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Many people are misinformed when it comes developing a website and some believe that Dreamweaver holds all the secrets. This is simply not true. Dreamweaver is an excellent application for web design but it is not something you should lean on because eventually you are going to need to fine tune your site. On the up-scale Dreamweaver is useful for it's html syntax highlighting, auto-completion, the quick preview, valid markup, and a library of options that you can quickly access. Another benefit is the live preview window which makes it easy to see what you are changing if you are a visual person. Finally, you'll feel cool since it's an Adobe application. As wonderful as the title "Dreamweaver" sounds, you can do just as much with Dreamweaver as you could a simple text editor and Mozilla Firefox. There is almost no way around the fact that you will have to learn html and some basic css at some point if you want to customize your websites look and feel. With an overwhelming amount of open source applications such as: Content Management Systems (CMS) and Blogging platforms like Wordpress, it leaves Dreamweaver in the shadows for updating your content. Since flat-file based websites are becoming a thing of the past more and more, it means a database driven site will probably be your best option. In my opinion, Dreamweaver is an expensive text editor that is not necessary. Nor is it an industry standard. On the technical side Dreamweaver can run PHP and Database driven sites if you know how to have them installed properly on your local drive, but the time spent learning this will be wasted compared to having an up and running site in minutes. Should I Build a Site with Dreamweaver? If you have it Dreamweaver already, go ahead there is nothing wrong with using it. If you don't have it, you don't need it unless you want better organization with a few features for a high price. Dreamweaver can give you a nice headstart but it won't do all the work for you.

Since age 12, Jesse has had a passion for the science of web development. He enjoys studying and practicing various programming languages in his leisure time. He manages his faithful love for web development at JREAM design. Jesse regards web development as not only having an aesthetic beauty but a technical beauty to it as well.

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==== ==== Learn Adobe Dreamweaver Videos With Help Desk! ==== ====

Should I Build a Site with Dreamweaver