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Editor's Note... Hello! I hope everyone enjoyed April’s sunshine, maybe we can start to see more of that this month! Let’s take a moment to look at the exciting things happening locally. You may remember the stories of a bright patchwork elephant from your younger years and now he is bringing 40 of his friends to Plymouth for a big parade! St Luke’s Hospice is working in partnership with Wild in Art and Andersen Press to bring Elmer to guide you through Britain’s Ocean City. If you’re a small business or even a sole trader, you may often find yourself feeling quite isolated. The rebranded Plym Chamber can help you to find your feet with other like-minded business people. Great things can be achieved in collaboration, because “Together, we can do so much.” With summer on the horizon, a day out to the beach may be on your mind, but a dip in the sea is no good if we can’t appreciate our waters. Celebrate our oceans here in Plymouth this World Ocean’s Day by reading up on the suggestions from the National Marine Aquarium.

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OM Magazine, Issue 124, May 2019  

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OM Magazine, Issue 124, May 2019  

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