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02: rhythm


photograph by Ashleigh Rae Eave & contrast


Contrast...different, but good.

BEST:place to get a milkshake: “I would say the Fire & Ice hotel because they’ve got flavours like Lindt, Bar One and Chocolate Brownie. You can order HUGE ones that are about a litre and2 come in ginormous martini glasses. Plus the overall vibe of the place is very plus.three fun. Check out the bathrooms too!” Amanda Goncalves, 25, Youth Worker



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daryl writes about the “glynn barrett experience” and we chat to carol about the heart behind worship. joel zambuko shares his story of triumph and perseverance. melissa logie talks shoes and fashion, we check out the launch of new altum’s latest music video and we introduce a NEW! section about what inspires some of our creative peers. look, read, listen, that order. pg.36

we have a few other NEW! additions to plus.three... miss lisa incorvaia, writing to us from the UK; “Talulah Belle” writing to us from

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in this NEW! section we asked some of our readers why they think God created music?

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Kapow! This is our second issue and we are confident that you won’t be disappointed. We have had loads of time to source the best and most happening people, places and resources for you to indulge in this winter. In this issue we explored the concept of rhythm and approached each feature with this theme in mind. What does rhythm mean to you? Rhythm is all around us, not only in music or nature but it is inside our hearts and it determines our steps. The way you live and love speaks of a rhythm that resonates from somewhere deeper. So whats been happening in the plus.three offices since our launch? Well, for starters, we have gone online as a webzine. Although many of us in the team still favour the value of a printed publication, we cannot deny that the times, they are a changing (and I’m not just referring to the economy). Facebook, Twitter, blogging...the list is forever expanding and so is our culture. We cannot deny the pro’s of a webzine: easily accessible to a much wider audience and the freedom to bring you an issue that isn’t limited by a printing budget (that means more pages and every single one in FULL COLOUR...yay!) We have added a few new features to the mag to make it more interactive and personal, so keep your eyes peeled. This magazine is about you - the diverse and creative individual - so join us on this journey and share your thoughts and ideas with us. We welcome any submissions, both editorial and creative, so drop us a mail anytime at if you have something to offer.

The plus.three team

plus.three is: Kate West, Ruschka du Toit, Rasheed Ferguson, Cassan Ferguson, Daryl Brown

contributors: Karen Visser, Ashleigh Eave, Joel Zambuko, Tamryn Kirsten, Dean Logie , Thomas Marincowitz, Stacey Prozesky, Jessica van der Merwe, Taryn Potter, Simon Orme, Gareth Allison, Tarryn Stanford, Lisa Jane Incorvaia

BEST:place to get your car serviced: “I am yet to find an honest mechanic or service dealership that actually do what they say they will do and who deliver in the time frame that they originally gave plus.three you! If you know of one that doesn’t charge the earth and does deliver service, 5 maybe you can let me know.” Jono Manheim, Personal Trainer






Name: Samantha Kathleen O’Donovan Age: 24 Job title: Jnr Art Director What you do exactly: I work as a creative in an advertising agency (Saatchi&Saatchi). An Art Director is responsible for the visual elements of an advertising campaign, so some of our daily jobs include directing photography shoots and designing layouts. We work in various mediums from print to television to below the line (promotions and retail). Art Directors work in a partnership with a copywriter and together we brainstorm and conceptualise ideas.

Best part of your day: 1) Sharing ideas with my friend at work over sushi. (We are in the same building as Beluga - whooo hoo!). 2. When a concept is approved by a client and we can get to the magical part of creating it.

Worst part of your day: That would be when a brief changes and I’m already half way through the project - luckily this doesn’t happen everyday! What gets you through: With out a doubt God, Jesus & The Holy Spirit. I’m always asking Him for strength and a boost of His awesome Creativity. Our God is generous!

BEST:place to get a pizza: “The best place to get a pizza for take away is definitely ROMANS ! If you want to sit down then go to Calcaccios at Seaside village - the food is amazing and it’s plus.three 8 got a little vibe of its own. “ Cherisse Van Emmenis, 23, Accountant


Name: Clint Herzfeld Age: 26 and loving it! Job title: Light current instrumentation designer. What you do exactly: I am basically a part of a project team at Chevron Refinery. Our team is responsible for all the new or upgraded instrumentation for the refinery e.g. controllers, analyzers, fire eyes, temperature sensors. It works like this: The guy who is heading the project specifies the equipment that must be used and does all the costing. (Now this is where I come in). I take all that information from him and then I have to design how the current is going to get from A to B. I consider certain aspects like it’s location, the equipment necessary, the hazards and what would happen if the instrument got damaged - for example: would there be a spark? Then I design the instrumentation, taking all these factors into consideration. Once I’ve completed the design drawings, I hand them over to a construction team who does the installation. When the installation is complete, I just need to go and check that it’s been installed according to the design. We usually have seven or more of these projects running at a time.

Best part of your day: Oh that’s hard! There are so many! I actually enjoy going to work (I know, I’m mad) because there are so many new challenges every day. It is nice to come home after a long day though! Sometimes I take a detour past the sea and think about how amazing all the things that God created are – if we don’t stop and savour the moment it will just pass us by.

Worst part of your day: I’ve definitely got to say the traffic – aaah!

What gets you through a frustrating day: I don’t think that that’s the right way of seeing it. Each day is a blessing from God so why should we want to rush it? plus.three


tarryn kirsten & jess What’s on your ipod? What’s on your ipod? Owl City, Kate Nash, NeverShoutNever

Kirsten: Radical Face, Bon Iver, The Dodos, The Shins Jess: My ipod was stolen :-(

Last song you listened to?

Last song you listened to?

All shook up - Elvis

Kirsten: Just a boy - Angus and Julia Stone Jess: Kids - MGMT

If you were in a band, your name would be? The Kids

Kirsten, If you were in a band, your name would be?

And you would play?

Free Love

Acoustic music

And you would play? Indie folk

Guitar or Drums? Drums

Jess, if you were in a band, your name would be... The Vogue

And you would play? Indie music





What’s on your ipod? Snow Patrol, The Killers, Eagles of Death Metal

Last song you listened to? When you were young The Killers

If you were in a band, your name would be? Blizzard

And you would play? Gangster rap

Guitar or Drums? Drums

What’s on your ipod? Ipods are fail...Evanescence, Hal Dolium, System of a Down, U2

Last song you listened to... Schism - Tool

If you were in a band, your name would be? Candy Floss

And you would play? Well, it probably wouldn’t go verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge Guitar or Drums? If you include the full percussion, drums



RESONA Besides narrating the time he blew up his neighbours’ dog, Glyn Barrett has a love for God and life that is evident in all he does. His messages at the 2009 Young Adults camp were challenging to the youth to become a prophetic generation and to lead with determination and resolve. Glyn emphasises the importance of resonance – how if you are real, people will resonate with you as a person. It’s all about connecting. A church is not a building, but a group of people founded on interdependence. As children of a creative God, the key to building a fellowship of young believers is not about copying the current trends but creating opportunities for people to do things that they would never get to do without God’s provision. Providing these opportunities allows people to reclaim permission over their own lives – what will or won’t you put up with? How many times have you pressed the ‘snooze’ button when feeling a call on your life? How many times have you given yourself permission to be needlessly angered or depressed, simply because of something someone said or did? Your vulnerability to emotions depends on your perception of God. How well you know God will determine what you believe God does in your life. If you want to know whether an opportunity or challenge is from God, you need to ask yourself: What do you know about God? Is this circumstance compatible with the God you know?

“Turn up, do your best, and walk away, don’t dwell on past failures or successes.” 12



by Daryl Brown


RHYTHMS Seek to know the God of the Bible – the God who rescues, the God who redeems, the God who protects, the God who strengthens, and the God who loves.

When you know this God you will begin to see that problems are merely environments in which the impossible can happen. And nothing is impossible for God! When you know this God, you will relook the hopes and dreams of your heart and recognise God’s Hand in them all. You will understand that God believes that you are capable of more than you could have imagined and you will be inspired to live God’s dreams for you. On finding balance in life, Glyn says that life has a rhythm: “It is not about priorities but about seasons. Become sensitive to the season you’re in and to what God requires from you in that season. Don’t be afraid to attempt more - you may find you’re able to do much more than you thought! And you never know whose gifts and talents you may uncover by getting people involved.” Glyn has a three-step approach to life: Turn up; do your best; and walk away i.e. don’t dwell on past failures or successes. And his final challenge? “Your young adult years should not still be years of discovering your potential. They are the time to step up, embrace that potential and fulfil it!”




As I prepare to meet Carol for our interview on a sunny and breathless Tuesday afternoon, I start to get excited. Hanging out with the outgoing, funny and down-to-earth Worship Director is something that I often look forward to but today is different. Today is business. Who is Carol? What is at the heart of this woman who is responsible for our church’s worship department? We’ll soon find out! As I pull into her driveway and get out of the car, I can hear her chatting to her newly-arrived baby boy. I ring the doorbell and am welcomed by a glowing Carol, baby Braedon (who is all smiles), Sam (Carol’s friend) and Marmite - the other, slightly hairier baby of the family. As Carol and I sit down to tea, Sam whisks Braedon away for his bath and the interview begins. 14



So, Carol, how long have you been at AOG? Shoa, I’d have to count...I think I was in standard three when our family joined…so wow it’s been about twenty two years!

One of the biggest achievements of our church has been the success of PROXY, our worship band. Can you describe what PROXY’s journey has been like? Well, we started out as four girls who wanted to sing. It was Claire Malengret, Leanne and Cailey Mills and I. I just started writing songs and arranging them. We sang the songs at church and we loved it so much that we began to sing at church events as well. Then things just took off. Someone approached us and offered to sponsor our first CD, Feather Rain. During the recording of that album, God spoke to me and told me that it was going to be a worship team thing, not a band thing. So whenever we play we try and include different people from our team.

So have things turned out the way that you hoped? Things are way better than I could ever have imagined! I think back then we could picture ourselves as four girls touring the world (chuckles) but God has done so much more with PROXY than any of us could have dreamed. PROXY is not about the individual - if I had to die, the team would carry on ministering and God would still use them to touch the world.

The worship team is a ministry of more than ninety people strong and there are so many different personalities and talents. How do you and Brent manage the team so effectively? We have a great leadership in the form of Andre and Graham and Jenny. They all have input into my life and help us along. Brent and I have also served for many years, so we’ve been there to see and learn invaluable lessons. Over the last few years we have gained so much insight into people, the ministry and what God truly values. Eventually, this has to become your standard. We try our best to live out what God and life has taught us and to lead our team with wisdom and love.



As a team, you’ve also been invited to play at churches in Ireland and the UK - that sounds exciting! What was it like? I love Ireland! The people there are amazing and we built really good relationships with them. We are so grateful for the opportunities God has given us to minister abroad. It’s really a testimony of His favour on us. God has really given me a heart for that nation. If God had to call me anywhere other than Table View, I’d hope to get called there.

What was it like to be a young adult in an emerging church, just as Table View AOG was stretching its legs? You know, I had to learn that I couldn’t wait for someone else to keep putting into me – I took the responsibility of my personal growth and I really pushed into God. God was my all and I grew so much in those times. Even when I met Brent, he didn’t fulfil me - God did.

What’s it like to be a woman in ministry? Wow…to be honest it’s tough sometimes. It’s not exactly a road that many women have gone before, especially in the upfront, stage ministry. So there haven’t really been a lot of women in the area whom I could draw from and I’ve had to feel my own way a lot of the time. I’ve often had to let go of other people’s negative opinions and really ask God what He expects from me.

Carol, you’ve got a very funky dress sense and I see there are some of your own paintings on the walls. You’re obviously very creative, what inspires you? Hmm…life experiences and things I go through. I usually draw from where I’m at. Painting is just a fun thing I do that gives me a bit of a release from stress. 16


Can you describe motherhood for us in one sentence? Gee whiz…someone once said this and I’ve found it to be totally true: “Being a mother is like choosing to have your heart constantly walk around outside your body.”

What made you decide to call your son Braedon? (Laughs) Well, I was “prepping” for a sermon one night and I got onto a baby names website. I saw the name Braedon and it just stuck, and so that’s what we decided on.

If you could give Braedon any advice for his young adult days, what would it be? Stay busy with God’s things; you don’t have time for rubbish.

How long did you and Brent date before you got married? Nine months.

What advice would you give to single young adults? Just be fulfilled in God, it’s such an attractive thing.

What advice would you give to dating couples? Stays focused and keep your hands busy with God’s things. (Ha ha)

And what advice would you give to young married couples? When you get married, sometimes you just want to focus on life and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Stay connected to church. Be involved and faithful in serving and ministry. As we draw to a close, Sam brings Braedon back from his bath. He’s comfy now and as Carol takes him back in her arms, I am in awe at how God never takes His hand off us - no matter what the season. Carol is wiser, stronger and lovelier than ever before and we can’t wait to see what God does with her and the Team in the future! plus.three



by Joel Zambuko

I landed in Cape Town on the 13th March 2008. It was the city I’d always dreamt of visiting. My dearest late friend and brother, Rashid Banda, came to pick me up and then took me to Life Group. Once I got involved and began participating, I realised it was the genesis of God’s revelations in my life. I only grasped the importance of God when I was in a foreign land and away from my family. My main motives for coming here from Zimbabwe were: to be a Capetonian (jokes!), to further my studies and to get a job in the Marketing field. A day after my arrival I got a job as a waitron at Wimpy but I raised my eyes to the Lord before dawn (Psalm 119vs145) and I fully believed that He was taking me somewhere greater. I remember how hard it was to have two jobs, to work more than 16 hours a day and to walk from Melkbosstrand to Parklands when public transport was no longer operating. In May I almost gave up my dreams because of the pressure but I realised that nothing matters more than knowing God’s purposes for my life and nothing can compensate for not knowing them. God is not haphazard - He has planned everything with great precision so that He may be found. I remember declaring that it was my last month working as a waitron and on May 17th a miracle happened: a man was so pleased with my service that he said a tip was not enough to show his appreciation. I didn’t know that he was the national operations director for an international company! He organised an interview for me the following week for a marketing consultancy post and on 2nd June, my dream came true! The company allowed me to work whilst I had no working visa and they actually helped me get all the relevant documents and approvals so as to attain a visa from Home Affairs. Got a story to share?

Email us at 18


On the 18th of October, just as I thought life was now under control, the tragic death of my friend occurred and the devil thought it was an opportunity for him to torment my life with ups and downs, traumas and financial depressions. But God was with me. I think it’s the way you respond to problems that defines who you really are. My faith has been taken from one level of greatness to another. Now neither wind nor wave nor Goliath can stand in my life. I will get hold of what God has in store for me. God has raised me to be a young gun and a lifegroup leader and I believe that in the coming seasons, I will be spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ to all corners of the world. To everyone: you’ve got to know that we are more than conquerors and God will never rest on His throne until He fulfils His Word for you.



plus.creative by Ruschka du Toit

photographs by Dean Logie

Being the proud, new mother of Kai, Melissa Logie will definitely have her hands full for a while. But somehow I doubt that juggling the responsibilities of life as a twentysomething mother, wife and business woman will get this feisty lady down. Melissa is driven, passionate, motivated and always sees the positive side in life.

Mel, tell us more about Iso’bella Creations. Iso’bella is a shoe company which I started a year ago. I have designed a sandal which is creative, feminine and unique.

Iso’bella…where does the name come from? Lisa and I felt the shoes had a beautiful, island feel to them so we tried to think of a name which was elegant, feminine and cute: Isola means island and Bella means beautiful so mixing them together we got “Beautiful Island” in Italian!



Why shoes? Well…when living in Italy, I was inspired by the shoes that I bought over there. I loved how they were funky but still had a bohemian feel to them. Two years after I arrived back in South Africa, I saw a gap in the market and decided to take a chance!

How did you start up your business? My prayer two years ago was to do something creative and to open up jobs for struggling women with talents. I wrote this down in my journal, prayed and waited. A bit later, while in lifegroup, I got connected with a girl whose dad owns a men’s shoe shop. This was the beginning.

Did you have someone to guide you and advise you? Did I have someone to guide me? Absolutely not! Wow! I laugh now because I just jumped in and learnt along the way. The people I have met in the industry have given me a lot of great advice and opened up new avenues within the shoe-making industry.

What were the risks involved? Well, I started off very small so I guess the capital which we put into the company would have been a risk. But surely losing a desire birthed in your heart would be the biggest risk of all!

What inspires you to carry on in this cut throat industry? I love designing and working with people and Iso’bella has allowed me to blossom in this area of my life! Like I said before: Being motivated by God’s Spirit in such a creative way is the main inspiration for me!


“...surely losing a desire birthed in your heart would be the biggest risk of all!”


What advice do you have for any aspiring fashionistas? Live freely, creatively and stay motivated by God’s spirit!

What role does God play in your business? God plays a massive role in this business: I have sometimes lost interest or hope in the dream and then God always seems to open up a new, exciting avenue or there’ll be little incidents which remind me why I am still doing what I do! While Lisa Incorvaia and I were still doing this together, we wanted our company to be fully belonging to God and for us to be mere servants in it. Funny, one person (in the shoe industry) said to Lisa, “the blessing of the Lord is upon this shoe.” So we have hung onto promises from God!

Where can we buy a pair of Iso’bellas? I stock boutiques and I also take orders from friends and people who have heard about Iso’bella. (you can email Melissa at

Plans for future? Any new ranges or exciting developments? Yes! I definitely have plans for the future. The shoe industry evolves all the time and one has to keep up! I am currently designing a winter boot for next year - this is going to be a hit, ladies!

Are you a Carrie Bradshaw type of girl who would spend thousands on a pair of Jimmy Choo/Manolo Blahniks or are you more of a flipflops and sandals kind of girl? I have evolved from a Carrie Bradshaw to a sandal kind of girl!

How many pairs of shoes do you own? Ha ha…I own 100 pairs… in stock at the moment!

Heels or Flats? Flats with elegance for sure!




Young Adults Camp 2009 - Unleashed

BEST:place to have some Chinese: “Well in my opinion, the best place to go would be The Asian Kitchen in town plus.three 23 (AKA: Mr Pons Asian Kitchen).” Nick Gerber, 31, Systems Administrator


24 by Daryl Brown

photographs by Thomas Marincowitz

plus.creative My first trip to Mercury Live became a journey of making new friendships, rediscovering old ones and deepening my allegiance to the vision of New Altum. This inspiring band is moving from strength to strength and spreading their message of hope, forgiveness and unity. The launch of New Altum’s music video, Grace Forgot the Past, is the second single from their album Grace Forbids a Hopeless Case. The evening kicked off with a rousing performance by a young band, AB Turbo, who set the tone for the evening with a set of heartfelt songs. An energetic show by Yes Sir Mister Machine brought the evening to a close and the crowd was in high spirits when New Altum took to the stage. As a band that is known for their outstanding stage performances and crowd involvement, New Altum outdid themselves. They offered an extraordinary, interactive live show as an introduction to their music video. This phenomenal music video turned out to be the undisputed highlight of the evening. The sepia-toned sequence depicted the band playing amid an intriguing and thought-provoking scene of family despair. In classic New Altum style, the video ended with a distinct message of hope. Clearly, New Altum is continuing on their quest to new creative heights and this music video is a step in the right direction. Can’t wait to see it on MK!





WHAT INSPIRES ME... by Stacey Prozesky

BEST:place to hang out: “Well it’s most definitely the Old Biscuit Mill Market on a Saturday, it’s near the Salt River circle. It’s always packed with amazing food and interesting, friendly people.” Kirsten Rowett, 25, Student plus.three 26

I’m going to start by telling you that being a deep thinker is never a bad thing. It seems to me that to think before you move has its own gentle advantages: maybe in that moment, perhaps that split second that you wait before you act, you see things as they really are and not just as people tell you they are. I cannot say what inspires me in general because being sensitive has helped me to take in and think about many things. What I have found so far (in all my thinking) is that to yearn after what is pure and true inspires me to do what is pure and true. This yearning always shows in some way, even in simple things such as a few words in a journal that may go into a song or a picture much later on. I like to imagine that God has put unique desires in each of us: Every individual with the heart to know and love a part of Him that no-one else quite knows in the same way. It’s something we all have to remember: There is a special walk planned for each of us, each deep and without bounds, and none ever the same. He is huge and beautiful and strong to me and the things He shows me take my breath away. All things that I do (or hopefully all) come out of these things: His words and His breath and His insights that make people more than people, sunsets more than sunsets and music more than music. He makes love something more than just a choice or earthly words and actions or hummingbirds flitting about in my chest. No. You see, being inspired to do something is not the root of you. The things that eventually inspire us always begin in a deeper place. We should never be aiming to inspire people to do the same things we do! Inspire them to do what brings them closer to God and to help them see the things He does to take their own breath away. What else will sustain them, besides showing them how He loves them in their own, unique way? He is behind it all and what is so incredible is that He too is moved by us - by our cries and our tenderness and our worship! For me, worshiping Him is simply responding to Him when He draws close, pursuing Him and waiting for Him. What else can I do? There is nothing else. He will either open my eyes to things, and they will come out of me in some way, or He will close my eyes to things and let other people see. In turn, I will be inspired to seek Him and His purposes for my own. plus.three


LOOK as sourced by Ruschka du Toit

If you’re a photographer, artist, illustrator, designer or just bored, I suggest you get a flickr account. Not only is this site an endless pool of creative resource and inspiration, it is by far one of the best creative networking sites at present. Sort of like a myspace for artists. With your flickr profile, you get to add artworks you like as favourites (which means you build up a library of visual eye candy to browse whenever you’re feeling blue or uninspired). Users get notified when others favour their work which means you can also see who likes your work and connect with them. Groups are one of the coolest things about flickr. Join them. Upload your work to a relevant group and you are bound to connect with people from all over the world. Flickr is simple to navigate and set up and it’s very easy to upload pics and organize them into sets. The interface is simple (no gadgets) which means it loads quickly and the white space allows your work the attention it deserves. Oh and your homepage greets you in a different language everyday! Góðan daginn! (Now you know how to greet people in Icelandic!)...or not. Check out some of my favourite flickr groups: Illustration Now, Moleskinerie (dedicated to the moleskine journal), Book Cover Club (great book designs).



SITES :worth checking out: | |

Ryan Russell is seriously cool. This guy has gone on tour (what he calls “bus sleepovers”) with Death Cab for Cutie (who also invited him to shoot press photos for their latest album, Narrow Stairs); been in studio with bands like Underoath, Taking Back Sunday and...Ciara (random) and boasts a sponsorship by Macbeth. His most recent body of work is for the highly anticipated release of Paramore’s latest album, Brand New Eyes (a band whom he frequently works with). “I shot all of the photographs for the record back in May and June. Every photograph in the record has a direct relation with the album’s lyrics. Plus the band and I did the art direction and designed the entire album’s layout.” His portraits of artists such as Adam Lazarra; Tegan and Sara or Hayley Williams suggest personality. They carry a transparency that allows you to see the artist behind the music and the fame, while still remaining true to the reality of life as a rock star. Looking through Ryan’s photographs, you notice integrity in his work. The way these musicians allow him into their lives tells me something about the artist and his relationship with his subjects.



READ as read by Kate West, Jessica van der Merwe and Taryn Potter

“What’s so amazing about grace?” (illustrated version) by Philip Yancey This Book illustrates grace so beautifully. The words emulsify with the images to provoke emotion and challenge thought patterns! The book is made up of short stories, quotes and captions that have been placed to compliment the image behind them. As I gazed at the pages, I realized how much grace is needed in this world. Grace is like a lily in a dessert- so uncommon that when you find it - IT STANDS OUT! Our very precious Jesus sees people not as we are, but as we can be. He sees us through a lens of grace! This is a brave little book that is not afraid to challenge us on what grace truly looks like. What I got out of reading this book is that grace is such a big part of the heartbeat of God. It is part of the rhythm in which we should live our lives and as you read it, you become aware of WHAT IS so amazing about grace! - Jessica van der Merwe



Read any good books lately?

“Angela’s Ashes” by Frank McCourt. Angela’s Ashes is one of those rare treasures of literature that you come across only a few times in your life. “A remarkable tale of strength, woe and the utter awkwardness of childhood”. Frank McCourt tells this story with blatant honesty and wit. This memoir of the life of a poor, little Irish boy, and his journey into manhood, will have you laughing, crying and truly appreciating the life we have here in (sunny) SA. - Kate West

“Jesus wants to save Christians” by Rob Bell Rob Bell’s view on the walk of a Christian is mindblowing! He highlights situations and beliefs that we ignore or have placed no value on. He then illustrates how these beliefs are at the very core of God’s Heart and how it is essential to practice them in our daily lives. He reminds us of the choice we’ve made to follow Christ. If we speak it, we must live it. As always with Rob Bell, you can’t read more than a few pages a week because it is so juicy and packed with revelation. You need to ponder on it and get it into your heart and mind before tackling the next chapter. He reveals the Old Testament in such a thought provoking way that you will never read it the same way again. He expresses our true function as the body of Christ and what it means to be a part of the church. I love how he brings life to the Scriptures and proves how deliberate and purposeful the Bible is. This book is refreshing and gets you thinking and desiring to be more like Christ. - Taryn Potter



LISTEN as heard by Simon Orme and Gareth Allison

Owl City - “Maybe I’m Dreaming” Owl City is the solo project of a Christian guy named Adam Young. It fits into the ever-emerging, electroindie scene and is a breath of fresh air. The sounds and beats complement the album to the fullest. Owl City had released only one EP, 2007’s Of June, until this full-length, debut album entitled Maybe I’m Dreaming. Maybe I’m Dreaming has 12 tracks and is well worth a listen. The music is really dreamy and before you know it, you will have listened to the album from beginning to end. My two favourite tracks on the album would have to be On the Wing and Saltwater Room- two beautifully flowing songs which carry the listener away into another world. It’s those peaceful and soothing songs that make Owl City so likable. Young’s soft tone is evident throughout the album. The emotions created by the vocals and the music are tangible. Owl City will pick you up, take you on a journey through the sky and then gently set you down again… it’s amazing. – Simon Orme

BEST:place to ‘sokkie’: “I love the vibe at Presley’s but if I had to pick a favourite, I would choose Klipwerf on a Saturday night. They’ve got crowd control so you don’t get32 shoved around and there’s more time to langarm.” Pat Havenga,plus.three 25, Teacher

Green Day - “21st Century Breakdown” Green Day have released their eighth studio album, 21st Century Breakdown, the follow-up to 2004’s multi-platinum selling American Idiot. Many people were wondering whether the veteran, pop-punk trio would have the ability to match their previous effort (let alone top it) but the new album easily overtakes it’s predecessor in terms of sheer ambition. Written from the viewpoint of two fictional characters, Christian and Gloria, in the year 2013, the record attempts to echo the current state of uncertainty and change in the world. This all achieved through the grandiose, classic, rock-style romps paired with the fiery, pop-punk melodies and power chords that Green Day have perfected over the years. A notable addition to this record is the prolific use of piano throughout, showcasing frontman Billie Joe Armstrong’s more delicate and fragile side. This is seen especially in his vocals where he even makes use of some tasteful falsetto at times. Paired with big-name producer Butch Vig for the first time, the trio sound absolutely massive on this disc - huge drum sounds; buzz saw guitars; intricate, yet tasteful bass and tight harmonies are balanced with the more sombre moments featuring acoustic guitar and the aforementioned piano. The question remains: as a cohesive piece, have Green Day managed to top their previous album? 21st Century Breakdown attempts to be way more epic than their last effort and in many ways they have got it right. However, at 18 songs it may just be a little too long and therein lies the crux. In today’s single-based, short-attention-span world, many people may not want to sit and listen to this album in its entirety which is a pity. The band have something to say and whether or not you agree with them, you cannot deny that they are doing something vital, creative and hugely entertaining which is a rarity in music these days. - Gareth Allison plus.three


WATCH as seen by Tarryn Stanford

Coraline PG-10 I was immediately drawn to this movie seeing as it shared a similar animation style to Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas. Anticipating what was planned to be a light-hearted evening at the movies, I was quite shocked to find the film a lot darker and stranger then I imagined. Coraline Jones (voiced by Dakota Fanning) is a bored and lonely only child. Covetous children are often warned, “Be careful what you wish for”, and it is this cautionary wisdom that Coraline ignores. After moving into an eerie, dilapidated boarding house, Coraline discovers a secret door that takes her into a parallel world where everything is perfect. However, Coraline soon discovers that this ‘perfect’ world which she has fallen in love with is a candy-coated illusion of something a lot more sinister. The movie progresses into an obscure battle to regain reality and destroy the once-luring, parallel world that has tried to imprison her. The 3D glasses made the graphics amazing and well worth the steep R60 price tag. However, Coraline is more of an odd curiosity than a must see. Keep in mind - it may be a little complex and disturbing for the wee ones. – Taryn Stanford





poem by Simon William Orme Why is it that whenever I look for answers I find what I was not looking for I found you when I was not looking And found what I was longing for It’s you who knows me best You taught me of love and life It’s just that this world confuses me And you uncomplicate me I have so many questions Is it ok if we meet at midnight? These streets are black with disappointment Hate burns bright in the corners of these eyes Blame broadcasts itself from the lips of this mouth When I am the only one to blame And this heart can be called loneliness when you are not around Who knows the corridors of this place better than you? Who am I to you? That you have picked me up And set my feet on this path Why do you wanna know me? Death stared you in the face and all you could think about was my life It’s your reflection of life that has showed me what it means to die If only I would die and trust that you would make me live again Why am I running after you? When I just need to stop running to find you It’s midnight And I have walked all this way You’re not here It’s just not like you to disappoint Did you have some other appointment? As long as I’m gone you’ll stay Waiting as I approached home Your outlined silhouette illuminated by the light of lanterns I can’t help but think Was it I that kept you waiting?



letters from

lisa jane

So I was blessed with a guitar sometime ago and lately I’ve put some more effort into finding the time to play it. Sometimes it can get rather discouraging: I look at other musos who are just pathetically good and seem to sing like angelic super stars whilst I awkwardly strum away on my guitar strings and moan like a baby whale. There used to be days when I would pick the guitar up and literally just strum random chords and make LOUD noises so that I could feel like I knew what I was doing! I had the look but I failed totally in the skills department - not to mention the sound! Eventually I gave up trying. I silently accepted the fact that I had no rhythm and I would never be good at playing this instrument which I adored. Strangely enough, I can almost say it was the same with Christianity for me. Sometimes you see these ‘Super Star’ Christians who just seem to be so good at – well - Christianity. They pray the right way and it seems as if they worship in a way that would make God impressed. You know what I mean. 36


NEW! The same happened with my journey of becoming a Christian. Jesus inspired me. Reading and encountering Him through the New Testament was amazing. His love for those who seemed like they didn’t deserve it was incredible. His teachings were so simple and basic: Love one another as I have loved you and through this shall all men know that you are My disciples. (John 13:3435) Jesus didn’t follow people, He set His own path. He created a new melody, a new rhythm and a new song in the Father and then lived it out. Sung it loud. I realised I didn’t have to do things a certain way. There were no real ‘Super Christians’. The fact was that I needed to practise creating my own rhythm in my relationship with Jesus. I didn’t have to be perfect. I had to come to Him and say, “Here we go Lord, this is what I have. I’m available. Teach me how to grow, learn and become better at living my life with You and honouring You. Help me to create a new song with You.” I was reading up on rhythm and the fascinating fact about rhythm is this: Rhythm is the basic temporal element of music, concerned with the duration and stresses or accents, whether irregular or organized moving into regular patterns. After reading that, this stood out: irregular or organized moving into regular patterns. It doesn’t matter if our lives are organised or a mess, as long as we’re regular. As long as we just keep showing up, as my best friend would say: Just keep showing up. Recently I’ve been spending more time on my guitar and I know a few more chords now and rhythm seems to be coming a bit more naturally to me. It’s as if it were inside of me all along. I’ve been writing songs and I have this feeling like I’m on the inside now whereas before I felt like I was on the outside. And it’s the same with God. You just need to keep doing the basics. Read the word. Pray. Wait on God. He will show up. Hebrews 10:20-23. Rhythm doesn’t always come naturally, but you need to practise and you will become inspired by something. When you’re moving and progressing forward out of the right motives, the rhythm that’s inside of you will naturally start to beat loudly and you can quit trying so hard because the song you were trying to create was in you all along!

Lisa-Jane Incorvaia has been a part of our church for the last four years. She recently relocated to London to try her hand at something new and fresh. Check out her blog ( for plus.three more of her insightful pieces.



by Karen Visser

So I’ve realized one of the main problems I’ve had is that I always try and contain God. Definitely not on purpose and not to control Him or whatever, but I do try and contain Him. And this happens especially when I worship, which is weird. I guess I feel overwhelmed by His presence and so I try hold it all together. Hmmm. I try and hold all that I’m feeling inside.

And sometimes my spirit just wants to burst because it’s too much. Too much to bear. Almost like I’m not meant to be doing that, like there’s a better way to worship. Like there’s a secret place where I should be free. So I went to Easterfest and God’s presence was just so massive, so HUGE. As I entered into worship, I felt this pressure inside me – like my mere physical body couldn’t contain all that was happening spiritually. It made me think - maybe that’s why people start shaking in church or fall down in the Spirit. Maybe that’s why we’ll get new bodies in Heaven one day. These earthly things we’re living in are not meant to contain, to hold the experience of God. They’re just dust. But then, surely we are meant to experience God? Surely we’re meant to connect with Him? I mean, if we’re made in His image and we’re spirit as well as emotion, intellect and physics, we are meant to have that part of us fulfilled here on earth. Otherwise God would just be a meanie. So as I was standing there, feeling like I was about to explode and God told me something awesome: We cannot contain Him and that is why we’re meant to share Him. I stood there. Huh? How do you not contain all that you’re feeling? How do you leave control completely?



NEW! I decided to try and let myself go, let my spirit worship without my normal mental constraints. Let myself be undignified. I started singing and jumping in a way I had not done before. It was like all I was doing was His spirit in me. Like the imprint, the image He’d left in me was finally connecting with its maker. Almost like all that time I’d spent with Him before I was born was being remembered. I sang through Him, I danced and shouted and praised through Him. I stopped trying to contain all that was in me and I let my actions become an extension of it. Of Him. I sang “with everything, with everything, I will shout forth your glory” and I meant it. I clapped my hands and it was like it was God’s spirit clapping, I sang and it was like it was God’s spirit in me singing. There was something so familiar, yet powerful and life-giving happening. So what if we did everything as an extension of God? What if all our daily chores and mundane duties were His Spirit in us at work? I refuse to believe that they will remain boring and mundane. I refuse to believe that anything done through God is inconsequential. So how do I physically do that? Hmmm. What if I stopped trying to contain what I felt for God or if I stopped having quiet times in comfortable, bite-size pieces? Only having revelations that I could handle- ones I could contain and package neatly in my journal? What if my quiet times were so revelational that I carried that spirit with me all day and did everything through it? What sort of room would there be for fear, or worry, or unforgiveness if my whole being was enveloped by HIM? What if I let that happen?



My name is Talulah Belle and I have realised that I can use my mind to teleport into my imagination! Here, the possibilities are endless… I get to meet imaginary people from imaginary places or I can step into another time period and live with the people from that era. Then I jot it down into this journal dated 2009, and you get the GRAND privilege of reading my mind travels! But first! A cup of chai tea is needed before I traverse! Go on pour yourself a cup of steaming rules! Hmmm that was good….it hit the creative spot in my mind tank! Let’s see where to begin! I’m thinking of playing a little bit of BEEP BOP- as the French would say - aka jazz! Or as the Mississippians would say, “the heart beat of life itself!” Yes, this potent jazz is working with the chai! Hey wait, I need to put on my jazz shoes (also known as shoesthat-you-wear-whilst-dancing-to-jazz). As I dance around my room to BEEP BOP, I watch myself in the mirror and think, ”These jazz moves are on fire!” Feeling out of breath, I have to calm down. So it’s time to close my eye balls and walk through my imagination. 1, 2, 3, and I am in! Suddenly the music stopped and Mr JJ himself, looked at me and said,” Girl, you ain’t got the Rhythm of Jazz! “JJ?” I said, “What you mean I ain’t got the Rhythm of Jazz?” ”Girl,” he said, “You’ve got crazy feet. It’s like you dancing with two left feet!” I felt ashamed, I felt like that penguin from that movie Happy Feet. Now I know how that rejected animated animal felt: Confused.




What’s this? Where am I? It’s 1944! New Orleans! I’m sitting in a dimly lit room on a wooden chair. A waiter comes up to me and asks, “So what will yeah be drinking?” (In a Spanish accent of course). I reply, “Water, with a slice of lemon and some ice!” He walks away. As I’m about to stand up, I feel the powerful beat of BEEP BOP push me back into my chair. It’s then that I realise: I am home! Good thing I wore my jazz shoes today! As my good, old friend- the legendary JJ Beat Box – started playing that trumpet, I found my toes doing the hustle under the table. I had happy feet alright. JJ Beat Box was on fire and there were no firemen on duty! Mississippi - the home, the birth place of Jazz herself! JJ played his hit song, The beat in me, the beat in you, and I couldn’t sit down any longer and be a mere spectator. I had to be a part of this, a part of this wonderment. But first… a sip of Chai- I’m getting cold! Right, back to the dream: I found myself on stage dancing to this whimsical beat. My jazz feet moved, my hands flickered through the smokey room and I was free! I left the dream, opened my eyes. Bam! I’m back in my bedroom! If I can leave you with an educational phrase from my travelling experience, it is simply this: “Jazz is the art of expression set to music”




plus.voice “God hates knowing that you’re in a bad space and music automatically changes that. When you’re listening to some good music, the rhythm of it gives you a beat inside and together your heart and God’s beat together.” Vanita Erasmus, 27, HR Manager

WHY do YOU think God created music?

“I think God created music to give us a way to praise Him with our entire being.” Jessica West, 20, AOG Staff (Pre-school) “Well it says in Genesis that God spoke the world into being – so He used sound to bring order and wonder onto a chaotic and formless earth. It was created to bring people together. When that first chord gets played in a worship service, no matter who you are, all men can come together in unity to honour and bless the Creator of all things.” Vuyo Sotashe, 20, Music Student

God is music. The Bible says, “He inhabits the praise of His people”. It is most definitely not man-made, and it’s sad when people take glory for something that was never theirs in the first place. God made music to be fun and enjoyable, but above all so that we may praise Him.” Nick Fagg, 21, PRO

“To create a universal language.” Joel Stewart, 20, Graphic Design Student “I think it’s because He knew that we would never be able to fully express ourselves with words.” Jaycee Coetzee, 25, CEO of Anything Metal

“I think God made music to bring a divided people together.” Rozalle Singh, 25

“I believe that God did not actually make music. I believe He is melody and rhythm and all of creation is full of rhythm (except when humans intervene-lol). I kinda see it as God being the drummer keeping time, the Holy Spirit is the guitarist pulling some wicked solos and licks – keeping things creative – and Jesus is the vocalist who makes it all happen with some bass, creating a complete sound…called God. Life is pretty dull without music, as it is without God.” Dean Logie, 28, Freelance Photographer


“God created music because He has more of a sense of humour than we’ll ever know! I’m sure he absolutely loves watching us singing in the car at the top of our lungs (totally off key) or when no-one is around and all we have is a mirror, plus.three a hairbrush and our fave tune!” Dee Matthee, 27, PA

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