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Pay Ballot Special Edition The 74th Newsletter For ALL Plymouth NUT Members November 2007

PAY: What can we do?

eases to hold teachers’ pay incr to e sir de its ar cle e ad ans to control The Government has m 2011, as part of its pl to 08 20 m fro m arnu 2% or less per an ent on teachers is a ye em ttl se r ea i-y ult m d impose 4% public spending. This nwhile has risen to over ea m n tio fla In t. cu y pa on-year ic and rkers such as the Publ wo r cto se c bli pu r he th ot holding a The NUT has joined wi resisting these cuts by in ON IS UN d an ) CS ars, later this Civil Servants Union (P first in over twenty ye e th n, tio ac e rik st r national ballot fo term real terms? ts meant for teachers in cu n tio fla in w lo be e es What have th e off ntly £700 per year wors rre cu is r he ac te d fie ali ♦ A newly qu £1000 worse off ♦ A main scale teacher is per day 7 per month— over £1 £3 e ag er av on ing los not ♦ Teachers are gement Allowance has na Ma d’ de ar gu fe ‘sa ♦ Anyone on a so-called April 2003 seen an increase since r graduates. ing 10% less than othe rn ea er re ca eir th n gi ♦ Teachers be ore than 20% gap has widened to m e th b, jo e th in s ar ye After 5 t should be t from this governmen ain str re y pa of lk ta pay y Remember that an sses received average bo y Cit at th ct fa g berin of £14b. tempered with the so llective Xmas bonuses co in ng lti su re , ar ye increases of 37% last SO WHAT CAN WE DO? school ctor union meetings in ♦ Organise joint public se ow the results in school and let us kn ts llo ba ive at dic in s ld ♦ Ho that ballot form drop en wh n tio ac e rik st r ♦ Be sure to vote YES fo early December in through your letterbox

Dave Clinch

Secretary Devon NUT

Wtä|w fÅtÄx

Secretary Plymouth NUT

Ian Williams

Secretary Cornwall NUT

Barrie Frost

National Executive & Torbay Secretary

TIME FOR ACTION YOU DESERVE TO BE A PROPERLY PAID PROFESSIONAL MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR VOTE The National Union of Teachers Independent of Government and not affiliated to any political party

Nutshells #74 Nov 07  

The newsletter of the Plymouth National Union of Teachers

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