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Paula Marfull / Erasmus Università d’archittetura

EXPERIENCE IN FLORENCE This book speaks about my big experiences in Erasmus. It was in 3rd year course, I go to Florence for 6 month. For me it was a very good experiences, it was a break of my stress life in Barcelona, and I Enjoy one new life in an other city, an another country that I like very much. I had to learn a new language, and new methods of life, and life alone. Talking about the experience academically, perhaps it was the think that I change, because in Italy they didn’t work so much, and I was scared to not arrive at the level of 3rd year at elisava, but after I see that this was not a problem, because Erasmus is that, is life a new experience with negative and positive things. I know a lot of different people and I have a lot of fan. I have divided this portfolio in different chapter with my different experiences: - “ Il design é un modo di vita ” - “ Divertiti con i tuoi hobby ”

“ Il design é un modo di vita ”

REDECORATE 3rd year interior design. In this course we had to decorate and lay out an apartment for a family of 4. Just having the plan, we had the freedom to shoot and make the necessary partitions, always taking into account the needs of the residents.

Here I attached two plans: one is the plan the teacher gave me, and the other is the plan I changed. In red we can see the walls that I pulled down, and in blue the new walls.



1. PLAN with the measures 2. PLAN with the layout.

We had to choose the furniture, and make a catalogue with them.

Finally, we had to calculate the budget.

PIQUADRO After the apartment, we designed a temporary store in a new location in Florence for a company and suitcases brand called Piquadro.

In order to attract a wide target, the atmosphere had to be as bright as possible. The achievement of this demands to create a very powerful concept. Ours is based on the idea of an airport, so the central display has a conveyor belt that goes around the products. Afterwards, we created some shiny plastic modules that fitted with each other as if they were lego pieces. We also made some other exhibitors that were placed around the store.

1 1





1. PLAN of the store 2. SECTION of the store

“ Divertiti con i tuoi hobby ”

TRAVELLING We had to choose a hobby, and then create an object that helps to improve this activity.The one I chose was travelling, for it’s my hobby, so I created a bag to take the camera around, but which at the same time can be used to sit on it, and then used as a bag to put the memories .

Here we can see the origin of the idea, as well as the way it works.

These are the rederings of the bag. This bag had to be made of cardboard, but as it was also used to sit, it had to be reinforced with a hard layer of neoprene on its top.

Drawings of the different uses for this bag.

NOVARICO The company Novarico, an italian company producing globes, came to us asking for help with the catalogue of their products. The catalogue could not clearly show a concept. This concept was based on a lamp that was able to show the world’s physical map when the light is off, and the world’s political map when it is on.



1. First option: In order to show it is on, there is a paper with the drawing of the world physical map on it. When you put the “acetato� on it, the light turns on and you can see the political map. 2. Second option: the same but this time the contorn is a line in dark



1. Third option: A line separes the lamp in two, one of them is switched on (and therefore brightly lit) and the other off, (therefore dark). 2. Fourth option: The same as above, but this time instead of by a line, the picture is divided by a dark background when it is off, and a white one when it is on.

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