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Adobe Dreamweaver is a program that helps one to build his or her own standards-based websites. Many individuals are reluctant to start their own websites due to the expense of paying someone or a company to design the site for them. Now, one can take the power of design into his or her own hands. Whether designing visually or in code with Dreamweaver it is easy to use this program to make one's website come to life. As with all technology and software programs, they are constantly evolving and producing newer version. Adobe Dreamweaver is just as revolutionary. The latest version is Adobe Dreamweaver CS5. This version is as easy and productive as previous versions with the added bonuses of CSS inspection tools, CMS support systems, and an Adobe BrowserLab. The CSS inspection tools make creating styles almost effortless compared to earlier versions of Dreamweaver. Most of the work with CSS is done in the styles panel, but with CS5, one can do a lot of the work through the properties inspector. However, one must be careful because if one does not understand fully what he or she is asking the properties inspector to do they may cause damage to the work that is already complete in the styles panel. The CMS support systems allow one to test support with frameworks such as Drupal, WordPress, and Joomla. Being able to test the frameworks is a major asset when designing a website. With the new tools available in Dreamweaver CS5, they help collect and show all files needed to build one's site. One can also go in and with just a click turn on or off the different types of files so to focus strictly on the files being worked on. It takes many files to build a website and having them readily available is a great asset and time saver. Dreamweaver CS5 offers the files in a drop down menu so one can quickly switch from file to file with ease. The CMS support systems simply allow one to navigate files quickly and the sitespecific code hinting ensures one finds needed code easy and efficiently. The Adobe BrowserLab is now integrated with Dreamweaver CS5 and is a wonderful tool to have and use when one needs to see if his or her website is compatible with various web browsers. Adobe BrowserLab works through CS Live and is very easy to access and use. One can access BrowserLab in several ways, but the easiest would be to go to the document tool bar and click on the browser icon look down to find view in Adobe BrowserLab and click on it. The first time someone uses the BrowserLab there are a few things one needs to set up. One will need to log on and as a first time user one will need to establish a user name and password at no cost to the user. After, that it is merely setting up how many browser one would like to preview his or her website through and save these options for further viewing.

This is just a brief overview of the many features Adobe Dreamweaver has to offer. For a full list and viewing Adobe Dreamweaver offers many tutorials, books, and videos giving systematic instructions and information. However, if one is a professional designer, an avid website builder, or just a beginner building one's own web site Adobe Dreamweaver is the best and most efficient means of building standards-based websites.

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==== ==== Learn Adobe Dreamweaver Videos With Help Desk! ==== ====

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Learn Adobe Dreamweaver Videos With Help Desk!