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Following our recent PA Network meeting please see below a round up of the event, industry news and detail of upcoming events in the region.

Feedback from our last event At our last event, held at the Peninsula Medical School on 22nd October, we heard from a number of speakers on a variety of topics including: • Finance for Non-Financial Managers • Your smile is your brand and • Understanding your behavioural preferences to enable you to communicate more effectively. Thanks to all who attended and joined us for this popular event. We’ve had lots of positive feedback. The event proved very educational for all involved, with attendees learning their behavioural colour and how to communicate more effectively with others, as well as better understanding their leadership styles and reaction to change.

“I just wanted to say a big thank you for such an interesting and informative event last night. (We) thoroughly enjoyed meeting your group and listening to such interesting (& fun) speakers. Thank you for the invitation and we will certainly spread the word amongst our local contacts.” Louise Knight Buckle, South Devon College “I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the event last night. I found it very informative. I came away having learnt a lot and made new contacts!” Rebecca Eccles, Michelmores

Take a look at this... A breakdown of industry news TECHNOLOGY Screen saver

This article details how PAs can utilise tablets effectively. The author suggests using iPads in meetings for minutes and saving to cloud based systems like Dropbox so that files are immediately accessible on other devices. Tablets also offer the ability to keep up to date with schedules and diaries on the move with remote access. Summarising the article the author suggests investing in a good wireless keyboard for most effective use of a tablet in meetings etc. PAlife September/October 2013

Build your brand

Alicia Rittenhouse, Digital Diva and Tech Cheerleader looks at how you can use Instagram to build your brand. Social media and networking doesn’t have to be all about status updates and sharing links. Alicia mentions fun ways to utilise Instagram to build your brand online by posting images and utilising hash tags, tagging other users, instagramming videos and embedding posts on your website. Alicia says: “instagram is a way for you to share moments with your followers, a unique way for them to feel like they are a close part of you, your daily life and what’s happening in your business.” Executive Secretary Magazine, September 2013

MOTIVATION 5 ways to lift your leader

Doug Dickerson, an internationally recognised leadership speaker and columnist writes an insightful piece on the top five ways to create a positive culture in your organisation. Tips include: Lightening your leaders load, Listen to your leader’s concerns, Leverage your leader’s strengths, Learn from your leader and Laugh with your leader. Executive Secretary Magazine. September 2013

Work/Life Balance

Jeannine Clontz addresses the issues of striking a successful work/life balance as an Assistant. In this article she suggests making a few simple changes could have a huge impact on effectiveness and stress levels. Taking back control makes managing time easier, Jeannine advises. Executive Secretary Magazine, September 2013

TOP TIPS Getting your Boss safely from A to B This article features advice from four experts from leading TMCs for their top tips on making travel arrangements. PAlife September/October 2013

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Date for your diary The next PA Network event will be held in Exeter. Details of the event will be circulated in the New Year by email and on the PA Network Linkedin Group

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