc Europa set includes: 2L, 3L, 4L saucepans, 26cm/10” fry pan, 5L casserole, 24cm steamer, and 4 covers. List: $699.99.



Ladner Village Hardware 4821 Delta Street (604) 946-4833


Langley Home Hardware 20427 Douglas Crescent (604) 534- 4215 Moreno’s Market #230 – 7150 200 St. (604) 534-4610 Steveston Marine & Hardware #201 – 19700 Langley Bypass (604) 530-7031


Batten Home Hardware 101-1645-140th St. (604) 536-6564


Information & dealers: 1- 800 -A-NEW-POT or Not all locations open Sunday. Quantities limited, please be early. Sale items may not be exactly as shown.

While the menu has its anchor items that are offered year round, like the signature fish and chips, the kitchen always offers dishes that promote fresh and seasonal ingredients. “We’ve got a really good local following,” Frustaci said while sitting on the patio overlooking Ladner Harbour. The site is an integral part of Ladner’s history, something the restaurant celebrates and has detailed on its menu. In the 1870s, a wharf was built on property donated by William Ladner. From that wharf, local farmers loaded their produce and livestock onto steamboats destined for markets in Victoria, Nanaimo, New Westminster and Vancouver. The site became known as Ladner’s Landing. Keeping that community spirit, Sharkey’s is always quick to lend a hand to community groups. “A lot of people just come to us,” Frustaci said. “We’re always glad to help.” The restaurant often helps by donating items for charity auctions and has hosted a few fundraisers as well with dinner events benefiting the Ride to Conquer Cancer and other local fundraising initiatives. “We’re really true to Ladner,” Frustaci said. Sharkey’s Seafood Bar and Grille is located at 4953 Chisholm St. For more information call 604946-7793 or visit www.

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A13

Program helps businesses reduce harmful emissions tools, training and technical assistance from Climate Smart professionals for a year upon completion of the program. Branding and promotional opportunities are also available through the Climate Smart network. Eleven Delta businesses participated in last year’s program. To date, Climate Smart has helped over 200 businesses within the province to identify carbon-cutting strategies suitable to their needs and timelines. Training programs are running throughout the year, including upcoming sessions in North Delta on

Cut energy costs with meter check


The Fraser Valley Regional Library is offering some help to combat those rising electricity bills. People can now borrow energy meters for free from FVRL branches. The handy little gadgets will help find out which appliances consume the most energy and which ones are actually worth keeping plugged in. “These meters allow our customers to see at a glance how much energy their appliances use and what they are costing them,” says director of client services Rita Penco. “FVRL

customers will save power, money and the planet when they borrow and use these meters.” Simply plug an appliance into the meter and it will assess its efficiency. Electrical expenses can be calculated by the day, week, month or even an entire year. The meters measure total energy consumed in kilowatts per hour (kWh). To request a meter search the keywords “energy meters” in the FVRL online catalogue at or ask the staff at any FVRL branch.

'@<+93 #2<<+1 %2/+1.3!.+9< #1!??!112< #2<<+1 *)@: $@>>23 ,;77 $2!19< '@<+93 "2)89>2 (!=

$@<4!=6 &!= ,,6 ,;77 ,-05> ,M$< C+1+G D1 LG G7< G<""+1 @&DH? 2<8+1G<2 AMD2 @7+&> 6+: 1IL@< I<2$+G15? $<<G G7< @ML@7? <")MA L :2<< HH3 J 1"L@(1 J I&LA 1M$< G<""+1

@855M/ '4?<"; #"><2 G7< >+2<@G+M" M: '<C<& K G<""+1 I2M:<11+M"L& #840$8 #479/6MI" A2?<8 ,E?M7?>78; ,$8/ . + 3!F7C & + A82I86>80 3: GB33

31( 40 H O "4F0 78//45/ IDM<8 ? D88K: >8ID885 3;BB O (;HB26 N459?C/ I4 @"F0/9?C/ 982859M5$ 45 ?>M7MIC ?59 ?$81

L04$0?6 '4/I; *M2 %1LBBL11<" %<""+1 ,&DH $<$H<21? M"&A =K.K4E; :M2 G7< 921G @7+&>4 *M2 "M"-$<$H<21? M"&A =EE/4F. :M2 G7< 921G @7+&>4 *L$+&A >+1@MD"G1 L2< LCL+&LH&<0 1IL@< +1 &+$+G<>4 J8$M/I0?IM45; !+1+G DDD1I/?DD?//85I855M/<7F>1<46 :M2 2<8+1G2LG+M" :M2$1? I2M82L$ ><1@2+IG+M" L"> MG7<2 ><GL+&14 *862#7"0 2"&70 =&2,&%2" 546225 60 .865 )-),2&7 26!"2-0: 5)-7.< @/?DD?//85 @855M/ '7F> = G-. %5$7M/" *7F)) J4?9 ;'"7=60:9 '-,.8 ("2.& 560$" +/13

May 26, June 29 and July 21 from 8 a.m. to noon. Businesses may send up to two staff members for training. Contact Christine VanDerwill at Climate Smart to register by email at or call 604-254-6283 ext. 238. Businesses will be selected on a first come, first serve basis.

8/ @<). $5<):42%$!#""!""" %52)95<!5 (!"$"% *)#'&

88=,= %)?54 %:#9; &:4.- '5>.#; *( " 78;,==;===6

#'*$$"$ %&()!


YEAR-END INVENTORY BLOWOUT Huge Savings on All Inventory

If you have been thinking about getting any of the following, NOW'S THE TIME TO ACT!! • High Efficiency Instantaneous on demand Water Heaters • High Efficiency Furnaces • Heat Pumps/Air Conditioning • Boilers-Radiant Heating • Water Heaters • Plumbing Fixtures - Faucets, Sinks, Toilets, Garburators • Gas Fireplaces • And Much More....

I don't want my staff wasting money counting it, I want it gone!!! • Scott Campbell, Owner, CampbellCare

Call Today!


Sales agreements must be completed by May 31st


The Corporation of Delta has teamed up with Climate Smart, a local consulting firm, to deliver a training program to assist small to medium-sized businesses in Delta to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and save money on operating costs. Delta is offering this innovative program to businesses at a reduced rate starting at $500. The threestep training program will take up to 25 businesses through a series of exercises to evaluate their services and operations. Businesses will receive

421 0/3.



A14 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

bikram yoga

bikram yoga south delta

Bikram Method Hatha Yoga is a sequence

Transform your body Energize your life.


+ hst

DETAILS: • Student’s in the challenge practice for 30 consecutive days. • You can miss up to 5 classes and make them up by doing doubles. • Existing memberships can be paused for the 30 day challenge. • If you stop attending classes you are automatically out of the challenge and must purchase a new membership or revert back to an existing membership. • All of the students who complete the 30 days will receive a BYSD custom t-shirt and name entered into a draw for 3 months of free unlimited yoga

Space is limited, Register now!


05138853 #36-1835 56th Street


30 Day Challenge

Four times a year Bikram Yoga South Delta holds a 30 Day Challenge where students practice once a day for 30 consecutive days. The next challenge will be held June 1 – June 30th. Whether you are beginner or an intermediate student you can participate in the challenge. Benefits from the challenge include a stronger yoga practice more energy,

improved cardiovascular health and increased core strength. Cost: $125 + hst


• Student’s in the challenge practice for 30 consecutive days. • You can miss up to 5 classes and make them up by doing doubles. • Existing memberships can be paused for the 30 day challenge. • If you stop attending classes you are automatically out of the challenge and must purchase a new membership or revert back to an existing membership. • All of the students who complete the 30 days will receive a BYSD custom t-shirt and name entered into a draw for 3 months of free unlimited yoga. Space is limited, Register now!

#36-1835 56th Street





Double Your Minutes On Lay Down & Stand Up Booths


Specialty Programs for >>>

Tell Your "Facebook" Friends You've Found this Great Deal @ Hawaiian Beach


Jumpstart Package

THE BULBS we use do emit UV (like the natural sun) to get our Vitamin D activated naturally.

! ! !


Behind Pharmasave



Student Go Card ID Required Minutes cannot be transferred or shared.


! !

Packages On Sale Now 'til May 31st, 2011 Minutes expire June 30, 2011

4814 Haviland St., Ladner Village



ONLY 3 Pilates Personal Training Sessions $179! Functional Assessment & Report Save $90 6 Total Body Vibration Sessions

604.943.8823 ! 5514 12th Ave, Tsawwassen (beside Panago Pizza)


30 Day Challenge

June 1 – 30th

of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a heated room. It is specifically designed to work the entire body, using heat to stretch deeper, prevent injury and flush unwanted toxins. This yoga series stimulates the organs, glands and nerves and systematically moves fresh oxygenated blood to 100% of the body restoring health to all systems. Benefits of a regular practice include weight loss, improved

muscle tone, stress relief, increased energy and an overall sense of physical and mental well-being. The Bikram series is suitable for all ages and levels of ability.

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A15

Safe Tanning the Fashionable Trendy Way with St Tropez hands on application of Self-Tanning Body Bronzing Lotion to leave you fashionably bronzed. The utmost care is taken to the application. To prevent over absorption and uneven color a light moisturizer is applied to certain areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet. The product is so sophisticated that it never streaks achieving a beautiful golden brown color on all skin tones. St Tropez Self-Tanning Products are also available in a wide range of home care products for the savvy person who wants to achieve and maintain their golden tan on their own and also for the person who wants to maintain their professional application in between treatments. Of course self-tanning products do not protect the skin against UVA UVB rays. Protecting your skin with a minimum of 30 SPF is highly recommended by the experts at Atlantis Day Spa. Don’t wait for the sun to shine, call

Atlantis Day Spa @ 604-948-0458

Nail Care

for that beautifully bronzed look, available for any occasion from Brides & Grads, to Pre or Post Holiday, or simply to look Fashionably Trendy all year round.

Gelish is a fantastic soak-off product offering colour in a gel. Applied like a polish, maintenance free lasting up to 3 weeks and remains super shiny! A permanent nail colour can be used on normal nails, enhancements and is great for toes.



• No Chipping • No Peeling • No Cracking • No Smudging • Flawless Finish • Soak off in 15 mins.


French $45 • Colour $40 Removal when reapplying $15 Removal Manicure $35


$10 off

Valid until May 31st. Mention this ad.


Images of the French Riviera come to mind when you think of St Tropez. All of the beautiful bronzed bodies lying on blue and white striped beach towels glistening golden in the sunlight. You no longer have to wonder what is really happening to the health of your skin with over exposure to natural sunlight, attempting to achieve that bronzed glow. There is no mystery; far too much research is available to ignore the harmful effects of over exposure. While a small amount of sun exposure is healthy and provides us with much needed Vitamin D, too much may cause skin cancer; certainly sunburns are likely to happen when over exposed. Now you can have that Fashionably Trendy Tan the Safe Way with St Tropez In Spa Professional Bronzing Treatment from Atlantis Day Spa as well as Self-Tanning products for home care applications and maintenance. The In Spa Professional Bronzing Treatment Includes a Body Polish to smooth out any dry patches and then

Gelish ~ A New Experience in

1232 56th St. 604-948-9801








4807 Delta Street, Ladner


TRY OUR NEW BODY BRONZING TREATMENT Includes a Body Polish and hands on application of

Self-Tanning Body Bronzer $119


#3 1835 56th Street Tsawwassen, B.C. 604.948.0458



Gel Polish Manicure $35 Gel Polish French Manicure $45



OPI lead the color revolution with OPI Nail Lacquer. Now, OPI leads the gel revolution with the Axxium Soak-Off Gel Lacquer System featuring OPI’s top selling shades. Polish it on similar to nail lacquer and UV-cure for color that lasts and lasts. No smudging, chipping or fading!





4880 Delta Street, Ladner Village







Join in Anytime

18 Classes a Week: T Slow Flow Yoga T Hatha Flow Yoga T Vinyasa Flow Yoga T Mat Pilates T Yoga Conditioning

{Vu]| l wzVuƒFY ‚yiz

~zƒDVz kuV ‚UZZuVyz ~Vz RelaKaPon Hircle

Bereavement Walking Group


Are you grieving a death?

WVz muU ]FyFƒi xFDM YƒYzV} ~uZFƒi xFDM  VzYUVVzƒYz} {yFƒi DVzD„zƒD D DMz €~~W} qnZzVFzƒYFƒi YVziFyzV [UVƒuUD} RVFzyFƒi  |zDM} T„F]m uV kVFzƒ|}

tVuZ Fƒ OUzd|md D cf „ ƒ| znZzVFzƒYz iUF|z| Vz]nuƒ xFDM yFdU]FSuƒs „UdFYs kuuD ƒ| [Vux dDVu`Fƒip

guFƒ uUV |VuZjFƒ v]`Fƒi RVuUZ uƒ vz|ƒzd|md D cf „p €z ZMmdFY]]m Yyzs VzYzFyz ZzzV dUZZuVD ƒ| duYF]FSz xFDM uDMzVd xMu Vz iVFzyFƒi  |zDMp guFƒ „zƒ ƒ| xu„zƒ uk ]] izd kuV kVzdM FV ƒ|  dMuVD uV ]uƒizV x]`s ku]]uxz| [m VzkVzdM„zƒDdp vzV Yu„kuVD[]z dMuzdp

Lf_jE_GjfLLf _Lac ~]VzƒYz Om]uV ~VzdYzƒDs P|ƒzV No referral – no cost.

Lf_jE_GjfLLf _Lac ~]VzƒYz Om]uV ~VzdYzƒDs P|ƒzV No referral – no cost.

Get Involved - VOLUNTEER with LosQice HoIage ThriM Jtore in Tsawwassen N N N



DONATIONS NONATIONJ tz]D Hospice {udZFYz Society ‚uYFzDm Delta 4631 ~]VzƒYz Clarence Om]uV Taylor ~VzdYzƒDs Crescent _Lac Delta,€~ BCw_Q V4K_PG 4L8uV tz]Ds 604-948-0660uV Lf_jE_GjfLLf xxxp|z]DMudZFYzpuVi

wu]UƒDzzV uZZuVDUƒFzd J |md  xzz` ƒ| OUzds vz| l OMUVd zyzƒFƒidp Izƒ ƒ| xu„zƒ Vz FƒyFDz| Du euFƒ uUV Dz„p IzzD ƒzx ZzuZ]zs ]zVƒ ƒzx d`F]]d l dUZZuVD tz]D {udZFYz dzVyFYzdp W]xmd ]uu`Fƒi kuV duVDzVds YdMFzVd KDVFƒFƒi ZVuyF|z|Hr _ MuUV dMFod h ]] |md ƒ| a zyzƒFƒid Yƒ Udz muUV Mz]Zp tVuZ [m c^bc ^L ‚DVzzDs Odxxddzƒ kuV ƒ ZZ]FYuƒ uV Y]] Lf_jE_GjfLLfp The highest reward for a person’s work is not what they get for it, but what they become because of it.

)-("# '&$%+!- ,&!+-"* ‚UZZuVyz ~Vz N \]]Fyz ~Vz N RVFzk l Pudd

The Steveston Seafood House is pleased to announce its exquisite four course "Celebrate B.C" menu offering a savings of over $30.00 per couple! Inspired by the "get local" movement, every fish, meat product and vegetable has been caught, raised and grown right here in B.C. So we invite you to join us in supporting our local farmers and fisherman while enjoying the best that B.C. has to offer.

1ST COURSE Peel & eat B.C. Spotted Prawns served with drawn garlic butter or Vancouver Island Oyster Trio. Choose from our selection of fresh shucked or pan fried or Pacific Dungeness Crab Cakes served with a red pepper aioli 2ND COURSE Fresh Garden Salad or Seafood Chowder


ENTRÉE Pistachio Halibut Queen Charlotte Island halibut with a pistachio crust served on an orange basil sauce or Salmon Moncton Poached wild B.C. salmon with a sparkling wine dill sauce or Filet Mignon and Crab AAA B.C. filet mignon topped with fresh shrimp, Dungeness carb meat, asparagus and sauce béarnaise or Fraser Valley Duck Duck breast oven baked served with a cranberry cognac reduction DESSERT Créme Caramel or Deep Dish Apple Pie or Strawberry Romanoff with Grand Marnier







of fine dining

• Best Fine Dining • Best Restaurant Ambience • Best Clam Chowder • Best Seafood Restaurant


per person

Dinner from 5:30pm


Reservations: 3951 Moncton Street

Reservations are recommended. Book online at or call 604-271-5252.

The Luxury is on the Plate

It’s tough to trim choices with so many colours BARBARA GUNN

LIVING MATTERS Some things in life can be challenging to figure out. Mortgage rates. Bus schedules. Recipes for coq au vin. Paint trims. The latter has us perplexed. Big time. We — that would be the husband and me — are not exactly, well, masters of the colour wheel. We know red. We know blue. We know black and white. We do not know Powell Buff or Barren Plain or, more importantly, the accents that go with them. We discovered this soon after we decided to paint the house, and learned the colour spectrum has expanded since we were in kindergarten, when the finger paint selection was limited to six colours. Today, for reasons that escape me, there are more than six colours. Today, there are something like 10,693 colours. Give or take a hundred. The house, we finally decided, would be painted in something called Dry Sage, which is kinda green, kinda grey and kinda blue. “Man,” said the husband. “That was tough. And now we have to decide on the trim.” The trim, let me point out, is all important. The trim, if done poorly, can look like bad eye shadow on an otherwise lovely face. You don’t want to get it wrong. “I’m thinking cream,” I told the husband. “Cream?” he asked. “As in yellow?” “Heavens no,” I laughed. “Cream as in, you know,

something warm and punchy and elegant.” The husband looked at me, confused. “I’d like a sort of greeny coffee,” he announced. “Greeny coffee?” I asked. “Since when is greeny coffee a colour? And you think greeny coffee would complement Dry Sage? Or Barren Plain, for that matter?” This, of course, is the problem with colours — and with words. I say “cream” and the husband imagines white. He says “coffee” and I imagine brown. We went to the paint store to check out the chips. “We’re looking for a trim colour,” I said to the clerk. “We’d like to look at your creams. And also your greeny coffees.” “Greeny coffees?” she asked. She looked at me, and then at my husband. And then back at me. “We do not have anything called greeny coffee. Would that be something in the green palette? Or the café au lait palette?” “Well,” said the husband, scratching his head. “It’s got a bit of that green colour you see in the ocean sometimes when you’re crossing the Lions Gate Bridge in September at dusk. Except lighter.” The clerk nodded. She suggested we look at the chips. There were more than we might have imagined. Many more. There was nothing called green. Or coffee. Or Lions Gate Bridge at dusk. Perplexed as ever, we took several dozen home. We’re still undecided today, I might add, but at least we have narrowed it down. It’s back to the basics for the husband and me, and down to black and white.






for those jobs you have had to be putting off. (Spring Specials)



PENNZOIL hot oil change

Your choice 10w30 5w20 5w30



More than just Tires


A16 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

5651 No. 3 Rd., Richmond across from Lansdowne Mall 604-247-1555

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A17

MAY 2011

SPRUCEUP for spring



('&"* )*$%'"# " )&##! +*$'(%

!")3" )&1(

-G6- +/9D *32F8 '"572E #?<<")2 >G+B4+>B>64. @ 000F52<9"="E,29CF!=F=" %,27; &17B(E? 4 ": B - ,:A $"9 .. ": B + ,:

! 5,)+

*#62-4" !$0/1 5 !+/(6%/1 7-03/ ,.&') 5")*3' ! %-.#2 ! 2"0-."'3 ! /")4$,,4 ! 53)"0-5 '-23 ! 5,)+ ! ")3" )&1( ! 5")*3' ! %-.#2 ! 2"0-."'3 ! /")4$,,4 ! 53)"0-5 '-23 ! 5,)+ ! ")3" )&1(


! 5,)+ ! 53)"0-5 '-23 ! /")4$,,4 ! 2"0-."'3

6)(( "'&!51&(' 0!%(&!5( 4$1)13&((* 23'&1771&!/3 .)/5,&+ ,)/%(''!/317 '()#!-(

! 53)"0-5 '-23

! %-.#2

5 4,%'( !($$9,%. 5 :091)$$1 5 #/90&,3 6,(/ 5 #$9*

! /")4$,,4


5 80&,%0-/

! 2"0-."'3

5 #09"/-

! %-.#2

2/ 09/ '$+9 $%/ 7-$" "


! ")3" )&1(

5")*3' ! %-.#2 ! 2"0-."'3 ! /")4$,,4 ! 53)"0-5 '-23 ! 5,)+ ! ")3" )&1( ! 5")*3' ! %-.#2 ! 2"0-."'3 ! /")4$,,4 ! 53)"0-5 '-23 ! 5,)+ ! ")3" )&1(

A18 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011


DIY doesn’t have to spell divorce T

31 6;0/2 41.,>01=

imes are tight, but that doesn’t mean the 1960s palette should stay and fade some more on your walls. More and more people who are pinching pennies are turning to do-it-yourself (DIY) renovations in the home, and the first place they turn to is the paint store.

“It’s definitely been a bit of a change from a couple of years ago, when the economy was booming. It’s a great way to freshen up your home with just a coat of paint,” said Thoma Doehring, a design consultant with Benjamin Moore Paints.

$*';!@5 &"@%'; #!; ;8(> "/ >/!A !:9 87=2/ABA7,.C 2,B8/3 8!@@ <C A71!90 %$*&5 '7:0 ) (,B0 - !=)+5?6 2= ; #!A<,1!9 46 != ) + 2=

While DIYers may not have much experience with painting, they’re willing to do some reading to take on the task themselves.

C999 @=3)F @42+- &):<2




“People are doing a lot of homework online, which is

),( 0 . / '$ & 2)

new. They’re searching out colours online, looking for inspiration,” Doehring said, adding sometimes it can set them back somewhat. “They come in, and the colours look a little different than on their computer.”

team project.”

She suggests homeowners narrow down their choices to a couple of colours and then invest in tester pots or big chips.

• If you’re planning on painting the trim, walls and ceiling, paint the trim first.

“It will give you a way better visual than from a little tiny paint chip,” Doehring said.

• Before you start painting the walls, give them a good cleaning. This will ensure the paint really adheres to the walls.

Those who are having trouble deciding might want to look into design consultancy — especially if compromise is the sticking point.

• Don’t do the W: To get a seamless finish and avoid lap marks, roll the full height of the wall and keep a wet edge on your roller.

“We do a lot of in-home colour consultations as well. It tends to be easier to get the other half involved when you’re in the home,” she laughs, adding couple should strategize their roles before heading into a project.

• If you’re painting a very large space, consider mixing several cans of paint in a large bucket. This will ensure that you have a consistent colour throughout the room.

“We always say you and your spouse can choose the wallpaper together, but you must hang it separately. It’s not a

+#.&* 1 , . .%-%" !


Doors Galore & Windows

Rip out that old patio slider

$ *",) &")6+ !2,/+016 4616+")/+* $ *"56)% !/'6+* $ 5+66 &")6+ )6*)014

5’ OR 6’ DOUBLE DOORS includes

• Pre-measure • Delivery • Installation • New Frame • Dispose of old door Installed from

Ydb`[Kgb WQ]O_h SZQij S_la]Z\i Tk Jbd`GHG`debY Uk Jbd`GHG`debG Vk _\fZPcMhQImhLIXZZ^LQ\iLXQLNlQ Rk cMhQImhLIXZZ^LQ\iLXQLNlQ

"-%)(2 !-103$ , 43'%)03$ /2&# 3* , .2## +*



+ tax & h/w



#++$ ( !*) %'&"

• If you’re using tape along edges to achieve a straight line, let the paint dry, then cut the tape loose.

• Between the glass • Upper slide tilts • Lower slide lifts • No Cleaning and easy to operate Installed from


For more local green stories that affect you and your community

Go to



+ tax & h/w

Specializing in: Replacement Windows • Replacement Interior Doors Replacement Front Entrance Unit • Mirror Bifolds 8160 120th Street (Scott Road) Call for Free Estimate



$ -//, /-61014* $ !,/*014* $ &66.,% *6+'0!6 $ -(3-* # 50,)6+* # 26")6+* $ */,"+ 26")014 *%*)63*

Smooth paint finishes Choosing a paint colour might be the most fun part of painting, but don’t overlook the real work. Here’s how to achieve a perfect finish:

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A19


Taking spring cleaning outdoors

From cleaning out those gutters to repairing any winter damage and painting, it’s a great time to get out and spruce up your home


pring has sprung and it’s that time of year when many homeowners start looking at spring cleaning.

While those words usually come with a focus on the interior of the home, it is also important to give the exterior a little attention too. Spring is a good time to assess any damage done over the winter. Check doors, windows and screens to ensure all are in good repair. Wooden decks and porches should be checked for areas that might need to be replaced or refinished. Paved or cement areas should be checked for any cracks that can be taken care of before they get worse. The outside of your home could probably also use a bit of spring cleaning. Now is a good time of year to look at power washing. Power washing can help get rid of any dirt or mold on the exterior of your home, as well as anything built up in the crevices of your porch or walkway. And don’t forget to look up. Leaves from fall and winter could be clogging rain gutters. Now is the time to haul out the ladder and clear them out. For those looking to make a larger aesthetic impact to the outside of

their home, now is a good time of year to look at painting. Theresa Hrabovski, a designer at South Delta Paint and Design, says there are many things to take into consideration when looking at painting your home. The first, and usually most difficult, decision, she says, is choosing a colour. “Once you get that it’s a breeze, really.” Hrabovski recommends looking at homes in other neighbourhoods to help in the decision making process. She also recommends looking at the colour of your neighbours’ homes and picking a complementary colour. When picking an exterior paint colour, Hrabovski says homeowners need to consider the type of material to be painted — wood, stucco, etc. — as well as the style of the home and any elements that cannot be painted, like stone work. She says you want to ensure your new paint colour complements other elements around the home.

offer tips by looking at a photo.


Once the paint colour has been chosen, the next choice is usually whether to DIY or hire a professional — with cost and time being the major deciding factors. Hiring a professional painting service will cost more but the job will get done quicker. Hrabovski says the amount of prep work that needs to be done before painting can affect the size of the job. For example, if the current paint is peeling, the house will need to be stripped and primed before the new coat of paint can be applied. Whether hiring a professional painter or tackling the job on your own, Hrabovski recommends getting some professional input. She says she regularly recommends professional painters or can help homeowners determine what type of paint and products they need to do the job themselves. “You want to have something you’ll love,” she says. “It’s your investment.” JESSICA KERR

Introducing Dustless Sanding

Hrabovski says she often will go out to a client’s home to help them with the colour selection process, but she can also

The Atomic DCS® Difference Traditional hardwood floor sanding is typically an extremely dusty process—a dust-storm in your home, lingering dust in your air-ducts, and a cleanup headache that feels like it will never end. BonaKemi offers you a cleaner, healthier and faster choice with the Atomic Dust Containment Systems, which virtually eliminate the dust. BonaKemi’s elegant waterborne finishes are extremely durable, environmentally responsible, and have no toxic fumes so you and your pets don’t have to move out of your house during refinishing.



Refinish your hardwood floors without the dust and without toxic fumes 11958 - 96 Avenue Delta, B.C. V4C 3W8


Take a stroll through our gardens and see it all… OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK


Riding for my Brother Mark 05125155



I lost my brother to cancer in January 2000. He was an avid cyclist and we used to ride many

miles together. I decided that this was the year to do the Ride to Conquer Cancer in his honour. You can help me fight for the cure by donating online @ Rider: Ron Teljeur Rider #: 253838-5


$0.25, $0.50, $0.75 OR $1.00 PER SQUARE FOOT


All our work is now dustless and we have remained competitive while offering the best value.

• Fountains • Planters • Toad Stools • Bird Baths • Patio Tables & Benches • Garden Statues

Fraser Valley Cement Gardens Ltd. 23664 Fraser Hwy., Langley, B.C. V3A 4P6




{J ~l).~9~ stvIeilthlllE AND




Monday-Friday 9 am - 5 pm Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

A family tradition since 1959

FOR 2 , A VALUE OF $5 000 EACH


See contest rules at To participate register on or fillout the back of this coupon.

Acorn is donating part of our contracts to the ride: 10¢/sf - sand & finish 15¢/sf - prefinished installs 20¢/sf - site-finished installs

TRC - one of our suppliers, is donating 5¢/sf on all flooring we purchase prior to June 15 Model Hardwood is donating 10¢/sf on solid floors 5¢/sf on engineered floors for regular priced materials.

A20 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011


Enjoy the outdoors! Get your patio covered this Spring. Free Home Estimates! WE ARE MANUFACTURER’S OF ALUMINUM RAILING, POWER GATES & SUNROOMS.





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Tips for planning your bathroom remodel

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spaces that can certainly be made dramatic or funky. Adding a dark and moody colour on the walls, or some glamorous wallpaper can have major impact. Lighting, plumbing fixtures and the mirror above the sink are other areas that can add impact — these pieces act as the room’s jewelry. Don’t be afraid to let them add some sparkle.

he first thing to consider when planning a bathroom is how it will be used and who it will be used by. Is it a powder room? Master ensuite? Child’s bathroom? Guest bathroom? All of these will function differently based on their users needs.

Powder rooms are usually a small space — often with just a sink and toilet. These are





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May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A21


We are “Red Seal” Certified Journeymen.

Don’t risk your greatest asset to those who aren’t.

turing Also Fea


Where quality counts

THE WICKERTREE has all new outdoor patio sets andWICKERTREE Treasure Garden available now!sets THE hasUmbrellas all new outdoor patio PLUS Still time to save on final indoor / outdoor clearance sets! and Treasure Garden Umbrellas available now!



Mike Phillips






604-530-0818 •

03139651 02028413_854_P1

102 - 20460 Langley Bypass, Langley • Hours: 10-6 Mon.-Sat., 12-5 Sun.

Call us today!


Master ensuites are generally an ‘adult’ space. They should have more refined finishes and fixtures. Houses designed and built in the last 10 to 15 years have a generous amount of space allotted for the master ensuite. This is not the case for older homes, and often homeowners are trying to reclaim more space for the ensuite to accommodate their needs. These rooms have evolved over the years from small two piece bathrooms to luxurious five piece escapes. Whether the desired style is a modern retreat, a serene spa, or a country charmer, the master ensuite is a space that should feel grown up. Children’s bathrooms are rooms that often get overlooked, even though the opportunity to do something special and fun is screaming as loudly at you as the children do from time to time.

Not all homes have a designated guest bathroom, although it is seen in more and more houses these days. These spaces need to be the more versatile. Depending on the amount of use this room will get, and the types of visitors that will use it, it needs to be planned accordingly. In many homes, this bathroom may also be used by aging parents, which have different needs than your average guest. All of these elements need to be considered in the planning of the space - and choosing materials and fixtures. No matter which bathroom is on your renovation hit list, take the time up front to consider the main and secondary users before making any selections. The materials and fixtures you chose should be both age and function appropriate. SARAH GALLOP Sarah Gallop is an interior designer based in Ladner %('****&

If you plan to give this room a full makeover, give it some thought and plan a space that will grow with your children as they mature. This doesn’t mean giving them a bland room, it means giving them something that

reflects ‘now’, but will also be appropriate in a year or two. There are opportunities to add accents of your child’s current favourites in towels, artwork, shower curtains etc — items that can easily be changed out when they are on to something new.

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#131 - 4857 Elliott Street Ladner Harbour Centre, Ladner






#106 - 2055 152nd Street South Surrey

#100 - 14936 32nd Avenue South Surrey

ben Interior & Exterior Paint ®

ben Interior Paint

ben is a low-VOC, low-odor paint available in any colour you can imagine to suit any lifestyle and every decor. ben makes fabulous style easy and affordable.



A22 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011


Warm up to spring with a new coat of paint Now that the warmer weather’s here, it’s time to put on a new coat ... of paint, that is. Statistics show that spring is the most popular time for painting — both inside and out — and there’s no simpler way to leave the dreariness of a long, cold winter behind.

Update your bathroom

“Just as replacing dark winter coats in favour of cheerier-looking spring jackets helps lighten moods, even the smallest infusion of colour will give your home a lift,” says Alison Goldman, marketing communications manager for CIL Paints, noting that paint colour is the easiest and most economical home improvement tool.

Specializing in... Custom shower enclosures

20 years experience with an artist’s touch!


Local Delta Resident Murray Engelsjord Journeyman Glazier find vangoglass on facebook Tel: 778-240-0740


Adding colour to your home’s interior is as easy as applying a vibrant tone to an accent wall, jazzing up an old piece of furniture, or painting a “frame” around a mirror, picture or doorway, Goldman says. On the exterior, simply changing the colour of your front door, garage or window


frames will go a long way in rejuvenating your property, and reversing the toll Canada’s harsh winters tend to take on our houses. Popular colour choices this season include jewel-toned blues and greens, playful limes, pinks and apricots, and calming lavenders and greys. “This season’s palette is about appreciating the influence of colour in every

aspect of our lives, from a spectacular sunset, to blossoming flower gardens, to the trendy fashions we wear,” explains Goldman. “The bolder colours replace safer neutrals, echoing new beginnings and a renewed sense of optimism and charm.” Before ‘springing’ ahead with your paint job this season, consider these tips from CIL Paints: CONTINUED ON NEXT PAGE



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May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A23



• Use colour sense: When selecting paint colours, study your surroundings. Inside, it’s important to consider the mood you want to create in a room in addition to the decor. Pink is the colour of passion and love, yellow energizes and cheers, green is easy on the eye and calming, lime green is playful, blue is dreamy and tranquil, and purple, the colour of wealth, reduces hunger. Exterior paint choices should blend well with existing landscaping as well as the colour of the roof, brick, siding or stone.

• Follow orders: Paint jobs are simpler when the right order is followed. For interior painting, start with the ceiling, then the walls, followed by the baseboard and trim. Doors and windows should be painted last. Outside, the general rule is to work from the top down, painting gutters and eaves first while leaving trim for last. Shutters should be completely removed and re-hung, while doors can be


painted in place, left slightly ajar to dry. • Make good time: Almost any spring day is good for interior painting, except in extremely hot and humid weather, which can cause streaking if the paint dries too fast. The best time for exterior painting is when the temperature has been 10° C or higher for 24 hours and no fog, drizzle or dew is present. When painting outdoors, avoid direct sunlight and wind. Paint applied to hot surfaces will blister and peel, while wind can cause paint to dry too quickly, leaving behind lap marks — not to mention dirt and insects that may blow in. “Inside or out, this season’s pick-me-up colours are so fresh and uplifting, you’ll feel like it’s spring in your home all year round,” Goldman says.

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• Accentuate the positives: Today’s bold colours present the perfect opportunity for experimenting. Make a kitchen “pop” with brightly-painted cabinetry, using speciallyformulated paint. CIL’s new Smart Melamine paint, for example, has a unique water-based, super-smooth formula that — with the proper preparation — makes even the oldest cupboards look sleek and new. Use colour to draw attention to a book shelf or back wall, or breathe new life into a bathroom by painting accessories or applying geometric shapes to the wall. Add exterior curb appeal by repairing winter’s damage, including peeling trim, faded paint, cracked putty, and scuffed door frames. With the right colour combinations, these must-do maintenance chores will become pleasures.

$2(50- 8,&) $)27/(


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A24 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

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We Create Smiles

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FACTORY DIRECT HOT TUBS CALL US FOR CLEARANCE SPECIALS. OPEN: Mon. - Fri. 8 am-4:30 pm • Saturday 10 am - 4 pm

7333 River Road, Delta

+KM3;93 V;9R7O ;3 G#J*DEU*CEEE 7/3 YI! 9KM42N7831ASN;QO'9KN 000'T;97:KKP'9KN%+KM42N78?=




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May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A25 Coming Events

#Tsawwassen Library invites you to drop in for some computer training. Whether you are a notice or a beginner, there is a class for you. Learn to get comfortable with the computer during 60 minutes of handson instruction. Topics rotate weekly. Open to everyone. No registration is required. Wired Wednesdays go from 9 to 10 a.m. Internet Basics - May 25, June 15; Beyond the Basics - June 1, June 22; Email - May 18, June 8, June 29. #South Delta Newcomers & Alumni meetings are held the third Thursday of each month at 7:15 p.m. in the Kiwanis Longhouse, 1710-56th St., Tsawwassen. The club is for all women who have moved to Ladner, Tsawwassen or Point Roberts, to introduce you to the community and help you make new friends. Join us Thursday, May 19 to meet the new Executive for 2011 - 2012. Our guest speaker for the evening will present ‘Spring Into Spring With A Fresh New Look’. For more information please call Bonnie at 604-943-5869. #Special entertainment is coming to local libraries for Kids’ Day Off @ the Library on Friday, May 20 from 2 to 2:45 p.m. Ladner Pioneer Library - Music with Marnie; Tsawwassen Library - Zany Zack. #Ladner Pioneer Library Scrabble Club - Do you have a way with words? Drop in and test your word power. All ages and experience welcome. The Ladner Pioneer Library Scrabble Club meets on Tuesday, May 24 from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. #Parent workshop: Talking To Your Child About Their Own Autism. This workshop will help parents of children with autism determine how best to talk to their child about the diagnosis, the best time to talk about it and what to say. Presented by Pam Collins on Thursday, May 26 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. at Reach Child and Youth Development Society, 33800-72nd St., East Ladner. To register call 604-9466622 ext. 343 or email caroly@reachdevelopment. org. #The Ladner/Tsawwassen Kinsmen Club invites new and old members to join us, the first and third Mondays of each month at Kin House in Ladner. Join the only

all-Canadian service club. Come have fun, meet our neighbours and help make our community a better place to live and raise our families. Supper is at 6:30 p.m., the meeting is a 7 p.m. and the fun follows. There is no age limit for members as there was in the past. For more information please call 604-946-8711. Leave a message. #Twice monthly car boot sale at Centennial Beach Parking lot, 8:30 a.m. every second and fourth Saturday (weather permitting). Next sale: June 11. Only $10 for space. Bring ground sheet to display goods. Hosted by Cammidge House Committee Boundary Bay Regional Park. For more information call Murray at 604-943-0828 or Beth at 604-940-9824. Following sales are: June 25, July 9, 23, Aug. 6, 20 and possibly Sept. 3, 17. #There will be an adult bereavement support group on Tuesdays from 5 to 6:30 p.m. until June 28 at the Delta Hospice Centre for Supportive Care. There is no cost to participate, but pre-registration is required. Space is limited to 12 participants. Contact Dr. Heather Mohan at 604948-0660 ext 312 for more information or to register. #Delta Photo Club meets at KinVillage in Tsawwassen every Wednesday evening 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. We welcome everyone to join us, and explore and learn more together about our images (our art, craft, business via networking, fieldtrips and workshops) For further information contact:

28 and 29. The $10 viewers pass is good for any time during the two days of competitions. The Saturday night Luau buffet with special entertainment sells out quickly so buy your tickets now. Tickets are $18 plus the pass. #Singles over Sixty. Call Lloyd at 604-948-4933.

at 6:30 p.m. at The Landing Pub, 5449 Ladner Trunk Rd. Tickets are $5 for wine or beer, available from Denise at 604-940-8164 or #The Delta Kodiaks have a Fun Day fundraiser on Saturday, May 28 at the Boot and Sombrero Restaurant in Ladner. A $15 ticket includes burger/ beer or enchilada/marg. For more information call Jaylene at 778-822-4405. Arts

#The Circle of Friends offers social events to active seniors like movies, theatre trips, potlucks and walks. Meet at McKee House on the last Monday of the month at 7 p.m. Call Lesley at 604-946-9180 for more information. Fund Raisers #A pub night fundraiser for The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the BC Cancer Foundation will be held on Saturday, May 28

#The Tsawwassen Library will be featuring a new art exhibit in the Gallery Room by local resident Cecilia Mavrow. Mavrow is an artist of many forms, including paintings, architectural sketches, pottery, and sculpture. This show is focusing on recent acrylic paintings. Everyone is invited to take a look at these colorful works in the library anytime in the month of May. #The Sidekick Players

Club presents The Foursome by Canada’s most prolific playwright, Norm Foster, at the Tsawwassen Arts Centre, 1172-56th St., May 11 to May 21 (Wed. to Sat.) at 8 p.m. and May 15 (Sun.) 2 p.m. Bistro Theatre setting with refreshments available. Reservations 604-288-2415. Adults $18 seniors/students $15. #Ducktails to Beehives revisits the music and skits of the 50s and 60s, performed by the United Entertainers at Genesis Theatre on Friday, May 20 and Saturday, May 21. Evening shows at 7:30 p.m. There will be a Saturday matinee at 2 p.m. Tickets at the Repair Man and South Coast Casuals in Ladner and Sublime Art Supplies in Tsawwassen. Tickets are $15 for seniors and students, $18 for adults. Proceeds to Boys and Girls’ Club and OWL. #Sacred Heart Church’s newly formed Young Adult Ministry is pleased to

present an evening filled with gospel and up-lifting music on Sunday, May 29 at 7:30 p.m. at Sacred Heart Church (3900 Arthur Drive, Ladner) performed by their Young Adult Choir and guest performers, The Hymnprovs. There will be a sing-a-long of new and old favourites and goodies to follow. Admission by donation (all proceeds donated to the sister parish in Downtown Vancouver to help re-build and renovate their church building and facilities; and providing support for those in need). For more info, email The Coming Events column is published every Wednesday as a community service. If you have a nonprofit event, mail, drop off, fax, or e-mail (events@ the details to the Optimist by 3 p.m. Monday. Submissions are subject to space limitations (no phone calls, please).

Just in time for

Camping Season Come in & our check outtion! new selec

Seniors #KinVillage Community Centre (5430 10th Ave., Tsawwassen) presents their fabulous fashion show luncheon will be held at noon on Friday, May 20. Tickets are $11 for members and $13 for non-members. #The Kin Jam Band plays ever second Thursday at KinVillage. Next up is May 26 from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome. #McKee Seniors Recreation Centre hosts a May birthday lunch on May 27 at 12:30 p.m. with salmon barbecue and salad. Entertainment: ElderCollege Choir. Members $6; guests $7. #Paul Latta’s 22nd Annual Festival Polynesia will be held at the KinVillage Community Centre on May

For every $25* of camping equipment purchased RECEIVE A 1LB PROPANE CYLINDER $4.69



Offer expires May 31/11 *before taxes. See in store for details



Clubs & Groups

1140-56th St. Tsawwassen 604-943-0141

A26 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011 #!&"#&%!

In the Community


"-#*, 2+'/!-%.( -3 =;> $##870-=2 =8> 08$)3 $=: 7+$<853 ,4 <8$53 $=: ;+:85 58#58$0-;=$+ 3+;/7-0#1 +8$2?8 %+$< 65;) )-:/'?=8 0; )-:/*?2?30 &-=-)?) ;6 9. +8$2?8 2$)83! , 0;?5=$)8=03 $=: >-=:/?7 3;#-$+ (;=0$#0" ,.-++-..($/.#"&0%,)'*'",!-%#/)-

Weekend work party installs playground for Holly kids SUBMITTED PHOTO

The families of Holly Elementary and Holly Park got together last weekend to install a new playground. It was kind of like an old-fashioned barn raising as people from all over brought food and got together with shovels and tools. The playground was made possible by fundraising and donations from the community as well as a grant from the Corporation of Delta and a partnership with the Delta school district. A grand opening celebration will be scheduled in June. Grant Laidlaw (under bridge) and Todd Griffiths are shown installing one of the components.

Decide for yourself. Learn more at You‛ve probably heard and seen a lot about HST — some negative, some positive. Well, now you can have your say. From June 13th to July 22nd you‛ll vote whether to keep HST or go back to PST plus GST. It‛s an important decision for our province, so be sure to take the time to understand all the implications of the two tax systems. And before you decide, put each tax option to the test at

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A27 Feedback

Cummins has given the party a higher profile of late, including making Former longtime Delta-Richmond East MP John Cummins is the news last week by saying being gay is a choice. uncontested candidate for the B.C. Conservatives leadership. The provincial party will have a leadership convention next week in Surrey. The Optimist asked:

Will Cummins make the Conservatives viable?

Shirley Tripp I think so.

Brian Webb After his last comments in the press ... about people having a choice whether or not they want to have an alternative lifestyle. That’s going to cause him a lot of grief, I think.

You can have your say on this issue by taking part in our web poll at www.

Bob Plouffe I think he will because a moderate right wing party is needed.

Stewart Goodfellow Yes. I think people, even though they don’t want to admit it, respect his issues and how he stands up for what nobody wants to say.

Dan Scarr It’s debatable now after his last comments.

Last week we asked you:

What did you think of the federal election results? • 66.67 per cent said I’m happy with the results. • 22.22 per cent said I’m disap-


May Days


Adult Idol (with Wine & Cheese Garden) 1ST PLACE: $500; 2ND PLACE $350; 3RD PLACE: $100


12 Years Old & Younger Idol 1ST PLACE: $300; 2ND PLACE IPOD TOUCH; 3RD PLACE: $100

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 1:30PM - 3:30PM

13 - 18 Years Old Idol

1ST PLACE: $350; 2ND PLACE $200; 3RD PLACE: $100

pointed with the results. • 11.11 per cent said I didn’t pay attention.

Idol Details and registration form available online at: www. ladnermaydays. com (all entrants must supply a demo CD ~ only those chosen will be notified)

Delta Stage ~ Ladner Memorial Park

A28 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

Sports Editor: Mark Booth

Phone: 604-946-4451




“Trust It To Us”



Call for details

Free local towing



Delta Sports



Shake-up doesn’t slow down Islanders Junior “A” lacrosse team defeats Langley for third win in four games after general manager and coach resign BY


A surprising early season front office shuffle hasn’t slowed down the Delta Islanders who find themselves ranked fourth in the country among junior “A” lacrosse teams. The Islanders now have a new general manager and head coach following the resignations last week of Rick Clark and Jack Watson. Both had only been in their roles for a short period of time. Clark was appointed the team’s general manager last fall, soon after Greg Rennie announced he would not be returning as GM and head coach. Clark then brought Watson onboard in January as the head coach. Assistant coach Dave Pirog has agreed to take over behind the bench and made his debut in his new role in Saturday’s 11-4 home floor win against Langley. He will work along side first-year assistant Dane Stevens — a local product who played this past season in the National Lacrosse League with Edmonton. The club then announced Monday that Jamie Scott would be the new general manager. The longtime goalie at the senior “A” and “B” levels, has coached in the B.C. Junior “A” Lacrosse League with New West and Langley. “Dave has already been with

us for two seasons and basically been running our practices,” said team president Gary McBride. “He is a great teacher of the game and has been the backbone of our coaching staff. The boys were very excited to learn he had accepted the position. “We were also very fortunate someone like Jamie, who has been involved in the game for over 30 years, was available. Not only does he bring a wealth of experience but he is familiar with the contacts you need to be successful in the position.” McBride admits the club’s board of directors were caught off guard with the sudden departures of Clark and Watson but are confident the team will keep moving forward in search of its first-ever Minto Cup berth. The Islanders now have a 3-1 record with the league-leading Coquitlam Adanacs (5-0) scheduled to visit the Ladner Leisure Centre on Saturday (7:30 p.m.) in a key early season match-up. “Their departures did come as a surprise when we learned of it a week ago,” said McBride. “There is definitely no animosity there. It takes a tremendous commitment to be involved at this level. Rick has done lots of yeoman work since taking over as GM last fall and we thank the both of them for their time and efforts.” Boxla bits.... Mike Mallory (3-2), Matt Messenger (2-3) and intermediate




Delta Islanders Sam Clare attempts to shake off the check of Langley’s Colten Hayes during Saturday’s B.C. Junior “A” Lacrosse League game in Ladner. The Intermediate call-up had two goals and three assists in Delta’s 11-4 win. call-up Sam Clare (2-3) led the way against Langley with five point nights. Michael Berekoff

added a goal and two assists, while Matt Zinn, Steve Higgs and captain Ryan Keith also scored.

The Islanders visit Port Coquitlam on Friday before hosting the Adanacs.

Nominations being accepted for Kiwanis Delta Memorial Sports Award ing his/her sport for many years with the hope of competing internationally. Pearson, who is the first-ever recipient of the award, was playing for the national junior field hockey team at the time. He is now a key member of the senior team, having participating at the Commonwealth Games in 2006 and 2010, along with the 2008 Summer Olympics. McManus, one of three recipients in 2010, is considered one of the top upand-coming field hockey players in the country, having earned carding status. The Grade 12 student recently joined the senior team for a tour in South America. The Delta Spirit of B.C. Committee

Tides at Tsawwassen Pacific Standard Time. Height in feet

truly believes in the aspirations of local athletes and wants to help them reach their goals. The Kiwanis Club embraces the same beliefs and challenges other service groups of Delta to also give a financial award to aspiring local athletes. Do you know of any Delta athletes have to pay for their own travel costs even when representing Canada? Do you know how hard it is for sports groups to get financial support? Unlike many organizations, local and provincial sports cannot apply for charitable status and so are unable to give tax receipts.



12:50 am 10.5 1:11 pm 0.7

2:40 am 10.5 2:39 pm 1.6

5:46 am 14.4 8:29 pm 15.4


7:14 am 13.5 10:02 pm 15.4



1:44 am 10.5 1:55 pm 1.0

3:42 am 10.5 3:22 pm 2.3

6:29 am 14.1 9:16 pm 15.4

When an athlete is carded, they receive some financial support, depending on their ranking in the sport. But what about those who are still aspiring to be the top in their sport? With limited funding for sports, talented athletes may not be unable to afford their training or the costs to travel for competitions. In the Spirit of the 2010 Olympics, the Delta Sport Council wishes to assist local athletes as they aspire for excellence by continuing to encourage them, promote them, and with financial assistance. Nominations for the Kiwanis Delta Memorial Sports Award can be e-mailed to or call 604-943-0460.

8:02 am 12.5 10:47 pm 15.4

4:49 am 10.2 4:04 pm 3.6

8:56 am 11.8 11:31 pm 15.1

These predictions are supplements to and not replacements for the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, which include the only authorized tidal predictions for Canada and are provided by Canadian Hydrographic Service.


Thanks to the ongoing financial support of the Delta Kiwanis Club. the Delta Spirit of B.C. Committee is pleased to once again offer a $1,000 scholarship to high level local athletes to help pay for training costs. Past winners of the Kiwanis Delta Memorial Sports Award include: Mark Pearson (field hockey), Kate Murie (ice hockey), Tanya McLean (softball), Spencer Simon (fencing), Eric Van Niekerk (water polo), Cecylia Witkowski (figure skating), Karyn Jewell (swimming), Joe Dart (rowing), Shannon Herold (field hockey) and Sara McManus (field hockey). Each of these athletes had been pursu-

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A29 $!%"&!$$

Sun Devils advance to Valley final

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


6997 6654 *1!.3! &%#.!; (2!0!.5%;/$ &%#.!; PHOTO




South Delta Sun Devils Nadia Langenberg closes in on a Charles Best opponent during Monday’s Fraser Valley “AAA” semi-final tilt at the Winskill turf. South Delta won 1-0 in overtime and will host Panorama Ridge in the championship game on Thursday. The Sun Devils have also qualified for the provincial championships for the 10th consecutive year.

'+9=30!)0 #4+/)643


%404346 "0/-/0> */-- (?4 %!> .;8 ,<;; 7&!)?!3> ; 0= %!3:1 .;8 ,<;; */--/)2 $43/=65

&82878: %21/12= (1//5 6)7 238 '$+,$7= > 2) &$7"3 0>! .;>> #1//1+4 <871): 3$@8 #88+ -$1/8:9 *// <7)<872= )?+875 $78 785<)+51#/8 6)7 <$=-8+2 )6 -82878: ,21/12185! 784$7:/855 )6 ?382387 )7 +)2 $ -82878: ,21/12= #1// 15 78"81@8:9

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

!<J<0<= GJ$Q$JC @$QQ 5BCO<MJ OG/J @< 0<?<$F<= @C !BC I6> H.66 J7 BF7$= 5<MBQJC1 '(<?" E$J( C7G0 :MBM?$BQ $M/J$JGJ$7M B@7GJ J(< =BJ$M) 7; C7G0 5BCO<MJ> B/ J0BM/B?J$7M/ OB=< 7M !BC I6 OBC @< =BJ<= J(< ;7QQ7E$M) @G/$M<// =BC1 , 6.2 5<MBQJC E$QQ @< B55Q$<= J7 7GJ/JBM=$M) @BQBM?</ B;J<0 !BC I6> H.661

+"&$#,$ *-&' )&%#(!&-

N($/ 0<O$M=<0 =7</ M7J B55QC J7 5075<0JC 7EM<0/ J(BJ 0<?<$F< B -BJ 0BJ< BMMGBQ GJ$Q$JC @$QQ1

C./. #@>' #;=P@A =%L ,9'

%70 O70< $M;70OBJ$7M 0<)B0=$M) J(< #BMGB0C 6 J7 !B0?( I6> H.66 !<J<0<= LJ$Q$JC *$QQ> 5Q<B/< ?7MJB?J J(< NBDBJ$7M P;:?< 4K.+3 8+K&IHI9 70 <OB$Q JBDBJ$7MA?7051=<QJB1@?1?B1

T(=I() R(=IQ(N C(=IM+ P558N55$+ C>F'+ F5 ,--<)(8IM 6'G&7HLU

!-A?FC %89 )= **$,

C./. ,*;>, )'-

%2=: P558N55$+ T(=I() R(=IQ(N C(=IM+ D(1(NM( '=9(N=+ *:2(I55IQ 6B..&KL

B588(=2 '51(N+ ?BD E=-;=S(+ "OUR A&+ #5S R=93M+ '% 6G"UUU



C..H LPA*@LA BN) ,9'

C./. #@>' #@*;= =%= =%',A

T(=I()J'55:() R(=IQ(N C(=IM+ ,::5/ @Q((:M+ @55) BN<9 6?KUL.H&

,2I5+ P558N55$+ T(=I() R(=IQ(N C(=IM+ C>F' 6'GLUU"4


C./. AP==,A :%>=, =

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,2I5+ ,<N '58)<I<58<8S+ '% E:=/(N+ E50(N @<8)50MJR5-;M 6'H7.&74

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,2I5+ E50(N !N523+ D(1O C(8M5NM+ HO.R AK+ ,J'+ 'J% 6G&U"G


=!@? @;> %A<P>% % PA:%A<@>+ @ALPA%& I5(6K0IEM0I"452(042J(03 %('*&('*

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###%("$'"&)%!" @094 &)?. (7<1.7 ';83 #>1178 -50+2B-+025@


C..O #@>' #/8. -L< =F*>%9 7-7

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


T(=I()J'55:() R(=IQ(N C(=IM+ E=8=N=9<- D55$+ C(8M5NM+ 6K4""G"



)%' +"-."-(,#"$ "& *'!,( 24-- (0";6.96$"/0,; (;6:96.7 '607" *( #2% 5&3 111)9,;+)8607")!9)9"

C./. LPA*@LA BN= ,9'

'&)( %$(!"#%

"-%% /6%% 23++ &$ 63 6,. 6) /6*$ 16.%&$+

).266.+!+.&##) $-- "(41/' 5/-3*,/

50 !4'#'(

A30 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

Novice Advanced Isles defeat Ridge Meadows Delta Islanders Novice “A” lacrosse team came through with a big win over Ridge Meadows on Saturday. The Islanders dominated the game with goals scored by Ben McDonald, Luke Thodos, Martin Safar, Jackson Tutkaluke, Ben Knauer and Ben Andrews. Stellar work at the defensive end of the floor by Max Cantlon, Ben Morrison, Owen Borthwick and Richard Bailey made it very difficult for Ridge Meadows to score against goaltender Nick Doucet. Breakaway opportunities for Kaileb Tattrie, Mathew Morrison, Bennett McKay, Reilly Kee and Rhys Porteous kept Delta in the attacking zone most of the game. The team is looking forward to having Evan Tipping back in the line-up this week. Meanwhile, Delta Islanders Midget A1 Girls lacrosse team came through with an exciting 5-4 home floor win over New Westminster #2. The Islanders received excellent work and great hustle from all players, while the focused goaltending of Lydia Sarra and sharp shooting of Chalane Morrison were enough for Delta’s fourth victories in six tries. The season got off to a tough start with a 10-3 loss to New West #2. The girls then rebounded with wins over Langley, Burnaby and Port Coquitlam, before a narrow 5-4 loss to Ridge Meadows.


Delta Islanders Kaileb Tattrie is off to the races on this breakaway opportunity during Novice Advanced lacrosse action against Ridge Meadows. The Islanders went on to win the game,

Islanders off to fast start

Delta Islanders will look to continue their solid start in the B.C. Intermediate “A” Lacrosse League when the Burnaby Lakers visit the Ladner Leisure Centre on Friday at 8 p.m.. The Islanders have opened regular season play by winning four of five games. Victories have come against Burnaby (17-10) Coquitlam (12-6) Langley (14-12) and Nanaimo (10-8). Eli McLaughlin leads the league in scoring with 26 points, including 21 goals. Teammates Sam Clare and Mike Henry have produced 20 and 19 points respectively.

XKK#%X,D# H''CG,I'+ IHA ,B,XV,*V#?

.(! *% #+, 1407 15 "/- *)#( #+, &,%(&# 432$.8 246731-27' H0T@ON;9Q >ORU W3S[SJJ


'&#4*66$64 %*"$#/ *!' (:""2!$4/ 6&80$(&6

V2/2O. )5 .R2O >9T<@O59QN[ )TY N)TY &@50@@T .R2O 5R@NP %8CFJ@A LJ@6L (M8; JV@ LV8M@<?:@B L3MM83:A@A D/ L@M@:@ 1FJ@ML F:A JMF:O3?< XFMA@:L- F 6<FC@ 1V@M@ D@F3J/ F:A 1@<< D@?:X C8:2@MX@P

1&# 2*($1,*' 1/# . ")--%+ !*/&0''1'& 403,0%.&//) 4+ $1# 5+,./ ,* I$:RL &L6>:L/ 6L;:L ?/ -/ 41 &' 2( (( 0&1 "/ & +6L K:8R6LK 4NA>R8 K:8 68 B:;8:K;A/ C6NG8I::L I6 K$64 EAK AE MK R8 : 6L KI A/ E E::P 6L 4$68: AI I$: OA+: A9 I6 5H=.. 491 O$64 68>: A () HJ 6L -= 7) 9 J" 8 AI J.("7( 96L8R8&K +L6 ::P1 *68IA>I #/ E 8; >6 K: / :L 68>: :F NIAKKRKI1>691 :"9ARN N/8E@;:

H?JV ?JL C@:JMF< L@JJ?:XB FCC<F?;@A M@LJF3MF:J F:A L@M2?C@LB *F<?F:8 !C@F:(M8:J ':: E U6F CF6J3M@L JV@ D@LJ 8( H@LJ ,8FLJ M@L8MJ <?2?:XP G83M (3<</ (3M:?LV@A F:A 6M8(@LL?8:F<</ A@C8MFJ@A V8;@ F<L8 ?:C<3A@L F<< JV@ D@:@$JL 8( JV@ " LJFM V8J@< F:A F;@:?J?@LP ';FX?:@ 81:?:X F <303M/ 2FCFJ?8: V8;@ FJ F 6M?C@ 6M868MJ?8:FJ@ J8 /83M 3L@P !:@T@?XVJV (MFCJ?8:F< 81:@MLV?6 RK 1@@=L 6@M /@FMQ + ?JNL L;FMJB ?::82FJ?2@ F:A F <@LL @06@:L?2@ 1F/ J8 81: F 6?@C@ 8( 6FMFA?L@P W@1FMA /83ML@<( J8AF/)

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* -599,7;.= 1+3>;-+ )359 .<+ #!%"$#&'

: #++ >6@CC C,B CL44 -+6@94>E %CC+B K@49- "L+>-@D> 6<B,L?< !+-.+>-@D> L.694 'L.+ 3A/ 0AJJ >, 8,,7 .,I C,B D,LB 4LGLB9,L> >6@DF (L+>6> 1L>6 K9>96 ,H+. <,L>+ -LB9.? >6@D ) 8,,7+- @6 691+ ,C B+>+BK@69,.E "<9> 9> .,6 @. ,CC+B9.? C,B >@4+E *E = %E *E


#@4+> = &@B7+69.? 8D2 $+;&@G !+>65,@>6 #6+K+>6,. $+@4 *>6@6+

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist



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RAINES, Evelyn

August 25, 1927 - May 14, 2011

BARKLEY - Jean (nee Brown) Originally from Winnipeg, passed away peacefully at age 89 on April 16, 2011 in Delta. Predeceased in 1991 by Jack, her beloved husband of 46 years. Survived by nieces Catherine Robson and Norma Anne Lawson, both of Ontario. Interment at Chilliwack Cemeteries, Hillcrest Drive, Chilliwack. No service by request. Jean was a volunteer at the Delta Hospital and will be fondly remembered by many friends.

It is with heavy hearts that we have lost the matriarch of our family, Evelyn Raines. She was released into the loving arms of God and will be remembered and honoured always. Evelyn was born in Holloway, London, England and leaves behind her nine children, Carl (Susan), Lynda (Peter), David (Jane), Norman (Jill), Philip (Cherie), Ken (Jane), Paula (Bill), Leisa (Dave), Tara (Brad), also seventeen grandchildren, Mark, Bradley, Samantha, Andrew, David, Michael, Sarah, Jay, Patrick, Claire, Hannah, Ashley, Natalie, Cameron, Michaela, Emily, Aaron and one great-grandchild Simon. Evelyn was raised during WWII and on VE Day in London, met her husband, Arthur Raines, of 58 Years. They travelled back and forth between Canada and England and raised their nine children, finally settling in Canada in 1979 to live out the remainder of their lives. She follows her loving husband, Arthur, who passed away in 2003. She also goes to meet her parents and 3 siblings. Our Mother was everything to us, as we were to her. She will be sadly missed and forever remembered.

Delta Funeral Home 604-946-6040

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ARNOLD, Margaret

Margaret passed away peacefully, May 16, 2011 at the age of 70 years, a life lived with incredible courage and grace. Predeceased by her mother, father and brother Ted. She is survived and forever missed by her children: Ed (Shelley), Bob (Laurel), Jim (Holly), Cathy (Bill), Terresa (Terry); grandchildren: Anna, Nick, Matt, Kris, Shawn, Michael, Nicole, Kevin and Sarina; one great-grandchild: Nevan; siblings: Helen (Charlie) and Ian (Diana) along with many special friends and extended family. Mom brought a smile to everyone’s face and a warmth to the hearts and stomachs of all who were fortunate enough to know her. A Celebration of Margaret’s life will be held on Saturday, May 21, 2011 at 2:30 p.m. at the Kinsmen Margaret Vidal Building, 5492 - 11th Avenue, Tsawwassen, BC. “FAREWELL BAKER LADY”

On-line condolences may be placed at

Delta Funeral Home 604-946-6040


Abram “Abe” Jacob May 30, 1921 May 11, 2001

Passed away peacefully into the arms of Jesus at Augustine House, Ladner, B.C. Abe was born in Grossfuerstental, Suvorowka, S. Russia to Jacob Abram & Gertrude (Fransen) Enns. In 1925 he came to Canada with his parents and two sisters. The family settled in Speedwell, SK where Abe spent his growing up years. He began his teaching career in Saskatchewan, and married Emily Poetker in 1944. In 1948 Abe and Emily moved to Richmond BC, and in 1973 they settled in Tsawwassen, BC. Abe taught Biology at Delta Senior Secondary School in Ladner until his retirement in 1985. He spent many years serving at Fraserview, M.B. Church, and he was a founding member of Cedar Park Church in Ladner.Abe and Emily enjoyed traveling together during their retirement until their health no longer allowed it. Abe is survived by wife Emily, two brothers and two sisters, and by children Shirley (Elmer) Thiessen, Williams Lake, BC, Judy (Vic) Thiessen, Surrey, BC, Lorna (Gerry) Kent, Kathmandu, Nepal, Dale (Maddaline) Enns, Ladner, BC, eighteen grandchildren, and twenty-one great-grandchildren. A Memorial Service was held on Tuesday, May 17, 2011 at 11:00 am at Cedar Park Church, 5300 44th Avenue, Ladner, BC with reception following. In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Mennonite Central Committee BC, 31414 Marshall Road, Box 2038, Abbotsford, BC, V2T 3T8, website: Online condolences may be placed at

Delta Funeral Home 604-946-6040


LASUITA - Tony 1924-2011 Tony passed away suddenly at Langley Lodge on May 12th, 2011 at the age of 87. Survived by his loving family Margaret and children; son Brian (Sharine), daughters Brenda (Dennis), Darlene and Donna (Randy), grandchildren; Jennifer, Jamie, Jason, Adam, Brandon, Ashley and great grandsons, Ethan and Hunter. In lieu of flowers, a donation may be made to the Heart & Stroke Foundation of BC or charity of choice in Tony’s memory.

Donald Gordon Murray

1929 – May 11, 2011 With great sadness we announce the sudden passing of Donald on the morning of May 11, 2011 at the age of 81 with his loving wife Janice by his side. Donald (Don) will be forever remembered by his devoted and beloved wife Janice (Jan), daughter Michelle (Tom), son Ian (Isabelle) and by his precious grandchildren Michael, Sarah, Ashley, Adrian, and Chloe. Don was born in Manchester, England in 1929. When he married Jan they settled in Higher Poynton, Cheshire where their two children were born. Don made a career in publishing and advertising working for several national British newspapers. In 1971 they moved to Southwell, Nottinghamshire where Don accomplished his dream of starting and publishing his own community newspaper ‘The Southwell Bramley’ which remains in publication today. Don sold his newspaper business in 1977 when he moved his family from Southwell, England to Vancouver, B.C. The family settled in Tsawwassen where Don and Jan were enjoying their retirement years in the community they so loved. In Don’s early years as part of his national service he served as a tank radio operator in the 4th Queens Own Hussars Cavalry Regiment. Don was an accomplished road racing cyclist. His biggest accomplishment was being selected as a B.L.R.C. World Championship “Possible” Competitor. An injury ended his competitive cycling but Don spent many years cycling in Europe training and following the Tour De France. Don also enjoyed playing the drums and was part of a band. As an entrepreneur; importer and distributor of interesting wares, his office was often filled with sporting goods from China, mounted Piranha, blow-guns, and everlasting nail files (large fish scales!) from Brazil, and very unique drip irrigation systems from Bavaria. Never out to make his fortune this was more of a passion and a hobby. Always looking-out for others, his gentleness, kindness, devotion, and love will remain in the hearts of family and friends. The family wishes to express their sincere thanks to the professional and attentive Staff at Delta Hospital who provided such compassionate support and care to Don throughout his final weeks. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Delta Hospital. A private family memorial will be held this summer to celebrate Don’s adventures and journey through life. ‘The roads you’ve walked, the sun’s you’ve seen, the joys you’ve gathered in between, the year’s you’ve lived and all they mean, we celebrate with you.’ We love you dearly and will miss you. Forever in our hearts.

Leagh, Carmen June 28, 1917 -May 9, 2011 With loving memories we sadly announce the passing of Carmen Leagh on May 9, 2011. Carmen struggled courageously for many months after a sudden fall broke her hip. Carmen was predeceased by husband Raine, artist, teacher and founder of the Delta Arts Council, and is survived by relatives, Diana Khan, who was with Carmen almost daily throughout her struggle, the Dalziel and Wiens family, and the Repa and Winiarz family. She will be remembered by friends Nancy and Greg Lieberman, Birgit Mitchell, and many more. Carmen was born in England June 28, 1917 and has lived in Ladner since the mid 50’s. She has supported her community for years by teaching countless children to play the piano, the only condition being that they ’practice, practice, practice’. For many years she has grown Dahlias in her garden, donating hundreds of blooms each year to Delta Hospital and the extended care facility, Mountain View, where she spent the last few months of her life. She donated frequently and generously to local and national charities and treated just about everyone who ever came to her house to her now famous cheese cookies and marshmallow balls. Having been an opera singer, she sang for many years in the choir at Ladner United Church. Carmen enriched the lives of those who know her and the community she so loved. She will be missed by all of us whose lives she touched with her cheerful nature, her words of wisdom and her solid spirituality.


CRIMINAL RECORD? Canadian pardon seals record. American waiver allows legal entry. Why risk employment, business, travel, licensing, deportation? All CANADIAN / AMERICAN Work & Travel Visa’s. 604-282-6668 or 1-800-347-2540


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1964-1968 COURTENAY HIGH SCHOOL Reunion planned for July 1-3, 2011. It is time to plan your summer trip to visit OLD friends. July 1-3 in Courtenay, BC. Contact Diane (250) 941-1912. Email: for information and register: Facebook Courtenay High School.

Attention 'Sexy, Healthy, Wealthy, Women'; join 7 female powerhouse speakers on Sunday, May 29th at the Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver. www.sexyhealthy


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We will celebrate Carmen’s life on June 12, 2011 at Ladner United Church, in the Church hall, from 24pm. Donations in lieu of flowers can be made to Delta Hospital’s Mountain View Manor, 5800 Mountain View Blvd, Delta, BC, V4K 3V6.

Fond memories linger every day, Remembrance keeps them near.

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The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

FEATURED EMPLOYMENT School District No. 38 (Richmond)

“Children are our most valuable natural resource.”


School District No. 38 (Richmond) provides the opportunity to work in a safe, clean, friendly and welcoming environment. There are temporary assignments available for Carpenters and a Painter. All applicants must possess a Certificate of Apprenticeship and a Certificate of Qualification (TQ) in the applicable trade, in addition to a minimum of two (2) years of experience in commercial or institutional service work at a journeyman level. The rate of pay is $30.57 per hour, which includes 4% vacation pay. Applicants must provide proof of qualifications in order to be considered, as well as an application form, by 3:00 p.m. on Friday, May 27th, 2011. Application forms are available on our website or between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. at:

Human Resources School District No. 38 (Richmond) 7811 Granville Avenue Richmond, BC V6Y 3E3

All interested applicants are welcome to apply, however, only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. For further information, please visit our website at OUR FOCUS IS ON THE LEARNER

School District No. 38 (Richmond)

“Children are our most valuable natural resource.”


Come be a part of a highly motivated and goal-oriented team! If you are someone who would like to learn a great variety of tasks related to a large, complex, in-house payroll, then this may be the job for you. The Richmond School District is seeking a qualified, full time (35 hours per week), permanent Payroll Assistant to carry out the duties of processing payrolls and benefits administration in the department. One year of relevant experience and Payroll courses are required, along with exceptional analytical and interpersonal skills, plus the ability to compute with accuracy and speed. The rate of pay for this position is $21.36 per hour, plus a pension and excellent benefit package. Qualified individuals are invited to submit a resume and covering letter, along with proof of course work. Please apply to competition #E-PA-001-11-02 by 4:30 p.m. on May 31st, 2011. Application forms are available on our website or between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. at:

School District No. 38 (Richmond) Human Resources Department 7811 Granville Avenue Richmond, BC V6Y 3E3

All interested applicants are welcome to apply, however, only those being considered for an interview will be contacted. To learn more about the Richmond School District, please visit our website:


Technical Marketing Engineer


B.C.’s most innovative pre-cast concrete products manufacturer requires a highly motivated individual to expand our success and provide an elevated level of engineering support to our customers and the engineering community throughout our market. With over 60 years history in pre-cast concrete products, The Langley Concrete Group, a family owned enterprise, prides itself in being customer orientated and quality driven. The successful applicant must have the ability to understand the technical aspects of pre-cast concrete products and with confidence present innovative and proven applications to engineers, and other product specifiers. Working with our staff that has over 200 years of experience in this industry, the Technical Marketing Engineer will help develop and present effective marketing strategies to further the use of pre-cast concrete products in all aspects of underground civil infrastructure construction. The position entails working with established industry associations and public organizations with the goal of expounding our success in providing practical, long term solutions at the overall least cost for the construction of roads, storm and sanitary sewers, culverts and storm water treatment. You must enjoy working in a casual environment where teamwork is mandatory and support is provided at every opportunity to make you the best you can be at this position. Our team welcomes new ideas, fresh input and works by consultation, involvement and feedback giving you the opportunity to learn and grow bringing projects to completion. Minimum Requirements; 1) Registered P.Eng in British Columbia for minimum three years. 2) Experience in technical marketing to engineers, municipalities and governmental agencies. 3) Training or certification in AutoCad applications. 4) Experience in structural engineering of civil construction products or projects. 5) Excellent written and verbal skills with ability to effectively communicate to individuals or groups. 6) Positive attitude with outgoing personality and willingness to learn and grow. Our progressive Company offers; 1) Attractive salary and benefits including extended health, life insurance, critical illness insurance, employee assistance program, etc. 2) Future personal growth and development program. 3) Ability to travel, network with other professionals and attend industry training events. 4) Supportive, engaged atmosphere with change minded management group. Please send cover letter and resume to our Human Resources




Beauticians/ Barbers TSAW.

Assistant required part time. Ex hairdresser preferred. ASAP. Call 604-943-9177



Tow Truck Operators

Roadway Towing Ltd. has two positions available for tow truck operators. Applicants must reside in the area in order to meet our contract obligations. Applicants must have a minimum of a class 5 driver’s licence without restrictions. Most importantly chosen applicants must pass a criminal record check prior to being hired. Experience is preferred however training will be provided to the right applicant. Some mechanical skills and an understanding of automobiles is an asset. Shifts include weekends and some on call nights. Company also offers an excellent benefits package. Drivers are paid on commission so the harder you work the more you can make. Resume and drivers abstract can either be faxed or emailed. Fax# 604-940-1793 or email

Find a

New Career

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Farm Workers

SEASONAL AGRICULTURAL LABOURERS REQUIRED General manual labourer, hand weeding, shovel work, crop harvesting, etc. Workers will be working in dirt and vine covered fields. Rain gear and boots are needed. Hourly wage is $9.28/hr. + 4% vacation pay. 54-60 hours per week. Days of work, Mon-Sat with most Sundays off. Period of employment MMay 16 - October 31, 2011. To apply, please fax resume:

Attention: Norm Spencer Fax: 604-946-5575 Cranwest Farms 6770 - 72nd Street, Delta


General Employment

Become a Registered Personal Trainer. See our ad under Education. Hilltop 604-930-8377 DOG LOVERS! Enjoy a healthy, profitable career as a professional dog trainer. Government accredited program - student loans and grants. Ben Kersen & the Wonderdogs. 1-800-961-6616.


General Employment

Hotel Restaurant

Boston Pizza Guildford

15125 100th Ave., Surrey BC, V3R 9P4, Needs closing shift pizza cooks to cook pizzas, steaks, ribs and pasta dishes. Ensure quality and quantity control measures are followed. Strict adherence to all health standards. Busy high pressure work environment. Closing shift 6:00 PM to 3:00 AM. Applicants should have minimum 3 years experience as pizza cook. Speak fluent English. Salary $14.25 / hr. Qualified applicants should mail, drop-off or fax resumes to (604) 583-6764

Pak Diamond Kitchen Cabinets is hiring one full-time permanent labourer for in the shop at # 108 7750 128 St., Surrey, BC. Salary $13.50/hr. Duties: Assist machine operators, clean work areas and perform other labouring activities. Language: Pakistani Punjabi an asset. Email resume to: pak_diamond_kitchen_

FoodSafe an asset. Apply in person with resume 4815 Delta Street No phone calls please!!

PART TIME position for light duty garden weeding. Approx. 8 - 10 hours per week. Send infor to: Fax: 604-943-2490 or email

SHORT ORDER COOK required for Sharkey’s Restaurant, f/t, 40 hrs/wk, 8 hrs day, $16.00 /hr must speak fluent English, with exp. Apply by phone 604-946-7793.

One Call Does It All


JOB OPTIONS BC Opportunity for unemployed non-EI British Columbians 18 years of age or older. North Delta residents only. We offer paid training allowances and wage subsidy for upto 6 weeks. If you are job searching we can assist you to get that job! Funding is provided through the CanadaBritish Columbia Labour Market Agreement. For more info please call 604 591 9262




Richmond: June 5 or June 25 Surrey: Every Saturday Also Bby • Coq • M.Ridge • Van • Lgly Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Hospitality Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!


full-time/part-time COOKS, DRIVERS & SUPERVISORS

jobs. careers. advice.



MEDICAL OFFICE trainees needed! Hospitals & doctors need medical office & medical admin staff! No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1-888-748-4126.


Office Personnel

ADMIN ASSISTANT trainees needed! Large & small firms seeking admin staff! No experience? Need training? Career training & job placement available. 1-888-512-7116



IF YOUR CAREER is in New & Used Vehicle Sales, we would like to hear from you. Western Chevrolet GMC Buick in Drumheller, Alberta is looking for a Sales & Leasing Consultant to join our team. You will receive top remuneration for an energetic producer along with full company benefits package along with the ability to sell both new & used vehicles. We are a top CSI, (new or reconditioned) excellent facility, great inventory, full management support Dealership. Located in one of the best communities in boom town Alberta (set in the Badlands). Full amenities for culture, sports, tourism, with a growing economy with no flat spots, close to Calgary. Respond in confidence to: Bryan Borisow, Sales Manager, Western GM Drumheller. Phone 403-823-3371. Fax 403-823-7237. Email: bryan.borisow@



SOUTH ROCK LTD. is hiring Milling Personnel, Paving Personnel (Pavers, Rollers, Packers), General Labourers (Screed, Raker, Flag), Heavy Duty Mechanic. Experience with asphalt preferred. Valid drivers licence required; Fax 403-568-1327;



AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIANS. Salmon Arm GM on Shuswap Lake in beautiful British Columbia requires Full-Time journeyman Automotive Technicians. Email: fax: 250-832-5314. EQUIPMENT OPERATORS and Foremans required NW Alberta, 2011 construction season. Competitive wages, benefit plan. Oilfield experience, standard safety tickets; Submit to: Fax 780-532-9012; QUINN CONTRACTING LTD. is growing! We require full-time JM Trades for Northern Alberta. Competitive wages, benefits & RRSP. Email or call toll free 1-855-885-6233 WELDERS - seeking welders for custom manufacturing environment. Competitive wages, Benefits, RRSP’s & Apprenticeship opportunities. Apply to: Do All Metal Fabricating, Estevan, SK. Email: Fax: 306-634-8389

TRUTH IN ''EMPLOYMENT'' ADVERTISING Postmedia Community Publishing makes every effort to ensure you are responding to a reputable and legitimate job opportunity. If you suspect that an ad to which you have responded is misleading, here are some hints to remember. Legitimate employers do not ask for money as part of the application process; do not send money; do not give any credit card information; or call a 900 number in order to respond to an employment ad. Job opportunity ads are salary based and do not require an investment. If you have responded to an ad which you believe to be misleading please call the Better Business Bureau at 604-682-2711, Monday to Friday, 9am - 3pm or email and they will investigate.

BUILDING SALE... Canadian Manufacturer Direct. 25x40 $7640. 30x40 $8995. 35x50 $12,500. 40x80 $22,790. 47x100 $36,200. Front end optional. Many others. Pioneer Steel Manufacturers since 1980, 1-800-668-5422. DO-IT-YOURSELF STEEL BUILDINGS Priced to Clear Make an Offer! Ask About Free Delivery, most areas! Call for Quick Quote and Free Brochure 1-800-668-5111 ext. 170. SAWMILLS – Band/Chainsaw SPRING SALE – Cut lumber any dimension, anytime. MAKE MONEY and SAVE MONEY In stock ready to ship. Starting at $1,195.00. 400OT 1-800-566-6899 Ext.400OT


Musical Instruments

PIANO, ANTIQUE upright, $2900, bench, exc cond. 604-946-9610


Hilltop Academy 604-930-8377 $100 New Balance Shoes Voucher to our May class

Become a Registered Personal Trainer

• Earn up to $70/hr. • Government Financial Aid may be available.



APT SIZE Fridge, 3 shelves, plastic crisper, top freezer, exc cond. $125. Jacqui 604-948-0502


For Sale Miscellaneous

A FREE TELEPHONE SERVICE - Get Your First Month Free. Bad Credit, Don’t Sweat It. No Deposits. No Credit Checks. Call Freedom Phone Lines Today Toll-Free 1-866-884-7464.

VANCOUVER’S LARGEST Lawn and Property Maintenance Company pays $120-$360 DAILY for outdoor Spring/Summer work. Hiring honest, competitive, and energetic individuals to fill our various 2011 positions. Apply online @


Career Services/ Job Search

Lumber/Building Supplies

BALCK & DECKER model LM1800-04 electric lawnmower w/cord, runs grt. $100, chaise lounge $50. 604-943-8253 CAN’T GET UP YOUR Stairs? Acorn Stairlifts can help. Call Acorn Stairlifts now! Mention this ad and get 10% off your new Stairlift. Call 1-866-981-6591. HOT TUB COVERS & Accessories. Lowest price, highest quality. All sizes and colours available. Call 1-888-611-7660.


Childcare Available


Of 3yr old, central Ladner, near 2 schls. Before/after schl & full day avail in my happy home, good rates, 1st Aid Certified, must be ok with friendly pets I have a van for drop off & p/up, ref’s avail. Niki 604-306-3554


Daycare Centres

Creation Station Daycare Reasonably Priced, Quality, Licensed Group Care. Daily structured programs includes preschool & school-age program. Large fenced playground & indoor gym.




ORTON GILLINGHAM Manual & teaching materials. Mostly new. 604-943-5817 PANDORA CHARM CLEARANCE. Save 80% Sterling Silver Charms low as $1.99.Fits Pandora, Troll, Chamilia. Leading Internet retailer. Additional 10% OFF Checkout code (AMAZING7). Log on now for best selection.



BROYHILL WALNUT 7 pce bdrm ste $700, 9 pc dining ste $800, in excellent cond. 604-943-0344 MOVING SALE 11 pc dining suite, black distressed. Kitchen farmhouse table, 6 chairs. Sleigh Bed, pine country furniture, pictures. Craftman style office furniture. Wall prints Call for prices and pictures. 604-943-5556


Garage Sale


Huge Multi Family Garage Sale! Sat. May 21st, 9am - 2pm 4712 46 Ave. (off of 47A St). Furn. household items, books, clothes, appls. etc.

Ladner Garden & Desert Plant Sale Desert Plants, heirloom tomatoes, vegetables & herbs, sunflowers, lettuce, books, garden decor & more! Great Deals! Sat May 21st, 8am-3pm Cul-de-sac 50 Ave & 54 St

RAGDOLL KITTENS, males, 1st shot, worming, raised underfoot, post trained. $450. 604-581-2772

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652



ALL SMALL breed pups local & non shedding $399+. 604-590-3727, 604-514-3474 CATAHOULA X. 6 weeks. Shots, dewormed. Family raised. Parents to view. $400. 604-583-6123 Fila/Mastiff Guard Dog Pups owners closest friend. Thieves worst nightmare. All shots. Ready now! 604-817-5957

LAB PUPS yellow , male/ female, vet checked $500. Phone 604-701-1587

May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist



Dogs CRIMINAL RECORD? Guaranteed Record Removal. 100% Free Information Booklet. 1-8-Now-Pardon (1-866-972-7366). Speak with a Specialist- No Obligation. A+BBB Rating. 20+ Yrs Experience. Confidential. Fast. Affordable .

JASPER Beautiful 9 month old brindle Staffordshire Terrior. Great with children. In need of comfy home and experienced guidance. FUR & FEATHER RESCUE 604 719-7848


Accounting/ Bookkeeping


LABRADOODLE PUPPIES Minis & Standards Ready Now! 250-395-4323 give us a call!

25 years Experience Business, Non-profit Associations Housing & Personal taxes, payroll Call Gilles: 604-789-7327

SHELTIE PUPS, Reg’d, shots, tattoo, leash & house trained, 2 female. $695.00. 778-773-9943

Financial Services


Cut Your Debt by up to 70% DEBT Forgiveness Program Avoid Bankruptcy, Stops Creditor Calls. Much lower Payments at 0% Interest. We work for You, not Your Creditors.

STANDARD POODLE black male, 4mths. house, kennel & leash trained. CKC reg. Chwk. 604-823-2467 or 604-302-1761

Call 1-866-690-3328

IF YOU own a home or real estate, ALPINE CREDITS will lend you money: It’s That Simple. Your Credit / Age / Income is NOT an issue. 1.800.587.2161.


2 MINIATURE donkeys (F) need good home. Great pets or livestock protection. 604 514 1067 Sale Negotiable $$


MONEYPROVIDER.COM. $500 Loan and +. No Credit Refused. Fast, Easy, 100% Secure. 1-877-776-1660.

Pets - Other



Money to Loan




Bank On Us!

Beat bank rates for purchases and refinances, immediate debt consolidation, foreclosure relief, and equity loans. Free, fast, friendly, private consultations. Call 1-888-685-6181



INSURANCE AGENCY Small insurance agency in the Fraser Valley specializing in travel medical insurance with sales premium over $850,000 in the past year. Pls reply to box 1312758 C/O Chilliwack Times 45951 Trethewey Ave. Chilliwack, BC V2P 1K4

Could You Use





Real Estate

★ ALERT: WE BUY HOUSES ★ Foreclosure Help! Debt Relief! No Equity! Don’t Delay! Call us First! 604-657-9422

Difficulty Making Payments?

Alternative to Bankruptcy!

Penalty? No Equity? We Take Over Your Payment! No Fees!! / (604) 812-3718

If you own real estate we can lend you money

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1 BR ste, avail now in Ladner Village, $820 incl heat, h/w, ref’s, n/s n/p, nr ammens 604-940-9434 QUIET CLEAN 2 br avail. Tsaw. near ammens, park like setting, carpets, References required, $950. 778-316-3401


TSAWWASSEN Tsawwassen Terrace

DATING SERVICE. Long-Term/ Short-Term Relationships, Free to Try!!! 1-877-297-9883. Live intimate conversation, Call: #4011 or 1-888-534-6984. Live adult 1on1 Call: 1-866-311-9640 or #4010. Meet Local Single Ladies. 1-877-804-5381. (18+).

Are your looking for a 1 bedroom in a well maintained building? Bldg is located on 16th Ave and is close to the bus, shops and the beach. To view please call 604-943-7666

place your ad online @

1 bedroom suites available in small bldg located near shops, school, bus stop and rec centre. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes, heat and hot water. Bldg consists of new windows and sliding doors. To view please call 604-782-4326



Houses - Sale


Real Estate


Any Price, Any Location Any Condition. No Fees! No Risk! Call Kristen today (604) 786-4663 6 BR home from $18,000 down $1,850/mo. 604-538-8888, Alain @ Sutton WC Realty W. Rock


West Vancouver

GAMBIER ISLAND. Seasonal Cottage Sea Ranch for sale 1500sf 3 BR, 1 bath on Graves Bay. $400,000, 604-266-6191


Out Of Town Property

LAND OF Orchards, Vineyards & Tides in Nova Scotia’s beautiful Annapolis Valley. Live! Work! Bring Business! Free Brochure Website: Email: Toll-free: 1-888-865-4647.

Kelly Court

Kerry Court

1 bedroom suites available in a quiet well maintained bldg, Rent includes 2 appl., drapes, heat and hot water. Located close to school, shopping centre and bus route. To make an appt. to view please call 604-943-1487


2 bdrm suite available in quiet and well maintained bldg. Rent includes drapes, carpets, 3 appliances and laundry facilities. Located on bus route and minutes from parks and beach area. For more info or to view, please call 604-943-0002. Beautiful complex consisting of 6 bldgs. & water fountains. 1 & 2 bedroom suites, include drapes, wall to wall carpets, balconies, elevators, and wheel chair access. Tsaw. Manor includes heat. Close to beach, parks, recreation centre & school. To make an appt to view please call 604-948-9111


1 bedroom suite available in a quiet well maintained building.. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes and h/w. To make an appt to view please call 604-946-4633

Lora Court

1 bedroom suite available in small quiet building. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drape, heat, cable and parking. Near bus loop, recreation centre and shopping. To view or for more info please call 604-946-4633

Evergreen Lane


14 unit Seniors$1,300,000 Residence Zoning CD254

11030 River Road, North Delta, BC • $1,300,000.


Where Home Owners Go To Borrow Money


Real Estate Investment

If you own property Capital Direct can help.

CALL 604-430-1498


Century Village and Tsawwassen Manor

Sell your home, only $99. 604-574-5243 Delta Price Reduced studio condo, 19+ complex, pool, park, $94,900 597-8361 id4714 Sry Bear Creek Park beauty 1440sf rancher, gated 45+ $275,900 597-0616 id5234




Dreaming of a New Home?

Find it in the Real Estate Section. To advertise call 604-630-3300

1 bedroom suite available in one of our 4 well maintained bldgs. Located near shops, school and bus routes. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets and drapes. To view this suite please call 604-946-2694

Georgia Court/ Harbourside

Affordable 1 and 2 bedroom suites available in the heart of Ladner Village. Rent includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes and hot water. Shops and bus stop nearby. To view or for more info please call 604-946-9268


TSAW - 1 BR large 800sf, $720. 2 BR large, 1200 sf $840. nr amens, quiet mature tenants, h/w, heat & cable incl. u/g prkg, ns np n/BBQ 604-948-0543 TSAW 1 br, np, ns, w/d, parking, $775 per mth, avail June 1st. Nr shops/transit. 778-837-1133 TSAWWASSEN VILLA 1 br apt. $780, incld balc, prkg, hotwater & heat, cat neg. avail June 1, 604-880-5391


Houses - Sale


$20,000 $30,000

DIAL-A-LAW OFFERS general information on a variety of topics on law in BC. 604-687-4680 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.565.5297 (Outside LM); (audio available).Lawyer Referral Service matches people with legal concerns to a lawyer in their area. Participating lawyers offer a 30 minute consultation for $25 plus tax. Regular fees follow once both parties agree to proceed with services. 604-687-3221 (Lower Mainland) or 1.800.663.1919 (Outside LM).

Money to Loan

Legal/Public Notices


BE YOUR OWN BOSS with Great Canadian Dollar Store. New franchise opportunities in your area. Call 1-877-388-0123 ext. 229 or visit our website: today. PAID IN ADVANCE! Make $1000 weekly Mailing Brochures from home. 100% Legit! Income is guaranteed! No experience required. Enroll Today!


Need Cash Today?

✔Do you Own a Car? ✔Borrow up to $10000.00 ✔No Credit Checks! ✔Cash same day, local office


TRUE ADVICE! TRUE Clarity! TRUE PSYCHICS! 1-877-478-4410 (18+) 3.19/min. 1-900-528-6256

How About


80% COMMISSION TRAVELONLY has 500 agents across Canada. Business opportunities with low investment, unlimited income potential, generous tax/travel benefits. Run your travel company, full-time, part-time from home. Register for FREE seminar,, 1-800-608-1117, Ext. 2020



Business Opps/ Franchises

#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744

BC REPTILE Club Show & Sale Sat June 11 • 10 am to 5 pm and Sun June 12 • 10 am to 4pm Abbotsford Exhibition Park 32470 Haida Drive, Cadet Building Abbotsford B.C Admission : Adults $4 , Kids $2 , Children under 5 Free ; Family Pass $10.00 (2 adults up to 3 kids) For more info visit us at 1-604-392-5715


#1 IN PARDONS Remove your criminal record. Get started TODAY for ONLY $49.95/mo. Limited Time Offer. FASTEST GUARANTEED Pardon in Canada. FREE Consultation: 1-866-416-6772

SHIH-TZU POODLE X, males, Ready to Go! Vaccinated, paper trained. $500. 778-397-1224


Legal Services

Houses - Rent

HOUSE FOR RENT Tsawwassen/Boundary Bay area. 2 bdrm 850 sq. ft. completely renovated house located in the middle of the Southlands property. Very private and quiet surrounded by farm lands and horses beyond your fence. Includes w/d/f/s and blinds. $1500 per month on a one year lease. No Pets and references required. Contact Sandra at Century Group 604-943-2203 TSAW 3 bdrm, Camaro Dr., clean, 2 lvl, 2 bath, yard. $1,900 avail June 1st. 604-889-2830 TSAW T/H, 3BR, 2.5 ba, 2000sf, full bsmt, 6appl, $1750, n/s, u/g prgk, June 1, 1 year lease, email ..604-948-0800


270 SQ ft office conveniently located central Tsawwassen. Has window. $350 per month. To view or for info. 604-313-9109 OFFICE/RETAIL SPACE to share. Ladner Harbour Centre. great location. Approx 800sf $1300/mth+hst 604.952.0829

291 sq ft, 640 sq ft, 1658 sq ft.

●Ladner Harbourside Plaza. 655 sq ft retail/office space 4871 Delta Street For more information call Tina or Sandra at Century Group 604-943-2203


Suites/Partial Houses



2000 CIRRUS LX, 4 cyl, all power, very clean, 2 yrs Aircare, $2800. Pat 604-889-6612

2005 PONTIAC Sunfire 2 dr cpe, White/grey int, auto, aluminum mags, spoiler, cd plyr, exc cond, n/s, female driven, no accid, 75,000 k, $5,000. 604-916-5590


Luxury Cars

2001 JAGUAR S-Type 3.0 V6, Auto, White on Black, 142,000km, $6,588. Call: 778-322-3598


Scrap Car Removal

Cash for junk cars! $100 to $1000 Ask about our $500 Credit!

Visit our website @ Free tow, no wheels, no papers no problem! Hassle free friendly service. 2 hr service in most areas.

604 628 9044

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200 AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673

*DELTA SCRAP VEHICLE REMOVAL $160 Min. FOR COMPLETE FULL SIZE VEHICLES Serving the Delta area for 20 yrs. Call 604- 649-1627, 946-0943


1 BR bsmt suite, nr bus stop, school, Port Guichon area. $700 pet ok, n/s, 604-723-2581


2 BDRM ground-floor suite in Ladner. Available June 1st. $900 a month + util. Shared w/d. F/P. 604-946-3125 2 BDRM, Ladner, storage room. own laundry, $900, Avail June 1, ns, np, 604-946-3128 BEACH GROVE cheerful 3 BD, 1 bath, upper, eat in kitchen, 2 decks, fenced yard, new flrs & paint, $1425/mo + 60% utils. N/s, N/p. July 1. Bev 778-230-8753 LADNER 1 BR bsmt suite, new bath, h/wood, n/s, no pets, June 1st, $700 incl utils. 604-773-9615


LADNER 2 br condo, new reno quiet spacious, 1125 sf, nr ammens, avail Jun 1 778-317-7777

INSTANT AUTO CREDIT Buying a used car is hard enough without having to worry about financing! Get APPROVED for your car loan in minutes:

1 BDRM BRIGHT, Ground Level Suite, Ladner $800. Incl Util/ Cable/Wi/Shared W/D Patio, N/P N/S 604-940-1787

LADNER NEW main flr 2 br suite, quiet deadend St. for clean, quiet tennant. $850 incl heat/cable. ns np Jane 604-946-9456


$0 DOWN & we make your 1st payment at auto credit fast. Need a vehicle? Good or Bad credit call Stephanie 1-877-792-0599. DLN 30309


● Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall has prime retail spaces available in various sizes. ● Windsor Woods – unit #5 – 1,057 sq. ft. ● Century Square Three Commercial/Office Spaces available

Sorry No Pets or BBQs References Required

CALL 604 946-1094

Auto Miscellaneous

Office/Retail Rent

LADNER, COZY little 1 br/kitchen/bachlorette pad, for 1 person, priv entry/grnd lvl, across from park, on quiet St nr Leisure Ctre, Hospital, bus. $670 incl util, avail June 1. 604-788-3991 Rick

4895-55B St, Ladner Bach & 1 BR Available. Spacious suites, balconies, rent incls heat & hot water, prkg available. Refs. N/P.



RENO’D & Clean Ladner 2 bdrm ground level, cental location, nr bus & schools, quiet area, refs 604-946-3810 or 604-916-4928


Wanted To Rent

WANTED 2 bdrm/4 adults mess 604-637-8009


604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC 2H



Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

2003 CHEV 3/4 ton p/u with 6 ft tall aluminum canopy 160,000kms, ideal for deliveries. $8500. 604-999-1591 2007 CHEVY Avalanche SS, excellent cond, champagne colour, fully loaded, 2 monitors, DVD, $32,000 obo. 778-999-3654


Sports & Imports

1998 VOLVO XC70, wagon, blue, 210kms, 7 seats, rare, auto, loaded, $5500.. 604-926-5677 2006 MERCEDES 230 auto, 43K, as new, no accident, warranty till 08/12, silver, black int, sunroof. $19,500. 604-929-3311 2007 MERCEDES 350 CLK, convertible, 2 dr, auto, 34,000 kms, dark blue, fully loaded. very cond, $45,000 obo. Must go 778-999-3654


The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011


Sports & Imports


’99 SAAB Hatchback, good cond. 178000km, new brakes, 9 tires $7000 OBO 604.762.4237


Utility Trailers

HEAVY DUTY utility trlr steel, 2 ft sides, tie rails & 4 stake pockets. As New $995 obo 778-552-5171


Boat Parts & Service

1999 BAYLINER, 32.5ft, complete canvass set, perfect condition. $2750 obo, 604-506-5416




GJ CONSTRUCTION Complete drywall, textured ceilings, Steel stud & T-bar etc. Free Est. Graham 604-644-6339

Farrant Drywall Commercial Residential SANDY


946-8460 or 202-8319



Advanced Concrete Enhancements Limited

2007, 18’ Pioneer Spirit in immaculate condition. Sleeps 7, full kitchen with stove, fridge, freezer. Full bath with tub & shower. $12,250 obo. Ph 604-794-7986

2007 JAYCO Travel Trailer, 25 ft, like new, sleeps 6, walk around queen bed, slide, a/c, BBQ, spare + lots of extras. $17,900. George 604-576-7476 eves. Private sale

LEGAL HAULING Avoid Fines Scottsdale Centre MAY 26-28

120 St & 72 Ave, North Delta Come and talk to the Delta Police Truck Squad (no enforcement) about your RV, pick-up truck, trailer and/or any towed equipment. Get all the


to assist with correct licensing. Your equip. could weigh more than your Class 5 drivers license allows. An incorrectly licensed truck/vehicle could cost you money in fines and down time.

FRIENDLY, FREE inspection SAT, MAY 28 ONLY 10am to 6pm

Bring your equipment to the parking lot (no enforcement). We can even weigh them for you! In celebration of National Police Week.


Blinds & Draperies

Dave: 604-940-1125 Cell:604-220-3145





Professional Electrical Services Panel Upgrades Surge Protection Renos – Hot Tubs Safety Checks Lic. #26765 • South Delta based

604-657-7957 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guaranteed. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899

Delta PC Service & Consulting

makes your computer work again! Best rates on the market. Guaranteed Virus Removal.

Call 778-882-4128 Computer service bus/home. Community store & on site service. 604-943-8318



*Drywall * Taping * Texture * Stucco*Painting * Steel stud framing Quality Home 604-725-8925



604-649-0502 (cell)



Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Old Pools Filled in Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls, Returfing, Demos, Drainage, Jackhammering. 604 782-4322


Lawn & Garden


one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865


Landscaping & Gardening Hedging & Pruning Custom Decking & Fencing Flagstone & Paver Patios Painting Interior Renovations




10,000 Annually 10.000Deliveries Deliveries Annually


Garden Soil Mix Lawn & Turf Blends Super Natural Topsoil Composted Black Bark Mulch 100% #1 100FirFirBark BarkMulch Mulch Miracle Mix Soil Top Dressing Blends Sand & Gravel, Rock Hydroseeding Contractor Small Orders Too Volume Discounts



Factory Direct Cedar Fence Panel for Sale & Installation 8291 No.5 Rd Richmond Call 604-275-3158 PARM LANDSCAPING LTD. Cedar fence installs. Full lawn & gardening services. 604-271-5319

Flooring/ Refinishing




To view or pick up 5333 176 St., Surrey



Lawn & Garden


“Spring Clean-Up” Reel Type Lawnmowing Aerating • Power Raking Weeding • Moss Control Fertilizer • Trimming • Pruning Professional Maintenance


Painting/ Wallpaper


Fully Insured 20 years experience Call 604Free Estimates




Painting/ Wallpaper

Spring Services


HANDYMAN SERVICES Electrical, Gutters, Fencing, Plumbing, Carpentry, Flooring Renovations, Sheds, Contracting & more Affordable, friendly, fast, reliable, local, guaranteed Senior Discounts Call Phil 604-307-6840

Richard Ryan


Painting, repairs, tile, reno’s, Reliable & Exc. References.

Call Ed 604.946.2191 604.219.4789 Carpentry, Mouldings, Crown mouldings, Finishing, Laminate & H/W flrs, Sheds, Fences, Sidings, Kitchen, Bath rooms, Plumbing, Gov’t Cert Capenter, Drywall Repairs, WCB Insured. 604-940-4282, 778-882-7756

Visa / MC / Debit Accepted


Fun By The Numbers

Like puzzles? Then you'll love Sudoku. This mind-bending puzzle will have you hooked from the moment you square off, so sharpen your pencil and put your Sudoku savvy to the test!

• • • • • • •

Lawn Care & Maintenance Pruning and Hedging Full Yard Cleanups Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Rubbish Removal Fencing & Repairs

604 •240 •2194 604 •943 •2401

J&S Yard Services Father & son owned & operated. Best Rates Guaranteed

Call 778-999-4164

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• Lawn maintenance • Window cleaning Designs • Prunning • • Gutter •cleaning • Lawns • Fences • Decks • • Pressure washing • Stone/Masonary • • Pruning and Hedging • Rubbish Call Hans JOHNremoval 604-943-4546 (WCB Insured) Tel: 604-948-0267 • 604-842-1468

PENNEY LANDSCAPING Lawn maintenance - hedge trimming - clean up - Locally owned & operated. Dan 604-417-2011

PRICED RIGHT PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Power washing/hand washing, concrete & blacktop sealing, rubbish removal, yard maintenance, fencing, gutter repairs and cleaning, windows and much more. (Ladner) Call Bob for a free estimate Cell 604-313-8843


Home Services

SERVICE EXCELLENCE -Need Help? Paint, tile, renos, Call Ed 604.946.2191 or 604.219.4789

Moving & Storage

$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020

Property Maintenance

Here's How It Works:

Too much to do, not enough time? ... I can help!

310-JIMS (5467)


604.943.2232 604.802.4142


“Give us a Call!”



Call Kevin Jamieson

Member: Better Business Bureau


• Lawn Maintenance • Fertilizing • Yard Clean-ups • Aeration • Pruning/Hedges • Power Raking • Rubbish Removal • Odd jobs •Yearly Maintenance Programs •

Interior & Exterior Wcb & Liability Insured

604-946-4889 604-649-4930


• Lawn Mowing • Aeration • Power Raking • Hedging • 15% Seniors Discount • Free Estimates • Flexible Hours

Painting/ Wallpaper


For all your Painting needs!

For anything Yard Related!




Cell: 604-710-1348 604-946-1348

Same Day Service, Fully Insured


Tim’s Home Repairs


Lawn Maint. window & gutter cleaning, pressure washing, rubbish removal etc. 604-948-0267


Century Hardwood Floors ★Hardwood flr refinishing ★Repairs ★ Staining ★ Free Estimate. Contact 604-376-7224

Computer Services


Placing, finishing, Specializing in stamped concrete, overlays, acid staining, counter tops, faux rock, (Waterfall and ponds)




MOVING & DELIVERY EXPERTS!! Licensed, Bonded & Insured Single item to full house moves We Guarantee the Cost of Every Move Flat Rates always available A+ (604) 861-8885 BBB Rating


Painting/ Wallpaper


Interior & Exterior WCB & Liability Insured



Low rates, 100% guar. Free est.

Mark 778-323-1045


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May 18, 2011 The Delta Optimist A35 Painting/ Wallpaper



Best In Class Painting - Low rates, refs avail, 100% guaranteed Mark 778-323-1045 PROFESSIONAL PAINTER, 25 yrs exp. Ext/Int. Free est. Tsaw/ Ladner only. Dave 604-329-6140 TAKE AWAY THE PRESSURE Painting, interior/exterior Contact Ian 604-946-9395..604-812-7255

Paving/Seal Coating


ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick, drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187



Seniors Discount

10% Off with this Ad! For all your plumbing, heating & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-895-2005

Water Lines (without digging) Sewer Lines (without digging) Install. Drain tiles. 604-739-2000 PRECISION 1 Plumbing & Heating, Lic. & Ins. hw tanks, service, renos. Rick 604-809-6822


PRESSURE WASHING Specializing in Driveways, Patios, Sundecks, etc. Free Est., Local and Reliable

Don’t wait. Call Ian Ferguson

Phone: 604.946.9395 Cell: 604.812.7255




Bermuda John Honest & Dependable No Job too Small

Steve Watts 604-943-4134 778-228-5639 Houses, Siding, Driveways, Patios, Painting, Interior/Exterior

Renovations & Home Improvement


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Bathroom & Shower Repairs 20 years experience Free estimates

604-948-9573 Cell: 604-836-8943

604.948.3199 778.688.1950


Renovations & Home Improvement

RDM ENTERPRISES For All Your Household Repairs and Renovations. Interior and Exterior Finishing, Kitchens, Bathrooms and Plumbing Refs Avail. Free Estimates


2 locations: LADNER



604-946-0020 360-945-MINI (6464)

Gated Access Reasonable Rates!


Residential & Commercial Window Cleaning • Power Washing Roof Cleaning • Gutter Cleaning & Installation Steve M. Harper Toll-Free: 1(877)906-9220 Mobile: (604)644-8046

“We Keep you Dry”

Spring Special WE PAY THE HST!*



25 Years in Business 25 Years workmanship warranty

•Renovations and handyman •Established, reliable & local •Kitchens, baths, fences, decks, painting, tiling, etc. Call Peter McLaughlin cell 604-619-4859

604-984-9004 604-984-6560 A #1 Roofing Company in BC


All types of Roofing Over 35 Years in Business Call now for Free Estimates




• Fully Insured • Dependable Services • Uniformed Workers • Quality Work • Satisfaction Guaranteed



A Eastwest Roofing & Siding Re-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBB Member, 10% disc, Seniors Disc, 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437

#@A "84 !@860"--: 0)?0.46 .@ "..4)6 .24 3.2 "))A"-

!+0$- /(*&$% 1-00 *) 3-.+ 2-0- "-,'#+$ #353F/M5$ H"M. C->/0. #>77 3) '>6- !59F;H--. >59 A23/H *">62M35.

Rubbish Removal

'You Call It, We Haul It!'

Tried & True Since 1902

Call for a free estimate:



Visit us online to receive a special discount:

Rubbish Removal and Recycling



Locally Owned... ● So you pay less ●


778.886.8541 Licensed, Insured, WCB

TMO Contracting


Roofing Experts 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank



*A discount equivalent to the HST will be given, call for details.


- reduce your costly commercial square footage/ reclaim your garage & yard increase your profit by storing offsite at move that huge boat or RV reduced rates renovating 24/7 Secure store those precious keepsakes

Lawn Cutting Weeding Power Washing Trash Removal Dump Runs Deliveries Pick-Ups

Rob 604-946-4796


• • • • • • •

To place your ad in “Call the Experts,” call 604-630-3300

Need Space? We Have It! Personal



• Exterior house cleaning • Pressure Washing • Gutters

Pressure Washing


Call ThE Experts

Power Washing

DISPOSAL BINS: Starting at $99 + dump fees. Call 604-306-8599

JJ ROOFING, Repair specialist, Reroof, New Roof. Seniors disc. WCB, fully ins. 604-726-6345



Over 25 years serving South Delta

Rubbish Removal

$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020

• Rubbish Removal • Reno Clean-Up • Yard Trimmings • Gutter Cleaning



Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

Quality Home Improvement ★ Stucco ★ All Kinds. No Job Too Big or Small. 604-725-8925



AL’S CERAMIC TILE. Supply & install, samples avail. Free est. 604-948-9573, cell 604-836-8943


Tree Services

Tree Removal - Stump Grinding Branch Chipping * Free Est. * WCB Local resident, 34 yrs. 604-943-0043


Window Cleaning


•BOB THE WINDOW MAN• Window cleaning in and out, gutters, local business. Established in 1993 Call Bob 604-943-3629


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A36 The Delta Optimist May 18, 2011

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Delta Optimist May 18 2011  

Delta Optimist May 18 2011

Delta Optimist May 18 2011  

Delta Optimist May 18 2011