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BA Hons Printed Textile Design and Surface Pattern BA Hons Textiles Practices 2021

Class of 2021 BA(Hons) Printed Textile Design & Surface Pattern BA(Hons) Textile Practices We are proud and excited to show off our amazing graduating students. The work on show, is a result of all our student’s talent, hard work and commitment. not to mention resilience after 3 years of study. It is a showcase of this dynamic textile area covering all applications of commercial print and pattern design for Interiors, Fashion, Gifts and many other surface pattern applications, as well as showing off the unique multidisciplinary approach to materials and textile applications that students choose to focus upon. Despite the strong emphasis on commercial sensibilities, other students have chosen to focus on more bespoke outcomes through the development of material ideas and the application of many different kinds of products and end uses, as well as refining their making and textile manipulation skills. Over the 3 years students have developed their skills in our textile workshops and studios and FabLab facilities where students are encouraged to pursue their personal interest and approach to design, material innovation and contemporary styling as well as applying their designs to many different kinds of products, clients or audiences.

Understanding the Textile industry and the potential to work in this exciting and dynamic area is their focus as well as refining their print-making, manipulation and making skills. Showcased in this brochure are the ideas and inspirations and a sample of: -student print and pattern collections, designed for specific purposes and markets that are informed through research of trends, market and colour analysis. - demonstrating specialist textile print knowledge and skills that are developed from personal visual research and inspiration. -examples of a fusion of traditional making with digital and new technologies – from laser cutting and 3D making, through to print and dye applications, knitted textiles, tufted surfaces, embroidery and innovative fabric manipulation. Each student has utilised both traditional skills and the latest digital design and making technology, exploring print, pattern making, textural surfacing and the potential of the designer and designer-maker. These students are extremely skilled and ready to make and sell. Our students are highly engaged, and industry ready as well as having knowledge of specialist textile processes for printing, making and selling their work.

Elma Allan Tamar Shapes Elma has combined her love of Art Deco and passion for boating into a collection designed for marine interiors. Tamar Shapes is a collection of hand collaged sublimated textiles prints abstracting sights and objects to be found on the river. Splashes of bold colour and defined lines are prevalent in her work creating unique vibrant prints. This collection has used colours taken from the marker buoys placed on the river and mimicked the signal flags used for naval purposes, to create a stunning assembly of pattern and colour.

email: elma20@btinternet.com

Anya Anstey Thalassa Anya’s work is inspired by her love of the Sea and both her work and personal life are based on the different elements of the ocean. In Anya’s 3rd year,, her work has combined both her love of printed textiles, alongside a focus on texture, tactility of materials and the replication and feeling and atmosphere of the ocean. Her final major project, and samples are a celebration of her love of the sea through embroidery and fabric manipulation. All the time designing for high-end, couture fashion, with a costume feel to the garments. Anya’s latest collection, “Thalassa” - meaning, lover of the ocean - is inspired by the ocean, with influences from Greek ocean mythology and the Lost City of Atlantis. Using a limited palette of mainly greens, a white and an accent gold, Anya brings the ancient ocean worlds alive. The ‘Thalassa’ collection is made up of Printed fabrics, made using water colour paintings and are digitally printed onto Silk Satin, and paired with detailed embroidery and beading embellishments. Instagram: @anya_anstey_textiles Portfolio: https://aa10689969.wixsite.com/website

India Aspland Euphoria Through Immersion India specialises in printed textiles using monoprinting through a screen. Being born into an ocean family has enabled India to embody the therapeutic experiences of being immersed in the ocean and the health benefits it has on herself and others wellbeing. India has refined and taken an experimental approach to the monoprinting process of using a screen to create bespoke loose, tranquil, and fluid textile pieces that stimulate the healing effects the ocean can have on oneself. Her current work has been inspired by the book ‘Blue Mind’ where Science shows the health benefits of being near, on and under water. India wants to create an immersive experience to mimic these sensations using our sight, touch, smell and sound. Here she presents her collection Euphoria Through Immersion.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indiart__/ Portfolio: https://indiartco.myportfolio.com/work

Lauren Bebbington Through My Eyes My collection is inspired by Chester as this is the place I grew to know and love. I wanted to show Chester through my eyes to those who have never had the chance to see it for themselves. Using iconic features across the city, I have created a digital print collection that explores my sense of feeling at home in the city. Using Procreate, I collected images around Chester and used them as my inspiration for drawings which were developed into this bright and vibrant collection that celebrates my home city. During this final year of my studies, I have found a passion for digital design using Procreate and other digital software.

Website: https://laurens-creations-1.jimdosite.com/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/lc.bebbington/

Eliza Belle Everything Will Wait for Us Eliza Belle is a BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design and Surface Pattern graduate from Plymouth College of Art, living and working in Devon. Eliza’s practice is currently textiles based, using the techniques of rug punching and embroidery to create wall tapestries and bespoke rugs. Alongside this focus, she explores other mediums to elevate and understand her work, including drawing and writing. Her last body of work titled Everything Will Wait For Us, focuses on human nature and connection, both to ourselves and the world around us. Beginning from autobiographical poetry and prose, Eliza developed these loose ideas into drawings, which then eventually evolved to become pieces of tufted art. Exploring these ideas of connection, our relationship with ourselves as artists and as humans moving through the world, the practice becomes a reflective one, - understanding through the act of making. Instagram: @elizadbelle Portfolio: https://www.artsthread.com/profile/elizabelle/ Email: elizadaisy6@gmail.com

Paige Bradley Neurodiversity For Paige’s graduating collection she has concluded four years of study focusing on creating prints that explore Neurodiversity from a wholly personal perspective. Paige identified that some individuals lack an understanding of neurodiversity and wanted to explore this as a key concept through her print collection. “Neurodiversity is the concept that when it comes to the human brain and nervous system, people don’t all end up the same. In other words, it’s a concept that describes individuality and uniqueness in cognitive functioning.”. Paige writes: “For my final project I have focused my collection on a topic that is close to me. The work is digital based with an aim of the collection being for printed homeware.”

Instagram: @paigebradleycreative

Phoebe Burn Adore You Phoebe is a BA (Hons) Printed Textile Design and Surface Pattern graduate with a focus on digital design combined with embroidery and embellishment. She uses both traditional and digital methods of drawing which are then translated into bold repeat patterns. The inspiration for this collection is Harry Styles, who is unapologetically flamboyant and pushes the boundaries of gender in fashion. Named after his hit song Adore You, with colours and styling taken from his music videos. ‘Adore you’ aims to reimagine how fabrics for menswear are designed, using more stereotypically feminine colours, fabrics and imagery, such as florals and fruits. This collection is intended for the high end fashion market with a maximalist style, combining bright, busy patterns on luxurious fabrics such as velvet and silk.

Instagram: @phoebebtextiles Email: phoebebtextiles@gmail.com Website: www.phoebebtextiles.com

Stacie leigh carr Tropical Wonderland Stacie is a Plymouth based Textile and Surface Pattern designer. Her current collection is inspired by tropical fruit focusing on a concept of escapism. This theme is relevant to current times in our covid world, which we find ourselves in, - where we there is less personal freedom and a limited ability to travel. The collection is designed for furnishings and in outdoor seating and dining areas, bringing a holiday feel to social spaces with the use of playful bold patterns and exotic colour. Stacie makes full use of collage techniques for digitally printed patterns, creating a fun and uplifting collection. It has all the feelings of the Tropics at Home.

Email: stacieleighdesigns21@gmail.com Instagram: @stacieleighdesigns Facebook: @stacieleighdesigns

Emily Gilbert Fluidity Emily is a textile designer specialising in innovative hand embroidery for haute couture. Her practice explores the use of traditional embroidery techniques incorporating embellishments using some unfamiliar materials and using wild textures, whilst integrating bold and daring colour palettes into many of her designs. Emily’s work has begun to investigate various themes surrounding feminism and identity, which can be found in her most recent project titled ‘Fluidity’. The collection explores the topic of gender in our modern society as she experiments with marbling and acrylic painting techniques to visualise the movement of fluidity, expressing the importance of freedom of identity in oneself. Instagram: @_emtheartist_ portfolio: https://eg10653321.wixsite.com/website-1

Robyn Hjaiyiancou Harmonised An adventure into finding ‘A harmonious way of living’ - A total state of focus that incorporates a total togetherness of body and mind. This concept focuses on the physical practice of yoga and its mindfulness in motion. A meditation session that is purifying and helps to harmonise the body and mind, - helping us feel more connected to the world around us. Robyn has created a series of hand printed fabrics which can be used for wall hangings and outdoor home decor for interiors. Her inspiration has come from her love and focus for wellbeing, health, freedom and yoga. Her colours derive from peaceful places; from the outdoors immersed in nature; from tranquil beaches and inside from the refreshing tones of house plants. Her simple bold designs help to connect with the world and her immediate environment. Robyn has developed abstract forms, as well as focusing upon the silhouettes and outlines of different body shapes and plants. Drawings and designs were developed through screen printing and painting freely through a screen as her process.

Instagram: @robyndaisy.design Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/RobynDaisyDesign Portfolio:https://robyndaisydesign.com/

Helen Jones Hope Springs Helen is a printed textile designer who loves to work with natural fabrics and produce simple, linear designs. Her current collection focuses on the layering of pattern and colour to achieve a depth to the design that is hand screen printed. Influenced by the changing seasons, and likened to our situation of coming out of a lock down. Helen has compared this to emerging from Winter to Spring which has inspired her design process. ‘ The lifting of spirits within us.’ Her collection is designed primarily for interiors, with versatility to be used as wall coverings and accessories. Instagram: @booseyandjones Email: booseyandjones@gmail.co.uk

Olivia Klaiber We Belong In The Wild Olivia is a textile designer based in Cornwall who specialises in colour and is particularly inspired by the environment around her. We Belong In the Wild, is a gender neutral childrens wear collection which explores the relationship between the digital and natural world. Inspired by the increased dependency on technology during the coronavirus pandemic and the growing concern for the climate, this collection focuses on the harmony between the two contrasting but co-existing worlds as we head into the future. Digitally printed using environmentally friendly inks, this collection envelops the idea of sustainability and durability. Olivia has also used a range of experimental techniques to produce hand drawn elements for her designs. These organic lines appear juxtaposed to the more linear aspects in the collection, mirroring the contradictions between the digital and natural worlds. Instagram: @oliv_textiles Email: oliviaklaiber1@gmail.com

Rebecca Lawton Music for your eyes Becky has created a tufted collection of art which is versatile, being displayed as hanging wall art or as statement homeware. The pieces are inspired by the interior design of the 1970s and take influence from the album art and music of the era. This project is a projection into her future career, with aspirations of running her own business, selling homewares that bring life into any interior.

Instagram: @green.textiles_ Shop: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/GreenThingsShop greenthingsbusiness@gmail.com

Sophie Manton Layers of Traditional Inspiration Collection Sophie is a textile designer with her main focus on designing for interior furnishings. Her work is inspired by traditional textile techniques of Japan including Boro (Patchwork) and Sashiko (Embroidery stitching). In this collection, Sophie is experimenting with layering, texture and fraying to produce a collection of original samples inspired by her love of traditional Japanese textiles. Sophie also focuses on making her process as sustainable as possible, and to achieve this she is using Indigo dye to dye the majority of her fabrics. This dye is a more sustainable option and is also another link to Japanese textile traditions as they would have used this dye to create Boro garments. She is also using recycled fabrics to create her samples making her work even more sustainable.

Instagram: @oceancitydesigner Email: oceancitydesigner@gmail.com Artsthread: https://www.artsthread.com/profile/sophiemanton/

Jasmine May ‘Kowareta’ Collection Textile and pattern designer Jasmine May creates detailed repeating patterns using the South Devon scenery as inspiration. Both the coastline and the countryside play leading roles in Jasmine’s work. Lino printing, painting and drawing create the base of Jasmine’s designs, which she then digitally edits into seamless repeating patterns. Jasmine’s latest collection, titled “Kowareta” highlights the beauty in the broken and discarded. Inspired by subjects such as the Japanese philosophy ‘Wabi Sabi’ and the widespread issues of consumerism and throw-away culture. Jasmine studied broken shells, ones that she would usually throw away rather than keep. Conveyed through a muted and calm colour palette, this collection highlights the beauty in the exposed structures of broken shells. Accenting this tranquil selection of imagery, there is a zing of turquoise blue and a shimmer of gold to highlight the Japanese philosophy at the heart of this collection.

Instagram: @j.m_textiles Website: jmtextiles.co.uk Email: JLMay@jmtextiles.co.uk

Emily Maylin Into the Woodland Emily is an artist and designer from Northern Ireland. She specialises in printed textile and surface pattern design. She uses a combination of traditional and digital techniques to create work that draws inspiration from the natural landscape, focusing on the colours, patterns and textures found within it. ‘Into the Woodland’ takes inspiration from the landscapes of Dartmoor and focuses on the concept of Biophilia and the physical and mental health benefits brought about by our connection to nature. It looks at making these benefits more accessible by incorporating aspects of Biophilic design into fashion. The collection is designed for the luxury womenswear market. Processes such as hand dyeing and hand painted devoré are at the centre of the collection and help to reflect the unique and abstract patterns found within the landscapes natural textures.

Instagram: @emilymaylin.textiles Website: www.emilymaylin.co.uk Email: emily.maylin@gmail.com

Isobel Morrish Phrases of Floral Anatomy Surface pattern designer Isobel Morrish enjoys creating detailed imagery often inspired by nature and anatomy. Isobel uses acrylic painting, pencil drawing, digital illustration and collage to bring her ideas to life. Isobel’s latest collection titled ‘Phrases of Floral Anatomy’ explores the connection between the human body and nature. Conveyed through a range of common phrases these surreal pattern designs work together, to create a bold and witty fashion statement using a minimal blue and red colour palette.

Instagram: @isobel.artist Email: isobelmorrish@gmail.com

Holly Philpotts A Serpent’s World Holly specialises in surface pattern design aimed for use in interiors and upholstery. Her aesthetic is inspired by maximalist design combining both nature and mythology. She approaches design through both hand painting and screen printing, always with an aim to showcasing vibrant colour and detailed motifs. Holly’s current collection celebrates her love of painting to tell a story, paired with delicate hand printed devore. The collection has been inspired by the myth of the serpent God Degei, known as the creator of the world in Fiji. This story has led to Holly producing an array of patterns depicting mythical snakes and tropical foliage. A Serpent’s World presents adventurous use of colour and imagination to create escapism in interior spaces.

Instagram: hollyrachael_designs Email: hollyrachaeldesigns@gmail.com Website: hollyrdesigns.wixsite.com/hollyrachael

Jools Reed Underwater Dreamscape

Jools is a multi skilled textile designer from Plymouth. Her curious nature and sensitivity to materials enables her to create unique and delicate hand crafted pieces for interiors. Her recent project invites you into the underwater world of seaweed forests and dancing jellyfish, focusing on the calming and soothing benefits to be had from observing this hidden ‘other world.’ This collection showcases a variety of Jools’s favourite skills such as, fabric manipulation, sewing, crochet, and hand dyeing. Jools has a particular fascination for movement within her textile designs and is always keen to experiment which offers her plenty of scope to develop new and exciting designs.

Instagram: @joolsreedtextiles Portfolio: joolsreed.com Email: jooreed@gmail.com

Madeline Shields Planet Action Madeline is a textile maker from the Forest of Dean who finds her inspiration from her immediate surroundings, often being beautiful forest landscapes and woodland scenery. She finds a particular interest in natural forms and enjoys observing plants which she often captures in her work. Madeline kick starts her projects with simple line drawings and finds these help her to develop her designs. As well as simple line drawings, she also finds delight in experimenting with paints, inks and papers as well as dyeing fabrics and layering processes like stitch onto her hand painted screen prints.

Instagram: maddy_textiles Portfolio: https://madelineshields.myportfolio.com/

Georgia Smelt Manakai Georgia is a surface pattern designer from North Devon, inspired by natural forms and coastal regions. Illustrative and innovative material experimentation, combined with playful digital exploration on Adobe suites, makes her work both lively and bold. Titled ‘Manakai’ meaning spirit of the ocean, Georgia’s graduate collection is developed by spray painting seaweed. A concept derived from the physical investigation of Instow beach, set where the Torridge river meets the Taw estuary. This collection of repeating patterns and statement prints, intended for surf apparel and hardware, is bold and brave; embodying the core of Georgia’s practice through expressive use of colour, process and pattern.

Email: georgia.smelt@aol.com Instagram : georgia.smelt.designs https://www.instagram.com/georgia.smelt.designs/ Website: https://georgiamaeprints.wixsite.com/gs-site

Chloe Thompson Laura Favouring Printed textiles for interiors, Chloe takes most of her inspiration from the natural environment around her. Growing up in Oxfordshire she has always been surrounded by nature and as such, focuses on botanical and organic shapes to help inspire her designs. From initial drawings, Chloe finds working digitally to be the most suitable option which allows her to manipulate her organic drawings into fresh repeat patterns. Subsequently she then converts back to the hands on process of screen printing to produce her final repeat designs. This allows her a final opportunity to incorporate her personality into every print design. Her graduate collection ‘Laura’ is inspired by all aspects of her body, inclusive of the shapes and textures she can create. Incorporating abstract elements within the designs allows her to design pieces unique to everyone’s interpretation. Making the collection personal to everyone in different ways. Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/c.lauraprints/ website - https://claurathompson.wixsite.com/my-site Email - c.lauraprints@gmail.com

Zowie Wyatt Allsorts Zowie is a Textile Designer living and working in the South West, UK. Her work is eclectic, fun and colourful. Her graduate collection, ‘ALLSORTS’, is inspired by the theory of nostalgia and the memory of a simpler time. This project began with an exploration into childhood memories taking visual stimulus from licorice allsorts. The collection is directed at bespoke, luxury interior furnishings that make a statement. Featuring interchangeable tufted elements, the collection can be arranged in various compositions to suit the customer. Created using sustainably sourced yarns, machine tufting and hand embroidery, this collection entices the user to reconnect with their inner child, evoking feelings of happiness and nostalgia.

Portfolio: www.zowiedesign.com Instagram: @zowie_design

It has been a pleasure to see all of our students develop and grow into confident and skillful individuals. We will miss you and want to wish you all good fortune in your next adventure and endeavour.s Be confident, resilient and never loose sight of what you want to achieve in your lives. Close friendships have been found, so be kind and support each other and keep in touch with us as we love to hear what you are doing in your lives, We have lots of contacts and hear all the time about industry opportunities that we will pass onto you. Your lecturing team: Cathy Freeman - Senior Lecturer and Programme lead for BA (Hons) Textiles Emma Gribble Becky Dodman Wainwright Charlotte Warren and Kathryn, Ellie, Fiona. https://www.plymouthart.ac.uk/courses/ba hons-textile-design/overview Dont forget to follow us and keep in touch @pca_textiles_ workshop

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