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Monday 28 October 2013


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Unions vote in favour of industrial action on Halloween

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WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? Fox hunting could be set to return to the British countryside


Football Manager is set to take over your life once again

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PLUTO has had eyes on an internal email from the University which refutes claims from the Times Higher Education website that admissions at UCLan have fallen. The article, which claims that internal papers show a three per cent decline in firm acceptances for the University, was published in the morning of the 24 October. Quick to respond, the university circulated an email around staff which claims that the printed article ‘is misleading in that it takes a snap-shot in time and does not give the full enrolment picture.’ Criticisms were also levelled on UCLan’s new venture in Cyprus, with the article quoting figures of just 68 applicants this year. ‘Enrolment numbers quoted by the THE for Cyprus are also well short of the mark.’ Replied the email: ‘We take a long term view over our international developments and the actual enrolment figures for UCLan Cyprus are encouraging bearing in mind the economic conditions that the country faces. ‘With our new course developments we are on target to reach our enrolement projections.’ They said that ‘in line with UCAS guidelines’, the official figures that show total enrolment at UCLan will not be released until January along with official UCAS totals.

KARATE KID TAKES GOLD WINNERS.. Emily Carpendale (left) took gold at the WUKF European Karate Championships

Kadeesha McKenzie News Editor

UCLAN’s Emily Carpendale has won Gold in the World Union of Karate-do Federation (WUKF) European Karate Championships. Second year Journalism student, Emily, took home first place with her team in Sheffield on Sunday night. Emily, who has been fighting since the age of seven, started competing in tournaments when she was twelve and has won over 100 medals. She said: “Competing with some of

LIFESTYLE: Drop Dead Gorgeous, our Halloween special

the best athletes in Europe is nerve racking, but you just have to remember you’re just as good as them.” The fight consists of one six-minute battle, with each team consisting of three people, interchanging throughout. The girls must then strive to hit the opposition team to score points and move on to the finals. “This is probably the hardest part because if your jabs are not fast enough you can get struck in the face,” says Emily. Although the fights are monitored, they can turn nasty: “In the European Championship fight, I was against one

competitor and she punched me right in the jaw, knocking me over and the medics had to come on.” The 19-year-old student has previously won big titles. She was British champion in 2008 and British team champion in 2009 along with other regional titles. She hopes to continue competing in the future and describes it as “a passion I’ve had for so long.” Training at United Styles Karate Academy in Bury every Tuesday night, Emily is currently preparing for her next big competition in Italy for the European Championship again in April. Emily says she will remain in full time



study but hopes to continue doing Karate along side her chosen career, and compete in the seniors’ championship in the future. The championships were founded in 1970 by a small group of karate enthusiasts. More than 1200 participants competed at the event with over 1600 entries and 150 teams. WUKF President Liviu Crisan said: “One of the most emotional moments was the march of the finalists and the transferring of the WUKF flag to the next federation that will organise the European Championship for all ages at Verona.”

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28 October 2013


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A fantastic weekend for the city’s women, Page 6


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Watch Dogs set to be delayed by Ubisoft Major set back for games maker, Page 17


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NORTHERN LIGHTS GUIDE PRESTON ENTREPRENEURS STARBUCKS SUCCESS... They came up with their idea while chatting in Starbucks

Tom Greggan News Editor

THREE Preston entrepreuners have used the Northern Lights service in the Media Factory to develop a new website where businesses can build their own social network. The website, called dbee, was the brainchild of Guy Flintham, Andrew Green and Adam Jones after a discussion in a coffee shop. Speaking about starting up the business, CEO Guy said: “We’re three friends and it was a conversation over a coffee in Starbucks discussion, debating platform. “We developed it as an academic

News Editor: Tom Greggan



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tool to start with. We put it out to a load of academics about two years ago and we got about 5,000 people on it in the first ten weeks or so.” From there, things quickly took off. “Around the same time, we started talking to a guy who is going to end up being a non-executive director of the company. He’s one of the leading authorities on social media in the world now. He advises major corporations on their social media strategy and he said: “Have you thought of making this into a commercial product?” We said we wanted to because that’s how we were going to make money out of it.” Since then, their creation has been

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recognised by technology giants Oracle, culminating in a trip to San Francisco for the Oracle Open World show. Guy was grateful for the help he and the company received from Northern Lights. He said: “the office space was the first thing which was hugely beneficial. The way it’s set up there is ideal for companies like us who are growing fast but still at a stage where they don’t want to overspend. “From there we were offered a range of services; we’ve had mentorship on PR and also time management and cooperation management. “There’s constantly this ‘We’re here to help mentality’ and we’ve been able to dip in and out of that and take the bits that we need as and when we need them

effectively. “It’s been really helpful and it’s a very positive working environment as well.” He recommended students who may have a business idea but aren’t sure what to do with it visit the free Northern Lights. He also had other advice for them saying: “The key thing I’ve learnt through this process - and I’ve dealt with everybody from minor business people to Russian billionaires in the last two years - is that there are a million great ideas, it’s the execution of them that’s key. “The challenge isn’t thinking of it in the first place, it’s getting it to those people and it’s getting in front of those people and making it actually happen rather than it just being an idea.”

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Issue 254


Cipriana Botez News Reporter

A NEW Languages and Humanities Centre is being built at Penwortham Priory Academy with work due to start later this month. The major refurbishment program will see the £1m structure mark the development of Penwortham Priory for over 60 years of activity as a specialist Sport and Technology College. Jim Hourigan, head of Penwortham Priory said: “It’s time to move things forward to reflect the current climate with more learning space and ultimately to be more flexible.” He added: “As a school, we are going from strength to strength and the new buildings will help us continue to build for the future.” Designed by North West architecture firm Cassidy and Ashton, the centre will incorporate a new music studio and performing area. Alistair Baines, director at Cassidy and Ashton said: “The new languages and humanities building will add to the school’s long list of top class facilities.” Changes such as an improved heating system, as well as upgrades to the fabric of the building will contribute to a heightened experience for students. Works on Penwortham Priory’s centre are predicted to last until April 2014.







SPORT 21-24




Jade Kneen

AROUND 2,000 children in the Burnley area have been caught drinking underage. Police have stated that children as young as eight have been stopped recently, while a 10 year old was admitted to hospital due to alcohol consumption. Between July and September, police have seized 266 litres of beer and 14 litres of spirits. They have also spoken to 2,198 children, visited 154 licensed premises and handed out five cannabis warnings. This horrific figure came from a police operation which was triggered due to 184 children from Burnley and neighbouring area Blackburn being taken to hospital with alcohol related problems in 2010. Stewart Lawson, a resident of Burnley and UCLan graduate said: ”With local Government services being cut, there are less alternatives for youths of Burnley.” Labour Councillor Janice Hanson, Lancashire County Council cabinet member for public protection said: “Alcohol misuse can present health risks and cause careless behaviour in all age groups, but is even more dangerous for young people.” Burnley council are working with the police to protect the young people who might put themselves at risk when consuming alcohol. Most of the 280 litres of alcohol which has been seized will be poured away. However, some will be sold at auction to raise money for a crime prevention charity.

PICKET LINE... This could be a familiar line up and down the country on 31 October if strike action goes ahead.

Jade Kneen News Reporter

WHILE many of you will be preparing for a night of spooks on October 31, staff at many universities around the country will be taking part in a one day strike. Although not all universities will be affected by the strike it will be the first occasion where all three higher education trade unions, UCU, UNISON and Unite, will be joining together in a mutual strike. It comes following the latest negotiations on pay. In May 2013 the Joint Negotiating Committee put down its final offer of just one per cent, which means ultimately that higher education staff would have taken a 13 per cent pay cut since 2008. UCU head of higher education, Michael MacNeil, said: “Staff have suffered year-on-year cuts in the value of their pay. Quite simply, enough is enough.” He added: “We urge the employers to reflect on the fact that they are about to face their first ever strike by three unions at the same time and come to the negotiating table to resolve this dispute.” In terms of voting, there was a

strong majority who backed strike or action short of a strike including refusing to work unpaid overtime. Within UCU sixty two per cent were in favour of strike action as did 54.4 per cent of voters at UNISON. Similarly Unite saw 64 per cent agreeing with the action. Unison, head of higher education, Jon Richards, said: “Our members are upset and angry – this measly 1% offer is simply not good enough.” He added: “The work of support staff is essential for the smooth running of universities and they play a vital role supporting students, but many are struggling to survive on low pay.” Ironically while lower paid staff members, such as lecturers, technicians and administration workers, are losing money the pay and benefits for the leaders in higher education institutions is increasing. In 2011/12 they saw a rise in more than £5,000 while the average pay for vice chancellors reaches almost £250,000. Unite national officer for education, Mike McCartney, said: “Our members have had enough of the poverty pay increases of recent years. They have suffered a 13 per cent real terms pay cut

since 2008 and have been left with no

option but to fight for what’s fair. “ He added: “There is still time for the employers to step back from the brink in this dispute. We urge them to get back around the negotiating table with the three unions to resolve it once and for all.” Though the strike is taking place, the unions have assured the NUS that they are working to ensure minimal disruption to the students. Meanwhile students can follow updates on Twitter by the hashtag #fairpayinHE.

The table shows the results from the latest poll in favour of the strike. Out of the three unions taking part in the vote, Unite were in favour 2% more than UCU. Out of the three unions taking part, Unison is least in favour.



Charlotte Arrowsmith News Reporter

A CHICKEN factory has been raided by a Home Office Immigration unit in Preston. Employees at Gafoor Poultry Products on Fletcher Road, Deepdale, had identity checks by enforcers and the factory was shut down. The factory has been targeted twice before, and illegal workers were found on both occasions. Reports show that many of the immigrants were from wartorn countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan. Those arrested included 26 men and one woman - aged between 18 and 45 from countries including India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Belarus and Jordan. The raid which took place last week, was sparked by an interview with two men from Czech Republic, who said that they had been brought to England and were ‘forced to work at Gafoor Pure Halal illegally’. Three Indian employees were discovered hiding in a freezer unit and were promptly arrested. Two of them may have overstayed their visas and the third may be in breach of his visa conditions. The workers escaped, and went on to

be found on the streets by the homelessness charity Thames Rech. The men had to be warmed up in blankets before they could be taken away by police van from the factory. Lancashire police are this weekend visiting a number of addresses in the area. Jon Cass, from the North West criminal vestigation team, who led the operation, said he would go where the intelligence takes him. He said: “Illegal working fuels illegal immigrants to the UK and that is why we are carrying out operations like these in Preston.” Gafoor Poultry Products have been previously fined £10,000 for each of the thirty-three workers found in the factory. Studies suggest that some 70% of agency workers employed in the food sector are from outside the United Kingdom. The vast majority are here working legally. However, there is also evidence that the UK's food processing sector is using forced labour. According to a report published in June by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, forced labour in the UK is a "significant, though hidden, and probably a growing problem". Gafoor Poultry Products was founded by three brothers in 1964 but went into liquidation in 2010. Its 2012 successor,


A “GAGGING”clause at Edinburgh university has been lifted. The clause aimed at preventing student leaders from speaking out about the institution without consulting the managers first has been removed. After a public outcry, the university scrapped the order, which prompted the National Union of Students (NUS) to warn other universities who may be considering following in their footsteps. The idea behind the ‘gagging’ order was to ensure that students gave 48 hours notice to management before any critical material was published. The agreement was part of a £2.3m grant which was given to the Edinburgh University Students' Association (EUSA). Gordon Maloney, president of NUS Scotland, said: "We welcome the news Edinburgh University has recognised its mistake and acted quickly to remove a clause that could have significantly damaged the relationship between the institution and the elected representatives of the students.” He added: "The lesson of this entire incident is that institutions such as Edinburgh fail their students when they fail to encourage critical voices that aim to hold the powerful to account." The clause was highlighted by student Hona-Luisa Cohen-Fuentes, an EUSA trustee detained by police last week during a visit to the university area by Princess Anne. Ms Cohen-Fuentes claimed to have been “assaulted” by staff

IMAGE: Gary Calton

28 October 2013



PRESTON IS SET FOR CARNAGE Jess Millington Deputy News Editor

RAID... Gafoor Pure Halal Ltd was the subject of an immigration raid

Gafoor Pure Halal Ltd., employs 150 workers, slaughtering half a million birds a week. The company is jointly managed by Tahir Vaza and Maksud Patel, sons of the founders of Gafoor Poultry. Gafoor Poultry Products is not the first company to be in hot water with their employees. At Chester Chicken and Pizza on Moor Lane they found three illegal workers, a Nigerian man, aged 38, and

two Indian men aged 27 and 30 who had all overstayed their visas and were subsequently arrested. Every year, the UKBA imposes civil penalties on hundreds of companies which fail to carry out proper right-towork checks on staff. The police are encouraging anyone with information about people working and living in the country illegally on Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

A NEW twitter profile suggests that popular student event Carnage is set to make a return to Preston. Banned from Preston in 2008 when Police in Preston criticised the event, rumours have been sparked that it is set to return before the end of 2013. When Carnage still operated in Preston, students from UCLan were invited to dress up as ‘dirty porn stars’ and ‘invade’ Blackpool. At the time, Insp Steve Evans, of Preston city centre police said: "It's not a good idea.” He added: “These are 18year-old kids, usually coming away from home for the first time, and they are not used to that level of consumption." Carnage is a regular event which takes place at a number of universities up and down the country. With upcoming Carnage events in cities such as Lancaster, Birmingham, Manchester and Leeds, fancy dress is what makes Carnage unique from any other night out. To keep up to date with Carnage Preston, follow @Carnage_Preston


FREE SPEECH... EUSA was against clause after the university said she and another student were unable to “provide a satisfactory explanation” for being in a restricted area. The university commented, saying: "We take the welfare of our students very seriously and have always enjoyed a positive working relationship with their elected representatives.” Adding: "In the light of recent discussions with the students' association we have agreed to amend the contract to remove the requirement for advance notification." Edinburgh University would have been the first to introduce this order.

A UCLAN student has uncovered a Roman artefact that has been buried for nearly 2000 years. Lucky archaeology student Katie Ballaam scored one of the major finds of a fieldwork project in her first week of studying at UCLan. Taking place 50 miles up river from Preston at Ribchester, where a Roman fort once stood; the dig was organised to introduce the students to archaeology outside the classroom. What Katie first thought was a chunk of brick turned out to be a piece of Samian pottery. This particular form of pottery was produced during the Roman period, the majority of it in modern day central France. Archaeology lecturer and trip organiser Dr James Morris, said: “She is in effect, the very first person to see that piece of pottery and hold it in nearly 2000 years. Which is not bad for your first week at university.” Other items were found on the dig, including a Roman coin and other parts of pottery, but the Samian piece was unanimously agreed to be the finest. The piece is decorated with a bird, most likely to be an eagle, attacking its prey, and a figure of a cherub and a tree. Speaking about her discovery, Katie said: “I was surprised that I even mana-

LUCKY... Katie Ballaam with her Roman artefact ged to find anything.” She added: “ I was looking forward to going out and taking part in real fieldwork straight away, and finding the pottery made it even better.” The dig, which was at the site of the central road of the Roman fort on the route between Manchester and Carlisle, was the start of a ten-year project named ‘Revisiting Ribchester’. The project’s aim is to ‘write the history’ of the location, from pre-history all the way through to post-medieval times Dr Morris said that they are beginning their focus on the Roman period to first gather public interest, and then use it as a fulcrum point to gather information around that. The project will continue to have sub-

stantial student involvement, with undergraduates already writing course work and dissertations revolving around it. Katie said:“I really enjoyed being part of the Ribchester project. I think it’s a beautiful place and there’s a lot of interesting archaeology there, so I can’t wait to go back with the university.” The students also found other pieces of pottery, a coin dating back to the fourth century AD and a copper alloy brooch pin. The students will be going back out to the area in April next year to spend a week excavating another historical site, where the students hope to uncover some more hidden treasures of the past.


Issue 254


NEWS 2-5



POLICE APPEAL AFTER DAMAGE TO COMMUNITY CENTRE IN PLUNGINGTON OFFICERS are appealing for information after a community centre in Plungington was damaged. Between 9.15pm on Friday 18 October and 10am on Saturday 19 October, Plungington Youth and Community Centre, Brook Street, Plungington had 17 windows damaged after several bricks

were thrown at the building. Speaking of the damage caused bythe actions of the mindless yobs, Joan O’Meara, who works at the centre, said: “I came into work on Monday and every window had been put through. It was terrible.” She added: ““It’s a lot of money for us. We run a lot of activities here - we have exercise classes, bowling, baby classes, the youth club. It’s a shame.” PC Paul McLernon said, “Whoever is responsible has left an important community building unable to operate and has caused significant damage resulting in great costs to repair.” He added: “We are very keen to trace the person or people responsible and so if anyone has any information or can recall seeing anyone acting suspiciously in the area at around this time please contact us.

THE third week of Frequency Radio’s battle of the DJs took place on Thursday when Danny Love went up against Connor Franks. Each DJ is battling for a semester long residency in Source with the four-week long event coming to an end on 7 November. You can vote for your favourite DJ online at:


NEW unemployment figures suggest that 16 to 24 year-olds are the ones suffering the most in the current job market. The latest unemployment figures show nearly 1 million young people are unemployed and 1.5 million forced part-timers, which is the largest figure since 1992. According to the University and College Union, young people’s pay has fallen by an average of 20% between 2009 and 2012. 16 and 17-year-olds are most likely to be in minimum wage jobs and the spread of part-time positions makes finding well-paid employment even harder. The University and College union’s general secretary, Sally Hunt said: “Politicians might argue about the marginal differences in today’s figures, but the bottom line is that there simply are not the jobs out there.” She added: “Young people are the unacknowledged victims of the recession and have also faced rocketing tuition fees and the disappearance of college grants.” In 2009, the average weekly wage for 16-17-year-olds was 36.6% of the overall weekly average, but has fallen to just 31.9% by 2012 – that is less than one third of the average. The union’s analysis shows that young people are much more likely to be paid below the national minimum wage. In 2012, an estimated 6.5% of jobs held by 16 to 17-year-olds were paid below the national minimum wage,

up by 0.8% in 2011. Studies across the country show that young people in work are five times more likely to experience low pay than their older peers. Secure, decently, paid jobs and proper educational opportunities are critical to solving the crisis of youth inactivity according to Sally Hunt. With the fees increasing to £9,000 last year per, university students may be wondernig whether in fact, that their £9,000 is worth it. ComRes research shows that 88% of young people not in employment, education or training want to work or study and 71% believe they would contribute a lot to society if they received the right support.

JOB CENTRE... A common site for young people




SPORT 21-24






LadyFest is a festival designed to celebrate the females of Preston while providing a fantastic weekend for the city at the same time. Luke Beardsworth spoke to organiser Millie Lavelle and performer Richard Lomax about the weekend, why it was a success, the criticism it received and more...

What does Ladyfest mean to YOU?

FAMILY FUN... The festival catered for all ages

I’d heard about LadyFest through Refuge (the anti-domestic violence charity) and thought the idea of a festival that celebrates and inspires the women of your home city was a great idea. Surely Preston, with its amazing and diverse population, would want to do that?” In the wake of LadyFest, it turns out that organiser Millie Lavelle was correct. Preston is a city that eagerly grabbed the chance to celebrate its females. One of the main aims of LadyFest was to provide a great weekend of entertainment, but in the midst of this were some serious messages and themes that Ms Lavelle wanted to get across. “We just wanted to remind Preston that there are some amazing female artists and business women in the local area, and celebrate that. “We also chose to raise some funds and awareness for Preston Domestic Violence Services, they're a local charity who supports anyone who's suffered DV, and they also run a number of refuge houses in the Preston and Chorley areas.” LadyFest came under some minor criticism from certain quarters for focusing on the celebration of one gender, with some of these pointing their fingers at a largely female line-up. Ms Lavelle thinks that this is unfair, she said: “Just have a look down the listings for 53 Degrees and have a look at how many women are in there and ask why they are excluding women from their line-up?

Lou Taylor (pictured) is a member of Preston Roller Girls (PRG). We spoke to her about LadyFest and what it means to her: How was LadyFest for you?

It was fantastic. I loved the excitement building up to the main weekend and it was lovely seeing so many different venues and artists across the city getting involved. Why is it important?


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Despite the feminist movement gathering momentum over the past few years women are still under represented in many walks of life. LadyFest gives women a chance to come together and celebrate each other whilst creating an amazing event for all to enjoy. It's important that strong, positive female role models are given this platform. What role did you have in supporting LadyFest?

I supported LadyFest as a member of Preston Roller Girls, as a support worker for women and as a woman living in Preston who enjoys music and arts in our city. Over the weekend PRG held a LadyFest themed session where we took some time to contemplate and discuss how roller derby is important to us as women before skating to a special LadyFest compilation of female artists. A couple of our skaters (Pendle Bitch and Mandible Lecture) went along to one of the events for mothers and daughters to talk to the girls about roller derby and answer any questions, which was a huge success. They even managed to recruit a few future derby stars including the mums.

EMPOWERING... Lou Taylor believes in the importance of strong, positive female role models


Issue 254

Looks like a Sausage Fest to me and no one is pointing that out? “But that's just the norm isn't it, it's only when you get 'only 2 or 3' men on a line up of events that it highlights how little we showcase amazing female talent & how hard it can be for women to succeed.� One of the weekend’s performers Richard Lomax also defended the festival: “The cause it supports is an important one that's close to my heart so it felt good to be performing at one of the shows that raised money for such valid and helpful service. “I can understand why the emphasis was put on female performers as the organisation that they are supporting was originally to help women. However I do think that it should only be an emphasis, not a directive.� Such impartial support from the male source often serves best to highlight just how important the cause is. Lavelle was full of praise for Richard Lomax’s performance: “My favourite part? There were two. The first was hearing Richard Lomax sing his song about Edith Rigby, Preston’s first suffragette, at Korova Arts

NEWS 2-5






SPORT 21-24


Cafe on the Saturday night. That was awesome. “Also our Sunday event for 40 girls to meet Preston's Science Grrls, Roller Girls, female Paramedics, and solicitors, then we all watched Brave and made bath bombs. All for free thanks to UCLan and Lush Preston.� She has earned the right to be proud of the festival, particularly when you look at what it means to some of the people involved (see Lou Taylor, pictured and interviewed on page six). “I think it was a great weekend, and I've pleasantly surprised by the volume of tweets and emails LadyFest Preston has received to thank us for organising the weekend. “I would like to say, it wouldn't have happened without all the volunteers and venues who helped out and offered their time and space. I have been genuinely surprised by how generous Preston has been.� Richard Lomax agreed on the success of the festival, as he concluded: “I think LadyFest put on a lot of varied and interesting events which was a really positive thing.�

ROLL MODEL... UCLan lecturer Mandy Dunbar teaching children about Ladyfest

ENTERTAINER... Richard Lomax performs his set





COMMENT EDITORS EditorCharlotte Alty

Editor Megan Lincoln Deputy Editor Vacant Want more? Find us online at

WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? 28 October 2013

Alex Grebenar

IMAGE: Hatchibombotar


Comment Writer

THERE’S a famous scene in Disney's Mary Poppins – possibly the most family-friendly hallucinogenic sequence ever committed to the silver screen (see also: Dumbo). The titular nanny and her charges, along with Dick van Dyke's mockney Bert, ride carousel horses through the countryside and inadvertently join a fox hunt. We see faceless men astride huge steeds pursuing a plucky, terrified, Irishaccented fox slowly resigning himself to being torn apart by the hounds bearing down upon him. I'm certain that no viewer has ever willed the hounds to catch the fox. Rather, we as spectators, are implored to support the fox. Naturally, Bert scoops him up to safety just in time, ready for a frantic recital of 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious'. It's well documented that we all love to support the underdog. Why, then, has the debate on fox hunting recently resurfaced in Parliament? This week, Prime Minister David Cameron stated that he was sympathetic to those pushing for amendments to the ban, amendments which would allow fox hunting for pest control purposes. Critics, however, pointed out the likelihood of hunting returning 'through the back door' if such amendments were made. Since its introduction there have been almost 300 successful prosecutions under the Hunting Act 2004, suggesting that there is still a back-door trade in fox hunting – rather, a relaxation to the law is likely to throw open the doors to every man and his dog. 'Well', some might say, 'they kill domestic pets and livestock'. Are we really to accuse a wild animal of foul play when it seeks out food? I'm not sure a hungry

THE FOX... An animal slaughtered for sport fox has any comprehension of property law. It's a facile argument against forces of nature, which are not quite in favour of human pursuits – the natural extension of which is not, as some would have you believe, donning ridiculous hunt uniform to give the blighters what-for. Farmers are permitted to deal with

pests in a certain controlled manner, just as disease-spreading badgers have controversially been culled. It is morally ambiguous as it is to control wildlife like that; it's simply tremendously barbaric to see this antiquated form of pest control as entertainment – and an entitlement. 'The unspeakable in

them. I was all set to write a strongly worded piece about the British justice system, horrified at the amount of money that had been wasted. But then I read more about it, and to be quite honest, I think that leaving the ECHR could be the best decision made in a long time. To me, the ECHR seems like something criminals run to when the UK Courts don’t rue in their favour. It’s like asking one parent for something after the other says no. Pretty childish procedures really. For instance, in 2000, an IRA killer was given £5000 - whilst he was on the run – after he complained that he was not given a lawyer for 24 hours after his arrest. Another criminal who took his case to the ECHR was a British double agent who betrayed 40 members of MI6 and got some of them executed. He ended up being awarded £4,700 after it came out that Britain had refused

him the right to publish a memoir detailing his betrayal. Seriously? Can you blame them? He ended up getting British agents executed and he then wanted the right to go on and brag about it! The case that got me though, that really made me realise that the ECHR was just being used as a way to get back at the British justice system, was when a man, who had violently kicked someone to death over a trivial matter of borrowing a cigarette, was handed £18,000 after he was refused the right to father a child through artificial insemination. Now, to be quite honest, I do not agree with that. If he wants to have a child then let him. But, that is not the issue here. The man got 18 grand! Are you actually kidding me? It seems to me that criminals know just how to abuse the Human Rights system to get what they want and then have a hefty sum of money waiting for them


full pursuit of the uneatable', as Oscar Wilde wrote about fox hunters and their prey. Whilst the Government are happy to increase VAT and levy empty bedrooms in council houses – taxes which disproportionately affect the less well-off – with wild abandon, the thought of slightly restricting the lives of the more privileged echelons is still uncomfortable for Cameron and swathes of his party. One has only to look at the woefully inadequate consequences levelled at those responsible for national economic disaster – consequences passed on to those who had no part in the lackadaisical behaviour of banking executives. These so-called civilized ladies and gentlemen, whom those brazen enough to be allocated a council house with an extra bedroom are supposed to aspire to emulate, think nothing of galloping off to the sound of a horn to savage animals in their natural habitat. Whilst fox hunting is not purely a class issue, it does have an unpleasant scent of elitism, an issue which has haunted the Tories since time immemorial, try as they might to banish it. Perhaps fox hunting can be seen as an analogy for the Conservative Party's covert attempts to destroy the working class – troops of the moneyed up on their high horses, surrounded by lapdogs, chasing a lone fox who dares to breed and rely on others for food. There's something deeply sinister about hunting as a pursuit in the 21st century. Even though supporters claim it has deep tradition, such traditions come and go. A repeal of the ban is not in the public interest in the slightest – and would be a completely retrograde step. Thankfully, it is unlikely to happen. It is the amendments which could reintroduce fox hunting by stealth which must be blocked, too – sneaky, like a stake in the ground preventing a fox from sheltering in its own den as the dogs go in for the kill.


BRITISH government officials are calling for Britain to be withdrawn from the European Court of Human Rights. This has emerged after it was revealed that Britain has lost £4.4 million in payouts for 202 lost cases in the European Court of Human Rights. Justice Secretary, Chris Grayling, has spoken out about wishing for Britain to leave the ECHR and instead make British Supreme Court the ultimate arbitrator of cases in the UK. When I first heard about this I thought it was outrageous. I was angry at the government for using UK taxpayers’ money to compensate criminals for injustices they believed the UK justice system brought upon

when they get out of the nick. These people are the worst kind of criminals – and they get given compensation, paid for by British taxpayers, because they didn’t get treated right when they were being detained for terrorism? Excuse me for thinking that this is getting a little out of hand. I do not want my taxes to go to some psycho killer because they had their nose put out of joint when they didn’t get the chance to walk free from prison. The government is finally realising what a drain on resources the European Court of Human Rights is, and I must say that I would wholeheartedly support the decision to withdraw from it and deal with our own criminals, in our own country, in our own way.

Got an opinion? Voice it at


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UCLan is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its British Sign Language and Deaf Studies courses. Estimates, which feature on the UCLan page, claim that over 60% of British Sign Language/English interpreters working in the UK have been taught on UCLan courses. “Many congratulations to the Deaf Studies Team at UCLan for achieving their 20 year milestone.” Said UCLan Alumni and the public appointments ambassador for the Cabinet Office and Government Equalities Office, Asif Iqbal MBE: “Deaf Studies courses are vital for both deaf and hearing people to gain a powerful insight into how deaf people live on a day to day basis, as well as educating those students on the ethics and professionalism of working with deaf people.” The course, which was set up in 1993, has had ‘an impact on policy and practice in areas such as education, BSL/English interpreting, curriculum development and support for deaf students on national and international levels.’ According to Dr Martin Atherton, Course Leader “These activities have served to place UCLan at the very heart of BSL and Deaf Studies discourses, research and education in the UK and beyond to establish the team’s reputation for quality and innovation.”


Jasleen Kaur Comment Writer

IF your name is Tyler, Brooklyn or you sport tattoos, you have probably already thrown a few thousand profanities in the directions of one Katie Hopkins. Hopkins first made headlines when she appeared on This Morning, claiming that she would never let her children associate with other children with ‘lower class names like Chardonnay and Tyler’. The interview went viral in a matter of hours and outrage spread like wildfire across all platforms. Her blatant bigotry and prejudice quickly became a popular talking point with anyone and everyone and she instantly became one of the most hated public figures in Britain. Since then, many issues have received the “Katie Hopkins Treatment” – from body art and teacher strikes to ginger babies (when she tweeted “Ginger babies. Like a baby. Just so much harder to love”). Christmas is coming up; I wouldn’t be surprised if she took to the air claiming that by letting children believe in Santa, we’re setting them up for failure in life. If her children’s birthdays don’t hold



any significance – why on Earth would Christmas? Last week, Miss Hopkins was in the headlines once again when she said that behind every fat child is a fat parent and that parents just need to “get a grip”. She claimed that parents need to “man up and give those tough messages” and kids should “get less in their face and more on their feet”. As is typical of the Katie Hopkins treatment though, the conversation soon strayed from the topic at hand when Hopkins started insulting her fellow guest, Sonia Poulton. When Poulton retorted to Hopkins’ advice to parents by stating that by calling a child fat, you would be raising playground bullies and possibly even affect the psychological health of the child, it didn’t take long before Hopkins changed tack. When in doubt, call the opposition a “zebra in a wig”. For someone who puts so much worth and importance on intelligent conversation, she certainly is quick to hit out at the external appearance of anyone she comes across. Ironic, considering she herself looks like she’s sucking on a particularly sour lemon. Playing devil’s advocate though,




maybe Hopkins’ repeated appearances on This Morning are a good thing. In a nation that’s been supressed by political correctness and health and safety for far too long, Hopkins seems to be the push the public needs to get up and speak their opinions. It doesn’t condone her Miss Trunchbull ways, of course, but perhaps she’ll get the people to unite, even if it is in the endeavour to get her exiled from public platforms. Now that’s what I call entertainment. People like Katie Hopkins are exactly an example of the degraded society she so often refers to. Her self-important and narrowminded opinions promote intolerance in a society that’s becoming more diverse by the day. She teaches her children to judge people on their names and appearances instead of promoting equality. I certainly wouldn’t want my children to be in their company. Unsuitable for play dates I say! We often wonder what we would do if we had a lot of power – would we use it for good or for evil? Unfortunately for Britain, Katie’s made her choice glaringly obvious. Complete with the horns and pitchfork, one suspects she’ll burst out with an evil cackle at any given moment.


SPORT 21-24




If you have a fat child you need to stand in front the mirror and take a look at the person responsible for the state of them. Katie Hopkins attacks fat children! I think we all wish that sentence was the other way around!

@benjamminwalker I

think in many cases #KatieHopkins is correct it's just the way she presents her views


Illuminate me Twitter: why would anyone ask Katie Hopkins' opinion on ANYTHING?

For more thought provoking stories visit IMAGE... ITV

EB Books Boo oks e

e e

CONTROVERSIAL... Katie Hopkins is a constant source of debate




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28 October 2013



All the latest fashion news and more For more in-depth fashion coverage and all the latest trends, head over to



PLUTO PRESENTS... our Halloween fashion and beauty photo shoot. Andrea Baptiste Make-up artist


Dave Wild Megan Farrow Elicia Walmsley Rachael Askem Kirt O’Hara Jake Hunt


Beth Franklin Mahaim Saud Hair stylist


Victoria Hepworth Styling and Direction


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28 October 2013


Head to for more photos and all the behind-the-scenes action


help save women all over the country. The more money raised the more lives can be saved. 1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime and over 400 men are also diagnosed in the UK every year, so do your part and just purchase a small item from any Think Pink range in various retailers throughout the UK. Or why not go one step further and organise a fundraiser?

The charity itself work relentlessly to discover new ground breaking treatments and break through research to help improve diagnosis and

So whatever you’re doing this month to get involved, keep an eye out for those Tickled Pink items & let’s beat cancer together!

THIS October is Brest Cancer Awareness month. A huge variety of designers and brands have released products and joined forces by for this great cause with percentages of proceeds going straight to the charity. From Pandora Jewellery to Primark water bottles; killer pink heels from Office to cute Debenhams socks. There are lots of products out there to get you involved in this great charity!

Keyring- Smythson Pandora charm bracelet Avon pin badge M&S silk wrap Sainsbury’s candles Images: Vogue UK



Issue 254

NO plans for Halloween? Rebecca Sheperd is here to help…

Halloween is one of the biggest student nights of the year in Preston, so what better excuse to plan early and look at all your frightening options? It is coming around on Thursday 31st of October but events will be happening in Preston from Monday the 28th! Squires are holding two nights, Monday 28th and Thursday 31st. Monday is the normal weekly student night with an added Halloween theme. There will be fancy dress and face painting will be available, for those who need it! Prices will be the normal £1.80 drinks and entry is free on the guest list and £4 on the door. Thursday night is much different; there will be a fully functional ‘scare maze’ to be set up in New York New York, complete with actors. Entry for this is £5 and drinks will be priced from £2. For both the nights there will be four spooky cocktails especially for the occasion. For the hardcore Halloween heads why not try a bar crawl which begins at Ships and Giggles, Preston’s best pre-bar, with free entry and cheap drinks. Moving onto MACs then finishing at Blitz Live

NEWS 2-5

Venue and Nightclub with DJ Jammie playing until six o’clock, by which time you should be totally zombie-fied… Warehouse will be holding two events, the first which is on Tuesday 29th, where it’s time to dust off the celebrity costumes, then cover them in blood, ready for HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD! Six months free entry will be the reward for the two best costumes. The second night on Thursday 31st is MONSTER MASH: “The most scare-tastic, the most blood-curdling costumes to reduce normal men to quivering wrecks!” Six months free entry is up for grabs once again. Halloween Cocktails

For those on a budget who will be throwing Halloween parties at home, maybe try some of these peculiar potions… Firstly the ‘Blood Sucker cocktail’ To create this vampire-friendly cocktail, shake up triple sec, vodka and pineapple juice, then strain and pour into a glass. Drip strawberry or raspberry puree along the sides of the glass to add streams of "blood." Secondly the ‘Witches’ Brew’ pull out your cauldron to scare up a batch of this






SPORT 21-24

party-perfect punch. Pineapple and cranberry juice give this drink its harvestmoon hue while a shot of Malibu rum lends a Caribbean kick. Finally the ‘Bloody Brain Shooter’ channel your inner mad scientist to create this creepy-looking shooter. Add chilled vodka and lime juice to a shot glass, then use a straw to drip Irish cream on top. The acidic lime juice will cause the cream to curdle, creating realistic blobs of "brain." For more gruesome cocktails visit Costumes on a student budget

It’s that time of year now where your bank balance is probably scarier than Halloween itself but don’t fear, we have some costume ideas all for under £20! How about going grey scale, like in the old-school horror movies? Simply wear black and white clothing and paint any visible skin grey, you will look almost ghost-like. Maybe mummifying yourself will work wonders this year, wear all white clothes, wrap yourself in bandages and if the student loan allows, add a splash of fake blood. Alternatively tomato sauce will do the trick.

The Library Library isn’t jus justt all about the books books and ccomputers... omputers... ƌĂŶŐĞŽĨŽƚŚĞƌĨĂŶƚĂƐƟĐƐĞƌǀŝĐĞƐĂƌĞďĂƐĞĚŚĞƌĞƚŽŚĞůƉLJŽƵŵĂŬĞƚŚĞ  ƌĂŶŐĞŽĨŽƚŚĞƌĨĂŶƚĂƐƟĐƐĞƌǀŝĐĞƐĂƌĞďĂƐĞĚŚĞƌĞƚŽ ƚŽŚĞ Ś ůƉLJŽƵŵĂŬĞ ŬĞƚŚĞ ŵŽƐƚŽĨLJŽƵƌhŶŝǀĞƌƐŝƚLJůŝĨĞ͊ ŵ ŽƐƚŽĨLJŽƵƌhŶŝǀĞƌƐŝƚLJůŝĨĞ͊

EŽƚŽŶůLJĂƌĞƚŚĞLJLJŽƵƌĮƌƐƚ E ŽƚŽŶůLJĂƌĞƚŚĞLJLJŽƵƌĮƌƐƚ port of ccall all ffor or yyour our queries, ddŚĞфŝхĂůƐŽƐĞůůƐƐƚĂƟŽŶĞƌLJ ŚĞфŝхĂůƐŽƐĞůůƐƐƚĂƟŽŶĞƌLJ ĂĂŶĚĐŽŵƉƵƟŶŐĞƋƵŝƉŵĞŶƚ͕ ŶĚĐŽŵƉƵƟŶŐĞƋƵŝƉŵĞŶƚ͕ well NVivo as w ell as SPSS, NViv o and DĂƉůĞƐŽŌǁĂƌĞĨŽƌƵƐĞŽŶ D ĂƉůĞƐŽŌǁĂƌĞĨŽƌƵƐĞŽŶ yyour our home ccomputer omputer which makee doing yyour will mak our ĂĂƐƐŝŐŶŵĞŶƚƐĂůŝƩůĞĞĂƐŝĞƌ͊ ƐƐŝŐŶŵĞŶƚƐĂůŝƩůĞĞĂƐŝĞƌ͊

Need help using some of UCL an’s Li brary UCLan’s Library and IT ser vices. YYou ou ccan an book an services. appoin tment tto o see the Study Smart er appointment Smarter tteam eam on their website: website:

w The Libr Library ary is al also so a ‘‘Centre Centre of Ex Excellence’ cellence’ ĨĨŽƌƉƌŽǀŝĚŝŶŐDŝĐƌŽƐŽŌKĸĐĞ^ƉĞĐŝĂůŝƐƚ ŽƌƉƌŽǀŝĚŝŶŐDŝĐƌŽƐŽŌKĸĐĞ^ƉĞĐŝĂůŝƐƚ ĞdžĂŵƐ͘&ŽƌŵŽƌĞŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶ Ğ džĂŵƐ͘&ŽƌŵŽƌĞŝŶĨŽƌŵĂƟŽŶ on ho how w tto o bec become ome a Spe Specialist cialist ŝŝŶŽŶĞŽƌŵŽƌĞŽĨƚŚĞKĸĐĞ ŶŽŶĞŽƌŵŽƌĞŽĨƚŚĞKĸĐĞ Programmes, Pr ogrammes, see their their

For For mor moree in info fo check out the w website ebsite aat: t: or e-mail the tteam eam on: w ebpages: webpages: w

from poster poster UCLan Prin Print’s t ’s ser services vices range range from Ɖ ƌŝŶƟŶŐƚŽĚŽĐƵŵĞŶƚďŝŶĚŝŶŐ͘/ĨLJŽƵŚĂǀĞ ƉƌŝŶƟŶŐƚŽĚŽĐƵŵĞŶƚďŝŶĚŝŶŐ͘/ĨLJŽƵŚĂǀĞ at the very very end end of project aree at a pr oject tto o do do, or ar yyour our ccourse ourse and nee d tto o gget et yyour our need  ŝƐƐĞƌƚĂƟŽŶŽƌdŚĞƐŝƐďŽƵŶĚ͕ũƵƐƚƉŽƉŝŶ ŝƐƐĞƌƚĂƟŽŶŽƌdŚĞƐŝƐďŽƵŶĚ͕ũƵƐƚƉŽƉŝŶ -mail the tteam eam on: and se seee them or ee-mail UCLanprin list of UCLan Prin A full list Printt services can found on can be found services webpage aat: t: their webpage w sstudy/library/uclan_print tudy/library/uclan_print

What SHOULD your

STUDENTS’ UNION be doing for you? Annual Members’ Meeting

Thursday 7th November 2013 @ 3pm Venue: 53 Degrees All at must tendants valid bring a ID Ca Student r d.

You can submit motions online at: but please note we can’t accept anything after 3pm on Tuesday 5th November 2013. If you are unable to attend but would like to be informed of how to ask a question or cast a vote in your absence then please email us at

What’s your bright idea?


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The very latest music news, reviews and interviews

Album of the week INDIe folk bands tend to be the modern travelers of our time. The irony of bearing an oak solid, grounded sound, has led a vast number of the genre’s representatives to travel the world, the experience of which further enriches their style musically. Like wine, most indie groups tend to amass quality with age, and sometimes, mileage. Perhaps that is why the formed friendship with the lead singer of German band Tomte, Thees Uhlmann, had proven of such immense value to British folk septet Young Rebel Set. After Uhlmann introduced the band to the German public, the boys from Stockton-on-Tees have basked in the warm embraces of the foreign crowds and critics, but sadly, not so much so at home. Perhaps, this is what had created an imprint of well-travelled, yet sternly cultivated sully upon the band’s sound, which is presented in ‘Crocodile’.

Cloud Control ‘Dream Cave’ Review Alex Grebenar

Editor Chris Copestake


“Music is everybody's possession. It's only publishers who think that people own it.” - John Lennon

Infectious Records



BRITISH-based Australian group Cloud Control follow up 2011's 'Bliss Release' with 'Dream Cave', moving into electronic territory with vast soundscapes and seemingly infinite depths of reverb. There's dashes of Antipodean pop, too; with reference to both Foster The People and Tame Impala variously throughout the record, held together by the expressive and insistent mostly live percussion – there's barely a drum programmer to be heard despite the electronic whirls everywhere else. It's a little inconsistent in that the band don't delve too far into their new found electronics – shades of their debut still ring through on the twee 'Moonrabbit' amongst others. When they do go full board into the breach, though, the results are bordering on the spectacular. 'Tombstone' is the highlight with its epic, spaced out, louche before the misfiring 'Dream Cave' brings the record to an unsatisfactory close. elsewhere, though, there's real variety, from the blissed-out to the more propulsive grooves on 'Island Living'. This record seems set to develop with every listen – a nod to Real estate here, a flash of New Order there, there's undoubtedly much to like.

Young Rebel Set ‘Crocodile’


Ignition Records Ltd.

Review - Tony Tenev

One is immediately introduced to a swaying, poignant rhythm, which echoes the maturity of the band since their initial full length release ‘Curse Our Love’. The woeful wise-as-the-world voice, courtesy of band frontman Matthew Chipchase, narrates us into our initiation of the album through the velvet ‘Yesca & The Fear’. A flickering ingenuity, still garnishes the band’s sound as dreamy synth effects are introduced in the starry-eyed ‘Tuned Transmission’ and they ultimately attempt at aping poppiness in the consequent ‘The Lash of The Whip’. At the backbone of the album there sits a vivid sense of earnestness, and although there are still some kinks remaining in regards to the disrupted dynamicity of the album, comprising of huddling a greater amount of laidback themes one after another, as well as the occasional flatness, which are mainly evident in attempts at


ITCH ‘Homeless Romantic Ft. Adam Lazzara’ Red Bull Records

Review - Alex Sambrook

Pluto Playlist Halloween Special

What’s been played in the Pluto office this past week AC/DC- Highway to Hell

Michael Jackson- Thriller

Ray Parker Jnr - Ghostbusters Rob Zombie - Dragula

Rockwell Somebody’s Watching Me

Rocky Horror Picture ShowTime Warp Screamin’ Jay Hawkins I Put A Spell On You

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

introducing a more down tempo approach midway in the album in letdowns, such as ‘Show Your Feathers & Run’, the viscerality of the narration is perhaps the most gripping and flaw salvageable point in ‘Crocodile’. The highly apologetic nature of the band’s approach to lyricism is best suited to the Springsteen emulating composition of ‘Unforgiven’, as the verses rockabilly tribute ‘Another Time, Another Place’ provide the perfect punchy setting for Chipchase’s vocals. The mature breath, hailing from Chipchase’s narration and the evident toll of the German roads, which is seen far beyond the title of their sternly melodic ‘Berlin Nights’, had taken on the band’s manner of songwriting generate a sense of not-quite-being-there-yet, but not a terrible lot is needed in order for the Young Rebel Set to actually find that sweet spot and become a brilliant band. AFTeR dissolving anarchistic punk outfit The King Blues back in 2012, Jonny Fox quickly announced he would begin releasing music as a solo artist under the already familiar Pseudonym of iTCH. His first major single release, ‘Homeless Romantic’, features the vocal talents of Taking Back Sunday’s Adam Lazzara and offers a neat and unique blend of pop, punk and hip-hop that would sound just as natural on mainstream radio as it would at a hard rock festival. The track begins with a short intro of a heavy hip-hop beat that rolls along into the verse with the listener’s feet already tapping. Carefully crafted samples do just enough to thicken the track without stifling iTCH’s rich, grimy vocals that impressively twist around a fuzzy electronic bass line. As it slides seamlessly into a melodic pre-chorus, Adam Lazzara provides some uncharacteristically subtle vocals backed by a more exciting, marching drum beat. However, it is in the chorus where it becomes apparent why iTCH was so popular on the bill of the US hard rock festival, Warped Tour. As Lazzara screams, “Let’s hear it for the homeless romantic”, a chorus of heavy, distorted guitars roar into life and the electronic feel of the verse is suddenly replaced by a wave of euphoric hard rock. iTCH’s style is as fluid as ever with typically hard hitting lyrics that tell the story of a girl who becomes associated with an abusive man. ‘Homeless Romantic’ is an anthemic first single with lyrics fresh and exciting enough to rouse even the strictest music critics. Watch this space.

What’s On

Our guide to the best gigs in the North-West Music

Preston’s Got Soul 53 Degrees 18th October £10 Early Bird - Drenge Lancaster Library 23rd October £9 - To Kill A King 53 Degrees 25th October £8 - Ivan Campo The Ferret 27th October Free Entry The Smiths Ltd 53 Degrees 2nd November £10 - Young Rebel Set The Ferret 8th November £4 Frankie & The Heartstrings 53 Degrees 14th November £7 ADV - The Fratellis 53 Degrees 22nd November £23.00 -


Beat The Frog Frog & Bucket Every Wednesday Free Bill Bailey Preston Guild Hall 17th October £25- Sean Lock Preston Guild Hall 2nd November £22- Justin Moorhouse 53 Degrees 7th November £15-

University of Pluto Music Degree Classification 1st

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Painting the picture of Preston’s art scene

“As music is the poetry of sound, so is painting the poetry of sight.” - James McNeil Whistler

Kristina Hall Art’s Editor

28 October 2013

MASTeRSTROKeS is an exhibition of 33 paintings from York's collection which is currently touring the North of England. Each venue, listed opposite, offers to see a collection of paintings in different contexts accompanied by a series of talks and workshops. The collection is currently in Preston's Harris Museum and Art Gallery and offers the public a unique overview of 600 years of western European painting which demonstrates particular strengths and a range of paintings from Elizabethan paintings to works of the 20th Century. You will find pieces from 15th century Italian paintings and works of masters such as L.S. Lowry and David Hockney. On entry to the gallery space, you are welcomed by paintings which present narratives of 'The Human Story' and also landscapes, two themes that give you an insight to lifestyle in vibrant enchanting

paintings. Leading on through to the second room, you will find paintings of portraits, still life and religion. The collection in this room presents a sense of story and the importance of religion in visual narratives. Masterstrokes will be at the Harris Museum and Art Gallery until 30th November before being moved to The Huddersfield Art Gallery. For opening times visit or call 01772 25828 and any Special talks and tours are listed opposite.

As part of the York collections tour, you can find other collections at the following venues: Studio Ceramics |12th October – 30th January 2014 | The Hepworth Gallery , Wakefield You will find a selection of the studio ceramics collection by Wakefield librarian W.A. Ismay Artist Rooms: Bruce Nauman | 26th July – 10th November |York’s St.

Join the SU Food Co-op! Boost your 5 a-day! Support local farmers and become a member of the Students’ Union’s seasonal Food Co-op, bringing you great quality and value fruit, salad and vegetables onto the heart of campus.

Sign up for £5.00 in the SU and get your 1st bag included.

Mary Art Gallery At the Harris Museum and Art Gallery you will find the following workshops and tour:

Still life tactile taster sessions | 15th November 2pm – 4:30pm | The Harris Museum &Art Gallery Get to grips with the new Masterstrokes exhibition before expressing yourself in the artist's studio. Drawing Future, Drawing Past |30th October | Harris Museum and Art Gallery Do you prefer tech or tradition? Celebrate the Big Draw with arty apps and old masters' methods. Masterstokes tour: religion and stories |28th November | The Harris Museum and Art Gallery A curator talk focusing on themes of religion and narrative paintings within the exhibtion.

What’s On

Events, talks and exhibitions in the North West Exhibition | Echo : Mark Boulos | 3rd October - 21st November | FACT Liverpool Echo is be the centerpiece of a solo show of Boulos’s work, and has been presented as part of the 2013 Abandon Normal Devices festival. Exhibition | Headspace | 26th September - 1st December | FACT Liverpool Foyer Headspace is an arts and medical science based project collaboratively developed between craniofacial surgeon Christian Duncan from Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, FACT, artists Philippa Dye, Rachel Armstrong and designer Isobel Seacombe. Exhibition | Will Kwan -Breathe Residency | 3rd September - 23rd Sepember | Chinese Arts Center Manchester The artist is specifically interested in The Condition of the Working Class in England in 1844, a text by Friedrich Engel. By using this text as a framework for his research, he will be developing a video and photo based project which reflects our contemporary economy in relation to an archetypal post-industrial city. Assunta Ruocco, Evangelia Spiliopoulou: On Physical Work | 28th October& 29th October | Bureau , Manchester In response to, external and self-imposed systems and structures, the works in the exhibition deal with process, repetition and time, and in relating to manual labour posit the artist as ‘worker’

Each bag costs £4.00

& contains standard items plus a few seasonal surprises & recipe suggestions.

Want to get involved & help run the Co-op? Pop into the Opportunities Centre or email: Tel: 01772 894894

Each Wednesday

of term, pre-order your weekly supply of fruit, salad or veg to collect the following week at SU Reception.

What’s On Events, talks and exhibitions in Preston

Masterstrokes|until November 30th| The Harris Museum and Art Gallery Signatus : A New installation by Denise Swanson |4th October – 2nd November , 11am -4pm |Oxhey Mill Studio Big Draw : Drawing Future Drawing Past |30th October , 1:30-3:30pm | The Harris Museum and Art Gallery

Masterstrokes tour still life: Ordinary Objects |16th November , 1-1:40 | The Harris Museum and Art Gallery Materstrokes tour religion and stories | 28th November 1-1:40pm | The Harris Museum and Art Gallery

The Big Draw Get Drawing: Drawing –Just Do It! | 2nd November | The Harris Museum and Art Gallery After the mill | 8th November (2nd Friday of the month) |Korova Arts Café &Bar Experimental | 22nd November (4th Friday of the month) |Korova Arts Café & Bar

Contacts Korova Arts Cafe&Bar Tel: 01772 250701 Oxhey Mill Studios Harris Museum & Art Gallery Tel: 01772 25828


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Watch Dogs Ubisoft Georgia Gregoriou Gaming Writer

UBISOFT’S next-generation title Watch Dogs is delayed into spring 2014. Originally slated for a November 2013 release, the ambitious open-world hacker game was to go hand in hand with the paramount launch of the next generation consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4, including current gen iterations Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U and PC. Announcing the delay a month before its release is surely strange, pushing the launch into the first quarter of its fiscal year between April 1 and June 30, 2014. The Watch Dogs development team published an official statement on the Ubisoft blog, October 15 stating: “Our ambition from the start with Watch Dogs has been to deliver something that embodies what we wanted to see in the next-generation of gaming. It is with this in mind that we’ve made the tough decision to delay the release until spring 2014.” “We know a lot of you are probably wondering: Why now? We struggled with whether we would delay the game. But from the beginning, we have adopted the attitude that we will not compromise on quality. As we got closer

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“The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world.” - Half-Life 2

to release, as all the pieces of the puzzle were falling into place in our last push before completion, it became clear that we needed to take extra time to polish and fine tune each detail so we can deliver a truly memorable and exceptional experience.” A short term pain for a long term gain was evident in two notable examples of recent delays, Bioshock Infinite and GTA V, nevertheless achieving outstanding acclaims once they were released. This makes clear that this decision by companies during development is better than releasing problematic half-finished products, gaining more respect from core gaming communities. CEO Yves Guillemot, said: “Our long term goal is to win the next generation. The tough decisions we are taking today to fully realise the major potential of our new creations have an impact on our short-term performance. We are convinced that, longer term, they will prove to be the right decisions both in terms of satisfaction for our fans and in terms of value creation for our shareholders. We are building franchises that will become perennial pillars for Ubisoft’s financial performance. In a context of growing successes for mega-blockbusters, the additional time given to the development of our titles will allow them to fulfil their huge ambitions and thus offer players even more

exceptional experiences.” With strong competition during the holiday season from major titles such as Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts and Ubisoft’s own Assassin’s creed IV: Black Flag, it could be said Ubisoft wanted to avoid competing with themselves, as both Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag were to be released in the same month. Thus, rather than forcing two major titles into the same season, the decision for delay has now left breathing space for both its old and new titles. Along with the delay of Watch Dogs, Ubisoft also announced that their openworld racing game,The Crew, will also be delayed into the next fiscal year from April 1 2014 to March 31 2015. Ubisoft’s much anticipated titles Watch Dogs and The Crew have caused the company to downgrade its financial projections for the current fiscal year ,cutting out $560 million from its original projections of $1.94 billion, and shares were down by 26%. In a post on Ubisoft’s Official Blog ‘The Secrets Behind Watch Dogs Next Gen Experience’ on July 10, 2013 it goes on to say that: “Building an open-world game ain’t easy. Without a strong foundation, everything can quickly collapse. In the case of Watch Dogs that foundation is the Disrupt engine, the product of over

FOREVER IN OUR KINGDOM HEARTS Kingdom Hearts III Square Enix Georgia Gregoriou Gaming Writer

AT the D23 Expo this year in Tokyo, Japan, games developer Square Enix debut a teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts III, the forthcoming instalment in the Kingdom Hearts franchise. After years of speculation and rumours, the game was confirmed to be in development this year at Sony’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) conference in June 10, 2013, where Square Enix also confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III is set to be released on nextgeneration console Playstation 4 and for the first time on a Microsoft console, the Xbox One. The release date however has yet to be announced. In accordance with the E3 and D23 Expo trailers, both videos provided viewers with a disclaimer reading, stating that the game was listed as “Now in Development” meaning that the game may not be released until 2015 or 2016. After releasing subsequent spin-off after spin-off such as, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, KH Coded, KH 358/2 Days, KH Birth By Sleep and KH 3D: Dream Drop Distance. After the E3 conference, Game Director, Tetsuya Nomura felt as though Kingdom Hearts III was announced too early, as the game is still in early stages of development, it lacks concrete details on story and game play mechanics. He

four years of dedication and tests and trials. In that time Ubisoft Montreal has built an engine that’s both flexible and efficient, while allowing for an astounding level of detail.” Watch Dogs Synopsis: Assuming the role of a highly-skilled computer hacker

and vigilante Aiden Pearce, players exercise control in a digitally rendered society. Customizing the city of Chicago as the ultimate weapon with Chicago’s central operating System (ctOS) the hacker themed game allows players to hack mobiles, train systems and much more.

said: “Many fans were feeling impatient due to our continuous releases of spinoff titles, so we decided to announce it at the same time as Final Fantasy XV.” With regards to the tease trailer, Nomura said:“This is the first game play footage of Kingdom Hearts III that we’ve released, but it is still nowhere near a state that the staff is satisfied with, so we’re going to continue to strive to improve the quality.” The 90 second teaser trailer features a matured Sora along with Donald and Goofy in the midst of battle against ‘Shadow’ and ‘Large Body Heartless’ situated in Twilight Town. The trailer indicates traditional gameplay mechanics and large scale battle action sequences which were showcased earlier this year during Sony’s E3 Press Conference. Sora displays a “Two Shooter Blaster” mode, a new technique which allows Sora to turn his Keyblade into twin pistols, and the evolution of the Free Flow mechanics from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. Tetsuya Normua, in an interview with Famitsu Magazine said: “The action’s pretty frantic. The really bold action we’ve always had is getting even crazier. Kingdom Hearts III has three-person parties, but NPCs and other characters join the fight in each individual world, and the resulting action is really flashy and exciting. The enemy AI is a lot more intricate, too, and I think the game play will reflect that new dynamic balance. For example, there’s a foe that’s shaped like a vehicle, and Sora may jump on it and fly around,

that’s already implemented.” Fans that have been playing the game since its original instalment in 2002 are over a decade older, therefore progression and maturity is expected from the games main protagonists such as Sora and Riku. Kingdom Hearts III producer, Shinji Hashimoto explained that after so many years of waiting, player’s personal growth is intricately tied with the franchise’s story at this point. He said: “For Kingdom Hearts III, players will be able to resurrect the happy memories they have from being teenagers when playing the game. So it’s very contemplative, and will match the personal experience of much of the audience very closely.”

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In case of zombie invasion, this is what we would take! Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Halo Energy Sword Time Splitters Double Barrel Shotgun Half Life Gravity Gun




28 October 2013


Realistic, addictive and frustrating, Football Manager is here to take over your life. So suit up, get comfortable and get ready to give your lecturer your excuses. Football Manager 2014 Sega

Review - Jack Wilson Mumford


SINCe the Football Manager 2014 beta went live on 16 October for anyone who had pre-ordered the game, students all over the country have been testing out the latest instalment of the series that has already controlled so much of their lives. Whether you want to bring the glory days back to Preston North end or continue the global domination of clubs like Bayern Munich, it is hard not to get addicted to Football Manager. As with every year there are several slight changes made from its predecessor. This year however the focus appears to be on making the game more realistic in comparison to the real footballing world (yes there is still real football out there). Financial Fair Play regulations, which are worrying all the top european clubs at the moment, are extremely strict this year. As shown when you are supplied with constant warnings on how spending millions of pounds on that unknown Brazilian


Reviewing the best new films and more “60 percent of the time, it works every time.” - Brian Fantana

With a predictable plot, Escape Plan suffers from the same pitfalls as every other prison film. But it’s worth the watch…

SYLVeSTeR Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger team up once again to defeat the world’s evil in slow-mo shoot-outs and helicopter based explosions. Stallone plays a Houdini-like escape artist, duped by the government into a prison he helped to make impenetrable. english hard man Vinnie Jones joins forces with Jim Caviezel (who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s, ‘The Passion’) to stop them, with Caviezel playing the part of a very creepy warden. There’s also a really strong and likeable female lead in the form of Amy Ryan, best known for her role in the US version of ‘The Office’. And that’s really all you need to know. This is not a highbrow intellectual film. There are a couple of smooth plot twists that, whilst entertaining, you could probably guess within the first ten minutes and although it’s a strong premise, it’s been done before by every prison film ever.

Escape Plan

Dir - Mikael Håfström

Lionsgate Entertainment

Review - Jes Ostler

There are some nice modern updates; cue 50 cent as Sly’s resident ‘techno-thug’ (yes, they actually call him that), an unexpected prison location and possibly the coolest career you’ve ever heard of. But the bad guys in this film have terrible aim, the second act suffers from pacing issues and there’s more than a few convenient plot points that feel jerky and badly executed. That being said, this film is an entertaining watch. It’s packed full of one-liners (Arnie never fails to disappoint) and the three action heroes deliver the sterling cheesy performances that we know and love. Not to mention an appearance from Jurassic Park’s Sam Neill as the sympathetic doctor. Jason Keller and Miles Chapman collaborated to write this action packed prison break romp, directed by Mikael Håfström. Escape Plan is out in cinemas now.

teenager could impact on the future of your club in certain competitions. Another realistic addition is that agents fees are now taken out of a particular club’s transfer budget meaning you have more to consider with every transfer dealing as the best managers in the real world have to deal with. You may also find yourself having to talk to your board more, as they are capable of more sophisticated conversation than ever before, but this just adds to the experience of being a manager. There has also been another tactical overhaul which gives the game a more organised feel, allowing you to make decisions much quicker. An example of this is the previously jumbled up ‘Touchline Instructions’ which is now organised into sections and stops you from making ridiculous contradictions that may be made in the heat of a title chasing moment. As well as all these, Football Manager yet again introduces many of us to brand new player roles such as ‘enganche’, which is a variation of an attacking midfielder, in a bid to give the manager a better chance of getting their team to play the style they want them to and these words can always be used to impress your mates if nothing else.

The match engine, often known as Football Manager’s Achilles heel, has yet again been slightly improved as the 3D version starts to look more and more like a real football match, while the classic 2D version is still there and still gives the option of the original Football Manager experience. Overall, the improved intelligence of the virtual people around your manager and the ease in which you can portray your tactics really add a new dimension to the series. The newly introduced Financial Fair Play regulations can be extremely frustrating but it adds to the realism of the game and will have many students throughout UCLan having even more sleepless nights than Football Manager has ever given them before, and that suggests the game has done its job.


Looking forward to winning the Champions League with Grimsby on the new Football Manager. #gtfc #fm14 #optimisticlad


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Deputy Editor Kelly Staunton

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ARCHAEOLOGY SOCIETY: On Thursday 3 October the Archaeology Society hosted a drinks reception at the Lamb and Packet pub to toast a new academic year and to celebrate their achievements as a society so far. The event was open to all UCLan lecturers, students and even had a few special guests from the Oxford Archaeology North and Lancashire County Archaeology Service. The society has regular discussions on current archaeological topics and offers trips to sites of archaeological importance - especially in the North West. They also visit museums and other historical and archaeological institutions as well as a host of hands-on and practical activities. Meetings are mostly held in the Guild pub on Fylde Road although they sometimes meet elsewhere. Next up for the society is a trip to Liverpool University for a special lecture looking at ‘Life in the age of Richard III: a bioarchaeological perspective’. Participants will learn about what life was like in medieval Britain and how bioarchaeological methods are used to recreate aspects of diet, health and disease. Using the skeletal remains of Richard III, this lecture will build a picture of past lifestyles in the middle ages. Key case studies will be presented in bioarchaeology (how we identify and recreate evidence of diet, health, trauma and pathology). It will also analyse the skeletal trauma from Richard III and the Battle of Towton skeletons, while investigating monastic dieting and fasting practices, and also consider diet and disease from a peasant's perspective. Please note this lecture will have images of human skeletal remains, disease and trauma. For an up-to-date calendar on where the society meets or for more information visit their Facebook page.


LBS SOCIETY: The Lancashire Business School Society is a brand new society and an additional support network for students with an interest in business. The aim is to encourage engagement and enhance the student experience across the business school: “The society is an excellent way to meet new people and get more involved within the business school” said society press officer Kerry

Howard. The society will be organising trips both nationally and internationally, holding study groups and guest speaker sessions as well as networking events and taster sessions. “Whether you are a new or existing student, come on down to the Adelphi pub on Tuesdays from 5pm, before heading on down to Roper Hall for pool, air hockey and a quiz!”

FASHION SOCIETY: Fashion Society committee members Claire Wilkinson and Keara Lynch attended Cosmopolitan Careers Masterclass events last week in London and Manchester. Claire said: “It was a great opportunity to get an insight into the industry, from a range of individuals working in various sectors.” The #CosmoCareers events allow fashion hopefuls to gain an understanding of how to make it in the industry, and making the most of work experience opportunities.



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Steven Smith

UCLAN seconds displayed some of their greatest attributes taking what could be a vital home win as they remain top of the league going into next weeks fixtures. Cumbria came into the game with the taller side but this game was all about the pace, determination and a simply fantastic work ethic from UCLan as they forced turnover after turnover. The away side took the lead briefly going 4-0 up, but it did not take UCLan long to get into gear and start moving the ball around the key with real momentum. The pressure being applied by the home sides defence also did not take long to start breaking the Cumbrians down with a few good steals leading to some simple baskets as UCLan continued to rack up the points. The only negative for the homeside

was their slight indiscipline, allowing the away side to often score points from the free throw line, but at the end of the first quarter it was UCLan in firm control, 22-12. The second quarter brought out the best in UCLan point guard Cal Saxon whose great ability on the ball really allowed him to pull the strings on the court and he got in on the action with several three pointers. Both sides somewhat failed to box out and defend the key to a great level on rebounds, but it made for exciting basketball with some epic physical battles transpiring deep in the key. UCLan had continued what they had done well in the first quarter and took a comfortable 45-25 lead into half time. There was no complacency about the home side though in the second half, hitting fourteen unanswered points before the visitiors manged to scramble

back into the quarter with a surge of points late on, but UCLan were firmly in control, 69-33 and the game was almost up. That set the game for an open final quarter which is exactly what we got with Cumbria throwing caution to the wind as they tried to pull off some late fast breaks but in general UCLan stood firm and denied them any easy baskets and played some calm and sensible basket to win the final quarter and with that the game with the score ending 95-45.


Joe Cooper Sports Editor


SPORT EDITORS Editor Steven Smith Editor Joe Cooper

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PRESTON North End and Bradford City played out a thrilling Lancashire-Yorkshire clash as four headed goals ensured both sides went away with a point. It was the away side who started the brighter of the two. James Hanson’s header hit the turf before striking the net to send Bradford 1-0 up with just five minutes on the clock. After a dodgy start, North End found themselves threatening the Bradford line. A powering effort from Stuart Beavon outside the box only just sailed over, before Chris Humphrey, who was pivotal in PNE’s creativity in the first-half cut inside from the right, but his effort similarly flew above the bar. Both Bradford’s Kyel Reid and Preston’s Humphrey were causing problems for their opposition from the right hand side. Reid out running Bailey Wright before firing a bobbling effort that forced Rudd to tip the ball onto the post and wide. And it was a looping ball from Humphrey that enabled Davies a chance at goal but his header fell into Bradford Keeper Jon McLaughlin’s arms. Just after the half hour mark, Preston drew level. A superb free-kick from Scott Laird fell to Tom Clarke at the back post who nodded in his third goal of the season. Reid to some extent threatened Rudd’s goal mouth just before the break. An ambitious effort from outside the box sliced well wide to the PNE fans delight, who were starting to get sick of seeing the tricky winger with the ball at his feet. Shortly after the restart, John Welsh had top corner aspirations in mind

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Matthew Hill

Frequency Football Presenter

Hello folks, Matthew Hill here. I’m a second year Sports Journalism student, and I've been posed with the task of writing a column for all the punters out there! Whether you’re clueless about betting, or just looking for an extra hand with your football coupons, I’m going to be picking out some of the best selections to help readers turn their spare pennies into pounds – and hopefully pay for a few drinks! It’s important to point out at this point that having a bet should be fun, only with money you are prepared to lose. Think of it as putting on the lottery, but with a better chance.

Weekend Football

Manchester City return to league action at the Etihad with a kind fixture against Norwich City. Without writing off Chris Hughton’s men, they have had a tough start to this season when compared with the dizzy heights of early last year. While the Canaries play some decent football, they do focus on a positive style of play. Unfortunately, it has seen them come up well short in games against the top teams; most recently Arsenal and Tottenham. Pellegrini’s City look in ominously good form, and are cutting teams open at will. With Silva, Aguero and co on song, I expect a heavy scoreline. Backing Man City to win by more than 2 goals at a generous 7/5 seems sensible. Elsewhere, Sky’s first Super Sunday game sees a huge derby clash between Cardiff City and Swansea. The newly promoted hosts have made a promising start to the campaign, most memorably taking 3 points off title favourites Manchester City. They have been in the shadow of their neighbours and fierce rivals Swansea in the last few years, with Michael Laudrup bringing the League Cup and domestic progress to the Liberty Stadium. However, Cardiff will hope to show their fans the tide is turning. It’s the first time in history these two have clashed in the top tier, and home advantage makes Malky Mackay’s Cardiff great value at 9/4. Selections – Man City (-2 Handicap) + Cardiff - Pays 7/1 as a double.

released a curling effort from 30 yards out, but the ball fluttered wide. The Lilywhites must have cursed their luck when a Beavon cross flashed across goal before falling to Humphrey from an awkward angle whose shot was superbly saved by McLaughlin. Even more so when Beavon again went close after turning a Bradford defender but his shot went wide. Whilst Humphrey became a quieter figure second-half, his counterpart Reid continued to pressurize the PNE defence. The 25-year-old weaved his way past a handful of white shirts before shooting from 25 yards out, narrowly missing the right hand post. Despite the threatening Reid, PNE were in front for the first time in the game with just 20 minutes remaining. A pin-point cross from Laird found the head of Wright whose header knocked off the post and into the net.

A flying shot from Laird who enjoyed two assists in the game, was sandwiched in between two goals as the away side didn’t take long to make it all square. Gary Jones’s corner finding Rory McArdle who fired his header in between Rudd’s arms leaving the keeper with no chance of preserving his sides lead. The Yorkshire outfit must have thought they’d won the game when a Hanson header went in, only for the Bradford jubilation to be silenced as the Linesman raised his flag for offside. In fairness to Preston and Bradford, both sides had aspirations of taking all three points as countless counter attacks meant for some entertaining end to end stuff to fittingly end a great game at Deepdale. Despite their attempts neither side could materialize a winner as the game ended a stalemate.

Antepost Tips

The word “antepost” is a betting term which refers to future events. In this section, I’ll take a look at some events happening in the future where there may be a chance to make some big money by taking early prices. This week, a quick look at the 2014 World Cup. Brazil have been priced up as favourites in their home country, but at 3/1, I’d like to oppose the Samba Boys. Germany would be my personal pick, with Joachim Low’s men still trading at 5/1 in most places. I’ve been on them since 8/1, so come summer I’ll have my fingers firmly crossed (after England have been knocked out that is)! A popular pick aside from my own will be Spain, and at 6/1 it could be the best investment you can make with your spare pennies! Antepost – Germany to win the World Cup 2014 (5/1) or Spain (6/1)



28 October 2013


Sports writing can be a difficult job where sporting allegiancies have to be put to one side to allow for unbiased reporting but when two Pluto writers went head-to-head in the Students’ Union League all that went out of the window. Here’s their own unique take on Kopa Kabana v Sporting Journalistico. THE VIEW FROM SPORTING JOURNALISTICO


Sam Robinson - Sports Writer and Kopa Kabana Midfielder

Mikael McKenzie - Sports Writer and Journalistico Captain

KOPA Kabana executed derby day demolition with a comprehensive 6-0 win over their rivals Sporting Journalisticos. It was a clinical performance from Mark Davies' team in terrible conditions at Moor Park for their first league win of the season which took the team up to second in the SUL Primera. Man of the match Danny Royales opened the scoring by tapping home from a yard after a Matty O'Brien shot squeezed beneath Sporting's goalkeeper Ryan Donaldson. O'Brien doubled Kopa's lead shortly after with an outrageous, yet nonchalant flick from Andy Campion's header which saw the ball sail over Donaldson for a goal-of-the-season contender. Sporting Journalisticos came back into the game and put Kopa under some pressure with Callum Thompson's ambitious long-range effort cannoning off the crossbar with Kopa goalkeeper Eldin Topalovic clutching at thin air. A 2-0 lead at half-time was a fair reflection of the first half with the impressive back-line of Lee Murphy, Adam Holt, Dean Grindrod and Reece Hacking relatively untroubled despite battling the wind. The third goal was crucial and Kopa were thank-

SPORTING Journalistico's fell at the hands of their greatest rivals Kopa Kabana 6-0 in the SUL Primera in what was a forgettable afternoon for Matty Hill's men. The newly formed side are in their debut season and it was always going to be an uphill challenge against a Kopa team that finished third in last season’s top-flight. Horrendous blistering conditions played a huge part in the opening goal, the wet surface allowing the ball to slip out of the grasp of Journo's 'keeper Ryan Donaldson for a tap-in. The second came soon after when a long throwin was flicked into the net rather fortuitously by the Kopa forward. SJFC began to settle and dominated the secondquarter with Callum Thompson smashing a 30-yard pile-driver against the crossbar and Jordan Roberts' free-kick floated narrowly over the 'bar. The second-half started as the first ended, the Journo's keeping the ball well and creating a number of opportunities in which the best fell to striker Tom Bell-Green, but his effort was well saved. A poorly marked set-piece against the run of play increased the lead further, and a long range de-

ful to Topalovic for saving Tom Bell-Green's close range effort as Sporting looked to halve the deficit. Kopa captain Brad Poole, standing in for the injured Ben McGarry, put the game beyond doubt with a near-post header from a corner which allowed the team to enjoy themselves, resulting in some slick football on a boggy pitch. The fourth goal was a spectacular effort as James Whalley took aim from range before hammering his shot into Donaldson's top corner from 25 yards out. Royales grabbed his second goal of the game, tapping into an empty net after Donaldson fumbled a through-ball. Davies looked to his bench to take advantage of tired legs in the Sporting side with Seid Odobasic, Rhys Ravenscroft and Liam James replacing O'Brien, Campion and Sam Robinson. Sporting's best effort came through centre back Mikael McKenzie, but his header was correctly ruled out for offside by linesman Oliver Roby. Poole capped a superb afternoon for Kopa by firing home a free-kick from 20 yards to bag a brace and add gloss to a very comfortable scoreline.

flected strike made it four. Donaldson then spilled another ball to an advancing attacker and he had the easy task of making it five. A free-kick on the half-way line was launched in to the box as Sporting looked for a consolation goal and Mikael McKenzie's looping header landed in the back of the net but was controversially disallowed by the offside flag. Another set-piece completed the rout when a 19-yard free-kick went under the wall and into the bottom corner. Michael Henson could have pulled one back but he failed to convert acrobatically from Roberts' cross from the left on the stroke of full-time. The game will leave a bitter taste in all involved with SJFC for many years to come, but they will have to bounce back next week when they face Hardly Athletic at the UCLan Sports Arena. TEAMS


Topalovic, Murphy, Holt, Grindrod, Hacking, Robinson, Poole, Campion, Whalley, Royales, O’Brien Subs: James, Obdasovic, Ravencroft


Donaldson, Smith, D.Roberts, McKenzie, Gill, J.Roberts, Clarke, Walford, Edwards, Bell-Green, Thompson Subs: Henson, Bech, George, Roby

IMAGES: Laura Shepherd

PRECISION... Ex-Cheltenham star Brad Poole gets ready to strike a free-kick

HITTING HARD... Steven Smith tackling Rhys Ravencroft


JOHNNY Heitinga has hinted that he may have to leave Everton in January to ensure his place in the Holland World Cup squad this summer. Jordan Rhodes has reportedly admitted that it would be hard to turn down a move to a bigger club next season if Blackburn failed to secure promotion. Manchester City are competing with Barcelona for the highly rated 14 year old Malaga youngster Brahim. Mexican international Javier Hernandez

is going nowhere in January according to Manchester United. Dougie Freedman has insisted that Lee Chung-Yong will not be leaving for the Premier League in January and has backed the player to return to top form. Wigan Athletic Boss Owen Coyle is still hoping to bring Arsenal's Park ChuYoung in on loan. Oldham have confirmed that on loan defender, Joseph Mills will remain at the latics for a further month Fleetwood Town have captured Leeds youngster Charlie Taylor on a one month loan deal.

Oliver Roby

LANCASHIRE Country Cricket Club have handed out 15 new deals to players. The raft of new signings is headed up by spinner, Simon Kerrigan who has signed a new two-year deal. The 24-year-old was key last season, taking 58 first-class wickets as Lancashire won Division Two, while he made his England debut during this Summer's ashes. There were also new deals for the likes of captain Glen Chapple and all-rounder Tom Smith. While Kyle Hogg, Karl Brown

and Paul Horton have also signed on. Andrea Agathangelou, Stephen Parry, Liam Livingstone, Oliver Newby, Jordan Clark, Lex Davies, Arron Lilley, Luke Proctor and Luis Reece have also been handed new deals. Lancashire cricket director Mike Watkinson said in September that he was keen to retain the side's 'Lancashire core'. In response to news of the new deals, Watkinson said: "It's great that all 15 players, except Andrea, are products of our youth system.” Two year deals have been handed to

Brown, Hogg, Horton, Reece and Smith, while 39-year-old Chapple has agreed terms on a one year deal. Clark, Davies, Proctor and Lilley of the second XI have all secured two-year deals while scholar Liam Livingstone has earned a new one-year contract. These new deals add to the capture of England one-day wicketkeeper Jos Buttler from Somerset


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RICHARDS continued: “We are really enjoying the training down here and using the facilities that we’ve got here. “We’re very happy with what we have got and it’s helping our preparation for our first game.” Scott Grix and Anthony Mullaly are two other names on the team sheet after some courageous performances helped the Huddersfield Giants to seal top spot, claiming the Super League Leaders Shield. The Rugby League Cup is the biggest fixture in the international calendar and kicked off at the weekend following the opening ceremony at the Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, with matches being played across England and Wales. Ahead of the tournament a series of warm-up games took place between competing nations which saw England fall to an embarrassing defeat to Italy 1415 at the City of Salford Stadium, Salford. Scotland were defeated by Papa New Guinea 20-38 while New Zealand routed the Cook Islands 50-0.


HE is already a firm favourite with the Harriers fans after they awarded him with the ‘Supporters trust player of the month’ last time out. There is no doubt if he continues to shine, that interest in Lolley will grow, but he said exclusively to Pluto last month that he was enjoying his start to life with the Conference club.

#SHORTANDTWEET @proudpresident

When nobody is in the SAC office, I like to go and sit in my old seat and tell myself that I will return! #confessions




Steven Smith

IMAGE: Chris Farrow

Sports Editor


DEBUT... Michael Lawton in action

A NORTHERN Ireland exchange student has made his debut for Fylde RFC. Michael Lawton, who is studying Sport and Exercise Science, slotted in at fullback in front of a crowd of over 700 people for the SSE National League One side. He has taken very little time to break into the side following his move to the North West and Lawton is now looking forward to developing his skills with the





aim of one day playing professional rugby. Fylde had been in poor form before the victory but their new young star was confident the win will put them back on the right track: “It was massive coming off the back of the three straight defeats. “We needed a big turn around and where better to do that than at home in the way we did.” Lawton, who has represented professional rugby club Ulster at U17s, U18s and U20s level, played all eighty minutes on his debut and was wowed by the size of the crowd at Fylde: “It was a lot, I’m only used to playing in front of a few hundred but it is a really friendly

SPORT 21-24

supported club where everyone backs the club.” He also had only positive words for his Head Coach Mark Nelson and complimented his hands on approach to coaching: “He is very motivated, he is very passionate about rugby and he is trying to drive us as far as we can go every day.” Fylde RFC is a semi-professional rugby club who are currently playing in SSE National League 1 which is the equivalent to League 1 in football and Michael and his teammates will be hoping Fylde can make some significant steps towards promotion during his time at the club. They face Rosslyn at home in their next fixture at The Woodlands. IMAGE: David Hawgood

Tom Lewis

FOLLOWING months of research by a UCLan historian a blue plaque was unveiled at Wembley this week in honour of the founding fathers of football. Dr Jane Clayton, a post-doctoral researcher in the University’s International Football Institute, discovered a distant relative of one of the eight men that shaped the sport we know and love 150 years ago was actually coincidently a UCLan student. The research carried out lead her to discover Jessica Ainsworth, a third year law student was the great, great, great, great niece of George Twizell Wawn. Overall they managed to track down descendants of six of the eight men. Alex Horne, general secretary of the FA praised the legacy that the eight men had created: "In terms of historical significance, the eight founding fathers of football should be placed alongside other great pioneers of this nation.” Eight men drafted the original laws of Football in 1863 and descendants discovered travelled from as far away as Washington and Auckland to attend the historic event in memory of their family members. The eight men who founded the FA back in 1863 were: Ebenezer Morley, Arthur Pember, Charles William Alcock, Francis Maule Campbell, John Forster Alcock, Herbert Thomas Steward, George Twizell Wawn and James Turner.

Pluto Puzzle&Games Plutoku - Down to Earth

HISTORIC... The plaque has been placed at the home of English football

Plutoku - Out of this world

Brain teasing riddle

I beam, I shine, I sparkle white I'll brighten the gloom with my light I'll mystify and enchant all I'll bring out the best in you all Goofy, bucked, green or gold Young and charming, wise and old Sly, cunning, empty some times Mirthful, uplifting, within the lines A fleeting glimpse or prolonged show I'm sometimes sad, sometimes mean Sometimes I'll say more than you know Or betray what you think you've seen Now, if you know me, tell me so You have me too, you know!





IRELAND READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD Charlotte Fletcher and Michael Henson Sports Writers


RUGBY League World Cup fever has hit UCLan and Wigan Warriors winger Pat Richards spoke exclusively to Pluto ahead of the competition. The Ireland international is one of a group of Irish players coming into the World Cup on the back of some incredible seasons with their clubs. With Richards ending his eight year stay at the Warriors on a high after




winning the Challenge Cup and Super League Grand Final. Having stamped his mark at Wigan – currently sitting as their third highest point scorer of all time – Richards is now departing to return to West Tigers in Australia’s NRL after the World Cup, but he is fully focused on the challenge that lies ahead: “We’ve got a very tough group, we know that. We’re training hard and that is all we can do. We’ll go there and perform the best we possibly can as a group.� The luck of the Irish was out when they were drawn a tough group alongside Australia, England and Fiji with many leading pundits giving the Wolfhounds the unwanted title of favourites for the wooden spoon. They face Fiji tonight at

IMAGE: Stefan Rapacz

Spotland Stadium, Rochdale, in their first fixture and Richards said: “You’ve just got to get excited. I think the England game has sold out already.� “It’s going to be a big occasion and a lot of the guys in our team haven’t played in front of big crowds like this before so it’s going to be a great experience for the whole group. We’re looking forward to the challenge of playing against the best players in the world.� In preparation for their bid at World Cup success Ireland have been training at UCLan Sports Arena (USA) since 19 October and Richards has been impressed with the facilities: “It’s been great for us to see some people and for them to show us a bit of support down here at UCLan.� CONTINUED ON PAGE 23

Mark Davies FORMER UCLan student Joe Lolley is rumoured to have caught the attention of more than just his former peers. The Midlands-born forward has been in great form for Kidderminster

this season, with three goals in his opening ten games, including one in Harriers’ recent victory at Southport. But now there are rumours circulating that a few Championship teams are monitoring Lolley’s situation with Millwall and Sheffield Wednesday said to be interested. CONTINUED ON PAGE 23

IMAGE: Michael Henson

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TOP DRAWER... Pat Richards spoke highly of the UCLan Sports Arena facilities.

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