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p ly m o u t h s tat e u n i v e r s i t y

So.What are you doing next year?

p ly m o u t h s t a t e u n i v e r s i t y

PSU Experience   2 Financial Support  6 Academics   8 Academic Degree Programs  18 Real-World Experience  20 Student Life  22 Athletics  30 Health & Safety   34 Community Service  35 From College to Career!  36 Just the Facts  37 Where Is Plymouth Anyway?  38

admissions office (800) 842-6900 (603) 535-2237

psu experience


psu e x perie n ce


a ly s s a m i r a meteorology

The reason I started looking at PSU was the fact that my major was offered. Once I came to visit, I liked PSU for so many other reasons. I love the size; how I can walk across campus and see at least one person I know but still meet someone new every day. The sense of community was a big pull for me.

get the experience and the degree! Why do more than a

“PSU has my major.”

"Plymouth rocks!"

thousand students like you

With 55 majors and 60+ minors,

In addition to living in one of

choose PSU every year?

plus a program for students still

America's great small towns,

deciding on a major, your options

you’ll be minutes from ski resorts,

“It’s just my size.”

are wide open. (See page 18 for

rivers, and theatre and concert

• 4,300 undergraduates

the complete list.)

venues, and just a couple hours

(almost half from out of state) • 47 states and 28 foreign countries represented • Average class size: 18

from Boston and Portland. “I can afford it.”

Think of PSU’s 170-acre central

91% of first-year students receive

New Hampshire campus as a

some kind of financial aid, so

laboratory, a classroom, and a

don’t let cost get in the way of


your education.


psu e x perie n ce

“Everyone gets involved.”


Community service is the culture

admissions or call

and the norm here. The PSU

(800) 842-6900 for more

motto—Ut prosim, or “That I may

information and to schedule

serve”—really means something

a campus tour.

to students and faculty. See for yourself Whether you’re into the environment, health and fitness, business, or music performance, a visit is the best way to find out if

4,300 undergraduates

Plymouth State University is the right fit for you.


f i n d i n g a way

financial support

! Average annual cost of tuition, mandatory fees, and room and board: • NH resident: $21,868 • Non-resident: $29,288 • NH commuter: $12,610 Need- and meritbased financial assistance available.

Is college worth it?

Once you’ve fallen in love with

A college graduate’s annual

PSU and been accepted, the

income will be about $22,000

Financial Aid Team will walk you

more than that of a high school

through every option; tell you

graduate. And the unemploy-

about scholarships, grants, loans,

ment rate for college graduates

and work-study; and help you fill

is 2.6 times lower than for recent

out forms. And they will stick with

high school graduates. Especially

you through all your years at PSU,

in rough economic times, a

as long as you need them.

degree from PSU can bring more opportunities throughout your

Are you eligible for financial

working life.

support? Apply for it and find out! Remember: college degree = more

Okay, I want to go … but

money + more job opportunities.

how will I pay?

Don’t let cost get in the way of


your education. We may be able to find a way together. 91% of PSU first-year students receive some kind of need- or meritbased financial aid.

In accordance with NCAA Division III rules, PSU does not offer athletic scholarships.

WATCH Behind the Scenes at PSU: Stage Production, Lighting and Costume Design VIDEO


fi n a n cial support

abigale sprackland interdisciplinary studies ( da n c e a n d b u s i n e s s )

I know I'm not the only student who has concerns about how to afford college. Financial aid has given me the opportunity to further my education without a huge weight on my shoulders. Plymouth State understands that these are hard times for most people and are sensitive about that.


academics w h at d o e s c o l l e g e l o o k l i k e to yo u ?


acade m ics


Picture this You’re among a small group of students, discussing, arguing, and analyzing your subject together. Your professor calls on you by name. He expects you to get out and apply your learning in the real world through research, university-community partnerships, internships with local businesses, study abroad, volunteer work, or national student exchanges. Years later, he’ll still know your name. This is your life at Plymouth State. Will I get in? While your academic record is your most valuable asset in applying, PSU also looks closely at your character, leadership, initiative, and special talents. No minimum SAT score is required for admission, but most admitted students will have: • SAT combined critical reading and math score: 900–1100 (or ACT

composite: 19–24); • High school GPA: 2.5–3.5.


acade m ics

penina wallace criminal justice with minors in pre-law and a n t h r o p o l o g y/ s o c i o l o g y

My advisor, Mark Fischler, has played a large role in the success that I have had both in the classroom and out. He has helped me along a path of self-exploration that I cannot see having had if I had not come to PSU.


What will a PSU degree

tantly, you will be well prepared to

program designed to help you

give me?

enter the working world.

explore academic options and choose an appropriate major.

A solid liberal arts foundation: by the time you graduate, you will

So, what’s your major?

Dedicated faculty and staff will

think critically and have a deep

Get used to this question—you’ll

welcome you to university life, get

and practical understanding of

be hearing it a lot over the next

to know you, and serve as aca-

your chosen field. Most impor-

few years. Whether you declare a

demic advisors and mentors until

major before you enroll or need

you choose a major and move on

some more time to decide, PSU

to a home department. With their

can help you get to where you

help, you will be better prepared

want to go. And you have plenty

to graduate within four years and

of majors to choose from (see

put your education to good use.

page 18). university-studies

No major yet? No problem. Some students enter college with

Design your own major

a major in mind. Others—about

PSU’s Interdisciplinary Studies

a third of entering first-year

degree program allows you to

students—are still deciding.

create your own major with the

The Department of University

assistance of faculty from two or

Studies is a personalized advising

more departments. Interested in

18: average class size 12

acade m ics

the global economy? Mix business courses with foreign language. Want to go pre-med? Combine courses in biology, chemistry, and mathematics. Is web design your thing? Combine graphic arts and computer science.

• Academic Advising • Career Services

• Department of University Studies

• Math Activities Center

• PASS (Plymouth Academic Support Services), includ-

ing peer tutoring, academic Being an innovative thinker with

counseling, and services for

a range of interrelated skills can

students with disabilities

give you the edge you need to get into a profession you love.

• Writing Center academics/

academic-support Academic support: we’ve got your back When you arrive at PSU you’ll find that everyone wants to help you succeed. You’ll have full access to all these services and more during your years here:

WATCH 2013 Bachelor of Fine Arts: Studio VIDEO


PSU has the only meteorology degree program in NH

Get your degree sooner

And while the idea of graduate

… or go on for a higher degree.

school may seem as far off as

If you’re hoping to get out into

the moon, here’s something that

the workforce as soon as pos-

might bring that moon within

sible, the Division of Online and

reach: the College of Graduate

Continuing Studies (DOCS)

Studies has options that allow you

gives you a chance to speed up

to finish your bachelor’s and

your degree progress by taking

master’s degrees in only five

Winterim and summer session


courses, as well as weekend,

evening, online, and blended courses.


acade m ics

joakim martinsson business with A minor in sports management

I am so thankful for the amazing support PSU offers. During my first two years when my English was not as good as it is now I really took advantage of the PASS Office and the Writing Center. I hope the learning experience I have had in the classroom, in the community, and as an athlete will set me apart from the competition when I go home and apply for jobs back in Sweden.


We don’t like to brag, but maybe you didn’t know … PSU offers: • New Hampshire’s only degree in meteorology

• A nursing degree and RN–to– BSN completion program

• A state-of-the-art science facility

• One of New England’s best education programs

• A planetarium with Starlab Sky Projector

• A lively music, theatre, and dance program, with courses open to all majors and facilities that include the 665-seat Hanaway Theatre • Extensive athletic training and sport physiology lab

• Campus-wide focus on environmental issues and initiatives


acade m ics

ta i z a n c a r t e r english with t e ac h e r c e r t i f i c at i o n option

I know my experience at PSU will help me in my life after college. Academically, I feel prepared. If you want to get into a career that you are going to actually enjoy, going to college is how you can help make that dream come true.


Academic Degree Programs COMMUNICATION & MEDIA


BA Art: Ceramics BA Art: Drawing BA Art: Graphic Design BA Art: Painting BA Art: Printmaking BA Art: Sculpture BA Art History BFA Graphic Design BFA 2D Studio Art BFA 3D Studio Art BS Art Education (K–12)



Atmospheric Science

BA Criminal Justice

BS Chemistry: Biochemistry BS Chemistry: Chemistry Education (7–12) BS Chemistry: Environmental Chemistry BS Chemistry: General BS Meteorology


BS Adventure Education BS Athletic Training BS Exercise & Sport Physiology BS Health Education BS Health Education: Health Promotion BS Health Education: School Health (K–12) BS Physical Education: Contract BS Physical Education: Physical Education & Health Education Teacher Certification (K–12) BS Physical Education: Teacher Certification (K–12) BS Sports Management

BA Music: Commercial Voice Performance BA Music: Contract BA Music: Music Technology BA Music: Piano Performance & Pedagogy BA Music: Voice Performance & Pedagogy BS Music Education (K–12) BA Theatre Arts: Acting BA Theatre Arts: Contract BA Theatre Arts: Dramatic Writing BA Theatre Arts: Music Theatre Performance BA Theatre Arts: Theatrical Design/Tech








BA Biology BS Biology BS Biological Science Education (7–12) BS Biotechnology BS Environmental Biology


BS Accounting BS Business Administration BS Management: General Management BS Management: Human Resource Management BS Management: International Business BS Management: Small Business/ Entrepreneurship BS Marketing: Integrated Marketing Communications BS Marketing: Professional Sales BS Marketing: Public Relations BS Finance BS Sports Management

BA Communication Studies: Media Studies BA Communication Studies: Professional Communication COMPUTER SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY

BS Computer Science BS Information Technology CRIMINAL JUSTICE

BS Early Childhood Studies: Contract BS Early Childhood Studies: Early Care & Education BS Early Childhood Studies: Teacher Certification (PreK–3) BS Early Childhood Studies: Early Intervention

BA History BA Philosophy BS Social Studies Education (5–12)

BA Humanities


BS Childhood Studies BS Elementary Education (K–8)


BA Interdisciplinary Studies BS Interdisciplinary Studies


BA English BA English: Literature & Film BA English: Teacher Certification (5–12) BA English: Writing


BA French BA Spanish BA Modern Languages MATHEMATICS


BS Environmental Science & Policy: Community & Environment BS Environmental Science & Policy: Environmental Science

BS Mathematics BS Mathematics: Middle School Teacher Certification (5–8) BS Mathematics: Secondary Teacher Certification (7–12)

For the most current list of majors and minors, go to



BS Nursing: RN Completion (must have RN license) BS Nursing: Pre–Licensure Nursing

BA Psychology BS Psychology: Developmental BS Psychology: Mental Health BS Psychology: Psychology & Law SOCIAL SCIENCE

BA Anthropology/Sociology: Anthropology BA Anthropology/Sociology: Sociology BA Political Science BA Tourism Management & Policy BS Geography BS Environmental Planning BS Public Management BS Social Science SOCIAL WORK

BS Social Work BS Social Work: Aging Services BS Social Work: Child & Family Services BS Social Work: Health Services BS Social Work: Mental Health Services BS Social Work: Social Services for Hispanic Communities

acade m ics

ashley clarke e n v i r o n m e n ta l s c i e n c e a n d p o l i c y, w i t h a c o n c e n t r at i o n i n c o m m u n i t y, a n d w i t h minors in anthropolgy and sociology

I've made connections with many amazing professors, as well as other students and local people of Plymouth. PSU is a giant community of all people and all majors. I'm always finding links between two completely different things.


real-world experience

environmental biology student jesse wampler works on a fall migration raptor banding program in Cape may, nj.

Whether you’re looking to put

locally or around the world that

weeks as part of a course, for an

your skills to work in an internship,

match your skills and interests.

entire semester, or even an entire

or experience another culture by

Students have interned at pub-

year, the team at the Global

studying abroad, PSU can give

lishing houses, hotels, zoos, the

Education Office will help you

you the opportunity of a lifetime.

Kennedy Space Center, and

every step of the way, and they’ll

other cool places.

be there for you throughout your



time abroad.

Test-drive a career, develop

Study Abroad

skills, and network with profes-

Experience new cultures through

You can study abroad as early

sionals while applying what

study abroad programs in more

as the first semester of your first

you’ve learned in class to the real

than 100 countries, including

year through PSU’s Freshman

world. The staff at PSU’s Global

China, the Netherlands, Spain,

Abroad Program at the

Education Office will help you

Italy, and Jamaica. Whether you

University of Limerick in Ireland.

find internship opportunities

choose to study abroad for a few

Want to study closer to home?

you’ll take a combination of PSU

Check out the National Student

and Limerick courses and live

Exchange Program, which allows

on campus with Irish students

you to study for a semester or

and other international students.

for a year at any of nearly 200

You’ll also have a chance to bond

colleges throughout the US and

with a PSU faculty member, who


will accompany you and your

real - world lear n i n g

During your semester in Ireland,

classmates to Ireland and teach two of your courses. WATCH Experiential Learning at Acadia National Park VIDEO

! Study abroad is affordable! PSU and many of its study abroad partners offer scholarships, and any financial aid you’ve been awarded travels with you.



stude n t life

student life 23

t h e r e ' s m o r e to l i f e at p s u t h a n s t u dy i n g What you’ll eat

Where you’ll live PSU's 170-acre campus is home

mate: beds, dressers, desks,

You’ll never go hungry here.

to seven residence halls and two

chairs, and closets. The fun part

From Prospect Dining Hall to

student apartment complexes.

is decorating your space and

numerous cafés, the PSU cam-

All rooms are furnished with the

making it your own!

pus has a huge variety of snack-

basics for you and your room-

ing and dining options. Prospect Dining Hall offers home-cooked favorites, a fully-loaded salad bar, vegetarian options, pizza, desserts—there’s even a walk-up window for to-go orders. At the HUB, you can grab a quick bite at the Union Grille or a bagel and coffee at the Sidewalk Café. While you’re at Lamson Library, you can stop by the Commons Café for a latte and a muffin. Along the edge of campus you'll find all that Main Street Plymouth has to offer: Thai, pizza, Chinese, deli, burgers, Mexican, and more.


stude n t life

7:30 am

A Day i n t h e l i f e of a Res Hall whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, both the campus and the town of plymouth have plenty to offer.

8 am

What you can do Do what you love or try somemovie, ice skate at Hanaway Rink, victory at a game, build a house

1:15 pm

with Habitat for Humanity, chal-

Nothing like a little pre-breakfast yoga to get the blood flowing to your brain. 1:15 pm

lenge yourself on a high ropes

Cue up between classes.

course, shop on Main Street— whatever you’re into, there’s

5:30 pm

always something to do on and around campus.

Rise and shine! Time to roll out of bed and pack up for the day. 8 am

thing new! See a concert or a cheer the PSU Panthers on to

7:30 am

5:30 pm

And don’t forget the lakes and

A detour on the way to Prospect Hall for dinner. 10:30 pm

mountains that surround PSU

Close the books for tonight ... it’s pizza time!

are perfect for hiking, biking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, or simply relaxing. 10:30 pm WATCH 2013 Ski & Snowboard Day VIDEO


The Outdoor Center

Get out of town!

Get your gear on at the Outdoor

PSU is in the heart of north-

Center, which offers students

ern New England—grab some

free use of a wide variety of

friends and explore!

recreational equipment including

• 90 minutes to Hampton

skis, snowshoes, and paddling and camping gear. The center also sponsors day and overnight


trips throughout New England

• Two hours to Fenway Park

so you can learn or practice skills

• Four hours to Montreal.

like rock climbing, paddling, surfing, and skiing. outdoor-center


Beach or downtown

or New England Aquarium.

30 minutes to the closest ski area

stude n t life

Silver Center for the Arts is the major cultural arts center in central NH



stude n t life

100+ clubs and organizations Fun and games From sports teams to social clubs, there are endless opportunities to meet people, make friends, and have fun: • 20 NCAA Division III varsity sports • 7 intramural sports (including softball and broomball) • 7 sports clubs (including rugby and snowboarding) • Group exercise classes (including yoga, cardio bootcamp, and Zumba) • 100+ clubs and organizations (including student government, academic clubs, and special interest clubs)





The men’s ice hockey team defeated Salem State to capture the 2012 Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference (MASCAC) Championship and earn a berth in the NCAA Division III Championships.


pa n t h e r p r i d e ! Whether you’re a dedicated

• Women’s field hockey

PSU also offers sports clubs and

student-athlete or a die-hard

captured the 2012 ECAC

intramural sports in baseball,

sports fan, you can’t beat the


softball, rugby, snowboarding,

excitement of Panther Athletics!

• Women’s lacrosse won the

and much more.

Little East Conference regular PSU fields 9 men’s and 11 wom-

season titles in 2012 and 2013.

PSU also offers affiliated club sports such as competitive cheer-

en’s NCAA Division III varsity athletic teams, all with a proud

Intercollegiate Athletics

leading and men's and women's

tradition of success. Recent hon-


ice hockey, and intramural sports

ors include:

Alpine Skiing

in baseball. rugby, snowboarding,

• Men’s ice hockey won the 2012


and much more.

MASCAC Championship


and advanced to the NCAA

Cross Country

Fields and Facilities


Ice Hockey

PSU’s campus includes 50 acres


of playing and practice fields,


plus nine outdoor tennis courts,


and an 850-seat indoor ice arena.

Wrestling Inside our Physical Education Center, you’ll find an OlympicWomen's

sized swimming pool, athletic

Alpine Skiing

training center, a three-court


gymnasium with seating for

Cross Country

2,000, and more.

Ice Hockey Field Hockey After breaking or equaling five school records, shortstop Bekah Jackson was named All-New England and Little East Conference Rookie of 2012.

Lacrosse Soccer Softball Swimming and Diving Tennis Volleyball



health & safety

health &safety It’s all about you

The SAGE (Sexuality, Anti-

All residence halls are smoke-free

Here are just some of the ways

Violence, Gender, and Equality)

and locked 24 hours a day. Each

PSU helps make you feel more at

Center provides services that

residence hall has a residence


address violence prevention,

director and community advisors

diversity, and gender-based

who live onsite to help create a

Health Services is an on-campus

issues to promote a safe, inclusive

safe and secure living environment

acute care clinic that offers the


for all students.

own doctor. Speare Memorial

The Reflection and Spiritual

The Plymouth State University

Hospital, a critical access hospi-

Care Center provides spiritual

Police Department offers safety

tal, is just across the street from

support for people of all faiths.

services and workshops, enforces

kind of care you’d get from your

campus parking rules, and edu-

campus. The Wellness Center offers

cates the community about best

The Counseling and Human

programs that support the health

practices in personal and commu-

Relations Center offers free,

and well-being of students, includ-

nity safety. Officers are on duty 24

confidential services to help stu-

ing massage, life coaching, health

hours a day.

dents with issues including anxiety,

education, and wellness fairs.

stress, depression, and more.

health-safety Students and their families can use myPlymouth, PSU's online student portal, to register to receive campus alerts, class cancellations, and emergency communications.


co m m u n ity service

community service

PSU has been named to the President’s Higher Education Community Service Honor Roll every year since the honor roll was created in 2006.

Community Service Orientation allows students to move in aweek early to do community service projects, get acquainted with the campus, and make new friends.


Give back to the community,

Serve globally

the real world: Art students

help people, and learn more

Make a difference globally

help teach after-school art

about yourself in the process

through Alternative Spring

classes to area schoolchildren;

at PSU, where our motto is Ut

Break and international ser-

business students partner

Prosim, Latin for “That I May

vice trips that will give you the

with local businesses to help


chance to travel, learn, and

improve revenue; computer

serve beyond campus. PSU

science students help orga-

The Community Service

students have helped rebuild

nizations with IT solutions …

Center will connect you with

homes in New Orleans, worked

you get the idea. However you

service opportunities that fit

with young children in the

serve, you’ll gain some great

your schedule and interests,

Dominican Republic,

real-world experience for life

from food and clothing drives

and more.

after PSU.

awareness about important

Earn credits while you

Learn more about com-



munity service at PSU:

Many of the courses you’ll

take will give you a chance to


to mentoring kids and raising

apply what you’re learning to


fro m college to career !

Your degree can take you wher-

Career Services will help you

ever you want to go. PSU alumni

strategize your search, work with

are in every state in the US, every

you on creating a killer cover

province in Canada, and in more

letter and resume, and help you

than 53 other countries. They

perfect your interviewing skills.

from college to career! act on Broadway, teach in China,

They even arrange recruiting

shape healthcare policy in the

programs on campus.

White House, manage investments in Dubai, take their educa-

And even after you’ve entered the

tion to the next level in graduate

working world, Career Services

school, and more.

can help you advance your career or change professions.


When you’re ready to start your

job search, the staff at PSU’s


ann widger ’99 Current position: Director of External Affairs, Office of Intergovernmental and External Affairs, US Department of Health and Human Services “Where I am now has a lot to do with where I started.”

just the facts

just the facts 40% 2.5–3.5 91% 100+

undergraduate students enrolled

30 18 minutes to the closest ski area

professional sales program

in new hampshire

acres on campus

students from out-of-state


Number of years of guaranteed on-campus housing

Athletic Division



average class size


NCAA Division III


clubs and organizations

Ice Arena

PSU offers the only


students receiving financial assistance

states represented by PSU students

Plymouth State University, in accordance with federal and state laws and regulations, does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, veteran status, or disability, in admission or access to, treatment of, or employment in its programs or activities.

ski areas within ninety minutes of campus


GPA range for majority of students




first-generation college students


one of the most energy-efficient in the nation

20 athletic teams

Panther University mascot


hours students volunteer each year

Nearly half

undergraduate population participating in service-learning or volunteer work The Plymouth State University Viewbook was produced by the Office of Public Relations and the Admission Office. Photography: John McKeith, Peter Finger, Jon Gilbert Fox, Kindra Clineff, Jeremy Gasowski, Thea Dodd, except where noted writing : Emilie Coulter, Barbra Alan design : Sandy Coe printing: Springfield Printing Printed on Finch uncoated paper which is made with 100% certified fiber, 66% renewable energy, post consumer recycled fiber and elementable chlorine-free pulps. 10% postconsumer recycled fiber, Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and Sustainable Forestry InitiativeÂŽ (SFI) responsible forestry certifications


Best (secret) swimming hole I-93 Fantastic skiing Skate Float

Play Rock climbing mecca 38

location , location , location

Boston & seacoast where is plymouth anyway? We think you’ll love PSU. See for yourself! (800) 842-6900

Pemigewasset River


Play Perform


PSU campus


Admission Office MSC 52  17 High Street  Plymouth NH 03264-1595

Admission Office (800) 842-6900 or (603) 535-2237 Instagram Social Icon

share’n is care’n @mrkylemac

Plymouth State University Viewbook 2013-14  

An introduction to Plymouth State University and all that it offers students.

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