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Richard Walker, MD, has had a major impact on the study of anti aging. He is a serious academic scientist who advocates the use of anti aging research. He is also an expert in Human Growth Hormone (HDH) replacement therapy as he is well known to be a believer in the effects of HDH slowing down and affecting the aging process. Walker basically believes that anti aging products and procedures are possible if they stimulate the human growth hormone which in turn can reverse some age related changes in the body. Walker's research into anti aging has led him to believe that the lifespan and youth of humans can be extended with certain procedures being tapped into to reap their benefits. Studies have shown that the aging process can be caused by and actually sped up by the slowing down of hormones in the body. The functions that keep the body moving and working efficiently eventually slow down and this biological reaction must be understood in order to be counteracted. The quality of life, future health and overall functioning of a person's body could possibly be enhanced by replicating the actions within a young and healthy body throughout a person's lifespan. Academics like Walker hope that true anti aging qualities can be achieved through further study and research. Possible Effects of Anti Aging Procedures and Treatments in the Future Dr. Walker has studied anti aging and the aging process amongst other things. His theories along with those of many other notable experts have further the belief that the aging process can be stalled with prolonged use of anti aging products and therapies. Efficient anti aging procedures as suggested by Walker and his colleagues could have a profound effect on the population as a whole. Life spans could be extended along with the possibility that the quality of life would also be enhanced. If the various theories offered could be achieved, risks of illness could be lowered and thus so would medical costs, waiting lists and insurance costs. A greater quality of life in the future could mean fewer restrictions on the elderly. Energetic activities could be appreciated in later life and youth could be held onto for a lot longer. At present anti aging procedures and treatments sometimes achieve a younger look and a more energetic attitude in older adults but if anti aging research is continued as advocated by doctors like Walker, it could have extremely important implications in the long term on our health and lifestyles. If we can harness the effects of a youthful body's functions over a longer period of time then a healthier future could be foreseen. This may seem like a dream at present, but with further research and education it is very possible.

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==== ==== Learn How to Stay Young with Natural Anti-aging Methods! ==== ====

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