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Coexistence Strategy: Integrating Lotus Notes and SharePoint 5B

Mainsoft Corporation offers a third alternative: intelligent coexistence between Lotus products and SharePoint using the SharePoint Web Services interface. Instead of dealing with the steep costs and risks inherent in a migration strategy, or the inefficiencies and frustrations caused by a do-nothing strategy, companies can choose a third alternative, which is a coexistence strategy. End users continue to use their familiar Lotus products and SharePoint, with seamless integration provided by Mainsoft’s software and services. Key Capabilities and Business Scenarios 16B

The key capabilities of Mainsoft’s integration software and services are: Integrate SharePoint Document Libraries into Lotus Notes. From a sidebar in Notes, end users can navigate their document libraries, drag-and-drop documents between Notes email messages and SharePoint, and modify existing documents within a library using check-in and check-out from the Notes sidebar. Users can email documents as attachments or links.

Drag-and-drop a document from SharePoint to Notes.

Check-out a document stored on SharePoint from the Notes sidebar.