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Science & Math RLC Semester Newsletter

Partying? Be smart this spring break, don’t end up contributing to these statistics. ♦

Spring Break! Ways to stay safe, save money, and have fun!

Going on a Trip? ♦

Try to stay with family/friends – cheaper and safer

Go somewhere that there is free places to visit - museums

Pack non-perishable foods to save money on meals – soup

Get creative on how to get there – bus/train

Booking trip ahead of time will save you money ♦

Save the Date! Party!

Twitter 101!


3/13/12 at 7:00pm

3/19/12 at 7:00pm

3/22/12 at 7:00pm

Take a break from midterms and party! Woodward Basement!

In honor of Social Media Week, we will highlight the benefits of Twitter!

Come to this great event where you get to do an artistic scavenger hunt!

1,700 college students die each year as a result of alcohol misuse. The average college student drinks 3 times more during spring break than they would during a normal weekend. Students who usually abstain from drinking often drink during spring break 50% of all emergency trauma cases had alcohol in the picture. Think about it like this, how much fun will the night really be if you feel sick after & can’t remember what you did?



Your Programming Assistants We are your programming assistants. We are here to create programs that interest you and support the Science and Math RLC. So if you have any ideas, don’t hesitate to ask!

Brandon Ackley Brandon is a Chemistry major from Millis, MA. He is involved with Students for Sustainability and RHA. His hobbies include cooking and watching Dr. Who. If you have any questions about programs or about different ways to recycle and be sustainable, Brandon is glad to help.

Kath Bukis Kath is a Biomed major from Franklin, MA. She is involved with RHA and is a member of the Spring Track and Field team. Her hobbies include running and spending time with family. If you have any ideas for programs, let her know and she can help!

Helpful places Are midterms starting to get the best of you? Well there are plenty of places around campus that are meant to help, and the best part, their services are free! The Academic Achievement Center has Math Services and The Writing Studio. Also, Health Services has the Counseling Center if you simply want someone to vent to.

Midterm Study Tips

There are many simple things that can be done to study more efficiently. Making an outline of the topics that you will need to know is a great place to start. If writing out flashcards does not work for you, try free online flashcards from study websites such as Study Blue. Be sure to take a 10-minute break every hour. Reward yourself with a treat like a Hershey Kiss every time you finish a section. And most importantly, be sure to sleep!




New Things Around Campus Things seem to be constantly changing around the BSU campus. The Conant Science Building to be completed in August 2012! The new parking garage for commuters is now fully functional. They are beginning construction on the new residence hall. And starting next fall, there will be upperclassman RLC’s in Scott Hall. It will begin with a Social Justice RLC! If you are interested in living in the RLC, simply check off the box on your housing selection form! Be in store for a lot of structural changes around the BSU campus by next fall.

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Fun Springtime Facts Simple little facts that are fun to know, and might even come in handy! March is Women’s’ History Month, National Nutrition Month, and National Kidney Month! April is Jazz Appreciation Month, National Poetry Month, and Nation Child Abuse Awareness Month


Did you know that “April Showers Bring May Flowers” is a full poem by Stephanie Selleck? Look it up and impress your friends with that fun fact! Did you know that there are 50 wildflowers that are native to Massachusetts? The state flower is the Mayflower!



Quotes Mark Twain “You cannot  depend  on  your  eyes  when  your  imagination  is  out  of  focus   “–  Mark  Twain     “Always  do  right.  This  will  gratify  some  people  and  astonish  the  rest”  –   Mark  Twain       “Apparently  there  is  nothing  that  cannot  happen  today”  –  Mark  Twain  

Einstein “Anyone who  has  never  made  a  mistake  has  never  tried  anything  new”  –   Albert  Einstein     “  Imagination  is  more  important  than  knowledge”  –  Albert  Einstein     “Not  everything  that  counts  can  be  counted,  and  not  everything  that  can   be  counted  counts”  –  Albert  Einstein    

Thoreau “Aim above  morality.  Be  not  simply  good,  be  good  for  something”  –  Henry  David  Thoreau       “Be  true  to  your  work,  your  word,  and  your  friend.”–  Henry  David  Thoreau     “Dreams  are  the  touchstones  of  our  character”  –  Henry  David  Thoreau  

Shakespeare “Fortune brings  in  some  boats  that  are  not  steered”  -­‐  William   Shakespeare       “It  is  not  in  the  stars  to  hold  our  destiny  but  in  ourselves”  -­‐  William   Shakespeare       “Things  done  well  and  with  a  care,  exempt  themselves  from  fear”  -­‐   William  Shakespeare    


Science & Math RLC Newsletter - Spring 2012  
Science & Math RLC Newsletter - Spring 2012  

A newsletter for the Science & Math RLC!