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Barn raising


Old-fashioned event planned at Kirkland

Guichons honoured Pioneer family recognized at Delta Heritage Classic


Animal Expo


Shelter hosts annual event at Memorial

Optimist Delta

Canadian colours

Field hockey player named to junior national team

Golf for the dogs


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Police sued over officer misconduct

Riding with remote in hand!

Constable has already been dismissed after lengthy Police Act investigation BY


A former North Delta resident launched a lawsuit this week against the Delta Police Department, a former officer, the police chief and the Corporation of Delta alleging sexual misconduct by the officer after a domestic dispute call. In court documents, Tori Jones says she called 911 on July 26, 2010 after having marital problems and arguments with her common-law husband, Josh Van Polanen Petel. Former constable Robert Wesley Johnston was one of three officers to respond to the call. While the investigation into the domestic dispute did not lead to

an arrest or any charges, at the time officers removed Petel from the residence and told him to stay away for the night. Jones alleges Johnston gave her his name, personal cell phone number and Delta police email address. She says he told her that if she had any more problems with Petel she should call him and he would personally deal with him. The lawsuit alleges that after Johnston left Jones’ residence he used the computer in his police cruiser to access records on the couple. The next day, at Johnston’s urging, Jones went to Surrey provincial court to secure interim custody of her and Petel’s son and to See LAWSUIT page 3

Special Feature



Tim Shears doesn’t have to break a sweat when aboard his radio-controlled, all-terrain skateboard, which he was navigating through Boundary Bay Regional Park recently. He purchased the board on eBay.

Local Agriculture – A Pillar in the history and growth of our community

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Lost your focus? We do glass claims. 03095405

Located in Century Square Behind McDonald’s Peter Sziklai

Owner / Tsawwassen Resident


A2 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

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August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A3

Barn raising set for Kirkland More than 100 volunteers needed next Sunday to help erect restored century-old barn on Arthur Drive site BY


Delta is getting set for a good old-fashioned barn raising. On Sunday, Aug. 19, the Harris Barn will be reassembled at its new home at Hawthorne Grove Park, also known as the Kirkland House site, on Ladner’s Arthur Drive. Earlier this year, civic politicians voted to enter into an agreement with the property owner to acquire and relocate the Harris Barn, which was formerly located in the 5500-block of 64th Street. The barn is being refurbished and will be used as a community gathering space and stand as a tribute to the area’s agricultural heritage. Once complete, the main floor will have washrooms, a kitchen, handicapped lift and a stairwell leading to the U-shaped mezzanine level. The main floor will be able to accommodate up to 275 people while the second floor will have space for another 200. In all, the barn will have about 8,000-square-feet of useable space. Originally 5,000 square feet, the barn, constructed in 1900 and relocated in 1940, is recognized as one of Delta’s historical agricultural assets. The owner applied to tear it down in order to construct a new home on the site. Fujiko Kinjo then agreed to sell the barn, in exchange for 80 sheets of plywood, water service to her property and the building permit

The restored Harris Barn will offer about 8,000-square-feet of public space on two floors once it’s been relocated to the Kirkland House grounds. fees for her new home waived, which added up to less than $8,500. The municipality commissioned Macdonald & Lawrence Timber Framing Ltd. to relocate and refurbish the barn at a cost of $362,200. The Vancouver Island company has extensive experience with restoring heritage structures. Company principals Gordon Macdonald and Steve Lawrence both worked for Carpenter Oak & Woodland Co. Ltd. in the UK for more than 10 years where they led many projects and helped conserve some of Britain’s architec-

LAWSUIT from page 1 get a temporary 10-day restraining order against Petel, which barred him from seeing Jones and their son during that time. Two days later, Jones and Johnston began communicating by phone and text. According to court documents, Jones wanted to thank the officer for his assistance and advice but at Johnston’s behest the communications became sexual in nature. On July 31, while Johnston was on-duty and in uniform, he met Jones in the underground parking lot at the Superstore on Scott Road at 82nd Avenue. “Johnston committed a sexual assault and battery on Tori, the particulars of

which will be provided upon request,” the suit states. “Tori then left for work. About one hour later, Johnston again searched Tori’s name on the [police] databases on his Delta police cruiser.” The lawsuit outlines several other alleged instances of Johnston committing sexual assault and battery on Jones, including one on Aug. 1, 2010 at the Delta Police K9 office on Annacis Island where he arranged to have another officer stand guard across the street to alert him if anyone approached the office. The lawsuit alleges the officer let Jones read confidential files and “played a game in which he asked

tural treasures, including Windsor Castle. The company has been working to re-establish the framework to ensure it meets current standards. The re-assembly process will begin Aug. 19 with the barn raising. The barn raising gives the community a chance to get directly involved with the process. About 100 to 150 volunteers will be needed to help raise the two end frames of the barn into place. The process requires three teams of people: The lifting team, which will consist of 70 people, will

be responsible for the initial deadlift of the side of the barn. Once that is complete, the pike pole team, which will be made up of 40 individuals, will take over and continue pushing up the side of the barn. Lastly, two groups of 20 will make up the rope tackle teams. Those groups will take over the full lifting of the side. People wishing to take part in the lifting and poke pole teams should be in good physical condition and be able to lift 50 pounds. The rope tackle team is open to all ages, however children must be accompanied by an adult.

For many, taking part in the barn raising will be a once in a lifetime event. The practice was commonly used in the 18th and 19th centuries when a community would come together to help assemble a neighbour’s barn. The event will also include a number of other

events, including entertainment, children’s activities, a chicken barbecue, a live and silent auction, and a dedication ceremony once the frame is erected. Registration to volunteer for one of the barn raising teams runs from 1 to 2 p.m. and the festivities will continue until 6 p.m.

Tori to try to remove his service pistol from his holster while he was wearing it.” Johnston is accused of committing sexual assault and battery on Jones on several occasions over the course of 17 days that summer. According to the notice of civil claim filed in B.C. Supreme Court this week, Johnston went on vacation late that summer. While he was away, Jones texted him to say she did not want to see him anymore; he did not respond and she never heard from him again. Once Petel returned to the couple’s home, Jones told him what happened. A complaint against Johnston was filed on Oct. 13, 2010. Five days later he was suspended with pay while

Feenan. “He was dismissed the allegations were invesas of March 5, 2012 after a tigated. long and lengthy Police Act On March 23, 2011, investigation.” Johnston was suspended According without to court pay. “Mr. Johnston no documents, An outon March 30 side police longer works for of this year, agency the Delta Police Johnston investigaDepartment. He sought a tion found review of his that three was dismissed as dismissal but allegations of March 5, 2012 took the posiof corrupt after a long and tion that he practice, did not want two allega- lengthy Police Act a public heartions of disinvestigation.” ing. However, creditable Const. Ciaran Feenan when the conduct Delta police police comand one plaints comallegation missioner decided a public of neglect of duty against hearing would be necessary, Johnston had been proven. the discipline proceedings “Mr. Johnston no lonwere concluded and he ger works for the Delta remained dismissed. Police Department,” said Feenan said the departspokesperson Const. Ciaran

ment cannot speak to the investigation or any allegations against it. As of Thursday morning, Chief Jim Cessford and the department had not been legally notified of the lawsuit. The suit claims Johnston caused intentional and malicious infliction of mental and bodily harm. It also alleges neglect of duty and breach of trust on the part of the Delta Police Department, Cessford, the Corporation of Delta and the minister of justice and attorney general of B.C. Jones and Petel are seeking general, aggravated, exemplary and punitive damages. No response to the claim has been filed and the allegations in the suit have not been proven in court.

A4 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

Rotarians continue efforts to rid shoreline of invasive weed that’s choking eco-system JESSICA KERR

Volunteers with the Ladner Rotary Club are out again this summer continuing the war against an invasive noxious weed. Don Burkett and several other service club members have been out in Boundary Bay armed with shovels in an attempt to eradicate spartina anglica from the area. The weed, a species of cordgrass, was introduced in the British Isles as a means of erosion control. It’s considered noxious because it is so pervasive and as it spreads it has the ability to take over native plants and smother natural eco-systems, such as the inter-tidal area in Boundary Bay. The plant’s dense root system binds the soil and the tall grass increases silt deposits, making it effective in erosion control, however, as the weed takes over an area it prevents birds and other natural species from feeding. Essentially it has the


Work parties from the Ladner Rotary Club continue to remove spartina anglica from the Boundary Bay foreshore. There could be as many as 15,000 plants in the area. potential to convert a wetland into a dry land and make the area inhospitable to salmon and other invertebrate. The noxious weed is monitored by Delta staff and the B.C. Spartina

Working Group, a consortium of conservation organizations and government agencies that now includes the Ladner Rotary Club. Spartina plants are identified, flagged and then removed by volunteers or

staff. Despite efforts to remove as many plants as possible, the weed is spreading, said Burkett. Last year, around 2,00 plants were identified and removed. This year, 9,600

plants have been flagged. Burkett said the total number of spartina plants in the area is probably closer to 15,000 as more are discovered during the removal process. The dramatic increase in plants is most likely due to a large number of seeds getting blown across the shoreline. “I look at this as a bit of a battleground,” Burkett said. Burkett and his team of 15 or so volunteers are out two to four times a week digging up spartina; he is always looking for more willing volunteers. So far this season, the team has cleared the shore area between 104th and 72nd streets and plans to move toward 64th Street next. Residents that spot what they suspect is spartina, or those that want to volunteer to help with removal efforts, are encouraged to contact Delta’s office of climate action and environment at 604-946-3253 or via e-mail at cae@corp.

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Delta residents can learn more about the municipality’s Green Can Program at a free workshop next week. The program allows residents to place their food waste, from vegetable peelings, to bones and seafood, in a lidded container at the curb for collection. The program began in April and provides weekly collection of combined food waste and yard trimmings for single-family homes. The Your Food Waste Isn’t Garbage workshop, to be held in the municipal hall concourse, will go over methods on how to wrap your scraps, including how to make your own newspaper kitchen liner. The workshop, for those 16 and up, is scheduled for Thursday, Aug. 16 from 6:30 to 7 p.m. Registration is required. Register online at www. or by phone at 604-9523000.

Spartina battle waged at ’Bay





Green Can workshop next week at hall

60 3

/1 4 '

. #& 3


August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A5

Bank account compromised

Light show over Ladner

The following are some of the calls of interest the Delta police responded to in the South Delta area between Monday, July 30 and Tuesday, August 7: Tsawwassen • August 3, 3:38 p.m., 100-block of Alpenwood Lane: Complainant reported their bank account had been compromised and a wire transfer had taken place from their computer. The complainant was advised by the bank that access was gained via computer, either through a fake website or by hacking into their personal computer.

• August 6, 11:14 a.m., 1400-block of Gillespie Road: Complainant reported their residence was

broken into. Approximately $500 in Euros, Australian dollars and English pounds were taken. • August 7, 7:29 a.m., 5700-block of 10A Avenue: Complainant reported that sometime overnight their vehicle had the front driver’s side tire slashed. The vandalism took place while the vehicle was parked in

front of their residence. Ladner • July 30, 10:58 p.m., 4800-block of London Green: Complainant reported that two vehicles parked in their driveway were damaged overnight. Both vehicles had been keyed. Estimated cost of damages: $200. • August 4, 8:11 p.m., 4900-block of River Reach: Complainant reported their home had been broken into. Two laptops, valued at $2,000, were taken. Police seized several items from the residence for a forensic examination.

Delta sexual assault suspect pleads guilty BY




Tuesday night’s thunder and lightning storm provided a great light show. A reader captured this photo near the intersection of 53rd Street and Ladner Trunk Road.

Woman facing assault charges from Tsaw. incident A woman is facing assault charges after an early morning incident Tuesday. At about 3:45 a.m. Tuesday, Delta police responded to a report of an assault in the 1600-block of

Tsawwassen Drive North. The victim advised officers she had been punched in the face and that she knew the suspect. Officers located the suspect and took her into custody without incident. She

was transported to police headquarters where she was held for a court appearance. The victim sustained an injury to her eye. Police are recommending charges of assault causing bodily harm.

The Vancouver man facing charges in a string of sexual assaults, including against two Delta teens, has pleaded guilty. Ibata Hexamer, 44, pleaded guilty to six of the 23 charges he was facing in three sexual assault cases that spanned 15 years. In the summer of 2009, Delta police issued a call for help in solving a twoyear-old cold case. Almost five years ago,

on Aug. 30, 2007 at 4:30 p.m., Delta police officers responded to a report of a sexual assault involving two 14-year-old girls. The attack occurred in the 11200-block of 84th Avenue in North Delta. The two girls were approached by a man in the area behind what used to be Marlborough College and subsequently assaulted. A few weeks after the department made the appeal to the public, the same suspect struck again — this time in Surrey where a six-

year-old girl was attacked. Both cases were linked, through DNA evidence, to a 1995 sexual assault in Vancouver. Hexamer, described by police as a “serial child sex predator,” was arrested in Vancouver in December 2010. The investigation that led to the arrest and charges, which was dubbed Project Scourge, took place over more than 18 months and involved countless officers. Hexamer is scheduled to be sentenced in October.

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Royal Canadian Legion #16 Ladner

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August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A7

physio | massage | acupuncture | kinesiology

Neck pain? FILE PHOTO

The Guichon family’s roots in Delta trace back to the late 19th century. The family will be recognized for the role it has played in the municipality’s history.

Pioneering Guichons to be honoured at museum’s Delta Heritage Golf Classic played an essential part in Delta’s history. This year, recognition goes to the Guichon family pioneers, who in the early 1890s became the first hoteliers in Delta, operating along the Fraser River at what quickly became

The Guichon family is slated to be honoured at today’s Delta Heritage Golf Classic. In keeping with previous tournaments, this year’s event acknowledges and recognizes a family that has deep roots in Delta and has

known as Port Guichon. The Delta Museum and Archives Society’s 12th annual golf tourney is being held at Beach Grove Golf Club. Proceeds support the society’s efforts to increase public awareness of Delta’s

uniqueness and to develop educational programs to preserve its history. Last year, all funds raised from the tournament went towards the museum’s outreach exhibits to help increase community engagement.




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Call us at 604.283.2190 for a free 15 mins consultation Limber Up Physio | 5132 Ladner Trunk Road

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A8 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012 Business


Beach Grove Golf Club Members are proud and pleased to welcome WestJet Pilots to the Club

Pilot Vic Holland - Pilot Andrew Rainbow - Pilot Tanya Rapier Pilot John Rapier - Pilot Fraser Smith (Missing from photo) Isn’t it time you considered your membership at the Club? Call now for your tour of the facilities 604 943 1809

Thank You To Our 2012 Sponsors PLATINUM Steve Knoblauch- Ram Construction • Envision Financial Services Dave Hamilton - The Delta Optimist Rick Boates, Brian Parker, Lance Hughes, Robin Reimer - The View at 12th & Hunter (Luxury Condos)

CORPORATE WEDNESDAY SPONSORS Keith McGee - Jarvis McGee Trial Lawyers • Cambie Surgery Brian Parker & Rick Boates - Unitech Construction Management Ltd. Kevan Brown & Tom Finlay - AMJ Campbell International Movers Dave Hamilton - The Delta Optimist • Dr. Brian Standerwick - Family Dentist


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Nora Nur Smalley says her efforts to offer fashionable pieces at reasonable prices at Boutique Moda has been well received by local shoppers.

European flair comes with an affordable price tag

Nora Nur Smalley opens Boutique Moda in Town Centre Boutique Moda owner Nora Nur Smalley wants to offer shoppers a place to find fashionable pieces at an affordable price. Nur Smalley opened the store in Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall two months ago and so far it has been well received by local shoppers. Often conferring with her sister, a European fashion designer, Nur Smalley says she aims to offer casual style at a good price. She is also trying to bring a little bit of European fashion to Tsawwassen. “I’m just going more rea-

sonable,” she says. “I try to really keep prices low.”

for all women’s body types,” she says, adding she also aims to bring in pieces for women of all ages. When she’s shopping for items to feature in her store, Nur Smalley tries on each one so she can get a better idea of how it fits and passes that knowledge along to her customers. She says she is planning on doing charity fashion shows in the future. Boutique Moda is open seven days a week at Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall on 56th Street. For more information call 604-943-0068.

Boutique Moda’s best selling line in the first few weeks has been Papillon, which is designed in Vancouver. It is also carrying pieces from Jackpot, Bryn Walker and Cut Loose, which, Nur Smalley says, is reportedly one of Oprah Winfrey’s favourite lines. “I try to bring in pieces

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1202D - 56th Street Tsawwassen


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August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A9 Business

A Beautiful Smile... CAPTIN named a finalist for We have solutions. Hydro Power Smart Award


total project/program budget, including cash and in-kind contributions for projects that: help create sustainable places to live, invest for positive change in the community or projects focused on educating people on how to build their financial knowledge.

briefs Up to $10,000 is available for projects or programs; up to $2,500 is available for conferences, workshops and forums; and up to $1,000 is available for community festivals. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 17. For more information about the grant criteria and application process visit grants or email michelle_ *** On Aug. 15, people young and old can treat themselves to a childhood favourite as White Spot is bringing back the Adult Pirate Pak for the fifth annual Pirate Pak Day. The restaurant will donate $2 for every Pirate Pak sold that day to Zajac Ranch for Children. Zajac Ranch is an established

B.C. charity that gives children and young adults with life-threatening illnesses and chronic disabilities the chance to go to camp. “Many adults who grew up in B.C. feel deeply nostalgic about the White Spot Pirate Pak,” said White Spot president Warren Erhart. “Pirate Pak Day is the perfect opportunity to experience a piece of that childhood magic while also supporting a worthy cause. We are proud to once again be partnering with Zajac Ranch and hope to break our fundraising record of $46,714 this year.” Over the past four years, White Spot has raised more than $152,000 for the ranch, giving 75 children the opportunity to meet new friends and experience traditional camp activities. “White Spot’s Pirate Pak Day fundraiser has resulted in very generous contributions to our camp program, providing life-changing experiences for special needs kids across B.C.,” said Mel Zajac, founder of Zajac Ranch for Children. “We are excited to be reuniting with White Spot on this initiative again.” Adult Pirate Paks are only available on Aug. 15 and start at $10.99.

th Anniversary

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August 11th



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There are many options to improve your smile, no matter what age you are. Offering a full range of Cosmetic and Restorative Solutions.

Dr. Larry Leslie 101-1530 56th. St. Tsawwassen



A Tilbury based company is among 42 businesses and individuals named as finalists in the B.C. Hydro Power Smart Excellence Awards. Canadian Autoparts Toyota Inc. has been listed as a finalist in the Leadership Excellence category. The bi-annual Power Smart Excellence Awards recognize best-in-class energy conservation leadership and innovation from B.C. Hydro customers in commercial, government and industrial sectors as well as retail and industry partners. There are 11 different award categories - Power Smart Leader; Leadership Excellence; Energy Conservation Commitment; Energy Manager; New Construction; Conservation Partner; New technology; Consumer Product Manager; National Retailer; Regional Retailer; and the Larry Bell Award for Advancing Energy Conservation. *** Vancity credit union is providing community grants of up to $10,000 to organizations in Delta. Funds are available for up to 70 per cent of the

A10 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012 In the Community













he Pacifica is now The Royale Pacifica, a new member of The Royale Group of Retirement Residences.

The Royale Group of Retirement Residences is a division of Leisureworld Senior Care Corporation, an organization with an established forty year history of providing quality service. Backed by this wealth of experience and resources, The Royale Pacifica has a natural spa-like feeling inspired by SouthEast Asian design influences. You immediately feel a sense of harmony and well being when you enter into the main lobby. This feeling prevails throughout the entire community providing you with a relaxed and invigorated approach to daily life.


Chesapeake Landing Charity Golf Tournament committee members John Eastman and Henry Mackin present a cheque for $1,528 to the Delta Hospital Foundation.

Hospital benefits from tourney The recent Chesapeake Landing Charity Golf Tournament raised over $1,500 for the Delta Hospital Foundation, bringing the total the event has raised for the hospital since 2007 to more than $6,000. Golf tournament committee member John Eastman was proud of this year’s event and pleased that so many local companies generously supported it. Supporters included: abc Country Restaurant, Bombay Joe’s Restaurant, Canadian Imperial Bank

We invite you to experience and enjoy all that The Royale Pacifica has to offer.

Please call 604-535-9194 today for your personal tour.

2525 King George Boulevard, Surrey • 604-535-9194 •

TSAWWASSEN O U T D O O R MOVIE NIGHTS Join us at the Park at 5:00pm for

of Commerce, Cove Links Golf Course, Delta Automotive, Jim Melidones (Golden Eagle Golf Club), Ladner Village Floral, Riverhouse Restaurant, Starbucks, Tsawwassen Collision and White Spot. The Chesapeake Landing tournament, held by residents in the Marina Garden Estates subdivision, is just one of many independent special events that support Delta Hospital. Through lemonade stands, bottle drives, golf tournaments and other creative initia-

tives, individuals and community groups raise thousands of dollars to bring the newest technology and most up-to-date equipment to Delta Hospital. The proceeds from this tournament will go to the Hospital’s Greatest Needs Fund. For more information on the Hospital’s Greatest Needs Fund or to host your own special event, contact the foundation at 604-9409695, info@deltahospital. com or www.deltahospital. com.

A fresh perspective on parenting. Family Conference

Saturday, August 11 Diefenbaker Park


Parenting Course & Evening VBS August 26-30, 5:30-8:30 pm Pneuma Church 4750 57th Ave Ladner.

Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Celebration Presented by:

Great British entertainment:

• Celtic music by Doghouse Band • Clarion Highland Dancers and Juggler Matt Levy • A royal procession with Her Majesty, "Queen Mavis" led by members of the Delta PolicePipe Band • God Save the Queen and O Canada performed by SDSS student Elizabeth Garland • Message by Delta MP Kerry Lynne Findlay • Cake and cupcakes by Vancity • Demonstrations from Delta Gymastics and United Martial Arts • Community tug of war • Three Raffle Baskets to be drawn just before the movie begins • British treats and concession featuring jacket potatoes, scones and British candy (while quantities last) thanks to the Tsawwassen Boundary Bay Lions Club • Other food by McDonald’s, Tim Hortons Community Cruise, Cold Stone Creamery and Freshslice Pizza • Many other games, demos, activities for everyone All proceeds from the event will benefit the Rivers End Rangers, the Ladner/Tsawwassen senior branch of the Girl Guides of Canada.

This course will give you age specific tools to: 1. Protect your connection with your children. 2. Teach children to manage increasing levels of freedom. 3. Replace the tools of intimidation and control. 4. Create a safe place for children to build confidence and personal responsibility. Join us and see your family dynamics change and your children blossom. VBS will run during seminars for adults. Go to for more details (including seminar and meal costs) or email with questions.

For movie details and last minute updates Like us on Facebook

(Tsawwassen Business Improvement Association) or check the website.

Thanks to our sponsors:

Pneuma Church 05094949

Brought to you by the Business Improvement Association of Tsawwassen Visit for all details

REGISTER NOW - Limited spots available

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A11 In the Community

Upcoming workshop aims to get seniors more active

Free session set for next week at KinVillage in Tsaw. There is a lot of discussion and concern expressed about the growing seniors population and what that is going to mean for the future of an already overstressed health care system. When most seniors and those nearing retirement talk about their future, they are focused on maintaining good health and independence. They do not want to be a burden to their family. But saying that and achieving it can be two different things. Seniors who are physically active will have lower rates of falls and fractures. They will have a better quality of life with less chance of developing chronic health conditions. Walking is an easy way to add physical activity to daily routine, especially if you are able to walk while

doing errands. The Delta Seniors Planning Team is hosting a workshop about reducing health risks and maintaining good health through physical activity. Sepia Sharma, Delta community health specialist with Fraser Health, will talk about the many health benefits of walking, how to prevent falls and information on accessing walk pathways. The workshop will be held Tuesday, Aug. 14 at 1:30 p.m. at the KinVillage Community Centre, 543010th Ave., Tsawwassen. Following the workshop presentation, there will be a discussion of the “walkability” — where is it easy to walk and where are there barriers — of the Tsawwassen area. The information collected will be used by the Delta

Seniors Planning Team to conduct a report on the walkability and “rollability” of Tsawwassen. A team of seniors with varying degrees of mobility, from walking with a mobility aid to using a wheelchair or scooter, will assess the areas identified in the workshop. The information collected in this study will be published for seniors and the community to raise awareness of the importance of a community that has good walking space for its residents. There are plans to do a similar workshop and report in Ladner on Saturday, Sept. 15. The workshop is free and open to anyone interested in this topic. For more information call 604-946-9526 or email lynw@deltassist. com.

Training workshop at library readies for Next Chapter Book Club arrival in Delta Fraser Valley Regional Library is hosting a halfday training workshop later this month in Ladner for anyone that would like to get involved in the Next Chapter Book Club. The initiative, funded by Delta Literacy, hosted by FVRL and supported by Deltassist, is coming to Delta this fall. Each week, groups of adolescents and adults, with a wide range of reading abilities, gather in public locations to read with two trained volunteers.

Next Chapter Book Club members learn, make friends and have a lot of fun doing it. Staff from the Down Syndrome Research Foundation will conduct the workshop, which includes an extensive review of the Next Chapter Book Club model and a demonstration book club so those in attendance can see one in action. If you would like to become a volunteer book club facilitator, contact Shirley-Ann Reid at

For That Special Someone...

Happy Birthday

Brigitte Sakuler An extraordinary wife, Mama and Oma. Beautiful inside and out.

Love your entire fa mily

If you would like to become a book club member, attend the training workshop on Friday, Aug. 24 from 1 to 5 p.m. at the Ladner Pioneer Library. The club will meet on Fridays, from 2 to 3 p.m., beginning Sept. 21 at Ladner Pioneer Library.



Welcomes all existing & NEW CLIENTS

Laura is offering a 10% discount on services when you present this ad!


1513 56th St., Tsawwassen

Valid until Sept. 30/12


A12 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012 Opinion Page Published every Wednesday & Friday by the Delta Optimist, a division of LMP Publication Limited Partnership #207 - 4840 Delta Street, Delta, BC V4K 2T6 Phone 604-946-4451 Fax 604-946-5680 Publisher: Tom Siba tsiba@

Can’t get a rise out of them

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MURPHY’S LAW The Olympics are all about bringing the countries of the world together to square off in athletic competition at the highest level and with the utmost degree of sportsmanship. They’re also a great time to talk a little smack with friends from around the globe. Coming from a country that’s doing reasonably well in London, but is still lagging behind some of the world’s sporting powers, I’ve had to pick my spots when sending greetings to those residing in other parts of the world. Eight years ago, at the same time Athens hosted the Summer Olympics, we opened our home to an exchange student from South Korea. There were several evenings where Jae-Yong would join our family to watch the Games, and as much as I tried to convince that polite, Englishchallenged 16-year-old he’d be wise to hitch his wagon to Canada’s sporting fortunes, he knew enough to point, with a smile plastered all over his face, to his homeland’s place in the medal standings. Touché indeed. Given South Korea is once again ahead of us in the medal table, I knew I had to find the right time to give him a good-natured poke. That opportunity presented itself in badminton, so I shot him a note that said something to the effect that even though we might not be faring too well, at least we don’t cheat. How much sarcasm the polite, slightly less English-challenged 24-year-old read into the Facebook post is unclear, but I had to laugh when I got a very sincere apology for what he called his country’s most unsportsmanlike behaviour. I then turned my attention to Australia where Scott, our former Tour de Delta billet, calls home. When our women’s track cycling pursuit team knocked off the Aussies in a head-to-head race for bronze, I knew I had my chance to be a bit of a knocker by congratulating him on his country’s fourth place finish. I might have also mentioned something about how dreadful it must be that the Aussies had only one gold medal through the first week of the Olympics, conveniently leaving out the part that Canada was also stuck on a single trampolining gold. He got the joke, but instead of derision back, I got his pity about how Canada always fares better in the Winter Olympics. Did he not read the part about our Canadian girls administering a beat down on his Aussie gals, and in cycling no less? Perhaps they’re taking that whole Olympic oath thing too much to heart because I thought Canadians were supposed to be the polite ones.

Time to speak up as pressure mounting on Delta farmland IAN ROBERTSON

COMMUNITY COMMENT Summer is when we take time out. As I was recently driving home from the B.C. interior along Highway 1 just east of Kamloops, I couldn’t help but see many loaded trains — coal and containers — making their way along the railway track. In fact we observed five trains in the space of an hour, all of which brings me to wonder about our beloved little piece of paradise we call South Delta. We are under unprecedented pressure to develop. The pressure is to industrialize, to convert some of the best agricultural land in Canada into to an international transportation mecca. If not that, then build houses and shopping centres and consider garbage incineration. All of which is to say that agriculture and bird flyways will disappear.

The economics are clear: farmland is valued at say $40,000 to $80,000 an acre and land for houses is worth over $1 million an acre. The recent action where 558 acres were optioned for railways and industrial uses was done at $185,000 an acre. This newspaper carried a story a week ago and followed with an editorial on Wednesday reporting on the looming shortage of industrial land in Delta. According to the report, available industrial land in Delta will all be taken within 10 years. The report also stated the provincial government forecasts the South Fraser Perimeter Road will create 7,000 long-term jobs in and around Delta, all part of the government’s job creation plan. The plan seeks in part to “increase road and rail capacity, and bulk and container capacity at B.C. ports.” Some say don’t worry; we have lots of agricultural land. A closer look puts a lie to this. In the past nine years, the land in the Agricultural Land Reserve has decreased in six of those years. The additions have almost all been up north — Fort St. James, Prince George, Burns Lake, etc., where

The Optimist encourages readers to write letters to the editor. Letters are accepted on any topic, although preference is given to those on local matters. The Optimist reserves the right to edit letters and the decision to publish is at the discretion of the editor or publisher. All letters must be signed, dated and include the writer’s phone number

this former forested land has been wiped clear by beetle kill. This land is not comparable to the Fraser Valley and to Delta where over 12,000 acres of prime farmland has been removed. The simple fact is that land comparable to Delta land is not found up north. So the pressures to double Deltaport, to create a major railway yard, to build more roads, and make way for industrial parks, incinerators and shopping centres, are all upon us. A fundamental challenge is that many of these decisions to take the land for these purposes are being made in Victoria and Ottawa by expropriation legislation. The decisions are being made despite what we who live here might want. They are decisions that senior levels of government can make “in the national interest” without even consulting us. What will we do when we run out of land? How do we get to sustainable living? How does expropriating land — to expand railways — to ship containers of consumer goods from China to Chicago address the national interest? It’s time to speak up — to say if this is the change you want!

(not for publication). The Optimist will not print “name withheld” letters. Copyright in letters and other materials submitted voluntarily to the publisher and accepted for publication remains with the author, but the publisher and its licensees may freely reproduce them in print, electronic or other forms.

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A13 Letters to the Editor

Editor: Re: Spetifores found support for initial development plans, Community Comment, Aug. 3 It is frustrating to read Doug Husband’s column in which he claims the vast majority of soils on Southlands are classified as 4 and 5 (being very poor) when the ALC website and other studies confirm there is a variety of soils from Class 1 to Class 4 and that poorer lands can, in most cases, be improved by better irrigation and drainage. One has only to look to Earthwise Farm’s success with organic gardening, and the recent potato planting and harvesting at 56th

Street and 6th Avenue, to see what happens when soil is properly nurtured. I do not see any evidence of smells and vandalism and theft and traffic, which Husband seems to feel must occur with farming. Our local traffic problems arise from having one main road in and out of the community — a road that includes too many traffic lights that impede smooth traffic flow — as well as large numbers of people who flock to Point Roberts for cheap gas. Readers need a reminder that it was a 1989 citizenled plebiscite (following the longest public hearing in history, which was cut off by Mayor Doug Husband

and council of the day) that put the issue of the proposed TDL development on Southlands to rest. Husband concludes his article with a comment that the exclusion of Southlands from ALR in 1979 was needed “to meet a very strong demand for residential and other urban uses” as there was less than two years’ supply of developable land at that time. It makes one question what kind of dealings transpired in order to have the lands removed from the ALR. Hopefully this saga will be continued and we will all receive further enlightenment. Jean Wightman

Ban use of those annoying propane cannons

Editor: I have lived in Ladner for 20 years and I am accustomed to the noises and odours typically associated with farming activity. However, the nature of farming has changed over the last two summers with an increasing number of propane cannons being used to protect crops. It is difficult to enjoy living here since the cannons

have started up again. It is aggravating to be woken up at 6:30 every morning feeling like I’m in the middle of an artillery range. We have bylaws intended to protect our right to peace and quiet, but there is a double standard with regard to the operation of propane cannons. If I ran my electric saw or my air compressor at 6:30 on a Saturday morning you can bet I would hear

about it. Why are the blueberry farmers allowed to be irresponsible neighbours? I urge everyone who is affected by this type of noise pollution to write to the minister of agriculture, the Farm Industry Review Board and our mayor and council requesting they support legislation that would ban the use of propane cannons in British Columbia. George Bartz

Truck numbers are on the rise at Deltaport

Editor: There is an increasing odour of mendacity coming from Deltaport. In 2005, the public was informed by Port Metro Vancouver the third berth at the Deltaport container terminal would increase truck traffic from 1,800 truck trips per day to 2,400 truck trips per day. Fast forward to the new road and rail upgrades underway and the port

is now saying there were 3,000 truck trips per day in 2010 and that will increase to 4,500 truck trips per day once the third berth reaches capacity. So instead of an increase of 600 truck trips per day, the third berth will generate 2,700 more truck trips per day. To my mind, we were told a whopper. Add to that another 3,000 trips per day for employee and service vehicles.

And let’s not forget Port Metro Vancouver is moving forward with plans for Terminal 2 with an additional three berths that would double the current size. This is despite statistics that show we already have plenty of container capacity. This is all about empire building with smoke and mirrors. It is not good economics. Susan Jones

Highs and lows of a hectic Sun Festival Antique Fair Editor: On behalf of the Sun Festival Antique Fair, I would like to thank everyone that attended the 34th annual show. I would like to congratulate Mr. Morison of Tsawwassen, winner of a Royal Doulton figurine

door prize. A special thanks also is extended to Jack, Chad and Jeff at the South Delta Recreation Centre, who always go the extra distance to make a hectic three days go all the more smoothly. On a more somber note, myself and the antique

fair family of dealers wish to extend our heartfelt best wishes to Marilyn Maclennan, whose partner, Al Sweeney, was gravely injured in a single-car accident in Richmond on his way home after he had set up their booth at the show. D. Malcolm Johnston

Penny and master lose special spot

Editor: A number of readers have sent you letters about the closing of Harris Nursery and I wanted to add mine as well. For the past five years, during our daily walks, my mini dachshund, Penny, and I have stopped by Harris Nursery, where we were always greeted with smiles and pats by the wonderful staff. We bought flowers to give to friends, put on my son’s grave or just to cheer up the house. When we heard they were closing, I felt like I had lost something very special. Now I don’t take Penny for her walk anywhere near that empty site; she wouldn’t understand where they all went. I hope the staff members read this and know how much they meant to Penny and to me. Helene Calvert


Apply by Phone or web:


Custom made beads on the spot 4817 F Delta Street • 604.946.1057 Right next to Ladner Village Hardware the big Yellow Building.


siness? New Bu

If so... a warm welcome awaits you from your representative and the local merchants. Call...

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Murano Glass Jewellery Making Demonstrations by Walt Pinder


by? New Ba

Travel Insurance

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Summer 2012: Session 2: July 23 to August 3 (10 lessons) Session 3: August 13 to August 24 (10 lessons) Fall 2012: Sept 4 to Dec 21 (16 weeks, 1 - 4 times/week)


Soil not as bad as advertised

Dr. 10, Lucie /;534Martineau, .60<3246;- Optometrist "&#'(!#%)$# _^`RehgU i`b_cgTg eye gOghealth fgkcTf provides complete kah ReUe`a gPkbeakTe`aU kT [n[mZ and vision examinations at lUkQQkUUgaX ]kcc T`hkO T` j``d IRIS, Tsawwassen. O`S^ k__`eaTbgaTX Call today to book your appointment. VqWq\ Y poTf mT^ggTZ lUkQQkUUga N :+),7)*,98))

Hole in One! Putting Contest!

Shotgun Start @ 1pm

18 Holes of Texas Scramble • Tee Package • Dinner at Riverhouse with Prize Presentation Please contact Louise or Michael at 604.946.7545 or email

A14 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

Concession Operation Seeking Qualified Food Service Operator The Corporation of Delta is seeking expressions of interest from qualified food service organizations to operate a café service at Ladner Leisure Centre, 4600 Clarence Taylor Crescent, Delta BC under a multi-year lease. The café service operates year-round in a recreation facility that receives over one million visits annually. The leisure centre is situated in a busy, civic area of Ladner. As a secondary function, the operator has the opportunity to offer food services to a variety of user groups, special events, and birthday parties. The café service is expected to offer an innovative menu providing a wide selection of choices, including healthy and nutritious options such as sandwiches, soups, salads, breakfast foods, as well as hot and cold beverages. In exchange for use of the facility, the café operator will provide financial compensation to The Corporation of Delta. Should this opportunity be of interest to you, please email your contact details to by August 27, 2012. After this date, The Corporation will provide interested parties with details on how to submit a formal proposal for the service. The Corporation of Delta 4500 ClarenceTaylor Crescent Delta BC V4K 3E2

CHURCH DIRECTORY St. David’s Anglican Church

1115 - 51A Street, Tsa • 604-943-4737

Sunday services

8 am Holy Communion (BCP) 10 am Holy Communion (BAS) with youth and children’s programs

Mid-week service

There will be no Wednesday service for the balance of August. The next Wednesday service will be at 11 am on September 5th.

6 5!1" !,0 -2%)* '&4(3.+ /#$$$

%#"-,. $,#-+ '#+*!&(" '*)-"*

MI** >#NEJ# 8#D@.4 )2/,.# =*F(IF=(FO99 5*"6& (*,, ". 09*1%6

"',/2; ( 62NJ#/2; 2N I2A

St. Andrew's Church

9:00 am SUNDAY

Service of Holy Communion 1710 56th Street, Tsawwassen, BC (South Delta Artists’ Guild Arts Gallery) (at the Longhouse, next to SD Rec Centre) Clergy: The Rev. Mike Dobson

LADNER GOSPEL ASSEMBLY 4979-44A Avenue, Ladner 604-946-9179 • 604-946-4224 “A place where love and friendship matter”

-"6"1".3 (*,, )$*!*63!/

)2!N 6J,/2; 'H .@.#; A',NE 2N &%A 5.<0.%N -JB; + >JGJ!N$


62NJ#/2; 2N 3*2A D, NE. :E2%.B


2@2DB21B. .@.#; 6J,/2;

7'# 'NE.# 620#.A.,N! %B.2!. 02BB NE. %2#D!E 'HL0. H'# 2, 2%%'D,NA.,N ?DNE NE. K2!N'#C

To advertise here call Ruth at 604-946-4461

“A Heart for God… in the Heart of the Village” 4960-48th Avenue, Ladner Phone 604-946-6254 The Rev. Jim Short

10 am Worship Service and Sunday School We Welcome You to Join Us!


10:00 am Coffee & Refreshments 10:30 AM WORSHIP SERVICE

WEDNESDAY - 7:30PM Prayer & Bible Study


Biblical Counsellors avail.from Olive Branch Counselling Call Craig or Jan 778-668-0677


Come worship with us Sunday, August 12 at 10:30 am

7%%8%.' (*,,%,

62NJ#/2; 2N O%A 6J,/2; 2N I2A4 332A + O%A

Ladner United Church


9:00 am roots 10:45 am renew Benediction Lutheran Church 5575 6th Avenue (56th St. at 6th Ave.) Tel: 604-943-3432

SUNDAYS, 10 AM Worship & Christian Education

Welcomes You

Message by: Pastor Gerrit Veeneman

“AWee Little Man” Luke 19:1-11

4594 – 54A Street, Ladner, B.C. 604-946-7033 email: Visit our website: Youth Pastor: Jed Schoepp

“All are warmly welcomed to worship with us as we Celebrate God’s Grace.”

Ladner Christian Fellowship cedar park church

Home of the South Delta Food Bank & Creation Station Daycare Sunday Service at 10:00 am + Nursery & Children Services Pastors: Danny Stebeck, Gabriel Torrealba

5545 Ladner Trunk Rd., Delta, B.C., V4K 1X1 604.946.4430 •

Sunday Worship Service 10:00 am Sermon: “Your Ears Will Hear” Guest Speaker: Steve Klassen

5300 - 44th Ave., Ladner 604-946-7410 (Corner of 44th Ave and Arthur Dr.)


inister’s inute Steve Naylor

Saviour Lutheran Church

Perfect place “What would the world be like without Captain Hook?” This quote from the 1991 movie Hook has always fascinated me. I have always wondered what the world would be like without sin and the bad things in life. What would it be like without sickness, death, lying, cheating, the guy cutting me off in traffic and whatever else we can think of? Sounds pretty good, does it not? I can do without any of those things and more! I think all of us would like to live in a place like this. We are all affected by sin; none of us can escape it. Many of us rationalize it by saying that it is the bad things in life that make the good so much sweeter, and although the

bad can remind of us better things, I would be more apt to say the good things in life sweeten themselves. After all, when I am with friends or my family I do not need some bad thing to remind me how great it is, rather I am simply enjoying what is going on and wishing that it would not end. The Bible often reminds us that a perfect place does exist, Heaven, a place without tears, death, mourning or suffering, a place where we can enjoy being happy forever. Although I cannot always imagine it, I do look forward to that eternal happiness.

Mon.-Thurs. 9-8, Fri.-Sat. 9-6, Sun. 11-5


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Other lease and fi nance options are also available. Dealers may sell for less. Dealers are free to set individual prices. Prices are subject to change without notice. Certain restrictions may apply. Offers may change, may be extended without notice, and are for examples only. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. See your Kia retailer for full offer/program details.All offers are subject to availability. Offer ends August 31, 2012. ìRondo Cash Bonusî offer is available to qualifi ed retail customers who purchase/fi nance or lease a new 2012 Kia Rondo (Bonus Cash of $750) from a participating dealer between August 1-31, 2012 and will be deducted from the negotiated purchase/lease price before taxes. Lease and fi nance offers are on approved credit. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. ìThe Sedona No Charge Delivery and Destinationî offer applies to all new 2012 Sedona models purchased or leased by qualifi ed retail customers between August 1 and 31, 2012. Kia Canada Inc. will waive the up to $1,650 delivery and destination charge. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details ì3 Payments On Usî offer is available on approved credit to eligible retail customers who fi nance or lease a select new 2012 Soul 1.6L MT/ 2012 Soul 1.6L AT/ 2012 Optima/ 2012 Optima Hybrid from a participating dealer between August 1 - 31, 2012. Eligible lease and purchase fi nance (including FlexChoice) customers will receive a cheque in the amount of three payments (excluding taxes) to a maximum of $350/ $400 month. Lease and fi nance (including FlexChoice) purchases are subject to approved credit. Customers will be given a choice between up to $1,200 reductions from the selling/leasing price after taxes or dealer can issue a cheque to the customer. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. Offer ends August 31, 2012. ß +3 Payments On Us offer is available on approved credit to eligible retail customers who fi nance or lease a select new 2012/2013 Sorento, 2012/2013 Rio 4-Door Sedan, 2012/2013 Rio5, 2012/2013 Forte Sedan, 2012/2013 Forte Koup/ 2012/2013 Forte5 from a participating dealer between August 1 - 19, 2012. Eligible lease and purchase fi nance (including FlexChoice) customers will receive a cheque in the amount of three payments (excluding taxes) to a maximum of $300/ $350/ $550 month. Lease and fi nance (including FlexChoice) purchases are subject to approved credit. Customers will be given a choice between up to $1,650 reductions from the selling/leasing price after taxes or dealer can issue a cheque to the customer. Some conditions apply. See your dealer for complete details. Offer ends August 19, 2012. 2012 Sorento, stock #SR6261, $152 BIweekly payment based on the selling price of $24,592 @ 0.00% interest over a 60/84 term, the cost of borrowing is $0 and the residual is $7,884.19 OAC. 2012 Rio, stock #RO3700, $94 biweekly payment based on the selling price of $14,607 @1.49% interest over a 60/84 term the cost of borrowing is $801.22 and the residual is $4,865.41 OAC. 2012 Soul, stock #SO1075, $130 biweekly payments based on the selling price of $20,342 @ 0.9% interest over a 60/84 term the cost of borrowing is $669.76 and the residual is $6,672.15 OAC.2012 Optima, stock #OP2524, $136 biweekly payment based on the selling price of $22,172 @ 0.00% interest over a 60/84 term the cost of borrowing is $0 and the residual is $7,110.79 OAC.2012 Forte, stock #FO7526, $122 biweekly payments based on the selling price of $18,697 @ 1.49% interest over a 60/84 term the cost of borrowing is $1,022.90 and the residual is $6,222.89 OAC. 2012 Sportage, stock #SP1953, $146 biweekly payments based on the selling price of $22,872 @ 0.9% interest over a 60/84 term, the cost of borrowing is $751.54 and the residual is $7,499.73 OAC. 2012 Kia Rondo, Stock #RN9915, $134 bi weekly payments based on the selling price of $21,757 @ 0% interest over a 60/84 term, the cost of borrowing is $0 and the residual is $6,976.19 OAC.All prices and payments are OAC.All travel giveaways only apply to the stock #ís that are noted in this ad and are for fi nanced vehicles only, not cash purchases and will cost $1 extra. Offers may not be combined and must be negotiated in deal. Customers can only choose 1 offer. Each Weekend Getaway offer has a total value of $600.Vehicles may not be exactly as illustrated. Offers available while supplies last. Offers are only valid until closing on August 12, 2012.



“It’s all good at Applewood!”







Getaway for Two to Whistler

Getaway for Two to Kelowna OR





152 2012 SORENTO



MSRP $20,342


52 HWY / 38CITY

46 HWY / 30CITY MSRP $24,592

130 $


2012 KIA

134 $




38 HWY / 27CITY

MSRP $22,172

50HWY / 35CITY


MSRP $21,757




2012 KIA



1 1






41 HWY / 28CITY

MSRP $22,872

MSRP $18,697


51 HWY / 35CITY




MSRP $14,607


58 HWY / 43CITY

2012 KIA




911 SALE!



August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A15

A16 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

DriveTıme CX-5 leading Mazda into future

First vehicle in automaker8s lineup that includes full range of SkyActiv technologies DAVID CHAO & BOB MCHUGH


Mazda is making a sweeping change in its product lineup, starting with the new CX-5.

It’s the first Mazda to feature the full range of the new SkyActiv technologies that are redefining this automaker. The CX-5 is also the first Mazda with Kodo (“Soul of Motion”), a

new design theme that will be adopted by the entire product line. While appealing to a broad range of buyers, the CX-5 is seen as a natural progression vehicle for

current Mazda3 owners. It’s a step up to a roomier vehicle with all the connective features a young family is looking for these days. The CX-5 also offers sporty driving dynamics and great

The CX-5 features a lightweight body that provides better fuel economy.

Summer living… Acura style. 2012 TL (MODEL UA8F2CJ) LEASE












0.5 $ 468 %











RICHMOND ACURA 4211 NO. 3 RD., RICHMOND 604-278-8999 D8255

*Effective APR taking into account cash incentives waived for lease customers. Lease offer is available through Acura Financial Services Inc. on approved credit. 2012 TL 6-speed automatic (model UA8F2CJ) leased at 0.5% APR for 48 months. Monthly payment is $468 (includes $1,945 freight & PDI), with $0 down payment. First monthly payment and $0 security deposit due at lease inception. Total lease obligation is $22,464. Option to purchase at lease end for $19,350.10 plus taxes. 80,000 kilometre allowance; charge of $0.15/km for excess kilometres. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. †Limited time cash purchase price of $37,435 (includes $1,945 freight and PDI) on a new 2012 TL 6-speed automatic (model UA8F2CJ) equals MSRP $41,435 less $4,000 Acura cash purchase incentive (for cash sales only) to dealer. Taxes, license, insurance and registration are extra. Acura cash purchase incentive will be deducted from the negotiated price before taxes and cannot be combined with special lease or finance offers. Retailer may lease/sell for less. Retailer order/trade may be necessary. Offers are only valid for BC residents at BC Acura retailers until July 31, 2012. See Richmond Acura for full details.





fuel economy for a start price of just $22,995. SkyActiv is a complete re-evaluation of every part of the automobile with an overriding goal of better fuel efficiency. It pushes current technology to a new level without the added cost of electrification, which can always be added at a later date, and it starts with the new lightweight body structure of the CX-5. The high percentage of high-tensile steel used in the structure allows CX-5 to weigh only 1488 kg (3280 lbs.) with an automatic transmission. It’s lighter than the Honda CR-V (a benchmark competitor) even though it’s a little larger in overall length and width and has a longer wheelbase. At the core of SkyActiv is a new 2.0-litre four-cylinder engine. It features friction-reducing measures, a unique long-runner exhaust manifold design and a very high compression ratio (13:1), yet it still runs on regular fuel. The highway fuel economy rating is a class leading 5.7 L/100 km (or 50 mpg). A six-speed manual transmission comes standard in the base GX trim version, while a six-speed automatic is an option on that trim and is standard with GS and GT trim levels. All-wheel-drive is standard with GT trim and an option with GS and GX, which gives buyers a good range of drivetrain/trim choices. The Looks The so-called “happy face” front end is gone and a new Kodo design theme is taking over at Mazda. It gives the CX-5 a more prominent and bolder face with a five-point grille and a large Mazda emblem. Kodo is an interesting

mix of smooth flowing sheet metal and sharpangled design elements that supposedly emulate the power and grace of a big cat, such as a cheetah. It certainly is an attractive take on the two-box utility vehicle and you might even see the inner-cat’s presence in places like headlights, tail lights and those ear-like side mirrors. In addition to a sleek styling exercise, the CX-5 is an aerodynamic design with a drag coefficient of just 0.33. The aero payoff is better fuel efficiency, especially at highway speeds, and quieter operation with less wind noise. The Inside The CX-5 comes with standard push-button ignition. A chunky steering wheel and bucket-style front seats, which offer more lateral support than most in this class, add to the sporty appeal. The steering wheel also tilts and telescopes and allowed a nice driver instruments/controls alignment setup that had me purring. Big doors make getting in and out easy and the CX-5 has plenty of room for five people. A three-way split flatfolding (40/20/40) rear seat comes in the GS and GT trim levels, which is different. So, too, are the remote release handles to fold down the rear seatbacks, which are located in the back cargo area and accessible from outside the vehicle. Unfortunately, the rear seatbacks don’t have a recline feature, as do some competitors. A large touch-screen display dominates the centre dash area and can be linked See CX-5 page 17

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A17


CX-5 from page 16 to an optional low-cost TomTom navigation system. The connectivity menu has just about everything and includes Bluetooth, iPod, USB and AUX hookups in the centre console storage bin. A nine-speaker Bose audio system is also available. Safety The airbag protection package comes with rollover sensors and doubleacting auto power door locks are standard. The GS and GT trim levels come with both a rear-view parking camera and a blind-spot detection system. The Drive While briskly travelling along a winding country road, we had to check over my shoulder occasionally to remind myself us that we were piloting a utility vehicle and not a sporty car. The light, agile handling and solid chassis fun-todrive qualities of the driverfriendly CX-5 come to the fore when the road gets twisty. While acceleration is certainly not a head-snapping experience, it does have enough grunt to get past something in a hurry when needed. Our test CX-5 came with the new SkyActiv six-speed automatic, which is smaller and lighter but functions like a conventional automatic, and is slicker than most. There’s a manual mode feature on the shifter gate, but unfortunately there’s no auto “sport” mode. A MacPherson strut type suspension is up front and the CX-5 uses a multi-link arrangement in the rear, which leaves room for the all-wheel drive components. The all-wheel drive system sends all power to the front wheels during normal driving conditions. This provides best fuel economy and as much as 50 per cent can quickly be redirected to the rear when needed. On an initial cold startup the SkyActiv engine is noisy, but the din disappears fairly quickly as the engine warms up. On the highway the overall cabin noise level is actually quite low and the engine is barely audible at cruising speeds. The Score The all-new Mazda CX-5 is a game-changer in the compact utility market. It offers fantastic fuel economy and exceptional road manners in a practical package. The Specs Trim levels: GX, GS and

GT Sticker Price: $22,995 to $33,890 Power: 2.0-litre / 155 horsepower Transmission: Six-speed manual and automatic Fuel consumption: 7.8/5.7 L/100 km (city/ highway) Basic Warranty: Three years/80,000 km Powertrain Warranty: Five years/100,000 km

Rust Warranty: Five years /unlimited km The Competition Ford Escape: $21,499 to $37,499 Honda CR-V: $25,990 to $35,090 Hyundai Tucson: $19,999 to $34,349 Kia Sportage: $21,995 to $36,995 Nissan Rouge: $23,778 to $34,278 Toyota RAV4: $24,865 to $37,300 Volkswagen Tiguan: $27,875 to $38,375

A18 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


features co-ordinator: Dave Willis


email: South Delta


Delta Community Animal Shelter manager Sarah Lowe and Suzie Q get ready for the annual Delta Community Animal Expo, which is set for Memorial Park in Ladner this Sunday.

Animal Expo returns BY



amilies and their furry friends will have a chance to get together for some fun at the Delta Community Animal Expo on Sunday in Ladner. The fourth edition of the event, put on by the Delta Community Animal Shelter, takes place at Memorial Park. The expo will be bigger than last year’s version, notes shelter manager Sarah Lowe. “There’s so much happening,” she says. In addition to almost double the number of exhibitors (from 30 to around 55), the shelter is also introducing the Tollie Fund Activity Arena. Pet owners are welcome to enter their dogs in activities for a small fee. Entry fees go to the shelter’s Tollie Fund, money “used to aid in improving the lives of the animals (to reduce stress) while they are living in the shelter and to provide medical care so an animal that requires a little more help can have a chance at adoption,” the shelter’s website states. The fund, originally set up in 2008 to help raise money for Tollie, then a puppy that needed expensive knee surgery, has helped numerous animals over the years. Last year the fund helped 18 animals with veterinary bills totaling over $10,000. Arena events include dog yoga, musical mats,

a relay race and more. The arena is sponsored by Bosley’s so every dog that takes part gets a prize of some sort, Lowe notes. Demonstrations run throughout the day at the expo’s show stage. Among them will be a pet first aid class, dog bite prevention for kids and adults, and a free dog training class from Amber Cottle. One highlight will be the conclusion of a pet looka-like contest. Entries were submitted to the shelter’s Facebook page and the top three (determined by most likes on Facebook) will be judged on the show stage at 3:30 p.m. There will be plenty of food at the event, Lowe adds. Options include hotdogs from a stand hosted by Pets-N-Us, Bombay Joe’s fare, cupcakes (along with decorating for the children or kid at heart) by FrostBite Cupcakes and Candy Company, and ice cream. Delta Community Animal Shelter’s Delta Community Animal Expo takes place Sunday, Aug. 12 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Memorial Park, 501047th Ave. Admission is free. The expo is on the same day as the Ladner Village Market. “If you’re coming out to that, just walk a couple more blocks and come by,” says Lowe. For more information visit

Annual Wiener Walk set for Winskill Park

Calling all dachshunds! The Western Dachshund Club will be holding its 20th annual Picnic and Wiener Walk at Winskill Park in Tsawwassen on Sunday. Events for dachshunds include a wiener walk, wiener on a stick race, musical hoola

Schedule of Events Show Stage Pacific Assistance Dogs Society 10:15 - 10:45 a.m. Canadian Disaster Response Team 11 - 11:45 a.m. Be a Tree (dog bite prevention) 12:05 - 12:45 p.m. Paws2Dance 1 - 2 p.m. OWL 2 - 2:30 p.m. Amber Cottle (free dog training class) 2:30 - 3 p.m. Pet Look-a-Like Contest 3:30 - 3:40 p.m. Tollie Fund Raffle Draw & Passport draw 3:45 - 4 p.m.

Tollie Fund Activity Arena DOGA with Shanti Yoga ($2) Musical Mats ($2) Lunch demonstration Don’t Drop My Ball! ($2) Thirsty Dog Relay Race ($2) Ring Around the Doggy ($2)

hoops, wiener dunking, a costume contest and an earth-dog competition. There will be prizes for every event. There will also be a dachshund information table, an auction and a 50/50 draw. Refreshments will include hotdogs and pop.

10:30 - 11:15 a.m. 11:30 a.m. - 12 p.m. 12:15 - 1:30 p.m. 1:45 - 2:15 p.m. 2:30 - 3 p.m. 3:15 - 3:45 p.m.

The event goes from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (registration starts at 10:30 a.m.) There’s a $10 entry fee for your first dog and $5 for each additional dog. No puppies under three months are allowed and dogs must be on a lead at all times.

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A19

leisure&lifestyles health&fitness

Recipes to beat that Frappuccino p.j. wren

Well on Your Way


am sure Frappuccinos are good. I mean they sell a kazillion of them a year globally (, so they’ve got to be pretty tasty. What stops me from ordering one is the knowledge that one Grande (16 ounces) will set me back 110 calories and push my recommended daily sugar intake through the roof — almost six teaspoons — and that’s the “light” version I’m talking about. Order a full fat Grande, and you’re looking at 240 calories and almost 12 teaspoons of sugar. Yikes, no thanks. I would much rather give my body some nutrition while providing it with a tasty cold drink to cool off with during these hot days. So, what do I suggest? A protein smoothie is fast and easy to make. It’s also tasty and full of nutrients the body can both metabolize and put to good use. If you are new to protein powder, I suggest you start with a protein isolate blend, unsweetened, or if you are like me and have a sweet tooth, sweetened with Stevia. These can be purchased at any higher-end grocery store as well as any health food store.

I also suggest you purchase the smallest containers you can of both the vanilla and chocolate flavours, so you can ensure you like the taste (believe me, some powders are way better tasting than others!), and so you can cycle through all of the recipes. Happy blending and let me know your favourites. Chunky Monkey 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1/2 frozen banana (see tip below) 1 tbsp. all-natural smooth peanut butter 1/4 cup 0% Greek yogurt 2-3 ice cubes Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Piña Colada 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1 cup unsweetened almond milk 1 frozen banana (see tip below) 1/2 cup pineapple (fresh or canned, drained) 1/4 cup 0% Greek yogurt 2-3 ice cubes Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Chocolate Mint 1 1/2 scoops chocolate protein powder 1 cup unsweetened almond milk Peppermint extract, to taste (start with less than 1/8 tsp, adding more as desired) 5 ice cubes 2 large handfuls fresh spinach

(you can’t taste this at all!) Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Pumpkin Pie Smoothie 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 1/3 cup canned pumpkin 1 frozen banana (see tip below) 5 ice cubes 3/4 cup unsweetened almond milk 1-1/2 tsp. pumpkin spice Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Almond Joy Smoothie 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 1 cup coconut water 1/2 cup unsweetened almond milk 2 tbsp. flaked coconut 3-4 ice cubes 1/2 tsp. coconut extract Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until smooth. Tip: Peel your bananas, cut them in half and place them in a zip-locked baggie before freezing them. This way they are easy to pull from the freezer to add to your blender. They’re also portioned perfectly, whether you need a half banana or a whole one. P.J. Wren is a local personal trainer and fitness writer who can be found around town sipping any of these tasty and healthy shakes. Follow her at www. and catch her weekly fitness show on Delta TV.


16 16


in in your your community community

• Residential + Commercial Service • Heating Service + Repair • Plumbing Service + Repair • Drain Cleaning • Gas Fitting • Emergency Service 24/7 • Serving Vancouver, Richmond, Delta and surrounding areas New look... same great service!

604 940 2268

• Hockey • Lacrosse • Ringette • In-Line

8060 - 11688 Steveston Hwy. (Ironwood Plaza, facing No. 5 Road, beside the Keg)


Heart of Ladner Presents

FUNdraising FUNdraising event event For Delta Hospice

Saturday Aug 18, 4-9pm 4877 Delta St. in The Harbourside Plaza


^ Market Vendors ^ Art in The Village ^ Quilt Preview ^ Kid’s Yoga ^ Refreshments ^ Bouncy Castle ^ Clowns & More! “your real estate professional”

TOP 1% of ALL REALTORS in Greater Vancouver

Skincare & Electrolysis

A20 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


Golfing for B.C. Guide Dogs

Four-time Stanley Cup champ Howie Meeker will tee it up later this month in aid of Ladner-based B.C. Guide Dog Services. “We can’t give someone back their sight,” says Meeker, “but you give them a guide dog and they go to school with the dog, they work, they play sports. (They can do) everything you and I can do.” Meeker and his wife Leah started the golf tournament 15 years ago and have raised approximately $400,000 in total. B.C. Guide Dog Services relies on donations to cover the $37,500 cost of raising a guide dog so that visually-impaired people can access the canines for free. In 2007, the charity named

one of its puppies after Meeker. Howie the guide dog now lives in Port Moody with his blind partner Lynn. Last year Meeker was awarded the Order of Canada, the nation’s highest civilian honour, in recognition of his contributions to Canadian hockey and to charities like B.C. Guide Dog Services. Registration is still open for the Howie Meeker Golf for Guide Dogs charity tournament on Friday, Aug. 24 at 1:30 p.m. at Beach Grove Golf Club in Tsawwassen. Cost is $175 per player, which includes lunch and dinner. More information is available at 604-940-4504 or


Howie Meeker (left) and his wife Leah with Evan Clow at the 2001 tournament.

New leisure guide The Delta Parks, Recreation & Culture Fall 2012/Winter 2013 Leisure Guide is now available to view online at As of Thursday, Aug. 16, the interactive online guide will link to Delta’s online program registration system, providing easy direct access. For those that prefer a hard copy of program listings, printed copies of the Leisure Guide will be available for pickup as of Tuesday, Aug. 14 at municipal

hall, Delta recreation facilities, local libraries and public health units. The interactive online guide will meet the needs of those that prefer online shopping. Delta’s customer service staff members are available in person or by phone to register individuals that don’t have access to a computer or to answer questions about programs. For more information, call 604952-3000.

Outdoor movie night

The fall/winter leisure guide.

The Business Improvement Association of Tsawwassen is planning a huge party at Diefenbaker Park tonight to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee in a unique Tsawwassen way followed by an iconic royal movie under the stars. The free event, sponsored by Vancity and a federal 2012 Diamond Jubilee Initiative grant, kicks off at 5 p.m. with a British celebration featuring food and entertainment. The movie will be shown at dusk (approximately 9:30 p.m.) on a large inflatable screen. The movie featured this time is the iconic story about a young lion fulfilling his royal destiny. Those attending are encouraged to bring chairs and blankets. The final movie night of the summer will take place on Saturday, Aug. 25 at the Tsawwassen Town Centre Mall. For a complete list of pre-movie festival activities and for updates in case of bad weather, check out or visit the BIA’s Facebook page.



VS SUNDAY • AUGUST S 19 • 4PM » Join us at BC Place on Family Day as we pay tribute to the coaching career of a legend, Wally Buono

Presented by

» Summer football heats up with a key West Division rivalry against the Saskatchewan Roughriders..



August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A21

Special Feature

Local Agriculture – A Pillar in the history and growth of our community

The ingredients for success are right here in Delta! /WindsetFarms @WindsetFarms

Windset Farms™ just wouldn’t be Windset Farms without the people and sunshine of Delta. We’re proud to be part of this community and are very thankful for the support shown to us over the years. We couldn’t have done it without you, our Friends in Freshness!™

A22 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

Values collide on Delta’s farmland

Development pressures, particularly from the port, have turned agricultural land into a battleground

By Sandor Gyarmati Delta is becoming a battleground over values. Two opposing viewpoints, which couldn’t be any more different, appear to be on a collision course over the future of Delta’s farmland, considered to be some of the best in the country. On one side, there’s resistance to any development or change, with many citing concerns over environmental impacts and the need for food security. On the other, there’s the possibility many hectares will be converted into container storage yards, trucking depots and warehouses, due to a shortage of industrial land in proximity to the port at Roberts Bank.That land is reportedly needed to service the Asia Pacific Gateway initiative to facilitate growth of the economy both regionally and nationally. That second scenario is what groups like the Council of Canadians and Against Port Expansion (APE) say could happen, so they’re campaigning against the industrialization of the Fraser River delta. Others, like the Fraser Institute, describe the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR) as a failed social experiment that hasn’t halted the decline of family farm operations. The ALR in Delta comprises about 9,400 hectares, of which around 6,700 hectares (71 per cent) is both “actively” and “inactively” farmed. The problem is that while Delta might be still considered a farming community, as well as a critically important part of the Pacific Flyway for migratory birds, it’s surrounded by a huge and growing Lower Mainland urban population that brings its own pressures. It also happens to be home to the busiest container port in Canada, one that has plans to grow. Warning the farming community could become an industrial wasteland, Delta South independent MLA Vicki Huntington this year revealed plans to industrialize some prime ALR land with warehouse logistics to support the Deltaport container terminal. Huntington found that a warehouse developer signed $98 million in options to buy 11 farm parcels near Deltaport Way. She said she’s concerned that if the

consortium partnered with Port Metro Vancouver, there may be no need to go through the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) to exclude the acreage because the port falls within federal jurisdiction. “I do know the province is very aware of this and quite supportive of it... I can see them justifying it because of Gateway (program).These are seen as strategic port-related lands.” Noting even more plans may be on the horizon, the group Stopthepave. org said it’s “just what we know about for sure.” Delta North New Democrat MLA Guy Gentner, who also wondered why so much Delta farmland has been purchased for B.C. Rail, noted Delta has already suffered from a wave of exclusions from the ALR that have undermined the ability of the community to retain its agricultural character and support farmers. In response, Agriculture Minister Don McRae said anyone seeking to have land removed from the reserve needs to go through a proper process with the local community and the commission. The controversy is the latest when it comes to Delta’s farmland, multiplying the uncertainty regarding Port Metro Vancouver’s Container Capacity Improvement Program. A major element of that program is an entirely new three-berth terminal at Roberts Bank, known as Terminal 2 (T2), which would double container capacity. This year also happens to mark the 40th anniversary of the effort by the province to freeze B.C.’s agricultural land from development, an unprecedented move in Canada that hasn’t been duplicated. It was late in 1972 when the New Democratic government announced it would be passing laws prevent-

ing farms from being rezoned for urban use.Then agriculture minister Dave Stupich said he would not advise anyone to invest in farmland with any intention to develop it for residential or industrial purposes. He said that if the trends in real estate at that time continued, there would be no agricultural land left in the Okanagan or Fraser valleys. In response, then Delta mayor Dugald Morrison said the provincial government was “the worst offender” in taking away good farmland in Delta. He pointed to the government just a few years prior to that expropriating thousands of acres for future industrial development to support the Roberts Bank superport. Those expropriated lands, known as the Roberts Bank back-up lands, were leased back to farmers and never developed. It would be decades later before much of the land was sold back to the farmers, but not before some of it was set aside for the Tsawwassen First Nation treaty. The TFN, which is being eyed as a possible location for an expansive foreign (free) trade zone, is currently working with Port Metro Vancouver on developing industrial land. As far as the B.C. farmland freeze, the controversy over the move by government was just starting to heat up in 1972 when an article from the monthly newsletter of the B.C. Institute of Agrologists noted the paving over of the Fraser Valley could not be allowed to happen. “It would be foolish indeed to become dependant on another province or country for our food. Problems and political decisions

Protesters have been vocal over plans to industrialize Delta’s farmland.

beyond our control could very well affect the cost and availability of our food,” the article noted. Commenting on the current optioning controversy, the Wilderness Committee’s Joe Foy on his group’s website echoed concerns conveyed by many today when it comes to food security. He said the region “cannot afford to lose one square inch more of farmland to shortsighted developments,” including port-related expansion. The highly controversial Agricultural Land Reserve was introduced as law in 1973, drawing an immediate negative reaction from local farmers, developers and property owners. The person receiving the biggest brunt of the storm at that time locally was Carl Liden, the NDP MLA for Delta. He got an earful at a heated public meeting that year, where more than 1,000 people showed up to voice their anger. At that gathering, local farmers and landowners were critical of the New Democrats, saying the government was seizing control of land while not doing enough to help farmers. Liden got jeers as he tried to explain that large tracts of Delta land were owned by real estate firms. “I don’t think their intention is to farm the land,” he said. Today, some Delta farmers continue to oppose the reserve.They also openly question the viability of farming in the Lower Mainland. In a 2007

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A23

interview on the subject, John Savage, who’s the current president of the Delta Farmers’ Institute, recalled that most in Delta were upset about the land freeze, but it’s clear most of Delta’s prime farmland would have otherwise been paved long ago. He recently told the Optimist he’s opposed to the optioning deals, noting too much valuable farmland is being lost.

container port to the Trans-Canada Highway. More is expected to be lost through a multitude of road and rail projects underway or in the future to accommodate a planned increase in the movement of goods. Meantime, the province this year recently unveiled the Pacific Gateway Transportation Strategy 2012 - 2020, a series of measures to improve the supply chain on the West Coast.

Terminal 2 is also prominent in strategy. According to Port Metro Vancouver, “One in every 12 working people in the Lower Mainland earns a living because of a port-related business and many more work in businesses that depend on shipping goods through the port. Port Metro Vancouver is part of a supply chain that begins and ends in communities

“The Agricultural Land Reserve is the most important land use decision made in this province - period.” ~ Dr. Gordon Price, program director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University. across Canada, and it is the economic lifeblood of the Lower Mainland.” In a presentation to Metro Vancouver’s board of directors, Port Metro Vancouver CEO Robin Silvester said, “For example, it may be time to seriDelta has a long and proud farming tradition, but the industry is coming ously re-think land-use planning, so under pressure these days. that the facilities and infrastructure required by our own inevitable As far as the argument that land Premier Christy Clark described population growth and a changing excluded from the ALR is being the multi-billion dollar plan as an world will be accommodated withreplaced, that is also filled with con- important one in expanding B.C.’s out sudden or unexpected impact.” troversy. A 2006 report by the David transportation network, strengthenHe added,“Perhaps it’s not just an Suzuki Foundation, for example, ing infrastructure to get goods to Agricultural Land Reserve that’s pointed out that since 2000, over 70 market and generating sustainable needed in British Columbia, but a per cent of land removed from the economic growth. Jobs Land Reserve. A reserve where ALR has been in the more populated According to a report outlining the land that is critical to the jobs we southern part of the province. Ninety strategy, the plan includes carrying have, and the new jobs we will per cent of land added to the reserve out private sector railway investrequire over the next 30 to 40 years, has been in the north, land that is ments in transload facilities and ex- allows them to grow and flourish in a typically of lower quality and agriculploring the feasibility of developing sustainable way.” tural potential. integrated logistics facilities to make In an interview this year with the At a workshop hosted by Metro the movement of containers to and Optimist, Silvester explained that Vancouver’s agriculture committee, from ports more efficient. industrial land being taken over by Harold Steves, one of the creators of “Currently, containers may be emp- residential development has had the the ALR, noted,“A Ministry of Agricultied, filled and stored at dozens of trickle down effect on agriculturally ture report stated we need to find an small, unconnected off-dock sites zoned lands. additional 200,000 acres of irrigated spread across large areas - with Recent reports by the regional disfarmland in this region if we are trucks moving to and from these trict also note Metro Vancouver has going to continue to feed ourselves sites with limited coordination. Inte- a limited land base to accommodate and the additional 800,000 people grated logistics facilities in Vancou- future industrial growth. expected in the next 15 to 20 years. ver and Prince Rupert will minimize Silvester said,“What I’m saying to Where do we find these lands?” truck movements, reduce environHe told the Optimist Port Metro Van- mental impacts and ensure the safe a lot of stakeholders, including the board of Metro Vancouver, is there’s couver CEO Robin Silvester, however, movement of goods. Industry will a really important conversation we has declared war on the ALR. explore the feasibility of creating need to have here that we haven’t “He claims we should change the centralized, integrated facilities for had, and if we don’t take responsibilALR from an agricultural land reserve each port.” ity for having a conversation about to an employment land reserve. While he’s suggested that we all The Deltaport container terminal has three berths, but Port Metro Vancouver talk about it, they’re buying up the is looking to add three more at Roberts Bank with Terminal 2. land.They claim they can overrule the Agricultural Land Reserve, they claim they can overrule Delta and Richmond councils.They bought farmland in Richmond as well,” said Steves. Delta farmland has already been lost to the billion-dollar South Fraser Perimeter Road, a highway under construction that will cut through the community that will link the

how can we more effectively plan use of land in the Lower Mainland in the future, we face some severe consequences which can be very detrimental to the economy.” A recent Metro Vancouver report noted the new Regional Growth Strategy reaffirms the long-standing regional value of protecting agricultural land from conversion to nonagricultural uses. The report, though, also echoes Silvester’s concern, stating,“The region lacks a functional forum to, at a minimum, coordinate and share information about land use, transportation and economic development between senior governments, industry and local government authorities.” Decisions that could dramatically alter Delta’s landscape, however, shouldn’t be done piecemeal, behind the scenes or in isolation, said Dr. Gordon Price, program director of the City Program at Simon Fraser University. Saying potential trade-offs should be discussed with as many stakeholders as possible, Price noted the decisionmaking process must be a transparent one. He’s concerned the character of Delta, as well as its values, will be transformed without any real input from citizens. “You know the discussions are occurring behind closed doors.The port is not being upfront about it either.The (ALC) board really has to take a position, in my opinion, on whether they are going to sacrifice agricultural land on this scale,” he said. “The Agricultural Land Reserve is the most important land use decision made in this province - period. It’s certainly as far as the Lower Mainland is concerned and it’s constraint is one factor that has led to the quality of life of the region, the values that we believe, the significance of the Pacific Flyway, food security, which is a current issue but one that will only be more important, and one gets the sense that these things aren’t being discussed or even put on the table.” Delta council asked Clark, as well as the federal government, to ensure Ottawa doesn’t use its power to remove port-related land from the ALR without the ALC’s consent.

A24 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

Delta greenhouse grows healthy snacks for kids

Delta’s sunlight and cooling ocean breezes make it the world’s best place for greenhouse farming.

#207 - 15252 32nd Ave., Surrey, BC V3S 0R7 Tel. 604.531.5262 | Fax. 604.542.9735 nd out how yor B.C. greenhouse vegetables are grown, visit


“Safe, nutritious greenhouse vegetables grown sustainably in Vancouver’s backyard”

DELTA FARMER’S INSTITUTE P.O. Box 18565 Delta, B.C. V4K 4V7 Phone/Fax:

Established 1898



Students are having tasty lessons these days with help from local greenhouses, including Delta’s Windset Farms. Director of sales Jeff Madu has been supplying local produce to classrooms since 2006. It’s all happening as part of the B.C. School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program. The idea is to teach kids the benefits of eating healthy food. “We grow small-sized varieties like baby bell peppers, grape tomatoes and mini-cucumbers,” says Madu, “and they’re perfect for the classroom. It’s just a case of wash and serve.” Only one in five children eats the recommended minimum of five fruits and veggies per day. That’s why the program tries to increase awareness about the delicious variety of fresh local produce. Kids learn fun facts while they’re snacking on baby bell peppers, such as peppers are a fruit, not a veggie, and you can get a dose of vitamins just by eating them. The problem sometimes is just getting kids to try

new foods. Can watching classmates eating produce tempt kids to try some themselves? “Yes,” Madu enthuses, “I’ve received letters from parents saying my kids never wanted to eat tomatoes, but they tried them in the classroom and now they like them.” “Eating habits developed in childhood influence our health later in life,” says Lindsay Babineau. As executive director of Agriculture in the Classroom Foundation, she is part of the team that developed and runs the program. “That’s why we want to get kids eating fruits and veggies as early as possible.” There’s often a learning curve when offering something new. She tells how the first tray of fruits and vegetables offered to students at one school stayed untouched all day. Happily, the kids are fast learners. Now the produce is gobbled down as soon as it’s put out. The program covers schools throughout the province, including inner-

city, First Nations and schools in remote northern communities. “We use produce from farms across B.C., but sometimes it has to travel by truck and ferry to get to those remote schools,” says Babineau, “and it’s wonderful to think some of these kids are being exposed to new produce. Some of them have never seen a mini-cuke before, and they just love them.” The program also teaches important lessons about food safety. Students must wash their hands before they pick a pepper or crunch on a cuke. And though the produce comes already washed, students are taught to wash their hands as well as the produce they eat outside the classroom. Throughout the province, 6.3 million servings of produce were used during this past school year, including over three millions servings of greenhouse tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Twenty-four Delta schools now participate in the program, including classes from kindergarden through Grade 12.

Proudly supporting Agriculture and the citizens of Delta. Some of the organizations we have supported are:

• Delta Hospital • Delta Hospice • Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust • Delta May Days • Delta LifeSkills Society • Little House Society • Earthwise Society • Ladner Lawn Bowling Club • Delta Museum & Archives • Delta Farmer's Institute • Delta Senior Secondary • Reach Child & Development Society • Corporation of Delta Crop Signage Program • Delta Riding Club


August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A25

Support the agricultural industry that founded and built our community in South Delta.

Enjoy fresh! Buy local! Vicki Huntington MLA, Delta South

Parliament Buildings, Room 145 Victoria, BC V8V 1X4 Phone: 250-952-7594 Fax: 250-952-7598 Email: 92

Delta South Constituency Office 4805 Delta Street, Delta, BC V4K 2T7 Phone 604-940-7924 Fax 604-940-7927 Email:


Jeff Madu of Windset Farms supplies grape tomatoes to the B.C. School Fruit and Vegetable Nutritional Program, allowing B.C. students to learn about and sample locally grown produce.

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Agriculture in Delta

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Goodness from the ground up.


nil me^jrij a_\]c o^kf_c qp

Kevin 08164157

b]]_ `^_ a_\]rc o^kf_c qp

The Corporation of Delta 4500 Clarence Taylor Crescent Delta, BC V4K 3E2 (604) 946-4141

Day at the Farm provides up close look for public

Delta Farmland & Wildlife Trust and Westham Island Herb Farm are presenting the seventh annual Day at the Farm community event next month. The event, which includes many new features this year, takes place at Westham Island Herb Farm (4690 Kirkland Rd.) on Saturday, Sept. 8 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Admission is free. This is an opportunity to visit a working farm and meet local farmers to hear first-hand about the challenges of growing food and how our farmers combine ingenuity and hard work to be successful. Meeting farmers in this setting is an excellent way for the public to become more educated, fostering trust and confidence in those who grow our food. In addition to local famers, there will be interactive displays and presentations as well as the ever-popular hay-wagon farm tours. Witness the age-old skill of draughthorse ploughing, while the Mobile Dairy Classroom will give live milking demonstrations, showing how dairy farmers

manage their herds for milk production 365 days a year, providing yearround access to high quality products like fluid milk, cheese, butter, yogurt and ice PHOTO BY GREG FEE cream. A draughthorse ploughing demonstration will be Visitors part of Day at the Farm. can also the landscape. roll up their No Day at the Farm sleeves and get their hands dirty at the BC Fresh Potato would be complete without Dig, where Westham Island fresh, local food. BC Ag in Classroom will have a team Herb Farm has planted 12 rows of potatoes for visitors of students preparing tasty samples using ingredients to dig up their own fresh sourced from B.C. farms. spuds for a cost of $2 per White Spot will have its bag. “On the Go” food truck at Day at the Farm is also the event, selling local food, an excellent chance to including French fries made learn about wildlife confrom Kennebec potatoes servation projects that take grown right here in Delta. place annually on local Sit and enjoy live enterfarms. This year featured tainment at noon. And if displays will be dedicated you fancy yourself a baker, to DF&WT’s stewardship bake a blueberry pie and programs. enter it in the pie contest. Local wildlife biologists A prize will be awarded to and naturalists will be on the finest-looking pie. hand to share interesting Visit for facts about the migratory more event details. birds with which we share ©2010 Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited. Arborcoat, Benjamin Moore and the triangle “M” symbol are registered trademarks, licensed to Benjamin Moore & Co., Limited.





#106 - 2055 152nd Street White Rock/South Surrey

#131 - 4857 Elliott Street Ladner Harbour Centre, Ladner


#100-14936 32nd Avenue Surrey


Actual colours may not appear exactly as shown. Colour accuracy is ensured when tinted on quality Benjamin Moore paints.


A26 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A27

Farmers receiving help to deal with climate change also a concern, given possible shifts in their range, distribution and survival rates. Perhaps the biggest obstacle to overcome, however, is raising awareness of these risks. “It’s a common misconception that climate change just means warmer and more favourable conditions for food production in B.C.,” says Allen James, chair of the council’s Climate Action Initiative, “but the projected changes would create a more complex and challenging environment for B.C.’s agricultural producers.” So will B.C. be prepared for these challenges? “We’re on the right path,” according to Emily MacNair, co-ordinator

of the Climate Action Initiative. “Managing climate change impacts to B.C.’s food system will involve decisions, infrastructure and resources that go well beyond the farm gate. “Adapting to climate change is a collective challenge,” MacNair observes. “Planning and collaboration are needed in our communities and the province as a whole.” Despite their awareness of the potential risks facing agricultural producers, both MacNair and James remain confident about the sector’s ability to adapt and thrive. “The assessment has provided a critical foundation to help enhance B.C. agriculture in a changing climate,” James emphasizes.

COMPLETE SOURCE FOR IRRIGATION Providing Superior service and product to the Agricultural Industry:

• Hard Hose Travellers • PVC,Aluminum & Drainage Pipe • Complete line of Pumps • Spray, Mist & Drip Irrigation

1!0 /'%,-"*#"%) '%/+$ /%) ,& ."') +)(/&+

/=- AM M3,&2 ,3Q K;Q 752K Q7485G,*8Q :6 @,6,&,+ ?QM3QQ2B

>22Q6K:,82 (Q3K:F(,KQ2



%.GQ,3 (Q3K:F(,KQ2 ,6& P.GQ,3 &:4857,2B

• Spray Pump & Parts • Greenhouse & Heating Systems • Plastic & Fabric Row Crop Covering


04Q(:,8KG 4,3K.K:7Q (5J32Q2B

I X>TQD\OBQOTY \T>= =T>[O\QD>@ ^@[ =T>QY\QD>@ I SDMYRQ>\C =T>[O\QD>@



When it comes to adapting to one’s environment, you can’t beat a farmer. Climate change, however, and its potential impact on food production, presents an unprecedented assortment of challenges. This is why the Investment Agriculture Foundation felt it was imperative to support the B.C. Agriculture Council in assessing the risks and opportunities that climate change could pose for B.C.’s agricultural sector. Thanks to the input provided by producers across the province, a series of reports are now available which highlight potential climate change impacts for B.C. agriculture at a regional and commodity specific level, as well as possible approaches to support adaptation efforts. Among other challenges, producers could contend with an increase of extreme precipitation events in spring and fall, more extended dry periods in the summer, and associated shifts in stream flow and water supply. Difficulty managing pest, disease and invasive plant outbreaks is


A448G 65H O53 0Q4KQ7*Q3 53 <,6J,3G :6K,9Q+


23160 72nd Ave., Langley, BC,V2Y 2K2 Tel: 604.882.7405 • Fax: 604.882.7408 •


The equipment business has been rapidly changing over the lastseveralyears.Manufacturer’s require dealers to work with their customers to order ahead of time to get the best possible price and availability in time for their needs. At Avenue we have developed special discount programs in conjunction with our suppliers to offer all of our farming customers the best possible deal on all High Horse Power Tractors and larger specialty equipment. Give Barry a call today and let him show you how planning ahead for your larger equipment needs can save your operation money and time.


TELEPHONE: 604-864-2665


TOLL FREE: 1-888-283-3276


A28 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

KELLY FARMS LAND LEVELING Agricultural Plan points

Delta in right direction



rial is prohibited. Delta also recently agreed to a land exchange with the school district that places the former Tsawwassen School Reserve, comprising 20 acres of good farmland, under municipal ownership and secures that land for long-term soil-based farming. Delta is also participating in a nine-month pilot project to examine the impacts of climate change on agriculture. This project will bring farmers, government and industry partners together to develop adaptation strategies that can be integrated into agricultural planning. The support of key agricultural organizations is critical to the success

of the Agricultural Plan. Organizations including the Delta Farmers’ Institute, Delta Agricultural Society and Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust collaborate and partner with Delta on many important agricultural issues. For example, the crop identification signs visible from many of Delta’s roads and highways are the result of a partnership between Delta and the Delta Agricultural Society to raise awareness of the diversity of produce grown in the community. Delta also provides funding to support other agriculture-related programs such as the effort to enhance wildlife habitat on farmland by Delta Farmland and Wildlife Trust.


4044 - 96th Street, Delta, B.C. V4K 3N3


BRENT KELLY 604-591-1051

“Delta is a place where the business of farming can prosper while contributing vitally to the community’s ecological attributes and social, cultural, and economic well-being.” Delta’s Agricultural Plan, approved in 2011, includes this vision and provides a basis for initiatives that honour the history and support the future of the community’s agricultural industry for the next 20 years. The Agricultural Plan identifies key goals to protect and enhance agriculture in Delta and work is already underway to reach those goals. For example, Delta recently adopted a bylaw to regulate soil deposit and removal on farmland, which ensures good soil is retained and poor fill mate-

Got local?

OriginO Organic Tomatoes are proudly grown in Delta, BC.

delicious distinctive healthful versatile BC Blueberries

Look for OriginO in the Organic Produce section at your local Retailer. Our tomatoes and cucumbers taste homegrown, without all the work!

Did you know?

growers. These growers farmfarm close Delta is is home hometoto31 32blueberry blueberry growers. These growers to 3,000 land of with production averagingaveraging around 9,500 lbs/ close to acres 3,200ofacres land with production around acre. That’s an estimated production value of $28.5impact million!of 10,500 lbs/acre. That's an estimated economic Delta is a vital Delta part ofisthe BC Blueberry industry. $131 million! a vital part of the BC blueberry industry.

BC Blueberry Council 275-32160 South Fraser Way Abbotsford, BC V2T 1W5 Tel: 604-864-2117 Fax: 604-864-2197

for more information, visit our website or follow us on Facebook (search OriginO)


Blueberries have more to offer than just good looks and taste. Their antioxidant activity helps neutralize harmful by-products that can lead to cancer and other age-related diseases while reducing “bad” cholesterol build-up and promoting urinary tract health. Blueberries are high in dietary fibre and potassium and have only 40 calories per 1/2 cup serving.

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A29

Going to great lengths to Win a Family maintain healthy plants Pack to the

Local greenhouses are using numerous strategies to fight organisms harmful to their crops. At Delta View Farms, this battle is being led by head grower Gordon Yakel. Yakel, a graduate of SFU’s biology program, uses Integrated Pest and Disease Management to stay one step ahead of his adversaries. IPM and IDM use the principles of tolerant plant varieties, cleanliness, monitoring and treatment to deal with pests and diseases. The first challenge is to match the right rootstock to a particular tomato variety while maintaining tolerance to the main plant diseases and still producing a tasty, high quality fruit. “I do at least two years of greenhouse trials before choosing only the best performers to grow,” states Yakel. Starting clean is another important strategy. In December workers remove last year’s crop, grow bags and the plastic ground cover used to stop weed growth. This is followed by a general wash down of

August 20-26

Vancouver Golf Club, Coquitlam $99.00 Value includes:


Gordon Yakel of Delta View Farms holds a card that supplies Encarsia, one of many “good bugs” used to fight pests in the greenhouse. the structure and a bleach application to disinfect the inside of the greenhouse. “Basically we are preventing the carryover of last year’s pests and diseases onto the new crop,” says Yakel. When the young crop reaches a height of about 1.2 metres, the bottom-most leaves are removed weekly from the plant. To stop the spread of disease, the knives used for leaf pruning are regularly dipped into a disinfectant. The disinfectant also acts as a desiccant, helping the wounds to dry

quickly. Catching problems early is also important. Plants from one row in each greenhouse bay or section are looked at once a week, so after five weeks every plant in the greenhouse has been inspected. Monitoring includes checking top and undersides of leaves for pests and diseases. This is done in the top, middle and bottom of the crop canopy. Monitoring is also done with yellow sticky cards, which attract and trap flying insect pests.

Four (4) Anyday Grounds admissions, Two (2) daily parking passes, One (1) $20 concession food voucher, One (1) 15% discount coupon for merchandise

NAME ________________________________________________ PHONE _______________________________________________ EMAIL ________________________________________________ Drop off or mail your ballot to: Delta Optimist #207-4840 Delta St., Ladner, B.C. V4K 2T6 • Deadline: Aug. 16, 2012 at 4pm

For over 40 years, Roddick Fertilizers has been an important part of Delta agriculture. We supply fertilizer, limestone, organic supplies and landscape products. The Roddick Feed, Farm & Garden Store sells tack, feed and bedding to local horse farmers. Contact us today for more information about our products and services. Roddick Fertilizer 4119 - 40th Street Delta, BC V4K 3N2

Office: (604) 946-8338 Store: (604) 946-2771

Suppor t Local Ag ing ricultur e Bene7t s Our Commu nity!

Roddick Fertilizers is a division of

A30 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

The Chancey Team Bob & Linda Chancey


Blake Chancey Unlicensed Assistant



Fantastic rancher with walk out basement on close to 1/3 acre in a top Tsawwassen location. New vinyl windows '07; High efficiency furnace '97; new torch on roof '03. Lovingly cared for one owner home located on this gorgeous property. Close to high school, buses, and park. Ready for immediate occupancy. Open Sunday 2:00 – 4:00.

Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899.

For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

5143 Wilson Drive, Tsawwassen • $629,000

#1 AGENT IN LADNER & TSAWWASSEN FOR 11 YEARS* Over $100,000 in Reno's!


When you walk in this home it will lift your spirits. An outstanding home that exudes the "WOW" factor throughout. From the professionally designed & landscaped Zen patio/garden with custom designed arbor, gate, irrigation system & cement pond, to the new kitchen in 2010 including new cabinets, granite, sink, faucets, marble backsplash & all new appliances. Master bedroom on main floor. Bright & airy & open. 2,450 sq.ft., 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, large games room. There is so much more! Get in this home today. Don't be left saying "I should have . . ."

Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899.

For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

5252 Crescent Drive, Ladner • $739,000 SUTTON GROUP - WEST COAST REALTY

*These Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver statistics are based on combined listing and sales. #1 Agent REBGV 1986. #2 Agent REBGV 1987. #3 Agent REBGV 1985 & 1988 #1 Agent in S. Delta for 11 years 1984-1992, 1996 and 2007 (Team) MLS Presidents Club for 10 years 1984-1992 and 2007*


**Based on The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver career statistics for Bob &/or Linda Chancey *”77 SALES PER YEAR” is based on sales in the last 6 years 2006-2011 inclusive & best 6 years 1985-1990 inclusive (12 year average)


August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A31

The Chancey Team Bob & Linda Chancey


Blake Chancey Unlicensed Assistant


Gorgeous split level home located in Beach Grove on a private, country size lot. Upgrades include New Roof, New windows, New boiler, New kitchen & appliances! 4 bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, is loaded with appeal and is completely unique to the Beach Grove area. The southwest exposed yard is an entertainers paradise; completely private with an in ground pool and hot tub; various seating areas. Plus extra out building can be used as a cabana, home office or fantastic space for a hobby! JUST LISTED so call today. Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899. For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

5887 Whitcomb Pl, Tsawwassen • $798,800



Happiness is a 2,600 square foot 2 level home with 1 or 2 bedroom suite down. Located close to schools, bus and recreation. LARGE 1500 SQ.FT. MAIN FLOOR with 3 bedrooms up (master bedroom has 2 piece ensuite), very spacious living room with wood fireplace; dining room and kitchen/eating area with access to deck. Private south exposed back yard. Roof approximately 9 years young. OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899.

For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

5354 6th Avenue, Tsawwassen • $614,900 SUTTON GROUP - WEST COAST REALTY

*These Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver statistics are based on combined listing and sales. #1 Agent REBGV 1986. #2 Agent REBGV 1987. #3 Agent REBGV 1985 & 1988 #1 Agent in S. Delta for 11 years 1984-1992, 1996 and 2007 (Team) MLS Presidents Club for 10 years 1984-1992 and 2007*


**Based on The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver career statistics for Bob &/or Linda Chancey *”77 SALES PER YEAR” is based on sales in the last 6 years 2006-2011 inclusive & best 6 years 1985-1990 inclusive (12 year average)


A32 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

The Chancey Team Bob & Linda Chancey


Blake Chancey Unlicensed Assistant


Lovingly cared for cul-de-sac rancher with 2,505 square foot, 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, double garage, in move in condition. Great layout, open kitchen, eating area & family room overlooking back yard. Formal living room & dining. Loft area with 3rd bedroom & games room. Large deck. 3 year young roof & the home has been very well kept by these original owners. Get in this house today. JUST LISTED so call today. O Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899. For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360 Tours go to

6468 Meadow Place, Ladner • $624,800


Custom built, one owner home in extremely desirable Victory South location, backing onto a park. Approximately 3,084 square feet with lots of skylites and a great floor plan. Cross hall dining & living rooms; kitchen with wood cabinets and gas stove, eating area and family room with French doors leading to a large deck and private back yard. Lots of beautiful flooring. 3 really good size bedooms, den & a huge games room upstairs. Corner lot; double garage, RV parking.

Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899.

For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

5375 Bentley Drive, Ladner • $749,000


This home is located in a quiet cul-de-sac with a bright, beautifully landscaped back yard! Formal living room, dining room with vaulted ceilings. MASTER BEDROOM & 5 pce ensuite, 2nd bedroom, cozy kitchen, eating area & family room all on main floor. 3rd bedroom, games room & a full bath upstairs. Total of 2050 SF. 2x6 construction. Bring your decorating ideas.

Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899.

For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

5316 Augusta Place, Tsaw. • $674,800 SUTTON GROUP - WEST COAST REALTY

*These Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver statistics are based on combined listing and sales. #1 Agent REBGV 1986. #2 Agent REBGV 1987. #3 Agent REBGV 1985 & 1988 #1 Agent in S. Delta for 11 years 1984-1992, 1996 and 2007 (Team) MLS Presidents Club for 10 years 1984-1992 and 2007*


**Based on The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver career statistics for Bob &/or Linda Chancey *”77 SALES PER YEAR” is based on sales in the last 6 years 2006-2011 inclusive & best 6 years 1985-1990 inclusive (12 year average)


August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A33

The Chancey Team Bob & Linda Chancey


Blake Chancey Unlicensed Assistant



This truly fabulous 3 bedroom penthouse/townhouse is located in the heart of Ladner. Over 1,800 square feet. Living room & dining room with high vaulted ceilings. Master bedroom on the main floor. Two more bedrooms and a loft area above makes this home a perfect place for a family, home business or empty nester looking with room for visitors. 2 good size parking stalls, lots of insuite storage, just steps to shops, restaurants and other amenities. Totally rain screened building with 7 years remaining on warranty. JUST LISTED so call today.

Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899. For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

503, 4821 53rd Street, Ladner • $429,000



Fantastic updates in this 1,638 square foot home in Cedar Tree Lane. Great floor plan with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 totally remodeled new baths. Beautiful, fully updated new kitchen with granite counters and S/S new appliances. Spacious eating area; and formal living & dining rooms. This home offers an extremely private, west exposed back yard - great for summer BBQ's. 4 year young roof. You'll be impressed!

Call Bob or Linda at 604-946-8899.

For Photo’s, Floor Plans & 360O Tours go to

4725 Cedar Tree Lane, Ladner • $524,900 SUTTON GROUP - WEST COAST REALTY

*These Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver statistics are based on combined listing and sales. #1 Agent REBGV 1986. #2 Agent REBGV 1987. #3 Agent REBGV 1985 & 1988 #1 Agent in S. Delta for 11 years 1984-1992, 1996 and 2007 (Team) MLS Presidents Club for 10 years 1984-1992 and 2007*


**Based on The Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver career statistics for Bob &/or Linda Chancey *”77 SALES PER YEAR” is based on sales in the last 6 years 2006-2011 inclusive & best 6 years 1985-1990 inclusive (12 year average)


personal real estate corporation

fraser elliott

A34 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


ee degr online 0 6 3 ur al to vir tu

priced @

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING EXECUTIVE HOME 5 YEARS YOUNG! Absolutely stunning 5 year young 2,503 sq.ft executive home with every possible feature or upgrade! Custom stonework, hardi plank, energy efficient heat pump with Air Conditioning, sprinkler system? Interior has floor to ceiling stone fireplace, vaulted ceilings, hardwood flooring, built-in speakers, CAT5 wiring, on demand hot water, granite counters, Stainless appliances, etc, etc! large DOUBLE GARAGE!!! also a bonus detached studio for your “man cave!” or artists studio!! Located in desirable Beach Grove for your evening strolls on the beach! Walk to Beach Grove Elementary in minutes! SouthPointe nearby! Don’t miss this, check out 360 virtual tour online!

ee e degr 360 our onlin t r tual


priced @

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

ee e degr 360 our onlin t r tual


8 yrs of Prestige RE/MAX Western Canada Awards

5314 Belair Crescent, Tsawwassen

priced @

priced @


WATERFRONT with UNOBSTRUCTED FARMLAND, CITY, and MOUNTAIN VIEWS! Backing the waterway! Absolutely beautiful 2,581 sq.ft, 26 year young 2-Level home with 3 bedrooms upstairs and a legal 2 bedroom suite downstairs! Home has been renovated with roof, windows, paint throughout, granite counters in kitchen, updated bathrooms, flooring, etc! etc! etc! 2 bedroom legal suite could cover $250,000 on your mortgage! One of the most beautiful rear yards around with 100% privacy, private dock, deck at rear, and loads of space for your family to run around! One of West Ladner’s Finest streets! Double Garage! Check out the 360 Virtual tour online and don’t miss this one!

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

priced @

priced @

Re/Max Progroup Realty 100 - 5000 Bridge Street


Stunning 10,500 sq.ft. rectangular building lot on Tsawwassen’s favourite Wallace Ave! Absolutely perfect setting to build your dream home! BRING YOUR OWN BUILDER OR CAN BUILD TO SUIT! Do not miss this opportunity to make your dreams reality! 5219 Wallace Ave., Tsawwassen

priced @



BEAUTIFUL SPLIT-LEVEL, HUGE LOT! ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Absolutely Beautiful, totally renovated 3-level split on a park-like 10,118 sq.ft. level lot in great Upper Tsawwassen Location! 3 bdrms upstairs, and a newly renovated 1 bedroom nanny-suite downstairs! Updates include: new paint, vinyl windows, roof, soffits, kitchen and new appliances, cabinets, counters, backsplash, (open plan), new bathrooms, (updated suite kitchen), new slate floor, flooring, baseboards, window mouldings, doors, new deck, staircase banister, updated plumbing, gas fireplace, water tank, Deluxe Childs play structure and Sandbox! etc! etc! ect! This is an absolutely beautiful family home with a mortgage-helper, located on Tsawwassen’s sought-after Underhill Drive! Don’t miss it! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!

874 Underhill Drive, Tsawwassen



ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL, UPDATED 2-LEVEL located in West Ladner! New windows, roof, new kitchen with open plan, refinished hardwood flooring, furnace, landscaping, paint, bathroom, etc! Beautifully landscaped private sunny rear yard! Partial View of farmlands from the front! Lots of parking! Home is suite-able! Close to schools and Historic Ladner Village! Check out 360 Virtual tour online! Don’t miss it!

5527 44th Avenue, Ladner


Do not miss this one! Beautiful 3,155 sq. ft., 4 bedroom and den executive home in West Ladner’s Port Guichon neighbourhood! This home has it all, beautiful layout with separate dining and living rooms, open family room concept, cement tile roof, triple garage (RARE!)!!! Highquality construction and finishings, hardwood flooring, tile, etc! etc! etc! Walk to Nature Trails, schools, boating, Historic Ladner Village Market in minutes! Beautiful sunny west-exposed rear yard! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!



4629 Savoy Street, Ladner

Medallion Presidents Club Member

2-Level on a great street in very central location, walking distance to all amenities! 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, (master has full Ensuite!) Many updates including new windows, rear deck, water tank, new flooring, new Ensuite bathroom, lit fixtures, all appliances, updated kitchen, etc! Etc! great home, large 7,556 sq.ft south exposed lot, lots of parking, ready to move in! Don’t miss this!

1684 Duncan Drive, Tsawwassen

priced @

Top 1% of ALL REALTORS IN GREATER VANCOUVER in 2009, 2010, 2011



5394 Paton Drive, Ladner


Do not miss the opportunity to own this stunning executive condo in Tsawwassen’s latest and greatest Resort-Like living complex, Tsawwassen Springs! UNOBSTRUCTED VIEWS OF NEW GOLF COURSE AND NORTH SHORE MOUNTAINS FROM THIS UNIT! Absolute top quality finishings, 1,529 sq.ft, 2 bedroom and den unit, granite counters, 9 ft ceilings, stainless appliances, Geothermal Heat, etc! This unit has thousands spent in upgrades to light fixtures, etc! Huge Balcony overlooking golf course with gas heater etc! This is as good as it gets, so come and take a look and start living the dream! Check out 360 Virtual tour online! Quick Possession possible!

206-5099 Springs Blvd., Tsawwassen



Top 5% of all REALTORS® in Greater Vancouver in 2006, 2007, 2008


1617 Duncan Drive, Tsawwassen


* South Delta’s #1 Real Estate Agent.

dipl. in Marketing Commercial and Residential Real Estate British Columbia Ins. of Tech.

Do not miss this STUNNING 5 year young 2,580 sq.ft executive home with master bedroom on main floor! 4 bedrooms, (2 masters), absolute top quality finishings, stainless steel appliances, granite, hardwood, crown moulding, balcony off 2nd floor overlooking garden, 3 sets of french doors off master, family and living rooms, professionally landscaped yard, radiant heat, etc! etc! etc! Located in Popular Beach Grove on quiet street (30 k/m speed limit), walk to Beach Grove Elementary or new South Point Academy. Take an evening stroll on the Beach! Live the Beach Lifestyle! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!

priced @



! hot off press

3 or 4 bedroom Cape Cod style home in Ladner’s Greatest Victory South! 2,304 sq.ft., master bedroom on main floor! Home has some updating but still needs some cosmetic upgrading! New roof, some laminate flooring. Excellent layout, beautiful location! Don’t miss it! Priced to sell! Check out 360 Virtual tour online! 5269 Wellburn Drive, Ladner

priced @


#1 Agent in Ladner / Tsawwassen*

2010, 2011, 2012

*Based on number of sales in 2010, 2011, and to-date 2012! *This representation is based in whole or in part on Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Statistics

ee degr online 0 6 3 ur al to vir tu

DO NOT MISS THIS OPPORTUNITY to own a beautiful piece of Historic Ladner Village! Prime Development Property! 12,700 sq.ft. Lot. Official Community Plan Designated is MDR (Medium Density Residential) which can allow for condominiums and/or townhomes. Check City Hall for details. 10+ for Location, 1 minute walk to Nature Trails on the River! Current home is tenanted.

4801 Turnbuckle Wynd, Ladner

4829 48th Avenue, Ladner

priced @



ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu


Absolutely stunning 1,039 sq.ft, 2-Level, 3 bedroom townhome in Sought-after Harbourside! End unit! Large sun-drenched private yard overlooking green-space! Totally renovated with open-plan kitchen, new stainless steel appliances, new laminate, new windows and french doors, newer patio, new bathroom, paint, water tank, etc! etc! etc! Single garage, etc! Absolutely perfect first-time buyer home with loads of space for your family! Priced for quick sale, don't miss this one!

Beautiful 2,277 sq.ft. 5 bedroom 3 bathroom family home with master on main floor! Located in Ladner’s premier Marina Garden Estates! Nielson Grove catchment! Lovingly maintained by original owners! Formal living and dining rooms, family room and eating area off kitchen. Walk out to your sun-drenched rear yard! Walk to all nature trails, golf, restaurants, Historic Ladner Village Market, all in minutes! Check out 360 Virtual tour online and come take a look at it! Don’t miss this one!

priced @


ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

5348 Commodore Drive, Ladner

priced @


priced @

What an opportunity. Currently a 13,207 sq.ft. lot with very livable old house. Owner has gone through all the subdivision hoops and has 3rd reading approval, civic engineering and stakes in, ready to go for 4th reading approval, to subdivide 2 RS6 building lots (6,300 sq.ft. and 6,900 sq.ft.). New buyer will need to put up costs for remaining subdivision fees. Ready to go! Don’t miss this opportunity to develop 2 beautiful lots in excellent central location next to Hawthorne School, and walking distance to Ladner Village!

4738 Stahaken Pl., Tsawwassen

5188 Central Avenue, Ladner


priced @


ee degr online 0 6 3 ur al to vir tu

Absolutely Beautiful 3,038 sq.ft executive home on one of Tsawwassen’s most desirable streets “Eden Crescent”. Large 4 or 5 bedroom home with plenty of space for your growing family. Home has been extensively updated with new windows, new deck, 2” blinds throughout, updated kitchen and bathrooms, washer/dryer, 3 sets of french doors, etc! Massive 11,711 sq.ft corner lot with very private yard and excellent swimming pool! (New pump and heating core). Walk to absolutely all of Tsawwassen Town Centre amenities, Beach Grove Golf Course, and the beach in minutes! Don’t miss this one! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

priced @


ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu


4,250 SF HOME ON 11,868 SF LOT


ee degr online 0 6 3 r l tou ir tua

5805 Fairwynd, Ladner

priced @

Excellent 710 sq ft 1 bedroom unit in a popular complex right in the heart of Tsawwassen Town Centre. Very quiet location overlooking garden area. Unit has just been freshly painted, private balcony, gas fireplace and ready to move in! Clean as a whistle! Priced to sell! Don’t miss this opportunity! 108-1441 Garden Place, Tsawwassen


Absolutely stunning 4 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom, executive home in Ladner’s Marina Garden Estates. Living room and great room with open plan. Large kitchen with Jenn Air and Bosch appliances, granite counters, ceramic tiles, hardwood flooring, etc! Ensuites with all bedrooms! Home is in excellent condition and ready to move in! Sunny private rear yard, double garage, excellent corner lot with only 1 neighbour! priced for quick sale! Check 360 virtual tour online! don’t miss this one!



975 Eden Cresent, Tsawwassen

priced @



Excellent 4 bedroom and games family home in popular Stahaken! Main floor down, bedrooms and games up! Beautiful inground swimming pool with new heater, terraced yard, etc! Updates to home include new carpeting throughout, refinished hardwood flooring and new hardwood upstairs, new on-demand water heater, most new window panes, all new lighting, etc! Excellent layout with large dining room, vaulted ceilings, a good sized family room with french doors to yard! Double garage, etc! Priced to sell! Check out 360 Virtual Tour online!

priced @

Absolutely beautiful 1,100 sq.ft. 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit in popular Hunter Greene! Unit has everything you need with a fabulous layout, vaulted ceilings in master bedroom, bright exposure, air flow, some views of golf course! Many upgrades including new hardwood flooring, new appliances, closet organizers, etc! etc! Walk to Tsawwassen town centre in 1 minute! All amenities at your fingertips! Excellent unit, excellent complex! Check out 360 virtual tour online!

304-1300 Hunter Road, Tsawwassen


ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu



Absolutely stunning, one-of-a-kind 4,250 SqFt, 7-year young executive home on massive 11,868 SqFt park-like lot! Custom-built to highest of standards, complete with granite, tile, magnificent luxury kitchen, radiant heat, Etc! Etc! Etc! 5 bedrooms plus office, all have bathrooms, top-of-the-line finishings! Large curved driveway, detached bonus shop at rear! Do not miss this stunner! Check out 360-virtual tour on-line.

5340 Crescent Drive, Ladner

priced @


Nobody sells more real estate than Fraser in Ladner / Tsawwassen* *based on number of sales in 2010, 2011, and to-date 2012!


personal real estate corporation


fraser elliott

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A35


Call Fraser today for UNBEATABLE Real Estate Marketing Expertise. Ask about my Vancouver Sun marketing campaign.

personal real estate corporation

fraser elliott

A36 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

* South Delta’s #1 Real Estate Agent.

CUTE UPDATED RANCHER! ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

priced @

LARGE 2 BEDROOM CONDO! ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Top 5% of all REALTORS in Greater Vancouver in 2006,2007,2008


Re/Max Progroup Realty 100 - 5000 Bridge Street

priced @


8,083 sq.ft building lot in prime upper Tsawwassen location! Level lot, can build to suit with Andres Homes! Call for details!

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

priced @

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

priced @

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

2,400 sq.ft. 2-level home with mortgage helper! TOTALLY RENOVATED AS - NEW HOME! Too many upgrades to list here! Entirely new kitchen with cherry cabinets, new counters, pantry with glass door, stainless appliances, tile, backsplash, pot lights, breakfast bar, open plan to family room with french floors to covered balcony, etc! etc! FABULOUS bathrooms with glass door, new counters, tile shower, etc! High-quality engineered hardwood, crown mouldings and baseboard, new doors, light fixtures, all new electrical and insulation, new drywall, paint, ethernet throughout, LOW-E Windows, exterior gutters, fascia, vinyl soffits, 6 year roof, new decking, cedar railing, etc! etc! This home is as brand new, don’t miss the opportunity! Great location, cul-de-sac location, self-contained 1 bdrm suite down, carport and garage! Walk to all amenities!

11827 85B Ave., North Delta

priced @



GREAT 2-LEVEL ON LARGE LOT! ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Excellent 2-Level, 2,164 sq.ft 4 bedroom home on large 9,505 sq.ft corner lot (with circular driveway). Updated with new windows, doors, new paint, tile flooring, original hardwood flooring, upgraded bathroom, etc! Excellent location, walking distance to all amenities, large private lot! Home is easily suitable! Don’t miss this one! Check out 360 virtual tour online!

973 53A Street, Tsawwassen



Absolutely PERFECT 1,408 sq.ft 3 bedroom rancher that has been TOTALLY RENOVATED FROM TOP TO BOTTOM! Custom Designer paint, granite counters, new kitchen, stainless GE Appliances, solid oak hardwood and polished slate flooring, crown moulding, new doors, trim, blinds, updated electrical, pot lighting, high efficiency on-demand hot water, new furnace, entirely new siding, facia, soffits, trim, windows, roof (5 yrs) decking, driveway, etc! etc! etc! Beautiful open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, this home is move-in ready!!! Don’t miss this! Check out 360 Virtual Tour online!

4484 54A Street, Ladner

#309-4743 River Road West, Ladner

priced @




Stop right here! Rarely available 1,926 sq ft stunning penthouse unit at River West with 800 sq ft of decks! Feels like a large rancher! Updates include all new kitchen with quartz counters, etc! Newer carpets, appliances, Samsung & front loader washer/dryer with steam features, etc! etc! 9ft ceilings throughout plus 14ft vaulted ceilings in living room! 5 sets of patio doors to your massive sundrenched deck! Perfect for entertaining, etc! Price includes 32 ft boat slip! Do not miss this rare opportunity!

Absolutely beautiful 923 sq.ft 2 bedroom condo in Sought-after Sunningdale #3 in the heart of Historic Ladner Village! Updated with new laminate, crown and baseboard mouldings, paint, appliances, etc! etc! etc! Nothing to do but move in! Beautiful spacious private balcony overlooking greenery! New roof in complex! Priced to sell! Check out 360 Virtual tour online! Don’t miss this one!

#105-4758 53rd Street, Ladner

944 Underhill Drive, Tsawwassen

priced @




8 yrs of Prestige RE/MAX Western Canada Awards

Medallion Presidents Club Member

Beautiful 1,128 sq.ft two bedroom condo in sought-after Ladner Pointe! Building has been totally rainscreened and is like new! Unit is spacious, with quiet exposure, newer carpet and paint, ready to occupy! Walk to grocery store and all amenities in one minute! Historic Ladner Village market, everything! Priced to quick sale! Check out the 360 virtual tour! B403-4821 53rd Street, Ladner

Beautiful 3 or 4 bedroom 2,100 sq.ft home in Ladner’s desirable Bentley Lane Subdivision. 2 years young, with features such as granite counters, crown mouldings, hardwood flooring, tile, etc! Large detached double garage at rear lane, 2-5-1 0 year warranty, etc! In the heart of Ladner, walking distance to nature trails, river, Historic Ladner Village Market, golf course, schools, etc! Don’t miss this! Priced for immediate sale! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!

5156 Westminster Ave., Ladner



Top 1% of ALL REALTORS IN GREATER VANCOUVER in 2009, 2010, 2011

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

5106 12th Avenue, Tsawwassen


dipl. in Marketing Commercial and Residential Real Estate British Columbia Ins. of Tech.

1330 sq.ft. 3 bedroom rancher with style! Large family room off kitchen, exposed wood beams, french doors to 100% private rear yard! Home has been updated with new laminate flooring, kitchen, counters, some appliances, paint, new windows, roof (8 yrs), large double shop/garage.


priced @



ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Absolutely beautiful updated 2,200 SqFt 3 bedroom sprawling H-shaped rancher in desirable Deerfield location on a large 9,236 SqFt lot. Upgraded kitchen, flooring paint, bathrooms, furnace, irrigation system, etc! Beautiful sunny rear yard with 9 different types of fruit trees, etc! Great street appeal, great home, great location! Will not last. Don’t miss this one. Check out 360-Virtual Tour online!

80 Deerfield Drive, Tsawwassen

priced @


#1 Agent in Ladner / Tsawwassen*

2010, 2011, 2012

*Based on number of sales in 2010, 2011, and to-date 2012! *This representation is based in whole or in part on Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board Statistics

ee degr online 0 6 3 ur al to vir tu

6,160 sq.ft HOME less than 1 yr. old! rlbƒo cb†o ƒm€ j‰ƒoqb† ~mqczqm{cf „lmbnkliƒi† zln… zq{z vud qoqm{c… euroline windows & doors, Kentwood eq€ysoƒmp zƒi€ˆll€ |llic… zq{zy m€ ‚ƒbzillncf tƒi{… kil}ccqlmƒoo† oƒm€cƒk€ }ilmb ‡ iƒi †ƒi€c… €bƒz€ gww cjx}b czlk ƒb iƒi l} home!

5382 Crescent Drive, Ladner

priced @



ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu


ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Absolutely flawless 3 year young 3,618 sq.ft 6 bedroom, games and den executive home on sprawling 9,849 sq.ft lot! fantastic views over farmland, ocean, and mountains from upper level! 5.5 bathrooms! High end Viking appliances, granite counters, spacious pantry, bamboo flooring, crown mouldings, heat exchanger, Etc! Etc! Walk out to your large, private west facing sun-drenched rear yard! Close to all amenities, don’t miss this stunning home!

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Excellent 2-Level home with fully self contained 2 bedroom suite downstairs and large double shop at rear! Gleaming original hardwood flooring, 4 year roof, other updates. Beautiful large double shop at rear of with access from large driveway. Don’t miss this one! Check out 360 virtual tour online!

priced @


ee degr online 0 6 3 r l tou ir tua

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Absolutely beautiful 2,793 sq.ft. Cape Cod style executive family home with a stunning view over farmland and North Shore mountains! 5 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms, master bedroom on main floor, large games room area upstairs with patio doors and 2nd staircase! Updates and features include 9 ft ceilings, triple crown mouldings, new carpets, exterior paint, professional landscaping, renovated master and upstairs bathroom, recently treated roof with warranty, 3 skylights, new kitchen counters and stainless sink, new fence, etc! This house is in excellent condition and waiting for you to move in. Quick possession possible! Check out 360 virtual tour online!

Excellent renovated 2 level on quiet street in desirable area! Updated kitchen, hardwood, roof, furnace, h/w tank, etc. Large lot 8216 sq.ft.! Don’t miss this!! Walk to school, shops, etc! Check out 360 Virtual tour online! Don’t miss this one! Priced to sell!

priced @



ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Absolutely beautiful and unique split-level type home with mortgage helper! 3,208 sq.ft., 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home situated on large 7,416 sq.ft. lot! Extensive addition and renovation done including open concept kitchens, 2-level self contained suite. Newer boiler/hot water tank, gutters, carpets, hardwood, stamped concrete walkways, exposed aggregate patios, concrete floors, newer roofs, etc.! Walk out your french doors from your open living/kitchen to the beautiful private yard! Separate games room with outdoor access from yard ready for you to entertain!

1769 Golf Club Drive, Tsawwassen

5436 15B Avenue, Tsawwassen

priced @

priced @



1634 157th Street





5065 59A Street, Ladner

priced @

Don’t miss this spacious 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo in sought after Century House! This is an extremely well kept and clean condo, with 970 sq. ft. of well laid out space! 2 parking stalls, and a storage unit are included! Rarely available! This complex is close to all shopping and amenities! #305-1175 Ferguson Road, Tsawwassen





5208 Laurel Drive, Ladner

priced @


Absolutely beautiful 2 bedroom townhome in sought-after “Pillars”. Open kitchen concept, maple kitchen with center island, gas fireplace, etc! Private large patio, etc! etc! Private access to 2 “separate” parking spots. Large storage workshop at your garage level! Beautiful unit! Don’t miss it!

priced @


ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

priced @

#14-1700 56th Street, Tsawwassen


ABSOLUTELY STUNNING CUSTOM BUILT 2,853 sq.ft executive home in Ladner’s Sought-after Victory South Subdivision. This home has EVERYTHING! High-end Silestone Counters, Maple kitchen, high-end light fixtures, hardwood flooring, Miele Steamer & oven, Perlick dble drawer freezer, Fisher & Paykel washing machine, 4 burner stove, etc etc. Vaulted ceilings, extensive moulding work, coffered ceilings, spice kitchen, great open plan.

1212 Pacific Drive, Tsawwassen


351 56th St., Tsawwasssen

priced @

STOP RIGHT HERE! Absolutely breathtaking custom designed Bel-Air style executive home in Tsawwassen’s highly attractive Stahaken Subdivision! 4,300 sq.ft of topnotch construction and high-end upgrades! 4 bedrooms and an office, 4 bathrooms, 22 foot vaulted entrance with custom designed granite and marble flooring, 12 foot ceilings throughout dining and living room area! Walk out to 100% private western exposed rear yard! Air exchange system, 7 zone radiant heat on both levels, thermo windows, sound system wired through all rooms, double staircases to upper floor, etc! etc! etc! This is a fantastic house in a great location! One-of-a-kind! Don’t miss this one! Check out 360 virtual tour online!

personal real estate corporation


fraser elliott

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A37


81 SALES BY FRASER SO FAR IN 2012! That is 1 sale every 2.69 days. *Stats taken as of August 5th, 2012


Call Fraser today for UNBEATABLE Real Estate Marketing Expertise. Ask about my Vancouver Sun marketing campaign.

personal real estate corporation

fraser elliott

A38 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

* South Delta’s #1 Real Estate Agent.

LOCATION! LOCATION! LOCATION! ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Top 1% of ALL REALTORS IN GREATER VANCOUVER in 2009, 2010, 2011 Top 5% of all REALTORS in Greater Vancouver in 2006,2007,2008


Re/Max Progroup Realty 100 - 5000 Bridge Street

ee degr online 0 6 3 r l tou ir tua


5795 17A Avenue, Tsawwassen

priced @

Absolutely stunning like Brand-new condo in popular Sundial! TOTALLY RENOVATED with new kitchen craft cabinets in kitchen and bathroom, mˆ bqo ƒm€ zƒi€ˆll€ |lliqm{… mˆ ƒikbqm{ qm bedroom, new appliances, countertops, sink, new paint, soundproofed ceiling in living area, new decking and gate, new windows and exterior door, closet doors, etc! TOTALLY RENOVATED AND LIKE A BRAND NEW CONDO! Large rear yard/patio area, private, quiet, etc! Check out 360 Virtual tour online and come and see! Walk to all of the Town Centre’s amenities in minutes! Will not last!

priced @

ee e degr 360 our onlin al t vir tu

Absolutely Beautiful Custom Built Executive home with over 3,266 sq.ft of practical living space! 6 Bedrooms and Den, (2 master bedrooms), 3 full washrooms and 2 powder rooms, high quality construction. Situated on an excellent 7,552 sq.ft west facing sun-drenched private lot! Walking distance to Mountain View Park, Holly Elementary, etc! etc! Steam bath, infloor radiant heat, alarm system, double sinks, double ovens, etc! etc! Just try and replace this size of a home for this price! Don’t miss it! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!

d l o juswtees r k by frase this

priced @



Absolutely charming 1,100 sq.ft 3 bedroom Boundary Bay Bungalow in prime location, 1 minute from beach! Picturesque front porch, with many features and updates including hardwood and tile flooring, vaulted ceilings, newer paint, blinds, kitchen, appliances, updated bathroom, fencing, landscaping, etc! etc! 1 Short minute walk to the beach! Excellent Sunny Yard, do not miss this perfect cottage! Live the laid-back beach lifestyle! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!

d l o juswtees r k by frase this

135 67th Street, Tsawwassen

4941 62nd Street, Ladner

priced @

Wow! Rare! What a beautiful property! Sprawling 2,500 sq ft rancher set back off private driveway! Excellent, level, landscaped & manicured grounds with mature blueberries and lots of pasture for your hobby farm desires! Picturesque barn, loads of parking space! 10429 64th Avenue, Ladner





#149-5421 10th Avenue, Tsawwassen

priced @

Absolutely stunning 2325 sqft CUSTOM Executive home on large 7125 sqft lot located in Tsawwassen’s Sought-after Boundary Bay! As new in 2009, with highest quality custom finishings thru-out! Designed with a real “Whistler feel!” Open concept floor plan with 24 ft vaulted ceilings & floor to ceiling stonework in liv room, granite counters, custom cabinetry, master suite on main floor with unbelievable ensuite bath. Wide-plank hardwood flooring thru-out, highgrade fir doors & casing, etc! Detached legal cottage at rear, potential to be suited? Includes bedrm, living rm, bath, sep. entrance. Large sunny west facing rear yard, large driveway with RV Parking, this has absolutely everything you could imagine in your dream home! Don’t miss it! Check out 360 Virtual tour online!

285 66A Street, Tsawwassen




Absolutely stunning 2 bedroom, 1,214 sq.ft, 2 full bathroom townhome in the desirable Pillars complex! Laminate flooring, new paint, slate tile, etc etc! Best location in complex with private yard and personal front entrance! Excellent condition, quiet location, 2 parking stalls, priced below comparable sales for action! Corner unit! Don’t miss this one! #123-1702 56th Street, Tsawwassen

d l o juswtees r k by frase this

8 yrs of Prestige RE/MAX Western Canada Awards

Medallion Presidents Club Member


priced @



dipl. in Marketing Commercial and Residential Real Estate British Columbia Ins. of Tech.

Location! Location! Location! Great 2,278 sq.ft 2 level with one bedroom suite downstairs! Private 7,779 sq.ft lot overlooking farmland with some views of north shore mountains. Home needs some finishing but has some updates to include (ups tairs): re-finished original hardwood, some paint, appliances, new bathroom. (Downstairs updates): New drywall, sounds-deadening insulation, light fixtures, gas fireplace with stonework, French doors off of bedroom, etc! Walk to Beach Grove Elementary, new Southpointe Academy and the beach in minutes! Come in and finish this home off with your style!

priced @

d l o juswtees r s k by fra e this

5132 Calvert Drive, Ladner


priced @

d l o juswtees r k by frase this

4857 55B Street, Ladner

priced @





CHESTNUT GARDENS! Only 14 units in this rarely avail complex. This 3 bdrm south/west corner unit has been well maint by owner including fresh paint [don’t touch the walls ;-)], 1 mo old H/W tank, new windows in 2011 and new roof in 2005, updated white kit cabs, updated baths, laminate and hardwood flrs, lge laundry room with sink, family room with slider out to lge fenced yard with gazebo, lge shed and much more. Pets OK.

Quiet location and an easy walk to Village shopping. 3 bedroom with 5 year young ROOF, FURNACE and Hot Water Tank. LARGE eatin ktichen with PRETTY window outlook over kitchen sink to private backyard. Carport is a door away from being a double garage. Easy access for large RV parking. Good storage but full of life’s treasures. Not staged, just well loved and lived in. Excellent neighbourhood.

Ideal building lot. Can build rancher with room for RV parking or separate shop. City may consider re-zoning to permit duplex, or build to suit.

d l o juswtees r k by frase this


2850 Burns Drive

81 SALES BY FRASER SO FAR IN 2012! That is 1 sale every 2.69 days. *Stats taken as of August 5th, 2012

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A39

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Sunrise Estates - Quiet location for this 3 bedroom rancher. Functional floor plan has 1600 sq. ft. which features new roof, skylights, vaulted ceiling and gas fireplace in living room, dining room has built in hutch and cozy family room with gas fireplace. Double garage with workbench and lots of storage. Situated on a well manicured 50’ x 111’ lot. Just a few blocks from school and bus line.


Recently renovated 3400 sq. ft. executive home in upper Tsawwassen’s “Pebble Hill” area. New gourmet kitchen includes Quartz counters and high end stainless appliances (including as cooktop & double oven), new hardwood, tile & carpeted flooring matching the freshly painted rooms with designer colours. New roof, underground sprinkler system, and natural gas connection out back for heaters & BBQ. Well laid out floor plan includes 4 bedrooms, den & large games room. Situated on a very private, southern exposed, beautifully landscaped yard with water feature, secluded hot tub and a gazebo for BBQ’s. A great family home just blocks from schools and bus line.

Wes Janzen 604-657-9888 Award Winning Service since 1978 “But only my clients are No. 1”

A40 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


5246 4A Ave., Tsawwassen OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM NEW PRICE $799,999 Fantastic family location with wonderful street appeal in Pebble Hill, close to schools and parks. 5 bedroom home with lots of square footage and room for a growing family. Kitchen family room and games room open out to sunny south facing back yard. This home has a newer roof, skylights and furnace and a double car garage.

5417 18th Ave., Tsawwassen OPEN SUNDAY 2-4PM JUST LISTED $769,000 Rancher!! 3 bedrooms and 3 baths with double car garage. This beautiful home has had full on renovations within the last 2 years. Grand open gourmet kitchen with fossil limestone counter top island. Bamboo floors, newer windows, roof and furnace. Beautiful spa master ensuite. Everything is tastefully done for you. Beautiful views of the North Shore mountains in a quiet area of Tsawwassen walking distance to shops and bus stop. Feature your home on - Buyers best choice for viewing Tsawwassen and Ladner homes


604.897.2010 MLS Medallion Presidents Club Lifetime Member




Absolutely stunning VIEW across to the Gulf Islands from this 3 bedroom waterfront home. Paddle board from your front door! Accessed by private road and surrounded by 5 acres of private lands the main house offers an open concept plan with wrap around decks with hot tub and a detached cottage ideal for a home office.All with spectacular views.

Contemporary home situated on a private south lot with wrap around deck in a quiet cul de sac just steps to the Town Centre. This open concept plan has vaulted ceilings; the kitchen is the hub of the home overlooking living, dining and, family rooms and out to the gardens. There are 3 bedrooms and an office up, Master has a walk-in closet and 3 piece ensuite. This lovely home is “Move-In” condition.

GREAT PRICE! Beautifully renovated 4 bedroom split level in Pebblehill situated on a private southerly exposed lot with covered and open patios. The open concept plan has stunning white kitchen with stainless and granite accents overlooking living and dining rooms. There are 3 bedrooms up with 2 new bathrooms and a 4th bedroom down with its own new ensuite. A games and media room top it off. Lovely designer accents and bamboo and tile floors make this a treat to view!

WATERFRONT PENTHOUSE! 1500 sq.ft. loft apartment offering 2 bedrooms and den plus 2nd story games room/ office overlooking Deas Slough and Park - kayak and row at your doorstep. Great complex with dynamic owners overlooks Marina and is easy access to Vancouver and Ferries.


OPEN SATURDAY 2:30-4:30 PM 307N-1100 56TH ST., TSAW. $419,900

BOUNDARY BAY VIEW 387 54A ST., TSAW. $739,900

OPEN SUNDAY 2-4 PM 5053 WALLACE AVE., TSAW. $889,900

ONE OWNER 3 bedroom and den Colonial style home situated in THE TERRACE on a 70x120 private lot backing onto greenspace. The main floor has a den off entrance with living dining kitchen and family rooms all overlooking the private yard. The bedrooms are up with a full unfinished walk out basement below just waiting for your ideas. Great area - great potential!

Beautiful 3rd floor apartment facing East with covered private balcony, secure underground parking and locker. One owner 1350 sq.ft. apartment situated in a beautiful complex with recreation center and guest suite it is just steps to the Town, Rec. centre, golf and beaches. Bright and airy it offers 9 ft. ceiling lots of windows, lovely white kitchen with separate eating area, 2 baths and a cozy fireplace. Just move in!

A little bit RETRO with a great VIEW of Boundary Bay and the Coast Mountains. Situated on a sunny 10700 sq ft westerly exposed lot this 4 bedroom 2 storey home has an open plan on the main with vaulted ceilings throughout. The kitchen has a great view and is adjacent to a large sunny deck. Downstairs is ideal for teens or extended family. Great value high on the hill!

Beautifully renovated post and beam 2 storey on a 10,900 sq.ft. private lot with in ground pool accessed by tiered deck with private patio and outdoor fireplace. The main floor is an open concept plan with vaulted cedar ceilings bamboo floors looking out to wrap around decks facing north and south. There are 3 bedrooms up and another down with full bath and family room. Lots of space and a great cul de sac location.

Sutton Group - Seafair Realty • 1625 56th Street, Tsawwassen, BC



Delta Sports Sports Editor: Mark Booth

Phone: 604-946-4451

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A41


in Adanacs take control of junior “A” finals Juniors action at Delta Islanders fall into 3-1 series hold despite being highly competitive with defending champions BY


This is indeed a different era with different expectations for the Delta Junior “A” Islanders lacrosse club. Making their first-ever appearance in the B.C. Junior “A” Lacrosse League finals, the Islanders are holding their own against the heavily favoured Coquitlam Adanacs. They were dominated in all three regular season meetings by the defending champions but this best-of-seven affair has been a much different. After a 12-7 opening game loss, Delta has matched blow-for-blow with Coquitlam in the past three games and even have a 10-8 game two victory to show for it. The locals hung tough in an 8-7 road loss on Monday and overcame a three goal first period deficit Wednesday to take a third period lead, only to lose 7-6. However, don’t try convincing Shawn Springett he should be pleased with his team’s performance thus far. He delivered a paint-peeling post-game rant to his players following Wednesday’s loss, challenging them to be better heading into last night’s game five do-or-die scenario in Coquitlam. The bar was raised three years ago by then GM/head coach Greg Rennie and Springett and his staff are pushing it even higher. Morale victories are no longer acceptable for a franchise that had been nothing more than an also-ran for much of its history. “If we get beat because a better team beats us then I am alright with it. But I’m not putting them in the ‘they are better than us’ category,” said Springett who was still trying to get his heart rate down after watching his squad squander a golden opportunity to even the series. “We can play with them, if not beat them and we’re still not out of this.”

Delta Islanders Mike Mallory gets the ball knocked loose by Coquitlam’s Hugh Weir during game four action of the B.C. Junior “A” Lacrosse League championship series on Wednesday at Sungod Arena. “They are a very good team and I’m not trying to take anything away from them. I’m just disappointed in some of our veterans when the core of this team played their hearts out.” What had Springett steaming was his team overcoming a 3-0 first period deficit to twice take the lead in the final 20 minutes on a pair of goals by rookie Eli McLaughlin. His second

of the night came midway through the third and Delta seemed poised for victory behind the stellar goaltending of Peter Dubenski. However, a poor pass in the offensive zone and an ensuing penalty on the Adanacs’ transition resulted in them pulling even on the power play. The winner came 65 seconds later from Wesley Berg.

tennis club

Tsawwassen Tennis Club will be hosting the seventh annual Bob Putnam Junior Challenger Tournament this weekend. The Tennis B.C. sanctioned event annually attracts about 70 youth, competing in the U12, U14, U16 and U18 age categories. “We’re proud to have a Tennis B.C. tournament right here in Tsawwassen,” says tournament director Paul Marsden. “It is a showcase of up-and-coming junior talent plus it’s great tennis to watch.” Since the tournament is officially sanctioned by Tennis B.C., the results are counted toward each player’s ranking. “We hear from parents and kids every year that this is their favourite summer tournament,” continued Marsden. “An army of club member volunteers help to ensure that both parents and participants enjoy the tournament.” The public is welcome to watch the juniors compete. Matches occur at the Tsawwassen Tennis Club (286 English Bluff Road) and at Brandrith Park on Saturday and Sunday.

Kanerva named to national team for Junior Pan Am tourney behind Argentina, Chile and the USA. However, in the past year this squad has proven their ability to defeat formidable Pan Am opponents. At the recent 3 Nations Tournament in Vancouver, Canada was victorious over Team Chile and Team USA. They were undefeated against Chile, conceding only one match to the Americans and winAndrew Kanerva ning the other two. “We have had a competitive build up to Guadalajara, and

Tides at Tsawwassen Pacific Standard Time. Height in feet

we are focused on winning each match. We will do our best to qualify for the Junior World Cup,” says head coach Mathias Ahrens. “As we prepare, every player in the program has made significant steps forward in the performance. They have given their all, and selecting the final roster for the Junior Pan Ams was a very difficult task. The 18-player roster features 16 from B.C. “We are now entering the final phase in our preparation, and we are focused on stabilizing some critical aspects of our game,” Ahrens added. “We are focused and ready to win our matches against the tough opposition at the Junior Pan American

Championships.” Short corners... Tsawwassen’s Emma Mackie, Sam McComb and Krista Jensen helped Team B.C. Blue capture gold at the recent U18 National Championships in Calgary. B.C. capped an impressive run with a 4-1 victory over Ontatio in the final. McComb scored two of the goals, including the game winner. B.C.’s overall depth was reflected in the three participating teams. Other local players to represent the province included Cassidy Bremner (Team B.C. White), Elizabeth Pritchard (Team B.C. Yellow) and Cailean Meredith (Team B.C. Yellow).




7:30 am 5.2 7:58 pm 11.2

1:06 am 12.1 5:16 pm 12.8

3:10 am 12.1 6:15 pm 13.1

3:43 pm 11.8

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12 12:09 am 12.1 4:36 pm 12.5

8:24 am 4.9 9:20 pm 11.2

9:14 am 4.3 10:12 pm 11.2

TUESDAY, AUGUST 14 2:09 am 12.1 10:00 am 3.9 5:49 pm 12.8 10:51 pm 10.8

10:42 am 3.6 11:25 pm 10.2

These predictions are supplements to and not replacements for the Canadian Tide and Current Tables, which include the only authorized tidal predictions for Canada and are provided by Canadian Hydrographic Service.


Tsawwassen’s Andrew Kanerva has been named to the roster of the Canadian junior men’s field hockey team for the 2012 Junior Pan American Championships, slated for Sept. 10-23 in Guadalajara, Mexico. Kanerva is a talented forward who just graduated from South Delta secondary school and will be attending UBC this fall. He grew up in the Falcons Field Hockey Club youth program and was named Delta’s Youth Male Athlete of the Year after helping Canada capture a three nation tournament in South America last year. The Canadian team is are hoping to secure one of two tickets to the Junior World Cup. Canada finished fourth at the 2008 Junior Pan American Championship

A42 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012

Jeff Jantzi 604.928.0382 #8-5511 48B Ave. Asking Price $658,000


4972 59th St. Asking Price $799,800

! D L SO


#53-2603 162nd St. Asking Price $778,000

Wow, a brand new single family home in the heart of West Ladner priced at $658,000 (HST Included)! This 3 Bedroom, Den, 3 Bathroom, 1915 sqft home has been professionally designed and has a bonus 260 sqft loft space. You will also save on monthly bills and never run out of hot water as this home has a high efficiency gas boiler. Other features include: hot water radiant heating, engineered hardwood floors throughout, s/s appliances, quartz countertops, maple cabinets, and extensive millwork throughout. In addition this home has a private backyard which is fully landscaped and includes a gas hookup for your BBQ. Call today to schedule a private showing!

4975 57th St. Asking Price $858,000

Spacious, bright, superior finishing are just a few ways to describe this truly elegant Frank Lloyd Wright inspired 4 bedroom townhome. You will love entertaining in your gourmet kitchen (gas stove) with its maple cabinets, stainless steel appliances and how it opens up to the great room. The lower level recreation room is perfect for watching hockey games with your friends as you have a fantastic wet bar. Upstairs you have 3 large bedrooms, 2 walk-in closets, washer/dryer and a very nice master ensuite. Additional upgrades include: hardwood floors on 2 levels, temperature controlled wine cellar, 3 gas fireplaces, window screens, main floor ceiling speaker system, and built in storage in garage, den and pantry.

#2-4780 55B St. Asking Price $569,900

! D L SO

#23-2456 163rd St. Asking Price $685,000

! D L SO

! D L SO

1625 56th Street, Tsawwassen (T) 604.943.3110 (F) 604.943.6155



Whether you're Buying or Selling, call Jeff as he is the right agent for Today's Market!

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richard lowe + associates realty experts. Personal Real Estate Corporation | Progroup 100-5000 Bridge Street, Ladner | Each office Independently Owned and Operated

Richard Lowe | Realtor, RIBC

Jennifer McGregor | Buyer’s Agent

604 946 8000 | 604 943 8080 | | 604 908 1593



#210 - 4738 53rd Street, Ladner

#310-4758 53rd Street, Ladner

#A306-4811 53rd Street, Ladner

313-1363 56th Street, Tsawwassen

First Phase Sunningdale. Bright & spacious 1, 032 sq. ft. corner unit with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, large kitchen with eating area, 9’ ceilings, gas fireplace and a covered deck. Well managed complex with secure parking & storage. Located close to town centre & transit.

Sunningdale! Fantastic 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom condo with bright west and southern exposures. Spacious plan with deck off living room. Located in the heart of Ladner, walk to shopping, transit and amenities. Offering thermostat controlled gas fireplace, insuite laundry, secure parking and storage locker.

Ladner Pointe. 1,861 Square foot 3 bedroom 2 level condo. Extensively updated complex with new windows, roof, decks, rainscreen, etc. Like new with a 10 yr warranty. This home also offers 2 baths, vaulted ceilings & open den/loft area. Includes 2 parking spaces. Just steps away to all amenities. Great for large family!

Windsor Woods! This is a fantastic condo with large master bedroom and home office (can be 2nd bedroom) in a quiet location offering insuite laundry, large kitchen with breakfast bar, secure parking and storage, west exposed covered deck with excellent view of lagoon. Well maintained complex with exercise center and hot tub.







5853 Fair Wynd, Ladner

5015 Fenton Drive, Ladner

4528 Arthur Drive, Ladner

1571 Braid Road, Tsawwassen

Fantastic bright & spacious 5 year old executive 2 storey home in Ladner’s Marina Garden Estates.Over 2,400 sqft with 4 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms (2 are ensuites), den, HW heat, 10’ ceilings, gourmet kitchen w/ stainless steel appliances & island w/ breakfast bar, hardy plank exterior and more! Great location near golf course, walking trails, Marina & Neilson Grove Elementary School.

Ultimate family home on one of Ladner’s most desirable streets. Over 3,200 square foot 5 bedroom & games room custom finished home with 3 covered parking, dream kitchen & 4 full bathrooms. Loaded with features including beautiful west exposed entertainment yard with large covered patio, Cat 5 wiring, extensive security system, 5 zone sprinkler system, too much to list.

Custom built heritage style family home with 5 bedrooms, 3rd level games room & a den on the main. Over 3,900 square feet of high end finishing & craftsmanship through-out including 2x6 construction, triple glazed windows, custom gourmet kitchen great room area with multiple french doors leading out to large covered patio & private & maturely landscaped yard. Detached powered & insulated shop with office/nanny’s suite.

Well maintained 2 level family home with 3 bedrooms up & suite down situated on a large 50x125 mature & privately landscaped west exposed lot just minutes away from dyke & beach. This home offers many updates including interior & exterior doors, vinyl deck, windows, lighting, flooring, bathrooms & open kitchen with granite breakfast bar island. Plenty of parking with double carport & interlocking brick driveway.

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist A43

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A 14-0 all-star season for the Ladner Red Sox included six victories at last weekend’s Mosquito “AAA” Tier II B.C. Championships in Cloverdale.

Custom built 2751 sq ft corner lot home in Marina Garden Estates! 3 bedroom, 2 and half baths with an office, games room and family room prewired for surround sound. Gorgeous hardwood throughout the main floor including the large open kitchen adjacent to the family and dining room. Granite counters and an island with gas, great for entertaining friends and family. Spacious master bedroom with 5 piece ensuite and walk-in closet. Full air conditioning system and a professionally landscaped low maintenance yard. Just move in and enjoy the sunny patio and walk to nature trails, the marina and golf course.

Mosquito Red Sox cap perfect season with provincial title The Ladner Red Sox capped a dominating season with a perfect 6-0 run last weekend in Cloverdale to capture B.C. Minor Baseball’s Mosquito AAA Tier II Championship. The golden path was highlighted by an amazing five inning 50 pitch performance by Zakary Zbitnoff in a semifinal encounter Port Coquitlam, sending the team to the championship against Abbotsford. Ladner then rolled to a 10-0 victory, led by the outstanding pitching of starter Matty Wilkinson, and great defence

and MVP closing pitching from Branden Bach. Including qualifying play, the Red Sox went 14-0 during the all-star season. A banner will be raised at Bell Park next spring to recognize the accomplishment. Coached by Paul Bach, Dan Hawksworth and Bill Zbitnoff, the Red Sox roster also includes: Jared Romaniuk, James McNeill, Sam MacFarlane, Jordan Hawksworth, Jaicob Hastings, Jakob Wegner, Jordan Sanders, Braedy Euerby and Reid Rogers.

Aaron Munro 604.868.7858

Group Seafair Realty


Direct Line 946-2766 • email: Living & Playing in Ladner for most of his life




#206-4745 54A, Ladner • $264,500

Addlington Court is one of Ladner's finest & safest buildings. It has a good reputation in the Real Estate community & is well run & looked after. This unit is west exposed, nicely updated & a great home for any young couple or retired person. Close to town center, shows like new, big bright kitchen with lots of cabinet space, its own laundry room, & all appliances are included. It is a warm, cozy & private home for you!


5363 48A Avenue, Ladner


Master & 4 piece en suite on the Main Floor! Rancher style home with 2 roomy bedrooms & a bright 4 piece bathroom with skylight on the upper floor. The bright & roomy Maple kitchen with lots of cupboard space, the eating area & family room with gas F/P are conveniently located adjacent to each other. A sliding door from the family room opens to the patio & an oval shaped SALT WATER POOL. A 2 piece bathroom in the double car garage is convenient for pool use. This is a great family home, bright, cozy with a nice layout. Great location, close to Ladner Village, shopping, bus & schools. Truly a bit of paradise.

REDUCED!! TO $409,000

4849 Central Avenue, Ladner

Parkside Estates! A wonderful 3 bedroom 3 bathroom unit with an upper floor Rec room. Some fresh painting & recently, new Vinyl windows, sliding doors, a gas fireplace about 5 years ago. The Master Bedroom has a 2 piece Ensuite & Balcony. Loads of storage too! A warm & private fully landscaped yard & the Fence & Patio deck were just painted. Walk to the Bus, Shopping, Schools & Ladner Village. This is a wonderful well run & respected complex in the heart of the community.

4779 46th Avenue, Ladner


Clean 3 Bedroom, 3 Bathroom 2 level, split Entry Family home on a quiet Cul de Sac in a great Ladner neighborhood! Roof is 6 years old, and some recent flooring updates. 2 Fireplaces, 1 Gas, 1 wood, all appliances, & a nice down stairs family room with another 4 piece Bathroom. A great location, close to Schools, Bus, the Ladner Dyke walk, & Ladner Village!


#204-1704 56th Street, Tsawwassen

1190 square foot Top Floor Executive Condo with a large Family Room, 2 Bedrooms, 2 4 piece Bathrooms & 2 Parking spots! Double sided Fire Place, Granite Counters, Stainless Fridge, Gas Stove & Microwave, in the open Gourmet Kitchen! Just painted with pleasing warm colors, Hardwood Laminate, Tile and Carpeted flooring. Huge South East facing covered Balcony with BBQ Gas hookup, looking onto private Treed Yard. 7 year old building, respected & well run, with a Guest Suite & Rec Room. You would love living here! •


The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


Summer Grants!

Sales Centre Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8:30am - 5:00pm

Earn up to $1,000 towards tuition


*conditions apply

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Oct. 14, 1916 - August 5, 2012 Passed away peacefully at The Irene Thomas Hospice, Delta BC and is predeceased by her beloved husband Jack and loving son Ralph. She is survived and lovingly remembered by her son Jack (Heather), many grandchildren, great and great great grandchildren, and numerous relatives both near and far. Her friends were abundant, true and cherished. Family and friends were her greatest treasure, she always wanted them near. Her life was long and full but now we must say goodbye holding her memory as our treasure. We love you and miss you so much. To honor her life a tea will be held for family and friends on September 15th, 2012.


CRIMINAL RECORD? Canadian Record Suspension (Criminal pardon) seals record. American waiver allows legal entry. Why risk employment, business, travel, licensing, deportation, peace of mind? Free consultation: 1-800-347-2540


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LOST Kids Shoe New Balance boys left shoe lost. Navy blue, gray & orange, velcro, size 5.5 RADONS, Esther Feb 21, 1925 - Aug 02, 2012 It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Mother and Granny, following a courageous battle with cancer. She is survived by her five children, Garry, Bev Cumiskey, Sandra Brown (Larry), Tim (Rejeanne), Melodie Maliszewski (Ron), 11 grandchildren, 6 great grandchildren, her brother Edward (Hilda), and many nephews and nieces. We would like to thank Dr. Long and his staff, Pastor Naylor, the staff of Delta Hospital and the Irene Thomas Hospice for taking such good care of our Mom, especially in her final days. A memorial service will be held on August 18, 2012 at 1:30 p.m. Saviour Lutheran Church, 4737 - 57th Street, Delta (Ladner), BC. In lieu of flowers we invite you to donate to the Delta Hospice Society.




with Class 2 Drivers License Competitive wages & training provided. Start immediately. Please send resume & driver’s abstract to: THIRDWAVE BUS SERVICES Fax: 604-247-1222 Email:

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Shop exp. required. Surrey Manufacturer.

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LOST LADIES eyeglasses, Versace, burgundy frames, Ladner, Aug 1st. Call 604-273-7412

Offering good wages with full benefits. Some heavy lifting required. Fax Resume to: 604-591-5380 ASSIST. RESIDENT MANAGER Ladner live in position 32 hour week guarantee Customer service oriented Competitive wage & benefits


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We are a busy dry cleaning company with 2 current openings. The 1st position is for a Clothing Inventory Handler. Duties include hand cleaning of specialty items, itemizing, tagging and detailing all items as they are received. As we specialize in restoration dry cleaning, the ideal candidate must be fluent in English & computer literate. The 2nd position is for a Machine Operator/Laundry Attendant. This person should be able to work well under pressure and with tight deadlines, work well as part of a team and able to multi-task and be physically able to lift 75lbs. Duties include, loading & unloading of machines, sorting and ensure all items are processed quickly and accurately. Positions are full time hours, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Compensation is 10.25 per hour. Please email your resume to: No phone calls please.

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INLINGUA VANC seeks F/T Educ. Courses Sales Superv. Compl. sec sch; 1-2 yrs rel. exp req. Due to clients, fluency in Span, Port or Arabic mand. $2500/mo, 35 hrs/wk. e-res:

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Richmond: Aug 18 or Sept 9 Surrey: Every Saturday Also Bby • Coq • P.Meadows • Van • Lgly Health Inspector Instructors! ADVANCE Continuing Education BC’s #1 Foodsafe Choice Since 2003!

1A5?% @?#' 9#'A ;5?% @?#' 9#'A

Tsawwassen Landscape Maintenance Company



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has full-time positions available: LANDSCAPERS- with professional experience in general yard work and lawncare. Drivers licence and good knowledge of Tsawwassen necessary. Competitive wage based on exp. Please phone or leave message. Call 604-943-6786

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SPANISH TEACHER, Qualified and experienced, for beginners to advanced, lessons taylored to your needs, materials provided. $30/hr for 1, $40/hr for 2, $50/hr for 3. Call Luis 604-773-4480

/A":$57 8?5%>$?:!<:#%:><> 5?A :% "A'5%"+ ;%?#77 <#"5& @#? 5> 7:<<7A 5> ),3+0* 5 '#%<=+ (((+$5%>$?:4A+$#'


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The Delta Hospice Society is seeking LPN’s for Full and Part Time and Casual Work at the Irene Thomas Hospice in Ladner, BC. Forward application and philosophy of hospice palliative care to:


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Receptionist General Contractor in Delta looking for F/T Receptionist. The right person will be a quick learner with excellent people skills. Must have proficient computer skills, be able to multi-task and meet deadlines, and have at least 2 years office experience. Salary of $32K Please send resume to: email:


“ I’m here, I’ m here, and contemplating lifee”

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ATTENTION! 10 Hard Workers to Start Immediately No Exp. Necessary Potential Earnings of $2400.00 per month to start if you qualify Oppt’y for Advancement Start Right Away Driver’s Lic. req’d. Call Mr. Richardson @ 604-629-8588



FORKLIFT OPERATOR Houweling’s Tomatoes in Ladner is looking for a fulltime Certified Forklift Operator. Email resume to: or fax to 604-946-9158.

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Fully qualified Mom of 5yr old, central Ladner. Full & part-time daycare in my happy home. Good rates, 1st Aid Cert. Must be ok with friendly pets. References available. Niki 604-306-3554

Licensed Family Daycare French Immersion 0-12 yrs. Ladner

BENGAL KITTENS, vet ✔ 1st shots dewormed, sweet natured, $500-$800, 1-604-814-1235

★CATS & KITTENS★ FOR ADOPTION ! 604-724-7652



Activities include story telling, crafts, outdoor play. Register Now For September 2012 Openings available

Pls Call Marie-Claude


EXPERIENCED BRITISH NANNY looking for a live-out part time position. 27 - 30 hours a week in South Delta. Telephone 604-948-3432.


ALL SMALL breed pups Local and non-shedding. 604-590-3727 or 604-514-3474 BELGIAN SHEPPARD PUPPIES, $500 ea. 12 weeks, 604-500-0135, 604-544-5175

Childcare Wanted

F/T LIVE in caregiver needed ASAP for 9, 6 & 4yrs old kids in Ladner, days, eves, wkends & some nights, $10.25/hr room & board avail. Mary 604-946-6596

Reduce Reuse Recycle The classifieds can help! 604.795.4417 604.630.3300

CHOC & Yellow LAB puppies, vet checked, reg parents, ready to go. $550. 1-604-701-1587 (Chwk)

GOLDEN RETRIEVER pups healthy socialized. exc temp vet check deworm $575 604-819-8083

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PURE BRED Miniature Schnauzers, $550 born June 8, both parents, salt & pepper, tails docked, 1-250-710-8972



TRUE ADVICE! TRUE Clarity! TRUE PSYCHICS! 1-877-342-3032 or 1-900-528-6256 or mobile # 4486 (18+) $3.19/min.

SAVE A LIFE. Wonderful rescue dogs from Foreclosed Upon Pets. Spay/neutered, regular vaccinations & rabies, microchipped. $449 adoption fee, avail at your local Petcetera stores.


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Cares! The Delta Optimist has partnered with the BC SPCA to encourage responsible pet guardianship and the humane treatment of animals. Before purchasing a new puppy, ensure the seller has provided excellent care and treatment of the animal and the breeding parents. For a complete guide to finding a reputable breeder and other considerations when acquiring a new pet, visit

Business for Sale

#1 JANITORIAL FRANCHISE Customers, (Office Cleaning), Training and support. Financing. 604-434-7744

Business Opps/ Franchises

A Great Janitorial Franchise Opportunity

*Annual starting revenue of $12,000-$120,000 *Guaranteed cleaning contracts *Professional training provided *Financing available *Ongoing support *Low down payment required Contact Coverall of BC A Respected Worldwide Leader in Franchised Office Cleaning!

MAYTAG GAS Clothes dryer $100 obo 604-943-0821


Burial Plots

OCEAN VIEW Cemetery Plot Burial plot in Calvary 6 section of Ocean View Cemetery. Plot will hold 1 casket plus 1 urn or 2 urns. $9800. Call: (604) 557-0506 2 SXS Burial Plots in Valley View Memorial Gardens, Garden of Last Supper area. Price includes plot, vault, and opening and closing for each site. Asking $7000 each. Call: (778) 5740717 email:


Food Products

Legal Services

CRIMINAL RECORD? YOU CAN BE ARRESTED, JAILED OR DEPORTED if you enter the United States with a criminal record. A waiver clears you for entry. Call now, toll free: (1-8-NOW PARDON) 1-866-972-7366 In business since 1989

Money to Loan

Need Cash Today?

✔Do you Own a Car? ✔Borrow up to $25,000 ✔No Credit Checks! ✔Cash same day, local office


For Sale Miscellaneous

FRESH Blueberries Open 9am7pm everyday. Wholesale avail. Bancy Farms (778) 999-0609

FORTRESS 2000 Wheel Chair/ Scooter This is an electric wheel chair scooter that is in very good condition, has 4 wheels(more stable), shopping basket, charger and owners manual included. $1200 or best offer Call: (604) 701-6336


For Sale Miscellaneous

5X9 Snooker/Pool table inc all accessories Beautiful Red Mahogany 5x9 Snooker Table $1200. must sell! (604) 943-9642 email:

WHEELCHAIR, 'TILT', suits 180lb, gel cushion, $2200. Silver plate tea/coffee set, 5 pce $100, all obo. Call 604-943-1036

WILSON GOLF CLUBS, left handed, hand cart, other access. $250obo. Don 604-943-0186



SINGLE BED with mattress, dressing table & mirror, bedside table, solid pine, excellent condition $250. 604-940-8032

QUEEN SIZE Mattress Set Brand New. Original Plastic. Never Used. Must sell $200 Call: (604) 790-0021 BEAUTIFUL MAHOGANY dropleaf dining table with four chairs, in excellent condition. Especially well designed for where you don’t have a lot of space. $700. Call John at 604-209-6562

TWIN PINE bed w/ mattress & box spring, good clean condition $175. Crib & mattress $75 604-946-8462 or 604-940-0735



MOVING - Excellent Furniture in Great Condition Solid 48" Oak Dining Table, leaf + 4 chairs $425; Almost new 8’ cotton sofa $275; Queen Solid Pine 4-poster bed $200; Solid Oak Media Centre $25; New bone low-flo toilet - not used $50; Double Maple Bed $25; 18 Spd Mountain Bike $40 email:

MAPLE TABLE $350, four chairs $235; Garden Harvest dishes, 64 pcs $175. Call: (604) 307-0404 MOVING - High quality furniture in great condition & other items. 2 leather loveseats & chair $3200. sideboard, wine cabinet & end table $850. Counter high table & 8 chairs $850. 3 bar high chairs $250. New wedding items & bouquets $165. Master Craft tool cabinet $185. 604-847-3664



Wanted to Buy

STAMPS wanted Collector looking to buy stamp collections. email:

CALLING ALL QUILTERS We’re looking for quality fabric in excellent condition. Want to clean out some of your stash? email: MILITARY Medals & Collectibles Bought especially collections of Canadian & British Commonwealth medals, orders, badges, swords, etc. $250,000+ available for immediate settlement. Research & Appraisal Service. Collecting since 1975. Member MCC of C, OMRS. Call 604 727-0137

Sell it in the Classifieds


GARAGE SALES 5316 45th Ave Ladner Garage Sale Sat. August 11, 8AM - 12PM 4 Family Garage Sale!! Too many items to mention. Hundreds of DVDs, childrens toys & clothes. Video Games. Memorabilia. Even a cookie & lemonade stand. 5407 44th Ave., Yard Sale Saturday August 11, 9 AM-1 PM Everything’s Gotta Go! Baby Things & Toys, Fisher Price & Graco, Girls’ Toddler Clothing, Household Items, even Free Stuff! NO EARLY BIRDS!

4859 - 44A Ave, Ladner Garage Sale Saturday August 11, 9 AM - 12 PM, Household goods and odds & ends. No early birds!

EAST LADNER Garage Sale Sat Aug 11th, 9am-2pm 6399 Broadey Rd. Misc household items, lawn edger & shrub trimmer, crafts, small furn, some tools. No Earlybirds!


TWO Family Yard Sale Sun Aug 12th, 9am-3pm 5793 Grove Ave

Wide assortment, household items, furniture, books, pictures, Craftsman thickness planer, LOADS of baby stuff all in great condition!


Garage Sale

Sat Aug 11th, 9-2 506 Allen Drive

Bikes, appliances, SS range, kids stuff, toys, household items, No Early Birds!


LEATHER SWIVEL chair with ottoman, Black/brown in color, $200 Call 604-943-1858

Tim Stephens' Astral Reflections Aries March 21 - April 19: Your romantic, pleasure-oriented, risk-taking mood continues. Children please. You’ll see beauty, nature’s poetic magic. Sunday’s for short trips, siblings, news, errands – a friendly, good day. (Write a work-related memo, or appeal to a loved one for understanding.) Home’s a tough go for you, 2010 to now (ultimately, to Oct. 5) – then improvement comes. So tough it out Monday to Wednesday morn, seek the “why” – could be your secrecy, or financial faults. Change demanded. Wednesday p.m. is romantic but erratic: Thursday/Friday bring a stable attraction. To work, Saturday. Taurus April 20-May 20: The accent continues on home, property, parent/kid relations, security, foundations and retirement. Mother Nature plays a role: gardening brings joy. Rest, nap, indulge a sluggish feeling. Pursue money opportunities, balance the books, or purchase long-lasting items Sunday (before 2:49 p.m. PDT, 5:49 EDT, etc.). Machines/ tools bought this day (especially in the a.m.) will “last forever.” Casual friends, siblings, and your ability to communicate – these have been under pressure or “gummed up” since 2010 – and are again, Monday to early Wednesday. October will bring a solution. Gemini May 21-June 20: Errands, communications, paperwork, short trips, siblings and casual friends – these fill your days, especially Wednesday to Friday. Be curious, explore, ask questions. You’re the star Sunday: romance is stable yet warm; or flirty yet ungraspable. Money has been a problem since 2010, perhaps even since 2008; you might have less now. (Sex, or the desire for change, is at the bottom of this.) The main problem will begin to dissolve by October, but caution is needed until then – e.g., Monday to Wednesday noon, when you might be torn between small fast money and big/distant.



3 SHELF glass tv media stand $75, 2 lazyboy love seat 5 ft wide fall colors $450, 2 PFB image 45 speakers 37 in. high $500 604-948-0789 CAR SHED 10’ X 20’, FOR SALE $75. Also: 30 O6 Pump Rifle, $200, Call 604-940-2095


BATHROOM VANITY and counter top, bone coloured w/ oak trim fixtures, mirror, sink, toilet. All in great condition. Please don’t call after 9pm 604-948-1166

HOT TUB (SPA) COVERS. Best Price, Best Quality. All Shapes & Colors Available. Call 1-866-652-6837

CASPIAN GROCERY Pita Bread 0.99 Persian & Mediterranean Foods 22351 Selkirk Avenue, Maple Ridge, (604) 477-2070


COMPOST FOR SALE Composted cow manure. Great for gardens. $5 per yard Call: (604)-854-0669 Call: (604) 798-3498

FOR SALE sofa/love seat & ottoman $350. 2 night tables $80. Solid pine king size frame $60. Lawn mower $120. Weed whacker/trimmer $75. Yucca w/ ceramic planter $80. Vine plant w/ ceramic planter $30. Palm w/ ceramic planter $20. Scale $10. 2 porcelain plates $40. 2 garage shelves $40. 604-946-6251

Success & Money Making Secrets revealed by wealthy benefactor. Get Your FREE CD. Call: (604) 259-9744




604.434.7744 •


Shedding light on community issues


ANTIQUE SOLID oak dining room suite made by Victoriaville Furniture - over 100 years old. All carved and shaped pedestals and fronts. 52' round table with 3 leaves; 6 chairs; buffet with mirror and side table. Pictures available by email. Call 604-855-7033 or 604-807-8441.


5040 STAIN/PET URINE TREATMENT Summer Special 20% OFF. Specialist in carpet, sofa, mattress cleaning. 604-536-7627


August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist

Cancer June 21-July 22: Lie low, rest Sunday – a great day for contemplating career situations, and for mending or renovating your home and/or your marriage. Be charitable, spiritual. Your energy roars back Monday to Wednesday – though you’ll need it to overcome the various glitches: technological or electrical Monday, career or home Tuesday. These days also bring a relationship trend to a minor peak: realize charm and affection are one of the best ways to deal with a stubborn person/situation. Be cautious with money Wednesday, chase it Thursday/Friday. Friends and travel Saturday. You’re attractive! Leo July 23-Aug. 22: Your energy, charisma and effectiveness run high! Get out, start important projects, make contact, ask favours. Your optimism, popularity and joy reach skyward Sunday (though little of import occurs). Be cautious and diplomatic Monday to Wednesday noon – your energy ebbs, and links with government, head office and health institutions are under stress, have been for several years. Much of this will lighten by October, some solutions will appear. The “deeper problem” involves health, laziness vs. work. You’re the star Wednesday noon to Friday: someone’s attracted! Money luck Saturday. Virgo Aug. 23-Sept. 22: Be restful, eat and dress sensibly. Protect your health. Avoid the bustling crowds, competitive situations. Your ambitions succeed Sunday. Your social life has been subject to baffling glitches and “empty periods” since 2010. This pall will lift in October, and by next summer your popularity will be re-established in big, joyous ways. The underlying problem? Volatility in financial and sexual zones has left you uncertain about who/what to “attach to.” This led to tension – the enemy of popularity. Contemplate this Monday-Wednesday.

GORGEOUS Buffet and Hutch: $1450. Gorgeous all wood Buffet and Hutch, 85" high, 73" wide. Classic style: will work with any furniture you already have. email:

GARAGE SALE Sat Aug 11th 9:00 am-1:00pm 5036 57A St Furniture, kids stuff, misc household, clothing, camping gear, books and dvds.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Libra Sept. 23-Oct. 22: The accent remains on optimism, popularity, social delights, entertainment, flirtation and wish fulfillment – enjoy, especially Wednesday noon to Friday. Sunday’s mellow, wise, offers relationship harmony. For the past few years, your career has struggled and presented you with inexplicable glitches, just as it does this Monday to Wednesday. The root “cause” has been a shifting home or lack of a solid foundation (family support?) coupled with relationship volatility. The career problem will largely end by Oct. 5 onward (though the volatility and “shifting home” won’t). Scorpio Oct. 23-Nov. 21: March forth on ambitious fronts, especially Wednesday afternoon to Friday. Lifestyle and health changes go well Sunday, as do intimacy and finances. You can find a workable plan. Good day to invest in large machinery. Monday to Wednesday highlights your major problem this decade: glitches and barriers in educational, ethical, publishing, legal, cultural or international (far travel) zones. Root cause: changeable work conditions and/or stress. The good news is, these problems will shrink by half from October onward. (There isn’t any bad news.) Saturday brings hope, joy! Sagittarius Nov. 22-Dec. 21: This is a lovely, smooth and enlightening week, except for the Monday to Wednesday period, when problems (re)erupt in sexual, financial, research, diagnostic, health and/or lifestyle areas. These problems are likely not new – some have been around since 2008, some since 2010. The difficulties will be reduced by half from Oct. 5 onward – the same date marks a “new future” for you, in the sense that a wet blanket lifts off your social, romantic situations, and you will grow much more optimistic. Decide now, between quick or delayed money, casual or committed intimacy.


Empty your Garage Fill Your Wallet

M A K E I T A S U CC E S S ! Call 604-630-3300

August 12 - 18, 2012 Capricorn Dec. 22-Jan. 19: The mystery continues, so be a detective. You have 10 days to find all the clues or “evidence.” The accent lies on depths, sexual urges, financial manoeuvres, lifestyle changes, commitments and consequences. Wednesday noon to Friday highlight these concerns, then Saturday brings understanding – you see all these (sex, finances, et al) in a bigger picture. Tackle chores Sunday – you’ll succeed easily. This week’s only challenges arise in relationships Monday to Wednesday: be diplomatic, realize others hold the “temporary aces.” Root of the problem: your security is erratic. Aquarius Jan. 20-Feb. 18: A great week! Sunday’s romantic, Wednesday to Saturday bring exciting meetings, perhaps new love. But Monday to Wednesday brings a flare-up of employment and health problems that have irritated you for a few years. Avoid wonky wiring, dangerous machinery. Seek a diagnosis. A government agency will either help or obstruct you. Nervous stress (probably associated with travel, friends, or a legal or cultural matter) is at the root of those work or health problems. Stress strips us of emotional feeling and sensation, two necessities. By October, the problems will ebb to half. Pisces Feb. 19-March 20: The main accent lies on work, health, machinery and dependents. You can take good steps forward in these zones Wednesday noon to Friday morning. (Aug. 12, too, if a dependent is involved.) For a few years, romance, creativity and risky ventures have run into brick walls. Some of these walls will crumble by October. Meanwhile, you can get yourself ready for future love, pleasure, creativity, etc., by seeing what is throwing up these walls: desire for money is the main “brick-builder.” (By summer 2013 onward, lucky love, creativity, will re-enter.) A friend, a prospect, Saturday! • Reading: 604-560-1269


The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012







SELLING / BUYING EMMERY LEUNG 604-728-7170 Have qualified BUYER! Realtor speaks English, Cantonese & Mandarin. Homeland Realty


Real Estate Services

CANCEL YOUR TIMESHARE. NO RISK program. STOP Mortgage & Maintenance Payments Today. 100% Money Back Guarantee. Free Consultation. Call us Now. We can Help! 1-888-356-5248

• Antiques & Collectibles • Gold & Sterling Silver Jewellery • Large Selection of Victorian Furnishings & Fine Furniture • Sterling Silver Flatware Sets & More • Several Dinner Sets • Royal Doulton, Hummel & Dresden Figurines • Oriental Porcelain, Jardinières, Ivory & Jade Pieces • Several Persian Carpets, Bronzed Figures & Statues • Mantle Clocks, Wall Clocks & Vintage Lighting • Artwork (Oil Paintings, Watercolours & Limited Edition Prints) • Heintzman Baby Grand Piano • Contents Of Several Estates & Much More…

Open to the General Public – Everyone Welcome!

DO YOU NEED CASH???? Unlock your homes equity today. We lend even if the banks say no!! Mortgage Direct 604-531-0166


LOVE’S AUCTIONEERS & APPRAISERS LTD. 2720 No. 5 Road, Richmond, B.C.



1 BDRM 1 bath w/ storage, underground parking, ns/np avail now $960+ util 604-802-0833 1 BR ste, 2nd flr, in Ladner Village, $850 incl heat, h/w, 2 appl, carpets & drapes, laundry room, elevator, quiet bldg, mature tenants, n/s n/p, nr amens. Sept 1. 604-940-9434 LADNER, 2BR, Sept 1. $910 incls cbl, heat h/w, prkg , elevator, 1/2 blk to bus, ns/np 604-946-6846






4895-55B St, Ladner 1 Bedroom Available. Spacious suites, balconies, rent incls heat & hot water, prkg available. Refs. N/P.




Tsawwassen, CASA DEL SOL Studio $685, Sept 1 1 Bedrooms $805 & $825, Sept 1 incls heat & H/W, carpets, drapes, 2 appl, 2 elevators, under ground parking avail. Please Call 604-943-8954 or 604-488-4733


Houses - Rent

Ladner, 4 BR, 2f/bath, licence daycare avail incls 2nd kitch, avail Now, $1950 + util, 778-552-8944 Call 604-630-3300 to place your ad


Ladner, 4 BR + den, games room, dbl garage, 2700sf, $1850/mo, Now, 778-552-8944 STOP RENTING-RENT TO OWN ● No Qualification - Low Down ● CHILLIWACK - 9557 Williams, 3 Bdrm, 1 bath, Cozy HOUSE on

49’x171’lot, Exc Investment. $888/M RICHMOND - 8031 Ryan Rd, 3Br


LADNER Georgia Court and Harbourside Affordable 2 and 3 bedroom suites available in the heart of Ladner Village. Rent Includes 2 appl, carpets, drapes and hot water. For more info please call 604-868-9453

TSAWWASSEN Century Village Beautiful complex consisting of 6 bldgs with landscaped green areas. 2 bedroom suites include drapes, wall to wall carpets, balconies, elevators and wheelchair access. Tsaw. Manor includes heat. Close to beach, parks, rec centre and schools. To make an appt to view please call 604-948-9111 Sorry No Pets or BBQs References Required

Condo, Quiet, Spacious Top Flr, Cental, Convenient Area...$888/M SURREY - 13828 116th Ave 4 bdrm w/1 bdrm suite HOUSE on 1/2 acre lot& culd-de-sac. $1,188/m Call Kristen today (604)786-4663


Office/Retail Rent

Space for Lease

★ LADNER Office/Retail Space 435sq ft in Harbourside Plaza ★ TSAWWASSEN Office/Commercial space 786 -1658 sq ft. Contact Tina or Sandra at Century Group 604-943-2203

PROPERTYGUYS.COM FRANCHISE NOT YOUR PARENTS’ REAL ESTATE COMPANY. Join Canada’s largest private sale franchise network. Visit us: and click "INQUIRE TODAY" to start the process, starting at $35,000 Call John: (866) 666-9744



■ all equipment included ■ Ready to operate ■ Established business

Serious Inquiries only Call OWNER 604-612-5536 for further information.


Condos/ Townhouses


Find one in the Classifieds To advertise call 604-630-3300


$158,900. 1 BR Ground Corner Ste in quiet secured bldg. Fabulous loc, nr Blue Mnt Park & Lougheed mall, Update in/out with priv patio, Pets & rentals ok, 1103 Howie Ave. 604-619-3444


Langley/ Aldergrove

REDUCED TO sell 1536sf 3br 2.5ba 1 owner end unit 6 yr old townhome $319K 604-833-4246 see id5549 IMMACULATE TOP fl 963sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry, +55 building, $124,900 604-309-3947 see id5565

TOP FLR 762sf 1br condo, in-ste laundry, 45+ building Mt. Baker view $89,000. 778-822-7387 see id5553



Suites/Partial Houses

BOUNDARY BAY, 1BR large grnd flr suite, shared wd, $925 incl all utils & salelite TV, long term, ns, np, 604-943-4134

HIGHGATE RIDGE 1 level ground fl tnhse, 845sf 2br 2ba w/lge backyd $420K 604- 376-7652 see id5550

2 BR new exec grnd lvl English Bluff 1400sf, garage, wd, ac, ns/ np $1,900+util 604-202-6400 2 BR Tsaw grnd lvl, reno’d, now, 5 appl, $1300/mth,+40% utils quiet, ns np nr bus. 778.888.0546 LADNER 1 BR bsmt, great location, f/yard, inste w/d, ns/np, avail Now, $600+ utils, 604-946-6739 Ladner 1 BR bsmt ste, clean, bright, ns/np, no parties, Aug 15, near bus/shops, 604-946-7519 Ladner, 2 BR bsmt ste, 1500sf, across Holly Park Elem School, ns/np, avail Sept 1, $1290 incl utils/cbl, shd w/d, 778-995-1880 SEPT 1. Ladner 1 bdrm, g/l, rec. reno, no pets, n/s, shrd w/d, $750 incl heat/light. 604-940-9600

Townhouses Rent

LADNER 2 BR, new tiles, laminate flrs, ns/np, avail Now, w/d, $1200 + utils, 604-322-5260




New Westminster

OWNER SELLING Newly Reno 1236sf. 2BR & den, 2 baths, 7appls, pets ok, NWest concrete hi-rise. (#806 The Woodward) Direct secure access to Royal City Ctr Mall. $429,900 obo 778-238-1056, 604-271-0777

TOP FLOOR quiet side of bldg 650sf 1br+den condo nr Hosp, & Sky train $265K 778-241-4101 see id5580


North Vancouver

LONSDALE & 4th, 180° Views Southwest corner condo, impeccable apt, updated quality concrete bldg. Modern comfort, all amens, $367Kobo, 604-980-3186


Need a New Place?


PROMONTORY MASSIVE 2522 sf 3br 2.5 ba 3lvl main fl master br, view $289,900 604-701-1245 id5411

Condos/ Townhouses


White Rock Tea & Giftshop $60K + Inventory Call Jeff 604-889-9164 for info




Avail in North Vancouver ★ with DEALERS LICENSE ★

PROPERTY CARETAKER Having problems with a tenant OR need property maintenace &/or caretaking done. 30 years exp. Call Bentley • 604-539-2533

NOTE: Furniture Auctions Held Every Wednesday @ 6 PM & Restaurant /Food Equipment Auctions Held Monthly

Condos/ Townhouses


Antiques, Collectibles, Estates & Jewellery Viewing Times: Tuesday, August 14th; 9:00 am - 7:00 pm Wednesday, August 15th; 9:00 am ’Til Auction Time


WOW, THIS beautiful townhome is located in the heart of Walnut Grove. GREAT VIEW facing a green space/trail the perfect area for pets, walkers and joggers alike! With over 2200sqft the VAULTED ceilings will amaze you, brand new laminate floors on the main, carpets, freshly painted and light fixtures. And get this, sellers will pay $2840 for new fridge/stove and a portion towards strata fees. Don’t miss this great opportunity at $389,900 Call: (778) 241-0101 email: judithwashingtonrealty #27- 20222 96 ave


Port Moody

INLET & Mtn views, reno’d 928sf 2 br condo, insuite laundry rentals ok $228,500 604-936-7547 see id4642 NICOMECKL RIVER hiking trails nr this1279sf 2br 1.5ba tnhouse w/pool, $224,900 778-240-3699 see id5512



NR EDMONDS sk/train stn. 788sf 2br 2ba condo across from Taylor pk $388,900 604-764-8384 see id5571


STEVESTON VERY large 1284 sf 2br 2ba top fl condo amazing mtn views, $455K 604-618-8362 see id5376


1 BDRM Condo in Chwk, 780sf, 55+ bldg, reduced to $85,000. 604-219-8485 or 604-583-2510

IMMACULATE 984SF 2br condo insuite laundry, mountain view 40+ bldg $97,800 604-703-3839 see id5543 LARGE 2 bdrm Apt, ensuite, w/d, stove, fridge, d/w, incl heat, storage & prkg. Glendale Manor, Sardis, Reduced to $144,900. 604-858-3685

WALNUT GROVE, Langley New reno’d, 2 BR, 2 bath, 1200sf, Greenbelt, Strata $188mo. 319,000 obo. 604-882-1081 / 604-802-5678

WALNUT GROVE quiet 1311sf 3br 1.5ba w/private back yard $297,800 778-565-5082 see id5539




$10K BELOW assessment, 2br+ Den or 3br, 2ba 1083sf condo, Nr SFU $339,900 604-866-7326 see id5557

Maple Ridge/ Pitt Mead. CLOVERDALE UPDATED 696sf 1br condo, private yard insuite laundry $99,500 604-341-9257 see id5500

Wanted To Rent

FAMILY OF 3 would like to rent a 2 br, 2 bath condo, w/ sunny patio or balcony on a quiet st in Tsaw. on the 1st of the month in the summer, up to $1300/mo. Call 604-943-5315

3BED/2.5BTH TH #46-728 W 14th St NV. NEW PRICE! Rftp patio with fabulous mountain/city/water views. Built 2008, 2 parking, S/S apl, Ceasarstone. V951636. O/H Sun 2-4pm. $565,000 Call: 604-377-9906

LARGE 2200SF 3br 2.5ba reno’d 3 lvl tnhse w/unique loft on 3rd floor, $269,900 604-799-0213 see id5578

IMMACULATE 2446SF 4br 4ba t/h. Incredible view, huge master br $419,900, 604-466-3175 see id5226

Ads continued on next page

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist


Condos/ Townhouses




Condos/ Townhouses


For Sale by Owner


S. Surrey/ White Rock


Houses - Sale




Houses - Sale




Houses - Sale





Houses - Sale


West Vancouver

6 BR, 3 up & 3 down in full suite, 2.5 baths, nice update, lam fl, new paint, west Abby, 7000 sqft lot. $359,900 604-825-3434 GUILDFORD, 1584SF 3br 3ba private byard w/hot tub, indoor pool $239,900 604-581-0419 see id5558

GUILDFORD 650SF 1br 3rd fl condo, pool, exercise rm, party rm etc, $213,900 778-834-8224 see id5576

NEWTON 723SF 1br ground level w/private entry, insuite laundry $139,900 604-984-8891 see id5546

PARTIAL OCEAN view, 920sf 2br+den 2ba quiet condo, kids, pets ok. $310,000 778-294-2275 see id5575

PARTIAL OCEAN view, large 1270 sf. 2 br + den 2 ba in a +45 building $295,000. 778-809-0769 see id5574

SENIOR’S ALERT beautifully updated 976sf 2nd fl 2br 2ba $208K 604-542-0233 +55 bldg see id5527


For Sale by Owner

NEWTON GROUND level 1240sf 3br 2ba tnhse, no stairs, priv backyd $199,900 604-948-5441 see id5554 1 BD top floor in Chilliwack granite counters, 9’ ceilings, stack w/d. elec f/p. Secure underground parking. $160,000. 604-795-7367

NEWTON HUGE 2017sf 3 or 4 br 2.5ba tnhouse w/double sxs garage $393,000 778-218-0389 see id5320

SENIOR’S ALERT 1200sf 2br 2ba upper level tnhouse w/chairlift $219K 604-951-7738 see id5547



2BDRM/2BTH, $274,900 38 19797-64 Ave, LANGLEY Superb location updated upper end unit townhome w/vinylplank flr, bths, appls, paint, new roof. 2 sundecks, s/s+intrcm, garage. 604-533-6652

W.End/Down/ Yaletown

FORECLOSURE SALE Distress sale. Receive free list w/Pics $2 Mill and up. www.VancouverLuxury

THOM CREEK Ranch - House for Sale By Owner. In Chilliwack’s premier retirement complex. 2090 sq ft finished plus 294 unfinished ready to model. In the top row with superb, unspoilable views of the City, mountains and way beyond. Excellent Clubhouse. Friendly neighbours $440,000 negotiable. No HST. 604-824-1892

Lower Lonsdale, Spacious BR, S.West corner, 180° Views, modern, comfort, 4blks to Seabus, updated concrete bldg. $367K, obo Info 604-980-3186

VIEWS! 3BD/2.5BTH Top W Vancover Location, Lifestyle, Kitchen, Cherrywood Floor, Like New, Just Gorgeous $1,599,000. Interlink Realty (778) 882-8381

UNIQUE LARGE Seymour River estate for sale, 5500 sf on 15,000 sf river property, a nature paradise 65 K rental income B&B. $ 1,655,000 Serious inquiries only.





BURNABY South; CORNER 8810sq ft lot 3 BR 1200sf home. $999,000. No agents. 604-439-7554


BELOW ASSESSMENT 1280sf 3br 1.5ba ½ duplex, large 4480 sf lot $232,900 604-792-9287 see id5511

CHILLIWACK LK 1250sf rancher w/guest cabin, .5 ac lot, 2km to lake, pool $360K 604-824-5687 see id5561

CLAYTON IMMACULATE 3523 sf 5br 3.5ba w/bsmt suite across from park $648K 604-575-7636 see id5551

Real Estate

CULTUS LK gardener’s dream 1160 sf 2 br 1.5 ba rancher, a/c 50+ complex $68K 604-858-9301 see id5400


Difficulty Making Payments?

No Equity? Expired Listing? Penalty? We Take Over Payments! No Fees!

Open House Sun 2-4 7610 Barrymore Dr N Delta $599,000 Fab 3000+ sq.ft. Family Home in Royal York. DAN SKALNIK 604-377-7008 Coldwell Banker Westburn.


EAST, STUNNING Mt Baker view 2850 sf 5br 3ba bungalow, mn flr Master, $454,900 250-656-0549 see id5456

CLOVERDALE 3765SF 4br 3.5ba, on quiet cul-de-sac, suite potential in basement, $575K 604-619-0603. See: id5559

North Vancouver CLOVERDALE 3850SF 6br 5ba 3lvl 2/suite potential on 1/2ac GD lot, $849,900 778-549-2056 see id5564

2490 CALEDONIA, North Van OPEN Sat 1-4pm, Sun 1-3:30pm or by appointment. One of the Best Views in Deep Cove - $1,390,000 Beautiful 3 bedroom cedar home with stunning, pristine 240 degree views over Deep Cove and 2 marinas. 3 floors on rare, landscaped 10,000 sq ft lot with stream. 350 sq ft deck. $2,100 mth luxury suite to help pay the mortgage. Steps to the forest trail, Deep Cove and just 20 mins to Downtown. Lovingly renovated Call Deanna 778-829-6993

FLEETWOOD ACROSS from School, reno’d 2600sf 6br 5ba w/suites $579K 604-434-3482 see id5577

GUILDFORD MAGNIFICENT 4952sf 10br 6.5ba back on creek, main floor master br, $789K 604-581-5541 see: id5506

5BDRM/3BTH 1880 Garden Avenue Wow! Fabulous 5 bedroom home in super central location! Nothing to do but move in! This lovely light filled home has been meticulously cared for + bonus mtg helper that brings $1450/mo Open 2-4 Sunday July 29th. $849,000 Call: (604) 802-1051


Port Coquitlam

3BDRM/1.5BTH, 747 Chelsea Ave, PoCo. Newly renovated. Tara Caldwell RE/MAX All Points 604-328-8127


COMMERCIAL/RESIDENTIAL 2300sf home w/suite above 3 Comm units $985K 604-882-6788 see id5533


Lots & Acreage

CHILLIWACK BUILD 5000sf Home, 10,742sf serviced flat bldg lot $279K 604-798-5050 see id5536

LANGLEY BUILD your dream home, secluded 5 ac view ppty, well inst $649,900 604-825-3966 see id4513

LANGLEY WALNUT Grove 10ac Subdividable,w/4400sf 3br 4ba home $1,295,000 604-961-8878 see id5569 TYNEHEAD 3800SF 5br 4.5ba executive home 12,077sf lot, with side suite, $879K 604-575-7311 see id5350



Custom Built, 2200sf, 3BR+ den, 2.5 bath, new fixtures, 7300sf lot, $659K, 604-943-9600

VANCOUVER LOT w/house, Killarney area, oil tank removed, clear title, quick closing, minutes to all amenities, 10 minutes to downtown, Call 604-317-0604

Vancouver West Side

BOLIVAR HTS beautifully updated 1600sf 3br rancher, 7830 sf view lot $399K 778-394-0228 see id5562

CEDAR HILLS 2140sf 5br 2ba w/bsmt suite, huge 7200sf lot, updates, $549K 778-320-7506 see id5568

PRINCETON, BC 15.78 acres Panoramic views, hydro, well, pumphouse, & septic installed. $384,900. 1-250-295-1811

Vancouver East Side

OPEN HOUSE Sat/Sun May 12 & 13th, 10am - 2pm, 2396 East 39th Ave. 50x140 lot, 1,050 sqft bungalow, asking $1.2 mllion.


OWN THE Land, 1092sf 2br rancher style mobile $185K 604-824-7803 kids OK, see id5541

OPEN HOUSE Sundays 1-3PM 9420 Woodbine St, Chilliwack 45+ Rancher in Quiet Gated Community, 2 BR, 2 f/bath, all appls, 1200sf, dble garage, maint free yard, strata fee $136mo. REDUCED $224,900. Motivated. 1 604 625-3498

Industrial/ Commercial

HOUSE ON 1/2 acre lot, rented, 13690 Bentley Road, good investment. $750K 604-324-0655



1118 Hillside Road, West Vancouver (British Properties) Luxurious new 7978sqft 7 bdrm VIEW home in prestigious British Properties. Open plan, h/w floors, huge master, theatre, wet bar, pool, hot tub, Smart wired/Control 4. Too much to list! $7,588,000. Call Nicole: (778) 867-7243



★ WE BUY HOMES ★ Damaged Homes! Pretty Homes! Any Condition! No Fees! No Risk! Quick Cash! Convenient! Private! (604)- 657-9422

6020-02 REAL DEPARTURE Bay-No steep stairs on cliff front. Just 2 blks to sandy, usable beach. 8 min to ferry, shopping closer. 2,600 sq ft, 2 bdrm suite, active views, 3 full baths, sep. laundries. Oversize corner lot w/ access to RV pad behind house. $439,000. Drive by 2895 Fairbanks (cnr Bay St.) Nanaimo. View by appointment. 250-585-1111, 250-729-7420

CENTRAL LOCATION ABBOTFORD Price Reduced ★$419,000★ 4 level split, 3 BR., 2 ½ baths, double att. garage, large dble. lot fully landscaped with large work/ garden shed. Updated throughout incl. oak floor and pot lights in the kitchen, new en suite, new window coverings, new paint inside and out, new roof and completed basement with wet bar plus intercom/radio system up and down. Great for medium to large family – lots of room to install pool or play area in the backyard. Good neighbors who have lived on this street for years – well looked after properties. $419,000 (this price includes all appliances) and some furniture negotiable. Please visit and key in #5458 to view the property. Call for appointment to view 604-855-7033 or 604-807-8441. For sale by owner. No realtors

CHIMNEY HTS like new 4100sf 8br 6ba w/main floor bedroom, 2 suites, $659K 604-441-9652 see id5563

North Delta

Houses - Sale / 604-786-4663

EXECUTIVE LIVING gated 1864sf 4bedroom 2.5bath, main floor master bedroom, 19+ adult complex $568,900 604-575-7636 see id5552



VIEW AMONG BEST & endures! Rare 19th flr sub-pent sw corner! 1br L-Lons $399K? 604-984-7111

S. Surrey/ White Rock

HUGE 2650SF 4br 3.5ba 2 yr old 3 level tnhse, double sxs garage rec room $649,500 604-560-4109 see id5555

GREAT Family Home. South facing 3861 sq ft custom home on a 6028 sq ft lot in Fleetwood/Tynehead, Surrey. One owner, built in 2001. 6 bedrooms, study, 3 1/2 bathrooms, maple kitchen. Master bedroom has a large walk-in closet, soaker tub, and mountain views. Nice neutral colours, bright and light throughout. Sweeping, double sided staircase. Basement suite has 2 bedrooms, dishwasher, maple kitchen, laundry, separate entry and a large games/media room, or possible 3rd bedroom. Landscaped garden, large private back yard, covered patio, hot tub, cedar deck. Primary school is a 5 minute walk, Surrey Sports & Leisure Centre is a 2 min drive. $699,800 Call 778-227-6253

LANGLEY [WILLOUGHBY] Now $577,000! neg. Open plan, granite, ss appl. vaulted ceil. 3 bdrm, 3 bath det. 604-721-4414 MLS Listing #: X2381132


BLOWOUT PRICE like Venice lagoon lvl 935sf 2br 2ba insuite laundry $299,999 604-948-6805 see id5567


ABBOTSFORD 35014 HIGH DRIVE 2400 sq.ft. 5 bed, 2.5 bath, incl. in-law suite. Private back yard. $390,000 obo. (250) 702-3415

OFFERED AT assessed value 1000sf 3br 2ba home on huge 10,000sf lot $414K 778-859-0717 see id4272

2BDRM/2BTH #308-10186-155 Street Move in ready! Designer colors, custom bar. Near transit, mall, park. $216,000 (604) 808-6847

5BDRM / 3BTH rarely available lot/house in Prime Quilchena area - 2049 W 28th Ave House needs lots of TLC. 60X120 lot. Steps away from Arbutus Club and Quilchena Park. Walk dis. to nice schools and Arbutus Shopping Center. A 3 yr old, 4315 sqft house next door was sold 4.4 million in 05/ 2011 w/ same lot size. $2.8 mill Call: (604) 232-0550

SURREY TYNEHEAD 1ac dev. ppty into 5.5 lots starting Jan 2013, $1,399,000 604-951-8777 see id5566


Mobile Homes

ABBOTSFORD 1100SF 2br 2ba double wide, must be moved off site $38K OBO 604-850-6498 see id5315

Ads continued on next page


The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


Okanagen/ Interior


Out Of Town Property


Real Estate Investment


Auto Finance


Commercial/Heavy Duty Trucks




Luxury Cars

Need a Vehicle?

Guaranteed Auto Loan Loan! EXCEPTIONAL LAKEVIEW Lots from $140,000. Nice trees. No time limit to build. Owner wants to retire. Will carry financing. Also: 1 spectacular 3 acre parcel $390,000. 1-250-558-7888

LIVE ON Mayne Island 2 lots,one Turn Key house all for $380.000, 250-539-5011 mayneislandhome/


Out Of Town Property

Ocean Front Lux Contemp. private home on 2.73 AcresQuadra Island. 250-884-0000

TRIPLEX- SOINTULA B&B Guest House, Malcolm Island, N.Vancouver Island. New reno, on view half acre. cost $900,000, sell $525,000. 5pm 604-628-4592


Recreation Property

3 BR, lrg kitchen/lving room, 1300sf seasonal, Gambier Isl. Sea Ranch $325K 604-266-6191

COZY 2 bdrm on 10 acres in Lone Butte, barn, 2 car garage, new, no steps, complete reno, oak beams in L/R, large deck, drilled well, outbuildings. Close to Horse, Watch and Green Lakes. $278,000. Call 604-467-7144 or 604-250-1668

CRANBROOK 2060SF 4br 3ba reno’d home w/side suite on 2 lots $239,900 778-887-4530 see id5304 HAWAII, 3 acres of land, $25,000, Cash to me. (Depressed price). Gwen 604-732-7383

HOPE, PRICE reduced, large 2376sf 3br + den 3.5ba on .23 acre lot $319,900 604-869-7554 see id4889 IS IT TIME? Think of moving away from the City? Here is a 20 acre property with 1km of salmon creek, an orchard, greenhouse, garden, all within the Comox Valley City limits. Small and lovely 2 bdrm house, self contained cottage, studio, workshop & chicken coop. Meander along the many trails, sit by the pond, walk to the ocean. Much loved land but time to pass it on. $778,000. Agents welcome, finders fee. For more info

NANAIMO, OCEAN View 1283sf 3br 2ba 4yr old home on .11 ac lot $339,900 604-308-8266 see id5556



CULTUS LAKE beautiful year round RV site grt location, low fees, all ament., $117,500. 1-604-795-9785 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★ Exclusive & Private Lake Shore Cottage, for all info: $329,000 ★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★★

GET AWAY or Permanent Living close to Manning Park Community, wilderness & rec, 3 BR, 1.5ba, 6appls, sleeps 12+, $250K by owner, 604-795-3663 FANNY BAY, VAN. ISLAND WATERFRONT HOME 7636 Shipspoint Rd 90’ of waterfront with a stunning custom built home offering panoramic views of Baynes Sound over to Denman Isl. from every room. 90x170’ lot. Approx. 1500sq.ft. of beautiful architecture with 2 bdrm, 2 full baths & full basement for storage. MLS#316185 Virtual tour at www.7636 $669,000 Estate Sale Scampi Hirst Angell Hasman & Associates Realty. 604-728-6052



1976 THUNDERBIRD, 1 owner, no accidents, serious inquiries. only. Call 604-465-7997

2006 Ford Freestyle Ltd Black leather interior - 7 Pass. 114K kms. LOADED WITH OPTIONS. $12,500. Call 604-786-6001

1981 FIREBIRD T-top 305 eng, auto, excellent cond. $7500 obo. More info call 604-924-1511

2006 FORD Fusion, 73,000 km, 4 cyl, grt cond, 2nd owner $8800. 604-852-0533 * 778-241-3528

LOT & Trailer. This little gem is located 120 miles from Van, pool - C.H, hiking, fishing, history of 1860’s gold rush. Caretaker, maint $775/yr, $40,000 obo. Lot 33 - 30860 Trans Canada Hwy Yale BC. Ph 1-604-792-6764

1993 PLYMOUTH Sundance 126 K, 4 dr, w/hatch, 2.2L, $2400 obo. Great 1st car 604-809-6353

1998 BUICK Regal 140,000 km, 4 door, auto, pwr lks / wndws, Air crd, ac, $1800, Matt 604 700 4849

2006 LINCOLN LS, 1 owner 29,000K, garage kept, immac, loaded, dark wine colour ext, blk leather int, $16,900. Call 604 584-4704 or 778 228-2721

1969 FORD Falcon Futura 302 auto, fully restored, immac paint & body, numerous high performance options. $13,500. Photos at Call 604-307-0201

1976 MGB Roadster. British racing green colour. 4 speed. New top and carpet. Engine works well. $7,400. 604-591-8566

2000 Pontiac Sunfire GT, 185K Kms, 5 spd, no accidents orig owner, $3,300. 604-746-4142

2001 TOYOTA Camry, auto, pwr pkg, exc cond, no accid, 150,000 km, $5,700. 604-724-4262

2007 FORD Focus SE, 4 dr, AC, auto, pwr grp, 68k kms, $6500 604-439-9840 or 604-612-5122

2001 CORVETTE Z06 black on black, absolute mint cond, 55k. Must sell! $32,000. 604-574-7629

2004 CHEVY Impala excl cond with a/c, dual air, 73,000kms, 32 mpg on highway, tow pkg incl. $5800 obo. 604-792-0530 Chwk

2005 JAGUAR S Type, 3L V6, 78,000 km, new brakes, loaded, $13500 604-329-9933

2008 CHEVROLET Impala 93K $8,900 (604) 835-7655 # 8291

2008 Chrysler Sebring Automatic 32,400 kms. Grannie summer driven. No accidents. Reduced price! $13,900. Call: (604) 820-1002 2011 FOCUS S SEDAN 4DR SDN silver $ 11,950 #1109552A WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister

2004 CHRYSLER Crossfire by Mercedes, blk, loaded, immac, 53K, $14,900, 604 723-5288

1989 PORSCHE 944 Turbo, white on burgundy, all rcrds, new exhaust, 5 spd, a/c, Ltd slip, great cond! $15,900 Call 604-943-0945

2007 Ford Mustang GT Convertible fully loaded, automatic, 140,000km, local. $17,000. (604) 721-8411. 2004 DODGE SX 2.0, 127,000 kms, aircared, air, sunroof, tilt steering, p. windows, like new inside & out, 600 kms per tank, lady driven & owned since new. $5000 OBO Call 604-794-7426 3094 Westwood St, Port Coq 604 945-4999. 2925 Murray St, Port Moody 604 461-7995.

9129 1970 Jaguar E-TYPE In excellent shape and ready to go for sunny summertime driving. Too many upgrades to list. Pictures and invoices available. REDUCED - $64,000

2005 ASTON Martin DB9. 'James Bond style car!' Silver metallic. 23,000 km. 6.0, V12, 450 hp. New tires. 1 owner. You deserve the best! $86,980. 604-781-7614.

2008 CADILLAC Escalade EXT $39,888. (604) 626-4548 #30576

1985 MERCEDES 500 SEL, V8 , 4 dr, heat lthr frnt/rear, s/roof, grt cond, recent work, RARE must sell $3000. 604-910-1139

1989 JAGUAR XJS coupe, V12 159 K, pristine cond $7,500 obo. Priv sale, call Bob 604-986-8516

POINT ROBERTS! A bright attractive 3 bdrm, 2 bath home, Gulf Aire Villas, 1721 Benson Rd. #111, $25,000, and 5800sf lot with 5 dwarf fruit trees from separate owner at $37,600. Owner will finance. Contact Call Isabelle 604-266-5153 or Duncan 604-266-9923

2001 Chrysler Sebring LXI Coupe Automatic w/ manual mode 108,000 kms, rare, ruby red pearl coat, 3.0 ltr V6, fully loaded, leather, 4 stack CD, Infinity Speaker system, $6,000. 604-467-9348

jet, 2 dr cpe, reblt mtr, new brakes &lines & paint, $9,500 604-376-8363

OCEAN FRONT Porteau Cove 2 yr old 1600sf 3br 2.5ba 15min from W Van $799K 778-998-9141 see id5424

ALDERGROVE SXS DUPLEX 65K below assessment. $3K/mo rent income $545K 604-807-6565 see id3428

1995 FERRARI F355 GTB. Meticulously cared for. Canadian car. Recent full engine out service, new clutch and release bearing, Tubi exhaust, Hyperflow cats, wheel spacers. Drives and looks perfect! A must see! $54,900. Call 778-834-6069

1968 THUNDERBIRD 429 quadra

1986 CHRYSLER TC Woody Wagons, one w/turbo engine. $3500 for both. 604-534-2997

90FT WATERFRONT, Sointula Guest Beach House Malcolm Is. N. Vanc Is. 2 BR, water, sewer, hydro. $229K. 604-628-4592

1989 BENTLEY Eight, Immac, 68,000 kms, gorgeous charcoal/ tan, no accidents, show winner $19,900 firm. 604-889-2525

1964 FORD FALCON 289, auto, 2 door, hardtop, totally restored, $7,500. Call 604-585-2397

2003 CADILLAC CTS, 53K, 4dr, white, auto, fully loaded, mint condition, $14,400 604-864-8199

Real Estate Investment

LANGLEY RENO’D sxs duplex +1/2ac lot, rental income $2,200 /month $489,900 604-807-6565 see id3186


2006 CHRYSLER Sebring TOURING (2.7L), 93,000kms. Fully loaded: auto, tilt/cruise, p/w, keyless entry, pwr. driver seat, a/c, etc. 75% front/rear brakes. No accidents / mint cond. $7,750 obo (Surrey) 604-715-7469

Collectibles & Classics

BEST LAKE FRONT FROM VAN only 1 hr, nr Bellingham, 2,900 sft, 5 br, 4.5 bath, 18 yr old home. Beautiful low bank waterfront, $739,000. Call 604-734-1300

OK FALLS. 2 BR condo, top floor 1021 sf. Waterfront! View of lake! $299,999. Call 778-999-2473 MEXICO SAN CARLOS Beautiful Executive retirement home 5 hrs from Arizona! 3000sf incls sep guest hse. $229k 604-364-6441


1966 CADILLAC Eldorado all complete, no body rust, same owner last 15 years, heated garage kept. $16,500. 604-535-1942, 778-668-0432

SPECTACULAR ISLAND VIEWS (10) San Juan Islands, Anacortes - Biz Pt. $899,000 USD 4,100 sq.ft. on .5 acres, 5 br with in-suite bath, oversized 4 car garage 38’ long x 16’ High RV garage. Custom home ICF exterior walls, geothermal heat system. MLS# 313575 Alan Weeks 3688 Birch Way, Anacortes, ZIP 98221-8440 (425)691-9515

2006 FORD E350, Box Van, 16ft, diesel, 77k, a/c, great working van, $16,500 Firm. 604-538-9257

"Bankruptcy "Repossessions "Collections


PORT ALBERNI reno’d 2000 sf 5br 2 ba with 2 br basement suite 2 laundries $210K 604-542-1995 see id5537

1.6 ACRE OCEAN VIEW PROPERTY, in Town, Sointula, Malcolm Island, N.Vanc Island. Assessed $132,000, Sell $129,500. 5 pm 604-628-4592

BIRCH BAY WATERFRONT Home. Quality cust 3 BR, del mstr ste, 2 f/p, lrg deck/balc, priv beach w/stairs, amazing views/sunsets! $619,889. Windemere Real Estate RANDY WEG • 360-305-5704

O.A.C. DL#61030

Get $1,000 Cash Back!

Luxury Cars

2007 BMW 525I, black, loaded, leather, sunroof, very clean, 122K, $24,900. 604-999-4097

1993 Mazda MX-6 LS Automatic 171,000 kms. Restored. V6, Auto, AirCrd, Lady owned. Receipts, too much to list. $4,500. Call: (778) 689-6094

1999 BENTLEY Arnage Stunning sapphire on cream interior. Quick 4.4L twin turbo. Non smoker, No accidents. Mint. Looks new! $49,900. Call 604-889-2525 2007 BMW 335 coupe 62km 1 ownr, mint cond, leather, auto, sunroof, Sports Package & Prem Package $28,900. 604-6167727

2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK430 Cabriolet 84,000 kms Black on black, AMG package, wind screen, wheels, spoiler,Bose stereo! Mercedes serviced full records, garage kept, $18,900 Call: (604) 916-7402

2005 CHEVY Cobalt LS, $7,995. P/W, P/L, AC, Alloys, S/Roof, New Tires, Auto, Local, All Service Records, 92 kms. 604-522-8889 2008 CHRYSLER Sebring Convertible. Grey interior/grey exterior. Loaded, priced to sell. $11,900. Please call Richard, 778-222-1040 or 604-454-4000.

1987 JAGUAR XJS Cabriolet, 1 owner, lady driven, V12, ps, pb, pw, rebuilt ac, new tires, $8900 obo, Don 604-826-7012

2009 Audi Q7 3.6 Automatic 80,000 kms, silver ext, black leather int, sunroof, tow hitch, nav, bluetooth. $40,000. Call: (604) 913-9221


Motorcycles/ Dirt Bikes


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks

August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist


Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks


Sports & Imports


Sports & Imports

1983 HONDA CM250, approx 20,000 mi, low cost transport, dependable, new tires, saddle bags $1450. 604-880-9073

1986 FORD 250, good condition, runs good, blue, 1 owner, $5999 obo, 604-925-3294, 649-4215

2008 FORD Escape XLT, $14,888.

1988 CHEVY Silverado, auto, pb, pw, air, towing package, excellent cond, 6 mths away collectors plate. $4900. 604-924-1511

2008 FORD Escape XLT $16,995, p/w, p/l, a/c, cd. Alloys, 87kms, 2 to choose from. 0 down $181 bi-weekly 60 months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

66,570 km, EH98613. Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108

2006 SUZUKI Boulevard 1500cc, flex pipes, new tires, lthr bags, w/screen $4995 1-604-791-1865 1996 CHEVY Silverado 2500, extended cab, bed liner, cloth int, ps pb pw, incls tow kit, exc cond $4500. Don 604-988-0170

2008 HARLEY D, Nighttrain, 110 11K, cost $31K, ask $20K, 604-847-9353 (Chill) after 5pm

2008 HARLEY D, Sportster, 1200low, 4400km, cost $14K, ask $10K, 604-847-9353 Chill aft 5pm

1996 JEEP Grand Cherokee, V8 auto, 178,000km, no accidents, 1 owner, $4,995, 604-290-8012

1997 TOYOTA 4-RUNNER 4x4. 3.4 litre V6, 260,331 km. Running boards, tow package, sunroof & windscreen, flexibility for hauling or holidaying. Air conditioning, power windows, cruise control, alloy wheels, dual front air bags/ ABS brakes, newer timing belt, tires and service history. Great for family! $6000 obo. 604-521-4932

Parts & Accessories

Engine 302 New, rebuilt, never used since rebuilt, $500 obo. Ford custom wheels, new tires (4), $500 obo. 604-767-4086


Scrap Car Removal

2008 FORD F150, p/u, 2 wheel drive, 8ft box, auto, 4.2l, 14k, silver, $11,000 Firm. Call 604-538-4883, 604-329-6225

2008 JEEP Patriot North Edition $12,995. 99kms, p/w, p/l, ac, cd, alloys. 0 Down, $142 bi-weekly, 60 months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

2008 TOYOTA Rav4, $18,965.

88,221 km, EH67694 SIGNATURE MAZDA D#11029 1-855-781-5108

2009 ACURA RDX $29,965. 74,556 km, EH01133 Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108

2003 FORD E450 , 16’ Box / 7.3L Turbo Diesel , 345K km, $8900, D9921 in Abbts. 1-877-855-6522

2003 FORD F250 4x4 XL $8500 obo, 187,000 km, auto, 604-323-3662 or 604-315-9384

#1 FREE Scrap Vehicle Removal Ask about $500 Credit!!! $$ PAID for Some 604.683.2200


AAA SCRAP CAR REMOVAL Minimum $150 cash paid for full sized vehicles. 604-518-3673


2007 ACURA MDX (Tech Pkg) $28,888. All factory options, like new, 71kms. 0 Down, $303 Bi-Weekly, 60 months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

Sports & Imports

1969 MERCEDES 300TE station wagon, clean, white, 4 new snow tires. $2000 obo. 604-988-0054

1984 CORVETTE 383 stroker auto hard top - soft top Stainless exhaust $6,995 Ph 604-795-9967

2009 MITSUBISHI Outlander XLS

1995 Land Rover Discovery 203K kms ex. con; new batt,tires no accid. $3,999 (604) 926-3052

2008 HONDA Civic, 4 dr, silver, auto, 60,000kms, excl cond, fully loaded, $10,500. 604 518-3166

2006 HONDA Civic EX, $10,995 P/W, P/L, AC, CD, Alloys, 111kms, Local, Exec Condition, Silver. 604-522-8889

2008 HONDA Civic DX $12,995. Local car, only 69 kms, 0 Down, $140 Bi-Weekly, 60 Months O.A.C. 604-522-8889

2006 HYUNDAI TIBURON SE. 103K km. Leather, mint, sunroof, a/c, CD, alarm. 2.0 L, 4 cyl. No accid. $9600. 604-839-6253

2008 Honda Civic Hybrid Auto 30,000kms.1owner;no accidents $14,200. 604-522-3392

2003 INFINITI M45,excellent local, no accid, loaded, luxury, V8, auto, $9,995, 778-995-3862

2003 MAZDA Prote´ge´ 5, 5 spd, 140K km, new water pump, timing belt & front wheel bearings, sunroof, pwr windows, locks, cruise, nice cond. $7,500. 778-227-2010

2004, FORD F350, Super Duty, Lariat 6L diesel, 8 ft box, f/loaded, leather, trailer tow pack. New tires, brakes, rotors, windshield, 1 full yr bumper to bumper warranty remaining. 82,700km $25,500, 604-339-9427

2012 DODGE RAM 3500 Laramie load standard 4x4, Navi leather roof, 58kms Dealer #31097 $54,999. Call Diesel Pete 604-466-8887 or 1-877-428-0375

1993 MAZDA Miata, hardtop, engine rebuild, new battery/timing belt, newer tires, like new condition. $5500. Call 778-240-1315

2012 KIA Sorento LX, $23,888.

30,326 km, EH10043, Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108

2012 LEXUS RX350, V6, full loaded, 6/mo, no accidents, navi, rear camera, top model, 6 yr wrty, $52,800, obo, 604-925-3111

2009 VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE/ BUG 35,500kms, automatic, fully loaded, sunroof mfgr., warranty car proof available, $19,000 serious buyers please, Call 604-836-1014.

2010 NISSAN Sentra CVT, 43,000 kms, $13,995, P/W, P/L, AC, CD, alloys, 2 to choose from, Easy Finance, 72mos O.A.C. 604-522-8889 2010 VW Tourag, 39km, touch screen nav, leather, luxury pkg, trailer hitch, moon roof, push button start, very clean, no acc, $43,000 obo, call 604-351-5631

2007 BMW 328i, only 52,000kms, $19,995, All Factory Options, Low Kms, Easy Finance up to 60 Months, Excl Condition. 604-522-8889 2004 VW Jetta TDI GLS $12,888.

2011 MAZDA 3 Sport, $18,888.00 EH29400.Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108

22,125 km EH49528. Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108

1994 PONTIAC Trans Am GT red with grey int., well maint., lady driven $4800. Serious inquires only. Ph 604-997-2583

2007 FORD MUSTANG GT, fully loaded 22,000 kms, $29,500. 604-721-4228 2005 AUDI S4. Quattro (AWD). 102,000 km. Blk leather. Incl 2 set of wheels & tires. 6 speed. Power everything! Exc cond. $19,500. Call/text Rick @ 778-847-2975.

1996 ACURA RL. Always dealer serviced very good cond new tires/ brakes. $3,400 obo 604.926.8047,

2011 VW Jetta, 37Km ,EH72155 $15,888.88. Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108

2007 JAGUAR XK Convertible, indigo Blue, 17,900 km, w/3 yr global warr, new micheline tires. $48,000. 1 owner, 604-926-8877 2005 BMW 320i $14,888, 65K loaded EH23745. Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108 2005 PONTIAC Sunfire 2 dr coupe stnd, 119,000k’s, $4800 obo. Ph 604-798-0767 lve mess

1997 ACURA TL, 3.2, 190K, 4dr, sunrf, srs/abs, exc cond, loaded $4900, 604-984-4229

2009 SATURN ASTRA XL 4 dr hatchback, auto, many optionssilver, 18,000 kms, $8000 Firm. Call 604-538-4883, 604-329-6225

2006 NISSAN Altima SE, 3.5L, V6, auto, tan color, 104,000 km, 1 owner, no accidents, $9,200. Call 604-644-1197

2004 MAZDA 626, black, leather, auto, ht seats, gd cond, 110k km, aircared. $8500. 604-440-4322

1994 MERCEDES C280, 85K, grey, fully loaded, extras, exc cond, $10K obo, Ladner 604-940-6460

2004 GMC Yukon XL, auto, 244,000 Kms, 2WD, p/s, p/w, cruise. $9,350. 604-377-5751

2003 Nissan Xterra, 162,000 kms, 5 Sp. A/C Power Grp, New Trans/Clutch, New Exhaust, New Brakes, 17" Wheels, Tow Pkge. $7,900 Call: (604) 218-5460

2006 NISSAN Altima 2.5S Special Edition 94,000 km automatic, spoiler, fog lights, new tires, winter mats. $10,888. Call 604-819-9596 Chilliwack

2006 VOLKSWAGEN PASSAT. 46,000 km. Grey. 4 drs, auto, p/w, p/l, leather heated seats, sunroof, mag wheels. Good condition! $16,000 obo. 604-240-9912

1990 TOYOTA Tercel, 109,000 kms, new battery & exhaust, exc cond, Aircared, 1 owner, well maintained $1500. 604-649-8633

1996 MAZDA Cronos, pretty with all options, needs engine. $900 obo. 604-626-2630

2008 FORD Pickup Lariat, 49,000km, loaded + +, $45,500 Must Sell! 604-313-2763

2006 CHEVY MALIBU, very clean, auto, a/c, 4 cyl, 100k, runs good, $6,500. 778-855-5206

$21,988 EHO4185 Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108

Sport Utilities/ 4x4’s/Trucks 2007 DODGE Ram 3500 Diesel $31,900 (604) 835-7655 # 8291

2008 HONDA Accord EX, $14,995, P/W, P/L, AC, CD, S/Roof, Like New Alloys, Local, Blk/Blk, Easy Finance 60 months, 604-522-8889

2002 Toyota Sequoia Automatic 305,000 kms 1 owner, top condition, all records, new Michelins. $13,900 email:


2006 ACURA 3.2 TL custom fully loaded, 300 HP 6 spd. 125,000 km on body, only 44,000 km on engine $15,500. 604-241-0357

2002 BMW 525i Agent maintained, 200K. M6 wheels, exc cond. $10K (778) 991-4001


604-790-3900 OUR SERVIC

1997 TOYOTA Camry LE. 4 drs, 4 cyl, auto, a/c. Well maintained. Aircared. $3700. 604-936-1270

2011 Dodge Ram 3500 LOW KMs, DIESEL $42,990. (604) 780-2696,

1994 MERCEDES E320. Silver, blue leather, 269K km. Aircared, 4 snow tires. $4,500. 604-521-0691

2006 BMW X3 2.5i Auto, 117,000 kms, AWD, Premium Pkg, $17,000 negotiable, Phone 604-760-3390

2005 TOYOTA Camry LE, 95,000 kms, local, excellent cond $8880. 604-988-7812

2000 MERCEDES E55 AMG, beautiful, exc cond, 113K, price to sell, $12,900, 778-846-2933

1989 BMW 325 is, 2dr, red, 5 sp, 1 owner, 210K, gd cond, loaded, $4200 obo, 604-946-8862

*DELTA SCRAP VEHICLE REMOVAL $160 Min. FOR COMPLETE FULL SIZE VEHICLES Serving the Delta area for 20 yrs. Call 604- 649-1627, 946-0943

2005 Ford F-350 Lariat Super Duty, Crew Cab, Dually Automatic 84,000 kms, DVD Player, Fully Loaded $25,900. Call: (604) 780-2696 or email:

2007 YARIS 4DR SDN AUTO pw pl green $7,888 #2791785 WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister

1997 MAZDA Protege 5sp std, a/c, very well kept, good mpg $2500 obo. 604-738-3797.

2009 DODGE p/u 150 hemi SLT, loaded, matching canopy, rhino lined, show room cond. 8,000 org km ’s, $25,000. 1-604-613-3727 1-604-796-9060


2005 HYUNDAI Santa Fe, 108K, Auto,air cond.,FWD, Hankook tires, silver. Clean, well maint. $10500. Phone 604-792-4517

2006 Chevrolet Equinox LT Automatic 86,000 kms 6 cylinder,leather seats,sunroof,air conditioning 5x cd player 6 way pioneer speakers $12,250. Call: (778) 859-7204


2001 CHEVY Silverado 2500 4x4, reg cab, 160,000k’s, long box, $3500. Phone 1- 604-796-0302

2010 TRIUMPH American Motorcycle, 900 cc, never driven, $8700. 604-533-4962 morn/eve


Sports & Imports

2007 KIA Rio 5, 5 dr, blk, 5sp, 1 owner, 72K, exc cond, incls winter tires, $7500 obo, 604-603-2548

2004 KAWASAKI Vulcan Nomad 1500cc, Vance/Hines pipes, lots of chrome, heated storage, service records, 30,000 miles, new tires/clutch, lots of extra gear, $7500 firm. 604-761-7491

2007 YAMAHA RI - Dark Red & Black - Double & Single seat cover - 12600 KM - Custom Front & Rear Lights - Twin Black Carbon Fibre Akrapovic Exhaust - Very fast and awesome, Mint Condition (Cloverdale) $8500. Call 604-788-0060



2006 TOYOTA Corolla, standard 5 spd, (loaded), 84km, Silver, like new $10,000 obo. 604-926-0308

2012 MAZDA 3 GX, $17,988. 24,227 km, EH10011. Signature Mazda D#11029 1-855-781-5108 NEED CHEAP AUTOBODY ? 604-341-7738

2007 TOYOTA Yaris Sedan, $8,995, P/W, P/L, AC, CD, Alloys, 124 kms, 0 Down, $99 Bi-Weekly O.A.C. 604-522-8889

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The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


Sports & Imports













Aluminum Boat Wanted, 10, 12 or 14 ft, with or without motor or trailer. Will pay $. 604-319-5720

KIA MAGENTIS 2008 LX V6 auto 185 hp - 20,300 km. Only $11,900. Chwk 604-847-3297

1989 CHEVROLET Palm Springs Edition, 8 seats w/ hide a bed,190K, $5000, 604-321-0050

2006 GMC Savana Automatic 190,000 kms 4.8l. Runs like new. Good Condition. Offers. $8,000 Call: (604) 876-5015

9515 INFINITI G35 2003 82k $13,900 one owner, exc. cond. power all, leather, sunroof. 604.721.4414

1996 DODGE Caravan, 217km, aircared, reblt trans 2010, exc shape, $1500 obo. 604-466-0171




12’ ALUMINUM boat, 7.5 Johnson motor (Seahorse), includes all accessories. $1500 obo. Call 604-992-4891

2002 SIENNA 4DR LE gray $ 8,888 #2299506 WWW.KEYWESTFORD.COM 1-866-549-8503 301 Stewardson Way, New Westminister

VW NEW BEETLE 2005 Cabriolet automatic, immaculate, no accidents,85500 km. $11,000 obo. 604-341-6543

BOAT FOR SALE 17’ bowrider/ 144hp io/ready to go $5,000 Call: 604-703-0133 email:

1994 SPECIAL Edition Travelaire 5th whl, 26.5, generator, lam flrs, $4600 obo (Abbot) 604-504-0408

1976 CASCADE Pilothouse Ketch. 42 ft sail boat. New dinghy & outboard motor. Radar & auto pilot. Perfect coastal cruiser. Live aboard. $34,800. 604-538-1410

2007 Volkswagen Rabbit 129,000km Single owner. Fully loaded, sunroof, heated seats, 5speed $10,500 604-329-6735

2003 Honda Accord EX-V6 190K, 3.0L, excell,no acc.$7,500 Call: (604) 376-3389

1996 Honda Civic CX 157K Excell, maint,1.7L. lady driven, $3,500. Call: (604) 376-3389

2007 Acura TL Auto, 122,000 kms. Financing Available $16,880. Call: (604)780-2696


2003 CHEVY Venture, 7pass, red, good cond, 128K, incls snow tires, $3500 obo, 604-946-4725

2003 KIA Sedona EX 2tone silver /grey, 3.5ltr,auto, pw/ps, am/fm, cd, 5dr, 7pass, cloth seats, roof rack, 171K, $4900 604-820-0486

2004 CHEV Express 8 pass nr new tires, v8 auto, 188,285km good cond $12,000. 604-856-7455

1996 MIRAGE 19ft , 4.3 litre good on fuel, stocked, stored indoors, no salt, 600 hrs, w/trailer, good cond, $8800 obo. 604-857-3344

2003 NEWMAR Dutch Star, 3 slides, 39’, 65,000mi, full paint freight liner Chassis, 330 Cat engine. Computer desk, solid desk oak cabinets. $78,500. Ph 604-846-5046 Chwk 2004 22’ ADVENTURER, very clean, 62km, sleeps 6, $24,900 obo for quick sale. 604-859-8255 2004 PLEASUREWAY Plateau M/H, Mercedes Benz diesel, Mi. 61,588K, Immac cond & loaded. $54,900. Ph 1-604-220-5005

2007 20’ Monterey, 95 hrs, ski tower, extra stand up cover service rec’d, tandem trailer, like new $23,700. 604-796-9074

2008 NASH 25’ 5th whl, q bed, rear kitchen, 1 slide $19,000. Ph 604-792-2201 Chilliwack

2007 GTI SEADOOS yellow, 4 Stroke, low hrs, 155HP. & 2003 GTX Seadoo blue, 2 Stroke, 160 hrs, 130HP, w/trailer, stored indoors, no salt water; $12,500 obo. LOTS of FUN! 604-857-3344 26’ COLUMBIA SB 4 cyl Merc., self furling, totally equipped $7800 obo. 604-626-2630



★ D & E House Cleaning ★ Reas. Rates, Flex Hours, Seniors Disc. ★ 604-943-0836

'GO GREEN Cleaning Service Reasonable Rates Carpet cleaning available. Call 604 723 8228' LIDIA’S EUROPEAN Cleaning. Res/Com. Specializing in detail cleaning. Bonded. 604-541-9255


Computer Services

28 ft. Allegro Class A Motorhome, 132,000 kms, Ford V10 chassis, fully equipped and in excellent condition inside and out and mechanically. Many extras. $22,000. Call: (604) 8584541 or email:

2006 ALFA Luxury Mtr Home 330 CAT Diesel Pusher, 6 new tires, 35,500mi. Equiped with everything, too much to list! Exc cond. $117,000. 604-767-3894

★2008 30’ 5th wheel. double slideout, lots of storage, new front tires, very clean, 2 entrance bath. $21k. Hitch incl. 604-466-8116 or 604-760-2967

MCI COACH 6V92 Turbo, CW 9 spd trans, insullated, built for f/t living, $36,500, 604-733-6629


makes your computer work again! Best rates on the market. Guaranteed Virus Removal.

Call 778-882-4128



Placing, Finishing, Specializing in Stamped Concrete, Overlays, Acid Staining, Counter Tops, faux Rock (Waterfall and Ponds)

Dave: 604-940-1125 Cell: 604-220-3145


ENZO General Masonry- Specializes brick, block, stone, all types of concrete work 594-1960



GJ CONSTRUCTION Complete drywall, textured ceilings, Steel stud & T-bar etc. Free Est. Graham 604-644-6339


2005 FOUR WINDS Class C 30’ sleeps 7, like new cond, 132,000 km, $24,888 778-748-6874

Advanced Concrete Enhancements Limited 1989 Prowler/Cooper 19’, 4.3 Merc. inboard, dry-storage kept, loaded, like new, $18,000 obo Call: (604) 921-9433

1994. 30FT 5th Wheel Citation Supreme Many Upgrades. Very clean. $8,800. (604) 845-0493 (after 5 pm) or text anytime.


Delta PC Service & Consulting

Give us a call: 604.630.3300 Or place online:


2008 ALPENLITE 31ck Ltd Edition, 3 slides, ex cond, retail $80K, ask: $49,500, obo 604-814-5071


2004 TITANIUM model 32E 37DS, 2 slides, mint cond, 1 owner, $27,900. 604 535-8688

for up to one year.

REC Trailer 0 kms restored like new. Sleeps 6. 18’ awning incl. $4,000 obo Call: (604) 255-7150

Accelerate your car buying

19FT SEARAY, 165 merc inboard, w/trailer, runs awesome, $5500 obo. 604-817-9004


1998 37’ Winnebago Chieftain 454, 1slide,53000mi. loaded,very clean,$24,500obo.604-850-4353

1982 COMMANDER excellent. condition Bowen Island, $18,000 604-947-92140

2002 Chevrolet Venture No accidents, $3,900. Call: (604) 309-4208;

1 private party photo auto ad, 3 lines in 6 community papers. 1 online auto ad, 5 photos, many lines. It runs till you cancel,

2007 TRAIL Lite Modle TL8230, Light Weight. New cond. 1 owner. Extras. $16500 604 224 4927

2007 OUTDOORSMEN w/slide. Like new. $18,495. #UWO23521. 604-835-4036.

1989 19’ Bayliner Capri Blue, 2.3 litre IB Fresh water cooled Exc cond. Well maint. Lots of extras, c/w trailer . $4,695. 604-837-7564


40’ MOUNTAIN Aire, Dsl pusher Like new. incl tow jeep. $79,000. Ph 604 795-9967

ROAD RANGER 5TH WHEEL 24 FT. Rear bath, queen bed, new tires. New cond. $11,950. Call: (604) 325-7871 or email:

1981 18FT Beachcraft, 470 Merc, 170hp, IB/OB, cuddy cabin, new top, $3000 obo, 604-948-5048

CHEVY UPLANDER 2005. V-6, auto, 7 pass., grey, A/C, power locks & windows, cruise, tilt, 93K km. Runs very well. $6,400. 604-241-2530 or 604-375-2570

rhero aise the supe LE DEAL! Pr Tights . es lin 3 UNBELIEVAB in e of this vehicl capabilities 4-630-3300. tional. Call 60 op pe ca d an

2013 PASSPORT 238ML Ultralite $21,895. #PT132383. 604-835-4036.

1998 NOMAD 5th Wheel 25 ft. 1 slide; Standup/walk around Bdrm $12,000 604-796-2866 1998 SLUMBER queen 7.6’ Import camper 520 kg, new propane 2011, folding alum steps & hand rail, 3 brn stove, porta potti, forced air furn, hyd jacks - hold downs, pressure 50 ltr water/ 3 way fridge/freezer. Will fit short box p/u or import. Excl cond $6500 obo. Ph 604-858-5624 Chwk

NEW HIDEOUT 21FQ. lots opts. $16,549. #HT11211. 604-835-4036.

NEW PASSPORT 199ML Ultralite, $19,095. #PT111991. 604-835-4036.

2006 ROCKWOOD 31BH, 4 bunks, $19,995. #UTR311. 604-835-4036.

2007 PROWLER 5th wheel, 32 ft, grt family rv, fibreglass, slideout, bunkbeds, air/cond, sleeps 8 $19,900. 604-824-1426

2002 26’ 5th Wheel, rear entry, mid kitchen, fully loaded, exc cond $12,500 obo. 604-929-2688


1988 CHEV 20 work van, 3/4 ton, Aircared, original owner, good running order $1100 obo 604-986-2430

1980 SAN JUAN, 7.7, 5 good Sails, good motor furling, good condition, $5800, 604-568-2050

2010 JAYCO 1206 w/slide-out & screen rm. $10,995. #UTJ12062. 604-835-4036. 2011 JAYCO Flight trailer. Loaded! Sleeps 6. Used for only 2 weeks - like new! $22,900. 604-464-1385 or 604-944-8086

1996 SEA Breeze 31' (Class A) Heavy duty 460-7.5 litre Ford engine, Fully equipped, $19,900 obo 604-746-5898. Abbotsford

2002 TOYOTA Sienna, XLE loaded, new fr brakes, 170,000 km, $7900. Call 604-943-2586 2002 WINDSTAR (Ford) 140 kms, good cond., $3375. 604-846-8593 after 4pm or all day wkends

2006 WILDERNESS, 260RL, stove & shower never used, queen bd/super slide, $14,900, 604-476-1150, 604-626-8232



Professional Electrical Services Panel Upgrades Surge Protection Renos – Hot Tubs Safety Checks Lic. #26765 • South Delta based

604-657-7957 YOUR ELECTRICIAN $29 service call. Insured. Lic # 89402. Fast same day service guar’d. We love small jobs! 604-568-1899




one mini, drainage, landscaping, stump / rock / cement / oil tank removal. Water / sewer line, 24 hours Call 341-4446 or 254-6865




Factory Direct Cedar Fence Panel for Sale & Installation 8291 No.5 Rd Richmond Call 604-275-3158


Flooring/ Refinishing


HARDWOOD FLOOR SERVICES Sanding & Refinishing Installation Quality Workmanship Free Estimates Fully Licensed & Insured


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August 10, 2012 The Delta Optimist


Bermuda John

Patio Covers

Honest & Dependable

You Buy It! We Build It!

No Job too Small

604.948.3199 778.688.1950

• • • • • • •

Lawn Cutting Weeding Power Washing Trash Removal Dump Runs Deliveries Pick-Ups


Royal Wood Tree Care “Trim your trees, cut your costs”

Tree Removal Tree Pruning Hedge Trimming

To place your ad in “Call the Experts” call our Sales Experts at

McLean Tree and Hedge - Arborist reports for Development Applications - Tree pruning and removal - Hedge renovation and trimming - Danger tree- Certified Tree Risk Assessor

143 - 14488 Knox Way, Richmond, B.C.

C: 604-916-6187


Dale McLean, Certified Arborist

Tel: 604-276-2323 Fax: 604-276-2313 Toll Free: 1-877-440-2323

Stump Grinding Fully Insured ISA Member

H: 604-943-0084


Advantage Aluminum Products Ltd.



Tel: 604-943-8775 Cell: 778-232-1888

To place your ad in “Call the Experts,” call 604-630-3300




Lawn & Garden

Kitchens, Baths, Home Repairs, Decks...

FREE - LAST CHANCE! Aerating or other lawn service with a seasonal lawn booking

604.374.2360 HANDYMAN SERVICES Electrical, Gutters, Fencing, Plumbing, Carpentry, Flooring Renovations, Sheds, Contracting & more Affordable, friendly, fast, reliable, local, guaranteed Call Paul 604-614-2250



604-649-0502 (cell)

HANDYMAN - framing, decks, tiles, hardwood, drywall, re-roof. Total additions & basements. Ken 604-500-2426 or 604-455-0740



LARRY’S CLEANUP: Rubbish, cleanups, yard waste, gutters... est 25 yrs. 604-649-9600




landscape construction

paving stones, concrete fences, arbors, sheds retaining walls decks, railings, stairs lawn installation

renovations interior exterior kitchens, bathrooms doors, windows hardiboard, cedar siding

604 948 5296

PAUL WEATHERBY Property Maintenance • • • • • • •

Lawn Care & Maintenance Pruning and Hedging Full Yard Cleanups Gutter Cleaning Pressure Washing Rubbish Removal Fencing & Repairs

604 •240 •2194 604 •943 •2401


Greenworx Redevelopment Inc. Hedges, Pavers, Ponds & Walls, Returfing, Demos, Drainage, Jackhammering. Old Pools Filled in, irrigation. 604.782.4322

Lawn & Garden


“Spring Clean-Up” Reel Type Lawnmowing Aerating • Power Raking Weeding • Moss Control Fertilizer • Trimming • Pruning Professional Maintenance

Cell: 604-710-1348 604-946-1348






For AnythingYard Related! “Give us a Call!”


Need Space? We Have It!

reclaim your garage & yard move that huge boat or RV renovating store those precious keepsakes

2 locations: LADNER

WCB 604-943-0043 Local Resident 38 years Lawn Cutting, Power Raking, Hedge Trimming, Pruning. Local resident. Steve 778-688-9095


Moving & Storage

B&Y MOVING Experienced Movers ~ 2 Men $55 ~

Over 10 yrs. Exp. • Licenced & Insured • Professional Piano Movers


$35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020 B & Y MOVING Exp’d movers, 2 men $55. Over 10 yrs exp. Pianos welcome! 604-708-8850



- reduce your costly commercial square footage/ increase your profit by storing offsite at reduced rates POINT ROBERTS

604-946-0020 360-945-MINI (6464)

24/7 Secure Gated Access Reasonable Rates!


Painting/ Wallpaper

PAINT RITE BY RICH For all your Painting needs “Call Me – We’re Neighbours!” Richard Ryan 604-946-4889 604-649-4930

Member: Better Business Bureau TAKE AWAY THE PRESSURE Painting, interior/exterior Contact Ian 604-946-9395..604-812-7255


Paving/Seal Coating

ALLEN ASPHALT concrete, brick,

drains, foundations, walls, membranes 604-618-2304/ 820-2187



Painting/ Wallpaper

A-1 PAINT CO. Summer 10% OFF Special Exterior Repainting Free Est. - 15 Years Exp. Insured /WCB


ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! Interior & Exterior ★ UNBEATABLE PRICES ★ Free Est. / Written Guarantee



Interior/Exterior Specialist Many Years Experience Fully Insured Top Quality, Quick Work Free Estimate



Landscape PLUS

Maintenance & Contracting


Moving & Storage


Lawn & Garden



Fully Insured 20 yrs. exp. • Free Est. Call 604INTERIOR & EXTERIOR SPECIALS 10% OFF


SERVICE RENOVATIONS HOT WATER TANKS Rick Wegner 604 809 6822 604 952 0975


Lowest price hot water tank replacement, perimeter and yard drainage, bathroom and kitchen renovations. No job too small Honest and reliable. Locally operated. Competitive Pricing. Licensed, bonded and insured.


Plumbing Ltd

Res - Com Professional Service FLAT RATE 7 DAYS/WK

604-551-8531 Honest Service Lic - Ins - Bonded

PRECISION 1 Plumbing & Heating, Lic. & Ins. hw tanks, service, renos. Rick 604-809-6822


Power Washing

BOUNDARY BAY WINDOW WASHING • Exterior house cleaning • Pressure Washing • Gutters

Steve Watts 604-943-4134 778-228-5639 Pressure Washing Houses, Siding, Driveways, Patios, Painting, Interior/Exterior


Renovations & Home Improvement

Painting, repairs, tile, reno’s, Reliable & Exc. References.

Call Ed 604.948.2191 604.219.4789

Phone: 604.946.9395 Cell: 604.812.7255


Renovations & Home Improvement


Kitchen & Bathroom Remodelling Bathroom & Shower Repairs 20 years experience Free estimates

604-948-9573 Cell: 604-836-8943


Rubbish Removal

Student Works


Disposal & Recycling Trips start at


B i n s f ro m 5 - 3 0 y a rd s a v a i l .

John 778-288-8009

10% OFF with this ad w w w.student

ALLQUEST PAINTING Quality Work You Can Trust! 778 997-9582

DISPOSAL BINS: All bins start at $145 + dump fees. 604-306-8599

D & M RENOVATIONS, Flooring, tiling, finishing. Fully Insured. Top quality, quick work 604-724-3832

ROD’S HAUL IT AWAY 778-668-4285

FAIRWAY PAINTING 604 729-1234 ★RENOVATIONS-RES & comm. 25 yrs exp. Lrg or small job welcome. Drywall, painting & tiles. Free est. Refs. 722-4411

Seniors Discount

Don’t wait. Call Ian Ferguson




B-Cheema Roofing All Types of Roofing & Repairs Free Estimates

604.722.3600 A Eastwest Roofing & Siding Re-roofing, Gutter, Free Est, BBB Member, 10% disc, Seniors Disc, 604-812-9721, 604-783-6437 AFFORDABLE QUALITY ROOFING All types. BBB, insured, references. 604-984-6560 Samra Bros. Roofing Ltd. 40 yrs+ Cedar / Fiberglass / Torch On Free Estimates. 604-946-4333

Renos/Home Maintenance


Stucco/Siding/ Exterior

ALL STUCCO, chimney concrete and cement work. Professional, reasonable reliable 604-715-2071



AL’S CERAMIC TILE. Supply & install, samples avail. Free est. 604-948-9573, cell 604-836-8943


Top Soil

★TOPSOIL ★ Sand ★ Gravel Delivered ★ Ladner & Tsaw Call Bob 604-779- SOIL (7645)


Tree Services

Tree Removal - Stump Grinding Branch Chipping * Free Est. * WCB Local resident, 34 yrs. 604-943-0043

Need a Plumber?

WCB & Liability Insured

604-943-4024 604-612-3329

P.R. Remodelling Kitchens, Bathrooms, Drywall, Tiling, etc. Certified Plumber

20 years exp. & ref’s European craftsmanship

Call Paul 778-434-2437 for free estimate

RDM ENTERPRISES For All Your Household Repairs and Renovations. Interior and Exterior Finishing, Fences & Decks, Kitchens, Bathrooms & Plumbing Refs Avail. Free Estimates

Rob 604-946-4796

Roofing Experts 778-230-5717 Repairs/Re-Roof/New Roofs. All work Gtd. Free Est. Call Frank


Rubbish Removal


Over 25 years serving South Delta

• Rubbish Removal • Reno Clean-Up • Yard Trimmings • Gutter Cleaning

604-649-9600 $35/HOUR PER PERSON • 24/7 Abe Moving & Delivery and Rubbish Removal. 604-999-6020

Find one in the Home Services section

A52 The Delta Optimist August 10, 2012


Saturday, August 11th Saturday, Aug. 18th, 2012




48 /lb


Selected Varieties, 375 ml



Product Of Italy






100% Natu 1 L Carton Super Hydrating


+ Dep. recycling fee where applicable


Selected Varieties 4 x 311 ml Tins


+ Dep. recycling fee where applicable

4 Pack


Non Dairy, Soy Free, Gluten Free, Vegan





B.C. Grown

Selected Varieties 68 g

Potato Chips Cooked Selected Varieties 142 g



1 48 1

98 /ea













Washington Grown





where applicable


.68 98 1




Natur Selected Varieties + Dep. recycling fee 750 ml


Luna & Larry’ s 451 ml Carton

2for 7


California Grown

ream Peaches & C


Edward & Sons Selected Varieties 12 Cones







B.C. Grown





- 12 oz. Or Cole Slaw - 16 oz.

Selected Varieties 709 ml Jar













Frozen, 1.2 kg






A TASTE OF ITALY Selected Varieties 500 g

B.C. Grown




( 12

00 We reserve the right

to limit quantities. 4857 Elliot Street, Ladner Open Sunday - Saturday, 7 am to 6 pm

Wk 33

Delta Optimist August 10 2012  

Delta Optimist August 10 2012

Delta Optimist August 10 2012  

Delta Optimist August 10 2012