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It's true that penny stocks have a huge return, but how to find a good penny stock is the real challenge.There are thousands of stocks to go through in order to find a good one. The majority of these stock companies were created just for one purpose and that is to sell stocks, not looking after share holders. A good company is vertically impossible to find yet the people are willing to invest in stocks hoping they might strike it rich and everybody is under the impression that he has a winning ticket. I don't know anybody strike it rich by investing in a stock, do you? I don't believe there is any. And here is why, Lets assume you bought 1 million of cent stock thinking that you have discovered a good stock. So lets say you bought 1 million of penny stocks for .01 cent a share costing you $1,000 dollars. In order for you to become rich or a millionaire, you must hold your shares until it goes up as much as a $1 dollar. Lets go on and assume that you really have a good stock in your hand. So you have invested $1,000 and you are hoping to strike at rich? Would you really sell your stock when it goes up 100%? Now your $ 1,000 dollars has doubled but wait! What if your good penny stock went up 1000%? Now your $1,000 has turned into $10,000. Are you going to hold it? A good day trader will take out his profit and move on to another one. Lets assume once more you are stubborn and you did not sell your stock. What about when it reaches 20,000 or 30,000 or what if it reaches 100,000? Do you have any idea of how much pressure will be on you to sell it? There is no way you will hold your good stock any longer. If you do, you must be out of your mind. An arrogant person will gamble with the 100,000. I believe should not be an investment, you only trade them because there are so many bad penny stocks that it's very hard to find a good stock and when you do find one, trade it in a very smart way. This is how I trade penny stock. To me there are no good penny stocks. They are all alike, therefore I don't follow charts. I only read the news and once a good stock catches my eye I buy that stock. As a day trader the first thing that I'm willing to do is to take off my investment money and then I ride the rest of my free shares and I will watch my profit like an eagle! If I see any potential, I will ride it for over night but only if I'm convinced that the shares which I am holding are good, other wise I will sell the rest before closing. In conclusion, I don't believe in a good penny stock which can make a million. I don't believe in holding a penny stock over night. Even if you find a good stock, treat it as a trader not as an investor. One last thing, If you have a chance to find a good penny stock, please let me know!

When you are planning to invest in a penny stock, first make sure it has volume and that it has


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==== ==== Discover 2 Secrets to Penny Stock Wealth- See how unemployed dad now makes up to $50,000 per month - HERE- ==== ====

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