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+977 Personality of the Month: Dila Kharel

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From the Publisher's Desk

+977 Team Publisher | Founder Kushal KC

To the youthful time, to the zeal

Manager | Co-Founder Ershad Ahmed

Dear 977ers!

Chief Advisor Bimal Bhattarai

Youthful time is the time human beings cherish throughout their lives. This stage of life is marked with some gumption, some idiocy and some insanely weird ideas. But the best part is most of those ideas are materialized into reality. World’s biggest achievements have trodden on youthful avenues that are inhabited by all sorts of freakish imaginations. Therefore, this time of excitement, enthusiasm and aspirations is to be revered for they reap the Kushal KC harvests that take the world by storm and catapults human Publishers/Founder civilization to the whole new level. Such achievements are hard to come by. They take generations to drop by the doorsteps of our civilizations but once they knock the door, our lives are never the same again. Take our cover story for example. Featured on the cover story are Niroj Shrestha and Saroj Shrestha. They are as normal guys as any of us. But they have already seen the success that only few people get to see. At this age, to get to where they are ain’t no walk in the park. As +977 always looks to lead the way as young achievers we are showcasing this month that with exuberance and determination at the expense, nothing is impossible.

Contributors Mani Joshi Romu Shrestha Pradeep Chapagain Raktim Joshi Rajiv Ramtel Reecha Dhital Sanjit K Shrestha Web Designer Subash Basnet Design Expertise (Nepal) Ashish Aryal & Anup J. Chitrakar Himrose IT & Media, Nepal Production Nine Double Seven Pty Ltd ABN 73 154 677 326 Please direct all the enquiries, comments, suggestions or articles to au or call 0450 970 977

Here’s our toast to the youthful spirit.

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cover story

dila kharel A microcosm of the young entrepreneurs and their behind-thescene stories.

Temple Run 2

Stand up for your right. A man who keeps a vigil over business so that it runs smoothly.


Fashion back home.

The sequel to the smash hit game.

Reality Check

Movie Time

Movies that took golden lady home.


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f e at u r e

Talent Comes in all S i z e s By Ashish Aryal

Lini Lohani is just six. But do not let her age fool you. Lini is a very talented kid. She is an amazingly great dancer. She has proved her mettle at the international stage from time to time. Her popularity skyrocketed last year after a trailblazing performance at Kids’ Talent Show in Sydney organized by NAA. She won Talent of the Show award for outstanding display of her dancing abilities. She has given more than a dozen stage performances at the age of mere six. It may come to many as a big surprise that she has not joined any dance classes so far. To her, everything comes naturally. She is a gifted dancer and it feels like she was born to rock the dance stages.


+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013

To her, everything comes naturally. She is a gifted dancer and it feels like she was born to rock the dance stages.

You might find it hard to believe the fact that she has impressed many a thousand people with her dancing talent without ever receiving any formal training. It is especially so if you have seen her complement her immaculate dance steps with the expressions that make her performances come alive on stages. People have already sensed that Lini is going to make it big in the near future. Lini is not going to let anyone down either. She knows what she is capable of and she has already locked her targets. Given the amazing acting skills that this six year old dynamite possesses, she is being featured in the movies in the days to come. So, be prepared, to be blown

away by her performances in the celluliod. Lini is leaving no stone unturned to make sure she has everything going right for her when she steps on to the new turf of movie. And, she is fine-tuning her skills by enrolling to the Kathak classes and ballet classes. It is safe to say that Lini is perfecting her skills to come out as a live-wire performer. Born and raised in Sydney, Lini is very good at her studies too. She took to the stage when she was just four. She has a four year old sister and she confesses that her younger sister is her favourite pastime. Interestingly enough, this dancing fairy is too fond of eating. She never gets enough of eating anything that is of sweet taste. Another thing that she is interested in is Art and Craft. If what her teachers have said is any indication, she is a fine student at school too. It seems like it will not be long before this little wonder manages to carve out a little niche for herself making her parents and fellow countrymen proud. Lini lifts her trophies after a stage show.

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+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013


Game Review

T e m p l e R u n 2 : Warranting it Legacy. By Ashish Aryal


Tem ple Run 2

he chase has begun again and people have begun to run for their lives. It might not have been a real life scenario but it is a new obsession people are getting into. All thanks and appreciation to Imangi Studios for bringing back the mostanticipated apps to the limelight again! Free to download, Temple Run 2 has enhanced features with the same intensity and same addictive gameplay. With its over the top aesthetics and easy game control system, it has already swept its competitive off their feet within days of its launch. It has already been downloaded by whopping 170 million users. The upgrades are fascinating as attention to the minute details has been given. Few of the noticeable upgrades are improved landscapes with curved roads and hills. Likewise, angular terrains from its predecessor have given way to waterfalls and all adding realistic feel to the game. In addition to that, the game world has seen some new changes in terms of new zipwires and mine carts. The players now can enjoy sliding down the ropes or navigating their ways through the deep mine tracks and caves on the mine carts. Like in their first installment, Temple Run 2 requires players to swipe right, left, up and down to avoid any hazard lurking nearby or awaiting them. The players get to choose from four of the characters at the outset eventually being able to upgrade as the game progresses. The other new feature that has been introduced is the gems at the expense of which the players can buy themselves a restart. The players can benefit from the gems as they can start off from where they met the end. While it gives players the opportunity to score high, some people are unhappy at how it kills the competitive spirit of the game. To most of them, it takes the fun out of the game as it robs them of the opportunity of perseverance and dedication. If you played original Temple Run, it is most certain to fascinate you even more. It helps you resurrect your passion for the game with its new features and visually pleasing graphics.




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+ 97 7 p e r s o n a l i t y o f t h e m o n t h

dila kharel making businesses count By Rubina Chitrakar Photography by Vertex


Mr.Dila Kharel is +977’s personality of the month. Born in 1984 in a remote Narayanpur  VDC  of Chitwan, Mr. Kharel completed his schooling from Shree Vishow Prakash Higher Secondary School, Mangalpur, Chitwan. He came to Australia in 2006 after completing his Bachelor’s in Business Studies from Nepal along with a course in Tax Management from H&R Block and did his Diploma in Financial Services (DFS) here. Now, he is a professional accountant and a mortgage broker with M.Com specializing in professional accounting. He is also a qualified trainer and assessor with TAE 40110 from Meta Dynamics Australia and has over 10 years experience in accounting and business. At present, Mr.Kharel runs his own Business Innovative Associates which was established in 2010 and has a corporate office in Nepal as well. He has been serving as an accountant & business manager for S & S Accounting and Business Services- a well established accounting firm in Sydney-  since 2008 . He worked in Nepal for 4 years in Bharatpur Municipal Council under the ministry of Local development. He was specialized in the

Integrated Property Tax and he worked in Department of Accounts, Internal Taxation and Administration of the council during his tenure. He has worked for different environmental and irrigation projects run by the Municipal Council in Nepal. In addition to that, Mr.Kharel has been an influential NRN Activist ever since his arrival to Australia, currently as the member of the collective investment committee Australia; a committee formed to invest in Nepal via NRN Investment Limited in Hydropower projects. Behind the workaholic persona, Mr. Kharel is a generous person who loves mankind and society and that is probably the reason why he believes in philanthropic projects for the betterment of people and the society. The fund he has raised (NRS 500,000) for the Chepang Children in Nepal adduces to his philanthropic interests. Besides that, he is raising another fund for his school (the one where he studied as a kid) and NRS 300,000 has been collected so far. He plans to carry out this charity project in a year. Multi-talented person as he is, he has an interest in writing and write articles occasionally (mostly related to accounting, finance, economics, taxation and international relations)  that are published in different national and international newspapers and magazines. He is also into poetry and pens his thoughts without forgetting to be mindful of the positive thoughts of every small aspect that can be taken into account in everyone’s life. This attribute of his reflects that the key to success is to have a positive outlook on life and events taking place in it. A person who loves to travel, his hobby is bird watching and enjoys reading books. He has received Special

Recognition Award 2010 from Rotaract Club of Bharatpur which encourages his ambitions of becoming a successful yet simple businessman with due consideration of corporate social responsibilities. And when he achieves that, he wants to transfer this business knowledge & technology to Nepal. An energetic finance expert with diverse quality to advocate best for his client and community at large, his presence in Accounting & Finance sector is widely observed in his professional arena in Australia. Associated with Chinari Nepal Inc., Help Nepal Network, Lions Club of Sydney Nepal Himalaya and fluent in Nepali, English and Hindi, Mr. Kharel is involved in different community organization in Australia and Nepal and has been residing in Australia with his family since 2006.

keeping them honest

Sanjeev Pant:

Deserves Second Chance By Sudhan Shakya


any of us have read about and watched a video of our fellow countrymen in the given picture. Some of us recall him as a drunken student who rampaged in Sydney Hotel on the first week of February making him a source of hot gossip for the YouTube and television viewers. And for few who knew him very well, a normal guy who used to follow the scheduled life of this city, just like you and me. So, until now point I am pretty much certain that you must be wondering, where are we off to with our subject? His name is Sanjeev Panta, a regular overseas student who has been living in Sydney for the last six years. In reference to this very incident, as being the recipient of the media feed, it was very interesting to witness the manner in which this affected the perception of the people. Many were found to have negative mind set which can be revealed from the line,”khate le Nepali ko naam nai beijat garyo!!!.” , “ Bejat thoit.” So, main thing to consider here is that do people overlook on the media reports which we go through every day? Or do we even question ourselves on what is being relied on? So, at this point we general mass do need to have some common sense and try being sensible on


our judgements. Meanwhile, there were some bright minded people who were bit considerate on this issue and seemed keen to know more about this very incident. Lines like “The news talks about the anger of the drunken Nepali student but fails to explain the reason of his anger. The news seems to be incomplete.” “Why did this actually happen? Nobody bothered to hear his side of the story, I guess? This is an attempt on my behalf to help open up the case up to my knowledge for the considerate people. Up to what was reported by the Channel 9, we see a guy who is absolutely drunk, violent and dangerous. As I have known, Sanjeev has has issue of drunken case before the start of early 2010. He was reported to have been involved in abusing underaged. No

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013

detail of the case is known but the case was reported not having any physical abuse. In this state where people tend to misuse their right, we see him as a guy caught up in this complex judicial system. A year later, he was arrested

and later sentenced for community service and kept under a close watch. Often, the undercover police would pay him visit without any notice. Visit at the workplace, visit at home and frequent phone calls. Imagine if you

were in his shoes, how would you feel to have your freedom seized? It is the worst nightmare when you have problems at work, as employers don’t like to see officers at the work premises, unfriendly family environment as there is awkward personal trait. Being under a close watch is as bad as being in prison. Peoples’ behaviour going through drastic changes, unfriendly atmosphere, a need to catch up with the bills and forced to disappear from the social scene, it couldn’t have gotten any worse for him. All these elements led him to become a loner and a depressed guy. If you have managed to make it through the above part, have you spared thought on how someone’s behaviour is shaped by how he is treated in a social circle? What that guy has been through is like living through hell. So, before being judgmental, think of how you have treated someone or think of what you have said to people like

Sanjeev. Was it really comforting saying or doing the things you did? Even if we can’t be the one to change someone’s life, least we can do is be a positive influence. May be Sanjeev has been a bad influence or he could have made fatal mistakes in his life, but who doesn’t? Like they say, “To err is

human.” We learn by making mistakes. I don’t know what kind of fate awaits him. But I have a soft corner for what that poor guy has been through. Let’s give him a second chance because everybody deserves a second chance.

d i gg i n g d e e p e r

NRNA Memberships are opened



ccording to the NRN ACT of Nepal (Part of interim Nepalese Constitution now), a person becomes an NRN (Non-Residing Nepali) if they live outside the SAARC countries for more than 183 days in general. The association of those NRNs in Australia is known as NRNA and this institution has been in a centre-vision in the recent days as NRNs are generally seen as potential investors of future Nepal and are wealthier than the people of Nepal. For this reason, NRN has  drawn a  significant  attention  of Nepalese people and the government officials as well.  If you are living in Australia and have arrived in Australia before September 2012 then you are an NRN too. But remember you are only a general member until now. Let me clarify this: Even you are an NRN by the constitution of Nepal but if ou have not paid NRNA for membership, you are not welcomed to NRNA. Just because you are an NRN, you cannot exercise the rights of being an NRN such as electing the person to run the so called organisation of NRNs. You might be wondering why I am paying to become a full rights member of a social organisation that the tag NRN legally given by the respected constitution of Nepal. You might compare this situation to the situation where one needs to pay to have full access rights to some porno sites and you might say what the ... but the answer is pre-set: NRNA is a big


+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013

By Proudly a paid NRN membership holder - Kushal KC organisation and it needs fund for its administrative works and the Executives meetings, dinners and probably the social work. So friends, you might be interested to become more than a general member of NRNA and participate in NRNA Executive Team selection process or even claim a position within the team. If so, then you have to make sure, you join or renew your membership by 31st of March 2013. Otherwise you will find yourself out of the NRNA league. Whenever, the time comes to election of the Executive committee, we can see a true Nepali Election Scenario in the foreign land. Groups affiliated to major political parties of Nepal are the main players in the dirt. However, we can see some neutral people who want to seriously serve the community and the organisation as a whole. Continuing the tradition with a pride, the election is taking place this year too and the race has already begun. Eying the upcoming NRNA Executives election, groups like NDF & NADF and its perspective candidates are trying to have members in their pocket so they can compete within the group to go ahead in this race. The rule of thumb for them to make a place from their group is simple.  The more number of members they have, the chances are likely they get a place. Therefore, the perspective candidates are already in the field to get the numbers. This is the reason we see lot of posts, shares and messages in social media about NRNA membership

renewal. Say: good or bad, like it or not, this is the only way you can participate because the current constitution of NRNA has this arrangement to elect the Executives. So don`t delay and get registered yourself and your family members as a VOTING NRN so the person you want can become the representative for you. Leaving the complex and a master minded constitution to those who understand, you can simply get your membership registered or renewed online. To stop the possible misuse of fake membership and to facilitate the process, NRNA has developed an online system to become a member or to renew the membership. You can log on to or can follow this direct link : au/nrna_member_registration.php?acti on=register&trx=7ghi31gm2mdt2uivcaj e4460g3 . You will be redirected to the form filling area where you will be given an option to get a single membership or family membership. Single member will pay $20 for 2 years membership and the family will pay a sum of $40. But there is no clear indication whether the children are free when the parents pay the fee. For you convenience, NRNA has arrangement to pay via Netbank transfer, PayPal, Debit or a Credit card. Choice is yours, whether you want to pay $20 and move ahead to raise your voice or not but don`t forget the deadline is the 31st.

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the band



A youth is to be regarded with respect. How do you know that his future will not be equal to our present? Seems like Confucius knew exactly what he was saying. If you are wondering, whether we can really find one of these guys whose futures have excelled to match the presents of the big guns, look no further. We have a band of brothers who have shot the moon with their business venture Himrose IT and Media. Based at Dhalko, Kathmandu, Nepal, Himrose IT and Media is the proud publisher of folio magazine, one of the leading magazines in Nepal. And, as if that is not enough, their company is also emerging as the top-notch IT company in Nepal. Thanks partly to the hard work and determination of the Shrestha brothers and partly to the first-rate-services their company provides their clientele with. However, their story has not been a fairy tale story all along and the success has not come cheap. It took them years of hard work, vision and the courage to take that giant leap forward that would propel them to where they are now. The Shrestha duos in question are Niroj Shreshta, CEO and Saroj Shrestha, Managing Director of folio magazine. Their voyage to the success is more than inspirational and intriguing enough to give you goose bumps as you read through. The more you get to know how they have scaled the ladder of success, the more impressed you get. Here’s what the Shresthas had to share with us. 16

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013

Their side of the story Being born in a middle class family is always a motivation to do extra ordinary in your life. It is said, necessicity is mother of invention. You seek for alternatives and learn how to fly without wings. You got to be yourself in this life because everyone else is already taken. There are no options or shortcuts to success. If you find the shortcut somehow then maybe you are doing it wrong or maybe it is just going to be a short-lived one.

Cover Story

Niroj & Saroj Shrestha

How it all started. After returning back from the UK, with a pint of enthusiasm in heart of doing something in motherland, I (Niroj) always yearned to be able to do something on my own. It pushed me through some experimental times. Working in big company as Business development Manager did not interest me at all and I always wanted to do something else which would satisfy my knowledge and my education and interest. I have learnt something in life: always go for something that makes you happy and you are successful. My younger brother and I (Saroj) have always been very close and we share everything except the underwear that we are wearing (Quips Niroj). As we

always say, at least we do not have to wait to play tennis because both sides are always occupied by ourselves. We both wanted something different from our lives. Actually, it always helps to have a brother who thinks exactly like you. Deciding to initiate Himrose IT & Media merely took us half an hour. Because we both knew what we were doing, it was always clear that IT department would be handled by Saroj and I would look over the management of the company. Being a management student and especially after finishing my Post graduation in European Master in Business Administration from London (United Kingdom), it had

become my favourite subject. After 6 months in offshore business of IT, we were more confident about making our portfolio in different sectors. At the same time, we were searching for opportunities, until one day Saroj showed up with a lifestyle magazine and told me “This is actually a very good magazine”. I was quite fascinated with its concept. Then, I talked to Saroj and asked him, “Is it possible to do magazine for our offline venture?” We both agreed that we needed an extensive different market research, an analysis of the risk factors and several other things that could affect the business in the long run. After a couple of months in process,

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013



we thought of doing magazine which would only feature male personalities on the cover: those males who have been doing brilliant in their related fields. Then, we came up with this satisfying Folio Magazine. What has been the strength of folio magazine is that it reaches to all genre and group of readers. And what makes it popular among the people from all walks of the life is that it has everything for everyone from the seasoned business people to the youngsters. This is actually a magazine that provides a separate space for ART as well. For us, Folio Magazine is our first baby. And, of course, it


+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013

feels great to see your child growing up as you want it to. As for following inspirational figures, for any child, their mother and father are always inspirational figures. It is the same with us but as a career motivation, Steve Jobs has been my Guru. As I am a management student, I do not have all the skills that I need to flourish my business. I collect the set of people with great skills and do marketing for their skills and get them to do things that I want to do in a large scale. And, I abide by the saying that “Dreaming is not important but waking up and chasing that dream is Vital�

Cover Story

Niroj & Saroj Shrestha

Ultra-successful at Just Twenty Somethings After finishing my internship for the final semester of my Bachelors degree, I wanted to step out and grab some experience and learn about businesses. After changing 6 offices in just 3 years of time, I was never happy with the work I had been doing. I wanted to break free from such hierarchical work flow, I wanted to do something on my own. Due to the limited fund available to me at that stage, I kept the Idea dropped for a while. After a while, when Niroj told me about getting the idea done, the sudden motivation triggered for both of us. So after Niroj came back from abroad, we began working hard to set up a company. With a support from the family, the whole process went really easy, as the decisions were mutual and no conflicts occurred. It was too tough to sustain the business targeting the local businesses in Nepal. So we decided

to sell the skillset to the global market. It was a U-turn for the company in terms of policy but we kept building the large clientele of business around the globe including Australia, US and several other countries. Folio Magazine itself boosted up the local market scenario and helped build more business relationships. Although the local market was too tough to penetrate, magazine served as a great channel. While I focused on IT department, Niroj focused on media dealing and getting more business. Well, I believe that that was the most important thing for our business, a brotherhood. I live by the principle that “Fall seven times, stand for the Eighth”. Put it this way, for me, it is all about never quitting. I have always idolized JOBS –Steve JOBS. I aspire to be living my dream one day and changing the world through my works as he did.


“May be I will die, maybe I will not. May be I should live, maybe I cannot Maybe I should fight, maybe I will not Maybe I should stay, maybe I should not”

Why do they stay?

Prizma Ghimire, Godavari Nepal By the way, why did she stay? Why would anyone stay with a man who beats her! Well, I am not an expert here but, I do understand the little trick of men suppressing women, and this has happened for many years. I would call this a psychological trap where one who claims to love her will be the one hurting her the most. With this particular notion, let me be clear on two aspects. First, I am not favouring the radical ideology of feminism. All I am claiming is domestic violence can happen to anyone. All races, all religion, all income and education levels and it’s everywhere. Second, would be our mindset, everyone thinks that domestic


violence happens only to women. It’s women’s issue. If you see first part of my writing too, it might simply mislead you to the conclusion that I might be talking about women violence. But here’s the main twist. Not exactly! Not necessary that domestic violence occurs only to women. There are many cases where men have suffered because of women. Where women have dragged them to courts and threatened them.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | March | 2013

But above all, I am only being contextual. Let’s connect the dots, let’s look back at our homes, and let’s bring it back to the context of Nepal. The year 2013 in Nepal began with a people powered “Occupy Baluwatar” movement to address violence against women. As the movement reached its 30th day of protests in Baluwatar, Kathmandu, women and children continue to experience sexual violence at alarming rates, feel limited

The year 2013 in Nepal began with a people powered “Occupy Baluwatar” movement to address violence against women. in their options, face barriers to reporting, experience professional backlash, are not believed, and are still waiting for changes to rely on for help. Where does the problem lie? As explained by Professor Rebecca Campbell (Psychologist at Michigan State University), in order to understand attrition in the criminal justice system in any violent situation, we have to

understand the psychology and psychiatry of victim’s behaviour, and the neurobiology of trauma. Justice can be a traumatizing experience for anyone, especially when the police refuse to prosecute the case. Police and medical doctors seek visible signs of resistance in determining whether violence has occurred, and when these signs are absent, it is difficult to convince investigators, which essentially leads to victims giving up the case. This discourages the victims from making a report or any other efforts. On the other hand, the defense lawyer may ask the victim about her relation with her husband or any extra marital affair she might be having, leading them to have another kind of harassment. This way, especially in Nepal, where her world is as forbidden as fragile, she ultimately decides to stay, to stay with him. Another thing about domestic violence is it occurs in intimate, interdependent long term relationships. In other word, in our families; the ultimate place we would want

or expect to find violence. Which is one reason, domestic violence is so confusing. The question why does she stay is code for ‘it’s her fault for staying’ as if victim intentionally chooses to fall in love, has a family and still wishes to continue the life with the man intending to destroy her.

All this while, it seems maybe I am talking about ‘future me’ or the ‘present you’. But looking on the other side of coin, there have been hundreds of stories we have heard from men and women. Who also got out, who also learnt the invaluable life lessons from what happened and who rebuilt their life joyous, happy as employees, wives and mothers. Life!

Completely free of violence. All this while, it seems maybe I am talking about ‘future me’ or the ‘present you’. I can promise there are many people reading this right now, who are currently being abused, who were abused as children, or who are abusers themselves. Abuse could be destroying your daughter, your sister or your best friend. RIGHT NOW! We can break our crazy love by breaking the silence. Let’s just say it’s a way to help other victims and also the final request of you to talk about the injustice with your co worker, with your son, wife and every single person out there. Because abuse thrives only in silence, and we can end domestic violence simply by shining a spotlight on it. We need everyone, everysingle-one-of-us to understand the secret of domestic violence, why do they stay after all this? Let’s talk, figure out the messier science of abuse, consciously intervene and deescalate it, show victims a safe way out. Together, we can make our beds, our dinner tables and our families the safe oasis as they should be.

Nepindo Fusion Group Presents

In Association with

(First Nepali Television of Australia)















Time. 5:30pm


6TH APRIL 2013 Gujrati Community Hall



12 Good Street, Granville NSW 2142 MEDIA PARTNERS:




For More Details: Usha 0433 686 711, Saurav 0413 729 994, Kanchan 0416 442 234, Anupa 0451 112 030 Rabindra 0466 210 654, Suman 0425 150 788, Sauryajeet 0406 763 663



event by 1974 ad reunited tour down under

presentation of

NepaliTouch and Nepal World TV photo courtesy

A Charity show organized to help with the treatment of Sangeeta Tamang, who is fighting her battle with cancer, raised AUD 1570 in total.

Nepali Thito Naren Limbu tours Australia The month of March this 2013 is going to be something special for the fans of Nepalese Pop music in Australia. And what makes it that special?? It’s the musical tour of this artist who is loved by Nepalese music lovers all over the world. Representing his popular band “AASTHA”, Naren Limbu is touring whole Australia this March promoting his already most anticipated new album of this year- “Nepali Thito”. With “malai bhanna audeina”, a song already a rage among the Nepalese music lovers, Naren will be performing his other new promising songs of the album along with his previous hits. This time he will be performing in major cities of Australia such as Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. DreamHeights, an event organiser based in Sydney, has made it happen. The fact that makes this musical tour more special is the association of the event with a noble cause i.e supporting Jeewan Utthan Orphanage of Nepal supporting underprivileged childrens. So if you guys are going to the concert , you will come out with a good feeling of supporting a noble cause and enjoying a musical night. This time around Naren Limbu would be supported by artists such as Brahmastra, Nepsydez Kiran, Samagrah, Wanzy with DJ Sicko’blue and DJ Absinthe. Although Naren has previously visited Australia, Dreamheight has promised to present the artists in such a way that it is going to be a whole new experience for the people going to the concerts. So all the Nepalese music lovers in Sydney can enjoy this event on 24th March, 2013 at Space club 127 Liverpool St. On top of the whole entertainment package, there’s a gift for a lucky audience who is going to win a weekend cruise, for two worth $1000, which sails on 07 December 2013. For further information about the event, ticket booking, artist, sponsors, media partners and the noble cause, please visit the official facebook page of the event organiser (Dream Heights Sydney)


Paragliding in Paradise By Mani Joshi


e have all heard about Paradise but we have never seen it. Today I am happy to announce that I have been there and it is called Pokhara, 200 km away from Kathmandu, capital of Nepal.

I went to Pokhara where I saw the paradise from a bird’s eye view with the magnificent mountains up close.

Pokhara is heaven for domestic and international tourists with its luscious green hills, snow-capped mountains and beautiful lakes. These days Pokhara is also famous for its various adventures like paragliding, gliding, ultra-light flight and zip fly. I have been waiting to sky dive for ages so I thought paragliding would be a great step towards it. So when I went to Nepal this year, I went to Pokhara where I saw the paradise from a bird’s eye view with the magnificent mountains up close.

We booked the paragliding through the hotel. So the company picked us up at the hotel. Initially, it was only me and my husband who were planning to glide but my mother-in-law also joined us for the flight once we asked her. They took us to their office first where we filled out forms and signed

a no liability statement. From there we were off to Sarangkot, which was around 30 minutes’ drive from the office. The drive was a bit bumpy at times but the driver was giving us lots of information about the paragliding. He told us that even an

80 year old man had done the paragliding from their company. Once the jeep stopped, we had to walk a few minutes to reach the top of the hill where I saw many gliders already taking off from the mountain and floating away. We were each assigned a pilot and I got Vlad from Serbia. He has been flying for over 10 years all over the world and seemed well trained. He buckled me up with the gears and a few instructions on how to take off. With a little bit of fear and a whole lot of excitement, I was ready for my flight. After checking all the equipments and wind flow we ran together to take off. I was quite surprised how easy that take off was as we glided off the cliff and I naturally fell back onto the seat and began drifting peacefully. It was great to realise that I was in the air flying. I was already high up on the sky when I saw my husband and mother-inlaw taking off from the hill. Once in the sky, I could see lots of colourful gliders filling the blue sky on the sunny winter day. I could see eagles circling below us as well.

The pilot informed me that we were cruising above 8000 feet in the air and I could see the magnificent view of the Himalayas, hills with pockets of green forests, beautiful lakes and Pokhara city. I took my camera out and took a video and photos of our flight. After a while the pilot asked if I was ok to do some acrobatics in the air. I was scared but I said yes so he let me hold his camera as he prepared for some spinning and spiralling. I put my own camera back in my pocket and we did some acrobatics over the lake swinging back and forth and dropping in the air. It was such an adrenalin rush and I would have liked him to keep going but it was almost time for us to descend and land next to Fewa Lake.

He asked me to put my foot up and not try to touch the ground when we landed so I did as I was told and I was safely on the ground. My husband and mother-in-law had already landed and we all were very happy with the experience. Once they packed the equipment, we were back in the jeep on the way to their office where we waited for our photos and video. They also gave us certificates for the flight! It was an incredible experience and is totally worth a try.

The pilot informed me that we were cruising above 8000 feet in the air and I could see the magnificent view of the Himalayas, hills with pockets of green forests, beautiful lakes and Pokhara city. As we climbed higher, the view of Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and Manasulu were so close and breathtaking. We cruised for almost 20 minutes while the pilot pointed out a few places. Also, it was fun trying to find my husband and mother-in-law among many gliders as we could hardly recognise any face from so far away. As the flight was smooth, I asked the pilot if I could take my own camera from my pocket. He said it would be fine so

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t r av e l

The best time to go to Lwang is summer, autumn and spring. It is advised not visit Lwang during rainy season.

Destination Lwang

By Rubina Chitrakar Photography by Ganga Sagar Rai


place far from the hustle bustle of crowded city, Lwang is a small village cradled in the foothills of Mount Machhapuchhre. Located 20-30 kilometers north of Pokhara, Lwang is a hiker’s haven. Lwang is known for its organic tea plantation and the beautiful hill top tea garden. The scenic beauty and the view of the majestic mountains allure travelers to step into the land of amiable, buoyant people. The Macchapuchhre model trek route passes through Lwang and the trekkers get to see the enticing closeness to nature of Lwang.

of drinking water to Pokhara. Lying besides neighboring villages Ghalel and Koleli, Lwang has a few attractions to offer to the tourists like the gumba known for its peaceful vicinity, Mahadev temple and a cave that catches the eye of adventure seekers. The places aren’t really developed as a tourist destination but the future prospect for this place looks bright. Lwang has yet to grow as a place of great cultural significance; yet to take steps towards attaining a boom in tourism development. The village consists of houses that are small and villagers depend on stone-taps

One can reach Lwang by cycling, bike or hiking. Travelers need to pass through Khoramukh which is accessible by jeep as well and it takes about an hour and a half to reach Khoramukh from where Lwang is a small hike of an hour away or thirty minutes of cycling. The roads leading to Khoramukh are stone-paved and the terrain isn't much rough. On the way one passes through the banks of Mardi khola. The dam built around the river Mardi is the main supply


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for the water they use. There is one school where children can study till grade eight and most boys are sent to Pokhara for higher studies while girls are sent to Khoramukh. There are no restaurants or any fancy recreational places in Lwang and only two shops for the purchase of basic necessities. For everything else, one has to reach Khoramukh. Majority of the people belong to the Gurung community and there are two wards in total comprising a population of not more than three hundred people. Dalits and Brahmins are in the minority. People of Lwang are humble, welcoming and entertain the visitors with their light

sense of humor. One can see the reflections of Gurung culture taking its deep roots in the food, activities, and interactions in Lwang. Life is far different than the usual lives of people in a city. The cultural reflection seen in Lwang is something that is lost nowadays in urban areas. The authentic lifestyle of Gurung people can be truly experienced here. And this has to be the major attraction of Lwang besides the enticing beauty of nature. The best time to go to Lwang is summer, autumn and spring. It is advised not visit Lwang during rainy season since it is harvest time, when most of the villagers are busy sowing seeds and the weather isn’t really favorable to go around exploring (plus there are leeches everywhere!) Every year the villagers hold mela around the time between dashain and tihar. People dance, sing and there are cultural shows and sports competitions. The cultural dance here holds quite significance and is fun to witness as well.

The village, nested amidst the hills, has about nine houses that offer homestay facilities to visitors. Lwang can accommodate about hundred people for overnight stay. The total cost for food and lodging comes around rupees five hundred per person for one day and night. It is wise to carry torchlight and a first aid kit while

visiting Lwang in addition to the essentials of a traveler. So willing travelers can take the weekend off to go and lose themselves in the striking beauty of Lwang and indeed experience a lifestyle very different from the city lives. That all, for a very reasonable price!

ov e rv i e w



Neelam Pradhananga holds a Bachelor of Architecture and a PhD in Cultural Heritage Management. She currently works for Ashfield Council, a local government entity of the Australian government, and is undertaking a part-time Master in Planning at the University of New South Wales. She played a crucial leading role in the setting up of two community organisations in Sydney – Guthi Australia and Sabdamala Nepalese Language School in 2009. Neelam writes about Small Earth Australia, a new initiative to support smallscale projects in Nepal.


The seeds for Small Earth Australia were sown in 2011 but it wasn’t until 2012 that it materialised as a wellstructured organisation. Whilst on course to setting up Guthi Australia and Sabdamala – Nepalese Language School, I met numerous individuals who wanted to contribute not only to


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the Nepalese community in Sydney but also to communities back home. Unfortunately, the desire seldom translated into action. Organisations already existed that were channelling funds to Nepal for good causes, but I realized the need for a greater level of engagement – an engagement at a higher order, where individuals would design programs, implement and evaluate them. This would enable them to work together with individuals globally and be very much be engaged with the challenges faced in Nepal.

Nepal. It aims to engage the passion people have towards humanity for the betterment of communities. It campaigns to bring awareness to environmental causes, supports initiatives to provide access to education for all, and assists to improve the health and well-being of children and adults.

Inspired by this and driven by a passion to create positive change, Small Earth Australia was registered as an incorporated association at NSW Fair Trading in June 2012 with the support of Dhiraj Pradhananga (Saskatoon), Sudarshan Rajbhandari (Kathmandu), Anne Jones (Adelaide) and Akash Shakya (Sydney). Our website and social media pages were launched in January 2013. The overwhelming support since the inception phase of this novel initiative has given us even more reason and fuel to actively continue the work we have begun. We are growing and currently have a fantastic group of 30 plus executive members on the team in Kathmandu, Melbourne, Saskatoon, Adelaide and London.

Many ideas were exchanged during the set up of Small Earth Australia including one of my passions ‘Clean up Nepal’. Clean up Nepal is an ongoing campaign that raises awareness amongst students, the general public, and businesses about the state of degradation of our environment across Nepal. From the outset, Small Earth Australia recognized the importance of environmental education, waste management and the need for behavioural change towards waste production and disposal practices. Clean up Nepal event will be held on the 21 September 2013 which aims to impart positive attitude of Nepalese communities in the handling and disposal of waste. Small Earth Australia also aims to encourage communities to reduce unwanted waste, resulting in cleaner streets and communities in Nepal.

As an organisation based in Sydney with global connections, Small Earth Australia aims to provide a platform for all Nepalese living abroad to make a difference by contributing to community development projects in

Small Earth Australia is running projects in both Nepal and Australia. In Nepal, we are raising funds for the construction of two rooms for the Guru Lower Secondary School. We have also undertaken a mental

health work camp on 9 February 2013 in Gulmi and are strengthening our relationships with our Clean up Nepal local partners. Keep Itahari Clean is one such local partner that has been cleaning Itahari on a weekly basis. In Australia, our programs are targeted to newly arrived students and the wider Nepalese community. We are running free sustainability workshops, encouraging active participation in Clean up Australia events, participating in tree plantation programs, running interaction programs with AusAid scholars, and implementing the Nepalese community mentoring program. The Nepalese community mentoring program, in particular, I believe will be meaningful for newly arrived students. As a pilot program, the mentoring program matches 20 newly arrived students with mentors who assist them

with aspects related to, among others, smooth settlement and integration into the community. A free training is being held for mentors on 23 March 2013 with the generous financial assistance of Ashfield Council. It is a great opportunity for those of us who have been in Australia for a while to do our bit to help those who have just arrived here. We will also be working closely with Nepalese community organisations and Nepalese media in Sydney to source mentors and mentees.

meaningful connections globally. We also work to engage the wider community in each locality. Over the years we spend in Australia and other parts of the world, we form valuable friendships with individuals from the wider community and it is important for us to engage these individuals in our efforts to support projects in Nepal. We also have a focus on information and communications technology to collaborate seamlessly, especially since our group is spread out globally, with all well-wishers and supporters.

Small Earth Australia has a nonhierarchical organisational structure to ensure that we embrace everyone with the needed skills, ability and desire to support projects in Nepal. We have horizontal flat structure to encourage transformational leadership; we value collaborative endeavours and the formation of

For more information on Small Earth Australia, please refer to our website or our facebook page: https://www.facebook. com/smallearthaustralia. We will also be at the Ashfield Council Carnival of Cultures on the 17th of March 2013. Please come and say hi. We would love to connect with you!

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Fashion from Nepal

By Mani Joshi

Inspired by my recent visit to Nepal, I am putting together fashion clothes and accessories from Nepal that are fashionable, chic and environment friendly.

In Nepal, I noticed that there are some really awesome accessories and the range include different types of earring, necklaces, rings , bangles , bags, wallets, coin purses and bracelets made out of sliver, brass, beads, wood etc. as well as Pashmina and woollen sweaters, scarfs, gloves, hats and many more items.


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Looking for unique, stylish and customizable fashion wear? Instead of buying goods that are made using child labour, unsafe and unhealthy for environment; help great organization like Fair Trade Nepal by paying fair prices for handmade, high quality products that bring joy to one’s life and also make great presents. You can buy clothes and accessories, bags, woollen products as well as recycled products. Please visit following sites for details.

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Music in Ozland Tupe

Band P

Gold Coast melodic death metallers, 4 Dead In 5 Seconds, are determined on being the next Australian band to crack the overseas market. The quintet, led by guitarist and songwriter Carrick Sugden, recently returned home after making their international touring debut, playing a string of dates in Nepal. Wait. Nepal? It’s not exactly the first place that springs to mind when picturing hordes of head bangers and heavy metal, is it? But as unlikely as it would seem, 4 Dead In 5 Seconds attracted crowds of 2000-plus in the country best known for boasting the tallest mountain on Earth. Could that be a metaphor for the aspirations of the band? Maybe; who knows? Whatever the case, 4 Dead In 5 Seconds were blown away by the success of the tour. But perhaps most accomplishing was the group’s performance at the third annual Silence Festival – the biggest event on Nepal’s heavy metal calendar – where the 4 Dead In 5 Seconds shared the stage with European heavyweights Textures. “We played a relatively early slot – we played second after the opening band – so obviously the crowd we played to wasn’t at full capacity in comparison to the headlining bands,” Sugden explains. “But Silence Festival was fantastic. The line-up was solid, every band lifted the level after the next one and the crowed enjoyed every note that was played onstage.” Much of the material played by 4 Dead 34

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In 5 Seconds while overseas was from their debut EP, ‘Curses’, which was independently released in 2011. The EP, sonically on par with some of the biggest names in contemporary heavy metal, exudes ear-bruising screams, menacing yet melodic barrages of distortion and almost pop friendly hooks. It’s release was also brought to the attention to digital distributors Valleyarm who featured 4 Dead In 5 Seconds’ song, ‘One Sun’, on their ‘Absolute Metal’ compilation. However, prior to embarking on their international tour 4 Dead In 5 Seconds released their latest single titled Reanimate’. The song, a stylistic departure from the ‘Curses’ EP, notably represents the band maturing as musicians. Sounding more like Darkest Hour rather than August Burns Red, and drawing closer comparisons to Between The Buried And Me instead of Parkway Drive, 4 Dead In 5 Seconds are shunning the metalcore tag in favour of melodic death metal. And you can expect to hear more of the band’s new creative direction because the quintet is busy crafting their follow-up to the ‘Curses’ EP, which is slated for release later this year. “We definitely want to keep our foundations as being a melodic band in reference to the riffs and the progressions,” Sugden says. “But with the addition of Scotty on drums – who wasn’t on ‘Curses’ – we’re now more free-ranged to create a faster and heavier drum style. “In regards to the guitars, we’re implementing more clean sections and experimenting with jazz-oriented solos. You can be as heavy as you want but [in my opinion] if you’ve got no melody, you’re just another metal band.” 4 Dead In 5 Seconds are also planning yet another overseas tour to celebrate and promote the release of their second EP. The band is again casting their attention to Asia; however, this time with Japan locked in sight, and the group is already in talks of setting up shows in Tokyo, Osaka and Niagara. The tour, which commences in October, will undoubtedly solidify 4 Dead In 5 Seconds’ workhorse reputation and elevate the group one step closer to engraving their name permanently onto the international stage.

r ofile


Yungjit- Rudra- Dipesh- Manil- Rabin-

Vocals Guitar Guitar Bass Drums

Chronic is a metal band from Sydney formed in the early months of 2012. Despite being a new band, Chronic has been successful to grab a lot of attention and has collected a lot of supporters in a short period of time. With members coming from different musical backgrounds, the band’s music is a unique blend of sub genres ranging from death, thrash and metalcore. “It’s hard to define our sound with just one specific genre. It’s a mixture of different sub genres based on each one of our personal musical backgrounds” says Rudra. The band is well known for their “heavy” sound and tight live performances. Chronic, played their debut show at Rock Jatra, May 2012. “The support and appreciation that we received was overwhelming. It was our first ever gig and it went very well.”, says Yungjit, the vocalist of the band. The band also played

at Live n Loud 1 at The Sando and Live n Loud 2 at Agincourt Hotel, both gigs were organised by Heavy Metal Nepal (Sydney Chapter). Chronic showed their even matured live sound and stage performance. “Our song-writing process usually starts out with Rudra or me coming up with a song structure where bassist Manil and drummer Rabin blend their ideas while Yungjit comes up with his lyrical themes. Everyone’s ideas are worked out as a whole which further shapes the song and finally Rudra adds guitar solos if necessary”, says Dipesh. The band is currently busy preparing their originals. “This time, we are fully focused on originals and are taking extra time and patience to deliver the maturity in terms of music.” says Manil. “We have worked hard writing these new materials and we surely will not disappoint you”, adds Rabin. The band has composed 2 originals till date. “Subliminal Voices” and “Bachnu Ra?” which is written in Nepali. Chronic will be playing at Rock Jatra 2 along with 4 Dead in 5 Seconds, Echo, Shaastra, Grilled and Fifth Bad Sector. The band will be entering the studio for their debut EP after.

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Do We

Realize W

hen Dalai Lama was asked about what shocked him the most about humanity in today’s world he replied, ”Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.” I wonder if anyone has ever given much thought to it. Well, we as human being have tendency to overlook the wise words given by influential people, until life hits us with the same situation and makes us understand the meaning of the saying. We all see people trying hard to make money, impress others, wishing for things they want to have and much more. But, do we realize what we have with us at the moment? We are so much concerned with achieving success that we forget to enjoy the very moment we are in. We do not enjoy the goal we have achieved enough and rather make a new goal to work even harder. We have become so busy doing much of things that would not matter in a long run. Now, I am not trying to be critical and say that everything that people are doing now days are not important but what I want to keep forward is the amount of things that have consumed human time. People do not seem to have time for themselves, to be their true self, for their family or even their hobbies, well I pledge guilty for the few of it myself. It is simply because, we are so consumed with what needs to be done that we forget to enjoy what we are doing.


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By Reecha Dhital

I just remembered a story that I had come across not long ago. The story was about a man who was very happy and satisfied with the things he had. Slowly he started reaching the heights of his expectations and earned more (reason being he was doing what made him happy without any expectation in return). But this made him greedier with each passing day and changed him into a completely different person. He did not have time for his friends, family and even children. All his kids grew up, family scattered everywhere and he was left with no friends. He laid there in his deathbed and all he could say was “I made a mistake, I made a mistake”. Now it is all up to us to decide what we want to achieve, and where we want to be. Do we want to run towards things everyone else seems to be running after without knowing where it would leads us or find a definite answer to what we want, what matters to us and taking definite steps towards achieving it. It is for sure that we need to work hard to

achieve what we want in our life but that should not be at the expense of your own health, family or even self-happiness. This is what we are working to achieve at the end any way, so why not enjoy it when we have it. It is same as whatDalai Lama has said, that people work very hard, day in and day out to earn money, and will eventually damage their health, which in-turn needs the money earned to be spent off on health. Undoubtedly, the people who enjoy their work and love it are the ones that make it big in the world, because when they work it is like pursuing their hobby which provides them satisfaction, pride and happiness. It is also the thing that they enjoy the most and would work even if they were not getting paid. So my advice to all is to be clear of what you love and what matters you the most and pursue it with full enthusiasm and drive. Take care of things you already have and cherish each passing moment for these are the things that will matter in a long run. Best wishes!!!!


False Lashes


alse Lashes are an ideal way to add contrast to an eye and face. They are viewed by most people as a special occasion rather than daily wear. Their application is not hard, but needs a good practice. Strip lashes are attached to the skin just above the natural lashes and are perfect for people with sparse lashes and for those who want a strong effect. They are available in dozens of length and style. Individual’s lashes are more subtle way to enhance the lashes. The appearance is less detectable and when used with special adhesives, may last as long as one week. They are attached to actual eye lash hair. Individual lashes are available in several lengths or may trim before or after application. Here are the few step which help to add the lashes in your eyes: STEP 1: Before you start to apply, measure the length of the false lash to make sure it fits your eye shape. This will avoid the corner drooping or worse, the end poking into your eye. If the strip needs be shortened, cut the outer edge completely off with small nail scissors. STEP 2: Take both edges of the false lash and bend them in to create a C shape and hold for a couple of seconds. That’s the best way to take out the straightness and ensure it molds to our curved eye shape and stays put without the corners lifting up. STEP 3: Apply high quality glue for long lasting results, not the glue that comes with the pack! If you have a steady hand, you can squeeze straight from the tube onto the strip. Or an easier trick is to put glue on a cotton swab or a toothpick and glide it across the lash strip. Make sure to be generous at both

Strip lashes are attached to the skin just above the natural lashes and are perfect for people with sparse lashes and for those who want a strong effect.

By Raktim Joshi

the inner and outer corner so the glue will hold even when you blink. STEP 4: Wait 10 seconds or so for the glue to become more tactile and sticky before placing onto your own lash line. Blow on the glue or gently wave the lash around in the air to speed this up. STEP 5: Apply the lash to the base of your natural lash line on top of your actual lashes, not on the eyelid at all. The glue dries clear so don’t worry if it gets messy. STEP 6: Apply mascara last so you can integrate the natural lashes with the false ones, making sure they mesh into each other.

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By Sanjeet K Shrestha

Fitness is about working your body parts physically through various levels of resistances in various ways. Physical fitness can be achieved in many ways: you can run, you can swim, walk, skip a rope, play outdoor sports, martial arts, weight training in the gym or outdoor and many more. All of these physical activities have their own significances and it’s not necessary for a person to include all of them to get fit. It varies from people’s choices on exercises in accordance with their fitness goals and what they enjoy the most. A marathon runner doesn’t want to spend hours and hours in the gym pumping iron definitely. Selection of effective exercise methods will be the smartest idea to get desired results. Whatever exercise have you done and whichever sport have you played, you might have experienced the muscle soreness at least once in your lifetime. Soreness after workout is so natural that you don’t have to worry much about that pain. For an instance, if you train your chest after a long time or for the first time, pain in chest muscles will follow you next day or two later. It’s not only exercises that sore your muscles but also the household activities like gardening and lawn mowing panic your muscles, if you do it after a month or two. Many people avoid exercising on any form due to this reason, soreness while degrading their own fitness level. Lets see what is soreness and how it occurs. You might have trained any of your body part, lets say chest (or it could be any exercise) for the first time or often after a long gap. 38

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You might have suddenly increased your exercise intensity level. You might have increased the length of your workout. You might have done eccentric exercises (lengthening of muscles instead of shortening, eg. Doing leg extension, tricepscable pressdowns, biceps curls with arm extending) These variations to your exercise routines can cause a microdamage, which is a tiny tears and injuries in the muscles fibers and connective tissues. You don’t feel sore right after you finish your workout, it comes the next day. It normally peaks within 48 hours and will gradually get better. Workout soreness doesn’t last long and it shouldn’t last long. This type of muscle soreness or muscle pain that occurred after a workout day is called delayed onset muscle soreness. When you do the same activity over and over again, the muscles will start to adapt the intensity, load and resistance and will get used to it. The muscles and connective tissues become stronger leaving the pain behind or a very less pain. If you increase your exercise intensity again, the process repeats; soreness comes, soreness goes, muscles adapts and get stronger.

Here is how a very popular bodybuilding adage derived: “No Pains, No Gains” Most of the bodybuilders all over the world embrace this pain (muscle soreness) more than anything else. This pain indicates how they have pumped the part that makes muscles stronger and grow bigger. Former Mr. Olympia and one of the greatest bodybuilders of all times, Arnold Schwarzenegger has said in regards of this pain,” The only way to be a champion is going through these forced reps and the pain. What helps me is to think of this pain as pleasure. Pain makes me grow. Growing is what I want. Therefore for me, pain is pleasure. And so when I experience pain I’m in heaven. It is great. People suggest that this is masochistic. But they are wrong. I like pain at a particular moment for a particular reason. I don’t like needles stuck in my arm. But I do like the pain that is necessary to be a champion.” Whatever your fitness goal is and whichever exercise training you pick from a basket, this pain follows you as a temporary shadow. Even if you start running for the first time, or skipping a rope after years, or brisk work for couple of minutes, this pain will ultimately chase you. You have to overcome this pain by doing the same exercise routine again and again. When you are successful, this pain will become a pleasure, you’ll want it for more, and that is what gives you a long dreamt fit body. Don’t let this soreness be your fitness barrier.


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Healing Power of



By Pradeep Chapagain

epalese community in Australia has grown up remarkably in a few years time. Apart from the dominating number of international students from the tiny nation, there are number of professionals who have made huge impression amongst Australian community. +977 would like to introduce to you one of such professionals who has won hearts of many Australians and foreigners from his specialist service. Here comes Dr. Pradeep Neupane, owner and proprietor of Brisbane-based Ayurvedic clinic Vibrant Ayurveda. Dr. Neupane has been running clinic in his own residence since 4 years which is providing excellent service to number of patients suffering from various kinds of health problems. It is great to mention that 95% his patients are Australians and foreigners who don’t even hesitate to travel hundreds of kilometres to get the service. 977er Pradeep Chapagain had a chat with Dr. Neupane about his profession and his journey so far in Australia; 1. Please tell us in brief about your background. I was born in Gorkha district of Nepal in 1981. After completing SLC from renowned Luintel School (Amar Jyoti Janata Secondary School) from Gorkha and doing I.Sc. from Tri-Chandra Campus, I finished my 6 years full time Ayurvedic Medicine Study from Institute of Medicine, TU. Then, I worked at Patanjali Ayurveda Hospital of Swami Ramdev in Swoyambhu since its establishment. During my work there, I went to Haridwar for more training on Yoga & Ayurvedic Therapies. I came to Brisbane with my family in Feb 2008 and I’m working as an Ayurvedic doctor since then. With my hard work and dedication, I 40

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was able to establish my own independent clinic in South Brisbane, close to Brisbane city after working for somebody for about one year. 2. What inspired you to choose the field of Ayurveda? Ayurveda is a holistic natural therapy. It is curative as well as preventive health system. When you get any health problems, it suggests special holistic approaches such as simple diet and lifestyle changes, special exercise/yoga, herbal medicine and different therapies to cure them. With these different modalities of treatments, the root cause of any health problems will be removed and hence the disease will be cured completely without any side-effects. Moreover, the main emphasis of this therapy is on prevention. It suggests special individualised diet and life-style practice according to the body type which will balance the bodily chemicals/energies and will have less chance of getting any health problems.

These enormous specialities of Ayurveda inspired me to choose this field. 3. How has been your journey in Australia so far? My journey in Australia has been very exciting and self-satisfying. In the beginning, as usual, I had to work a bit harder to find my journey and establish business. But now, I am very busy almost every day. I get many people for lifestyle consultation or to cure their health problems. I also run different work-shops and seminars on Ayurveda, nutrition and healthy diet/life-style almost once a month. Also, many institutions invite me to talk about health and well-being time to time. Usually, such work-shops and seminars are very popular as many people here are interested in maintaining their good health. As I am running a unique holistic clinic in Brisbane, one of the magazines of Brisbane (Map Magazine) had published me as a role model of Brisbane community in their magazine before a while.

4. How happy are your clients from the service? My clients are very happy with my unique holistic treatments. I find-out the root causes of their illness with my examinations and suggest different holistic natural ways to resolve them. I get people from all over Australia. Some people travel all the way from Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, and remote Australia to get my treatments as they are recommended by their friends and family. Sometimes, I get people from overseas as well. For them, I do Skype/online consultation and post the required herbs to them. I feel very happy and satisfied when I hear the successful stories of my treatments from my clients. Many people feel like they have gained a new life with a healthier, more vibrant body and clearer mind after my treatments. So, they recommend their friends and relatives to receive my treatments. 5. Why do you recommend Ayurveda to people? Popularity of Ayurveda is increasing in the whole world. Specially, educated and health-aware people in the world tend to get natural treatments for any health issues on the first place. They will go to the modern doctors (GP) only if the health issues are severe or cannot be treated with natural therapies as they know that chemical drugs are not good for our body and mind. Ayurveda is most advanced and oldest natural therapies in the world. Also, the prevention aspect of Ayurveda is very beneficial to prevent from getting any health problems. That is why, I recommend people to follow an Ayurvedic life-style and treatments. 6. Your message to the ones who want to choose a career in Ayurveda? Ayurveda has a bright future. It can be a very successful and rewarding profession and can give you a great satisfaction especially when sick people get complete cure with your treatment. So, this can be a best career to choose for future as well as whole world is very interested in it.

7. Your message to +977 life-style magazine and the readers. First of all, I would like to give a big thanks to +977 Life-style magazine for providing me this opportunity to share my experience among community. I feel proud to be a Nepali and be able to be regarded as a successful professional. Wherever I talk in workshops/seminars, I proudly introduce myself being a fellow from remote Nepal. But, unfortunately, it seems like there is a lack of awareness among many Nepalese about our native tradition here in Australia. By adopting and encouraging Ayurvedic therapies, everybody can achieve better health and we can be proud that our own health care system is so popular in this western world. Every Nepali can learn this system of health care easily and spread the knowledge to wider western community as well.

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By Pradeep Chapagain



It’s Rohit All Over

Nepalese football star Rohit Chand is enjoying tremendous success in the football field in Indonesian Super League. Rohit, young defender of Indonesian side PSPS Pekanbaru, has impressed club officials and the fans since he joined the club for 10-month contract. Rohit was awarded man of the match for his side’s draw against Sriwijaya FC, the biggest club of Indonesian football. On the other hand, he played vital role for his team’s wins against Gresik United and Arema FC. PSPS is currently in seventh position in the 18 team league. Following his consistent performances, it is highly expected that PSPS will extend his contract at the club. Meanwhile, Rohit will play from national side in the AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers to be held in Kathmandu.

The Kings Of Africa

Southern Stars’ Glory

Australia’s women’s cricket team won the ICC Women’s Cricket World Cup in India defeating West Indies by 114-runs in one-sided final. It is sixth world cup glory for the Southern Stars having won the titles in 1978,1982,1989,1998 and 2005 as well. Jess Cameron scored 75 and Rachael Haynes contributed 52 for Australia who posted a challenging total 259 for seven in allocated 50 overs. West Indies were never in the game as they lost wickets at regular intervals. Australian Ellyse Perry took 3 wickets for 19 runs whereas Merissa Aguilleria Scored 23 as the highest score for West Indies before being bowled out for 145 runs. Aussie Suzie Bates was declared player of the tournament whereas another Aussie Megan Schutt were highest wicket taker with 15 in the tally.

Nigeria claimed the Africa Cup of Nations 2013 to be crowned as The Kings of Africa. The Super Eagles defeated surprise finalist Burkina Faso by 1-0 in the final played at FNB Stadium of Johannesburg, South Africa. Sunday Mba was the only scorer in the final which was ultimately enough to beat The Stalions. Nigerian coach Stephen Keshi created history by becoming the one of only two people to have won the trophy as a coach and a player. It was Nigeria’s third title as they had triumphed in 1980 and 1994 as well. Nigerian Emmanuel Emenike and Wakaso Mubarak of Ghana were the top scorers of the tournament with 4 goals each whereas Jonathan Pitroipa of Burkina Faso was declared as the player of the tournament. Nigeria will now participate in the 2013 FIFA Confederations Cup in Brazil after becoming the champions of Africa.

Ronaldo Re-union

Real Madrid played 1-1 draw in the first leg of their last-16 Champions League tie at home with Manchester United as Cristiano Ronaldo scored a goal against his former teammates where he played for six seasons. United took the lead in 20 minutes as Danny Welbeck headed home from Rooney’s Corner but it was cancelled out in less than 10 minutes as Ronaldo put a towering header inside United’s post to make it level. It is said that this match between two European heavyweights was viewed by 200 million people worldwide. The second leg will be played on March 5. In another clash, German champion Borrusia Dortmund played 2-2 draw away at Ukraine with Shakhter Donetsk but the match was overshadowed by the news that five travelling fans died due to a small plane crash near Donetsk. A minute of silence was given before the match as a tribute.

Here Comes Rafa Again Spanish tennis ace Rafael Nadal’s comeback has gathered pace as he won the title of Brazil Open defeating Argentine David Nalbadian by 6-2 6-3 in the final. It was Nadal’s second tournament after 7-month break due to his knee injury. Nadal surprisingly lost the final of Chilean Open to world no. 73 Argentine Horacio Zeballos but quickly made the final in Brazil before claiming the title with easy win over Nalbadian. It was 51st career title for the 11 times grand slam champion who hadn’t played a game since he stunningly lost to Czech Lukas Rosol in Wimbledon second round last year. Nadal is expected to be back in full fitness for clay court tournaments this year including French Open.

South African Supremacy South Africa clinched fifth consecutive test series as they defeated Pakistan in second test in Cape Town. It was also 49th test win as captain for skipper Graeme Smith, the most in game’s history. Former Australian captain Ricky Ponting had 48 test wins as captain. South African bowlers, considered as one of the greatest attacks of all time, were too good for Pakistanis in the second inning as they were bowled out for 181. However Pakistan played a competitive game as their batsmen Younis Khan and Ashad Shafiq both smashed centuries in first inning whereas their spinner Saed Ajmal took all together 10 wickets in the match. It still went in vain as South Africa showed why they are no. 1 in the world after calm batting from openers and match-winning 9 wickets haul from Veron Philander.


Oscars 2013 By Sachi Mulmi

From the First Lady Michelle Obama announcing the Best Picture, ‘Argo’, straight from the White House to Jennifer Lawrence falling on the stairs before she went to pick up her Oscars for the Best Actress for ‘Silver Lining Playbook’, Oscars 2013 was the Hollywood’s biggest night. Let us review the Oscars night briefly; Daniel Day Lewis set the record in Oscars’ history by being the actor having three Oscars to his name, thanks to his stupendous acting in ‘Lincoln’. Christoph Waltz thanked his film crew in his thank you speech for getting the golden trophy for actor in a supporting role; while Anne Hathaway reminisced her character in ‘Les Miserables’ while receiving the best actress in a supporting role. ‘Life of Pi’ was the biggest winner with four titles to its name for Best Direction, Best Cinematography, Best Visual Effects and Best Original Score. Director Ang Lee thanked the ‘Film Gods’ as he accepted his Oscar. ‘Argo’ and ‘Les Miserables’ each won three; Best Actor, Best Writing – Adapted Screenplay and Best Film Editing for ‘Argo’; Best Sound Mixing, Best

Make-Up and Hair Styling and Supporting Actress for ‘Les Miserables’. ‘Django Unchained’ won two for Original Screenplay and Best Supporting Actor; ‘Lincoln’ also had two Oscars in its name for Best Actor and Best Production Design and ‘Skyfall’ for Best Original Song by Adele and Best Sound Editing, which it shared with ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ and this is the only sixth occurrence in the history of Oscars. ‘Anna Karenina’ took home an Oscar for Best Costume Design. In the Animated Feature, ‘Brave’ took the trophy; ‘Amour’ for Best Foreign Language Film; ‘Searching for Sugar Man’ for Best Documentary – Feature and ‘Inocente’ for Best Documentary – Short Subject category; this time’s Best Live Action Short Film Oscar went to ‘Curfew and Best Animated Short Film for ‘Paperman’. Everybody knows that Oscars is not just about the films and awards – it is

also about the best dressed with the best makeup and style. Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence and Halle Berry were some of the best dressed women on the red carpet, whereas Anne Hathaway raised some brows as she appeared in her gown. Jennifer Lawrence was, undoubtedly, the star of the show as she is the second youngest actress after Marlee Matlin, who won an Oscar for the same category in 1987, to win an Oscar for Leading Actress. Seth MacFarlane, known as the creator of ‘Family Guy’, hosted the 85th Academy Awards for the first time. Oscar evening was decorated with performances from Adele, the cast of ‘Les Miserables’, Norah Jones with Channing Tatum and Charlize Theron dancing as the host Seth MacFarlane sang Fred Astaire’s “The Way You Look Tonight”. George Clooney graced the stage as the night gave a tribute to the stars who passed away that year, and many Hollywood stars as they kept the night alive. Overall, the Academy Award night on February 24, 2013 was an event that rocked the stars and the fans alike.



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