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Do you have an interest improving communities and in promoting healthy lifesty leS? Working in the Sport and Active Leisure Industry could be for you. The legacy from the 2012 Olympic Games and the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow will provide fantastic opportunities for the sector. There are 5 areas:

Health and fitness is a fast n creatmio Sport esat nardea anRdehe lps to aintain is the bigg whilst orting heritage the country’s sp all. us of th al he e th contributing to ts or sp ity commun Jobs include: sional officers, profes development rs and to ra ist in m ts ad coaches, spor d women. sportsmen an

growing sector - there are thousands of fitness clubs, leisure centres and gyms where the industry’s skilled workforce play an imp ortant role in helping to keep us fit and battle against illness and obesity. Jobs include gym instructor, personal trainer, yoga or pilates teacher and dance instructor.

CaRavan INdustry

Playwork is the second largest area employing over 130,000 – about a quarter of all jobs in the sector. Playworkers facilitate children’s play outside the school curriculum - which is very different from childcare or early years work. Playwork may happen in after-school clubs, holiday schemes, adventure playgrounds, parks, play buses and breakfast clubs. Jobs include play workers, play development officers and managers.

includes manufacturing and associated services, sales and caravan parks. There is a need for people with a wide variety of skills, including management, technical and customer care skills. Jobs range from park managers, landscape and customer service staff to lifeguards, play staff, and activity leaders.

Outdoors INDUSTRY covers a range of leisure and learning activities in the natural environment including: Outdoor Education - experiential, environmental, physical and social education Outdoor Recreation - organised and self-guided outdoor activities such as rambling, mountain biking and running Outdoor Development Training - leadership, team and management development Outdoor Sport Development - performance coaching, instructor training and skill development Expeditions and Exploration - planning and delivery of local, national and international expeditions and research.

Sport and Active Leisure has an impact on tourism, events, retailing and construction, with job roles often overlapping with other sectors. For example grounds staff, green-keepers, horticultural landscapers, equine industry professionals, environmental conservation, crowd safety and event security.

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annually on sports related goods and services There are over

53,000 people employed in the Active Leisure industry in the South West of England

There are

Some facts 76% South We

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of employers are small businesses employing between one and ten staff The South West

has 28% of the caravan parks in England and is the most important region for the caravan industry


private fitness clubs in the region with another 64 planned. There are 326 public sports centres with a further 44 planned


There are


people employed in the caravan industry in the South West

Voluntary work plays a major part in this sector with up to


volunteers working in the region. If you are interested in volunteering this sector needs you! Over a quarter of volunteering vacancies cannot be filled

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(2007) of those working in playwork are female


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ACHIEVING YOUR GOAL If you are interested in this sector, here are some great examples of what others have done! I focused my studies on the area of sport, as during school PE was my favourite subject. I thought it would be a sensible career route as I enjoy all aspects of sport and got good grades. In between leaving college and starting university I set up an independent coaching business providing sports sessions for after school sports clubs. This provided valuable experience of business and working with children. Going to university has developed this knowledge base further whilst improving my chance of reaching my career goal. After my GCSEs I completed a National Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences along with various other qualifications (FA Level 1& 2 Coaching Certificates, Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Rugby Union, Multi Skills Certificate, Top Sport Coaching Certificate) and then progressed to a BA (Hons) in Coach and Physical Education. The course is really relevant to the working world and the support from staff is brilliant due to their experience and knowledge in each area of sports. Eventually I would like to either coach or assess coaching at a high standard. I may complete a Masters in Coaching and Applied Sports Development and become a lecturer. If you enjoy sport and coaching/teaching then this course is for you. The course educates you in both teaching and coaching and the required skills and strengths to succeed in both.


Coach and Physical Education Degree

I oversee and ensure the smooth running of the Plymouth Pavilions Leisure Department. This involves helping managers with the operational side, dealing with customers, strategically developing the business, being responsible for the finance and budgeting, dealing with HR issues and ensuring health and safety is maintained. I always enjoyed sport and wanted to go into the leisure industry, although unsure which area. I took Business Studies, PE and English Language at A-Level and wanted to combine PE and Business Studies. Whilst at university on a BSc (Hons) Sports Development and Coaching degree I worked as a lifeguard in various sports centres and liked the atmosphere. After university I went into a sport development role, which grew into a management position, allowing me to gain experience in centre management and progress my career. Since leaving university I have worked towards gaining industry qualifications such as IOSHH, pool plant operators etc. and recently achieved an MA in Applied Sports Development. I would like the experience of working in other leisure centres and may consider moving into education. I really enjoy dealing with the customers. We have a lovely over 50s group called ‘Young@heart’ - I love seeing them and having a chat. They really enjoy their swimming and it’s great seeing them having a good time. Sometimes you have to make really difficult decisions - you can’t always please everyone! Most people working in this industry tend to be young and enthusiastic so it’s fun! It is also possible to work up the levels and get lots of qualifications in different areas, as everything relates to the job!


Leisure Services Manager

As Watersports and Activities Manager at a busy multi-activity centre I’m responsible for managing a team of instructors, co-ordinating logistics, health and safety, budgets and project management. I enjoy working in the outdoors and seeing people develop as individuals through engagement with outdoor activities. I began gaining outdoors qualifications by volunteering at my local sailing and canoeing clubs - enjoying it so much I studied Adventure Recreation for a degree. Whilst at university I was employed as a trainee instructor at a centre assisting on team building and high rope sessions. I gained instructor qualifications in sailing and canoeing through university clubs. After completing my degree I worked at Plas Menai in North Wales and the UK Sailing Academy (UKSA) on the Isle of Wight. This allowed me to further improve my skills and gain instructor qualifications in Powerboating and Windsurfing. Whilst at UKSA I achieved senior instructor qualifications in sailing and sea kayaking and working as chief instructor developed a course for local 16-19 year olds. After 3 years I became the Watersports and Actvities Manager at Plymouth Mount Batten Centre. Eventually I would like to become a centre manager of a small multi-activity centre – but it must be by the sea! Working in the outdoors industry has enabled me to travel, meet lots of people and develop my skills and passion for outdoor activities. If you enjoy working with people, being outside, taking part in outdoor activities and don’t mind a job which is never routine it may be for you!


Watersports and Activities Manager

As a playworker for an after-school club I am involved in providing a range of leisure activities from arts, crafts, drama, cookery and outdoor games, to taking the children on outings. I am responsible for making sure that the play is safe, encouraging the children to be independent and overseeing their behaviour. I originally started as a volunteer and then was lucky enough to be offered an apprenticeship and have now gained a Level 2 Diploma in Playwork. For my specialist option I looked at healthy eating and personal hygiene within play settings. Soon I am hoping to achieve my Level 3 Diploma so I can apply for jobs as a playgroup leader. If you want to work in this type of job role you have to be flexible about the hours as most playwork is needed in the evenings, at weekends and during the school holidays. But the work is great fun, and I love the fact that the job is really active and involves lots of games and sports.

Jamie Playworker

Here are some other jobs in the sector‌ prove athletes Scientists help im Sport and Exercise using their h alt he ral ne ge ce and sporting performan anics and ch me bio ce (physiology, may work knowledge of scien tist s and Exercise Scien staff such psychology). A Sport er oth e sid ng alo working within a sports club, or work with and sports therapists as sports coaches rson improve pe a lp he to sts l Tru doctors and Hospita areas such as physical activity in their health through ciation of Sport n. The British Asso cardiac rehabilitatio re information mo s ha S) ces (BASE and Exercise Scien on this area.

Lifeguards w ork to ensure the safety of in swimming swimmers pools, the se a or inland w pool lifeguard aterways. A would keep a close watch and look out on the pool for swimmer s in behaviour th at could be da difficulties and stop any ng advise swim erous. They mers on the would also use of diving required use boards and life-saving te if chniques an They may al d give first ai so be respon d. sible for chec temperature king the wat , pH and chlo er rine levels. On a beach a lifeguard is responsible people where for advising and when it is safe to sw required prov im and when iding life-savi ng and first beach lifegua aid. Many rds are volu nteers.

e may teach riders prepar Horse riding Instructors ride to nt wa t jus o wh se or tho for professional events g pin elo dev e may includ as a leisure activity.This practical mmes for riders, giving gra pro g nin trai ual ivid ind problems t rec cor p hel to ing riders demonstrations, observ metimes So ely. saf ning is carried out and making sure all trai . om gro a as g rkin h wo the job is combined wit

A Groundske eper will be responsible maintaining for and landsc aping a spor venue. For ting example on a golf course involves cu tting the gree this ns, tees to ensu re the course fairways and possible go provides th e lf experienc e for the play best er.

d be involved anager coul M ks ar P nding on A Holiday tivities depe range of ac e holiday id e w id a ov ith w rk. Parks pr pa e th vans as of ra the size in static ca ation often homes or ot m , accommod ns ting carava si vi er would r fo ag an as l wel camps a m er rg la ort In sp s. and tent s, catering, al ble for sale ic si er on cl sp s, re ub be children’s cl n, tio as l ea el cr w and re ices as eeping serv etc. and housek aintenance m s nd ou gr g, in ap sc land

Range of careers Here are just some of the huge range of opportunities: Journalist MAR K





















schools sport tor a coordin




OUTDOOuRre advendter lea


strength and conditioning coach talent project coordinator


wom e spor n's ts dev elo man pment age r

travel and tourisemr manag

Do your research and look at the websites mentioned on the back page to find out more.

Skills and attributes These are the top six skills identified by employers that are essential in the sport and active leisure sector:

Customer service

ss e n re lity a Aw equa of and ity rs e v di

e v i t a niti


Prob l solv em ing ion

cat muni


What are the skills and attributes you er have developed, eith work at school, through ering experience, volunte sts or from other intere f you have outside o school?

t Manag ement s and leader ship

Spo r spe ts tec cific hni ski cal lls

Make a list here:

Your possible route!

Advanced Apprenticesh employmen Active

Leisure & Le Sporting Exce llence, C Care Learning & Devel

School or Col lege G CSEs in PE or Leisure & T ourism

College School ortion or Founda a in Higher Diplom isure Le ive ct A Sport &

Na M


d hips/ nt

Outdoo r Education r Adven tu & Activ e Leisu re, Sport r e, Exerc & Fitnes ise s, Play work an many m d ore!

earning, Children’s lopment

FE Options

Diploma in Sport (L2), ational Diploma in Countryside Management, Advanced Diploma in Sport & Active Leisure, First Diploma in Sport, NVQ Level 1 Sport and Recreation and Allied Occupations etc!

Higher Education

FdA Leisure & Sport Management, FdSc Sports Therapy, FdSc Sports conditioning and Strength coaching, BA (Hons) International Sport and Event Management, BSc (Hons) Health, Exercise and Physical Activity etc!

orm sixthCoFllege or FE .g. PE; Leisure

r s e A level s; Higher o Studie Diploma in ed e Advanc ctive Leisur A & t r Spo

Make sure you do your research when making decisions about your option choices. It may seem a bit overwhelming, but making the right choices now will help you with your future once you leave education.

What could you earn? Personal Trainer

to £40,000

from £21,000

from £18,000

Sailing Instructor

to £35,000

PE Teacher

to £25,000


to £31,000

from £21,000

from £12,000 to £20,000

Sports Development Officer from £20,000

to £35,000

Health Trainer/ Supervisor from £15,000

to £27,000

League/Premiership Football Coach from £25,000


Events Management

to £40,000

Sports Exercise Scientist from £20,000

to £40,000

Community Football Coach from £16,000

to £24,000


to £20,000

Grounds Person

to £30,000

Leisure Centre Manager from £17,000

to £35,000

to £19,000

Holiday Park Manager

to £30,000

Community Sports Coach

from £12,000

from £17,000

from £12,000

from £15,000

Leisure Centre Assistant from £12,500

Outdoor Adventure Leader from £12,000

to £25,000

from £18,000 to £15,000

Lifeguard from £11,500

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What is the range of salary for a Leisure Centre Manager?

ure eis L . ve cti ctors A nd se s, s a five itnes t r o s F Sp lude and d ry c in alth rk an dust . He ywo rs In them Pla tdoo e of e Ou thre re th are at a o? Wh er tw oth


W tu ha r in no t is So dus ve the ut tri r o a h es f t nn W in he u es t s al t? he po rts

Useful websites The government’s website on work and careers: Workandcareers/index.htm Information on work and life: Connexions website for all young people, providing information on impartial information, advice, guidance and practical help in preparing for working life: Course directory for Plymouth: Helping discover what you could do and how to get there:

Information on Higher Education: Apprenticeship information: Information on graduate careers: Other useful subject related websites: home-welcome/index.html

Information for this booklet has been gathered from a number of sources including those mentioned above 1 Sport and Recreation, Caravan Industry 2 £2.5 bilion 3 138,649 4 £17000-£35000 5 Physiology, biomechanics and psychology

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Developed by the Plymouth 14-19 Partnership this booklet provides information on some of the sports and active leisure career opportunities...

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