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Susan: Well I'm looking for beauty, grace and proportion in a model. I' m looking for all those things you think a model should have, and those ladies happen to come in sizes 8 to 18, and of course below and above that, but in my experience clients book w ithin those sizes and not ONLY but they will try different sizes and looks. They are looking to f ind out what their market is and which size is going to sell the most clothes. As long as the consumer stays active by writing and calling and buying their clothes the client will stick to the model who is selling the clothes. As an agent you have to be ready to accommodate. Maddy: What does it take to start a new plus size division with all the changes that have occurred within our society and industry? Susan: I have to keep clearing my mind of all the other things that are going on around me. When I first started, all those things that they said could not happen, I knew that they could and everything came to fruition. Now with this new agency, I sit in a quiet room with some wonderfu l people that are here to book talent, so I'm looking for those girls that touch me and make me fee l like they have a career waiting to happen. Maddy: I see you still believe in developing models as opposed to throwing them out there and learning on the job or trying to develop themselves. Susan: I' m a 100% believer in developing models, and I love that more than anything. I love seeing girls thinking that statement "You wou ld be so pretty if," and I love chang ing that and get the biggest thrill. I like to make people happy and seeing that excitement and when they understand what modeling is all about how their bodies move and who they are. I always go back to Natalie Laughlin, she would walk in w ith these little sundresses with her round arms, round tummy, full legs and ankles and she wou ld command everyone's attention. She wou ld move her hair and flash those eyes and you were not looking at her size, you were looking at a beautifu l woman. You were drawn to her because she believed in who she was. Maddy: With modeling agency boards housing anywhere between 40 and 60 models, how can a model separate herself from the rest? Do you believe some models just have 'It'? Susan: There are some girls that are just born with it and it's so obvious to anyone looking at them like Kate Dillon or Em me. There's an energy, a bone structure, height. body type. style this is how you separate super models from models. They walk in and you have to point the camera at them. These models are rare, but the other girls f ind the same thing when they find themselves. Once they see themselves on film and say gosh I see it. Maddy: You spoke about a model's energy, how important is personality when looking for representation?

Susan: I would say it's equal to beauty. First of all, you have to get through me to get to a client. If I can't stand being around you, then you won't be going near a client. I really believe that when you go to a casting you are taking me with you and you better show up with me looking good. Before an aspiring model walks into Figure 8 they shou ld: 1) Bring pictures or snapshots if you 're just starting out but if you're already working then yes, bring your work. 2) Wear a simple dress, a smile and take a deep breath and don 't try to charm me. I've been around way too many people and I can see r ight through you. 3) Try to imagine yourself walking into a client; this is what you should prepare for when you are meeting me. I immed iately access how comfortable they are meeting new people, handling and showing me their film, how they sit, stand or what they do with their coffee cups (which they should not bring in). All kinds of things go through my brain; I see them as if I was a client seeing them for the very first time. Maddy: Figure 8 is fairly new and you have signed some amazing talent already. What's on the horizon for you and your beautiful young ladies? Susan: We have the world open to us; I'm still at the making cards stage and sending out ebooks stage. Fluvia has been all over Italian Vogue, she's amazing. There have been some catalog bookings, but the big stuff is yet to come. There is still so very much coming and I'm still putting the look of the division together. We want to thank Susan Georget for her time and continue to wish her great success.

路Photo Credits Carolyn - Jessica Lavoie Natalie - Catherine Westerguard Fluvia - Florian Sammet Macy - Enrique Vega Kasia - Marcelo Cantu

WHAT PLUS READERS Have to Say About the July 2011 5TH Anniversary Issue Happy 5th Anniversary PLUS Model Magazine!!! Thank you for giving plus models the opportunity to showcase our talent! And for being the VOICE of the plus community! Laila Monet Maddy, I love the new layout for PMM! So sleek and sexy time! Shannon Hiett Happy 5th anniversay!!! Thank you for being the voice of the plus community. Niemah Haskin Happy 5th Birthday - the plus size community is lucky to have you! A.J. Jones Congrats on your AH-MAY-ZI NG success!! There is soooooo much more in store for you! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of you wonderful journey!! Get Down!! xoxo Steffany Bready-Edwards I absolutely Loved this issue ... Happy 5 years!! You've done so much for us!!! Rebecca Buckman Happy Anniversary PMM! Love the new layout and videos!! Jayde Wilson Ramos Best cover yet!!! And awesome new layout! Love it! Way to go PLUS Model Mag! Jessica Lavoie I just discovered PLUS Model Magazine a few weeks ago and I absolutely love you guys. I am so inspired by the beautiful women of all racial backgrounds and body types that you guys embrace for this magazine. Thank you for uplifting real women's spirits and confidence and I can't wait to see more of what this magazine has got to offer! Caroline


WHAT PLUS READERS Have to Sa y About the Spec ial Swimsuit Edition! Very tastefu l! Plus models were absolutely gorgeous, keep up the good work! L issette Ocasio I totally enjoyed that issue! !! Those models REALL Y put those Sl models to SHAM E!! !!!!! Terry Caldwell Jr. I have just seen the Swimsuit Issue and I am speechless ..... simply beautiful!! Marta Rivera The SwimSuit Edition was amazing. The ladies were so beautiful and inspiring. Monique Robinson I was just talking to my friends about how frustrated I was that there weren't any Plus size fashion magazines ... and then I stumble upon this! You've made my day! Kelsey Maeder I absolutely love the the swimsuit issue! Its so refreshing to see size 16+ looking gorgeous in swimwear. Thank you its so inspiring. Niemah Haskin

The swimsuit edition brought tears to my eyes ... #thighstouching #IFEELBEAUTIFUL Nykisha Potts I have just seen the Swimsuit Issue and I am speechless ..... simply beautiful!! Marta River WOW! I just saw the swimsu it issue, it is wonderfu l. The models have real curves and are beautiful. You guys really did your thing!!! Great job ... I'm inspired!!!!! I pray that God continue to bless, so that you can bring more change to the fashion world!! ! Ta 'Nashea

Empowerment Editor! I love this title. It comes with great responsibility and respect. I reflect on how I have arrived at this point in my life. Empowering others? I am the midd le child out of f ive siblings and being the middle child, you learn to concede and compromise at an early age. I definitely believe it has contributed to my great patience and the ability to see and understand both sides of a situation. I find myself constantly living in the gray area. It keeps me neutral and my eyes open to all possibilities. I was blessed to grow up in a tight-knit fami ly. My siblings and I fight hard, but we love harder. My parents instilled a strong sense of family, respect. and humility within our family. It has helped me remain grounded my whole life. In having a career in giving advice or empowering others, I am often asked how I am able to do so? I initially fe lt that it's innate, but I now know this is only f ifty percent true. Looking back as a child, I can remember my mother being an excellent listener. She had the ability to give advice to her fr iends and fa mily while reserving the judgment. My mother was also a confidante. She knew how to keep a secret and taught me very early that t he best gift you can give another person is confidentiality, comfort. and understanding. There is always a story behind someone's negative behavior or choices. She taught me to reserve judgment. but to offer others options in seeing themselves in a positive and productive lig ht. Everyone wants to feel legitimate; that they matter. I am forever grateful to my mother's influence on my life. It has brought me here to this place with you! In giving advice you want to be in a position of trust. It is important to me that you, my readers, are not only engaged in content. but trust that what I have to share means something to you. My life experiences have brought me to this place. That is the beauty of maturity. For every negative experience I have lived through, I am able to give advice on how to regain strength and positivity to move forward. I hope to give you all a new perspective, outlook and understanding. I anticipate hearing all your questions, comments, and suggestions! Please email me at . Unt il then, walk with your head high and your heart and mind open!!

Shanda will be taking questions from her readers directly at




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Sheer to medium coverage foundation Concealunderandinnerand outer corners of eyes, sides of nostrils, corners of flps and any other blemishes Set foundation and concealer with a sheer pressed powder Bronze skin around hairline, under cheekbones and chin, along jaw and the sides of nose with a matte bronzer 2 shades darker than skin tone Fill in groomed but natural eyebrows with a brow powder.or pencil 1-2 shades lighter than your hair color if you are a brunette, and 1-2 shades darker thao your hair if you are a blonde orif;1ave light brown hair , \.

Highlight under eyebrows with matte cream-colored eyeshadow (for darker skin use a sq>f! peach) Sweep a shimmery bron?f pink eyeshadow acro~s eyelia fr0m lash line to creasl3 and iAto lower lashes Enh~nce

crease with a mott~ lurown and also blend into lower lashes路 Dust a pale shimmer shadow by the tear ducts '

Apply false lashes witn a natural clear band Oh UP.per lqsh line With Duo Eyelash GlueThioly line the top lid with a dark brown liquid eyeliner Line the lower waterlit'cl~ with an off-white kohl eyeliner Curl and apply a coat 0f lulac;k mascara on upper and lower lashes ' Use a wash of peach blush on cheeks (for darker skin use orange) For a d~wy glow lightly brush a sheer sh1mmer shaaow down center of nose, above cheekbones. n~ar temp,le. and above your Ips 1n the clfpJd~s bow Line lips with a nude liner (for darker skin use a brown 2 shades darker than skin tone) Choose a creamy nude lipstick with a peach undertone. Make sure to apply on top of liner and blend


COVER MODEL EMMA Get the Look with Tara Taylor


Welcome to August! Now that we are currently immersed in summer, I am thoroughly enjoying the long summer nights, drinking lots of iced coffee, having sun-kissed skin, and doing all I can to stay cool! Literally all I want to do is throw on a sundress, my sunnies and hit the beach, but as we all know, fashion does not stop for anything, and the weather is no exception! Its time to start shifting fashion gears, and transitioning our wardrobes into fall fashion, and of course, DENIM! Denim is a sure thing for all of us, no matter which size or body type we are. Denim is that go-to item in our closets that we can always count on to give us the most mileage. I absolutely LOVE wearing denim, and for me, finding the perfect pair that fits me like a glove is like a treasure hunt. And paying a pretty penny for that perfect treasure is well worth it, especially if it means I'll possess the convenience and peace of mind of having something in my wardrobe that I love and know looks great! The beauty of denim is that there is a something for everyone, no matter what your denim love language, and in this months issue of PMM, we are celebrating our love for denim and how effortlessly it fits into our everyday wardrobes. In Reahs Style File, I have brought you my favorite denim trousers. boot-cut, w ide-leg, straight leg, crops, shorts. and of course, jeggings and skinnies that are all just a click away! Marie Denee, our Fashion & Style Editor is easing us into the the fall season with Buy Now, Wear Later, focusing on six new trends that will help us transition our summer wardobes into the fall season. Also, I am thrilled to say that we have a wonderful addition to the PMM fashion team! Monique Frausto has moved from contributor into a new position as Shopping Editor, and she will be seeking out all the best current trends to share with you, and working alongside Marie and me to keep you ahead of the fashion curve! The denim issue was so much fun to put together, and I truly hope it helps you find your treasured pair! Enjoy the rest of your summer. and remember to think outside the fashion box! Lots of loveReah Norman Executive Fashion Director



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T Bags

Anna . Beck •


Old Navy Style

369 Rebecca Mink"TT

Lane Bryant CJ by Cookie Johnson

ASOS Curve

Steve Madden

.... F21+


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" ___ Boot-~td & 5trai3ht. Le!j ... •

• 4111

Big Budd

Michael Kors


Jessica Simpson

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City Chic

MARC by Marc Jacobs


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James Jeans

Lane Bryant





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City Chic

Michael Kors

Boom Boom

Kate Spade



Buy Now, Wear Later: Six Fall Trends you can wear NOW

What is beautiful about fashion is that while the fall 2011 collections showcased in February, the trends that emerged from the runways have already made their way into the summer collections that you can fashion now and wear later. As we prepare to change seasons. the fashionista in you has probably already started shopping for the newest items to spruce up your closet. However, shopping for fall can be daunting when it is over 100 degrees outside. So what do you do? How do you take advantage of the sales and promotions for summer AND make use of your pieces through the end of the fall season? To keep it easy to navigate, we chose six trends that are easily attainable and fashion forward for your curves and pack a punch of fashion options for your wardrobe. Nothing is worse than buying a fabulous item that you can only wear once and it is already out of season. So we have gathered for you some of falls top trends that you can wear both right now and later!

l.Sheer The sheer trend has lent itself to blouses, skirts, and dresses of all lengths. Demure, playfu l, darling, and bold; sheer has a sophistication AND a relaxed edge to it when played right. Buy now: Wear your sheer tank over a fitted camisole. Fashion that sheer maxi skirt or the sheer pants with hot pants (depending on how much skin you wish to show).

Wear Later: Layer chunky knit sweaters in the same hue over the sheer maxi skirt/pant or layer tights under your sheer.

2. Bold Hues of Orange One the hottest colors to surface in the summer compliment a variety of complexions and have found itself in a variety of beauty pr oducts. Orange, in dresses, pants, tops, and everything in between, is a color that wil l be a mainstay through fall!

Buy now: Pair this color with whites and neutrals, letting the orange be the focal color

Wear Later: Worn with deep camels, browns, and navy pieces will warm up your outfit for fall.

3. Tailored Suiting Pieces Su iting has popped back onto the scene, feminized with ta ilored jackets, slim legged and boot cut pants, playfu l button up blouses, and sweet sweaters. With a quick change, your look can go from summer to fall!

Buy Now: Break up a suit into fun separates for summer. Pair your suit jacket with shorts for a chic evening suit look. Vests and cardigans layered with dresses for summer give your outfit an alter native for a jacket on t hose cool summer nights.

Wear Later: Fall su iting paired with feminine layers underneath- su iting gets a nod from menswear with a dash of femininity. Down to the tailored vest, suiting for fall goes full speed ahead.


4. The 70s Bell-Bottoms, Wide-leg Pants. and Peasant Blouses- the trend that has grown up w ith a bit more sophistication and laid-back lifestyle. Buy Now: Wear your wide leg pants and bell-bottoms w ith short-sleeved button up blouses tucked in. Pair your peasant tops w ith shorts and Capri pants for a playful vi be.

Wear Later: Layer a tailored leather (faux or real) in shades of dark camels and burnt reds. Pair your bottoms with loose chunky knits for an eased and polished boho vi be for fall.

5. Color Me Bad Pants Intense hues have worn their way into our denims and trousers. Playful and bold hues in reds, blues, and greens; these bottoms pack a bold statement from summer into fall! Buy Now: Wear bold hues with flowy tops, relaxed, cutout, or screened tees, high-low tops and sheers to match the summer heat and cool evenings. Color blocking w ith a complimentary shade or neutrals make for a fabu lous on trend summer look.

Wear Later: Contrast these bold hues with jackets and chunky knit sweaters (you w ill see quite a few options here) . One of the keys here is playful layers!

,....,... .. - . ...

6. Maxi Lengths Taking a cue from the 70s and the sheer trend, maxi skirts and dresses have trad itionally been a summer mainstay, however a blend of trends have fash ioned maxi skirts and dresses apropos for fall !




Buy Now: Wear maxis baring your arms, shoulders, and pretty little toes. Tanks and tees for the maxi skirts.

Wear later: Pile on the layersknits, sweaters, and jackets. An extra brownie point if you play with the same color. Belt your chunky knit OVER your sweater to give your curves some def inition.

Have you already stocked your closet with these top trends? Still have a little more shopping to do? Well, take advantage of the sales, end of season promotions, and stock your closet with your favorites that will easily translate into fall for you that you can buy now and wear later! - Marie Denee

2011 ULTIMATE CUR\tY DENIM Buyers Guide Ashley Stewart ASOS Curve The Avenue City Chic David Khan Embody Denim Evans Forever 21+ Lane Bryant MU Jeans Old Navy Paige Premium Denim PZI Jeans [up to 18) Style 369 Svoboda SWAK Designs Torrid Seven 7 (Lane Bryant and MacysJ Levis [MacysJ S ilver Jeans [MacysJ American Rag Plus (MacysJ Hydraulic [MacysJ Apple Bottoms (MacysJ Baby Phat (MacysJ INC International Concepts for Macys Grane Plus Size for Macys Tommy Hilfiger (Macys) Style & Co. for Macys Lauren by Ralph Lauren [Macys, NordstromJ (Nordstrom and BloomingdalesJ Jag jeans (NordstromJ MICHAEL by Michael Kors [Macys, Bloomingdales, Nordstrom) DKNY (Mac~s . BlGJG.Jrningdalesc ~or..QstromJ Kut from the Kloth (NordstrGm) Calvin Klein (Macys, Nordstrom) Not Your Daughters Jeans [Macys, Blooming_dale~r,Nordstrorn) CJ Cookie Johnson ijNordstrom] Eileen Fisher (Bioomingdales, Nordstrom, Neir11an Marcu~) M iraclebody Jeans by M iraclesuit (Bioomingdale52] Lafayette 148 New York for Bloomingdale's Sejour Denim for Nordstrom Pure Energy for Targe.t Massimo for Target Cherokee for Target Merona for Target

m c 1

e e a ex an- ra PHOTOGRAPHY





?"f.,;,~~a,&tt& at&~-~~-

408.930.1359 m ic hellea lexphoto@g ma i I. com

Meet Marvin Joseph & Rhonda Mays Celebrity Photographer and MUA from Australia by Nikeya Young Recently, I had the honor and privilege to interview Marvin Joseph and his lovely wife, Rhonda Mays. Marvin is a photographer and his wife is a makeup artist. You may have seen the AWESOME ad campaign for Australia's Embody Denim clothing line for plus-size women. Well, these two are the team behind those ads and so much more! Now, they have brought their remarkable talents to the U.S., more specifically New York City! Read on to learn more about this amazingly talented husband and wife team. NY: Hello Marvin! Thanks so much for taking the t ime to talk with PLUS Model Magazine and congrats on coming to New York! Is this a permanent, or a temporary business move? MJ: Well, my trip is purely for spreading the word about Marvin Joseph. Although Sydney catered to the start of my passion, I need more of a creative outlet, a place where I can take more creative risks. I gauged it last year by coming to NYC for three and a half months and I knew had to come back then! It was like NYC was waiting for me. NY: How long have you been a photographer? MJ: I picked up a camera in 1999 and then it just started from there. I started to ask beautiful women in the streets if I could take their pies and I loved fashion so I went from there. NY: I absolutely LOVE the denim campaign for Embody Denim. How was your experience working with plus models on that beautifu l campaign? Also, what inspired you to take on this project? MJ: I have been working with Natalie Wakeling exclusively for many years now. In fact, no one else shoots her campaigns but MJ (Laughs). Working with her is always a treat because she just lets me loose. I love working with plus size models because its simple, these girls are as real as it gets! In fact its so real; we have candy and chicken for our lunch breaks. NY: (Laughs) I' m sure you'd never f ind those items on straight model sets! Are plus models pretty well received in Australia? MJ: There are only two major plus size modeling agencies in Australia. This says it all. The population is just too small, and Australia is very conservative in their creativity as well. NY: Besides Embody Denim, what are some of your favorite projects that you've worked on thus far?

MJ: Well, I used to focus plenty on fashion, so I worked with Sydney Fashion designers, and appeared on a feature of Australia 's Next Top Model. but these days I love working with music artists! I can take more risks creatively. Recently, I f inished an album shoot for the POT BELLEEZ and ZOE Badwi, both are well-known artists in Sydney. NY: Nice! If you could work on ANY print campaign of your choosing, who would you work with, and why? MJ: Well. I would like to work on the covers for PLUS Model Magazine of course, and perhaps VI BE. V, Harpers, and Playboy. I like all these guys, because I share the same groove as what they put out in the market. lm all about edginess, reality, and sexiness. I think my work exemplifies that. Visit online at Meet Rhonda May, Celebrity Make-Up Artist from Australia and Mrs. Marvin .Joseph

NY: Hello Rhonda! How are you? RM: I am feeling really inspired and happy. NY: How have you and your husband been enjoying your t ime in New York? RM: I love Americans in general. I love their energy. NYC is dynamic, inviting and there are positive vibes all around. There is really something special here. It doesn 't matter which part of the world you come from you feel at home. I think everything happens for a reason and the people we've met here in New York are no accident. We love working with musicians. We have been checking out live music most nights here. My personal favorite. whom I love working with is Nadia Ackerman; she is the voice of the new UPS commercial "That's Logistics". We have been biking around the city and most days we can bike for up to 5 hours a day. It's a great way to see the city. The last time I rode a bike I was 8 years old. I'm 32 now and its true, you never forget how to ride. Our dog Blackie, my best friend, loves NYC. They allow dogs on the subway and taxis and he absolutely loves Central Park. NY: I saw your website and you have AWESOME work! How long have you been a makeup artist? How did you get started? RM: I have been a makeup artist for seven years now. I stumbled into makeup. I met Marvin through a model friend of mine, Holly Graham. I hung out on photo shoots for a year. I would hang by the makeup mirrors and soon began learning and helping the amazing makeup artist Chloe Jean. Marvin suggested I be a makeup artist for him. If it weren't for him I would be doing something completely different today.


I worked for six years with no formal training and trusted my instincts. My favor ite makeup artist of all t ime is Kevyn Aucoin. I researched and read about what other artists were doing. Last year, I came to NYC and studied for the first time at MUD in Soho. I did the diploma of makeup artistry and hair styling. Strangely enough, when I was in my mid 20's and studying acting, my teacher said I should be a makeup artist! I said, "Whats that? You can make a living from that?" Six years later, here I am today. NY: I know you are very well known in Australia! What are some of your favorite projects that you've worked on? RM: The Potbelleez photo shoot was a success. It was a hard day in terms of working in the rain. We were all drenched and freezing. Then off to a sewer to stand in gross puddles of water fil led with garbage and other questionable objects. We had smoke machines and fake guns. Then it was to the back of a truck padded all white. It was alien like and very cool. I loved the end result! The vibrant colors and the magic we created on set were indescribable. These were the worst conditions I have ever experienced on set and my favorite shoes in the world went in the trash bin. It was worth it though and every set now feels like gold. I loved the vintage shoot we did for Fancy V. We did an Alice in Wonderland inspired set. I doubled as a set designer and I styled the bush w ith giant candy canes, and other sweet pieces. The makeup and hair was 1 950's and 60's with Poppy Pinks and bright red lips. I loved the design and the end result really stood out. I left that shoot w ith 80 mosquito bites covering my legs. Once again, it was worth it. I also loved the music video we shot for Nadia Ackerman, The Circus Is Back in Town. This was a stand out for me as it was so rich with life and color. I got to create some amazing characters. It was very avante garde and super fun! Right up my alley. It was shot in Central Park, NYC. Need I say more? The song is just out of this world ! I love it and count it as one of my all-time favorite experiences. There are way too many to talk about! Last but not least, the Sony Vaio interactive shoot we did in Sydney. All sets were made in the middle of the city and an estimated 100,000 passersby saw the images and journey of us working on set. Back in NYC, I loved working on the Jimmy Fallon show with Robbie Dupree crew and meeting Jimmy was awesome. We had so many laughs backstage. NY: WOW! Those are all AWESOME experiences! What goals do you hope to accomplish while you 're in New York? RM: I will be working w ith more musicians and making many actors happy with the way they look on f ilm. There will also be a lot of high-end fashion shoots coming my way. Overall I just want to spread the word about Rhonda May and be very busy doing what I love.

NY: How long have you and Marvin been married? How do the two of you balance your marriage and your successful photography/makeup artistry businesses? RM: We have been married six years now. Amazingly, we work out well working together because we are opposites in personalities. Marvin is the more dominant one and I am the more chilled-out character. This is good because there is no f ighting. There is drama when you get two head strong personalities together. We both love what we do and strive for perfection so it works well. We are both very professional. Clients dont even realize we are married. We have our own identities as artists. NY: What advice would you give to aspiring makeup artists? RM: Try to work with the best photographers. Always look at your work raw. This helps you see where you can improve. Continue to grow always. Every time you do makeup you learn. Be positive, watch You Tube videos, read books, look at magazines, look at what other makeup artists are doing. Continue to study every six years to stay current. Workshops do wonderful things. Be inspired and be thankfu l for every day you are able to do what you love. Passion and energy are important to succeed. NY: Thanks so much for taking time out to talk with PLUS Model Magazine! We wish you and your husband continued success in all of your exciting endeavors! RM: Thank you for letting me share some of Rhonda Mays World with you. L OL! I do love to talk! Stay beautiful and real, smiles! Check out my stuff at




Interview with Cover Model Emma Meyer by Editor, Madeline Jones Emma Meyer came into our lives as a Torrid model search finalist almost two years ago. Opening up herself to the possibility that she could be a working model, she dove into the modeling industry and has been fortunate to have the doors opened for her. Working with both Ford and Images NYC, shes booked clients such as Old Navy, MXM and JC Pennys and now graces the cover of PLUS Model Magazine. Is the industry changing, has she been told to lose weight? Find out in this very open and honest interview with our cover model Emma. Maddy: How did you get started in your modeling career? Emma: I had a friend that did some head shots for me, and when I read about the Torrid model search I sent the head shots in and was one of the f inalists. After the search I got in contact with L uke ( and I came to NY to test with him and ended up working for PLUS Model Magazine. Shortly after that I sent my pictures to Ford Models in Chicago and I was signed. Maddy: Your life has been sort of a whirlwind for the past two years with being signed and booking jobs fairly quickly. Is it all as it you thought it would be? Emma: One of the things I learned very early on was that not everything is what it seems, so lm very grateful to have met some great people in the industry. Maddy: Youve been in NYC for the summer and your newly signed with Images NYC, can you tell us a little about leaving home and your experience so far. Emma: Being here has been great; lve been having a great t ime as a model and becoming familiar with people here. I met plus size model Tiffany Bank and aside from you, she is someone that has a lot of passion for size equality in this industry. Its been wonderful to be acquainted with someone that is a consumer of plus size fashion and listen to how models affect her buying process. Maddy: For a lot of aspiring models its very difficult to become fluid in front of the camera, and you have been one of those models that seemed to blossom in a short amount of t ime. Can you share some posing techniques or studying preferences? Emma: I try to spend time in front of the mirror every day, looking at my ang les and figuring out new poses so I can keep things fresh. The first test I did after being signed I bought every single magazine I could get my hands on and I treated myself as a model and not just as a plus size model. I think studying plus size models is great but in order to develop other styles I think studying all models is most beneficial.

Emma: I try to spend time in front of the mirror every day, looking at my ang les and figur ing out new poses so I can keep things fresh. The first test I did after being signed I bought every single magazine I could get my hands on and I treated myself as a model and not just as a plus size model. I think studying plus size models is great but in order to develop other styles I think studying all models is most beneficial. Maddy: Youre a signed size 16 model, when did you realize the size issue in the plus size modeling industry? Emma: lve been very fortunate with FORD Chicago, they told me from the very beg inning not to change anything about the way that I was. Now being signed with Images NYC. lve received the same support as well from Susan Georget. I think things are slowly changing, lve been told not to lose weight or I will not be booked so its been a pretty awesome feeling. Maddy: What are your top five tips for aspiring models? Emma: 1) One of the things I wish I knew this t ime last year is its not a big deal. Its so easy to spend so much time thinking about why youre not getting work, or what is wrong with you. Literally the best thing you can do is take a deep breath and do your absolute best and not putting that pressure on yourself. It will show up on camera if you are not relaxed. 2) Your model bags, things could get pricey but there are ways of shopping to get what you need and not spend a lot of money. Dont be afraid to be creative. 3) Treating yourself like a model and looking the part. Things like having a proper manicure and pedicure are important. 4) Read and be completely lost in magazines, blogs and anything that you can get your hands on in terms of modeling and fashion. 5) Dont ever forget what makes you unique. Its really easy to sit around and say if only I had blue eyes, or was an inch taller. We can spend so much time thinking about who we are not instead of appreciating who we are. My body type is closest to plus size model Tara Lynn and for a while I was too busy trying to be like Tara Lynn instead of being like Emma. I think this is a common mistake with many of us. This was an incredibly honest interview and I so appreciate you opening up with PLUS Model Magazine. For bookings: I Figure 8 division fordmode I Chicago



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Why do casting directors or agencies still take a Polaroid of me even though I have my camp card? Ok, before dig ital photography t he Polaroid camera would take an instant shot of you and print out a photo right then and there. The Polaroid was taken of y ou for different reasons such as; 1) To see how photogenic you really were. 2) How re-touched your pies in your look book or camp card might actually be. 3) The person or agency taking the pic could remember the real you. A true professional model will still look great. The purpose is to show that even with bad lighting and simple equipment. you can still take a great photo. Even though the Polaroid camera may not be used, the term Polaroid is still the industry word for a quick 'as is' shot of you. So, how do you prepar e fo r the Polar oid? You should ALWAYS have a corrective on your face for any go-sees. A corr ective means you are correcting any f laws your face has. Are you blotchy? Do you have acne? Do you have dark circles that day? Does your face photograph flat or round with no definition? After you do photo tests for some time you begin not only to see what types of poses look best with your body, but how your face photographs. If you do not know about makeup you should take a class on the basics or just play around with makeup and your camera at home and see what looks best. Do not over primp for a Polaroid. In other words, do not put every extension you own in your hair or tons of fake lashes, or cake on the makeup. I've seen girls try too hard and it translates on camera & in photos. You will be hired to sell clothing or shoes or something else, so let the person hiring you be able to have some imagination of what you coul d look like. My agency surprises its models w ith polaroids. I have attache d mine on such a surprise day and they actually submitted these shots to clients. As you can see, my makeup is simple, I'm relaxed and you can see my body shape. Simple. Its about keeping it simple with Polaroids. Have fun !!

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Spotlight Model by Tiffany Banks Name: Danielle "Darling" Zavala Resides In: Orange County, CA Stats: Height: 5 '9 " I Size: 16 Online portfolio: Tiffany: When did you decide you wanted to be a plus model? Danielle: I decided I wanted to be a plus model last August. I submitted for the Torrid House of Dreams search and just got bit by the modeling bug. I started to think about how I cou ld make a positive impact on young girls who were insecure about their weight by showing them you can be plus size and still fol low your dreams! Tiffany: Who are your favorite curvy role models? Danielle: I have a long list of my favorite curvy role models! Natalie Alvarado, La Cholita, True She roes and Denise Bidot to name a few! I love what each one of these ladies has contributed to their prospective styles within the fashion world! Tiffany: You recently won the title of Mrs. Plus America 2011! Congrats! What was that experience like and what made you enter? Danielle: Winning the title of Mrs. Plus America 201 1 was just an amazing experience! I never would have imagined that my dream of winning a beauty pageant of that caliber would ever come true. I remember watching the Miss America pageant as a young girl and pretending to win in my room all the time, but as I got older and started to realize that my body would never looked like those contestants, I began to doubt my dream. I entered the Miss Plus America Pageant because I knew it wou ld be a great opportunity to share my platform of adoption awareness and education with other women as well as help achieve my dream of encouraging other plus size women to fol low their dreams. Tiffany: If you could pick the perfect plus modeling campaign for yourself, who wou ld you want to work for? Danielle: My perfect plus modeling campaign would be to work with Lane Bryant! I love everything that they stand for and feel that they are the clothing line that best displays me as a person. I love how they have maintained their status as one of the biggest plus size clothing distributors and have changed their designs to stay current w ith new fashion trends! I also love that they have clothing that I can wear for work!! I own about two Lane Bryant suits and they are sassy, comfy and professional looking! Tiffany: What are your dreams, desires and goals as a plus model?

Danielle: My dreams are to inspire women both young and old to believe in themselves! I want women to learn to embrace each and every curve they have and still maintain a healthy lifestyle. My main goal is to have the opportunity to share my story of personal triumph and success with women who doubt that their dreams will ever come true. Tiffany: What can we look forward to you doing in the next year? Danielle: You can definitely look forward to seeing me do a lot this next year! My goal is to make more than the requ ired number of appearances as Mrs. Plus America as well as team up with a few positive plus size advocates to help spread the word about size acceptance! I will be working closely with Beta Foster Care, Orangewood Children's Foundation and the Boys and Girls Clubs in Orange County, CA to help educate my local communities about the number of children in need of adoptive parents. I also have a couple special tricks up my sleeves to help spread my personal life motto that "Beauty isn't a size, it's an ATIITUDE!" Tiffany: Name your favorite store to shop for curvy clothes in your hometown. Danielle: It's a tie between Lane Bryant and my favorite online Vintage clothing store! Tiffany: Who were the Photographer(s) and Makeup Artist(s) for the photo(s)? In order: Photographer: Nichole Alex Photography Hair: Jennifer Medrano Makeup: Jackie Oh Photographer: Mike Nass Hair/Makeup: Sarah Dalton Photographer: JVD photography Hair/Makeup: Phi's Pretty Faces Photographer: Haley West Photography Makeup/Hair: Jaclyn Nicole Stewart Photographer: Victor Ciccarelli Hair/Makeup: Lynne Ciccarelli Corset: Isabella Corsetry Photographer: Afif Cherif of Hair: Crysta McDonald Makeup: Dorra Stephens Evening Gown: Bonny Bridal


Interview with Hannah Mclalwain from The Glee Project By Shannon Hiett

Hannah Mclalwain is a firecracker with an abundance of spirit and heart. She was one of 40,000 people to audition for The Glee Project on Oxygen and she became one of the twelve finalists. Hannah is an entertainer and certainly has the aud ience wrapped around her finger. She is lovable and still in the competition. Though the show has wrapped and Hannah is sworn to secrecy, we wildly hope this curvy diva will win the seven episode guest role on Glee. Shannon: Hi Hannah, thank you so much for your time. PLUS Model Magazine is thrilled to be interviewing you! How's your summer been so far? Hannah: Thank you so much! I'm actually more thrilled that PLUS Model Mag wants to interview me! I'm having a blast. I'm loving LA. It's really beautifu l here. Sunny & 80 all the t ime. Shannon: What are you doing with your summer? Hannah: Nothing really. We are in limbo until the show's finished. The f inale is August 21st. So just hanging for now. Shannon: How did you get involved in The Glee Project? Hannah: I was sitting on the couch during my Christmas Break from school and I saw a commercial for The Glee Project and I thought, totes mcgotes. I'm going. I just knew that this was something I was destined to do so I immed iately booked my flight to Dallas the following week for the aud ition. When I found out I made the top twelve, I said peace out to Queens University and packed up and headed to LA. One professor tried to convince me to stay, but I was like, Really? This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I'm going for it. But overall, my professors were happy for me and the opportunity. Shannon: What has your favorite episode been so far? Hannah: Definitely the Dance Episode. I thought it was a total hoot and I laughed all the way through it. It was so hard for me and they didn't even show half of the struggle I went through. I thought it was really cool though. I had so much fun on that show and ended up being really proud of what I accomplished in being able to keep up with the skinny kids

... The Glee Project has been the best experience of my life and I can 't believe that I'm here. Shannon: The cast seems to be pretty fun, is there anyone that rubs you the wrong way or that you 'd like to give a swift kick to once in a while? Hannah: Well Lindsay and I didn't get off to the best start, but we are roommates now, so everything worked out. I wish they showed more of the behind the scenes when we are at the loft living together, because we really are like a family. We have a ball. Shannon: Did you miss being away from home while fi lming? Hannah: Yes. I live with my mom and she is my biggest supporter. So it was hard not being able to talk to her as much as I wanted to, but honestly, they kept us so busy while fi lming that it was difficult to get homesick. Besides, I have twelve people that become like a new family to me because they are experiencing the same things I am. They're crazy and fun and wild. Shannon: You have fans from all over the world. Do you get any creeper fans that want to marry you and want you to have their babies? Hannah: Funny you should mention that because its become a recent thing. There's this kid on Twitter that tweeted me like 20-30 tweets in the span of 1 5 minutes and said when we wou ld get married, where we would live, how many children we would have, and he wanted to tattoo my face on his butt cheek. He must have been using Google Translator because some of his tweets didn 't sound quite right. They definitely weren't English. Shannon: Your personality is off the charts amazeballs. How did you become so entertaining? Hannah: (Laughs) Thank you! I've always been a goofy, crazy kid who did my own thing . I was always pretty weird, but somehow socially accepted. My mom always encouraged me to be myself. When I booked my ticket to Dallas, my mom said, Hannah, this is crazy, but I believe in you. I just knew that this was r ight for me. Shannon: So, at PL US Model Magazine, we always like to f ind out a few things ... what's your favorite place to shop for clothes? If you cou ld choose one top designer to create a plus size line, who would it be? What's your favorite thing to wear? Hannah: Well, I recently discovered that the Forever 2 1 by my house has a plus size section and I went crazy. I love their bold patterns and colors. Its so hard to f ind plus size clothing that is hip and doesn't make me look 30.

As far as designers go, I don't know too many, so I wou ld say Calvin Klein because his look is really clean. I was always a tomboy in school and have just recently while on the show discovered my style and taken an interest in fashion. I like to wear a lot of card igans that have a pop of color. I'm a jeans and tee-shirt kind of girl, but recently I've been really into layering things. So, I' ll wear a cool flowy top and layer a cardigan over it. Shannon: How do you feel about the term plus size? I know some women who have an aversion to using the term. Does it bother you? Hannah: Honestly, I don't really get offended by much. The term plus size just is what it is. We are on the upper end of the spectrum. Besides, I feel that size is just a number, it doesn't define me. I have no problem with the term plus size. Shannon: What's your favorite thing about being curvy? Hannah: I don't know if I'm allowed to say this, but my tats. I love wearing a push up bra that emphasizes my tats. Shannon: My sister always says that the thing she enjoys about being curvy is her T&A. Hannah: (Laughs) Oh, I definitely don't have the A, but I definitely got the T covered. Shannon: Do you ever feel like your curves have held you back? And if so, how did you overcome it? Hannah: Yeah, in some ways I've been self-conscious, but for the most part no. Like in the choreography episode, it was a lot harder for me than anybody else. But being plus size is just who I am. I ultimately want to be healthy and happy. I'm happy now. Shannon: What was it like being a curvy girl in high school for you? Hannah: I didn't get made fun of for being plus size in high school. Of course, you have the occasional kids that say mean things to make themselves feel better, but for the most part I was really nice and got along well with people. High school was really great. Shannon: Do you have a crush or are involved with a special someone right now?

Hannah: No, I am single and ready to mingle. Boys are much different here in LA. I mean, don't get me wrong, I love a good southern boy, but the boys in LA are tan, blonde, and handsome. I guess I've been lucky enough to see all the good ones. I love the California boys!

Shannon: How was your experience on MTVs Made: I Want to be a Rapper? I was truly entertained by that episode. You can spit. Hannah: Thank you ! That was my first television experience. MTV came to our school and interviewed us after school. I decided to go on a whim and was totally excited when they picked me. It was a great time and a wonderful experience. Shannon: I read that you are now in LA full time and you dropped out of college to be a part of The Glee Project. Will you ever go back to school? Where do you want to go from here? Hannah: I loved college. I adored the productions I was in and I miss class. I don't miss the homework or the finals, but I miss learning stuff every day. I'm going to stay in LA, but I may go back to school one day. Shannon: Thank you for being a role model to curvy women who have doubts about their body image from time to time. You may not realize it, but you are truly an inspiration and what you've accomplished thus far is nothing short of incredible. I wish you the best of luck in your super bright future and we are rooting for you to win! Hannah: Aww, thanks so much! This has been totally fun! I had a blast. The Glee Project can be seen on the Oxygen network. Check your local listings for show times.

Model: Allison McGevna for PLUS Model Magazine


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Meet Cece, TheBigGirl Blog's Plus Size Princess by Editor, Madeline Jones

She's smart, sassy, girly and anonymous? Yes, she is Cece, the blogger behind TheBigGiriBiog .com. Dating in today's society, when men expect you to look like the photo-shopped women in magazines, is not easy. Cece speaks openly with us about dating, fash ion and why she is twenty-five pounds smaller. Maddy: How would you describe yourself? Cece: Well, on TheBigGirl blog I often refer to myself as a "Plus S ize Princess" ... that's in a nutshell who I am. I' m an adventurous, f lirty, fash ionable girl who just happens to be bigger. I think people think big women can't be feminine or soft, I am a girly girl and I know so many other plus size women are too. I like to embrace that. Maddy: What prompted you to start TheBigGiriBiog? Cece: TheBigGiriBiog started as a diary for me. I was living in NYC with all these fabulous model-type fr iends and although they loved and supported me, there was a lot about MY dating experiences they cou ldn't relate to. I began to journal them online and around that same t ime I went to my first BBW Party (which rocked my world!) Again, none of this was something I wanted to discuss with my size 4 friends so I kept writing and writing, then one day I got my first comment and I realized "oh my gosh ... people might actually read this!" Maddy: I'm sure that you have many readers that can identify w ith you. Cece: It's funny, in most ways Plus Size Princesses (or PSP's as I like to say) are no different than skinny girls, but there are a few things that only we understand about living life as big girls. When readers email me or comment on TheBigGiriBiog saying "yes! I understand" or ''I've soooo been there" its amazing to me. Maddy: In your blog you have written about men, dating and the reality of dating; it can be harsh. Cece: Harsh doesn 't beg in to describe it. ... Maddy: In one of your most recent posts, you were speaking about this guy that was a Ph.D. and how you went against your instinct and met him for drinks anyway. What advice do you have single PSP's about dating? Cece: I email back and forth with lots of girls about dating, and I know how hard it is. For some PSP's they struggle with getting "out there", for others they struggle w ith self-esteem and we ALL struggle with the quality of men out there!

I think the most important thing is to know yourself and more importantly LOVE YOURSELF. If you come at the dating game waiting to be defined by a man you're setting yourself up to be hurt. You have to be okay with who you are, so that if he doesn't call, you don't drive yourself crazy. Maddy: Now this is easier said than done. How do you maintain such a positive outlook about life, being a big girl and dating? Cece: Being secure in who we are before other people (family/friends/men/whoever) get in the way is the key because everyone has an opinion, but only you know what you're worth. Trust me, I have my moments ... its not all sunshine and roses in CeCe's world. Maddy: We all do, it's reality and anyone that says they don't is lying to themselves. Cece: I think a big part of it comes from my support system. I have a loving fami ly, great friends and I'd rather be single, than date a bad guy, so I'm patient and when there's a man around he's sweet and supportive too. Maddy: You have been open about your weight loss goals ... can we talk about that? Cece: Of course! Maddy: I'm sure people want to know why the weight loss and how you are going about doing it? Cece: I'll deal w ith the why first. In a nutshell, it's for health reasons. I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which means weight will always be a strugg le for me. But I've noticed that when I bring my weight down, my body acts the way it shou ld. I have regu lar periods, my skin is clear, along w ith a host of other things. I want to have kids someday and I think being at a healthy weight will make it easier. I can tell you right now, that I'm 99% sure I will always be Plus Size, but I think my body was made to be on the smaller end of plus, if that makessense? Regarding the "how", I'm just eating well and working out daily. I work out about an hour a day 3 -4 times a week; so far I've lost 25 pounds. Maddy: So let's switch gears a little... lets talk about FASHION!!!! Cece: YES PLEASE! Maddy: Plus size fashion has come along way ... who are your favor ite brands or designers and why? Cece: I can remember being the miserable 12 year old shopping in Lane Bryant. With all of the options out there now, I feel like a kid in a candy store! My style is very vintage inspired and girly. I wear a lot of dresses, and pearls aod pink! ,.,.---..._;

Maddy: Yes I see .... Cece: I love L ucielu, Kiyonna, lgigi and eShakti, also the plus section in Macy's here in the city has some good classic pieces. For jeans I like Source of Wisdom and for heels, Jessica Pritchett. Maddy: In your opinion, what is lacking in plus size fash ion? Cece: I hate that plus size girls are forced to shop online all the time, we're so diverse in shape that we NEED to be able to try things on. A size 22 looks different on everyone, I would beg for more brick and mortar stores or more department stores to carry more lines. I know in this economy its hard, but we're worth it! Maddy: Tell me about being the anonymous blogger; I thought it was so cool when I met you face to face fina lly. Cece: Ahhh yes, lots of people don't realize I'm anonymous, but I am because I talk about my dating life in detail, I stay anonymous out of respect for the guys I'm writing about. Maddy: Your blog is kind of the 'big girl' version of Sex and The City- Carrie Bradshaw's columns ... Can we have your top 5 t ips on dating in NYC? Cece: Oh wow ... let me see


1) Smile! Don 't think because you're plus size guys aren 't checking for yot:L sometimes all they need is a little encouragement and they' ll come right over ahd ask for your number 2) Don't get stuck on your "type." I've dated every "type" of guy you can imagine and I learned something from all of them . The more guys you' ll give a chance to, the more you' ll date 3) Get Online: especially if you 're shy ... online dating is fun and can open up a whole new crop of guys for plus size girls. 4) Follow your gut/be safe: Don't put yourself in unsafe situations or do things that go against your better judgment (this goes especially for online dating) 5) Don't wait on your weight: Don't wait to lost 10, 20, 50 pounds before you get out there ... just start and see what happens, you might be surprised Maddy: Excellent advice. Thank you Cece! For more on Cece visit and email at




The Essence Music Festival is the largest African-American music and culture event in the U.S. Attracting an estimated 400,000 attendees, the 17th annual Essence Music Festival continues to be the only music and empowerment festival in the U.S., in addition to a hallmark of New Orleans tourism . This year, the 2011 Essence Music Festival was held July 1st- 3rd and ou r very own hostess with the mostess, Chenese Lewis, was on the scene. For the second consecutive year, Chenese took PLUS Model Radio on the road to the Essence Music Festival, where she conducted celebrity interviewsin the Convention Center on Radio Row! All of the empowerment events and festivities are in the Convention Center, so its the place to be before the nightly concerts in the Superdome. During the weekend she had the opportunity to interview some of the biggest entertainers and community leaders in the country, including Tina Knowles, Boyz II Men, Soledad OBrien, Pebbles, the Basketball Wives, Valerie Jarrett, who is the Senior Advisor to the President, and many more! Not only did Chenese get the inside scoop on everyone's latest projects, but was also able to sli p in a few questions from the curvy perspective. Where else can you hear Naturi Naughton and HLNs A.J. Hammer talking about the pressure to be thin in Hollywood? Nowhere! If you haven't already, make sure you listen to PLUS Model Radio from the Essence Music Festival at

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Thank you to all of the amazing models, photographers, MUA's, Designers, Fashion Companies and Stylists that helped to bring you this special Curvy Swimsu it issue for our 5th Anniversary!

And what did you think? We want to hear from you! Click here to drop us a line and let us know what you thought, what you loved, liked and cou ld do without as well as what you would like to see in future . 1ssues. Until the next issue ... keep it curvy! Madeline Jones, Editor & The PLUS Model Magazine Team PL USmodelmag .com