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City teen wins naming contest


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Refinery application denied Stefania Seccia staff reporter

Chevron’s Burnaby refinery has been denied designation as a “priority destination,” disappointing Canada’s largest energy workers’ union. On June 19, Chevron applied to the National Energy Board to designate its Burnaby refinery as a priority destination. The designation would have meant it would have first call on oil flowing through the Trans Mountain Pipeline system. The request was denied on July 11. “The (board’s) decision will see Canadian oil flow to the U.S. when a Canadian refinery is being starved of supply,” said Dave Coles, Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union president, in a media release. “The (board’s) decision will allow large U.S. refiners to continue (jamming) the system at the expense of a Canadian refinery that has been relying upon the pipeline as its primary source of supply for 60 years.” The union says Chevron’s refinery is running out of crude to process because of increased direct exports to Washington, “which uses their large size to overbid for pipeline capacity.” “The board’s denial of Chevron’s request for priority access to pipeline flows puts 250 value-added Canadian refining jobs in jeopardy,” Cole states. “The (board) has created a distorted market to the prejudice of the only Canadian refinery receiving oil from the Trans Mountain Pipeline.” But, the National Energy Board maintains that the Chevron refinery did not prove it was unable to meet its minimum run rate and that it could not reasonably ensure its long-term viability, according to a media release. Refinery Page 8

Larry Wright//burnaby now

Pet sales: Nikki Forbes, founder of a Burnaby cat rescue society, wants the city to ban the sale

of puppies and kittens in pet stores, but two local pet shop owners say such a ban wouldn’t help address mistreatment of animals.

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Burnaby pet stores against ban

City animal rights activists fight for a pet sales ban, but local pet shop owners say they aren’t the problem Jennifer Moreau staff reporter

A local woman who runs an animal rescue society is adamant that the city should ban the sale of puppies and kittens, but local pet shop owners disagree. Burnaby resident Nikki Forbes, who

KANE CHENG ■ 778.855-8450 Your Trusted Neighbourhood Realtor

founded the non-profit society Action for Animals in Distress, thinks the city should “absolutely” ban the sale of puppies and kittens in Burnaby. “It should definitely be banned. It’s disgusting,” she said. “We should not be putting money in the pockets of backyard breeders.” Forbes alleged that Pet Habitat in Metrotown sells kittens from mills. She recommended people adopt cats and dogs, instead of buying from pet stores supplied by backyard breeders. Mills are often characterized as places where cats or dogs are bred for profit and

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kept in cramped or substandard conditions with little regard for their welfare. Forbes’ rescue society has set up adoption centres in pet shops, where people can take home a pet for an adoption fee that includes the cost of spaying or neutering. But Tom Peters, owner of Pet Habitat in Metropolis at Metrotown, said he does not sell kittens and puppies from mills. “Nobody in their right mind would actually do that, because it’s not beneficial to anybody,” he said. According to the Pet Habitat website,

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A02 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A03

4 Southern sounds at fest 5 Edmonds City Fair set

City food banks in need over summer Cayley Dobie staff reporter

For many, summer means days of barbecues and picnics, but for the more than 28,000 people who rely on food banks to make ends meet, fresh produce isn’t always available. But this summer, the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society is trying something a little different. “In an attempt to be a better food bank and increase the amount of nutrition that we’re able to provide, we’ve totally retooled (the handout bags),” says Kay Thody, communications director for the society. There are two food bank locations in Burnaby, and by May they start running out of food donated during the holiday season – in fact, overall need at the Burnaby depots increased 13 per cent from 2011 to 2012 during July and August. This is the time of year when the society relies on purchasing foods to meet the needs of its clients, Thody says. “We are really fortunate where we are, our rear ends are kind of plunked in farmland,” she says. “We do have the opportunity to work with farmers, … so now we actually have farmers growing crops for us.” By buying in bulk, the society can make the most out of its money and supply fresh produce to people who use food banks, in Burnaby and the Lower Mainland. But Thody says it’s not just the society that needs to rethink what’s being donated. People should also consider the nutritional value of the foods they’re donating, she says. “We’re asking people to spend a bit more time looking at that label when they are thinking of making a donation,” she says. Instead of grabbing just any old item from the shelf, Thody says the society is encouraging people to read the label to ensure they’re donating the healthiest foods. “We just completed a nine-month process with nutritionists from Vancouver Coastal Health Authority, in which we had two nurses and dietitians … work with us and completely redo the bag program,” she says. Throughout the process, dietitians and nurses created a template for the society that outlined which foods were the healthiest and which should be removed from the Food bank Page 5


Blues Fest








Chef Dez





11 Eyeing new Heights

Did cat survive 30-storey fall? Burnaby cat in fine form after possible tumble 30 storeys from a highrise apartment balcony Jennifer Moreau staff reporter

His name is Bond – Cat Bond – and after mysteriously disappearing from their Burnaby highrise, Stephen and Sara Stewart thought he was a goner. Back in May, the Stewarts went out for dinner one evening, only to return and find their one-year-old cat was missing from their apartment on the 30th floor of a Brentwood highrise. Cat Bond has a bad habit of walking along the perilous outer ledges of the highrise balcony, so the Stewarts assumed the worst. “My wife went down to check for him on ground floor,” Stephen said. “She checked some of the bushes beneath our balcony expecting to see this splattered cat somewhere.” But there was no Bond, so she went back inside and checked again the following day. Stephen said he watched his wife from the 30th floor, searching for the cat below. “I could see her getting kind of teary eyed,” he said. “She was rubbing her eyes a bit, I can tell by her body actions, she was getting emotional.” According to Stephen, that’s when she spotted Cat Bond – alive and cowering under a bush. Sara took the cat in her arms and gave Stephen a thumbsup sign. And while no one saw a feline falling from the sky, the Stewarts are convinced the only plausible explanation is that Cat Bond fell 30 storeys and Jennifer Moreau/burnaby now survived. “There’s just no other way, unless For a video he climbed down. We live on the 30th Eight more lives: Sara and Stephen Stewart, seen here of Cat with their cat, believe their cat fell 30 storeys and lived. floor, the door would be locked when Bond, The cat, which has a habit of walking on the balcony we left,” Stephen said. scan with ledge, disappeared one evening from their apartment. “When you look up 30 floors, I just picture this little cat falling, and it’s owner, but it would be highly unusual unreal. … It’s hard to believe, but there’s “When you look up 30 floors, for me to see that.” no other way he could have gotten down However, according to a veterinary I just picture this little cat without falling.” information network Buxton uses, once The Stewarts brought Cat Bond falling, and it’s unreal. … cats are above seven floors, their odds of upstairs and did a physical inspection, It’s hard to believe, but there’s no survival increase. checking his limbs and searching for The theory is the cats have time to sore spots or painful areas. While the cat other way he could have gotten right themselves and slow their terminal seemed fine, the Stewarts were horrified down without falling.” velocity before landing. by the ordeal. In the meantime, the Stewarts are tak“It was horrible. A few people in the STEPHEN STEWART ing precautions to make sure Cat Bond neighbourhood think it’s a miracle he owner of Cat Bond does not climb on the balcony ledge survived, and so do we,” Stephen said. anymore. “He’s great little cat, and we were horri- that height and live. “We just hope that he’s learned a les“Falling that far and surviving is a fied to think we almost lost him.” son and he won’t do it again,” Stephen According to Carolyn Buxton, a vet at miracle, particularly if they don’t sustain said. the South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital, any injuries,” Buxton said. “I have no reason to disbelieve the it’s unusual to have a cat plummet from Bouclair Inc.* Visions* The Bay* Shoppers Drug Mart* London Drugs* Rona* Lowe’s Canada* * not in all areas

Last week’s question Do you plan to visit one of Burnaby’s outdoor pools? YES 47% NO 53% This week’s question Do you donate to the food bank during the summer? Vote at:

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A04 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Sanders brings southern flavour to fest T

he Burnaby NOW arts reporter, Marelle Reid, recently chatted with John Lee Sanders about his career and upcoming performance at this summer’s Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival.

Question: Where are you from? Answer: I grew up in Mississippi. I moved there when I was 10 years old. Mississippi, Alabama, Louisana; I lived around a lot ON MY BEAT of the south, until Marelle Reid I was around 26 and I moved to San Francisco. But my roots are in the south. Q: How did you get into Blues music? A: My brother was a great piano player in a rock and roll, rhythm and blues band and they were pretty well known. And I met a DJ who was really wellknown around Alabama; he discovered Otis Redding and he started putting me in shows for big name acts when I was 12 or 13 years old. I started out as a singer, then I learned piano, saxophone, guitar, and that’s kind of how I got started. Q: Did you take music lessons as a kid or did you learn on your own? A: I did both. I was playing piano from first grade; from five or six years old until I graduated from the University of North Texas where I majored in composition. So I have this hybrid background because I grew up with Roots and Blues music, black music, you know, Blues and all that, but then this was during the Vietnam War, so that was a way to avoid the draft, but I wanted to learn everything; you know, classical, and orchestral music, and everything, so I’ve got a pretty broad musical education and background. Q: So you’ve produced music outside the Blues and Roots genre? A: Oh yeah, I’ve done film scores and I’ve played with a lot of singer-songwriters and written stuff with big bands, you name it. You have to know everything, every style there is. Q: Did you always know you wanted to be a musician? A: I definitely did. I met Elvis Presley when I was about five or six years old, right at the peak of his career. My grandmother lived in Memphis, a few blocks away from Aretha Franklin and Elvis and all that, so I was kind of around for the birth of rock and roll, when it was kind of starting. All these kind of things started me on that path. Q: Did you get to see Elvis perform? A: I never got to see him perform. I was pretty young, he was on the road a lot and then he went into the army and then started making movies and then when he came out he started doing the Vegas thing. At the time, I thought Elvis was into music that was a little too Vegas for me, at the time. Now I’ve learned to appreciate more of what he was doing. Q: Who are your main influences? A: Well, I love the early Blues stuff.


Contributed photo/burnaby now

Blues man: John Lee Sanders has an eclectic style and has worked on everything from film scores to writing big band music. Sanders is performing at the Burnaby Blues and Roots festival being held at Deer Lake Park on Saturday, Aug. 10. Ray Charles, Muddy Waters, BB King and then a lot of the solo R&B people; Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder. Those are my main influences. Elton John. I worked with Long John Baldry for 20 years, and Baldry discovered Elton and he was one of the early influences on me as a writer. … I grew up in the Mississippi Delta, home of Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, BB King, Albert King, I mean all them in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame now, but they grew up on plantations and it was kind of looked down upon when I was growing up. ‘Oh, you need to learn the classics.’ But when I went there and saw the respect that they gave the musicians, it was like, ‘OK, this has been validated in my mind.’ Bluegrass was kind of looked down upon as a lower class kind of art form. Q: If you could jam with three people, dead or alive, who would you pick? A: Well, I’ve already jammed with two of them. I’ve played with Stevie Wonder, and in Vancouver I got to play with Jimmie Page when he came with Long John Baldry. Well, there’s so many. Gosh, that’s a hard one. Oh, I was a huge Beatles fan, so Paul McCartney. Or Elton (John). Q: What prompted your move to Vancouver from the U.S.? A: That’s a long story. I started touring with Long John Baldry in ’86, ’87 – I came up here to do a record with him. We were on the same record label and I toured with him about once a year and

met a woman on one of my tours in 1998 and we got married in 2006 and bought a house in White Rock and another one in Kelowna. We’re divorced now so I’m back in Vancouver, so that’s kind of how I got up here. But I always thought I’d live up here. When I first came in ’86 and Expo was going on it was really an exciting time in the city. It had a nice energy to it and I got to work with a lot of the musicians in Vancouver. You know it’s not the same kind of scene as it was when I first came up. It’s kind of sad there’s not enough venues for us to play. Q: Have you played in Burnaby before? A: No, I haven’t played in Burnaby. I’ve played all over the Lower Mainland; Chilliwack, White Rock, North Van, blues festivals. Q: What can your audience expect from your set here in August? A: Well, it’s a little more eclectic Blues than your average Blues band. It’s got a lot of New Orleans influence, and New Orleans has jazz, blues, gospel, Dixieland, soul, Caribbean, reggae. It’s a little more African. I mean it’s all African, but it has a mixture of all of that kind of stuff. It’s very eclectic, so you can cover a lot in that. I mean, a lot of blues artists all start to sound the same after a while, but they’re all different tempos; I write a lot of my own stuff, my songs have a lot of stories, there’s a lot of humour. It’s very happy. It’s a very joyous kind of culture down there. So, my music has a lot of that.

To see a video, scan with

What: The 14th annual Burnaby Blues and Roots Festival. Headlining the festival is Blue Rodeo, the country-rock band on tour celebrating 25 years together. In addition to John Lee Sanders, the lineup includes gospel trio The Sojourners, funk/ soul/R&B singer Charles Bradley, Canadian bluesrock musician Shaun Verreault, blues/soul/R&B singer Shakura S’Aida, multi-award-winning blues guitarist David Gogo, folk-rock/reggae duo Jon and Roy, blues rocker ZZ Ward, folk-rock artist Vince Vaccaro, singer Ndidi Onukwulu, and the six-piece ensemble band Brickhouse. The 12 bands will perform on three stages this year. When: The festival takes place on Aug. 10 from 1 to 10 p.m. Gates open at noon. There will be a Blues Family Area, with activities for kids, open from noon to 7 p.m. Children must be supervised by a parent or guardian. Where: Deer Lake Park in Burnaby. Tickets: Advance single tickets are $65 and a pack of four is $180. On the day of the festival, single tickets will be available for $75. Children 12 and under get in free with an adult. Info: Chairs are permitted. Chairs with low backs and short legs are appreciated. Deer Lake Park is a general admission lawn seating environment and there are no reserved seats. If you have a physical disability or are mobility challenged, there will be a small special needs seating area available on site. Contact the box office to make arrangements. There will be a variety of food and beverage options at the festival. The festival site is licensed and anyone purchasing or consuming alcohol must be 19 years of age or older and will require a DAV (drinking age verification) wristband available at the gates and the beverage sales area. Two pieces of identification will be required to obtain this wristband; one primary piece of I.D. (driver’s license, passport) must include a photo. There is free drinking water at two locations on site, as well as an ATM and portable washrooms. There is also an activity zone for children, however, children must be supervised. For more information and/or tickets, call the box office at 604205-3000 or visit

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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A05

Souped up: A woman checks out one of the cars on display at last year’s Edmonds City Fair. The event, which includes a car show, is on this Sunday.

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Terry Mooney J E W E L RY D E S I G N E R • C U S TO M G O L D S M I T H

staff reporter

The Edmonds City Fair is on this Sunday, July 21, and the whole community is invited to come out and celebrate. “I think it’s the major highlight of the summer for the community, next to the Canada Day celebration,” said Antonia Beck, chair of the city fair organizing committee. The event is scheduled from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on a stretch of Edmonds Street

between Canada Way and Kingsway. The fair includes the Edmonds Classic Car Show, a collection of vintage cars and motorcycles. There will be live music from Rainshadow and the Centaurs, food for sale, and businesses along Edmonds will have their doors open. The South Burnaby Neighbourhood House is setting up an “international village,” with a collection of various display tables showcasing people’s different cultures. There will be children’s

rides, a small petting zoo, and other fun activities for kids. There is also a talent search at noon, and the first place prize is a $100 gift card for Lougheed Town Centre. (Call Jeff Scheffel at Volunteer Burnaby at 604294-5533 to sign up.) In an effort to make the city more welcoming to newcomers, the World in Burnaby campaign will be there, so make sure you get your photo taken with the giant, inflatable globe and post it on Twitter with the hashtag #WorldInBurnaby.

Food bank: Seeding Change continued from page 3

food packages. “A lot of the tinned products have a tendency to be very, very high in sodium,” she explains. “Sodium is one of those sneaky detrimental things and so often times there’s products available at a very similar price that is a healthier option.” In support of the society’s shift to a

model that fosters self-sufficiency and healthy eating, the society is hosting an event on Monday, July 22. Seeding Change is a day-long event where people can come by and learn about sustainable gardening, plant a seed or take seeds home. The event runs from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. at the north side of the Vancouver Art Gallery at 750 Hornby St. For more information, visit

According to Beck, the fair is put on as a joint effort between community members, local groups and the City of Burnaby, and it’s been happening for approximately nine years. “It’s something that people in the neighbourhood can just walk to. … They are not going to have to spend a ton of money, … there will be lots of free activities going on.” For more information, go to www.edmondsfesti

299 199


Edmonds fair on this weekend


File photo/burnaby now

Jennifer Moreau

Since 1973



9610B Cameron Cameron Street Street 9610B

(next to Joe's Market and Red Robin Restaurant) ( n ex t t o J o e' s Ma r ket a n d R ed R o b i n R es t a u r a n t )

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A06 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

The Burnaby NOW is a Canadian-owned community newspaper published and distributed in the city of Burnaby every Wednesday and Friday by the Burnaby Now, 201A – 3430 Brighton Avenue, Burnaby, British Columbia, V5A 3H4, a division of Glacier Media Group.

Brad Alden den Publisherr

People in need of good food all year long B.C. food banks are looking at ways of providing more nutritious items for the hungry – but they need our help They purchase food in bulk from For some reason, it’s easier to think local farmers. about helping the hungry at Christmas In fact, the food banks are retooling than in the heat of July. their handout bags altogether, But people who live on the making them more nutritious. razor’s edge of poverty are Burnaby NOW This is good news for those in need of food all year long, in need, who are more likely just like the rest of us. to get locally grown tomatoes and So where do food banks turn when cucumbers than expired cans of beans the cupboards are bare and all the at this time of year. largesse from the holidays has been But during the summer, the food handed out?


banks’ needs are even greater than the rest of the year. Last year, overall need at Burnaby depots increased by 13 per cent in July and August compared with the previous year, according to the Great Vancouver Food Bank Society. So consider how you can help, even when there isn’t a jolly old man in red reminding you about why giving is so important.

The food banks can always use cash donations. If you do plan to donate food, consider what non-perishable items you’d want to feed your own family. Because whether or not people have enough money to eat well, they still have the same nutritional needs as anyone else. For more information on how to help and on the Seeding Change event on July 22, visit

Liberals looking good so far T

already had to deal with controhe summer legislative sesversy (over a smoking cessation sion is now half over, so drug) but has weathered things it’s time for some observawell. tions and thoughts about what ◆ The NDP Opposition has yet we’ve seen so far in the house: to find its sea legs in the house. ◆ The multitude of new faces A number of veteran MLAs, no around the legislature has doubt devastated by changed the atmothe prospects of another sphere for the betfour long years in ter. There are more Keith Baldrey Opposition, appear to than 30 newbies, and have checked out, at least for perhaps because they’ve had to now. It’s unlikely the NDP causpend so much time trying not cus will be re-energized any time to get lost in the maze of corsoon, as it will probably take ridors they haven’t had time to descend to the level of bitter par- months for caucus members to get over that unexpected election tisanship that characterized the loss. The only two members who place the past few years. Let’s seem to have their heads fully hope this continues. in the game right now are John ◆ The new government cabinet, Horgan and Mike Farnworth, which has a number of rookand that may be because both ies, has so far performed fairly may once again find themselves well. Education Minister Peter in a party leadership race should Fassbender has navigated the Adrian Dix step down as leader. usually rocky shoals of the ◆ A whole bunch of issues that government’s relationship with dominated question period, and the B.C. Teachers’ Federation much of the political debate fairly well, and Transportation before the election, are now Minister Todd Stone has ably mostly off the table. Remember deflected any criticism hurled at the NDP’s constant demand for him by the Opposition. Veteran an inquiry into the sale of B.C. MLA Bill Bennett is new to the Rail? Good-bye! The attacks on energy portfolio and has his Premier Christy Clark for conhands full with B.C. Hydro, but stantly campaigning? No more. he acknowledges there are probEven the ethnic memo furor, lems at the Crown Corporation which the NDP is trying to revisthat need to be dealt with and it, has lots its edge. not swept under the carpet. One ◆ Speaking of the premier, she newcomer, Attorney-General hasn’t been around the legislaSuzanne Anton, has had a bit ture much as she spent several of a shaky start, but she’ll have time to grow into her role. New Legislature Page 7 Health Minister Terry Lake has


PUBLISHER Brad Alden EDITOR Pat Tracy ASSISTANT EDITOR Julie MacLellan SPORTS EDITOR Tom Berridge REPORTERS Janaya Fuller-Evans, Jennifer Moreau PHOTOGRAPHER Larry Wright DIRECTOR, SALES AND MARKETING Lara Graham ADVERTISING REPS Cynthia Hendrix, Cam Northcott, Veronica Wong, Jennifer Kastelein, Marney MacLeod AD CONTROL Ken Wall SALES ADMINISTRATOR Daaniele Sinclaire

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR No-cycling trails needed Dear Editor,

Growing up both “mountain” biking and conserving wetlands and natural environments in the Lower Mainland (and appearing at council meetings around both issues), a glaring absence becomes apparent. The biker in me loves to cycle in the forests. That bikes, their tumbles and spectators, erode forest quality and destroy forest undergrowth is indisputable. Every biking presentation to council nowadays boasts of working to “restore” the trails and streams. No amount of trail-work or replanting afterwards will remove silt from ephemeral ponds or undo destroyed animal homes and gels in streams eroded

PRODUCTION MANAGER Doug McMaster PRODUCTION STAFF Ron Beamish, Kevin Behnsen, Lynne Boucher, Nola Bowling, Rona Eastman-Magee, Laura Powell, Tony Sherman GRAPHIC DESIGNERS Helen-Louise Kinton, Gary E. Slavin REGIONAL CLASSIFIED MANAGER Trixi Agrios CLASSIFIED SUPERVISOR Dawn James CLASSIFIED REPS Darla Burns, John Taylor, ACCOUNTING Judy Sharp

and silted from the trails and undergrowth by steep terrain biking. The conservationist in me knows that to achieve the “sustainability” promised in our community plan, Burnaby must set aside specific areas, especially steep terrain, as no cycling. Many years of experience around North America have shown if several trails in a watershed are deemed “multiuse,” no frogs or salamanders’ areas will survive the silting. Without amphibians, the insects displace native plants, and non-native invasive species thrive – and on and on. Most children now grow up in Burnaby without ever seeing a salamander or hearing a frog. We must conclude that most mountain trails need

Biking Page 7






Copyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarily to the Publisher and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the Publisher and its licensees may freely reproduce them in print, electronic or other forms. 26

The Burnaby NOW, a division of Glacier Media Group respects your privacy. We collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Statement which is available at





Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A07

LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Biking destroys habitat continued from page 6

to be “walker only” if the forests and wetlands have any chance of ever resembling second-growth forests instead of just tree parks. (Dogs, too, harm amphibians and watersheds as they spread devastating amphibian viruses when owners unwittingly traipse dogs from one stream or wetlands to another. Where dog use is respectfully limited, amphibians are sighted in wetted areas!) So, cyclists, we’re good at being heard at council meetings, so let’s band together and urge Burnaby to create and foster recreation cycling trails only if there are preserved, non-cycling trails through the few viably sustainable natural areas in Burnaby. I will support cycling in sustainable natural settings, once Burnaby does the hard work of protecting our precious natural heritage, not just the easy part of saying “yes” to cycling. Thanks, too, to the wonderful Stoney Creek streamkeepers for their decades of work on this precious stream. Jeff Anderson, Burnaby

New pool a huge bonus Dear Editor:

Re: new Edmonds pool. What a wonderful addition to our city! As a “swim family” we applaud the decisions made by the city to ensure that, unlike the Eileen Dailly facility, this new pool can accommodate swimmers. Even though we are rated a “well-off” city financially, our swim team could only use the Bonsor pool to host swim meets (it

continued from page 6

New place, familiar face

Simon Patterson, Burnaby

Stop towers at UniverCity

Dear Editor:

Re: UniverCity ready for more development, Burnaby NOW, July 10. I live in the Glenayre neighbourhood of Port Moody just below the UniverCity residential development. The original official community plan between the City of Burnaby and Simon Fraser University limited building height to 10 storeys. The first projects in the southeast corner were six to eight storeys. But the heights have crept up to and over 10 storeys in subsequent construction. The condo tower currently under construction will have 14 storeys. A few months ago, at a UniverCity open house, I was shocked to see, on their scale model, a proposed condo tower for Phase 4 that exceeds 20 storeys! The original development concept proposed a sustainable urban village. What “village” on Earth has 20-storey towers? My fear, all along, is that the top of Burnaby Mountain will become a pincushion of tall condo towers resembling Metrotown. Derek Wilson, Port Moody

Legislature: Calm waters weeks campaigning in the Westside-Kelowna byelection, so she hasn’t had much of a physical presence. But there’s no doubt who is in charge, as her byelection win cemented her hold on her party. Just a few months ago, people were plotting to force her out of the job, and now she is firmly steering the ship with apparently calm waters ahead. ◆ B.C.’s first-ever Green party MLA, Andrew Weaver, has demonstrated an ability to get under the skin of the NDP. He isn’t given much opportunity to ask questions in question period, but he does get to vote on things. His

(formerly Sears Hearing Clinic)

was the only one with diving blocks). A few months ago at a meet in Vancouver, we were talking with other parents who expressed displeasure (to put it mildly) at the quality of our facilities and did not enjoy attending our meets. Well, I must say, they are in for a very pleasant surprise next year when they come. Hosting them in such a modern, beautiful facility will be a pleasure.

decision to vote in favour of the B.C. Liberal government’s budget really irritated a number of NDP MLAs, who voiced their objections on social media. Weaver told me he voted for it because the election outcome made it obvious people want a balanced budget, so he was following the public’s lead. He said he didn’t necessarily think the budget will actually be balanced when all is said and done, but he was in favour of at least the concept of a balanced budget (something that sets him apart from the NDP). ◆ Clark has been able to reward most members of her caucus with cabinet posts, parliamentary sec-

retary appointments, committee memberships and caucus positions, most of which come with a boost in salary. Two MLAs, however, have been frozen out: Moira Stilwell and Sam Sullivan. Stilwell has been on the outs with Clark for months, and Sullivan beat Clark for the Vancouver mayoralty some years back. It looks like Clark is not in a forgiving mood towards some people. I wonder whether she will display a similar attitude to some key people in the business community who were less than loyal before her miracle win. Keith Baldrey is chief political reporter for Global B.C.

The Burnaby NOW welcomes letters to the editor. We do, however, edit for taste, legality and length. Priority is given to letters written by residents of Burnaby and/or issues concerning Burnaby. Please include a phone number where you can be reached during the day. Send letters to: The Editor, #201A-3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby, B.C., V5A 3H4, fax them to 604-444-3460 or e-mail:

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A08 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Refinery: Chevron won’t get first dibs on piped oil continued from page 1

According to the board, it’s Chevron’s responsibility to design a portfolio of supply options that will best mitigate its supply risk and ensure long-term viability of the refinery. The board also noted that nomination and capacity allocation procedures are likely contributing to allocation issues on the pipeline and that Trans Mountain should submit a revised nomination or capacity allocation procedure to address the issue by Sept. 30.

“Based on the evidence provided, the board found that Chevron’s Burnaby refinery did not satisfy the criteria for (priority destination) and therefore should not be designated a priority destination,” according to the board’s media release. “Among other reasons, the board observed that Chevron had consistently met its 40,000 (barrels per day) minimum run rate using the existing options in its supply portfolio.”



Have a free coffee and snack on us!

continued from page 1

According to Peters, a ban may not necessarily solve the kitten and puppy mill problem, as people can get pets online and a prohibition on sales may drive the problem underground. “If it’s a puppy mill situation, address that issue, go after the puppy mills,” he said. “Don’t shut down a legitimate business on the speculation that they are the ones that are causing this.” Peters suggested an alternative, where anyone advertising to sell pets must be inspected and certified first. “If they are not allowed to advertise, they can’t sell, and if they can’t sell, they won’t produce,” he said. Katherine Kinman, president at King Ed Pet Centre, said all of her kittens come from her customers, who have bought cats from her shop that then had kittens. Kinman said she does not pay people for the kittens but covers their care costs, and that she would rather sell them to good homes than have them go to the SPCA where they could be put down if they are not adopted.


Hours M-F 9:30-4:30 • Sat. 10-4 • 604-521-1013

Like Peters, she would prefer regulation instead of banning kitten and puppy sales. “I think it’s very disgusting,” she said. “Yes, there is a problem out there, but I think (for) most pets sold in pet stores it’s not a problem.” Marcie Moriarty, chief prevention and enforcement officer with the B.C. SPCA, said the organization is not naïve enough to think a ban would fix the problem. “However, the sale of these animals, especially unspayed and un-neutered is a concern, and it’s one avenue where we have an opportunity to take a proactive measure in a community,” she said. “Of course there are people who continue to sell on the Internet.” For more on this issue, see Jennifer Moreau’s blog at

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Pets: Internet sales a problem the store gets most of its puppies from Hunte Corporation, an American company that obtains puppies from professional breeders and hobby breeders inspected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and licensed by the American Kennel Club. Peters said the shop’s kittens are from people’s homes in a town in Northern Quebec and that he doesn’t pay for the kittens, but he covers their transportation and vet costs. According to Peters, the Quebec town does not have an adequate shelter system, and the kittens could be put down if they aren’t adopted. Animal welfare advocates have been pushing the City of Burnaby to ban the sale of kittens, puppies and rabbits, and while city staff recently finished a draft report on general animal control issues, no ban has yet been proposed. According to Peters, there are no other shops in Burnaby besides his selling dogs; only one other shop – King Ed Pet Centre – sells kittens.


COME CELEBRATE WITH US JULY 20, 2013 • 9:30am-6pm

Donations graciously accepted: Proceeds go towards maintaining this beautiful heritage site.

Overlynn Mansion is one of the first houses built in Burnaby Heights, and is one of the best preserved heritage homes in BC. The mansion was completed in 1912 as the family home for Charles Peter, who was the manager of a tea importing firm. Samuel MacLure, one of BC’s most prominent early architects, designed the house in the English Arts and Crafts style. Overlynn is considered to be the finest example of early 20th century architecture in Burnaby. The Mansion received heritage designation from the City of Burnaby in 1995. Overlynn Mansion 401 N. Esmond Street (between McGill & Trinity), North Burnaby Property owned & operated by Action Line Housing Society/Seton Villa Retirement Centre

Contact: 604-291-0607


Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A09

The art of magic tricks


Do you believe in magic:

Illusionist Vitaly Beckman’s performances include levitating objects and paintbrushes that paint by themselves.


Dental Mechanic since 1979

604-522-1848 442-6th St., New Westminster 5412 A Imperial St., Burnaby follow us on

Marelle Reid/burnaby now

Local illusionist takes an original approach to magic

formance. “I come up with original magic that’s never been done before and everything in my live show today – I do things which you can’t see Marelle Reid anywhere else,” he says. staff reporter Beckman’sperformances Holding a small red note- range from a simple melting book in his left hand, Vitaly rubber band trick to object Beckman flips it open to levitation and paintbrushes show that the pages inside that paint by themselves, and his particular specialty: are all blank. Next, he uncaps a black switching people’s driver’s licence photos. felt pen and neatly draws a “For me, magic In one effect, Beckman even leaf on the top is a symbol for makes a car in page. Putting the pen in his the fact that our a photo drive out of the shot. breast pocket, dreams and our Another audihe then opens his right hand visions can come ence favourite is an illusion to show it’s true. Whatever that involves a empty, then seems impossible photo of leaves deftly waves it over the page is not necessarily and a butterfly in a magazine to reveal that so.” that come to the drawing life. has suddenly VITALY BECKMAN Originally turned into a illusionist from the former real leaf, which Soviet Union, he then pulls off the paper. It’s a seemingly simple the self-taught Beckman trick, yet the illusion is spent his childhood in effective, making the view- Belarus, and his adoleser wonder, “how does he cence in Israel. For the past two years he’s been living do that?” Since he first saw David in Burnaby and makes his Copperfield on TV at age living doing corporate and 15, Beckman has had a pas- theatre shows in the Lower sion for magic and illusion, Mainland and around the and since that age he has world. He says he doesn’t like worked on developing his own particular style of perMagic Page 16

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A10 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Burnaby teen wins puppy-naming contest Cayley Dobie staff reporter

Photo contributed/burnaby now

Winner: Burnaby resident Maya Garlick’s entry for the RCMP’s puppy-naming contest, Freya, was declared one of the top 10 submissions. Some of the other winning names chosen for the RCMP puppies include

Barbecue series set

With summer in full swing, the South Burnaby Neighbourhood House is hosting a series of low-cost community barbecues. “It’s a great way to build community in our big city, which I see as the role of our neighbourhood house,” said Antonia Beck, executive director at the South Burnaby Neighbourhood House. The annual barbecue series includes face painting, games, crafts and activities for families. For a mere dollar, attendees can buy a chicken or veggie dog, chips and a drink, and freezies are available for 25 cents. The next barbecue is set for July 18, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at Maywood Community School, 4567 Imperial St. For more information, see – Jennifer Moreau

Frazer, Flixx, Fantom and Flint.



Fifteen-year-old Maya Garlick is among 10 lucky winners of the RCMP’s Name the Puppy contest announced last week. Garlick was among 5,000 people who entered the national contest to choose names for 10 future police dogs. Entries had to begin with the letter F and couldn’t be longer than nine letters, or two syllables. According to a media release, Garlick’s entry, Freya, was chosen by the RCMP for a female German shepherd born at the police dog service training centre in Innisfail, Alta. “It came as such a surprise when I heard I won. I was so excited as I knew there were a lot of people who entered,” Garlick said. Officers from the RCMP Lower Mainland district integrated dog service presented Garlick with a package on July 4, which included a photo of Freya and a certificate congratulating her on her winning entry.

View the 2013 line up at:

Saturday, August 10th - Deer Lake Park

Name_____________________ Name_____________________ Name_____________________ Name_____________________

Name_____________________ Name_____________________

Name_____________________ Name_____________________ Name_____________________ Name_____________________

Name_____________________ Name_____________________

Name the performers in the 2013 Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival. Drop off your completed entry form by 5pm July 26, 2013. Originals only – no facsimiles. Draw date: July 29, 2013. Five pairs of tickets to be won. Winners will be notified by phone. NAME: _______________________________________________



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201A-3430 Brighton Ave. Burnaby V5A 3H4

Shadbolt Centre for the Arts 6450 Deer Lake Ave., Burnaby V5G 2J3

Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A11

17 Hunt on for bagpipes 19 Real estate balance

20 Good summer grilling

SECTION COORDINATOR Janaya Fuller-Evans, 604-444-3024

Developer building his legacy in the Heights Stefania Seccia staff reporter

Instead of moving on from Burnaby to seek his fortune, one local developer decided to stay where he was born and raised to give something back to the community. Peter Censorio grew up in the Burnaby Heights area where his family planted their roots. He attended Capitol Hill Elementary, graduated from Alpha Secondary School and even worked at the Hastings hotspot, Anton’s Pasta Bar, in his youth. Now 42, he’s working on revitalizing the neighbourhood through his development business, Censorio Group, which he established in 2003. “We started out as an interior design company, we’re a very designed-focus group so we took that and basically started with single-family homes in 2003 and moved into family stuff in Burnaby,” Censorio said. After working in interior design and making a name for himself, the Burnaby resident worked with major players on the development scene and made the transition into development. After honing his skills, he built 40 cottages on the Sunshine Coast. Censorio said he’s concerned with preserving the area he grew up in and his latest development, Altezza, is just the start. The Altezza spot is at 4710 Hastings St. and is a low-rise building, with about 21 units. It also has retail space currently filled by Chez Christophe Chocolaterie Patisserie and Adele-Rae Florist. “I’ve always looked around the neighbourhood,” he said. “I remember the building with the first video store, first pizza place. … There’s a lot of memories going down there, and so being able to do something, I wanted to give it back.” Censorio said the Heights is equivalent to Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive, as far as esthetics and placement go – but it has a way to go before it can be that famous. He said his goal is to keep the small mom-and-pop shops that made the Heights the place it is today in the neighbourhood, and is doing so by making more affordable yet modern retail space available. When the owner of the floral shop Adele-Rae was starting to look for new space, it was a chance encounter with a representative from the Censorio Group

Larry Wright/burnaby now

New heights: Peter Censorio developed the new Altezza building on Hastings Street, right in the neighbourhood he grew up in. Censorio is hoping to build on the neighbourhood’s tradition of mom-and-pop shops. that would lead her to the new spot in Altezza. Kathy Hanson said someone came in to her former shop, near Hastings Street and Gilmore Avenue, to drop off brochures about the condos in Altezza and one of her staff members asked if they had retail space, as well. “Within a few hours we got a call, and Peter himself said, ‘I’ll come, and I’ll take you,’” she said. “So he came and picked me up and drove me down here and showed it to me. And just talking with him, it just felt right.” Hanson said the landlord wanted to raise the rent to a cost she couldn’t afford, but she wanted to stay in the Heights neighbourhood. “It all seemed so right for me,” she added. “And then I got to stay in the

Heights. I could afford the rent.” Although she’s downsized from about 2,500 square feet to 1,200 sq. ft., Hanson said her business, which was bought by her mother in 1963, will adapt to the change. “He’s been really accommodating, really,” she said. “He’s not done it for a long time, either. But he’s really good and happy. His mom lives in the building … and actually a couple of my regular customers that I’ve had for years that have lived elsewhere have moved in.” While maintaining an urban village theme, the Censorio Group also gets its inspiration from European design. “We’re doing a project in New West right now, and it has all Italian appliances,” he said. “We’re putting in built-in coffee machines. It’s those little things that

make a bit of a difference.” Altezza is also architecturally inspired by Censorio’s Italian heritage. “The quality, you see it,” he said. “It has more of a Tuscan theme, definitely a European theme – there are a lot of Europeans that live in this area. Europe is always leading in fashion, it’s always a step ahead –we always take the general characteristics of design and put our own little twist on them.” On the horizon, Censorio said he’s working on another development across from the Altezza building, is developing a building in New Westminster’s downtown area and hopes to move his offices from Vancouver to the Heights so he can walk to work. For more information, visit www.

City scientists work on skin cancer phone app MOVERS & SHAKERS Stefania Seccia


urnaby happens to have some of the greatest scientific minds working today, attempting to solve some of the world’s leading problems.

Recently, MetaOptima Technology Inc., founded by a team of Simon Fraser University and University of British Columbia scientists, was recognized for its idea of a smartphone app to help monitor, record and assess potentially cancerous skin lesions. The local health tech company made it as a top 25 finalist of the 2013 BCIC-New Ventures Competition, which is one of North America’s largest technology business idea

competitions. “We were incredibly fortunate to be part of the New Venture B.C. Competition and to have the chance to work closely with such a dedicated group of mentors and experts,” said Dr. Maryam Sadeghi, MetaOptima’s co-founder and CEO. “Thanks to the organizers of this fantastic competition.” The smartphone app, “Molescope” relies on a low-cost, smart mini-

microscope that provides 60X magnification plus automated visualization of health or non-healthy moles. It helps users examine their skin and keep track of moles over time to catch any abnormalities. The app also provides access to expert consultations from dermatologists and helps the user book local appointments online. “I learned that it’s critical to have a strategic perspective, always,” she

said. “We networked with many awesome mentors with great industry insight, and we are so excited to learn more and more. Although we are working hard to be in (the) top three, at the end of the day there is nothing more valuable than the lessons we learn here to build a healthy venture and this is the most precious ‘take home’ for us.” For more information, visit www.metaoptima. com.

Phone scam

Telus is putting consumers on the alert about a phone scam hitting B.C. and Alberta. The scam affects both wireless and landline customers who receive fraudulent calls that reprogram the caller ID signal to make it seem as though the call is from a legitimate source. When the call is picked up, the “impostor” on the Movers Page 12

A12 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Movers and Shakers: Telus warns of caller ID phone scam

Call for nominees

If you know someone in Burnaby in the export game who deserves attention, there’s an award for that. The Canadian Manufacturers and Exporters B.C. division and the Ministry of International Trade are calling for applications for the 2013 B.C. Export Awards. “British Columbian companies are exhibiting economic excellence by exporting Canadian goods and services across the globe, and in doing so, are continually supporting the excellent quality of life that our province has to offer its residents,” said Craig Williams, vice-president of the B.C. division, in a media release. “The manufollow us on

facturing sector, which employs almost 400,000 British Columbians, plays an integral role in spurring economic activity, and as such, we are pleased to be

able to shine the spotlight on the leading organizations within this sector and their outstanding leadership.” Businesses from all sec-

tors that have been exporting a product or service for two or more years are eligible to apply in various categories: sustainability, leadership, new exporter,





luncheon will be held at the Hyatt Regency Vancouver on Nov. 15. For more information, visit www.bcexport




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continued from page 11

other end of the line claims to be Telus or another organization, and the person has won a prize but needs to provide their personal information to collect it. “The calls are fraudulent, and in no way related to Telus or other companies the scam artists claim to be associated with,” a media release states. “Consumers should never enter their credit card information when prompted to by an unknown caller or automated call.” Customers are recommended to simply hang up the phone and not give out any personal information to a caller, unless they are certain they’re speaking to a legitimate source. “If (a consumer is) unsure when receiving a call from someone claiming to be from a company and asking for information, Telus recommends they either hang up or ask for a number to call them back at directly (to) ensure they are speaking with someone legitimate,” the release states. The Telus Fraud Management Centre assists customers and provides fraud awareness presentations. The centre can be contacted at 1-877567-2062. For more information about phone fraud, visit or


Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A13

Thefts on the rise at university Security working on new approach to reducing crime Cayley Dobie staff reporter

After a sharp increase in thefts at Simon Fraser University’s Burnaby campus, security is developing a new approach to educate students that crime can happen anywhere, even at school. In 2012, the number of general thefts jumped from 183 to 287, and this isn’t a new trend, according to the university’s security report. In 2010, there were only 109 thefts reported on campus. “This is primarily what we call thefts of opportunity, so it’s essentially stuff that’s left unattended,” said Steve MacLean, director of campus security for Simon Fraser University. The most common items stolen, according to MacLean, are iPhones, iPads, tablets, cellphones and laptops. “Things that are real-

ly portable, relatively small and that can easily be picked up,” he said. “People would place (the items) down at a study carrel or a desk, or something like this, and then just leave for a minute to go to the washroom or perhaps run some photocopies, or visit somebody else at another carrel.” And when they’d get back to the desk, the items would be gone, he explained. These “thefts of opportunity” were the main cause of the increase in general thefts on campus in 2012 and while many students report the crimes, they almost never get their stuff back, MacLean said. “Once they’re stolen, they’re stolen,” he added. General thefts had become quite the problem for security on campus, so much so the team developed a strategy to encourage students to be more careful with their stuff. “For the month of April we had the ‘leave it, lose it’ campaign,” he said. The campaign featured

a series of posters put up around campus urging students to be wary of leaving personal items, especially electronics, unattended. One poster read, “This isn’t just a laptop. It’s a target,” another “This isn’t just a phone. It’s a target.” The posters included information on how to report thefts or suspicious activity and warned students that “personal item theft is the most frequent crime at SFU. If you leave it, you could lose it.” “It consisted of some twitter stuff, little cards we submitted to people, and used our student patrollers to engage our community as well, to provide information,” he said. “It was fairly successful.” During the month of April, while the campaign was running, campus thefts dropped 30 per cent compared to April of 2012, MacLean said. “It’s about awareness. People get complacent, people think ‘Well, I’m just going 10 metres down the way’ … and they turn around and their stuff is

gone,” he added. “It’s the same as if you were to leave your … iPhone on a bench in any mall, and then come back and expect to see it there, it’s probably going to be gone.” MacLean said campus security intends to resurrect the campaign sometime this fall, in order to spread the message to new Simon Fraser students. “And then just as reminders as we go down the road, to keep that (message) fresh,” he added.

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Vancouver - Burnaby - Langley

Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A15

A14 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Crowds fill Heights for Giro 2013

Spectators lined Hastings Street on July 11 for Giro di Burnaby. Germany’s Florenz Knauer sprinted to the finish, winning the men’s criterium race, while Olympian Denise Ramsden of Vancouver won top spot in the women’s competition.

Embassy, Appia and Palladio present. . .

Giro di Burnaby Thursday, July 11, 2013 – 6-8:30pm

A16 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Magic: Local illusionist takes fresh approach to performance continued from page 9

to copy what others have done, not because he cannot replicate their effects, but because he wants to inspire his audience with a different kind of show. There are no white rabbits in top hats or women being sawn in half on stage. “For me, magic is a symbol for the fact that our dreams and our visions can come true,” he says. “Whatever seems impossible is not necessarily so. I think that’s what magic is really all about. Sometimes it can be inspiring when someone sees something impossible become possible right in front of his eyes. He might think, ‘What I thought was impossible to achieve in my life, my goals, my dreams, maybe they are attainable.’” Learning to perform his many illusions has taken time, but Beckman says he’ll never stop adding to his repertoire and

challenging himself to take his magic to the next level. “It’s like asking if it’s difficult to learn music,” he says of his craft. “You can know how a piano works, but it doesn’t mean you can create music with it.” This summer, he is on tour in Israel, but he’ll be back in Burnaby in the fall to resume his local performance schedule. Sharing his ideas and passion for magic is what Beckman says drives him to keep coming up with fresh challenges for himself and new ways of making his audience view the world. “I love what I do, and if I can bring anything (new) for other people then it’s fantastic,” he says. For a schedule of Beckman’s upcoming shows, visit or

A new belief:

Vitaly Beckman of Burnaby is taking his illusionist act on tour in Israel this summer.

Marelle Reid/ burnaby now






Friday & Saturday, July 19 & 20 at 8 pm



T HURSDAYS , J ULY 18 & 25




p: Robin O’Neill

Buy Show Tickets Service Charge Free at the Casino Box Office



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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A17


Burnaby piper looks for stolen bagpipes Cayley Dobie staff reporter

Junior bagpiper Tyentyen Chen has been without her bagpipes – worth about $2,000 – for almost three weeks, after they were stolen from outside Simon Fraser University’s Cornerstone food court on June 25. Since that night, members of the university’s junior and senior bagpipe bands have been scouring the campus hoping the pipes would turn up. But much to everyone’s dismay, they’ve been unable to track down the missing pipes, said Rob Watt, secretary for the university’s bagpipers. “We’ve exhausted our community net-

work,” he said. The bagpipers are now looking outside the campus for any information on where the stolen pipes might be. Watt said the pipes were taken while Chen – a 17-year-old Burnaby resident – was grabbing a quick bite to eat after practice. The case included the bagpipes, reeds and chanter, which is worth between $300 and $400 on its own. But the bagpipes have been tuned specifically to Chen, so no one else would be able to play them, Watt added. Chen is a member of the junior bagpipers at Simon Fraser and had to pay for her own pipes, which she may have to do once again if the stolen ones aren’t recovered, Watt said.






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6574 E. Hastings Kensington Plaza Burnaby




City:__________________________________________________________________________________________________ Phone number: _______________________________________________ Mail or drop off entries to: Burnaby Now, c/o Burnaby Blues & Roots Festival Contest #201A-3430 Brighton Ave., Burnaby V5A 3H4 ENTRY DEADLINE: 5:00 pm - July 26/13

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A18 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A19

Burnaby real estate market balancing out Stefania Seccia staff reporter

Burnaby’s current housing market favours neither the seller nor the buyer, but it’s being heralded as balanced by those in the industry. According to the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver, real estate sales and listings are proving to be nearly equal in ratio between the number of homes for sale and the number of those looking to buy a home. Ray Harris, past president of the Burnaby and New Westminster division of the board, said Burnaby’s market is a stronger balanced market, compared to the Lower Mainland as a whole with its sales ratio at 17 per cent. The full market ratio is at 15 per cent. “It’s a great place to live,” said Harris, also a Tri-Cities and Burnaby region Realtor. “It’s the point between the Vancouver market, and the Tri-Cities and Maple Ridge market, and the one we all watch and appreciate.” Sales have also increased slightly from last year, with 311 sales between January and May 2012, compared to 345 in the same time frame this year. “Another interesting factor is, as of May of last year, benchmark pricing was at $878,000,” he said. “Even with the moderate growth, we’re seeing an average of $915,000 this year.” There were 79 detached, 83 attached homes and 149 apartment sales this June, ranging from $365,000 to $899,000 in price. In June last year, there were 83 detached,

73 attached homes and 132 apartments sold. As for listings, there were 582 in total for this June, down by 113 listings compared to June 2012. “It’s not a huge jump, but it is moderate growth,” he said. “I think Burnaby is doing fairly well with the number of listings. In general, it’s pretty upbeat.” Looking forward, Harris said he does not expect much change from now until the fall. “We have every expectation that a balanced market will continue into the fall,” he said. “It’s good for buyers and sellers, which means there’s some consistency in selling.” The real estate board also reported that residential property sales in the Lower Mainland reached 2,642 on the Multiple Listing Service this June. “As the term suggests, a balanced market means that many of the key housing market indicators, such as price, are stable, and conditions therefore don’t tilt in favour of buyers or sellers,” said Sandra Wyant, the real estate board’s president, in a media release. “If you plan to enter the market today, identify your needs, consult your Realtor and work to build a ‘winwin’ scenario with the people on the other side of the sale.” The real estate board represents more than 11,000 Realtors and their companies. In 2012, the value of residential sales transacted through the Multiple Listing Service system, provided by the board, was $18.6 billion. For more information on statistics or real estate, visit


PUBLIC HEARING The Council of the City of Burnaby hereby gives notice that it will hold a Public Hearing TUESDAY, 2013 JULY 23 AT 7:00 P.M. in the Council Chamber, Burnaby City Hall, 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, B.C., V5G 1M2, to receive representations in connection with the following proposed amendments to “Burnaby Zoning Bylaw 1965”. 1) BURNABY ZONING BYLAW 1965, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 25, 2013 – BYLAW NO. 13228 Rez. #13-15 Portion of 3555 Douglas Road Lot A, DL 74, Group 1, NWD Plan BCP15476 From: R3a Residential District To:

Amended R3a Residential District

The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to permit the construction of a 92.81 m2 (999 ft2) addition to the rear of the Cunningham House, a single family residence that is designated as a City heritage building. The property is located in the R3a Residential District, and is subject to a Section 219 covenant restricting development to that shown on the approved development plans. Amendment of the Section 219 covenant requires approval through the rezoning process. 2) BURNABY ZONING BYLAW 1965, AMENDMENT BYLAW NO. 19, 2013 – BYLAW NO. 13216 Rez. #12-20 6123 Hastings Street Lot 1, DL 205, Group 1, NWD Plan LMP42060 From: CD Comprehensive Development District (based on C4 Service Commercial District and in accordance with the development plan entitled “Car Wash Facility” prepared by Phoenix Structural Designs Ltd., J.T. Engineering and Management Ltd. and DMG Landscape Architects) To:

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CD Comprehensive Development District (based on C4a Service Commercial District and in accordance with the development plan entitled, “Tim Hortons” prepared by Vector Engineering Services Ltd., K Paul Architect, The TDL Group Corp., and M2 Landscape Architecture)

The purpose of the proposed zoning bylaw amendment is to permit construction of a new commercial building on the portion of the property fronting Hastings Street. All persons who believe that their interest in property is affected by a proposed bylaw shall be afforded a reasonable opportunity to be heard or to present written submissions respecting matters contained in the bylaw. Written submissions may be presented at the Public Hearing or for those not attending the Public Hearing must be submitted to the Office of the City Clerk prior to 4:45 p.m. the day of the Public Hearing. The Director Planning and Building’s reports and related information respecting the zoning bylaw amendments are available for public examination at the offices of the Planning Department, 3rd floor, in Burnaby City Hall. Copies of the proposed bylaws may be inspected at the Office of the City Clerk at 4949 Canada Way, Burnaby, B.C., V5G 1M2 from 8:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. weekdays from Tuesday, 2013 July 09 to Tuesday, 2013 July 23. NO PRESENTATIONS WILL BE RECEIVED BY COUNCIL AFTER THE CONCLUSION OF THE PUBLIC HEARING M. Manuel ACTING CITY CLERK

A20 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Get grilling with gas: Tips for cooking meat ON COOKING


Chef Dez

n my last column I discussed my five golden rules of grilling on your outdoor gas barbecue. (If you missed that column, I will be more than happy to email it to you. Please contact me at dez@chefdez. com.) To round off this information session about outdoor gas cooking, I want to focus on a few more areas: using a thermometer, using tongs and the ageold question “lid open or closed?” A thermometer is an essential tool for meat cooking of any sort, but

especially on your outdoor grill. It is crucial to make sure that meat is cooked enough but also not cooked too much. We all know that poultry, for example, needs to be cooked thoroughly in order for it to be safe to eat, but when was the last time you had a chicken breast that was overcooked and dry? This happens far too often because people become afraid of serving meat under-done. Spot checking with an instant-read thermometer will help you achieve these perfect results. These devices can be easily purchased from a variety of food and kitchen retailers. Digital ones are the easiest to read and operate, but keep in mind that usually the more you spend, the better the quality. The most important thing to remember is to not insert

the thermometer too many times, as each puncture will result in lost juices. This brings me to my next pointer: use tongs, not a fork, to turn your meat on the grill. Although barbecue forks are a common inclusion with grilling utensil sets, frequent use of this tool will cause more punctures in the meat than necessary and will result in an excess of lost juices. Using tongs (or a flipper as in the situation of flipping a burger) will help to keep the precious juices in the meat. Whenever I do a cooking class that requires the use of an outdoor gas grill, many people are amazed that I do 99 per cent of the cooking with the lid open. When they inquire as to why I am cooking with the lid open, I ask them “why do you close it?” Some say because the manual tells

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them too, but most don’t have an answer. For the most part, lid closed cooking should be reserved to larger cuts of meat where you want to cook indirectly (meat not directly above the flames) so your gas grill will perform more like an oven. This will help to cook the meat internally to the degree you want without burning the outside. Mostly for small pieces of meat like chicken

breasts, steaks, pork chops, etc., I will grill with the lid open to achieve better crusting (grill marks) on both sides. The main reason why we grill meat is because of the flavour of the browning of the outer crust. Better crusting of the meat will always happen when raw meat hits the hot grates of the gas grill. In closing, I want to remind you that your outdoor gas grill is an

appliance. It needs regular cleaning and maintenance in order to perform its best for many years. For example, burners should be inspected at least at the beginning of each grilling season. Look for corrosion and carbon buildup that may block the burner gas ports and clear them with a paper clip. Send your food/cooking questions to dez@chefdez. com.

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The Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure invites the public to attend an open house to preview plans for sidewalk safety improvements on the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. Two drop-in open houses are scheduled for the following dates and times: Tuesday July 23, 2013 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Lynnmour Jaycee House 1251 Lillooet Road North Vancouver, B.C.

Wednesday July 24, 2013 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Dr. A.R. Lord Elementary School 555 Lillooet Street Vancouver, B.C.

Ministry staff will be available to provide information, answer questions and receive your input on possible issues and opportunities during construction.



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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A21

22 Peewee B’s get silver 22 Jr. Bs take on Saints

23 Cascadia comes to lake

SECTION COORDINATOR Tom Berridge, 604-444-3022 •

Omnium winner takes first-time Giro German rider wins a final sprint in second gear Tom Berridge sports editor

Giro di Burnaby champion Florenz Knauer of Germany defended his B.C. Superweek omnium title with podium finishes in his last six races, including his first-ever Giro di Burnaby win on Thursday. The 24-year-old German Team Baier Landshut pro outsprinted a pair of Predator Carbon Repair team riders, Cody O’Reilly and Dion Smith, to the finish on the streets of Burnaby Heights in the sixth of nine races in the B.C. Superweek series. No stranger to Superweek, Knauer was last year’s overall omnium winner with five top-five finishes in 2012, including three podiums and a stage win in the Tour de White Rock. This year, Knauer did even better, finishing runner-up at the UBC Grand Prix and third the night before in Gastown before winning in a sprint down Hasting Street in Burnaby on July 11. In White Rock, Knauer finished up with three more podiums, including runner-up in both the hill climb and the criterium, Giro Page 23

Lakers win third straight at home Tom Berridge

sports editor

following a 3-1 win over Natalya Palamarchuk of Azerbaijan. Anaka lost an earlier bout 3-1 to eventual gold medallist Sara Dosho of Japan in the quarterfinals, but qualified for the bronze match through the repechage draw when Dosho advanced to the final. “It’s always nice to win a medal for your country and seeing the flag raised up,” the defending Pan

In a game where losing was not an option, the Burnaby Lakers did not disappoint. The senior A Lakers shrugged off a shaky first half of the opening period before kicking the offence into high gear en route to a 14-10 victory over the visiting Coquitlam Adanacs at the Bill Copeland Sports Centre last Friday. WithNewWestminster’s surprise 13-12 win over the visting Victoria Shamrocks the night before, the Lakers recognized a series-ending loss to the Adanacs could seriously jeopardize the team’s playoff aspirations. Rookie righthander Tyler Digby got the attack rolling, shaving the deficit to 2-1 with his seventh goal of the season on a clever wrist shot that snuck by the A’s keeper to the near post. Less than a minute later, Jason Jones and Scott Jones, no relation, put home team in the lead for good with goals just two minutes apart. Pete McFetridge rounded out the first-period scoring with an unassisted goal in transition. “I think we played pretty good after 10 minutes. But overall it was a pretty scrambly game,” said Digby, who has 19 points in 11 games to date. “(The game) definitely had playoff implications in getting in or moving up. As a young team, the veterans really pulled us together.” Those veterans, including 24-year-old lefty Dane

Games Page 23

Lakers Page 22

Chung Chow/burnaby now

Leader of the pack: Giro di Burnaby race winner Florenz Knauer, in red, won a

final sprint down Hastings Street to win his first pink jersey. The 24-year-old German went on to win the overall omnium at B.C. Superweek.

For more photos and video scan with

SFU athletes medal at World Student Games Tom Berridge

sports editor

Simon Fraser University grad Helen Crofts helped Canada to a silver medal at the 2013 Universiade in Kazan, Russia. The women’s team of Crofts, and Ontario runners Noelle Montcalm, Sarah Wells and Alicia Brown placed second behind the host team in the 4x400 metre relay in front of a sold-out crowd of 30,000 at the 27th annual World

Student Summer Games. Russia, which ran away with overall medal title with more than 200, won the event in a time of 3:26.01. Canada finished more than six seconds behind the winning team and more than three seconds in front of third-place South Africa. “To us, it feels like we won,” Wells, who was a semifinalist in the 400m hurdles at the London Olympics, said in a Team Canada press release. “We knew Russia

was going to be stacked, so we’re really happy. It’s a great way to close the competition.” Earlier, Crofts and Clan alumni Jessica Smith placed seventh and sixth, respectively, in the women’s 800m final. Smith’s time was a season-best 2:00.43. The second-place medal was Canada’s 15th and fifth silver at the Games. SFU wrestler Stacie Anaka also medalled, winning a bronze in the 67-kilogam women’s freestyle



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A22 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

Tom Berridge

sports editor

The Burnaby Lakers came away with a silver medal at the B.C. peewee minor box lacrosse provincial championships in Kamloops. The 12-man peewee B Lakers were unbeaten heading into the goldmedal final but hit a wall against a full team from Victoria/Esquimalt following a 9-4 loss. “We didn’t have enough poop on our bench. We ran out of gas,” said Burnaby coach Clarke Dreschner. “We were playing the best of the best from the Island.” Thomas Vela and Luca Zilic led Burnaby in the championship game. Burnaby opened the weekend competition with a 10-1 win over Campbell River. Vela and fair play winner Nathan Chua led the attack with three goals and two assists apiece.

Chua also had a big game for the regular season champs, scoring five times to help knock off Lower Mainland runner-up Delta 11-6 later in the day. On Saturday, Burnaby needed goalie Jackson Murphy-Johnson to be at his best to hold on for a 6-5 win over Shuswap. Burnaby also edged North Shore 8-6 on a fourgoal, seven-point effort from Vela. In the final, Marcus Mocharski scored to shave the deficit to 6-4 against Victoria/Esquimalt. In peewee A1 play, Burnaby had a rough time of it, going down to defeat in all five games. The peewees opened with a 9-6 loss to eventual semifinalist Juan de Fuca and a 7-4 defeat to eventual finalist Ridge Meadows, both played on July 11. On the following Friday, eventual champion New Westminster got by the A1 Lakers by an 8-5 score.

Lakers: Two big games upcoming continued from page 21

Stevens, led Burnaby with four goals in a six-point outing. Stevens has already surpassed his best-ever season with the Lakers and is currently in fourth place in league scoring with 62 points. First star rookie Robert Church added five assists, while Scott Jones also had a five-point offering, including his 20th and 21st goals of the year. Jason Jones and Digby garnered four points apiece. Brett Hickey did the damage on the other side, potting four of his gamehigh five goals in a wild 12-goal middle period. Burnaby led 11-7 after two periods. Joe Bell got his third start in goal for Burnaby and made 35 saves for his second win this season. The win moved Burnaby to within two points of second-place Victoria, with a game in hand. “I don’t think we think

Burnaby juniors take on Saints in first-round B lax playoff Tom Berridge

sports editor

The Burnaby Lakers finished the West Coast Junior Lacrosse League season in third place. The junior B Lakers leapfrogged the New Westminster Salmonbellies into third spot following a 17-8 victory over the Surrey Rebels in Burnaby’s final home game of the season at the Bill Copeland Sports Centre on Saturday. Aaron King gave it a run for the league scoring title with a 10-point outing, including eight goals, to boost his runner-up output to 38 goals and 77 points this season. Kevan Galte, who tallied three goals and five assists, placed fourth on the overall scoring charts with 68 totla points. Cody Gilliam, who played in all but one of Burnaby’s 20 games, posted a leaguebest 0.850 save percentage among starting goalies. Gilliam also boasted a 6.789 goals against average this season. Franco Corporale also posted a hat trick

in the win, while Scott Petursson added a goal and three helpers. Surrey stole the lead early in the middle period with two goals three minutes apart, but Burnaby answered with seven straight counters to take a 10-4 advantage. The Lakers outscored the Rebels 6-4 in the final frame. Burnaby led 3-2 after the opening period. The juniors finished the regular season with a record of 14-5-1 just six points behind the league and last season’s playoff champion Delta Islanders. Burnaby opened the first round of playoffs against Port Coquitlam on Monday (after NOW deadlines). The best-of-three series reverts to PoCo on Thursday at the Port Moody rec centre. Game time is 8 p.m. If necessary, a Game 3 will be played at the Bill Copeland Sports Centre Saturday, beginning at 8 p.m. The junior Lakers will also be hosting the provincial championships for the first time.

Join the Lakers as they battle for a playoff spot against the Burrards! Friday, July 19th @ 7:45 pm

Lisa King/burnaby now

The right stuff: Burnaby rookie righthander Tyler Digby, seen in black in an earlier game, had two goals and four points against Coquitlam last Friday. we’re that young,” said Digby. “We feel we’re that good and should be competing.” Transition player Justin Salt may have said it better. “We got something,”

Sports car driver holds on to third place

Salmonbellies at Queen’s Park on Thursday and slumping fourth-place Maple Ridge at home the following Friday. Game time for both matchups is 7:45 p.m.

said the second-year runner. What the Lakers have is a current three-game winning streak at home, and a big week coming up, when they face the

Burnaby sports car driver Remo Ruscitti held on to his third-place standing in the Pirelli World Challenge at the Honda Toronto Indy last weekend. Ruscitti, who drives a Honda for Compass 360 Racing, had a best fifth-place finish in the second of two races in the touring car class.


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AY ID19, FRRIL 2013 AP


QU ng CO




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Burnaby takes silver at peewee B provincials


wne theno



display exhibit Potters Tri-City at centennial works





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ince RRA s


AY HIGHWRD on ZA for median HA yor calls


Contact us at:


Maple Ridge Burrards Burnaby Lakers Bill Copeland Arena 3676 Kensington Avenue, Burnaby 604-291-1261 For more information:

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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A23

BURNABY SPORTS BRIEFS St. Thomas More Collegiate grad Kevin Vigna finished in a tie for 41st place at the B.C. amateur golf championships, which wrapped up at the Copper Point Golf Club in Windermere last Friday. Vigna, who last week lost a three-way playoff at the B.C. junior championships, posted an 11-over-par total 295 on the 6,807-yard, par-70 course after finishing the final round with a four-over 74. The incoming Simon Fraser University freshman edged out the Clan’s Michael Belle of Burnaby by four strokes. Burnaby’s Lucas Gatto and New Westminster’s Matt Steinbach both missed the cut. Former Sport B.C. junior boys’ athlete of the year Adam Svensson charged into a share of top spot with a five-underpar 65 in the final round to tie Charlie Hughes of Langley for the overall lead. Svensson and Hughes both finished the 72-hole competition at 12-under-par. Hughes, a 21-year-old University of Washington graduate, drained a 20-foot putt on the second playoff hole to win his first B.C. amateur title.

Chung Chow/burnaby now

Round the bend: Giro winner Denise Ramsden, left, joins the attack.

Giro: Road racer wins in breakaway “I did not have all my go to win the 30-lap race gears in the end,” said in just over one hour – 11 Knauer after the race. “I seconds ahead of American had to finish in second Maura Kinsella. gear.” “I knew at least a couple For the runner-up rider, of (the riders) could outit was a lesson in experi- sprint me. I thought I’d be ence. better off on my own,” said “I recognized the 22-year-old 2012 For photos (Knauer) was a good and videos Canadian national track rider,” O’Reilly scan with road race chamsaid, adding the pion and London German rider did Olympian. not bite on any of Halfway through the subtle attacks the the race, the lead Predator team tanpack built up a 10dem attempted in the later second lead and stretched stages of the race. that advantage to half-aIn the build-up to the minute with less than seven sprint, it came down kilometres to the finish. to a mistake on his part, With two NOW and O’Reilly said. Novaartis for MS team “I got a little antsy and riders in the lead pack, faded in the end. It was a Ramsden gambled on an little mistake on my part. early breakaway rather But (Knauer) had a lot of than wait for a final sprint kick.” like she did in the first race In the women’s cri- in Delta. terium, Stage 1 Tour de “This time I was tryDelta runner-up Denise ing to play it a little more Ramsden of Vancouver smoothly and not come broke free from a five-rider second again,” Ramsden lead pack with two laps to said.

Hastings cleans up

The Hastings Community major allstar baseball team qualified for the Little

continued from page 21

Am champion said in a press release. SFU’s Danielle Lappage failed to advance in the women’s 63kg freestyle division. In women’s basketball, Clan guard Erin Chambers helped Canada to eighth

• Friday, Apr

il 26, 2013

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place following a 60-55 loss to Hungary in the final placement game. Chambers drained a couple of free throws in Canada’s 75-72 overtime loss to Sweden in the semifinal placement. Canada also fell 72-58 to Australia in a quarter-final matchup.

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Burnaby Lake will be the venue for the fourth annual Cascadia Masters Regatta this weekend. Organized by Burnaby Lake Rowing Club, the regatta will feature 31 different clubs from B.C., Alberta, Washington, Oregon, Colorado and California from July 20 to 21. Rowers, 21 years and over, will compete in 13 different divisions, from singles sculls to the eight-oar boats. The largest contingent will come from the local Vancouver Rowing Club, with 106 entries. Lake Union Rowing Club out of Seattle has the next largest, with 50 entries, while the Delta Deas club will float 48 individual entries. First races start at 9 a.m. both days.

Games: Canada eighth in hoops

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before placing third in the series-ending road race won by B.C.’s Zach Bell. In Burnaby, Knauer was one of a seven-rider group that staged a breakaway on the 20th lap and steadily increased its lead to more than a minute on the rest of the field with little more than five kilometres to go. In the final 25 laps, Knauer also picked up four individual race primes (pronounced preems) – a lap sprint within the longer 45-lap race – including half of more than $1,600 raised from the large crowd of onlookers, on the penultimate lap. “In Germany, it’s normal to sprint often,” said Knauer, after accepting the Giro’s pink jersey as the race winner. “I do it often.” What was not normal was how the Bavarian sprinter outpedalled the Atlanta, Georgia team pros down the straightaway.

League provincial championships following a 12-2 win over South Vancouver at the District 6 championships hosted by New Westminster last weekend. Hastings, the 2012 and 2009 Canadian representatives at the Little League World Series, outscored its combined opposition by a 67-5 score in the fivegame district finals at Moody Park. The provincial championships will be hosted by Kerrisdale, beginning Saturday, July 20.



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A24 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW

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July 29, 1940 – June 30, 2013 Born in Manchester, England, in the early months of the Second World War; died prematurely in Burnaby BC, just shy of his 73rd birthday. Ed was a lifelong cyclist and fitness enthusiast. He died on his beloved bike, in a losing battle with a hit-and-run driver. Ed was a gifted musician, poet, artist, craftsman, and athlete. A wordsmith, wit, and lifelong rebel. He loved to challenge the norm, rally against injustice, root for the underdog, and stand up to bullies of any kind. He was proud of his kids Chelsey, Aaron, and Kira and devoted to his grandkids Kade and Jordyn. He loved a good argument, especially with newspapers (letters to the editor) and his sister Jan. An Irish-style wake will be held at 2:00 pm on Tuesday July 30, 2013 at the Burnaby Rowing Club 6871 Roberts Street, Burnaby. No flowers but please bring songs and stories. You are invited to leave a fond memory or message of condolence at the family’s on-line guest book at





Congratulations toour CanadaDay TriviaContest Winner Heather S.

Phone Hours: Mon to Fri 8 am to 5 pm Office Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

7:M /?!>#< "3 N?@H?,'< "' A#>=)# BP/0 C#'/=@% Q='1=#5

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FOUND TILLY HAT found with Roger Niberg name inside, 6th/ Hamilton St. 604-591-2614

PSYCHICS TRUE PSYCHICS For Answers call now 24/7 Toll free 1-877-342-3032 Mobile: #4486

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GENERAL EMPLOYMENT RESPITE WORK in group homes available. 24 hr shifts. Accredited agency. Fax: 604-324-4505

"$&#60#5#(% "&&'+(0 #$#&+0#&# '%&&!#($" *,0 :,0 (Dtv, (Dtv, ",Dt0 ",Dt0 (0;r ,ur uI )__0j)uv0 DZ0I)IQ lDt u lVdd+ v)_0 v)_0 @jS0tv)r)IQ @jS0tv)r)IQ @--DVIv )90-Vv)S0 vD lD-Vr DI I0; RVr)I0rr j0S0dDZ_0IvT j0S0dDZ_0IvT

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HELP WANTED local people needed!!! Simple & Flexible Online Work. 100% Genuine Opportunity. F/T & P/T. Internet Needed. Very Easy... No experience Required. Income is Guaranteed!

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(%+'$)"/!#/ , %+#) *%!/-") .)*&/

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The Record is accepting applications for the following routes: 200010- Johnston St, Fenton St, Ewen Ave, Boyd St 200015- Salter St - Townhouses and Apartments. 2030006 - Dublin St, Edinburgh St, 8th Ave, 13th St,

5' 67G/I GEE GPPE4:G/6A 9$H 67'4H 4/6'H'A6O !D6 $/E, 67$A' :7$A'/ 9$H G/ 4/6'H;4'2 24EE !' 5' 67G/I-9 GEE 9$H 67'4H 4/6'H'A6O !D6 $/E, :7$A'/ 9$H9$HG/9D6DH' 4/6'H;4'2 24EE !' :$/6G:6'MN ,$DGPPE4:G/6A GH' /$6 :$/6G:6'MO 2' 24EE I''P ,$DH67$A' H'AD?' $/ 8E' $PP$H6D/464'AN :$/6G:6'MN -9 ,$D GH' /$6 :$/6G:6'MO 2' 24EE I''P ,$DH H'AD?' $/ 8E' 9$H 9D6DH' $PP$H6D/464'AN

14th St, 15th St, 16th St. 2040105 - Louellen St, 3rd Ave, Oxford Street, Cornwall St, 11th St, 10th St, 4th Ave. Please call 604-942-3081 or email:


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

The Burnaby Now is accepting applications for the following routes: 2260207- Bond St, Buxton St, Forglen Dr, Grafton St, Nelson Ave, Sardis Cr 2370001- Sperling Ave, Halifax St, Yeovil Ave, Woodvale Ave, Woodvale Cr, Yeovil Pl 2410012 - Dundas St, Triumph St, Pandora St, Gilmore Ave, Carleton Ave, Madison Ave, Rosser Ave 2420002 - Albert St, Willingdon Ave, Alpha Ave, Beta Ave Please call 604-942-3081 or email:

.R +K*@F *CC *==CJ%*@+0 Q>3 +KRJ3 J@+R3R0+" ()+ >@CT +K>0R %K>0R@ Q>3 *@ J@+R3&JR# #JCC (R %>@+*%+RS< 1Q T>) *3R @>+ %>@+*%+RS" #R #JCC FRR= T>)3 3R0)BR >@ LCR Q>3 Q)+)3R >==>3+)@J+JR0<

Apprentices / Journeymen / Foremen with cladding and panel experience. Own transporta-

TRUCKING & TRANSPORT DRIVERS WANTED AZ, DZ, 5, 3 or 1 with airbrakes: Guaranteed 40 hour work week + overtime, paid travel, lodging, meal allowance, 4 weeks vacation/excellent benefits package. Must be able to have extended stays away from home, up to 6 months. Experience Needed: Valid AZ, DZ, 5, 3, or 1 with airbrakes, commercial driving experience. Apply online at under careers.

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

Find a

New Career

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


tion required.Great wages and benefits. Email: or fax to: 604-531-4026

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Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A25

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is a local guide for Kids’ Activities, Lessons, Education & Childcare. This Feature runs the last Friday of each month in The Burnaby Now and New West Record. To advertise call

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A support your local D O P T


a P E T

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STEVESTON VERY lg 1284 sf 2br 2ba top floor condo, mtn views $455k 604-2757986 id5376

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TWO CATS NEED A GOOD HOME These two lovely cats need to roam around also to be a part of a family. They are very friendly and street wise . If anyone can open up their hearts and home for them it would be awesome. 604-943-6482

SRY/WHITE ROCK partial ocean view, 920sf. 2b, den, 2ba quiet condo, kids, pets ok. $309,000 778-294-2275 id5575

D411"C0 6FC9F+1) 9#A#1"# /! (3&$EEE-(3&E$EEE D="C9C1F##G B0#C1+1) B/1F9CBF6 D?9/!#66+/1C0 F9C+1+1) 79/A+G#G D2+1C1B+1) CAC+0C@0# D:1)/+1) 6"77/9F D5/* G/*1 7C',#1F 9#8"+9#G



NEW WEST Skytrain at doorstep, 1 BR condo, new paint, 179k, pets ok, 45 4th St, Pat Ginn Sutton WC, 604-220-9188


ABBY TOP flr 762sf 1 br condo, in-ste, laundry, 45+, Mt. Baker view. $85,000 778-822-7387 id5553

SMALL PEACEFUL FARM set up for horses right beside South Langley riding trail. Bright & comfortable older 2 bd home, f/p, barn, riding rings, pastures. $849,900. 604-323-4788. id 76788


18983-72A AVE Surrey, 1321 sq ft 2 bd, 2 bth t/h in well managed complex, extensive upgrades $310,900. 778-5711544. id 76544


"! '*11"#@%

7=4@ $=!&: (G,? /IB 5??> '/3.C DD KG 2> ,70-9 8-56 $1!+ %3))!/" *+(+

(G,? 5?? F6/K;5 )GG03I; 3I GJ8 03K)6?I5> !G8? )GJIK?8 5A/)?E )/+3I?K5 ,G8? B8/F?85 KG 5KG8?<

K6?98GH?/K)/,+83B9?>)/ &$2; $5 '4.#$4 8-7+90:+:,::


=S C$E3(3F6 aG;K$63J _S aJ;K3EJH UHJ(R ^G3R %S ,3K!#K($ YJ!!KSW =NS M#G!H$5K$$R 3(F6KGE$(6 =1S M$ ?3HH$ YRJ(;$KW =_S `GK( ]HJ(6[ DDDD A$KJ =9S V$]K$F$(6 !& RKJ-3(U =BS V#& +JK#HR T;7$K$K =%S \#3(6 67J6 3F #($ ]#3(6 > #: RG$ I NcS PJGF3(U A$*J63#( N=S `$H#(U3(U 6# J 673(U NZS a$U O#3(6 N_S TG::KJU$66$ ,(67#(& NBS C#KE J FGE


=S 2V#G(R$KF0 J;6K$FF .K$6;7$( NS <::5`K#JR-J& 67$J6$K J-JKR 1S .KJA$ ZS P#GK6 UJE$ _S \36;7 9S T$(F$ #: F$H:5$F6$$E BS ?J(R$HJ/F ]JK6& @S a3U76F JUJ3( %S a3L$-3F$ =cS C3HE F$6 E3;K#]7#($ ]#H$ ==S 2+#GF$-3A$F/0 a$JL$F =ZS , 6#K( #:: F6K3] =_S \K#E#63#(F

dGH& =98=1

N@S \#3(6 E3R-J& !$6-$$( I J(R TI 1=S P#(A$K6 J 73R$ 3(6# H$J67$K 1NS VJR3;JH R$K3A$R :K#E !G6J($ 1ZS \K3$F6/F H36GKU3;JH A$F6E$(6 1_S .#J6 J(R ;JE$H 7J3K :J!K3; 19S T63;L& 1@S QJHL 1%S P#EE366$R 3(:#KEJ63#( KJ6$ ZcS T6K#(U 6-3F6$R ;#66#( 67K$JR ZNS 11=81 K]EF Z1S +#($& YJ!!KSW =@S ,S .#R:K$&/F 3(F6KGE$(6 NNS `3HH 3( J K$F6JGKJ(6 N1S P#"& NZS b(#;L3(U #G6 N_S \#H3# AJ;;3($ R$A$H#]$K N9S >GE$KJH F&F6$E N@S C#KE$K U#HR ;#3( -#K67 )=c N%S T-J6F 1cS CH#-F !J;L #K K$;$R$F 1=S V#6J63#( F]$$R 3(R3;J6#K 11S V$F]$;6 !$H3$:F #: #67$KF 1BS <K3U3(JH EJ66$K Z=S P#H#U($

ZZS C#G(R3(U CJ67$K CKJ(LH3( Z_S CK$$F :K#E ]J3( #K -#KK& ZBS Q$((3F ]HJ&$K `O#K( Z@S >#6 3(;H3($R 6# F]$JL Z%S T7#GHR$K !HJR$ _1S I*]K$FF ]H$JFGK$ _9S <($ -$$L !$:#K$ IJF6$K 9cS ,663K$R 9NS P7$- 67$ :J6 91S 4$3U73(U R$A3;$ 9ZS PJ]6J3( DDX `K363F7 ]3KJ6$ 9_S QK#]3;JH ,E$K3;J( ;G;L## 99S ,(& ]HJ;$ #: !H3FF #K R$H3U76 9BS V$EJ3( JF 3F ZZS TEJHH K#G(R F#:6 EJFF Z9S b3FF$F (#3F3H& ZBS aJKU$ ]JFF$(U$K A$73;H$ Z%S \K$A$(6F 7JKE 6# ;K$J6GK$F _cS T#(U-K36$K TJEE& _=S dJ3 DDX F]#K6 _NS \J&E$(6 YJ!!KSW _ZS T$66H$R #(6# __S '(;H3($ :K#E A$K63;JH _BS CJ67$K _@S `K$_%S T6K#(U R$F3K$ 9=S '(F$;63;3R$

A26 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW


WATER VIEW LOT - PRICED BELOW ASSESSED VALUE! Walk to all lower Gibsons has to offer! Call Shauna or visit for details. (604) 218−2077. $180,000. MACDONALD REALTY LTD.


SOUTH LANGLEY Immac, 1042 sq ft 2 bd mobile home 55 yrs+ park. RV parking, low pad rental $87,900. 604-5145059 76059


RENTALS APARTMENTS/ CONDOS FOR RENT 700 PARK CRESCENT New Westminster,1 & 2 BEDROOM $925 & $1300. Adult friendly building. visual intercom, gated parking. Near shops & bus. Includes hotwater & storage. Sorry No Pets!! Call 604-522-339 BBY METROTOWN lge 1 BR, h/w flrs, quiet, clean, ns/np. Kids ok. Imed. 604-4300580 Bby N, Lrg 1 BR, hrdwd, balcy, $800 incls ht, h/w, prkg. NS/NP. Aug 1. 604-205-9409 BBY S. 1 BR $760, 6187 Kingsway, cat ok, lam flrs no ug prkg, WiFi h/spot, Aug 1, 604-818-1129

´BBY SIMON FRASER APT´ 7175 Pandora St, Clean quiet bldg, nr to SFU, shops, transit, 1 Br $800, incl ht/hotwtr, hw flrs, 1 yr lease, NP, Lorne Dorset Rlty 604299-0803

NEW WEST, Bach, 1 BR & 2 BR, Reno’d; new Appls, Flrs, Fixtures, Paint. Prof mgmt. $665 - $1115. (604) 724-8353



401 Westview St, Coq Large Units Near Lougheed Mall, Transportation & S.F.U. office: 604-939-2136 cell: 604-727-5178


1BR+DEN/2BA TOP FLOOR $1,175/MO POCO Quiet/ Spacious Incl heat, parking, storage locker, insuite laundry, appliances

1 BR’s $900-$950 2 BR’s $1150-$1300 Cameron St, Bby great location Lougheed mall, Rec center, schools & transit. Avail now 604-420-8715, 604-221-7720 2 BR, 2 Bath Condo, 966 sf, in ste w/d, 2 u/g prkg stalls, 2477 Kelly Ave. Poco, N/s, N/p, Aug 1, $1300. 604-3299497 BBY, Bright lrg 1 BR reno’d, prkg. 1/2 block to Highgate & transits. $800 incl heat/hot water. immed. 604-358-9575

Silver Star Apts 6425 Silver Ave, Burnaby. Clean, quiet, family Bldg, close to skytrain, shopping, transit, One Bed $850/mo incl ht/hotwtr, No Smoking, NP, 1 yr lse: Dorset Realty John 604- 439-9602 TRI-BRANCH CO-OP /Coq. Now Accepting Applications. (Packard Ave) 604-464-2706 .

KING ALBERT COURT 1300 King Albert, Coq Close to Transportation, Schools & S.F.U. office: 604-937-7343 cell: 778-863-9980 .

JUNIPER COURT 415 Westview St, Coq Close to Lougheed Mall, all Transportation Connections, Schools & S.F.U. office: 604-939-8905



22588 Royal Crescent Ave, Maple Ridge Large units. Close to Golden Ears Bridge. Great River view! office: 604-463-0857 cell: 604-375-1768


320-9th St, New west Suites Available. All suites have balconies, Undergrd. parking avail. Refs. req. Small Pet OK. CALL 604-715-7764


552 Dansey Ave, Coq


1010 6th Ave. New West. Suites Available. Beautiful atrium with fountain. By shops, college & transit. Pets negotiable. Ref req. CALL 604 715-7764

Extra Large 2 Bedrooms. Close to Lougheed Mall & S.F.U. office: 604-939-4903 cell: 778-229-1358

545 Rochestor Ave, Coq

RV LOT /Cultus Lake Holiday Park with yr round camping; fin. in paving stones, low fees. All ament Grt loc. Must sell $107,500. 1-604-7959785

PORT COQUITLAM 2 BR APT, $815, quiet complex, no pets. Call 604-464-0034

WHITGIFT GARDENS 550 Cottonwood Ave, Coq 1 BR $775, 2 BR $950 3 BR $1,150 (incl heat, ht/wtr, parking) Indoor pool, near Lougheed Mall, SFU, transit, schools. 1-888-495-7106


HAZTIC LAKE Swans Point. 1hr/Vanc. incl. lot & 5th wheel, ski/fish $134,500 604-209-8650 id5491

N. WEST, St Andrews St. 1 BR Apt, balc, updated, nr transit/amens. Sm pet ok with pet dep. 604-202-2420



1030 - 5th Ave, New West Near Transportation & Douglas College. Well Managed Building Cell: 604-813-8789


HATZIC LAKE 1hr drive from Vanc. 2 vacant lots, 1 lakefront $65K/both 604-2405400 id5588


BBY, SILVER APTS, Lrg 1 BR, Near Metrotown. Bldg W/D. $895 incls ht/hot wtr. No pets. 778-926-6961 or 778320-1554

COQ, TOP FLR, 2 BR & Den. Nr amens, Coq Ctre, Douglas Coll. Av Aug 1. $1450 incls heat/hot water. No dogs. Call/Text 604-780-1739

BEST LAKE FRONT FROM VAN only 1 hr, nr Bellingham, 2,900 sqft, 5 br, 4.5 bath, 19 yr old home. Beautiful low bank waterfront, $679,000. Call 604-734-1300 CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. FREE Consultation. Call us NOW. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248


Close to Lougheed Mall, S.F.U. & Transportation. Office

604-936-3907 .

COTTONWOOD PLAZA 555 Cottonwood Ave, Coquitlam Large units some with 2nd bathroom or den. On bus routes, close to S.F.U. & Lougheed Mall. office: 604-936-1225


561 Cottonwood Ave, Coq Bachelor, 1 BR & 2 BR Includes heat, hot water, underground parking, near bus stop, school, SFU, Lougheed Mall. No Pets. Office 604-773-6467


815 - 5th Ave, New West 1 BR Apartments $765 Includes heat, h/w & cable. U/grnd prkg avail. No Pets. Call 604-521-2866 or 604-984-0147




SKYLINE TOWERS 102-120 Agnes St, N.West .

Hi-Rise Apartment with River View & Indoor Pool. 1 BR & 2 BR Available. Rent includes heat & hot water. Remodelled Building and Common area. Gated undergrd parking available. References required.

CALL 504 525-2122


SUITES FOR RENT 1 BR ste E. Bby nr bus, avail Aug 1, ns/np $650 incl utils. 604-377-3107 BBY, Cariboo Hill. 2 BR, f/p, sh’d w/d. Ns/np. $850+ 1/3 util. Aug 1. 604-540-1357 BBY E beautiful lge 2br g/lvl, f/p, own w/d, nice area, np. now. $1000. 604-525-9226

BBY S. Lrg 1 BR g/l, sep kitch, own W/D. NS/NP. $860 incls utils & basic cable.Refs. 604-526-7335

COQ 1 BR & Den, shd w/d, sep ht, alarm, $775 incls utls. NS/NP. 604-936-9291

COQ Austin/Blue Mtn 1BR $720, 2BR $830. Bldg lndry. By transit. 604-518-8935 COQ NEW Furn’d 3 BR grnd lev, 2 f/bath, 4 appls, sh’d w/d, sep entry. $1500 incls utls. NS/NP. 604-520-7097 COQ, RIVER HEIGHTS, Large Bright 1 BDRM/ 1 BATH gr/lev ste. Near transit, schools, Coq Ctre. Hardwood floors, washer/dryer, gas fireplace, new paint, lots of storage. Private entry, own parking & backyard. Avail Sept 1 or 15. $895 incl utils/cable. No pets, N/S, refs req’d. 604-722-2294 POCO. Bright 1 BR, f/bath, gas f/p. Ns/np, w/d. $675 + 35%utils. Aug1. 604-9310675

DUPLEXES FOR RENT BBY, TRINITY, lower 2 BR ste in 4 plex. incls cbl, lndry, 800, Avl now. Cat ok. 778227-4431

1979 FORD M/H, 23 ft, cozy, bunk beds, fully equipped, low k’s, $4,450. 778-7373890 2005 Pontiac WAVE LT, 106,000 kms, a/c, fully loaded, auto, newer brakes, timing belt & front tires, sunroof, good on gas, runs great. Priced to Sell. $3700 Firm. 778-846-5275

2005 BMW X5 111km, fully lded, dbl sunroof, silver, $16,800 604.889.5942 aftr 5

SPORTS UTILITIES & 4X4S 2006 Dodge Durango (SUV), 4x4, leather, s/r, DVD, V8,161K, no acc. $7800. 604-888-9799


604-240-3408 NEW & REPAIRS. Concrete, Masonry, Rock, Brick, Tile, Stairs, Walls, Slab, + 604-619-2447

SCRAP CAR REMOVAL #1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal

Ask about $500 Credit!!!

$$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200


)'"($-+(" *&#!,(% +! )&''%" +! *$!(%'#

"!'( %3*'%1.* !')- "2//

!2-1/# 5$+*, 0 5(*'2&*,

'%#"& $#(!$#$%

/56 1!3",,63 1!3", !"3 * /3-!4 360.+"2

*+$' (#! +%% ")'&*%)$

BBY HIGHGATE bright bachelor, cls to all amens/ bus. N/s, n/p. $550 inc hyd/cbl. Aug 1. 604-522-6773, 778-320-6773

%#)(&'#($'## &"% $)%!'*

BBY, N. Holdom/Union 1 BR, f/bath W/D, hrdwd flrs, NS/NP. $875 / 1 mature person, incls utils/cable/net. 778-898-5159

Bayside Property Services Office: 604-432-7774

BBY NORTH NEW Bach $675 incls utls. NS/NP. Avail Aug 1, 604-760-1952, 604771-5626


LANGLEY BUILD your view home, secluded 5 acre ppty. $630,000 604-825-3966 id4513

HOUSE CLEANER NEEDED Experienced housekeeper, Kitsilano area, $20 per hr; knowledge of bus routes an asset. Call: (604) 736− 9443

q All Jobs BIG & small q Concrete Removal q Seniors Discount Friendly, Family Business, 40+ years experience!





Electrical Installations; Renos & Repairs. Member of BBB. • 604-520-9922

EXCAVATING # 1 BACKHOES, BOBCATS, EXCAVATORS & DUMP TRUCKS Drainage, Paving, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank & demos, dirt removal, paver stones, Jackhammer, Water / sewer line / sumps. Slinger avail. 24 hrs. Call 341-4446 or 254-6865 EXCAVATING - DRAIN TILE Demolitions. Fully insured WCB 604-716-8528

FLOORING A to Z CERAMIC TILES Installation, Repairs, Free Est. 604 444-4715 cel 604 805-4319

GUTTERS BLACK BEAR WINDOW CLEANING • Windows • Gutters • Vinyl Siding • Power Washing & more Lic’d & Ins’d. Res & Comm. 778-892-2327 •email: A1 Steve’s Gutter Cleaning & Repair from $98. Gutters vacuumed/hand clean. 604-5240667

HANDYPERSON HANDY ANDY Handyman services. Odd jobs. (WHATEVER) 604-715-9011



BBY - CAPITAL HILL, updated 3 BR upper ste, 1 bath, with 1 BR down, 500 sf, lndry, 1250 sf, $1775/mo, avail Aug 1, N/s, N/p, 604-294-9830 COQ WESTWOOD Plt, backs on golf course! 4 BR duplex, 2 lev, 6 appls, garg. Av Aug 1. $2200. NS/NP. 604-726-5751

* Renos * Bsmt refinish * Drywall * Bath Tiles * Windows * Doors * Stairs. Call Norm 604-437-1470






PT COQUITLAM 2 BR twnhse $870, quiet family complex, no pets. Call 604464-0034

"!""% SERVICE & PARTS. Licensed & Insured. Washers. Dryers. Stove, Fridge, Dishwashers. 604-346-8925

NEW WEST 4 BR th, Queens Ave, $1250, quiet fam complex, np. 604-522-4123



!#%$('% "$)&

2004 VW JETTA MANUAL 4 dr,black,many options,110K kms $7700.604−362−0577

COQUITLAM 2 bdrm, $965, quiet family complex, no pets. Call 604-942-2277 NEW WEST 3 BR, River view, avail Sep 1. $1334. For details





(Coquitlam Centre Area) 2 BR & 3 BR Townhouse 2 levels, 5 appls, decorative fireplace, carport. Sorry no pets. Great Location! We also have apartments: Bachelor, 1 BR & 2 BR call for availability.


1985 CHRYSLER New Yorker 4 dr sedan, leather seats, great condition! Only 65,000 kms. 604-299-7854


BBY, E. Bright clean 1 BR grd /lev. Ns/np. $650 incl utls & basic cbl. Aug1. 604-3074075

Renovated high rise, concrete building. Suites available. Very close to Metrotown, Skytrain & Bonsor swimming pool. Rent includes heat, hot water. Refs req’d.

Contact Alex 604-999-9978

BBY N SFU area, new, big 2 BR bsmt. 5 appl, own w/d, radiant heat, pkng, incls hydro. Ns/np. 604-420-3269 or 604-760-7043 BBY S 2 BR g/l ste, w/d, f/p, alrm, 9’ ceilings, ns/np. $1000 +1/2 util.Sep 1. 604-318-0767 BBY S., Highgate, 2 BR ste, own laundry, parking. Near school, bus, park. $1050 + 1/3 utils. NS/NP. 604-9708232




TOWING AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Min $150 cash paid for full size vehicles. 604-518-3673

BOATS Aluminum Boat wanted 10, 12 or 14 ft, with or w/out motor or trailer. Will pay $. 604-319-5720

Piattelli Concrete, Specialist in Removal, Replace, Forming, Exposed Aggregate, Sidewalks, Driveways, 45yrs Exp. Seniors Disc. Free Est. Thomas 604-897-5071


Excavating - Drain Tile

Old garage, carport, house, pool, repair main water line, break concrete & removal. Licensed - Insured - WCB



~Augering~Water & Sewer line repair & replacement ~Sumps~Drain Tile~Concrete Work~Foundation~Excavation ~Retaining Walls~Site restored Call Ron 778-227-7316 or 604-568-3791

HANDYMAN Int & Ext repairs & reno’s. Carpentry, Kitch & Bath, Plumbing. Walter 604-790-0842


BOBCAT Services - Leveling Grading, Dump Trailer, Topsoil, Gravel, fill removal. 604-356-2546


´Cedar fencing/decks ´Stonework paving stones ´Pergola’s ´30 Yrs Exp

Danny 604-250-7824 Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hedges, pavers, ponds & walls, returfing, demos, drainage, jackhammering. Old pools filled in, decks, concrete 604.782.4322


A Gardener & A Gentleman Lawn, Garden, Tree svcs. Pruning. Yard Clean-up. Junk. 319-5302

ELECTRICAL #1113 LOW COST ELECTRIC Comm/Res/Panel change, heating, lic/bonded 522-3435 ALL YOUR electrical & reno needs. Lic’d electrician #37940. Insured, bonded & WCB. Free est Reasonable rates 604-842-5276 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. insured. Lic# 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs. 604-568-1899

A & W Landscape~Tree & Hedge clean-up, Power Wash, Senior Disc. Al 604783-3142

Need a Gardener? Find one in the Home Services section

Burnaby NOW • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • A27


Residential & Commercial Lawn Contracts • Full Service • Hedge Trim / Pruning • Weed / Moss Control • Yard/Garden Clean-up • Garden Installations • Pressure Washing Call Dan 604-862-4678

MASONRY Constructive Landscaping Stonework, paving stones, Cedar decks/fences, Pergola’s. 30 yrs exp. Call Danny 604-250-7824


*%%97'*("& !93#;$ ( %) $ 42*

81 .1 -1 4 :6 8, 5:< / %6:=

+($ '%%$/+ )"-'# *'-+$.%'.! & ,0+$.'% 5.-2*-2+ / !*&#'2+ 5)-1, / 5)*0 ".&%1*-2

Residential & Commercial

lLawn Mowing lGardening lHedge Trim lTree Pruning lExcavation lSod Installation lLawn Repairs lYard Clean-up

Landscape Maintenance. Garden Design & Installation

Free Est. 604-779-6978

(!-- -ZW&#0W-Z 32*.)'& ".&-)#*%

2,+)-.4)+8+, )))?UDD@>IULCFA@,F>1LK?K@A

!*% 0+)&.( (./*)1*!%*0 '+"*)& # $ '*! -,, #

($,% *) #%!" +&'" * /3'."'.2 ( %"+&-.2 * !-0#.++30"1) !31"0 ,0$.-+


Trim/Prune hedges, lawn cutting, yd clean-up. Free est. Work Safe BC Ins. 604-7109670

ABBA MOVERS bsmt clean 1-4 ton Lic, ins’d from $35/hr, 2men $45/hr, 24/7,26 yrs 604-506-7576

),%+".& *'!!/# +-&$#(&


MOVING ABE MOVING & Delivery & Rubbish Removal $35/HR per Person • 24/7 604-9996020 AMI MOVING ´ 5 ton cube. Starting at $49/hour. Local & long distances. 24/7 ´ 604-617-8620

D & M PAINTING Interior / Exterior Specialist Many Years Experience Fully Insured Top Quality, Quick Work Free estimate


Low Budget ´ 604-652-1660 ´ TCP MOVING 1 to 3 men from $40.Licensed & Insured, local & storage. Ca & US long distance. 604-505-1386 or



%($!&(# "($)*$)' &())# %'!($*" JY +HBN %.TN 7 !H%% "B5N

$:M"Q$8Q < "2M"Q$8Q OS"%$0VO 9YP 8!!


=J*4 9J3R

""" *(2!0/0,. *"0.-0.1

: '/54;0);7%+54;0); $;).4859 : #;0554+ #!;;!+5: "4!;9 )2 '/<4;04+84 : &3,,- %+93;46 : #(* ()14;46 6;/9<;5-9+7 43;)9+79/-/

80*"$2, .:6#1 (:!' 6$&%21


*33-0742 /*512516

Dusko Painting, Int/Ext. Com /Res. Drywall repair. Free est. 604-417-5917, 604-258-7300 FAIRWAY PAINTING is fully insured, with free est, 20 yrs. Call for specials 604-729-1234 RONALDO PAINTING (1981) Master Painter, WCB, Insured, Free estimate. 778-881-6478


Driveway, Walkway & Parking Lot Garage Apron / Speed Bump / Pot Hole / Patch Commercial & Residential

Call 604-618-2949


10% Off with this Ad. For all your plumbing, heat & reno needs. Lic Gas Fitter, Aman. 778-8952005 MUSTANG PLUMBING, Heating & Plug Drains. $45 Service call! Local, 778-714-2441

POWER WASHING POWER WASHING GUTTER & WINDOW CLEANING Prompt Professional Service 30 years experience

Simon 604-230-0627

RENOS & HOME IMPROVEMENT !)('$%*) & !)"%#! 6=42!->4$" .,++4'-&" (=>*4++)1" /'><*!-1" 3%>!4'+41" 8+)! 9!2='41" 5?? 0+;1 7 :+4!# !*+'2)2," -*.#0)&.")%21 !*,#+))2,".( /+*$2'+


Complete Bathroom Reno’s Kitchens, Cer.Tiling, Attics, Bsmnt Stes. Call 604-5211567



PLUMBER • Reno’s •Rough-in •Fixtures •H/W Tank •Gas Service. 778-227-1119

*$$71&*(!% 3+*!"-) 177$"9# !-&,

%0<.A!" ./B#! :@>,; *2 &$A/B5 1 ((( &!./"!BA/$+C'=))!0#/$+ ?8 604 9=0-)$B.3/7 9$00$BA6 '>22 :.@ $1%% %/-";*-% # /+;;%1 517;7-"79 !"

?<640=640<<6 ?<640=64?8?<

"$#"! )##'%& *+(! ),&! %+ (&'!# $" *-#$"&## ')24*"1*%*-. *- 423"($ 0*!2(.1"'' 1"/*-"&2' "-3 &+(4, +-#

1,-+,*,%# 3(&$'-(2.0 /!"0 """0 4'.. 5&%,)-%.&


D & M Renovations. Flooring, tiling, finishing. Fully Insured. Top quality, quick work 604-724-3832 High United Construction New build, complete renos, tile, drywall, stucco, patio cover. Big/ small. Randy 604-250-1385 Moon Construction Building Services, Additions, renovations, new construction, specializing in concrete forming, framing & siding. 604-218-3064 RNC RENOVATIONS Ins, WCB, Member of BBB, 778227-7316

-8+')!0 .%$( ,%8 "+& 2$8#!* #/X&'%$' ( 6;X&'%$' ! +,!60-0!.6 41076/ ! 5'&& 6$X# " *'%XX&/ 23)')/X&&

ROOFING Bath, Kitchens, Suites & More Save Your Dollars! 604-451-0225


BULLDOG DISPOSAL CO Home & Yard Clean Ups Residential/Commercial No Job Too Small Free Estimates - 7 Days/Wk

Call Tony 604-834-2597

BEN’S RUBBISH REMOVAL Yard clean up + hedge trimming. Bby/NW areas. 778-859-8760

STUCCO ALL STUCCO chimney concrete & cement work. Professional, fair rates, reliable. 604-715-2071 DC STUCCO LTD. 21 years exp. Fast, friendly service. All types of Finished & Repairs. 604-788-1385


Roofing Expert 778-230-5717 Repairs/re-roof/new roofs. All work gtd. BBB member.

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A28 • Wednesday, July 17, 2013 • Burnaby NOW







N. U S . T A S FRI.-







Purewal Blueberries

lb. Pack! Large 4

Product of Canada. Canada No. 1 Grade. 4 lb. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT TWO.

Lucerne Milk

Assorted varieties. 2 Litre. Plus deposit and/or enviro levy where applicable. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT TWO - Combined varieties.





2for 4



Top Sirloin Steak

Boneless. Cut from 100% Canadian beef. Sold in a package of 4 for only $12.00. LIMIT SIX.


Safeway Apple Juice

From Concentrate. 1 Litre. Plus deposit and/or enviro levy where applicable. HOUSEHOLD LIMIT TWELVE.




Whole Pork Back Ribs

eat Dept! From the M


12fo 6 $r




With Baby’s Breath and Greenery. LIMIT FIVE per customer, while supplies last.




Available to enjoy hot or cold.


e of 15! Packag

e Deli! From th

Signature CAFE Roasted Chickens

lb g 8.80/k



6 Stem Rose Bouquet







Bakery Counter Low Fat Mountain Grain Bread

12 Grain. Or Goodhaven or 7 Grain Bread. 450 g.






Bakery Counter Mini Croissants


Package of 15.



Prices effective at all British Columbia Safeway stores Friday, July 19 through Sunday, July 21, 2013 only. We reserve the right to limit sales to retail quantities. Some items may not be available at all stores. All items while stocks last. Actual items may vary slig htly from illustrations. Some illustrations are serving suggestions only. Advertised prices do not include GST. ®™ Trademarks of AIR MILES International Trading B.V. Used under license by LoyaltyOne, Inc. and Canada Safeway Limited. Extreme Specials are prices that are so low they are limited to a one time purchase to Safeway Club Card Members within a household. Each household can purchase the limited items one time during the effective dates. A household is defined by all Safeway Club Cards that are linked by the same address and phone number. Each household can purchase the EXTREME SPECIALS during the specified advertisement dates. For purchases over the household limits, regular pricing applies to overlimit purchases. On BUY ONE GET ONE FREE items, both items must be purchased. Lowest priced item is then free. Online and in-store prices, discounts, and offers may differ.

Old Spice Body Wash



Or Gillette or Olay. 295 to 532 mL. Or Bar VALUE Soap 4 x 90 g, 6 x 113 g or 2 x 120 g. Select EQUAL OR LESSER varieties. LIMIT SIX FREE - Combined varieties. ! NLY 3 DAYSICEO CLUB PR


19 20 21 FRI


Prices in this ad good until July 21st.

Burnaby Now July 17 2013  
Burnaby Now July 17 2013  

Burnaby Now July 17 2013