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Publisher | Founder Kushal KC

The best is yet to come. ello 977ers! How’s life faring you?

Manager | Co-Founder Ershad Ahmed Chief Advisor Bimal Bhattarai Editorial Coordinator Aneesh Shrestha

With every new issue we have learned a new thing or two. Every time we come out we think that this is by far the best performance we have given. And, every time we end up with the piles of changes to make and heaps of improvements that we could have made. As a consequence, we are back to square one when we get started with the new issue. This is not our complaint but a brief encounter with the reality of the life. Most probably, this is life. Never achieving what we aim for and never being content with what we have. Always wanting to do more keeps us alive and this is what keeps us moving forward. This issue, we are looking at the life through our prism. We are trying to figure out what life is like from where we are standing. This, we believe, is also an opportunity for our readers to have a look at a life from their vantage point. Put it this way, life is all about making the difficult decisions and choosing among the toughest options. Our articles reflect the harsh realities of the life and they will tell you why we always think there is more work to do and the best is yet to come.

Copy Writers Mani Joshi Romu Shrestha Pradeep Chapagain Raktim Joshi Rajiv Ramtel In house Designer Raames Sangat Web Designer Subash Basnet Photography Bikram Malla Thakuri Vivek Jung Basnet Kewal Rai Public Relation Abiskar Bhujel (Melbourne) Suraj Aryal (Perth) Suraj Kandel (Brisbane)

Helping our cause is the philanthropy magnate and incredibly powerful singer Ani Choying Drolma. Her inspirational voice accompanied by her unselfish nature is a testimony that humanity is not dead yet. It is the greatest lesson for most of us in how one can give up personal life commit their lives to making others’ lives better. This is one part of the life which we have failed to notice, or say overlooked. Speaking of Ani Choying Drolma, did you 977ers know that she will be performing live at Opera House here in Sydney? And, did you know, no one from Nepal has ever been able to perform at Opera House till now? We, +977, are supporting the event like we do with every event that has to do with Nepali community. We hope to see all the 977ers there for her show.

Design Expertise Himrose IT & Media, Nepal Ashish Aryal Anup J. Chitrakar Marketing and Distribution Prakash Dhamala Mukunda Khanal Online Subscription

On the whole, we hope our readership is happy with this issue of +977. We hope to continue to receive the support and encouragement from everyone. Live the life to the fullest! Kushal KC Founder | Publisher


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His persona had more than meets the eyes.



If you think pressure in your life is more than you can handle, here is where you can unwind yourself.

Cover Story


Feature Model: Ani Chhoying Drolma Photography by: Ganga Sagar Rai Cover Venue: Hotel Yak and Yeti, Kathmandu, Nepal Himrose IT & Media Pvt. Ltd

Cover Story Understand who and what she is-beyond her personality and to the depths of her innermost soul .


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n i c i s u m g n i w o Gr


Australia is clearly becoming a future hub for Nepali movie and music industry and this is very good news for all of us living in Australia. All thanks to those organisers for bringing Nepali celebrities and their creations closer to us. The trend of organising concerts and dance parties to premiering Nepali movies are now followed by launching new albums. In recent times, we have seen couple of big Nepali artists launch their new Albums from Australia. Here are some albums that have been launched in Australia.

Dil Tamang ‘Sambandha’ by Local Talent Very young and promising local Talent Dil Tamang is a well known name in Sydney and has performed in various events organised in Sydney. Even though he failed to win the title Nepali Tara in Nepal, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a singer after he launched his first solo album “Sambandha” in early 2012. The album comprises seven songs of pop genre, backed by Jems Pradhan, Deepesh Singh, Manas Ghale, and Sandesh Pariyar. Living away from the family and friends, struggling as an international student, Dil never gave up and continued his work to successfully launch his album which took him almost 7 years. The guy, who was never engaged in professional singing lessons, was very promising and was involved in several musical events and the major competition was Nepali Tara, in which he was disqualified in the third round. The song “Ke Sakchhau”, his first music video which features Mr. Tamang himself as a male model, was directed by Prasanna Paudel and is a presentation of Lime Lights Entertainment. “I am quite excited with the response of my debut album and I am 8

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

making another music video soon”, says Mr. Tamang who is the first Nepali artist to launch their Music album in OZ and is also in process for recording his second album. This album “ Sambandha” can be purchased online from”

Navin K Bhattarai Now “Kathmandu” in Australia Recently, Navin K Bhattarai was touring Australia for EKTA EVENTS present the Festival of Music 2012. While he was on tour, Navin launched his new Album “Kathmandu” in association with New Age Music. This album is exclusively produced, distributed and marketed by New Age Music in Australia. Mr Suyash Bhattarai, Director of New Age Music is keen to promote Nepali music and says that they will be making music videos of the songs from this album in association with various organisations in Australia. Music video of “Timi Malai Yeti Pida” has been released a couple of months ago and another music video of the song “Fikka Fikka” has been made by ALTERNATIVE ARTS and is due to release soon. Some other videos from this album are also being made in Sydney & Melbourne. The album is available for sale on various Nepalese Business Outlets in Sydney. Hamrosydney & Ausmandu are also the promotion partners for the album & +977 is the official media partner of the album along with Ekata Online Radio.

26th SUN “Sunaulo Bhavishya” The musical group 26th Sun has its roots in Australia. The band was founded in Australian soil in the year 2006. Six years and still going on strong, they released their debut album “Sunaulo Bhavishya” in 2012. Their album was launched by Major Bhala Rai and the band rocked the event with their high-voltage live performance. Weathering both the anticipated and unanticipated storms in their musical journey, the band has moved on without even flinching. Devastating setbacks arisen from constantly changing line up to the pressure of keeping up with their studies to work to their family have never deterred them from giving their best shots. And, they have withstood all the challenges. This project involves like-minded musicians from different musical backgrounds trying to make music sound right while still maintaining the rock/metal fusion at its core. Though the line up has changed over the years, musically the band has

never sounded as good as now. Interestingly enough, the name hails from the date the band was formed. Sunday, 26th February 2006. From trashy garages to loud rehearsal studios, the quintet continued to jam and create masterpieces over the years. The current formation of band goes something like this. Vocal: Nabin Rana, Guitar: Sandesh Pariyar, Guitar: Satkar Tamang, Bass: Santos Rana, Drum: Rajan Pradhan

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012



Media Partners


There are many apps that you can find in the net and download for your dear iphone or androids like….. but a bunch of apps have been designed for Nepali users who can bring some Nepaliness in their handsets.

Danfe App Let’s start by talking about the app called DanfeApp. Danfe bird, Lophophorus in English is a bird found in mountain regions and is said to have served as the messenger for the people in the past. This even works in today’s context, thanks to DanfeApp, which is an international telecommunications service provider especially for people abroad to call here. The customers can register with DanfeTel and download the app to their phones. It costs less for the users and is easy to use so much so that even Skype and other social sites seem full of hassle. What’s more, this app saves the users a lot of trouble as it does not require a pin number or anything. DanfeApp requires iOS 4.1 or later versions and works in iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. DanfeApp is operated by DanfeTel, an Australian owned telecommunications company.

Hamro Patro One of the awkward things for us Nepalis living abroad or anywhere else is the date system. Although we are well adapted to the Gregorian calendar, we miss the the typical Patro. Fortunately, for the app HamroPatro that can be downloaded in your iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or Android phones requiring iOS 3.0. It shows Nepali date and time with public holidays, festivals and the minor tithis, which is not surprising at all. The plus side is that it also shows current forex values and its trends going back to the previous 30 days. And saving the best news for the last, the most remarkable feature is that it has the ability to convert the dates; bikram sambat into Gregorian calendar and vice versa. If that is not enough, you can even share the date online with your friends in social networking sites! This 1.5 version taking up 1.5 MB space is a keeper. (You can also download it from your Google Chrome.) 12

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

Nepali FM This is an app especially for the radio lovers addicted to the numerous radio stations. With this app, the user can get live stream via WiFi or Cellular Network 24-7, or at least when the radio airs. Its size is 4.2 MB and the current version is 5.1. It works best with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad and requires iOS 3.0 or its latest versions. It accesses the user to close to a 100 online Nepali radios with typing in Nepali and Nepali ukhan tukka and child stories. Besides that it even features live Nepali TV and video section with popular TV serial like Tito Satya, Meri Bassai and latest nepali Movies, songs and short movies. As if that was not enough, it allows the recorded audio section with fast-forward/backward functionality. It has the added bonus of showing nepali time and weather and the best, it enables multitasking. Download it and install it like thousands of others around the globe.

Type Nepali A Nepali App that will make you happy is Type Nepali. Like the name says, it makes Nepali typing easier in the phone. Type your business in the phone and send the email or sms from the app itself. Not limiting the advantages there, one can even type in the app and copy paste the text in other apps. No need to wonder it can be most used in posting the status on social networking sites. But go a step further and write the wonderful feelings in the app you want or save it as a Note. However, the typing is limited only in the app and cannot be used in the system keyboard. Also, it supports only iPhone and iPod Touch with iOS 4.0 or the later version. There are a number of combinations that you should be careful of for writing the word you want. In a way, that could be fun, you know, end up making your own.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012



Slave of Smartphone and Instant messaging By Mani Joshi

The ability to instantly connect with anyone has its advantages but it comes with a price. We pay the price in terms of the time which we feel we have so less of in this busy world.

“Tring!!!� Mobile phone rings. Within a second, everyone in the restaurant takes their phone out and checks for call/sms/mms/Facebook alert or Tweets. That is a common scenario I see everywhere. Today, when you walk into a restaurant, you will notice that almost everyone has their phones out, and they are texting, emailing, tweeting, or updating a Facebook status. Even though we are socialising and having a great time, a ring from our mobile phone will stop what we are doing and we start checking our phones. 14

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

There was a time when visiting a restaurant with a friend/family meant enjoying a tasty meal together, having an engaging conversation and updating each other about one’s life. These days with smartphone in our hands checking Facebook while having a conversation, tweeting a photo of a dish during the meal and taking a call seems to be accepted behaviour. If you travel using public transport, look around and I am sure you will see almost every single person staring at their phone. The worst and dangerous ones are the ones who drive while

talking on or texting from a phone. Also, what about those who talk on the phone while someone is trying to serve them, completely ignoring the person. Do not get me wrong, I am just as attached to my smartphone as anyone. I love gadgets and technology in general. But lately I have realised that the first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is check my phone for emails, messages, Facebook alerts and Tweets. Like many people, I have become so addicted to my smartphone that it is hard for me to go an hour without checking my e-mail, Twitter or Facebook alerts. It is with me, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. I am sure I have been doing it for a while but I only realised what I was doing when I saw my husband reading his eBook on his smartphone all the

“Those who are constantly breaking away from tasks to react to email or text messages suffer similar effects on the mind equivalent to losing a night’s sleep.”

time. After a long day of work when we come back home, we were sitting in the same room but often, he is reading his book while I am watching TV or using my phone to Facebook, Tweet or just surf internet. We were in the same room but we were not really talking. That moment, I realized that I wanted to get out of the slavery of phone. Another habit that I realised I had was that I tend to look for my phone every time a pop alert for email, Facebook, Twitter rings. So my smartphone was constantly demanding a significant part of my attention taking away my attention from just about anything instantly and consistently. I realised that rather than me using a phone, I was the slave of it and its instant messaging.The ability to instantly connect with anyone has its advantages but it comes with a price. We pay the price in terms of the time which we feel we have so less of in this busy world. I have also read about a research which proved the following. "Those who are constantly breaking away from tasks to react to email or text messages suffer similar effects on the mind equivalent to losing a night's sleep." So lately I have changed the way I use my smart phone. In other words, I have stopped being used by my smartphone but start using it again.

• • •

I know all the emails and messages I check in my phone can wait and people can always call if things are important, so I check them a couple of times in a day rather than as soon as a message lands in my inbox. I have turned off all the alert sounds from Facebook and Twitter so it does not pop on while I am in the middle of something urging me to check it instantly. I make sure I put my phone inside my bag or pocket when I am meeting people. At home, phones stay in the table so no need to check every 5 minutes. I turn the internet off on the mobile before going to bed.

I am sure lots of you might have similar habit like mine so go ahead and try not to use phone for an hour. See if you get more things done without getting distracted. Turn off all the alerts and have a quiet and piece time for a change.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012





+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

Cover Story

Ani Choying Drolma

Ani Choying Drolma

HIGHWAY By Rubina Chitrakar / Sachi Mulmi

Acknowledged worldwide for her humanitarian and philanthropic actions, she found her inspiration in Lord Buddha and Mother Teresa. She says that the people she meets day after day inspire her to work truthfully and with utmost dedication. This feeling is reflected in her singing, which comes from her soul and spirit. And she is very happy with her decision because she has been able to help others and start her projects to help fellow nuns and people suffering from fatal diseases.

When Ani Choying Drolma started singing publicly with the help of her American friend and musician, it seemed like an impossible dream. Needless to say, Ani Choying Drolma’s more than a decade old music career has given her millions of fans in Nepal and around the globe. Her music introduced the Tibetan praying hymns, and made them popular to such an extent that she is nothing less than a pioneer of spiritual music in Nepali music industry. Her music is an inspiration to serve to the needy people selflessly and make the inner self take a step further to

attaining God. She applies the same theory in her life and it is what drives her to do the work. Any amount of earning she gets from her music and singing is used for her many projects that work for the betterment of women, nuns and other people. We know Ani Choying as a singer, but she says singing is just a medium to supplement her real work – helping the society. Her main aim is to do social work, the holy and religious works which will be meritorious- not just for herself but for others as well. But it needed ample financial resources, something that kept her in deep

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012



thought. People who knew her were well aware of the magical gift of singing she had. So an American friend, who was also a musician, proposed the idea of introducing her melodious singing to the public. She realized that it could aid in her real purpose so she agreed. Hence, it was in 1997 that she released her first CD ‘Cho’ to receive a warm reception from the American audience. Her 2004 song ‘Phoolko Aankha ma’, composed by Nhyoo Bajracharya and penned by Durga Lal Shrestha saw the popularity that beckoned the attention of international audience and made her their favourite. She has gone for several international concerts around the world and the money collected from the tours are used for her projects; Arya Tara School and Kidney Hospital. Arya Tara School saw its inception in January 2000 with the help of Nuns Welfare Foundation (NWF), an NGO started by Drolma herself in 1998. Started with barely enough resources and nuns, it has grown into an institution that is impressive and capable to give quality education to nuns. Not only the nuns, but Ani Choying has branched out to help the women in need and then there is her recent venture, Arogya Kidney Hospital, which is situated at Pulchowk, Lalitpur. The kidney hospital is a dream that was instigated by a personal tragedy when she lost her mother. This gave her an incentive to provide relief and funds to other people suffering from kidney problem. She is well aware of the difficulties to realize these ventures. She has been extremely patient with the pace of development of her plans and does her best to ward off the feeling of hardships by concentrating on her destination. She believes that everything will happen on its own time and that we have to be patient with it.

The kidney hospital is a dream that was instigated by a personal tragedy when she lost her mother. This gave her an incentive to provide relief and funds to other people suffering from kidney problem.


+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

Acknowledged worldwide for her humanitarian and philanthropic actions, she found her inspiration in Lord Buddha and Mother Teresa. She says that the people she meets day after day inspire her to work truthfully and with utmost dedication. This feeling is reflected in her singing, which comes from her soul and spirit. And she is very happy with her decision because she has been able to help others and start her projects to help fellow nuns and people suffering from fatal diseases. Her happiness is doubled by the fact that her aim was achieved due to her own abilities and that she chose this method to accomplish it.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012


Cover Story

Ani Choying Drolma

Ani Choying is going to be the first ever Nepali to perform at the Sydney Opera House. The stage is set at Sydney Opera House in NSW. So do not miss out on the chance to experience bliss through her melodies. Just in case, you happen to be unable to make it to the big night, there is nothing to worry about. Ani is performing live on December 1, in a live concert organized by Visit Nepal Inc.



Her recent album, ‘Mangalbani’ released in late 2011, is a work dedicated to the little children, who nowadays have their hands full of songs that are not quite meant for them to listen to. Disappointed that they do not have better songs to sing, she would like them to humm about beautiful things like flowers and birds. After 10 CDs, movie track, an autobiographical book, many concerts and numerous humanitarian projects, her dedication has inspired the people to do selfless social services. It is safe to say that her efforts have achieved more than all the leaders of the country.

mind that it is what keeps her going. As a part of her humanitarian efforts, she is giving her first concert in Australia. This whole November 2012 her soulful voice will echo among the eastern Australian people as she tours Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland for her mesmerizing performance that will send them in a blissful trance. She is looking forward to the concerts in Australia and hopes that she can invoke inner peace in the audience that she has felt through her music hoping that she can share those moments and her dream to help everyone through her effort.

Her hunger for social service has not taken a backseat yet; she expects to come up with ample ideas from herself so that she can do some more. But she laments that sometimes, she feels the limitation of physical energy. But she assures that nothing else will stop her from moving forward to realize her goals. Ani Choying is much thankful for the constant support her family has given her and all the love she has received from listeners as well as her well-wishers. She is of

Ani Choying will be performing at Theatre Royale, Melbourne Recital Centre in VIC; The J, Riverside Receptions in QLD; and Byron Bay Community Centre, Sydney Opera House in NSW. In addition to that, she is the first ever Nepali to perform at the Sydney Opera House. Tickets can be booked online too, so do not miss out on the chance to experience bliss through Ani’s melodies.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

is Proud to be Associated With Community Events


Sinking Into Red and Falling for Nepal By Genisha Chhantel-Kaucha


look a little out of the map and I sound a little too much like a broken record. The tongues I can converse in are far too foreign for the ears of yours. I spent 18 years holding onto my green Nepali passport, most of the times forgetting my roots and ignoring the fact that I was not of the same nationality as my best friends. It would be impossible to tell I had once thought my father was the craziest man for bringing me to this place which is clearly falling apart. Cracks by cracks, bricks by bricks and stones by stones, it is falling. We are nothing but a pile of dust; when stepped on, when walked over, when blown over, we cause such unsettlement and we seem to mean business and then we just settle back down, right back to where we were, like nothing ever happened. That is how it is here in Nepal. The bandhs that do not make sense half the time; our bandhs are like dust and so are our politicians, as are the citizens and the roads we tread on. We are a country of dust – literally and figuratively. We are a country of a great magnitude. We have Mount Everest. We have Prabal Gurung and our land is known for lion hearted Sherpas taking the world up the highest mountains. We have Lord Buddha’s birthplace marked here. We have amazing trekking routes and equally amazing people. We have momos, chhyang and sel roti. We have streets full of stray dogs and dangerously hanging wires out in the open with tall, old buses and trucks threatening to rip them apart as the vehicles better fitted to be retired make their way through, almost blindly. We have a funny rule of breaking up what is already broken – the demolition of roads for expansion is baffling enough for me because truth be told, it is just causing more jams than ever. We practically have no system at all. The only systems we have are that the taxi drivers will almost always be a pain especially when in rush and caught in the pouring rain. The traffic is always a killer. We spit everywhere on the roads. The vegetable and biscuit prices differing more than Rs.10 from one shop to another, is such a mindplaying game and a time-consuming effort to remember where to get a cheaper deal. We never get all the good Hollywood movies, just the mainstreams. Now, with the new ban on Hollywood and Bollywood movies in our cinema halls, we have nothing but just Nepali movies. We have micros, inhumanely packed with humans, breathing in each others’ musky evaporating sweat. We do not shower until we have to, once winter is here. We do not even shower during the blistering summer heat. We are the second richest in terms of water resources but load shedding has been haunting us forever, forget water for a shower. We are one of the poorest countries in the world but we also have one of the richest cultures and heritage in the world. The holy Bagmati River does not smell as holy but we are such religious bunches and in bhatti pasals, that is where we spend our day lazing around drinking tea, talking about everything especially politics. We party hard every Friday night, even on Wednesdays, just because


+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

we are sliding into the weekends. We make every excuse to party. Can you believe the month-long Teej festivity, the ladies singing dohori in screechy voices and dancing in circles again and again? I am up for the joy but I find it all too ridiculous at the entire merriment. And then, Dashain is almost here. Slaughtering of poor khasis has already begun and so have the sales. I have already started setting aside Rs. 5 and Rs. 10 notes to play challi flush. I wonder if I still remember how to play marriage. We are a loud bunch. We love to wear gold and speak of our wealth and our failing health because we eat too much khasi ko masu and we do not really have a good control over our alcohol consumption once we begin with a sip. We have everything – the beautiful sky, the polluted streets, reckless drivers and impossible people. We have worms, nails and

algae in our coke bottles. We have Tito Sattya and we have a very successful French language schools when we cannot even speak and write our native language fluently. We love delicacies from foreign countries so much that we forget our very own finger-licking good Thakali food and, instead we crave for finger-licking chicken from KFC. We disregard our local designers and their talents because we are obsessed with anything from America, anything out of Nepal for that matter. We are uniquely made, a diversity of squinty eyes, wide doe eyes and medium-sized eyes, sharp noses, flat noses and wide noses with no nose bridges, all of which tell stories of

our ancestors and us. I am sinking into red. My festive mood is at its peak. I am falling in love with Nepal, every bit of our sloppiness, our relaxed nature, our wounded country demanding attention from everyone to improve the current state we are in, our pot-holed roads, our talented musicians and artists. I am in love with Patan, the smelly gallis of New Road and the ritzy Durbar Marg and Nanglo restaurant. I am in love with the out-of-shape metal bowls of beggars and the extravagance of the rich, the cheap spa packages and Rs. 45 momos. I am in love with falling sick every time. I am in love with the men and the women, the children

and the cows sleeping in the middle of the road. I am in love with our criminals peaking at their best during this time to steal enough to make enough to go back home with for Dashain. I am in love with dhal-bhat-tarkari and how we eat with our hands with blackened finger nails. I am in love with cursing the electricity people switching off the power before time. I am in love with waking up with the sun on my face and the smell of Nepal in the morning and night. I am in love with romancing the wind of Nepal, the polluted wind. I am in love with our country, in all its shambling beauty. What makes Nepal the pinnacle of beauty is what is killing her.

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012



Dashain at Home! With Dashain just over, people are back in their quotidian lives. They may or may not have had fun during the biggest festival By Prizma Ghimire of the year. They may have their reasons for enjoying and not enjoying the festival but one thing is for sure. Dashain has lost its essence to some extent. It is not celebrated much in the same way as it used to be before. With that said, there are some aspects of Dashain that remain unchanged. As the modern society is held hostage to ultrasophisticated gadgets, social media and life-style, the way we look at the festivals and our culture has changed. The new generation has the fetish. And, Dashain


could be no exception. My aim here is to take a glance back at the way Dashain was celebrated traditionally. Dashain is the longest and the most important festival of Nepal. Generally, Dashain falls in late September to mid October, right after the monsoon season in Nepal. Dashain gets many different nick names as Dasara, Bada Dashain, Vijaya Dashain, Durga Puja, all of which mean the same thing,implying Dashain, a day of Victory over Demons. Once Dashain holiday starts, it is nearly the days of rest and relaxation. This is the longest festival in Nepal and allows one to spend quality time with friends, family and relatives. Dashain Bonus is something really important that brings a wide grin on

+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012

everyone’s face because we get to spend more and prepare ourselves for the big thing. Having higher salary than normal days is something really special, ain’t it? When it comes to home and when it comes to our Moms, they are pretty very wise so as where to spend the money delightfully. So here are some of the lists prepared; what do we do every Dashain in our Homes! Cleaning and decorating our homes is considerably our favorite pastime for the festive season. We paint our walls, or get a new coat of paints. There is a frantic parade of family members with broomsticks and wipes for cleaning, mopping and washing. Shopping for Dashain is always on top of

our checklist of “Great many things one should do in Dashain” and one is up for this every time. I bet one cannot resist after seeing the boards hanged up offering heavy discounts of clothes, accessories and decoratives. It does feel good when I see family walking together discussing what they should buy in Dashain for themselves and for their house. Nepalese families always manage to shop if not for all, but at least for the children. And the best part is, even those who could not afford to wear even a single new clothes in the entire year will now attempt! Eating, is another best thing in our homes, I would say very best thing that we do. Cooking and eating well, normally, is the same every day, but one that has been cooked in Dashain comes up with variations. Well, the most popular cuisine is meat; popularly of goat, sheep, buffalo, duck and chicken. And they are cooked using different spices and different techniques. Even the veggies can enjoy various kinds of sweets and recipes in a

Lic No.32847

cozy family environment. Kites! Children love the season also for flying Kites. I remember me and my cousin flying kites from the day our school would declare Dashain vacation. This is one of the things that we can do in our homes for Dashain. One’s rooftop should be good, because Kathmandu has been so populated that it has left us no choice, but countryside people enjoy flying kites from wide green fields that are comparatively much safer and fun too. Nonetheless, if you visit Kathmandu or any other city during this season, the daysky is filled with colorful kites like shinning stars in the night! One could say, this has been very rare lately. Gambling. Well! playing with a small amount among our own family is fun, right? We can play all day long and get paid back even if we do not win. A friendly match and small amount is not taken adversary. Playing cards are popular during Dashain. Usually family members play cards with each-other or

with friends for money, moreover for fun. Similarly, we earn stacks of note. Here comes the real benefit of being a younger one. We really get benefit, don’t we? Receive a tika and offer money notes as an appreciation.Getting a tika from an older person in your family or from relatives or from anyone is a blessing. Dashain tika begins from the oldest person of our family. Faith, hope, inspiration and blessings, all come alive in Dashain. Dashain is also about forgiveness; kindness and respect, to help families come together. Cities suddenly seem to empty themselves with more people returning back to their native places: villages or Terai (lower, flat region of Nepal). During this season, the whole city rushes to book tickets for the buses or planes! Just for the things mentioned above; just to get back at their homes, to the warmth of the parental love and enjoy in their own HOME.

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One of the places that attracts the most in the whole journey. By Krista Vaidya


light travel on the very day and next day is all yours. Boating in Phewa Lake will definitely be one option. You may see small boys and girls rowing the boat. But no need to worry, they are Pokharelis and it is in their genes. Trust them, they are experienced and know waters well. Putting your scare aside, just enjoy the amazingly thrilling view all around you. Rowing in Phewa Lake and not going for worshiping Barahi temple is not possible. And from there Peace Stupa is the other destination for most. It is a long hike of around 1hour but it still is worth it which you shall know upon reaching there. The place is so peaceful that the name given to it really justifies it. You could see whole of Pokhara from there. What will catch your eyes from the stupa is the portion of the lake, a kind of rectangular shaped pieces that are horizontally placed. All the pieces seem to set in the way that it seems a design given. It looks a beauty and you cannot surmise what exactly it is. You may think it to be a green plain. That actually is the fishing net which fishermen put there for a time and lots of fish get caught there: Good and very innovative idea. And the place is called “Paame�: One of the places that attract the most in the whole journey.


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Jamal, early morning around 7, your wonderful journey for Pokhara will get a start. Since the view is not worth missing, grab a riverside seat so that you could enjoy the view all the way. It surely will be very much of a journey with peaceful and lovely sightseeing. After 4-5 hours of travel, you are in the land of beauty, your destination: Pokhara. Upon your arrival to Pokhara, you may find a little unexpected climate from Kathmandu.

Looking at it from the stupa, it spurs you to go there and your elation will not stop while heading for it. If you reach by dusk you will find that dusk has decked more beauty to the place. You will not let yourself take your eyes away from the ambience. You will feel like capturing every single sight.

picture. Part of the stupa is visible from there. You feel the embrace of the nature’s gift. This is the true nature is what you will feel that very moment. Life will seem so pure out there. Some kind of zest it brings inside you that you just wish not to go back. One more thing what is interesting about Paame is it is famous for cycling.

Cross the fishing net that was seen from the top of the stupa: Closer look at the spectacle is as delightful as the distant one. Stop at a point, a café called Duna Tapari to enjoy the specialty of Paame: fish. If you are on fasting that day, you will be missing the best part of the trip. Fish are simply moreish. Just looking at the dish you can say how awesome it is going to taste: Taking pictures, feeling the natural beauty, enjoying every piece of tasty gourmet and feeling the cool, pure water of Phewa from close not only looking at it but sensing it through your own bodily touch- the best moment ever.

One thing that makes you sad about the place is part of this beautiful place was once destructed by the flood and so many lives and shelters were taken away. You get distraught with grief by the news and it brings tears to your eyes. It looks fine now which mollifies you to some extent. And you hope that this incident will not be occurring any more. This beautiful place deserves all the happiness. You definitely will feel an urge to come back here soon.

Green fields, then the beautiful lake, after that, the dada (hills) and the sky: It will make you go wow. That moment you shall always find lively whenever you close your eyes with a perfect

We have a life that is ephemeral and this is the place that one should visit at least once in their lifetime. Being there sure will pacify and bring happiness to one’s countenance. One can feel peace and relief that we are searching every way possible. Enjoy the view and, of course, enjoy eating fish.

Phewa Lake Boating in Phewa Lake will definitely be one option. You may see small boys and girls rowing the boat. But no need to worry, they are Pokharelis.


An Odd Love Story By Prafulla Regmi

And though the monkey's brain had already changed the channel and pushing its crazy body to move on, it could not convince his obstinate heart to stop craving for the rewinds. This time around, he is on the other side of the pond and still gazing into the pond, confused- whether his attempt to jump this time will make his f i sh more happy or sad... After all, they both believed in their def i nition of Love....


he Life, Love and Lust were not related at least for this monkey, who was sitting on the edge of the pond and looking at the still water and trying to decipher the ripples created by his own smelling breath (he never used harpic to brush his teeth so his toilet was always smelling). Any observer, on that day, could tell that the monkey was about to jump into the pond any moment. The perfect Catch 22 of whether to jump or not, took the mind of the monkey to a flashback of his last year's life and started feeding him with thoughts so depressive that he had no other alternatives but to enjoy it. Life was very unpredictably predictable for him. He never knew what was going to happen and at the same time he always knew what was going to happen. Similarly, Love was very elusive and in the quest of quenching his thirst of love, he never realized that he was running after the always-intangible mirage. Lust for him should have to be with the one he loved 28

and when he thought he found one, lust was so irresistibly resistible.

As you can tell from above, how normal his thoughts and activities were in the year that just passed, still people around him thought he was different and not one of their kind. Some thought he was foolishly different to cry at his marvellous life and nice career with frequently changing jobs, while some thought he was different not to satisfy his lust and most of them thought he went completely berserk with his love- can you believe?? He had gone inter-species for love, he had fallen for a FISH.. All this time, though, the monkey kept believing he is no different than others (the proof was his coat colour-dirty golden and his wrinkly face which was reflecting on the murky water of the pond; the same coat color and same chimpy face which every other monkey possessed). Instead, he had made up his mind that all others were different to him. He had to go inter-species and had to fall in love with the fish, otherwise how could

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2+2 make 5, the most basic equation in maths. He thought all others studied different maths at different schools so that they never understood the basic theories of 'synergism' or 'hybrid vigor' and also they never could extend the horizon of their thinking beyond the completely insipid 2+2=4. The '2s' which add up to make '5' were little more than '2' and all others were stupid not to notice this simple fact which was clear as the pond's murky water. And they kept thinking the monkey was different. He started remembering the Fish, whom he had seen for the first time in the same pond, lying as still as the water itself at the surface as if she did not know how to swim. The monkey thought the fish was also little more than the ordinary '2' in the sense, she being a fish, had forgotten how to swim in water and how to be happy with one of her kind. She did not even remember whether she was a creature of land or the water and nearly came out of water in her delirium. Finally, she remembered how to swim and started feeling happy in the water, and the sadly funny part was, she believed the monkey played some sort of role in reminding her of the abilities. The monkey who never knew how to swim (his closest proximity to water was during his ritual yearly baths), was like a stone in the water- would straight go down to the

the edge of the pond just to tell her that. The monkey had very vivid memories of the moments they had together. However, the moments were so short that if the monkey closed his eyes for the moment, the moment would be gone just like that. Hence the monkey had not blinked his eyes for quite sometime now and the memories were so fresh as if they happened just seconds ago. He was remembering how they had mingled on the pond side, neither on land nor in water. They were both so wet and yet so dry. Both had a long gossip on love and had come to the conclusion that 'love' meant to see each other happy, no matter what. With this the fish plunged herself deep into the pond and the monkey lay on the edge vaguely longing in dreams to be deep in the pond with the 'fish' he loved. bottom without ever trying to free his arm and swim out of water, how can he remind someone how to swim and that too to a fish. She had achieved all those feats by herself and this time the monkey was on

He came out of his dream and finally mustered the courage to run over and plunge into the pond. But the irony was, the foolish monkey took a leap too big to cross the entire pond and landed on the other side, even further away from the fish than he previously was.

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“Let me do the research and bring 25 lenders to you.�

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ATTENTION Skilled Graduate Temporary Visa (Subclass 485) Holders!

MAXIMIZE YOUR JOB AND PR PROSPECTS We represent several reputed Professional Year Program providers for whom we recruit students and manage their internships. Hundreds of international students have entered the professional industry with our help since 2007. We work on your behalf to achieve your career growth and a fair go for you! FACT 1: Internship is the most important part of Professional Year Program FACT 2: STUDYANDWORK works with the best host companies who treat you as a learner not cheap labour FACT 3: Over 40% of internships organised by STUDYANDWORK convert into job placements FACT 4: Completion of Professional Year Program will provide you 5 bonus points under General Skilled Migration points test

Enrol in a Professional Year Program (Accounting and IT) with our help & enjoy:










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The C-statement

By Sameer Lamichhane

Have you noticed the pictures of a rugged looking man with long grown beard and in a distinct headwear? Those pictures are almost everywhere. He can be seen with his intense looks on the windshields of the vehicles, in the T-shirts people wear, different stickers, posters and accessories like badges. He has turned out to be an all time great style icon. People seem to be crazily in love with this guy. But the question is, do they actually know who this guy, that they have fallen truly, madly, deeply in love with, really is? People do not know what makes this guy stand out from the rest in the first place. Just knowing him by his name and being able to tell that he is Che Guevara is not enough. There is more to his personality, to tell you the truth, much more. Well, this is your exclusive opportunity to get to know him better.


orn on June 14, 1928 in Argentine city of Rosario, Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, whom the world recognizes as Che Guevara, is an indisputable symbol of revolution, courage and determination for the world. Those imperialists, who finally conspired against him and caused his untimely death, had also accepted the fact that Che was not an ordinary individual and there were not any other means to defeat his principle but to kill him. “ I would not return home until I win”. -Che Guevara Being raised in a well to do family and awarded with best education in best school with all the facilities did not prevent him to contemplate upon the unprivileged


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class peoples’ plight and right. From the beginning of his awareness towards politics, he understood that the very politics is the means to demolish the barrier of difference between haves and have nots. In 1952, the year he completed his masters in Medical Science from the university, he made a plan to explore the entire South-American continent to read the real condition of the population. With his comrade Alberto Granada, he set out on the journey that started from Argentina and ended up in Mexico, partially driving and majorly walking all the way through Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Venezuela and Mexico. During that trip, Che collected the miserable situation of working class people in the continent. He could not ignore the plight of suppressed, despondent and laborious workers who

worked in the mines and companies of American investors and were deprived of adequate salary, health facilities and even the fundamental human rights. He made up his mind to spread awareness among those workers in order to make them strong enough to deal with the company and fight to guarantee the fundamental facilities. “ I have completed my degree in Medical Science as a leprosy specialist, and my first priority is to cure social leprosy.” -Che Guevara In 1953, while being involved in similar campaigns in Mexico, he met the Cuban leader Fidel Castro in a meeting. That historical meeting eventually turned up to launch a revolution in Cuba where the

authoritarian ruler Batista had severely smashed the pursuit of democracy among Cubans. Che and Castro secretly travelled to Cuban suburbs in order to accumulate and train the comrades to fight Batista’s army. After a preparation of six long years, the people’s force led by Che Guevara took over the Cuban capital Havana and compelled the authoritarian government to flee Cuba. That revolution established Fidel Castro as the president of Cuba and proved Che Guevara as the successful leader of people. Designated as the Minister of Industry of Cuban Republic, Che Guevara made numerous international visits and his visits mainly used to be concerned upon to observe the condition of common people of the countries because he had a determination to spread the light of revolution around the globe to ensure right for working class people. His speeches in different

international conferences, UN meetings and his interviews were of highest concern in that period of political arena.

Highly tactical, meticulously factual and startlingly rational speeches and articles are even today the most read and analyzed. “if anyone asked me how do I want my children to be educated, my answer will be that I want them to develop the spirit like Che Guevara.” --Fidel Castro Serving for two and half years in the Cuban government, Che Guevara felt irrelevant to rest in a single place because mere Cuba did not had problems but the entire world was in a dire need of the successful revolution. So, he left the country and again started to extend the campaigns in Africa, Asia and Latin America. He lit the fire of awareness and revolution but before he could lead them to success, he was tragically caught in Bolivia by the US backed Bolivian dictator in 1967. After two days of extreme torture he was shot dead in Bolivia on November 9, 1967, the day this world lost its greatest revolutionary.

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Chunky Statement Necklaces

By Mani Joshi

Ladies, get ready to vamp up your wardrobe with some statement necklaces this spring. The chunkier, the funkier, the bigger, the better! There are myriad choices from floral accents and multicolour gemstones to layered pearls and bib necklaces as well as acrylic, plastic, shells or resins. Here are a few I absolutely adore.


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How to wear it?

•Wear a really plain top and jeans and mix it with a statement necklace. •Wear a sundress or white dress with a chunky flowery necklace for a beach looks. •When dressing for a formal affair, an elegant statement necklace is great to transform from plain to fabulous.

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BEFORE FITNESS BEGINS By Sanjit Shrestha Everyone has a dream body. Big & muscular, lean & muscular, slim & trimmed, flat abs, gain weight and lose weight all comes within the fitness periphery. Starting any sort of fitness program can be a daunting experience. Most of us visit the nearest gym to make our dream body come true and come across those intimidating, big-armed men and lean, muscular women training with a serious attitude. We look around and are dazed by the expansive array of equipment. How does it all work? Even the vocabulary of fitness and exercises seems like a different language: reps, sets, spot, etc. But remember, all those big men and trimmed women were beginners once. You enrolled in the gym – Great! What is going to happen next? When you are ready to go, you will stop right there and think what to do at first. Helplessly, you may jump to a sophisticated treadmill, you may not know how to operate it; some start cycling, which is the easiest equipment to use and some begin to look around the gym thinking where to start from or what to do next. You may start looking at others performing 36

exercises and try yourself out without caring whether the person you are copying is doing it the right way or not. When this happens for a month or two or three, you start getting frustrated because you are not sure how you will get your dream body. This is the most critical point where most of us drop out from gym thinking that this does not work. It is very important to include this gymscenario here. If you are in Nepal, there is always a gym instructor who has to train you as a beginner but here in Australia, you have three choices: first, you can hire a personal trainer; second, learn from a friend who knows fitness very well, and third, learn by yourself reading magazines, books, watching videos and various other media. But wait. Do not quit because you do not know fitness. You are not alone. There are a lot of them who think in the same manner.

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Whatever your reasons are to join the gym, write down your goals and realistic expectations of what you hope to achieve in the short and long term. Keep in mind, never push yourself very hard or rush to achieve your goals. Missing important fitness attributes can result in failure. Different people come to gym with different motivations, thus follow different exercise routines. A bodybuilder’s exercise routine is different from that of a football player; weight-gaining exercises will be different from weight losing exercises. So, copying other people may not help you achieve your goal and you may just be wasting your precious time. It is really not so difficult, but before you get started, here are some points you will want to consider: Get a Physician’s release: If you are over 40 or have had any sort of

previous injury, ailments or impairments. Be realistic but positive: Assess your current condition and where you want to be in three months, one year or two years. Stay focused on your goals and know that you will achieve them. Commit yourself to three months: Always remember, sculpting body takes time and changes take place incrementally. If you are making adjustments about whether it is working or not, you are a bit impatient. Our body structure does not change overnight. Three months is long enough to see significant changes in shape and strength. You need to be persistent and dedicated to achieve your dream goal.

WEIGHTS During the first couple of training sessions, you have to go pretty light just to get a feel for how to do the movement correctly. After you feel comfortable with the form, begin adding weight. Even if you can lift more weights, you should start with practically no weight to warm up your targeting muscles groups. SETS A set is a combination of any number of reps of a single exercise. As a beginner, you will normally want to do 1-2 light warmup sets of each movement (especially the first movement for a given bodypart) before doing 1-3 heavier sets. That equals 2-4 total sets per exercise.

DESIGNING YOUR EXERCISE PROGRAM You should have your exercise program handy every time you enter the gym. You can ask professionals or experienced friends to prepare your first exercise program for you. When you start getting to know the exercises, equipment and their purposes and confident in performing various exercises, you can change your routine any time later. Having a handy list of exercise you are going to perform on the day will save your time, keep you more focused and have a great workout instead of standing there and thinking what to do next. Your primary objective here, as a beginner – is to build a solid foundation in your understanding about fitness and exercises. Take your time to learn the few of the most important terms you have to deal with every time you do exercises or talk about fitness. EXERCISES You can choose from any number of movements that target a particular muscle group, however, beginners should stick with the basics to develop a solid foundation. The first exercise you do for a given bodypart should be a compound movement and target big muscles like chest, thighs and back.

REPS A rep is a single execution of one exercise (count). If you do a set of 10 biceps curls consecutively, that is 10 reps. During your first week or two, keep the weights very light so that you can complete about 15 reps in good form. This is a chance for you to practice good form while you work on your neuromuscular coordination and learn the proper “feel” for the movement. Developing that feel will become even more critical later on because it will tell you if an exercise is working. PROPER FORM We will say this again and again, but it is far better to use a weight that allows you to perform the movement correctly than to cheat with a heavy weight that will –sooner or later – result in an injury. Speed of movement: Use a smooth, controlled motion during all phases of the lift. This deliberate rep speed produces the greatest results for bodybuilding purposes.

BREATHING Most people do not think much about breathing until they begin lifting weights. But it should still come naturally. Start each set with a deep inhalation and exhale as you push through the most difficult part of the lift. Inhale at the top (or the easiest portion of the lift) and exhale as you push. REST BETWEEN SETS In general, rest as long as it takes for you to feel recovered from your previous set. That normally ranges from 45-90 seconds. Larger muscle groups take a bit longer to recover; smaller muscle groups are ready to go more quickly. Do not fall into all-too-common mistake of talking with your buddies for 3-4 minutes between sets, during which time your muscles can become cold. This is counterproductive and lengthens the time you spend in the gym.

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+977 | Gen-Y, Fashion & Lifestyle | November | 2012 Club Nepal Presents

Nepalese Dance Party with

DJ Raju


The Axe In Melbourne


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” d n e r t as a


By Saswat Karki o you not love it when people ask you if you have lost weight? In the present day of 21st century, at a halt in various parts and many regions of the world, the term “Fashion” is playing a very indispensable role. The thoughts, belief, inspection; individual conception of people are being gradually malformed. At early time, people were having different views and deliberations toward fashion. Many of those conservatisms used to think that doing fashion was a bad drift. But with the increase of human populations, the human civilizations are in the phase of enhancement. Today still, in many parts of the world there are poor concepts regarding fashion. But as it is often said that majority triumph over minority, people from many parts of the globe have changed their perception towards fashion. Now days, fashion has really become a trend. In many countries, there is not much of a problem in doing fashion, to the models, to the fashionable dresses they put on, initiate that there is no any sort of


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restrictions. By the way, I personally believe that, wearing comfortable dress is especially good. But, according to the occasions, festivals the sense of dress up must be adjusted. One must dress up according to their personal choices. One must truly wear the comfortable dress which suits them. Looking at others, it is not wise to be dressed in the uncomfortable outfit just because somebody looked good on something. Yes, fashions have become a trend but I do believe that one must not forget their cultural dress. Now days, people have become very conscious about their wellbeing. It is always a good sensation, whether you are actively trying to lose weight or if you happen to lose a few pounds without realizing it. Yes, of course everyone wants to slim down for the summer to look great in swimsuits dress. Shopping seems to be difficult sometimes. An empire waist dress is yet another way to come out slimmer. There are many comfy, stylish dresses that make you slimmer. Sometimes, even after a long day of shopping the choices do not match with the ambience or milieu. So, while hanging around with family and friends, I pick up the very best of the best fashionable and cosy dresses. Sometimes, a dress which you buy from a mall or from any ordinary outlet in a very hurry period becomes more magnificent rather than, spending longer times in any store. Thus, I accept it as a very true fact that fashion and its trend are rising up day by day and without leaving my country’s cultural dress, I am following the same trend all along in the midst of the people around the world!

Now Open


Call Us For Any Enquiries 0432 829 898, 0423 370 433 47 Princes Hwy, Kogarah NSW 2217 /


Face Correctors, Pre -Foundation and Concealers


By Raktim Joshi he other night, I was watching T.V and, all off a sudden, I came out with the thought of writing about Face Correctors and Concealers. Face Correctors and Concealers can transform your face. If you have a lot of redness, dark circle, uneven pigmentation, broken capillaries and if you are worried about them, you do not have to worry anymore. You can just relax as there are easy solutions like Face Corrector, Pre-foundation and Concealers to help you out. There are different shades of Pre-foundation and Concealer and you need to know which shade actually works best for you. Well, I have listed the shades and also mentioned what they are used for. Face Corrector and Pre foundations are applied after moisturising and before foundation application.

Face Correctors/ Pre-Foundation: Lavender:

Will give a yellowish complexion a healthy glow and cover shallowness.


Neutralizes redness.


Highlights all skin tones.

Alabaster: Conceals dark circles under eyes (on warm skin tones only.) Orange/Apricot: Acts as highlighter and helps to correct uneven pigmentation.

Concealers Concealers are used in all areas that need concealing. It can be used under foundation and on top of foundation. If somebody needs only light concealing with a concealer that matches their foundation, we usually work on top of the foundation. Orange: Covers blue and purples in veins and bruises on darker skin tones. Peach:

Bluish shadows under eyes.


Great for red spots.


For really strong red marks and broken capillaries and veins.


Covers grey shadows under eyes on pale skin tones.

As mentioned above, Concealers also come in normal foundation shades and these are best for people who only need minimal concealing. 44

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By Reecha Dhital


“You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of embarrassing bravery, and I promise you, something great will come out of it.” - Benjamin Mee.


ometimes it is not as hard as it seems in our head to move forward, to be where we want to be, to achieve what we have always dreamt of and to be in ease with self. Sometimes it is just the matter of saying “YES” to everything life has to offer and accepting the challenges, experience and embrace the knowledge it comes with. Life is all about experiencing different emotions, excitements, culture, pain and many more. It is about discovering who we are, what our potential is and what we are capable of doing. We meet numerous amounts of people and come across all the weird, stupid, idiotic, courageous and emotional situations that shape our life and thoughts. People who concentrate on the negative part of this journey end up being sad and never able to accept themselves entirely. They will always focus on their and other’s mistakes and will be in the same dirt mud all their life until and unless they decide to change their approach to life. Contrary to this, when people focus on the positive outcomes of their experience and see their happiness and change it has brought on them, will always be moving forward to achieve and experiment more. They somehow get

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addicted to testing their capacity and increasing their horizons. Saying “YES” to life brings them the joy of being alive and happy. It enriches their life and gain strength to achieve their goals. “We are the only beings on the planet who lead such a rich internal life that it is not the events that matter most to us, but rather, it is how we interpret those events that will determine how we think about ourselves and how we will act in the future”- Anthony Robbins. So it is time to embrace life, take one lesson at a time and enjoy the process of learning the true meaning of living. Get your extra push by watching and listening to motivational videos and quotes. So say “YES” to everything, give yourself a chance to try new things, smell different fragrance, wear a different dress, get an edgy haircut or even skydive. Life is too short to dwell in past and what you should have done years ago. It is about moving ahead, learning things about yourself you did not know, before and enjoying the ride. So take care, be generous and stop being so cruel and harsh on self if something goes wrong, for there is always another chance, another day and another opportunity.


4th REWATI Memorial Cup 2012 By Kushal KC

Club Nepal

Rewati Rai, a former player of Laligurans Footbal team and an active member of Nepalese Community died of Leukaemia (Blood Cancer). To commemorate Mr. Rai for his good works and to honour the good athlete in him, Club Nepal and Laligurans Footbal club started Rewati Memorial Cup in 2009. After the formation of Australian Nepalese Football Association (ANFA) in 2011, it started to manage the Cup and is played on Labour Day Long Weekend every year. As part of ANFA’s initiation, each member team plays role of the host for the tournament every year.

British Bhanja Club

“ANFA has ten teams from Sydney and more teams are participating every year. ANFA is expecting more teams to participate in future” says Mr. Manoj Lama, the President of ANFA.

Friends United FC

Granville Rhinos

This year, total 16 teams from Melbourne and elsewhere registered themselves for the championship which included Bhutanese-Nepali Community too. However, in the end only 15 teams made it to the game day and played at the PCYC indoor venue in Marrickville. Continuing the victory, United Football Club from Melbourne won the competition for the 3rd time by defeating all the teams from Sydney. Similarly, NAWAS Cup 2012 Champion Tamang Recreational Club from Sydney managed to hold their position as a runner up and is also set to host the 5th Rewati Cup 2013 on 8th OCTOBER next year.

Gorkha Boys FC

Himalayan Youth Club

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Hurstville United FC

Nepal United

Laligurans FC

Nepalese Thunder Storm

Sagarmatha FC

Tamang Recreational Club

United FC 48

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West United FC

1. Winner

1. United Football Club Running shield, medals & cash prize $1000.00

1. Runner Up

1. Tamang Recreational Club Trophy, medals and $500.00

1. Man of the Series 2. Nirdesh Thapa (Tamang R C)

1. Man of the Match 2. Ekjan Tuladhar (United FC)

1. Best goal keeper 2. Manij Hada (United FC)





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Sep -















FU N inc. GST










2012 |





Oct 2012

GenFa shionY Lifes tyl e

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A culinary experience

Ingredients: 1. 1 tablespoon olive oil


2. 150 grams beef


3. 15 grams mustard sauce 4. 10 grams black pepper


5. 5 grams garlic powder 6. Salt to taste



1. Marinate the meat with salt, pepper, olive oil

150 grams of boiled chicken for fillings

and garlic powder.

1 eggplant

2. Grill the meat for 5 minutes in

2 tomatoes

medium heat.

1 hard-boiled egg

3. Add pepper and chobies sauce

1 tablespoon of olive oil

4. For decoration:

Salt and pepper to taste

Fried Potato

Coriander aioli sauce for garnishing

Fried Spaghetti


Mashed potato


Ham and chips 5. Then, serve the meat and the decorations in a plate.

1. Chop the chicken fillings, put olive oil in a pan and sautĂŠ the chicken with garlic. 2. Add salt and pepper. Then mix it with


mayonnaise. 3. Cut the eggplant into two pieces, take out the seeds and put in the fryer until it


turns deep brown. 4. Fill the fried eggplant with the chicken stuffing and cut it, sushi style.

For Garnish Cut the hard-boiled egg and replace the yolk with the chicken filling. Peel the tomatoes and fill the insides with chicken like the eggplant. Garnish and serve in a plate. 50

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FOR BOOKING : 0280680260



Jumbo Ingredients: Prawn

1. 1 tablespoon olive oil 2. ½ tablespoon lemon juice 3. 3 tablespoons of creamy saffron butter sauce 4. 3 pistils of saffron 5. 3 pieces of prawn 6. 2 pieces of chicken sausage

Method: 1. Grill the prawns in a pan with olive oil for 2 minutes. By Nepalese Chef:

2. Lightly butter fry the seasonable

Nil Bahadur Tamang

vegetables for side dish.

The Heritage Kitchen & Bar

3. Prepare butter rice.

Kathmandu, Nepal

4. Grill sausage in two skewers. 5. Garnish and serve in a plate.


tta Local tstanding Parrama Ou Awards Business Finalist 2012 nt Restaura


For All Kinds of Parties, Seminar, Meetings etc. OPENING HOURS: 11:00 AM-11:00 PM (7 DAYS A WEEK)







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44 Railway Parade Granville Sydney NSW 2142

(2 mins. walk from Train Station)

Ph: 02 9897 5935



Mob: 0466 210 654 (Rabindra), 0423 965 294 (Saroj) Email:

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International Students/Potential Graduates!

 Recently completed degree?  Applying for TR/PR before 31 Dec 2012?  Don’t meet the point test?  Don’t know which visa to apply for? Other Services • Student Visa / Visitor Visa

 Wish to enrol for Professional Year Program?  Wish to change the course and get RPL?  Not getting 6 in each band in IELTS?  Wish to study further? Education

• General Skilled Migration

• University/college Admission

• Partner Visa / Parent Visa /

• Career counseling/

Child Visa

Job search guidance

• All Skill Assessments • MRT Appeals

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New Address: Suite 30, level 4 301 Castlereagh Street Sydney NSW 2000 Ph: 61-2-92627606 E :



* Remember us for any legal matters *



gof“ tyf k'/fgf] uf8L vl/b—laqmL ug'{ k/]df xfdLnfO{ ;Demg'xf];\ .

Thapa S* Remember A Shamser us for any legal matters * & Associates


Lawyers and Migration Agents


Please come & visit us:

Dinesh : 0402 816 355 Kshitij : 0435 607 943

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Ph: 02 8959 0684

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n t Welco m



Looking for an Exciting Business Opportunity ? Business Consultant • Franchise busines available from $40 K (income guranteed) with finance opportunity Loan & Finance Service • Home Loan • Refinance • Low-Doc Loan • Personal Loan • Car Loan

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- Criminal mattars - Debt recovery Legal Services - Family- law matters Criminal mattars - Court appearances - Debt recovery - Family law matters - Any legal matters

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Legal Services

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& Associates

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46-48 Parramatta Road Lidcombe, NSW 2141

g]kfnLsf] :jfldTjdf

Shamser Thapa

Ongoing tradition of excellence and results Suite 6, Level 1 70 Macquarie Street Parramatta, NSW 2150 Phone: 02 8661 0010, Fax: 02 86610012 Email: Web:

- Court appearances - Any legal matters

& Associates

70 Macquarie Street Parramatta, NSW 2150 Phone: 02 8661 0010, Fax: 02 86610012 Email: Web:

Immigration Services

Conveyancing Services

- Assistance for all visa types - Buying or Selling - Visa cancellation/refusal Services Immigration Services cases Conveyancing Business/land/house, etc -- MRT/RRT/AAT Cases Assistance for all visa types - Buying or Selling -- Visa All Court proceedings,casesetc. cancellation/refusal Business/land/house, etc - MRT/RRT/AAT Cases - All Court proceedings, etc.

Credit Lic:394641

Neel Migration & Education Services (former Zenith Immigration Services) is back with a bang to serve you better!


Your�Satisfaction�is�our�Motto Migration & Visa Services:

Education Services:

Plan your career from college to University. Assistance with Admission to University Student visas, Extension, Cancellation and Refusal issues Change of course providers/ MRT review/ Section 20 Notices

Contact us:

Niraj Shrestha (MARN 0745526)

Suite 201, Level 2 468 George Street Sydney NSW 2000

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Student visa Family Migration & Spouse visa TR/PR Visa State Sponsored visa Employer sponsored visa Lodgment in MRT and RRT for review Tourist Visa




nder the production of Babauram Dahal and directed by Sudarshan Thapa, ‘Dhanda’ is set to release on December 28. The spotlight is on Arpan Thapa, who plays the role of a guy who loses his sanity brought about by the loss of self-esteem while pursuing his dream to migrate to a foreign land. The character is full of stiches from head to toe which gives him an intimidating look. Caught between the inescapable past and bleakness of the

the theme of substance abuse as the name itself suggests. Avisekh, played by Aryan Sigdel, has it all- money, friends, cultured family- but he craves for love. Sameera, played by Nisha Adhikari, has

the movie looks unique but we have yet to see if it is a success in the Nepali movie industry.

been his crush for three years but she refuses his proposal due to his outright and unfriendly nature. Saddened by the rejection, Avisekh falls under the trap of drugs after being coaxed by his friends Ravi and Ayush. Although, he somehow manages to be with Sameera later, the whole journey along with his addiction leaves marks that are detrimental to his being as well as the lives of people he is associated with. Directed by Laxman Rijal and produced by Ram Prasad Rijal, this movie is all set to release on October 19th. The movie is expected to create some sort of sensation when it hits the screen, after all the ‘Maya’s Bar’ star is playing a lead role.



ith Nisha Adhikari and Aryan Sigdel in the main roles, ‘Dhunwa- Yo Nasa’ is a movie that revolves around

future, the movie goes around solving the mystery behind the catastrophe. The movie also stars Samuna K.C, Kamal Mani Nepal, Puskar Gurung, Dhurba Koirala, Kamala Regmi, Subekshya Thapa, Basant Bhatta, Dilbhushan Pathak and Ronish Boss. The screen play and the script have been written by Arpan Thapa himself and after receiving positive critiques for his performance in ‘Sick City’ the expectation is quite high. The script of

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worked for the army, has undergone a traumatic experience and Akira is a bubbly journalist. Also, there are hints that Samar loses his memory at some point and works as a waiter in London. Shot at exotic locations like London and Kashmir, this movie will definitely bring all the SRK fans to the cinemas among others.

Skyfall 007

The story line is the love triangle between Samar (played by Shahrukh Khan), Meera (played by Katrina Kaif) and Akira (played by Anushka Sharma). The producers have seen to it that the storyline is not revealed before the release and hence, the trailers have been made in a way that can only keep the viewers guessing although it is known that Samar has

run the secret service. M’s past comes back with her secrets when she sends Bond on a pursuit to seek Raoul Silva, the main antagonist of the movie, played by Javier Bardem. Silva is just not your normal villainquick and notoriously intelligenthe is the dominant of cyber warfare. The revelation about M during the pursuit leaves Bond hesitant to trust M and questions where his loyalties lie.


he 23rd flick in the Bond series, Skyfall is set to hit the UK cinemas on October 26th and US theatres on November 9th. Directed by Oscar winner Sam Mendes, this movie once again casts Daniel Craig as the 007 agent. This time bond is back playing a full-fledged character than a savvy lady-killer agent on a mission. Bond goes incognito, and presumed dead by all, after the failure of a mission in Istanbul and resurfaces after the identities of the undercover agents working for MI6 are leaked online. The leakage puts question mark on M’s authority and her ability to


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Jab Tak Hai Jaan


he King of Bollywood is back again starring in his latest movie ‘Jab Tak Hai Jaan’ along with Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma. Under the banner of Yash Raj Films, this movie has been written and produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Yash Chopra; and scheduled to release on November 13th 2012. A.R.Rahman has been credited for the music composition whereas Gulzar for the lyrics. The last movie to be directed by Yash Chopra before his retirement (before his sudden demise), the audience have been anticipating the release of the movie with high expectations.

Taking the furthest leap among the three Bond movies played by Craig, Skyfall is a pure blend of subtle drama and high end action that is sure to get the adrenaline going.

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12:31:25 PM

ational St tern In

at Educ ion to ng

e-P lleg rovidi Co

Since 2002

s Pacifi ent c ud

Over 10 Years of Experience

Providing Education to International Students


Since 2002 CRICOS: 02668F

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1300 360 028

1300 360 028

Marketing Representatives-

Marketing Representatives-

Pankaj 0466 305 023 0433 Pankaj 0466 305 023 Sanjeev 0433 090 Sanjeev 652 Deepa 0432 202 730 0431 Deepa 0432 202 730 Pinkrose 0431 061 Pinkrose 599

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your beloved, T:family and +61 2 9922 2258 F: +61 2 9460 0322 T: +61 2 9922 2258 F: +61 2 9460 0322 E: Communication E: o pins,Communication no hassles. nd receive bonus credit !!

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Customers enrolling to




E A EXT recent S I V DENT ice on ION U v T d a S T N EXPER LED MIGRAT IED O r R o f R O s u W L SKIL d see

RA an Come S with GENE E CHANG


nd be o c e s for e l t t e s Don't Experts! n Rely o

WHY US ? • We are proudly No 1 Nepalese International Student Recruiter in Australia. • We have registered offices in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane with contact centers in Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. • We are proud Representative of many well Acclaimed Education Institutions in Australia. • We are registered migration agents. • Excellent counselling by experts in the industry, Student's Welfare is our first priority.




Have you got any relatives or friends in Nepal who intend to visit, study or migrate to Australia? Please ask them to visit our Exert Counsellors at our Nepal office.




Regd. Migration Agent (MARN: 0852744)

Regd. Migration Agent (MARN: 0852737)

0422 703 394 (optus prepaid) 0411 555 960 (Vodafone)

0413 887 537



0411 720 844 (optus prepaid)

0422 164 351 (optus prepaid)

Manager (Melbourne) (QEAC #H020)

Manager (Brisbane) (QEAC #H011)

Your Complete Education & Migration Solution SYDNEY Suite 1607, Level 16, 87-89 Liverpool Street World Tower, Sydney, NSW 2000 Tel/Fax: +61 2 9269 0070

BRISBANE HSBC Building, Level 20 300 Queen St., Brisbane QLD 4000 Tel/Fax: +61 7 3023 5032 / 07 3023 4000


MELBOURNE Suite 410, Level 4, 365 Little Collins St. Melbourne, VIC 3000 Tel/Fax: +61 3 9642 0138

NEPAL OFFICE Level 3, Glass House (5th building South of Kumari Bank) Putali Sadak, Kathmandu, Nepal Tel: +977 1 4218666, 4233129

DESIGN l VERtEX l 0430 000 974

Don’t Miss out your place to study Bachelor of Nursing in 2013


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