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PMM [inspiration] | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Photographer: Andre Schneider Styling: Reah Norman Model: Halle Deneen Makeup: Tara Taylor Hair: Alicia Fajardo

“Social media has united people world wide and brings opportunities to those that are smart enough to seek it through innovative channels.� Madeline Jones

PMM Crop Top by Custom Plus

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masthead madeline jones editor-in-chief

valery amador

marcy cruz

executive director

blog editor

reah norman

alexandra boos

executive fashion director

executive marketing & creative director

andre schneider photo editor

alissa s. wilson

tara taylor

yve edmond

shopping & style editor

beauty editor

wellness editor

luke jones

spry lee scott steffany allen

jennene biggins

staff photographer

digital app manager

fashion contributors

t i f f a n y b a n k | a s h l e y g r a h a m | k e n d r a c. j o h n s o n | d a n i e l l e m e l n y c z e n k o larissa laurel | shannon hiett | rosie mercado | colleen stovall contributors

plus model magazine | inspiration + style PLUS Model Magazine inspires the style-savvy, fashion-forward, full-figured woman to embrace her curves. Online since 2006, PMM has become a thought-leader shaping the plus size industry and providing a barometer for the season’s latest style trends for curvy women. With a monthly magazine featuring stunning editorials showcasing plus models, as well as ‘How-to-wear’ columns and shopping guides at all price-points, PMM reports on style, beauty and topical news, all while engaging our reader in lively and meaningful conversation on our daily blog and social media. Developed, designed and written by plus women, for plus women, PMM understands and speaks directly to the heart of our reader, because we are our reader. P M M . M AG A Z I N E . B LO G . S O C I A L . E V E N T S . P R O D U C T I O N | mar 2014


inspiration + style


model magazine inspiration + style The #1 Fashion & Beauty Magazine, Blog and Social Media Outlet For Plus Size Women MAGAZINE 1 Million Page Views Monthly BLOG Over 1.25 Million Page Views Monthly FACEBOOK 473,740+ Fans TWITTER 27,660+ Followers INSTAGRAM 19,980+ Followers ALEXA RATING Global 50,869 . US 12,681

As the most powerful and far-reaching fashion magazine, blog and social media outreach in the plus industry, PMM is an unparalleled tool to help connect you with your curvy customer. Email me at to explore collaboration. Alexandra Boos Executive Marketing & Creative Director P M M . M AG A Z I N E . B LO G . S O C I A L . E V E N T S . P R O D U C T I O N

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PLUS MODEL the social media issue | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Beauty 38 Makeup Expiration 44 Florinda’s Top 5 Beauty Favs 48 Ask Tara

Style 52 Executive Fashion Director 54 2014 Spring Trends 58 Spring Exposed 62 Spring’s Best Prints

In Every Issue Inspiration 6 Editor’s Letter 22 Contest 33 Readers React 30 #CelebrateMySize 26 PMM Blog Report 34 Discovered on FB 146 Alexandra Boos Executive Marketing & Creative Director

march 2014 Editorial 70 The Eloquent Woman 78 Social Media 90 Get to Know Halle 92 Interview with Arissa LeBrock 98 Spring Fashion 114 Picture Perfect Style Life 120 Get to Know Olivia 128 Sayed, A Man on a Mission 140 Having Faith is a Choice 150 Health & Wellness 154 Nailing FFFW Auditions 160 Plus Modeling 101 164 Spotlight Model Chelsea | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Photo by Vera Belyavskaya Makeup and Hair by Tiffany Oliver Model: Katya Zharkova, PMM December 2013

letter from the editor madeline jones | editor-in-chief

the social media issue I can still remember my, then, boss coming into my office and saying “Madeline, today I’m going to introduce you to the World Wide Web.” I thought the man was off his rocker! Little did I know how this “web” would bring the world together and revolutionize the way we do business, get our news and open up a new world to so many of us; this was not so long ago, the year was 1989. Social media began as far back as the late 70’s with the dawn of bulletin boards and forums. These helped to build a foundation for places like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Today the plus size industry is very much intune with social media and in many ways it’s affected the way we all experience fashion and receive inspiration.

With social media being at the center of plus size fashion, and its’ fashionistas around the world, we decided to dive even further into it. In this month’s issue we chose a NEW un-signed model from Twitter for our first #PMMSOCIAL feature. Our Twitter model Halle, was shot with an iPhone and we used Instagram to document and bring our readers into our shoot for the first time with a behind the scenes look as it was happening. (Visit @plusmodelmag for all BTS photos/videos) We still can’t create women via our computers, like in the movie “Weird Science”, but the Internet has made it possible for magazines such as PMM to introduce up and coming stars like Arissa LeBrock, daughter of Vogue cover model and actress Kelly LeBrock and movie star Steven Seagal. Arissa is beautiful, funny and a big prankster as we all found out on set. She has a bright future ahead of her and we are so excited to formerly introduce her to the plus size industry in our Big Spring Issue. On my vision board for several years has been a picture of Puerto Rico. With 72% of women on the island wearing a size 12 or larger I’ve wanted to get involved with bringing fashion and a positive body message, but was not sure how this would manifest. Last month I was invited to attend a two-day press event, as a weeklong plus size fashion event was announced by Suzanne Ujaque of We met with television stations, newspapers and magazines to help spread the word. Check out the PMM blog for a recap of the press days and pictures here More details coming soon! Addition Elle launches their second lingerie collection with supermodel Ashley Graham today! This collection is HOT! HOT! HOT! Check it out at and let us know what you think, use the hashtag #SexyStateofMind You don’t want to miss this month’s fashion features, health and inspiration articles and modeling tips.

the cele bra tion


YOU #CelebrateMySize

During the month of January we launched #CelebrateMySize on Instagram. Women from all over the world snapped their photos and used the hashatag to proudly celebrate their curves. Check out a few of our favorites!

We are excited to be continuing this body positive incentive. Snap a pic of yourself, upload it to Instagram and tag your photo #CelebrateMySize We will be choosing 10 images per day to regram.

@plusmodelmag | mar 2014


inspiration + style

PMM [readers react]

We Love to Hear from You! Tell us what you think of your magazine, what you love, | mar 2014


inspiration + style

what you like and what you want to see in future issues

I commend your decision for choosing to start

much this means to an African American woman like

with the largest group of visible minorities in the

myself. Lord knows body diversity is a major issue

modeling industry. I commend your bravery for

within the fashion industry and ethnic diversity

speaking on behalf of so many women and teenage

is overlooked. Thank you Liris Crosse for that

girls of African descent. You will get a backlash but

awesome and truthful interview. You shed light on

it will only be because there is truth to your issue.

some major issues within the industry. I’m so proud

Thank you! Thank you so much for this issue... it

of these women on the cover. They give aspiring

could not have come at a better time.

models of color hope. Again, thank you for this. I

Tessenie Mowatt-Mason

know some may not understand why this was needed but I hope after reading this issue they will support it. Continue to be ground breaking, you have 100%

Congrats @Plusmodelmag on yet another issue

of my support! Love you guys! Essie Golden

pushing others to rethink ‘how’ they think. Diversity is beautiful. Liis Windischmann @LiisW

(IN RESPONSE TO OUR NEGATIVE FEEDBACK) With positive reinforcement and by loving and embracing ourselves and others like us, as well as

Furthermore, not one person of color in America

through hard work, the word and the pictures are

needs a legal definition of discrimination. We are

getting out. Now I know why I didn’t just completely

living it every day. This is a beautiful cover that

cut Facebook out of my life!

celebrates beautiful black women, during a month Yolanda Yvette Jones

when Black history is being celebrated. The need for such a month is a clear example of the discrimination that still exists in our country. Indeed, the other

Thank you PMM for doing this. I know you received

eleven months of the year still celebrate shall we

some push back from this. You have no idea how

say, “others’” history.

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PMM [readers react]

If putting black women on the cover of a magazine with the title “The Black Issue” causes you to feel that this issue is, “Clearly for blacks,” may I submit to you that your thinking is an unconscious manifestation of a deeper issue about race than your conscious mind may allow you to accept. Nicole Page Bell Sorry but I disagree with this special treatment

inspiration + style

edition as it discriminates against people with white skin. Would you ever do a white edition? What has the magazine got against white people? Why not just have editions for all where all are not judged on the color of their skin, which is a little crude isn’t it. Lee Ingram Omg awesome! This made my day. Thank you! | mar 2014


Nikki Brown Good Job PMM! I love the waves you have been causing in the plus fashion industry. Tessenie Mowatt-Mason My Favorite PLUS Model Magazine issue to date. This is a must read for the fashion industry and brands. This issue touched on all my feelings as a Blogger, Model, Consumer and mostly as a Dark Skin Girl. Thank you Madeline Figueroa Jones & the PPM Team for this eye opening issue. P.S. I wish I had a hard copy to keep. Melinda Clark

Photo: Luke Jones Model: Grisel Paula June 2013 PMM

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PMM blog

report with blog editor Marcy Cruz | mar 2014


inspiration + style

February was the month of love; love for others but also self-love. We covered some great stories about body image, bullying and the term “plus size� in the fashion industry. We also talked about bridal for those of you brides-to-be out there that got engaged on Valentine’s Day and maternity for those of you expecting. Spring is almost here so we are prepping for that wonderful weather that awaits us and all and the fabulous trends that come with it. Swim collections have already arrived and new spring collections continue to launch. And with contemporary fashion brand Eloquii back and the bold fashion trends that are popping up, Spring is looking to be very exciting. If you have any questions or comments, you can always email me at marcy@plusmodelmagazine. com. Be inspired! ~ Marcy

Plus Size Bridal Spotlight: Top Bridal Designers/Brands You Should Know

10 Great Places To Shop For Plus Size Maternity Clothing

Plus Size Fashion News: Launches Designer Boutique For Curvy Women

Puerto Rico’s FIRST Plus Size Fashion Week Announced

PMM Sound Off: Will A Plus Size Disney Princess And Larger Mannequins Help Promote More Realistic Body Images? Models Coco Rocha, Selita Ebanks and Fluvia Lacerda Give Their Opinions On The Term ‘Plus Size’ In The Modeling/ Fashion Industry Actress Gabourey Sidibe Discusses Twitter & How It Has Inspired Her To Take Action Against Social Media Bullying

Spring 2014 Fashion Must Have: Pretty Floral Prints

Beauty Spotlight: Spring 2014 Is All About The Dramatic Eye

Plus Size Modeling Spotlight: Plus Model Hayley Hasselhoff Thinks It’s Cool To Be A Plus Size Model


Discover this year’s hottest swimsuits and resort wear. SHOP NOW

tara beauty with Tara Taylor

Makeup Expiration | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Although using old or expired makeup, unlike food, won’t poison you, it can make you sick. It harbors bacteria that can cause severe skin irritation, breakouts and infections. Some products, like food, carry a date of expiration; others a number followed by the symbol “M” or “Y”. If the label says 12M, this means the product is good for 12 months after the seal has been broken or opened. Others have no date; therefore it’s good to know when your makeup should get the toss before it goes bad.

MASCARA – 3 Months When it starts to clump or smell, throw it out. Twisting instead of pumping will prevent your mascara from drying out too quickly. And absolutely NO SHARING! You will spread germs, guaranteed!

FOUNDATIONS AND CONCEALERS – 12-18 Months Have you noticed the color changing or liquid separating? Time to buy a new one.

EYELINER: PENCIL – 2 Years; Cream/Pot/Liquid – 3 Months Pencils last longer because you are constantly sharpening off the bacteria to expose new, clean product. Cream and liquid liners, much like mascara, only last a few months due to the double dipping; lots of bacteria!

LIPSTICK – 12 Months LIPGLOSS – 18 Months If they start getting dry, goopy and thick, most likely they’re done.

POWDERS (Eyeshadow, Blush, Bronzer, Loose, Translucent) – 2 Years Powders last the longest of all makeup products since they are dry. But it is still essential to use clean sponges and brushes. | mar 2014


inspiration + style

TOOLS: Sponges – 1-2 Months Brushes and Metal Tools – No Exp. Considering that you are washing your sponge after every use, or at least every few uses, you can keep it for a couple of months. Washing your brushes once every week or two will not only cut down the bacteria on your tools but also on your makeup. In between uses, mist with alcohol and you will be sure to keep any grimy germs from breeding out of control. For your metals, simply clean with alcohol before and after use.

Tips 1. If it smells funny, trash it. 2. If it dries out, chuck it. 3. Keep a travel-sized bottle of alcohol to mist your products (yes, powders too) and tools after each use. This will keep bacteria to a minimum. 4. Keep your makeup out of the heat. It will spoil if exposed to the sun and UV rays for extended periods of time. 5. To reduce the growth of bacteria and extend the shelf life of your cream products, use a stainless steel makeup spatula and scoop out what you need for each application and work from the back of a clean hand. Remember to disinfect spatula with alcohol BEFORE and after each use. 6. Store your makeup in a cool, dry place. Keeping some of your products in the fridge can extend their shelf life for up to 6 months.





florinda’s favs

Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Flat Iron

Benefit Erase Paste Brightening Concealer The ultimate all-concealing concealer, covering everything from tiny blemishes, to your occasional havoc-wreaking dark circles.

Now this is a flat iron that promises to add indispensible sleekness and natural shine to any hair type or condition.

Sephora Always Red Lip Stain You’ll feel ready and able to conquer any dinner date in this lip color that commits to it’s promise to remain ‘Always Red and always sexy’.

Farouk’s Biosilk Silk Therapy Feeling au naturale today? Give yourself a break and leave this super light serum in to silken, replenish, and protect your hair for however long you please.

L’Oreal Telescopic™ Precision Liquid Eyeliner No need to call off an intense cat eye when you have this liquid liner on hand! The super precise felt tip allows for a quick and efficient swipe of untouched boldness across your lid.

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | mar 2014

Photographer: Stanley Debas Model: Florinda |


: Els Sprenkeling / ww

Hair & make-up

: Yvonne van Dalen /


: Yvonne van Dalen /

Creative Director : Nancy Herkul / ww



ask tara

with Tara Taylor

My concealer is great for under my eyes, but too light for my

like wearing foundation. I’m confused as to what to do. Sheila from Brooklyn, NY

Sheila, I know it can be confusing, but here is the method


I use that never fails me. First things first, get two concealers: one for the eyes (lighter) | mar 2014

inspiration + style

face. Do I mix it with my foundation? Sometimes I don’t feel

that actually matches your skin.

and one for the face (preferably oil-free and same color as skin). On the days you really don’t want to wear foundation, you can camouflage blemishes on your face with a product

When you DO wear foundation, apply that first, the concealer second. Foundation will cover 90% of blemishes. That way you only add the concealer you need for the other 10% that peeks through. Less product = more natural. HAVE A BEAUTY QUESTION? Email Tara at and your question might be featured in an upcoming issue of PMM!

reah’s letter

with executive fashion director reah norman

Spring is my favorite season and I am so excited | mar 2014


inspiration + style

to be celebrating with March’s BIG fashion issue! I have to admit, I have been doing A LOT of shopping in preparation for the season; adding amazing vibrant colors, bold prints, and silhouettes with playful attitude to my wardrobe.

For this month’s issue, I left the LA sunshine and headed to the cold, icy NYC snow to curate both of this month’s fashion editorials. In the midst of the freezing temps and winter storms, we made spring magic happen, both with our cover girl Arissa, and PMM’s ‘Twitter discovered’ newcomer, Halle. It was so refreshing to play with bold color palettes, fun patterns and rich textures for both shoots, highlighting spring trends straight from the runway, and translating them into wearable ensembles for every size and body type. This is what I love about my job!

Our Shopping & Style Editor, Alissa has featured spring’s chicest trends, and PMM’s fashion contributor, Danimezza rounded up a few of our favorite plus size fashion bloggers who’s bold ensembles are inspiring us all to expose a bit of skin as the weather warms up. Our beauty editor, Tara talks “Makeup Expiration”, and I have highlighted 4 of the hottest spring prints that you simply cannot ignore!

What spring trends are you excited about and what will you be wearing this season? I hope this issue inspires you to try something new, take a chance on the trends of the season, and always “think outside the fashion box”!

2014 spring trends

with alissa wilson

As we approach warm breezy weather and longer sunny days one must start thinking about what to wear. This spring season is trend heavy. Designers from Monif C to Rachel Pally have produced some of the season sexiest and chicest looks. Everything from sleek jumpsuits to rule-breaking trends like crop tops, plus size women can now have a spring wardrobe that is modern, cool, and sexy.

So, check out what’s trending now for spring:


L to R: Monif C. $185, Youtheary Khmer, MadisonPlus $79, Forever 21 Plus $10.80 | mar 2014

crop tops


inspiration + style

L to R: ASOS Curve $64.82 , Forever 21 Plus $27.80, Simply Be $80, Evans $135, ,

denin dresses

L to R: Avenue $68, Target $32.99, Lane Bryant $84.95


L to R: Tadashi Shoji $328, Forever 21 Plus $22.80, SWAK Designs $79.90

black & white stripes


L to R: Rachel Pally $282 , Modcloth $53, Eshakti $$59.95, Dorothy Perkins $44 | mar 2014


inspiration + style

L to R: Torrid $34.50, City Chic $114, Maurices $54



by danielle melnyczenko | mar 2014


inspiration + style

As the weather warms I believe our souls do too. Months of dreary weather, a constant feeling of damp, not to mention all the fun outfits always being hidden beneath that same old black coat. It’s a buzz kill. It’s easy to understand why we all tend to get a little excited at the thought sunshine and sundresses. Let’s be honest, you’re a bit of a trend setter (it’s why you read PMM obviously) but you’ll have more to think about than just the length of your hemline and the option of going sleeveless to be considered bold this spring. Fashion week declared that the industry isn’t afraid of showing a little more skin and this is having a strong knock on effect in the plus size industry which is beyond exciting. Mesh panelling and laser cut details, exposed midriffs, daring thigh splits and soft romantic sheers.

Blogger Style L to R Nadia Aboulhosn Gabi Gregg On The Q Train Danielle Melnyczenko

If your heart’s not racing yet it will be when you discover the amazing colour palette ahead of us. White is a classic that shows no signs of departing. Zesty shades of lemon, grapefruit and orange (whether bold or within print) are bound to find themselves in your

closet by summer. Cooling


things down on a hot day is easy with romantic violets and dazzling ocean blues gracing our wardrobes. Up until now these were outfit elements that only a daring plus size Blogger or

stylist would attempt, often


customising garments for the desired look. Now these styles will available to the masses. I understand that for some, skin-baring collections are too far off the outlandish scale to swallow but for those with a little bravery and confidence, this season is going to be a lot of fun! From top:

by reah norman

Ashley Stewart


s Ash






inspiration + style


ve ore

lu 1P




Mil | mar 2014

Tried and true stripes are quick to emerge each spring, and this season the uneven, bold, thin, and asymmetrical stripes are all at the forefront.

es Fa Simply Be

on shi


u Fig



AS Sim





r ve

florals Large-scale, artistic, abstract, blurred watercolor effect florals in bold hues are saturating the scene.




r ve

Laf Simply Be


1 ette


Fashion to Figure








inspiration + style


il nM





Plu | mar 2014

Aztec lozenges, rich and vibrant zig zags, ikat patterns and traditional, indigenous Latin and Native American elements bring the heat.

s n Eva Forever 21 Plus


C The



Lane Bryant





inspiration + style


digital prints | mar 2014


B ply

NDA prints (new digital aesthetic) mixes media with photographic images, graphic prints, pixilation, and fashion photorealism coming to life in garments.






pp o h S


PMM, Sep 2013 Issue


Celebrity Make-up Artist




Clean lines paired with dark and light hues are show stoppers for Spring

Photography, Jeremy Bobrow | Styling, Emilie Robidoux Model, Joby Bach | | MUA and Hair, Marilou Bergeron Make Up Products: Lise Watier Cosmetics and Make Up For Ever Hair Products: Big Sexy and Sebastian Retouch : Luk Wu |

Knit Top with back yoke in iv Elizabeth & Jam Jersey pants Halston Herita Gorget go and steel, TopS Short leather fringe g gold & silver chain H&M

$325 slim leg, age $320 old, silver Shop $64


glove with

M $69.95

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | mar 2014

vory silk, | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Strapless short ramp, Marciano by Guess $ 88.00 Adjusted stretchable skirt, H&M $39.95 Gant short fake leather gloves, TopShop $46.00 Oversized chains, TopShop $36.00

Jacket with polyester fringe, Vero Moda $ 59.00

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | mar 2014

Polyester skirt with lace detail at the collar, H&M $34.95 Shoulder Embellished Jacket, H&M $59.95 Earrings: Stylist own

For bookings contact


Denim Button-down / Gold Hoops by Ashley Stewart Knit Baseball Jacket by Lane Bryant Printed Knit Skirt by Evans The Cut Mesh Baseball Cap by Collection XIIX | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Sequin Aztec Tank / Fringe Leggings by Forever 21 Plus Jewelry by Fashion to Figure Multi-color Snakeskin Heel by Nine West

Floral Jumpsuit by Evans Jewelry by Lane Bryant Belt by Ashley Stewart Yellow Platform by Chinese Laundry

Flawless Crop Top by Custom Plus Lip Print Pencil Skirt by Simply Be Rhinestone Bangles by Lane Bryant Metallic Heel Bootie by Jessica Simpson

Denim Button-down / Gold Hoops by Ashley Stewart Knit Baseball Jacket by Lane Bryant Printed Knit Skirt by Evans The Cut Mesh Baseball Cap by Collection XIIX

Denim Button-down / Gold Hoops by Ashley Stewart Knit Baseball Jacket by Lane Bryant Printed Knit Skirt by Evans The Cut Mesh Baseball Cap by Collection XIIX Metallic Heel Bootie by Jessica Simpson

Makeup: Tara Taylor Hair: Alicia Fajardo Assistant Stylist: Ashlee Henderson Model: Halle Stanley

Sequin Aztec Tank / Fringe Leggings by Forever 21 Plus Aztec Open Cardigan by Forever 21 Plus Jewelry by Fashion to Figure Multi-color Snakeskin Heel by Nine West | mar 2014


inspiration + style

get to know


Name: Halle Stanley City: Baltimore, MD Type of Music I love: Hip Hop and R&B. I especially LOVE BeyoncÊ and Drake Love to spend my time: I love traveling, so anywhere besides HOME. I also love spending my time at the mall. I would describe my clothing style as: unique, trendy, and chic. I usually dress according to my mood, and I’m usually happy and spontaneous! My role models are: My mother and God Modeling for PMM is: A DREAM COME TRUE. It is one of the best things that has happened to me career-wise.

arissa lebrock interview by madeline jones

Arissa with Mom, Kelly LeBrock

She’s the girl you want to be friends with. Within the first

to actress and model Kelly LeBrock and actor Steven Seagal. How does the plus size world compare to the world she grew up in? What modeling advice did supermodel mom offer? It’s all here in our exclusive interview. Maddy: Growing up with two famous parents must have been an interesting childhood. What are your fondest memories growing up? Arissa: One of my fondest memories growing up is of me performing on a toy microphone after dinner for my mom’s friends and guests. I would get completely dressed up and usually perform Bette Midler’s song from the movie Beaches, The Glory of Love. I was always a ham! Another fond memory I have is whenever my mom would have a makeup artist over... I would always sneak over to the station and sit in awe of all the brushes paints and colors. It was so beautiful to me. Then I would proceed to paint my face!


with. Our March cover model, Arissa LeBrock is daughter | mar 2014

would later become one of our favorite models to work

inspiration + style

five minutes of meeting her she had made us laugh and

Maddy: What made you decide to pursue modeling? Arissa: I always knew I was destined to do something in the spotlight. I was fascinated watching my mom pose for photo shoots. I’d watch this whole team come over, and see her with wardrobe, hair and makeup and it was all so amazing. Maddy: Did you discuss entering the modeling industry with your mom? Did she give you any advice? Arissa: Growing up my mom always told me I could be

her own, she knew how difficult it could be. The best advice she gave me about the modeling world was to always be strong and remember that we’re all individuals and we should rejoice with who we are. You can’t be beautiful until you feel it. Maddy: As adults we can sometimes see those traits we got from our parents. What prominent traits can you attribute to your parents? Arissa: My mom and I are very similar in many ways. We are both free spirits, very giving and kind hearted, we would give you the shirt off our backs, and mostly we are huge jokesters! For us it’s all about the comedy. I will go very far to make someone laugh even if it means embarrassing myself to the fullest extent! Ha-ha!


in the public eye. When she started she was only 15 and on | mar 2014

did tell me that I was to wait until I was 18 if I wanted to be

inspiration + style

anyone I wanted to be as long as I was happy. However, she

Maddy: A lot goes into staying in “model - shape”. How do you maintain your curves? Arissa: Lots of water, no gluten (just because it puffs me up more than most), and moderation of sugar. I also practice portion control and a healthy, active exercise regime. Most importantly I work on being happy and positive as much as possible because that’s when I’m the healthiest. Happiness shows! Maddy: In the short time since you have been on the Dorothy Combs Models board you have met with several prospective clients and shot the PMM cover. What is your impression of the plus modeling industry been so far? Arissa: My impression is that I prefer the plus world of modeling rather then straight size because I feel like people ‘get’ it more. The plus world is definitely not as judgmental. Before I had an agency I wasn’t really sure what to expect. Then I met all these people and I knew at once I had nothing to worry about. The plus modeling world has been very welcoming and kind. Maybe it also has to do with the fact that they can see I’m a team player and I’m willing to go the extra mile! Maddy: What are you goals for 2014? Arissa: My goal for this year is to continue to grow more and more successful, not just as a plus size model, but as an inspiration for men and woman of all shapes and sizes. I’m very excited to be that role model. For bookings visit Clothing Credits in editorial feature Handbag,

Ombre Bodycon by Fashion to Figure Filigree Bib Necklace by Zenzii

photographer andre schneider styling reah norman

#plusmodelmag | mar 2014

have a love affair with this seasons flirty and trendy looks.

inspiration + style

spring fashion

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | mar 2014 Knit Sweater / Printed Pant by Forever 21 Plus Fringe Clutch by Ashley Stewart Enamel Jewelry by Nordstrom Private Label Multi-Color Strappy Sandal by Steve Madden

Lace Baseball Jacket by Lane Bryant White/Metallic Babydoll Dress and Fedora by Forever 21 Plus Gold Pendant by Nordstrom Private Label Gold Peep Toe Pump by Nine West

Striped Crop Top by Fashion to Figure Wrap Jacket by Kristin Miles Two Tone Pant by Ashley Stewart Statement Necklace by Lane Bryant Ankle Strap Sandal by Steve Madden | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Printed Button Down and Distressed Denim by Lane Bryant Car Coat by Lane Bryant Graphic Sweater by Michael Kors Ankle Strap Heel by Nine West

Ombre Bodycon by Fashion to Figure Sharkbite Trench by Ashley Stewart Filigree Bib Necklace by Zenzii Cut-out Heel by Nine West

Cropped Cardigan by Ashley Stewart Sheer Midi Skirt by Kristin Miles (lining removed) Ankle Strap Wedge by Steve Madden Bracelet Stack by BCBGeneration / Kate Spade

Floral Shift Dress by Fashion to Figure Blazer by Evans Tote by Simply Be Head Wrap by Cara Ankle Strap Heel by Nine West

Model: Arissa LeBrock Beauty: Joanna Javier Assistant Stylists: Ashlee Henderson & Steffany Allen

picture perfect styles notes from reah norman, executive fashion director | mar 2014


inspiration + style


white hot metalic A surprising stand out in a sea of spring color, head to toe white and daytime metallic offer a crisp, clean freshness to the new season.

stay neutral A neutral color story has emerged to cleanse the palate and get back to basics for the new year. Perfect for the seasonal transition, and a classic year-round go-to that stands the test of time.

skirting around Hemlines havegone below the knee this season, and it’s all about sheer when it comes to skirts. Bold and unapologetic. Wear at your own risk with a cheeky boy short, or fancy shapewear brief.

shades of radiant Radiant orchid is having its moment in 2014, along with all the shades in its spectrum - from pastel lilac to vibrant fuchsia. A charming shade of purples and berry hues galore!

printed perfect Printed pants are at the forefront, once again for spring, becoming a wardrobe staple that offers a perfect playful element to an ensemble.

Distressed boyfriend jeans are the season’s denim must have, once again. This slouchy, oversized style is perfection when balanced with the juxtaposition of a ladylike, structured pairing.


denin in distress | mar 2014

Short and sassy, this mod throwback silhouette is making its way into our hearts once again. The bold shift dress is an easy breezy style, perfect for showing off your stems!

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shift it


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Wardrobe credits: Mint full Midi Scuba skirt, ASOS Mint crop top, ASOS earrings and rings, ASOS shoes and bag, stylists own

getting to know

olivia interview by madeline jones

Social media has expanded our reach by leaps and bounds. In January we began our #CelebrateYourSize campaign on Instagram and when

comfort to those still struggling to embrace the skin they’re in. Olivia Campbell was born and raised in London, England. She’s a plus-size model, stylist, and a full-time single mother. We’ve seen her on the cover of Curvaceous Inc or ‘bearing all’ to promote body confidence in the Volup.2 nude issue or indeed gracing the pages of PMM for the DEARCURVES ad campaign. Get to know Olivia... Maddy: How did you get started in the modeling business? Olivia: I have always been plus size, but when I was younger it was something I thought I had to be ashamed of and I spent years agonizing over all the mean and hateful words that people said to me. So when I was first approached by a model scout at 16 I thought I was being pranked and was too scared to follow it up. This all changed as I grew up and I realized the beauty and wonderment of my body. My body may be curvy and have stretch marks, but it’s mine and I love it. One day I saw an open casting call for an online retailer I sent off some digitals and they responded immediately offering me the job.


size model could begin such praise over our bodies and offer some | mar 2014

it was the comments that touched me most. A single image of a plus-

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we reposted this particular image the likes came rolling in rapidly, but

Pale Pink coat ASOS ASOS midi skirt in Ponte with pockets Crop top, bag and shoes, stylists own earrings, ASOS | mar 2014


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Pale pink ASOS Vinatge Cocoon Coat flamingo print body con dress, River Island red heel, Primark earrings, ASOS

Maddy: You exude such confidence, can you tell

Maddy: Many aspiring models think

us how you maintain a positive body image?

modeling is easy work. Can you share some tips for those looking to get into the

Olivia: I’m naturally very outgoing and confident.

modeling industry?

Whether you are a size zero or a size 32 there is always going to be something you are not 100%

Olivia: Well I can assure those people that they are

pleased with about your body. Instead of focusing

very wrong. Modeling is not as easy as it looks! My

on those flaws I choose to embrace them. There will

tips to aspiring models are:

always be people who will find me ‘fat and ugly’ and

(1) Look after yourself and adopt a healthy diet.

they have the right to that opinion, but in life you

(2) Drink plenty of water, it’s great for your skin.

may not be everybody’s cup of coffee, but it doesn’t

(3) Practice your craft... get to know your face and

mean you’re not hot.

body, and remember that angles are everything!

retailers to use more diversity when

(5) Build up a strong portfolio

marketing to them, we are still seeing a lot

(6) NEVER EVER GIVEUP! Even after 20 doors have

of the same. What has been your experience

slammed in your face just keep trying and if that

in this industry?

doesn’t work try harder and harder. Eventually hard work always pays off, so never give up on your dreams.

Olivia: I actually think the entire industry has their part to play in this matter. It is an unfortunate merry-






go-round! The consumer clearly wants to see a



bigger variety and more diversity in the models used to market fashion to the plus size woman and I think

Photographer: Simon Wisbey,

designers and retailers are aware of this, but have

Twitter: @swisbeyphoto

trouble trying to cater to these demands due to the lack

Instagram: @simonwisbey

of 18+ professional, working models represented by

MUA: Asta Perkins,

premier agencies! I am slowly seeing a change in the market and hopefully both the retailers and agencies

Model and Stylist: Olivia Campbell

will be able to work in unison to provide plus size

consumers with what they want, which is evidently

Twitter: @_OliviaCampbell

bigger models.

Instagram: CurvyCampbell


etiquette go along way. | mar 2014

Maddy: While plus-size women are begging

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(4) Always be polite and gracious, personality and | mar 2014


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Sayed Badreya

A Man on a Mission interview by madeline jones

For the past six years Egyptian American actor/filmmaker Sayed Badreya (Iron Man, You Don’t Mess With the Zohan, Three Kings, amongst many others) has been working on a cause dear to his heart - Combating Human Trafficking in the Middle East. Being mindful that this campaign requires a great deal of financial backing, the sales of Sayed’s new line of compression/shapewear garments called ‘Elsa’s Curves’, are benefiting these women and children who so desperately need help. I sat down with him for a heart-to-heart about Elsa’s Curves as well as his campaign, what shaped his life and motivates him to pursue this passion, as well as what the future holds…

Maddy: Could you tell us a little about yourself?

Sayed: My wife is a nurse and she would always come home and tell me how her patients

Sayed: I grew up in Egypt where I would hide

would complain abut the horrible compression

from the war at the movies; I fell in love with

garments they would have to wear after surgery.

America by watching movies. It was my dream

I also had already begun to make them for some

to come to America to pursue my dreams, but

of my movies, like the jacket in Three Kings.

my dad died when I was nine years old and so the family had to come together. My mom began

Maddy: What makes Elsa’s Curves different

to sew for the neighborhood to provide for the

from other body shapers?

family. I began to help my mother and fell in love with the process, and most importantly the

Sayed: Our fabric is unique to us, we make our

curvy women who came in to have my mother

own material and it’s breathable. I have many

design beautiful dresses for them.

years of experience with fabrics and compression so we decided to include zippers and hooks that

Maddy: How did you learn about compression

would not be seen under the clothing and that


did not pinch the skin. This hardware is also very high quality. I also included layers of fabric

Sayed: Interestingly, ‘compression’ comes from

that would support a woman’s body, while

the time of the pharaohs, which eventually

leaving the derrière area ‘soft’ so it would not

caught notice in the western world lending

compress. You are also able to wear your own

way to girdles, corsets, etc. So Egyptians have

bra, which makes it much more comfortable.

been compressing their bodies for thousands of years. I grew up in a culture where my mom

Maddy: Many undergarments are unsightly

and grandmother wore compression garments.

and not the type we would want a significant

In my culture, women did not do it to look

other to see us in.

smaller; instead they did it to curve their body. Curves are beautiful.

Sayed: I’m a designer and I took this into account when creating these pieces. What I

Growing up, my sister had polio and my

make looks sexy, while making the woman feel

mom created compression garments to help

beautiful in her clothing.

support her back so she could sit comfortably. As a result, I learned how to properly make a

Maddy: Feedback from customers is invaluable.

garment that would support a woman’s body.

Is there anything we can look forward to that came as a result of your customers?

Maddy: Where did the idea come from to open up Elsa’s Curves?

Sayed: Right now we offer two long pant and two short versions. I’m in the process of | mar 2014


inspiration + style | mar 2014


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extending the sizes, creating a skirt version and we are creating a strapless version as well. Maddy: What would you say to women who are anxious about the word “compression. Is there a difference between shapewear and a compression garment? Sayed: Compression is shapewear; it’s the same thing. Some women wear two and three shapewear garments right now to get the type of support that wearing only one Elsas’s compression garment can give you. Maddy: Can you wear Elsa’s Curves under a “Bodycon” dress without seeing the seams and zippers? Sayed: The stitching is very delicate so it does not show through clothing. We are currently designing strapless compression garments for Vera Wang. Our high quality material is elegant and feels great. Maddy: Now I want to talk more about your campaign to combat human trafficking in the Middle East… this is a great undertaking. Victims are predominantly women and children and are subject to sex trafficking, labor trafficking or domestic servitude. According to the CA Department of Justice, “Approximately three out of every 1,000 persons worldwide were in forced labor at any given point in time between 2002 and 2011.” This is an appalling number! Sayed: Yes, it is… and why it is very important to me. Maddy: Can you tell us more about your film that is bringing to light this subject? | mar 2014


inspiration + style

Sayed: As movies were an inspiration in my life while growing up, I am bringing this subject matter to the forefront on the big-screen when I direct the film, Bride of the Nile, where it can reach the masses. The movie chronicles the journey of what young girls endure, what they deal with when sold like camels into slavery by their own mothers and fathers. Maddy: Thank you for sharing your story; I know that our readers will understand the compassion and passion, which motivates you in all you do. Sayed: My mother raised me to be a good man and to love and respect women. I see what is happening in my own country and I want to change it. My campaign to stop human trafficking is being funded by my profits from Elsa’s Curves. The sales I make from women are helping other women in need. | mar 2014


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Check out Elsa’s Curves at For more information on human trafficking in the Middle East, visit: | mar 2014


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having Faith is a


with ashley graham

Doubt is the unseen enemy that grips us when we find ourselves in moments of transition, when the unexpected happens or when its time to take that next big step. Many times however, the thing that inhibits us from moving forward is ourselves. Yes, time and chance happen to all of us and there are circumstances that do have negative effects. Sometimes, the “natural” reaction to encountering the unknown is to become fearful, but in the end, none of this is as powerful as the true antidote to those fears; faith and action. The last six months of 2013 were the roughest I have ever encountered in my career. Ford, my agency of 10 years had just shut down the entire plus size division in NYC. It happened suddenly and without warning. Overnight, one of the biggest and most renowned agencies in the fashion world closed its doors for good, and I was now on the other side of them. It felt like a major break up from all I’ve ever known. The unknown was upon me. What did the future hold and how was I going to face it with confidence that everything was in fact, “going to be alright?” I went through turmoil trying to figure out what this meant for my career, life and future. My ‘job security’ was gone. I tried to think positively about the future and what my next steps were. I received some bad advice one day from some friends of mine. They told me, “Oh, don’t worry.” They gave me advice to, “Just be” and things would eventually, “Just work themselves out.” But those warm fuzzy feelings based on empty positive thinking soon faded away in the face of reality and I had to learn, quickly, that big decisions that affect my future don’t just determine themselves.

Image Courtesy of Lane Bryant

Faith is a powerful thing and small doses of genuine faith can do wonders for the biggest situations. Apparently faith that is only the size of a tiny mustard seed can move something as big as a mountain. I had my seed. I really did believe that my future would be greater than where I currently found myself, but I chose to keep staring at the mountain rather than planting that mustard seed and tending to it. That’s the challenge. | mar 2014


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I learned that faith is only as good as the object that you’re putting your faith in. Fear is basically putting faith in doubt rather than in hope. I’ve also heard fear described as an acronym, “False Evidence Appearing Real…” Either way it is something that has to be unplugged from. Keep these things in mind: - The thing you fear doesn’t really exist. Not really. How many people do you know cringe and shudder at the word spider, even though there is no spider in sight anywhere? The very thought of the thing they don’t like cripples them as though it were a present threat. That is the irrationality of fear. - The more one focuses on fear, the less energy you are giving to finding the solution. The reality of the mountain in your way is not as powerful as the idea that will get you beyond that mountain. Let faith be the airplane that takes you over it, the tunnel that gets you through it or best of all the force that casts it into the sea. It took seven long, dark, uncertain months to see the resolution to my transition from Ford. Seven months of doing research, praying (sometimes crying) and asking lots of questions. But the evidence of my faith was in the DOING. Your faith in the outcome is directly measured by how much energy and effort you put into making what you believe to be true become true. All of that work paid off and the darkness seemed like a distant memory when I walked into the beautifully lit, creative, high-energy doors of IMG! Faith without the work behind it is truly dead. Living faith puts you in the best places of your fulfillment. Having faith is a choice. Choose wisely and carefully. Most importantly, don’t let doubt and fear choose for you. Photo, Danilo Hess


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“We Love Our Readers!” Madeline Jones, PMM Editor-in-Chief

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | mar 2014

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health &


by Yve Edmond

Welcome to the March 2014 Health and Wellness Column. This month we’re quickly recapping social media health movements and looking at reasons to love spring.

CeCe Olisa, plussizeprincess

Timeline to Health In a day and age where doctors turn to Google and WebMD it’s no surprise many of us turn to hashtags, re-tweets, and @’s for improved health. After all, a social media diet doesn’t necessarily mean leaving Facebook, Instagram, and/ or Twitter but more so tailoring your timeline and making social media work for you. Social media health challenges are creating innovative ways for us to improve our health, build positive relationships, and inspire others. This winter, there were two health movements I saw many curvy girls participating in, and it intrigued me. Check them out... #PSPFIT: If a picture tells a thousand words; millions are spoken in the search of #PSPFIT on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. An idea spawned from one woman’s mission to improve her health and achieve victory over PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome). CeCe Olisa (the Plus Size Princess) created an initiative involving women of all demographics focused on improving their health and not losing weight. This nearly 100% virtual initiative provides

Clockwise from top: @biggal @hmonesty | @yve_plus | @mynameisjessamyn, mynam

lyoga, | |

for peer support. Many of the followers for season one and two shared their workout photos, meals, and good times via social media. #YogaChallenges On Instagram I found a plethora of daily challenges. I followed three specific ones aimed at increasing positive energy flow for your heart, flexibility and inversion ranging from eight days to one month. Tons of creativity, positive encouragement, and inspiration were provided to followers daily! Every morning, or night before, hosts provided a photo, description, and purpose of the pose, in addition to links for variations and tutorials. Followers were responsible

expanded. Seeing people of all sizes, hues, and various backgrounds across the globe united by these challenges, shows the power of social media when used for health and positive purposes. More than a challenge, I found beauty. With spring finally here we are now afforded the chance to shed a few layers, be it Pea coats, Uggs, scarves or a cloak of doubt. If you find yourself having more energy, it could be attributed to more Vitamin D, likely from receiving more sunlight. Spring time has such positive effects on the mind, body, and soul – its a prime time to jump into action. New Year’s resolutions are re-birthed, passions re-ignited, and the opportunity for creating opportunities are bountiful. So plant the seeds for your future, nurture them; be ready to receive your harvest. If you have any questions or suggestions for the May Health & Wellness issue, send me a message to wellness@ As always, be well readers!


challenge name. In doing so, the presence of the challenge

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for daily uploads which included the hosts, sponsors, and | mar 2014

women with a meal plan, exercise videos, and a private group

5 Tips for nailing FFFW | mar 2014


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Tips for nailing your FFFWeek® audition from Sharon Quinn, Casting Director of Full Figured Fashion Week® 1. Please dress “up” for your interview/audition….and by that I mean wear something that looks and feels good on you, that you are comfortable wearing and that will show us your natural curves. (This would exclude overtly sexual club wear, spandex and lycra “body con” dresses that you have to keep tugging on when they ride up). If it doesn’t fit you properly on the day of your audition…. DON’T wear it. Arrive hair and makeup ready. If you don’t know what that means…you are already in trouble. Fix your hair and wear some make up – nicely applied not under or overdone. Do not show up barefaced (i.e. no makeup at all) or with avant-garde makeup (i.e. blue, green, black or yellow lips). The FFFWeek® Casting Team always dresses up for YOU we will expect you to reciprocate. 2. Photos. If you don’t have a composite card, we only ask for 2 photos, preferably a beauty shot and a full body shot. Please only submit your best. That means leave that blurry and/or pixilated photo at home along with the passport sized photo or the business card or an additional 2-3 photos. We don’t need them and they will only go in the trash. If you submit the same photo that you submitted last year, this won’t be a good look for you with the panel. Very Important Tip: Once we have narrowed down the field to the selections that we feel strongest about, YOUR PHOTO is then placed on a wall and from there we will select the final 50 models. If your photo is not strong enough to hold its own against the rest

Model Stephanie Albanese, Dorothy Combs Models Photography by Luke Jones

of the photos on the wall, you will probably not make the final cut. Your photo is all we have to remember you by once the audition has passed. It has to be your absolute best. Please remember that. | mar 2014


inspiration + style

3. Growth. As an FFFWeek® model, growth is very important to us. We want to see that you have gone on to do other impressive things as a model. You have approximately 364 days after FFFWeek® to acquire other gigs. If you come to our audition and we ask you what you’ve done as a model and you tell us the last thing you did was FFFWeek® 2012 or 2013 etc. and you’ve done nothing else since then – this will not bode well for you. 4. The Shoe and the Walk. Our website very clearly states what an acceptable shoe to wear on this audition is, yet year-after-year I see women come to these castings and believe that they will be the exception to the rule. You will NOT be an exception. You will only be eliminated from consideration because you are unable to follow instructions. In case you’re wondering, please bring a closed heel that is at least 3 inches and no more than 4 inches in height (no slingbacks, platforms, stilettos, excessively high heels and/or boots). Bring a shoe that you are comfortable walking in as we are looking for you very best runway strut. A word to the wise: Most models think they walk well in those 6 inch platform shoes that are all the rage now – you don’t. Those shoes are terrible to walk in; they throw all of you body weight forward and cause you to walk strangely. Please don’t bring them to your audition.

5. Listen and follow the instructions given. We are definitely watching. Our production is serious business to us and during FFFWeek® you will be given a lot of instruction/directions and/or notes, and you will need to be able to adapt quickly to last minute changes. If you cannot follow the simple instructions given to you at the casting, we may not give you an opportunity to make the same mistakes during the actual productions.

Please check our website at to find out other tips on what you need to audition for FFFWeek®

Model Liris Crosse, Dorothy Combs Models Photography by Luke Jones

inspiration + style #plusmodelmag | mar 2014

Model Alexandra LaRosa Photography For more details visit



101 with madeline jones

I want to begin testing, what should I do?

Testing refers

to models

shooting with


photographer for their portfolio. In the very beginning your photos will help you in many ways. Find a photographer that shoot’s plus size models and that has a good reputation of being able to work with aspiring models. You want to work with someone that will not just stand in front of you and shoot, but will offer feedback on how to take the best photo.

Look at other professional plus size models online portfolios. Let their photo’s help you to determine the types of looks you should be trying to shoot. When approaching a photographer make sure to ask all appropriate questions.

1) What does the fee include? 2) Will I get all the photos? 3) How will the photos be given to me? Will it be on a disk or gallery? 4) Who is doing hair and makeup? 5) Do you work with a preferred stylist? 6) Can we shoot indoor and outdoors? 7) Who owns the rights to the photos? 8) Will this be a private shoot or will other models be there? 9) How is payment made? 10) What happens if I have to reschedule the shoot?

Your goals should be to get great images but also to be able to gain experience Grisel Paula, June 2013 PMM Photography

in front of the camera.

lexie montoya photography,



interview by tiffany bank

to be a supermodel and/or an actress! But as I grew older and my curves grew with me, I let my lack of confidence get in the way of those dreams. I also really had no idea how much opportunity there actually was for plus size models.

I had

the amazing opportunity to meet Crystal Renn and she provided me a little encouragement and I knew this was something I had to try. I struggled with my weight and body image throughout my Resides In: Los Angeles Height/Size: 5’8” 14/16 Online portfolio Instagram: Chelsea_MillerXOXO My favorite quote: Two things define you. Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything

teen years, but I was finally in a place where I was confidant and comfortable in my own skin, so the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. Now that I’ve had a taste for the job and the industry, it’s left me craving and wanting it more than ever before.


Chelsea: Truly, it’s been a lifelong dream of mine | mar 2014

size model?

inspiration + style

Tiffany: What made you decide to become a plus

leon saperstein photography,

Tiffany: Who do you look to for curvy inspiration?

Chelsea: There are so many amazing women out there right now, but if I had to narrow it down I’d have to say Crystal Renn, Ashley Graham and Robyn Lawley. Crystal is a true trailblazer and has been breaking down barriers for years now. I feel like she is one of the few plus size models that have been able

inspiration + style

to successfully break into a more high fashion spectrum. Ashley is curvy, beautiful and just seems so down to earth and personable. She just launched a lingerie line and her body is killer! Robyn is the first plus size model | mar 2014


with Ralph Lauren and has been successful in parlaying her modeling career into a business with her new swim line. I could really go on and on about how inspirational these women are but I’m sure your readers are plenty familiar with them.

Tiffany: Finish this sentence: The plus industry is:

Chelsea: finally getting some recognition in this world and in the world of fashion!!

lexie montoya photography,

Tiffany: Who are your favorite plus designers, models, bloggers and celebrities? Chelsea: I follower bloggers of all shapes and sizes, but my favorite plus blogger at the moment is The Curvy Fashionista! Most recently I looked to her blog to help me find some tall boots that would actually fit my calves and she was a lifesaver! I am very much in love with Rebel Wilson and Melissa McCarthy! They have successfully created a name for themselves in a very vain industry and yet have managed to stay true to themselves. They’re curvy, confidant and are funny. What’s not to love? Tiffany: Where do you see yourself in the next year? Chelsea: I don’t know where I’ll be in the next year, but one thing that I’ve learned from all of this is anything is possible. If you want it, you need to work for it and keep at it. So if my career doesn’t take off the way I hope, you will still find me fighting to make that happen. Tiffany: How would you describe your personal style? Chelsea: I try to keep it classy, sexy and effortless. Most importantly I try to be conscious of how my clothing fits my body.


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Plus Model Magazine | July ‘13 Model: Schnaya Pamplin Photographer: Enrique Vega


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irt magic





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