BA (Hons) Product Design & Innovation

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Class of 2020: Nathan Appleby Jamie Bristow Thomas Davies David Pesek Jack Rogers Andrew Wells Calum Zachary

Nathan Appleby

Jamie Bristow

Thomas Davies

David Pesek

Jack Rogers

Andrew Wells

Calum Zachary Jamie Bristow:

Major Final project: The Art of No Purpose An investigation into forming an evolutionary design process to meet a specific brief form a starting point of a randomly created form.

Lightweight gaming controller.

Jamie Bristow. Glasses frames from recycled plastic sheet.

Chopping board concept

Spherical keyboard concept

Thomas Davies: Major Final project: Fall Alarm Market research and system development with a design for an advanced fall warning device and system.

Device display

Device with Charger

Thomas Davies

Rendering of layers for a protective structural fabric which changes form and density when exposed to fluids.

Ergonomic grip pen for assisted education.

AI assisted automatic gimbal tray for Princess Yachts competition.

David Pesek Major Final project: Organic Motors Design for manufacture for executive toy vehicle kits.

Toy Kits use natural and recycled materials.

Components are 3d printed or laser and waterjet cut.

Designs are evocative of a byegone era.

David Pesek

Modular buildings for Alpine living.

Design Sketch

. Basket based backpack systems

Jack Rogers Major Final project: Drone Freight system Biomimentic and aerodynamics research and freight system development for remote delivery of medical sypplies.

Biomimetic design.

Wing structure using generative design.

Drone Development

Jack Rogers

Drone airless tyre concept

Glasses for Plymouth Gin competition

Glass design for Princess Yachts

Andrew Wells Major Final project: Parametric Steambent wood seating system. Using parametric design to create generative seating design for a museum.

Steambent prototype

Scale model of part of the seating arc.

Andrew Wells

Robust speaker concept for outdoor use

Digitally designed drinking glass

Self navigating robot

Calum Zachary Major Final project: Minimal intervention furniture system Design and CNC manufacture of furniture products from woodland thinnings. A system which can cope with multiple shapes of raw wood.

CAD model of chair concept.

CNC machining of raw ash.

Wood turned components

Calum Zachary

Wall clock concept.

Circular Kitchen knife concept

Jug and glasses concept for Plymouth Gin

Contacts: Jamie Bristow: Thomas Davies: David Pesek : (+420 601 501 951) Jack Rogers: Andrew Wells: Calum Zachary:

Kevin Jenkins - Senior Lecturer/ programme leader