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2012 April Newsletter

HELP NEEDED for this years Megaride on June 10th. Help is needed on the Hoe and at Lee Mill There are various jobs that we need volunteers for either in the Morning or in the afternoon or both. For those who arrive at Lee Mill between 77.30am breakfast will be provided at Buds Cafe (Please see me for a drinks voucher first) and for those volunteering on the Hoe a meal voucher to use at C+G catering outlets will be provided. Please speak to myself or Sue on a club night or email me Tel 07843590968

First Aid Awareness

Plymouth Motorcycle Club

Editor: EMAIL

A year gone by with more motorcyclist injuries and unfortunately deaths. It’s a given fact that at some point in your riding life you will have an unscheduled dismount or you will be with a rider who does. It can be so frustrating to be a bystander unable to give assistance when a mate has an off and is at risk of bleeding to death or dying through a blocked airway. Anyone and everyone can help in this situation with some basic First Aid knowledge and this was the aim of our 6th annual First Aid Awareness 4 hours of practical First Aid at Cornwood Village Hall on Sunday 4th March. A very good turnout of members, 18 in all with a flying visit from our Chairman (on his way to a 12 hour shift) who made and delivered all the food goodies we had as refreshments during our short break at 12. Thanks Ritch. The course covered the role of the First Aider, basic hygiene in first aid, assessing the situation, administering aid to a casualty who is unconscious or in seizure, cardio pulmonary resuscitation, control of bleeding, shock, choking and minor injuries. Just the basics not a degree course, enough to keep that mate alive until the experts arrive. Plenty of hands on practice plus the required tea / coffee to keep everyone awake on a Sunday morning (many thanks to Allison) My thanks go to everyone who attended and for your unquestioning participation in all the practical aspects. Ian Prevost who is training to be a paramedic for his assistance with the practical bits and stuff. Members who attended were:-Pete Batten, Viv& Terry Johns, Steve Allen, Ian Prevost, Courtney Prevost, Rob Walls, Chris Allen, Jonathan Mansfield, Denis Secker, Mike Ford, Allison Ford. Mark Hull, Ken Bush, Roy Pike, Lyn Crombie, Rick Crombie and Kevin Freer, Steve Ford.

Triumph Sprint

Well its service time again and the need to service the bike has arrived, This time last year I took my carbs off to be serviced by a club member, they were put back on and ran well for a couple of months but then started running erratically but I decided to carry on running the bike for the next 6 months until after the rideout season had finished. Then off they came again and back to the same club member who sent me photos of my carbs a day later, which showed lots of brown gungy stuff which turned out to be rust. My initial thoughts were which petrol stations had been running their tanks low. I started to drain the fuel tank into a clean container then took the fuel tap off which was also full of rust and dirt, on inspection of the inside of the fuel tank it was evident the rust came from the inside, which was surprising because it was only a few years old. I use quick release fuel pipe connectors and 2 inline filters and 2 fuel filters in the carbs none of which was able to stop the dirt getting through. I began a search on the internet for something to clean away the rust and found a solution in America called Metal rescue I contacted them and yes it is available in the UK At a cost, well a new tank is ÂŁ650 or try eBay ,except when I contacted them their tanks were as bad as mine. So I bought a gallon and poured it in the tank and left it to do its thing but in a 5 gallon tank this took ages “ah wellâ€? 2 more gallons bought, and the tank sat in doors in the hallway over Christmas and New Year with a bit of tinsel on it keeping the solution warm. After pouring the solution back in the containers for further use and the tank now been washed through with soapy water there is no rust at all. You used to be able to get a liquid called Petseal but the modern additives in petrol break this down. I have now fitted fuel filters with paper elements inside to combat any more foreign objects getting to the carbs. Hopefully to stop this happening again I intend to keep more fuel in the tank over the winter months to try and stop the condensation building up. Ritch

We have recently lost through tragic circumstances, a member of the Plymouth Motorcycle Club Paul Henderson. Paul was involved in all aspects of the club, in charity ride-outs and fund raising. He will be greatly missed and our condolences go out to Jackie his wife and all the family John Varndell I Have been asked to pass on my thanks to the club members that helped marshal the funeral of longstanding member Keith Crofts son Michael who lost his life recently on his bike in Plympton our condolences go out to Keith and his family Ritch


i don't know were you left your bike Pete”

“ So many Triumph’s to choose from eeny meeny miny mo

Club members on a recce run to the Hanger Des Celtes rally site recently. The Rally will be on the 18th, 19th and 20th of May in Kervignac Brittany, Ferry places are running out fast…………………………..

Ride of Respect @RoyalWootton Bassett Clear blue skies with a definite scattering of frost saw 7 of our club members on an almost empty Sainsbury car park at 06.45 on Sunday 18th March ready to embark on what will be the last ride of respect through Wootton Bassett. Leaving exactly on 7 o’ clock we headed up the A38 onto the M5 and our first stop to meet the guys from Paignton BMAD and 3 more of our club members at Exeter services. A real assortment of bikes, riders covered in badges and logo’s, helmet cams, flags, quite a sight to see and everyone cheerful if not a little chilled around the fingers. So after a cup of chocolate from the garage machine and the usual banter about tractors and real bikes we all set off in an orderly snake for our next stop at Brent Knoll services on the Somerset levels. Here it was decided by the BMad guys that the next stop would be Leigh Delamere on the M4 just before the turn off to the meeting point at the airfield at Hallvington. The PMCC members who travel up the M5 on a fairly regular basis wanted to follow their normal routine of cheap petrol and great breakfast at Morrisons near Cribbs Causeway. This was put amicably to the Bmad guys who gave us their blessing and we arranged to meet them at Leigh Delamere at 11am. So off the 10 of us went at shall we say a much faster pace than we had been travelling much to the relief of us all. Refuelling for both the bikes and us at a sensible price and off to Leigh Delamere where we met up with the Bmad guys to recounted our tales of the great breakfast feast we had devoured and still arrived at the same time as them. There were mutterings that we must have been exceeding the speed limits by quite a bit to have achieved this. We of course denied this with fingers

crossed behind our backs. Onward this great snake wriggled to the airfield to be checked for the correct wrist and bike bands then a short ride down the long runway to our waiting point. Not too long to wait just long enough to say Hi to bikers from other parts of the country and some photo’s then off through the lanes with flag waving and cheering folks along the way. At Wootton Bassett we were greeted with crowds lining the streets giving us high 5’s as we slapped the outstretched hands and beeped horns whilst riding through the narrow passage between those happy, smiling faces, so pleased that we the bikers who travelled from near and far wanted to make the trip to show our respect to our fallen hero’s. All too soon we were through that Royal Borough passing bikers parked up in groups but still waving to us as we went on our way back to our meeting point at Leigh Delamere. A feeling of elation mixed with sadness as to why we were there was felt by us all but soon put to one side when Mr motor cycle plod waived his finger at us for hogging the middle lane on the M4 and I thought we were being pulled over for our slightly over the speed limit blast. Anyway that put aside we all met up at Leigh Delamere where we thanked the Bmad and decided to go our own way, the PMCC guys back to Morrisons then home. All in all an excellent trip with good weather, great company and a worthwhile cause. What more could a biker wish for. Steve Ford

BRITISH HEART FOUNDATION CHARITY RUN 2012. Sun, Sun, Sun, Bikes, Bikes, Bikes was the word of the day for our yearly British Heart Foundation Run. 165 bikes arrived at Lee Mill Industrial Estate from 10:00am with a few late arrivals at 12:10pm. By 12:30 the bikers were off on their jaunt through Cadover Bridge to Tavistock through Gunnislake and over the Saltash Bridge to the Rabi Pub on Normandy Way. The locals waited expectantly for the bikes to arrive. At 1:30 we could hear the deep sound of the exhausts as the bikes rumbled the bridge. Not long now! 20mins later they arrived waving as they parked up eager for the good old the burger and pint. With the Cheese burgers and hot dogs only being £2:00 a time they soon went. The traditional raffle took place with the vocal assistance from Les (BHF organiser) Sandy and Silvia making sure everyone knew which raffle numbers were being called. The Cuddly toy, Easter eggs, Gift vouchers, Tools and alcohol (which the kids seemed to be winning much to the delight of the parents who had to come and collect it. We did manage to do a swap with a Dad an Easter egg for a bottle of wine. Nice one Dad) went down well. By 4:00pm most people were leaving. The weather was getting colder and the sun no longer shone. Time to pack up and count the money. We managed to raise £744:00. NOT BAD. NOT BAD AT ALL. Thanks to everyone who helped, you know who you are and that without your help these types of events couldn’t happen. We’d like to thank Paul and staff for their support and use of their pub as a venue as well as their donation of wine towards our raffle which always goes down well. Here’s to next year. Have a good year and ride safe. Sue Bounds

Les Rainford collecting money at Lee Mill ind est

Riders checking out what’s on offer from the club stall



A FEW DATES FOR YOUR DIARY May 3 Plymouth bike night 6pm……… 4 5 6TH Paignton bike festival …………. .18th 19th 20th Hanger Des Celtes rally France RD



June 6th First Paignton bike night ….7th Plymouth bike night…….13th 20th 27th Paignton bike night July th th th th 4 11 18 26 Paignton bike night………….5thPlymouth bike night…… 14th rose and crown bike show Sanford Crediton… 19th 20th 21st is the 31st Faro bike rally Portugal…….. 28th is the PMCC Summer party……………………………………………..

This picture was taken recently at a Megaride photo shoot to promote this years event, Pictured with club members are Jodie Tookie from Radio Plymouth, The Calendar girls and representatives from this years charities. Every club night there will be a list for would be volunteers to add there names to. . Next Newsletter For those of you going to France soon have a good time and when you return please write a story for the next newsletter about what you got up to (clean stories please) Is there anyone else who has a story to share with other members about places you have been, bikes you own anything will be considered. Please contact any committee member.



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