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SAVE Hydro Flushing

Perimeter Drainage Field/Yard Drainage Sumps/Catch Basins Foundation Crack Repairs Compact Excavator Services


SAVE $100



Includes the installation of PVC piping, catch basins and Sumps


Have your Perimteter Drainage Flushed of Dirt and Debris Before Back Ups Occur

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Attn: Honda Owners



• Oil & filter change. Check for fluid leaks • Battery load/charging test • Inspect coolant level and freezing point • Check cooling system, inspect hoses and clamps • Inspect all brakes for wear % and condition • Inspect brake calipers, wheel cylinders and parking brake • Inspect tire wear and pressure and tire rotation • Inspect drive belt condition (if applicable)




• Top-up washer fluid • Inspect transmission fluid level, power steering fluid level (if applicable), brake fluid level, clutch fluid level (if applicable) • Inspect windshield wipers, washer jets and blades • Inspect all lights and bulbs • Inspect and lubricate door locks, latches and handles • Wash and vacuum, plus shuttle service

Ultra fuel-efficient vehicles that require 0W20 oils are additional cost.


Tipstostaystronginwinter RACER’S EDGE with Kristina Bangma


o one likes to ride in the rain in the off-season and unless you have a really early season goal, such as killing it in the Spring Series, you don’t need to be out there suffering... at least not until February. So what can you do now to get stronger and faster for next year? The answer depends on the number of years you’ve been riding and how much time you have to train. New cyclists with less than one year experience riding — or those who have dedicated very little time to training — can use indoor riding to perfectpedalingtechniqueand increase their comfort of maintaining a cadence closer to the ideal range of 90-95 RPM. New cyclists with two or more years’ experience who already ride comfortably at 9095 RPM should still be working ontechnique.Thisissomething every rider should spend time perfecting. But more experienced riders can also use the winter months to work on strength, power and anaerobic capacity. In the spring, when working to build a riding base, most recreational riders don’t have enough training hours to work onbothpowerandstrength.By separating them, you can use short rides in the winter to improve your Vo2 max threshold and your threshold power. Experienced and inexperienced riders can benefit fromimproving muscular strength by train-

ing with weights. Riding alone does make you more efficient, but it won’t make your legs stronger. Building muscle in the gym will translate to more power on the road. If you only have time for a few exercises, here are my top five. 1. Squats or supine leg press The execution of a squat requires you to use every muscle in your legs throughout the entire exercise. The focus is on the glutes, your bum, quadriceps and your thighs. Your core stabilizes your upper body and the weight on your shoulders. 2. Single leg hamstring curls Most people have much weaker hamstrings compared to their quads, but a pedal stroke is round (unless you have a Rotor crank) with equal time spent in both the push and pull positions. Stronger hamstrings will help give you a more efficient pedal stroke and give you more power and strength on hill climbs. By working the legs individually, you are less likely to allow the stronger leg to take

over. 3. Low plank Having a strong core that can stabilize your upper body on the bike for long periods of time is essential. 4. Standing row Spending many hours in the saddle not only requires a strong core but also a strong back to support your upper body, especially when pushing hard on a sprint or long, steep climb. A strong back will also counteract many hours of having your shoulders rounded over the bike, the computer and everything else we do in life. 5. Single leg step-ups on to a bench A single leg step-up with weights will improve your strength and stability. Exercises using your body weight are the most true to real life. Even though you are rolling on two wheels, you can’t hide your own body weight on the bike. Kristina Bangma is a coach and personal trainer a love of riding and racing. Email

At Kingsway Honda, we know your Honda better than anyone. Whether you need a wheel alignment, timing belt replacement, or other Honda Repairs, we’re the people to do it. And our Genuine Honda Price Match Guarantee* means you get the best price with the highest quality.


Call same day booking service hotline:

87-HONDA • 604-874-6632

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* All offers are effective until December 22, 2012. Taxes not included. Environmental levies extra. ˚Not to be combined with other offers. Please consult Kingsway Honda for more details. Please present coupon during write-up. Valid at Kingsway Honda only. Limit one per person. Coupon does not apply to prior purchases.

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Doing leg presses is a good way to maintain lower body strength during the winter. months.

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Vancouver Courier November 16 2012

Vancouver Courier November 16 2012  

Vancouver Courier November 16 2012