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e1ne ones Editor-in-Chief and Just As You Are Blogger Conference, in our October issue. We will officially be introducing this new outerwear line to the plus size industry and bringing them to your virtual doorstep.

When fa ll clothing began to pop up, honestly, I was not completely impressed. Comparing what straight size fashion was doing with what we were seeing, I was feeling a little jilted; nothing excited me. But things changed for me while we were putting this issue together, and I want to share this new-found excitement with you. Separately on t he hanger, the dress, blouse or skirt looked "okay," but once the complete looks began to take shape, a little buzz stirred in my stomach. Fashion Director Reah Norman styled the most "regular" looking clothing that you and I would wear any day of the week into head turning ensembles for our cover model Ka ilee O'Sullivan. I rea lized that alone some of the clothing did not have t hat "hanger appeal," but styled correctly the looks were runway ready. This is what I love about fashion. We can be free to create looks to express our unique sense of style no matter what size we wear. When it comes to sophisticated style, Queen Grace is at t he top of the list. We went inside the mind of the beautiful and passionate Marina Zeiner who created this collection for plus size women who are ready to step up their fashion game in style. Her fa ll fashion line is debuted by plus size model Michelle Gr iffith who is not only a veteran in t he modeling industry, but also the loving wife of Tariq Trotter aka Black Thought, lead singer of the band The Roots.

This mont h PL US Model Magazine is teaming up with L ane Bryant for Fashion's Night Out at Fulton M all, Brooklyn, NY. Win a $500 gift certificate that evening and be styled by our very own Fashion Director for a photo shoot with PLUS Model Magazine. If you are in the Alexandria, VA area, Fashion's Night Out Plus is having an eventful night of shows and sales. This issue also has you covered with giveaways, discounts and sales from participating plus size brands at the top of our list, so take a look. We are also very proud of one of our contributor's, Tiffany Bank, f or her participation in t he new TLC real ity ser ies, Big Sexy. The s how is based around five plus s ize women living in New York City w ho are making their way through th e fashion industry. Check out Tiffany in this month's beauty story "Dramatic". Our goal for t his issue is to inspire and make you feel good about fashion, living and loving who you are. There is no rig ht or wrong way, there is your way. We are breaking down the fas hion rules and showing you that style is not just for young, single digit w omen. Style is for women of all ages, sizes and body types; you don't need to live on the sidelines anymore. This is an exciting time in t he plus size indust ry, there is a lot to celebr at e and we are happy to s hare this time with you.

Hugs, More exclusive's are coming your way when Madeline Jones we take you inside the PLUS Model Magazine Editor-in-Chief

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Congrats to PMM for another fabu lous issue!! Curvy Divas Rock!!! - A. Rene This was a gr eat issue! - E. Gregg

Since seeing your models I have started to fee l more beautiful myslef, thanks for that. - S. Lograsso

Love the latest issue!! ! Great job PMM team!! ! - N. Le Bris

I loved Hannah's article!!! I'm rooting for her to take it !! xoxo - D. Zavala

Another month, another wonderful Plus Model Magazine. I am so impressed with the new way you post the mag. It's wonderful to make it full scr een. WTG!!! - F. Acks-Ramos

Congratulations Maddy and the entire PMM team! You have yet another Fabulous issue on your hands! #KUDOS - C. Saunders

The best Denim Issue for PMM, I love that you fol low the progress the models make. This magazine is so inspir ing! - C. Tilly The interview with Susan Georget was such an informational piece for aspiring models. I feel like she gave us modeling 101. - J . Showers This is why everyone loves you, your always looking out fo r all plus size women regard less of their size. - A. Harr ison Sending you HUGE Congr atulations! This month's issue looks AMAZING! Crazy how far you have come! Thanks to you and Reah Nor man fo r including SVOBODA in this Fall's denim issue! Love to you all! - JS


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ress by Shanda Freeman - Empowerment Editor Every few months, our country will tune in to hear our President share his goals for our country and the best way to move forward. It's our State of the Union address! So, I began thinking , why don't we do this in our marriages and relationships? I've been married close to ten years now. My husband and I have definitely had our ups and downs as a couple. This is my second marriage, and I w il l openly share with you that I am a woman that learns from my mistakes and experi ences! My f irst marriage, I married very young and had to learn many things the hard way. When I met and fell in love with my husband now, I knew that I achieved a level of maturity in my life where I knew what I wanted f r om a marriage and what I had to offer. Going into my second marriage, I went in bright eyed and bushy tailed: basically thin king, "I got this!" The rea lity for me was that I was much more vocal. I listened. I didn't judge as much as before. I allowed my husband to still be himself outside of his relationsh ip with me. We COMMUNICATE! Years ago, I made a pact with myself

that ever y so often my husband and I wou ld "check in ." Meaning, I ask a series of important questions that I fee l are relevant to sustain ing a good emotional and physical relationship, For example, I'll ask him while we'r e driving in the car, "Babe, are you still happy with our sex life?" Or, "Is ther e anything I'm not doing that you wish I wou ld do, or is there something I'm doing that you don't like?" Whatever it is that we ask each other , we check in ! Being in a marr iage or long term relationship will often put us in a place of complacency. We can become stagnant and predictable. We just go through our relationships and the thoughtfulness and appreciation is taken fo r granted over time. We're all imperfect. But, what was important for me was that this t ime around I knew I never wanted to take my man or my marr iage for granted. I wanted to be able to give it this relationship the respect it deser ves. It's very important to give your relationships the r espect

of addressing what you can do to make it better for it to f lourish; for it to have the roots to withstand hard times and circumstances.

your par tner and communicating and loving him is the most beautiful part of relationships to me! It's that Bonnie and Clyde, us against the world vibe!

You r ealize as you mature as a woman that you find you r voice. As women, many ti mes our voices are equated to what we're complaining about. We can be judged harshly for that. But, we provide a str onger voice when we say to our partner's how important they are to us and that we still care enough after al l these years to not ta ke each other for granted and that we check in and ask the often tough question of "what can I do better ?"

Don't take your love and r elationships for granted. Check in. Ask questions. Make time. Make love. Laugh. Finances, children, career s, and yes, even family, can burden our unions. Find the safe place in your mar riages and relationships which allows you to be the two people who met and fell in love with each other! The State of Your Union depends on it! Until next time:! Be Empowered, Be Inspired, and Be Loved! ~ Shanda

We women, we love being in love ! We always want to fee l that warmth and fire that the ea r ly stages of our relationships have. When it's gone, we complain to our girls and whoever else w ill listen ! Haha!

Have a question for Shanda? We are looking for your input! Each month Shanda will be taking questions from her readers directly.

When you check in with your partner and listen to what he has to say and shar e, I guarantee you, men appreciate it.

Send an email to Shanda with your question or topic to:

I found that for me, my husband LOVES that I still make him a priority in my life. Our children, family, and careers can easily overshadow our marr iages and relationships. He is my first baby! And men are babies! When they lose the boob to the children, well you know how that goes! Haha! I th ink when you'r e a strong woman; it's sometimes hard for us to say that our men come f ir st. It can be a sign of weakness to some . But stand ing by

Love ' Vire Ring on ETSY shop/ keoops8



0 L --

L\ Color •



The Body Shop Vanilla Body Butter Duo Clinique 3 step skin care Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Mascara Revlon ColorStay Brow Enhancer Clinique Even Better SPF 15 Makeup Photo Credits Photographer. Inez Lewis MUA/Hair. Genina Bradley


by Tulin Reid PLUS Model Magazine's Marketing Director takes an in-depth look at online plus-size retailers and designers you are sure to fall in love with! For the premiere installment of Haute on the Web I had the pleasure of meeting Sealed with a Kiss Designs' Sarah Sapora and crew. To be perfectly honest, I didn't go to SWAK with any expectations. I had seen the site many times but never stopped to shop. I soon found out that not on ly had I been missing out on amazing pieces, I also discovered their genuine dedication to the plus-s ize woman, Vintage collection w ith an emphas is on fit and custome r Hitchcock meets satisfaction . ] essica Rabbit

What's Ne,v?

1neets Rock-a-Billy Sarah, the Marketing Director for SWAK, gave me a tour with full SWAKcess . The warehouse was f il led w ith colorful and comfortable clothing. Shipments were being processed, each item del ivered to the fac ility was being inspected by qual ity control, new designs were being taken from conception to completion, and more! Even though SWAK was in the midst of getting ready for WINN in L as Vegas, Sarah took her time so I could get to know the company, indulge in an exclus ive sneak peek of what's to come, and try on clothes.


As I got to know Sarah I learned that th is 1s one dedicated woman, who is 0


bJitt br0~


~WL br0~

Xbubbly as wel l as pass ionate. Sarah was looking for honest feedback, and embraced my constructive critique. We spoke about marketing , being plus-size, challenges we fa ce, and what SWAK could do to impr ove the client experience. As I checked out the collections, I couldn't help but wonder what was next for fall/winter. Sarah said, "We are doing a lot of comfortable glamour: easy to wear clothes. We are bringing back custome r favorites, things that we know people like. We are embracing jewel tones for the season: plums, deep grays, and deep blues. We ar e also going to do a lot of new and interesting fun stuff includ ing (drum roll], launching our f irst ever Vintage Collection." I loved the vivid description of what inspir ed Team SWAK which is, "Alfred Hitchcock heroine (think Kim Novak f r om Ver tigoJ meets Jessica Rabbit meets Rock-a-Billy." It is adorable, sexy, and comfortable all w r apped up into one. I immediately fell in love w ith the Kim Dress in stretch black lace over nude fabric, sweetheart neckline, and sleeves that reach the elbow. The Kim Dress isn't out until October, but it is sure to be a hit !


Now that I had the chance to experience SWAK, I was curious to see how the lines f it; I was ready to be SWAKified. After picking several items, I headed to the dressing room. First, I tried the Volos Top. Truthfu lly, it didn 't catch my attention on the hanger, and I wasn 't sure about it when I saw it on the website, but when I tried it on, it looked AMAZING! Belt it, show more or less skin, and no peeking br a straps; this top won't disappoint! Next, I tried the Dahlia Dress even though it was way outside of my comfort zone. I was pleasantly surprised, no make that ECSTATIC! The f it through the chest is perfect fo r small to med ium size chests, the length hits at a flattering point on my legs, the fabric is incredibly comfortable, and the pink is delicious! Overall, my experience with SWAK was extremely pleasant. There is no doubt that Sealed with a Kiss Des igns will be a re gula r stop on my list of must-shop online destinations!

CoWl~rttJ,f~ ~tr~tJ. ~t~ri~

Ea~ -\p ~ -h-ot;\ ~riVIff -\p fa.W &rutfalfn~ re,i~ IJJ/o -tk h~



Lane Bryant Joins The FNO Party With A Special Event At The Fulton Street Store In Brooklyn Featuring The Ladies From TLC's New Hit Reality TV Show " Big Sexy", Music, Cocktails And A Chance To Win A $500 Lane Bryant Gift Card And Photo Shoot With Plus Model Magazine Lane Bryant®, the nation's leading women's curvy apparel retailer, will help celebrate the third annual Fashion's Night Out (FNO) sponsored by VOGUE, the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and the City of New York. . On Thursday, September 8 , Lane Bryant will join the party as the leading full figured clothing retailer at FNO by hosting a special event kicking off the /Technology Just Got Sexy TMI/ marketing campaign, showcasing Lane Bryanrs new line of slimming denim jeans and debuting its classic fit trousers featuring exclusive T3 Tighter Tummy Technology ™. Shoppers are invited to La ne Bryant/s Fulton Street store in Brooklyn, NY from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. to learn about the benefits of T3 from La ne Bryant Technica l Design Director, Richard Zielinski, enjoy a special soundtrack from OJ Mario & Co., try one of Lane Bryanrs signature 1/Lanetini// cocktails, and mingle with the ladies of BIG SEXY, a hit new reality show on TLC documenting the lives of five curvaceous Manhattan women as they aim to make plus-size sexiness more mainstream. BIG SEXY premieres Tuesday, August 30 at 1 0 p.m . on TLC. In partnersh ip w ith Plus Model Magazine, L ane Bryant wi ll give away a $500 Lane Bryant gift card to one lucky winner in honor of FNO and the T3 trouser debut. The winner will also receive a day of consultation with

personal stylist, Reah Norman, and will be featured in a photo shoot for an upcoming issue of Plus Model Magazine. The Lane Bryant Fulton Street store will have exclusive FNO-branded t-shirts* available in sizes 14-28 for $25 beginning Tuesday, September 6 . ~~we

are excited to introduce our new line during this very special night for the fashion industry,// said Richard Zielinski. /This is a time when designers, consumers and retailers come together to celebrate one of America/s favorite pastimes - shopping. Our customers will love the way our T3 trousers and jeans will make them feel. Plus, the jeans give them the appearance of looking up to two sizes smaller. We are delighted to invite our customers to this special event to experience this advanced technology for themselves.// Mr. Zielinski will kick off the FNO event at the Lane Bryant Brooklyn store with a special presentation on the technology of fit. discussing the exclusive and innovative des ign behind Lane Bryanrs new T3 Tighter Tummy Technology™. Mr. Zielinski will be available for interviews and questions following the presentation. In July, Lane Bryant introduced the /Technology Just Got Sexy™// campaign heralding the launch of the revolutionary //Tighter Tummy in a new line of jeans and Technology™// (T3) in

in a new line of jeans and trouser pants to change the perception that curves can't be sexy and encourage women to flaunt their assets. The T3 trousers and jeans have an exclusive built-in mesh control panel made out of a unique nylon and spandex blend that flattens the tummy and slenderizes the silhouette. They are made from a special blend of cotton and polyester fabric that prevents sagging and allows the fabric to str etch for maximum comfort while maintaining a smooth shape around a woman's curves. The trouser s and jeans also feature an invisible elastic waistband that minimizes gapping. The T3 classic fit trouser s are available in black, charcoal grey, br own her ring bone and charcoal ber ry str ipe. All T3 denim jeans and t r ousers ar e available in sizes 14- 28. Fashion's Night Out f irst launched in 2009 as a kick-off celebration for the Mercedes-Benz Fash ion Week. It will

take place this year on September 8 -15. Participating r etail stores across New Yor k City's five bor oughs will stay open until 11 p.m. or later and offer a range of in-store celebr ations and promotions to encourage the public to celebrate and support the fashion community. Near ly 1,000 stores have already signed on to participate in the event. Before Fashion's Night Out, visit any Lane Bryant r eta il location and test a pair of the new T3 trouse r s and jeans during Lane Bryant's 4 0% off sa le, August 31 through Septe mber 5 . For more information about Lane Bryant or to purchase T3 trousers and jeans, please visit, become a fan on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. Also, follow L ane Bryant's Fashion's Night Out event and join the conversation on Twitter at #FNOLB.


Michelle Griffith has been modeling for nearly 20 years of her life. She began her career at a very young age, as a straight size model, only to lose her modeling agency contract when her womanly curves developed. This did not stop Michelle from pursuing her passion and just a few months' later she was working at one of the top agencies in NYC. Today she is a veteran of the modeling industry, a loving mother to a 5 year old daughter and wife to Tar iq T ratter aka Black Thought, lead singer of the band The Roots. Maddy: How did you get started "plus size" division at the agency new tee shirt bra as a model? and was signed. Although SIUOOih. Sef¥1/1/es.~ cups diSflfJ/I<'fW under tees and knits the market was not what it is Michelle: I worked locally in today, it was great to be able Colorado as a model when I was to work and be healthy. I was 14 years old for newspapers a former straight size model and stores. I was one of those now working as a plus size girls that was walking in the mall model because my body had and an agency owner asked changed and I could no longer me if I wanted to model. It was be small enough for straight a company where you took size modeling. I simply grew up classes and I started working and developed a womanly body. u.:::==:::..-,._ _ with her. At 17 years old I signed up for a Ford Model Maddy: The plus size market owest . search and I was one of the four was created for plus size pnce fina lists. women, to market to t hem and ever! genuine it seems like the look of the leather jacket Maddy: Did Ford Models pick plus size model has changed you up after the model search? significantly in the last few years. We used to have size ·--....--___.. ·-_ ----Michelle: I went overseas for 16 and 18 models working the -·--..- --.,two weeks to be "groomed" catalogs along side t he 12's and once I came back to the and 14's and that's not the states I had a gr eat run working case any more. We only have a with "Next" who then merged handful of models wor king. with Ford. I had Vogue options. The modeling Glamour covers and just really Michelle: amazing opportunities but while industry is run by people new fall sweaters all this is going on, I was getting who do not identify with plus I 's bigger and enjoying being in the size women and the plus size sweater city where deli's are opened industry is feeling the effects season. 24 hours a day. I gained some of it. There is room for more weight and the agency dropped diversification in the plus size me. I worked at a restaurant industry, there shou ld be a ..... for 6 months, I lost some weight range of girls in different sizes. ...... ........,.._ and went to Wilhelmina where ......_..... -...w-....-... Susan was just starting her Maddy: You are one of a



Sl«k uP thO sb'Vings lire too QOOd to pass up!

_ .. -. __ -----car


_ ,.

----· ·---

Michelle: I'm grateful to be working at my age; I'm almost 40 years old. I think there is a market for women my age. I can't imagine that older women do not want to see themselves when being marketed to.

Maddy: How did you and Tariq meet? Michelle: His r oad manager and a good girlfriend of mine thought we would like each other . So I met him and we liked each other; that was almost 8 year s ago. Maddy: That is so cool! They should be the owners of a dating ser vice. Excellent work!

Maddy: Sounds like you've had such an amazing career; I see that you have done campaigns for Oil of Michelle: Yes, they just kind of set it up and we Olay, where else have we seen you? have been together ever since.

Michelle: I've worked w ith them Thank you Michelle for your time and for being in a few t imes, also Pantene, Hanes our Fall Fashion Issue. commer cials and film, but mainly I work in catalogs. That is the majority For bookings: of my job and I'm blessed and very appreciative to still be working. Maddy: What do you love most about being a model?


Michelle: Well, I love the fashion this industry brings and the creativity. I love that you get to see the wor ld and I love that I can work for a few days and make a decent living. Maddy: What is it like being a model, mom and wife to Tari q? Michelle: He's so amazing but it's just very regular life for us. from south Philly and we have an amazing life. He's very supportive of what I do, and my schedule can'tHe's just a regular guy be what it was because he is the "star" of the fa mily and I need to be closer to home for my daughter, but it has all worked out beautifully.

In the beginning I had a different idea of how we would raise our daughter, but the reality is something something different. We make sur e we have quality time together and it works for us. Maybe because I modeled and traveled for so long

Sealed Wi th A Kiss "Evelyn" Dress; QG Collection Diamond Panty Hose; Hue Lace Up Suedette Wedges; Forever 21 Necklace, Gloves; PMM Style Closet \

The ultimate fashion destination for women with curves

Fashion • Jewelry • Handbags click to visit


The Ultimate Fashion Destination for Women with Curves

Kailee: Give it time and be persistent; definitely test with as many photographers as you can. Also, you have to network as well and be professional. Maddy: What are professional goals?


want to continue Kailee: modeling, I'm not going to pursue acting fu ll time until I graduate. I'm studying theater but I do want to work on the f il m side of acting. Believe it or not I have stage fr ight when it comes to acting and perform ing. I don't get nervous in front of the camera; it's more about being in front of a live audience and not having any room for mistakes. Maddy: If you could tell our readers anything about you, what would it be? Kailee: One thing people don't realize is that I'm not naturally outgoing, I'm introverted. Yet, I pursued a career where you have to show your personality so it's been an internal struggle because I'm very shy. I like my alone t ime, I love being out in nature- I'm a bit of a hippy. Then there is this other side that loves the excitement of being in New York City - I guess I have a split persona lity.

For bookings visit www.dor


My favorite clothing designer is: I love this clothing chain Freepeople; they sell great clothing kind of " hippy-ish".

My favorite shoe designer is:


I have a large foot so , it's great.




Food I love: Hands down anything Asian , whether it's Japanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Malays ian.

I love to listen to: Folk music and old country blue grass are my favorites.

Love I live by:


There's a great quote from the movie Moulin Rouge "The greatest thing you'll ever learn is to be loved and love in return ".

S ati n Woods DESI GNE RS TYLES I ZE S1 2-4 0

E n j o y1 5%o f f wi t hc o de : P P M1 5.

Sophi sti cated. Sexy. Ontrend.

www. sati nwoods. com 519-20-SATI N i nqui ri es@sati nwoods. ca


PLUS Mo ~de~ Magazine FALL FASHION

Issue 2011

, ,

Kasia Pilewicz is a superstar within the plus industry, especially with her newfound fame on Cycle 16 of America's Next Top Model [ANTMl. Although Kasia did not bring home the title of ANTM, she is most definitely a winner in our book. Kasia is no stranger to being in the spotlight. She has graced stages, film screens, and magazine pages. Most notably is the plus size spread in V Magazine with the unforgettable cat suit, leg up, and hair blowing in the wind. I love that shot and I truly enjoyed getting to know Kasia for the interview.

Shannon: Where are you from originally? Kasia: I grew up around Chicago. My family is from Poland origina lly, but I was born here; however, I grew up very Polish. I moved to New York City about four years ago. Shannon: Do you ever miss Chicago? Kasia:

I do, but I go back quite a bit for work.

Shannon: Did you move to NYC specifically for mode ling? Kasia:

Yes, that was one of my goals, but also for acting, as well

Shannon: Do you have a preference as far as your passions go? Do you prefer acting over mode ling or vice versa?

Kasia: You know, I love both for differe nt reasons. It's hard to say and it's a question everybody asks, but I really do love doing both things. Modeli ng is such a fantasy. You get to wear great c lothes and it's a stil l shot. Acting I enjoy because I get to develop a character more long term . I think my modeling has improved because of the acting experience I have. Agents often suggest acting classes for models, along w ith dance c lasses, and yoga. Shannon: How did you start modeling? Kasia: I kind of started way back when I was a teenager, but it didn't real ly take off because I look way younger t han I am . I kept getting scouted because I was real ly tall and had a look. I had a good agency in Chicago & NYC, but I couldn't come out to NYC enough to take advantage of the casting and opportunities . The work in Chicago was more mature and ten years ago, there wasn't much plus juniors work available. I didn't start working a lot unti l I came out to New York and got an agency here. I was avai lable for castings and I was a little old er, but stil l looked young. I've had some juniors bookings in the past coup le weeks, so it doesn't bother me when people call me old . Shannon: Have you always been plus size? Kasia: I've always gone up and down. My weight fluctuates, but I was never a skinny, small girl. I grew up being a real sized woman.

Shannon: You said that you were tall. How ta ll are you? Kasia:

I'm 5'10".

Shannon: Will you stay in NYC for a while? Kasia: I hope so, I love NYC. People either love it or hate it, but I love it. I hope to be bicoastal. There's a lot of acting in California. So that will be my ultimate goal, plus I could stop off in Chicago to see my family. Shannon: How did you hear about the ANTM auditions? Kasia: They emailed me, actually. They contacted me about coming in for a semi-private audition, so I didn't have to do one of those cattle calls , which was nice. They kind of knew of me and some of the work I had done, which was kind of cool. They had done their research . Shannon: That's awesome! It's like they scouted you! Kasia: I am a firm believe that when things are meant to be , they fall into place. Not meaning I don't work my butt off, because I'm always working hard. My favorite saying is when preparation meets opportunity, that's when things happen. I definitely had to go through the audition process, but I was prepared for it. Shannon: So you had never thought to audition before? Kasia: I went on a whim before, but it was a big mess of girls and I actually don't even remember the audition.

Shannon: So, I watched the show and I thi nk you're incredible. It seems so effortless for you on camera and in front of the photographers and you can tell you've put a lot of work in to make it look effortless. How has the show impacted your life since it has ended? Kasia: I've definitely gained more exposure and it has taken my career to the next level. I get recognized pretty often, especially in NYC. I was really proud of how I came across on television. It's been really positive for me because I was myself on the show and I didn't feed into the drama in order to get screen time. People say that I have inspired them and now that I can work again, it's helpful being a step ahead of where I was. Shannon: Do you creepers now?




Kasia: Yeah, yeah, I've gotten a lot of them and I think it's best to just ignore them. No stalkers yet. Shannon: Do you have any regrets about doing the show? Kasia: At first I was upset with how they portrayed me on the last show; however, I did a lot of press after t he show, where I was able to speak my mind and put the truth out there. I feel like they tampered with my name. I was a working mode l before the show and I fe lt the need to clear my name. I also feel like some of the other girls didn't stand up for themselves, but I did. I think my fans (which is really weird to say) really respected and responded well to me sticking up fo r

~hotographer: Ashish Chawla

always been confident with my size and I wondered why it hadn't come up unti l then. And honestly, what you saw on TV, there was more judging stuff that they cut, but size never came up unti l that point.

That's my job t itle. It's not offensive to me at all because it's an industry term. Other people make a bigger deal out of it than it is. I don't care what I'm cal led; bottom line is that I'm a model.

Shannon: Do you have any advice for plus models that audition for future shows?

Shannon: So as far as your beautiful skin goes, do you have a skin care regimen that you can share with us?

Kasia : Be confident and go in there prepared. It helps to have some experience behind you, even if it's just a test shoot, because most models going in now have more experience and are a lot smart er . Be comfo r table with yourself and confident. That's what makes the size thing a non issue. Confidence and the way you carry you r se lf says a lot.

Kasia: Yeah , but you're going to hate because I can't tell you. My friend is coming out with a skincare line that hasn't been released yet. I'll announce it when it is released because I am addicted to it. But I do have some t ips; I have been using eye cream since I was fifteen. I always remove my makeup after a shoot or at the end of the day, no matter how tired I am . I do a mask (Bliss Oxygen Facial Mask & NARS Mud Mask) every week and I use a nightly moisturizer.

Shannon: Do you have a favorite designer or a plus size store in which you like to shop? Kasia : Um, I'm kind of a shop -a-holic. I love H&M and Forever21. I always love Bloom ingda les and Marc Jacobs is one of my favorite designers. And the stuff I can't afford, like Chane l and Alexander McQueen. One of my favo r ite buys ever was a Chanel coat in a vintage shop that I stil l have with me. It's a class ic piece . I like to mix and match with the cheaper stuff and the c lassic pieces. And anytime I travel I like to do some hunting for accessories. I've found some cool pieces in Morocco. Shannon: How do you feel about the term "plus size"? Kasia : It doesn't bother me at all because that's the market I'm in.

Shannon: Who are your agenc ies you're w ith now? Kasia: I'm with Susan at Images. I'm also with Dorothy Combs in Miami. And I'm with Factor Women in Chicago. Shannon: Where should we looking for you in the future?


Kasia: Koh l's, BanTon , Macy's, an ed itorial shoot for a Canadian magazine and working on testing and keeping my book fresh. I'm also working on my acting stuff too. I'm also producing a fi lm, which I am also acting in. It's been really fun so far and I'm looking forward to more in the future!

Shannon : Thank you so much for your time, Kasia ! You're a doll. Kasia : Aww, pleasure.




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How do I find a reputable agent?

To find a reputable agent one has to do resea r ch. In NY and LA it is eas ier, in some respects, due to the read ily available info for mode ls and performers. is a webs ite where you can either type in where you live and look at a list of agents or buy the monthly book ca lled 1/callsheet.// In the past it was known as the Ross Reports. Any of the casting websites usually have an agent list you can procure. The good thing about agents is that you can do a number of background checks to make sure this is someone you want to work with.

1. Do a Google search and see what you can find on this agent 2. See which clients the agent represents 3. Join a for um and ask other models. Plus Model Magazine foru ms are fabu lous for that!

4. Check the Better Business Bureau for your city 5. Check or any type of //reviews// website 6. You shou ld NEVER pay to be represented 7. Have a one on one meeting, go to an open call or send in your pictures to agencies. You will be working as a team, so make sur e you want them to repr esent you.


Don't jump to sign with an agency just because they pitch you. Remember no agent can promise you wor k. As I always say, trust your instinct.

As far as National casting websites, the following are my personal favorites:




These websites ask you wher e you are located, so you can see what castings are happening in your area. This is also a great resource to see a list of agents and casting directors. There are more websites available, just do your research and see what you can fi nd . Happy agent hunting!

enise Bidot is funny, fr iend ly, and very talented, but there is another side of her that I have come to know, and that is a much more serious and mature side. She's a mother, a great business woman, and a very proud Latina. This month we update you on one of the plus size industry's rising star, Denise Bidot. MJ: Can you tell me a little about yourself? DB: My name is Denise Bidot; I was born in Miami, FL and am currently living in a plane (ha ! ha ! I suppose bi-coastal is the correct wording] . I was born to a Latina (Puerto Rican to be exact] mother and an Arabic (Kuwait] born father. Raised by my single mom really taught me about life quickly and created a strong w illed dreamer who never takes "no" for an answer. I moved out at 18 years old, and went across the country knowing that it would change my life. This Page: Gown by BCBG


Shoes by Marc Fisher Jewelry by Nor dstrom Previous Page: Blouse by Bar Il l for Macy's Skirt. Belts & Shoes by H&M Jewelry by L ucky Brand Scar f & Hair Clips by Nord str om

MJ: Being a plus size model is a journey, can you give us a brief summary of how you got started?

DB: After moving out, I began trying to get into acting and it wasn't as simple as I imagined it would be. In the process, I attended makeup school with the hopes of networking more. As fate would have it, I met a plus model whom I did makeup for, fresh out of makeup school, and I decided to test w ith her. The photographer on set approached me about modeling, which, truth be told, wasn 't ever something I thought I'd actually be into. After insisting that we shoot together, I agreed to take the pictures, if only for my makeup portfolio. And as the story goes, I never did makeup again.

MJ: I have always wanted to see more Latin plus size models . How do you fee l about being one of very few Latina plus size models working in the industry?

DB: I'm a very driven woman and my mom always told me I can be anything I want to be in the world, and I believe her. Life is what you make of it and I am so proud to be a positive role model for women of all cultures. Being Latina is just the cherry on top. The truth is that there are not that many plus models who are Latina, other than Fluvia Lacerda, and she is someone whom I truly admire and look up to.

MJ: Who are your Latin role models and why? DB: Growing up I have always been a HUGE fan of Jennifer Lopez. The love

The love for her body, is what showed me that my body is exactly as it should be and that I should appreciate it instead of trying to change it. Women like Penelope Cruz, Selma Hayek, and Sofia Vergara show me how great it is to be a Latina and insp ire me daily. These women are smart funny and most of al l strong beyond belief.

MJ: Latina's are known to be very strong and passionate. Would you describe yourself in these terms? How do you use these traits in your modeling career?

DB: I completely agree. Someth ing about Latinas tends to be strong and passionate. I li ke to th ink my passion comes from my H ispanic roots. Modeling is a lot like acting. For the day, you are playing a character, whether it's happy school-girl, seductress or simply being a "cool ch ick", all of them are roles. I enjoy being something different for the day, whatever that may be, especially when it's driven from my culture.

MJ: We all love our heritage, what do you love most about your Latin roots?

DB: I love the family values of being Hispanic and the tight bond we have. I see so many people who lose sight of what's important, and that, to me, 100% always is family. The past year has been a huge growing process for me, and through it all, family is where my happiness has stemmed from. I have to admit that the food is crazy amazing too (Laughs) But truthfully, the Puerto Rican heritage is something I value to the utmost degree

MJ: There are L atin women who prefer not to be open about their background for fear they will not book high ca li ber jobs. What are your thoughts?

Life is what you make of it, and at th is moment, life is bliss.

MJ: Your photo shoot show's very different perspectives of Latina Women, can you elaborate on each?

DB: I have a very odd look, so when I started modeling I'd always get asked "what are you" (laughs) and at no point, did I ever fee l that being honest about my roots would limit the jobs booked. Could very well be my naive side, but I believe that what's yours is yours and that we should all be proud of where we come from. In my case, I've been blessed to not have experienced any negative connotation due to heritage.

MJ: You're a confident strong mother, model and amazing friend and daughter - how do you keep it all together?

DB: Aww, thank you so much (now I'm blushing) . I have always been brought up knowing I can do it all as long as I want to, so juggling my life, is just something that must be done and not an option. I love what I do, I love my fam ily, and I love my friends, therefore it's ano-brainer to me that giving up one of the three is not possible. Time management is very important, when I'm traveling I'm always "ichatting" with my fami ly and texting my friends. I'm working on this interview at 4am on a plane back home., I truly am a workaholic and I have the best job in the world so I'm constantly planning the next shoot and studying clients and doing anything in my power to continue to grow.

DB: In th is shoot we decided to do a very ethnic "Frida" inspired look, a Hol lywood L atina starlet and a retro pinup look. It was tons of fun channeling my inner Latina women. The F r ida look is very strong and defined, the Hol lywood starlet type is more glamorous and del icate and the pin up girl is sexy and loves herself. It was so much fun working w ith the PL US Model Magazine team on th is project.

MJ: What's on the horizon for you? I plan on making more You Tube videos and I hope to get into acting as well. So, if you don't already follow me on twitterTwitter, what are you waiting for? (Laughs) Oh yes, and subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date on what I'm doing . I've been working and traveling a lot, hopefu lly working overseas is next. I want to go to Paris and Australia and enjoy some sightseeing out of the US. Lately I have been blessed enough to be working for clients that I never thought possible and that's more than enough for me. As long as I continue to push myself and stay humbled by my blessings, I know that there w ill be many adventures left in th is life -long journey. This is just the beg inning and I couldn 't be happier.


Avon路s MagiX Makeup Primer... I like to apply this before I go on a shoot so that t he makeup goes on smoothly and has staying power for long days. Spanx in Nude and Black Ba tt e ry Operated Mini Hand Fan ... for t hose ti mes when its gets hot from the lights or what not. A m ini fan helps to keep me cool!

e e

Convertible Seam less Bra in Nude and Black Pandora Radio App on my phone ... so I can listen to t he music I like which gets me ready for a shoot o r when I have down time on the set.

Photographer: Kev Bailey





By Michelle Renee She doesn't know this, but the first time I saw Lindsey Todd was this spring on Santa Monica Boulevard, on her way to a casting. With her vibr ant red tresses, over sized sunglasses, and a colorful above-the-knee dr ess with a seventies' vibe, she was the absolute picture of L .A. chic. I was sitting in my car waiting to go in to that same casting. At that moment, I made a mental note to pay attention to this pr etty face. When I saw her Sorella Swim work, I was struck by her timeless beauty that oozed both class and sensuality at the same t ime. I had to know more about this vivacious size 14 with the fiery locks! I met up with Lindsey at the Hollywood landmark El Coyote (PLUS reader s may remember I interviewed model Jeanna Sabatino here last year (they have the best guacamole) . She br eezed in looking casually beautiful in a flowing maxi dr ess. After the first five minutes of pleasantries and introductions, I was immediately comfortable and at ease, she has that kind of open charm and eloquence! Lindsey is a creative headhunter as well as being a plus model. She has can

attend castings and shoots. When she decided to follow her dream she knew she would do whatever it took to make it work. As she put it, "settling for second best is just setting yourself up for failure." It is appa r ent she enjoys and puts her all into everything she does. Her very first modeling experience was in her perform ing arts high school back in Louisiana, do ing free ze modeling with the "Magnet Mannequins," advised by Mr. Allen, who Lindsey knows would be touched by the mention! F rom that moment fo r wa r d, she knew modeli ng was something she wanted to pu r sue. Lindsey is perhaps now most recognizable as the face of Sor ella Swim. She has worked with this client as both the f it model and the face of the line, which she feels has been a ver y gr atifying and incredible exper ience to see designer Jessica Peter sen's dr eam come to fruition. Other notab le wo rk has been a Cricut Cake Commercial with a 50's theme, very comp lementary to Lindsey's timeless look, Other notable work has

been a Cricut Cake Commercial with a 50's theme, very complementary to Lindsey's timeless look, as well as work with lingerie companies Intimacy and Moonlight Serenade. She has also shot for California Costumes. In the future Lindsey would love to test shoot with Inez Lewis, as well as with famed pinup photographer, Daniell e Bedics . Dream cli ents would be ASOS Curve and Torrid, and of cou r se she would like to shoot a future editorial for PLUS! She looks forward to the opportunity to work other plus models (mentioning Fluvia as a personal favorite J and also do runway shows. Recently, Lindsey and the Sorella Swim crew were part of a shoot for a TV pilot about the curvy industry. She loves to network with plus industry professionals, and does so any chance she can get. When talking about her own sense of style and love for fashion, she had to

mention Carrie Bradshaw. She feels fashion is like a costume, and can help you take on a persona, from a Silverlake hipster (a hip L .A. neighborhood) to a classic vintage bombshell. She mentions her grandmother's vintage coat and jewelry as favorite pieces that have real meaning to her. She loves Victorian jewelry and loves to shop for it any chance she can. Having many fr iends in the world of burlesque has helped her live out the retro bom bshell look when going out. Being a redhead always makes a woman stand out, and Lindsey is no exception. I have the feeling we wi ll be seeing much more of this versatile beauty in the near future!

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By Tiffany Bank.s When did you decide to be a plus model? I decided to become a model once I got comfortable with my size and myself as a woman in a society whose image didn't fit what I saw in the mirror. I've always been my own person and once I was approached to be a model I said I want to be the voice and the image of girls who look like me. Ever since then I've been focused on becoming a staple in the industry. Who are your favorite curvy role models? My favorite curvy role models stem from Michelle Obama to Crystal Renn to Tyra Banks. These women all stand out to me because they each invented a niche of success and self acceptance. I find that honorable, and I use that as fuel to encourage me and move forward in my goals and dreams. You've only been doing this for 3 three months. What is your impression of the industry so far? The industry is certainly a place where you need to have tough skin and always be the image of confidence and perfection. I am pretty confident. but working as a model has it's up and down moments. I'm still adjusting to transforming my mind that is a process. At times when you don't book jobs, it's hard but when you get the next opportunity it just encourages you more. Experience and knowing the right people are key tools in the industry, but I love the hustle of it all. Right now I'm trying to climb up the ladder.

Agency: Name: Locatio11:



If you could pick the perfect plus modeling campaign for yourself, who would you want to work for? Vogue. I loved when they featured the plus models and every picture I saw those ladies in, I gushed over. I can see myself in couture and lace and the makeup. It's enough to make you cry that's how badly I want it. I love the beauty in their photography and selection of scenes. You don't look at the models as plus, you see them as attractive women in beautiful garments. That's highly appealing to me. What are your dreams, desires and goals as a plus model? My dream is to be a household name in modeling. I desire to be the "go-to" model for curvy women. I have goals of walking the runway in Fash ion Week as Lizzie Miller did, being in Vogue like Crystal Renn, and building an empire for myself while motivating other women as Tyra Banks did. I truly want to be an overall package as a model and be an inspiration of self love. Why idolize an image outside of what you see in the mirror? Idolize yourself, accept your image, and embrace you.

At this point my new agency is working w ith me to branch out into commercial and print advertisement for notable brands. I' m also trying to do more runway; that's a major goa l set for myself.

Name your favorite store to shop for curvy clothes in your hometown. Luckily I'm in the fashion Mecca NYC and, at my size, shopping is always on the forefront of my mind. I love to shop at Urban Outfitters and Free People. I frequent H&M and Zara. I love the fact brands are expand ing and appealing to curvy woman. A place I'm always running in and out of is the new Forever 21 on Fifth Avenue. They are a fashionista 's go-to place on a budget. I love shopping around my hometown but I am an avid online shopper from Saks to Asos as well as UK brands like ShopNastyGal and L ulu's. Who was the Photographer and Makeup Artist for the photos? The Photographer is the wonderful Kristina from KristinaPhotography and she provided the makeup and my hairstylist is Kiam Barrese.

What can we look forward to you doing in the next year?


She laughs, or rather quietly giggles, in the face of fashion rules. Who says plus size girls have to stick to tunics and tights? Ragini of Curio is a daring fashion maven wh o just wa nts t o show t he wor ld t hat individual style and creativity go a long way even when you are a bit larger t han t he average. It's almost as if Ragi ni st epped r ight out of a st orybook and on t o ou r co mputer screens. Her sense of style is w himsical, fancy, and enviably vi ntage. Her outs ide-of -t he-box fash ions have caug ht t he eye of ot her plu s sized wo men t hat are inspir ed by her va lor, Teen Vogue and now PLUS Model Magazi ne. You should get to know more of what's be hind Cu's girly get ups. What made you start your blog? Was it originally fas hion-based? I learned to dress my (fat) body when I was on the LJ Fatsh ionista community. I f irst started putting up outfit posts there in 2008. By 2009,. I defin ite ly felt the need for my own space where I could do that as well as talk about fashion and so my first blog, Forays in Fatshion, was born. What labels would you put on your style? I li ke to ca ll my style "Storybook Style" since I always attempt to dress like characters from the books I rea d as a child. My style is vintage inspired. I often wear a lot of vintage. What do you really think about plus size fashion in the mainstream {i.e. Lane Bryant, Ashley Stewart, all the big brandsJ? Plus-size fashion in the mainstream is deplorable and makes me despair. How long do fat women have t o put up with polyester sacks in gaudy pr ints? Even in the UK, the situation is not much better. It's all about jeweled t ops with handker chief hems. I think the only plus-size brand that is putting excellent stuff out there is ASOS Cu r ve.

Where do you shop? I shop at ASOS, Topshop, River Island and Etsy, among others. Has your style evolved since you started your blog? My style has evolved greatly since I f irst started blogging in October 2009. Back then I was still learning to dress. I don't think that it was until last fall that I really came into my style. What's your favorite fashion season? Ahh, this is difficult! Every winter I f ind myself dreaming of spring fashion and every summer it's the fall collections! But overa ll I think fall wins over. I cannot resist those gorgeous coats and capes! Are you excited about some of the fall fashions/trends? What 's your favorite? I am excited about some of it, yes. Especially jewel t ones and capes! Which trend for plus fashion do you wish would go away? I wish designers would stop making those ghastly polyester sacks for fat women and give us cute tailored stuff in natural fi bers. The older I get, the more I insist on natura l f ibers .

If given the chance to create your own line with a designer, plus or straight sized--who would that be? I think it would be Marc Jacobs since I love most of his stuff! Teen Vogue recently featured you. Congrats! How does that feel and do you feel they captured you in the right light? Thank you ! I am really happy about it because it enables me to reach out to a wider audience, one that is younger and more impressionable and to which I can be a better role model. I fe lt that the original interview I gave them was somewhat controversial and that has been edited from the final article.

How would you recommend a plain Jane developing her own sense of style? I would tell her to not focus on what the world thinks of her and go ahead boldly and experiment, even though it may be difficult. I would say to start off slow and not worry if you don't develop your own style immediately; it takes time. What are some simple ways to make your outfit pop?

A few things I do to make an outfit pop are the addition of accessories like hats and brooches. A brooch can be a small but elegant addition to any outfit and makes me feel very ladylike, as do hats! Don't be scared of hats! Not many people wear them these days but even 50 years ago they were a necessary part of most people's everyday lives.

Do you go by any fashion rules that you've made up yourself or that you follow from someone else? Not rea lly ! I tend to think that fashion shou ld not have ru les and you should be free to wear anything you li ke. Screw flattering ! What do you hope your blog does for your readers? I hope my blog can inspire people to be daring in the way they dress, no matter which size they are. I frequently get messages from women about how my blog made them fee l better about themselves and how it inspired them to show off their bodies. Recently, I got a message from a 12 year old girl on my Facebook and I was so happy I had inspired someone--even at that age--to fee l better about themselves.





by Nikeya Young

Tune into BET, "Born To Dance" to w atch "Jelly" Morris compete. Check local listing for details. In case you haven't heard, there is an AWESOME new dance reality show on BET called "Born to Dance" with the famous chor eog rapher, LaurieAnn "Boom Kack" Gibson! You may remember Laurieann fro m MTV's "Making the Band". Well. Miss "Boom K ack" is back with a show that gives 20 asp1r1ng dancers the chance to compete fo r $50,000 towards furthering their dancing careers! Among the hopefuls is the competition's sole plus-size contestant Ms. Jahleeka "Jelly" Morris. Read on to lear n more about this dynamic dancing diva who is letting nothing stand in her way, and is giving her thinner counterparts a SERIOUS run for their money!

NY: First of all, congrats on making the show! What was the audition process like?

JM: The audition process was ver y stressful and extenuating. There were about 350 women that auditioned along with myself and the process of elimination was tedious. There wer e a lot of women who had nothing to lose and were leaving their hearts on the dance floor. along with myself. NY: You are AMAZING! I subscribe to your youtubeYouTube channel missy and you 've got some moves! How long have you been a dancer? I have been dancing since I was about 7 in hair shows with my cousin, Smiley. My first dance class was with Michael Peele at Dance 411 Studios in 2007.

Subsequently, I love music but I've had no technical training prior to the audition for the show. which was my very first audition.

NY: What does dance mean to you? I know that may sound like a cheesy question, but for artsy, naturally talented people their gifts mean something MORE to them which people around them just can't comprehend at times. Is dance like that for you?

JM: Dance is like oxygen. It is a tunnel that I tune all of my emotions through. When the realities of life get too difficult to comprehend, dance is there. When my past experiences spill over into my current interactions with people, dance is there. Dance is the only thing that is completely consistent. It is the way I show my individuality. I used to have low self -esteem and dance allowed me the space to build a solid foundation of self development to began to grow into loving me even if I wasn't statistically accepted by the masses. Dance is my life.

NY: What is the grand prize at stake for the show and why is it important to you?

JM: The grand prize for the winner of the show is $50,000 towards developing their dance career. This means a lot to me because my ultimate goal is to develop myself as a dancer in order to open a space where women of all sizes can come and feel beautiful like a woman's liberated safe haven, if you will. But whether I win or not, I will open this location for women to come and leave refreshed, rejuvenated, and beautified.

NY: Has your family been supportive of your endeavors?

JM: My family has always been supportive of me. I have always been the trailblazer. I was the first one to graduate college, first successful Greek-affiliated business woman. pledging Delta Sigma Theta. My family knows that I have undergone some difficult experiences in my childhood so they support all of my dreams and aspirations because they are monumental.

NY: Have you always been plus-size? JM: I have always been a thick girl. played basketball, so I was much more muscular than I am now. I gained the most weight after I had my daughter, Myjoi and honestly, I would have chosen to look 700 pounds than to not have my daughter. I

love her more than anything in this world and I almost lost her at 7 months so the doctor prescribed steroids to strengthen my cervix and the most of my weight was gained due to this complication. I am happy in my skin and did not allow the fluctuation in my weight to determine my ability to live out my dreams.


Have there been additional obstacles in your career journey due to your size? If so, how have you overcome them?

JM: Anyone's worst enemy is themselves. I refused to allow my perception and ideas of my own image be tainted by other's perceptions of me. The fact of the matter is that the dance/music industry is not favorable to women with meat on their bones. I am not trying to persuade people otherwise. I am merely trying to: 1 . Prove to myself and my daughter that you can do anything you want to do regardless if all odds are against you and 2 . Prove to the viewers that living is always greater, than existing, so at some point you have to decide to make brave decisions based on faith. I worked as a branch manager with benefits and a salary and then went to no job, but allowing my passion to fuel wealth. It's a sad game we play but the game must be played in order to truly be happy.

NY: I saw some pictures of you and you have AWESOME style! Where are some of your favorite places to shop?

JM: Yessssss! I have always shopped at boutiques in the Atlanta area. I absolutely love Little Five Points. I also love Aldo, Cherry Bomb, and I know style. I love to wear what others won't. so sometimes I will even go to vintage stores or thrift stores and rock

something that no one else would ever think to own. I love creating statements through my looks, facial expressions. and dance.

NY: You know that curvy women and girls across the nation are living vicariously through you on this show right?! Who WOULDN'T want to work with LaurieAnn Gibson? What advice would you give to any girl or woman who has been told that she cannot achieve something because of her weight?

JM: I would tell her that there is one life. God is the determining factor of what is and what is not for you . Do not allow you or anyone else to deter you from living out your true destiny. Rejection does not mean elimination. What is for you, is for you so PUSH (persist until something happens) . And be okay with the results. Live, love and laugh as much as you can because we only have one shot at this thing called life. Make it worthwhile. That's GREAT advice! We certainly thank Jelly for sharing her inspirational story with PLUS Model Magazine. and we wish her the best on her journey! Catch Jelly on BET's Born to Dance! Check your local listings for show times. or watch the show on Also, be sure to follow Jelly on Twitter @JellyBTD. #TeamJelly.

8400 1/2 Harford Road Parkville, MD 21234 Tete 410路 71路8426 touturequeen.bmore@email.tom Like us on 拢00 reQUeeD -~

Toro Toylor Model: Natalie Loughlin for PLUS Model Magazine

Makeup & Hair Stylist www.




Honored vvith

Curvy Icon Award ATLANTA - August 10, 2011 - Project Curve Appeal announced today that Chenese Lewis w ill receive the Curvy Icon Award at the 20 11 Sisterhood Conference. The award will be given during the VIP pre-show dinner, fo llowed by the highly anticipated Rock The Runway Fashion Show and Team Runway Competition, which Miss Lewis will serve as host. The 4th Annual Conference will take place at The Holiday Inn Select Downtown Atlanta Capitol Conference Center Hotel, September 30th -October 2nd.

Chenese L ewis has served the curvy community for over a decade, inspiring and uplifting many women along the way. She made history by being the f irst woman crowned Miss Plus America in 2003, is the Ambassador of the Binge Eating Disorder Association (BEDAJ, and the host of PL US Model Radio- the #1 podcast for plus size women. As an actress her work onB.E.T's hit show "Hell Date" showed her impeccable improvisational and comedic skills, which kept millions tuning in weekly. Miss Lewis is also the creator and host of Hollywood NOW's "Love Your Body Day," an annual event where women of all sizes come together to celebrate a day of self-acceptance, to promote positive body image, and to show that you don't have to be a size 0 to be beautiful. Her 2010 Love Your Body Campaign, where she posed nude with America's Next Top Model, Whitney Thompson, garnered international media attention and magnif ied her role as a leading positive body image advocate. Project Curve Appeal chose Miss Lewis to grace the cover of the premier issue of Curve Appeal Cu lture, the or ganization's on-line publication, crowning her "Plus Size "It" Girl". However all leading publications in the curvy community have raved about Miss Lewis, PLUS Model Magazine called her "A leader in the curvy revolution !", Daily Venus Diva

her "key individual in the plus community", and Gemini Magazine called her "A Positive Powerhouse"! "We wanted to honor someone who genu inely takes an interest in the people and projects within the curvy community. Chenese has supported almost everyone is the community by either promoting them on her podcast, blog, or with her presence. The industry can be very click-ish but Chenese supports us all, and we are grateful." sa id Bev W ilson, founder and director of Project Curve Appeal. The Sisterhood Conference is designed for women groups, clubs and organizations uniting for the ultimate experience, networking opportunities, shopping, fashion, women empowerment, health coaching, entertainment, speakers, makeovers, work from home opportunities, rejuvenation and allows women to meet those from a variety of other organizations to establish new connections. Rock the Runway Fashion Show and Team Runway Competition, hosted by Chenese Lewis, is the "main event" that welcomes all the fashion istas who love fashion, accessories and entertainment. This event w ill feature retailers, new designers and established designers. This is not the traditional fashion show. There will be exciting routines and choreography, live performances and a variety of trendy vendors and designers selling their latest and greatest products.

For more information visit:

About Project Curve Appeal Project Curve Appeal Incorporated is on a mission to correct the distorted perception of curvier women around the world, while empowering, educating and motivating them to celebrate their beauty, embrace their curves but also live a healthy lifestyle. Project Curve Appeal was created by our parent company Pink City Entertainment, but has since morphed into its own fu ll blown international movement impacting the world like never before. PCA specializes in uniting plus size women, all respectable trendy vendors that cater to them, men that love them, size acceptance groups that support women with Curve Appeal and other organizations w ith similar missions through our events, conventions and social media sites. Project Curve Appeal is the one of the most elite organizations dedicated to developing, serving and empowering full-figured women on a global scale.

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Reah Norman- Fashion and Product Stylist Plus Model Magazine Editor in Chief. Madeline Figueroa Jones. answers the question "What is plus size•?

1 07/ 22/ 2011

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Pany perfect treats for summer!

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